US solo re-masters


We’re very happy to say that the ‘David Gilmour’ and ‘About Face’ re-masters are finally out in the US tomorrow. Digitally re-mastered by Doug Sax and James Guthrie, they sound great and we hope you’ll enjoy them. Do let us know what you think of them.

What was the best thing about the tour? is this week’s not-at-all-limited poll, which follows on from last week’s Best and Worst blog entry. As hard as it is, try and pick just three tour highlights from our list of ten, if you can.

Thanks for voting so positively last time. 77% of you say you would return to our new chatroom for more, so thank you very much.

The next chat is tomorrow at 4PM (UK time), so feel free to drop in.

Please remember the rules, though. No talking about bootlegs, fansites or tribute bands and no linking to sites which contain copyrighted material (therefore, just about every single fansite and that very popular one where you can watch videos of all sorts of things).

We don’t want to hear about any of these, and some of you have already been warned. Please don’t make me ban you.

Oh, and just so you know, you’ll also be timed-out now if you remain inactive for 15 minutes, as opposed to 30 minutes. This is to prevent lurkers.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

114 thoughts on “US solo re-masters”

  1. Can I just say 3-0! Come on you Blues.

    Sorry F’Ed couldn’t resist.

    [I thought you might just have had a very good weekend, Tony. – Features Editor]

  2. F*Ed,

    I know this is off topic but today, I think it takes precedence. Click my name to see two beautifully inspired paintings about the World Trade Towers by the lead singer of Renaissance, Annie Haslam.

    Just thought I’d share…and remember

  3. fed, i really enjoyed the chat today. think i’m getting better at it. thanks again.

    rush out and buy the re-masters, my american friends. you won’t be sorry. they’re ace.

  4. [Can I just say 3-0! Come on you Blues.]

    Ever been to Turkey in May???? It’s lovely I believe ha ha ha

    [That’s the spirit, Geoff. Remember, we won it five times.]

  5. [That’s the spirit, Geoff. Remember, we won it five times.]

    Oh the little yellow stars count them 1,2,3,4,5,

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( On the back foot Dublin )

  6. [Nice touch Matt thank you]

    Thanks, Annie Haslam will be selling copies of these soon with all proceeds going to a 9/11 fund.

  7. I’ll be heading out first thing in the morning to pick up both albums.

    I wish they were out today, it’s very depressing here in the states. Forget about turning on the TV. Although I live in California now, I lived in Virginia in ’91 and not too far from the Pentagon (where I used to work). (How many people knThis is the kind of day for which good music is necessary.

    I’m glad we could pick 3 in the poll. Mine were Echoes, the blog and Syd tribute.

  8. Caption: “Someone in the U.S. wants ME to play at their house? Now THAT’S funny” much for the old reverse psychology try. 😉

    Keep up the good work F’ed. now I’m off to get my remasters…


  9. I couldn’t go to work today. The weight of remembering can be paralyzing, but the burden of knowing our darker nature is far greater…

    I will get the new re-masters if anything but to hear “Out of the Blue”, grieve what was lost, and steel myself for what may be yet to come…

  10. So, the no football rule is going well, F’ed.

    I suspect I know where your and Geoff’s sympathies will lie for MU v Celtic this week?

    [I shall try my very best to remain indifferent, Tim. – Features Editor]

  11. Really looking forward to getting my paws on these re-released CDs. Glad to hear that the quality standards are now acceptable. Thanks.


  12. Dear Fed,

    I know, it’s off topic, but as Matt P. says, today is not an ordinary day.Just a few words, if I may.

    Où étiez-vous le 11 Septembre?

    Comme une question récurrente. Pernicieuse. Une accusation.
    Parce que si vous aviez été là, tout ne se serait-il pas passé de la même façon?
    Où étiez-vous le 11 Septembre?
    Je rentre de courses. Les packs d’eau dans le coffre de la voiture. Dérisoire.
    Et la télé qui hurle “oh my God! oh my God!”
    S’asseoir et regarder.
    Ô la fascination morbide….
    Les packs d’eau dans la voiture que l’on n’a même pas pris la peine de refermer. Dérisoire.
    Des hommes se jettent dans le vide.
    Qu’auriez-vous fait à leur place?
    Le vide. Le feu.
    Qu’auriez-vous fait à leur place?
    Si les dieux existent, qu’ils nous épargnent ce choix.
    Les packs d’eau ne seront pas rentrés… Des heures à regarder. Médusés. Effondrés. Muets.
    Les tours s’écroulent.
    A peine si l’on a pu retenir un cri.
    La stupeur. Pendant des heures.
    Pendant des jours.
    Rien à dire.
    Parce que les mots seraient inutiles. Sont devenus inutiles.
    Plus rien à dire.
    Des larmes au fond de la gorge.
    Plus rien à dire.

    Où étiez-vous le 11 Septembre?

    Excuse me, dear Fed. I can’t say that with your english words…
    Ikkar, with love

    Michèle: merci de vos encouragements. Si vous venez chez moi, laissez-moi votre carte de visite… lol

  13. Slag Clarification Needed: What’s ” a butcher”s”?

    I am guessing it means “a look around” but where does the butcher fit in? I love slang and I must know!


    [It’s just that “butcher’s hook” rhymes with “look”, John. Simple, yet effective. – Features Editor]

  14. Slag Clarification Needed: What’s ” a butcher”s”?

    I am guessing it means “a look around” but where does the butcher fit in? I love slang and I must know!


