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As you may have come across an incorrect story about a certain live DVD on some of the fansites today (possibly proving that I was right to liken fansites to tabloids?), then I hope you have seen the true story over on the Latest News page.

In short, there is to be a special edition ‘On An Island’ CD which comes with a bonus DVD of the six songs that made up the AOL Sessions (still available to watch online, by the way) plus ‘Astronomy Domine’, filmed at Abbey Road recently.

So, that means live versions of ‘On An Island’, ‘This Heaven’, ‘Smile’, ‘Take A Breath’, ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ from New York, plus ‘Astronomy Domine’ from London’s famous recording studio.

This will be available, for a limited time, from 20 November across Europe and the following day across North America.

If it’s just the live DVD that you’re after, then we’ll have a limited quantity available from this website from the day of release. Details to follow, so please don’t ask.

By the way, we didn’t win any BT Digital Music awards on Tuesday. To see who did, click here. The blog finished in third place (and DavidGilmour.com in 21st), which is pretty good considering our very late entry into the competition. Our thanks again to all who voted.

Don’t forget, there’s a chat tomorrow at 10AM (UK time) where you can discuss all of the above and more. Hope you can make it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

149 thoughts on “Special edition CD”

  1. Something else to look forward to, this just gets better and better.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  2. congratulations on third place, fed. i bet you’d have won it if you’d entered sooner.

    great news. well done!

    now it’s hard to vote on this latest poll. i will want both, as i expect will many fans who collect whatever they can get their hands on. no offence, but you probably know this already.

  3. Congratulations on coming third. I think it’s a brilliant result.

    I was very suprised and excited by the DVD news. It made a dull autumn day a lot brighter.

    I watched High Hopes on the AOL sessions just yesterday. It will be lovely to have it in a more permanent form.

  4. btw, i just wanted to add what a nice picture this is today. i can’t wait to see which one topped the poll for best polly picture. don’t keep us in suspenders for too long!

  5. cant wait for the live dvd

    just got a podcast of the radiocity music hall show and it’s amazing just cant wait for a dvd of this tour!!! 🙂



    You know I want that live DVD. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see Astronomy Domine. I’m thrilled it was added to the list.

    Thank You, David and David’s management.

    Welcome Back and Congrats Fed! 3rd place aint too shabby for some Johnny-come-latelys.

    Melissa (*_*)

  7. Third place is excellent.

    Lots of great things are affiliated with threes

    Corners on a prism
    Suzanne Sommers
    David, Rick and Nick
    3rd base ( nudge, nugde…say no more!)


  8. Dearest Fed

    Ah, this is just wonderful news! I am not waiting until Christmas to watch it no matter what anybody says!


  9. If I were in dG’s shoes I would break new ground by offering “special order” live cd’s and dvd’s of each show I did.

    Afterall, each show is unique. If you were in Chicago..maybe you would want to remember that show. And maybe you would want to see the RAH show.

    Artist always want to sale a compilation or edit of their best work. I say its all good…mistakes and all. I’d buy 2 or 3 shows of Davids…the show I saw and his last…maybe the 1st too.

    I guess it would somehow be done via his website. Details…details……but I bet it could be done.

    What would be cool is if there were booths you step into like those photo booths. You step in and order a “live dvd” and it collects your info and snaps a few pics of you photoshopped with that stage and in a few weeks you get a cd or dvd in the mail.

    Sound crazy???

    I knew the guy that years ago wanted to charge people for getting letters expressed overnight via planes.

    Actually, I thought that was a stupid idea.

  10. I can’t wait to get my hands on that DVD. I am going to buy the CD+DVD but I’m probably more looking forward to the DVD part.

    However I would love to see a DVD with a complete show, so i can re-live the “Echoes-moment”. but i know i have to be patient….

  11. …Sorry Fed, I’m always late!

    Have my best wishes for years of a right number of nice bloggers and many many years of good music which is the salt of life and, as Gilmour said, the ‘power of Good’ (I don’t know if these are the exact words, I’ve read them on an Italian Magazine)!

    Pehaps we have all bought OAI cd, but how nice to wait for the DVD! Why not ‘Echoes’ in it? Asking too much? I’d only like to know why.

    David Gilmour.com deserved a better place and the blog too, but let’s say we don’t want to be confused with all those shouting teenagers.. so it’s better to keep distances. By the way which was the vote of the panel of experts?


  12. This has been an incredible year for all things David. To everyone involved: just keep doing what you’re doing. It would have been impossible to imagine at the beginning of 2006 that all of the things regarding David have truely occured. I am blown away.

    Just when you think things can’t get any better, they do. A new Disc in November? It can’t get any better. . .it just can’t. . .

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  13. It´s great news indeed. In the case of many other artists, I see this kind of releases as profit-making strategies, but in Gilmour’s case, everything he publishes seems to me as a present.

    The RAH DVD next year will be the most beautiful postcard of my experience in there ever. Lovely lovely david.

    BUT, if fansites are like tabloids, the official Pink Floyd site is a fosil. Don’t please blame our only sources for PF and related news, even if the get hooked by excitement sometimes.


  14. First off, really sorry I’ve not been around much lately – usual excuses: family, work, more family…but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I guess!

    3rd place for the blog? I think that’s outstanding F’Ed and a suitable tribute to all your efforts!

    I wonder what the packaging is like for the CD/DVD combination – the collector in me may just have to go for that so I’m away to the poll!!

    As an aside, and apologies for talking about something I’m sure has been discussed in length before (not been around much eh!). Really been enjoying the DG re-masters – especially About Face, which I was never too sure about but seems to have gained a new lease of life!

    Just need Richard to get Wet Dream re-mastered now….

  15. And this ‘special edition CD’. . .what is special about it? Is it remastered? (I think you would have said that). . .Does it have special packaging? Does it have little blue tassels?

    Or is it just special because it’s packaged with the DVD? Kind of like the Best Buy special with the Island Jam CD. . .OK, I guess that makes the most sense.

    [I think that’s it: you get a live DVD with it. More details as soon as we have them. – Features Editor]

  16. Hello FEd,

    Hope you enjoyed your B-day and your day off yesterday.

    Congratulations on your 3rd place ranking.

    More OAI-goodies 🙂

    I know what will be on my B-day wish list. That’s just six days after the Nov 20 release.

    Hope to see you tomorrow on the chat.

    Best regards,

  17. I choose “Live DVD on its own” as I already have the “On an Island” CD, I don’t want to buy it again just for an additional DVD. If it’s possible to order the DVD alone, I’ll buy it.

  18. good evening FED and bloggers!

    FED! Like you see my gossips are very reliable!

    Thanks David thanks Polly for this wonderful present!

    But a question, FED: I have undestood that it is not the OAI DVD; am I right?

    Good evening old FED :)!

    [That’s right, Claudio. The ‘On An Island’ DVD is still to come (and it’s still due out in early 2007, before anyone asks). This is just a little extra, covering the AOL Sessions and giving you a taster of the ‘Live At Abbey Road’ TV special. – Features Editor]

  19. I have read a news: 200.000 copies of Pulse DVD sold in Italy (5 are mine, and 15 in my office)…..incredible!

  20. Very well done for getting third place in the blog awards….a testimony to all of your hard work! Also great to see the DG site doing so well in the website category. I was also pleased to see a certain unofficial Pink Floyd website doing well too (no great surprise to see the official Pink Floyd site does not even feature….but let’s not go there).

