Whose Shoes? (Part Seven)


Alas, we’ve sadly come to the last pair of shoes…

Do you know who they belong to? For the very last time, let us know whose shoes you think they are – and include an interesting fact about this person, if you can.

The last pair belonged to Steve DiStanislao. Congratulations to those who guessed correctly.

Stevie has very kindly agreed to answer some of your questions, as Guy did recently. So, if there’s anything you’re itching to find out, please jot your thoughts down – but don’t send them just yet.

Details to follow later in the week, so please hold on to your questions until then.

In the meantime, here’s more from Guy.

What did you get Rick for Father’s Day? (Matt Parish)

Nothing, seeing as he’s not my father. It’s not a big day ’round our house, to be honest.

Do you get along with your father-in-law and have you ever purchased any of his solo efforts? (John NFF)

It is extraordinary that anyone thinks I would actually say I didn’t get on with Rick on a public forum. So, yes, I do. I have been around the world with him four times, and even sailed the Atlantic with him; I truly love the man… I did actually buy ‘Wet Dream’, but by the time ‘Broken China’ came out I was with Gala, so we got given one.

How did you happen to meet David? (Gian Luca)

Through Dream Academy and then Bryan Ferry.

Were you a Pink Floyd fan during your teenage years? (IMcK)

I went to ‘The Wall’ shows at Earl’s Court: front row, every night, both years, once on Acid. I knew then it was the best show I would ever see… and it’s quite sad that, 26 years later, I was right.

What’s your absolute favourite Pink Floyd or David Gilmour song? (Bas Swanenberg)

‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore’.

What did you think about Roger playing with Pink Floyd at Live8? (Beau)

I was all for it, it was high time they sorted things out, although sadly David asked me to play on ‘Wish You Were Here’ and I had to say no as I was booked to play in Berlin with Roxy Music. That wasn’t easy, I tell you. We’d finished and were having dinner by the time Floyd went on, but there was no telly, so I was getting running commentary text messages from practically everyone I know every 10 seconds. I didn’t get to see it ’til about two weeks later.

Is it true that Roger Waters asked you to play bass on his ‘Amused To Death’ album? (Werner)

Good question! Roger didn’t, but his producer, my dear friend Pat Leonard, did. I asked David if it would be OK, and of course he said yes, but I think Pat bottled out of asking Roger… Probably for the best, as I live over here, if you know what I mean.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

68 thoughts on “Whose Shoes? (Part Seven)”

  1. Good morning,

    my visual memory says to me these shoes are Dick Parry’s…

    Have fun!


  2. Happy Monday,

    Some tongue in cheek and some surprising answers from Guy. I was particularly surprised, given his early background (100 club etc), that The Wall shows appealed to him.

    Refreshed now after a week off and catching up on blogs. Guess what………another competition missed.

    Pete – Coventry

  3. Hi. This is my first time posting on http://www.guypratt.com , I’m a huge fan, obviously, and I’d like to ask you some questions about goat …. hang on a second …. where the hell am I ? And why haven’t I got any shoes ?

  4. Hi all,

    Shoes must belong to Mr. Dick Parry

    To Guy thanks a lot, very indepth and informative answers


  5. These must be Mr Dick Parry’s shoes.

    Much to my surprise I read in the February 08 blog that “He gave up playing the saxophone and became a farrier”. Now here is a man who likes some variation in his daily life. On my father in law’s farm I have seen farriers at work,they are very impressive blokes with big big hands and lots of determination. And i do remember them wearing other shoes as well. So, these must be Mr Parry’s saxophone shoes then.

  6. CAPTION: Ming from flash gordon cut himself shaving.

    CAPTION: Damn tasty gatorade I knew I should have taken a loo break befoe hitting the stage.

    Phil’s schooby doos today me guesses.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  7. Great answers to interesting questions!

    SHOES= Dick Parry

    FACT 1: Mr. Parry is 95% bionic. His core processing unit and firmware are maintained by technicians every 36 hours whilst new software patches are programmed into memory.

    FACT 2: The conversion from organic to bionic was Roger’s idea, which everyone at the time agreed was a good idea until Styx stole the idea.

    FACT 3: Mr. Parry currently serves as the interim Blog server….

    …what the hell is a ‘whilst’ anyway….

  8. I have lost track of who we’ve had now, but my guess is Dick Parry.

    I believe Dick was in Jokers Wild.

    Just want to say thanks to Guy for making time to answer our questions… where else but this blog can you get this personal?

    Cheers, Mat.

