Whose Shoes? (Part Three)


Thanks for all the interesting facts about David yesterday. However, those were actually Richard’s shoes.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed correctly – and an extra round of applause to those of you who clearly know so much about effects pedals.

Can you identify today’s feet and share just one interesting thing that others might never have known about this man if not for your extraordinary knowledge?

There’s no chat today, but there’s  one tomorrow at 11AM (UK time), if anyone’s interested.

Please note that chats last for a maximum of two hours only.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

106 thoughts on “Whose Shoes? (Part Three)”

  1. I already have an idea…but at this game I play only after have read the clever answer of Nickster, which in the last days gave me the right clue for the best answer! So, Nickster, come on! Are those shoes of….we know who! Do you agree? look the posture! We can’t be wrong!


  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I think these are El Magnifico’s or possibly anybody else we aint mentioned yet.

    They look expensive Phil make sure they STICK TOGETHER……….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. Even Guy is playing the shoe game!

    I’ll hazard a guess and say Phil. Don’t know that much about him except to say that he reportedly lives near David. (I bet they have some fun house parties.)

    See you all on tomorrow’s chat….


    PS–Maybe Polly could photograph watches next time and we can guess about those.

  4. Well I’m 00-02 on the shoes. So I think since there is only a few people left, I have to say they’re Phil’s shoes for only someone who plays for Roxy and where those crazy sun-glasses would wear those cool looking shoes.

    I’m afraid I’ll have to miss the next chat for it will be 3am here on the west coast.


  5. Philip Targett-Adams is the man’s real name.

    He also ‘guested’ on an episode of red dwarf (uk comedy) at least his hands did. And played a riff


    Have you read the newspapers today? “Dylan ‘borrowed’ from obscure Civil War poet, say critics” (click my name).

    Right now I started loving Dylan!


    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  7. Uhmmm… standing that way I would guess he is embracing a saxophone…. yes I go for Dick Parry this time.

    Well I don’t know much about him, actually I would like to know how he happened to meet Pink Floyd in 73, he’s really the fifth member.

  8. Dear F.Ed.,

    They are elegant shoes (italian or english ones?) maybe Mr.Phil Manzanera or Mr.Dick Parry,I guess the first one.

    Have a nice afternoon
    ciao Elisabetta

  9. Well i was wrong yesterday so lets try agian, i guess Phil lets see if im right today hope so.


  10. I would say Willy DeVille. But this being DG’s website and all, I assume that these are Mr Manzanera’s shoes.

  11. That has got to be El Magnifico. He always seems to be well dressed.

    Interesting Tidbits?

    – His father was English and his mother was Colombian.

    – Began playing the guitar at the age of eight.

    – Attended London’s Dulwich College.

    – When he joined Roxy Music, he was told he could only join the band if he exchanged his Gibson 335 guitar for a Fender Stratocaster.

  12. Surely ,if I suggest Phil everyday, I eventually will win !

    However, to-day, I have two arguments:

    – They seem to be long shoes and Phil is tall.
    – I looked at the G18 #19 photo.

    About Phil, non seulement il porte des chemises orange à pois noirs (G20 #14), mais aussi des chemises bleues à pois noirs (G7 #13)… I know, not very interesting…(the remark).

    (Fed, help! “une chemise bleue à pois noirs” = in english ? )


    [I think you mean black polka dots? – Features Editor]

  13. Fancy shoes indeed Mr Phil Manzanera.

    Phil was born in London to a Colombian mother and English father, and spent most of his childhood in different parts of the Americas : Hawaii, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba.

    But surely Phil knows this already? it might come as a bit of a shock otherwise.

  14. El Magnifico!

    And he must have the biggest feet in the band is my guess as well!?!

    Little known fact… PM once appeared in an episode of Red Dwarf! (His hands actually)…

  15. FEd, i am really glad your posting a new picture each day & not er hmmm….”Dragging your feet” it er hmmm….”keeps us on our toes”


  16. Those have to be David’s.As his guitar strap is one that Jimi used,those shoes have to be straight out of Elvis’s closet that he somehow aquired.

  17. Only El Magnifico could wear a pair of roach killers like that!!

    Phil, thanks for a being a good neighbor and giving David a good kick in the behind with those pointy shoes!