    Great to hear about the special edition OAI CD with DVD package, and it’s a masterstroke that the DVD should be available on its own via the DG site (as I can’t believe there’s anybody who reads the site who does not have the OAI CD yet!)

    Whilst listening to the remastered About Face CD today, I was just thinking how fantastic it would have been to have a special edition of this particular album with a DVD of the 1984 tour as part of the package (especially for those outside of North America who may not have seen it).

    Incidentally, the About Face CD is better than I remember it being on vinyl. Some of David’s lyrics on that album are superb and ‘Out of the Blue’ is up there with the best of the David Gilmour and Pink Floyd songs.

  21. Waoh ! David’s blog in third place !

    Sure I didn’t care about the result, but I’m in fact so proud of you, and so happy ! surely a nice birthday gift for you !

    And my favourite version of High Hopes coming soon on DVD !

    What a great day ! Que du bonheur…


  22. [have read a news: 200.000 copies of Pulse DVD sold in Italy (5 are mine, and 15 in my office)…..incredible!]

    Now where is The Wall Live DVD? Are any maketing geniuses listening? Is there anybody…out there?

  23. Great news coming in third place. I think that is great for such a late start.

    My dreams answered. AOL sessions on DVD. I watch that at least once a week.

    Can’t wait for Nov now. I will buy both, but if we can get just the DVD that would be better since I already own 5 copies of the CD.

  24. [Now where is The Wall Live DVD? Are any marketing geniuses listening? Is there anybody…out there? – Posted by: Matt Parish at October 5, 2006 08:56 PM]

    I Agree Matt!

  25. Thanks for clearing that up Fed… I much prefer the DVD only version since I already have a few copies of the OAI cd… really wouldn’t want to buy another. But I would like the DVD only.

    Any idea how limited it might be when offered on this site? i.e. will there be stiff competition from the other gilmourites to get copies? Might I suggest a one copy per customer policy if it is very limited?

    Again, thanks for the info.

    [Nothing’s been decided as yet, but we’ll let you know. I’m sure they will sell like hot cakes, so we’ll take your idea on board. We certainly don’t want disappointed fans missing out. – Features Editor]

  26. It’s a tough question to answer without knowing more about the “special edition.” For example the 20th anniversary special edition of DSOTM came in a neat box and included some goodies such as ‘postcards’ and special booklet.

    Also, if the CD came with an additional track (like adding Island Jam or some live track) that would make it interesting as well. But if all it is, is adding another pocket for a DVD – then I have to vote for the DVD only.

    I know, you don’t have the answers and I can appreciate that. I’m not asking, I’m just stating an opinion.

    But it is very exciting.

    And congrats on a 3rd place finish. You have to admit that its pretty impressive to have come in third. Especially when you look at who some of the winners were (in other words – not in the same league as DG).



  27. How are you feeling, FEd? Did you have a fun birthday???


    [Yes, thanks, it was very nice. – Features Editor]

  28. Congrats on 3rd place. As far as I am concerned you people deserve 1st.

    I’m very pleased to hear about the live sessions Dvd. Will definitely buy one.


  29. it is great to hear there is a small live dvd coming out . i’ll try to get it on it’s own if i can . i have bought 2 copys of on an island (one for me and one for a friend ) so i don’t really want to buy a third

    make sure you get enough copies in i can imagine there will be a demand 😉

    well done to the blog for coming third in the BT Digital Music awards .

    i hope you had a good birthday fet ed . i hope you had a day off form working on the kitchen too 🙂

    see you in the morning
    linda island lady

  30. congrats on third place

    Can’t wait for the DVD. Hope your B-day was good Fed

    Renee B.
    Fontana,Ca USA

  31. Third place! Nice one, Fed….I’m so proud for you! –so well-deserved! xoxoxo

    That makes a fine b-day gift for you…..and for mine, I shall hoarde these happy announcements today for myself! Thank you! ((CanNOT wait for the AOL/Abbey-Astronomy DVD!! REALLY dig this version of “Take a Breath” –POWERFUL!! ))

    Thank you so much! (You were in my thoughts all day yesterday –hope you had a fine time dining out and had slept in late this morning.)


    PS — Fed, you wouldn’t happen to know if the “Behind the Scenes” AOL cut was going to be included in this DVD??? I really enjoyed the cut-away shots of interviews with everyone in the band. Thank you.

    [That’s a good point. I’ll have to find out. Have a good day, mate. – Features Editor]

  32. Fantastic news! I think I’ll just have the DVD if that’s alright with you, but what great news.

  33. Making the AOL DVD sans OAI CD available on David’s site will keep me from having to purchase an extra OAI CD, so thanks for that. IF they’ll be available to U.S. buyers, and if the shipping charge doesn’t make the purchase amount the same or more as it would have cost to buy the DVD with the CD here.

    But other than all that, good news about the DVD. Now don’t let them push the date back!

    (still waiting for the About Face concert and the 1978 Super Bear Studio concert to find their way onto DVD – I would get more than a little excited.)


  34. Though I already have the CD, I would certainly buy the CD/DVD package. I’ve nearly worn my CD out!

    Can’t wait for Nov 21….

  35. Welcome back Fed.hope you had a good birthday!

    Hey third place is great since we entered late,we will be ready for them next time,we will get the other one two i bet.

    The cd thats coming out with the dvd does it have any bonus tracks on it or is it the same as the one we already have,if its the same i would rather just buy the dvd, but if not i will get it anyway i can i dont mine having another one for a extra just in case something happens to the one i have now so i cant wait until it comes out

    i was at the New York show at Radio City Music Hall it was a great show was just watching the aol sessions while reading blog i could not stop watching the video to do any thing else there great footage of the band and David

    well again hope you had a great Birthday!!

    [Thank you, Clarice. I’m still waiting for further details myself, but will let you know when I know more. – Features Editor]

  36. Congratulations on 3rd Place!!!!!!!

    And a belated Happy Birthday to you Fed. Hope you enjoyed it & weren’t too busy working around the house!!!!

    Take Care.


  37. i am definately definately definately interested in the live dvd by itself and really really would like a copy!

    Good work again guys!


  38. Hi FED,

    Just wanted to say well done on the 3rd place! That’s a real result looking at some of the other ‘names’ on the list. I still think you should have come first though…. 😉

    Thank you for all your hard work on the site and for bringing us so close to David and all the other great musicians via this blog, and of course providing excellent entertainment & good humour on the site!

    I’ll raise a glass to you now…


    [Thanks very much, mate. – Features Editor]

  39. Will definetly buy the live sessions DVD when available.It will be a must have in any serious David Gilmour aficionado’s collection.

    Congratulations on your competition placement F.E.and all involved.I think it’s better than “pretty good”.It’s downright astonishing given the hordes of such outlets out there in cyberland.We’re there for you!!!

    I have a question for anyone..I’m going to see Steve Howe(my 2nd fav guitarist) in a solo concert tomorrow night(in a church no less)and was just wondering if there ever was any collaboration between he and David.I’ve scoured the net and couldn’t find anything, but that doesn’t mean that it’s never happened….

