No, we’re not trying to sell you one. It’s our latest rainy day blog idea, courtesy of Andrew.

Which three David Gilmour/Pink Floyd songs would you use on your mobile/cell ‘phone as a ringtone, and to whom would you assign each tone?

Thursday’s shoes were those of Steve DiStanislao. Congratulations to those of you who guessed correctly.

This week we’ll have the last of the shoes (so get the tissues ready), I’ll reveal your second favourite photo from Polly’s extensive collection and Guy will be answering a selection of your questions.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

110 thoughts on “Ringtones”

  1. My mobile is pretty much for business use (or is supposed to be for business use….) so I’d probably use the bass line for “Money” for everyone. Although, I’m rather attached to “Brain Damage” as well — “the lunatics are on the phone…”

    Good luck with all the tech stuff, FEd. You are very patient to deal with it — that kind of thing drives me completely mad. Hope you get to put your feet up some this week!

    [I’ll probably need to kill someone quite soon, but thanks for the encouragement. – Features Editor]

  2. I already have Wish You Were Here and Another Brick In The Wall (part 2 of course :P) in polyphonic. And Time in real sound. Other nice melodies would be Smile, Is There Anybody Out There and The Blue.

  3. For months now I have wanted to have the four ethereal notes (the actual notes, not some kazoo version) from SOYCD as my basic ringtone. Cellphones are generally annoying to me and those damned calliope-like ringtones are maddeningly cacophonous. But hearing those guitar notes would be very pleasing.

    I’ll have to think about other songs or phrases that would be nice. I’m sure there are a lot and other bloggers will come up with some good choices.


  4. Caption..”Don’t look now Richard..but the sky is falling!”

    Money..to my accountant
    Brain Damage..to my psychoanalyst
    Take A Breath..to my girlfriend

  5. Well it has to be the ones with great intro’s within the first 30 seconds. So I’ll guess 😛

    Pink Floyd – The great gig in the sky
    Pink Floyd – In The Flesh
    David Gilmour – Take A Breath

    (And I guess Time would make you notice your phone ringing :P)

    [It would make an awful wake-up call, though. – Features Editor]

  6. I’m sorry Fed But I wouldn’t use a ring tone. The ringing of the phone drives me crazy. So I but it on vibrate, Plus it feels gooood :)lol.


  7. I’m currently using Take A Breath Far Out 4 (ripped from the website background music). Red Sky Far Out 1 also works well.

  8. I use Comfortably Numb for waking up hehehe… maybe I shouldn’t as Paulovs laws might apply.

    Then… Take a Breath for your partner..


    Time after the rototoms for the rest.


  9. Caption: David tells Richard, “Let’s warm up with something snappy”. Right away Richard starts wailing “Chopsticks”. David just stares gobsmacked. (ß^þ)

    My 3 ringalings:

    1) Another Brick in the Wall – Work
    2) Brain Damage – My son
    3) Sorrow – Mother in law

  10. Assuming I had a decent phone and not the embarrasing work-issue rubbish I have now (i.e assuming I could hear the MP3 file) and assuming I could start the clip where I wanted (which given the above I don’t know…)

    1. The 4 note “chime” from Shine-on (general)
    2. “Hello, is there anybody in there …” from Comfy (from colleagues)
    3. The opening notes to “Wish you were here” for my wife

    Simple enough, but that’s me all over.

  11. Well,my ringtones are:

    – One of these days(my producer’s office)
    – What do you want from me(my old girlfriend)
    – The blue(mine!)

    Could I suggest an idea for the blog? After the stratocaster,which is the guitar that is dressed better from David?


  12. I don’t currently have a cell phone.My girfriend dumped me on the way back from the Roger Waters show in Indianapolis. At least she waited till the show was over. A David Gilmour Pink Floyd ringtone may inspire me to get a new cell phone,one for which I probably need at this point.

    Remember this, Fed and fellow bloggers:You can not make other people happy, you can only enhance their already existing happiness…


  13. wow, this is the first time I have been able to access the blog in almost a week..seems other ppl were able to access it though..any idea whats up with that Fed?

    [‘Temperamental’ is the kindest word I can think of to describe it, Mikael. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. – Features Editor]

  14. I usually use the first solo of coming back to life as the call tone, and the second solo of on an island for the sms tone

  15. From the latest album, either “On an Island” or “Red Sky At Night”.

    From Pink Floyd’s connection, something like Money or One of These Days.

