'Red Sky At Night'



As only two people were able to correctly guess any of my words, you can both be winners.

So the winners are… Jan and Rudders.

Well done, both. Let us know where we should send your prizes.

Another day, another competition for you good people…

It’s been ages since our last, so here’s another ‘On An Island’ track for you to think about.

You probably know the rules by now, but, if you don’t, they’re very simple:

Just tell us three words that pop into your head whenever you hear David’s saxophone debut, ‘Red Sky At Night’.

It doesn’t matter what those words are or if you think they’re too silly to mention. Have no fear. All that matters is that they are individual words from the English language (no sentences are allowed) and that there are only three of them.

For example, you could have mournful, joyful or soulful – it’s entirely up to you.

I shall do the same and, if you guess one of my words, you will be entered into a prize draw. The first name to be selected at random, raffle-style, will win a prize.

If you happen to guess two, or all three, of my words, you will be entered into the draw more than once and will have an increased chance of winning.

The best of luck to all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

116 thoughts on “'Red Sky At Night'”

  1. Andrew
    my plans!

    Joking a part, my 3 words are:

    Anyway, I have bought the sellotape by myself!

    FEd, I have lost the last two chats and I miss you!!! When can I talk with you again?

    Your faithful blogger

    [Soon, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  2. languid

    After listening to OAI many (many) times after it’s release, I took a while off and listened to other things. Just listened through all the way for the first time in about four weeks and you know, it’s still an outstanding piece of work!

  3. Hi FEd & everybody !

    There are my three words:


    best regards


  4. Will listen to the song a few times this evening after work to see what I can come up with (if I can drag myself away from my p.u.l.s.e DVD, that is). Nice to see the competitions back and hopefully Fed doesn’t win it just because he got 3 correct answers.

    [That’s not a bad idea, George… – Features Editor]

  5. Mournful
    Libidinous (I’m straight…I SWEAR….why are you looking at me?)


    No prize for me, thanks. I’ve had my share….

  6. Reflective

    (You know I’ll always make time for you, F’ed)

    [Yeah, yeah… – Features Editor]

  7. Fedmeister

    Sorry to ask but I can’t seem to find any means of contacting anyone via the PF site…

    Amazon are advertising a 3pc PF Box set entitled Landmark Albums – DVD 2006. Does this fall into the same category as Inside PF A Critical Review i.e. a load of b*llocks?


    [Never heard of it. I’d personally avoid it, mate. – Features Editor]

  8. CAPTION : ” Nice ploy by the who’s feet team to hide our next guess, bravo ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  9. Sorrow

    I love that piece of music. I’m so glad David is who he is.


  10. By the way, I love that photo posted today. What great moody imagery.

    On this one I’m going with the three S’s:


    And to Lucia I just have to say, you make me laugh.



  11. Hi Fed,


    (p.s. the previewing your comment screen is blank again, fed)

    [That’s good to hear. Thanks, Mike. – Features Editor]

  12. Hi Fed and everybody,

    “Red sky at night” is a wonderful song, I can’t say it in three words, it’s only one feeling.


  13. My three are…


    By the way is it just me or does David play the sax with the same expression as his guitar solos?


  14. Whales (as in the big things in the ocean)
    private eye

    You said no matter how silly they seem
    Melissa (*_*)

  15. Well Fed, I hope you had a good week-end. I have to say that the calender is a good Idea. I was looking to see if anything was coming out in the near future and sure enough Nov. looks to be a good month. Plus I don’t have to keep posting about when cd’s or dvd’s are going to be release. Now do you know if David’s wife Polly is going to add any more pictures to the Gallery. Plus I know you hate this one but how is the Kitchen going.

    Take Care, Thomas

    PS. Matt and Lynn missed you on the chat line last week. Hope everything is going well.

    [I don’t expect any new pictures for a while, but we can always hope. I shall be spending an hour or two in the kitchen tonight, so wish me luck. – Features Editor]

  16. Geez Fed, that was tough. After listening to On An Island again, this is the best I can come up with:


  17. saxophone ( or however you spell the name of the instrument . o the joys of being dyslexic !)

    and i did’nt cheat and look at the other entries before posting this time !

    sorry about my confusion over the graham poll thing . what has happned to liverpool this season so far . i honestly thought united would be the top team to play badly

    can i ask a question . i have been meaning to ask it at the chats but always forget . ages ago i was reading an article on the history of the fender sratocaster guitar and in it i saw that david owns the first ever one produced with the serial number 001 . is that true and if so does he still use it ?

    o well until the next chat
    Linda Island Lady .

    [It’s not quite the first ever made, but it does have the famous serial number and David does still play it from time-to-time. You can see him playing it at the Fender Strat Pack concert, in fact. It’s available on DVD in support of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. It makes an ideal Christmas present… – Features Editor]

  18. Peaceful,

    I did think of soulful straight away, but as it’s in your descript Fed, I’ll pick 2 others,



  19. Hi, just a second post to update on my little cracker Joel!

    He’s 8 Days old now and I think I’ve taken to it pretty well, and he is absolutely amazing. He isn’t a bit of bother (not yet, I hear you say).

