Whose Shoes? (Part One)


In continuing with the theme of Polly’s photographs (keep those votes coming), some of the fans who were at Abbey Road at the end of August noticed that Polly appeared to be photographing the feet of the band members during the recording – on screens across the UK in December, don’t forget.

Purely for the hell of it, here are those photos.

Can you guess which shoes belong to which band member?

An easy one to start you off…

To make the obvious repetition a little less dull, tell us just one interesting thing which other readers might not know about this person, if you can.

Lastly, many thanks for being so supportive of the blog and, indeed, David’s website as a whole. We very much appreciate your kind words and, of course, your votes. A great big "Thank you!" to you all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

105 thoughts on “Whose Shoes? (Part One)”

  1. At first I thought they were Guy’s shoes, but then I completely changed my mind – I’m going with El Magnifico himself…Mr Phil Manzanera. I may kick myself, but that’s my final answer 🙂

    If I’m right, something that other readers might not know is that Phil played guitar on an episode of Red Dwarf (a legendary UK sci-fi/comedy show).

    And now you’re going to tell me that those are Guy’s feet and I’ll kick myself…


    p.s. I don’t know what is up with my team at the moment – we just can’t buy a goal. We should have got something against your lot on Saturday. Am hoping a good game on Thurs with Slavia will bring confidence and goals back…

    [It was a great game of football though, wasn’t it? Good luck to Spurs. They’ll start scoring again soon, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  2. CAPTION: Unlike many bands our hero when arranging the tour said no to a shoestring budget and gathered a crowd of ALLSTARS to CONVERSE with …..

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. Hi FEd,

    I’ve made a quick contact sheet up of all of Polly’s photos that are in the current poll – only because I was going through each one to refresh my memory and figured that whilst I was at it I’d save everyone else the effort by putting them all on one sheet.


    [Thanks for that, Nick. If anyone wants to see, just click the link below. – Features Editor]

  4. aaaaaaaah, thankfully my pc problems are over!!! had a pretty nasty crash over here, thank god i can get here again!

    congrats on the Liverpool show, Fed! what a cannonball “my” Dirk delivered eh? GO REDS!!!!

    [He’s doing ever so well, Emiel. We’re very lucky to have him. – Features Editor]

  5. My guess would be Guy Pratt as well.Im a guitar pick collector, and what people might not know is that he has very nice picks, but i have yet to obtain one…….if youre reading, Guy, please…..?

    I have a break from work now Fed, need some help with the kitchen?

    [Are you any good with light switches? – Features Editor]

  6. [Are you any good with light switches? – Features Editor]

    very good!! i can rewire the whole thing if you want!

    [The lighting is all done, it’s sockets today. – Features Editor]

  7. Happy Monday,

    Looking at those shoes I would say that they belong to Guy. I may be wrong but they just seem to fit the bill.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Well Fed, did Saturday evening inspire you to fill in an application form, get us to convince you that this is what you have wanted to do all your life, then get us to listen at the door, while you bounce out of your X factor audition crying ‘Oh my god’ regardless of whether you got through to the next stage or not. For me at least, that ends my interest in the programme………for this year.

    [I’m going to be cruel (or just plain sad) and watch for one more week, now that Simon Cowell is mentoring the under 25s. I’m sure there are a few more hearts left to be broken with a well-timed put-down. – Features Editor]

  8. Happy Monday (2)

    I was trying to remember what that type of shoe was called when I was young…….’bumpers’.

    They were worn by baseball players/basketball players ????

    Pete – Coventry

  9. It’s actually the FEd…

    What you can’t experience from the photo is the odd parmesan odor wafting around every time he walks by….

    I know, I know, “Cheesy!”

    Uh, I mean “Cheeky”

    …i’ll get me coat…

  10. I think these are Guy Pratt shoes.

    Now, telling something about Guy Pratt that other readers don’t know… What could I say, as I don’t personnally know him…

    Well, what you didn’t know is that guy Pratt is a great golf player, that he owns an old purple Citroen 2CV, and that he likes pastas.

    Yes, I know, I invented that…

    All I can say is that, having seen these guys three times during the On An Island tour, Guy seemed really happy to be there, and we could hear that coming from his two amps.

    Nobody knows that he is a great bass player, no, nobody knows, so I tell you this.

  11. Hi FEd

    What an excellent idea!

