CD/DVD update


Just to update you on next month’s special limited edition ‘On An Island’ CD, which will come with a fantastic bonus live DVD.

As well as the six songs from the AOL Sessions and ‘Astronomy Domine’ from Abbey Road, the DVD will also have ‘Take A Breath’ from London’s Royal Albert Hall – a taster for David’s live concert DVD, due out early next year.

The downside is that the release date for this limited edition CD/DVD combo has been pushed back to 28 November around the world. It will hopefully still be out in Europe on 20 November, as originally planned.

Packaging will be different from the original album release. In Europe, it will be contained in the original ‘book’ case, but with a dark red spine cloth instead of the regular black one. There will be silver foil block lettering on the back stating that it is a limited edition.

That’s the EMI version.

The Sony version (for the rest of the world) will have the DVD housed in a cardboard wallet, featuring one of Polly’s tour photographs. This will be shrink-wrapped to the original ‘book’ style CD.

Sound is PCM Stereo, not 5.1 Surround Sound.

Please be reminded that this bonus DVD has no impact upon the release of David’s forthcoming concert DVD, which documents the ‘On An Island’ tour. That’s still to come and will be available next year.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

139 thoughts on “CD/DVD update”

  1. [Please be reminded that we will have a limited quantity of the bonus DVD, available for purchase without the CD. Further details to follow…]

    Will have an “irregular” price attached to it?

  2. Thanks thanks thanks a loooot! I should take a deep breath now!

    I guess we are some of the most fortunate fans around the world, except for the Kiss ones, so many items they have 😉 im kidding.

  3. Hi FEd,

    I noticed the release got closer to my B-day.

    Now just have “Happy Birthday Ralph” printed on the spine cloth and we have a deal 😉

    Best regards,

  4. Hmmmm…the EMI version is definitely sexier than the Sony release. Essentially the Sony release will be the same as the original Best Buy U.S. release which included the Island Jam disc. However, the plus is the photo sleeve from Polly (I wonder if it will be a picture of some band member’s shoes…LOL).

    In any case, thanks for the update.


  5. F*Ed-

    Can we go back to the song title/three word contests sometime soon?

    I’ve got some fantasmawonderfawesome ones for “A Pocketful of Stones”

    Plus this whole feet thing is leaving me a bit callous ; )

    [There’ll be one next week, Matt. – Features Editor]

  6. Dear Fed and dear all,

    is there any chance for a new possible European tour for 2007? Or was this the last goodbye?

    Kind Regards to all of you
    Bert (from, yes indeed, Belgium 🙂 )

    [Anything’s possible, Bert, but there are no plans for another tour. – Features Editor]

  7. Caption Competition

    Music Teacher to DG: This week we’ll be learning minor chords… that’s it David, well done!

  8. In my opinion the whole thing around David Gilmour On an Island has been in the right balance inbetween commerce and art. That is what I expect from an artist like David. With the comming release of the new limited CD/DVD I think it is just a commercial trick.

    I don’t like this. There is no added value. It is just a way to make money out of the hungry fans…

    I am a huge fan of David Gilmour and I have bought the whole discography of him because it has always been worth to do so. Is David Gilmour exploiting his fans????

    [That’s for you to decide, Teun. You make a perfectly fair point, but remember that you don’t have to buy this CD/DVD. Many people clearly do want it, so it’s on offer should they wish to add it to their collections. It’s a limited edition with extra material, uniquely packaged… – Features Editor]

  9. Indeed the EMI one sounds sexier, guess I’ll need to pony the import price. I suppose though that the EMI dvd will be PAL then?

    At any rate this sounds great; the extra copy of OAI will make a good holiday gift.

    [I would imagine that it’s PAL, Erik. Will let you know if we hear otherwise. – Features Editor]

  10. that sounds like good news fet ed . may i make a small suggestion for you to put to whom so ever might be in charge of these things ?

    what about a pre order on the dvd only release from this site . therefore you will know how many to put for sale without the album and you won’t have the site going crash on november 20th as everyone who has a copy of on an island goes to the shop at once looking for the dvd .

    did anyone see a head shot of david looking nice on the front of the anniversarry edition of Q magazine this month . nice one page interview with him as well . now there are 4 different covers on this months Q magazine so make sure you buy the one with our beloved guitar god on the front 🙂

  11. [As well as the six songs from the AOL Sessions and ‘Astronomy Domine’ from Abbey Road, the DVD will also have ‘Take A Breath’ from London’s Royal Albert Hall – a taster for David’s live concert DVD, due out early next year.]

    The light keeps getting brighter and brighter.

    David deserves all the recognition he is getting with OAI. All of the brilliant work he did as a member of Pink Floyd, in my opinion, was never fully credited to his name. OAI has changed that, and now the new DVD releases will also prove that he is highly deserving of that recognition.

    Melissa (*_*)

  12. Sounds like a sweet deal.

    Fed, will the CD also have Island Jam on it?

    [No, I don’t think so. – Features Editor]

  13. Intriguing details! Thanks to the powers that be! A week later is cool with me, the ‘shakes’ shouldn’t be to bad by then 😉

    And isn’t it Thanksgiving Day in Canada? Plenty to be thankful for here….Rudders?

  14. cool caption,very good picture. Cant wait to get the combo dvd an cd but now i have to wait till the 28th oh well i guess it will be ok ill get it as soon as it comes out.Is the caption one of the ones from the pole. Great picture Polly!


  15. hello

    I’m from Croatia, and I just want to tell(please don’t mind me if I make mistakes in my vocabulary) that Pink Floyd music make me a better person…I don’t know in which way, but I have a better look at the world today…and I just wanted to say thank you 🙂

    bye 🙂

  16. [ Plus this whole feet thing is leaving me a bit callous ; ) ]


    Hey Fed. Great news on the DVD.

    BTW, tonights the official reunion of the Northern California Gilmour bloggers. Tell Guy the gang from Oakland is getting back together. We’ll lift a toast to his upcoming shows and your belated birthday.

    Funny, I’m looking forward more to talking to my blogmates than seeing John Carin’s other band..

    [Have a good time, all. – Features Editor]

  17. Hi, David come to Brazil, please!!!

    I love your song, your band, I LOVE YOUR GUITAR, please come to Brazil.

  18. Hi Fed.

    cant wait to get the new on an island version with the dvd!!! A Teaser from the RAH fantastic!!

    Davids forthcoming On An Island DVD will be the ultimtaive one!!! He has so much material – it must be a masterpiece!!

    FEd could you update the PRESS Section with Davids latest Q Magazine Interview! 20 interesting answers!


