The best and worst


With David’s triumphant 32-date tour done and dusted, I wondered: what are your stand-out memories from the tour?

I’d like to compile your thoughts into a poll so that we can vote on a short-list and see which the fans consider to be its best, and worst, moments.

So far, the best moments for me are (in order of date):

– Realising that ‘Echoes’ was being performed
– The live version of ‘Take A Breath’
– David and the band appearing on Jay Leno
– The Royal Albert Hall fighting eBay
– David Bowie singing ‘Arnold Layne’
– The wine glass intro to ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’
– David’s surprise rendition of ‘Dark Globe’
– The great honour and significance of being invited to Gdańsk

Perhaps we could do one for the worst moments of the tour, too. The incident at JFK airport, the postponement of the Venice shows, endless ticketing confusion, people constantly flashing their bloody cameras, venues selling alcohol to people who clearly couldn’t cope with it…

Whatever sticks out in your mind, let us know. No long lists, please. We all want to know why, not just read through long, boring lists.

The most common suggestions will be included in the two polls, which will run over the next few weeks.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

257 thoughts on “The best and worst”

  1. The best moment for me was without doubt Echoes @ the RAH, in my years of experiencing PF live this was without doubt the highlight of anything else that I have seen.

    Down point – The RAH not opening the doors on the monday night show until 19-15, people were still finding their seats when the show had already started.

  2. it’s ‘echoes’ for me, too. simply amazing.

    jfk airport was really disappointing. those greedy fans should be ashamed of themselves for frightening guy’s little boy. that was just not on.

  3. “Echoes” being played was definitely the cherry on the top for me. Who could have imagined David would be so sweet to us fans by performing it? And when Marc Brickman dosed it up with the lasers… well, it was a beautiful moment both musically and visually.

    For David personally I’ll venture to say the tour highlight might have been the concert at Gdansk; to hear him talk about it, I could tell he was very touched by being asked to perform in Poland. Well done, David! Something to tell the grandchildren.

    I must include one other personal highlight: Guy Pratt dropping by and keeping us entertained and informed with his posts; not to mention his sneaky help getting the presents to you, Edwina. Thanks for that, Guy.

    The lowlight of the entire tour was hearing about Syd’s death, as it was for us all. No explanation needed.

    I’ll have to say my personal lowlight was when David dashed by without stopping to say hello at RCMH. He was probably pressed for time, I understand – but you asked so there ya go. I was hoping for a nice photo but as the song goes, you can’t always get what you want.


  4. The best – Nick Mason performing on stage for the encores at the RAH (even though I was at the previous night’s concert).

    The worst – The JFK Airport incident, closely followed by the Venice stage collapsing.

  5. Best– To be different I’d say the surprise inclusion of Arnold Layne….really, would have suspected that as a possibility….

    Worst– JFKm..My US New York/ Northeastern bretheren let me down

  6. okay – the worst things to me are two

    first – the fact there were no other solo albums represented except the wonderful and beautiful On An Island

    second – i have to say ( even though it was suggested ) the alcohol to those who didn’t need it. – I saw David in NYC and then the one day only showing on the big screen – i hate to admit – the movie was better ONLY BECUASE THE ANNOYING DRUNK PEOPLE WERE NOT THERE

  7. For me, nothing can beat looking around during Wish You Were Here and seeing every single person singing along. I know it’s not unique to this tour, but it still sends shivers down my spine ;->


  8. Best for me: Being front row at mermaid. Robert Wyatt at RAH

    Worst for me: Drunken, disrespectful crowd at Glasgow and the second RAH night.

  9. The Bank Holiday Monday show at the Royal Albert Hall.

    The entire show was a delight to the senses and for me it was all upside and no downside at all.

    The surprise of David Bowie’s first public appearance in two years added an extra shot of jam in an already well filled donut.


  10. N.1 – “Echoes” being performed was a total surprise knowing how many songs in David’s career could have been picked up.

    N.2 – wine glasses in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” in Florence. I’m a Floydian since 25 years but I swear I didn’t know it was done that way in the first place!!!

    N.3 – David performing Syd Barrett’s songs since the beginning of the tour.

    N.4 – being able to share our feelings before and after the dates here with “Fed & The Bloggers” 🙂

  11. I saw David together with my girlfriend in the Olimpia in Paris.

    Outstanding for me personally was his performance of Fat Old Sun and Echoes. Old songs in a new dress and a beautiful sound. Thanks for that.

    Cheerio, Robert

  12. The best moment for me is that David decided to pack his gear and go out and tour again.

    I also liked the fact that he mixed up the set list regularly so that almost no two shows were identical.


  13. High Points

    1. Fat Old Sun Live – a sock knocker off when it started to rock and roll at the end!

    2. The first ping of Echoes Live just sent a tremor through the audience and then the whole package kicked in. The music, the lights, the atmosphere…

    3. Being in a theatre with fellow buffs knowing we were in for something special – the atmosphere was electric

    4. This Blog! the people are generous, fun and honest.

    5. Guy Pratt posting on the Blog becasue it showed us that he’s a normal bloke and allowed us to converse with someone we’ve watched many times on stage and DVD

    6. You Fedmeister! Without you as our conduit it wouldn’t have worked. Bet you’ve not been called one of those for a while 🙂

    Low Point

    1. The malcontents at the concerts!

    [I can’t recall the last time I was called one of those, funnily enough. – Features Editor]

  14. Best ~ Taking my thirteen year old son Matthew to see David, Rick and Dick at Radio City Music Hall
    and watching his eyes open and jaw drop…

    Best ~ DISCOVERING the structural defects before the show in Venice…

    Best ~ This Blog, F*Ed and the Guys and Dolls of the board….

    Worst ~ News of Syd

  15. Best – Abbey Road (all the free tea and biscuits Andy Murray gave us when he quite clearly had a captive market and could have made a fortune – what a nice man)

    Worst – The loud drunks in Glasgow

    from a still very happy Lorraine

    [Please don’t give these people money-making ideas, Lorraine. You’ll be sorry… – Features Editor]

  16. The best moment:the lights off at Florence,in darkness they have revealed a great rock band(obviously performing ‘Echoes’),the glasses filled with Chianti!

    The worst:the delusion for Venice shows,a lot of people wrote some unkind words for that.But there was an happy end!

    Great tour,great album,great site,great FriEnDs!

    ciao emi

  17. Best – Hearing the opening notes of Echoes at the RAH on the 2nd night.

    Worst – News of Syd.

    Worst – That sick feeling in my stomache, standing in Piazza San Marco and being told the gigs were cancelled…….

    Best – …… being able to make it back to Venice for the 12th!

    Best – The Comfortably Numb guitar solo at the Venice gig on 12th (thanks David, this is the best version I have ever heard and it more than made up for the stress, travel & ticket chaos, and the deluge!).

    Can’t wait for the next tour!

  18. I agree with a number of fellow bloggers about how ‘Echoes’ became a highlight. In my case though it had as much to do with the look on the young guys’ face sat next to me who didn’t know that it was on the set-list, as much as my own personal delight.

    I would like to add the outro to ‘High Hopes’ as a personal fav too. We’d had a glimpse of it in the AOL session but I wasn’t sure how that would transfer to a live event. As it turned out, at least on the Mon & Wed of RAH, the crowd kept quiet right to the end and it was a particularly moving moment.

    As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the whole experience has been complemented and improved upon by the existence of a place such as this blog. FEd, your efforts this year have been nothing short of first class and a credit to yourself and David. A hearty ‘Thank You’ from me.

    It’s a good day for memories as I’ll actually be back at RAH tonight for a Proms concert, though the seats are nowhere near as good as I had then!

    CJD (Memories, like the corners of my mind…)

    [Thank you so much. I bumped into some friends at the first Albert Hall show during the interval and told them that there was a surprise coming up in the second half. They didn’t know what to expect at all. They don’t read the blog (I know, I know, the shame of it) and all I’d told them about the tour was that it’s ‘On An Island’ in the first half and Floyd in the second. Seeing them at the end when they’d obviously discovered that the big surprise was ‘Echoes’ was great. – Features Editor]

  19. [You Fedmeister! Without you as our conduit it wouldn’t have worked. Bet you’ve not been called one of those for a while ]

    This got me thinking ( which is always dangerous… )

    F*Ed Nugent
    (Editor and rock star)

    F*ed Flintstone
    (Editor who works in a quarry)

    F*Ed and Ethyl Mertz
    (The Riccardo’s editor and next door neighbor)

    F*Ederico Fellini
    (Editor and avant garde film director)

    [You have got to stop this thinking nonsense, Matt. It’s just not good for you. – Features Editor]

  20. Hello all,

    Best had to be the fact that he decided to give us the fans an opportunity to hear him and his solo music.

    “Echoes” had to be the highlight for me, or hearing him play the lap steel on “High Hopes” because the acoustics in Radio City were tremendous.

    The low point had to be the people at JFK swarming, too bad they had to be welcomed into the States that way.

    Matt in Maine

  21. Best – David Bowie helping with vocals in Comfortably Numb
    Best – Echoes, just fantastic
    Best – Nick Mason joining the boys on stage on the final nite at the RAH. (Just wish the other bloke could have turned up to complete the Floyd format !!!!! )
    Worst – Gdansk !! the tours over. What next David ?

    Regards Steve

  22. best: the excellent live performance of echoes.

    best: the new intro version on SOYCD. There are in fact two: with and without wineglasses.

    worst: the short but hard rain during the the concert from Munchen

  23. the best:

    1. Attend a David Gilmour’s concert (too much yonger for Pink Floyd and never hoped to be so lucky to a David tour after 12 years of no david’s shows in Italy)

    2. “Meet” a so fantastic and funny band (and Guy with is posts, of course!)

    3. The concert…and Echoes, above all!

    4. The blog

    5. Polly (a great discover for me. I only know her name, while during these months I could appreciate her books, her pictures, her voice, her piano and her kindness – she also wondered why all us bloggers were really nice with David. TOO MUCH KIND!)


    1. Syd’s news

    2. the band’s disappoints for some bad “accidents” during the tour (pubblic’s noise, JFK, Venice’s problems…)

    3. disagree and argue with people on the blog. I would prefer we were able to be all more friendly…but I was not able to do that with all of you…unfortunately!

  24. Hi’s:

    Definitely Echoes is one but even more hi was the fact I lucked into the night when he played Wot’s


    Nothing played from the first solo album

    Semi Low:

    The first half of the concert

    Cheers, Howard

  25. Good bits,

    getting tickets through the door for RAH show on 29th. May

    My missus coming with me to the show, her first ever…& snuggling up to me during smile.(or was she trying to escape from someone (see below))

    seeing Echoes live, just jaw dropping magic.

    Feeling part of a great community (this blog)

    bad bits (not many)

    The prat in front of me holding his mobile phone in fron of my face trying to film the concert.

    The disturbing site of some one sitting next to my missus who brought his guitar along for company & us waiting for him to strap it on & play air guitar, thankfully he did n’t.

  26. Best,
    -that David came out on tour.
    – Polly’s photographs.
    – As Matt said, discovering the structural defects before the show in Venice.

    -I had tickets for ROH and couldn’t go.
    – Venice because I had tickets and couldn’t stay.

    ash X

  27. Best moments? too many. So I will say some that come to my mind

    – echoes live. Why? because it is one of the best pieces of Pink Floyd, ever, because I never heard it live…it takes life live…..and…
    – astronomy domine live. why? do I have to answer?
    – Being Italian and be so lucky to have so many concerts in my country. Thanks.
    – shine on you crazy diamond in firenze. Why? the magical reinvention of the beginning, still new and fresh, brought tears to my eyes.
    – Il teatro degli arcimboldi, in Milan. a little place for a vanue, intimate, like being in a living room with David, rick and the whole band. Fantastic idea.
    – The crowd in Milan. enthusiastic and educated.
    – The square in firenze, which saved, with its beauty, the embarassing dark moment when the generator blew.

    that’ s enough now…….


  28. Wow, so many great moments to choose from…

    The inclusion of Echoes would HAVE to be my number one. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see that song played live. It is the single greatest song of all time in my opinion, and to hear the full version of it, and at such a venue as the Royal Albert Hall, will always be one of the greatest moments in my life. I wish I could rewind time, and re-live that half an hour over and over!