    [It’s just that “butcher’s hook” rhymes with “look”, John. Simple, yet effective. – Features Editor]

  15. I would just wanted to say the best part of the tour was seeing david and rick still enjoying playing the music they love and knowing they are healthy and happy

    also can i ask do you know how davids hands are i understand he had a small operation earlier in the year.

    [Did he? – Features Editor]

  16. Very nice pictures Matt, Thanks for sharing.

    Big shout out to my boy in the Bronx today. Hey Angelo. You’re the only New Yorker I know, so you’ve been on my brain all day. Peace my Brother! Lucky me, my uncle had meeting in the South tower on the 10th and 12th. I wish more of us had been lucky.

    That’s a tough list to pick only 3 things. I voted for a new album played in it’s entirety. However, witnessing Echoes and the site/blog/band’s posts (not just Guy’s)/Polly’s photos were a right behind.

    All and all there are a great group of people here, that I never would have met without this site. I now have friends worldwide. People I know I’ll be talking to long after this tour.


  17. *Caption*

    “Keep playing boys! You’ll also be timed-out now if you remain inactive for 15 minutes…”


  18. Living in The Netherlands, I have been listening to the new remasters for a while and I have to say, they sound amazing. Especially the difference with my old CD copy of the ‘David Gilmour’ album (on US Columbia) is amazing.

    Great that these two have finally been given the remastering treatment they deserve, in the slipstream of ‘On An Island’. A few songs of the solo albums in the live shows would have been nice though.

    Pity also that Mr. Wright’s ‘Wet Dream’ never got remastered in the wake of his excellent ‘Broken China’ album ten years ago (has it really been that long?). It never even came out on CD outside the US, I believe. EMI, are you listening?

  19. Caption: David reacts with jubilation upon hearing that “fans” with cameras or camera phones will not be admitted to concert halls and all violators will be immediately ejected. = D

    Cannot wait to lay my grubby little mitts on those remasters. Oh what rapturous delight.

  20. Comfortably Numb

    I know it’s off topic and I am sorry but I ve got the desire to write something about my feelings right now.

    Recently I’ve read that the Comfortably Numb – solo has been voted as best guitar solo ever.

    I m playing guitar for many years, several hours daily and my favourite tunes are the ones of Mr. Gilmour. So I decided to give it a try and started to practice it.

    After playing some hours on the second day I noticed that probably Mr. Gilmour wrote those lines and others AFTER he did THAT solo because my fingers and the left hand were hurting so much I had to stop.

    “My hands felt just like two balloons…now I’ve got that feeling once again I can’t explain you would not understand…I have become comfortably numb.”

    Did anybody else get the same experience due to those heavy bendings and vibratos?

    Does anybody else in here feel the way I do?

  21. Emouvant et dérangeant, ce texte, Ikkar… Mais existe(nt)-t-il(s) ?…

    Plus prosaïquement, quels ‘encouragements’?, je ne comprends pas…


  22. For me, realising Echoes was being played at the concerts, put me in La La land for a long time. Only to be topped by seeing it live for the first time in person. Playing the whole album was also very cool.

    The coming DVD and this website (and all it’s goodies) rank pretty high in the scheme of things. All and all I have to say I feel I’ve been treated well from my Guitar God, and may he shine forever. Thank you David and Co.


  23. howdy world.

    syd tribute, echoes, and polly’s beautiful photos as well as this here site and community.

    thanks for everything f.e.d. you keep us smiling.

    [Thank you very much, Don. – Features Editor]

  24. Hi Fed and all , well im back on line now with broadband its been a nightmare as ive been back in the stoneage for 2 weeks with dial up i forgot how slow it is,

    well its 11pm, i got told earlier that i am getting layed off from work along with another work mate, what a time with the baby 3 and half months away i cant believe my luck, dont get me wrong i did not like the job that much but it paid a wage and kept the wolfs from the door, one good thing is it now gives me the chance to get of my backside and look for a better job

    can anyone tell me why the timing of these things are always lousy, still it could be worse the glass is half full as they say i got to see David perform twice then the extra special event of Abbey Road, i would have traded my Job for that one day

    love to you all out there, ill see you in the chat room tommorrow , and 2 all my American friends out there, Words are never enough for what i want to say to you all . all i can say is you as a nation are in all our hearts today, on this day of rememberance , if anyone needs a reality check just think back 5 years to what really matters

    sorry Fed i was getting a bit heavy there but i just wanted to send my thoughts across the Atlantic hope you dont mind , see you in the chat room , Broadband Rules….! Im easily pleased eh

    [You’re extremely positive, I’ll give you that. Good for you for not letting it get you down. Sorry to hear about the job. Good luck with finding the next one. – Features Editor]

  25. I already have the original cd’s since they were first printed, but would be interesting listening to the re-master job indeed.

  26. Hi FEd and everyone,

    Thanks for sharing the paintings, Matt. Powerful stuff.

    Angelo, you’re my only New Yawker friend (that I know in person!) and, like Erin, I’ve been thinking of you. This is a day full of painful memories for all of us, but it must be especially difficult for you today.

    I decided to pull back a little and think about the vast numbers of innocent people who are caught up in someone’s ‘holy’ crusade everyday … no in your face instant replays day in and day out to constantly remind you of their suffering. Starving, orphaned and exploited children worldwide — their plight is overlooked or forgotten because it isn’t played out 24/7 on television.

    I understand that people don’t want to have to think about the ‘ugly’ side of that other reality … lives spent in despair, hopelessness and suffering with no glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel.

    I’m sorry to be such a downer, but it’s unavoidable today. I don’t have any answers … just questions. “No more turning away from the weak and the weary, no more turning away from the coldness inside. Just a world that we all must share, it’s not enough just to stand and stare. Is it only a dream that there’ll be no more turning away?” Is it? I hope not!