    What a year this is turning out to be for me!!

  40. I know I will buy the Cd/Dvd collection. I really enjoyed the aol sessions with David and his band mates. Plus it will make a great Christmas gift for my family members and friends.

    Its great to hear that David’s blog came in 3rd. Next year I bet it will come in first.


  41. The Special Edition is a great idea because I think it’ll appeal to all those who either haven’t got OAI yet, or who will buy it as a Christmas present for someone.

    Personally I’m looking forward to the accompanying DVD because any any opportunity to see David and the boys play is one I want to take – but it’s really just a tease/appetite whetter for the OAI tour DVD, which will be THE one..

    On 3rd place – if we lost out to Last.FM as the winner in the category (if that’s the right one), we definitely lost out to a worthy winner, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. We’ll kick their asses next year perhaps 🙂


  42. CD and DVD that’s the way to go. I do so enjoy Mr. Gilmour in any way I can relish in his musical mastery. The more the merrier.

    Thanks for thinking of all of us die hard (30+ years of admiration)fans.

    Penny In Texas

  43. Caption…”Can’t see my shoes can you? Good luck guessing..HeeHee!”

    Too late David.You’ve already been up.

  44. Hello,

    Congratulations for the 3 rd place for the Blog, imho very good result,

    Great news about OAI cd/dvd, I think that AOL session recording was very good, and I will have chance to see it in proper way. (I don’t like to watch or rather listen to the music on computer, I treat it as a taster only). For sure I will buy it.

    And now I’m thinking about proper OAI DVD and what would benefit from this extra DVD release. Probably Mermaid show as it was earlier improved for US screening, but I also count for some more space for Gdansk show.

    See yon in the chatroom,

    Good night,

  45. Sweet! I remember watching the AOL live sessions. The band was in top form.

    I think I’d like the DVD (alone). Look forward to it. 8*D

  46. Congratulations on the third place my dear Fed!

    Hmmm… I don’t know what you think about what “alternate gilmour” said, however; I think it’s a good point you may want to share with David. I think this has already been a topic on this blog… still… reconsidering it shouldn’t be a bad idea…

    I was thrilled by the DVD announcement… and just let me tell you that this poll will be certainly biased, because most of the people already own the CD… mainly because we bloggers got here looking for that kind of info… I’d go for the DVD only!

    How’s everything going my dear Fed? Are you behaving? Please take care!

    Shine on!

    [I’m always behaving, Jorge. – Features Editor]

  47. I really wish I could get the special edition OAI with the DVD. Sadly, money is very tight. Because of this, I will only be able to purchase the DVD on its own. Kudos to David and his team for thinking of people in my situation. Thank you for not forcing us to buy a second copy of OAI just to get the DVD.

    Question: What does this mean for the DVD from the RAH shows in May?

    [The ‘On An Island’ DVD is still on its way and should be arriving early next year. This is simply an extra DVD – available in a limited quantity through David’s website, or as part of the special edition ‘On An Island’ CD, which will be available across Europe and North America in November – with live footage of the AOL Sessions and bonus footage from Abbey Road. – Features Editor]

  48. I love the AOL Sessions. I have them bookmarked and I go back and watch them from time-to-time. It will be a nice addition to my DG collection.

    I am glad it will be available without having to buy the CD again.


  49. Acoustic Echoes.. Acoustic Echoes.. Must have Acoustic Echoes..

    ( And a South American Tour 😉

  50. I too, would prefer to just buy the DVD, but I could use another copy of OAI, I suppose. It will be nice to have that copy of “High Hopes,” truly remarkable.

    Glad you took our advice and shut down the blog for the day. Also glad to hear you had a good b-day.


  51. Hi FEd, David, Polly and Irregulars,

    Third place — not too shabby!! I have no idea what the first two ‘placers’ represent, but it’s got to feel good that you came in ahead of the sleezy slut blog, right?!? What the hell is that?!?

    Anyway, third seems most excellent in my opinion, and on your birthday … perfect timing!! I was also happy to see that the davidgilmour website came in ahead of that Robbie character’s site! I think all of the Irregulars should be wearing ‘Didn’t They Do Well?’ shirts in your collective honor.

    I was VERY pleased to see that we’ll be getting a little something special to get us through the rest of the year while waiting patiently for the OAI tour dvd. Maybe this will keep the masses of Gilmourauders content for awhile!

    Michele, it is with heavy heart that I to have to tell you that you were correct in your assumption that the dvd that came along with the book “The Colours of Infinity …” might not be in the format needed in the US. My son was very pleased with the book, but I was completely bummed out that the dvd wouldn’t play. I wonder if there is any way to download some sort of program that would enable me to play it on my computer??? I’ll put it to the Barn Irregulars next time I can make it to the chat.

    Until then, I wish you all peace, love and understanding!!

    Washington State

  52. Congratulations on such great showings for the blog and the website! That’s great news! But, like Marcus Buick said up above…the news just keeps getting better and better all the time!

    I voted for the stand alone DVD edition — but honestly, I’m happy to have it in any way that it’s packaged. And, the release date is close to my husband’s birthday. It will make a great present for me, uh, oh, I mean…for the husband! 😉

  53. Hi F.Ed – congrats on the 3rd place finish – this site truly deserves to win.

    Had a question on the live DVD – will it be possible to get it shipped to India if I pay with an international credit card ? I would love to own the AOL sessions. IMHO some of the best recordings of these tracks came out of there.

    Fingers crossed…have a great weekend.


    [I’ll have to find out for you, Nisha. We’ll get a copy to you somehow, don’t you worry. – Features Editor]

  54. Congrats on third short notice Fed. Well done. We are all pleased.

    I’m definetely pleased about the live CD, who wouldn’t? More goodies for sure later. 2007 is coming soon.

  55. Dear Mr Gilmour, It’s a great honor to have found the opportunity to write you this letter.

    I recently bought the Pink Floyd PULSE concert on DVD. It was my first ever Pink Floyd item I have bought. I was astonished with the level of performance you delivered and was so impressed that I have been watching it every day. Now I am a big Pink Floyd fan and are looking for the next DVD.

    The Pink Floyd is an outstanding band that took the world by storm. You are passionatly admired by so many millions of dedicated fans around the world. I am most greatful that I became one of them.I am extremely proud for all of you great and wonderfull people for what you have achieved. You really were an inspiration.

    On behalf of all your fans in Australia, please tour here again soon.

    Bring back the Pink Floyd


  56. Congratulations for this third place.

    a normal result considering your implication in this passion you have. Many thanks since 1 year I follow the carreer of David and his band with passion always with pleasure. I have to recognize that you can be considered like a member of this band now. many thanks Fed and your team also.

    considering the DVD : I was waiting a package of 2 DVD of all the songs played during the tour (around 30 differents…around 200 minutes of pure pleasure) because the lights..because the pleasure we can feel on the face of each member of the band…even we don’t see any date, all person can be touched by the magical present on this tour…

    I will get the OAI+DVD bonus for the quality of recording off course…

    continue Fed, continue David.

    Hope to see you soon in Paris (you know David the new “salle pleyel” is open now…a very nice scene for playing…2007 ? 2008 ?….