    [There are certain places, so I’m told, but I’m not telling you about them. – Features Editor]

  9. Whose Shoes?… Dick Parry

    Dick Parry once played on a Big Men Cry album entitled Banco de Gaia. DP played on the track, Celestine…

    Not quite as interesting as DP’s work with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band but Tim already told us about that 🙂

  10. Caption Competition

    Proof conclusive that Dick Parry was Walt Diney’s last great animatronic creation!

  11. Dear F.Ed.

    the only missing band-mate sems to be Mr.Dick Parry at the sax,I agree with the above friends.

    I’m warming-up for the next competition, then!

    Take care

    p.s.Dear Lucia: i’m still waiting about your next recipe’s suggestion. Let me know what you’d be interested in.

    Ciao everybody

  12. Hey Fed,

    Official objection, could you ask that Jon Carin bloke to stop getting in the way of my blogs.

    Pete – Coventry

  13. SHOES= Dick Parry con’t…..

    FACT 4: David Gilmour occasionally entertains friends with his version of the ‘Dick Parry Robotic Two-Step’….

    FACT 5: During the 2006 OAI Tour, Jon Carin was notorious for his ‘bubble-solution-in-the-sax’prank until Mr. Parry sought revenge by inserting a Casio nano-virus into his Kurzweil’s….

    Hi Jon, and Happy Belated Birthday…..

  14. Must be Dick Parry by process of elimination.

    And very funny Mr. Carin, we’re all hoping you’ll allow us a Q&A at some point as well.



  15. Good one Jon!! Looks like you’ll get to ‘highjack’ David’s site next, eh? Nice of David to be so kind as to share his space and let us have some Q & A with the boys in the band. Given the fact that Guy’s site sometimes (?) has a few glitches and yours isn’t finished yet, this works well for everyone I think!

    Now back to the matter of shoes — these HAVE to be Dick Parrys, don’t they? Using only my memory, which at times is iffy, and by process of elimination, I think Dick is the only one who hasn’t been tagged yet. And look at the nicely polished shoes … it’s a bit of a stretch but doesn’t that in some strange way match up with his having been a farrier?

    Hope your weekend was a pleasant one, FEd. Looking forward to a latte and a chat in the morning. Great way to start the day!

    Peace and love!
    Washington State

  16. Go ahead Mr Carin, ask Mr Pratt about his goat business, I am certain he will be happy to answer you here. And the fans will be even happier to find out about it.

    Posted by Interim Features Editor Ronny at October 30, 2006 11:03 AM

  17. Surely the shoes are David’s if this is the last of the shoes photos – I guess playing guitar makes you good at shining shoes – mighty shiny.

    All the best

  18. By process of elimination, must be Dick Parry’s shoes.

    I also had read that Mr. Parry had given up the sax, and that years later David had given him a quick audition for (correct me if I’m wrong) the Division bell tour, and after that he had said “He’s still got it”. So Dick was back.

    Nice to see Mr. Jon Carin pop in with some humour.


  19. Dear Elisabetta,

    thanks a lot, but my kitchen has gone destroyed for a snow storm…or the ants have eat the furnitures, or I have turn my kitchen in a games’ room…a circus games room, in particular. Yesterday I started trying to become a fire-eater too…Joking a part, dear Elisabetta, you are really really really kind, but if you can really be useful to my poor cook abilities, tell me the recipe of a good sandwich!

    Thanks again


  20. I’m really bad at this game, but I’ll say Dick Parry. I believe Dick’s “day job” was working as a surveyor before he got into performing.

    How fun to see Jon Carin’s post! I saw Jon in concert three times this past year, so I am really spoiled. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2007, Jon!

  21. [I’d like to ask you some questions about goat]

    I hope the answer wont embarrass Mrs Pratt.

    Pete – Coventry

  22. Thanks for some more great answers, Guy. I felt the same way you did about the questions regarding your relations with Rick. What’s he gonna say guys, “I hate that wanker and just made nice to get his daughter.”

    Since Jon let the goat out of the bag, Guy, how many DO you have? Should we make a call to the SPCA, Jon?

    By process of elimination, I’d have to say that these are Dick Parry’s shoes. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Dick that y’all don’t already know. Everyone always comments on his playing on ‘Shine On’ & ‘Money’, but personally, my favorite is on ‘Us and Them.’

    Angelo, you better call the Dr and get ’em to up that dose of testosterone. I think you’re getting estrogen shots to try and get in on the girl competition, and it’s NOT gonna work!!