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

    [Well said, Gabrielle. – Features Editor]

  27. [I shall try my very best to remain indifferent, Tim. – Features Editor]

    HAIL HAIL my friend mind you it dont look to bright

    Rgds Geoff larrson Duffy ( Dublin,anfield .parkhead)

  28. Hey Guys

    I will be getting those remasters tomorrow.

    Never Forget 9-11. My Aunt works at the Pentagon, and 9-11 is her birthday so she wasn’t at work. Thanks to that being in the sky. Matt, nice touch.

    Angelo…big shout out to you.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  29. Dear FEd at al.,

    I keep reading reports in various media that Syd’s house is up for sale. I really hope that David or any of the PF boys get hold of it – it would be a trajedy of unimaginable proportion if it were to be lost to magnolia paint and an MFI kitchen. I’m not suggesting that it should be opened as a memorial to Syd, but it should be preserved if it all possible. I would imagine it depends on what Syd’s family wants but I’d hope that they’d want to preserve it too.


  30. CAPTION: “They really think I’m playing this while I’m posing! Look, it’s not even plugged in! Fools!!”

    Still awaiting my re-masters copy of David’s 1st album! Hopefully tomorrow!! 🙂

    Can anybody please tell me if there is much difference between the New ‘About Face’, and the PRE re-mastered version as that’s the one I have?


  31. I voted that this web site is the best thing to happen when David started touring again. We have the pleasure to know when David is going to tour and where, Release dates,Great pictures(From David’s wife Polly),and To hear from other band mates about the concerts. Plus we all have thank the Editor(FEd)for letting us know all that is going on(NO More Rumors)and to bring us fans together by adding a chat line. Thank You David and The Great FEd.


    PS Thank You Matt for your post it really means alot.

  32. Captions…

    “Arsenal won a game!!!”


    “Thanks Geoff for letting these blokes know what I was searching for and also to you John for stressing the urgency..totally lost without my pick!”

    As I, and likely most of you already own David’s original first 2 solo albums,I would just like to know if anyone(including you F.E.) has had a chance to compare the sound quality between the originals and the recent re-masters.Just wondering if it’s worth my while and hard earned dollars to purchase them all over again.I do have a kickass stereo system, so if there are noticeable improvements I would definitely hear them..Thanks all.

    [I think there’s a definite improvement, John. – Features Editor]

  33. Im disspointed that only 77 per cent like chat:D For me it’s great.

    I bought “About Face” re-master some weeks ago (it was only 5 pounds in Poland) and it is great:D Good quality and everything.

    Greetings for everybody and for out great FED.


  34. IS David going to be disapointed that the poll shows that seeing “Echoes” being performed is way out in front at the moment, some thing that is over 35 years old as apposed to his most recent work?

    Seeing Echoes was magical for me but also seeing “The Blue” & “on an Island” live & Crosby & Nash along with David Bowie was also very special & of course the blog/ers.I would have liked to have seen the wine glasses too.

    Am i doing something wrong? i could only pick one item from the poll, or do i go into the poll 3 times to choose.

    [The results of this poll will be taken with a larger pinch of salt than normal, Graham, because whenever there’s the option to vote multiple times, people piss about and vote for the same thing repeatedly. – Features Editor]

  35. CAPTION: David models the new winter collection at “Moss Bros” in the High street.

    Accessories by Fender.

  36. [“Slag Clarification Needed:” – John Covert at September 11, 2006 08:38 PM]

    An unfortunate typo John, made me laugh though.

  37. Hello all hope all is well with everyone

    i dont know about all of you but im fed up of reading this Scissor sisters things ,i’d like to bet our trash tabloids have made more of it and added a bit just for good measure, anyway the cover of Comf Numb was terrible i believe if you cant improve on the original then whats the point

    dont get me wrong there has been some good covers but the majority are rubbish of course thats only my opinion for what its worth, One cover i do rate better than the original is Guns n Roses Live and let die, good song.

  38. hi

    i read on the web that the remasterised cds have longer running tines, few minutes … The solo of Mihalis and others r longer … can u confirm this ?


    [I can. It’s true. – Features Editor]

  39. Good morning FED and FANS

    Today I want only to say that for me the best part of the tour was the atmosphere, the magic moments, the lights, the air, in Venice.

    For me Venice is like a wondeful girl that is in love with David and when David plays Venice changes, is more charming, smiles and gives herself airs.

    The delicate sound of thunder lives in Venice more than in other places.

    I hope to see again there David!

  40. Excuse my ignorance Fed, but what is a “Lurker” as in “This is to prevent lurkers.” Do they pose a threat and if so should we react?

    Ian Pearson

    [They’re harmless enough, Ian. A lurker is someone who enters a chatroom (or visits a blog/forum etc.) and passively observes without actively participating. Naturally, in the chatroom, anyone who doesn’t get involved arouses suspicion. – Features Editor]

  41. Well, I’ve put my three votes in. Very difficult decision for the final one. I couldn’t decide between hearing the whole album live or the Mermaid Theatre. In the end I went for the Mermaid, as it was such and incredible and unique experience.

    Enjoying the chat room by the way ! Good to talk to others who share a passion for this fantastic music.


  42. Happy Tuesday,

    My mate in work has just returned from Turkey. While there he met a bloke who had caught David on his tour. He told me this really funny, but touching, story about how this chap burst into tears as soon as David walked on stage and continued off and on throughout the show. He admitted that he never thought that he would ever get to see David and that the emotion of the occasion just got to him.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: From a Coventry point of view, 3-0 was a good score. In fact IMO, not the best game I have seen but we played we worked hard and got the rewards.