    No.2 would be winning tickets to the Mermaid concert. (Thanks again FEd) I feel so lucky and privelaged to have seen David and the band in such a small intimate venue.

    My No.3 is the concert in general, at the RAH, on the 31st May. But in particlar when David introduced Nick Mason on to the stage to play WYWH and CN. It was a special moment that I can’t wait to see again on the DVD.

    Peace, David.

  29. Fedmeister

    Please let us have your highs and lows as well as It would be a nice “behind the scenes” look…

    [There are too many for me. It would have to be a long, boring list. But David’s birthday party was absolutely brilliant. Hearing the entire album live for the first time was amazing, and rather drunkenly telling David that he could play the spoons or the triangle and it would still sound great will stay with me forever. As will the memory of my guest telling Polly that she wasn’t really a fan. That was a very special night indeed. – Features Editor]

  30. By now I’ve all but forgotten about the drunks. My favorite moments are:

    1. Wondering why David changed the set order, only to find out it was because he invited Crosby and Nash to help him sing OAI, plus other songs including “Find The Cost Of Freedom”. This was their first appearence on stage with him, the first Radio City date, so it really was a surprise.

    2. Just David and Rick playing SOYCD part V initially, with the rest of the band joining in at “Well you wore out your welcome”. What a beautiful moment.

    3. Fat Old Sun. Especially that extended moment of anticipation as the band is repeating “Sing to me” as David is removing his accoustic guitar and strapping on the Strat.

    4. Echoes. Especially the David and Rick jam accompanied by the beautifully choreographed light show.

    5. And of course the blog and website. All the hard work you guys put in is truly appreciated by us true fans. And I relish all the fan comments.

  31. Bit off topic, apologies…Q have published the Top 100 Greatest Songs Ever as voted for by their readership. PF are there at 73, 26 and 19 with Shine On, WYWH and Comfy Numb respectively. Although there’s clearly no accounting for taste, as Live Forever by Oasis is number 1…

    *awaits retribution by pointy stick*


    [I never liked that Q Magazine, anyway. – Features Editor]

  32. Best bits:

    Echoes – the arrangement and performance of Echoes that I saw both at the RAH and Vienne both were the joint highlights of the tour. Both venues were perfect in their own different ways, and hearing Echoes played SO well…that was it for me…THE best.

    Wots/Fat Old – Brilliant – I was half expecting Fat Old because of the Meltdown performance, but Wots absolutely took my breath away. The combination of the two was just divine.

    The “Hello Daddy” moment at the RAH

    Meeting David and the boys at the Pulse screening (which is not just a best bit from this tour, it’s a new entry in my all-time best bits)

    The visible and musical chemistry/comraderie between all the band members. It really came across in the music.

    Worst Bits:

    – Syd
    – The defiant flash photographers on Monday night at the RAH who continued to flash all the way from Castellorizon onwards, despite a request before kickoff.
    – The pre-concert ticket collection insanity at Vienne. All worked out well in the end but wow, I couldn’t design a more inefficient system if I tried.


  33. [You have got to stop this thinking nonsense, Matt. It’s just not good for you. – Features Editor]

    No need to make a F*Ed~eral case out of it…

    (ok, I’m done)


  34. Worst moment: arriving in Piazza San Marco on the 4th of August with great excitement just to find out from people in the crowd that the concert was cancelled. I kept thinking “Come on! This is a joke!” until I made my way through the crowd and could read the message left by the organization explaining what had happened.

    Worst moment 2: going back to the parking and having to pay 20€ for 1 hour. (plus ferryboat 10€)

    Worst moment 3: having to drive 1000km after that.

    Best moment: Echoes (Milan 03-24 – the seagulls section. I was awestruck!)

    Best moment 2: Fat old sun (Milan 03-24)

    Best moment 3: Echoes (Venice – the gallopping horses bit with Rick and David having a great time)

    Best moment 4: Then I close my eyes (Venice)

  35. Best- Seeing David and the band at an intimate setting like Massey Hall

    Worst – Not being able to get tickets for the kids

  36. Highs and Lows…(II)


    1. The almost Ninja quality of my fellow Irregulars along with Guy in setting up the surprise.

    2. Ian’s Wireman! Fantastic!


    1. The news of Syd… I’ll never forget where I was when I heard…

  37. Matt Parish,

    I read your comment about taking your son to see the show and watching his jaw drop, these are some of the best moments of life eh? you never forget. My daughter was 14 when I took her to her first concert (am I allowed to say who, I’ll whisper, peter gabriel), and I think I watched her more than the concert!

    Enjoyed your posts to the competition yesterday, you and Rudders both deserve prizes 🙂

    ash X

  38. Best – David sayin’ “Yeah, I wondered what was missing” In Gdansk 🙂

    and the best version of High Hopes i have ever heard and did heard a lot

    Worst – Wright spoiling first words of fabulous Comfotably Numb because of mic being too far??

  39. That magical night in Gdansk was absolutely the highest point in my whole year. Maybe of this whole tour.

    “ECHOES” was like listening to a dream world for me. I felt like it was the first time I had ever heard it. I don’t understand how the words could sound so intoxicating after all these years. David and Rick’s voices together are the the ultimate mind altering drug.

    When David sang On an Island, I could not help but shed a tear. How could anyone sitting in that atmosphere not feel it creep up on them. It was beautiful and soothing after the chaos of getting to the show.

    A Great Day for Freedom was so fitting for the people of Poland. I know they had to appreciate hearing that performed just for them personally.

    By the way did anyone notice the apartments to the right rear of the stage? Who ever it was up there, they were enjoying what they were hearing cause the lights were being flashed on and off.

    The part of this tour I absolutely hated, when all those unfortunate people could not return to see the show in Venice. I was so sorry for them.

    Soooo much more that was so right with this show but I won’t comment on it all. If I could have added 1 more song to the show it would have been Fearless. That would have been fitting as well, In my opinion.

    Sorry to be so long winded.
    Melissa (*_*)

  40. what a fun topic.


    1. david going on tour. Never thought i’d get to see my music hero live, never ever

    2. every song played on tour was among my favourites esp take a breath and echoes and wots and fat old sun and on the turning away and and and….

    3. the blog!


    1. syd passing

    2. not making it to all the concerts

    3. tour ending

    i had a massive list going there, but thought naaah too much

    howabout a funniest moments list next blog?

    mr wyatt saying ‘oh f**k’ mid song has gotta be in the running there!

  41. The best:

    *Echoes – I can’t remember last time a song brought tears to my eyes like that one did.
    *Comfortably Numb in Gdansk – with the orchestra! Amazing!

    The worst:

    That David never came to Scandinavia and I had spend some money to go to London and Gdansk. 😉


  42. Best: Being at the Royal Albert Hall

    Worst: Getting lost after the show and trying to find my way back to the hotel 🙂

  43. [I read your comment about taking your son to see the show and watching his jaw drop, these are some of the best moments of life eh? you never forget. My daughter was 14 when I took her to her first concert (am I allowed to say who, I’ll whisper, peter gabriel), and I think I watched her more than the concert!]

    ash X ~ Very kind of you and I did the same thing you did. Watching Matthew’s face was incredible for me. See, By David actually being David he really has no idea what an honor and thrill it is to see him live or hear new material. To have the opportunity some thirty odd years after I had initially seen Pink Floyd to show my son was truly a magical experience for me.

  44. Since I was unable to see Mr. Gilmour et. al. live, my comments will be different than most of the others.

    Biggest positive:

    You might not like to hear this, but for me the biggest positive was those who made audio recordings and shared them with others for free. This allowed me to enjoy the shows in a way I could not have otherwise (see below), at least until the DVD is released.

    (NB I do think cameras of any sort are terribly distracting at a concert, but I do not find that sort of problem with audio equipment. I understand you might feel otherwise.)

    Biggest negative:

    The Big Screen Concert. This was very disappointing. Perhaps I set my expectation level too high, but an abbreviated concert and mediocre sound quality in the theatre meant it was barely worth my $10.

  45. The worst: the price of the tickets on the internet sellers (and I mean not (only) Ebay)

    The best: going to the RAH one night before my ticket date, and finding some cool english chaps wanting to sell their ticket at face value because one of their friends couldn’t make it that night. 2 times David for me! Kisses to them!

  46. My best moments are:

    1. The Jay Leno Show, being that close was awesome
    2. Meeting some of the fellow bloggers
    3. The blog and Fed
    4. Echoes
    5. OAI live including take a breathe it rocked!!
    6. Polly’s Pics
    7. Guy posting

    Worst moments:

    1. The kids next to me lighting up
    2. The drunk girl singing comfortably numb behind me but not knowing the words

    That’s it. Just another thank you to David and company. This tour was off the hizzle!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  47. Hi everybody!

    Best 1: knowing that I was going to listen to Echoes played alive by David Gilmour and Rick Wright.

    Best 2: actually hearing Echoes! Powerful and moving version, second Venice show.

    Best 3: looking AROUND and seeing Piazza San Marco while listening to David’s music.

    Best 4: looking ABOVE and seeing the stars coming out from the clouds during “Shine on You Crazy Diamonds”, and understanding that the rain was over.

    Best 5: Guy Pratt posting in this Forum.

    Best 6: David’s soloing alone with the acoustic guitar, second Venice show.

    Best 7: recognizing “Arnold Layne” played. Very “60s-ish” version in my opinion! Great!

    Best 8: realizing that “Dark Globe” was a very particular, moving and unplanned moment.

    Best 9: seeing and hearing top-level musicians playing and enjoying the music like thay were playing at home among friends, mistakes included, no stress or pressure involved.

    Best 10: our dear Fed swearing against the Gilmour-Waters bull***t. Great!

    Worst: nothing to say.


  48. Highs:

    – Echoes, musically and visually.
    – High Hopes, acoustic guitar picking after slide solo was fantastic.
    – meeting fellow bloggers (Heartland Brewery)in NY and London (Queens Arms).
    – Nick Mason joining band at RAH.
    – Meeting band members at RAH and GP in Salisbury.
    -Being part of blog team in mission of glass wireman.


    – Passing of Syd.
    – 2nd night at RAH, fans in adjacent box were out of control and disrespectful.

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado
    NY, USA

  49. [[I read your comment about taking your son to see the show and watching his jaw drop, these are some of the best moments of life eh? you never forget. My daughter was 14 when I took her to her first concert (am I allowed to say who, I’ll whisper, peter gabriel), and I think I watched her more than the concert!]]

    [ash X ~ Very kind of you and I did the same thing you did. Watching Matthew’s face was incredible for me. See, By David actually being David he really has no idea what an honor and thrill it is to see him live or hear new material. To have the opportunity some thirty odd years after I had initially seen Pink Floyd to show my son was truly a magical experience for me.]

    asx X, Matt, very moving contributions, thanks a lot for sharing!!! I have two sons, aged 7 and 11, and I can understand your emotions very well.

    Something similar happened to me the first times that we played some songs together at home.


  50. So many highlights, not the least being the pleasure of this blog. It’s been amazing to be a part of this, and to have the chance so often to say Thank You! Thanks to the F.Ed.’s efforts for that…and a shout out to all of you whose regular posts make this such a pleasure.

    1) OAL live at Radio City Music Hall. I’d enjoyed the album, certainly, but it wasn’t until I’d heard it live, as David filled it into the masterpiece that it is, that I understood the brilliance of its composition.

    2) My most incredible moment of this or any live performance came in Vienne, France. David introduced the guys on wine glasses at the beginning of SOYCD, and then, with a delighted expression on his face, scampered over to the group to have a hand at playing “the glass harmonica” himself for a few moments. The guitar intro that he played to SOYCD for the next few minutes, amidst the wine glasses and Richard on keys, was the most beautiful, subtle, restrained, and softly appropriate bit of music that I’ve ever experienced.

    There was too much good in all of this to recall the annoyances.

  51. For me the best moment was when I found a ticket just the day before the show 🙂

    Jokes apart, they were

    – Echoes in the set list, because it was unexpected but eagerly desired
    – The tribute to Syd was really moving.
    – The opportunity to share our comments and to have a direct contact to the tour, thanks to this website.

