Your fifth favourite photo


Thanks for voting for your favourite photographs. Voting is now complete and shown above is the fifth most popular, as chosen by you, taken by Polly in Munich’s Königsplatz on 29 July (Gallery 19 #11). It polled 10% of a very close vote.

As you know, Polly took hundreds – probably thousands – of photographs whilst on tour and many of these pictures make up our Galleries section. The top four fan favourites will be revealed soon.

The results of the BT People’s Choice Awards are out next week. You’ve already given us your opinions on whether or not you thought we were right to put ourselves forward, but if you’d like to vote on whether you think we have a chance of winning the award for either Best Music Blog or Best Music Site, do let us know via our latest poll.

(You can anonymously vote “Don’t care” if you were too polite to tell us that last week.)

That’s all for this week. You’ll have to wait until Monday for more shoes, sorry. We hope you can stand the suspense…

Those were indeed David’s shoes yesterday, so well done if you guessed right and thanks for all the interesting facts.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

71 thoughts on “Your fifth favourite photo”

  1. CAPTION: for those non believers I walk on water and need no shoes hence Venice was a doddle…..

    CAPTION: Are those my feet ( FR Ted circa 96)

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. Just been listening to some old (wish you were here) and new. Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful gift of music – even after so many years it still touches me.

  3. Hey Fed have a great weekend. Don’t work to hard.

    Good choice on the photos. I like that one, although the one with Richard and David is hilarious.

    Do relax a bit will ya Fed?

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Thanks, mate. Will do. – Features Editor]

  4. Oh well, 4 for 5 isn’t bad. I can’t believe those were David’s shoes, they seem a bit smaller then I would have thought.

    Have fun playing in your kitchen this weekend Fed. Be sure to turn the power off in the kitchen before messing w/ wires 😉


    [Thanks for the tip. – Features Editor]

  5. all right i got 3 out of 4 now cant wait to start next week and i vote everyday for our site i sure hope we have a chance to win, it only lets you vote once a day an only for one at a time so i go back an forth voting for each one, i believe they are set to your time zone Fed. but thats ok i just keep trying until it lets me vote agian so agian good luck! Have a blessed weekend.


  6. Olá David,

    Tenho maior orgulho de tocar algumas musicas de Pink Floyd, principalmente por respeitar seu trabalho, que é maravilhoso, sou aprendiz e tenho como incentivo suas Musicas e você como Pessoa. Gostaria nessa oportunidade tambem, de pedir por favor, venha tocar no Brasil, eu imploro, sou Fã de carteirinha mesmo…Deixo o meu muito obrigado pela atenção, continue por favor a transmitir atravez de suas canções e solos este tremendo espetaculo que e´nada mais nada menos que PINK FLOYD….Parabéns…

    Alan Rodrigo

  7. David Gilmour,

    Por Favor, venha tocar no Brasil !!!!

    Seu Fã
    Alan Rodrigo
    Belo Horizonte-MG-Brasil.

  8. I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. I don’t seem to be able to catch anything before or during, always after the fact. Oh well maybe it is the time difference, I’m in Texas. I would love to catch the chatroom, but I NEVER do.

    Any advice for the lost in time and space?


  9. Have a good weekend 4U2

    PS: According to David’s song “I can’t Breathe anymore” I would like to change main title to ” I can’t sleep any more”

    It’s 5:30am now in Poland and I can’t sleep:)

  10. have a good weekend Fed!!!

    i’m so happy to have a wireless network in the middle of Grand Canyon…… 🙂

  11. Well its a new week-end and I just want to wish you all a good time. P

    lus Fed I hope your kitchen is almost done and the wallpaper was put on straight:).

    Fed I hope you will have a Happy Birtday week-end.

    Take Care,

    [Thank you very much. I haven’t done any wallpapering yet, though. That can wait until next weekend. – Features Editor]

  12. Winner photo is great but i personnaly like the most one in Venice (Gallery 21 #8).

    [Well, there are four more pictures to come (the one above is in fifth place), so you’ll have to wait and see which is the real winner. – Features Editor]

  13. I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to vote on the pics as Polly did such an outstanding job. This one is definitely one of my favorites. It shows a very happy and content David. He looks like he had a lot of fun on this tour.