  57. I have a little story that only my fellow irregulars will appreciate:

    So the other night, I’m watching this new show called “Heroes.” It’s about a bunch of people slowing finding out they have super powers and saving the world. Anyway, one guy teleports himself from Tokyo to New York City. Suddenly this guy is in Times Square. The camera pans out and around in a circle to show all of Times Square. What the . .? Rewind, play, pause. Sure enough, there is the OAI poster that was in Times Square. My hubby says, “You’re such a geek,” no just a bit irregular =)

    So I guess I can assume the show was filmed in March or April.


  58. Happy Friday,

    Fed, hoped you enjoyed yesterday.

    I hadnt heard about the special edition CD however I would be well up for a copy of the DVD come November.

    Somebody mentioned the next single. Rather than the album becoming a bit Michael Jacksonish my suggestion would be to put out a live version of an album track from the recent tour. The other track(s) could also be live but I would include non album tracks such as the Syd songs that David played.

    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  59. Third place…good. Congratulations to Fed


    [Congratulations to all. Your posts make it what it is, so thank you all for contributing. – Features Editor]

  60. woohoo 3rd. not bad not bad!!

    woohoo AOL sessions being released in a special edition OAI package WOOHOO!

    its as if the big man heard my rantings the other week! thats top of my to buy list that is!

    woohoo its friday!

    congratz mr ED team and also congratz to DG official website for making the list (hey 21st isnt bad at all considering the number of teeny boppers out there)

  61. Though I voted for Just the DVD in the poll, I would like to add that, just for completeness sake, I will be buying both.

    Many happy returns for the other day F’Ed.

  62. Hi Fed,

    Good news about the DVD im not sure i can wait untill christmas mind you. But i guess thats bad news for those of us waiting to get hold of the DVD of the tour, im guessing that wont be available for a while.

    A fantastic version of High Hopes from the AOL sessions.

    I also agree with comments made earlier, im not sure about buying another copy of “On An Island” however good it may be, just for the DVD. I would prefer to have the DVD as a stand alone package. Mabe if some of the money was donated to a charity of David/Polly’s choice i may consider forking out for it again.

    Off topic: does any one else feel that the break for international (soccer) matches gets in the way of the premiership, you just know that one of your best player’s is going to come back injured. Apologies to those that hate soccer.

    [My hand’s up. I think it’s a complete distraction to halt the Premiership for internationals, Graham. – Features Editor]

  63. Hi everyone. This is my first post but I’ve been reading for ages now.

    Fantasic news about the DVD….though I’m not sure I will be able to wait until christmas.

    I’d probably just get the DVD since I’ve already got the CD. Though I wouldn’t be too bothered about having another copy of the CD, you know, in case of emergencies.

    However, if the CD is going to include Island Jam then its an essential purchase.

  64. I didn’t have a chance to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY FED!!! before the blog was shut in read-only mode, so I do it now, and I see having this blog at a third place is pretty much a beautiful present for you FEd, because you made it possible.

    I still can’t believe this bunch of nostalgic fellow bloggers count more than the crowds in other blogs like Jamiroquai or Madonna..!!!

    I’m proud of it.

    Thank you all.

  65. Congratulations FEd on your 3rd place for Best Music Blog, especially in view of the late entry.

    Hope you had a great birthday on Tuesday.

    Terrific news about the upcoming CD/DVD package, which I will most certainly be purchasing.

    It will also make a nice Crimbo present for some friends of mine.

  66. Happy Friday (2),

    [I would break new ground by offering “special order” live cd’s and dvd’s of each show I did]

    I am fairly certain that Peter Gabriel already does this.

    Dont ‘Rush’ also do something similar ??

    Pete – Coventry

  67. This is fantastic news! I’ve grown quite addicted to the AOL sessions.

    After not listening to OAI for perhaps three weeks, it’s back on the CD player in the car, and I am struck, yet again, by just how excellent this album really is.

  68. Happy Friday (3),

    [Off topic: does any one else feel that the break for international (soccer) matches gets in the way of the premiership, you just know that one of your best player’s is going to come back injured. Apologies to those that hate soccer.]

    No not really – well I am from Coventry


    PS: It is a great opportunity to go and fill your fix on a non leauge match. – Great value!!

  69. i would like to see/hear ECHOES live on a legal CD/DVD.

    and by the way: i peronally don`t like it when the bass is played with the thumb,especially in pink floyd songs:)

  70. Hi David,

    I enjoyed very much seeing your last tour in Italy (I was in Milan both dates and in Florence) but also at Royal Albert Hall the 29th of May. Your performance was great, the band fantastic and the sound as usual perfect.

    I miss those moments. So I would like to ask when the dvd of “On a Island Tour” will be release.

    Thank you in advance

    [It will be out sometime early next year, Lorenzo. – Features Editor]

  71. “No not really – well I am from Coventry”

    Good point Peter there is life outside the premiership, my “other team” is Barnet,

    dont laugh

  72. Hello to the whole Band,

    and congrats for a well deserved place in the top 3, I personally fund the site most well done and attracts me at least 2 to 3 times a week and when bored in an hotel room while on travel.

    So keep it up and same for the special edition CD + DVD great present for the ones who enjoy good music.

    Having seen 3 location concert of On an Island Tour I confer I love the music and the Lyrics are worth entering the books of good poetry and soul finding.

    Then with patients I will await the great DVD of the whole Tour and count on Gavin Elder to bring his very best. Am always ready to help Gavin if you wanted!

    Will look forward to any news on the music blog and for more great music!

    Incidentaly, I have visited the pinkfloyd/pulse site. what an achievement that is, again well done and I also I much enjoyed seeing the video of the remaster of “The Final Cut” always great to see images that matches the music, was strangely close to my vision of it.

    I just loved it, so I downloaded and will keep it for my children when they decide joining us.

    Well that all for today, off to Zurich with my Kochania Magdalena


  73. What a bloke that Fed is – to celebrate his birthday he announces the news about the new DVD coming out next month! What a special birthday gift to give out on his birthday.

  74. [I would break new ground by offering “special order” live cd’s and dvd’s of each show I did]

    The Who already do this and the monies raised go to the “OO” charity. David could support his causes this way.


  75. Yippy! Thank you David.

    I hope there are enough DVDs to meet the inevitable demand.

    P.S. Hope you had a great birthday F Ed.

    [Thanks, Gem. I did. – Features Editor]

  76. Hello!

    I ‘m French and i love Pink floyd and espacially you and Syd.I have seen your last video clip. It’s great!!!

    Thank’s for all.

  77. Great chatting to a few of the bloggers this morning – shame it stopped raining for a while and I had to go and do some work!

    So, is the Chat Room deemed a success then Fed?

    [I think it’s alright. How about you? – Features Editor]

  78. Hello,

    great idea with 6-s DVD and great opportunity to get a taste of the complete performance and to have an excellent Christmas present!

    Yes FEd,here,in Italy,a lot of copies of PULSE,Live in Pompei and the Wall have been sold in these days. I think it could be happened for the special DG tour and for beloved PF art that let dream old and new fans.

    Have a nice week end you all

  79. This is excellent news ! A very nice suprise.

    I would go for the DVD only, as I obviously already have the CD.

