Whose Shoes? (Part Six)


Yes, they’re back due to popular demand…

Can you identify these shoes and tell us something interesting about the person wearing them? I’ll let you know who it is tomorrow.

My apologies for the problems you may have encountered in trying to submit your posts this week. We’ve had some technical difficulties, which I hope are finally resolved, and appreciate your patience.

There’s a chat tonight at 6PM (UK time) if you can make it. Everyone is welcome, but everyone can be kicked out if they don’t follow the rules, too. Please take note of the red text that welcomes you to the chatroom as you enter. These are the rules, they’re very clear and they really shouldn’t be broken.

Thank you.

Just to update you: Guy will be answering some of your questions next week.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

103 thoughts on “Whose Shoes? (Part Six)”

  1. Mr Jon Carin! But his official website is still in construction, so I need more time to find something particular about thim to tell…meanwhile, I have thought to spy in his message board!

    Wait! I have found these news that I didn’t know…”He has been involved with film projects with David Gilmour, composed and produced the title track for the movie Rat Race, and contributed to The Invisible Circus starring Cameron Diaz”


  2. CAPTION: Hmmm, the front of those shoes look like they have just stepped out of Keith Richard’s Living room ” white powder ” .

    I no relation to my comment above I say Steve owns these .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. For no real reason, but have the idea that they are Dick Parry’s shoes. As for an interesting fact (?) i only recently realised that he was in Joker’s Wild with David – is this true?

    all the best anyway!


    [No, it’s a lie. David Altham, John Gordon, Tony Sainty and Clive Welham made up Jokers Wild with David. Dick was certainly around at the time, but he wasn’t in the band. – Features Editor]

  4. FEd,

    Your entry today reminds me of when the TV used to go out while watching a show back in the 1970s. A pleasant voice used to come on and state:

    “We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.”

    Would have been humorous if you could have attached that voice clip to the blog.

    BUT great to have you back.


    [Thank you. I actually feel a bit of a pillock for writing something which has so obviously come straight from the call-centre apologist’s handbook. You know the “Please hold… We apologise for the delay… Your call is important to us…” type. Important, but obviously not important enough to make them hire enough people to be able to cope with a large volume of calls. – Features Editor]

  5. These shoes almost look like the shoes of Richard Wright just slightly different. So, I would have to say Dick Parry. (Did Guy go shopping for these as well??? LOL)

    Interesting tidbit? Well I just love how he makes the sax switch so smooth when doing Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I guess this is more a statement than tidbit. So be it.



  6. FEd,

    I was thinking: we have watched on this wonderful site some video clips realized for some songs from On an island…but I have never seen those videos on the italian music’s channels…I don’t see too much tv, so it is maybe my mistake. Otherwise, why David didn’t realize video for tv? It is one of the most powerful instruments of advertise now…and the video we watched on this site was very good and perfectly ready go be transmetted on tv…

    Will those video be inclused in dvd? And will we see David cook in the dvd? Sorry! But I enjoy a lot thinking about David who cooks with his chef hat!

    Your devoted blogger


    [Come on now, you know I can’t go giving David’s DVD secrets away. – Features Editor]

  7. Happy Thursday,

    Well, been up to Aberdeenshire (great beaches up there) and looks like I missed the chance to ask Guy a question. However, there were some great ones asked and mine would have been much the same.

    Whose shoes – I have not got a clue. Maybe they are yours Fed. Interseting fact: I think you are based in Cardiff.

    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Ikkar, sorry to read the news. It will be a lonely time. From personal experience I can tell you that, in time, the memories get the better of the grief. And, 20 years on from my own experiences, the memories always remain with you.

  8. By a process of elimination I’m guessing they must be Stevie’s shoes but I was so sure he was wearing green converse. Aaarrggghhh…..

  9. Hi Dear F.Ed.,

    this time maybe Mr.Steve Di Stanislao at the drum, but I’m not so sure.

    BTW I’d like to wish already today (due to late issuing of the last messages) my best : Happy Birthday to Mr.Jon Carin for next Saturday 21st!

    Have a nice day

  10. [Come on now, you know I can’t go giving David’s DVD secrets away. – Features Editor]

    You can’t talk about David’s, you can’t talk about you…what’s about the weather?!!!! I am joking, FEd, but at least tell me if the tv channels had David’s video or if David has choose to not use them…

    Come on FEd, tell something! Ask David, ask Polly, ask Guy, ask to your dog too, but tell something!!! I am curious now! Why a man so careful, who has wanted a new site with a wonderful blog (that means who likes innovate ways of communication), has renounce to video clips…it’s strange, isn’t it?