    The worst moments were
    – the bad news about Syd
    – The incident at JFK airport.

    ciao ciao

  52. [ash X, Matt, very moving contributions, thanks a lot for sharing!!! I have two sons, aged 7 and 11, and I can understand your emotions very well. Something similar happened to me the first times that we played some songs together at home. – Nicola]

    Thanks Nicola ~

    When my mother passed away in January ’05 I found myself playing “Wish You Were Here” over and over again and crying. My son Matthew would sometimes catch me and try to comfort me the best a thirteen year old could. When David played it in concert at Radio City Music Hall I was welling up a bit and without looking at each other I felt Matthew grab my hand as if to say, ” It’s gonna be alright”. And you know what? It was….talk about a priceless moment with your kid 🙂

  53. The afternoon of the first night at the RAH when I met with up with my Floydian Internet friends from all around the UK and World, plus spotting my young friend Arnni (who I met on the PF forum that I help to moderate) and his dad from Wakefield in the audience and waving to them through the good bits. Arnni and I are WALL freaks … we discuss every aspect of it and Arnni told me off for not asking David on Tuesday if there was any pukkah footage of it available which could be made into a DVD. Incidentally, Arnni fronts the youngest PF tribute band in the UK.

    We fans had a fantastic time meeting up in the pub around the corner from the RAH on all three afternoons prior to the shows.

    Here are some other very memorable moments …

    Hearing David and Rick jamming out on Echoes on the first night at the RAH. My mouth hung open wide in amazement … it was electrifying! I think Monday saw the best rendition of it.

    The acoustic at the end of High Hopes on the first night. Seemed to go on longer than usual … very nice!

    Hearing Rick singing on Comfortably Numb and Wearing The Inside Out.

    Watching Guy and Phil larking around on stage at the RAH.

    Realising what an excellent all round performer Jon Carin is.

    Hearing Crosby and Nash singing. What beautiful harmonies!

    Sitting in the 5th row on the final night at the RAH – I saw every movement and had joked with my friends that from this vantage point, I was going to storm the stage and sit next to Rick … lol … just kidding again. You probably know by now FEd, that I’ve a soft spot for Rick!

    The excellent rendition of Fat Old Sun on the third night at the RAH … everyone on stage looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves, particularly Guy and I remember David’s whole face lighting up during the funky bit at the end (and it did sound much funkier than usual). That made me smile big time! Thank you!

    Walking up the centre aisle of the RAH arena on the last night, wearing a pink suit and waving to all of my friends in the audience! I felt like the bloody Queen!

    Seeing Nick Mason come out on stage on the last night at the RAH … thank God, I’d attended all three shows! Nick looked so happy … it was then that I had to get the tissues out!

    Although, I reckon the best thing was being at Abbey Road this Tuesday when I met David! Need I say more …

  54. Hey FEd,

    OK, my best and worst moments…

    Running into this guy on my way to the bathroom at RCMH the first night who asked me, did you see Graham? I said ummm, nooo, why? You just walked right past him. I just flew David and Graham in for these shows!! I now know just how special these 2 NY shows were suppose to be.

    Worst: MY fellow NYers that start the North American leg of the tour off by attacking the band at JFK. If there is ever a second chance to redeem us in everyones eyes, I personally will get some of the good ol’ boys to keep the crowd in check! I know these Italians from Brooklyn that could…lol

    Best: Fat Old Sun after Dominoes… not that everything happening up to this point wasn’t mind blowing, it couldn’t get any better or so I thought… the majic seemed to step up a notch here.

    OK, the obvious… ECHOES!! ping… oh sh*t! ping… ping… I don’t even know what to say. That was a total sound and lighting orgasm!! OMG Take A Breath should of been kept to be played here! lol


    Finally, Comfortably Numb… :o)

  55. F’ed and all,

    With the exception of a few posts, I’ve been a shy lurker all these months. But, indeed, F’ed’s blog is literally my daily morning paper.

    If it wasn’t for this wonderful website and blog, I don’t believe I would be half the emotional mess I’ve been –tears, laughter, and all– over the ‘world of OAI’. F’ed, you and your management, and the bloggers have so personalized it for me this year (as I was very sadly unable to attend the tour). But as secondhand witness, I’ve gathered, seen, and heard alot of coverage, and predominant thanks for that goes to this wonderful resource, the DG Blog.

    So to contribute to this particular blog episode’s request, I can only offer that my personal highpoint is obviously coming into daily contact with everyone else’s live experiences with ‘Everything OAI’ THROUGH THIS BLOG. (I think it’s really something to me when faceless aliases can come together in written word and leave me literally in tears of sorrow and in tears of joy for the day.)

    These last days have indeed been a mixed bag for me, as the OAI journey nears its end. I read your stories and each day grows evermore bittersweet emotionally. Especially today, as I read your reminiscent highs and lows. (The days are swiftly getting harder for me, I believe — how much harder it must be for all of you who have actually had your toe in the waters of the OAI tour?)


    [Thank you, LG. That means an awful lot to me. – Features Editor]

  56. oh forgot one other best bit…. telling my GF i told you so when she thought the venice concert was going to be crap ;p

    bumping into Floydian leaf was a blast too!

    ok that was 2 things.

  57. Caption: ‘there’s nothing else for it guy, if polly finds out we cracked open all of her krystal she will kills us. We’re gonna have to just drink it! *hic*’

  58. Best moments….mmmm…has to be getting my tickets to see El Maestro and his bunch of desperadoes !!!

    Echoes…..echoes….unbelievable performance..

    …..and hearing Arnold layne again

    Thank you to all involved…..and Fed for running such a friendly website 🙂

    Martin D

  59. Dear Fed, here we are !

    for one week you can download our pdf file which the “Oai Tour” dvd project at the following address

    Best regards !
    Félicien & Bruno

    can you just confirm you can open it.. thanks by advance

    [I see it. Thank you. It’s very nice. – Features Editor]

  60. I went to the RAH on the last night for my 40th birthday, it just doesn’t get any better!!!!

    Been there, got the Tshirt and cant wait for the DVD etc.


  61. The Best:

    Rudders’ captions (esp. 10 foot cows, still lol)
    FEd’s pointy sticks
    Bianca’s evil grin
    The Barn Band
    Sheep with beaded necklaces
    All those for whom English is not their first language
    The fact that we can still post more than 2,000 characters
    The competitions
    The opinions (thanks Piergiorgio!)
    The music
    Finding out where my coat is. . .

    Oh, who am I kidding. . .it was Echoes. . .

    The Worst:

    If you can’t say something nice. . .say it to those using phone-cameras during the shows!

  62. Photo caption:

    As David swirls the clear liquid around his mouth he thinks, ‘Damn, this turning water into wine thing is harder than I thought!’

  63. Caption Competition

    Guy realised too late that DG was showing him his collection of male Siamese Fighting Fish and was not inviting him to drink a new cocktail…

  64. For me, I simply think the euphoria experienced way back in December upon learning that I would have another chance to see this inspirational gentleman and musician perform again is way up there at the top of the list. Of course that pales in comparison to the electrifying performances.

    I was fortunate enough to catch 3 venues including the Vienne Amphitheatre performance which I think should definitely be considered amongst the tour’s high points – it seems like there could not be a more appropriate venue for such a performance.

    I also think that the presence of this web site should be really high on the list of accomplishments for this tour. This has been a great way to leverage technology in a professional, elegant way to bring together people from all over the world with varying viewpoints and ideas about the artist and his music and performances.

  65. I can’t comment on the whole tour, since I was only able to attend night 13, Toronto, at Massey Hall. Here are what I thought were the best and worst moments of that night.

    Best moments:

    – Seeing David perform only a few meters away from me. I could almost touch him 😀 And as a BIG bonus, Rick playing the keyboards right next to him! This memory will be etched in my mind forever and ever
    – Echoes, of course. Fat Old Sun, and!!!! Wots The Deal (it’s one of my favourite songs and I never thought I’d heard it played live)
    – Catching a glimpse of Guy from accross the street before the show started.

    Worst moments:

    – I can’t complain, the crowd around me behaved beautifully. Okay maybe except for the woman on the balcony desperately trying to get Guy’s attention while dancing weirdly to the tune of Time. But I thought that was more funny than irritating.
    – When they turned on the lights and David said bye-bye, and the whole band took the final bow and left the stage…

  66. WOW! So many of you shared some great personal memories and shared such general ones…

    I won’t add more, but personal highs and lows I’ve had quite a few….

    I’m compelled to share more memories from Abbey Road later when I have more time…

    Great post LG….thanks for that…

    …and Matt, how about:

    F*Eddie Mercury (…that wonderful falsetto on ‘Gilmorean Rhapsody’)

  67. Greetings FEd

    BEST —-

    ALBUM – having such a great piece of work to promote
    RICHARD WRIGHT – having him on the tour and seeing him live was a joy!
    THE BLOGGERS – It’s starts with FEd and that genuine sense of: “Come on in, yes you, right. You are welcome here too.”
    KODAK – great show, will live in mind my a long long time.
    POLLY’S PHOTOS – again, another glimpse/welcome in
    ARNOLD LAYNE – Bowie or not, I dug Richard’s version in LA!
    DARK GLOBE – alas, alas. See you Syd.
    JON CARIN – his wonderful, moving words about Syd and his music.

    WORST —-

    AIRPORT – the unhappy arrival in the US( but I did dig Guy getting on the Blog and raisin’HELL though!)
    UNNECCESSARY DISTRACTIONS – Moron’s with cell phones that take “movies” and flashes, flashes, flashes …. “sit down you imbecile and lower that phone. The band is 100 feet in front of you!”
    DONE TOO SOON – all the best things are. Nothing but happy and grateful for the wonderful tour and album, just wish it were all still here ( ahead), ya know?

    Thanks FEd


  68. Greetings FEd

    BEST —-

    ALBUM – having such a great piece of work to promote
    RICHARD WRIGHT – having him on the tour and seeing him live was a joy!
    THE BLOGGERS – It’s starts with FEd and that genuine sense of: “Come on in, yes you, right. You are welcome here too.”
    KODAK – great show, will live in mind my a long long time.
    POLLY’S PHOTOS – again, another glimpse/welcome in
    ARNOLD LAYNE – Bowie or not, I dug Richard’s version in LA!
    DARK GLOBE – alas, alas. See you Syd.
    JON CARIN – his wonderful, moving words about Syd and his music.

    WORST —-

    AIRPORT – the unhappy arrival in the US( but I did dig Guy getting on the Blog and raisin’HELL though!)
    UNNECCESSARY DISTRACTIONS – Moron’s with cell phones that take “movies” and flashes, flashes, flashes …. “sit down you imbecile and lower that phone. The band is 100 feet in front of you!”
    DONE TOO SOON – all the best things are. Nothing but happy and grateful for the wonderful tour and album, just wish it were all still here ( ahead), ya know?

    Thanks FEd


  69. I don’t know another place to put this message, but I only wanted to ask if there’ll be any CD record of the tour ? Not obviously CD but the DVD of the RAH we’ll not include astronomy domine, dark globe, on the turning away and a great day for freedom, and I’m sure a lot of people would like to listen them… Will there be anything ?

    [Well, the DVD could include a great many things, David. There’s just so much to choose from. Keep reading and all will be revealed. – Features Editor]

  70. The best part of the tour was the tour itself.

    I was lucky to see PF in 88 and never thought I’d get a chance like this again. (This was better!)

    Also best was /is this blog!

    Thanks David from all of us! (you to FED)

    John P in Chicago

  71. Even though i was lucky to catch dave at manchester it still chokes me to think we missed venice more for katrina than myself. ive got oai on this very moment i dont know if im choked because of my thoughts of venice or because the album is just so god dam exellent.

  72. Hearing that first *ping* from Rick’s keyboards on Echoes sent shivers right through my spine. To me that song is as close to a perfect song as you can get. BUT, seeing Fat Old Sun and to a slightly lesser extent, Wots…Deal were very special moments. That I list these songs and not the new ones are no reflection on the new, it’s just that these older ones have been favorites for 30 + years and I certainly never thought I’d see them live.

    ps: What’s happened to my Hammers? It all leaves a bad feeling in my gut.

  73. Best

    -There are too many individual moments to pick from but in the end, it was fantastic to David and Richard (again) playing with a superb band, sharing their skills, sounding fantastic, and seemingly having a great time with family and friends.


    -Waiting for the next show…but wait I will!!