    [When guys try and think up competitions for women . .well lets just say their intentions are different. ~Erin]

    [I was just wondering: Is it OK if we watch? – ronny]

    [I think it would be rude not to. – Features Editor]

    Thank You, for proving my point. LOL, I was waiting for it. I knew it would come . . .


  23. Dick Parry’s shoes I believe. . .

    Dick played with David in a Sunday night jazz band at the Dorothy Ballroom in Cambridge in the early ’60’s. Dick also worked with Fred Gilmour on the 1971 Quiver release.

  24. Hiya all,

    Sorry I’ve not been around much – I really wanted to get to the irregulars chat but I just couldn’t make it. The experiment is in full swing and I’m running around like a mad thing trying to muster up as much participation as possible.

    As for shoes, I’m utterly useless at shoes. I’ve been wrong every single time and I’m more grateful that I can spot a good musical lick rather than shoes 🙂

    The questions that have been asked to Guy have been fab, and I’ve loved reading Guy’s open/candid answers. Looking forward to reading more, and to asking Stevie a few.

    I’m off on Wednesday to sneak to NYC to surprise my girlfriend and pop the big question…all v.v. exciting and super hush hush. She thinks she’s going to be staying with her friend in NYC, but actually I’m turning up the next day dressed as a UPS guy to surprise her and drive her over to Newport, RI to propose. It’s my big mission for the week…

    So, have a fab week all… hope everyone is doing well…will catch up next chat I can get to…



    [Good luck with the surprise, Nick. – Features Editor]

  25. Hallo!

    How many cd`s are sold of “on an island”?

    [Gosh… Loads. – Features Editor]

  26. I think they are Dick’s shoes also. Careful with that Sax Eugene Parry. I was enthralled at seeing him twice at Massey and several shows before. Such a huge talent.

  27. maybe Dick Parry, and Fed does Dick Parry play Keyboards on the tour? Anywhere?

    [I think he did. – Features Editor]

  28. Well, Jon Carin, I’d say by the appearance of the condition of Pratt’s laceless, canvas tennies, his goat must have been nibbling on them –laces and all…..why, I wouldn’t doubt that his goat sniffed out and ate yours, too….For that, I propose you stake a claim for a ‘w-w-w.joncarin.com’ here as a charity site for shoeless goat victims!


    PS –Hope your 42nd was as good as my 41st! This month’s mission trip to the Peruvian Andes Mountains was very fine this time of year…..and hey, saw several stray goats, btw……strangely branded with a “GP”???

  29. Very funny Mr Carin. It’s great to get a tiny glimpse into your sense of humor. So I was thinking… the way Jon goes back and forth playing for David and Roger (as well as several stints in Pink Floyd) how about the ultimate Pink Floyd Tribute Album/DVD by Jon??? jon playing all the instruments and singing all parts… he could do it too! I wonder what songs he would pick if he was making the set-list??? Just a random thought.

    Have a great day all.

  30. great to see jon leaving a message. hi jon!

    i’m loving guy’s answers. looking forward to the next ones.

    stevie next… will you be answering our questions too, fed?

    [I don’t know about that. It would be very boring. – Features Editor]

  31. Glad to see Jon Carin on the blog and really glad to hear the Steve D. will be answering some of our questions.

    Shoes: Dick Parry

    Patiently waiting for info of the next comp. Thanks to Guy for answering the questions.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend…..you too Fed. BTW my son scored three goals in his soccer match and the team won 5-3 WOO HOO!!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana Blah blah blah

    [I had a brilliant weekend, thanks. They never last long enough, though. Congratulations to your hat-trick hero. – Features Editor]

  32. [I’m off on Wednesday to sneak to NYC to surprise my girlfriend and pop the big question…all v.v. exciting and super hush hush. She thinks she’s going to be staying with her friend in NYC, but actually I’m turning up the next day dressed as a UPS guy to surprise her and drive her over to Newport, RI to propose. It’s my big mission for the week… – nickster]

    Nick I hope whatever plan you chose brings her great joy , have a blast.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  33. Nick — that’s wonderful news! Very best wishes to you and have an excellent trip! You’ll have to tell us all about it. Happy Trails!

  34. An hello from heart to mr Carin,

    I think are Dick Parry’s shoes.

    I miss the concerts!!


    Shoes = Dick Parry

    Interesting: Mr. Parry has played with the Violent Femmes. In their shows, the Femmes employ a horn section called the Horns of Dilemma in which Dick Parry has been a member.

  36. [Not sure if this post will get thru–Im seeing a blank post in the preview, but here goes]

    Getting Guy to answer these questions was a very good idea. I enjoyed reading thru them all and look forward to QnA with Steve.