  19. hmmm the sony version? are sony still playin’ silly buggers and putting that spyware on your pc/mac without permission? or has all that been sorted?

    the only reason I ask, is not because I have gigabytes of pirated music, I dont, apart from two live shows, one each from David and Roger, I honestly believe in the artist’s right to control their creation and how its presented, but that it’s a wee bit cheeky for them to do this kind of thing and my mac is my own private affair, it’s my baby so to speak, and yes all the software is legit registered and paid for too

    gone off sony

    andy 🙂

    (re kiss: would DG go for the On an Island cereal? free pebbles in every box? hmmm… probably a few dentist bill he hadnt planned for)

  20. [Can we go back to the song title/three word contests sometime soon? -Matt Parish]

    Yea, and the favorite Polly photos. . .and the shoes, I miss the shoes. . .

    And I got a notice in the mail that there is a large letter from ‘Royal Post’ for me. . .

    And I’m going to see Roger tonight. . .

    And I’m meeting Erin and EchoesBob and Dave Warner and, and, and. . .

    Can you tell I’m excited????!!!!! YOU CAN, CAN’T YOU?!!!!

    Oh wow, I think I need to go mellow out. I really love this blog thingie cause it just plain rules!!

    Thanks everyone for being so cool. . .even Piergiorgio who, even with an opinion, is pretty damn cool. I am waiting for Itallian lesson #8 though. . .

  21. C’mon FE,

    Didn’t my begging have at least a little to do with the release?

    You have to love the internet…lobbying you guys from my room here in Toronto. LOL

    I’m soooooo thrilled, regardless.


  22. That’s great news! Take a breath great song. (My favourite after hearing it live many times is then I close my eyes.) makes this dvd a must have for all fans .can’t wait to see it !

    Typical David that you can buy single copies of the dvd here on the site .

    I have a deep respect for mister Gilmour he is not in it for money just the music the fun of playing and for the people who like his music .

    The on a Island dvd will be something else I saw them recording a lot of the summer tour wich was briliant! astronomy domine,dark globe,on the turning away and all the other songs .

    I hope we are going to see david and the band around again soon ! I’ll be there if I can

    Regards ,

  23. just wondering from a technical point of view why it is harder to press a 5.1 Surround Sound as opposed to stereo??

  24. I’m in Texas but I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to get the UK version. Is there anyway possible for us poor people in the States to get the cooler version?


    [I really don’t know how it’s all going to work out yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know. – Features Editor]

  25. Ralph wrote: I noticed the release got closer to my B-day.

    And I notice it’s getting further and further away from my birthday! Edwina, can you or David send me a stapler or something to tide me over until the DVD is out? I’m beginning to feel a bit wretched over all these delays.


  26. Hmmmmmmmmm… why does Europe always get the neatest release packages? (well, I guess Japan gets some cool ones too 😉

    If the EMI release was coming out in the US I would probably buy it. However, I’m not a big fan of cardboard sleeves… so I guess I’ll be hoping to score a copy of the DVD from here 😀

    Lastly…. no 5.1? BOO!!!!

  27. how exciting. we’ll take what we can get. we’re so hungry, and they did do well, didn’t they. hooray for apples.

  28. I know I’m dreaming again? But it would really be a great CD/DVD with some of the Poland concert footage on it, But I’m just dreaming.

    Fed do you think that the Concert in Poland will ever be seen on a DVD or is there just too many things comminig out already.


    [Again, I couldn’t say. You’ll have to wait and see what’s on David’s live concert DVD (which is out early next year, in case anyone’s about to ask). – Features Editor]

  29. OH my stars, I just got back from meeting/listening to Arun Ghandi, Ghandi’s grandson. How cool is that?!! I just had to tell somebody.


  30. I would love a copy, sign me up now Fed. I’ve got my cyber band on, and waiting in line.

  31. All i can say is WOOOOOHOOOOO!

    I only hope it will available on time here in Croatia… cause i cant stand the fact of you other european and yanks having it way before i can.

    Take a breath is a great choice David!

    Cant wait!

  32. Interesting that the Surround 5.1 format has not been chosen this time, of course the stereo format is what most consumers use.

    Some music productions come with a double compatible format now, this needs to be engineered and designed at mixing time though.

  33. What great news. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. This has been a wonderful year for team Gilmour! Cheers to all!

    Fed, I have never been able to find the chat room due to bad timming I guess. What are the times for those of us across the pond? I’ve never been to a chat room before so I’m a newbie. I’ve never blogged before this site and yet here I am. Wonders never cease.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [You need to check the calendar for dates and times of future chat sessions, then work out the relevant time difference yourself. Click your name for the calendar. There’s nothing scheduled for this week, but there will be one before the week is out. – Features Editor]

  34. FEd,

    Thanks for the update. I have not been able to locate the meltdown dvd here in germany… is it still avaliable?

    [Yes, it should be. Try the link below if you’re not averse to shopping online. – Features Editor]

  35. Is there any chance of Island Jam being on the disc, that would seal the deal for me (well as long as it isnt £30 or something lol)

  36. Hi there,

    I have the ‘On an Island’ CD already but I would love to get my hands on the DVD. Could you let me know please how I can get a copy of this.



    [We will do, Derek. Please keep reading. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi Fed,

    I am a bit disapointed, after the Poll on the blog, where it seemed that a high percentage of people wanted the DVD on its own, having allready purchased “On An Island” CD the repackaged CD is still going to be released.

    Did David or his management not look at the poll results? We are his devoted fans & while some of would want everything that David releases for completeness sake a lot of us have limited resources… i think the blog poll was just ignored to be honest, it was allways going to be a repackaged “OAI” .

    I would still buy the DVD especialy as there is a copy of “take a breath” from his RAH concerts but i still dont think i would purchase OIA again, sorry.

    As for the release date being put back, well, these things happen, any news of the DVD on its own being made available?

    sorry for the moan.

    [Moan away, mate. The DVD will be available to buy separately, so all those who voted that they only want the bonus DVD will have the option to buy just that. The poll asked, if you could buy just one, which would it be: the CD/DVD or just the DVD? It wasn’t there for you to tell us which we should put out. There will be a full-blown concert DVD next year: this is just a bonus DVD with extra material which, from reading what the fans have said, is in demand. The poll was there, however, to help us gauge interest in the bonus DVD as an individual item, so we can make sure that we have more available to those who only want the DVD. Of course David’s management takes interest in the views of David’s fans. We wouldn’t have the polls if we weren’t interested… nor the blog, for that matter. With the greatest respect, many people want the CD/DVD and will buy it. We’d be ignoring the fans if we didn’t give you the option of buying the DVD on its own. It will be available from this site when the special edition CD/DVD goes on sale. For the meantime, that’s from 20 November. – Features Editor]

  38. Decisions….decisions….to go with the EMI release or the SONY one or both !!! Aaaahhhh…my head hurts.

    Say F.Ed – any idea yet if the DVD only option this site will be the EMI or SONY one ?

    Thanks !


    [No idea, sorry. All I know is listed above. – Features Editor]

  39. one is mine…surely the emi version.I’m waiting for the tour dvd to look at echoes and still wonder.


