Whose Shoes? (Part Five)

62740037_blog.jpgThanks for voting on our latest poll. The winners are announced tomorrow, so we shall see if 71% of you are right to be so optimistic about our chances of winning the BT award for Best Music Blog.

More famous feet for you now. Here’s the latest pair of shoes for you to identify.

We were amazed by the response to these photos last week…

Can you tell us whose shoes these are and also include a little-known fact about this person for all to share?

There’s a chat today at 8:30PM (UK time) and there might be one tomorrow at 4PM (UK time), too. As always, please check the calendar for chatroom opening times.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

93 thoughts on “Whose Shoes? (Part Five)”

  1. ok, if this is what i have to do to get thru i’ll play your game. i’m guessing Rick Wright (who I absolutely LOOOOVVVVVEEEE!!)

    i wanted u to please look into offering more DG clothing for us Gilmour Girls please.

    when will i find out if these are Rick’s feet?

    [You don’t have to do anything to get through. It’s not a psychic reading. Contact Anthill (try the Help button) and nag them instead. I don’t personally give a stuff about the merchandise and if the blog discussed that all day, then I’m sure I’d be duly criticised. As for the shoes, then you could be waiting quite a while, as we’ve already had Richard’s (on 26 September). – Features Editor]

  2. CAPTION: Don’t want to put the MOCKERS on you Jon but how can you possibly top the first tour you went on this year

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. I think those are Jon Carin’s shoes.

    Little known fact: Jon’s first band was called Industry and they did put out a few releases. “Stranger to Stranger” was their only full-length release and it gets good reviews. Some say it is a Duran Duran meets Roxy Music type of sound.

    Is that an obscure enough fact?



    Bandmember: (choking sound)”gggggche! We’re just…a humble band…on a…diplomatic mission….gggche!”

    Evil Bad Dude: (throwing bandmember) “Tear this stage apart until you’ve found those palns!!!! And bring me his bandmates!!! I WANT THEM ALIVE!!!!”

  5. I may not get the chance to go to the chat today or tomorrow, but let me just say here and now….

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEDMEISTER!!!! Your bidding is my command….

    – Ang

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  6. I think these are Jon’s shoes.

    Thanks for remembering us Americans this week with chat times. Lately it’s been in the middle of the night here. No worries Fed, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Have you decided if you’re gonna take your b-day off yet? I love Hell’s Kitchen too, I got a thing for those English men . . .


    [Er, Gordon Ramsey’s actually Scottish. If in doubt, here’s the rule: When anyone from the three other parts of the UK is mentioned in the press, you’ll see that they’re almost always “British”. That means they’re not English. English people are always “English” unless they’re bad people, in which case, they’re “British”. That seems to be the rule as far as I can tell. – Features Editor]

  7. I am going for Jon Carin this time.

    I haven’t got one right yet. I should have just gone for David every time !


  8. i think jon carin too.

    the only fact i know about him if he is one of the few artists that have played with pink floyd minus roger , david gilmour solo and roger waters solo .

    jon i hope your offcial web site gets going soon 🙂

    well done at putting an evening chat time tonight fet ed . i was going to send you a message to ask you to consider it . i don’t need to bother now !

    island lady .

  9. [Er, Gordon Ramsey’s actually Scottish. If in doubt, here’s the rule: When anyone from the three other parts of the UK is mentioned in the press, you’ll see that they’re almost always “British”. That means they’re not English. English people are always “English” unless they’re bad people, in which case, they’re “British”. That seems to be the rule as far as I can tell. – Features Editor]

    how true, fed!