  74. Best:

    1. Just being there to see DG and the ‘gang’
    2. Echoes (again)
    3. David Bowie making a surprise appearance (my girlfriend was very excited)

    Worst: Turning up slightly late.. (doh)

  75. The best :

    – The first night at the Royal Albert Hall with David Bowie singing Arnold Layne.
    – Echoes and the wine glasses at Vienne with the beautiful amphitheater ! Sounds like Pompei, awsome sound too !
    – The Great Gig In The Sky at the Olympia in Paris with Sam Brown

    The worst : Flashing cameras and cell phones in Paris and Vienne (the night at RAH was ok).

    But what a wonderfull tour !

  76. The absolutely worst and embarising moment was being refused entrance to the concert march 20 at Amsterdam because my 70 euro Ebay-bought ticket turned out to be fake (It had a cancelled barcode).

    The best moment was when a few moments later five minutes before the concert started, someone outside the venue had a spare ticket (10th row!) and sold it to me for a fair price.

    So I could ultimitly see DG for the first time in my 26 years (and from a much better seat :-).

    Another highlight of the tour I think, is this tour-supporting Blog. well done FED!

  77. ……Best—

    — OAI….Just a beautiful work of music…at a wonderful point of time in my life…and obiviously David’s as well..timing is everyting.

    — Massey Hall….. we were very close, it was personal… the band was exceptional!!!!!.

    — The Blog…..Fed…what can you say.. it has been great, really it made me feel “tuned in” a part of something— very sepcial. What I call “The OAI Experience”.


    — Not getting tickets to the Manchester show!!! (I’ll regret that one till the very end)

    — Those Drunken “dudes” right behind us at the 1st Chicago show….(still up close and personal) but they just didn’t get it!!!

    — Now the Wondering/Waiting/Pondering–what will be next …and worst of all..WHENNNN ( very selfish I know! ) Just don’t let to many years slip by…there still lots to give by performing live!!!

    I could go on and on..– I won’t, other than to say ( and credit for this one goes to another great — Bob Hope)

    “Thanks for the Memories”

  78. BEST:

    -Echoes (better then sex)
    -Seeing those guys play Live (thought it would never happen)
    -Live version of the new album (made it even better!)
    -Bowie and Mason at RAH (surprise)
    -Watching clips from all the concerts online (great entertainment:)
    -The Venice shows was rescheduled so fast (I could still go)
    -The stage in Venice didn’t collapse, killing the band during the show(would be the worst)
    -Web page and Blog (couldn’t do without)
    -DVD of the tour (WOW)


    -Staying one week extra in Venice all alone (boring and expensive)
    -David didn’t play Marooned (killer song!)
    -TOUR IS FINISHED!!! (hope to see you again some day)

  79. My memories are numerous about the April 13, Rosemont Theatre show. The 4 notes of Shine have to stand out as one of them.(Some music theororists would say is a G minor13 chord)But I would beg to differ, those are 4 notes that stand alone in the universe over time complimenting each other.

    David playing sax, and kicking ass on it,is another moment. Hearing Wots Uh the deal for the first time in my ears EVER,live is another. Of course Echoes.And the Green lasers of Comfortably Numb.

    The Ugliest moment for me was navigating the Chicago traffic on good Friday, But it was well worth it.


  80. Best

    -This website and blog. Being able to share experiences has enhanced my enjoyment of the tour immensely (thanks Fed for all your hard work). It’s been great to have input from band members too (thanks Guy). Without the info on the website I wouldn’t have got my ticket…
    -Echoes. It ws a dream come true to hear it live.
    -Arnold Layne with Rick singing both on Jools Holland and at RAH. It had never been a particular favourite but hearing it live changed my opinion. The band rocked and Rick sang brilliantly.
    -Nick Mason playing the encores at the RAH


    -Inappropriate and distracting behaviour by others during the concert.

  81. The best? Nick Mason performing with David’s band on the third RAH night. (Pity I was at the second night!)

    The worst? The selfish people who continually took photos despite being asked not to!

  82. Best:

    – Sitting beside my lovely wife of 32 years (33 in another week) enjoying every moment of the Sunday night show at Massey Hall.
    – The band
    – Echoes
    – This blog

    Worst: Waiting for the DVD

  83. Best –

    Hearing the announcement of the band line-up. Especially Rick and Dick Parry.

    Winning a ticket to the Mermaid and finally getting to see David and Rick live. A dream come true.

    Hearing OAI live.

    Hearing Echoes and seeing the incredible lighting after having listened to the song for 20 years, to hear it live was incredible.

    Arnold Layne (Both Bowie and Rick’s versions)

    The Blog – just having something different to read every single day for nine months is incredible !

    Meeting up with fellow bloggers.

    And just hearing such fantastic music live !

    Worst –


    The end of the tour !

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone, David and the band and Fed and everyone at the website for giving us such an exciting time and so much to look forward to this year !


  84. Hi FEd,

    Best — Being at the Paramount in Oakland, ‘Fat Old Sun’ with the aforementioned acoustic to Strat kick-ass finish, ‘Coming Back To Life’ (both songs being on my wish-list so I was beside myself), ‘Arnold Layne’, and, of course ‘Echoes’! Also, giving a ticket to someone who had never been to any concert before, and seeing the absolute joy in his face afterwards!

    Best — Sharing the Kodak trip with my son. Running into Guy pre-concert and, without a second thought, calling out to him like an old friend. Same musical highlights as the Paramount gig, but with the addition of Crosby and Nash!

    The Leno show because that was the only time I was close enough to actually SEE David’s digits — I absolutely love watching his hands at work!

    Another highlight was meeting up with a bundle of bloggers!!! Erin, Angelo, Susan and others. Which seques into what brought all of these fantastic experiences to be, this site and FEd! If I hadn’t had the good luck to find this sight (thanks again Vicky!!) none of the above could have happened. So, many thanks for the memories to David and Co. and to the Fedmeister! I almost forgot another best — that of being part of the Fedmeister’s Surprise group and communicating with all the great people involved! What fun!

    Worst — From my personal experiences, the worst would be people getting up mid-song and milling about and, finally, the ‘Three Women From Brazil’ sitting directly behind my son and I at the Kodak, who felt the need to sing every song at the top of their lungs!

    The saddest memory is of Syd …

    Washington State

  85. F*Ed ~

    Have a great weekend, hope it’s an extended one like ours.

    Appreciate your Herculean efforts on this site. If David’s music is the soundtrack to our lives then this Blog is certainly the accompanying diary.

    *Raises a glass*

    “To F*Ed!”

    [Thank you, Matt. You’re all too kind. It’s your usual too-short two-day weekend here, unfortunately. Last weekend was better. Hope you have a good one. – Features Editor]

  86. Best –

    Meeting Guy Pratt at the bar before the Oakland show. He was kind and generous with his time.

    Echoes. Enough said. The poll should be for the second best thing, because Echoes wins hands down.

    Richard Wright. Pure musical genius.

    Worst – Not taking off work and driving down for the Leno taping.

  87. I have to go with Echoes too. An unbelievable experience that I wish I could repeat. I only hope it’s half as good on the DVD.

    It’s too pathetic to be a bad moment so the slight point of concern was whether the tube would still be running at the end of RAH third night. But there was no way we were leaving.

  88. The best-Nick Mason,David, Rick at RAH

    The worst-Syd’s death

    Come on Fed, I told you I am sorry, what do you want?

    Realy realy sorry, you are right I was a morron, didn’t to answer like that, I just thought you might knew what would David do next.

    [I’m afraid not, mate. The DVD needs some work, but the main thing is that it’s back to being a full-time husband and father for Mr G. – Features Editor]

  89. FEd,

    Off topic but what were the four words for the Blue competition? I saw the winner announced but no metion of the words.



    [A little problem with the blog software forbade it, unfortunately. However, my words were: Bobbing, Lovely, Undulating and Easy. – Features Editor]

  90. Best

    -A great new album. What a thrill to set down and listen to it the first time-a major event in my house! Haven’t done that with new music in a long time.

    -Seeing David live and up close in Chicago-had doubts that would ever happen again.(BTW,I may be in the minority,but after that show I was hoping David would keep doing what he’s doing and we could all quit worrying about a giant Pink Floyd reunion).

    -This website.It’s just made everything else all the better.


    -Only the handful of people who seemed to think David was there just to entertain them and to hell with everybody else…ah well,forget about all that…

    What a great year!

  91. Regarding what you said about Mother Nature,Fed, I think she will “Take It Back” but we are in for quite a bit of punishment first.

    [I never win but I’ll play along anyway!-Deborah]

    Me too. Yet some people have won more then once. I think you should make it like other contests, that once you win, you cann’t win again for 90 days or something.

    Here’s my list in no particular order . . .


    *The Blog (The good, the bad and everything in between
    *Meeting Bloggers/Friends
    *Meeting and having a brew with Guy
    *Echoes (of course)
    *Being there the 1st time they play Arnold Layne
    *Being at the Jay Leno Show (I could have touched David’s feet, I was so close!)
    *Having 3rd row seat (worth every cent, and it was a lot of cents =)
    *AOL sessions of “High Hopes”


    *JFK – Guy must have a lot of patience, I would have knocked that guy out, don’t mess w/ my kids.
    *Syd’s passing
    *That stupid teenage who intercepted the drumstick that Steve threw directly at me!!!
    *Having to change a flat tire at 1 AM on a busy highway on the way home from the concert.
    *The problems in Venice and the people that ended up not being able to attend the rescheduled dates.
    *Not meeting David or getting his autograph.


    Off topic: I have an infection from my surgery and may have to have another one to correct a possible mistake.

  92. Definitely the best for me was ‘Echoes’, specially the super quite part after the freakout and the constant notes with the palm mute… giving birth to the mystical explosion of lasers and the triads played by Dave. Damn, I still get the chills…

    Worst moment… knowing the Latin American market is not quite large enough to deserve a Dave’s concert. I’m not complaining, though it would be awesome if Mexico and Brazil were ‘blessed’ with such an event. I’ve seen a lot of requests from Brazilian fans and I’m very confident a David Gilmour concert will sell in a day in Mexico. I’ve been told the Mexico City concerts during the Division Bell tour on ’94 were total fulls and that it’s been a life experience for most of the people I’ve heard it from. Well, it’s just a thought…

    And it would be a terrible mistake if I did not include the time I’ve spent on this blog as a high! I would say this was one of the most important things on the tour if not for me, for many. Being repetitive, thanks for everything Fed.

    Shine on you crazy bloggers!

  93. The best – Nick Mason joining on stage at RAH!

    The worst – Gilmour dropping the slide during “Smile” on the first night in Chicago!

  94. The best part? You’ve got to be kidding me. The best part is David playing live music again!!!!

    The worst part is when drunk hooligans are too stupid to apprecitate it and thus they ruin the moment for themselves and those around them.

    David take all the time you need but please (not to sound like a complete wanker, but whatever) come out and play again some day in the future.

    Thank YOU very much indeed, good night to you

  95. Best:

    * David coming to Poland for Solidarity celebrations, thank you David, it is a honour to us that an artist like you took part in celebrations of something very important in our history

    * Echoes – Ok, for times I had dreamt of seeing any of the Floyds playing live but I had never even dreamt of hearing Echoes live… it was beyond my imagination and I loved every second of it in Gdansk

    * Wots Uh The Deal – Cute song, one of my quiet favourites, as with Echoes I never expected to hear it performed live, seemed a forgoten piece, so what a nice surprise from Dave to perform it

    * Meeting people going to Gdansk from all corners of Poland in trains, talking about Pink Floyd, wondering what we were going to see, feeling the atmosphere of waiting for truly special moments of our lives

    * Young Floyd Army – in Gdansk every 3 of 4 people were under their 30s, I think there’s no other band from times of our parents that has got so many fans among young people, tells much how special Pink Floyd, no matter David or Roger, and their timeless music are

    * The Blog and wonderful feeling of community it’s been generating


    * The quality of sound in the further areas of Gdansk concert, people were complaining it was too quiet and the press mentions it as well as the only negative side of the concert, I’m glad I were right by the stage

    * Some people in the crowd who probably only knew ABITW and WYWH and seemed disinterested for most of the show (thankfully there were only few of them)

    Greetings from Krakow!

  96. Wow I hate to sound like everyone else, but for me the highlight of my LIFE, not just this tour, was seeing DG live, which I never thought would happen, then to hear/see him play ECHOES, well, that was damn near orgasmic for me.

