Guy's competition



Our competition winners are as follows:

Tony K and Martin S
You each win a pair of tickets to see Guy’s show on Monday 13 November.

Tim C and Teun Thönissen
You each win a pair of tickets to see Guy’s show on Sunday 26 November.

Congratulations to you. Please keep those dates free in your diaries and see the Meet-up: Islington post for details on how to arrange a pre-show get-together with other blog readers.

As you may already know, bassist-cum-comedian (and regular blogger) Guy Pratt is doing four nights at Islington’s King’s Head theatre in November.

His ‘My Bass & Other Animals’ stand-up shows have been a resounding success, so I’m really pleased that he’s added some more dates: 13, 20, 26 and 27 November, to be exact.

I have several pairs of tickets to give away, courtesy of Guy. Just let me know which night you’d like to attend, along with your full name and address, and you will be entered into the raffle to win a pair of tickets to the night of your choice.

Of course, this should be a jolly good excuse for a blog get-together, so have a think about it and I’ll get a space set aside for you to make any meet-up arrangements – as I’ve done for all of David’s concerts – towards the end of the week.

Please be assured that I won’t – and never will – publish any of your personal details.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

111 thoughts on “Guy's competition”

  1. count me in, fed.

    thanks for thinking of us, guy. i’ve only heard good things about your shows and would love to catch one.


  2. What a gent!

    Pity I can’t get off work, but hats off anyway, hope the winners have a good one!

    Caption: Pathetic, call that a big one?? mine is over 6ft!

  3. Oh, Guy! If I was lucky enough to live in the UK I’d be there in a heartbeat. I think your show would cheer me up immensely. I bet the OAI tour supplied you with more than a little new material. Feel free to give us a little teaser (if David isn’t looming, of course).


  4. Happy Monday,

    What a great offer. So I guess this makes it a very happy Monday.

    Fed: I am well up for it. Put me down for the 26th of November for any unclaimed tickets. I did see Guy earlier in the year at Birmingham so, as grateful as I would be to go again, I would rather not deprive someone who has not seen him yet cos he is rather good.


    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  5. Will the shows be taped/filmed and be available for us low-life Americans to see? (Uh-oh, a whole lot of my fellow Americans are going to hunt me down and attack me with their pointy sticks in order to prove that they are NOT, in fact, low-lifes.) If the shows become available for viewing online, you’d tell us about it, right, FedMeister?

    [I would. You’ll have to ask Guy about that. – Features Editor]

  6. Hi all,

    When I see this pic, memories of acoustic Echoes from Abbey Road especially how Guy joined David with his fretless bass start to flow to my head. Unfortunately I won’t be in London in November, so I won’t be able to attend to Guy’s shows, but good luck all those interested in.


  7. I’d love to see Guy’s show!

    Any of the dates would suit me fine.


    Is the expanded DG album to include the live DVD going to include new packaging or is it just a loose insert?

    Keep up the good work as I think the site is really great.


    [We’ll have details just as soon as we can pass them on, Ruan. – Features Editor]

  8. love Guy’s bass, it just sound perfect and enjoyed him a lot in “Take a Breath, take a deep breath Now….” so please count me in for the competition, what are the questions?

    As I live rather an hour flight away from the Big City, I can at present think do all to be here on November13th and 20th, and will buy the second ticket for My “Kochania” (polish for my Love” and if no win will buy them both anyhow!!!

    Cheers to you all and won’t miss it!


    [There are no questions to be answered. You just give us your name and address (which sounds a bit shifty, but, I assure you, it’s all perfectly legit). These details will be entered into a prize draw and several names will be picked at random. The winners will each win a pair of tickets to a night of their choice. So please let me know your full name and address so that you can be considered eligible (and, if you win, we have some identifiable information to help prove that you are who you say you are). These details will not be published or used in any sinister ways. – Features Editor]

  9. Hopefully people from abroad (as in Holland) can enter too? If we can, count me in!!


    If not, can you get me a pick from Guy??

    [If you’re prepared to travel, you’re more than welcome to enter. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  10. Hiya all,

    Happy Monday – hope it’s less rainy where you are.