    Fed I was at the April 16 show in Oakland and was wondering if Polly took any photos of that show. I wish I could relive it all again.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [Please click your name below for the West Coast photos. – Features Editor]

  14. Hello FEd and you all,

    …I like very much this photo : gallery 25 num 13. Really it symbolizes a friendly harmony and an affection…with 38 years of music.

    I love you all,have a nice week end

  15. is it wrong to wear my DG shirt to the RW concert that i’m going to tonight?? what the hell, i’m doing it anyway!!!

  16. Euh… o.k. i am not so good as i thought in the shoes game, but f.é. you missed a nice chance to trick us ( de nous jouer un tour) you should put your shoes, that would be a good joke.

    I have something to ask to Sylvie de Québec but only if you agree. I will go to Québec city in november to see my family: i d really like to make a contact with her so i d like to ask her where is the shoe store where she works, but only if you give me the permission.

    Sylvie de Québec,je vais a Québec en novembre et si c est possible je pourrais aller m acheter des bottes dans ton magasin, s.v.p. ou travailles-tu? Notre ami f.é. décidera si c est correct ou non de te poser la question sur ce blog.

    Have a great week-end everybody!!!
    Sylvie de Montréal

    [No problem. If Sylvie doesn’t want to tell everyone here, she can tell me privately and I’ll e-mail you. – Features Editor]

  17. Bah! That was David wearing Jon Carin’s shoes. (Clearly, living in the US under this particularly ignominious regime has given me a penchant for conspiracy theory.)



    PS–FEd, loved your comment about Springsteen vs. Dylan. Good one! A little bit Scarlett O’Hara-ish but, oh, so appropriate.

    [I’ll get in trouble one of these days. I wasn’t saying that Springsteen is rubbish, just that Dylan is different class. Honest. – Features Editor]

  18. You deserve to win both awards!

    Please give us some news on the DVD soon!!! 🙂

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  19. How is it that till now there are no comments on this beautiful photograph?

    Are all bloggers out for the weekend?

    I’m another one,like Angelo Ortiz, Julia or Melissa, who often think about what would be like to meet Mr Gilmour. Not just for a moment in the caos of an after concert. But during a peaceful stay somewhere, a holiday, when you can chat between other friends in front of a good glass of wine.

    During this last month I have always been listening and looking to PULSE DVD – What an extraordinary art work ! How I wished I were there! I can’t forgive myself for not having realised what I was going to miss! (I only would like to understand what is the young man with round eyes in a bed there for).

    I’ll be on Sunday 8th at Caserta for Springsteen’s concert. I know I won’t like it the least part I like PF and Gilmour, but I have learned that “ogni lasciata è persa” as we say here.

    Bye Top

  20. David’s shoes…

    I would like to tell (or remind) you that David composed the soundtrack of a documentary called “The colours of infinity – the beauty and power of fractals”, about mathematics, fractal geometry and computer pictures.

    I bought the book a few years ago, it was sold with a DVD (wow… mathematics and David’s music , what a delight !).

    It’s a sort of scientific popularization but I have to admit I didn’t understand all that I read ( too technical english words), but I very enjoyed the DVD and the mysterious, very subtile music of David which was so suitable for the strange and beautiful fractal pictures that I saw.

    The preface of the book is a very interesting sentence of Albert Einstein: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

    If anyone is interested, click my name.

    Sorry if I have been boring with mathematics !


  21. I’ve ordered a book entitled A Rough Guide to Pink Floyd, 300 pages. Available this month. If this is an unacceptable post Fed, I understand. Thank You.

    [I’d hate to read their detailed guide if their rough one has 300 pages… – Features Editor]

  22. I love that photo, can’t wait for the others. David’s smile always reminds me of a Cheshire cat. Pardon my spelling, I think?

  23. For me, the photographs are a wonderful part of the website, bringing back such great memories, huge credit and thanks to Polly for her time and effort to take and then share them with us – it’s never easy to take photos when the temptation is just to relax and enjoy the occasion.

    Fed, I was just wondering (not sure if it’s possible), could the photos be viewed as a slide show? It would be great to watch them when listening to some of David’s music.

    [They can be if you have them on your computer. – Features Editor]

  24. FED! I’am sorry for the Reds….in Italy there is a gossip about Rafa Benitez: is possible that Rafa will replace Mancini in Inter very soon.