    On a separate note, I just watched a clip on BBC news about Scorcese’s new film and the clip from the film had Comfortably Numb as the soundtrack, but it sounded like the Van Morrison version from The Wall in Berlin !?! Very odd.


  80. Bonus DVD of the six songs that made up the AOL Sessions? Plus ‘Astronomy Domine’ from Abbey Road ? GREAT NEWS! And good timing! It will be a fantastic Christmas present…not only for giving, but above all for receving, I hope! I’ll say my friend to read the blog and look for this post!


  81. Fedmeister

    Excellent news about the new DVD with the AOL sessions. There has been so much multi-media available for the album and tour I guess it was inevitable that there would be additional disks available… or the Live OAI Tour DVD could rival the Alien Quadrilogy in the number of DVD disks!

    Personally I would like to see all of the additional video material made available on DVD as not everyone was able to see it especially those outside of the UK…

    I voted for the DVD alone as I already have two normal CDs and two BestBuy combos…

  82. [off topic]

    as long as maclaren instills some sense of passion and pride into the players wearing those lions after years of sven’s mediocrity then they can have as many internationals as he wants

    mon’ Queen of the South! – yeah I live in scotland 🙁


  83. Fed

    Belated Birthday greetings to you – i hope you had a great one and congratulations on 3rd place, that’s still an incredible achievement. You’ll get the Gold next year , I’m sure!!

    BTW, I couldnt help but laugh at this quote from Britney’s husband, as you were the first FEd I thought about!!

    “There is a new Fed in the house. Give a shout out to Sutton Pierce Federline. Celebrate with the new daddy in school.”

    Apparently you’ve got competition… 😉

    I’m looking forward to the special DVD and will have my money ready when the announcement is made.



    [Oh dear. – Features Editor]

  84. Caption Competition

    Off stage voice shouts “David! can I get more money out of petty cash? It looks like we’ll need more copies of the AOL Session on it’s own so I’ll go and buy more blank DVDs…”

  85. You’ll have to put me down for the live DVD…a nice little surprise to hold us over to the early 2007 release of the proper tour DVD! I’ll be looking out for the details everyday, like I have for everything else since last year!

    Cheers to all in the chats…I haven’t been able to make the times the room is open…so good day to all!


  86. 3rd place in BT Digital Music awards. GREAT! Also the 21st place on 200 it’s a fantastic result, I think! You and the other should be really proud, Fed. I am!

    …about your birthday celebration…still drunken or do you feel better, now? Nice the sentences Tim wrote some days ago! I have another one, from the wisdom of a old friend of my family: “Who don’t do mad acts when is young, will do them when he will be old and he will do them in the madder way”. It don’t sounds very nice in english, but for all the italian people of the blog: read and learn “Chi da giovane non fa i suoi atti, li fa da vecchio e li fa da matti”.



    [Thanks, mate. Sorry I missed you – and others – in the chatroom earlier, by the way. – Features Editor]

  87. Special edition OAI out on 20th Nov – What great timing, its on my birthday (hint hint) now how can I get the G/f to buy me a copy without actually coming right out and asking her? Fed – any chance you can use your influence with the powers that be and get the album advertised in the press as “Ideal for Chris’ birthday pressie!”


  88. Hi Fed,

    The site and blog finished really well, in my opinion. Congrats.

    As far as the new release, having the CD and DVD together, I would personally rather have the DVD alone. But, I have the CD already, so that does bias my opinion a bit. I do think it’s a good idea to have them together for the States, because people who have been on the fence about the album may be more inclined to buy it with the live PF tracks. The good news is that the fence sitters will immediately see and hear that David’s work is better than ever, and the album will have some new fans. The bad news is that many people will be sure to make the case that David (or more correctly, the label) is using the PF coat tails to boost his album.

    In the end, it’s a good idea. Anything DG puts out, especially live, will be a great benefit because we know how great his live stuff is.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Have a good weekend, all.


  89. Hello FEd, a very merry unbirthday !!!

    hello everyone, a very merry unbirthday to us too…thanks for the present David and team, of a surprise DVD.

    I’ve been away on holiday and had loads to catch up on at home and work and on the Blog. You lot dont half talk a lot and there’s been loads of good fun stuff, I love the shoes and everyone’s comments.

    Great news about the site and blog getting placed in the poll.

    Alternate Gilmour, I too think it would be a good idea to make recordings of individual shows available, Peter, you are correct, Peter Gabriel does do this and I was thrilled with my copy of the show because it was different from the album and different from the previous show I’d seen the week before.

    ash X

  90. ~Erin

    Great catch while watching the show. I know those posters were all over the city but I never got a chance to snag one before they were taken down.


  91. [I’m always behaving, Jorge. – Features Editor]

    I need an english lesson…

    Does that mean “I’m always WELL behaving” ? if so, are you well behaving when you shout and yell so loud while watching your Liverpool team that I hear you from France ?

    Have a nice week end, but, please, let me sleep, even if Liverpool is losing ( could that happen ? )


    [It’s rather a stupid expression, Michèle. I should have said that I’m always behaving well. I suppose that would make me a liar, so I was very happy to be lazy with my English on this occasion. – Features Editor]

  92. I Think It Would Be Great If The Dvd Was For Sale On It’s Own.As Most Fans Already Should Have The Cd.I Cant Wait To See The Dvd.

  93. I’m ticking away the moments that make up a dull day F*Ed.

    Please come out and play with Emily and myself…

  94. Gelukkige verjaardag Fed, that’s Happy Birthday in Flemish.

    Good news about the DVD coming out as an aperitif for the main course. I do appreciate the possibility you are giving here to obtain the DVD only, but I am going to choose the old-fashioned way: buy it in the record shop. Some of you youngsters should try that once: riding a bicycle, entering a record shop, handing over cash, and coming home happy faced.

    OK I’ll have a second OAI, but for me that’s an advantage: I tend to loose things.

    Third and twenty-first place in the BT Digital Music awards…mmm. To be able to comment on that I briefly checked the competition. I hope I am not the only one but I felt like a tourist in China trying to read the menu, whilst holding it upside down without knowing. The list is filled with music and bands I’ never heard of. But this does not put me down, no I’ll say: it’s against the law to make a list that I don’t understand.

    So there: congratulations with the result.

    [Thanks, mate. I don’t know who half of them are, either. – Features Editor]

  95. My dear Fed, it’s good to hear you’re behaving even though… you don’t always need to behave ;)!

    Anyhoo… After reading some of today’s posts I just figured I have a huge doubt… on the latest news page it says SonyBMG is releasing for the rest of the world, however; should I be 100% sure that it’s going to arrive to Mexico? Or should I begin thinking of getting the package from the States or something like that? I still know my first option will be to buy the DVD directly from this site, however; in case I’m not lucky enough to get it in here… there should be some backup plan!

    Have a good one mates!

    Shine on!

    [I’m sorry to be rubbish, but I don’t know how it will work yet. As soon as I can tell you more, I will. – Features Editor]

  96. Dear F.Ed.

    many many congratulations for the very good position in the top Blogs and top site too of course. You all are working hardly.

