Whose Shoes? (Part Four)


No, it wasn’t Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General, yesterday. It was Phil Manzanera.

Thanks for all your interesting El Magnifico facts.

Here’s today’s teaser. Can you identify the man by his shoes and tell us something about him?

There’s a chat today at 11AM (UK time) and not only is it the last for this week, but it’s the last of this month. Hope you can make it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

129 thoughts on “Whose Shoes? (Part Four)”

  1. David? I have to resign myself to the fact that my ability to guess is awful! So, this is my shy answer: David?


  2. Is that Jon?

    Well, Jon met David at Live Aid in 1985 when Jon was in Bryan Ferry’s band. Cracking chap, I suspect. Had a couple of bad ties in the late 80’s. Didn’t we all?

  3. those sneakers gotta belong to JC!

    umm interesting catoid. He has a website that isn’t active yet (click my name). there is a message board that the irregulars can drop by and spam him though!!!

  4. Those are Jon Carin’s shoes… i’m going for my first correct feet, so they better be his! 🙂

    Interesting fact: Jon and David played together on Bryan Ferry’s “Boys and Girls” (which Jon also produced) in 1985. This also means that Bryan Ferry links Jon and Phil together…

    And now you tell me those are Richard’s feet 😛


  5. Dear Features Editor,

    My name’s Laura and I’m a student at Bologna University. I’m writing my degree thesis about Italian, German, French, Spanish, British, Scandinavian blogs and their differences.

    I would be much obliged to you if you could tell me your gender (male or female), age and educational qualifications (high school, college, university…). It’s just for a statistical data processing and it’s completely anonymous!

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards,

    [Are you pulling my leg, Laura? – Features Editor]

  6. Happy Thurday,

    I am guessing that these feet belong to David only because I am sure that I noticed at one of his shows he was wearing a soft looking shoe.

    An incredible thing happened to me yesterday. A guy has joined the company, where I work, on a short contract. His passion is car racing (he drives) and he has name dropped racing people like Nick Mason, for example, in conversations. Of course I was a bit scepticle of him.

    However yesterday he brought me in a lovely car related book written by Nick and Mark ?? and it was personally signed inside. You can imagine how delighted I was.

    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  7. Polly Samson “a self portrait”?

    Actualy, i think its her husband, all the EVIDENCE is in the guitar cable.

  8. I stumbled onto a tv program on rte 1 or 2? (help me Geoff on this one) my mother was watching. Its was pretty much all of the oai epk clips bundled together in some sort of documentary. I didn’t know what was more shocking, stumbling across the program or stumbling across my ma watching it!!

    turn that bloody racket down is what I normally get when playing DG or PF, although to be fair I do tend to play it so loud the paintings on the walls fall!

  9. I will opt for David today. I remember he was wearing newish Levi’s that day so they were still dark indigo and I think the shoes that David was wearing were suede.

    David (and Nick Mason) partook in a celebrity banger car racing at Wimbledon in 1989. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the particular date.



    [27 March 1988. It was in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. – Features Editor]

  10. My guess is Jon Carin. Below is a post from his webpage.

    [Hi everyone. I just wanted to write my bit for Syd.

    So odd and sad. A dislocated loss. Never having met him, but singing his songs and songs about him my entire adult life has left a permanent mark on me. What would all of our lives have been like if he hadn’t done what he’d done? Roger, David, Nick, Rick, Storm, but also countless musicians, engineers, artists, producers, ….

    I love his music… the unpredictability… all roads leading to sidestreets, out to an open field under the stars, wandering freely without a rule book, and the balance between vulnerability and splendor of his words.

    “Wouldn’t you miss me at all ?” I already do and I never got to say “Thank You”. I would have liked to.

    Posted by: Jon Carin at July 13, 2006 11:08 AM]

  11. In a movie I heard Danny DeVito say: “If you want to know a man, then look at his shoes, his wife and his car”.

    Knowing who Mrs Gilmour is, and being informed about the shoes the man is wearing now, I just wonder which car he drives. On the other hand, no I do not really want to know, the shoes will do, thank you.

  12. it’s funny to guess people from their shoes! but, as soon as the game is over, we would like to see the whole photograph in ordor to connect the guy, his posture and his shoes….thanks!

    Lucia how could you post on 27 sept the Independent of 28th?


  13. [27 March 1988. It was in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. – Features Editor]

    Didn’t he do one in 1989 too? I remember attending and I swear it was before the Docklands concerts in 1989.

    I already saw the band at Wembley in 1988.

    Is my memory really that bad? I swear it was in 1989 when I attended because I remember hearing about on the radio 1 announced it. I was allowed to listen to the radio at work in 1989.

    I also remember that Nick Mason did one on his own in 1990 as I was there too.



    [Beats me. – Features Editor]

  14. Chris McNulty – thanks ever so much for posting that. What a tribute. I actually have wet eyes now.

    Pete – Coventry

  15. My guess is Jon Carin, because his feet are to the front, and this is a typical posture for J.C.

    Just a suggestion…


  16. Hi Fed,

    My vote goes to David’s shoes this time.

    Interesting fact? Well, some may not know or realize that on many older PF tracks, David played bass as well as guitar. One of These Days and Hey You are two of the more famous ones, but there were several that David played the bass tracks because Roger was simply nowhere to be found or otherwise unavailable to do it. Roger used to thank David for winning him Bass Player awards.

