Your second favourite photo


The countdown to determine your favourite of Polly’s ‘On an Island’ tour photos continues with this one, voted your second favourite.

It’s from Gdańsk, it polled 18% of your votes and you can see it in its full glory by clicking here.

Keep reading for your top choice, which is coming soon.

The next chat is tomorrow at 4PM (UK time), if you can make it.

Please take note of the red text that welcomes you, as this is a reminder of the chatroom rules.

Thank you.

There’s still time to enter the latest competition. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

75 thoughts on “Your second favourite photo”

  1. Anyone know what the background music on is today?

    [Yes. It’s David. – Features Editor]

  2. hi everyone,i’d like to know from where are taken all the diferent pieces we hear when we open the web page? i think all day it’s a diferent small piece of music,very interesting

    have all a nice day

    [They’re goodies that David let us have for the site. – Features Editor]

  3. It’s a great picture, i have to say.

    Looks relaxed and happy playing the guitar, just like the way he uses to be.

  4. Hi Fed and fellow Bloggers. Won’t be able to make the chat unfortunately, so enjoy yourselves and be good. No posting naughty links hehhehe and don’t give Fed a hard time or I’ll be forced to tell you more seagull stories.

  5. Lovely photo!

    I hope I can make it to tomorrow’s chat. But if not, have fun everyone =)


  6. Caption: Don’t you wish you could play my guitar Guy?

    David should always smile. He looks very happy in this pic. Who or what, was he looking at? He looks like he’s done something naughty.

    Melissa (*_*)

    {Question} How do those dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?

  7. Definitely my favourite of Polly’s photos…

    I can’t imagine any woman who could resist this smile !


  8. Sadly, at 4pm tomorrow I’ll probably be at the very end of my tether as I’m taking 3, 11 year olds to Thorpe Park – so no chance to chat

    So ‘hi’ to everyone in the barn and please send happy thoughts my way!!

  9. can someone find out when dave will be returning to canada? i heard a rumor june ’07, but it could be just that… also, if he plans on touring in the carribbean and when (domicion republic, specifically)…

    p.s. its amazing how youthful dave looks when he picks up a guitar, great picture guys 🙂

    [We’ll inform you, don’t worry. And yes, “June 2007” is just a rumour. – Features Editor]

  10. It’s funny how as a guy and a guitar player, my focus in the picture is on that great black strat he is playing. It is a wonderful picture otherwise as well.


  11. Alright Fed,

    A chat time for irregulars only! I LOVE IT!! How proud I am for being among the elite. See you all then =)


  12. That’s one scrumptious man up there in that photo. Can I get an “amen,” Ladies of the Blog?

    Though I am highly Irregular (nothing to do with my bowels, mind you), I regret I will not be able to attend the “special” chat Thursday, Edwina, since I’ll be at work. I will be there in spirit though. Perhaps my peeps Angelo or Becky will find it in their hearts to say something off-color and questionable on my behalf.

    And this useless preview thingy still doesn’t work. You might want to call the blog mechanic.


    [I think what we really need is an exorcist. – Features Editor]

  13. Quiet tonight Fed


    DG: Hows about we break with tradition and do ‘barefooting’ for an encore? Followed by blog comp: Name the toes! 🙁 messy!

    Guess you’re a nervous wreck. nail biting finish, they nearly got you! 4.3

    Ps. WW unbelievable atmos Tues

    [All soft goals, too. – Features Editor]

  14. CAPTION: ” If he asks me again am I the waiter, go on let him ask me . one slip and there shall be no coming back to life for him , round and round i’ve been going I tell you learning to fly shall be no problem for him , red sky at night and daggers at dawn I tell you , I had apple and oranges from his his orchard and let me tell you Green is the colour green is the coloooooCoff Coff my god ……. on a porcelian island I’ve been.. no more I tell you .. from now on its murder thats it murder there’s no way out of here for him ………. to the Dogs with him ….. A pocket full of rocks more like it ….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Sorry and drunk Dublin )

  15. That IS a great pic indeed…. I gotta buy me a strat one of these days…

    Have fun in the chat you irregulars. I, unfortunately, have a meeting 11:30am local time and can’t join in. If I can access from work for a bit I will, if not…catch y’all next time, ya’ hear?

    (what’s a New Yorker doing with a southern U.S. accent?)


  16. Caption;

    “David wins half a guitar strap celebrating Coldplays album.”

    Ian Pearson

  17. No topic day?

    Whilst browsing through some recently bought second hand records, I encountered the song “My Love” from Wings, and it was almost like hearing an unreleased title from OAI. At first I was quite certain that DG was on guitars there, but after a Google or two I found out that it was Henry McCullough, who played with a band called Eire Apparent, touring in Britain as support act for PF, and that it’s the very same person who speaks “I don’t know; I was really drunk at the time” at the end of the song “Money”.