    On first glimpse I thought that those shoes were Guy’s but I too now think that they are Phil’s. I don’t know why. I can just imagine him wearing them.

    Even though I remember Polly taking a couple of pictures of shoes, I cannot remember David wearing the ones shown in the photo accompanying this blog entry. However, I cannot remember what shoes he was wearing anyway but you know what I mean.

    This is great fun.

    Best regards.

  12. hmm… I saw M.Pratt wearing the same shoes in Vienne, so, if M.Gilmour “sometimes” wears the same black tee-shirts, maybe M.Pratt “sometimes” wears the same shoes ?

    An interesting thing about him ?, maybe he is a good electrician too, could help with light switches, and so could prevent Fed to cook and eat in the darkness with Floyd-the-dog in the kennel !


  13. I’ll say that those are steve’s feet.

    Plus Fed, is the chat room been shut down for awhile and I hope that your kitchen looks alot better after all the work you’ve done to it.


    [The kitchen looks… bare. I’ll schedule a few more chats soon. Please see the calendar for times. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi Fed,

    My guess is those are Guy’s shoes.

    So were you one of the Gorilla racers this weekend, Fed?

    Caption- Abbey Road’s new security regulations are only minor inconveniences…

    [Gorilla racers, Mike? – Features Editor]

  15. My guess would be Guy to, but who ever it is they have good taste in shoes, i had to buy 2 pairs for my kids when school started back, he must be hip as the kids say or thats what my kids said when they seen the caption, an the no shoe lace thing well all i can say is thats whats in style so rock on!!!


  16. Guy Pratt!

    Melissa (*_*)

    What do I get?

    [An approving smile is the best I can do, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  17. My guess is Mr Guy Pratt.

    A interesting thing other readers might not know, Guy’s tour sponsors are Freeman Hardy and Willis!

    Gary Hurley.

    [Speaking of which, you can see Guy’s latest stand-up shows in London’s King’s Head theatre in November. He’s just added four new dates. – Features Editor]

  18. Question: What does Guy Pratt have in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Answer: Guy played bass on the Last Action Hero soundtrack.

    Don’t know if they share the same size in biceps though.


  19. That can only be Guy Pratts`shues, just so typically him! As always laid-backstyle on stage 🙂

  20. I want to say it is Guy Pratt. The feet look too small to be anyone else. One interesting thing? Well for anyone who hasn’t seen the P.U.L.S.E DVD (shame on you), he had quite a bit more hair back then.

    FEd by the way, I’m pretty good with electrical work. I’ve done quite a bit in my home and it still hasn’t burned down.


  21. I think the feet belong to Guy.

    I saw Guy’s stand-up show at the Big Chill festival last month. He illustrates the show by playing demos on his bass. When he came to play the first one he couldn’t find a plectrum so he played it using a 50p coin!

    There’s a useless piece of information!

  22. Must be Guy. though why he is on suicide watch and they have removed his laces God only knows.

    Was going through a load of old gig programs yesterday and found some 80’s Floyd ones. Did you know that Mr Pratt once had hair?

    Both him and Jon look very young.

  23. I think these shoes belong to Jon Carin. Seems to me like more of his style…

    But.. who knows?

    Well, FEd knows.. Polly knows… let’s wait for the answer…

  24. Fed,

    gallery 25 picture 4, did Des Lynam stand in for Richard on this photo?

    [I think you could be onto something, Graham. Possibly pondering over why he ever defected to ITV? – Features Editor]

  25. I think Pratt…..

    interesting item would be that they removed the laces from his shoes to prevent him from harming anyone including himself.

  26. Hye fed i would have to say that those feet belong to guy.

    It shows what a great photographer polly is, she must have chased him all over the studio to get that one.

    Just to let you know i recently had an mri scan i was bricking it as im very claustrophobic anyhow i took OAI with me and the staff played it for me all the way through the scan and it really put me at my ease

    thanks again dave for such a brilliant album.

    [NHS, please take note. – Features Editor]

  27. I’m going with Guy as well. Although El Magnifico is a close second.

    There’s an emabarrassing story about the time Guy was vacationing with the Gilmour family in Spain. Apparently there was tequila involved and a local bar band playing Wish You Were Here. I’ll save Guy the embarrassment of repeating the entire story, but a drunkenly played fretless bass figures prominently in the tale..

