Meet-up: Islington



Our competition winners are as follows:

Tony K and Martin S
You each win a pair of tickets to see Guy’s show on Monday 13 November.

Tim C and Teun Thönissen
You each win a pair of tickets to see Guy’s show on Sunday 26 November.

Congratulations to you all. Please keep those dates free in your diaries and keep reading for details on how you can arrange a pre-show get-together with other blog readers.

As you know, Guy is doing four nights at Islington’s King’s Head theatre next month. Dates are 13, 20, 26 and 27 November. Some of you have already won tickets, courtesy of Guy.

As we anticipated, it turns out to be quite a good excuse for a blog knees-up.

Tickets are just £12, so, if you’ll be going on any of the above dates to get your ribs tickled, do let us know. Feel free to use this space to suggest times and places to meet before, or after, the show.

Please note that, in the interest of safety, we won’t publish any e-mail addresses.

There will be a chat tomorrow from 10AM (UK time) where everyone is welcome. A separate room has been set up to help those interested in meeting before any of Guy’s shows to make the necessary arrangements. This will be password-protected, so please see your e-mail for the all-important password – and keep it to yourself.

If you have purchased tickets, you can request this password and enter this private chatroom, but you will need to provide proof of purchase first. Please send these details as you would normally send your blog post. Of course, they will not be published.

Tickets are available from the King’s Head theatre box office (020 7226 1916) and website.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

55 thoughts on “Meet-up: Islington”

  1. Tony, Tim, Martin and Teun… Congratulations!

    Enjoy the show and if it’s ok with Fedmeister let us have a report of the show 🙂

  2. Caption Competition

    Guy’s reaction to DG having an apoplectic fit when he heard Polly had joined a Spice Girls tribute band wasn’t very professional…

    Fed… I don’t know if there’s a problem somewhere but when I preview my comments nothing shows other than “posted by Rudders… etc”

    [That shouldn’t be. Thanks for letting us know. If anyone encounters any similar problems, please do the same. – Features Editor]

  3. Caption: Oh, My God We Did THIS, Acoustic Echoes, that is…

    Congratulations to winners, have a good time


  4. Fantastic pic!

    And congratulations to the winners…Tim, you have two tickets: will you take me? 😉

    Enjoy yourselves, lucky people!


  5. off topic a bit, but take that won the vodafone award, my faith in the music industry has now hit rock bottom.

    i rate jonathan ross’ 4 poofs and a piano more than them. strange coincidence that!

  6. Congrats to the winners.

    I also like the “password-protected for individuals with tickets chat” idea. That is very progressive in thinking and certainly adds value to the site. A great idea.

    I hope all enjoy the performance and tell us about it afterwards.

    By the way, the image you put today is just screaming for a Caption Competition but I can’t seem to think of one right now.



    [Andrew, I swear to God, I am full of good ideas. They just seem to pour out of me all the time. That aside, I hope it helps arrange a great get-together (or four) and I hope we can do the same for many other competition winners many more times in the not-too-distant future. – Features Editor]

  7. Congratulations to our winners, especially Tim who is always so nice and funny !


  8. A big congratulations to the competition winners! You’ll have to tell us all about the shows. I know you’ll have a wonderful time.

    I’m headed up to Seattle today for the Roger show tonight. Theoretically, the next chat room would begin just as Roger’s concert concludes, west coast time….but dang, I don’t have a laptop computer. Oh well, sending good thoughts to everyone.

    Glad you get to take a break from the kitchen, FEd.

  9. Congrats to the winners. Hope you guys have a good time.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  10. Sorry, FEd…my math is a bit off! I think the next chat room would be at 2:00 a.m. Seattle time…a few hours after the conclusion of Roger’s show, anyway. But, if the pig escapes…you never know, the evening could run late…Have fun, everybody!

  11. Caption Competition… Look closely at the picture.

    Guy was tickled pink when the video link up with DG on the Astoria had gone horribly wrong. DG had left his microphone switched on in the toilet and everyone could hear the result of Phil Taylor’s curryfest the previous night…

  12. congrats to you lucky folks!

    hope everyone gets to post their thoughts and experiences of the night(s)

    have a great time

  13. Hope you have – I know you will have, a blogtastic time.

    Wouldnt it be good if we had an xmas blog meet up somewhere though.