    I’am very happy for Chelsea and Sheva!

    I’am preparing a dedication for you FED, remember you are growing old……:)

    This week in my office there was an important meeting with a big boss of my company (the number 2) and before the beginning of the meeting the boss have seen my PC ( I have like desktop a photo of David during the sound test in Venice of the gallery – the 6 of 21) and the boss told me smiling: “magic David”! So may be that for David I will get a promotion very soon!

    Claudio – Ravenna

    [Fingers crossed for that promotion, mate. – Features Editor]

  25. FED, are there possibilities of OAI on DVD before the end of the year?

    I have read a gossip about it.

    [I wouldn’t count on it, but you never know. – Features Editor]

  26. And which other site should win? Anyway, if you win, I suggest that anyone of us send you a prize! Staplers, notebooks, pencils, pens, rubbers…I’ll send you the sellotape, of course!

    I would be curious to know what the other bloggers could send you! Marker pens? Calendars for the desk? Pen boxes? Oh! I remember when I was a child the teachers, at school, made us do the pen boxes made with clothes peg of wood! I was very good! Do you want I send it one of this two? Let me know how much people there is behind David Gilmour’ site. I’ll send that to all! One for Fed, one for Sned, one for Ped…


    [You’re a sweetheart, despite all my mean remarks about Radiohead. Bless you. But you know that some vacuous teeny-bopper site will win. You’ll have all these 13-year olds getting their internet friends to vote repeatedly… I know how it is. – Features Editor]

  27. hope you’re all having a nice weekend. sorry to see liverpool lose again, fed.

    [You don’t have to remind me, do you? I’m just getting over it. – Features Editor]

  28. Doesn’t matter what any teeny boppers think, DG will always be the World’s greatest guitarist, past, present and future. There are enough of us around who know that, so if the teeny boppers think differently, I wouldn’t worry about it too much . . .

  29. Great photo selection, FEd! I found it nearly impossible to vote for the best photo, as they were all remarkable. In contrast, voting for our websites was easy! I’ll bet us mature, somewhat middle-aged folks will show the teeny-boppers a thing or two and put you in the winner’s circle!

    Maybe we should send you duct tape and drop cloths for your prize? Don’t work too hard!

  30. Bonsoir, les deux Sylvie(s), j’espère que vous pourrez vous rencontrer !

    J’aimerais bien vous rencontrer aussi, peut-être dans le chatroom, m’y sentirais moins perdue…mais je sais, problème de fuseaux horaires… que faire ? triste…

    J’ai appris ce soir à la télé qu’un pont s’est effondré à Montréal, triste aussi…

    Amitiés à toutes deux.


  31. Hi FEd and friends,

    Just wanted to thank Michele re “The Colours of Infinity … ” information — I just ordered the book for my math- and music-minded son.

    I’ve been purusing various sites for the heck of it and saw that the Who are touring, with Zak Starkey back on drums, Pete’s brother, Simon, on guitar, and Pino Palladino on bass. Pino played on David’s ‘About Face’ if I’m not mistaken. Sounds like a great show … they’ll be in Seattle on October 11, but damned if I can make it! I’ve over-spent this year on musical events, and I can’t justify any more (plus, my husband would kill me!). Having never seen the Who live, I may have to resort to pouting around the house …

    I hope you and all the Irregulars have had a pleasant weekend! I’m going to check in with the calendar late tonight, see if there’s any chat time coming up. Certainly not on the 4th though!

    Take care everyone.

    Washington State

  32. If I can vote for my favourite picture here, and if it’s not too late, I’m going to vote for Gallery 13 number 7. That’s a beautiful picture of Jon. I really like the lighting too.

  33. BT Music Awards…

    Maybe I’ll shock you (Fed and fellow bloggers) and disappoint you (not in my intention !), but I voted “Don’t care” in the latest poll.

    I don’t know anything about this kind of music award, so I had the curiosity to look at the results of BT music awards 2005 and I saw : James Blunt, Stereophonics, Gorillaz, best music site = Coldplay …

    So I agree with Fed when he writes : [But you know that some vacuous teeny-bopper site will win. You’ll have all these 13-year olds getting their internet friends to vote repeatedly… I know how it is. – Features Editor]

    I don’t know what “bopper” means, but I guess…

    And all my pupils have this kind of behaviour !