    I remember Lynn on a prev blog asking what Joel’s first PF song would be? Well I’ll tell you a story and keep it as short as poss!

    Last week baby was laid with me after feeding, and I was listening to a radio stn on satellite (P.Rock or the Arrow forget which) and The Great gig in the Sky was playing, and, although you won’t believe me, as the singing gets quieter towards the end I swear Joel was singing along to it in a kind of humming sound.

    I know it sounds ridiculous (esp as I am typing this) but my partner was with us and she couldn’t believe it either. When he sleeps he does make little noises etc but this was in the same pitch as the singing albeit for a few seconds. Made some strange sounds when Bohemian Rhapsody came on too! I know it’s just co-incidence but G G in the Sky is one of my mams favourite all time songs!

    Thanks again to all who have welcomed my little boy into the world and this little community!


  20. My three are;


    I`m not taking the mick, its just my grandad told me the saying of `red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning` when I was around ten years old on holiday in mid-Wales, and when I first heard the track, those memories came flooding back.

    And I must say David`s guitar style certainly shone through on the sax, I`m still blown away by it!

  21. for Red Sky At Night with Gilmours beautiful sax.

    my words are:


    FE’d…every time I listen to Gilmour’s music I want to go back to the concert at the Rosemont in Chicago (idiot’s and all). My one and only Gilmour concert. I loved it. Selfish comment, I know, but I am sure anyone who has been to one understands what an outstanding experience it was.

    I am happy, however, that I did have that one time and I have to say that I really love On An Island. I am listening to it right now.

    Thank you David Gilmour for doing one more very splendid album. Can’t get enough of that wonderful guitar and voice. I am grateful to whatever forces were operating that finally opened my eyes and ears to this music.

    Keep well all.

  22. Sultry

    I guess I’m in a “S” mood today.

    Any chats this week Fed? Ones after 4pm UK time work well. Thanks


    [I haven’t decided yet, sorry. Maybe tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  23. Hello.

    I’ll keep it short and simple:

    Three Words/Phrases:

    – “Gone are the innocent days…”
    – “You fight it, but it comes back”
    – “Chaotic, but calm”

    Heh, pretty abstract sounding, but it’s hard for me to think of single words. Much comes to mind when I hear this piece.

    Thanks for bringing it to us, David.

  24. Bright Blessings to you FEd,

    1. Soulful
    2. Enigmatic
    3. Unearthly (is that a real word?)


  25. 3 words re “Red Sky at Night”


    i.e. David did do it his self as I am sure he could have got many others to cover for him.

    By the Way Fed how is the kitchen?

    Ian Pearson

    [It’s coming along slowly, Ian. I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I’d have liked this week. I had hoped that it would be finished by the weekend, but I doubt it. – Features Editor]

  26. Dear F.Ed.


    have a nice Wed.
    ciao Elisabetta

  27. And my three words are…


    Have a great day all.


  28. o.k. here are my 3 words


    good to be back after surgery, how are the reds doing, Fed??

    [Oh, don’t ask. I hope you’re doing better than they are, mate. – Features Editor]

  29. Hello Fedmeister!!

    We meet yet again! A glass of beer and a moment in time produces:

    evocative, mournful, serene

    Of course it’s all about David’s seemingly limitless capabilities to make us stop dead in our tracks, genuinely affect us, and make us feel something special.

    Well done David!

    tom from san diego

  30. Dear F.Ed.


    David Gilmour’s music has always an optimistic vision, although it let us feel the sense of love, death, of life itself. Great.

    Ciao Elisabetta

    (preview is always in the “writing” form)

  31. [Sultry was my first thought too, Andrew. ß ^D]


    I’m confused. If sultry was your first thought too, then why did you pick three other words??


  32. Bluesy


    P.S. Dear FEd, still can’t preview my comments… Don’t know if the problems is on my end, or if the website is still having some technical difficulties. In any case, just letting you know. Have a good one.

    [It’s us, mate. – Features Editor]

  33. ~Night

    I posted these before reading anyone else’s, so hope I’m not duplicating too many….

  34. My three descriptive words are as follows:

    1. Warm
    2. Mellow
    3. Thoughtful



  35. Damn

    How about that! It’s my opportunity to use colorful language and get away with it.

  36. Hye Fed and all im not back on line as yet but found this cyber cafe and thought i would drop a line as im really missing the blog. catch up with you all soon i know its late but here are my three


  37. eerie, moody and ethereal. having probs getting on site. thanks fed.

    [I’m afraid we’ve had server trouble all day, Frank. – Features Editor]

  38. Sorry F*Ed ~

    I’ve just now been able to connect with the site…

    Keeping that in mind, my three


  39. Well done to Jan and Rudders for being the only people to guess one of my three words.

    Please let us know where we should send your prizes by including your full name and address with your next post (it won’t be published on the blog, don’t worry).

    For the record, my three words were: Poignant, Sombre and Brooding.

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