Guy Pratt Q&A

In continuing with Guy’s shameless hijacking of the blog, Pink Floyd’s comedic genius has agreed to answer some of your questions.

Before you start gleefully bashing away on your keyboards, please don’t bother sending in long lists of questions, because these will be deleted immediately. Be fair.

So that everyone gets an equal chance of getting a question answered, you’re allowed to submit three questions at most, so please think carefully before sending them in.

Not all of them will be answered, of course, but they will all be published here for all to see, thereby hopefully preventing any unnecessary repetition (please check through the other questions before sending in your own).

You can expect the answers next week, along with more chats, more competitions – and yes, even more shoes.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

93 thoughts on “Guy Pratt Q&A”

  1. Hi Guy

    First the serious question……nah, forget that one it was daft!

    You’re well known for playing with a number of established bands and artists – have you ever had the desire to start you’re very own band and take the world of music by storm – or are you happy enough with your solo show as it stands now?



  2. Hi Guy ,

    Three Questions ?

    1 What’s your absolute favourite Pink Floyd or david Gilmour song ?
    2 Who inspired you to pick up the bass ?
    3 Will There be more dates of your one man show? maybe in Europe (amsterdam) (I can’t make it to the forth coming shows in London)

    It was great to see you play the bass this spring and summer hope to see you again soon !


  3. – Who is your favorite comedian?
    – Who inspired you to play music?
    – What did you get Rick for Father’s Day?

    (Thanks for adding such a personal touch to this Blog, Guy. It means alot to us )

  4. 3 questions:

    1. Would you consider performing your one man show in The Netherlands?
    2. Isn’t it hard touring with your father in-law?
    3. With which band would you like to perform in the future?

    Thanks, Kees

  5. Hello Guy

    Your personal preference to play..StandUp acoustic bass or electric bass?.I know different songs have different requirements..but just kicking about.

    Relationships..Do you get along with your Father In Law?..and have you ever “purchased” any one of his solo efforts?..(I fully understand if you don’t answer this

    Career..If any band other than the one that you are playing with now needed a bass player and gave you a call to join them, who would you like to get that call from?(just while on hiatus from David’s band of course)

  6. Hi Guy,

    My 3 questions:

    1. If you had to choose just one, which is your absolutely favourite bass line of all time?
    2. Who would you most like the opportunity to play with, that you haven’t already?
    3. What are listening to right now? (or if not right now, what’s your current listening?)

    Looking forward to seeing your show at the Kings Head in November.



  7. Guy,

    If you are planning a tour in the usa what kind of venue info would it take to convince you to play near my city?

  8. Hello Guy,

    I’ve heard lots of great things about “My Bass and Other Animals” but living in Canada I will not have an oportunity to catch one of the shows. Just wondering if there is any chance you will record any of the performances for a dvd release?


  9. Hi Guy, um here goes,

    1. what did you think about Roger playing with PF at Live8?
    2. Have you ever been sideswiped by any pigs on the wing onstage?
    3. Do you play original bass lines to PF songs or do you create your own interpretation?

    Cheers, Beau

  10. Haven’t posted in ages but this seems like a good opportunity to do so.

    Here are my three questions:

    1) If you could play bass for any musician (not including any member of Pink Floyd or anyone you may have played with in the past) either alive or dead, who would it be?

    2) What’s you preferred bass guitar?

    3) Your favourite album of all time is…?

    Can i just also say that this is what make this website/blog the best of its kind. It’s all so personal: every attempt is made to establish a direct link between the artist and the fans. Thanks to everyone who’s onboard HMS

    x x x

  11. Hi Guy,

    I could repeat what a special you are and how much you are fantastic on the stage… but I have already done that in Guy’s page some months ago. So, I’ll try to be short (that is not my most famous ability!). But let me add just that this new proof of kind with fans is really a special gift. Thanks Guy!

    It’s not easy choose only 3 questions when you don’t know what the other are going to ask…and I don’t want to do questions which others will do…so, I try to go from the classic question to one more particular!

    Thanks again, Guy!