  40. CAPTION 1:

    “What the…,” was all David could manage upon finding pumpkin butter all over his fret board…

    CAPTION 2:

    How does that go again? “The path you tread…,” no…, “…the..path…”…oh, hell…..

  41. Great news about the special DVD/CD release. I think I understand whats on offer but goodness me why cant things be simple. They say God works in mysterious ways but he ( or she ) has nothing on the modern music industry.

    And what does “limited edition” mean? Are there going to be just 100,1000 or 1000000000000000 printed? Are they numbered as in limited artwork. Can you imagine the outcry if “Glassman” appeared as a limited edition???

    I remember the demand for the RAH poster which left some wanting but empty handed, me included. I note that a certain web site is advertising different versions of a poster.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm questions questions.

    Ian Pearson

  42. Fed,

    I will definately get the DVD when its available.

    Regarding my comment about the poll being ignored earlier i just felt that “they” may use it as a bit of market research. I didn’t mean we were to dictate anything, i thought the result spoke for itself.

    [Understood and, in part, I completely agree with you. – Features Editor]

  43. [I’m not the biggest fan of putting out a “new” CD with add-on’s soon after it just came out. – Spence]

    [Why don’t they sell the dvd stuff separately, so that people aren’t forced to buy the cd again. Disappointed that DG allows this sort of marketing crap. – Robert]

    [In my opinion the whole thing around David Gilmour On an Island has been in the right balance inbetween commerce and art. That is what I expect from an artist like David. With the comming release of the new limited CD/DVD I think it is just a commercial trick. – Teun Thönissen ]

    I don’t understand this controversy. David does what he wants, people can do what they want, that is called “freedom”.

    If they don’t feel like buying the CD/DVD, they don’t buy it, where is the problem ?

    The problem is that,in any situation, there will always be dissatisfied people.

    Personne ne peut jamais contenter tout le monde !


    [Indeed. We could never possibly please everyone, but by at least giving fans the choice of whether or not they buy this CD/DVD, we have a chance of pleasing more people than we displease. That the vast majority of comments on this topic are positive proves this. – Features Editor]

  44. ( Hi, everybody! )


    Have you got a brother called Marco?

    He was here 11 September. It was the sweetest blog-sniplet so far.

  45. Hi all,

    Great news about Take a Breath, can’t wait.

    For sure I will buy, I don’t know how and where, but it will be on my shelf. I only hope that OAI DVD will be in dts, because when I compare DD 5.1/DTS on Live 8 DVD dts is much better surround.


  46. Just an update on Linda Island Lady’s mention that DG is on the front of this month’s Q Magazine.

    In case you go a’hunting this particular issue, be aware that there are actually 20 different covers in the stores (the subscribers got a different cover again, showing all 20 covers).

    Typically the cover with Ross Halfin’s fine handiwork is one of the toughest to track down (in the south of England, anyway). The Kate Bush cover is also a tricky one… however, you CAN ring them up to order it via (within the UK) 01858-438806 (international: +44-1858-438806), or email them on

    Hope this helps out some of you!

  47. I really dont see the quandry here. We all have the CD already so I shall opt for the sessions DVD alone. Then when the OAI DVD is available I shall purchase that. If, in the meantime I hit the lottery then I will buy all three for everyone of us….promise

  48. FEd,

    Actually someone raised a very good point regarding the limited edition DVD release. PAL, Region 1, All Regions?? If you offer the DVD only release on the website will it be a format that is compatible worldwide?? Or will it only be compatible in Europe?? I know these are questions that are still being looked into but this is a very valid issue that needs to be taken into consideration.


  49. Hmmmm….

    Seems like we need to aim the pointy sticks at eBay again!

    Just to add complication on the DVD situation DG seems to have released a Mermaid Theatre DVD!?! and it’s up for auction on eBay… (Not for much longer though… eBay security should remove it soon)

    Iain… It didn’t say whether it was a limited edition though 🙂

  50. ……and there’s another website suggesting in it’s newsletter that if anyone wants a free copy of the dvd then they should come to this website. Bloody cheek.

    [Bloody fools, more like. – Features Editor]

  51. [Of course David’s management takes interest in the views of David’s fans. We wouldn’t have the polls if we weren’t interested… nor the blog, for that matter. With the greatest respect, many people want the CD/DVD and will buy it. We’d be ignoring the fans if we didn’t give you the option of buying the DVD on its own. – Features Editor]

    fair point. i see both sides and the more i think of it, the more i think it’s a bit rich to expect fans to buy another copy of the album so soon to christmas and the release of the dvd. don’t forget this happened once already with the best buy edition in the states because people wanted ‘island jam’. but i realise that that’s just the way it works and that everyone’s the same.

    i’d go for the dvd-only option and am grateful that we have this choice. i just hope there are enough copies to go round.

    [I see both sides, too. The fact is, nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to buy anything. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it: simple as. – Features Editor]

  52. Re : Teun Thönissen at October 10, 2006 08:29 PM

    The man has a right to an opinion but the beautiful thing about this life is we all have free will

    as for David and his managment exploiting us bloody hell its been 20 years since the last Pink Floyd/Gilmour release if we are been exploited then they are not very good at it

    i for one will be buying i to complete my collection because that is what i like to do and one last note for David if you feel the need to release any other un released stuff then feel free to exploit me by all means

    also believe me i was at abbey road and anything to be released from that session is worth the money itself, freedom of choice its a wonderful thing

    sorry Fed i had to get that of my chest there, people can say we’re exploited when we can buy David Gilmour mugs and towels etc

  53. FEd

    May I ask a question? If there is only a limited supply of the DVD, how will you know whether anybody has bought the original CD? Are you just taking their word? Some fans who have been loyal to this site could miss out if, as Lorraine says, people are directed to this site for the DVD only. Do I make sense? Hope so.

    [Perfect sense. I don’t think it matters if they have the album or not. If they want the DVD, they should be able to get it (and I hope they do have the album, by the way). I personally would like priority to go to the people who are loyal to the site, as is always the case with our competitions, but I don’t know how we’re going to work it yet. We’ll let you know soon enough. – Features Editor]

  54. [People can say we’re exploited when we can buy David Gilmour mugs and towels]

    I want the David Gill~More fishbowl by Ron Popeil!

  55. The dvd/cd combo sounds good. already sent my list to santa. I know he’ll come through.

    Also know it’s a little late but glad to see Guy posting and knowing his show is coming to the states.

    So Fed when are you coming to the states? LOL

    Well have a great day.

    Hey Erin what happened to the PACKERS???!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [When you get a new president. (Am I allowed to say that?) – Features Editor]

  56. How lovely of David to commemorate my birthday (Nov 20) by launching this DVD in Europe 🙂 🙂

    Can’t wait for the actual tour DVD.

    [When you get a new president. (Am I allowed to say that?) – Features Editor]

    Yes 🙂

  57. [When you get a new president. (Am I allowed to say that?) – Features Editor]

    You certainly are allowed to say that but I don’t think that who is president should dictate where you go on holiday. Of course it is your choice, which is also allowed.