    Alors (can’t say in english), peu importe le résultat de ce vote, il ne traduira rien de significatif, je pense que malheureusement dans l’industrie musicale et l’attribution d’awards, tout est truqué, artificiel, et c’est tout le contraire de ce que représente pour moi ce site.

    Ici, sur, tout est authentique, tout est qualité, tout est humain et générosité, David au départ, sa famille, Fed bien-sûr et surtout, nos amis qui aiment participer et se sentent chez eux ici…

    I hope you understood what I meant.

    So don’t be sad if you don’t win, I personally don’t care. You know, in this world all is based on the appearence…

    Be sure we all love you and the site/blog and will for ever be grateful to you, so you will ever be the Winner for us !


    [Thank you very much, Michèle. I voted the same way, so I’m certainly not offended. Et, en outre, je pense aussi que l’industrie est très, très artificiel. Il y a trop de foutaise (pardonnez-moi, j’espère qu’est le mot que je pense à, parce que c’est vrai). Il y a déjà trop de compliments dans le ciel et trop beaucoup des personnes que sont trop satisfait avec la vie. Je ne pense pas vraiment que nous avons le prix à mercredi, mais il n’est pas le prix je voudrais: j’ai cela déjà ici. Merci beaucoup pour les compliments et j’apprécie votre honnêteté. C’est bon de voir que une personne pensé les mêmes à moi au sujet. Merci encore. – Features Editor]

  34. Hello everyone

    I arrive from Montreal, I went to the holiday of my godchild who is going be 2 years old the 3oct. It is super pleasant because I see my family which lives there.

    When I return at home I learns that Sylvie of Mont. Come to see the family in Quebec, I was happy enough to know that I was going finally to know a person who in the same passion as me. Then Sylvie it is with the big happiness that one invites you for a good food and a good wine when you want.

    For shoes and boots has there no problem, but it is not in a shop these in the factory, I make them it if appeal Auclair and Martineau to St-Émile I know not so you knows, it is necessary that you comes to choose them and it(he) make check prices.

    I’m giving my e-mail to Fed and write to me. Thank you Fed for permission granted.

    I wish you a very happy born anniversary(birthday) for your 34 years!

    You should make a concour to guess which age has our Fed.

    Sylvie from Quebec

    [Please don’t. I get depressed very easily. – Features Editor]

  35. Dear Fed,

    I watched my Pulse DVD for the umpteenth time…. and you know the section-“Say Goodbye To Life As We Know It?” I gotta ask, What happened to Urinal #1? It’s been keeping me up at nights! hee-hee.

    Have a good what-ever is left of your weekend;-)

    *~Tomi Sue~*

  36. thank you Michèle for The Colours of Infinity, I’ll try to get it soon and I discovered an interesting site for books.

    Well said George Maciver DG will always be ‘the greatest’…..


  37. [You’re a sweetheart, despite all my mean remarks about Radiohead. Bless you. But you know that some vacuous teeny-bopper site will win. You’ll have all these 13-year olds getting their internet friends to vote repeatedly… I know how it is. – Features Editor]

    In effect, you are not very tolerant about the artists you don’t love (Radiohead, Springsteen….)

    But “You’ll have all these 13-year olds…”. “YOU” who? Fans of Radiohead? And you “know how it is”…AH! AH! AH! Do you want to know what I am thinking? Your words makes me think that you have children about 13 years old and that they stay around your pc with them friends voting for Radiohead’s site repeatedly! AH! AH! AH! FEd’s children who vote for Radiohead’s site! If this is true, I roll on floor laughing!!!


    P.S. Anyway, I went to two Radiohead concerts and no so many 13 years old…tell your children that if they want to go to the next Radiohead concert and you don’t leave they go alone, the old aunt Lucia will take them!

    [It’s not true. I was thinking more of the likes of Robbie, Britney etc. I don’t know who the current flavour of the month is, but I’m sure they’ll win. – Features Editor]

  38. Hi Blog,

    Noticed something out of the corner of my eye yesterday morning…

    I think it was a repeat, but the Armani Red charity event (performances by Mr Ferry among others) was on UK Channel 4 and I’m almost sure I saw our man stepping out of a car onto the red carpet, it was however a milisecond and I wasn’t paying attention properly so it may have been someone else…anyone?