    1) You play with some of the most famous bands in the world since you was just a boy. Have the young Guy ever had the anxiety of performance, playing close of those genius of music and in so many different styles? (from Pink Floyd to Roxy Music and so on. How much have you studied for doing that?!!! Or did you do that just using your heart?).

    2) Which is the Pink Floyd song you enjoy more playing?

    3) I won’t ask your favourite recipe (but if you want to tell me, I will be glad to cook it!) but can I ask you some titles of your favourite books? The winter is long and I need a lot to read…and I love reading books suggested by my favourite friends (sorry for the “friends”, Guy…I am not a crazy fan, but I am a poor Italian girl and I now I don’t find the right word now). Don’t tell Polly’s, because I have already read them!

    thanks again!


  12. Hi Guy,

    Thank’s for hijacking the blog!

    First the ultimate Bonus Question: How can I get rich, famous and handsome???

    1.How can I inspire my son (7 years old) playing (Bass)-guitar, any sectret tips? I play stratocaster…but my son still prefers playing computer 🙁

    Maybe I should play some heavy Bass lines before he goes to sleep…

    2.Who’s your favourite Bass “hero”? Any particular song…

    3.What FX (Pete Cornish board?) did you use during the On An Island-tour?

    Thank’s for playing great bass lines!!!

    Ernest Peske,
    The Netherlands 🙂

  13. Hello Guy,

    since you’ve been playing in the best band of the universe…is there any objective left for you that you would like to achieve?

    Who is your favourite, already deceased, person in music history?

    Are you looking for a guitarist (for your band)?

    Thanks for reading

  14. Hi Guy,

    1 – Which was your favourite venue/gig during the OAI tour ?
    2 – Are you involved with your father-in-law’s next album ?
    3 – Where else are you touring your “My Bass And Other Animals” in the new year ?

    You’ve been a great asset to David, during his OAI Tour and recording sessions and previously with Pink Floyd. Long may this partnership continue.


  15. Hi Guy, thanks for being a part of this blog mate, it helps to bring the place to life.

    1. What’s your favourite curry?
    2. Did you ever play any of the original Tomb Raider games?
    3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  16. Guy…

    1. Margaritas. Frozen or Iced?
    2. Holidays. Beach or Adventure?
    3. Blogs. Yours or DG’s?

    Your updated website looks excellent by the way. It must have taken you hours to do 🙂

  17. Sorry this is a bit off topic, but I had to comment. I just read that Roger is continuing his tour after the 1st of the year, basically world-wide, including more shows in the Europe and the states. All this and with no new material. Yet people come here and bitch about David exploiting his fans by releasing new material. Go to Roger’s site and bitch! David’s busy working.

    Hello, anybody in there? Think McFly, think!

    Sorry, just had to vent a little . .


  18. Hi Guy,

    3 questions, i could ask so many.

    1. Did the rest of the band have any input to the set list for the On an Island tour or did David decide?

    2. If Pink Floyd were to reform for one last tour would you be happy to play second bass to Roger or is it lead or nothing

    3. Since touring since the mid 80’s with the Floyd, which tour has been the most memorable and why (inc the On an Island tour)?

  19. Hello Guy,

    Thanks for your excellent performance in Toronto, it seems like yesterday.

    1) Who is your favourite musician?
    2) Would you do another Pink Floyd Tour?
    3) Is it possible to bring your show to North America, Toronto?

    Thanks again,

  20. Hello amigo,

    – Are you familiar with My Morning Jacket, from Kentucky?
    – Check the crazy bass player is a bit violent?
    – Ain’t Friday the 13 spooky whooh??

  21. Hi Guy,

    I have only two questions for you. I’m anticipating that there will be lots of the same questions asked so I will try and be different.

    1. On Lemon Jelly’s remarkable album “Lost Horizons” I spotted your name in the credits of the wonderful track entitled “Nice Weather for Ducks”. What was your role on this track? Did you play bass?

    I just love singing: “all the ducks are swimming in the water. Fal de ral de ral do, fal de ral de ral do.

    2. Where can I get me a “Didn’t They Do Well?” tee shirt?! Ha, ha.

    I cannot think of any more questions. But I shall enjoy reading everybody elses.