  28. I think these are Guy’s shoes.

    One thing you may not know. . . He was such a good boy and held himself to only one brew before the Oakland show. What dedication!


  29. My guess is Guy, as well. Sorry, I don’t know anything about Guy that I haven’t learned from this site.

  30. Most definitely Guy’s shoes!

    Emiel, Guy gave me his pick at one of the Toronto shows, I can tell you he plays with regular Tortex picks (or at lest he did that night), wish I had gotten Davids as well (but I did get a drumstick!). Both pieces are showcased in my recording studio 😀 along with the Division Bell Program and the On an Island one.

  31. At first glance I though those were my sons shoes I had thrown out so long ago, But alas they are Guys..

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  32. I can see Guy jumping around in those shoes right now, in my daydream of being at yet another great DG concert. I better wake up and do some work now.

    So yes, definitely Guy Pratt.

  33. Hello FEd & to every blogger !

    I think these shoes are the Guy’s ones!!! Am I right ?


    [You certainly are, mate. – Features Editor]

  34. It has to be Guy…

    Pratt is best known for his work as a session player. He has worked with Pink Floyd, Kirsty MacColl, The Orb, All Saints, Icehouse, Madonna, Robbie Robertson, Roxy Music, Michael Jackson and Toy Matinee. He is a member of The Transit Kings with Alex Paterson (of The Orb), Jimmy Cauty (of The KLF) and Dominic Beken.

    i have a question, that maybe somebody can answer for me? Who is the guy on the piano on gallery page 23, picture 10?

    [It’s Leszek Mozdzer, one of Poland’s leading jazz pianists. He played on ‘On An Island’, too. – Features Editor]

  35. I’m a shoe in to win this but I don’t want to sneak…er, skate around such an obvious answer. Converse-ly I dont want to start a ScANDEL…

  36. Caption…Odour Eaters are working effectively.. starting with the laces.

    I’m going to go with Guy.They look well worn, likely due to kicking the football around as well as stomping the stage that he does so effectively.

  37. [Are you any good with light switches? – Features Editor]

    I`m an electrician, Features ed, let me know what the problem is and I`ll help you!

    [Thanks, mate. No problem as yet, but it’s still early days. – Features Editor]

  38. Note to Polly:

    When you photograph David’s feet, it would be very neat if the image also included the Cornish pedal board. Thanks.


  39. I’m from Brazil and this is my first comment here. I’m learning how to write english (I only know the portuguese…) but there are no language barriers for the good music!!!!!

    I have the new Gilmour’s album “On an Island” and, compared to the others, is the best progressive rock album in the world!

    Ahh, about the shoes, I think they are Jon Carin’s shoes… Just a suggestion. In any case, I don’t know nothing about shoes 🙁

    [You’re very welcome here, Dione – in English or Portuguese. – Features Editor]

  40. After studying the Picture and (this is sad) the line of the tape i notice its a corner bit and Phil was stood in that corner i think Guy was stood next to Phil but not on a corner of the carpet (scientific deduction)

    as for something interesting ive got nothing sorry

    at last these pics have surfaced but why pics of feet Fed please tell me its a question that i need answers to

    hope you had a good weekend Mate and all is well in your life , also ive managed to get a bit of Plastering work that hopefully could lead to more so things are good. an ending is just a new beginning eh

    see ya mate and all my friends out there

    [I’ve no idea why these photos were taken, sorry, but I’m pleased to hear about the job. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you (judging by some of the plastering I’ve done, you’d think my fingers were permanently crossed). – Features Editor]

  41. Those have to be Guy Pratt’s shoes.

    Sorry, nothing witty to contribute as I am stuck in the States and do not have access to the Premier League, wish I did though.

    Matt in Maine

  42. Heh heh, I’m pretty sure I spotted those shoes on Guy in the gallery. Er, guess I’ll go for Guy then.

  43. Gotta be Guys’ shoes.

    Did you know…. Guy has been playing with Pink Floyd and David Gimour longer than Roger Waters? From “Piper” to “The Final Cut” = 16 years with Roger… from “Momentary Lapse…” to the end of Davids’ OAI tour = 19 years… hmmmm something to think about.

    Ok let the Roger fans get their pointy little sticks! I don’t care… and I like Guys’ bass playing better too, so there!