    We are waiting for the next dvd release, that seems to be very near (another sweet countdown)

    To all the staff have a nice weekend
    ciao Elisabetta

  97. Happy Belated birthday to the FEd!!!!!

    Just wanted to say I LOVE that picture of David and Rick (the 4th place winner), what a great shot of two friends.

    Got to listen to a copy of Roger’s Madison Square Garden concert from a few weeks back (have NO idea where he got it). Not bad but you will IMMEDIATELY miss DG on the vocals and guitar in DSOTM. I bolted during Money and turned on the live 8 version, haha.

    But Roger used the DG intro to Wish You Were Here.

  98. Maybe you don’t realize that fans like me that have been in more than a gig (fortunately) and expecially all the fans also that have missed the David performances (unfortunately) would like to remember or view for the first time the magic moments of the tour.

    So if you can do something to release an ENTIRE DVD CONCERT…. I think will be a great idea and also a good reward for all the millions of fans that visit and also vote for this web site…and for David’s fans

    Not a dvd with a part of concert BUT THE ENTIRE CONCERT of a date of the tour will be really appreciated like a real xmas gift.

    ….MAKE LOVE….. ON A ISLAND……..


    [There will be an ‘On An Island’ DVD released early next year, Luca. – Features Editor]

  99. FEd,

    Forgot to mention this on today’s chatroom.You weren’t in Leeds yesterday afternoon were you?

    I was walking into work from the train station and a silver Jaguar XKR passed me with the number plate S123FED.

    Have you been treating yourself for your birthday?

    [Jag? Personalised plates? I wish! Must have been Britney’s husband or son. – Features Editor]

  100. We want relive the magic moments of echoes, fat old sun, on the turning away,wots uh the deal… and more…all the concert…..on a dvd not only few songs…please DO SOMETHING….

    bye bye

  101. Via the latest news page I clicked on the AOL sessions link. It did not take me directly to David’ videos but I found them after searching.

    If the first one is anything to go by they look rather excellent.

    It made me think that I am probably the last persion on this blog to realise they were available to watch.

    Better late than never though.

    Happy weekend
    Pete – Coventry

  102. [I would break new ground by offering “special order” live cd’s and dvd’s of each show I did]

    Actually Pearl Jam did the CD thing already from their 2000 tour.

    And I don’t think that David had recorded video footage of every show.

    In any event, I feel that would be a bit of overkill. If the eventual OAI DVD that comes out includes some of the special performances such as Arnold Layne, Astronomy Domine, On the Turning Away and others then that should be enough.

    Keep in mind that DG has very high performance standards and I’m sure that there were certain moments throughout the tour where things just weren’t quite right. Plus the production costs to pull off something like this at a high-level of standards could be quite costly in itself.

    I would rather have ONE high-quality item than 40 crappy ones.


  103. It’s rather a stupid expression, Michèle. I should have said that I’m always behaving well.

    Don’t feel bad Fed. When my husband was a child, his mom would always say to him, “You had better behave”. So one day she says this to him and he asked, “mommy what’s a have?”.

    Have a gooooood weekend all.
    Melissa (*_*)

    [Children say the funniest things. I always enjoy reading those dodgy exam answers, such as “What does benign mean?” It’s what you’ll be after you’ve been eight, of course. – Features Editor]

  104. For You Fed and all the Americans who got up early for the chat this A.M.


    10. “They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen.”
    9. “This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the time management course you sent me to.”
    8. “Whew! Guess I left the top off the Whiteout. You probably got here just in time.”
    7. “I wasn’t sleeping! I was meditating on the mission statement and envisioning a new business strategy.”
    6. “I was testing my keyboard for drool resistance.”
    5. “I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise to relieve work-related stress. Are you discriminatory toward people who practice Yoga?”
    4. “Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out how to handle that big accounting problem.”
    3. “Did you ever notice sound coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?”
    2. “Who put decaf in the wrong pot?!?”


    1. Raise your head slowly and say, “…in Jesus name, Amen.”

    Melissa (*_*)

  105. At the risk of sounding repetitive, congratulations to you FEd and everyone else involved in keeping up the blog. Third place is pretty impressive =)

    And now about the AOL sessions dvd… I can’t wait to have it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for releasing it!

    With love,

  106. Oh yay!!!!!!!!! I can finally relive Abbey road over and over and over, yay the prospect of exams and evil christmas things seems brighter.

    Glad to hear that you had a good birthday.

    Any idea when that interview with David in Q mag will be on here, I can’t find a copy anyware!

    [I haven’t been able to get one, either. It seems that my local Tesco has just about every cover except David’s. – Features Editor]

  107. [I’m always behaving, Jorge. – Features Editor]

    Fed, you are so full of it. I remember a few days ago when you taught me the difference between being English and British, and since you’re British all the time . . . the above statement can’t be true.

    Looking forward to meeting w/ bloggers again next week at . . .Jon Carin’s concert (tee hee)


  108. [ I would rather have ONE high-quality item than 40 crappy ones. ]

    David and the band have always had a high standard for releases of any kind. This is why there is so little archival performance material released by the Floyd.

    I agree that one per tour is the ideal. The problem is that David and Co. spend quite a bit of time in the release of any archival material, in order to ensure that the release is up to their standards.

    Since there is only so much of David’s time to go around, I’d rather have spend his time noodling in his home studio, putting together ideas that can go on the next album ( there will be another album, right ?)

    Of course if David feels compelled to spiffy up some soundboard recordings from the Meddle, Dark Side and WYWH tours for official release, I’ll be the first in line.

    But my vote is for the next album and tour as soon as David feels the inclination.

    That said, I’ll be getting the November release no matter what the format is. The AOL High Hopes is priceless.

    Sorry, Fed, I’ve exceeded my blog space for the day… ( I trust you didn’t venture into the kitchen on your birthday.) Erin, David W, Marcus B and I will be drinking a toast to your BDay on Tuesday. Take care.

  109. FEd,

    Awesome news on the prospect of getting the AOL sessions on DVD, with at least one clip from the forthcoming Abbey road special. It continues to amaze me how we still, after all the months gone by since the OAI tour cessation, we are offered generous gifts of one bounty or another. Just that much more testimonial of what a top notch character Mr Gilmour is.

    Like Rudders, I own 2 version of OAI (well, one and a half with the Island jam extra disk), but will gladly purchase the AOL Sessions DVD on its own (not to mention the forthcoming tour DVD early next year).

    This certainly is the year of the Gilmour, eh?


  110. This is all good, but where is the promised dvd with Davids Royal Albert Hall concerts?

    [Early next year. – Features Editor]

  111. [I think it’s alright. How about you? – Features Editor]

    Definitely a success I’d say! Everyone seems to behave themselves – if anyone inadvertantly steps out of line they are politely put back on track, so it’s almost self policing. Have there been any issues Fed?

    I just wish I could find the time to be there/here more often – it’s just a crazy time of year – but it’s great to chat ‘real time’ with people and get to know a little more about each other.

    Yep, thumbs up from me!