    Take care.


  22. Oh yes and I saw you perform in Toronto on night 2. Absolutely wonderful. Keep kickin it bro..

  23. Guy

    Off the top of my head:-

    – What’s it like being on the road with your father-in-law?
    – What’s the most difficult David Gilmour or Pink Floyd track for you to play live?
    – Were you a Pink Floyd fan during your teenage years?

    All the best


  24. Thanks Guy for allowing us to respond with you.

    Since it’s Fri. 13.

    1) Do you have any superstitions?
    2) On “Time”, was it your idea to mute the bass strings during the drum sequence?
    3) What is your favourite brand of beer?

  25. Three questions for Guy.

    1. What is your most memorable Gig and why?
    2. Who is your favourite other bass player?
    3. Can I buy you a beer?

  26. Thank you Guy for chatting with us, it’s a real pleasure.

    1) How did you happen to meet David?
    2) Do you like playing guitar the same way as bass?
    3) Do you think nowadays there could be any new band with such unique sound and ideas like Pink Floyd?

    Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon.

  27. Hey Guy,

    First off I just want to say that I think you are the off the hizzle!!

    Here is my question: Who was the one person that influenced you the most?

    Renee B.
    Fontana, ca USA

  28. 1. who’s your all-time favourite arsenal player?
    2. what were the stand-out moments from the ‘on an island’ tour?
    3. describe david gilmour in five words.

    all the best with the shows, guy. thanks for reading these.

  29. Three (3) questions for Guy Pratt. All regarding Whose shoes part1.

    1. Did you know for an extra 50p your trainers come in a deluxe edition with shoe laces?
    2. Did you ever open the large cardboard box you where standing on?
    3. Do you perfer standing in the 10 to 12 position or the 10 past two position?

    Gary Hurley

  30. Hi Guy!

    Let me tell you how fantastic you were in Vienne! Your way of playing adds so many to David’s performances. Thank You.

    These are my three questions:

    1/ How can you sum up the “On an island Tour” journey ?

    2/ How does it feel to be in Roger Waters’ shoes during the “classical Pink Floyd’s part” of the concert ?

    3/ What are your next projects ?

    Thank you for your energy and talent on stage! Thank you for personnal contribution to this blog!

    See you soon and God bless you Guy !

  31. Hello Guy,

    I saw your show and loved it. Looking forward to seeing it again sometime. Sorry can’t make it to London this time. XXX

    1. Phone number.
    2. E-mail address.
    3. Your place or mine.

    What ? What’s wrong with that? They’re questions aren’t they? Everybody already asked all the best questions so I had no choice.

    ash X

  32. Guy,

    Putting the Final Cut aside, is there any other Pink Floyd or Gilmour song that you are NOT particularly fond of playing and why? (There must be at least one that makes you say geez I hope they don’t want to play that one…)

    Stand-up, strap on (as in Fender), fretless, fretted, electric, acoustic, 4-string, 5-string – what is your preference in bass guitar or do you just prefer to change it up regularly like your socks?

    My Bass and Other Animals is clearly giving some recognition to bass players. Have you given any thought to starting a fan club for aspiring bass players, maybe call it the Guy Pratt Army (think of the impressive logo you could design) and provide members advice and tips on how to get to the front of the stage so that they can have as much respect as the lead guitarist or lead vocalist?? Maybe you could enlist Sting and Les Claypool as Generals because you would be Commander In Chief.

    Thanks for entertaining my questions.

  33. Hey man! Thank you for giving us fans the chance to ask you some questions.

    Is there a chance that I can get/buy a soundboard recording of the version of the song Echoes that was played during David’s tour?

    [I’m afraid not. – Features Editor]

  34. Dear Guy,

    I saw one of the first of your shows at the Edinburgh Fringe & absolutely LOVED it!!!!!

    The sound of your bass went just right through me in that venue.


    1) What was that first audition for Floyd like?
    2) How do you think that Roger feels about you?
    3) Is there any musician that you absolutely HATED working for/with?

    Thanks for visiting us here at Gilmourland. It means a lot!

    Take care & keep on rocking!