  44. Hi F’ed!

    I’m going with Chuck Taylor…

    Interesting fact: Despite the fact that over 600 million pairs of Chuck Taylor shoes have been sold, Taylor never made a dime in commissions, only a salary from Converse. For years, he drove a white Cadillac across the US with a trunk full of shoes, living in motels, and with only a locker in Converse’s Chicago warehouse as a permanent residence.

    Seriously, I’m going with Guy as well – he’s worked with MJ too???

    Who couldn’t be comfortable with a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star’s!!!

  45. Guy of course, he’s the youngest bloke of them all. The rest would have been wearing “sensible” shoes 🙂


  46. I don`t know, Nick I think your first guess was right! I think they are Guy`s shoes, but having said that who`s to say it`s not someone else wearing Guy`s shoes!

    I also love the carpet gaffer taped together!(I suppose this is to hide or make safe the cables?)

  47. Well Fed,

    All I want to say are the fans on Davids’ web site are really a good group of people who love this site and care for there fellow bloggers. Look what Nickster did to help us out or Matt with his funny posts. Then you have Lucia, Geoff, Lynn and so many other who really bring out the best for all of us to read and enjoy. It’s like having a family of friends. These are the truly fans that David, Polly and you(Fed) must really enjoy.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    [Very well said, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  48. F’ed,

    So you do not feel alone, we are commencing a demolition / build project for an “orangery” and kitchen.

    Perhaps we can compare curses over the next few weeks.

    [It’s a deal. – Features Editor]

  49. Those are Guy’s shoes.

    Something people might not know. I do believe he regrets the slap bass solo in money from delicate sound of thunder.

  50. Did Mr.Guy Pratt co-write `Ain`t no doubt` by Jimmy Nail? or did I dream it up!

    [I believe Guy had a hand in both writing, and producing, it. – Features Editor]

  51. My first guess was Guy. Then I cheated and looked in the galleries to confirm it (shame on me). I think I guessed right.

    Nice work Polly. I like the fancy footwork.

    Cheers! ÷u B

  52. I’m going to go with Guy Pratt. I was just watching the aol music sessions, and those looked pretty familiar.

    By the way, those sessions are still on the aol website, and I still enjoy watching them.

  53. Hello Fed and friends.

    I am feeling sorry for Fed. I always have big ideas about remodeling stuff around the house, but it’s always harder than you imagined , takes twice as much time as you thought and costs three times more than you can really afford. It’s that champagne taste with a beer pocketbook that gets you.

    Melissa (*_-)

    [You’re not wrong. Still, it’ll look good when it’s finished (said with forced enthusiasm). – Features Editor]

  54. I’m going for Guy as well.

    Fans of “Top Gear” may know he helped to re-produce the shows opening theme which used nothing but the “notes” from different car exhaust pipes!

    To be honest, it sounded horrible…thankfully Guy’s contributions to On An Island (and the tour) more than makes up for that bizarre experiment. 🙂

  55. I’m gonna go with our Guy Pratt who is reported to have once cast aspersions on PF picketers (those “Repent, Pink Floyd Idolators” tossers), saying that they were a bit lacking in the looks department. Something like that.

    I may be wrong about whose shoes those are but this little game is fun anyhow!


  56. that must be the fantastic mr. guy pratt. he’s my friend on myspace. that i find extremely interesting. also he likes early flemish ketchup dispensers. and amazonian lichen. amazona. you know the zone where…

  57. Looks like Guys feet to me,I had binoculars at the Rosemont.

    Love that riff on On an Island That Echoes a bass part on Dark side. Genius,Guy!! You know,the broken decending Power chord?


  58. Mr Pratt’s shoes.

    This is old but funny, quote from an old band member.

    “Once when * was playing at a big stadium in London I saw a couple of fans get up and start running towards me – that happens quite often! I just braced myself and closed my eyes – but nothing happened! When I looked around, Guy Pratt, our new bass player, was lying on the floor with these two girls sitting on him and doing very strange things! They’d run right past me and flattened him! He’d only just joined us and the look on his face was one of complete fear!”

  59. I’d go for Guy too, Fed.

    Just wanted to say hi! Nothing interesting lately! 😛

    Shine on guys!

  60. I’m thinking it is guy pratt. I don’t think David is into that style anymore….it’s for the ‘kiddies…’

  61. Hello everyone

    I know that type in the shoe is rather kind and nice to send us posts from time to time.