    Pete – Coventry

  14. Hello Feature Editor,

    And congratulations to the winners, I have just bought my 2 tickets and when asking for what sort of proof of purchase I could get, so I could get the mysterious password, I was told to just say my name…

    So here Fed, my name is Emmanuel Ehny-Havion… and I met with the band In Venice and much enjoyed it.

    Will look forward to tomorrow chat and will read more from YOU…

    Please advise if any particular proof of purchase is required!!!


    [I’m afraid a name will not do as that doesn’t prove anything. A seat number or order reference number, perhaps? – Features Editor]

  15. CAPTION: David to guy ” I said we will add pillow of winds to the set, that’s not what I meant at all Guy tut tut…..

    Congrats to the winners

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  16. well done winners im sure you will all have a great time i read the reviews for the edinburgh shows and they were great

    enjoy my friends

    Ian have a good day tommorow and enjoy yourself

  17. Off Topic:

    i cant remember who said it on the previous blog but i totally agree, whats the first thing you do when the phone rings?….answer it! i keep trying to tell this to my step son who constantly downloads ringtones onto his mobile & has had his phone drained of all credit by companies who prey on young teenagers who think its cool to download them. He has since seen the light but an expensive lesson learned

    having said that….i would n’t mind the pings at the start of echoes as a message reminder…(im just as bad as my stepson then aren’t i….oops)

  18. [But then I do not own a mobile/cell phone. Anyone else on this blog anti mobile ?]

    you are lucky you have the choice . try co running a small buisness without one you soon get to see they have some value . if we get lost it is great to be able to ring customers and say where are you or if a customer gets called out of thier house and they call my mobile we can save a lot of time and hassle by resheduling the delivery for another day .

    i know there are bad things about mobiles too . my phone is not a status symbol it is a 3 year old nokia . you can’t take a picture with it on go on the net from it . all you can do is send texts and make calls . thats all i want to do with it . i have a camera and a computer seperately ! apart from texting 3 friends ( one in the uk one in poland and one in ireland ) and the occcasional call to my parents looking for lifts home when i just miss my bus , i don’t use my mobile much outside of work .

  19. Should be a good set of shows, have fun bloggers. Are you attending Fed? If so,let’s have a review from everyone. Good Luck Guy.

    Caption: Guy snickers and says “Oops, I tooted,and in B flat.”

    [Not this time, Frank. I’ll catch the next round instead. – Features Editor]

  20. F’Ed and Guy many many thanks.

    Will try and find a PC at work directly connected to the internet for the chat tomorrow morning as they normally block the chatroom.

    Guy I’ll buy you a beer in the interval if you like!

    [Have a good time, mate. – Features Editor]

  21. Funny thing about mobile phones. A few years ago British Farmers were asked to vote on what they thought the single most important invention of the last century was and the mobile phone won hands down.

    Believe it or not, some people actually need them.

  22. Congrats to the winners. It should be a good show.

    As for mobile phones, I am not anti-mobile, but to me it’s just a phone. I have one for business use, and emergency use. No fancy ring tones, no Java downloads, no Net, I call people, people call me, that’s it. I do my best not to use it when I drive, I don’t play games on it, I don’t e-mail people with it, I don’t take pictures with it…It’s a phone. Who needs all of those ring tones anyways? They are usually so crappy sounding that you can’t tell what the song is.

    Anyways, hope the chat goes good tomorrow, as it is from 5-7AM local time, and that’s my busy time. Have a great day, all


    (Hey Fed, when I hit preview, it comes up with a blank preview area. The text box and contents are still there, but the comment is not showing. It has the “previewing your Comment’ and the time stamp line, and that’s it. I’m trusting you get the whole thing. Hope there isn’t another big issue with the server.- Mike)

    [Thanks for letting me know, Mike. – Features Editor]

  23. WOW. WHOOPEE. Etc etc.

    I’m a winner!. Thanks to the spinner of the lucky tombola and to the good wishes of my fellow bloggers.

    (Michele I am blushing. Lucia, jump on a plane and you’re on.)

