Whose Shoes? (Part Two)


Those were indeed Guy’s shoes yesterday. Congratulations to all who guessed correctly and thanks for all the interesting facts.

Nobody made mention of the unbelievable number of Margaritas the man can get through, though.

In case you’re unaware, Guy’s doing four nights at Islington’s King’s Head theatre in November, in continuing with his ‘My Bass & Other Animals’ stand-up tour. So, if you can get to north London for one of the dates, why not go along? It could be a good excuse for a blog get-together…

Dates are 13, 20, 26 and 27 November and the show starts at 8PM.

I’ll have details of how you can win yourself a pair of tickets, courtesy of Guy, next week.

For now, can you name the owner of these shoes and tell us one interesting fact about this person?

There’s also a chat today at 4PM (UK time). Hope you can make it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

105 thoughts on “Whose Shoes? (Part Two)”

  1. I’m kicking myself repeatedly for not going with my gut instinct yesterday. Now I’m really stuck. It’s Phil or David and I’m going to guess…. David.

    A factlet that people may not know is that David is the world’s greatest guitar player ever…oh wait, you knew that one… dang, I’m out 🙂

    I’d definitely be up for a pre-gig blogger get together at Guy’s improv if any other London based bloggers are?


    [If a few people are interested, Nick, I’ll open the chatroom especially for you to make the necessary arrangements. Let me know. – Features Editor]

  2. Simon Emery’s shoes flooring the gas pedal to make it to the Abbey Road taping on time…. 😉

    …congrats on the job, by the way!

  3. Could it be David’s feet? He is sort of a no frills kind of guy, and these look pretty comfortable.

    1 interesting fact: He is still a handsome man no matter what he wears(forgive me Polly)

    Melissa (*_*)

  4. Hi FEd and all,

    Opps, guess I should have gone with my first thought in respect of Guy’s shoes.

    As for today’s blog entry, I reckon those are Phil’s shoes. In retrospect, I remember Phil was playing a wah-wah pedal during one song at Abbey Road. Now am I cheating, FEd?

    The only thing that I can think of saying about Phil is that his Primitive Guitars album is good (which I am still endeavouring to purchase when I can spare the pennies – I have found his website with compliments of this blog). However, Phil’s guitar solo on the end of Roxy Music’s “In Every Dream Home, A Heartache” is fantastic.

    Have a great day.


  5. It’s DG is my guess… PM’s “plates of meat” look to be much bigger…

    Little known fact… if that’s at all possible! DG played on a Supertramp album called Brother Where You Bound and teamed up with Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham….

  6. Good day all,

    Those look to be David’s shoes.

    His first guitar was an old Tatay, a Spanish guitar with nylon strings, borrowed from a neighbour. His other early guitars include a Burns Sonnet and a Hofner Club 60.

    Have a great day all and shine on!

    Caption Contest- “While driving Nick Mason’s Ferrari, David could only seem to find the gas pedal and no brakes”

    Matt in Maine

  7. I have to say those are David’s feet. Imagine this conversation:

    “What did you do today?”

    “Well I looked at some photos of feet and tried to guess who they belonged to.”

    “Slow day at the office??”

    By the way, I really hope that they are not planning a scratch and sniff series of these photos as “extra goodies” in the DVD release.



  8. I’d say this is David, playing his wah-wah pedal, but could be a volume pedal as well.

    Well I like the style of shoes, actually I have a very similar pair myself 😀

    For those living in The Netherlands, check out the Revolver issue for September/October, with some beautiful pictures of a very young David and Pink Floyd performing in some dutch venues.

  9. its all black. Gotta be David.

    I don’t think that Mr. Fairweather-low would be able to fit into them bad boys either!

    Strange thing is I have these shoes in brown, which would explain why i am s**t at guitar!

  10. Dear F.Ed.

    i just say: he is a keyboard-man (i suppose he is seated) and by watching the jeans-edge i guess Mr.Jon Carin.

    Have a nice day
    ciao Elisabetta

  11. My guess today would be David it just looks like his style i hope im right.

    Hope everyone is still voting i am good luck Fed.