  43. Caption Competition

    DG through gritted teeth: One more crack about the jacket, Taylor and I’ll shove this Strat where the sun don’t shine…

  44. I hope that all the (currently) 5% who voted “Realising that Echoes was being played” also voted for “witnessing Echoes being performed” as I wouldn’t like to think anyone was actually disappointed by it!

    I havn’t bought the re-issues yet (still have the old ones!), but a friend thinks that some of the fade-outs on the remastered versions are slightly longer than the original versions, is this true? Were they remixed as well as being remastered?


    [One or two are a little longer. – Features Editor]

  45. [They’re harmless enough, Ian. A lurker is someone who enters a chatroom (or visits a blog/forum etc.) and passively observes without actively participating. Naturally, in the chatroom, anyone who doesn’t get involved arouses suspicion. – Features Editor]

    But maybe you could understand that some not native english speaking people could feel uncomfortable with entering into a foreign chatroom and could not be able the first time to participate actively …My brain is not a ‘Speedy Gonzales’ one in english ! I must have been a lurker ! and if I’m getting the boot the next time, I don’t care !

    Thanks again to Lynn for having helped me in the barn !


  46. Hi All,

    Just voted on the poll. If there was a “David going out on tour in the first place”,I would have definitely voted for that one!!!!

    Just want to say thanks to Matt for sharing those two drawings with us……very inspirational!

    I’m getting withdrawal symptons from the chat room already, cos everytime it’s on, I have to work…. Just been there only a couple of times, but I love it! (Thanks Fed)



  47. Echoes

    Hi Fed Hi All

    Just wanted to post in reaction to the Poll that echoes was really cool and meant alot to me to hear it being played. Really enjoyed all the floyd stuff but the On an island was also awsome a very nice contrast.

  48. Hi again,

    It’s Tuesday morning here. I’m looking forward to the re-masters, but will have to wait a day or two since it’s either a four-hour round-trip drive or wait for Amazon to deliver to my mailbox. So there’s a bit more to some of the songs, eh? That’s a bonus!

    I fooled around with the poll yesterday trying to figure out how to pick three at once, then deciding to do one at a time. My three picks were: On An Island played in its entirety, the site (and all the good things that have come from it), and hearing Echoes played live. To me they’re all sort of ‘number one’ … couldn’t have one without the other, if you know what I mean? The site (that means you too, FEd) gave me the information and opportunity to experience the others, so in my book they were all ‘the best’!

    See you in the chatroom after I get my coffee, unless of course I space it out. Erin, you’re not the only one who forgot the ‘noon our time’ radio broadcast … I remembered at about 3:30 and could have kicked myself around the block!

    Washington State

  49. hello all….

    I’ve been “away” for awhile….

    Just wanted to say I still have my org cd’s and tapes of DG & AF. I was always in the habit of buying multiple copies of my Fav/music for my car and my home and my office. That way I would have one “ready to play” without having to rummage about.

    My fav moment in concert was on the 1st night in NY when the lights went out and that “FOG” started billowing. David was appearing like a shadow switching between a couple of different instruments.

    The excitement of that moment when the show began made the hairs on my arms stand out…I still get goose-bumps thinking about it.

  50. Hi Fed,

    Hard choice on the poll, interesting results. Echoes was a big hit.

    Caption- David reacts to Phil’s attire during the band’s rendition of Play that Funky Music, White Boy

    Yesterday was hard, I watched CNN’s replay of their live coverage from that day. It’s the first I have seen it in it’s live as- it- happened form. 5 years ago where I worked, their attitude was that of apathy and business as usual, and I couldn’t even get to a TV until 6PM. It was a fresh reminder of how much evil exists in this world that operates under the name of God and Religion. They will be held accountable for it someday.

    Looking forward to the chat.

    Good day, all,

  51. Hello my fellow blog friends,

    I was so bad. I cheated and ordered my copies of David’s remasters from my good friends in the UK. I could not wait any longer.

    Anyway the sound quality is optimal and the music, what can I say that has not been said a million times over.

    “David Gilmour” is my favorite of the two. He was moody and over it , just the way I feel at times.

    I have one problem with “About Face”, it’s too 80’s. I like some of the songs and without a doubt all the guitar solos, but I have noticed I treat it as a guilty pleasure to listen to.

    I am very happy to own all three of David’s solo albums.

    Hope I can make it to the chat room soon.

  52. Hi there,

    For the poll I picked new album played in its entirety. I have to say that on an island get a daily spin and I mean at least once, today its been on 3 times already!!

    Its superb and if David does release something else sometime in the future its gonna be a tough act to follow. I’d almost push the boat out and say that by the Venice concert i was looking forward to part one of the concert more than part 2. Licks from the gods they are!! mmm might go for spin #4 now!!

    p.s. ever thought of emoticons on the blog? dunno if they are there in the chatroom (pointy stick being waved at my family and their greedy net usage)

    [There are some available in the chatroom, but we agreed a long time ago that we don’t want them here. – Features Editor]

  53. Off to get my copy of David’s second album. I must have been in love or something back on his second album, missed it completely. Got his first album the year it came out. It was a good year, year I graduated from high school.


  54. [Caption Competition – DG through gritted teeth: One more crack about the jacket, Taylor and I’ll shove this Strat where the sun don’t shine…]

    Phil made him a lovely STRING vest apparently

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  55. hello fellow blogers been a while daughters computer was down for a while i had to give mine up to her and its like taking candy from a baby to get it back she likes the laptop better than her desktop.

    Oh man the new chatroom is great good idear Fed.