  35. Hi Guy,

    Saw you with David the first night in Toronto. You were spot on, and I’m a big fan of yours now.

    Here are my questions:

    1. You mentioned the other day that you have a book coming up next year. What will it be about? Is it like a memoir or something not as personal?

    2. Do you get the jitters before a live performance? If so, what do you do to calm yourself down?

    3. Can you cook?

    Thanks for taking your time to be part of blog. You’re the coolest! ;P

    With love,

  36. Hello Guy!

    Here’s my list and I’ll try to keep it short.

    1)How old were you when you took up the bass?
    2)Was the bass your first instrument?
    3)Who were your earliest influences?

    I just want to say that your contributions musically have been just the right piece to the Pink Floyd/David Gilmour puzzle. You have done an excellent job of complimenting them. Cheers!

    I hope that you come to the States with your show so that the rest of us yanks can enjoy it.

    Thank You
    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  37. – What was (were) your nickname(s) during your school years/adolescence?
    – Throughout the years, what have been your nicknames by your band mates in Pink Floyd and OAI tour, etc?
    – Will you please tell us your top two or three humorous stories behind any of these nicknames?

    THANK YOU, “Uncle Guy”! —

    Call me “Mush”, but your humor, your stories, quips and ‘quirks’ are always a welcomed joy whether onstage, on the street, or online. Using your creative gift of positive expression, having fun, and looking to brighter sides in WHATEVER you do, you really know how to break ice and bring people down to earth, keeping it real, and sealing it all with a very special endearment.

    -–THE best medicine by far for so many is what YOU are dosing out….

    “So there”! ;^> xoxoxo

  38. Thanks for playing a great part in all things David. Now, for you I have a questions three:

    – What is your Quest?
    – What is your favorite colour?
    – What is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden European Swallow?

    Oh all-right, all-right, you may pass. . .I’ll get me coat. . .

  39. Hey guy!

    1. Any plans for a solo album one of these days?
    2. Hablas espanol?
    3. Whats your stance on the filesharing, mp3, record label situation?

  40. Hi Guy!

    Only one question for you, but you can give me three answers if you like!!

    From a bass-players’ performance standpoint, which David Gilmour/Pink Floyd song(s) would you list as your favorite and why? Most challenging, most satisfying, most fun to play with the other musicians, most energizing (as in best to dance too!!)??

    I realize that this is similar to some others’ questions, but since I’ve asked this one before, I feel like I can be just a little pushy!

    Thanks for all of your input, Guy, whether it be musical, comical, or just being one of the Irregulars! One more thing, every time I say your name I flashback to the early ’60s and Mary Wells singing “My Guy” on KRLA radio … thanks for that too!

    Washington State

  41. Hi Guy – thank you for all the contributions you made to David’s career.

    My question – at 1 point you stated that the first Massey Hall show in Toronto (April 9 – i believe) was your favourite of the tour. Could you elaborate on that.

    If you could list your 5 favourite shows of this tour, does this show still make the list.

    thanks & keep rocking!,
    joe from Canada

  42. Hi Guy,

    1. How did you meet your wife?
    2. Do you have any children? Are you still in the planning stage and not the execution stage?
    3. What do you do during weekend, when you are not touring.

    BTW, your performance on Pulse tour was superb. Your “Run Like Hell” was amazing. I never thought the song would be so powerful and it was a fitting finale for the tour.


  43. Hi Fed

    Can you tell me how to send a picture attached to a post?

    [It’s not possible to do that, sorry. If the picture’s online, you can include a link to it in your post, but please note that some pictures aren’t considered suitable for an official artist website and will not be shared. Aside from the obvious no-nos, this includes photographs of the band taken during concerts. – Features Editor]

  44. GUY: Smoke on the water aside I have no questions just a thank you from a 35 year old fan,

    Alas i was not there for the seed that was sown that became PINK FLOYD but hey I saw you in 88 and that was my well spring for this fan to become a FAN or as we like to call an irregular .

    Thank you again for being part of this whole circus and though you aint the ringleader rest easy in the fact you aint no clown either.