  16. I’m with Becky on this one cellphones annoy the f*ck out of me, but the least annoying ring for me would be the “Ping” from Echoes, and the opening guitar notes from SOYCD that would work too. Interesting concept though Fed.


  17. Whoah I actually made a bad sounding ringtone of comfortably numb. So, that’s the first one. The other two would be Money and Time solos. nn/

  18. – This Heaven for my 7 year old (this is her fav. song from the cd).
    – On the Run for family
    – Any Color You Like for my husband…

  19. – Mother for Mom
    – Corporal Clegg for my work
    – Marooned for my Husband

    Love Ring tones. They are much less obtrusive than a regular telephone ring.


  20. Hi FEd and friends!

    Ringtones, hmmmmm — I’m inclined to agree with Becky about the generally irritating circus calliope sounds that are available. I used to have a classical ringtone, but since the Katrina debacle I’ve had “When The Saints Come Marching In” as a ringtone.

    Since I’m, oh, ‘challenged’ when it comes to electronics in general (damned new-fangled things), I haven’t a clue what Aljaz means when stating that he/she has two songs in ‘polyphonic’ and Time in ‘real sound.’ Well, I suppose I know what ‘real sound’ means, but have no idea how to achieve it!

    But if I could have the actual music, my three choices would be:

    Coming Back To Life

    Hmmmm, seeing my choices of songs together in print makes me feel a little ‘exposed’ in a way. But I think many of us share those feelings at one time or another in our lives, right? And, given my tendency to read more into a statement and/or situation than is really necessary, it may just be that my three choices of songs have titles that evoke a certain mood.

    Now, after the what and why, the funny thing is that up here in our mountain valley cell phones are pretty much useless due to less than reliable reception! But I’ve had fun playing the game regardless.

    Hoping for a ‘good-for-everyone’ chat time in the Barn this week! Was I being overly concerned, dear FEd? These self-doubt issues are a real BITCH!!!

    Take care everyone.

    Peace and love,
    Washington State

  21. The opening to “High Hopes” seems appropriate..bells, you know. As for the other two options it would take a little more contemplation (and re-listening to the material, of course…)

  22. Well, my phone just went off to the sound of Money when I was reading this latest blog. How twilight zonish was that? I also have Another Brick In The Wall(partII).

    I am thinking the following would be fun to have: 1)What Do You Want From Me? 2)Keep Talking 3)Lost for words.
    How about a fourth?: Castellorizon (on your Verizon)

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  23. Caption: Okay Rick we gotta get down “Jingle Bells” in time for the holiday ringtone. Ready? 1-2-3-4……..

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  24. My three choices –

    1. Almost Heaven for family and friends
    2. Money for work related calls
    3. Terminal Frost for telemarketers, bill collectors, etc.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend – we’re in Bombay celebrating the Indian New Year with family (my first in 20 years and the first time for my husband and son so it is quite amazing!) …see you all in chat !


  25. Ringtones would be Atom Heart Mother, Echoes and Shine On and then I wouldn’t answer the phone just let it ring. Never done this so dont know how long a phone rings if it isnt answered? Maybe it would self destruct? Sorry Fed but dont understand the bit about “assigned to”? Just me being thick on a Monday.

    Ian Pearson

  26. Hi Fed,

    I was blogless, for most of last week & missed the latest shoe pic & was gutted can i take a guess at the next shoe pic though?

    Ring tones..

    well for a an incoming text it would have to be the pings at the start of echoes,

    When i get a call from home it would have to Breathe.

    & for call for a call from work it would have to be “run like hell”

  27. Good question. Currently i have the 1st solo in comfy numb as mine.

    I also have SOYCD and money, however I’d LOVE to get the end bit of live take a breath as my ringtone. As soon as I get my mits on that dvd I may well make one! (hope thats legal, if not my name is Bernard and I live in Kent)

  28. I just changed my phone (the old one had This Heaven as the default ringtone in MP3 format) and sadly, I cannot get MP3’s on it, so I will have to go back to old polyphonic tones and look for some DG/Floyd material. My wallpaper is the “P” logo from the last Floyd tour.