    I cant wait for the re-release of davids albums im in the US and it comes out today cant wait to get to the store, i take care of my mother who is handicap so i have to wait for my daughter to get home before i go so i hope there not all gone before i get there.

    Well again Fed great idea the chatroom its wonderful i love it hope to talk to all of you soon.


  56. That was a tough poll…I was hoping that at the end of it, it would have an “All of the Above” selection!

  57. Hey SIMON EMERY:

    yes the timing always sucks. I feel for you.

    I was laid-off almost 3 months ago (at the time my wife was pregnant with #4 and our oldest is not even 5 yet). I was lucky – after 3-1/2 weeks I got a new job that is far better than the job I had. At the time I was in panic mode, but it all worked out for the best in the end.

    Listening to PF and DG definitely helped me through…and reading the blog at night after posting a zillion resumes 🙂

    Best of luck!

  58. The best thing about the tour to me is how well the new material stood up with the 2nd half of the show. The second half was done with so much class due to the fact of the song selection. To see David and the band embrace songs that are 30 plus years old from albums that most people don’t listen to on a regular basis (Atom Heart Mother and Meddle) and make Fat Old Sun and Echoes sound so new and fresh as Smile and Take A Breath is something other bands and performers should take a cue from .

  59. Just got back from getting the remasters. Listened to David Gilmour on the way home, now About Face. I didn’t think I would be able to tell the difference, but I can. Very cool, indeed!

    Better call your local record store before you go though, my fellow Americans. I couldn’t find it for quite awhile. 3rd times a charm? Not today, it was the 4th store I went to.

    Thanks for another great chat session today Fed!

    See yah all on the flipside

    [Glad you enjoyed it, although you and Rudders might yet find yourselves banned from the next. A note to all: STOP BREAKING THE RULES. I expected better of you lot. – Features Editor]

  60. Michèle,

    les “encouragements”, ce sont les trois mots que vous avez écrits sur moi, dans le chat où je ne peux pas aller… les horaires de boulot, vous savez ce que c’est…

    Ikkar, with love

  61. Hy fed so its not the case dave never had an op on his hands im sure i read it, something to do with the tendons maybe i should stop reading the tabs.

    [You should, because they’re rubbish, but there is some truth in the story: I just thought it was a few years back (due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). – Features Editor]

  62. Dear Fed

    Now the remasters are finally here i was wondering what the next David release would be,probably the tour Dvd.Is there any Chance On an Island could be released as a 12inch picture disc.The art work is so outstanding and it would be a great item to add to my picture disc collection.

    Thanks Robert.

    [It’s the DVD next. Early 2007. – Features Editor]

  63. Hi all ,unfortunatl i missed the chatroom tonight had to do the school run at the last minuete but next time im there all been well, by all accounts its a roaing success, as if it was ever going to been anything less than great with you at the driving seat keep it up mate you are truly a part of the whole years journey, you have given us access to all thins Gilmour

    well mate im lied in bed falling asleep all is well in my life, i hope you can say the same keep it up mate all the best to you and all my irregular friends . Bye for now

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  64. The re masters are great, and have opened up a whole new world of DG tracks for me.

    Fed- you probably don’t yet know, but any news on the live tour dvd yet?

    [It’ll be out sometime in early 2007 and it will be absolutely wonderful. – Features Editor]

  65. so the reasons for me to buy the remasters are:

    1. Buying the albums twice each is not enough (cassette and CD in my case)
    2. They sound noticably better
    3. The codas of some songs are slightly longer


    This just isn’t very compelling. If there was any sort of new material, I would feel differently. I would definitely recommend the remasters to fans who haven’t heard the albums already, but I’m not going to take the plunge myself.

    Along those lines, I bought Echoes, but then felt no need to buy the Final Cut remaster. I already had When The Tigers Broke Free and the upgraded sound just wasn’t enough of an incentive.

    On the flip side, I am anxiously awaiting the DVD. I would also buy the Smile single if I could find it over here at a reasonable price or if I happen to be in the UK and could get it for GBP2.

  66. hey fet ed .

    can i ask you a question about the galleries ? well i am going to anyway if you don’t mind 🙂

    gallery 25 the abbey road pictures . third row down far left . is that dick parry playing the keyboard ?


    [It sure is. – Features Editor]

  67. I am kind of out of the loop with this blog, since I saw David perform in Toronto (seems so long ago now,sigh)
    Does anyone know the status of the upcoming live DVD?

    [It should hopefully be out sometime in early 2007. – Features Editor]

  68. [STOP BREAKING THE RULES. I expected better of you lot. – Features Editor]

    The all knowing Fed . . .All I can say is that I’m sorry and will be better in the future. I won’t take the chance of getting banned. I love this place too much, it’s not worth it.


    [Where is it written that anyone should get a second chance? You’ve known the rules since December. We’ve been ramming them down your throat since Day One, yet it still doesn’t get through to you. I’m really pissed off about this. – Features Editor]

  69. #1 Reason for buying the remasters for me:

    Can’t find my CDs of the originals. I’ve moved four times in 3 years, and once across the US. They’re in a box somewhere.

    I didn’t make it to the store today, but my office is in the same building as the Virgin megastore in San Francisco (that’s been a very expensive coincidence), so I’ll have them in my hands first thing tomorrow.

    I’m really looking forward to Murder.

  70. [The results of this poll will be taken with a larger pinch of salt than normal, people piss about and vote for the same thing repeatedly. – Features Editor]

    F.Ed, is there not something that can be added so you can have a ‘maximum hit’ like on sports polls and such E.g. Who’s the ugliest; a) Wayne Rooney, b) Peter Crouch, or c) Arsene Wenger’s arse?.