    ECHOES has always been a fave of mine, I can listen to that song over and over and over. As a matter of fact, when my ashes are tossed into the Atlantic Ocean, ECHOES will be my send-off song. Highlight, indeed.


  97. Best…. Attending the RAH on the 29th and 30th and hearing the best live rock show ever. Echoes and Wots.. will stay with me forever

    Worst…. No Live CD of the concerts

  98. Best moments of tour for myself:

    Seeing “Echoes” live.

    Seeing ‘On An Island’ performed in its entirety after listening to the cd and getting lost in thought many times while driving (good thing I was on the interstate).

    Spending time with my two brothers while experiencing both Chicago shows.

    Worst moment of tour for myself:

    People yapping and constantly walking around during the shows I saw. We weren’t at a ball game, people.

    Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic tour.

  99. I was just looking back at the blog 31/08/06 RE BLUE, and noticed a comment left by someone named Roger was that you Mr waters!!!

  100. BEST:

    – This site for stirring up interest with teases and drabs of information (brilliant!)
    – David’s onstage appearance during Castellorizon
    – Getting to experience the entire new album in the first set
    – Blending the original version of Shine On with the Meltdown version
    – Fat Old Sun complete with Gilmour-ripping guitar solo
    – Wot’s uh the Deal?
    – Coming Back to Life
    – Echoes
    – The devastating guitar solo on the outro to Comfortably Numb
    – Going back the next night in Toronto to relive it all!
    – News of the forthcoming live DVD


    – Scalpers grabbing all the best tickets
    – Cameras on Cell Phones
    – Not hearing Sorrow or Marooned (and about 638 OTHER songs!! Ok I’m being a tad greedy!)
    – The fact that it had to end!!!

  101. The Best Moments:

    * “Fat Old Sun” — as Rudders said, it was a total “sock knocker.” Which was good…you could then use your sock to dry your eyes. I still get tears thinking about it. Maybe the DVD should come with an extra supply of hankies?

    * Meeting Other Fans — I’ve always enjoyed this. You instantly have a connection with the people next to you, and can share your stories. (Well, I’ve always been fortunate to have nice, well mannered, sober people next to me!)

    * This Blog — There just aren’t words to thank you enough, FEd, for all that you’ve done! This is a wonderful community and you’ve done a phenomenal job. I wish there was a way to send you a virtual pint and make a toast.

    The Worst Moments:

    * Syd’s passing
    * JFK Incident

    The bottom line being that it’s hard to pick out just a few “best moments.” There really were so many. It was all pure magic. The concert I attended was truly the “Night of Wonder.” I know it’s been said so many times…but David and his music mean so much to so many people. There’s a power in that and it quickly becomes something impossible to describe.

    Cheers Everyone!

  102. Rick Wright singing “Arnold Layne”

    Appearing on Jools Holland in top top form.

    “Fat Old Sun”

  103. Best : Dave re-starting SOYCD in Paris after Andy found out. Never played the guitar intro like that before or after. An unique occasion…

    Worst : audience chatting and phoning while music is performed.

  104. The highlight was simply attending the Los Angeles gig.

    The low point was at the same gig where I saw security swiping every persons camera, and then SELLING them inside the venue. The VENUE was to blame for the flash photography in Los Angeles.

    The funniest point of the evening? This being last night of US tour, it seemed as though the road crew was having a little extra fun. The fog machines above the stage weren’t enough. The brought in extras for the floor of the stage. When the music was at its wildest, they POURED that stuff out so hard core you could barely make out poor ol’ David scrambling around trying to find the right foot switches for his solo! the guys at the soundboard were laughing their collective butts off. I was too…

  105. the best

    -RAH on bank holiday monday
    -take a breath
    -the halkin hotel

    the worst

    -having to leave my 2 boys for the first time to reach the ”smoke” for the show

  106. – Best:

    – a “something” I can’t explain that I felt all through the Vienne concert, very strong (sorry, I can really not find the suitable words in english …)
    – the complicity I felt between David and Rick during the three concerts I attended (ex: Wearing the inside out).
    – David playing saxo with so much feeling.
    – the High Hopes version of the AOL sessions ( lap-steel + accoustic outro )
    – the blog, Fed and his help (sometimes in french), and the fact that I could try to speak (bad) english without feeling too ridiculous.
    – everyone who came on this blog (intellectual, serious, funny or silly, no matters)
    – eh-eh, my prize….


    – ????
    – the end of David’s tour, the sad feeling that maybe the blog could be closed, the lack of David’s post(s) here…


  107. Too many highlights to mention.

    Best :-

    On The Turning Away in Venice (Great recovery with the solo Dave!)

    Almost being reduced to tears hearing OAI at the RAH

    Playing air guitar to Numb at the back on one of the boxes in RAH ( I didn’t nail the solo!!)

    Sitting with Bruv in St Marks Sq, surveying the scene and drinking the finest coffee ever, in the sun

    Great Day for Freedom in Gdansk. Stunning.

    Ordering plane tickets in Marco Polo airport just after the cancellation – knowing we were going back! (A big thankyou to Nina!)

    Being left in utter disbelief after Numb in Gdansk

    Worst :-

    4th August. 7.30pm. St Marks Square. No Gilmour.

    Bruv – it’s been emotional!

    Dave, We don’t know where…….but you send us there!!


  108. This poll was a great idea Features Editor — a beautiful and thoughtful way to end the tour!

    My three best moments:

    1. When I learned that Mr. Richard Wright would be joining David on tour.

    2. Echoes, RCMH, 4/4/06. The best 15 minutes of live music I’ve heard in quite some time.

    3. Seeing and hearing Dick Parry play live. I had never seen him play live before, as I missed the 94 tour.

    My worst moment:

    The news about Syd.

  109. CAPTION:

    “Hmm guy, it’s 3pm ( says phill) we have being here all night drinking going round and round I’ve learnt to fly , one slip I mean sip and I’m done for ….. Hey you says guy I have phoned theres nobody home and hey you im coming back to life. listen says david its far too late there is a fat old sun outside .. guy says let there be light im staying !!! Stay says our hero it’s a childhood end if we stay put here marooned me and the mrs will be poles apart come morning. she might raise your rent says guy . There will be murder say David… .Theres no way out of here for us so says guy…. David looks at the empties and says ” Tour is over alas we have had a great time so take a breath and where we start is where we end… Guy says play me a song on your saxamaphone … David says ok this ones called Red eye…I mean red sky.”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  110. I think … David you have the glass’s !!!

    Where’s the Whine ???? 🙂 After 32 concert’s !!!

    I think that it’s good to see that David didn’t lost any of his quality’s. He still has the same love for music that he had in the past and the fan’s apreciated it.

    When do you record more new track’s ? 🙂

    Didn’t attended to any of the concert’s but seeing PULSE and listening to the all colection of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour solo albuns is good for me. I don’t like mp3 and any fan shouldn’t like it too because a CD it’s a physical thing we have made from the man and is band, and mp3: we can’t toutch, fill, read and look.

    Thank you David and the rest of the Band


    Leaving RAH on the third night realising I had just witnessed three nights of unforgetable glee.

    Or first night in RAH when I was not once asked for tickets , I could have walked straight in to which I did.

    All in all I found the whole of this year. Blog, album , tour something to be very very greatful for.

    I could go on and on about the good but bad hmmm ok Bleeding heart arist got my goat but hey ED we won the FA cup so swings and roundabouts I say…

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [“We always win in Wales, we always win in Wales, we always win in Wales…” – Features Editor]

  112. [Guy realised too late that DG was showing him his collection of male Siamese Fighting Fish and was not inviting him to drink a new cocktail… – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at September 1, 2006 04:27 PM]

    Fantastic best one yet.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  113. BEST:

    – Being a Mermaid Theatre Winner, seated the row in front of Polly and family – who would ever dream to watch David in such an intimate setting.
    – Taking my 12year old daughter to the RAH and sharing something so special together.
    – Fat Old Sun at the RAH, I was laughing inside – the band just didn’t want to stop.
    – This website, Polly’s photographs and being part of the extended family of fans – I may not have posted much but I’ve been here every single day.


    – Syd, so sad.
    – Is it really all coming to an end??

    xx Peace, Love and another album please xx 🙂

  114. Dear Fed & Bloggers,

    The Best:

    * Hearing that David was recording a new album again.
    * Hearing that David was going to tour again.
    * Getting the tickets!
    * The wonderful feeling of anticipation leading up to the concert (Glasgow – 27/05)
    * Finding out who would be accomponying David on stage…. (Rick!! Dick!! Jon!! Guy!! Phil!! Steve!!)
    * Hearing OAI for the first time & realising what a wonderful album he created.
    * Realising that my seat was 3rd row from the front
    * Hearing the famous heartbeat
    * LOVING the “reworked” version of SOYCD
    * Fat Old Sun WITH the amazing solo at the end
    * The feeling & goosebumps I got when I heard that very first “ping”…(and kept for the next 23 minutes)
    * Arnold Layne…..
    * Crying through the solo in CN (and Echoes and FOS and……..)
    * Being able to visiting a place on the web that feels like “home” & feeling part of a community that love DG/PF as much as I do… (Although I haven’t posted a lot, I faithfully visit every day)
    Thanks Fed for all your hard work!!!!!!!
    * Reading Michele’s personal comment to me (Supergroup – 30/06)

    The Worst:

    * Not being able to read through the posts since the tour began, cos I didn’t wanted to know the setlist
    * The drunken/loud people during the concert (especially during the wonderful ending of High Hopes)
    * Syd
    * Unfortunately missing out on the wine glasses in SOYCD
    * Wondering “What’s next”…..

    Sorry Fed if I rambled on too long….

    Take Care. Stef

  115. Worst – Travelling half way round the world from Canada.

    Worser – Not hearing ‘Wots’

    Best – The great venues David & co chose for the concerts.

    Best – This website and all you blogger people

    Bester – The great Band & Rick being part of the band ( and in great form to boot)

    Bestest – Gettting to see two concerts (Bridgewater & RAH n2)

    Better still – Hearing OAI livex2 and Echoes finally!!!!! And twice!!!!!!

    V.Best – Thanks again for this website – I am sure I wouldn’t have got the tickets without joining the website as soon as it went online and the care and integrity shown by you all with all of them thorny ticketing issues.

    Special mention – Pollys Pix – I think she managed to find some great camera angles and pix that made the whole tour interesting – Could a book of the pix be on the cards Polly? ( Pollys Island tour book?)

  116. * First of all what rocked for me was managing to get hold of a couple tickets for the RAH show on the wed, i tried SO hard to get them, & i even resigned myself to thinking there was no chance. (I thank all those people who returned their unwanted tickets the correct way & didn’t put them on ebay. I was the happiest girl alive the day i miraculously got them tickets)!!

    * Then there was the actual show itself, that blew me away, especially Echoes. Just being there & being part of it was something i’ll never forget. Also, having three out of the four origional P.F members play together was a gr8 surprise.

    * What sucked was my bubble bursting when it was all over. Reality really did suck on the thursday!

    * Another thing that sucked was not getting to see any of the other shows.

    * Last thing, it would have been nice for there to have been some Laydee backing singers, (Sam Brown & Co), they were missed.


  117. Best Moments?

    1. The blog, thanks F’Ed 🙂

    2. Being at the Mermaid Theatre – it’s not often that you get the chance to see someone you admire so much in such an intimate setting. David’s performance of ‘Shine On…’ that night still linger long in the memory.

    3. Wot’s Uh The Deal – I was convinced I was the only person in the whole wide world that loved that song – now I know I’m wrong – but it was a real joy to hear that played at the RAH.

    4. And, from your list, David Bowie’s appearance at the Monday night RAH – Mrs Pudneys jaw hit the floor with a very loud clang I can tell you!

  118. My Highs

    -The anticipation of waiting for the concert,(Massey Hall) all the while being teased about how great the show was by fellow blog participants who attended their shows.The everchanging slight setlist changes engaged great discussions between myself and my son about what we would like our concert to include.We both won out.I got Coming Back To Life and he got Dominoes.

    -The realization that it wasn’t all just a dream when David made his stage entrance and played his first notes gave me chills and then when he started singing, it made everything in my life right.I knew then that this was going to be one of the best night of my life.