    I’m sharpening my review pencil already so, fear not fellow bloggers, I shall make a full account (short of giving away the best material of course – Guy has a book to sell …)

    [Congratulations, Tim. Have a good time. – Features Editor]

  24. Caption…”Scuse meee while I…simulate a puff!.Blimey I miss my smokes!”

    By the way Guy,unless I missed it I haven’t heard if you’ve been successful in quitting as per blogs way back.How’s that going?..and also if you ever decide to entertain us here in Canada I would like you to know that you would be a “standing room only left” show in my town, so “Please come to…”

  25. CAPTION:

    “Tee-Hee! I juth love thoth shoeths Phil! They’re abtholutely GORGEOUTH!!!!!!”

  26. Just a quick reminder to remember one of our greatest DJ’s today Mr John Peel who championed Pink floyd/David Gilmour he was one of the first to champion new music up untill the day he died, hope you dont mind me giving the man a nod fED, cheers

    [Not at all, Simon. Well said. – Features Editor]

  27. How great is that news!! I am mostly excited that I have won a pair of tickets for the show of Guy Pratt on the 26th of november.

    See you there…


    [Well done, Teun. Enjoy yourself. – Features Editor]

  28. Just noticed the inclusion of take a breath from the RAH. oh yes sir thats going to kick a$$!

    must have listened to the AOL take a breath about 20 times in the last 24 hours. Its sooooo good. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew which night the take a breath is from at the RAH?

    have a good weekend. all the hairy chest.

    [I don’t know, sorry. Will find out. – Features Editor]

  29. Happy Friday (2),

    Apologies to all. I did not mean to start a mobile phone debate.

    I only meant that I personally do not like them and, hopefully, I can live without one. However, I do see the benefit and am grateful for them when either of my kids ring to let me know that they are ok.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: plastic carrier bags. I hate them………..only joking !!!

    [How’s about them kids revving their noisy, souped-up petrol engines at all hours, eh? – Features Editor]

  30. I have absolutely no ned for cell phones. Hello! When I’m not at work and not home, that’s MY time. I really like being inaccessible at these times.

    By the way, the preview button is still not working right. It’s a blank space with “Previewing your comment” at top and “Posted by… at the bottom.

    [Cheers, Dan. – Features Editor]

  31. ha! Flipping…!


    Guy fails to withhold his snorts and snickers as DG pops on the screen with a mysteriously simultaneous boom of his voice from overhead: “st-e-e-E-E-E-VE…I hear you’ve been flinging sticks……..”

  32. hey fet ed . i hope that chat went well today . sorry i had to cut and run but dad had just called me to go downstairs and get the day begun . the one day a customer would organise a morning home brew delivery ( we usually deliver between 12-00 – 16-00 depending on where we have to go and the amount of drops we have to do ) he got his home brew and that made him a happy camper , nice guy he was too acutally 🙂

    can we have a 17-00 hour or so chat in the coming weeks if that is possible please . it might let more of our american bloggers join us .

    Linda island lady .

  33. Congrats to the winners of Guy’s tickets.

    Great news about the bonus DVD, although I view it a bit differently. Since I have already purchased two OAI CDs, I am really buying just the DVD and the OAI CD would be the bonus. However, it would be nice if it had Island Jam on it (hint, hint) — that would make it a real special edition.

    Just some media notes:

    This month’s Guitar World has an article on David’s gear from the time that he joined PF right up to the Final Cut album. There is a full page black and white photo of David wearing a t-shirt that is difficult to read, but we “irregulars” will recognise as “DIDN’T THEY DO WELL?” Pretty cool.

    Also, Wired Magazine’s Jargon Watch defines WYATTING as:

    v. Unsettling a crowded bar by selecting avant-garde music by the likes of Philip Glass and Robert Wyatt from the thousands of tracks on an Internet jukebox. It’s musical rebellion with a highbrow twist.

    Make of that what you will.

    Have a good weekend!

  34. It is ages since I have posted geezers, but what a rich tapestry of discussion topics there are here!!

    Can’t get by without my mobile phone for my business. Clients need to get hold of us 24/7 and often do….yawn!