    Anyway I sat through 2 hours of ‘performances’ from the likes of fiddy? (ITS FIFTY GET IT FIFTY) cent. (What a musician, he speak them words so skillfully? sheesh) just incase DG was doing guitar backup for B Ferry. Alas it wasn’t to be, so I stuck pulse into the DVD player for some relief!

  39. Happy Monday,

    It is very difficult to find a fave photo as they are all very good in their own way. However, if I had to make a choice it would have been an early in the tour ‘action one’ that captured the green stage lighting. Very colourful. Great image. But their were so many wonderful ‘action’ shots.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: With regard to LFC, dont despair Fed, Coventry were woeful on Saturday and didnt make the final 8 – sorry, meant top 8. (note: to remember that I dont watch the x factor now)

    [I’ve moved onto ‘Hell’s Kitchen USA’ for my late-night evil fix. I never tire of hearing Gordon Ramsey yell “You f*cking donkey!” at some dumbfounded wannabe. It’s hilarious after a few drinks (but then, isn’t everything?). – Features Editor]

  40. Thanks for the info about the book and DVD Michele 8)

    Amazes me how many other guitarists David has worked with and where his music shows up. Everyone knows he’s the greatest guitarist of all time, but few realize that’s only because he’s put in more work and effort to master the thing than anyone else!

  41. Hey! I don’t want break your heart, but I am listening to Springsteen and I fear that I prefer Springsteen to Dylan!

    Come on! Tell me something good about Dylan to convince me that he is better!

    My colleague has also invited me to join him to Springsteen’s concert, the next week, but I won’t go…because I know you wouldn’t agree! AH! AH! And I still haven’t read Springsteen’s lyrics and I am sure than Dylan’s are better…anyway, you’ll always be my favourite FEd!


    [I’ve got nothing against Springsteen, you understand, but Dylan’s lyrics are better than anybody’s (nobody need follow that remark with an obvious question, by the way). There wouldn’t be Springsteen without Dylan. He paved the way for everyone to follow – and he’s still paving. The man’s a living legend. He’s a poet and a genius. You should go and see Springsteen. His shows are supposed to be fantastic. – Features Editor]

  42. [You don’t have to remind me, do you? I’m just getting over it. – Features Editor]

    sorry to remind you, fed. i think rafa should stop changing the team and playing the players out of position.

    hope you had a good weekend in spite of the defeat.

    [Once I tracked down linesman Andy Halliday and broke both his legs, I felt fine. You’re right about Rafa, of course. – Features Editor]

  43. Will there be another single released from the OAI release?

    I’m also curious to know if bloggers are still hearing any of OAI played on the radio. Here in the NY area the only track they really played was the title track and now I don’t even hear that anymore. Lots and lots of PF is played all the time but none of the solo stuff. Not even anything from the re-release of David’s other two solo efforts.

    Of course even though Roger was in town a few weeks ago, they didn’t play anything from his solo releases. At least around David’s tour they played OAI a few times. Just curious to know if anyone is hearing tracks from OAI and in what part of the world.



    PS – FEd there is nothing wrong with saying that Springsteen is rubbish. IMHO, I happen to agree and I live in NJ.

    [There could be another single. Which track would you put out? – Features Editor]

  44. Good Monday to you all.

    I guess it will be slim pickins here on the blog this week with the Fed’s b-day. I hope someone will help you out so you won’t get backlogged, or will the blog be shut down? You may have already said that now that I think about it. Oh well, I will be here when you get back.

    By now the majority of us have given our opinion of, and expressed how greatful we are to have an official website with accurate info, but how does David feel about it? How do you feel about it Fed? Are you guys happy with it?

    Do you think it has helped significantly with OAI sales and concert promotion. I know from my personal experience, if not for all the great reviews and excitement on the blog, I may not have made the decision to travel all the way to Gdansk to see the show. I could not resist and I am sure there are others like me out there who based their decision on info here on the website.

    We have already won this award, even if the votes say we didn’t.