    And if you really have nothing to say, give me the recipe of those strange gnocchi you was talking yesterday. What hell is “walnut”?????

    Am I too much wicked, today? Sorry! I am just joking! You know you are always my favourite FEd…despite on Michèle is trying to be more flattering than me!


    [I think the videos went out to certain TV people. I really don’t know and my dog just gave me a blank look when I asked him, so he’s not much help either. I can tell you that it started out wet and gloomy, but the sun decided to make an appearance at about lunchtime, so it’s turned into a nice day. – Features Editor]

  11. I think they’re another pair of David’s shoes; I recognise the socks more than the shoes!!!

    David plays the guitar like it should be played & I’m surprised more bands haven’t cottoned on to this.

  12. Whose shoes……….? Well it’s down to three so by process of elimination I am going to have to say maybe Jon Carin. I went by color of jeans and Steve just seems to me an athletic shoe type of guy. I am also going by the color of Steve’s shirt. So I think the shoes go better with Jon.

    Whew………how much more technical can I get LOL. Well hope to see you guys in chat today.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  13. welcome back, fed. good to see the blog back.

    i can’t make the chat tonight but to all who will be there, have fun.

    i’m looking forward to guy’s answers, too.

    my guess is stevie d.

  14. I’m guessing Dick Parry’s shoes. I’ve been correct for all the others, so you’ll probably tell us they are Steve’s.

    Dick Parry is the only saxophonist to play with Floyd that does not sport a mullet.

    I’ve been moving house for the past week so I’m behind on the blog, but looking forward to the chat today.

    Cheers everyone.

  15. I’m guessing Stevie D…

    David Crosby said of him, “Technically and artistically, Stevie’s the best I’ve ever played with”.


  16. Shoes seem such stompers, therefore it must be Stevie D.

    Steve uses AXIS percussion pedals & hardware.

  17. Slightly off topic but you know the other day when you were talking about the amnesty international single ever fallen in love?

    Well do you know whether it’s still on sale?

    I looked in several shops but the after repeatedly blank looks from ‘assistants’ (to what I am not quite sure) but I couldn’t find it.

    Help me please, I would love to hear it.

    [You can still get it online. Click your name for the proof. – Features Editor]

  18. Here we go again with this shoes game… I’m hopeless here…

    Are these your shoes FEd? 🙂

    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  19. Hi FEd,

    Off topic, but I’ve just had notification that there is a “later with Jools Holland” DVD released featuring David et al. It’s due for release on Region 2 – 6/11/2006.


    [It’s entitled ‘The Best Of Later… With Jools Holland, 2000-2006’. As well as David, you get Green Day, Morrissey, REM, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Snow Patrol, Babyshambles, Pearl Jam, KD Lang, Nick Cave, Beck, Alicia Keys, Martha Wainwright and many others. Something else to ask Santa for, no doubt. – Features Editor]

  20. I’m going for Jon too. Not had much time this last week for Blogging and chatting. Miss the place 8(

  21. Well, by my reckoning there are only two possibilities left, unless you’ve thrown in a few rogue shoes to put us off the scent! So it’s down to Dick Parry or Steve Di Stanislao. On circumstantial evidence (blue jeans and seated position) I’ll have to go for Steve although they’re not really the type of shoe I was expecting.

    According to an interview I read, Steve started learning to play drums at the age of 6.

  22. These shoes are from David Gilmour!

    …and they are modified by Pete Cornish? 🙂

    Ernest Peske

  23. Ah shoes. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have yet to play the shoe game.

    I think these might be the shoes (and socks) of Sir Richard Parry who played occasionally with that other legend of the British music scene, the Bonzo Dog Doo-dah band (God rest their souls).

    As you may remember F’ed, my household is forming the battle lines for it’s annual fight over THE big game this weekend. As my dear beloved has been under the surgeon’s knife recently, I would settle for a slender United win. Fancy your chances ?

    [At this point in time, I have to say that I don’t. I want to see if Gerrard’s playing and if Poll is refereeing first, then maybe I’ll start to feel more optimistic. – Features Editor]

  24. I think those are Angelo’s shoes.

    What? He was there, wasn’t he? You mean to tell me Polly didn’t photograph everyone’s shoes at Abbey Road?