    [I don’t know about it being self-policing, but the Eject button comes in quite handy. If one or two people read the rules or took heed of the constant reminders, it wouldn’t be needed – and that would be much better for me. – Features Editor]

  112. there’s a point on the radiocity show where DG (Director General! lol I make me laugh sometimes 🙂

    where was I? oh yeah, where Mr Gilmour is playing the notes for the audiance so they can hit the right notes when they sing along to the song, moments like that are what I’d love to see on the dvd…

    shame those new yorkers cant keep up tho! 😉


    ps – so gutted I didnt get a ticket for the OAI tour 🙁 or for Mr Waters tour too! might never get to see them play live ever 🙁

  113. Hye fed

    i have just been watching some of the OAI sessions new york as well as the interview with dave. Im really looking forward to the dvd release. It is great to see dave and the boys playing live, it brings it all back. The tour even though i did miss the venice gig i was still there in spirit.

    It is also special to hear someone like david stand up for the EARTH we live on and take so much for granted.

    Im moving house next saturday so i may not hit the blog for a while im moving out into the sticks and im not sure if a will get broadband. But the good thing about the move is the house is right on the front of a trout lake where i will have 24/7 access to some top fly fishing and its included in the rent

    hope you had a great birthday fed see you soon if you ever fancy a days fishing give me a shout.

    [Good luck with the move, Damian. – Features Editor]

  114. Alternate gilmour,

    Pearl Jam has steadily released CDs from most of their concert appearances starting in the year 2000 to present date. The Who joined in (starting with their year 2000 tour) via the wonderful Encore series; upping the ante for this tour, they are even releasing DVDs for all shows!! For the record, all the proceeds for these CDs/DVDs are given, in total, to charity.

    What I like about this mind set is that the fan and artists are BOTH catered to (and the charitable income makes this a win/win proposition on all sides); what else would make the perfect souvenir of a show you witnessed yourself? Though its true that the performances may not ALWAYS be perfunctory, sometimes (as in the Who’s case) this adds to the zest and dangerous appeal to their live repertoire (to those who are fans of the original group, you know what I’m talking about). Perhaps its different for Mr Gilmour, but then again I’ve never asked so I’m only assuming this to be so.

    In response to Andrew’s post about the “overkill” of too many Gilmour live performance CDs or DVDs I ask you…. to what existing criteria are you basing this belief? The sound quality/mix of the live releases by The Who and Pearl jam are pristine and wonderful; the volume of releases don’t compromise the quality of said recordings.

    I see both sides, particularly when you have someone as attuned to perfection and detail as Mr Gilmour and associates. However, if one show was more spirited than another, or the obvious “I was there” feeling spurs you to purchase a show, the fact that these recordings are available would be indispensible to any fan, far and above any possible deterrence of clunker notes or missed cues.

    Finally, I just don’t see the arguement of cost per item when Mssr Gilmour has donated royalties of the Floyd catalog (post Live 8) to charity, sold instruments and donated the funds to worthy causes, etc….


  115. Good morning FED and bloggers!

    I would like to have the DVD alone (me and Katia have 5 CDs of OAI- like DVD pulse) but it’s not a problem to buy both.

    FED you have announced the high definition images for the OAI DVD; will be the same for the AOL DVD?

    good weekend to all!

    Cheers Rudders, are you OK?

    [We’ll have more details about the bonus live DVD for you tomorrow, Claudio. – Features Editor]

  116. [but I was completely bummed out that the dvd wouldn’t play.]

    To Gabrielle:

    It’s a sad story, so, you’re disappointed of course. I thought maybe you couldn’t play the DVD in a “living room” (?) DVD player in the US, but I don’t understand why you cannot play it on your computer!

    Here, but too late of course, a link to a site which allows you to chose the DVD format (click my name).

    Sorry to have been at the origin of our disappointment.


  117. What’s all this about? Prizes? Sorry I don’t pay attention to that, I just hear the music and I have the shamanic voyage as a result.

    Keep on strokin’ that guitar, David.

  118. What great news fed all around regarding the polls and dvd! If the dvd includes the cd all the better for me as I find myself having to cart mine back and forth from the studio to the car. I’ve been in need of a second cd. for awhile 😉

    Just keeps getting better and better. Here’s a well deserved pat on the back to all!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  119. [I think it’s alright. How about you? – Features Editor]

    I don’t know this chat thing works anywhere else, but I think it’s a wonderful thing! It boggles the mind to think that you are having a simultaneous conversation with people of shared interest from ALL OVER the world?!

    It’s a virtual reality blogger meet-up without the concert!

  120. Belated congrats to all, ( yeah not just Fed eh!) for making this site 3rd best-is there a prize? Only way it would be of no value if there were only two runners and I pressume there were more than this.

    Hows the kitchen fed? Any advice? i only use mine to cook in.

    Great news about the special DVD and I just wonder if people are e mailing this site more (me included) just in case you might run a competition eligible to those that post more than a million times a second. Apols for not contrubuting more

    Finally a big thank you to Simon-cant wait.

    Ian Pearson

    [The best advice I can give is to get some experts in who work quickly and don’t make too much mess. I don’t know how easy they are to find, though. – Features Editor]

  121. Hi Fed,

    On a slightly different matter, but still David Gilmour related; I’m looking forward to viewing DG and friends at the Abbey Road Studios session when it is broadcast on UK’s Channel 4 TV station.

    There will inevitably be comments posted here by UK viewers, which will probably leave worldwide DG fans a something of a disadvantage.

    Will this session be broadcast in any other countries, or issued as part of a CH4 DVD set and including all the other programmes in the series, featuring other famous artists?


    [You’d have to ask Channel 4 about that, sorry. If we have any news on this, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  122. The AOL sessions were wonderful. Reading about the CD/DVD inspired me to go back look at them again

    Well done on coming third. I hope we will have reason to vote for David’s website and blog in the years to come

  123. hi fet ed and everyone else how you are all having a good weekend .as the song goes i am having a lazy sunday afternoon 🙂

    a question for you if i may . i was browsing i tunes seeing what 2 tracks to buy to fill up my song buying budget this week ( i give myself a budget of 5 euros ever 2 weeks for buying individual songs that i like but are on albums i would’nt buy, as i could bankrupt my dads credit card otherwise 🙂 )

    what i want to know is this . i bought the single of smile as i wanted to get the island jam on a cd . i love that track .
    anyway i clicked on the smile single sleve to see what other solo material by david is avialible . i came across a single that seems to be recorded by a group of people of which david was listed as one . it seems to have been recorded as a tribute to john peel and is called ever fallen in love with someomne .

    is that really david on that . it is really good and i will buy it if it is . excuse my circumlocution but i think you get the idea of what i am trying to ask 🙂

    no premiership footie today to talk about but neither the irish or the english did very well in the international matches yesterday .

    Linda Island Lady .

    [It really is David, it’s a good song and it’s a fine tribute to a great man. I’d recommend it. And as long as you only talk about how the Irish and English did over the weekend, we’ll get along fine this week. – Features Editor]

  124. Just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Bloggers out there. What am I thankful for? Seeing David for the 13th time, and the DVDs coming out soon.

    Thanks Fed and Sned.

    [Don’t forget Ped. – Features Editor]

  125. Hi FEd and all,

    Apologies for my long silence… since the second chat session! I’m quite busy, well, more than busy, I’ve just begun taking a MBA and I’ve lost all my spare time. And once you fail to read the blog regularly it’s quite difficult to break into it again.