    If poss this would stop some of the muppets peeing around! (I voted 3 like, but it was a hard pick!!) I don’t like to see you getting upset either!! 🙂

    Also, I noticed further up somebody mentioned an ‘illness’ or injury or whatever to David’s hands. Well a couple of years back, my ‘mate’ told me that David was finished and would never tour again because he had arthritis in his fingers. Now I can’t say I believed it in it’s entirety, but it got me thinking, and a little worried until I saw him at Live 8 (magic!!). Thank God and your good self of course for this site so we can avoid listening to pointless chinese whisper shit, and know the facts.

    I’ll never understand why people say stuff like that.


    Off to bed, take care


    [It’s not possible with the poll we use, Dave. However, we really should be able to ask people to vote three times and trust them to do just that. We’re all grown-ups, after all. It’s a shame we’re even having this discussion because people quite clearly can’t play by the rules. – Features Editor]

  71. Fedmeister

    What can I say but sorry… it won’t happen again!

    Vinnie and the boys called around tonight and put me straight. Once my broken fingers heal I’ll be back to my full typing speed although the baseball bat wound is still causing some blurred vision…

    As the Fedmeister said…stop breaking the rules or Vinnie will come and see you!

    [It won’t happen again because you’re both banned from the chatroom. I’m really disappointed, not least by all this “Sorry, it won’t happen again” crap. When did people stop taking responsibility for their actions and start expecting immediate forgiveness? It’s very cheap and easy to knowingly flaunt the rules and then give a meaningless apology to make things better, isn’t it? I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work like that here. That’s the end of the discussion. – Features Editor]

  72. Sounds to me you had a rough day today Fed, just wondering. Anyhoo, it was great to get in and chat, albeit briefly.

    [Not a rough day, Frank, just a disappointing one. We had people in the Lobby – who wouldn’t know the blog if it bit them on the backside – moaning about how unfair it is that they can’t get into the blog’s private, password-protected room (the Barn). Then the people who we have trusted to be left alone in the Barn, free from moderation, flaunt our very clear and obvious rules and don’t seem to think that it’s a big deal because they “won’t do it again”. It makes you wonder why we bother at times. – Features Editor]

  73. Yes! More formats. Always worried about album/ cassette wear, even with backing up. Great to see.

  74. Wednesday: is there no chat today Fed ?

    i went into the Barn first time for a short while yesterday, i sneaked on at work, so it was only a brief visit, any way i said Hi to Rudders & Gabrielle for the first time.I’ll be back for sure.

    [Not today, Graham. – Features Editor]

  75. After waiting nearly 20 years for a new solo effort(& only 2 new Floyd lps) On an Island ended up as a HUGE disappointment. Fans everywhere unite now.Dave & Roger must bury the bad feelings & tour again. Dave & Roger want to do all this charity work for 3rd world countries then do a series of pay-per-view concerts & vary the songsets. I’d pay for each show. The money made would be astounding & it could be a small tour in Europe.

    want a good Floyd album listen to what god wants,truly awesome,esp track 8 too much rope.

    [Thanks for that valuable insight, Butch. Much appreciated. My advice to you would be to save your money and see if you can buy a new brain instead. By the way, ‘What God Wants’ is a track (or three), not an album. ‘Amused To Death’ is the album and ‘Too Much Rope’ is the sixth track – on my copy, at least. Not much of a Roger Waters fan, are you? Still, you tried. – Features Editor]

  76. I love Gilmour. His voice is like that of an Angel( & i’m an Atheist) & his Guitar is truly beautiful. I also Love Roger & any Floyd Fan should too & not choose sides. If you choose sides then you should be choosing us, the fans. we are the ones hurt by this 1/4 century crappy feud. I;ve seen Rogers solo stuff & its excellent & they even do Floyd song good but you always miss that voice & guitar. Its time to make these 2 act like men for a change. we the fan have put them into a grand life-style,much better than most of us will ever experience. THEY OWE US..

    [There I was, thinking I was wrong to label you a tw*t. Thank God for the last line. – Features Editor]

  77. Chatland got a bit heated yesterday by the sound of things?

    I was only on line for five minutes or so as work took over . I wont ask but I am curious

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  78. [STOP BREAKING THE RULES. I expected better of you lot. – Features Editor]

    Blimey, what happened? sorry to hear things have not gone too smoothly. Hope everything is OK now, take care of yourself.

  79. [After waiting nearly 20 years for a new solo effort(& only 2 new Floyd lps) On an Island ended up as a HUGE disappointment. Fans everywhere unite now.Dave & Roger must bury the bad feelings & tour again. Dave & Roger want to do all this charity work for 3rd world countries then do a series of pay-per-view concerts & vary the songsets. I’d pay for each show. The money made would be astounding & it could be a small tour in Europe. want a good Floyd album listen to what god wants,truly awesome,esp track 8 too much rope. – Butch]

    I love the research people put in, it’s truly amazing the wealth of knowledge out there.

    “Never mind no dark sarcasm ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  80. [Where is it written that anyone should get a second chance? – features Editor]

    [My advice to you would be to save your money and see if you can buy a new brain instead.- features Editor]

    Anyone in any domain(? = domaine in french) and in any event deserves a second chance and should get one!, I don’t recognize in your words the David’s spirit which was floating on this blog !

    To give someone a second chance is a form of tolerance. And I think this blog is like a small ‘society’, that needs rules of course but also tolerance and some freedom…

    Why are you currently so hard with everybody ? We are not pupils at school…

    Would you prefer us to constantly flatter you or David ? I don’t think so…

    Sorry, surely you are sometimes or even often disappointed, maybe you are not the only one…

    But, it’s true, as we say in France “La critique est facile, l’art est difficile” et vous avez en fait un rôle très ingrat.