    Thank you still for it M.PRATT

    Good day in all!

    Sylvie from Quebec

  62. My guess is that these are the support mechanisms for the great Guy Pratt, who participated my favorite auto racing movie soundtrack.

    A stunning film about the legendary car race held in Mexico named La Carrera Panamericana (1992) where you can view Steve O’Rourke, David Gilmour and Nick Mason racing through Mexico to the Texas border. A must see for fans of auto racing or David Gilmour music…

  63. At first glance, definetely Guy’s shoes. He needs them for juping around the stage. Must be awfully tight to wear no laces.

  64. Gotta go with the Pratt-meister on this one.

    He played with David Bowie on the Serious Moonlight tour way back in the 80s…


  65. Dear F.Ed.,

    they seem to be the guitarist’s feet: i say Mr.Guy Pratt.

    Good work

    Bye ciao

  66. Initially I thought it was the Doctor (GP)

    Then The Rain Man (Who’s on First Bass?)

    Then I thought this Guy needs some strings -just 2 not 4 (maybe fretless)

    He’s very good in the one man show too.

    But don’t think of leaving DG’s band

    regards to all and you too FED

    – dave

  67. Is there a prize? Because I play just for win…of course they are 9-9,5 size…maybe Guy, maybe Phil…let me study more the posture….hmmm, Phil! That’s Phil! I’ll share the prize with Nickster!

    FEd, if the mysterious man with the red shoes (red?) of the wicked witch of the east (oh! the Wizard of Oz! What a strange thoughts! Just a coincidence…!) I was saying, if he usually throws away the straps, can you let us know what he does with them? Has he own an huge, secret drawer where he keep millions and millions of straps? Does he use the straps for artistic creations? Maybe a fake trees? …a weeping willow could be cool! Or maybe, he invented a musical instruments with straps? So, what does he do with the straps? Can you ask him, please?

    See you


    [He’s more than welcome to confess his sins here… – Features Editor]

  68. Well, having worked with many drummers I would have to say that they look like the feet of a drummer…so my guess is that they belong to Steve Distanislao Who by the way did a hell of a job laying down the rhythem for that great band. Hats off to you Stevie D.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  69. just a stupid question for pure curiosity…but I am thinking about that for days and now can’t resist more!

    Why, in the calendar, the page of today is yellow? And october is empty! Hurry up FEd! Ask your faithful personal assistant to organize the next months


    [October is a long, long, long way away. In any sense, please don’t expect much more than chatroom opening times for October, November… – Features Editor]

  70. Happy Tuesday,

    Sorry Fed I skip read and missed the bit about telling a tale that nowbody knows:

    Well, he did say this at his show (although I knew it already)but Guy was once a member of Australian new romantic band ‘Icehouse’.

    Also, at the risk of repeating myself, his Dad wrote ‘Little White Bull’ for Tommy Steele.

    Pete – Coventry

  71. A friend of mine gave me a cd with The Rolling Stone Magazines 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. Some interesting results:

    PINK FLOYD: 3 songs (Another Brick In The Wall Part 2, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb)
    RADIOHEAD: 2 songs
    BOB DYLAN: 12 songs (Phew! Too much!)


    [Just 12? I hope you listened to them all. – Features Editor]

  72. Didn’t he also write a short TV series? ‘A Young persons Guide to being a Rock Star’ or something. About a young band on the rise. Sticks in my mind because of a cameo by Fish ( of marillion fame) playing a music producer called Mr Trout. seem to remember it being very funny and the original music not being too shabby either.

  73. I reckon it’s Guy, definitely the footwork of a bass player, plus the most knackered Converse I have seen.

    a)Guy is married to Richard Wrights daughter.
    b)When auditioning to augment the Pink Floyd lineup, rather than be in awe of the band he rattled through their set laughing at the simplicity, in a most good natured way.

    Good bassist.


  74. [Gorilla racers, Mike? – Features Editor]

    There was a news story yesterday about people dressing up in Gorilla suits and running through London, like a 7K race or something, to bring awareness to the plight of an endangered gorilla species. It must not have been as high profile as the story sounded, though. I can’t find anything about it today.