    [Now that would hurt… – Features Editor]

  18. I have to say Phil. It just seems to fit his style.

    In the recent issue of Esquire, Mary Louise Parker states that if you play Avalon and you’re not having sex by the time it reaches the track “To Turn You On” you’re not going to be getting any. Of course, Phil was part of making that great release with Roxy Music and I believe it was the last release as a band.

    This is kinda a silly and fun game but I hope that Polly didn’t take photos of each band member’s derriere.



  19. This has to be Phil….

    don’t know too much about him but i know he dresses sharp. those shirts are just wickedly cool 🙂

  20. Who can Phil these shoes? They l00k like some serious sh@t kickers.

    Melissa (*_*)

    Can you update on our new series “Flip That Kitchen Fed”? Have you had to call in the professionals yet?

    [Not yet, but there’s still a long way to go. – Features Editor]

  21. Mr Pratt was quick on the ball today. Would he be chairing Fed’s laptop?

    Here I am back because I forgot to say something about today’s Shoeman.

    Though it must be common knowledge here, Mr. Gilmour has stated a few times that Mr. Manzanera is his neighbor. Ever since I imagine them standing each on their side of the hedge, leaning over a shovel, exchanging small talk about their garden and the weather. Not to mention the luck he is having with the charming lady from next door.

    Wish I could say that, but I can’t.

  22. Hrrrm….posturally I’m guessing it’s our very own sax master, Dick Parry.

    So far I’m 0-2 with bruised shins from kicking myself 🙂


  23. Hi Fed,

    I’m voting Phil’s shoes this round.

    So Guy, do you always go shoe shopping with your Father in law? And then go for pedicures and massages? 😀

    Anyway, have a good day, all.


  24. Looks like Phil’s shoe, they have an Italian flair to them. Maybe they are Spanish. Really good shoe. Ed Sullivan.

  25. I’m going to say, Phil. But, I was wrong yesterday! I just looked at some of the pictures from Abbey Rd, David doesn’t appear to be wearing pointy shoes. 🙂

    And Guy, You don’t think David is a PRada kinda guy? 😉

  26. Those are Phil Manzanera’s!

    hahaha! Guess I’ve been missing Guy’s clues… is it like Blue’s clues?! hmmm!

    Well… what can I say about him… probably not a weird or unnoticed fact… but… he complements David so well on the On an Island solo… that’s a great duo! Sorry I cannot give a better opinion but I must admit I didn’t know Phil ’til I saw him playing with David.

    Thanks for your comment yesterday dear Fed!

    Shine on you guessy bloggers!

  27. I believe the shoes and feet belong to Mr. Manzanera!

    He lives quiet close to Mr. Gilmour and in fact assisted in the completion of and toured for/with OAI 2006.

  28. I’ll guess that those are Phil’s shoes.

    I believe I’ve read that he’s a self-taught guitarist and basically began around the age of 12.

  29. Would they be the shoes of Snr. Manzanera?

    I’d guess they’d be about a UK Size 12, EU Size 47, US Size 11. A well crafted set of Winkle Pickers.

  30. Why, I think it cannot be anyone but El Magnifico himself…

    An interesting fact? How about that he was invited to join Roxy Music in February 1972 after being the band’s sound engineer prior to the departure of original guitarist Davy O’List.

    Floyd link? Davy O’List was a member of The Nice, who toured with the Floyd in late ’67 on the Hendrix tour. O’List stood in for Syd on a few occasions…

  31. Okay, now these shoes have to be El Magnifico’s. I can see him now (in my mind’s eye) tapping and clicking and throwing a sexy Spanish woman around the room in his unofficial side-job as a flamenco dancer!

    Even with Guy’s hint yesterday, I was completely fooled. Silly me, I should have considered that David isn’t the only one who might use a pedal. So much for snap-judgements when I’m half asleep!

    Unless I’m struck with a bad case of insomnia, I’ll have to forego the next chat … 3 a.m. my time!

    Take care everyone!!

    Washington State

  32. Can only be Phil. Those shoes are Magnifico.

    Phil’s mother is Colombian and his father is British.

  33. Look at the size of those gunboats…..

    I use to wear alot of cowboy boots and know there’s a reason those damn things come to a point. But these shoes (inthepic) have no heel.