    Yes, in addition to “Spare Digits,” a David Gilmour cooking lesson on the OAI tour DVD would be most welcome. Possible video segment titles:

    “On a (Kitchen) Island”
    “Take a Bread (take a French bread now)”
    “This Leaven”
    “Pocketful of Scones”
    “Momentary Lapse of Season(ing)”
    “Fat Old Bun”
    “Young Cust(ard)”
    “Learning To Fry”

    … okay, I’ll stop now.


    [I can see a great spoof album cover with David sitting atop a (kitchen) island… – Features Editor]

  25. ‘Some time ago there was a rather normal person with a regular job. This person had glossy hair, bright lively eyes; a springy step and quite a mellow disposition…

    UNTIL..a new job came along…a year as the mainstay of the David Gilmour blogsite.


    This person has been seen shuffling along in slippers; wrapped in a baggy robe; graying hair in tufts (bald spots where handfuls have been pulled out). Eyes now red, watery and bifocaled. A pointy stick is needed to keep steady on those slippers, while balancing a teacup in the other hand. The companion dog stays out of the way when it hears the ranting and raving of it’s owner…”If I’ve told them once, I’ve told them a thousand times”…

    Soon it is time to return to the blog and that is when the robe-wrapped, pointy stick wielding, bifocalled being slips into the nearest phone booth, rips open the ratty robe(don’t get nasty here folks) to reveal….

    FE’d!! Turning into the rapier witted, peace-keeping, ever patient, but over-worked (or is it over-taxed?) person we all know and love…

    And the world is a better place. Sigh.

    The end

    [We’re all over-taxed in Britain, Jan. – Features Editor]

  26. I think that person is a keyboardist. Great keyboardist. But who concrete… Perhaps Richard again.

  27. Well my guess is those are Jon shoes. I haven’t got one of those shoes right so far.

    I hope that everyone on the blog will have a great week-end and enjoy the World series.

    Fed, It’s time to take a break and take your dog for a long walk.


  28. I’ve simply got no clue whose shoes they are. I’ve got a pair like that and I have been known to wear them with jeans, so maybe those are my shoes. It begs the question, how exactly did Polly get all the way out here? And why did she use her time here to snap pics of my feet? (BTW, my psychotropics should be arriving any minute now.)

  29. I would have to guess that these belong to Mr. Dick Parry. Besides playing sax in Pink Floyd, He also has played with the Who and the Violent Femmes to mention a few.


    Regarding the effect that David used on “The Blue” to get those bends, I believe was a Digitech Whammy or Whammy II Pedal. Even though David has great strength in those hands of his you’ll have to trust me on this one;-)

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  30. Shoes belong to “Wee Shoey McPhee” side kick of Davie nee-Jock McGilmour! Interesting fact is that his sporan is made of glass and made to measure.

    Ikkar, there has been a lot of support expressed here for you. It will be too much to take in at moment but see if you can print out the comments. Put them away in safe place and maybe later (could be many months) you will gain comfort from reading them. I did it and although it has been 16 months since I received similar messages, I gain comfort from the fact that I know where to look for these message should I be brave, (they are in a specail box in a cupboard). I am not that brave at moment but know my time will come.

    Have a good weekend one and all.Fed keep outta the kitchen!

    Ian Pearson

  31. In my own naked selfishness I ask if you might make your way through Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    I don’t expect much yet I would appreciate a response.


  32. Dear F.Ed.,

    I agree with above friends, by watching again the picture today, may be Richard Wright again(same kind of socks and it seems the same footrest of the previous pic)

    What to say about him? He is a myth!!!!!!

    I’ll be back later, I hope

    Kind regards

  33. Dear F.Ed. (and dear Lucia too)

    I’m so happy to understand that you both are interested into Italian recipes! But F.Ed.: it’ s not easy to do “gnocchi di noci” = walnut gnocchi. you are a very good chef if you do them!

    Do you find them out in England? It’s the fruit of the walnut tree

    BTW: do you have the pumpkins there? Here in Autumn we are in the best season, you can do “Pumpkin gnocchi”if you prefer.

    Try as follows:

    6-700 gr. Of pumpkin (about)
    250 gr.flour 00 type (about)
    1 egg
    150 gr. Butter
    sage’s leaves (if you find them)
    100 gr. about “ricotta affumicata” cheese (so it is asked by the original recipe but you can use “grana – ” Parmigiano Reggiano cheese also)

    Boil the pumkin (if you use pressure-pot 20 minuts are enough –and you can easily peel off it after) and by using the electric mixer add the egg and the flour, a small quantity of salt upto it becomes a good mixture.