  29. Money, cash register – my office
    Echoes, jam part – my brother
    Bike, crazy ducks part – my missus :O)

    My mobile is actally set to these “real tone” ringtones…played one day with cool edit pro (sound editing software) and i’v chosen these tracks to accompany the persons who are calling.

    Sorry to be a bit unpatient but, is there any news about AOL sessions dvd?


    [No, there isn’t. Keep reading, though. There should be some news soon. – Features Editor]

  30. My three ringtones would be

    Keep Talking – My Wife’s ringtone (YES she does)
    Mother – My Mum – The Wall wasn’t high enough
    Money – My Son – It’s usually a request for cash.

    Good idea FED !

    [Nothing to do with me. Please direct the praise Andrew’s way. – Features Editor]

  31. FED, maybe you should get “One of these days” as your ringtone, or “Careful with that Axe, Eugene”. 😉

    I’m sure it’ll all come right in the end.

    As for myself, I’d have:

    “Keep Talking” for general calls,
    “Smile” for when my wife rings, and
    “Fearless” on footie days (the chant at the end of course).

  32. I already have Time an ABITW2 as Ringtone, not assigned to particular people. I just change them by mood.

    I only have the Star Wars “Imperial March” assigned to my Boss and ZZ-Top “Legs” to my wife 😉

  33. Dear Fed,

    A funny ringtone would be nice for me, nowadays: maybe something like: “Several species of small furry animals…” in Ummagumma…

    But, “Wish You Were Here” would be the good one, I think

    Ikkar, with love

  34. – “The great gig in the sky”
    – “A narrow way” part 1…I think part 1…that one with the funny guitar
    – “The show must go on”…I like it!


  35. CAPTION” As our heroes pratice for the forthcoming pinochio tribute show Rick is no convienced when David says ” yes I learned my lines I promise ”

    – I use Brain Damage when the mrs calls me
    – I use time as a general ringtone
    – I take murder as my message tone

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  36. I’m already using shine on and last guitar solo from high hopes – first one is creepy, and the other is sad, so I might change that…..

  37. CAPTION:

    David confronts the Wright-9000.

    “What-are you-doing…David? I’m a-fraid….I’m a-fraid….I’m losing my mind….I can feel it….I can feel it….”

  38. Ring Tones?!?

    Yuch! A ‘phone should just ring… I like ring tones as much as I like text language… I h8te it! 🙂

  39. I’m never the quickest at answering my mobile, I usually have to find it first, so I recon I could just about get away with the full version of Echoes!

  40. Castellorizon : My Brother Sam
    2nd solo of On a Island: All the call
    Red Sky at night: calling from my work place ( Hotel la Roccia – Palau – Italy)

    Bye bye!

  41. Nobody Home
    What Do You Want From Me
    Is There Anybody Out There

    F*Ed ~

    Wanna see something that’s too cool for school?

    I just wanted to share this letter with the blog members. If the addy is an issue it can be blocked out.


    [Thanks for that. Please block the address out first and I’ll be pleased to share. – Features Editor]

  42. Sorrow would be my first choice, and next one pings from Echoes and bass line from One of These Days. I have only one general ringtone (immortal nokiatune)


  43. What I would really like is a mobile with a genuine copper bell and a hammer (small one), where Mr. Gilmour has advised for the tone and maybe the rhythm of the hammer. But that was not what you asked for, so here is my list:

    1 “Sheep” (or “Murder”, can’t make up my mind, please help) for private correspondents
    2 “Run like Hell” for calls from my team and clients, they seldom call me just to say everything is OK.
    3 “Not now John” that would be my tune for the silent mode.

    No OAI for the next few months for me, I am in rehabilitation period, trying to get rid of the constant humming of OAI-songs. O dear, shouldn’t have typed that, here comes “Where we start” again.

  44. Hi F.Ed!

    I have thought about having some Floyd/Gilmour songs on my mobile, but I probably would be listening to the songs instead of answering the phone….



  45. DG/PF songs I would use on my cellphone ? none, sorry, because my three favourite songs for the moment are

    -The Blue
    -A Pocketful of stones
    -High Hopes

    and I don’t think that ringtones could fit (?) to them, I love these songs because of the guitar playing, the atmosphere, the feeling, and a cellphone is only a practical objet, not a sentimental one.