    I’ve been trying to buy tickets for Guy’s show but neither the ticketweb site nor the theatre site seem to offer tickets (or I’m missing it). I’d love to go…have put details at the bottom for entry into the raffle. I’m definitely up for meeting up with bloggers too…

    My research experiment has just gone live and I’m in the process of looking for as many volunteers as possible. It’s an Internet WebRadio that allows you to change the user interface skins, and then logs what you’re doing (this allows me to run all kinds of analyses on how people interact with certain interfaces). I would love it if as many of you that wanted to could get involved and become participants… it’s all done 100% anonymously and you can withdraw at any time.

    Ideally I need HUNDREDS of particpants…the effects I’m looking for are probably quite subtle, so I need a lot of people to give me some good statistical power (so that if there is something to be discovered, I’ll be able to see it).

    Click my name to visit my research website, where you can download the webradio (and read up about the research). There’s absolutely nothing commercial on the site, and there are no commercial links from it – it’s a 100% academic/research website created by me to support my PhD research.

    Anyhow, it’s all v. v. exciting (the culmination of 2.5 years work) and so I’ll be glued to my PC for the next few weeks generating interest and participants.



    [Only too happy to oblige, mate. My only condition is that people contact you directly should they wish to discuss anything to do with the experiment and not use this space/my time for that. Good luck with it. I’ll volunteer. I hope it goes well. – Features Editor]

  11. CAPTION: Guy’s version of I’m a little tea pot didn’t quite meet the requirements for the encore.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  12. Tempting to enter as I can easily pop down from the North coast of Scotland! But I will restrain myself and wait for Guy’s DVD release at Christmas! Best wishes Guy and to all who will see him.

    Ian Pearson

  13. Tempting to enter but its a long way from North coast of Scotland so will wait until Guy’s DVD release at Christmas!!! Best wishes Guy and to all who see him.

    Ian Pearson

  14. put me in the hat please F’Ed for the 13th


    Many thanks to both you and Guy for the chance.

  15. Lucky people born in London. And with my musical tastes, I should have born there. I’ll hold this against my parents!

    Good luck to our fantastic Guy for the shows and enjoy to the blogger who will be there. Guy….you know how much this blog love you! Would you like to come to my brithday’s party? …wasn’t this one of the way the kids use to say to another one that she likes him and wishes to became friends? Don’t worry, Guy. You have time a lot for answering. All the Winter!


  16. Dear Fed,

    What a great oppertunety for us!! How wonderfull would that be to see Guy Pratt in his show…

    I would be glad to see him on the 26th together with my girlfriend. Great fun!?


  17. Hi,

    Would love love to catch the show.

    However don’t count me in unless Guy can throw in plane ticket and accommodation and organise time off work for me or wait 12 months. Abet I’m too far away. Looks like I’m waiting for the book.

    Sydney, Australia.

  18. pfffff, nevermind my previous post, i wont be able to make it anyway…….due to awaiting workloads all days off have to be used sparingly from now on…..well, i would still like the pick and i will be free to help in your kitchen Fed!!

    [Sorry you can’t put yourself forward for consideration, mate. – Features Editor]

  19. We all agree that David is the best for so many things and of course he owns this site and keeps it alive, but Guy is a better and nicer blogger than him !

    Thank you very much for that, Guy.

    And many thanks to Fed for keeping the blog alive.


  20. Why wasn’t his tour called “My Bass & Other Dark Side’s”

    Why was Animals singled out? 🙂

  21. I would really like to attend the show on November the 26th! If I get a ticket nothing`s gonna stop me seeing that show!

    My name and adress is:


  22. Good luck to all who enter.

    I wonder if Guy would ever consider doing his gig in the states? Maybe one or two nights at Tramps in NYC? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  23. Darn it for not living over in England. Oh well, whoever goes have a great time.

    Hope you had a great weekend Fed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  24. Hello again FEd,

    I’m afraid I’ll have to pass although the Nov 26 show would undoubtedly have been a nice B-day treat.

    Thank you Guy and FEd for the kind gesture.

    Good luck to the contenders.

    Best regards,

  25. Caption comp:

    Pssst Steve, did you hear the one about the bloke who visited a zoo and the only animal on display was a dog……… was a shitzu.

    Pete – Coventry

  26. Great offer although I’m not entering this one.

    Um, I happeed to glance up at a tv last night and I’m fairly certain that I saw pink floyd nominated on the ‘vodafone live music awrds’, whatever they are.

    Is this true or am I seeing things?