    Thank you for countless happy memories and if the mrs lets me I’ll be at one of your gigs………. signed copy of the book please.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  45. Three ? for the talented Mr. Guy Pratt:

    – What are some of your other hobbies & interests besides music, the bass guitar, comedy and various as sundry of instruments ?

    – What is your favorite tour city to hang out, eat and relax?

    – Aren’t you just sick of all these questions?

    Thanks for being a great sport, a great musician and overall good bloke! Best wishes to ya mate.

  46. Oh, how fun.

    I only have one real question,

    When you are up on stage doing a song like shine on or something and people start singing is that great or does it ruin the whole atmosphere for you?


  47. Hi Guy,

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity. My questions are:

    1. Your very mobile when performing, particularly tracks such as run like hell, sorrow and take a breathe. Have you ever had a mishap?(we’ve seen your laceless shoes now!).

    2. Its well documented that you find the reggae bass break in money on the delicate sound tour embarrassing (personally I love that bit) yet it is note perfect. Have you ever seriously gaffed?

    3. You are well known for your work on film/tv. I like to compose music and have often wondered if I am missing my vocation. What advise would you give someone looking to get in to this type of work? ie, how does one get noticed.

    Thanks and regards

  48. ok, 3 questions

    1. If you were to hold a dinner party and could invite 3 well known people (dead or alive) who would they be?

    2. What was your least favourite subject at school?

    3.Where would be your favourite holiday destination?

  49. To our favourite band blogger :

    – Do you love the sea and do you like sailing and dreaming on the Aegean sea ?

    – Is it true that you made people believe that you were David , while jamming with a local band in a Formentera bar during summer holiday last year ?

    – Do you speak french ?

    Thank you.


  50. Guy,first I want to say to you that I appreciate all you’ve done for Pink Floyd and David.

    1)I know you are a PF fan and you was at Earls Court shows of The Wall(From Shaffner’s book).What was your first impression working with Pink Floyd some year later?

    2)I’d like to know how works David in the studio.I think he’s quiet,and let you do the best you can.It’s true?

    Thank you and best wishes for all your projects.

  51. Hello Guy,

    Aside from the ‘How did you get involved in Floyd’ and related questions, there’s one that comes to my mind.

    Would you consider a hop across the Channel for a show in Antwerp, Belgium ?

    All the best,

  52. Hello Guy,

    Thanks for taking the time out to do this Q & A session.

    My question is: If you hadn’t gone in to the music/entertainment business, what job would you have done?

  53. Guy: Thanks for the great concert memories!

    1. Ever think of doing any shows in the U.S.?
    2. Is there any way to get a band autograph?
    3. Did you really consider anwering Ash X’s questions?

    Bonus question: Is Jon considering bringing back his big 80’s hair?


  54. Okay, Guy – Unlike Marcus, I won’t ask your favorite color, because if you answer wrong who knows what terrible thing may happen? Instead I’ll ask this: what’s the funniest encounter you’ve had with a fan?


  55. Are you and your show coming to NYC?

    Is there one city or theater/arena you wish Pink Floyd or David Gilmour had played in?

    And since my Monty Python question was taken already, I’ll leave it at that…

    …unless you’d like to share how you get your son to brush his teeth? My four year old is “allergic”! I don’t think anyone has an easy answer to that….

  56. Here’s one for David, Guy and the kids.

    What do you say to a 3 headed alien playing Comfortably Numb?
    Hello, Hello, Hello.

  57. Hi Guy. Inspired by your talent. Great to know your still rockin’ and rollin’ after so many years. Here’s my questions.

    1. Which concert with Pink Floyd stands out to you as the most amazing?
    2. What do you make of the PULSE DVD?
    3.You’re a comedian, what’s your favourite joke!?

  58. some of these q’s…. whoah. play 2nd bass to rog? huh?? how many times have u seen 2 basses onstage? BIG BOTTOM was a joke man! favorite color? do u cook?? come on guys!