    Am I the last person on earth to discover that? Please say no.

    Does somebody know if there have been other (musical) relevant contacts between these two fine musicians?

    Thank you and have a nice day everybody.

  18. It’s a great pic, as only Polly can take. It’s great to see this kind of a smile in the new millenium, given that we know David was having a difficult time during the 1980s and 1990s.

  19. is the first favourite photo will appears on the new edition of On an island ?


    [No, that’s going to be a surprise. – Features Editor]

  20. From the flooded North coast of Scotland here, I would just like to thank those that designed the David Gilmour beanie. When I first bought it, I thought I looked silly wearing it (I probabley look silly anyway!), but having just come in from the cold, soaking wet, where the beanie kept my head safe and dry. Wearing it under a safety helmet works a treat. Now if we could please have David Gilmour wet suits and wellies I’d be really happy.

    Do I smell another competition about what clothes would we like David to design, obviously with his logo on?

    Ian Pearson

  21. If HE’s smiling with a Fender in his hands, think how happy the REST of us are! Great pix, Polly!!!

  22. Hello all,

    This picture reminds one of best concert I ever attended. Gdansk will stay long in my mind.


  23. Hi there,

    Where can a new person such as myself find out how to join the chat? Many thanks.


    [Unfortunately, today’s chat was just for the regular blog contributors, Sue. The next one’s on Tuesday and all you have to do is click the ‘chat’ link that will be mentioned on the blog that day. There’ll be no password and everyone will be welcome. Hope you can make it. – Features Editor]

  24. Finally the blog is back in at least a view form although no updated posting.

    Sorry you’re having such a dilemma with site stability and cretins in the system. I know its rather frustrating. Hope the issues are resolved before you decide to throw the servers out the window.


    [Servers, computers, chairs, people… Why not throw them all out? – Features Editor]

  25. Great photo that was my pick also,internet was down for a while but im back finally,i see i missed a shoe blog and a competion i hate that but ill have to catch up.

    Hey Fed. any talk of putting Delicate Sounds of Thunder on dvd i have it on vhs but i would love to add that to my dvd collection.

    Well glad to be back latter.

    Blessed Be

    [You’ll have to ask Pink Floyd’s management about that one, Clarice. – Features Editor]

  26. Just to let you all know, due to our latest bout of technical hiccups, the competition winner will now be decided and announced tomorrow instead. Our apologies for this delay.

  27. good to have you back, fed.

    but has anyone been sacked for taking so long to get the server set up?

    [There have been no dismissals or physical attacks, Victor. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi Fed,

    I may be too late to enter the competition as I see the form is closed but if not:


    Although i am not holding my breath on getting any of your words as i haven’t done very well in any of the word competitions (i failed on many of the shoe questions too!).

    Can we have an easy competition next time for simpletons like me? 😉



    [Sorry, Vicky, but the competition has now closed. For what it’s worth, your words didn’t match mine. Better luck next time. – Features Editor]

  29. [They’re goodies that David let us have for the site. – Features Editor]

    These snippets should be released on a CD as a giveaway for site contest winners. You could call it, “The Irregulars” 🙂

  30. What the on going problem with the site F*Ed?

    If you need a good server I hear Jimmy Connors is available… 🙂

    Glad to have ya back, brother.

  31. Aaaaah, finally the posts came through, well, if you need any help sorting them out, just toss them my way, im strapped to by chair for a couple of weeks anyway thanks to the fine doctor who operated on me……

  32. Couldn’t make chat today… hope all went well. Hope everyone has a great day today. I love this picture David’s smile is great

    Renee B.
    Windy Fontana, Ca USA

  33. I’m so MAD at myself today!! I totally forgot about the chat until now; and of course everyone is gone 🙁

    Catch you next time… hope you had a good turn-out.


  34. Howdy FEd,

    This is a fabulous photo. Mr. Gilmour has always had one of the best smiles on the planet. (Just makes my heart go pitter patter) He is still one of the sexiest men around.


  35. David: “hehe… see m’ strap? Jimi Hendrix ;)”

    hmmm that irregular that I miss the irregular chat 🙁


  36. Hi all… too late to join the competition… every time I tried to get on since Monday I couldn’t get in. Thats ok… this is a hard one anyway. Since I’m not in the running I’ll just be goofy.

    1) Kenney G
    2) Sunset
    3) low tide (I know, two words… but so what???).

    Have a great day all!

  37. Caption: David thinks: ‘It’s pretty funny when Guy misses where the microphone is at the last second. . .’

  38. I’m having major problems accessing this site in work these days (on my lunch hour of course), has new content type been added to the site within the last say fortnight or so??