    -You F.E. and all fellow bloggers.You made me think,get involved and above all you made me laugh.THANKS for that!

    My Lows

    There really aren’t any.It’s been a real far out trip(I have a bit of hippie left in me also Piergiorgio)

    Somehow I don’t believe that we have heard the last of David.Can’t wait for the next installment.

  119. I’ve not seen a show so for me the highlights are:-

    *The friends I’ve made through this Blog
    *That the music lives on
    *The DVD I haven’t seen yet
    *The accounts of the shows that have kept me connected
    *The fun, wit, community and sheer cultural experience encountered here
    *Some of Matt’s jokes

    The worst:

    -Feeling for the people who were disappointed in Venice.
    -that this might be the end
    -The occasional negativity encountered here
    -Some of Matt’s jokes

  120. The best, the news that there was going to be a new album.

    Better, the news that a tour was happening and that it was coming to my town (reconsidering plans to move to Brazil finally rewarded)

    Best, live music with David and the Band thoroughly enjoying themselves and delivering uniquely superb sets concert after concert.

    Unexpectedly brilliant, this blog.

    Personal Best: watching David play close up and live.

    The guilty pleasure: bragging at work the next day about being at the concert and being the envy of the staff.

    The worst, the mob scene at the airport.

  121. Best;

    My nan telling me she saw that `David Gilmour` On t.v back in january. `He`s releasing a new record you know`, to witch I smugly replied `No nan I`d know if David was making a new record.` Then that night I found! she was right!

    My other best memories of the tour was watching the show in Manchester with Natalie litteraly a few rows from the front, and at the RAH with my mucker(best mate), Steve!

    Echoes (goes without saying)



    Winning a ticket to the mermaid, only to find I couldn`t get in. (Fed and team worked above and beyond the call of duty to sort that one out!), To which I`ll always be grateful!

    Cheers again Guys,

    Have a good weekend all.

  122. For me, the best surprise of all was first learning there would even be a tour and album. A very close second best surprise, a very pleasant one, was hearing the album for the first time and realizing how totally sublime it was.

    I was unable to attend a show, but I did see the Mermaid film at Regal cinemas and, of course, I saw the Jay Leno show featuring David. The album has become one of my prized posessions.

    It’s been a great ride. Thanks for it all.

  123. Hello to All:

    The Best:

    Seeing David @ Massey Hall
    The Blog Community
    David & The Band
    Echoes, Take A Breath, Fat Old Sun

    The Worst:

    No News on the Concert CD Afterall
    No News on a Book by Polly to commerate the entire Tour!
    And if the Concert DVD is not released in 2006!

    joe from Canada

  124. Apologies for waffling but so many highs and lows (only relative)


    – Lifetime of future memories (if that makes sense!)
    – David coming out on the road again to see his millions of friends
    – Getting RAH tickets by chance few weeks before concert having missed the earlier release.
    – Even better being told they had been returns from ebay! Thanks guys, eternally grateful for all your efforts
    – Watching our autistic son nodding his head in the back of the car for 8 hours to OAI, which was pretty much on repeat in the car all the way to Scotland for hols after RAH gig!
    – Seeing my lovely partners eyes at her first DG experience
    – a la Rudders post, “first ping of Echoes Live just sent a tremor through the audience and then the whole package kicked in. The music, the lights, the atmosphere…”
    – Sound quality and engineering, WOW, Brilliant crew
    – DBowie’s expression Mon night on comfortably numb, think he was as impressed as the rest of us were with DG and the boys
    – FED’tastic efforts of course
    – Massive thanks to all who have posted and provided constant update and allowed us all an emotional connection, by proxy, to all of the gigs
    – David on his Semler reference sax


    – Not getting RAH ticket for our Autistic son Oli who loves DG music
    – Coming down from RAH
    – So long to wait for another encounter
    – Seeing the lucky fans at the front!
    – Not getting enough time to read blogs as regular as would like and to write in
    – Missing the blog for the Tuesday 29th Recording!
    – Waiting for the DVD
    – Not being able to play like David!
    – Not being able to play a Pete Cornish rig!
    – Not being able to nip down pub and watch DG live!
    – Not being David’s neighbour and being able to listen to him practicing nextdoor! Lucky people
    – Wondering what to do now it’s all over?
    – Feeling sorry for those who are not aware of David’s stunning work and craftsmanship

  125. Caption: In an effort to drink the other under the table by imbibing vast quantities of port, neither David nor Guy show any signs of getting tanked.

    Low points were the passing of Syd and the appalling behavior at JFK by so-called “fans”. E-bay profiteers were a disgrace as well. Self-explanatory.

    Although I missed the shows I enjoyed hearing about the surprise numbers introduced into the setlist and the guest appearances of David Crosby, Graham Nash & David Bowie.

    I have really enjoyed this blog as a window to the tour thanks to Fed and bloggers. Having Guy visit occasionally is a real treat. Plus there’s a great deal of fun to be had here, isn’t there. Competitions, captions, etc. You get the idea.

    Too many high points to mention and to let low points undermine them. {|β *目>

  126. I’ve heard several pings in the past, to hear it again was wonderful. Guy’s posts, thanks again. Fat Old Sun, a first for me live along with Wearing …Out.

    Thank You Richard and David. Polly’s pics, Jon’s huge talent, Phil the fill, great job amigo. Steve havin the time of his life, well done. Swingin Sax man Dick, kudos mate. Fed and Sned, what can all of us say? The Glassman episode, thanks Ian.

    The low, waiting until 2007 to see it all unfold.

    Caption. Guy says “I think thith wine ith better than the Chardonay”. Just kidding Guy. Bring your act to Toronto, OK?

  127. Worst~ Bad behavior at the Gibson Theatre, people who clearly couldn’t cope with it… and rightfully so.

    I’ve had time to reflect on that, and the biggest problem was checking tickets about 200 feet from the door through a small gateway. That meant anyone jumping the fence around the rest of the theatre was not going to be checked through the door. That in itself explains way so many poeple were wondering aimlessly, and most likely why they were starting fights there.

    Best~ The Jay Leno Show, which took place only hours before the Gibson Theatre.

    It was great to be offered that opportunity, and even better to make eye contact with the band, knowing they knew we are their biggest fans (the blog).

  128. The best:

    1. Night two at RAH, ECHOES was the best since 70’s in the opinion of may ‘old timers’.
    2.Meeting the fans before the shows in London.

    The worst: The farging drunks!!

  129. It’s quite obvious everyone is excited about David’s new upcoming DVD. Is their any chance of this DVD making it into the High Definition DVD (HD DVD or Blueray)platform? David’s concert would be incredible in HD!!! Or am I asking too soon?

    [It certainly will be in HD, John. – Features Editor]

  130. Best moment was when the gig at the RAH started, this lasted right up top the point the band walked off stage!

    Worst moment, the first four hours afterwards which were a mix of high (reliving the gig) and low (well that’s it then!)

    Really though, David and his band have given us so many high moments they can’t be listed and the low stuff was when I discovered I couldn’t use my two “DG special” tickets for the second night at the RAH. Very personal but one of the worst feelings!


  131. Just good things:

    Going to an early show (Rex, Paris), having no idea of what would be played, and getting an awesome thrill as Echoes began.

    Reading here about the first, unrehearsed performance of “On The Turning Away”. Hopefully it’ll make the DVD….

  132. Best:

    David playing in Scotland & being fortunate enough to receive tickets – thanks to the opportunity in this blog to obtain tickets in advance.

    Seeing & hearing David, Rick, Guy, Steve, Phil & Jon play live

    Echoes, Fat Old Sun, Wots Uh the deal…, Take a Breath played live………need I say more.


    Knowing that it might have been the first & last time that I have seen David & the band play live.

  133. Best bits…

    1. Phil Manzanera for getting David back into a studio.
    2. Polly for letting him…
    3. David creating the masterpiece that is On An Island.
    4. David being so sagacious, to choose such a fine touring band of Richard, Guy, Jon, Phil, Steve & Dick.
    5. Selecting brilliant venues to perform at.
    8. Seeing/hearing an excellent show at RAH on 29/05/06, with David Bowie singing Arnold Layne/Comfortably Numb.
    9. Bloggers for creating a unique universal environment to share the wonderful and not so wonderful experiences.
    10. Creating the anticipation of a future when David will produce and perform more wonderful music…

    Worst bits…

    1. Syd’s passing
    2. Having to turn down Simon’s invite to Abbey Road.
    3. Not seeing more than one show.

    FEd, I’ve said it before, but YOU have generated a global community of kindred spirits, who cherish David’s gift, as the glue that bonds us all together on this terrific site. I feel that I know so many people, even though I have never met them apart from odd one or two at The Queens Arms. There are so many “Irregulars” on here, who have made 2006 a year I will savour for the rest of my life…

    [Bless you. You kept posting and making it interesting, so credit where’s it due. It wouldn’t have worked in this moderated format without your patience and passion, so I thank you all very much for that. – Features Editor]

  134. The best thing was Echoes, especially the last night at the RAH.

    The worst was – as ever – seeing David, Rick and Nick walking off stage and fearing that was the last time I saw them play live.

  135. More best bits…

    * Wearing The Inside Out LIVE… how could I forget that…
    * Guy posting, what a star.
    * The captions of Rudders and others, the latest gem being…

    [CAPTION: “Hmm guy, it’s 3pm ( says phill) we have being here all night drinking going round and round I’ve learnt to fly , one slip I mean sip and I’m done for ….. Hey you says guy I have phoned theres nobody home and hey you im coming back to life. listen says david its far too late there is a fat old sun outside .. guy says let there be light im staying !!! Stay says our hero it’s a childhood end if we stay put here marooned me and the mrs will be poles apart come morning. she might raise your rent says guy . There will be murder say David… .Theres no way out of here for us so says guy…. David looks at the empties and says ” Tour is over alas we have had a great time so take a breath and where we start is where we end… Guy says play me a song on your saxamaphone … David says ok this ones called Red eye…I mean red sky.” – Geoff Duffy]

    Nice one, Geoff. You’ve got far too much time on your hands…

    And here I was thinking that Guy and David had done a vanishing trick with Richard(glass on piano), “Just like that… HA! HA!!HA!!!”

  136. More best bits…

    Polly’s Gazetteering Gallery embellishing the whole trip…

    Perhaps she could put pen to paper and publish an On An Island book, I’m sure it would make a great read. Throw in some pics we haven’t yet seen… all proceeds to the Important Stuff.

  137. The worst I think was the sound in Gdansk. I listen to the music louder in my house, and my neighours do not hit my door.

    The best was Echoes. And I like all On An Island live.

  138. To all italian bloggers:on Rai Uno,02/09,00:30,a special appointment with Pink Floyd at Musica magazine.


  139. Highs

    Going to the manchester gig was amazing.

    But Abbey road was better!

    There are so many and I don’t want to be repetitive but I think that these memories exceed the experience and us being able to share them on here is so special.

    And alhtough in some ways this has been an awful year for me in so many others thanks to this palce and great music it’s been one of the best.

    I thank you all for that and especially fed and of course David, the band and Polly.

    I don’t want the lows to ruin the moment. But they are still part of it and those idiotic drunks who were next to me made me laugh and cringe at the same time so I thank them but not those who harass the band and their familes or those who try to rip us of, shame on them.

    Thanks guys, I love you all.

  140. I just worked out who you were at Abbey Road fed, in fact I’m certain.

    Weren’t you the guy with the dashing glasses and wonderfully outrageous red hawaiian shirt?

    [Sorry, but no. That was the tour manager (and you should have seen his yellow one). – Features Editor]

  141. Best:

    Gdansk – Comfortably Numb
    Venice – Shine on
    Dick Parry – Shine on
    Fat old sun – Gdansk & Venice
    Guy posting
    Bowie – RAH
    The guy next to me at RAH close to tears
    The anticipation of the Orchestra in Gdansk and being blown away by them
    Echoes – unbelievable
    A great day for freedom – stunning
    My incredible understanding Fiancee Nina for being cool about me travelling europe to see this guy
    Sharing this with Mark, my Brother


    Stage fell in at Venice – it was a very long journey home!
    The wait now – will he tour again??
    Gig Withdrawal symptoms

  142. Hi f.ed, have you heard about the film called An Inconvenient truth? might be somehting worth putting in the important stuff area.