    Have a good day,

  17. I would have to guess Davids shoes i hope im right, ive gotten 2 out of 3 so far im on a roll i hope im right.

    Dont forget to vote everyone we want our FED to win this award.


    [Bless you. Surely we entered too late to stand a realistic chance of winning, but it’s really nice of you to care enough to vote. – Features Editor]

  18. The Flaming Suit guy from WYWH….

    Unknown Fact: The gentleman was a Beatles fan from South Kensington who kept asking for a band reunion tour……

  19. I think this is another tricky one. My first instinct is David because of the wire in the photo, however Jon also plays guitar on occassion. However, based on the lack of shadows and that there are no other items that seem to be close in the frame, I’m going with David.

    Then again, maybe Guy changed shoes during the set?? Nah. I’ll stick with David. Definitely David.

    Interesting fact, I understand that David actually taught Syd how to play guitar but you probably know that already.


  20. Mr Gilmour’s feet.

    Interesting Tidbit. Mr Gilmour was in the same band as Foreigner’s Rick Wills, called Joker’s Wild.

  21. I think I’m going to say David Gilmour’s shoes this time (notice the guitar lead…. I hope!).

    Hmmmm, just read fact (from Nick Mason’s wonderful book about the Floyd). At a house party (21st birthday, I believe) for Storm Thorgensons then girlfriend Libby (and her twin sister…. errrm, whose name I forget) the Barrett led Floyd played, as well as Joker’s Wild (featuring one young and daper Mr Gilmour), and some guy named Paul Simon. So odd was the mix of elders and young hippie like kids that Libby’s dad gave Storm a blank check to vacate the premesis… permanently!

    Nuff said,

  22. There is no doubt and no second guessing… this is David!!!!

    Because of David’s music and some (un)fortunate events, I met my husband. 🙂

    The guitar strap that David has now, belonged to Jimi Hendrix. I know, nothing new… but I think I found a picture of Jimi with this strap. It’s on his “isle of wight” album.

  23. Jon, Steve, Dick …?

    – don’t think Dick wears jeans,
    – that shoe seems too small to belong to Steve

    So, maybe Jon ? not sure at all…

    These shoes seem to be wise and cool, so, could that mean that Jon is wise and cool to go on road with both David and R…r ? (but not in the same time, wise !!!)

    Yes, joke bad taste…


  24. Okay, I was wrong on Tuesday when I said it was David. But having looked at the pictures Ms. Samson took that day, I saying David Gilmour. Looks like the shoes he had on.

    Interesting fact? He’s managed to stay relatively sane with eight kids. I say “relatively” only because he’s a musician. And let’s be honest. You have to be slightly insane to do that for a living! 🙂

  25. After looking over the Abbey Road pics I am changing my vote to Mr. David Gilmour and there is nothing that I could tell this well informed lot about him that they don’t already know.

  26. Dear F.Ed.

    This time he should be Mr.David Gilmour

    there is a guitar’s wire cable and the feet position seems to be his one

    this game is very much funny

    ciao and keep well

  27. I am 2 for 3. I would have to say those are Jon Carin’s shoes. I am glad that David didn’t go into political ramblings at his show. I guess that Roger does. I am going to his show Saturday.

    He should listen to Jimi Hendrix speak on the Dick Cavet show when he says:” music more so than politics” The universal language. I vote for Notes!


  28. Alright, I bit on Rick’s loafers being David’s. But this time I know that I’m right (not Wright). What the hell am I trying to say? Those shoes are David’s! And that is David’s guitar cable hanging about.

    I talked about David’s whammy pedal already. Did you know, prior to buying a lap steel, David played his standard guitar, in lap, with a steel sustain bar (think Saucerful of Secrets)? He claims he was never comfortable with bottleneck style guitar.

  29. Must be David while embracing his guitar.

    But I have to admit I’m such a crap at this guess game…

    An interesting fact about David? well in his early Floyd days in 68 he used to play an old Eko acoustic guitar, made in Italy, in Recanati. That sort of guitar was real fine quality and very common in Italy for whom couldn’t afford any expensive Martin or Gibson.

  30. OOh I have been so sure about all the others but I think no, I hope I’m right, Mr David Gilmour?

    I’m saying no more.

  31. This pair of shoes must belong to Mr David Gilmour.

    A interesting fact about Mr Gilmour was in November 1985 Pete Townshend played 2 shows in Brixton England with a band called “The Deep End” and David played electric guitar all night long with Pete Townshend just playing acoustic guitar!

    David played 2 of his own songs “Love in the air” and “Blue light” on both nights.

    This show was filmed and released on vhs tape but is now long deleted.(will we ever see this on dvd?)

    Gary Hurley.

    [A great concert. – Features Editor]

  32. I would say David’s shoes, and The Boatrace in Cambridge, the place where many great bands have started their careers including David, is now an awful trendy wine bar…..

  33. Jon Carin?

    I dont know any facts about him, sorry fed.

    [How about: Richard Butler’s eponymous 2006 album, which Jon co-wrote, produced and played several instruments on, is very good indeed? Jon was kind enough to give me an advance copy and it’s well worth a listen if you fancy something new. (My invoice should be with you on Monday, Jon.) – Features Editor]

  34. At first I thought JC, but he doesn’t play the slide standing up, hence the cord. So I’ll say David. Nice shoes, did Guy go shopping with you too?

    Hey Fed, what are we going to guess next, shirt photos? Underwear? LOL.