    As to kids revving their engines FedEd, I don’t have to go back in the old grey cells too far to remember number one doing something similar. Although, I come from an era when you had to be loaded to have a radio in your car let alone a booming stereo!! So I can’t complain about that.

    Many years ago I used to drive a truck and there was enough room in the cab to rig up a tape machine with two speaker cabinets on the back shelf. It was nothing like the kids have today but I had great fun going down the road with “ummagumma” at top volume, that being the latest PF album out at the time.

    Hey ho!

    What about these people who have cheap versions of cars, them ones that are built without indicators…..they are a menace what?

  35. Here’s another view on the whole mobile debate.

    I carry a Blackberry (gives me both mobile phone and email technology when I’m not in front of a desk or at home) and I actually find it very useful to have. It gives me the option of being accessible wherever I am. Of course, cell phone etiquette is required.

    Great chat today – everyone have a fun weekend.


  36. FEd,

    I never imagined that my initial comment about PF ringtones would spiral into a debate about mobile phones. So many passionate comments.


  37. CAPTION : Went to the chatroom and my god the language made me blush. You know who you are tut tut ha ha

    have a great weekend guys.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I know! I never expected it of Michèle. She is a very bad influence. (J’ai rigolade avec vous, mon ami. Vous savez que j’apprécie le vocabulaire additionnel.) – Features Editor]

  38. [How’s about them kids revving their noisy, souped-up petrol engines at all hours, eh? – Features Editor]

    For some reason the above quote and Julians note reminded me of this. Years ago (early 70’s)I had this Ford Escort with a casette player/centre consol the works. Anyway, I had my car broken into. The casette player had gone but the Pink Floyd/King Crimson/Yes etc tapes were still in the car next to a note to the effect that they had been left cos I has a sh*t taste in music.

    Have a great weekend everyone
    Pete – Coventry

    [And they say that the kids of today have no respect… – Features Editor]

  39. Hi all,

    I was wondering if any of my fellow Americans have been able to find the Q magazine. I went to a couple of major bookstore, and have had no luck.

    Greg, I can understand where you are coming from with wanting everything and anything Gilmour you can get your hands on. I’m one of those people too. Yet, I feel differently then you. I have so much respect for David, that he (and PF) are the only real CD’s I have, everything else is burned. David has proven to me time and again that if you just “take a breath” and wait for him to produce the product, he will not disappoint. Have no worries though, I’m certain that bootlegging will still be around for many years to come, despite law suits, complaints, etc.

    I just wanted to make a quick comment about the Roger show I went to (My first and last Roger show). It made me appreciate David all the more, It all seemed too calculated and lacked emotion. Thank goodness they were just lawn seats. I really was disappointed. But I suppose I may be just a little biased 😉

    People say Roger has aged well, and maybe that’s true, but David always has been and always will be VERY easy on the eyes. (Am I right ladies?!) Hope to see you again in the not so distant future, David.

    Have a great weekend Fed and everyone.


  40. Now that you have this site, I want to see if the only word you will be able to write me is “torta al formaggio”!!!! AH! AH! Technology is a fantastic thing!


    [Indeed it is. – Features Editor]

  41. “I was wondering if any of my fellow Americans have been able to find the Q magazine. I went to a couple of major bookstore, and have had no luck.”

    If your looking for the November issue Erin, you’ll have to wait until it’s November. 🙁 The States are a month behind getting UK mags. You should be able to find Q at Borders or Barnes & Noble. That’s where I find them.

  42. Yet another nice chat session…I’m still pouring over my notes from our “foreign language lesson” today…..

    Have a great weeked all!

    Keep your knees loose….

  43. Caption..

    My guy..MY GUY..ooh talkin bout my.i.i.i GUY…

    “OH dear me..this is so embarassing!..whoever’s idea it was to play this song, you are history!

  44. Phew! Wenn Sie irgendein tun möchten wenig Bemühungen, dann kann ich nur oben geben. Sie sind nie ein guter Italiener! Mindestens habe ich Rezept Davids?

    Phew! If you do want to do either a little effort, I can only give up. You will never be a good italian! At least, will I have David’s recipe?