    1) If you have met Roger…i am curious how he treated you and any comments he may have made concerning your many years of being the surrogate ‘him’? (btw you have done a very remarkable job in my opinion)

    2) what is your favorite time period of playing with gilmour? (mine is momentary lapse…you guys were so hungry and aggressive with a lot to prove and apparently the party was pretty crazy backstage on that tour…i would kill to hang at ‘the donkey’s knob…or whatever that was called…or was the division bell? anyway!)

    3) how hot was rachel fury in real life? (that chick is smoking hot…especially on the floating stage in venice…whoah!!)

  59. hi guy,

    you’re so cool.

    – what are you listening to now?
    – do you have a favorite indie band?
    – what do you think of the alt-country movement that seems to be moving along pretty strong right now? (think mojave 3, cub country, james yorkeston, vetiver, expers, etc…)


  60. Hello everyone,

    Guy thanks for your time, I would like to ask about:

    1) your reaction when you were informed that you’re accepted for AMLOR tour with PF

    2) your view on your collaboration with Steve during OAI tour. Was it easy to find “joint language”( I mean to understand each other)

    Best wishes

  61. Question for guy

    1: did you have a rave/dance song out with i think Durga McBroom some time ago/what was your involment

    2:are you planning on doing any more work with the guy from the Orb (just discovered it ,Great stuff).

    I remember wen i used to go to alot of raves in my more experimental days and the song i think you recorded re question 1 , it was a top dance tune

    thats all mate thanks for all you do and your support for the blog/site etc

    just been watching Delicate sound of thunder what a hair style between you and John Carin are what the 80’s were all about

    ps i met you at abbey road you gave me your autograph thankyou plus through the whole tour you made the fans truly a part of everything thanks again

    all the best with your comedy im looking forward to the book when you get time

    bye for now and thanks

    Fed, if you dont mind Thanks Ian you know what i mean your a star

  62. Guy,

    I just want to tell you… you’re a great bassist… I like your performances far more than Roger’s… and… it’s great you keep reading and participating on our blog…

    As questions… I got simple ones!

    1.- Do you know Mexico? Are you planning to bring your show over? I know it might be pretty hard since we’re not used to foreign comedy, however; I’d think there will be a lot of interested people… more so… we’ll be hell of a hosts for you!

    2.- What’s your biggest dream in your life? What’s it that makes Guy’s heart keep beating in order to accomplish something else you haven’t already accomplised?

    3.- What d’you think of our dear Fed?

    Best wishes pals! C-ya!

    Shine on!

  63. Guy…

    I was just in the process of framing some old programmes of concerts I’ve attended and one made me smile…

    Billy Connolly 1985. The tour was entitled “Not so much a comedian, more of a wreck on tour”

    Not that I’m suggesting…. 🙂

  64. Hey FEd, this is just a thought, no need to be published.

    I was just watching “the Culture show” (saturday’s 7.30pm, BBC2) and they have this thing where people have to nominate -and later on vote- ‘the’ british living icon… only conditions: to have done something which has made a mark in brit culture and…well, being british and alive. In their words: “The search for Britain’s greatest living icon – a chance to nominate the person who’s had the biggest impact on our cultural life. ”

    Anyway,people have already proposed a few and I just thought… hey! wouldnt DG qualify as a living icon?? (rhetoric there… LOL yes, he would qualify and I suppose I dont have to go in length about the reasons why).

    So anyway, I thought it was worth checking out and maybe you could use it on the blog -if you’d like- for those slow days, weeks… it’d be quite a finishing touch to a grand DG year, to be chosen a living icon, right?

    If you are interested: click my name.

    Anyway, have a nice weekend…

    [Although I imagine David would be mortified at the idea of being called an Icon, we all agree that the man’s great, so I’m happy to give it a plug. – Features Editor]

  65. Sorry, moi again. I already sent in an email with my nomination (guess who??) for the living icon quest. The more people that nominate one person, the more chances to make it to the shortlist from which later the living icon is voted: ‘Over the next few weeks we’re inviting you to send in your nominations for your favourite icon by email or text. The shortlist will be released and voting will commence on 11th November.

    Email the name of your icon here:

    Anyway, sorry.. wont bother you with this anymore. Off to think of some clever questions for Guy.