  35. ill try for 2/4, thease are Definatly maybe Davids im surish, IM good at this game eh you would think i would have an advantage wot with actually being there, but i was spending my time in a state of excitement i cant believe i never noticed who was wearing wot shoes, oh well ,ill take more notice at his next tour date.

  36. Those are David’s shoes.

    Okay this game is fun. Probably the most fun I have had this week. Seeing as my son is home.

    My son had a bad spill at his soccer game. Some kid tripped him from behind and the ref only gave the kid a warning. My son hurt his ankle. BAD REF!!

    Well have a great day. Hey Fed glad to hear the kitchen is doing good.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  37. I will guess, David’s.

    He was dressed up more than usual that day. Maybe Polly bought him some new shoes:)

    Melissa (*_*)

  38. I think these are David’s shoes, given he is standing and that is either a guitar or microphone cable.

    It’s fairly well know that David owns the Stratocaster with serial #0001. This is one of the very first, but not the first Strats ever made.

    What’s not so well known is that the guitar was originally found and purchased by Phil Taylor, who has handled the guitar tech for David for decades. Phil needed a down payment for purchasing his house and a deal was struck for the guitar. I’ve never heard it said if Phil regrets this sale given the extreme value that guitar has aquired over the last decade.

  39. That’s definitely our David !!

    Interesting fact……he’s the world’s greatest guitar player…..and don’t call him Dave.

  40. CAPTION: With a smooth finish on those shoes I’d say Peter Crouch owns them, ok ok they are Jon Carin’s

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I didn’t think he had it in him, did you? Great goal. – Features Editor]

  41. I was wrong yesterday but today, i am pretty sure of my guess… It is Jon Carin!

    Bye bye,
    Sylvie de Montréal

  42. This evening, french TV showed us and commented on ” le superbe retourné ” (=?) of Peter Crouch during Liverpool performance against Galatasaray last night ! Wow ! great ! and of course, I thought of Fed ! Well done and congratulations to your favourite team !

    Wherever we are, even in a french sofa, we can’t get away from David’s great Features Editor !

    Have a very nice week end !


    [Merci. C’était le superbe retourné. C’est vrai. C’était beauté. Allez les Rouges! – Features Editor]

  43. [27 March 1988. It was in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. – Features Editor]

    Well, I pondered on this on the train this evening on my way to nursery to pick up my beautiful daughter.

    David and Nick must have attended the banger car racing in the spring of 1989 too. Why? well I first saw David and the band in the flesh at Wembley Stadium August 1988.

    My boyfriend (now husband) and I then attended the charity banger car race in the spring of 1989 after hearing it advertised on Radio One. I then went to 4 PF concerts in Docklands Arena in the summer of that year.

    I even wrote a song to mark the occasion of the banger car event when my boyfriend and I were walking around rubbing shoulders with the stars. You can guess who the song was about and it goes like this:

    A quick glimpse, and I knew you were there.
    Icy blue eyes; hiding your soul from me.
    I spot you again, hold back my feelings.
    Look you in the eye, hoping you could see through me.
    You pass me by.

    I could kick myself for not saying “Hi!”
    Time was not right.
    I’m just another face in the crowd.

    really like to know you.
    Really like to know you.
    I’d really like to know you
    really like to know you.

    We speak the same tune, you could not hear it.
    As you pass me on by you could not feel it.
    I almost couldn’t tell dreams or reality.
    If I’d met you I would have to pinch myself awake.

    I could kick myself for not saying “Hi!”
    Time was not right.
    I’m just another face in the crowd.

    I’d …

    repeat chorus
    repeat chorus to end.

    Written in the spring of 1989.

    Well, that’s my memory for you!


  44. Mr Gilmour himself – who once appeared on a BBC documentary about The Magic Roundabout…. maybe you could ask him why???

    [I’ll add it to my list, Gary. – Features Editor]

  45. i’ll go for david as well.

    fact: dg once bit his tongue so hard when he was playing football for the pink floyd team that he had to have stitches.

    it looked like it was another good chat today, fed. sorry again for breaking the rules about urls. forgive me?

    [Seeing as it was the link to our calendar, I think we can. – Features Editor]

  46. dick parry, deafinately.

    he was coaxed out of retirement by mr. gilmour in 75 and 94. i think he’s a real knife collector.

  47. FEd is burning the midnight oil…

    Thanks FEd.


    [Always a pleasure, never a chore… – Features Editor]

  48. Once again, I’m conflicted, but I think it’s Jon Carin in those shoes….

    Chat was fun today. Thanks, FEd and everybody, for hanging out and not talking about (American) football or cigars.


  49. My guess is those are David’s tootsies hiding in those shoes…

    David trivia time: one of David’s nicknames is “Fred,” as seen in the thank-you notes on the 1971 self-titled album by the band Quiver (Tim Renwick and Dick Parry also played on the album).


    [Hope you’re feeling better, Deborah. I heard you’re feeling under the weather? – Features Editor]

  50. [I’ll add it to my list, Gary. – Features Editor]

    Your sarcasm is just priceless.

    Well, technically you get paid for it.


    [No, I really have added it to my list. – Features Editor]

  51. Nobody should have their feet photo’d while they are sitting on the loo!

    I’m saying David again as they kind of appear bluish suede..a pair from Elvis’s wardrobe that Polly surprised him with.

  52. Edwina wrote: Hope you’re feeling better, Deborah. I heard you’re feeling under the weather?

    Now how did you know that? hmm, I bet that Becky has been in the chat room blabbing!