    Great to see Jon’s post on the blog. Hi Jon. I’m hoping F’ed would be able to rope you in for a QnA session too.

    Im not even going to try my hand at the guess the shoes game seeing as I suck at it.

  37. Nice one Nick, I really wish you all the best for your surprise! I love your style mate!

    What a nice surprise seeing Jon`s post, I admit I`m as intregued as peter as to the goat story.

    And I`m with everyone else that they are Dick`s shoes, they have to be!(watch me be wrong again)

    Cheers all.

  38. Hi Jon! I vote for Jon Carin as the new FEd here at Guy Pratt’s blog. He sounds so much more FUN.

    (take THAT pointy stick, Edwina!)


    [You’ll have to do better than that. – Features Editor]

  39. On the left side of the forefront shoe just above the sole in front of the heel, I think I can see a brass colored reflection..so I’m going to say Dick Parry.

    Thanks for answering my question Guy.Sorry if I and others annoyed you with this line of questioning..lame I realize, but inquiring minds need to know.

  40. Second time lucky – I vote Mr Parry again.

    Dick recorded with Ashton, Paice and Lord in 1974, making a neat(ish) connection with the drummer who accompanied Mssrs Gilmour and McCartney on “Run Devil Run”

    No congratulations for our hat-trick hero then F’ed ?

    [Who’s that? – Features Editor]

  41. Good luck, Geoff. How very exciting!

    And how exciting to read Guy’s Q&A and also see a Q from Jon Carin. I was fortunate to see and listen to him him twice this year (once with David, once with Roger). It’s been a pleasure.


  42. look’s like Dick Parry style, and good to hear from Jonny, enjoying your work on Richard Butler’s new album, it has become my second favourite behind OAI.


  43. They have got to be Dick’s shoes. Interesting facts:

    1. David and Dick used to play together when they were in their teens.
    2. Someone told me that they would play on the streets for money, but that may have been a joke.
    3. Dick was NOT in Joker’s Wild. I’ve seen two different pics of that band, featuring two slightly different line-ups, and Dick ain’t in either of them. One of the pics is in Nick Mason’s book (showing the earlier lineup).

  44. I will have to guess Mr. Dick Parry.

    I really want to thank Guy for taking time out to answer some really goood questions and I really hope that his comedy act will be a hit.

    Fed sounds like this is going to be a busy week. I hope it goes well.

    Take Care,

  45. Three notes walk into a bar…

    A C, an E-flat, and a G go into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve minors.” So the E-flat leaves, and the C and the G have an open fifth between them. After a few drinks, the fifth is diminished and the G is out flat.

    An F comes in and tries to augment the situation, but is not sharp enough.

    A D comes into the bar and heads straight for the bathroom saying, “Excuse me. I’ll just be a second.”

    Then an A comes into the bar, but the bartender is not convinced that this relative of C is not a minor.

    Then the bartender notices a B-flat hiding at the end of the bar and exclaims, “Get out now. You’re the seventh minor I’ve found in this bar tonight.”

    The E-flat, not easily deflated, comes back to the bar the next night in his NICELY SHINED LOAFER SHOES. The bartender (who used to have a nice corporate job until his company downsized) says, “You’re looking sharp tonight, come on in! This could be a major development.”

    This proves to be the case, as the E-flat takes off the suit, and everything else, with the exception of his shined to a diamond loafers and stands there au natural.

    Eventually, the C sobers up, and realizes in horror that he’s under a rest.

    The C is brought to trial, is found guilty of contributing to the diminution of a minor, and is sentenced to 10 years of DS without Coda at an upscale correctional facility. On appeal, however, the C is found innocent of any wrongdoing, even accidental, and that all accusations to the contrary are bassless.

    The bartender decides, however, that since he’s only had tenors as patrons, and the soprano is out in the bathroom, everything has become altoo much treble; he needs a rest, decides to close down the bar for Halloween and go out to play Tequilla with a couple of mates under the mixer….

    Memories from a sometimes loafer, NANCE

  46. oooooooooooooooooooooo

    Happy Halloween

    Dressing up as “Super Fed” for my beaver Scout Party tonight. Got the mask and flashing pointy stick. Looking for a scary type yell to scream!

    Looks like a sax player’s shoes

    Have a good day

    Ian Pearson

  47. Good morning all,

    I can only deduce that these shoes belong to Dick Parry.

    I am afraid I cannot offer some trivia on him as I don’t really know much about him.