    Except for clown shoes, I am guessing most boots would have a higher heel to toe angle thus supporting a balanced weight. The altered mechanics of the boots in question would lead to a “long-toe-under-run-heel” leading to lameness..unless you were….topheavy. It would make sense if you were standing alot holding something large enough to put you off your balance. You might be concerned with equal distribution of weight….if you were holding a couple of saxes….so my guess is Dick Parry.

  34. Clearly Phil’s shoes. (And who could fill Phil’s shoes but Phil?).

    Or if not, then Dick Parry.

    Clearly NOT Graham Nash’s feet.

  35. hhmmmmm….I figure if I keep guessing David I will get the answer right sometime….But I might have to go with Phil. If I am wrong oh well.

    Hope everyone has a good day. You too Fed. How’s the kitchen?

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [It’s coming along nicely, thanks. Picked the wall tiles and the wallpaper today… – Features Editor]

  36. Well i was there and i have got none out of 2 wrong so not bad eh

    these have got to be Phils , or if they are Davids (i dont think so but you never know)

    Interesting fact about David Gilmour: He is THE VOICE AND GUITAR OF PINK FLOYD, CHEERS

    Fed hope to join you in the chat room tomorrow all been well i have the day of tomorrow but i have to work Saturday

    anyway see ya all later,Ill be back

  37. Guy stated he has “never seen David wearing Prada shoes..” so I would think it is Phil “El Magnifico” Manzanera.

    Most probably already know this, but Phil’s birth name was Philip Targett-Adams.

    Shine on!
    Matt in Maine

  38. i think they’re phil’s.

    guy you’re so funny. thanks for the tip.

    phil owns more polka dot shirts than anyone in the universe, or on planet xenon.

  39. Alright, I’m 2 for 2. Is there a prize at the end for the most right?

    Today shoes, I gotta go with El Magnifico, himself.

    I don’t know anything about Phil, besides what I’ve learned here, so I’ll leave the “fun fact” to someone who does.


  40. Yep, I’m going for Phil on this one too! Now I must go and watch that link to the Panamerica video someone kindly posted!

  41. No offence…but “Who’s Shoes?”…don’t care so much. Kidding. Really. LOL.

    It’s just…well…I know I’m like a dog with an old sock…but remember my suggestion for an “All High Hopes All The Time” EP? What about it? I know…I know…it’s just a flacid excuse to get the rendition of “High Hopes” from David’s AOL Sessions gig…but c’mon…it’s absolutely exquisite!!!

    So,guys? Throw a dog a bone? You know how loyal dogs are…right? LOL.

    BTW…love the site and love being a fan!!

    Best regards,

  42. Guy! Good to see you around! I wont bug ya with bringing your shows to Mexico but I will ask for a DVD!

    Regarding the shoes, I have to say theyre Phil’s. Hes got great taste, polka dot shirts and pointy shoes!

  43. I really don’t know and I am really not good when I try to guess shoes things…

    I only hope that these shoes don’t stink!

  44. Ok… this is obviously a lost cause, but I’ll guess Jon Carins’ shoes.

    Good to see you are still coming around Guy! I think YOUR shoes are the only ones that could be identified… I guessed correctly on yours, but thats it. Your shoes are so… YOU!

    And when are you gonna take your act back to the States Guy? I’d especially like to see it after the OAI tour finished. Bet you have some great material!


  45. […and an extra round of applause to those of you who clearly know so much about effects pedals. Features Editor]

    This is probably due to the plethora of guitarists -myself included – that David has inspired to learn and play, FEd.

    Bother, I was convinced the last photo was of Phil with the wah-wah pedal. Serves me right for trying to be clever! Ha, ha.

    For today’s “foot-shot” entry, I am afraid I will take one last stab and guess that the shoe belongs to Phil again. I seem to remember that he was wearing black on that unforgettable day.

    Rather smart shoes, don’t you think? Gosh, I didn’t realise that Polly photographed all the band members shoes. I only spied her taking two pictures of two peoples shoes. The question is, will I get those right if they are shown?



  46. [A] Phil Magnifico

    [IF] The man wears nice shirts, as well as being the inventor of a well known Italian cheese.

    Now theres an idea fed,bet every one would guess the black T-shirt.

    ps.correct me if im wrong bout the cheese.

  47. It has to be the ambassador of cool; the sharpest of sharp dressed men, Mr Manzenera.

    On the basis that his contribution to “One Slip” is probably well known by readers of these pages; how about, Phil had to audition for Roxy twice, as his future band mates selected another guitarist after the first one. I can only presume they remain embarrassed by this faux pas.