    I haven’t felt too smurfy all week long, Edwina, but I’ll make it. I may finish this bowl of homemade butter bean soup and head straight for bed.

    Don’t wear yourself out too much on that kitchen renovation, ya hear?


    [There’s no chance of that, don’t worry. Look after yourself. – Features Editor]

  53. This is Gilmour himself – The man who changed my life with the best tune I ever heard “High Hopes” – PULSE-version.. The steelguitar solo at the end just blew me off the chair!!

  54. 3 for 3, but can I make it 4 for 4? I dunno, this one is tougher then the others. I was thinking Jon Carin, but then I saw the cord, but those lap guitars use cords too, right? Plus he does sing too . .

    I’m gonna go with my inital thought and stick with Jon Carin

    One thing about Jon Carin you might not know . .I’ll be seeing him again on 10/10.


  55. Well, I’m 1 for 2. I guess 1 for 3 since I didn’t post for the first guess. I truly have no idea. I’ll go with Jon Carin by process of elimination.

    Interesting fact about Jon (and I get points for obscurity): He took photos of James Guthrie’s speech at the SACD release party for Dark Side in NYC in March, 2003. The interesting bit is that he took the photos because James hates public speaking and he was documenting the rare occasion. (I was lucky enough to attend- Jon, like James, was truly friendly and a pleasure to meet.)

  56. I thought I’d have noticed Polly taking this shot, since these are the very shoes I wore today! lol

    FEd, I trust you endured that typically tedious, drab, uneventful match against Gala t’other night…yawn (Boring, Boring Liverpool 😉 )

    Personally, I thought Stevie Me was abysmal 🙁

    [Not one of his best displays, Ali. I’m waiting for Bellamy to start throwing tantrums, myself. – Features Editor]

  57. I’m definately going to have to go with David. Yep. Those are definately David’s shoes…I think.. 😉

    A little known fact… well, that’s a hard one. I’m coming up blank.

  58. Well it seems that I’m on a roll. I would guess that these belong to David.

    David and Nick Mason participated in a race in Mexico called the La Carrera Panamericana which was released on VHS June 2, 1992 which includes some Floyd songs as well as some originals by David and Rick:-)

    Fed-Since Phil has a nick name(El Magnifico) does David? If not I opt for El-Kabong after the cartoon character. I loved that one and would pretend that I too could bash evil do-ers over the head with my guitar. When I was a kid of course but then again……

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe we should think of some other good ones for him. – Features Editor]

  59. Well I’m voting for David.Fed was just a little to quick and quiet with the initial question.It made me think David’s shoes right away .

    Tidbit :(especially for TonyK)–David did indeed play with one Rick wills AND Willie Wilson in one of Davids early bands.They also came together to play on Davids first solo release(1978).If I’m not wrong ,Willie wilson is also playing with David on the song Smile on O.A.I. Fed. will you find out if that is true?

    Hey Fed,I’ve been laid off from my job here in Rochester at Kodak ,so Iwon’t be able to blog on for awhile again.I am getting a new E-mail address soon .My last day of work is the 12th Oct. but I will try to get back a few more times before that date .I guess I’ve been an observer for the most part .I should have blogged on more instead .Hopefully you are going to hear from me tomorrow because I have some good news about the Pulse DVD over here state-side .

    By the way , this whole “shoe” game is utterly hilarious .The responses have me laughing way too hard.

    Keep up the excellent work on the site .It is indeed thee best I’ve seen .Talk to you all soon…very soon.

    Mark in Rochester,N.Y.

    [Cheers, Mark. Sorry to hear about the job. Good luck with the next one. By the way, it’s true about Willie Wilson playing drums on ‘Smile’. – Features Editor]

  60. I’m a lot better at guessing people by their faces than their shoes 🙂

    Will try for David on this one in the hope of improving my dismal score.


  61. Hello everyone

    Well said Bravo Jacqui ” do not call him Dave “.

    Hello Sylvie from Montréal are you doing well? I am sorry but you deceive you it is not Jon Carin but David I am sure of it.

    Hey Fed I had no time to post this week, I began has to work in a factory of shoe and it is not a joke, then you can imagine my surprise when I see games of the week.

    I guessed for Pratt and I also guessed for them the other one quiet to me and I said that it is David’s food.

    God blesses you
    Sylvie from Quebec

    [It must be some sort of sign, Sylvie. That’s uncanny. – Features Editor]

  62. Morning FEd, Irregulars,

    I would say Dick Parry.

    Thanks for considering the Mr Brickman entry, FEd.

    During-work-opening-hours and a few busy weeks at work have kept me from popping in for a chat, so greetings to all Irregulars through this channel.

    Best regards,

  63. Hi all!

    I’m guessing that these are David’s shoes, and very snazzy I might add!

    I have absolutely no little-known tidbits about David to share unless you count the fact that I could listen to David singing “The Dimming of the Day” a thousand times and get weepy every time!!! Now I realize that David didn’t write the song, but I love it, particularly when sung by David, so there!

    FEd, I wish I could have mustered up the will to climb out of bed at 3 a.m. to join the chat — it might have been just the medicine I need to get me out of my ‘old gray donkey’ gloomy state of mind! Considering that I had ‘shut down’ at 8 p.m. you’d think I could have gotten up at 3 a.m. easily! And, wouldn’t you know it, no football and cigars — damn, Becky, we could have talked David and music!!