  12. I’ll guess that these are David’s shoes as they sort of look familiar. But gosh…a fact about David that’s not widely known? I’ll need a second cup of coffee for that one. How about….I think the radio sounds on the intro to “Wish You Were Here” were taped using David’s car stereo (as opposed to Roger, Rick’s or Nick’s car stereo).

    A very happy belated birthday to you, Thomas! What a wonderful gift! Thank you, too, for the nice words.

    Good luck with the remodeling, FEd. You need to get your pointy stick out for those of us who desperately need to work on their kitchens….but who’d rather read the blog all day! It’s so easy to put off all that….work…..

  13. I think this is certainly the shoe of Mr. David Gilmour.

    Many may know that David Gilmour is the owner of Fender Stratocaster #0001. It is a white guitar that many have seen him perform with. However, this is not the first Strat ever made. (Sorry, I don’t know who owns that one.)

  14. CAPTION ” I thought God wore sandals”

    CAPTION ” If they belong to Phil they look comfortable because as he says I AVALON way to walk are you JEAULOUS GUY ?

    Sorry again,

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  15. Surely these have to be David’s?

    Or is that too obvious?

    No, I’ll stick with Mr Gilmour.

    Something interesting I read a few weeks ago – David once drove a car off a cliff in Mexico (not deliberately) and survived! – The die hard fans will probably say ‘yeh yeh knew that one!’ – but I found it interesting.

    Fed – any news on the DVD yet? If you’ve been asked too many times then ignore me, but this has to be the most eagerly anticipated event I have ever had to endure.

    [There’s no release date to announce as yet, so all I can say is that it will be out sometime early next year. – Features Editor]

  16. Well I know whose shoes they are, I was with him when he got them, so there.

    Thanks for your titbits yesterday but did you all have to keep pointing out how much hair I used to have? I have feelings you know..


  17. That is SO David’s shoe. I first saw him live at the 2001 Meltdown show, and I’ll never forget how he looked: He was in loose fitting jeans/pants, a t-shirt & loafers. He looked like he just rolled out of bed, or rather a garden or something. I’ll never forget those loafers!

  18. Well certainly its not Guy Pratt… My guess is Davids`shues controlling a wahpedal 🙂

    I would also like to say: I encourage everyone (including David) go to your local cinema and watch “An inconvenient truth” !!!

    As a suggestion (it`s only my suggestion) a link to this movies`website would be appropriate under the “The Important Stuff” section..


  19. Manzanera’s shoes! =)

    It can be also Gilmour’s shoes, but must be in fist choice Manzanera’s shoes…


  20. Those have to be David’s. Interesting fact? He plays guitar and sings as well as he looks. Which is a very good thing. 🙂

  21. I says its Mr. David Gilmour himself. Little known fact about him? He’s actually one of two musically gifted, ugly aliens on earth, the other one just didnt wear a mask when they first got here.

  22. Ok this is a hard one. Could be phil or David. I’m going to go out on a limb here… Tom Scholtz from Boston? No wait… he had all that glitter on his shoes. Ok… Phil.

    Anybody want a picture of my old tennis shoes? I’m sure the Smithsonian would be interested… they’ve seen a lot of miles. There’s bound to be numerous un-named species of bacteria living in them. Like the rainforest with a diversity of potentially useful… aw forget it.

    You all have a great day!


  23. Nickster, keep something left of yourself for tomorrow, I am afraid that you’ll have some more kicking to do then. They are Mr Wright his shoes.

    And if I am wrong, then please do not expect me to see you as my role model. My cat should be very careful though.

    I certainly do not know anything about Mr Wright what you bloggers do not know, but I hope to find out something here. Although, there is one thing: could it be that the person on the OAI tour was not the real Mr Wright, but a doll made by the Jim Henson Studios? He looks extremely British to me.

    Do not get me wrong, this comment is written in the friendliest way, as always.

  24. I saw those kinds of shoes on David’s feet in Paris in 2002, but not in 2006, I think he had sorts of suede shoes (?) , so I would say Phil, because of the pedal, and because of some …hmmm…female intuition, YES, that exists !…sometimes…

    About Phil, wow, he wore in Vienne white trousers, white shoes, une chemise orange à pois noirs, je crois !!!! ça tranchait avec le tout-en-noir de David !