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  27. I would love to attend Guys show but im one of those stuck in this so called free contry of america

    i do wish i could move to the UK i think i would like it alot better than America.

    Guy is truly a nice person to think of his fellow bloggers,i wish i could go. maybe one day i will get so fed up with this country i will move and the UK is my first choise you have such beautiful landscape there not to mention im a witch and i think ill be happier there i feel that in another life i lived there.

    Well Guy good luck at your shows an ill be there in my mine hope you have great sucess an remember those of us that cant be there really wish we could.


  28. F*Ed,

    Please change the title of this thread because as everyone here already knows, someone as individual and as talented as Guy….has no competition. 🙂

  29. [I’m fairly certain that I saw pink floyd nominated on the ‘vodafone live music awrds’, whatever they are]

    Chantelle, F’ed – I glanced at TV at the same time – see link – it’s for “best live return” for Live 8 and it must be a shoo-in surely…

  30. Re Guy’s show

    I’d love to attend the 26th – damn it I might even buy a ticket if I don’t win one !!

    I’m sure the train from Norfolk can handle the logistics


    So now you have my address, does that get me on the Xmas card list?

    [It takes a lot more than an address to get on that old thing, sorry. – Features Editor]

  31. Surely I will not be there in November,but I want to leave my comment for Guy.

    He’s one of my favourites bass players,and his work with Pink Floyd and David is simply amazing.


  32. Quote: “Um, I happeed to glance up at a tv last night and I’m fairly certain that I saw pink floyd nominated on the ‘vodafone live music awrds’, whatever they are.”

    They are indeed, for BEST LIVE RETURN BAND: Depeche Mode, Take That, Pink Floyd, The Who


  33. Count me in too Fed I would come all the way from Aberdeen………..!!

    [I can only count you in if you provide an address, Mark. – Features Editor]

  34. Caption: Guy, looking at Phil’s shoes, thinks, ‘how can those pointy things be at all comfortable? I just can’t see it.’

  35. I really would love to go but it’s gonna be difficult to travel from Amsterdam.

    Guy are you planning to perform somewhere else sometime? Let us know.


  36. Hi Fed,

    Good luck to the people trying for tickets to guy’s show.

    As a bassist myself, I have a question for Guy that maybe Fed could pass along. I was wondering why bass players are usually called the Balls of the Band. I have some ideas from my own experience, things like;

    -having really sensitive feelings
    -we’re taken for granted until you don’t have us
    -we are usually tucked away somewhere out of sight
    -we are often stuck between some pr*ck and some *sshole
    -the pr*ck out front usually gets all the attention
    -we’re more or less along for the ride
    -scratch us every so often and we’re happy
    -we may have a simple job, but try doing much of anything without us. It just isn’t the same.

    I know that’s kind of crass, but there’s alot of truth there, at least in my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Well, Fed, everyone, have a good day. BTW, how’s the kitchen?


    [It’s taking shape, Mike. It still seems as though there’s lots to be done, though. – Features Editor]

  37. [Why wasn’t his tour called “My Bass & Other Dark Side’s” Why was Animals singled out? 🙂 – Posted by: Matt Parish at October 9, 2006 02:39 PM]


    I actually thought this was a clever use of the title of a wonderfully humourous book by Gerald Durrell called “My Family and other Animals” which chronicles his younger days in Corfu. A great read…

    …But I guess the album works too…:-)


  38. I wish the pond was smaller so that I could just drop by and see Guy’s show. Perhaps Guy could travel here. What if he did a show in…Boston and we agreed to meet him there?

  39. November 20th looks free in the diary… actually most of November looks free in the diary, sigh.

    Please enter me for the 20th, thanks Guy and FeE. 😉



  40. message for guy : just want to say guy good luck with the shows . sadly i am in dublin with no way of travelling to london . i am in save up mode for a trip to england i have to make in january for a friends wedding . if i don’t start saving now now i won’t have much spending money. darn the euro sterling exchange rate 🙂

    i hope that someday if it is at all possible you might bring your show to dublin . friends of mine have seen it and told me how fab it is . if i could go i would be there in a flash (or more likely an airplaine 🙂 )

    here endeth the flattery and begging 🙂

    Linda island lady .