  10. jon carin i think

    little known fact , i met his mother in law at Abbey Road and her comment was “I really cant see what all the fuss is about jon hes just Jon to us ” can i just say a big thankyou to Jons mother in law for that day as she brought John up to meet us and arranged for us to get his autograph and guess wat he really s just Jon , wat i mean is a very nice down to earth ordinary man ,not fazed one bit by all the attention , also the fact that he was just finished with the best atist ever and was about to go on tour with some type of Pink Floyd tribute band across the USA from the giants of rock to the tribute band what a man

    All the best for your birthday mate hope you get all you want for birthday and out of life

    cheers mate

    to all reading the above im only joking i really do also love eh damn i have forgot whats his name now, oh hell it will come back to me

    also Jon Carins mum in law was so nice how come mine is a nightmare i call her Cruella from 101 Dalmations (the type of person no Puppy should ever meet)

    Bye for now all my friends out there

  11. Hi all,

    Windows XP decided to spontaneously combust and my machine went down horribly. Everything is back to normal, but wow, this has totally fuelled my anti-MS feeling. Anyhow, I’m back…

    …to find out that I was wrong AGAIN on the shoes. They were Phil’s not Jon’s. This means I am 0-4 on shoes – and it should be getting easier as there are less to choose from. Today’s shoes are…. David’s. Yessiree.


  12. those must be jon’s shoes. or feet. whichever way you look at it

    in his picture in the delicate sound of thunder liner notes, i think he looks a lot like jerry seinfeld. also, in case you didn’t know, he’s an amazing musician who added a lot to the gilmour shows. fat old sun, and smile really stand out in my mind.


    you know how to keep it interesting when there’s nothing going on. good f.e.d.

    [Full credit to Polly. It was her idea. – Features Editor]

  13. I think these are Jon’s shoes.

    No interesting facts I’m afraid but thank you Fed for mentioning the Richard Butler CD on which Jon performs. I listened to the clips and liked what I heard. I’ll be adding it to my collection just as soon as I can.

    Have a great birthday!

  14. [English people are always “English” unless they’re bad people, in which case, they’re “British”. That seems to be the rule as far as I can tell. – Features Editor]

    Thanks for clearing that up Fed! So does that mean David is English and Simon Cowell is British? As for you Fed, I think most days you’re English and other days you’re British? LOL

    And I thought North America was confusing. How can there be so many types of people on one little piece of land? Rather crowded, isn’t it?


    [Nah, I’m always British. – Features Editor]

  15. I have no idea regarding the shoes but I do have a small factoid about Jon. He played in a band with my brother-in-law, Mike a thousand years ago on Long Island. Not sure of the name or if it ever went beyond a few rehearsals but Mike swears it happened.

  16. aaahhh, Fed….I’ve been waiting….now THIS pair is the peaceful, soft-stepping moccasin-type of ‘Grace Walking’, himself. –Earthy Sensual Taurean, Venusian Ease –VERY Venusian– ‘grounded’, keeping it real, a comfortable ‘sole’… 🙂

    Hello, Mr. Jon Carin’s shoes.

    Fed, I believe you already know I would have much to say about this one….my apologies that contributing just one fact about him is quite stifling for me….

    I promise to attempt brevity —

    You all know that Jon is a multi-instrumentalist, but did you know the expanse of his talent? We can likely rest assured that one could place any instrument in his hands and he would draw from it a very lovely sound:

    Saxophone, Mellophonium, Horns, Flute, various percussion & drums including steel percussion & and of course electronic drum programming, Harmonium, Autoharp, Accordion, Bass, and the commonly known Lap Steel Guitar, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Pianos, Organs, (Wurlitzer), Synthesizers, Emulator, and the list goes on….

    Another fact: Jon assisted Gary Wallis in his percussion pit during the DSOT tour — a rare sight and joy in itself, especially being that I was a drummer/percussionist in my younger years, as well.

    Another rarity: Have you ever seen Jon with a ponytail? :^o Lovely! (Sorry, Jon, don’t mean to disconcert or embarrass you — MUCH, that is! The tail was jolly fun, imho!)

    Thanks much, Fed –and Polly– (Fed, please don’t swing back that pointy stick of yours too far, for my bending your rules. But I promise to be ready to bear it with all the humility and grace I can possibly muster…and then I suppose Jon will want to borrow it after you….. Oy!…)


  17. Ok I think those are Jon Carins shoes.

    Hope you have a great day and an even better day tomorrow!!