  25. Happy Tuesday,

    I am guessing that this foot belongs to Phil Manzanera. Reason being I am sure that David has a rack of pedals.

    Facts: I have to admit that I dont know a lot about Phil. I saw Roxy Music round about 1973, loved ‘For Your Pleasure’ & ‘Country Life’ LP’s but never develled into Roxy like I did with other bands. I do remember him wearing glasses on stage that looked like big bug eyes.

    Pete – Coventry

  26. That looks like a Volume pedal. It would be easy for people to think those are David’shoes. But I am going to say that they are Phil’s. His supporting guitars would require that pedal, so I say El Magnifico.

    Only 4 days till I go to old chap Roger’s Gig in Indiana… Wish I could go back in time to April 13th insted, We will see.


  27. This must be Mr Phil Manzanera.

    A Interesting fact about Phil, when he played with Roxy Music back in June 1972 the band was the support act to Alice Cooper at the then “Wembley Empire Pool” (now Wembley Arena).

    Pink Floyd played the same venue in October that year.

    Gary Hurley. (I was at both gigs!)

  28. Davids?, need a clean looks like the ones he uses to fly his planes in, you can see the scuff marks on the back from when he lands

  29. No doubt about it…that’s our man, David.

    A fact that most non-guitarists may not know is that David has said that he almost never uses a guitar without a vibrato (or tremelo) bar on it. He has these bars cut and re-bent so he can palm the bar while playing and use the vibrato. The obvious exceptions are his Telecaster guitars he uses for songs like Run Like Hell. As David is my main guitar influence, I have the same done to my bars! Now if only I could play like him…………

  30. Man, that was a hard choice! I’ve said before that was Manzanera’s shoes, but I’ve changed my mind and is unquestionable:

    Mr Gilmour’s shoes! : P

  31. [Well I know whose shoes they are, I was with him when he got them, so there…. – Guy Pratt]

    i think this be a clue folks!! i knew i was WRIGHT!!

  32. David’s…

    Actually… if you have spent some time watching the “DG in Concert” DVD… first song… SOYCD… he spends a lot of time using his pedal with a similar pair of shoes… if not those shoes!

    It’s good to see Guy paid a visit to our favorite blog! =)!

    Shine on fellas!

  33. After Guy’s post i’m confused. Perhaps they belong to the inlaws (outlaws?)

    or maybe Mr P is throwing a curveball?

    As for the hair thing, it really sucks losing your hair so LEAVE OFF! (mine is in the transitional phase atm so I should know)

  34. Well i was wrong yesterday and i was there so much for been scientific

    well these have got to be Davids shoes

    not much time so ill say goodbye, Goodbye

  35. I guess I forgot the fact about David… I’d go… for a fact that I just shared with a colleague this morning…

    Pink Floyd’s known for being the fathers of progressive rock… and a really interesting fact is that David’s playing is totally related to it… I’d say he’s one of the few persons which can create an environmental mind blowing sensation for each song…

    Let me put it this way… whenever you hear High Hopes… no matter where you are, is it a small room, a large theater, anywhere… you’re going to feel you’re not inside something… but on the outside… actually whenever I hear High Hopes, I feel there are no boundaries on where the music’s coming from and where it’s going to. It’s such a feeling of “greatness” in the sense that everything’s so big and not… restricted to four walls… or our banal and small world… it makes you think out of the box… and try to look for something else.

    I hope I made myself clear… if not, you could correct me Fed… or try to encompass my thoughts on a better way.

    Shine on!

    [I thought you put it beautifully, Jorge. – Features Editor]

  36. I think it’s David. The pedal looks like the one he used on “DG in concert 2002” for the intro to Shine on.

    I don’t know how true this is(maybe Fed could shed some light on this), but I read that for the remake of (Money) for “A collection of great dance songs”, David played every instrument except the Sax. What a talant! I almost like that version better.