    I’m hoping for a chat day next week — I promise not to bring my gray donkey or a gray cloud! Now, I seem to remember that our dear FEd has a birthday coming up AND possibly an award complete with statuette to keep the glassy-eyed little fellow on the mantle company! Maybe you’ll be up for a pre- or post-birthday chat-a-thon, eh?

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

    [I don’t know yet. Birthdays are rather depressing, aren’t they? – Features Editor]

  64. I’m sure it’s David’s shoes…

    The cable and the trousers are 2 important facts.



  65. …. These shoes just do not seem to fit the aura of Mr. Carin as [I] know it! ;^) –(leg cut is not loose enough, and IF this an Abbey Road pic, well, these shoes are not pointed enough, AND he was not wearing this style of jeans. In fact, I hardly recall throughout this year of his touring him wearing this straight a cut of leg?? His are usually a bit looser and longer cut.)

    …..AND “to boot”, Jon DOES indeed have a pair of unlaced canvas tennies like Guy’s –similar color scheme and all– BUT they are in MUCH better, condition than Guy’s. [ Sorry Guy ;^> xo ]

    I strongly wager these shoes are David’s –plus, the cord seems to be a give-away.

    Now, for a little tidbit about David, I’m afraid I’m investing nothing new — but I just dig him on Pete Townsend’s White City way back when…..and, in addition, I cannot seem to chase from my head the song I’ve been singing over the past weeks: his bus-driver’s “Dirty Jobs” from the ’96 Quadrophenia Who Show at Hyde Park.

    Thanks much, Fed….

  66. [How about: Richard Butler’s eponymous 2006 album, which Jon co-wrote, produced and played several instruments on, is very good indeed? Jon was kind enough to give me an advance copy and it’s well worth a listen if you fancy something new. (My invoice should be with you on Monday, Jon.) – Features Editor]

    I have Richard Butler’s album and it IS a fine work –very moving. ‘Milk’ and ‘Satellites’ and ‘Maybe Someday’ REALLY speak very loudly to me, although there isn’t one track I don’t like on this album.

    And I’m so glad to see Jon stake full possession over EVERYTHING in a project (with exception of Richard’s lyrical contribution) — although I still pray that he’ll see his day when he will compose his own solo debut album, vocals, lyrics, intrumentals and all.


    [If anyone’s curious, click LG’s name below and you can listen to a snippet from each song. (A second invoice is now on its way to you, Jon.) – Features Editor]

  67. For this one…I guess I won’t win…but, I’ll go with F’Ed…
    I’ve been drinking…and the weekend is almost here 🙂

    Happy TGIF everyone!!!

  68. [27 March 1988. It was in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. – Features Editor]

    Nick Mason wrote about this event in his book. It was a car race involving David, Nick and Storm. Didn’t David almost get killed?

    I think these are David’s shoes. The way these feet are lit is one indication. The cord at the side of the pic is another. I have a hard time with these pics, not being one who pays much attention to the way people dress. The exception to that would be a pretty woman in a bikini, but still, it’s not the bikini that gets my attention.

  69. Hi Fed,

    you said in chat the other day that the shoe picture idea was Polly’s, just pass on my thanks to her for such a great idea.I know its all a bit of “stuff & nonsense” but it has seemed to have got everyone involved.

    My other half’s birthday on sunday, flowers order’d, presents brought, off to get a cake at lunch time, blimey, im organised for once.

    [I’m very happy to pass on your thanks here, mate. Hope the day goes according to plan. – Features Editor]

  70. [Roger Waters – Darren M]

    Roger Waters ? no, he has bigger feet !

    and he has big legs, big arms, big fingers, a big nose, big teeth, big ideas, a big ego, all big, except maybe his sense of humour, so I hope he will not read me !


    [Not forgetting his big fans, Michèle. They’ll be after you. – Features Editor]

  71. [I stumbled onto a tv program on rte 1 or 2? (help me Geoff on this one) my mother was watching. Its was pretty much all of the oai epk clips bundled together in some sort of documentary. I didn’t know what was more shocking, stumbling across the program or stumbling across my ma watching it!!]

    Hi Ripper,

    It was Dave Fanning’s Last Broadcast programme and they played the OAI preview from this site

    Nice to watch it on a plasma I must say.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Duffy )

  72. [I didn’t think he had it in him, did you? Great goal. – Features Editor]

    For a long guy he made sort work of those goals 2nd goal very Mark Hughes circa 1986

    As I said in a former post we most defo have scored the best goals in the season thus far.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Kuyt reminds me of Mark Hughes. He’s a battler. Let’s hope for a few goals – acrobatic overheads or simple tap-ins, I don’t mind – at Bolton tomorrow. We need to get up that table. – Features Editor]

  73. [I even wrote a song to mark the occasion of the banger car event when my boyfriend and I were walking around rubbing shoulders with the stars. You can guess who the song was about and it goes like this…. Posted by: Julie Gunn Davies at September 28, 2006 08:41 PM]

    I’m glad you touched on this because it is related to something rolling around in the back of my mind since Abbey Road….

    You can rehearse what you would do or what you would say to someone like David Gilmour in your head, but reality is a diffent story. As I saw him trotting up the stairs, I felt such an exhilirating rush to have a chance to meet him, yet herein lies a dilemma…

    How does one make chit-chat with a guitar legend and musical hero? I mean, what is the protocol for meeting someone like this?