    I will definetly be toasting you tomorrow.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  18. I’m going for Jon Carin too.

    Don’t know much about the guy really. He stays in the background and does one fabulous job.

    See you in the chat later.

  19. FED! me and my girlfriend Katia wish you happy birthday!

    I thank you for all you have done for us this year (I remember your precious help for the gigs in Venice) and for you precious information, but, above all thank you to be a friend and a point of reference to be next to David and Polly.

    It’s difficult for me to explain all my feelings in english but I hope that you understand that we are very next to you.

    Many happy returns of the day!

    Claudio e Katia da Ravenna
    Ciao FED.

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  20. oohhh, Fed…(was it) your birthday??? Blessings to you! –and Libran, too! Mine is this week, as well….hope you had a jolly good weekend; may the cheer and the blessings last through the coming year!


  21. These are the shoes of Jon Carin folks!

    David met Jon at Live Aid, more then 20 years ago, am I right?

    Ernest °_°

    [You most certainly are. – Features Editor]

  22. I will say that these belong to Stevie D.

    So far I am the minority here, that can’t be good.

    Melissa (*_*)

  23. Hmmmm, a pair of driving moc’s, eh? I think they must belong to the guy who’s driving the beat, Steve DiStanislao.

    Stevie D’s a bit new to us fans. I know that he is an American drummer who has performed with C,S&N. The latter connection leading to his gig with DG.

  24. [Er, Gordon Ramsey’s actually Scottish. If in doubt, here’s the rule: When anyone from the three other parts of the UK is mentioned in the press, you’ll see that they’re almost always “British”. That means they’re not English. English people are always “English” unless they’re bad people, in which case, they’re “British”. That seems to be the rule as far as I can tell. – Features Editor]

    i always thought that was the other way round . you are british until you behave badly then you are english ( before i get slagged off may i point out my dad is english !)

    island lady .

  25. I think that these shoes are on Jon Carin’s feet.

    I don’t have any little-known information to share other than, upon meeting him briefly, he seemed to be a soft-spoken, gentle sort of person.

    Thanks to Michele for alerting me to the possibility of incompatibility with regards to the book/dvd. I ordered through Amazon and they typically make mention as to Canada/US vs. European versions, so I’m hoping that the dvd will, in fact, work. I’ll know soon enough, I guess!

    Almost time for the chat … bye for now!

    Washington State

  26. Dear Fed (not about shoes!)

    Many thanks for your helpful response on 22 Sep about the Ticketone refunds. In fact I had been impatient – I thought their email said paid by 7 Sep, they must have meant accepted or something – the refund materialised on 25 Sep. So all is well – I hope everybody else who applied has got theirs. Looking forward to the DVD now.

    Best wishes


    [Thanks for letting us know, Mike. I’m glad that it worked out in the end. – Features Editor]

  27. F*Ed, I don’t know whose shoes these are but I was inpired by another gumshoe to “write” this song for you. I hope you like it and don’t feel like I was trying to give you the “shaft”… 🙂

    * F*ED *

    Who’s the Mod who counts the clicks?
    That’s a sex machine to all the chicks?

    Ya damn right!

    Who is the man that would risk his neck
    For his brother man?

    Can you dig it?

    Who’s the cat that moderates the posts
    From the idiots who shout the most?

    Right On!

    They say this cat F*Ed’s is a bad mother
    I’m talkin’ ’bout F*Ed!


    Dave’s a complicated man
    But no one understands him like our dear F*Ed

    Damn F*ED!

    [I love it, Matt. Thanks for the laugh. (You’re mad, by the way.) – Features Editor]

  28. Mr. Feature Editor,

    I apologize for wasting your time. This is my first time on DG site and before this I was all around the web defending Gilmour following the passing of Syd Barrett. If I knew what I was doing I’d be running my own site dedicated to Gilmour, because I find him to be brilliant.

    I’ll try and follow you the right way. Thank you.