    [I believe it’s absolutely true. – Features Editor]

  37. [Well I know whose shoes they are, I was with him when he got them, so there. – Guy Pratt]

    I was thinking these were David’s shoes as well, then I read Guy’s post, and I’m thinking the might be Mr. Wright’s. Although Guy has been spending a good bit of time with David, I suppose they could have gone shopping together . .by Guy’s comment though I’m keeping it in the family and going w/ Richard Wright.

    Guy, are you trying to throw us?!


  38. “Nobody made mention of the unbelievable number of Margaritas the man can get through, though.”

    A tequila lover! oh dear… I’d best buy some cheap stuff if Guy ever drops in! My Don Julio collection is far too good to use in a Margarita… 🙂

  39. Phils no doubt….

    These shoes were commonly worn by the cast members of “West Side Story” and most of you know Manzanera’s not so secret desire to someday play the role of Bernardo way off Broadway.

    Ta dada da dum…ta dada da… doa’H!

  40. My initial thought was that it was David’s shoe! But I’m such a geek, that I actually zoomed in on a few of the photos from the Abbey Road session and now I think that it’s Mr. Wright’s right shoe!

  41. I think those are Richard’s shoes.

    …………and just for fun

    If I remember correctly Phil’s were pointy brown leather magnifico type shoes, Steve’s were green converse types and David’s were black/charcoal suede lace ups and I can’t for the life of me remember what Jon’s looked like – damn!

  42. [Thanks for your titbits yesterday but did you all have to keep pointing out how much hair I used to have? I have feelings you know..]

    Guy, don’t feel bad. Most of us have thinned out at the top and filled in around the waist. Luckily for you it is more of the first.

    Thanks for peeking in from time to time.


  43. My guess is David’s shoes. No particular reason for that, just a guess.

    One fact others may or not know is that I think David is the ultimate musician. He has it all, in my eyes he can do no wrong.

    Love some David, let me tell ya.

    Elizabeth in the USA

    As a side note, I got to see Crosby Stills Nash and Young back on Sept 7. The first time I have seen all 4 together. It was an outdoor venue and was just fantastic. I kep looking at Nash and Crosby thinking how lucky they were to know and perform with David! I told my friend if Gilmour steps on stage to be a surprise guest, I will have a heart attack on the spot. Alas, I’m still here, so my hopes were dashed. See David, I’m thinking of you even at someone else’s concert! I even wore one of my OAI shirts.

  44. Definately David’s. He wore black jeans at almost every one of his shows….looks like his pedalboard too…”You know I’m Right” 🙂

  45. my first guess was David but then i looked at the abbey road pictures in the gallery and David wore blueish jeans not black, so my guess is now Mr. Richard Wright 🙂

  46. I’ll go for David’s shoes.

    I once watched a documentary about racing old Jaguar XK’s. Turned on the telly in the middle of the programme and wished I’d watched it from the beginning. The music seemed familiar. Wow, it was Pink Floyd playing the instrumental theme music!

    I’ve always wanted to hear that music again. I heard David sold all his old cars so I guess he doesn’t race them anymore.

    If anyone knows where I can get that piece of music, I’d be grateful.

    [I’m assuming that was ‘La Carrera Panamericana’, George. Pink Floyd didn’t just provide the music, they actually provided some red hot racing action (and, in David’s case, a pretty nasty crash). It’s available on video. Click your name below. – Features Editor]

  47. [A]Davids shoes.

    Caption.He has given us a sign, he has given us his shoe.The shoe is the sign let us follow by his example.A sign we must gether shoes in abundance.

    [IF]The Man is a Philanthropist. and a good musician.

  48. Glad to see Mr Pratt is back on the blog.

    Those are David’s shoes. Ha I win LOL

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  49. The pedal has thrown everyone off. This is keyboard volume pedal, not a wah wah. If it were a guitar pedal, there would be more clutter from the rest of the effects setup. So the feet are from one Richard Wright.

    Richard has said in the past the “Porgy and Bess” by Miles Davis is perhaps his favorite record. Which puts me in good company, since “Kind of Blue” is mine (after Dark Side.)