    In other words, a visit to the Grand Canyon should be something you want to do regardless of politics. And the bottom line is that your choice of not coming here and spending your money will have absolutely no impact on the economy or the political environment. It just keeps you away from potentially doing something you’d like to do.


  58. Hi Fed,

    I agree with simonemery on this topic. If you want to see marketing exploitation, look up KISS. David has released more material in the last 5 years than in the 20 before, and it’s all relevant stuff.

    People, if you don’t want to buy the DVD with OAI, then don’t. No one’s twisting your arm. If David puts something out, you can be assured that it’s out there because it’s a quality work of art that meets David’s high standards. And I think his genuine fans know that.

    [When you get a new president. (Am I allowed to say that?) – Features Editor]

    C’mon, Fed, didn’t you ever visit a friend’s house even though you didn’t like their dad?

    Have a good day, all


  59. [I personally would like priority to go to the people who are loyal to the site]

    I would like mine hand delivered by Rick Wright ( another winning the lottery dream )

  60. Hello everybody.

    It`s been a while since my last visit. It`s really a fantastic idea to release a special edition of “OAI”. I`ll have to get a new copy since my first “OAI” CD “exploded” in my player (which kind of made me mad…saying it in a delicate way). And as there is a plan to release a CD/DVD edition I guess I`ll wait a bit longer to get this special edition.

    I can`t wait to see the video from RAH – a liitle warm up for the tour DVD. I suppose it will remind me of the fantastic Gdansk show.

    By the way, Leszek Mozdzer (who played on “OAI” and in Gdansk) is touring in Poland in November so if anyone wants to go, check the dates on his website. In case you don`t know his music and you`re not sure if you want to go I suggest you listen to his album “Time”.


  61. I don’t want to share my own personal panic attack with the world but I hope Davids management team doesn’t repeat the mistake they made with the “Gilmour Live” release.

    In other words, release a Dvd and not a cd.

    Part 2 of my lil’ bitch session is that I love the “xtra’s”(spare digits) on the “Gilmour Live” Dvd and wish I could hear that on a cd.

    Countless times I’ve been on the road between Tn and Az and wished I could hear Davids Chorus practice “Je crois entendre encore”.

    Excuse my rant…I feel better now…low sugar.

  62. hey feat ed,

    can you give us anymore info on the concert dvd due out early next year?

    Like how much of each of the 3 shows shown will be on the dvd?


    [I can’t, sorry. We’ll tell you when we’re ready. – Features Editor]

  63. President of the USA or POTUS as he’s known to his mates?!?

    Jed Bartlett from The West Wing would get my vote… if I had a vote that is…

  64. Erin and Marcus –

    Sorry we missed you last night at the Jon Carin show. We did drink a toast to Fed’s birthday in your absence. Erin – I hope you found your tickets.

    Jon did a fantastic job last night. He truly is the fifth Floyd.

  65. CAPTION: HMMMMMMMM, That guitar strap seems to be giving off some sort of purple haze, it’s oozing over David’s left shoulder.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  66. [When you get a new president. (Am I allowed to say that?) – Features Editor]

    Sure you can…at least until the fascists come banging on the door looking for evil-doers…

    …you better run….

  67. [Sound is PCM Stereo, not 5.1 Surround Sound. Please be reminded that this bonus DVD has no impact upon the release of David’s forthcoming concert DVD, which documents the ‘On An Island’ tour. That’s still to come and will be available next year.]

    Ok FED, ok David this is a wonderful present.

    I only hope for the OAI DVD an high quality sound and high quality images…David, you like to be a perfectionist so…. your fans would like to have a DVD of the best technological quality!

    Good evening FED and Bloggers!

    [The ‘On An Island’ concert DVD will be of the finest quality and of the highest standard, I assure you. – Features Editor]

  68. Does Mr. Gilmour actually read these comments? I do hope so. He can see for himself who the true fans are and who the whiney self-indulgent ones are, that no matter what will never be satisfied.


    [Mr Gilmour does indeed read these comments, but I don’t believe for one moment that he would think any less of anyone for speaking their mind. You can never possibly please everyone and it’s fine for people to say that they don’t like the idea if they want to. – Features Editor]

  69. Phew, catching up on last few days posts and amazed at how contentious a release can be.

    I am just so grateful that David is still producing and giving us great output and is not just sat on a beach all the time, sipping cocktails and relaxing, but instead writing and playing profound music for all of us instead to sit back, relax and enjoy!

    Plus points all round, no gripes here. Long may this dream last.

    Ps. Don’t suppose there are any DG pub gigs coming up or planned for Sussex??!!!!

  70. Im so glad to hear about it!

    Waiting to get it as soon as possible:)

    Started to collect the money:)

  71. In regards to the below which I think is on about my website’s newsletter, I was simply quoting what was wrote on this website.

    [……and there’s another website suggesting in its newsletter that if anyone wants a free copy of the dvd then they should come to this website. Bloody cheek.]

    So, there is a regular group of people who visit this site, are they only getting the DVD free if they bought the album? Or, as I interpreted from a previous posting here, there will be a limited number and they will be dished out on a first come first serve basis?

    They just for the regulars?

    [And some of you complained when I likened certain fansites to tabloids… You’ve quoted very badly and this is why fans get confused. Nobody is getting the DVD for free. It will be available, should you only want the DVD, for sale on this website. If we were giving away DVDs, or anything else, then it certainly would not be to people who only visit when there’s something up for grabs, so please stop wasting the time of those who read your newsletter in good faith with false promises. – Features Editor]

  72. [Indeed. We could never possibly please everyone, but by at least giving fans the choice of whether or not they buy this CD/DVD, we have a chance of pleasing more people than we displease. That the vast majority of comments on this topic are positive proves this. – Features Editor]

    Of course, we all agree with that and are grateful to you, it’s a great idea to allow the fans to buy the DVD alone, ça n’empêche pas qu’on est toujours critiqué, quoi qu’on fasse ! ce n’était qu’une remarque d’ordre général …


  73. Hey Fed

    Just wanted to say thank you for the updates re: the new DVD, limited and otherwise!

    Great to know. Looking forward to it.

    Man, what a great tour it was. I am so happy to have seen the band live.


  74. I am very, very happy about this release.

    I was struck by the idea presented earlier of David achieving “the right balance between commerce and art.” I think that the continued presence of this site, in a lot of ways, makes a case for David’s success in achieving that balance on a daily basis. This DVD, and its availability as a DVD-only purchase, further confirms that. Indeed, the presence of the AOL sessions on line for free has been a continued delight.

  75. I`m looking forward to the CD/DVD release. I think I might buy the whole limited edition package and use my OAI cd in the van, as when you do a copy for the car etc. they never last very long do they?