    [There’s not much going on. The last addition to the Latest News page was Wednesday 18 October. The blog is as (ir)regular as ever, although we have been hampered by server issues. – Features Editor]

  39. oh by the way that policeman’s 3rd ball is on uk tv this tuesday coming think it was itv, one of the analog ones anyhow. Don’t suppose you know if David’s performance is going out??

    [It’s Channel 4, but this is the latest Amnesty event (the first in 17 years), hosted by Eddie Izzard. David’s performance will not feature, but you get Gorillaz and the Magic Numbers instead. – Features Editor]

  40. [p.s. its amazing how youthful David looks when he picks up a guitar” – posted by blu3]

    Just have to pick a bit here. Some of you must be children when you make these type of remarks. 60 is not old. I repeat ’60 is not old. But if you keep at it, the poor guy will feel like he has one foot in the grave.

    Just you wait. The closer you get to 60 the younger it will seem. I wonder how many of you have the stamina it must take to have put together the music, the tours, raise 8 children and still look that handsome, sing that beautifully and play guitar like no other. Have you taken a good look at the beautiful person he is married to?

    Ok off the soap box.

    Have a great weekend all.


  41. Caption…”Aww shucks wasn’t that good..thanks..wanna hear another one?”

    What I love about this photo is that it brings back memories of concert night.I have vivid images in my mind of David striking this same pose a few times during the show letting us know how good a time he was having playing for us.

  42. Deborah – Amen & Hallelujah sister!!

    Great chat today! I hope we have more irregular chat times.

    Glad to see the blog is up and running again, hope it gives you a break for awhile Fed, like you don’t have enough to do.


  43. Could nt get on time for the competition because of the blog s problems, but it doesn t matter , you re back now and i am happy!

    Merci Michèle pour le champagne, j en ai dégusté… dégusté…dégusté!!!

    sylvie de montréal

  44. Hi FEd,

    I just went to put in my three words but I guess I waited too long … boo hoo. Nevertheless, since I put on Red Sky and let my mind wander, I’m sending in what my thoughts collected just for the hell of it! And they are:


    Had a great time today in the Lobby/Barn with you and the other Irregulars — Erin and I will be setting the alarms for the next chat session. Since we will have set the clocks back an hour this weekend, maybe it won’t feel quite so early after all!

    Well, I think I’ll get caught up on the posts … an entire day without access was difficult. If and when this routine we’ve all gotten hooked on ever disappears I don’t know what we’ll do with ourselves!!

    Peace and Love to you all!
    Washington State

  45. Amen, Deborah! Amen! Amen!

    Dave Hooks — That’s a great story about your little one! I have no doubt he was resonating with the music. How old does he have to be for guitar lessons?! Glad to hear you’re all doing well.

    Thomas — I’ve been plagued by the server gremlins as well, but was able to connect this morning and it made my day! I’ve missed you guys!

    I’ve been making a blog emergency kit for those times when I can’t connect. So far, it consists of the PULSE DVD and Cadbury Milk & Fruit bars, but Geoff makes me think I should put a Guiness in there as well! Maybe a couple of those…

  46. I think the problem Fed is that David and Polly took a week off and forgot to foot the bill. That’s a good excuse.

    I personally changed my set up on my computer,instead of high speed, it’s somehow turned to molllasses. I share your pain.

    Hope everyone well this weekend.

  47. Sorry to have missed the chat ! the gremlins haven’t let me access the blog at all for the last 24 hours – hope it was a good one.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.


    [You weren’t the only one. They wouldn’t let me access the blog on Thursday. – Features Editor]

  48. Dear F.Ed.,

    to open my pc and to see this Mr.Gilmour’s smile it is the best good morning i can expect! Beautiful picture indeed.

    Have a nice weekend
    ciao Elisabetta

  49. Morning Fed,

    i have had real trouble over the last couple of weeks trying to access the blog.Were you still having gremlins in the works. Im not sure what ive missed, but it felt horrible not being able to read what was happening.Especialy as i missed a shoe blog & it ruined my 100% guesses so far.Dam.

    I hope everyone has a good week end Im having a couple of days off next week…its going to be a paintbrush/wallpapering holiday.

    [We’ve been having trouble with our server for a while now, Graham. Our apologies to all. – Features Editor]

  50. how very strange. I can access it from work afterall, but missed 3 blog entries? DNS problems? Good to have ya back anyways! rock on!

  51. This lovely photo is from Gdansk :-), Do You know sth about DVD from Gdansk ??

    [Sorry, but no. David’s DVD will focus on the Royal Albert Hall, but you never know what extras will be included. – Features Editor]

  52. The blog’s working and I’m in charge of the chocolate fountain at the school Haloween disco tonight – Oh happy day!

    ……and Deborah – Amen

  53. Deborah – “Amen”. If I were a man I would be really jealous of David’s smile.

    On the Meltdown DVD, in the Home Movie, when David says “F..k Georges Bizet” and looks straight at the camera and smiles – melts my heart!!