  50. I’m voting they are Rick’s shoes.

    One interesting fact about Rick that I know- or at least by accounts that I have read, this is true-

    During the MLOR recording and tour, when Rick got back together with PF, he could only be legally considered a session man, due to the agreement made during The Wall mess and the on-going litigation with Roger. It was only after David and Nick had legal ownership of Pink Floyd that they could ‘legally’ bring Rick back as a full fledged member.

    (For what it’s worth, Rick, if you happen to see this, a great magnitude of people, including me, feel that you were always a member of PF, no matter what Roger or anyone else says.)

    Have a good day, all

  51. Ok, now I am confused. I thought these were David’s but, his pants legs normally look a little bit longer than the ones in this pic. Unless he was siting down……..God I don’t know.

    I’m sorry for giving the mean face to that (Stub) dude in the chatroom today, I should have just ignored him.


  52. Basic black loafers, hmmm they go well with a basic black t-shirt. Must be David. The foot pedal is a good hint as well.

    Did you know that the sweeping note bends in “The Blue” and “Marooned” are achieved using a whammy pedal?? Before I knew that fact, I was stumped how he seemed to interleave a Stratocaster with a lap steel!


    PS: I figured the first shoe pic was Guy. Lacefree Converse “Chucks” would match his youthful exuberance!

  53. Hi everyone!

    My computer messed up when I tried to post my ‘guess’ re well-worn shoes of yesterday! I made the right call but couldn’t post. I did mention that they must be his casual, non-performance day, comfy shoes … Guy would go head over heals doing his dance routine with those unlaced models!!

    Guy, I was hoping you’d be checking in again soon and here you are! I thought that in your spare time you and some of the more clever linguists amongst the Irregulars (not me) should have a one-liner comedy showdown! Keep your edge while entertaining the masses!

    I’d definitely go with David on this one. I’ve seen this shoe — well, a shoe just like this one — on David’s foot in the same position on the pedal on the Meltdown dvd.

    Well, better go get something done. Hope we can all chat soon!

    Washington State

  54. Wholy sh*t, these are my shoes!! Lost them at Abbey Road 1973… Thanks FEd !!

    Okay, I think it’s Rick Wright !! He’s got shoes-size 43 (=8 1/2) …

    Well anyway, this is Rick Wright, because it is not David Gilmour (can’t see his All tube effects board from Pete Cornish) and it is not Phil Manzenera (wrong pedal!) and it ain’t John either and sorry Nick, these are not your shoes either (you wore them “Inside Out”, Am I right…?)

    Ernest ♪ ¤_¤

  55. I’d say it’s Ricks’ wright shoe.

    He wrote an intro to ON THE TURNING AWAY which was well liked but “didn’t quite fit” the overall sound of the AMLOR album.

  56. Mr Wright without a doubt.

    His solo playing on the ‘Making of DSOTM’ DVD demonstrating the creation of The Great Gig and Us & them are hauntingly beautiful.

    Jazz Hands!

    [Well, I never thought I’d see “Jazz Hands!” on here. When I stop shaking my hands, I’ll take my hat off to you, Gary. – Features Editor]

  57. I’m a 100% sure this is not one of David’s shoes. He used the same ones throughout the tour and I thought they were a bit more round and in black suede. He did have the same shoes like the one in the picture in London/Paris 2002. By the way, this is not one of the pedals in his set-up.

    My guess is that this is one of Richard’s feet and that he is using an expression pedal.


  58. Yeah, after Guy’s post, I’m changing my mind too.

    And Elisabetta made a good point about it being someone seated judging by the angle of the jeans.

  59. I know I’m dreaming, But wouldn’t it be great if Guy would fly one of us who lives across the pond to see his show. If we won the contest that is coming up. I know that Matt, Lynn, or even I, Plus many others would go. But I know it would be only be a dream.

    So I really hope that your Kitchen is almost done and sorry I missed the chat room today. I hope it went well.

    Take Care, Thomas

    PS Whats wrong with Guys hair. My wife says that it looks good.

    [There are, at this point, 14 ceramic tiles on the floor and there’s not a single crack in sight, so all’s well… so far. – Features Editor]

  60. My guess is Richard – I think David has been giving the loafers a rest?

    Anyroad, right or wrong: here’s my fact about Richard (sort of) – in the Pink Floyd 1975 comic tour book he’s pictured as Rich Right (“He’s Rich and He’s Right!”), surrounded by lots of naked cartoon ladies.