    I think the instinctual thing (for a fan) is to ask for an autograph, take a picture, and offer platitudes (“Thank you…”), and my memory is that’s what we did….

    Was that really the best approach? I may get flamed for this, but doesn’t it feel like the opportunity “devolved” into a regular old autograph/photo session? It’s something that weirded me out at Radio City and now here I was doing the same?

    We had a unique opportunity as special guests, and all I could think about was that my brain was turning to mush and I wanted my picture taken before the brief moment passed (and what an amazing moment that was!). Was there something else we could have done to commune with this man who offered his time for us?

    But what does one say without sounding banal? Without falling into the trap of asking the usual Floyd related questions the man must receive?

    All I can say is that this was an amazing experience despite my feeling like Jackie Gleason (“Hummina-hummina-hummina!”) and Lou Costello at the end…..

    I hope you all get the chance to meet David Gilmour, and I hope it is an experience you will remember as one in which you didn’t just ask for something…..

  74. Hey! If those are really David’s shoes I GUESSED FIRST!!! And above all, I guessed! Incredible! You have to send me the sellotape as prize!!!


    P.S. So many things to say about Dylan, but not time now. I have wasted too much time yesterday on the chat…you have spoiled my probity of worker, do you know that?!!!!!

    [If you can now see the light, it would have all been worth it. – Features Editor]

  75. If I will be unemployed soon, the next light I’ll see will be my desk and my pc that burn! The next worker will never have my pc and my desk!

    Anyway, the light of Bob Dylan is still pale, after all! My desk neighbour is telling me about his passion for Springsteen…will i see another light?


    [God, no. Springsteen’s not fit to lick Dylan’s harmonica. You need to get some very dark glasses to wear at work. – Features Editor]

  76. (A second invoice is now on its way to you, Jon.) – Features Editor]

    Yoy don’t cut anyone a break, do you Fed? 😛

    [Roger Waters – Darren M]

    I could see where that would be a good guess, but his huge head would cast a noticeable shadow, so that eliminates him.

    Have a good wekend, all


  77. I’ve been so busy this week I havn’t had time to write. On Monday I guessed correctly that they were Guy’s shoes and thankfully, the smellinet has not been invented yet!. I also guessed correctly about Richard’s loafers. I have to admit I did think the pointy boots were Jon’s as he has style (not that Phil doesn’t), so I was wrong there. My guess on the black suede shoes is David.

    [Didn’t David almost get killed? -Dan]

    I’m not sure Dan, A perhaps little known fact about David and Steve O’Rourke, they indeed did drive the La Carrera Panamerica and crashed, breaking both of Steve’s legs. . .

    [Thanks, FEd and everybody, for hanging out and not talking about (American) football or cigars.]

    I can assume that this might be Becky’s pointy stick for me. . .he he. . .I’ll keep the cigar smoke outside the barn next time I’m there!

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

  78. For Angelo and Julie,

    I liked this post. I have never had the opportunity to meet David, but I am sure the same thing would happen to me as well, if not worse things.

    It reminds me of a time in high school, I was absolutely in love with this big muscular, handsome football player. This was no teenage crush I promise. He was a couple of years ahead of me in school and way out of my league. I wanted to know him and be with him so bad it hurt, you know that “burning desire”.

    One day in between classes, he walked straight up and started talking to meeee!!!!! I looked into those big blue eyes, my heart started pounding, my stomach was fluttering and suddenly, I couldn’t hear a word that he was saying to me.

    I have no idea why, but I took off running into the bathroom! I was so embarrassed. I had my chance and made a complete fool of myself. Anyway, I can truly relate to your experiences.

    Dear me, now I have a long journey back from this trip down memory lane hmmmmmmmmmmm…maybe I will stay a little while longer. Oh by the way I did get the opportunity to reprove myself, he actually thought it was cute that he tore me up so bad, I guess it flattered him. We did end up together for a while and life was good.

    Now I need a drink.

    Have a good weekend all, don’t work on that kitchen all weekend Fed.

    Melissa (*_*)

  79. F*Ed-

    Do you have a twin because we need another one of you for us U.S.’ers

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  80. Hi all,

    I waited for a new blog entry to post, but it seemed a bit risky to me.

    Off topic:

    David’s songs from Gdansk concert (Wish You Were Here, This Heaven and The Blue) will be again broadcast in Polskie Radio 3, as it was announced today. It was said it would be aired somewhere between 11 pm: midnight this coming Sunday. No further details were given, but if somebody is interested find web links at Polskie Radio blog entry, somewhere in second half of August.

    Have a great weekend


  81. This is a trick question right?

    The shoes belong to David but the man wearing them is the bloke he pays to wear them in for him.

    Little known fact: David hates wearing new shoes!

  82. Im sure your aware Fed but while at the Supermarket i noticed a smiling Gilmour on the cover of Q magazine will you be running it in the press section for our American friends and others from around the world who are part of the irrgulars on this site

    the mag is celerbrating somethng and has a page of interviews with people who have appeared on the cover since the start Davids bit is somewhere in the middle of the rest but still he is on the cover ahead of all the others interviewed including Paul Mcartney etc,

    it just shows the pulling power of the man to be the cover ahead of more not famous but mainstream artists

    its just made me think people percieve Pink Floyd and the people in the band to be faceless if you know what i mean, obviously a pink floyd/Gilmour fan knows what David looks like but to make the cover just shows to me how David has become more noticed as an artist with a face, do you know what im trying to say

    this seems to be something that has occured over the last 10 years or so, i wonder how David feels about been a public face now and it just shows how things have changed over the years when in the past a band like the Floyd did not have to do the media thing but again it shows how the music scene has changed hope you know what i mean mate i know what im trying to say its just something that made me think also with David doing solo stuff he is no longer a member of four but he is the band

    cheers mate see ya soon happy birthday when ever it is

    [Thanks, mate. I’m sure we’ll have it here very soon. – Features Editor]

  83. I’ll guess again, that these ARE DG’s shoes this time!

    Virtually a process of elimination, but reading the threads earlier on, somebody pointned out he was wearing suede throughout the tour. So I’m going with David again.