  48. Probably Dick Parry with all those mic cables and one mic on the ground, as he usually wears two saxophones at a time, tenor and baritone.

    Dick Parry contributed significantly to the band Quiver in 1970, with Tim Renwick, also a Pink Floyd mate.

  49. Nice pair of saxy shoes, they have to belong Mr Parry.

    Guys answer’s make Interesting reading.Thanks Guy.

  50. Wednesday the 1 November at 3:00 PM (CET – Central European Time) the Belgian radio station Classic 21 will be broadcasting “the making of: The kick inside by Kate Bush”.

    DG produced that album, so I thought I’d let you know.

    Understanding French will help; it is a French speaking radio station.

    [Interesting. Thanks for that, Ronny. – Features Editor]

  51. Hello FEd,

    Fun seems to be invading the Blog.

    First guess was for David’s shoes, seems to be the same he would have worn at the Royal Festival Hall Great Meltdown. But although it is only a guess and not having stared that much at the screen, It could now be also Dear Mr Dick Parry, whose saxophone I love extremely much.

    Now a word for those 2 great musicians, Jon the one particular reason you do not have any shoes is that you might have just woken up in the goat shed and realised the goat ate them both.

    And How will you cope with 2 Blog Guy? will you also give comments on your very own personal Blog??

    This is all great fun, and am glad I booked for Guy extravaganza on November 13th, as I have just been called for a WHOLE week of Jury service, they give lunch but if I do not go they also charge me £500.!!!!!!

    Can you explain me please FEd???

    All the best


    [I’ve never been called for jury service, myself. I always thought it would be rather exciting, but everyone I know who has been summoned has gone to great lengths to try and get out of it. – Features Editor]

  52. [I’ve never been called for jury service, myself. I always thought it would be rather exciting, but everyone I know who has been summoned has gone to great lengths to try and get out of it. – Features Editor]

    Me too, Fed. I don’t understand it. To me, it’s one of the things that make this country great, but no one likes it. I just got the notice this week in the mail. I have to appear November 20, I hope I get a juicy one.


    [I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, mate. – Features Editor]

  53. [Who’s that? – Features Editor]

    Surely you jest, F’ed?

    The boy-wonder himself. Liverpool’s (i.e. the City) greatest gift to Manchester, the nation and the pie industry.

    0-4 at Bolton though, the wagon’s rolling ….

    [It must have slipped my mind. – Features Editor]

  54. Hi FEd,

    I understand that this is the last of Polly’s “shoe” pictures. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking her for sharing them with us.

    I thought the photos would never see the light of day as she was taking countless photos at the Abbey Road session.

    So once again, thank you Polly. They were great fun. It was also a good game in trying to guess who’s shoes belonged to who.



  55. [Hi. This is my first time posting on http://www.guypratt.com , I’m a huge fan, obviously, and I’d like to ask you some questions about goat …. hang on a second …. where the hell am I ? And why haven’t I got any shoes ? – Jon Carin]

    were’nt your shoes shown earlier in the blog . i think you might need to look through the archives jon 🙂 nice to see guy is not the only poster here form thre band !

    the shoes are dick parry’s , i heard david saying he had stopped playing in an interview for the division bell tour . i never knew he bacme a farrier . well the things you learn ! i love his saxophone playing . was’nt he the guy that played on dark side of the moon and wish you were here .

    fet ed sorry i have’nt been able to attend the chats recently . the one befre last i had to go into the city and missed it . yesterday i was at work ! will be back soon to annoy you 🙂

    as to jury service it is not easy to get out of in ireland . my dad was called recently but as he is over 65 he is not eligable (why call him then !) i think a good thing to try might be asking your boss to write a letter saying he can’t afford to give you the time off work . wel it is worth a try ! never just ignore it or as you say you can end up with a nasty fine .

  56. [I understand that this is the last of Polly’s “shoe” pictures. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking her for sharing them with us. – Julie Davies]

    i second that. thanks for all the amazing pictures, polly. 🙂

    another good way to get out of jury service is to become a journalist.

  57. [stevie next… will you be answering our questions too, fed?]

    [I don’t know about that. It would be very boring. – Features Editor]

    it wouldn’t be boring, it would be fun. maybe sned and ped could answer some as well.

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  58. FEd

    Slightly off-topic, but thought this the best place as any to post.

    I apologise if I am wasting your time if this has been mentioned before, but have David and Polly ever considered an “On an Island” calendar of some of Polly’s photos? Obviously, 2007 is too late, but 2008? I reckon they would make a cracking calendar!!

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