    (now reading about “Dave Derring”…)


  61. You Fools!!!!

    I can’t believe that I’m the only person, who can see right through this………

    It’s a trick question & Guy is helping them by posting his curve ball message!

    It’s soooo obvious that these shoes belong to no-one other than…………..POLLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo Obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  62. I`m not sure about this one, but I think they are David`s shoes. And if there was anyone other than David in them, they could definately not play guitar like him!

  63. Those look like David’s shoes. Though i don’t know how I think I know.

    One interesting fact : he played an awful lot of bass on records in the seventies that he isn’t necessarily credited for.

  64. “That’s David at the sewing machine isn’t it?”

    No, no. That can’t be right, John. David uses the treadle type. 😀

    My first impulse was to say Mr. Richard Wright but would he use pedals like that? So then I thought it might be Phil.

    But I’ll go with my first answer. And if it IS Richard then, here’s a tidbit: I heard that Richard used to live in Atlanta and his house was very close to Emory University, where I work. Would love to know if that is true.

    Cheers, y’all,

    PS–Hi, Guy! Love your shoes.

  65. Thinking Jonny Carin, too bad this wasn’t happening last week, I would have checked them out at the Waters Show, except I was so far away I could barely see Jon I could hear him. Excellent show though, not quite as powerful as David’s.

    Just a quick note I went to that show with a good friend Graham Snyder, his son Dan was a NHL Hockey player that died tragically,a few years back. He said the music of David, Roger and Pink Floyd, especially WYWH have helped the healing process for him. So on behalf of him I will just say thank you David.


  66. My guess is Rick Wright. The reason being…
    process of elimination. It can’t be a guitar player’s because their pant leg would be a bit longer as they’d be standing. It has to be a shot of a man sitting…at the keyboard.

    This was probably taken at Abbey Road Studios as most of the live shows were too dark for Rick’s shoes to be so clear.

    An interesting fact about Mr. Rick Wright…hmmm. He’s a fan of Miles Davis. He claimed that the odd chord progression from “Breathe” came from “Kind of Blue.” I think that’s what makes his music so appealling…he’s got that flair for jazz but he spent years in a progressive rock band.


    Terry H
    NY, NY

    [Jazz Hands! – Features Editor]

  67. I’d say Davids on that super duper pitch shifting pedal on ‘The Blue’

    I want one of those pedals

  68. Definitely David! I’ll even go further out and suggest it’s from ‘The Blue.’ Our octave jumping hero in action!

  69. Mmmm. A very relaxed, casual type of shoe. Ah! It’s Gene Simmons. Nope. Ooooh, I know! It’s Mr. Richard Wright, sewing an outfit for his next gig (just kidding).

    Nice shoes. I’m a loafers type guy myself. I don’t like oxfords. Ta ta. ;^{D>

  70. Hmmm. Well…considering that there are shadows behind and beside “the shoes”, I’m going to assume that these shoes were somewhere near some equipment on stage. From the setups I’ve only seen courtesy of Polly’s pictures,(thanks to Polly for the pictures, but still sad that I couldn’t get tickets to Massey Hall) 🙁 , I’d have to guess that they belong to a keyboard player, since they have a lot of equipment behind and beside them. So my guess is either Richard Wright or Jon Carin.

    However, there is light above the shoes and a keyboard player’s feet would be underneath their instrument, therefore, blocking the light from above. So… I guess I’m back to sqare 1 and have to admit that I have no idea!

  71. Ok, I’ve changed my mind yet again. (I am a woman and I have every right to…as often as I want! LOL)

    Anyway, after seeing a few pictures of the stage/lights etc, I think it would be possible for light to reach the shoes of keyboard players. So I think I’ll pick Richard Wright.

    …And that’s final. =)

  72. I’m joining the group that believes these shoes are Richard Wright’s, though they also definitely fit David’s style profile.

    Trivia? I believe for a while Rick lived in Atlanta, Georgia, of all places. Maybe he still does!