    Merci pour tout (sans flatter !)


  81. Hi Fed, sounds like yesterday was a bit dramatic. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I was going to say, even before I read of an incident in chat, that I thought it was a real privilege to be in the Barn and that you trusted us enough to not be looking over our shoulder. Needless to say, I am deeply disappointed that your trust was violated.

    Butch- the soap box you think you’re standing on is an outhouse- at least it smells like one. Thanks for reminding us how nice it is to have a Blog that isn’t overrun by the likes of people like you.

    Have a great day, F.Ed, everyone.


  82. Thanks for the good vibes sent my way the other day; it was touching and helped “lessen the burden” to a degree….

    Haven’t bought the re-master’s yet, but I appreciate some of the “sneak peeks” I’ve read here.

  83. Hmmmm. . .In light of what was posted earlier, I’m not sure what to say. . .I am going out to get the new remasters today (in the same store as EchoesBob by the way) and well, I’ll be listening to them for the next few days thinking.

    I really hope I didn’t provide any pointy stick situations in the Barn during the first few days. I think the chatroom is great and I don’t want it to go away, but FEd, your decisions are final and I accept that. People always say it’s easier to ask for forgivness than permission, but if it pisses off our FEd, then that’s not acceptable.

    P.S. I was thinking of a different word than tw*t, as it has four letters also. . .

  84. EchoesBob you CD’s are not in a box somewhere; these things lead their own lives you see.

    The first record I ever bought was Relics (or was it Slayed from Slade…anyway), it disappeared. Years after I bought another one, now only the cover is still there, the same goes for The final cut. And then there is the double album The wall in my vinyl collection. What’s that doing there? Don’t recall ever having bought that one. Disk two from the double CD Delicate sound of thunder is gone. Strange thing is that it only happens with the DG-related items.

    For a joke, years ago some friends bought two singles and the complete album of Donna Summer’s I feel love thing as a birthday gift. These are al still there.

  85. [To give someone a second chance is a form of tolerance. And I think this blog is like a small ‘society’, that needs rules of course but also tolerance and some freedom… – Posted by: Michèle at September 13, 2006 01:24 PM]

    With the greatest respect to all, I’m not in the least interested in visiting the chatroom. I don’t know which rule was broken, nor do I wish to know. It’s none of my business.

    But Michèle, it seems to me that there was the ultimate freedom allowed to the ‘Blog Irregulars’ and this was abused, so it’s very clear to see why the Features Editor is disappointed. He has every right to be.

    The rules are clear and quite reasonable. If they’re broken, there should be a consequence.

    I’m sure that banning the good guys is not something the Features Editor enjoyed doing, but rules are there for a reason and it’s not good enough to simply say: I won’t do it again. The Blog has been around for many months. I’m sure there have been plenty of second chances.

    As I’ve said before, I don’t envy the Features Editor. It seems he can never win.

    Michèle, we have a saying in England: If you don’t know all the facts, don’t pass comment.

    Perhaps we should all just leave this issue to the people involved.

  86. WOW !!! Fed, I ‘ve just caught a flash of lightning (?) in my french brain !!! it was just welsh humour that I didn’t understand …nothing to do with intolerance…

    Yes, bad french humour, so, no hard feelings ?

    I would like to “faire la paix”…Sais même pas ce qui s’est passé dans le chatroom…


    [N’inquiétez pas, mon ami. J’ai ne pas une problème avec votre mots. Il est tout juste et valide ici. J’aime des avis. – Features Editor]

  87. Are the ones you ban, banned forever Fed?

    Melissa (*_*)

    [Yes, I’m afraid so (and before anyone starts whining, I also have rules to follow). – Features Editor]

  88. Fed, I understand the decision you made, however I think it is very unfair. You have stated the rules since day one, and they have been broken by plenty of others. All I ask is that if you are gonna ban people, you need to be fair and ban across the board.

    People have talked of belonging to PF tribute bands, giving out email address (after you said we couldn’t) talk and sharing of pictures and there has been other bootleg discussion as well.

    Rudders and I have been here since day one and we have nothing but respect for DG and this site. I can’t believe that you’d think otherwise. PF/David’s CD’s are the only ones I have that aren’t burnt, simply because of the amount of respect I have for him.

    I understand we broke a rule, and if an apology isn’t good enough . .well fair enough . .but like I said I wish you’d be fair about it and if you’re gonna ban us, ban everyone else who has broken the rules too.


    [I’m not discussing this any further. I’ll e-mail you when I get a chance. – Features Editor]

  89. Chat rooms will be chat rooms – “Please don’t cane me sir! I was led astray!”

    Hey, that’s a nice photo of David up there. We luv smiley David, don’t we, Marvin? (Marvin grudgingly agrees.)


  90. CAPTION: David smiles, thinking, ‘Nobody knows I’m wearing two different colored socks. . .’

  91. Lots of good comments today. What a great bunch of articulate bloggers we have here. Keep goin Fed, for another year. I swear, when this site is over. I’ll never blog again, there’s no need to. But I’ll remember my friends INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Phew! It sounds as though things have been getting rather heated in the chatroom.

    I’d been wondering whether I should give it a try but I think I’ll leave it for now. Work and family mean that I haven’t had the time to visit when it’s been open and I don’t think I would get on with the fast moving style. I like the blog because you can dip into it when you like for as long as you like and there is time to think about what you want to say.