  54. [I think what we really need is an exorcist. – Features Editor]

    oooo…..caption idea for 10/24 blog….

    …and I see we have quite a few ladies worshipping at the “Gilmour Tabernacle”…

    There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’ll just leave that for the off-colourists….

  55. [I’ve been making a blog emergency kit for those times when I can’t connect. So far, it consists of the PULSE DVD and Cadbury Milk & Fruit bars, but Geoff makes me think I should put a Guiness in there as well! Maybe a couple of those…]

    A damn fine hangover I had too I can tell you.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin drying out clinic )

  56. Hello FEd, am away and realised only too late that I Missed yesteday competition, still wish to write though that the tune mentioned as most of the album gives me amongst many those 3 words.

    Peaceful Soulful Wisdom

    Thank you anyway for receiving those and back hopefully for next running chat, as am in London I might just be able to reach a broader band place and enjoy a fine cup of coffee with a bun of some sort.

    Talk again soon and Bye for now FEd…


  57. Fed,

    Any idea on how Guy is coming the responses to last weeks questions? I’m looking forward to his wit.

    All the best

    [They’ll be here soon, Fred. Guy’s answered loads of them. – Features Editor]

  58. Had a little time the other night and went back and looked at some of the old blogs. It was fun reliving our excitement as the album release date approached. I remember my anticipation the first time I sat down and listened start to finish. Of course,it was fantastic. I still listen to it regularly and it truly gets better and better each time.

    Really enjoyed reading everyone’s exciting reviews of the shows. The one I saw in Chicago was jaw dropping. Beautiful intimate theatre, perfect sound, a new album in it’s entirety,some better known favorites, and best of all,a few oldies I’m sure most of us thought we would never get to see live.

    I remember walking out of there thinking what a perfect concert. Who needs a Pink Floyd reunion? (no hate mail please).

    Thanks again,David,and everyone on the Gilmour team. Us fans are very appreciative.

    Now bring on that DVD!

  59. Hello Guys !

    Just curious to know if we could have some feedback on Guitarist Magazine’s article on David’s ”Signature Strat ”.

    I don’t get Guitarist Magazine here, but apparently it had a whole article on it.

  60. i’ve just seen the winners of the ‘red sky at night’ competition. well done to jan and rudders. 🙂

    i’m really looking forward to reading guy’s answers.

    have a good weekend fed and everyone else. hope the blog’s being kind to you today, fed.

  61. Well knock me down with a feather! 🙂

    I won… woohoo!!!

    Fed… Home address is: […]

    And to everyone out there who hasn’t won anything yet… keep trying! 🙂

    [Well done, mate. – Features Editor]

  62. Darn, I was on the right track with my “S” words for the last competition but didn’t think of the “S” word you had. O well, maybe next time.

    Great job Jan and Rudders.


  63. [I’ve been making a blog emergency kit – Lynn] What a great idea!! I think I need to make one of those myself.

    Geoff, your post was great! The fact that you could link all those songs together while being 3 sheets to the wind . . .I’m impressed, LOL.

    Looking forward to the Holloween chat . .maybe we can pass out some of the masks from The Wall tour.

    Have a great weekend everyone


  64. [Servers, computers, chairs, people… Why not throw them all out? – Features Editor]

    What a great Rock and Roll answer. Thanks for the chat yesterday. Hope all is well in the kitchen.

    [It’s more end-of-my-tether rage than Rock and Roll, but I’m glad you appreciated the suggestion. – Features Editor]

  65. [Geoff, your post was great! The fact that you could link all those songs together while being 3 sheets to the wind . . .I’m impressed, LOL. Looking forward to the Holloween chat . .maybe we can pass out some of the masks from The Wall tour. – Posted by: Erin at October 27, 2006 04:29 PM]

    Non alcoholic punch for me if the party is going ahead please and thank you.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  66. No getting on the wagon now Geoff! (Is it on the wagon, or off? I dunno, I stay away from wagons.)

    Make it a New Years resolution like everyone else. With this bunch, I can guarantee the punch will be spiked. (Even if I have to do it myself, LOL)


  67. Hey guys.

    Happy Holloween !!!

    Been a regular reader of the blog – love it. Very big fan of David Gilmour!

    Any ideas of tour dates for next year. Wife & I are planning to visit the UK next year (we live in Australia); our primary purpose is to watch David live in concert.

    Rgds Puneet

    [There are no plans, sorry. We’ll let you know if this changes. – Features Editor]

  68. [It’s more end-of-my-tether rage than Rock and Roll, but I’m glad you appreciated the suggestion. – Features Editor]

    isn’t modern technology wonderful?

    on behalf of all the blog irregulars, i hope the server is finally fixed.

    [Your positive vibes are vastly appreciated. – Features Editor]

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