  73. My first instinct was David. He seems to wear simple relaxed low shoes anyway.

    Put the pedal to the metal, David Sir.

  74. Has to be David’s shoe! Can’t think of anyone else who fits the bill. I reckon Jon Carin’s may be a bit shinier and PM’s dressier, but not sure really!!?

    Interesting fact… He speaks RP.

    OK obvious and not very interesting… I’ll apologise and get my coat…

  75. Well I still maintain that they are Phil’s shoes and if my memory serves me correctly he was playing the wah-wah pedal during Astonomy Domine.



  76. Well Oh Well I should have gone with my gut feeling on the first pair of shoes. On this one I am going to go with Richard Wright. Reason being that this looks more like a volume pedal and not a wah and as far as I know David uses Ernie Ball volume pedals but I have been wrong before.

    Fed, I heard that Richard is working on a solo project due out in 2007. Is there any truth in this? Have a good one!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [I don’t know if it’s true, but let’s hope so. – Features Editor]

  77. Thanks for the big clue Mr Pratt. So I will go with the wonderful Mr Wright.

    Interesting Tidbit – He used Indian Modal Scales in Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. And he played the Trombone on Biding My Time.

    Apologies to Mr Pratt for mentioning his follicle limitations. To make amends I intend to go to one of his shows in November.

  78. I am going to go with the crowd and guess that this is David’s shoe. I seem to remember a shoe like this from the Mermaid film, which includes closeups of David’s foot on a pedal, bending a note in ‘The Blue.’

    Little known fact about David: Before he made records under his own name, he was once in a four-piece band with an unusual name. If you guessed ‘Pink Floyd,’ congratulations. Seems you know a bit more more about this Gilmour than I’d thought.

  79. i would like to guess davids shoes as well. as to my unusual fact hmm let me think a minute , he drove a van for fashion designer ossie clarke in the 1960’s i think 🙂


    [He sure did. – Features Editor]

  80. ‘La Carrera Panamericana’? Never known about the existence of this video…wow! Everyday you can learn something, in this world! But is it a real documentary or a kind of “movie”? I’d like to see it, but I’m not sure I could resist watching 2 hours only cars, races and motors…


    [It’s both. You see enough of David and Nick (along with former manager, Steve O’Rourke) to stay interested if you’re not in the least bit interested in cars. The music is great, of course, and the scenery and passion of the crowds makes it all the more enjoyable. – Features Editor]

  81. Hello,

    I think it’s David foot and David’s shoe,of course!Is it wah-wah pedal? mmhh…

    Bye bye

  82. To Jorge (Rivera), Fed,…et qui veut… :

    High hopes est aussi une mes chansons préférées, et, à mon humble avis, les deux plus belles versions de HH sont:

    – celle du Meltdown concert de 2001, si pure, si intime, à en faire venir les larmes aux yeux…

    – celle des sessions AOL 2006, à savourer les yeux fermés…quelle fin sublime !

    Pourquoi l’écoute de cette chanson donne-t-elle envie d’aimer le monde entier ?…


    [Oui, je conviens. C’est une de mes chansons favori et les concerts acoustiques de 2001 et 2002 étaient magique. – Features Editor]

  83. [That’s David at the sewing machine isn’t it? – Posted by: John(NFF)]

    [No, no. That can’t be right, John. David uses the treadle type. 😀 – Posted by: Becky]

    HaHa!..You’re probably right Becky…Just looked like a “Singer” pedal I’ve seen in picture ads.

    I’ve heard F.E. is a master seamster,taylor, whatever..maybe he can tell us.

    [Whoever told you that is a lying liar. – Features Editor]

  84. [Whoever told you that is a lying liar. – Features Editor]

    Hmm..lying liar…double negative there F.E..which means if I’m lying about my lies, I’m telling the truth..the seamster one being all in jest as I’m sure you know.

    (By the way I’ve gotten tired of typing (Not From Florida)at the end of John,so I’ve shortened it to NFF.Don’t know if this makes a difference on how posts are cummutively compiled on your server but just thought I’d let you know anyway.)

    [No problem whatsoever, John. – Features Editor]

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