    Fact: The best Fender guitarist ever (well voted by some anyway… definitely gets my vote !!) Mind you, Hendrix must be very close either way. DG also wears Hendrix’s guitar strap on his guitar!


  84. I would go for the man I did meet in Venice and had a pleasant chat with, then a week later and after the final Venice show we bumped into each others on Great Malborough Street, W1 opposite Liberty!!

    Little I ever go there but here we were….

    So my guess is Steve Di Stanislao….

    Now tell me I am wrong but I would very much like to catch with him again and talk about lots!!! and introduce him to a few girlfriend of mine…


  85. Edwina wrote: Maybe we should think of some other good ones for him.

    Oh, I already have a nickname for David. It’s located somewhere in the text of my last post, Edwina. See if you can pick it out [insert winking smiley face of your choice here].


  86. Whew! I couldn’t log on the blog yesterday.

    I was going to chime in with everybody else and say Jon Carin, but it is definately Mr. David Gilmour. Don’t step on his black suede shoes. ; ^µ yuk yuk yuk

  87. I think I`m changing my mind, and have to go with David again, I`ve noticed the guitar lead in the corner!

  88. I am guessing Mr. Gilmour hisself …. evidence for me are the sylish yet comfortable shoes and of course the jeans oh yeah- and the guitar cord.


  89. I bought a copy of Q magazine this morning only mine has Kate Bush on the cover. Apparently there are 20 different covers this month, a cover for each of the artists they have interviewed to celebrate the magazines 20th birthday.

    Everyone gets asked the same questions – some of the answers are really funny.

  90. Good Weekend Fed and Blog friends!!

    Hope everyone is doing a good job of taking it easy.

    For a while, I have been suspicious about Pink Floyd’s song,”Childhood’s End”,if it had any connection with the book by the same title by Arthur C. Clark. I’m not sure why I made the connection between the two, but for whatever reason I did. I should have looked it up a long time ago but only got around to it today. What can I say, I’m slow on the draw, and don’t research as much as I should. Indeed, this info may be everyday common knowledge for most people here, or it may not be true at all.

    If it is true, I wonder how old David was when he read that book. There’s no doubt it could leave it’s mark on a young persons mind, hence the lyrics David wrote.

    No matter what the inspiration for the song, it is genius. If it don’t make your skin crawl, you haven’t listened to it properly. That guitar solo rings through both sides of your head loudly, like someone pulling on your ears. (is that weird?)

    So is it true or not Fed? If it has already been talked about in the past on the blog, and you will point me in the right direction, I will go off and be amused by myself.

    If it is true, thank you Arthur C. Clark for your unique imagination and inspiration. And thanks to David for being inspired through literature.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [I’m sorry, I don’t know – but David is such a poor lyricist, isn’t he? (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.) – Features Editor]

  91. [God, no. Springsteen’s not fit to lick Dylan’s harmonica. … – Features Editor]

    Is it just me or is that a particularly unedifying image ?

    I wonder what one would have to do to be fit to lick anyone’s harmonica and, in any event, why would anyone wish to do such a thing?

    Is there a bass player out there fit to lick Guy’s plectrum do you think?

    [Tim, I felt like a pervert the moment I published that remark. As it was about 2am at the time, I didn’t care enough to alter it. However, you make a good point. – Features Editor]

  92. “David and Nick Mason participated in a race in Mexico called the La Carrera Panamericana which was released on VHS June 2, 1992 which includes some Floyd songs as well as some originals by David and Rick:-)”

    Hey FeEd,

    How are things? Haven’t posted in a bit.

    Do you know if the songs off this event were ever released on a CD?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Not officially, I don’t think. I’ll have to check that. – Features Editor]

  93. I’m sure these are David’s shoes. I recognise them from Abbey Road. They’re black suede ones.

    They’re definitely not Jon’s cos he was wearing some …. oops I’d better not say what he was wearing in case you post a picture of them.

  94. Hi,

    Arrgggh, early on in this particular blog entry I made mention about how good my memory was. Well, I dug out my old demo tape to listen the the song that I recited above and noticed that I left the last part of the lyrics off which were: “One day I’ll get it right” you know, they are supposed to follow the lyrics : “I would have to pinch myself awake” I hope you know what I mean.

    Anyway to Angelo Ortiz and Melissa (and anyone else if they are interested) – I hope you two read this.

    I originally attempted to meet David after their first concert at Wembley stadium 1988. I waited by the backstage area, patiently for hours after the concert. David came out and then all of a sudden out of no where this a***hole with a camera jumps in front of me and David and says “David, I love you” whilst he was snapping away. David promptly got into the Daimler and they sped off. That upset me because I was behaving myself and did not beseech David for an autograph or anything.