    Je pense que les sonneries polyphoniques pour téléphones portables ne font que dénaturer la musique initiale, en font une caricature, c’est une sorte de trahison.. sorry, I can’t say that in english.

    So I prefer anonymous ringtones for my cellphone.


  46. Time naturally has to be a serious contender for a ringtone; specifically, the clocks at the start.

    The bassline for Money is another particularly catchy one that would work well as a ring tone.

    Perhaps a third might be the first solo in Comfortably Numb…

    Not sure who I’d assign any of these to (I tend not to have sound on on my phone), but they could be fun none the less 🙂


  47. Presently I’m using Comfortably Numb’s solo as a ringtone (I edited mp3 and upload on a phone) but hmmm it would be great if there were :

    -High Hopes(friends)
    -Comfotably Numb (parents)
    -Another Brick In the Wall part 2 (strangers)


  48. Thanks for the Mayo recipe Michele. I may have to try it someday, I’m just afraid I won’t make it right. Mayo is one of my favorite condements and I would hate for it to leave a bad taste in my mouth because I made it wrong. LOL

    Ringtones aye, well 1st, I’d say, ‘This Heaven’ since that is my current ringtone. Time (for my kids) and Us & Them (for stangers) would be good too. The thing about ringtones is that they are usually just the first few seconds of a song, or just the chorus. In David’s music, I find, the best parts are those in between.

    Echoesbob, I love the question you asked Guy about the poster we all signed at Lukas, I hope he answers that one, I’ve wondered that myself on more then one occasion.

    Fed, I tried to post yesterday and it said ‘Failed Submission’ because I didn’t put in my name and email, except I did put in my name and email. Better call the exterminator, I think the bugs are back.


    [I don’t think they ever went away, mate. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  49. I like the little snippets of music that play here on this website. They would be a nice to download as ringtones. Like the one today for example would be a cool tone. sounds like a space ship theme.

  50. I’ve got The Embryo from the 1971 BBC radio show as my ringtone. I love those first guitar wails!

  51. Learning to Fly- For my paragliding friends
    Wish You Were Here- For my Mom
    Echoes- For general. It really would be a treat to get calls if I got to hear the ping each time:)

    I went to see Roger at the Hollywood Bowl on the 5th. Good show, I’m glad to have seen all the Floyds now (minus Syd unfortunately). However, David still remains my favorite, not a put down to Roger, I just prefer the magic that David brings to the music.

  52. Fab topic FEd!

    I’ve already had numberous PF/DG ringtones that I’ve made by cutting out 30s from mp3s. My favorite by a long long way is what I’ve nicknamed “Diamond Groove” – from the later SOYCD parts (err, you know what I mean…the second half/reprise/track 5) start listening at 7 minutes 20s and my ringtone starts at 7 minutes 24s. 100% pure PF. The boys jamming it out with David leading the way. It’s the world’s greatest ringtone ever – I know this because literally everyone who hears it and knows anything about PF tells me 🙂 It’s such a great ringtone that I rarely want to pick the phone up to interrupt the groove…! Try it… you’ll luuuuurve it.

    I’ve messed with others but none work quite so well as this. If you want you can set it a bar or two earlier so that you have a chance to pick up the phone before it really gets going.

    As for who, it’s my general ringtone so I get to hear David’s funky strat all day every day 🙂


  53. Personally, I like many of the suggestions that have already been made and would agree with the choices myself. Soooooo…..I wanted to suggest some ringtones and assignments in general.

    If you happen to have someone who is incarcerated the assigned ringtone could be:
    There’s No Way Out of Here

    For an ex-spouse or lover:
    On the Turning Away

    And of course if there is someone you really don’t care for (maybe such as politician) but you still have to deal with them:
    Pigs (three different ones)

    What do you think??


  54. I hate the folks who have those polka, klezmer ring tones even more than the death metal ones. I always jump out of my skin with these.

  55. I’m with Rudders on this one. Last time I bought a new mobile phone the guy asked me what I wanted.

    “A phone, a decent camera and a proper beep beep ring tone.”

    I walked out a short time later with a Sony Ericsson T800i that goes beep beep when someone calls me.

    Ahhhhhh, bliss!