  76. i am amazed at peoples reaction against the dvd/cd release . did’nt you read the blog . fet ed has said you can get the dvd on it;s own . this is what i intend to do having had on an island sinc a couple of weeks after it came out . i have watched the aol sessions and they are excellent . if thre dvd on it’s own sells out the idea of the dvd might make me invest in the cd . dvd pack 🙂

  77. speaking of mugs and towels, there’s a pillowcase I saw on ebay with a yummy picture of David on it and the caption “it doesn’t get any better than this” I have to agree with that, but $20 for a pillowcase is a bit rich for me!

    BTW I will be getting the dvd as soon as it’s available.


    [There’s a lot of crap on eBay. Remember that someone who has no connection to David but who does have the necessary equipment to print pictures onto cheap pillowcases is making money out of David’s name and your interest in that name. If David is exploiting his fans by putting out a CD/DVD (sharing his art, as I see it), then where does that leave the eBay seller? – Features Editor]

  78. Hey if we are supposed to be exploited I would rather like the Satelite Version of the Division Bell lol (how long a delay now)

    Hmm, really not completely sure about this, I will most likely just get the DVD, unless Island Jam or some other unreleased track is added.

  79. Hi Fed – the forthcoming bonus DVD is Awesome! It just keeps getting better!! (with the new addition of Take a Breath!) Anxiously awaiting this release

    How about a future poll, if it’s worth releasing a Tour CD? Maybe we can persuade the powers that be, that this would be a great idea as well


  80. just noticed there is an exhibition of guitars in paris and it says our man has one on show

    do you know what its all in aid of and which guitar it is im just curious

    cheers mate

    [That’s news to me. – Features Editor]

  81. That is so great news!!!! Not only do we get the great AOL music sessions but we get both Astronomy Domine and Take A Breath as previews from both The RAH show and The Abbey Road Music Sessions!!!

    I would like to buy the DVD separately as well as I don’t want/need to buy the CD album more than once as I look after my CDs.

    I really hope you don’t limit the DVD being sold seperately to only a few copies/people because I think that it will be in high demand.

    I am very loyal to this site in the sense that I visit it daily although I don’t post a lot.

    Thanks for updating us all FED. Excellent work!!!!

  82. Hi FEd,

    More controversy? It’s strange how good news (early holiday bonus dvd) gets some peoples’ panties in a bind! Even with the offer of dvd only for some who don’t want a second copy of OAI, seems that some still feel the need to cop an attitude … I don’t understand the problem.

    As far as suggesting that David and his management are conjuring up sneaky marketing schemes in order to squeeze more money out of the demanding hordes … please, give me just a little break!!! I think some people are barking up the wrong tree with that one.

    Also, it seems to me that you, and everyone associated with David’s site, are making it very easy for people to get just what they want by offering these choices. I don’t think that most sites would take the time to give such personal attention to these details.

    As far as the dvd only option, it sounds as though you’re going to do the research into what format(s) will be available. As for me, if I have to buy another copy of On An Island to get the proper dvd, I certainly won’t feel like I’ve been squeezed … I’d be happy to give the cd to a friend as a happy new year’s present!

    Hope the kitchen project is nearing completion, FEd. One more thing, are we going to have a Friday the 13th chat?? Spooky!

    Take care, everyone! Hope we can chat soon — let’s try to think of a few David Gilmour musical topics to explore.

    Washington State

    [Ah, the kitchen… I’m taking a break from the kitchen at the moment. – Features Editor]

  83. Great comments on DVD etc…. Nice one Simon. cant the release be in Mono? and what about those fans who havent got a DVD player? We must include everyone.

    Ian Pearson

  84. [I personally would like priority to go to the people who are loyal to the site]


    Well, some of us are loyal (I check it almost every day) but not very active ! Why make it a “limited” edition in the first place ? I have bought the CD, I’ve seen one show in London and one in France, and I’ll gladly buy the “DVD only ” version, but I’m not certain I’d be interested in the CD/DVD combo as I already own half of it.

    Another option : include the AOL + Abbey Road footage on the forthcoming Live DVD, so that every one can see it without ending up with two copies of the CD !



  85. Hi FEd,

    I absolutely love the idea of the limited edition of “On An Island” with the bonus DVD and I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available. Watching the AOL Sessions for the first time, especially High Hopes, I thought this has to get an official release. (By the way, I thought the same when I watched the Mermaid Theatre Concert; maybe a nice Easter Present ;-)).

    But I’ve a question (and suggestion) concerning the songs included. I hope you won’t consider me presumptuous, since it’s my first post ever and I immediately seem to demand things, but it’s just an idea:

    Why not include something very, very special instead of, or of course in addition to “Take A Breath” from the forthcoming concert DVD which we’ll get anyway next year?

    I suggest the spontaneous sort of acoustic rendition of “Echoes” during the Abbey Road Sessions of which I’ve heard. This has to be awesome and considering David’s career with Pink Floyd and as a solo artist totally unique.

    I’ve never heard of such a version of this classic song before. So why not provide the fans with such an extraordinary material, if it was filmed? We will possibly never again get the chance to hear or see this unique rendition of one of the most appreciated songs of the tour.

    I’m sure it’s worth being released and this is a good occasion. It would be a real gem in anyone’s collection, also since one would own the version of a song being performed like that just this one time.

    I suppose it’s not up to you to make this decision – you would certainly do us this favour 😉 – but if you can influence it (for example by talking to David), I beg you to at least try!


  86. Happy Thursday,

    [I see both sides, too. The fact is, nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to buy anything. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it: simple as. – Features Editor]

    I was thinking similar myself.

    You have the power in your pocket. Your choice.

    Pete – Coventry

    [We don’t realise just how much power we have as consumers. – Features Editor]

  87. [You have the power in your pocket. Your choice. – Pete]

    That would be the pointy stick, would it ?????

    Ian Pearson

    [That also works. – Features Editor]

  88. Hmmm, sorry if I offend anyone, but all those sterile discussions about “DVD alone, DVD+CD, 2007 DVD, David should do this, David should do that,…” are becoming very boring, HELP ! Fed, a new blog entry, please ! Even for you ! how much patience you need ! (surely more than with the kitchen!).

    Hmmm, I think I’m becoming intolerant myself! what a pity !


    [There’s a new one coming a little later, fear not. – Features Editor]

  89. Happy Thursday (2),

    [You have the power in your pocket. Your choice. – Pete]

    [That would be the pointy stick, would it ?????]

    …….I wondered who would be the first with that comeback.

    I did think, when I wrote it, that maybe I need to re-phrase myself.

    Pete – Coventry

  90. off topic-ish


    in your position would you know if next year’s oai tour dvd will be like a full show from the tour? by that I mean oai dsom and encore?

    more than happy to shell out for a double dvd 🙂

    oai and encore on 1 and dsotm + extras on t’other


    [I can’t say, sorry. – Features Editor]

  91. I was out shoe shopping last night and I’ve discovered the secret of Guy’s shoes – they’re slip ons. I’ll be able to sleep nights now.