  66. I’ll have to echo Christopher’s question about any sort of recording/dvd of your “solo” tour?

    Also, being somewhat of an Icehouse fan, I have to ask how that experience compares with working with David and the Floyd?

    thanks for all the great music over the years…

  67. HI Guy, My only brothers name is Guy so its cool!

    I appreciate your comments when you post it is a very pleasant surprise for us each time you write . Please dont ever stop my friend.

    Here are my 3 questions;

    1. How did you like touring with your family, i think you have a little boy of 4 years, was it easy for your little family to travel around the world?

    2. How did you feel first time you realise that you would play with Pink Floyd on disc and on tour ?

    3. As always Michèle think the same questions of me; est-ce que vous parlez français?

    Thank you f.é. i called Sylvie de québec and the first contact was excellent!

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [I’m pleased to hear it, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  68. [Craig says, “Bonus question: Is Jon considering bringing back his big 80’s hair?”]


    I canNOT believe you just posed that question –you GO with your weave, Craig! …cripes, you!

  69. A few years back some of my friends encouraged me to go along with them to the Pink Floyd concert in Dublin. I had never lisented to any of their music before but when “Wish you were here” was played i think i felt as though id known this unique brand of music all my life.

    My question is a simple one.

    What theories have u discovered over the years on how to approach life? Your music speaks to so many people on so many different levels, but i would like to know what feelings you entended people to feel while listening to your music and what/how you feel about it.

  70. Hi, Guy,

    I would like to ask you, what is the most difficult part of touring (other than being away from your family).


  71. Hello, Guy.

    1. Whatever happened to the OAI poster that we bloggers autographed and gave to you when we met in Oakland?

    2. What was your most musically challenging session gig?

    3. What’s more fun, playing Echoes with Rick and David or having …?

    Thanks for keeping Fed busy..

  72. (Since I’m heading out of the country today until through the 22nd, I’d like to bid an early birthday wish to Mr. Jon Carin [Saturday 21st] )…

    May God bless you and yours with (hopefully) a relaxing, off-the-road, home-style celebraton!


  73. Hello Guy.

    1. Is it true that Roger Waters asked you to play Bass on his Amused to Death Album?

    2. On the Summer Tour 2006 David took the Train from Linz (Austria) to Munich. Did you and the other bandmembers also traveling with train?

    3. Do you like Ricks Broken China Album?

    best wishes


  74. Only one question for Guy from me:

    On August 12 (second Venice show) David leaned over to you during his second solo on Comfortably numb and said something to you – i wonder if you remember what he said?

    Besides the question – just wanna say you are the best!!! Keep on rockin that bass of yours!!

  75. My 1st Caption:

    Guy feels the presure during a recent sponsership gig at the Persil factory. The enforced dress code was being closely monitored by local management, stage right!

  76. some months ago I bought “Echoes” and I must say that it’s very wonderful!!!I never heard Pink Floyd before so I must admit that you rock guys!!!!!!!

  77. hi guy . thanks for letting us quiz you 🙂

    here are my 3 questions .

    1: which do you think sounds better your normal bass guitar or your stand up bass or does it depend on the type of song you are playing ?

    2: out of the momentary lapse of reason , division bell and on an island tours which have been your favourite and why ?

    3: when you are on stage with pink floyd or david gilmour solo do you have a favourite song to perfrom and what is it ?

    take care guy . don’t forget to think about putting on my bass and other animals here in dublin . there are i am sure a load of old rockers like myself that would love to see it 🙂

    hey fet ed . o dear what happned with liverpool . dropped 2 points in a match they should have won 🙂 talk to you in the next chat i hope .

    Linda Island Lady

    p.s fet ed my aoplogies if i have sent this more then once my computer appears not to be able to find a server .

    [Tell me about it. Liverpool did enough to win, but c’est la vie. I think our server’s being temperamental again, so don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  78. Cripes!!! So many questions, and a generally very high standard I might add..

    But to get the main one out of the way… I love working with my father in law…I managed to sail the Atlantic without falling out with him so touring’s a doddle..