  41. That’s very kind of Guy to give away some tickets for his no doubt great show !

    I would have love to go and traveled from Holland to london like I did earlier this year . But none of the dates suite me now shame !

    If Guy playes again soon somewere I hope on a saturday or sunday I’ll try to be there .

    Maybe he can come and play in Amsterdam !

    Anyway everybody lots of luck and a good time there and Guy good luck with your shows.


  42. Guy, Rudders and I are eagerly awaiting to hear if Toronto is in the works. Kick some bass butt for your shows, good luck.

    “A Polish guy goes to the optometrist.” The doctor says, can you read this eye chart. He says, “Yes, I know those people.”

    By the way Fed, who’s Ped?

    [Our webmaster is called Peter, so ‘Pedro’ seems to fit with the whole ‘Ed’ thing. He’s the one who should get the most thanks, by the way. – Features Editor]

  43. id love to put my name forward but i think ive won enough this year dont you so this time ill leave my name out so someone else more deserving can get the chance

    so good luck to all my friends out there

    message to Ian keep your chin up and enjoy my friend

    also hello Fed hope alll is well in your world

  44. I would take Nov 26th; it’s my 20th wedding anniversary….

    But don’t enter me in the drawing. Hubby won’t fly. And we’re WAY over here in the Western U.S. (Besides who knows how I’ll be feeling with this chemotherapy going on!).

    Sounds like a FUN time and another great excuse for Bloggers to gather together again and create some more great memories!!

    Thanks, Guy! Bring the show to America, and us U.S. bloggers will be there!!

  45. I would love to go, I haven`t seen Guys show, but I`ve heard it`s very good!


    BTW Nick, count me in with your experiment, only happy to help mate!

  46. i would love to go on sunday 27th,

    My details


    thanks again for the great opportunities


  47. it would be great to get down south to see the musicians that the members of floyd use, lets face it they only use the best!

    it would be nicer not to have to travel that far and that all the great talent would head north of the border, not all the time just every now and then

    in fact it would be great to see more of either David, Richard, Nick and Roger north of the border a lot more often!

    hint hint 😉


  48. I just LOVE this photo! So I can hardly resist! xoxo

    “….hmmmmmmm……y-e-e-e-s-s-s…….A-a-y-y-y-e-e THINK I can bribe ‘Phillikins’ right out of those fab glowing neon plats of his WITH a couple of my show tickets……….why, they’d just be the BOMB with my new stage outfit!”

  49. 50p each or 3 for a pound?

    I am free on the 13th of November and would love to win a raffle (for a change!)



    [Send in your details and you’ll be in with a chance, Matty. – Features Editor]

  50. ok so i didn’t read all the rules the first time as usual…..also available on the 27th – exactly one month before my 40th!


  51. Found it!! luckily is a non public vote category as i would be kicking my ass really hard now since voting has closed…

    Depeche Mode, Take That, Pink Floyd, The Who

    If take that win i’m switching to O2

  52. [Um, I happeed to glance up at a tv last night and I’m fairly certain that I saw pink floyd nominated on the ‘vodafone live music awrds’, whatever they are. Is this true or am I seeing things? – Posted by: chantelle at October 9, 2006 04:06 PM]

    Yeah, I saw the same thing, Chantelle. I’ve had a quick look at the Vodafone Music website, and they’ve been nominated for “BEST LIVE RETURN NOMINEES”, along with Depeche Mode, Take That, and The Who…

    P.S. Great competition but I’m going to have pass on this one!

  53. Well there is another great show thats out of reach. I hope that one day for the faithful who live across the pond. That some of us blogers can have a chance to be part of one of these showings. I’m not complaining Fed, Its just sad knowing that we’re going to miss another chance to be part of something special. Unless we win the lottery…

    Sorry to be so Blue,

  54. We would love to attend any of the 4 shows.

    Mondays will be the best days.

    The venue is only 1 mile from my office.

    Gary / Melissa Hurley.

    [Send in your home address in the usual manner and you’ll be in with a chance. – Features Editor]

  55. Hello Matt,

    (Why wasn’t his tour called “My Bass & Other Dark Side’s” Why was Animals singled out? :))

    I think Guy is a fan of a writer and naturalist called Gerald Durrel who also founded an endangered species zoo on the island of Jersey. I suspect the name of the tour is a salute to Geralds book, “My Family and Other Animals”. It is absolutely hillarious.

