'Take A Breath'



The winner is… Marcus Buick.

Well done, Marcus! Please let us know where we should send your prize.

It’s competition time again and the next ‘On An Island’ track for you to scrutinise is ‘Take A Breath’.

As before, the rules are simple.

We want just three words that pop into your head whenever you play ‘Take A Breath’. It doesn’t matter what those words are. All that matters is that they are individual words that can be found in any good English language dictionary (no sentences) and that you submit no more than three of them.

For example, you could have rocking, echo or drown – it’s up to you.

The first name to be selected at random from a list, raffle-style, will win a prize. If you happen to guess all three of my words, you will be entered into the draw three times and will obviously have a greater chance of winning.

So get both ‘On An Island’ and your thinking caps on – and good luck.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

240 thoughts on “'Take A Breath'”

  1. Liberalizing

    CAPTION: David tries out for george lucas’ new light saber classic ” Darkside of the death star ”

    CAPTION : “Psssst Guy it was only the intro to shine on not the whole piece relax with the harmonics I can’t breath.”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. Happy Wednesday,

    F**k me a competition that I can actually enter. I either didnt log on that day, on holiday or missed it for countless other reasons:


    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Fed, can you tell all the clubs, that are in the same group as Liverpool, that they are allowed to score.

    [I did remind Liverpool that they are allowed to score a goal or two several times last night, using all sorts of imaginative language. Shouting at the television probably doesn’t help, though. – Features Editor]

  3. bustling

    Sorry for this, but it’s my least-favourite track at all… It marked on all shows i attented the time to bring back empty mugs and take a break…

  4. Take a Breath is playing in the background and…

    1. Threatening
    2. Pulsating
    3. Unrefined

  5. Caption Competition

    The guys didn’t quite get their colouring right with their tribute to the Blue Man Group…

  6. Alright mate hope your having a better day today and all are behaving for you , dont know what happened ,dont want to but come on out there my fellow irregulars rules are rules,and there are always consequences,we are not children,Fed gives and he can take away,what ever went on remember the word respect guys

    the barn sounds interesting hope i can come to the party in the chat room

    see ya mate and keep smiling

  7. Off Topic.

    i brought the P.U.L.S.E DVD into work to view a bit at lunch time, a collegue of mine said

    “whats that you got there then Graham”

    Oh its the Pink Floyd DVD i was going to have a quick look”

    “can I have a…butchers”

    He took the pamphlet out of the DVD & had a look
    & what followed is the truth. He was looking at pictures of the band & said in all seriousness

    “which one is Pink”

    i did not know if i should laugh,cry or just hit him. He is bigger than me so i just retrieved it instead.

  8. D esperation
    J ubilation
    G alliant

    (notice the initials F*Ed?)

    [Very good. – Features Editor]

  9. strength

    This was a little tough, but the song brings these things to my mind.


  10. Happy Wednesday,

    And this is my first ever caption competiton (and maybe the last).

    ”We look nothing like The Shadows”

    Well it did it for me when it popped into the head.

    Pete – Coventry

  11. Three Words?


    Haven’t done these comps so don’t know if I’m doing the right thing.

    x x x

    [That’s fine, Dom. Thanks for playing along. – Features Editor]

  12. [PS: Fed, can you tell all the clubs, that are in the same group as Liverpool, that they are allowed to score]

    Hey give us a break it’s a long time since April

    Draw the away, win the home happy enough so I am.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    p.s. that yellow strip did bring back some great 80’s euro nights ah the memories.

  13. [And this is my first ever caption competiton (and maybe the last). ”We look nothing like The Shadows” Well it did it for me when it popped into the head. – Posted by: Peter at September 13, 2006 03:49 PM]

    Thats not bad at all Pete
    lol Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  14. -hypnotising

    Too bad Liverpool didnt win, though they seemed a bit “scared” at times…..

  15. Wow only 3 words. Certainly limiting the chances but here are mine:


    FE’d if someone submitted Rock ‘N Roll would you consider that as one word or would you disqualify that? Or am I straining your brain? Just curious.

    BTW, off topic but I did get to see RW with special guest Nick Mason last night in NYC. A very passionate show and it was wonderful to see the two of them together. Mason certainly adds a lot to the drumming for DSOTM. But now I can definitively say that this year I saw the whole PF band even if they weren’t together on one stage.