    Have a wonderful weekend mate! And a wonderful week end to all the bloggers!



    [The same to you. I think there are too many recipes to mention, though. – Features Editor]

  45. oh my god! I read the new entry right now and…I am catch unprepared! I’ll think about 3 questions…meanwhile…Guy, you are a fantastic man!


  46. To Geoff, Angelo, Nickster and Fed,

    The chat today, yes, I’m not so proud …you have to forget all those words if you want to remain gentlemen !

    But, those are only virtual words, aren’t they ?

    Have all a nice week end!


    [You’re right, they don’t count. – Features Editor]

  47. After reading Erin’s post, I too wanted to add a bit about Roger’s Shoreline show if I may.

    It lacked soul. I think the playing by Snowy White, Dave Kilminster, and Andy Fairweather-Low, was really good, but if it takes three to do what David does, and they still can’t quite pull it off, well, ‘nuff said. It was also too damn loud (115-117dB peaks were I was sitting).

    I am a grown man and I have no problem saying that David’s shows at the Paramount in April brought me to tears several times. Roger’s show two nights ago did not. I would like to see Roger again, but not at $150 for the exact same show each night.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I have a collection of C-notes here waiting for David to do anything, but only if it’s in Brazil or Toronto. . .

    On a positive note I noticed that the merch. booth had pins for sale, though $30 for five pins seemed a bit much. I was thinking if Anthill isn’t working out for you guys, perhaps Bravado International might provide a better client/vendor relationship. . .

    On another note, I received the brightest and most beautiful Pink Post-It notes anyone has ever seen! FEd please let Andy know that I am very appreciative. The prize arrived in perfect order and I am even playing with them now as I type! Thank you all very much indeed!

    [Glad they reached you, Marcus. – Features Editor]

  48. only checking in to say have a great weekend all.

    Have been on vacation and missed reading the blog. See that you have been having fun with Polly’s shoe pics. Glad I did not miss tons of stuff.

    FEd..I have to tell you that several years ago I entered pics of my kitchen in a contest. It was for a makeover for the ‘ugliest’ kitchen. I swear to you that mine was, but someone else won. Hope yours is nearly done and that you had a wonderful birthday.

    [Thank you, Jan. I had a great birthday and the kitchen is coming along nicely, thanks. – Features Editor]

  49. I just read Rudders s comment and the same happen to me; it is different when i post now; when i preview my comments nothing shows other than* posted by sylvie.F.é.???
    I was wondering if we would be able to order only the dvd because we already have the oai cd?
    bisous xxx
    sylvie de montréal

    [Thanks for letting us know about the problem you’ve had when previewing your posts. You will be able to order the DVD from the website next month. We’ll have details in the next few weeks. – Features Editor]

  50. F’ed,

    My IT is in a transitional phase at the moment and I can’t access the chat-room.

    Can I assume that any rendez-vous arrangments in relation to Guy’s show of 26th will be summarised on the blog in due course?

    For what it’s worth, it would appear to me entirely logical to meet at the King’s Head public bar itself rather than bring any other location into it ….

    [You can assume that the details will be here, Tim. There aren’t any to add as yet, so thanks for the suggestion. – Features Editor]

  51. Dear F.Ed.,

    my cell-mobile part two

    further to the the illogical thought “it’s better to have than to be” many young people (but not only) here in Italy must have the uptodated new best type that allows to send and receive MMS, SMS, images, soundfiles,uploading/unloading files on pc, bluetooth, video-photo camera, games, that’s ….all except phone! I don’t follow this world, but i suppose that famous songs tones like P.F. you spoke about in the last days already exist as you can buy via SMS everywhere all about cells: by magazines, by shopping tv channels, by advertising spaces on tv

    sorry if I gave vent to my feelings again about this matter, but I don’t understand to waste money and time in this way.

    It’s better to listen good music!

    Have a nice Monday,
    Ciao Elisabetta

  52. Wooo ! I won !

    Been away for a few days, what a pleasant suprise to come back to ! Thanks FEd, thanks Guy !

    I missed the chat though, I’ll have to catch up with what happened on the next one.

    Cheers !


    [Well done, Martin. Have a good time. – Features Editor]

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