    Prepare a pot with abundant water (and a little salt ) upto it boil, and, with the aid of a teaspoon form small “gnocchi” (little balls) and throw them in the boiling water.

    They are ready when they go up (after 1-2 minutes!)
    Drain them and serve them warm in the plates, dressing them with fused hot butter and grated ricotta or grana cheese.
    (On this , some sage’s leaves)

    Buon appetito!

    Have a nice weekend
    Ciao Elisabetta

    [Thank you, Elisabetta. Pumpkins seem to be everywhere at the moment, what with Hallowe’en approaching. Maybe I should start with something easier. – Features Editor]

  34. My vote goes very confidently for Steve Di Stanislao, who I have enjoyed meeting in Venice and wish meet again in the future, somewhere musical am sure.

    Thank you for passing my best wishes to all the band FEd.

    You are doing a great deed for the blog


  35. Elisabetta,

    THANKS!!!! I’ll cook them soon and, at last, I have also discovered what walnuts are! This is great! But if walnuts are noci, can I suggest ravioli alla ricotta instead of gnocchi? I have eaten ravioli, cream and walnuts once…and they were wonderful!

    thanks again! I’ll let you know how much I will be good to cook them!


  36. [I can see a great spoof album cover with David sitting atop a (kitchen) island… – Features Editor]

    lol, that would be good.

    i’m sticking with my original guess. it’s stevie d.

    to everyone reading, have a good weekend. i hope you beat man united, fed. 🙂

  37. FEd, in the calendar there was a chat, this morning, but when I tried signing up (at 12,30 UK) it was close…and I have felt a so off-hand, deep sense of bolt and lack of love, that I’ll need to have a long therapy with a good psycologist to pass this bad moment. Will you pay my psycologist because you are the cause of my pain? As you look, I am very stupid also today! I could have had a great time in the chat!

    I wish I great day to all of you!


    [Feel free to send me your therapist’s bill. I’m afraid I had to close the Lobby at 12:30 and only the Barn remained open after that time. Of course, you can only get into the Barn via the Lobby, so nobody could join in for the final 30 minutes. My apologies. – Features Editor]

  38. ROFLMAO!!!! Deborah, you funny chick!

    Off to look at my Floyd/Gilmour catalogue for more spoof potential!

  39. This shuething is so fun! 😀

    By looking at the design of this shues I think this is David.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  40. F’ed,

    I know this will make me out to be a wuss, but when you first launched the chat-room there was a link to a Java update which did the trick for me.

    I am now getting a “Java applet failed” message (on a different pc) when I try and get into the chatroom and I wondered if

    (a) you could repeat the link
    (b) any of those clever bloggers know where I’m going wrong.

    My absence in the chatroom has been noted by a few poor souls and I would like to pop in and say hello.

    [Try the link below, Tim. – Features Editor]

  41. (off topic)

    well slap my ass and call me tuesday! the sound on pulse is amazing!

    only one problem… I now need to go and buy me a new speaker setup lol


  42. – Those shoes ? maybe Steve…

    I saw somewhere on the web that he played rock shows with Joe Walsh of the Eagles… Don’t know if it’s true…

    – [Pumpkins seem to be everywhere at the moment, what with Hallowe’en approaching. Maybe I should start with something easier. – Features Editor]

    Something easier ? try french fries !!!!easy and delicious…overall with home made mayonnaise …

    And so, you have time for a wonderful week end !


    [Michèle, that does sound both easy and delicious. It’s even easier if the fries come from the freezer and the mayonnaise from a jar… – Features Editor]

  43. Shoes shoes shoes… I’ve yet to score and I can’t remember who we’ve already had (and looking back seems like cheating). So, I’ve guessed Jon twice and been wrong twice, so third time lucky. Why? Because they look v. comfortable and they’re resting, the sort of thing a keyboard player would do.

    Have a great weekend all… and don’t forget to listen to my webradio 🙂


  44. [Pumpkins seem to be everywhere at the moment, what with Hallowe’en approaching. Maybe I should start with something easier. – Features Editor]

    You want easy?? Try Chef-Boy-Ardee or Spaghetti-Os. I’m not crazy about them but someone buys those cans out there.


  45. [Michèle, that does sound both easy and delicious. It’s even easier if the fries come from the freezer and the mayonnaise from a jar… – Features Editor]

    NO !!! that would be cheating !

    Real french fries never come from the freezer and I said HOME MADE mayonnaise ! I’m disappointed ! You have to improve your knowledge of french cook ! ( and Lucia, too…)


  46. Sorry for my sudden departure from the chat earlier stupid work , I did try log back in but alas it was closed . I forgot to tell everybody the winner of the 13:00 at lepardstown
    1000/1 won it a well sorry about that.