  79. Hi Guy —

    You’re very kind to entertain our questions! My 3 questions:

    1. Was there a specific point in time when you decided to make the performing arts your career — i.e. a point in time where you gave up the “day job?”

    2. Who encouraged you the most in pursuing your dreams?

    3. How do you keep yourself energized while on the road? I imagine there must be days which are quite fatiguing or frustrating…how do you bounce back?

    Thanks again for taking our questions! All good wishes to you.

  80. hi Guy…

    I couple of weeks ago i found one of your songs: “GRAND CENTRAL STATION”. I think it´s great and i wonder if you have more stuff like that. but question #1 is.. Is DG playing guitar on that song ?

    #2. I know what basses you use, what amps and cabs you use, but i´d like to know what do you have on you pedalboard.

    #3. Why did you put the WEM label on the Ashdown cabs ? i know you are endorsee.. no trouble with ashdown cause of that ?

    Best Regards

    My names is Alex, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  81. Hi, Guy! Thank you very much.

    So…what’s your favorite brand of beer?

    Have you ever been so blown away by David’s guitar playing that you’ve forgotten to keep playing yourself?

    Do you have a favorite DG guitar solo?

  82. Three questions:

    1. What is more satisfying: being in the studio creating the album or being on tour refining the work?
    2. What’s the most favourite thing you do with your child?
    3. Would you rather be: a football star; or the rock icon you already are; or a sell-out-the stadium comedian?

  83. Hi Guy,

    Ta, for the opportunity to ask a few questions.

    Boxers or briefs ?
    Pj’s or naked in bed ?
    Bath or shower ?

    Ok, yea, sorry, a bit immature ? Ok.

    – Why do the music for Linda Green in Havana ?

    – Do you plan to do a little more on the singing side, I would love to hear more of your distinctive voice, I know it’s more yelling than singing that you do, but love it.

    Have managed to get hold of ‘ Transit Kings – Token ‘ which is incredibly hard to get hold of in Australia and mighty pricey, and it is proving a challenge to get a hold of ‘Candle… ‘

    Hope you make it to Australia, will shout you one or two if you do. And if not maybe able to time my relocation to London to catch the show there.

    PS: nice new web site. Are you opening a quest book again on it?


  84. Howdy there, Guy.

    Most questions I can think of have already been asked.

    I was just wondering, during “One of These Days” on P•U•L•S•E, was your performance improv?

    Thanks ß ^D

  85. Hi Guy,

    Here are my three questions:

    1)What was it like touring with Madonna?
    2)What was it like touring with Wacko Jacko?
    3)Do you get nervous playing near your father-in-law?

  86. Guy,

    – What has been the most technically challenging song you have ever played?
    – How did you get the very first gig with the legendary Floyd?
    – Who are your musical influences?


    P.S. Maybe you could encourage some of the other band members to blog with us?

  87. Hi Fed,

    This is off topic but maybe you don´t know. There is another poll for David. It´s about attendance at Arrow Rock Festival 2007 in the Netherlands. All here should vote for David because it would be wonderful to see him in 2007 again.

    Have a wonderful week.


  88. Hey man,

    Just writing to ask what is the deal with the alembic preamps – do they really make that much of a difference. I know the big D uses them but I was wondering if they really make that much of a difference.

    Also, thanks for all the participation you and everone else has been offering. Its nice to be among friends in a common thread of music.

  89. Dear Guy,

    -Did you grow up by milk (or tea?) and Pink Floyd since you were a boy?
    -Which has been your first thought when they called you?
    -What do you wish to yourself in the nearest future?

    Many thanks and all the best to you
    Grazie e ciao

  90. 1. What’s the most technically difficult song (that you have attempted) to play?
    2. What do you do to keep from going mad while on tour?
    3. Do you play any acoustic basses?

    Oakland, and Luka’s bar wishes you well.Hope to see you round again someday.


  91. Hi Guy

    1 I noticed that you hammer with your thumb on ‘One of these days’. I presume that David and Roger didn’t do this on the original, what influenced you to do this?

    2 You leap about a lot during Floyd/Gilmour gigs, what are like a faster tempos?!

    3 What made you decide to try the trial by silence that is stand-up?


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