    I think the writers sense of humour would appeal to you Matt 🙂

    ash X

  56. Hello Pete from Coventry,

    I was at the same show as you to see Guy. Were you one of the gorgeous young men that helped me help a wheelchair user through the doors? I was the gorgeous lady in black 🙂

    I can’t make any of those dates Guy, what other dates and venues have you got lined up? Your own web site hasn’t got any info about new dates (he’s obviously can’t get decent staff FEd).

    ash X

  57. Happy Tuesday,

    [Our webmaster is called Peter] – great name if I say so myself.


    [gorgeous young man] – it’s been at least 30 years since I was a young man. And I am not sure if I was ever gorgeous. Grumpy old man seems to fit the bill nowadays.

    Pete – Coventry

  58. Frustratingly we can’t make any of those dates – but hats off to Guy for making such a generous gesture to the bloggers – would have been nice to maybe have the chance to say more than “Here’s the stuff” and thrust a carrier bag your hand!

    Guess I’ll just have to wait for that elusive Leatherhead gig eh? 😉

  59. [Our webmaster is called Peter, so ‘Pedro’ seems to fit with the whole ‘Ed’ thing. He’s the one who should get the most thanks, by the way. – Features Editor]

    Ped, my Master’s Master, what is thy bidding…..

  60. CAPTION:

    Guy looks on impassively as another Abbey Road guest leans too far over the balcony railing…..


  61. Thank you Features Editor, here are both our details…


    She has much enjoyed the concerts as my partner at the RAH and then Venice and again in Gdansk where she was my very much local best guide one could have had, and we met there an amazing array of Pink Floyd passionate people who all became most fond of David Gilmour new Album…

    I personally find On An Island most inspiring and an example great lyrics and perfect music.

    Thanks again and I read it was recently your Birthday so Happy Belated birthday and mine is up soon so i hope for a great surprise to come for us.

    Kindest regards

  62. [Q magazine published its 20th anniversary issue on September 30th, featuring 20 separate cover stars, each one a musical icon, and each one exclusively photographed and interviewed for Q. David’s cover was shot by Ross Halfin]

    Thank you for publishing that info in the Press section. A shy question …could you publish the interview, please ? I looked for this issue, but I can’t find it in France …

    Many thanks.


    [It’s not all that easy to find in the UK, Michèle. – Features Editor]

  63. Caption Competition

    Guy’s stunt double sat quietly at the back with the “Beeblebrox” second head in front of him waiting for Arthur “Steve” Dent to emerge from behind the drums…

  64. [ I think the writers sense of humour would appeal to you Matt 🙂 ]

    Thanks Ash!

    I will look for it…

  65. Fed do you know anything about a band Guy was in with someone from the Orb a friend was telling me about them but he did not have any details id like to check them out as it sounds a good mix as i liked the Orb and obviously i like guy it sounds interesting dont you think

    [You mean Alex Patterson. He and Guy make up The Transit Kings, along with Jimmy Cauty of KLF fame. – Features Editor]

  66. Sorry to be back again Fed

    any more chat coming up i keep looking on the calandar can you let me know

    cheers mate

    [It’ll be on the calendar, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  67. Hi Fed,

    Our home address in the usual manner,


    Any date will do,but Monday is a best day for us.

    Gary Hurley.

  68. Excuse me FEd, maybe this is a silly observation, but is good breeding that, if you do an interview to someone and this one ask you a copy of that number of the magazine, you send it with nice word of thanks!

    So, I presume you have tried to call Q editorial unit, qualifing you as David Gilmour’s staff, and asking for a copy of the magazine…I can’t believe they answered “NO!!!!!”

    So, if David realized this interview, this means that he or someone from his staff have talked with someone of Q’s journalist…that’s logical! So, call him/her and ask him/her a copy of the magazine! I am sure they’ll send you! If I spoke english very well, I’d call them for you, telling I am one from David Gilmour’ staff! Funny!

    I really can’t understand this situation! David who can’t read his interview!!!


    [We do have a copy in the office, of course, and I’m sure that the interview will be on the site soon. I imagine that the Q lot would prefer that it’s in a week or so’s time, so as not to give all those people who can buy a copy an excuse not to. Remember that the Press section is nothing to do with me. I don’t need to have a copy and it’s not my job to scan it and put it on the site for all to see. I’d buy my own copy if I could find one… You’ll just have to be patient. – Features Editor]

  69. Hello Bloggers,

    I saw Guys’ show in Salisbury at the end of May and it was fantastic and very entertaining. Every moment was enjoyable and I’m sure he has added new material from this latest tour.