  56. Greetings FEd,

    What do you want from me? My girls.
    Smile. My husband
    Wish you were here. My friend Lauren, we sort of “lost” her to mental illness.

    Plus I can think of MANY more.

  57. Cingular Wireless already as On an Island, Take a Breath, and This Heaven as ringtones. I have “This Heaven”. It was an extremely hard decision, I plan on buying them all.

    Have a great day!

  58. “…but if you ask for a rise, it’s no surprise they’re giving none away!” – Money-for work or bill collectors

    Keep Talking – for my ol’man

    Wish You Were Here – for those friends I don’t hear from much

    :-)Have a lovely week!

  59. Wow… a ringtone… hmmmm….

    I think “Shine On…”, “Comfortably Numb” (of course), and how about the vocals from “Pig On A Wing”? That’d be fun…

    But then, my list could change 10 minutes from now… So many songs and so little ringtones!!

  60. I am currently sans mobile at the moment as mine was liberated from my bag whilst I was playing football. However I would have as my ringtones:

    Run Like Hell (for the guy who permently borrowed my phone)
    What’s…Uh Deal (for the guy he sold it to)
    The Trial (for the judge when he finally gets caught)

    Anyhoos, take care tout le monde
    x x x

  61. My Treo goes “Ping” when I get a message.

    My ringtone is the first crescendo after the whale sounds in Echoes. (DaDaDiDaDaDiDaDaDa just before the line “Cloudless every day you fall upon my waking eyes”)

    I’m thinking I should use the guitar riff from “Young Lust” for my wife’s ringtone…

  62. [ As for who, it’s my general ringtone so I get to hear David’s funky strat all day every day 🙂 ]

    And what kind of day would it be without hearing David’s funky strat?

  63. I already use Floyd’s mp3’s as ringtones on my own smartphone. I use:

    not now john for sms
    young lust for friends
    free four for the rest of people

    i choose these songs ’cause for a ringtone is very important the “incipit” and these are song full of power!!

  64. Interesting blog idea – needing a new phone as well!!

    My three ringtones would be 1. Cluster One (4min 30 sec in – love that riff) For my daughter – she was born in 1994!! 2. Signs of Life (3min 40 sec in – another bendy bit!!!) For my wife – brings back memories of us rowing along Basingstoke Canal! 3. SOYCD (Any bit) For work – to cheer me up.

  65. What a great question Andrew.

    My choices are
    1. on an island (the one I`m currently using)
    2. comfortably numb the first guitar solo
    3. money

    I had to stop using CN because everytime my phone rang, it was Natalie calling to give me more grief! and such an exquisite guitar part cannot be related to such things!

  66. Learning to Fly – the part with sounds of scythe – for my friends – my favorite ringtone. Thank You mr. Carin and Happy Birthday! if I not late

    Keep Talking – for colleagues

    Time intro – as my alarm clock (for a first times I was very scared))))

  67. Who would ever care what we pick…but thanks for asking anyway.

    my favs

    Wot’s Uh The Deal
    Let’s Get Metaphysical
    Coming Back To Life

    and on my husbands

    Where We Start
    I Can’t Breath Anymore

    I suppose I’ll be kicked out for naming 6. But how in the world can you pick just 3?

  68. My Ringtone right now is “Another Brick in the Wall” sounds cool and I love when my phone rings. I would love to get “Time” and Then also “Take a Breath”

    Also I never would/ve guessed Steve wore those types of shoes “WHO KNEW”

    Well hope you had a great weekend Fed….BTW my daughters Soccer(Football) Team won their first game…3-2 I was so happy They are now 1 and 5. Oh well, she is only 8yrs old. But they played a fine game.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Bless them. – Features Editor]

  69. To my boss: “Brain Damage.”
    To my wife: “What More Do You Want From Me.”
    To my students, just before I administer an exam: “Take A Breath.”
    To myself, as the work day ends and playtime begins: “Coming Back To Life.”
    To myself, if my boss reads the first item on this list: “Run Like Hell.”

  70. If I had Gilmour/Floyd Ringtones?

    1) Main Ring (known caller): “Echoes” (specifically the explosivly climatic arpeggio after the break)
    2) Main Ring (unknown caller): “Nobody Home”
    3) Voicemail/Text Message notificaion: Gilmour’s SOYCD four note sequence

    More fun or annoying ones could include “Several species of small furry creatures huddled together in a cave and grooving with a pict”(eew), and “Bike”….