  92. I agree with Fed. i wish we had a different president to i wouldnt be here either if i had a choise and it looks like he will be there a while i heard the war would continue until 2010 and as long as we are in war you cant change presidents, i believe that he knows that if there is a election he would lose so our poor guys are having to stay over there so he can stay in office

    oh well what do you do? If i wasnt so scard of flying not to mention the cost of relocating i would be in the UK aready.

    Hey Fed, say anything you like its your site. Everyone has an opinion some better than othere but we all have them and should be able to voice them, but give the president long enough and he will take that from us to.

    North Carolina

  93. [just noticed there is an exhibition of guitars in paris and it says our man has one on show. do you know what its all in aid of and which guitar it is im just curious – simonemery ]

    Yes, there is an exhibition of guitars in Paris, called “Travelling guitars” from the 5th of october to the 14th of January, at :

    Cité de la Musique
    221, avenue J.Jaures, Paris 19ème

    There is a Gold Les Paul guitar of David.

    See the link with a small interview of David about that (unfortunately in french…) and click the guitar pick to see a part of the exhibition.


  94. I know this is a David Gilmour site. And I know that the management here has nothing to do with Pink Floyd management. But I wanted to comment on something I heard this morning. So I hope you’ll indulge me in this brief commentary.

    I understand that PF management has just come to an agreement to sell some PF song snippets as ringtones for cell phones. An exploitation or marketing gimmick? I’m sure some will be very negative on this item and I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. But I am leaning to the side that this could be a good thing.

    From a positive point of view, it is a way to keep the songs alive for a new generation. I remember when Bohemian Rhapsody was used in the movie Wayne’s World. There was a whole crowd of kids who thought that was a new song. Of course at the time it was about 15 years old but so what. A whole new generation got a taste of Queen and they liked it.

    So, I fully understand that David wants to focus on the new stuff and move forward. And I love the fact that he does not ignore the old stuff and still treats us to performances and new interpretations in concert (except for certain tracks on The Wall and all of The Final Cut – so be it – but I would have loved to see a live performance of The Final Cut from start to end – oh well). And this ringtone thing, although a bit gimmicky is still a pretty good idea for keeping the flame lit. Is it selling out?? I don’t think so but I know some will and that is fine.



  95. Happy Thursday (3), on a roll today

    Reply to Andrew: IMHO it is not selling out. But then I do not own a mobile/cell phone. Anyone else on this blog anti mobile ?.

    [You have the power in your pocket. Your choice. – Pete]

    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  96. like a lot of things maybe the artist doent have too much say on the rintone thing, but personally one of the solos from comfortably numb or nile song or Wot’s . . . Uh The Deal or welcome to the machine or… or… or… etc 🙂

    I like the idea maybe even take a breath???

    hmmmm fe’d do you chat to DG about these kind of things?


    [Funnily enough, no, I don’t. I’d hate to break it to any member of Pink Floyd that I wouldn’t swap ‘Ring Of Fire’ for any Floyd tone. – Features Editor]

  97. I like paul wellers view in the recent Q mag (managed to get the only DG version I saw)

    and you’re initially anti them but theyre like a disease and before you know it youre texting everyone!


  98. G’day Fed,

    Any chance of keepin me a special edition CD/DVD or even 2 as i wish use them for its best of use! Present and present, and even more if you had available, so when they come out please let me know where and how I could get them and I will charge them on my Red Amex and please more than just 2 or a few, but MORE many more…

    With all my thanks I will await your details, and a date for your next open chat time.

    Great blog and am getting into it more as it goes…

    I like the fact that Guy apologises for making it his blog, but that is am sure OK from all sides… is it?

    Well I will await for his show and for more news when they are published…

    Bestest and even best regards


    [As soon as we’ve decided the best way of making these available, we’ll let you know. By the way, the next chat is at 10AM (UK time) tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  99. lol 🙂

    good choice fe’d!

    although thing called love would be so cool as a ring tone!?! love that 70’s comercial stuff he did 🙂

    blame my parents for my poor choice in country n western 🙁


  100. Serious ringtone question: and I have asked my kids whose stock answer is ‘get with it dad’

    but when the mobile phone rings you immediately answer it ?? so you only hear a snippet of the tune. So do they put the whole tune on your phone ??

    If I had a phone then I would like ‘Echoes’ as my ring tone and leave it to ring for 17/18 minutes.

    Pete – Coventry

    [That would be very mean, seeing as the person calling you just gets to hear a very dull ring-ring. – Features Editor]

  101. [I’d hate to break it to any member of Pink Floyd that I wouldn’t swap ‘Ring Of Fire’ for any Floyd tone. – Features Editor]

    is that because you like johnny cash or because of your football loyalties, fed?

    [With respect to ‘The Man in Black’, I have to say it’s the latter. I just changed my ‘phone and the ringtones on it are absolutely awful, so it seemed I had no choice but to buy a good one. It was either ‘Ring Of Fire’ or ‘La Bamba’ (for obvious reasons). – Features Editor]

  102. I have to say, I do have a cell phone but I am also anti mobile. I guess that could be seen as hypocrisy but reality is that it is a necessary evil at times. My cell phone is so old, that I can’t get ring tones on it. I’m not a guy who needs to have the latest and greatest.

    O, and one other comment, interesting how people are critical of the President of the U.S. yet many times they are also not pleased with the Monarchy but they still choose to live under it.


    [That last point is absolutely true, mate. Well said. – Features Editor]

  103. Pete,

    To answer your question, you only hear a snippet of the song. For example, the beginning to Time would be a great ringtone with all the chimes. And it depends on the person as to how quick they answer the phone.

    Also, since you don’t have a cell phone let me fill you in on another item. You can program different ring tones for different people calling you. So you can have a standard ring for someone you don’t know and then if your spouse calls you can have a special ring. When your lover calls it would be another different ring and so on.

    Pretty cool. No?


  104. As much as I am looking forward to this I can’t help my cynicism shining through.

    I understand that we can buy just the dvd from here which will obiously be limited amounts but I fear that all of the other, not really – how do I put it, ‘irregulars’ will come and but mass amounts, will there be a limit on them or am I sounding terribly selfish because I just want to be first in line?

    [As I keep saying over and over and over again, I’ll let you know when I know. – Features Editor]

  105. re: royalty

    been reading a lot of thomas paine recently

    anyone one fancy a bit of revolution? no seriously? this guy wrote over 200 years ago and his work is more relevant today!

    no seriously, lets get rid of the lot of these nepostistic (look ma a new word) er… people!

    andy V for Vendetta

  106. Pete,

    Actually I love your idea about the Echoes ringtone. That would be the perfect ringtone for the mother-in-law.


  107. Clarice,

    I can’t pass your post by. Being in a war does not effect election laws. The President is limited to two terms. Period.