    Enjoy your B-day Fed, maybe David will sing for you.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [Thank you very much for that, Melissa. Everyone seems happy with the site. That the fans like it – and that David and Polly like it, of course – is all that should really matter. – Features Editor]

  45. Fed –

    Don’t forget to close the blog for your birthday. You deserve a day when you don’t have to worry about when the DVD will be announced, bootlegs or the possibility of a South American tour.

    By the way, I saw John Mayer in San Francisco last night. I went along with my wife who wanted to see Sheryl Crow, the opener. I was completely floored by how brilliant Mayer is. Highly recommended.

    Have a good Birthday week.

    [Thanks very much, mate. – Features Editor]

  46. I saw Jon Carin’s tribute band friday and tried my best to take alot of photo’s of his shoes. This appeared to be an odd thing to my friends and I never explained it to them.

    They must think I’m mad or have a fetish….do’h!

  47. [Once I tracked down linesman Andy Halliday and broke both his legs, I felt fine. – Features Editor]

    the officials can ruin games. it’s about time we introduced video replays. what do you think, fed?

    [I agree. There is a fourth official. What does he do exactly, other than hold up his electronic board to announce how much stoppage time is to be played or which player is being substituted? I’m thinking of Robben’s play-acting last season (again, a harsh decision against Pepe Reina)… In fact, we would be doing the Premiership a huge favour if we could cut down on Chelsea’s frequent cheating by using a video referee. Rudders, please add Chelsea to the list. – Features Editor]

  48. Caption: While warming up on guitar playing “Smile”, David segues into “All Lovers Are Deranged” and smiles coyly. (Smile back, back away slowly and don’t make any sudden moves). (ß^þ)

    Nice pic. Can’t wait to see which will be number 1. For the pics and this site, that is. Tally hooo!

  49. I heard “This Heaven” on WRNR 103.1 based out of Annapolis, MD, USA.

    They have been playing tracks from the album since it’s release.

  50. To Gabrielle (Washington), Topazia43, George Maciver,…

    Be careful if you order “The colours of infinity”, because I saw somewhere ( don’t remember where) that the DVD could be available only in “Pal” format and not in “NTSC” format, so maybe US people could not read it ! but I bought it a few years ago, so maybe that problem doesn’t exit anymore…

    Yeah ! Maths et musique vont bien ensemble, mais si, Fed !!!!


  51. webmaster, is this the only way i can get thru to this website? do u have anything more important to discuss than Gilmour’s shoes?? a bit obsessive don’t cha think? how can i get u people to introduce a broader women’s line of Gilmour clothing? one shirt doesn’t cut it! we Gilmour Girls want more, please. can you forget about the man’s shoes long enough to get something going for us? thank you!

    by the way, can u make this site a little easier to access?

    i’d like to let DG know how much I think of him also.

    [Anything else? – Features Editor]

  52. [There could be another single. Which track would you put out? – Features Editor]

    Sounds like a good topic for another poll.

    I would say, Take A Breath. It’s a good rockin song and it would show some diversity from the Smile release.


    [Agreed. – Features Editor]

  53. [There could be another single. Which track would you put out? – Features Editor]

    If I may on this comment Fed, I think “Take a Breath” would be a good a single release. It’s one of thoes tracks that would draw attention quicker than some of the more mellow stuff that we all love. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it the second favorite on our poll?

    Melissa (*_*)

    [It was, with 21% of the vote. ‘The Blue’ was third with 12%. – Features Editor]

  54. [Kuyt reminds me of Mark Hughes. He’s a battler. Let’s hope for a few goals – acrobatic overheads or simple tap-ins, I don’t mind – at Bolton tomorrow. We need to get up that table. – Features Editor]

    hmmmmmmmmmmm, See above for topics barred from tonights chat.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I think that’s wise. – Features Editor]

  55. [There could be another single. Which track would you put out? – Features Editor]

    I think “Take a Breath” would probably do the best, since it’s falls more in the “rock” catagory, but I won’t mind seeing “This Heaven” out there.

    c-ho67 – I agree w/ your statement on the womens clothing line. I personally picked a shirt from the guys side, because I didn’t like the girl’s shirt. I was thinking the wireman David would make a great pair of earrings.