  71. I don’t own a cell phone, and probably won’t in the future. They are a nuisance. However, if Richard called, I’d have Pings, if Guy called it would be the start of Learning to Fly, and if David called, it would be Shine On.

  72. Hi all,

    I didn’t like a lot “the coktail” with my loved music and ringtones…but… I recorded (by the same mobphone) the four magic notes of Shine on, by David , during OAI tour in Rome last March and I’m very happy …because it’s just mine,original and connected with an unforgettable day.

    One more thanks to the band

  73. Morning all,

    My ring tones would be:

    1. Time for my alarm clock (rather obvious I suppose)
    2. Money for work (another obvious choice)
    3. The Blue for my darling husband and daughter.



  74. I may have been wrong but I’m pretty sure that in that new movie Children of men there is a rather familiar flying pig in the background either way it was the only time I smiled all the way throuh the film.

    I’m not too keen on mobiles so ringtones scare me a little.

  75. Hello all,

    I would like to ask if it is allowed to use background music from home page as ring tone. I was thinking previosly about it but have some reservations, I don’t want to be rude or non-cultural that’s why I ask.

    off topic

    On An Island cd/dvd combo it apeared in new release section in some on-line book-stores, but at least in Poland it is 13 th of Nov date. Was the scheduled release date changed?


    [The last I heard, it would be in shops across Europe on the 20th. As for the ringtone question, then would it really matter to anyone if I said that you shouldn’t help yourself to any of our site content, including pictures and text? I don’t think it would, but I’ve said it anyway. – Features Editor]

  76. – The 4 notes from SOYCD
    – Raise My Rent
    – Echoes

    I’m not sure my mobile would be up to any of this as it’s pretty old but it’s a fun topic.

  77. I already have some Floyd for my ringtones

    Summer of 68- girlfriend
    Any Colour You Like- family

    I thought it was kind of funny…

    keep up the great blog

  78. Dear F.Ed.,

    When I think to ring tones for cells I suppose they should be simple and useful for the cell

    It is so hard to choose, but I’d like among the best “classic-evergreen”:

    Another brick in the wall
    Us and Them
    Wish you were here

    By the way, due to my daughter , that is playing the guitar a little ( many songs, but also “Wish you were here ” ) I ‘ve understood that in Italy we call the musical notes/chords in a different way, I mean:

    A = La B = Si C = Do D = Re E = Mi F = Fa G = Sol

    What do you think about the chords and TABs for playing guitar for self-taught people? You know it’s actually possible to find them out in many sites where people share their own works to all the self taught people interested in.

    Can we hope to read some of them officially about On the Island on this site too (unless to copyright troubles) ?

    Thanks , Have a nice day
    ciao Elisabetta

    [I don’t play the guitar myself, so I don’t have a personal opinion on this hot issue. My understanding is that they’re often inaccurate and so, with my professional hat on, they should therefore be in the same category as fansites and tribute bands and bootleg recordings and all the other spin-offs (because they’re ultimately amateur, misleading, slightly ropey, to be taken with a pinch of salt at all times etc). Yet fans want them, they assist learning and help to share the art, so with my fan hat on, I really don’t care about them in the least. I don’t think there will be any tab on the site anytime soon, though. – Features Editor]

  79. [As for the ringtone question, then would it really matter to anyone if I said that you shouldn’t help yourself to any of our site content, including pictures and text? I don’t think it would, but I’ve said it anyway. – Features Editor]

    To me it really would, although I had some of them on my hard disc, I won’t use them as ring tones or any other way (ring tone in my phone is not the most important thing in my life) And if you say so I will delete from my disk.


    [Bless you, Tomasz. You’re one of the good guys. Now all we need to do is make everyone else see that helping yourself to something is, technically speaking, stealing. – Features Editor]

  80. […and so, with my professional hat on, they should therefore… so with my fan hat on, I really don’t care about them…- Features Editor]

    Could you describe your two hats, Fed, the professional one and the fan one ? and which one is your favourite ?

    Many thanks


    [The fan one’s my favourite, of course. – Features Editor]

  81. Hello to all!!!!!
    Hi Fed!!
    Hi David!!

    I have the first solo of Comfortably Numb in my mobile phone as ringtone.