    [You’re alright, mate. If you have any merchandising suggestions, you’re much better off letting Anthill know. – Features Editor]

  29. Well I tried to join in on the chatting a few times today and systems issues prevented me from joining in. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone since I know my name kept popping up and right after that it was disconnected. Sorry.

    Maybe another time.


  30. Like many else I think this is Jon Carins`shoes! 😀

    Best wishes from Norway to all the fans 🙂

  31. This are of course JON CARIN shoes. He still use them also on the Roger Waters USA Tour !! 😉 I am good, didn`t I ?

  32. F*Ed, I don’t know whose shoes these are but I was inpired by another gumshoe to “write” this song for you. I hope you like it and don’t feel like I was trying to give you the “shaft”… 🙂

    To what tune Matt?

    Melissa (*_*)

  33. Jon Carin me thinks.

    Interesting fact – He’s not English or British – where could he have come from then???

    “English people are always English” – everyone else buys bumper stickers and drive around in England(!)

  34. Jon Carin…Anyone else see spiderman in the forefront shoe? Hint..stare for a bit at the laces area with your head slightly tilted to the right.The eyes are partly covered by the jeans hem.

    [Not yet, but I am determined. – Features Editor]

  35. Gosh, I thought I knew what I wanted to write, but then I read Matt Parish’s song to FEd (Oct 2, 8:40 p.m.), and now I’m ROFLMAO! I dig it! Totally! Way to go, Matt! LOL!

    I’m really bad at this game, but I think those are Jon’s shoes. I’m sure I could come up with a fact if I wasn’t laughing so hard….

    FEd, if I don’t get the chance to say so in the chat room, have a truly wonderful birthday! Hope you’re taking the day off and doing something very special. You deserve it! All good wishes to you!

    [Thank you, Lynn. Thank you, all. Bless the lot of you. – Features Editor]

  36. I couldn’t decide whether they were Jon Carin’s shoes or Robert Wyatt’s. I think both are Moccasin men. Nice & comfy. I’ll go with Jon Carin. Cheerio! {|ß^D *

  37. well,hi to everbody….

    my name is Alejandro i borned in Uruguay,south america, and about 4 years i moved to Israel, 26 years old,just for the introduction.

    First of all i just wanted to congratulate to everyone related to this great page,really really great job.

    My life today and the decisions i made in the last 2 years are directly connected with Pink Floyd,i decide to become a musician,and specially a guitarist,actually with all of them but since the beggining(my beggining was when i heard on the turning away)i felt with Gilmour something really special.

    Like every thing he plays it’s the same as i imagine could be the most beautifull music since i was a little boy. It s’ like listening something of him for the first time and feel”thats right,i knew that someone tought about to play this notes somewhere,sometime”,and always it’s him.

    For me it was very special when i went to london to see him the last may,finding myself sitting alone in the front of the stage,at the reharsal time in front of David,Rick and the rest of the musicians.Also polly was next to me taking photographs,but i just sat quiet,just looking,feeling and dreaming.

    Finnaly i would like to ask you what do you think about all that bands playing the Floyd everywhere around the world,do you think thats the best tribute they(everyone of the floyd)can get?

    because when i started learning music i just wanted to play Pink Floyd ,thinking about the next generations,or people in the world that don’t know them at all,but now i think that maybe the best i can do for them is to try to be the best musician i can,and just make my music and use all the inspiration they gave and give me for writing and playing because i know deeply that everythnig i will do it will be with Pink Floyd in my mind,and maybe,maybe that could be the purest tribute and my way to thank them for everything.

    I’m sorry if the text was larger than the allow,but you know…words that came from inside are diffcult to stop them.

    Thank you very much for reading,best wishes to all of you.


  38. At first I wondered whether these shoes were Nick’s, but I think they’re Jon’s.

    Little known facts about Jon Carin – he’d rather play Dogs than Sheep and he’s got a great pair of legs as I witnessed at Abbey Road!

    He’s absolutely charming and I was very impressed!