    Anyway, congrats for the third place and happy birthday, FEd. I’m glad to hear about the bonus DVD and I’ll be happy to buy the standalone version, if possible.

    Hope I can make it to the chat again soon,


  126. well, as many others said, great to enjoy a new dvd release… the aol session was certainly great… the band was on fire! i’m looking forward to it!

    but still, a whole-concert-dvd would be even more amazing… i’m among the lucky people because i’ve seen him live… and a dvd would be more than just a great thing to remember that wonderful tour…

    “echoes” in dvd quality… i can’t even think of it… and all the other great songs that he performed…

    a full-length concert dvd would be THE absolute gift, i tell you…

    well, i really hope that this dream will become true… i’m watching the “david gilmour in concert” dvd pretty much every day – it’s marvellous… i’d love to have something similar from the OAI tour…


    [There will be a full-length concert DVD early next year, Danny. It will document the London shows, with plenty of interesting extras thrown in for good measure. – Features Editor]

  127. OMG Fed,

    No updates Saturday or Sunday, you better hurry back before we break out our pointy sticks. Just kidding, hoped you enjoyed your weekend, but I bet you were busy working in the kitchen huh? Are you done yet?


    [I wish! But there is some wallpaper up now. – Features Editor]

  128. What great news! the AOL session is great I still vist the site now, I`ve even saved it as one of my favourites.

    I don`t think third place for the best music blog is any disgrace when you consider how long this blog has been going!

    Hope you had a good birthday, Features ed!

  129. If it includes Island Jam, possibly some other bonus tracks I don’t already own (in some cases several copies already lol) yes. However I probably will order the dvd on the site just because David is so good live.

    Off-topic, is there any chance that “David Gilmour in Concert” will ever come out on CD?

    [That would be good. I don’t believe there are any plans to release it at this time, however. – Features Editor]

  130. I’m not the biggest fan of putting out a “new” CD with add-on’s soon after it just came out.

    Steve Winwood did this with About Time with a bonus live disc.

    Though, I’m glad the livd DVD is getting out there… regardless of how it’s coming out 😀

  131. It would be super cool if the videos from the DVD were also available for purchase on itunes

    PS The ” pulse ” is racing when I see that the OAI DVD is now a 2007 release.Please be kind to us. Early 2007 is generally code for April which then slips to July which then pushes to the Christmas market for Sept/Oct. I’m sure David will get it out in hopefully February so it doesn’t clash with his “new album” I wish!!!!!!!!

  132. Good morning F’ed, have a great week!

    [Thanks very much, George. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  133. [It really is David, it’s a good song and it’s a fine tribute to a great man. I’d recommend it. And as long as you only talk about how the Irish and English did over the weekend, we’ll get along fine this week. – Features Editor]

    thanks fet ed . thats cool . i will buy it soon off i tunes . though i spent 6 quid this week catching up with the blue man group gary moore and the b52’s !

    i promise not to take the rise out of you for the fottie until the next chat 🙂 nah i am only kidding would i ever take the rise out of you ? i leave that for you to answer 🙂 although with the way ireland played last saturday i think you have more of the rise taking rights then i do

    anyway off to see if any home brew buyers have
    e-mailed me !

    Linda island lady .

  134. Good morning Fed, I just wanted to say Hi! I hope things are going well in the kitchen Fix up.

    I am looking forward to the release of the bonus DVD/CD of On an Island. The AOL sessions are good when watching it on the computer, But it will look a whole lot better on a Big screen TV.

    I checked the calender this morning to see when the chat room will be open, But it was empty. I hope it will be soon.

    Take Care,

    [There’ll be one towards the end of the week, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  135. To Michele,

    You’re right, of course. My son came back with the news that the dvd played just fine on his computer. He popped the dvd into mine and, after the title and two parts came up on the screen he tells me “mom, you might just want to watch the second part — the documentary itself is pretty advanced stuff!!”

    Anyway, thanks Michele for both the info on the book/dvd itself and the follow-up advice! And, just for the record, I found the documentary to be very interesting and the music, of course, is fantastic!!

    Washington State

  136. It would seem I have exposed myself amongst my peers.

    Well….not really. I have long said I stopped buying and listening to “other” music over 20 years ago. With few exceptions I just listen to the old classics. I keep up with our Floyd guys and any new classical stuff. My own stuff…that’s about it. I don’t even listen to radio.

    Hate that I didn’t know my “ideas” were thought of long ago. But, thats what happens when you live in a cave.

  137. The direct link to the AOL Sessions is below. May be easier to use this link so the player navigates direct to the Gilmour content!! Save looking at 50 Cent! 😉

  138. If I have some money left for this one I’ll buy it of course! (been to 7 live gigs this year wasn’t cheap but worth every penny)

    I was saving for the R.A.H. dvd guess that’s going to take 4-5 months to finish .

    Is there going to be an official dvd of the 84 tour now every thing is out remasterd again ? would be nice with new footage maybe

    well fed keep up the good work !



    [A DVD of the 1984 tour is not in the pipeline, purely because David is far more interested in the present than the past, but the ‘On An Island’ DVD will definitely be worth saving for. – Features Editor]

  139. Well done on the third place – you deserve it – it has always been a good read and i have made some good friends here.


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  140. Oh my God !!!!

    This is the best news ever !!

    C’mon,FE,you can tell me…did my constant begging for this have anything to do with the release? LOL

    I’ll die a happy man/fan thinking that you might have whispered in David’s ear…”You know, Dave…there’s this loser named MoresbyO who’s always yammering on about the AOL sessions gig…” LOL

    Thanks a mill, all !!!! Can’t wait !!!


  141. [… purely because David is far more interested in the present than the past, – Features Editor]

    Sure, Fed ! it’s why he so enjoyed performing “Wot’s…Uh The Deal”, “Fat Old Sun” and “Echoes” !!! Wow ! You made me laugh ! Thank you, it’s so good to laugh !


    [I think most people would agree that David’s perfectly entitled to perform new renditions of any song he chooses from his past. However, he doesn’t have to spend his time working on an old tour if he’s more interested in the current one. – Features Editor]

  142. To Gabrielle,

    So happy for you and your son, Gabrielle !

    All’s well that ends well ! (correct, Fed ?)


    [Absolutely. – Features Editor]

  143. Why don’t they sell the DVD stuff separately, so that people aren’t forced to buy the CD again? Disappointed that DG allows this sort of marketing crap.

    [The bonus live DVD will be available to buy separately. Try reading it again. – Features Editor]

  144. robert, they are selling the dvd separately. why not read properly before moaning about the same old because it’s right up there. see?

    fed, i think it’s clear to the irregulars that some people come on here after reading something on another site or forum and just want to have a cheap dig because they think they can get at david here. you must get tired of it.

    [Indeed. – Features Editor]

  145. Wow. Don’t read the blog for few days and all sorts of presents waiting. Great news for the long winter months F Ed. Guess thats the Christmas presents sorted for family and friends!! Thanks for making it easy. Guess we are all turning into DG disciples at Christmas!

    Agree with the posting from alternate gilmour and think he could be on to a winner. Not many gaffs at RAH and even so would be great memories that make each concert a unique memory.

    Got to get back to reading rest of posts now!

    Good work on awards, v well deserved, top team.

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