    It is interesting that while Bush won his first term by a narrow margin resulting in the whole re-count/court fiasco, he was re-elected with no contest. The people in general wanted him in office again. In the US, majority rules. Those of us who get what we vote for are happy. Those of us who don’t know that that is the way it works and we wait until the next election to make a change.

    Did you vote in the last election? I hope so, because the person who doesn’t vote has foregone the right to criticize the outcome of the election.

    Now as to the troops that are serving in the war. I’m sure there are those who criticize being sent there and want Bush gone in the hope that they will come home. But I am confident that the majority of the troops over there believe they are serving their country honorably and are willing to sacrifice their own freedoms and face death in order to serve their friends and families back home (and I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, but the men and women in uniform fight to preserve the rights of everyone, including those who don’t support them). So they are not there so Bush can stay in office.

    So I hope you will vote in the next election (that is if you don’t pack up and move to the UK). And if your candidate wins and mine loses… I will support that President until the next opportunity comes to elect someone else. And I will still call myself a citizen of the United States and be proud to be an American (not that there is anything wrong with NOT being American- but no system is perfect. And guess what- with humans at the helm… it never will be!).

    Sorry for the long post fed. Just had to respond. Hope I did it in a non-offensive manner. I didn’t mean to step on any toes!


  108. I like ‘on an island’ a lot but it is not the disc that i reach for to play near as much as the rest of his catalogue.

    i have seen gilmour 23 times from about face to division bell. It is great to see my favorite musician in such a great place in his life but his guitar playing isn’t as fiery as what i loved so much about his playing in the 80’s and 70’s. even the division bell shows were disappoining in that sense…that show was TOO BIG.

    my fave. gilmour of all time, besides the years with Rog., was momentary lapse 87-88…so fiery and the show was big but manageable…even sort of ‘drugged out’ a little.

    as i said it is great to see him doing SO WELL and i am so proud of him but i just miss some of that tone he went for then.

    also i wish he would have played ‘murder’, ‘until we sleep’ or anything for that matter from ‘about face’ (with the exception of ‘cruise’). do any of you who saw momentary lapse or about face agree? he was just so pissed and raw…example ‘sorrow’. guitar tone was so grrrrrrrrrr! fing sick!!

  109. In regards to the monarchy short of marching on the palace I dont see how we can get rid of them lol (I am assuming you are talking about the UK here)

  110. Thanks for the reply, Sorry, yesterday I was in bitch mode, we’re in the middle of moving. I know we can’t please everyone all the time, especially me.

    Have a great one,

    [There’s no need for that, Penny. Good luck with the move. – Features Editor]

  111. By the way Fed I have a bit trouble with the chatroom. I am about 6 hours behind you guys. Admittedly I am an insomniac, but that’s around 4am Texas time and that’s generally when I go to sleep for my usual couple of hours before I’m off to college. My Existentialism class is quite the mind warp even with sleep!!! I rather like the later chat times, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Hint,hint, hint,no classes).

    How far in advance do you guys know when you’re going to do the chatroom?

    Well back to homework.

    Have a smooth day!

    [As I’m the only person who’s involved with the chatroom, it entirely depends on when I’m free to spend two hours on it. I’ll rarely be able to schedule a chat session more than two days in advance. As always, the opening times will be on the calendar, so all I can suggest is that you keep an eye on that. – Features Editor]

  112. [Hmmmm…. Seems like we need to aim the pointy sticks at eBay again! Just to add complication on the DVD situation DG seems to have released a Mermaid Theatre DVD!?! and it’s up for auction on eBay… (Not for much longer though… eBay security should remove it soon]

    seems like you want to play ebay police….Rudders i think you need to get a life and stop looking on ebay for bootlegs to report.

    im against buying/selling of audience recorded shows and the like for the most part, but find it funny how people want to “snitch out” others. what is it to you rudders? it dosent effect you in any way shape or form. some people like myself want to have a show we were at, and ebay UNFORTUNATELY is the place to get them when you cant find it for free on torrent sites etc.

    i had purchased a few shows from ebay and it really pisses me off when people like you who have NOTHING to do with anyone ruin it for people like me. yes i know the artist dosent get money from the sales, but let them be the one to stop it.

    i have a few shows from gilmours tour on dvd, BUT I WILL STILL BUY THE OFFICIAL DVD WHEN ITS RELEASED. I HAVE THE AOL SESSIONS ON DVD, BUT AGAIN WILL STILL BUY IT FROM THIS SITE WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLE. so what does it hurt for me to buy a bootleg.

    im sure this wont be posted because i have shared my opinion and the fed ed seems to only want to show the peoples posts who are in favour of his or others viewpoints.

    like i said before here, IF YOU WANT TO STOP IT, GIVE US FANS WHAT WE WANT. the true die hard fans like me want to hear every show. I traveled halfway across the USA to see Gilmour play for 2 nites in chicago and own all of the stuff he and his “other” band have put out officially BUT I/WE WANT MORE.

    there is so much that hasnt been released that the die hard fans would like and this is the reason why we turn to bootlegs, becouse WE HAVE BOUGHT ALL THERE IS TO BUY THAT HAS BEEN RELEASED.

    [Thanks for complimenting me so beautifully on my impartial professionalism, Greg. – Features Editor]

  113. Happy Friday,

    Anyone read Davids interview in the latest Q magazine ?. Had to chuckle (probably through guilt and embarassment) at his comments with regard to some Pink Floyd fans.

    Then I noticed that the same magazine is on ebay for the ‘bargain’ price of £14.50 plus p+p. No joke. Put me down for one of each.

    Have a good weekend everyone
    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Fed, read the bit where you went to the Millenium stadium to watch Wales the other night. Fair play, would love to go there. I did go to Anfield the other year because TNS from North Wales were playing. And, in my youth, once played against Cwmbran at their stadium.

    [It’s a fine stadium. If you’re scared of heights, the steps at the top tier are rather steep. – Features Editor]

  114. God,it really seems like quite a while since I was last on here and then to see the fantastic news about the forthcoming cd/dvd combo…woohoo !

    I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I have been so swamped lately that I have not been able to really check up on our fair little community here. I hope all is well with everyone.

    I bought the newly re-mastered CD’s and they are freakin’ awesome !!!

    I’m getting very antsy. I wish the day for the U.S. release was today !

    BTW, I will finally get the chance to share some of those photos of my Mediterranean sojourn when I get back from New England in a couple of weeks. I just have not had the time to load the damn picture discs into my photo library on my computer here. I’m leaving later today to fly up to Boston and I’ll be checking out Autumn in New England for the first time in over twenty years.

    I have to admit that I really do miss coming on here like I used to, it’s just that Life has gotten very hectic for me these past few weeks. To Rudders and the all the rest of you wonderful regulars, I hope that you are all well. FED, I have to confess, I have actually missed my almost daily dose of FEDdom, you’re really a treat, but not really a cry.

    Well, I need to hit the rack. My flight is 3:30p.m. EDT and right now it’s 4 a.m. I have got to get some sleep. Ciao ! for now, FED, you be good. To everyone else, Love and Peace.