  48. This is like watching paint dry F*Ed

    Where are you?

    [I’ve been watching plaster set, Matt. Does that make us even? – Features Editor]

  49. Good old Phil of course! Nice pair of shoes, eh?

    I like this competition Mr. FEd,

    Ernest Ö Ö

  50. Well I am 1 for 1.I am going to have to say those are Phil’s shoes.

    3 more days till Roger’s gig at Deer Creek.In the heartland of the Midwest. Will pigs Fly? We will see.

  51. I did a bummer last time..

    This one is Manzanera, definitive you can see it clearly on one of Pollys`excelent photos in the Gallery.

  52. Well Guy Pratt, If I can get up at 3am(11am your time) thursday, I hope that you can join us on the chat line. I really promise to behave and not go crazy about asking a lot of questions. But maybe you can join us and tell us about your one man show. Be brave and join a great group of people. For this is like a family.

    Fed I Hope that it’s OKay with you.


    PS thank you Tomasz , Lucia ,Lynn, Fed and everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. It really made my day.

  53. The ever stylish Phil Manzanera, whose hands (only!) make an appearance in an episode of Red Dwarf “Psirens”.

  54. sorry nothing surprising here I would also guess Phil’s shoes for sure. (maybe?)—

    No i am sticking with Phil’s shoes. The man has a great sense of style and good taste set aside that he is a wonderful musician.


  55. Not Rick’s… Not David’s… Not Steve’s… Not Jon’s or Guy’s or Dick’s…

    Yep, they’re Phil’s. Gotta be Phil’s.

    (Of course, I was wrong yesterday.)

  56. I was going to guess Phil. But everyone else has guessed that, and I’m known for swimming upstream when the current gets rough. I think those could be Dick Parry’s shoes.

    Someone asked, above, how Dick met Floyd. Actually, Dick knew David before David joined Floyd. Dick Parry and David Gilmour used to play together when they were in their teens.

  57. I make a retraction. They are definately Phil’s feet. Gallery 18, pic 19.

    I’ll bet he can do/dance the “Three Cornered Hat” in those ;^{D>>

  58. Wow, the last time I saw shoes with that pointy a toe they were used as a weapon by the late Rosa Kleb (James Bond villain).

    That can only be the footware of one El Magnifico!


  59. Oh No! Not wallpaper! I would rather watch paint dry. I hope your wife will like Fed. I put wallpaper in are three times for each time I put it up, My wife would change here mind. Oh the headaches.:(

    In fact I better sign off before she comes into this room and sees what I posted. She might change her mind again.

    Good Luck

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  60. Hello again FEd, Irregulars,

    I would think those are Mr. Manzanera’s.

    FEd, we’ve had dedicated entries for each of David’s accompanying musicians, allowing us to state our appreciation and you’ve given us the opportunity to say thank you to Polly too.

    I would feel privileged if I could express the same to Mr. Brickman for his contributions to the OAI-experience. Would you please consider dedicating an entry ?


    [I certainly will, Ralph.- Features Editor]

  61. Yipee I was right about shoes number two! You know Phil is such a sharpe looking dude! That’s my guess for number three.

    Before Roxy Music Phil was in a band called Quiet Sun which released a C.D. called Quiet Sun Reunion.

    ~Tomi Sue~

  62. Nickster, dear, we have studied in the same school of “posture’s interpretation”, because, also this time, I agree with you!

    He’s Dick Parry! (even if I have though to David Crosby, at first…)


  63. i thought they are el magnificos shoes too . i must say they are pointy shoes for a man !

    now let me see an interesting fact . did you know that phill appeared on red dwarf ( at least i think it was him !) or rather his hands and arms did . one scene lister played by craig chares has to play a really cool guitar solo instead of the crappy one he usually did . the hands playing the guitar were none other then el magnifico’s

  64. I think these are Mister Gilmour’s shoes. I have noticed he had wore a lot of pointy shoes in leather during his career.

  65. Phil has looked very dapper throughout the tour. I loved his spotty shirt.

    I missed out on guessing whos shoes these were, but it’s no surprise to me because they’re rather smart.

    He was the perfect gent, when Julie and I met briefly at Abbey Road.

    Reminds me of that ZZ Top song, “Cos every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.”

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