    Happy birthday FEd!

  39. I have to guess Jon

    I hope the chat room went smoothly for everyone.

    Fed,I heard a rumor that when your done with your kitchen. That you will redo my living room next.:)

    Take Care,

    [That’s worse than all the Floyd reunion rumours combined, Thomas. I categorically deny these vicious rumours. It’s absolutely not happening. – Features Editor]

  40. Those are Jon Carin’s shoes. I know because […]

    [I see. – Features Editor]

  41. Sorry for my short stay on the chat tonight and ED thank you for asking how my old man was. He is still in the ward hopefully pepping up towards getting out, he had a turn sunday and they are doing more tests.

    On a brighter note I gave him my Ipod and he loves the Album which is good . Very fond of the blue so he is mind you when I started collecting he gave me Arnold Layne on vinyl.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Beaumont Hospital Dublin )

    [Please send him our regards, Geoff. – Features Editor]

  42. Belated is my ignorance Happy Birthday Ed many more to come

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  43. Those would be Jonny Carin’s blades, saw a picture of Jon wearing thoses same shoes on a Roger Water’s related site.


  44. I would have to say those are Steveie D’s shoes.

    I know alot of drummers.Those look like Drummer’s shoes.

    Just got back from seeing Roger in Indianapolis. Jon Carin did fantastic. The guy with the Tele sounded better than the guy with the Les Paul. The show was good. We all know THE MAN with the Strat rules over all!! The show was good and what I expected.

    April 13th was the best day of this year for me, followed by September 30th.


  45. Hello FeD and a happy birthday to you .

    Here are the goods I promised about the Pulse DVD.

    There was an article in one of our National newspapers last Tues.Pink Floyds 2 disc DVD “PULSE” is the number one selling music DVD in the U.S A. according to Billboards Sept. 30 issue .It has been at #1 since its debut in mid July.

    Overall,about 250,000 units have been sold AND the Recording Industry Association of America has certified it multiplatinum !!! Way to go people and don’t forget that the gift giving season is just around the corner and it does make for a very fine gift .I got my copy for my birthday in July ,two days after the release and it is most awesome .

    Now for that other Live DVD that I’m anxiously awaiting for ……

    The shoes ? Hmmm…. I’ll also go with Mr. Carin .

    Talk to you soon FeD. ,and thanks for letting me blog back with that info .

    Mark in Rochester ,N.Y.

    [Thanks for that, Mark. – Features Editor]

  46. Hello fed

    It is shoes belong to the beautiful Steve.

    Sylvie laisse ton é-mail à Fed,il va te donner le mien,on va pouvoir rentrer en contact.
    À bientôt

    Good tuesday in all.

    Sylvie from Quebec

  47. [John Carin, the “6th Floydian” – Posted by: Darren M. at October 2, 2006 06:12 PM]

    …or 7th, if you count Dick Parry as 6th by seniority…

    I know, I know….. “Always the diplomat…”



  48. Fed,I was going to sing Happy Birthday to you, but I even type out of key.

    So instead I’ll just raise my glass and give you a toast. Enjoy your day and don’t drink too much(or too little).

    I really appreciate having this site and the damn fine job you do running it. Thanks again.

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  49. I think they are Jon Carin’s shoes. Drummers tend to wear sturdier shoes for pounding the pedals.

    I discovered an interesting fact about Jon today. He performed the entire rock opera Quadrophenia with the Who in Hyde Park in June, 1996. It was the first time the Who had played it since the original tour in 1973. One David Gilmour played the role of the bus driver and sat in on lead guitar for a number of songs.

  50. I think they are Jon Carin’s shoes.

    Jon was born Oct. 21st, 1964.

    Both Jon and FEd are Libra’s!

    Happy start of your birthweek FEd!

    [Thanks, Marcus. – Features Editor]

  51. Happy Tuesday,

    And a happy birthday Fed. What are you drinking I will see if I can email you one or two.