  93. I was just listening to ‘About Face’ and I must confess I still quite enjoy the song ‘Blue Light’. And yes, I know some (most?) of you don’t agree. I can’t help it, but I really like the horns in that track. IMHO, it’s not David’s best track ever, but it is really nice, I think. Could also have something to do with nostalgia… like many others, I became a PF fan at the time of ‘The Wall’.

    In those pre-internet days, I wasn’t really sure what the members looked like in those days until ’84, when the solo albums came out. There was a music show on German TV (which I can’t remember the name of) in which David was being interviewed. It was the first time I ever saw him on TV. After the interview, he played ‘Blue Light’.

    A while ago, I encountered a cheap DVD in my local record store called ‘Remember the 80’s’ (an official release on MCP Sound & Media 161.149)which – to my delight – contains the ‘Blue Light’ video !

    FEd – do you know if this is the only official way to get hold of this video? Or did it get a release somewhere else?

    Sytze (Netherlands)

    [It’s also on the NTSC ‘David Gilmour’ video, of course. – Features Editor]

  94. I have found myself listening to `The Final Cut` heaps over the past couple of weeks and was wondering if there is anyone who, like me, thinks this album is just the mutts?

  95. [Hi…- Marco]

    [Hello. – Features Editor]

    Ciao! – Lucia

    Sorry, I know this post have no sense…but I laugh so much when I read it! IT IS FANTASTIC! And I wanted to join to you two, mates! Welcome Marco, glad to hear to you again FEd


  96. [It’s also on the NTSC ‘David Gilmour’ video, of course. – Features Editor]

    I think NTSC est un format américain (? in english), so we can’nt buy it and read it in Europe ? I looked for it a few years ago, didn’t find it …

    Is it an official release ? and if so, Can we find it in Europe ?

    Thank you very much,

    [It is an official release, but it was only ever released in the US, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  97. Just reading back through the posts, I am intrigued to see how opinions or attitudes seem to have changed by some. It’s almost as if, now David has stopped touring, and the excitment about the release of OAI has died down, some people feel the need to either, dig up the past or criticise to try and influence what they want, be it from a new album, reunion, tour or whatever. I hope this makes sense, and it’s just the way I see it.

    Anyway, I continue to enjoy this site regardless. Keep up the good work too F.Ed, and don’t let the odd numpty get you down, I won’t.

    Take care,

  98. EchoesBob, look in those boxes anyway, or ask your wife about the missing records. That’s what I did, and she basically told me in the friendliest way that I was a silly person, and should look elsewhere for the items. And that The Wall was coming from her collection, and the missing CD was left behind in the player of our old Ford Escort we traded in when we bought another car. And that the real mystery is me forgetting all that.

    Making you look in the mirror is in the female’s nature I guess.

  99. [It’s also on the NTSC ‘David Gilmour’ video, of course. – Features Editor]

    Sorry for my simple brain, but what is this NTSC?


    [It’s the standard television format used in the Americas, as opposed to PAL or SECAM. – Features Editor]

  100. Thanks for the link Marcus. My brain may never recover.

    Some of it did make sense to me since I just took my Ultrasound Physics examination back in May. Much of it was about how images are produced and displayed, so I could sort of understand what I was reading. I never thought I would have to revisit that vault in my brain again.(it was dusty)


  101. FEd… all I can say. I do not envy you your job. Have a pint or two on me.

    [Thank you, I will. – Features Editor]

  102. Finally got the remasters. With the very first notes of Mihalis you could tell the difference. The sound is sharper and crisper. They just sounded more powerful to me. I was hearing instruments I hadn’t noticed before. As has been previosly stated,some songs have slightly longer outros and the packaging has been enhanced.

    So,I guess the bottom line is if you like the originals you’ll like these even more.

    On the topic of re-issues,is an SACD version of OAI still on the to-do list?

    Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.

    [I don’t know. Must find out. – Features Editor]

  103. I had to rummage around a bit to find the 2 remasters. I first went to the Virgin Megastore last Wednesday, in San Francisco, and found nothing. On Friday I made it to the Best Buy, in San Francisco, and bought the last two copies (first two?) they had in stock. While I was there I also picked up the SACD of RW ‘in the flesh’.

    I noticed that Doug Sax and James Guthrie not only worked on both David remasters (one each), but the two of them also worked on ‘in the flesh’. I suspect that all involved parties are much closer than we (the public) think, and if we’d quit pining for a tour, album, reunion, etc., and we just wish them the very best in what they love, and what they love to do, then we’ll all be fine. Some of us agree ‘all good things, in all good time.’

    The remasters (for a person like me) were a must have. Yes, I have them on vinyl, so I never went out and purchased them in the first CD form, I felt I didn’t need them. The vinyl was good enough. Now with the new mastering mix, I will say, I have started loving these releases all over again.

    There is greater dynamic range which seems to lend more space (or ambiance) around the instruments and allows a finer soundstage definition. There is also a bit more punch to these remasters, which I like quite a bit.

    The biggest difference (that I immediately noticed) was in the drums. They were tighter, sharper, more focused and mixed better with the bass. Well done Doug! Well done James! Keep up the great work guys, many of us technophiles love what you do, and are the most devoted beneficiaries of your expert craftsmanship and skill.

    Now when are the remastered vinyl (180g) releases coming out?, because I need those too. . .

  104. FED, you kick ass man! These remasters were well worth the wait! No Way and I Can’t Breathe Anymore are longer by 30 seconds. Mihalis, There’s No Way Out of Here and Raise My Rent are 14 or so seconds longer with some solo bits I either haven’t heard before or not since I had the original Columbia/CBS cassette.


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