    Support Mr. Pratt, he really is a great Guy!

    Have fun

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado

  70. [I do wish he’d do a show in Cardiff! – Gem at October 10, 2006 01:45 PM]

    same here.

    come to wales, guy. wales always gets overlooked and we have some cracking theatres. if not for me or gem, do it for fed!

    [Lay it on thick, Victor. – Features Editor]

  71. [We do have a copy in the office…. – Features Editor]

    Oh, good! Sorry Fed, but I have understood that you (intended as David Gilmour’ staff) had problem to have a copy of the inteview….and that’s would be paradoxical!
    While Q marketing logical is understandable!

    Just a language misanderstanding….


    [No problem, mate. – Features Editor]

  72. I’ve got a spare copy of Q (with Kate Bush on the cover) that Michele can have. I’d bought it just in case I couldn’t find a David copy. Happily when I went to Sainsbury’s there he was opposite the chocolate – that was a good day!

  73. Please!!! Enough!! You’re too kind!!

    I intend to play the entire length and breadth of the country (and Wales) next year when my book (hopefully) comes out and also to tour the States and hopefully Oz, so fear not my petals..

    Also apologies to David for shamelessly hijacking the blog for my own ends. (It was Fed’s fault sir, he put me up to it..)


  74. [Hi Fed, Our home address in the usual manner]

    Gary, I am appauled at the smugosity of this post… *really just jealous ; )*

  75. “wales always gets overlooked”

    But does Guy know the bass lines to Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau and Calon Lan or that showstopper… Cwm Rhondda!

    PF does have a Welsh connection… when The Wall was recorded the Pontardulais Male Voice Choir sang on one of the tracks…

    And here are some other classic welsh tracks:

    1. Cwm Rhondda Numb
    2. Red Gog at Night
    3. Shine on you Crazy Dai
    4. A Swanseaful of Secrets
    5. Cardiff with that Axe Dafydd
    6. Brains SA Damage
    7. The Great Gog in the Sky
    8. One of These Dais
    9. See Emlyn Play
    10. Kidwelly Domine

    [Genius… Da iawn indeed. – Features Editor]

  76. Guy

    Please don’t forget Brazil!?! They’ll never forgive you and it’ll save the Fedmeister a stack of blog posts to read 🙂

    [Forget Brazil. A full-blown tour of the Celtic nations is what we want. (I’m just kidding, my dear Brazilian friends…) – Features Editor]

  77. “st-e-e-e-E-E-VE !!! I swear to GOD! –if YOU don’t take your bloody stick-flinging practice elsewhere, I’ll –“ –THUNK!!

  78. THUNK –THUNK –THUNK —“okay, Steve-o, I warned you…..I’M telling David!…. (m-a-a-a-n, is he gonna’ get it!)”

  79. […You’ll just have to be patient. – Features Editor]


    You do know that you are asking a lot from this bunch? Of course, your request certainly is not unreasonable. But how many times a day are you asked about when the OAI DVD will be released????


    [Too many times! I even mentioned it twice in the latest entry to hopefully make it crystal-clear. Someone will still ask, you just wait and see. – Features Editor]

  80. So regarding Rudders entry (“wales always gets overlooked”), is that English humor or British humor??


    [Definitely Welsh. – Features Editor]

  81. Guy,

    Glad to hear you will make it to the states next year. I will certainly keep my eye out, I’d love to see your show.


  82. Too far away to compete but wanted to throw in 2 cents that it would great to see a video or dvd compilation of the show, it sounnds like a rollicking time.

    Rick Wakeman’s raconteur type shows are great fun as well, I’ve been lucky enough to see him here in the US a time or 2.

    Being a bit of an Icehouse fan I wonder if Guy’s show includes any references to his brief time with them?

  83. Been away a couple of days so probably missed the boat, but would love to see Guy’s show. Any date would be good. From what I have seen and heard of Guy it should be an excellent show.


  84. [I intend to play the entire length and breadth of the country (and Wales) next year when my book (hopefully) comes out and also to tour the States and hopefully Oz, so fear not my petals..]