    Cyber drinking now there is a thought……

    Anyway I think the shoes belong to Jon Carin for no other reason that they look like younger type feet.

    Pete – Coventry

  52. Not sure if I missed it but a very happy birthday Fed to you and hope one of your presents is a brand new kitchen.

    By the way how many bumps are you getting???????????

    Ian Pearson

    [No bumps, but I’ll take that new kitchen if it’s still on offer. – Features Editor]

  53. Dear F.Ed.

    I agree with the friends who guess Jon Carin.

    By the way…..(chorus)

    Happy birthday Dear F.Ed.
    I went to the web
    I met many Bloggers
    Fans of best music’s STARS

    it excels all over the world
    I found it a nice site
    ‘cause You are kind and polite

    Happy birthday and have a nice day (is it the right day? I hope so!)

    Ciao elisabetta

    [Bless you. Thanks very much. (It’s tomorrow, but the blog will be closed tomorrow, so today is the perfect day for a birthday song). – Features Editor]

  54. Oh this is a toughie! I want to say Jon but they would make comfortable shoes to play drums with. hmmmmmm. I will go with Jon with fingers crossed;-)

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  55. Jon Carin’s shoes

    is there an instrument this man cant play?

    YES….. its the didgeridoo.I could n’t spell didgeridoo so i googled it & found out there is a didgeridoo university!!

  56. A very happy birthday our dear FEd!

    You are always full of new ideas and flashes of thinking!

    Many thanks for your daily job and for the friendly attention you pay …

    Really,have a very nice day

  57. Fed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY:):):), I hope that this day will be a happy one. I hope that you will have many more. I was just wondering how many candles you will need? lol 🙂 I’m just kidding mate.

    Take Care

  58. The shoes belong to Mr Jon Carin.

    A little-known fact about Jon Carin is that last summer Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey from “THE WHO” played as a 3 piece band at a charity gig in New York City with Jon Carin guesting on keyboard.

    Gary Hurley

  59. Thank you for Sylvie de Québec, i ll get in touch with her very soon.It was your birthday f.é.? HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend!!! Hope you ll have all the gifts you want and all the party s you deserve!!!

    Merci Michèle pour cette pensée pour ce viaduc qui s est écroulé sur 2 voitures( 5 morts dont une femme enceinte) Chaque fois que je passe en voiture sur ou sous un viaduc depuis cette tragédie, je retiens mon souffle…

    For the shoe s game, i will go for Jon Carin this time…

    Have a nice day everyone!
    Sylvie de Montréal

  60. Happy Birthday, dear Fed…

    I know, it’s not much. But it’s said with all my heart. You can be sure.

    Ikkar, with love

    [Thank you very much, Ikkar. – Features Editor]

  61. I say it’s Steve.

    Hope to have a little b-day card for you later, FEd. Can’t figure out how to post it on the web, though. [scratching head]

    Maybe it’ll be a b-day poem instead.


    [You’re such sweethearts. Thank you, all. Polly was absolutely right about David’s fans being so nice. – Features Editor]

  62. Hi mate just to let all out there know voting for the best blog/site etc has closed as i have just tried to vote again but it would not let me informing me that voting is closed till next year

    anyway just a quicky as me and the wife are of to the doctors so we can have a final scan to definatly sex the baby and one final check to make sure all is well , i hate these things but i love seeing the baby n the scan i just get so nervous

    anyway there she goes shouting up the stairs “ARE YOU READY YET, I BET YOUR ON THAT BLOG AGAIN”

    I HAVE JUST REPLIED “dont be daft im looking at some baby web sites

    there she goes again im off

    [Let us know how it goes, Simon. – Features Editor]

  63. I’m guessing they are Jon’s shoes today as it appears that the owner of the shoes in on a raised platform.

    However, they could even by Dick Parry’s shoes.

    Anyway many happy returns for tomorrow, FEd. May you get many cards.



  64. I think is Jon Carin this time.

    I’d like to show you a photo of Florence show,FEd,if you like the next time I can give you the link.