    I jest of course have a great weekend guys

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  47. Dear Lucia,

    ravioli alla ricotta are simply PERFECT!

    But as this is a musical-site: do you think our F.Ed. does agree with this recipes-exchange?

    If I can I’ll try to send you more suggestions /recipes , let’s say , once a week (every friday : ok? ) ask me and i’ll try to translate further simple recipes.

    I like this site because I can learn english from you all
    thanks a lot you too

    ciao Elisabetta

    [As long as they don’t take up too much space, they’re OK. – Features Editor]

  48. Hi FEd,

    I’m going with Dick Parry as the man in these shoes.

    Let’s see, little-known factoid … the only thing I can come up with at this early hour is that Dick spent some of his time as a farrier between PF and David Gilmour gigs. Beyond that, I must say that he’s got quite a swing when changing between the two saxes on Shine On … very impressive!

    Washington State

  49. [Michèle, that does sound both easy and delicious. It’s even easier if the fries come from the freezer and the mayonnaise from a jar… – Features Editor]

    I get the strangest looks here in the States when I ask for mayonnaise to go with french fries. You’d think ketchup was the national food…

  50. Hi Fed,

    its been a great day here in Dublin lots of early sunshine, always a good start to the weekend. Those shoes do look like mine but I think Polly would have better things to do like take photos of the band’s feet.

    My guess : Graham Nash or David Crosby even???

    Keep up the great work and have a tantastic weekend, I’ll stop by again soon…..

    Tom B

  51. Deborah – That was great! What a great extra that would be!

    Michele – I enjoyed talking with you in chat yesterday. Your english is getting better and better. Hopefully my french will too! How do you make home made mayonnaise? I’ve never heard of anyone in the states making it, I’ll try anything once.

    Fed – Glad to see things updated today. Hopefully your problems with the blog are permanently taken care of. Like you don’t have enough to do already.

    Have a great weekend Fed and everyone


    [Thanks, Erin. The blog’s still not working as it should, but maybe all will be well one of these days. I’m sure stranger things have happened. – Features Editor]

  52. fires and mayo???

    call me old fashoined, but surely there’s no finer compliment to fries than salad cream?


  53. Is it just my retarded computer or is the fanfare section not working?

    Have a nice weekend all.

    Oh and thanks for the thing about the song on amazon!

    [I don’t think it’s your computer. It’s not working for me, either. – Features Editor]

  54. StevieD shoes.

    StevieD. comes from California.

    I agree with Michèle, real fries come from a fresh potato, or squash, or pumpkin (ever had pumpkin fries?) and nothing can beat fresh mayonnaise. . .that processed stuff in a jar is not good for the human body. . .don’t do it!!

    However, fresh mayonnaise is really for your hair. . .don’t believe me. . .click my name. I bet Michèle doesn’t put fresh mayonnaise in her hair though. . . 🙂

  55. And a very happy birthday (Oct.21st) to Mr. Jon Carin who was a true pleasure to see a couple weeks ago. Mr. Carin I very much appreciate your continued giving to the entire PF scene. Your work means an awful lot to many, many fans the world over. I hope your birthday is a great one!

  56. And after clearing away the tears caused by Deborah’s recent cooking titles, I remembered a long ago recipe album tucked away that I was reminded of. It’s always been one of my favorites:

    Dark Side of the Spoon
    -Bake with Me
    -On a Bun
    -Sieve (with Fries)
    -The Great Fig in the Pie
    -Au jus Poutin
    -Any Cold One you Like
    -Stain Damage

  57. Deborah, LMAO!!!!

    Next blog entry-David and Polly’s favorite recipes with cooking directions from Guy Pratt. 🙂

  58. Lucia,

    All this time I could have provided you with walnuts from our lovely walnut tree in our Norfolk garden.

    And F’ed, are you implying some lack of impartiality on the part of Graham Poll? This would rock football to it’s foundations ! (except in Turin of course). I think we might just see a couple of goals from the boy wonder on Sunday.

    [No, I just think he’s rubbish and I find it odd that he always gets to referee this crucial match. – Features Editor]

  59. [Ikkar, there has been a lot of support expressed here for you. It will be too much to take in at moment but see if you can print out the comments. Put them away in safe place and maybe later (could be many months) you will gain comfort from reading them. – Ian Pearson]

    Hey Ian, it’s just what I did yesterday. You’re right, there are many posts for me, here, and I know these messages will be help for me and for my family.