    [Glad that you enjoyed it, Andrew. “Rock ‘N Roll” wouldn’t count, by the way. – Features Editor]

  16. Hello, everyone

    Peter- your caption was no worse than most of mine are. For example…

    Caption- “There’s one in the spotlight, he don’t look right to me…”

    It’s my understanding that Take a Breath was written for David’s kids as they grow up and venture out on their own. F.Ed, do you know if this is true?

    Have a great day, all


    [I don’t, but I do vaguely recall David saying something along those lines. – Features Editor]

  17. CAPTION:

    Guy felt a brief moment of panic as the FEd swung the naughty-in-the-chatroom spotlight in his direction….

  18. 1. suffocating
    2. provocative
    3. surpressed

    these words make the song sound awful, of course it is anything but!

  19. My 3 words are


    Which is what i do when listening to this song, not to mention the whole album, cheers mate

  20. My words are…


    Finally have Internet access from home…yippee !

    Have a lovely evening.


  21. smell

    as in “wake up and…”

    If this song isn’t a reality check, I dunno what is… but it’s one of my favs on the album… the slide solo and then the end solo just ROCK!


  22. Hello to everybody

    Finally a coucours, I like that, good chance in all but I would really like winning.

    Here are my three words in which me made to feel this beautiful song.


    Thank you good day
    Sylvie from Quebec

  23. My three words to describe Take A Breath are


    Washington State

  24. [It sure is. – Features Editor]

    thanks for answering my question yesterday fet ed . dick parry is looking well . i am sorry you had such a bad day yesterday . i hope it is getting better .

    peace love and loud guitars

  25. Guidance

    I hope David is enjoying a more normal pace to his family life since the close of the tour, and though I know its selfish of me, I hope he is moved to create and tour again soon.

    I hope your doing well Fed.

    All the best

  26. Sweet

    This song is the best. When I saw it played live I wanted a mosh pit. LOL

    Nice captions by the way!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  27. hello FED and FANS hello Rudders!

    here we go:

    1) air;
    2) sensation;
    3) ghost.

    Good evening mates!

  28. Fed, I just wanted to say that last night I was watching TV. When I started laughing thinking about David’s party and how you told David he would be great at playing the spoons. I started wondering what he must of said or did David get out the spoons. That was great,Fed. It was funny. What we might say after a few drinks.

    Take Care,

    [There were no spoons nearby, unfortunately. I like to think that, on the brown-nose meter, other remarks have ranked higher. I sincerely hope so, anyway. – Features Editor]

  29. Song Take a Breath describes our willingness to prepare for independence which can be very difficult project for a child who is even forced to leave the parents, because I think that the society of global capitalism is very cruel to every one today, especially for child that wants to liberate itself from family.

    But all is possible, we can survive somehow. We don’t need to be too pesimistic although “life devalues day by day” as David Gilmour has said in a song he played in Gdansk.

    WORDS: Willingness, stuborness, independence, project, parents, global capitalism, liberation, family. This are words that I can derive from the song Take a Breath.

    Dear David Gilmour,

    I think you can write great lyrics. Song Sorrow is perfect example of your very good poem. Just think deeply and try to express your feelings. You can say a lot, a lot, I can feel this. I have problems finding words too, but we must continue, we must fight for freedom of our expression.

    Medard Kržišnik, Slovenia, Ljubljana, attended on concert in Clam, Austria. What a magnificient concert was this.

    Best wishes to Mr. David Gilmour

  30. having seen this at the clyde auditorium in glasgow these are my three words(amazing live by the way)


  31. Pulsating


    PS – 2nd surgery went well, thanks for all the kind thoughts and wishes all.

  32. Sorry about this.

    Lapse (as in Momentary)

    It’s not my favourite ….

  33. I just wish David would come to Dallas, Texas. It’s a shame that after 30 years of being a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd fan, I have never offically met David. I have his autographed letter, CD, and photo with Nick Mason and Richard Wright, but we never met face-to-face.

    This is one of my life’s dreams, to be sitting in same room with David Gilmour. It would be an honor for me after living with cerebral palsy for 38 years. I hope my dream will come true one day

    Joe Rivas

  34. passion

    I will never be able to explain the pure emotional energy I feel with every note on that guitar…

    Thank You Dave for the vision, the emotion, and the flight

  35. Razorlike

    (and my Favourite track Live on the tour, still get shivers when I relive it in my memory)

  36. Set off so many thoughts and emotions with this one F*Ed. V. difficult to nail in 3!


    Ps. Stevie G looked v tired last night

    [It certainly was good to be able to rest him for most of the game. – Features Editor]

  37. One of David’s former colleagues could only wish he could write such a great song.


    Caption… “So this is what standing on Cloud 9 feels like”

  38. Could get banned in an evening! Your fault for triggering this!


    Certainly takes the mind off Wyc Wanderers! Should play this track in the dressing room!