  56. [I agree. There is a fourth official. What does he do exactly, other than hold up his electronic board to announce how much stoppage time is to be played or which player is being substituted? – Features Editor]

    i think he tries to calm the managers down when the ref or one of his linesmen has just made another mistake.

  57. A new single? I love Castellorizon. The perfect synthesis of all. Fantastic. And I love a lot when it finishes and On an Island starts. A perfect choice of track’s order too! …but maybe Castellorizon is not a good single song! This Heaven! Powerful but warm, energetic but in an elegant way. Yes! This Heaven is my choice!

    [There wouldn’t be Springsteen without Dylan.]

    My colleague told me that if you don’t stop saying unkind words about Springsteen he’ll come in Wales to beat you! Andrew, you too! I’m joking!

    However, I have never had the most little and furthest intention to go to the Springsteen’s concert! And my colleague knows that…and you read my post too much seriously, sometimes! You should know that you are not the only one who kidding others, here!

    Anyway, after the last friday passed listening Dylan and this morning passed listening Springsteen, this afternoon I came back at my old loves: Radiohead and Pink Floyd. And just I listened the first notes, my eyes shine and my lips smile…and I though “At last my wonderful, fantastic, perfect music”!

    Sorry to you, Fed, and sorry to my colleague, but in my heart there is place just for Pink Floyd, Radiohead…and Sigur Ròs too, because my heart is big enough!


    P.S. Michèle, my friend, I like you very very very very much…but I’ll never read or see “The colours of infinity – the beauty and power of fractals”! MATHS????? NOOOOOOOO!!!! I hope you’ll forgive me! And a lot of guys seems enthusiastic with your book! Sorry mates! Nothing against people who love maths…but my marks in maths were bad during the secondary school! Enjoy your reading!

    Dear EchoesBob, you are very sweet with Fed….but the day of my birthday I have always worked! Why Fed should be a privileged? I want to speak with his boss! Maybe we could speak while we have an english tea in his home-studio-boat on the Thames! That boat has always fascinated me!

  58. Springsteen huh. I remember once buying one of his LPs coz I was trying to break out of my ‘Pink Floyd’ syndrome and expand my horizons. Never did like his music but someone told me I should get ‘into’ him. So I tried. For 2 weeks. It was torture. In the end that stupid LP got frisbeed out the window and I went back to Pink Floyd. Bliss.

    30 years later and I’ve still got Pink Floyd Syndrome. Oh well, not much chance of curing me now.

    Some great folks here. Thanks for sharing your lives.

  59. Hey Fed, you said “I’ve got nothing against Springsteen… You should go and see Springsteen. His shows are supposed to be fantastic. – Features Editor” Yeah? But how are Springsteens SHOES??? I mean come on Fed! Stick with what MATTERS!!! He he he.

    Have a great b-day Fed.


    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  60. Michele,

    you said “David composed the soundtrack of a documentary called “The colours of infinity – the beauty and power of fractals”, about mathematics, fractal geometry and computer pictures.

    I bought the book a few years ago, it was sold with a DVD (wow… mathematics and David’s music , what a delight !).”

    I’ve seen this available but hesitated because I didn’t know if David was just background music to someone talking or if it is images of fractals to Davids music. Can you tell me more?


  61. Re office equipment for F’ed and Co


    Put me down for some post-it notes in lurid colours of yellow, pink and green

    Now F’ed it might not surprise you to know that I am on Lucia’s side in the Boss vs Bob debate – no doubting the quality of Dylan’s poetry and of course he led the way (leads, I’m not so sure), but to score top marks he needs more musicality and I think that Born in The USA and The Rising represent excellent packages.

    But you will see the fact that I like it as confirmation that you are right of course!!

    [Of course. I’m always right. – Features Editor]

  62. Lucia,

    So violent – I’m glad you were joking. Where’s the love and flowers and wine and pasta??

    I do have to add that both Dylan and Springsteen are good lyricists. In fact, I rather hear their songs performed by other artists – for example the Hendrix version of All Along the Watchtower and even Manfred Mann doing Blinded By the Light are much better than the Dylan/Springsteen versions. I just find it painful to hear them sing or whine for that matter.

    By the way, your colleague should also check out Ellen Shipley. She did some work with Bruce back in the 1980s and she has a phenomenal voice. Problem is that you can’t get her stuff on CD.