    Thanks again
    Ikkar, with love

  60. Hi David

    Is there a possibility that someday you go to Brazil to play for us? If you don’t know, but you have a lot of fans here in Brazil dreaming see you playing live.


    Brazilian fan

  61. Sorry I missed the chat this morning; I was cooking up some potato soup for the co-workers (they, of course, brought nothing except bowls and boxes of crackers, the lazy bums). Would still like to compare recipes with that Gilmour feller whose name graces this here site.

    Question to Ponder Over the Weekend: just how many balls does a secret policeman have anyway?

    have a good ‘un, Edwina…


  62. Fed,

    You want something Italian and fairly easy to make try this:

    Boil up yourself some pasta of your choice (aldante) strain and set aside. Whisk up about six eggs, Chop up some fresh garlic and parsley, season with garlic salt or reg. salt (personally I prefer garlic salt) and combine. Get a skillet heat on high with a little olive oil. Add pasta and pour in egg mixture and scramble with pasta. Remove from skillet, plate it up and top with parmasean cheese.

    Shouldn’t take you over 30 min. to prepare. I was raised by an Italian/Irish Mother and it was always one of my favourites. Maybe somebody out there knows what this dish is called. She passed away back in June and I would like to know. Maybe it’s something she made up.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [That does sound tasty. – Features Editor]

  63. hey guys…

    there hasn’t been a lot of me lately… just wanted to say hi… and that I think those are Dick Parry’s shoes…

    btw… the other day I tried playing High Hope’s slide solo… trust me… I found my self in somewhere out of earth just picking the notes… I must tell you… it was great… I spent more than three hours on it… in the end I almost had it… and can’t explain you the wonderful experience I had… thanks again for you music David!

    Well… regarding seeing David cooking… hehe I’d like to see him try cooking some Mexican food… it ain’t easy… still, you can always start with tacos… do you have ‘tacos’ in England my dear Fed?

    Shine on my friends!

    [Indeed – and not just in England. They can be found in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, too. – Features Editor]

  64. [We’re all over-taxed in Britain, Jan. – FE’d]

    Ah, it’s an easy thing for you to twist the comments to your liking. You are too clever and make me laugh. Thanks, a good ending for my Friday.

    By the way, found a new book called ‘The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd’ (the story, the songs,the sound). Will be interested in this persons ‘interpretation’ of the facts(?). Author is Toby Manning. Have no idea who he is and no info is given, and no details as to what his sources are.

    But this quote from the book about ‘On An Island’.

    “Beautifully, soulfully sung,…..naturally boasting quietly dramatic guitar work, ‘The Blue’, ‘Smile’, ‘A Pocketful Of Stones’, ‘Where We Start’ and the title track are the best pieces Gilmour has written since The Wall. Gilmour sounds for the first time like he genuinely doesn’t need Roger Waters anymore. And that’s the last legacy of LIVE 8 anyone might have expected.”… “Gilmour doesn’t need to reassert his rock credentials, however—the arty, atmospheric instrumentals and the ballads in particular are quietly, sufficiently, assertive.”

    Hope it was ok to post this to you. I enjoy reading anything that reaffirms the musical talent that I love which is that Gilmour voice and guitar. His style has opened my ears and eyes to new music.

    Have a lovely weekend

  65. Thanks for the information about the new Jools Holland DVD, Roger. First I’ve heard about it. Never have time to get online these days.

    P.S. Evenin’ F Ed.

  66. hi mr david gilmour you are the genius in life of pink floyd

    i have one question when you come to visit my country i live in chile and i like so much your music inspire me everytime i think you solo career or with pink floyd is for a mind like you a genis in life

    goodbye mr david gilmour i hope to visit my country one day because i like so much your music i think is the best of the contemporany album in this year dont guide the critics always tried to clasified something that is beautiful insise like the music

    ok mr david gilmour go it go i like your blog i think it will be a great idea put your music in your like this inspire the critics in this blog hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahah

    bye miguel.

    p.d:please come one day to my country u2 visit two times in 98 and in this year.

  67. Apologies if this has been asked already, but when is the Amnesty show being shown on terrestrial TV? Also, will it be released on DVD?

    [I don’t know about terrestrial TV, but it is available on DVD. You can get a set of five DVDs, containing all the music and comedy, directly from Amnesty. It costs just £24.99 and, of course, you’d be supporting a very good cause. David is a long-time supporter of Amnesty’s work. – Features Editor]

  68. CAPTION:

    Jon Carin excogitated the heresy and incongruity of an ‘Abbey Road Cyclone’ roller coaster his first time up….