    I think it’s out mid September but I’m going to see it tomorrow (for free!), one of the perks of membership of the local cinema.

    Apologies for the off topic post, just thought you might like to know. 🙂


    [Thank you. I’ll look out for it. – Features Editor]

  143. Happy Saturday FEd,

    Just a quickie. Where is my recent bit on Abbey Road. Shall I carry on? I do, however, know that I posted it in the wrong place. I didn’t know where to post it.



    [That’s OK. I put it in the ‘Comfortably Numb’ entry with all the others. – Features Editor]

  144. Best:

    – Seeing/Hearing Echoes performed live.
    – The surprise of seeing the first performance by Crosby and Nash at the April 4 show at Radio City Music Hall
    – How well the On an Island material came across in live performance (especially OAI, Take a Breath, The Blue, Pocketful of Stones)
    – Reliving the concert experience by seeing the Mermaid theater show in a movie theater here in Connecticut that had excellent sound turned up so loud that you felt you were there
    – Knowing that the RAH shows will be released on DVD


    – The loss of Syd during the tour
    – The edited version of On An Island played on the Jay Leno Show
    – Jay Leno Show ending before Wish You Were Here
    – The Tour Ending
    – No announced plans for a live CD.


  145. Me? Sure? Are you joking? THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

    What can I say, Thank you very much FED.

    Usually I’m not lucky in competitions but this is absolutely my lucky year: my daughter is born, a new Gilmour CD, I saw the show in Milan just in the last minute (when I had lost all hope), and now I won this competition.

    So “easy“ is the word, and think that my wife told me off because I didn’t write Emily (our daughter’s name) instead of easy. Lucky me

    Thanks again, here’s my address


    Ciao ciao

    [Well done, mate. – Features Editor]

  146. BEST:

    – anticipating the experience of David Gilmour playing a great album live, and being able to take my best friend with me

    – meeting Angelo and Chris, who bought my extra tickets (i don’t need to say what Angelo did after that…)

    – the first *ping* of Echoes! the entire concert was wonderful, but it felt like David played Echoes for US – because we begged for it here

    – the Blog: we formed our own community based upon our deep feelings for David Gilmour and his music. we shared views and ideals, laughs and memories and experiences, and the ever-mysterious FEd

    – being part of the secret Glass Man escapade. if only bits of that could be an ‘extra’ on the DVD – what Ian and Guy went through! those stories could only have been topped by seeing your face as you received it, dear FEd

    – catching a glimpse of David, Polly, and all the band as they ran from the van to the stage door, and NOT behaving badly – just being happy to see them at last


    – hearing of Syd’s death, less than a month after my father’s death

    – not being able to go on to see the band again and again and AGAIN at other shows (LIKE ANGELO DID)


    – missing so much of the Blog during the two months since my father died – you Irregulars helped me through some very tough times, as did FEd. i missed posting and reading responses, but just couldn’t. now the tour’s ended; i wish i had participated more

    – listening endlessly to David’s music, to comfort and uplift me when i need it, i.e., daily. David Gilmour, your music helps me carry on and makes me smile – i will never tire of it

    love you all –

  147. High Points:

    The quality of musicianship of the whole band and the fact that David’s playing seems to be getting even better; as if that was possible.

    The selection of songs played live; the obvious and not so obvious.

    The comradship of the group members; for me it made the whole experience of seeing David live even more pleasurable. It felt like a shared experience.

    The blog; a very obvious and pleasurable experience.

    Low Points:

    Bowie’s appearance at RAH. A “low” point because I wasn’t there; I remain envious of of everyone fortunate to have seen it.

    Ticket Touts; They should be scalped.

    The tour ending; more shows please.

    Having just returned from my Island holiday I’ve discovered there was a competition to win Abbey Road tickets. I bet it was amazing.


  148. I was only in Gdansk on a concert but i think that the best moments of the tour was

    – Time in Gdansk with that mistake by Richard Wright
    – High Hopes acoustic solo with Zbigniew Preisner’s Orchestra and finally
    – A Great Day For Freedom in Shipyard

    Im lookin forward to watch the DVD from On An Island tour , especially from Gdansk

  149. Hey Michèle…please never feel self-conscious regarding your English. The way I see it, it’s (at least) your SECOND language! Many of us are still struggling with our FIRST!

    BT1…would you mind explaining the incident in Paris where David restarted Shine On…?? You’ve got me curious. Thanks!

  150. True Story: After the second Massey show, my wife and I listened to Q107 on the way home. A caller told the radio audience about listening to the concert outside, couldn’t get a ticket. Just before” Time”, the church bells(St, James Cathedral?) chimed. Talk about perfect timing.

  151. High:

    -Having Rick Wright on the album and the tour. Actually the whole band lineup could not have been any more perfect.
    -Playing Echoes
    -Mark Brickman’s genius light show
    -Upcoming DVD
    -David Bowie and Nick Mason at the RAH
    -Guy’s the Guy!
    -Polly’s great pics
    -Shine On with the wine glasses (haven’t actually seen it, but it mast have been magical)
    -The AOL thing with the band’s great interviews and performances
    -Getting the Venice show back on track without anyone getting hurt


    -The JFK incident
    -Syd Barret RIP
    -Selling alcohol at the venue (at the Oakland show during David’s Comfortable Numb 2nd solo, some ***holes in front of me were drunk and started a fight)
    -The Venice stage defect

  152. I will make this short, Fed. The best I think is that when David released one of the greatest albums of his life. After taking a break with his family for twelve years( The most important thing in life and I’m very Proud of his love for his family).

    The worst is not to be able to see David play live in concert this year.

    Take Care, Thomas

    PS. I hope your team wins this weekend,Fed.

  153. Best moments for me were:

    1. David coming back after so long with a new album and a tour.

    2. The introduction to David’s set list of some Pink Floyd tracks I have always wanted to hear live ECHOES! And Fat Old Sun! And Wot’s Uh The Deal!!

    3. My friend winning Mermaid theatre tickets and inviting me along!

    4. Winning the Eyeballs! competition and FEd sending me such a nice bag of goodies.

    Worst moments for me were:

    1. Going to 2 RAH shows but because David couldn’t use his own PA, the sound from the RAH’s own PA was so bad I didn’t really hear David properly at all both nights!! I was so so gutted. This isn’t the only bad sounding experience I’ve had at the RAH I shall never go to that venue again Nothing to do with David just bad sound ruined it for me :o(

    2. And hearing that no Gdansk footage is to be included on David’s forthcoming DVD! it sounds like it was an awesome experience I wish I could have been there and now it looks like I won’t see any of it at all.

    So 4 great things and only 2 disappointing things for me, On the whole it’s been all great and I have enjoyed posting on the Blog very much, thanks to the great David his band the FEd and all the other Bloggers. ;o)

    [No Gdansk footage on the DVD? Where did you hear that? – Features Editor]

  154. I really found so many best things in the second Venice show. First of all you “killed” me when you played “Fat old sun” and a discover a little tear on my face even if the rain was so plentiful. And it was so nice to saw an unbilievable show like that with the rain.

    The worst? Probably Venice: too dirty and many graffiti on the houses! Strange but true.


  155. Best:

    Was at opening night in NYC and heard Echoes. Never read a set-list. Had no idea this was being performed. Amazing.

    Nylon guitar at end of High Hopes. Absolutely gorgeous.


    Idiots clapping before High Hopes was finished.Shut the F*up!

    Syd’s passing.

    Reading about the JFK incident. Though I would never associate myself with such pathetic humans such as those, I felt terribly since I am a NYer. They embarrassed me and the place I live and love.


  156. Hmmmm…. I didn’t know where and when I could add this link, but maybe to-day could be a good choice (if Fed agrees), since I read many times ‘the Vienne amphithéâtre’ concert in the “best” list at this blog entry; so, to our french speaking friends…


    [Sorry, sorry… Some pages are just not suitable for an official site to endorse, so we cannot link to this one. For the record, if anyone wants to submit a press item for consideration, they can. They can send it here. If it’s suitable, it will be added to the ever-expanding Press section (and not necessarily added here, so please don’t ask where it is if you don’t see it). Yet many of the articles suggested are simply not appropriate for one reason or another. We can’t add everything, nor can we give individual explanations. I’m afraid this one will not be considered. – Features Editor]

  157. [I’m glad you finally received it. The next person will get the stapler… – Features Editor]

    Waow !!! Well done, Roberto ! have a great fun with your prize ! Be proud ! don’t forget it’s a David’s stapler…

    Sorry, Fed, couldn’t resist.


  158. Hello

    1. the news about a new album and a tour…
    2. seeing the fresh announcement of the tickett ordering opening just before my eyes, December the 7th (?).
    3. getting 2 tickets for London and 4 ticketts for Amsterdam,
    4. the opening of this Blog just before x-mas 2005,
    5. seeing all the names of the studio musicians, specially Bob Klose was a surprise,
    6. the announcement of the life band… excellent musicians!
    7. 19th of March witnessing a great performance (Echoes rules!) with our dear friends.
    8. Standing before David during the encore…
    9. London… awesome David Crosby, Graham Nash & David Bowie on stage…
    10. Reading all the comments after the death of Syd Barrett made me sad but also it proved that he wasn’t forgotten and he was still our hero.
    Shine, shine on you crazy Diamond…

    Best regards,
    Nick from the lovely South of….

  159. Hello everyone… ((((Hugs))) I’ve missed all of you!! I come back to see quite a question thrown my way. I have to ponder this one a while…..

    Hope everyone is GREAT. Boy, have I got some blog-reading to do! Lots to catch up on, and I’m a slow reader as it is…

    But had my 1st chemo treatment, and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated (the side-effects are still subsiding). I’ll make it;
    it just may be rough at times.

    I’ll be back with my ‘best moments’.

    [It’s great to hear from you, Susan. Take it easy. – Features Editor]

  160. Best & worst bits…


    1 The fact David was on tour – waited so long for this (partly because I didn’t get off my backside when I was younger… regrets, I have a few…)
    2 The new material – waited so long for this too!!
    3 Echoes
    4 High Hopes – acoustic ending just magical
    5 RAH first night – just being there
    6 Bowie appearing
    7 The web site & blog for keeping us up-to-date


    1 People who don’t understand the concept of NO flash photography
    2 People who can’t help but call out even when the music has started
    3 People’s unreasonable expectations of what the band members should do in their own time… and having the audacity to moan about it…
    4 Not being at the RAH when Nick Mason was on drums
    5 Not knowing when it will all start again…

    Can’t wait for the DVD… all that footage… must be at least a triple-DVD release….!


  161. High:

    1. The entire blogging experience. Thanks Fed and all the bloggers.
    2. Wearing the Inside Out and Echoes played live
    3. My 3 year old keeps asking me to play the David Gilmour concert and the Pulse DVDs. He even mumbled a few lines of SOYCD, CN, ABITW 🙂

    Low: Feel a bit depressed now that the tour has ended.

    [It certainly will be in HD, John. – Features Editor]

    Another High: The DVD will come out one day. And it will be in HD. Wow!

  162. Personal best: Being able to see David live for the first time (and maybe the last!)

    Personal Worst: Having to pay $600 for a pair of tickets.

    As far as the overall tour goes, gdansk was definately a highlight, as were the RAH shows with the guest appearances and what not.

    Worst was no doubt the tragic death of Syd Barrett.

  163. I would love David to play Stormont, Northern Ireland in October. The political process in Northern Ireland is going backwards again and talks between the squabling parties is scheduled for October. We must keep moving forward and if an event could be organised for conflict resolution in Northern Ireland and the Middle East etc then I think that there may still be hope for the world.

    [David’s hard at work trying to single-handedly combat world poverty at the moment. Finding cures for all known diseases is also keeping him busy, so condemning sectarian violence and international terrorism is perhaps asking a bit much at this time. I’m sure he’ll add it to the long list of problems he’s expected to fix with his voice and guitar, though. Watch this space. – Features Editor]

  164. I forgot one more “best”…

    … the new acoustic ending of High Hopes. It brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful.


  165. Only one memory of this. Losing all faith in David for igorning Montreal and making the ticket prices in Toronto completely prohibitive for anyone NOT in Toronto or without a platinum credit card. All the musicians I know were unable to even consider attending; particularly as the tickets sold out in 30 minutes and were on sale on the net by scalpers at up to $1000 a pop.