    Cazart !

    [Bless you, Raymond. Enjoy Boston. – Features Editor]

  115. The idea of a taster for th ‘BIG’ DVD is great. Does anyone know which night Take a Breath is from at the RAH?


  116. Wow!

    Looks like I missed out on some thought provokings discussions of late. I mean about the freedom to choose to purchase “booties” and “voting” and perhaps even the “monarchy”.

    Perhaps we could open up such a thing for these type of debates, FEd.

    Every now and again, I like to have the odd debate.

    Hope you all have a nice weekend and FEd, “you’ll never walk alone”. I hope I haven’t put my foot in it here i.e. I have assumed that you are a Liddypool supporter from the snippets that I have read anyway. If I am wrong, I do apologise and shall stick my head back in the sand!



    [You’re absolutely right, Julie. Up the ‘Pool and all that. – Features Editor]

  117. It’s unfortunate to read an entry like Greg’s as basically what he is saying is that it is OK to steal. I wonder how he would feel if he created some kind of creative work and then found out that others were profiting from it. Just a shame.

    On another note, just like FEd is full of good ideas, I came up with another one for a rainy day blog.




    [Hold that thought, sir. It’s definitely one for next week. – Features Editor]

  118. Greg- maybe the problem Rudders has is that even if it doesn’t affect him directly, stealing is morally wrong. Just because my house is not broken into doesn’t mean I’m not upset when my neighbor is robbed. Just because I’m not Jewish doesn’t mean I’m ok with Hitlers’ treatment of the Jews.

    Stealing is stealing. To say it’s the artists’ fault you are stealing because they aren’t releasing every snippet of material they can is absurd (and if the artist DID release everything they would be accused of trying to profit unfairly- as some have actually said of David for releasing the AOL DVD!).

    Finally I want to say that just because my daughter was not shot doesn’t mean I don’t grieve with the families of the little Amish girls who were recently murdered. But hey- have you ever seen such a demonstration of true Christian love as the families of the murdered girls reaching out to the family of their daughters’ murderer? Even attending HIS funeral??? Hey people- THAT is the kind of love Jesus meant for us. I only hope if I’m ever in such a situation that I can be such an example!!!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend (even you Greg!).

  119. [im against buying/selling of audience recorded shows and the like for the most part, but find it funny how people want to “snitch out” others. what is it to you rudders? it dosent effect you in any way shape or form. some people like myself want to have a show we were at, and ebay UNFORTUNATELY is the place to get them when you cant find it for free on torrent sites etc. – Posted by: greg at October 12, 2006 08:54 PM]

    what a rude post. thanks for posting it, fed.

    if you sit back and watch, nothing changes. bootlegging is wrong. selling bootlegs on ebay is wrong.

    good on you, rudders. i think i’ll start doing the same if it means brats like greg have to learn to go without.

    [I especially enjoyed Greg’s use – and your choice quoting – of that awful phrase “for the most part”. What Greg is saying is just like me saying “I’m a vegetarian, for the most part, but I do love a big, juicy steak on a Friday… But that’s OK, because I’m against eating meat, for the most part, so I’ve got nothing to feel guilty about… Oh good, it’s Friday!” – Features Editor]

  120. Dear F.Ed.,

    Hi to everybody there and to blog friends

    Sorry for my silence of last days, but I have been (luckily) very busy this week with my job , family and so on.

    Just to read the last messages left there, and to say my congratulations to all the winners of your last competition.

    Weather is still good here , but…no holidays up to December!

    About the matter “mobile” , here in Italy is too much used : there are many mothers who supply their children (elementary school) with the cell ….I have 3 kids : 2 of them are grown up ( the girl nearly 18 and a boy nearly 14) they go to school far from home and of course they need it, but the last one ( a boy, 6 years) will wait many years too!!

    It is a good help for job but I do not go to bed with it!

    So, have a nice week end
    keep well

    Ciao Elisabetta

  121. [FEd is full of good ideas, I came up with another one for a rainy day blog. – Andrew]

    I am full of good ideas! David’s recipe! Come FEd! Ask David his secret repice? It’s a funny idea and I am sure all the husbands, here wish her wives will cook David’s secret recipe for them…and that all the wives wish his husbands will do the same!


    P.S. Fed, j’étudie le français parce que je sais qu’il te plaît! Je veux devenir milleur de Michèle! Drôle!

    [Grazie per il nuovo website, Lucia. Forse imparerò le parole più italiane tranne i molti tipi differenti di pasta e di torte. Ho fatto bene? My sincere apologies to any Italian speakers… – Features Editor]

  122. [P.S. Fed, j’étudie le français parce que je sais qu’il te plaît! Je veux devenir milleur de Michèle! Drôle]

    Metodo sleale, Lucia !

    Ne succombez pas, Fed !


    [I’ll resist the evil plans of the wicked Lucia, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  123. I’m offended by taylors flag waving nonsense. I’m also angry about that false claim that the Criminal had a majority. He didn’t. That’s not how it works and if you knew anything you would know that. Also, the facts about the stolen votes in the last vote are now surfacing. Someday the International Criminal Court will settle all these issues.

    P.S. I don’t think this is the best forum for that brand of BS. I come here to get away from that crap.

  124. alternate gilmour- that’s the beauty of it my friend. You have the right to be offended. Enjoy your freedom. Flag waving??? Hardly. Just stating my opinion, which is MY right. You don’t have to agree with me and you don’t have to read what I write. Smile!


  125. I need your help in finding/writing to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. I’m not happy with him at all at this point, you will have to see the DVD “Pulse” in the tune “Money” where he is singing and when it comes to the part about buying a Lear Jet he steps back away from the Mic and says to the other band members “Maybe two” with a shit eaten grin on his face. I don’t know why but it has upset me with him more than I can stand and I just need to let him know for some reason.

    Is he in it just for the Money now, it’s not what I remember “Pink Floyd being about, (actually I thought just the opposite from all their past music).

    [I’m happy to share your upset with the world, including Mr Gilmour, who reads the blog and takes everything you say into consideration (sometimes with a pinch of salt, I should hope, but still). I definitely feel that David is absolutely not in it for the money. I hardly think that someone who could give away a large house is too bothered about counting pennies for some reason. Could it not just have been a band joke? Do you know how many people were involved in that tour or anything of the logistics of carting band, crew, their gear, their families and all the assorted hangers-on around the world? Maybe two wouldn’t be enough. – Features Editor]

  126. I’m glad this doesn’t have an impact on the On An Island tour DVD! What I really want is a video which closely resembles the show I got to see… i.e. with Echoes, Fat Old Sun (hopefully–as last time he left the solo out) and basically a full-length concert. The lights and lasers were a nice touch too.

    I just want to have a keepsake to remember it all by. Any ideas when that DVD might be expected?

    [Early next year. – Features Editor]

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