    Good man, Guy – and a book as well. Don’t forget Norwich – there’s a pint of Adnams lined up on the bar already for you ….

  85. Guy,

    I hear some penguins in the Antartic are also clamoring to hear your act. Any chance??


  86. Rudders how could you forget that classic from Ummagumma:

    Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch And Grooving With A Pict

  87. virgin airlines has some cheap deals…if there are dates Guy can let us know about for 2007 it would help.

  88. Hi FEd, Guy and friends,

    Guy, if you do ‘take the shoe on the road’ (Ed Sullivan…. ah, okay … but, truly, if you DO tour the states I am going to put in my request that you give the Seattle or Bellingham area a nod. I believe that there are some small, funky, friendly clubs that would be quite suitable. There are at least three or four Irregulars within four-hours drive and we’d bring lots and lots of friends (or just pick up strangers along the way for a laugh, really)!

    And remember, we always have room at the inn for our special Irregular friends (which, naturally, means you too, FEd) … a fabulous bloggers’ fest at my place!!!

    Now Guy, the way Erin, Lynn, and a few of us have it worked out, I’ll provide the location, they’ll provide lots of Irregulars, you will provide lots of laughs, and then you and that buddy of yours, what’s his name? Oh, yeah, David … the two of you can provide some great guitar licks and we’ll all dance like crazy people under the stars!!! Polly can lead the rumba line … I can see it all now!

    In any case, nice hearing from you again Guy, and have a laugh on my behalf at the shows!!!

    Hoping for chatroom announcements soon and also hoping that at least one can be at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. UK time, if I can be so bold as to put in a personal request!!

    Look after yourselves and those you love everyone … I think we’re on our own!

    Peace and love,
    Washington State

  89. […next year when my book (hopefully) comes out and also to tour the States…]

    Guy, I’ll be there! Say the word, and it’s a wrap…..

  90. Happy Wednesday,

    Rudders et all: LOL the Welsh names song titles were very good.

    My parents were from North Wales so my contributions are:

    – Remember a dai
    – Set the controls for the heart of the sun centre (Rhyl sea front)

    Pete – Coventry

  91. Just to satisfy my slight OCD for all those unfortunates who aren’t Welsh… 🙂

    1. Gog is a Welsh term describing someone from North Wales
    2. Brains is a Cardiff based Brewery and SA is one of the beers they brew… legend has it that SA stands for “Skull Attack”
    3. Kidwelly, Cardiff and Swansea are all towns/cities in South Wales

    And here are a few more…

    11. Arnold Laugharne (Laugharne was where the genius Dylan Thomas lived)

    12. On a Barry Island (Another town in South Wales)

  92. [I intend to play the entire length and breadth of the country (and Wales) next year when my book (hopefully) comes out… – Posted by: Guy Pratt at October 10, 2006 06:39 PM]

    good on you, guy. i’ll look forward to it. 🙂

  93. Fed,

    You required my address to enter! Is that home or e-mail

    Keep up the good work fed as this is a great website……………….!

    [Your home address, Mark. Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker. – Features Editor]

  94. I’m delighted to hear Guy will finally be touring the US!
    Very much looking forward to seeing you, Guy!

    With love,

  95. Fed,


    Best of Luck to me…………………!

    [Good luck, mate. – Features Editor]

  96. [Just to satisfy my slight OCD for all those unfortunates who aren’t Welsh… – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at October 11, 2006 01:41 PM]

    to those who are welsh, what a great win last night for the lads. or should i say boys seeing as most of them have only just left school?

    [A great performance. I was proud to be there to see it. – Features Editor]

  97. [BEST LIVE RETURN NOMINEES: Depeche Mode, Take That, Pink Floyd, The Who. If take that win i’m switching to O2 – Posted by: Ripper at October 10, 2006 08:58 AM]

    For those who didn’t stay up late watching a fairly dull show, Take That took that award. Boo! How could the Floyd NOT get it? Having said that, Live8 was July 2005 so not sure how that fits in with a 2006 awards ceremony!

    Looks like Vodafone have lost Ripper though…

    [Shame. But on the plus side, Ripper, I’d heartily recommend your soon-to-be new mobile network provider (especially if they paid me lots of money), so it’s not all bad. – Features Editor]

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