    Canada and especially Montreal have remained faithful to progressive rock in all it’s forms when the rest of North America ignored its existence. Many, many Montrealers have been deeply hurt by this and will, undoubtedly, be only closet fans from now on. Shame on you.

    [And I thought I was bitter… – Features Editor]

  166. Best – amazing set list

    Worst – They never came to Oz to have a BBQ at my place – and it would of been the best BBQ they would of ever had! 😉

  167. The best; when i read on this blog that David would be in Toronto in april; my heart bump and i was shaking. I called my husband at work and he said ;OF COURSE WE GO!I could not believe it!
    The worst: not being able to see more shows and read on this blog all the comments and fans who were able to have a picture with David or an autograph….rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    xxx bisous Sylvie de Montréal

  168. Best:

    1. my husband for hearing on the radio that David is going to be in town!!!!!
    2. Echoes live
    3. David waving at me after an interview with L.A. news station
    4. this website and bloggers


    1. news about Syd
    2. drunk fans that are on the phone during the concert
    3. not knowing what I will do without all the DG news.

    i hope this website will be around for a loooooooooooooooooong time.

  169. Best moments:

    1)the possibility to see David in cuncert in Italy
    2)An incredible Echoes in live performance;
    3)When I have seen Polly and David hand in hand in Venice.

    Worst moments:

    1) surely the collapse of the stage in Venice;
    2) the rain in the second concert in Venice

    FED, I remember very well Kenny Dalglish and I want you to know that I have an old autograph of John Wark (I saw him in Rimini many years ago) do you remember him?

    [How can I forget? I still have nightmares about that moustache. – Features Editor]

  170. I’ve only seen David in Munich. My best Moments were

    – The start of the Concert with Time… a great wish of mine came true in this moment.
    – Shine on was great performed
    – Echoes
    – singing Happy Birthday to Rick 😉

    The worst were

    – hearing that Syd has passed away.
    – the heavy rain during the show.
    – people calling for ABITW… thats annoying.

  171. BEST

    • March 11st: to listen for the first time “On the island”(after watching the TV-interview of Mr.D.G.) and enjoy very much for it
    • to visit every day your web-site and feeling to be part of it, and your uptodated news following step by step every event
    • august 12th : to be in Venice again thanks to your very fast rescheduling
    • the 3 full hours of best nowadays music!!!
    • the perfect harmony and the strong energy of the Band
    • Mr.Gilmour’s eclectic skilfulness in performing alive
    • The unique athmosphere of intimacy of the show
    • the strength and the passion of Mr.Wright
    • The water filled glasses intro to ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’
    • People singing all together “Wish You were here”(and the tears…..)
    • “Echoes” so long
    • The bell of “The division bell”and “Arnold Layne”


    • Syd Barrett
    • The stage’s troubles and the postponed dates
    • the heavy rain….
    • people going up and down during the show

    keep well
    ciao Elisabetta

  172. I have just one down point: WHY YOU NEVER CAME TO BRAZIL????????

    Best Regards

    Alexandre Alves Lima
    City:Guarulhos – SP -Brazil

  173. I’m not sure if I’m eligible to comment as I couldn’t attend any of the concerts, but from my perspective:-


    – All the people who went to the concerts and posted beforehand and created great anticipation for the lead-up to each concert and, afterwards, emailed their reviews on the blog, which has been a “window” for me to “see” these wonderful events;

    – Fed, who worked tirelessly (and late hours) to bring us the first reviews – particularly the North American leg; and

    – David, Rick and the band performing Syd’s songs even before his death.


    – Bleeding Heart Artist. I would hope that she is the worst kind of RW fan, but, sadly, I know that she isn’t; only the worst who managed to post on this site;

    – Syd’s death; and

    – of course, the end of the tour.

  174. The worst for me was that I completely missed it!!!!!

    Please don’t let this be the last tour… I have to see you live! It’s one of the things I have to do in my lifetime! 🙂


  175. Hi Fed, the best are:

    1) Rick Wright playing keyboards & singing on Time in Firenze, magical, classical & romantic;

    2) David Gilmour playing Comfortably Numb solo in Firenze, he showed all his expansive guitar improvisation …. dramatic

    3) Dave & Rick playing Echoes and Guy playing the wind on the bass … terrific and spectral below the Church of Santa Croce in Firenze;

    4) Meeting Dave in Piazza della Signoria and me saying ” Dave …. ”

    5) meeting Silvia at the concert;

    the worst:

    1) Syd’s death;

    2) Dave not giving me an autograph!!

    3) the end of the tour

  176. Best: That David had such a great new album to perform on this tour. (It’s always bad when you go to see a rock concert, but can’t stand the new stuff.) And Echoes of course.

    Worst: The pot smoklng audience in Amsterdam.

  177. Melissa –

    I second that re: Fearless. It would fit in so nicely next to Fat old or Wots. Something for the future perhaps…


  178. Best: The idea that there will be another David Gilmour album & tour in the future…

    Worst: The idea that “On an Island” could be David’s last solo album & tour…

    OK, serious: I really liked the idea of the open air concerts, although I actually was in Dortmund.
    Unfortunaly I had a terrible splitting headache that night …I was the only one that didn’t see the end of this first concert of David 🙁

    Hope I will see David in concert again, sometime.

  179. Our first post – it could be biblical in length, but let’s keep this one reasonably short…


    1. Echoes
    2. Fat Old Sun
    3. Comfortably Numb (only in 3rd place because of the overwhelming surprises delivered by 1 and 2)
    4. Seeing the Venice show
    5. Knowing there will be a DVD

    Worst (no particular order)

    1. Cancellation of Venice 1
    2. The rain at Venice 2, soaking, freezing, cursing, blahblahblah
    3. The credit card bills
    4. Our 2 friends not being able to get back for Venice 2

    Some other thoughts since this is probably the last sensible opportunity to comment on Venice.

    As we understand it the DVD will be mainly, or even entirely, of RAH. We don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but it would be a great shame if there is no record of Venice. RAH was stunning but Venice raised the game to another level – and when the name of the game is genius, this is saying something. Echoes in particular was simply phenomenal.

    Also, quite a few people either couldn’t make it for the second shot – including our friends – or (probably worse) went in at the start on the second night and had to leave because of the terrible weather.

    Please also remember the six and a half billion (minus eight thousand or so) other people in the world who weren’t there at all, and slip a second DVD into the case. Nobody will mind if the technical quality isn’t on a par with the RAH version – believe us! These are epic, sometimes definitive performances of truly classic music, delivered with ferocious intensity by a group of people at the height of their performing powers.

    But whatever happens, best wishes to all and let’s get ready for the next one.

  180. BEST

    -RAH-3 nights
    -Venice on Saturday paticularly second half
    -Website and Blog updates


    -Arriving in Venice to find first weekend cancelled.
    -End of tour and not knowing if we will see more.
    -Those fans around the world who could not see a show.

  181. The Best : A big magnificent emotional wave echoing in our brain in Vienne July 31st 2006 the same than in Lyon December 10th 1972 !

    The Worst : Today shorter of breath and closer to death than thirty four years ago !

  182. Best

    -The buildup,anticipation,and then finally getting to hear a new studio album.A big event in my house that doesn’t happen much anymore.

    -Seeing David live in an intimate setting with perfect sound and incredible setlist,including the whole of OAI(one of the things I always loved about the Floyd was doing their new album in it’s entirety live).

    -This website just made everything about the experience of a new album and tour that much better.


    – The fact that David still hasn’t cured cancer and that little problem with the fact he toured every city in the world except Montreal.

  183. – fat old sun, with the solo.
    – wot’s the deal…with that sly look on davids face as he walked over to the slide guitar,
    – and the interaction of this web community.

    the worst, no fun outdoor shows for us kids over here. maybe next summer…

    thanks for the memories.

    i’ve never cried so much at a show in my life. best show ever and i’ve been to thousands…wow.

  184. Best

    1. Attending the first Oakland concert with my brother Gary. It was just like old times when we were teenagers in the 70’s.
    2. Going to the two LA shows and watching my friend Carrie up against the stage at the Gibson during Comfortably Numb less than ten feet from David Gilmour.
    3. Flying to London for the three RAH shows. What an incredible venue. Those concerts were amazing.


    How could anything be bad about a David Gilmour album and concert? It was all great!

  185. Hi FEd and fellow Irregulars!

    Welcome back Susan!! You’ve been on my mind for days (check your email), thought I’d check in on the site this evening and there you are! There’s another high-point to add to the list. Take care.

    Looks like we’ve got some of those cranky, demanding drop-ins today … hmmm, let’s ignore them and maybe they’ll go away.

    Can I just say that instead of counting the days until the album release, or concert date, now I’m counting the days until the dvd release?!? I’m not going to ask when or what or how, I’m only stating the fact that I am already anxiously awaiting it’s release so as to savor every moment again!

    And FEd, f*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke … a little saying we have in these parts!

    Washington State

  186. [David’s hard at work trying to single-handedly combat world poverty at the moment. Finding cures for all known diseases is also keeping him busy, so condemning sectarian violence and international terrorism is perhaps asking a bit much at this time. I’m sure he’ll add it to the long list of problems he’s expected to fix with his voice and guitar, though. Watch this space. – Features Editor]

    Do I sense just a tad of sarcasm in this one??


    [I know it’s the lowest form of wit, but it feels so damn good. – Features Editor]

  187. the best for me was definitly Echoes and really the whole set list in general to. when i first saw the setlist i was so suprised at how long it was and it was a great song selection to. i really wanted to see the whole album live and i did and it was great.

    also the whole lazer light show was simply amazing. another great moment was David Crosby and Graham Nash as special guest.

    Allthough it was nice seeing David on Jay Leno, the guitar solos on “On An Island” were a lot shorter then in concert and we had to go online to see “Wish You Were Here”. i would imagine that David was put on a strict time schedule and i definitly think Jay Leno should have gave more air time for such a good performer.

    the worst moment for me was being broke and having to buy the cheapest tickets available and only to 1 show (april 5th). luckily i was at a very nice venue and the cheapest seats were still very good ones.

    i dont think i will ever see a concert that good again unless i get to see David again and hes able to top this amazing tour.

  188. David not coming to Nashville, TN being on my worst list…

    The David Bowie guesting and Setlist being my best list.

  189. [No Gdansk footage on the DVD? Where did you hear that? – Features Editor]

    So it’s official…, it’s now a Box set.

    RAH, Venice, Gdansk, Mermaid, Abbey Road and every other venue.

    Can I place my order on here? ;0)

  190. Ciao,

    I forgot worst moments: worst moments…errr, I don’t remember now, really …who cares. All this it’s like a love story. time passes and only the good moments remain in you. (After all, deep inside I try always to be positive :-).

    And to

    John(not from florida): thanks, I do agree with you as you can see. It’s been a far out trip-

    MARCUS BUICK: you are too kind Marcus, thanks.But I have been heavy at times (and probably will be again, unfortunately. It’s my character). Let’s go on sharing our thoughts…. 🙂


  191. Hey there, just a quick suggestion which I don’t think has been mentioned before sorry if it has.

    Couldn’t we have a poll/enty about our favourite picture from the tour and an entry saying thanks to Polly? I mean she has done an awful lot and it only seems fair.

    Have a nice day- it’s my last monday before returning back to the wonderful british education system, go me!

    [It’s on the list, trust me. – Features Editor]

  192. [Sorry, sorry… Some pages are just not suitable for an official site to endorse, so we cannot link to this one. – Features Editor]

    Yes, I perfectly understand, it was a fan’s review, no problem.

    However, I simply want you to notice than fan’s reviews can be more interesting, constructive , passionate, and based on solid knowledge than some other ones, published on official magazines which can be sometimes – how do you say ?- … bullshit (?). I have at least in mind three examples, an US one, an english one and a french one…

    But I understand you, it’s ok for me.


    [They most certainly can be much more interesting, not to mention honest, passionate and free from all the fickle media bullshit that makes you want to puke at times. I couldn’t agree more. Yet when they’re written to make money per reader vote, it just wouldn’t be right for us to direct people there in large numbers. – Features Editor]

  193. My favourite moment was when Nick Mason joined David, Rick and Co. at RAH London. Was just like the old days…

    My worst moment was the concert ended and I realised this may be the last time I see them together live.

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