    As I already mentioned, I tried to meet him at the charity banger car racing at Wimbledon in 1989. Oh yes, to our American friends, banger car racing translates as demolition derby, if you didn’t know what I meant.

    I went to 4 concerts at the Docklands Arena. The first day I went was on a Tuesday and I arrived at the arena nice and early. I found the backstage area and stood around for ages. Because I was polite and behaving myself, the security guys let me get on with it. Then this coach turns up with the band in it. I remember Richard looking out the window at this silly fan loitering by the backstage area and laughing. However, just as the coach doors opened this girl appeared from nowhere and started shaking the bands hands. I thought she was part of the bands posse. It transpires that she was a fan just like me. The difference was that I was trying not to make a spectacle of myself. I did however, manage to give David a present which was a handpainted image of a Fender Stratocaster badge (pin) in which I was embarassed.

    To be continued…

  95. I was just cleaning up my massive CD collection yesterday and realized the I do have the Pete Townshend Deep End Live CD. However I don’t think that any of David’s playing made it onto that disc. Am I correct?

    It’s nice to clean up now and then, you never know what you’ll find. Of course I did find that I have purchased additional copies of CDs I already owned.


    [I thought David played all the way through, leaving Pete to play acoustic. However, the original CD release has just ten songs (at least 20 were performed live) and many of those are just Pete and his acoustic. I believe you can now get a version with two bonus tracks direct from Eel Pie. A portion of the proceeds go to charity, too. – Features Editor]

  96. Yes, the new release does include two bonus tracks – Magic Bus and Won’t Get Fooled Again. But I don’t know if that performance was electric since I only have the original 10 track release. So I guess I’ll have to purchase another duplicate CD for my collection.

    Thanks for the info.


    [I’m almost certain that David played electric guitar on ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. Sadly my memory’s not what it used to be… Can anyone add anything to help Andrew decide if it’s worth buying another CD? – Features Editor]

  97. Continued…

    When I went to Docklands on Thursday, I did the same again and waited around the backtage door. The band entered at some stage and I just politely greeted them. Nick Mason later came out and shook my hand, but it was a non-hand shake in that it was light and meaningless. About ten minutes later David was walking around the backstage area and I bravely said: “can I talk to you for just one minute?”. I went a shade of scarlet when I asked him this. He just shoook his head grinning from ear to ear and said: “No time, I’m rushed off my feet”. I just shrugged my shoulders and said “okay”. I only wanted to ask him if I could play guitar with him one day? Okay, high hopes I know, but one can dream. He was my big guitar inspiration.

    Now on Saturday, I decided to go to the concert dressed nicely. I wore a Laura Ashley type dress and wanted to look very ladylike. When I waited at the backstage door, the security guard gave me a chair to sit on. I think he knew that I was not a groupie.

    Anyway the band turned up again and I greeted everyone again. I remember Jon Carin’s lovely long curly hair that day. Anyway, I was just looking around the car park when Richard asked me if I knew where the driver of the coach went and I turned around and said: “No, I’m sorry I don’t”. I didn’t say anything else. Why? I do not know. I had the perfect opportunity of talking to the great Richard Wright and I went silent as a mouse.

    To be continued…

  98. Continued…

    Anyway after the concert was finished, me and that girl that I met on Tuesday stayed behind in the arena and a guy who I think was Harvey Goldsmith came out to us and asked us what we wanted. I bravely said: “We would like to go to the backstage party”. He said okay go round the back door and wait. So we did. Me and Denise were handed backstage passes and we went into the party. I couldn’t believe my luck.

    I met Scott Page, and later Rick Wills. When I was introduced to Rick Wills someone made mention that he was in the band called Foreigner. I said to Rick, “I have heard of your name but not from Foreigner” and he smiled. We had our photo taken together. It wasn’t until I got home that I remember where I heard the name from. Yes, that’s righ, David Gilmour’s first album and he also was in a band with David before David was in Pink Floyd.

    Later on that evening someone took a photograph of David, Denise and myself. I just smiled politely at him by way of thanking him and didn’t have the guts to ask him if I could play guitar with him.

    And that was that. Another one of my memory’s which I wanted to share.

    By the way, I have grown up since then in that I realised what an impossible dream it would be for me to play guitar with Gilmour but I am sure all guitartist have that dream at some stage. Good gosh, I even dreamt of playing the PF. Now you can laugh if you wish. I am laughing at my innocentness. I haven’t played guitar properly for years now anyway even though my Strat is hanging on the wall looking at me right now. Besides I am rusty as anything. If I do play, it is for my daughter.

    Hope you liked.

    Best regards.

  99. to julie gunn davies: good story. thanks for sharing it with us.

    i really don’t know what i’d say if i ever got to meet david. it must get very boring for dg after a while. we probably say the same old thing all the time.

  100. Great story Julie. But you realize that if it was two guys, they would never get backstage the way you did. It just wouldn’t happen. Of course if they were dressed as two hot transvestites, maybe.


  101. Thanks Julie, a strange and fascinating story! I’ve never thought what I could say to David and the band if I met them…but I have though something similar during the Abbey Road competition: my speaking and listening english is so bad that I couldn’t tell or understand anything! So it was better that has gone someone who could have the pleasure to interact with David, Polly and the band and someone who then has been so nice to tell us about that unforgetable day.

    What could I tell David…hmmm, I don’t know! But I could ask to polly she she can keep her perfect body’s line! Ah! I’m just joking! I’ll think something more intelligent!


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