  63. [There could be another single. Which track would you put out? – Features Editor]

    Take a Breath, but live version from somewhere, I do not know which one is the best, at the same time the question of video clip would be solved, as well as excellent background for upcoming DVD.


  64. [Nothing against people who love maths…but my marks in maths were bad during the secondary school! – Lucia]

    Hey, Lucia, I think any hope is now lost to bring you back to mathematics…but, don’t be so sad, mathematics will survive without you !!!

    Oh, you love Sigur Ros… Did you know that ,in 2000, Sigur Ros did the voices for an icelandic (?) mathematics video game for children ? Maybe you could buy it… kidding you, of course !


  65. [I’ve seen this available but hesitated because I didn’t know if David was just background music to someone talking or if it is images of fractals to Davids music. Can you tell me more? – Tim]

    Wow, I would like to please you, Tim, but so difficult for me, I’ll try, but excuse my english…

    – It’s not David’s music illustrated with fractal pictures.
    – It’s more a scientific documentary with David’s music in the background.

    So, if you want to all understand, you have to be at least interested by mathematics and formulas !

    However, if you are just curious and open-minded, I think you could be interested by the story of fractal geometry, by the fractal pictures (coloured, moving, wonderful and surprising )and of course by the music, immediatlely recognizable: slide-guitar, lap-steel, experimental… really amazing!

    There are two parts in the DVD:

    1- “the colours of infinity” : mostly explanations of famous scientists like Pr. Ian Stewart, Dr. Michael Barnsley, Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot (and his famous iterative equation ” Z = z² + C”), …from the more simple fractal shape ( equilateral triangle moving iteratively into a “snow flake”) to nature evolutions like tree leaves’ growth, butterflies’ birth, to the computers applications (pixels, low, high and infinite resolution )…So exciting !and with David’s music in the background…

    2- “Infinit” , easier to watch: only amazing fractal pictures moving and a more present David’s music… Great !

    Ouch ! I hope that will help you ! Excuse me, I can’t do better …but, wow ! mathematics = brillant !!!

    BTW, is David interested by mathematics and fractal geometry ? Fed, do you know ? his father was a professor in genetics, I think ?


    [I have no idea, sorry. Good question, though. – Features Editor]

  66. Ok Tim, you are in my list of Fed’s gifts with post-it notes! This is a very useful gift. Good choice mate!

    Andrew, my colleague said he is never listened Ellen Shipley name and we look for her in iternet and we found that she has sang with Bruce just one time, in 1979…if I remember well.

    And I have a lot of wine and pasta for you…but I’ve never spoken about flowers and love, sorry!

    Hey Fed, why one of these days you don’t ask David to tell us one of his favourite recipe and you open a new page with the ingredients…we could try to cook it and tell you if we are good chef! FUNNY!!!!!!!!


    [I remember, a few years ago, that footballer Eric Meijer had a website with a section for his favourite recipes. There was a nice photo of him in a chef’s hat (isn’t it called a toque, or something like that?), too. Now you’re giving me silly ideas and even my most sensible ideas are overlooked on a regular basis. – Features Editor]

  67. “…mostly explanations of famous scientists like Pr. Ian Stewart, Dr. Michael Barnsley, Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot (and his famous iterative equation ” Z = z² + C”), …from the more simple fractal shape ( equilateral triangle moving iteratively into a “snow flake”)….”

    Michèle, you are scaring me!


    [I broke out in a rash after the word “equation”, never mind the fractal bit. – Features Editor]

  68. Michele,

    thanks for the great information… it sounds like it would be a worthwhile purchase. I’m not so into math (when I took engineering calculus I had nightmares of swimming in a giant curved plexiglass graph!) but I do love science… even though I’m not an evolutionist (not to start THAT dialogue again Dear Fed!). I find fractals to be fascinating… especially with Davids’ music in the mix. But Michele your English is very good- you exude passion while talking about this and that is very cool!!! Thanks again!


  69. To Tim (Taylor):

    My pleasure, Tim !

    (Oh, I learnt this expression from Fed…it works here ?)


  70. Yes Michele – Your English is good enough already but now we are blinded by your science! Did you come up with all those words out of your own head? You are la professeur indeed!

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