  69. hi fet ed . a quick note before i run to get in the shopping then onwards to do my home brew deliveries for the day .

    help i can’t decide . is it david or dick parry wearing those black shoes at the top of the page . i don’t know why i am thinking like i am but those were the names the leapt into my mind . god knows i have not got many right so far 🙂

    i am still looking for who the referee is for sunday and can’t find it ! i hope all united fans everywhere will be singing glory glory man united at the end of the match .

    Linda Island Lady

  70. Sun 22 Oct
    Barclays Premiership
    Manchester United – Liverpool
    MatchCast 13:00 at Old Trafford
    Ref: Graham Poll

    hey again fet ed . sorry for sending a message so soon after the last one but look what i found . i think you said you would rest a little easier if poll was the referee . well i think you can now . i am off to attend to the shopping !

    Linda Island Lady .

    [No, what I actually implied was that I’d have to resist the urge to vomit continuously if I found out that Mr Poll was in charge. Thanks for the depressing news. – Features Editor]

  71. If I am not wrong (and Elisabetta has remembered some days ago!), today is Jon Carin’s birthday!

    So…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! I wish you 100 of these days, wonderful events for your future…and a very enjoyable week end of celebrations!



  72. more trouble with the blog, fed? i’m still sticking with stevie d.

    [You could say that, Victor. – Features Editor]

  73. pretty sure it’s rick. and i’m pretty sure he hates the nickname “rickles” as do all ricks i know. they just tolerate it because i leave them no choice. also he likes yotting. if you want to spell it wrong and all.

  74. [try french fries !!!!easy and delicious with home made mayonnaise]

    all of us americans just threw up a ‘lil bit in our mouths at the thought of that.

    I was never in favor of that renaming fries thing but now think there are french potato’s in need of freeing. “Death to mayo, long live Ketchup!”

    P.S. Dave’s shoes, Jon’s feet…………

  75. Whose shoes? well i think it’s enough if i say that he is Wearing it Inside Out…

  76. How about French Canadian fries F.E.?,..affectionately known as as poutine over here in Canada.Top em up with curd cheese,then pour piping hot gravy over top to melt the cheese in.Mmm..yummy and oh so gooey..but not recommended for those mindful of their waistline.

    I’m going to go with Jon Carin’s shoes.

  77. FEd, I just have to say I’m so happy to finally be able to connect with the blog. I hadn’t been able to connect since last Tuesday. My geek husband was trying to re-assure me that if you had had server problems, it might take a few days for the website to come back….but….I fretted and moped around anyway, and ate a serious amount of chocolate.

    I’m not sure whose shoes those are, but I’d kiss them just out of the sheer happiness of being able to read the blog again. (Husband wishes to point out that I’d probably kiss the shoes anyway, even if I hadn’t had connectivity issues!)

    [I’m sorry to say that it might take a few more days. Things aren’t right yet. – Features Editor]

  78. Could be Jon Carin, something of interest about Jon, I just downloaded an album from iTunes, by Richard Butler which is also the name of the album. Jon Carin pretty much plays all of the instruments on this record as well as producing and arranging it. Richard Butler was the voice fo the Psycadellic Furs and this album with Jon’s talent coming through is excellent, very dreamy, a cross between Coldplay, Pink Floyd, and sorry Fed a touch of Radiohead. Everyone it’s really worth checking out, you can see why both David and Roger like having this Jon around.

    Missed everyone over the last couple of days thanks for getting the ship up and running again Fed.


    [Unfortunately, I just steer the damn thing, George. I’m merely holding on for dear life, hoping that it doesn’t hit an iceberg, trying to rearrange everything that’s getting knocked over repeatedly and needlessly… I’d get a new ship if it were up to me. – Features Editor]

  79. Well, being an all-round Pink Floyd fanatic I’ve been watching footage of Roger’s current tour. Now Snowy and Dave are perfectly good guitarists but I’m afraid the two of them together still don’t add up to our David. There’s something missing, a certain subtlety, nuances in the playing, I’m not sure exactly. But it’s very apparent that there is, and can only ever be, one David Gilmour.

    What does anybody else think?

  80. Deborah,

    Maybe Martha Stewart could be throwing out a bonus track “Coming Bake to life” (preserver)

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  81. Dear Lucia,

    pumkins gnocchi= gnocchi alla zucca (I forgot to leave you the italian title)

    This is a regional recipe , I mean typical of the place where I live ( extreme north east of Italy) if you go to Milano or Rome maybe that people do not know it. In Italy all the regions have their own recipes, moreover the national ones

    By the way…. do not forget the crystal shoe on the down-stairs at midnight!