    Have a good day,

    [I hadn’t heard about it, but good for them. – Features Editor]

  75. [it’ll look good when it’s finished (said with forced enthusiasm). – Features Editor]

    Hope you took before and after photos for us.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [Unfortunately, you need a brain to think of something like that. Too late now. – Features Editor]

  76. i knew it was guy all along. an interesting fact is that he claims to have written jimmy nail’s hit single in his sleep (he says he woke up humming the riff to ‘ain’t no doubt’).

    click my name to see where i got that from.

    btw, 12 dylan songs is plenty, ed. what would your 12 be?

    [That’s much too difficult. Off the top of my head, I’d say: Like A Rolling Stone; The Times They Are-Changin’; Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right; Idiot Wind; Masters Of War; Hurricane; Love Sick; My Back Pages; Blowing In The Wind; Mr Tambourine Man; Tangled Up In Blue; A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall… 12 songs really isn’t enough. How many Beatles songs were there, Lucia? – Features Editor]

  77. I think Guy is wearing the shoes…

    Interesting fact is that he is the son of Mike Pratt who played the ghost, Mike Randall, in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

  78. [How many Beatles songs were there, Lucia? – Features Editor]

    I hope you are not intending to ask me all 500 tracks and the hundreds of artists, day after day! But if you pay me….or, at least, send me the sellotape! Let me control…Beatles….23 songs and 1 by Lennon (Imagine), 1 by George Harrison (My Sweet Lord), and 1 by Paul Mccartney (Maybe I’m Amazed).

    For the next artist, I want 1 pound! I have learnt this new english word today “tight-knit”…is a nice word, isn’t it? Do you suggest me to keep it im my memory?

    If you are interested, this is the link of the 500 greatest songs of all time (click my name)

    …Dylan, some song is good, but some other don’t like me very much…Desolation Row, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Highway 61 Revisited

    [Thanks for the link. I do the best impersonation of Bob singing ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’. The trick is to pinch your nose. By the way, I’ve never heard that cover of ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ (#370), but I hope Jimio Henriz did it justice (amateurs). You’re at the stage where you can learn interesting English expressions. How about this for a complete beginner: Torta di formaggio? Impressed? It sounds much tastier than a plain old cheesecake, that’s for sure. – Features Editor]

  79. [How about this for a complete beginner: Torta di formaggio? Impressed?]

    It is awful! You could do better! Maybe I’m at the stage where you can learn interesting English expressions, but your are not a good teacher! Following your example, the next words I should learn will be something like “melanzana”!

    I hope to listen to you sing “Subterranean Homesick Blues” for you faithful bloggers, on of these days. Put on the blog an audio file! Come on!


    [OK, how about “tigre”? I’m looking for easy ones, in case you hadn’t noticed. – Features Editor]

  80. [OK, how about “tigre”? I’m looking for easy ones, in case you hadn’t noticed. – Features Editor]

    Better, but I suggest some fascinating expressions that you should know in any language, as “Il lato oscuro della luna”.

    And were you looking for an easy one? And torta al formaggio is the easiest, in your opinion? A normal person would have said “sole” (sun), “fiore” (flower), “casa” (home)…your relation with your kitchen has to be really difficult! Also the first word jump in your mind is connect with the kitchen! Talk about that with a good psychologist!


    [Oh, I already knew “casa”. – Features Editor]

  81. Hey, Lucia, Italian is not so difficult !!! I understood “la face cachée de la lune” . It’s Ok ? One day, you and I, we will destroy Babel tower, with Fed’s help ! ( better than destroy a kitchen!)


    [That sounds like a plan. – Features Editor]

  82. [That sounds like a plan. – Features Editor]

    No plan, but be careful ! don’t give us such ideas ! female conspiracy can be terrible !!!


  83. The comment from `Rudders` about Guy being the son of the chap from Randall & Hopkirk,what an amazing fact, i did`nt know that,you learn something new every day!

    Keep up the good work Fed!


  84. My Babel tower is already down! I am so confused about languages that also my italian is worse than before! In august there were 2 mexicans in the house of my parents and during the day I spoke italian with italians, spanish with mexicans and english with you. I can’t tell you what nightmares during the nights!!!!


    P.S. I can’t speak spanish! I only invent spanish words using italian!

  85. [I do the best impersonation of Bob singing ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’.]

    If that’s not a Barn Band moment, I don’t know what would be.

    By the way, does FEd also play the harmonica??


    [It’s more an “I’m a bit drunk and these people have heard it a million times before, so I’m alright” moment. No harmonica, though. – Features Editor]

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