  82. Well, I already have “On an Island” for my phone, so I guess my 3 would be:

    High Hopes (either the slide part or the chorus)

    Matt in Maine

  83. i already have the three available david gilmour ringtones and use them daily.

    on an island is for my roommate
    this heaven is for my lady
    and take a breath is for my friend from out of town.

    i would buy more if they become available. smile and then i close my eyes would be great.

  84. If I had a musical ringtone (I don’t), I might try a few lines from Hey You:

    Hey you, out their on your own,
    sitting naked by the phone, would you touch me?
    Hey you, with your ear against the wall,
    Waiting for someone to call out, would you touch me?

    Of course the litigious sorts who feel sexual harassment at every corner might have a field day with it though, especially here in California.

    So many ringtones can be made so easily. Ringtones truly are a new form of media distribution and the management of David Gilmour should take a close look at this business opportunity. What I mean by this is, if you can’t beat them, join them. All the kids want them! Sell ringtones on this website, most of us would download at least one to check it out. To avoid people claiming crass commercialism of davidgilmour.com, donate the profits to a worthy cause.

    You could also have someone announce at the beginning of a future DG show that a new, specific, ringtone (for that show only) will be made available that evening in the venue, but only if you can prove that no pictures have been taken with that phone/camera or something like that (I know. . .practically impossible). All the people with the ability to download RSS feeds or the like would then have the opportunity to purchase the said ringtone for .99 cents or whatever. Again, make the money work for something good. This is a business right?

    Actually, the beginning of Blue Light would be a cool ringtone, and it wouldn’t get me into trouble, except with FEd (but only if I decided to use it). Don’t worry FEd, I own copyrights myself so I won’t infringe on others’ but I would like to see a sort of legal fair rights usability that doesn’t have to involve parody, a form of open-rights (public domain) music perhaps. Not for everything in the DG catalog mind you, just a song or jam or something.

  85. Hey this box won’t come up for the red sky at night page….hmm. So heres my three words…



    [The box won’t come up because the competition has closed, hence the removal of the comment form. – Features Editor]

  86. Caption: “So David, when folding a won-ton, you bring the lower right coner of the wrap to the upper left corner. . .”

  87. my 3 ringtones i would like is

    Time– my husband
    Wish you were here– my Daughter
    Money– My son

    and if i could have more

    comfortably numb–My best friend
    Another brick in the wall– My x Husband

    I could go on but i ran out of people i talk to on the phone ha ha.

  88. I heard an extract from the Atom Heart Mother Suite.

    It’s excellent, unfortunately I could not download it to my cellphone.

  89. Have a nice weekend my idol

    If all the men in the world were like you we would have a wonderful world

    Ciao Mr Gilmour


  90. Comfortably Numb
    Another Brick in the wall part 2
    In the flesh

    Another brick.. is the one I use at the moment!

  91. [As for the ringtone question, then would it really matter to anyone if I said that you shouldn’t help yourself to any of our site content, including pictures and text? I don’t think it would, but I’ve said it anyway. – Features Editor]

    I’m glad this was mentioned. I had been wondering why people were saying they had done this, but even more puzzeling to me was the fact that you went ahead and posted their comments about it Fed.

    I thought your delete button was broke. You sure don’t have to worry about me ripping anything, I don’t have the capability to download ringtones to my phone as I don’t want to pay for it, and I don’t know how. I did “purchase” one when I first got my phone.

    Melissa (*_*)

  92. I have the lead part of ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, ripped from the live in concert DVD.

    David – the guitar God !!

  93. soy de chile, y me encanta pink floyd cuando se separo el grupo me quede 100%con gilmour su musik me llena y la disfruto, lo unico que espero ahora es que venga a chile….

  94. mi nombre es gregorio (California, E.U.).. tengo amigos que son de Chile (familia Perez; son musicos) me encanta la musica de David Gilmour tambien. Has escuchado el nuevo album “On An Island”??

  95. Monterrey Mexico is Wating for a real concert to show up!Monterrey The City Of the Mountains is Waiting for Mr.Gilmour to play! SOMEBODY LET HIM KNOW,ONLY THE BEST COME TO MONTERREY

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