    I’m joking!!

    have a nice day
    ciao Elisabetta

  82. Dear F.Ed.,

    …yes, I’m back in office also today, sunday!

    But just to tell you that I get a wonderful Dvd “The making of the Dark Side of the Moon” (2003) with exclusive individual interviews to all four the Members of the Band.
    Do you know this one? Very interesting and …deeply moving for me to see them behind the scenes and now explaining all the work done.

    Ok , now I go,

    keep well


    [Yes, I know it. It’s part of the Classic Albums series and has been shown on TV in the UK several times. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  83. Hey all,

    This is slightly off topic so bear with me….

    Yesterday I went to a show here in Canada. It is a Pink Floyd Tribute band that has had rave reviews from all quarters. This was an afternoon show so it was billed as an all ages concert. It was heartening to see families with children as young as five or six all grooving to the music. Amazing to see the legacy intact with generations younger than the last full Floyd tour!!

    […] The guitarist was amazing. The solo with the signature tune Comfotably Numb would have made David proud. Overall certainly far better than those guitarists currently with Roger on tour. I know cause I saw it..

    Cheers, Howard

    [I’m glad you enjoyed it, Howard, but I’m afraid I’m not plugging any tribute band for anyone. Please take this reply as an opportunity to remind everyone of our rules, because quite a few are being broken more and more, both here and in the chatroom. Please click Howard’s name for a reminder. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  84. Well F’ed,

    I think even Shanks himself would struggle to blame Mr Poll for that one …

    Never mind, there’s always an historic “sixth” to hope for.

    [Funny, I was expecting you to find the time to post something today. – Features Editor]

  85. – Marcus,

    Don’t worry, I never put mayo on my hair, but I use egg-shampoo, though, very good for hair care ! But in your recipe: sugar in mayo ? NO! sacrilege! it would be a disaster!

    – Erin,

    I was very happy also to meet you in the chatroom, you’re so kind, so, for you (and those of my american friends who would want to forget ketchup for a while…), here is how I make fresh mayonnaise:

    – you put in a bowl: 1 egg yolk, salt, pepper, mustard.
    -you mix with an electric mixer (less tiring than mixing by hand with a whisk !) while adding oil (very slowly), until you get a stable emulsion.
    – you add vinegar (not too much).

    and it’s ok… you taste of course ! and you enjoy of course! so, very easy, fast and delicious…

    Fed, I think you should try, but be careful not to make your new kitchen dirty by splashing your new tiles with the mixer!


  86. Hi Fed, thought I was losing it with no blogs this week. Welcome back.

    Happy belated birthday Jon.

    The shoes, well,they look like Richard’s, maybe Robert. But I’ll stick with Steve what’s his name. LOL.

    To Ikkar, wish you well during this difficult time. Take Care.

  87. Elisabetta,

    thanks a lot for the thought. I am sure you could be a great cookery teacher…but I fear I would be an awful student! I HATE COOKING!!! I think I’ll need the next 5 years only learning to cook the “pumpkins gnocchi”!!!! Kitchen is really not my kingdom!

    I am just a little better than FEd, because I don’t take fries come from the freezer but I prepare them by myself…but this is my best!

    Anyway, no mayonnaise neither ketchup for me, please!


  88. To Sandro (Brazil) and Miguel (Chile),

    Maybe you could send Polly and David wonderful recipes of South America, and they could feel like tasting them with you in Brazil and Chile ! Don’t lose hope !


  89. Is it really Jon Carin s bithday on october 21 th? So happy bithday Jon and happy bithday to me, we are born the same day! Well,well,well…

    bisous xxx
    Sylvie de Montréal

  90. [I don’t know about terrestrial TV, but it is available on DVD. You can get a set of five DVDs, containing all the music and comedy, directly from Amnesty. It costs just £24.99 and, of course, you’d be supporting a very good cause. David is a long-time supporter of Amnesty’s work. – Features Editor]

    Thanks very much for the info. F Ed. £24.99 is a steal!

  91. Oh, Sylvie, si seulement j’avais su, je vous aurais envoyé tous mes voeux d’heureux anniversaire, plein de bisous, un dico franco-anglais, une caisse de champagne…mais peut-être que Fed aurait intercepté le dico… ou plutôt le champagne !!!


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