    Good work

    [OK. – Features Editor]

  65. Happy birthday FEd – this work thing keeps getting in the way of my visits here!

    I reckon those are Stevie D’s feet…


  66. Fedmeister…

    Penblwydd Hapus i chi… 🙂

    Shoes?? Not one to follow the herd I would say they belong to Steve DiStanislao as they look to be lightweight and comfortable…

    Little known fact… Stevie D used to be in a band called Wizard…

    [Diolch yn fawr! – Features Editor]

  67. Hi Fed,

    My vote goes to Jon’s shoes

    Interesting fact, during Roger’s In the Flesh tour, Jon convinced Rick to come to one of the shows, and got Rick to go backstage, where he and Roger briefly spoke. That was the first time Rick and Roger had spoken to each other in almost 20 years.

    Have a good day, all


  68. I’ve been wrong 2 for 4 (pessimistic way) or I’ve been right 2 for 4 (optimistic way )… not very glorious !

    This time, I thought of Jon, but I looked at G25#17, so, no, ‘not now Jo(h)n’ (hmm…still not glorious !), I would rather suggest Steve.

    I remember the great post he sent to the blog at june 23, very nice, thank you again, Steve.

    Bon anniversaire, Fed, demain je ne posterai pas même si vous ouvrez le blog. Cool !


    [Merci. Merci aussi pour la leçon français (libre!) la nuit passée. Vous êtes – je ne sais pas si les prochaine mots sont correct – une bonne éducatrice, Mademoiselle (ou Madam). – Features Editor]

  69. I think everyone is a bit early bidding FEd a Happy Birthday. Isn’t it the 4th??

    In any case, if I was over there, I’d buy you a pint tonight and tomorrow night. Would you care for a dark shandy or will a lager do??

    Enjoy your day.


    [A lager would be wonderful, thanks. – Features Editor]

  70. Today’s Shoeman is Steve DiStanislao.

    On this blog I have read praise for him by Mr Crosby and Mr Pratt, I hear Mr Gilmour say that he’s doing a fine job. I conclude he must be good. Clever no?

  71. Hope everyone had a great weekend, I think theyre Roberts shoes they just look like him i hope im right.

    Voting is over but if you dont win Fed. i still think we have the best blog and best site no matter what happends.

    Hey i heard that the Fed. has a birthday coming up so Happy Birthday Fed. hope you have a great day and many more.

    Bless All

  72. Dear Feature Editor,

    As a wild guess I would confidently guess Stevie Di Stanislao, one need soft shoes like those to handle some serious drums….

    And if you were to correspond with him would you please remind him of me? We did meet twice in Venice on both week-ends and then again In London by Liberty Store, Great Marlborough Street.

    Would very much like to correspond with him, if that is alright that is.

    The whole band was actually most agreable and very pleasant to congratulate for a final concert well done, half under the rain and the other under the stars, past ebb and flow.

    It was just FANTASTIC and memorable as was Gdansk and of course The Albert Hall …

    Great and I will wait for Part 6


  73. [Jon was born Oct. 21st, 1964.]

    Hey, my wife was born that day in 1969!

    …oh-oh, better start birthday planning……

  74. John Carin

    Plays with his mobile on the keyboard & at RAH on the 29th I met him coming through the side entrance after making a call outside during the intermission.

  75. Marcus,

    Jon was born Oct. 21st, 1964.
    Fed was born Oct. 4th, …
    And Thom Yorke was born Oct. 7th, 1968

    They are all Libra’s! It is a so nice coincidence!


  76. (Jon), Fed,(Thom), born in october…

    Wow, Lucia, Fed, click my name below.

    nice coincidence ? incredible !


    [Very funny… – Features Editor]

  77. ……………!!!!!!!!!(Merci aussi pour la leçon français la nuit passée!) Michèle, je ne savais pas que vous étiez professeur de maths le jour et professeur de français sur l oreiller!!!!!!!!! Only joking!

    Love you everybody.xxx
    Sylvie de Montréal

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