    [I’m only considering your first three words, by the way, but keep guessing. – Features Editor]

  39. Do not post too often so please indulge this sudden outburst!


    Mmmmm bordering on deep(Sad to admit it was the Mrs, not me!)

  40. Take a breath coz it could be the last…..for tonight!

    The track portrays a possible;


    PC going off for the night now F*ed! Wish could shut the brain off as easily!

    Thanks for a restless night!

    Sleep tight all DG fans on GMT

  41. I was going to put my three words as Dogs Of War, but it’s too cheeky and doesn’t show any appreciation for the song. Amused me for a moment though 🙂



  42. Fierce
    Umph…(is that a word?! The sound of large impact…lol)

    btw – Anyone see the Man Utd/Celtic game? A great match! We (Man Utd) have had a great start to the season so far. Who needs Ruud Van Nistelrooy when you’ve got the baby faced assasin!

    Peace. David.

  43. Caption: During an inspired performance of “This Heaven” Guy suddenly realizes they’re on Cloud 9.

    Finally got my remasters. Well worth the wait. Nice reference to Astronomy Domine, Riccardo. The chords are similar to “Take a Breath. ; ^{D>

    My 3:

    1: Reverberating
    2: Indelible
    3: Cerebral

  44. Always

    It’s been a while since my last blog. But I read here still 🙂

    Bob in Victoria, BC, Canada

  45. Mine are. 1) Energetic 2) Survival 3) Orchestration.

    Side note: There’s a new 300 page book called Rough Guides featuring a bio of the Floyd. Should be a good read.

  46. Wind

    But I wish to win just if the prize is the sellotape the world…or a photo of David’s band in an elegant frame to put on my office desk, between my cup and the pen holder of the tv serie O.C. that my ex colleague built for me with his sweet hands. So, FEd, you should build the elegant frame with your sweet hands too! You don’t want be worse than my ex colleague, right?


    [Will a frame built from Lego do? – Features Editor]

  47. [Will a frame built from Lego do? – Features Editor]

    Perfect! I’m sure it will be wonderful…but I want also one of the little Lego’s man who sit on the highest part of the frame, with his wonderful fake, plastic hair! So, can I cheat and put other 3 words, so I have more opportunity to win? 😉

    “Rollin’ and Tumblin'”, for example… Are you thinking one of these words? Because the others words pop into my head are “Tip toeing around”…but I’m sure no one of these words pop into your head!

    Have a great day


    [The same to you, mate. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  48. Rhys wrote:


    LMAO! And Rhys wins the Ford Tippex.

    By the way, why did you throw the toilet out of the window when you know I’ve got a runny bottom?


  49. pulsing


    Fed, hope you do well against Chelsea and we’ll try to beat Arsenal at the weekend!

    [Thanks. We can’t let them win the League again this year. – Features Editor]

  50. Chatroom tonight at 8 – it’s Spurs v. Slavia Prague tonight (back in Europe….oh yeah!). Will be glued to the tv willing my (injured) team on and not sure if I’ll make it. The last few times have been great 🙂


  51. […to put on my office desk, between my cup and …- Lucia]

    Bah…Lucia, you’re breaking my heart !!!


  52. Michèle, do you ask me to put a photo of you in the place of the cup? It’s ok! Send me a photo of you and a frame with seashells and the cup’s place is your! I won’t break your heart: if i win, the frame of Lego will be yours! We have a deal: sellotape for me, frame of Lego for you!

    uhmm..I feel really lucky!



  53. Hi Fed and all just wanted to lt you know that i put my 3 words into the competition but i wanted to say to you if by some miracle i do win could you make the draw again as i think i have won enough this year

    sorry mate you must think im greedy putting my name forward for another competion but i meant to sy at the time my enrtry was just for fun i had no inention of entering the comp sorry for messing you about mate

    see ya later mate hopefully in the chat room if the wife will give me an hour off, cheers mate

    [I think it’s wonderful just how many people have entered this competition and said that it’s just for fun, because they already won something and don’t expect another prize. That’s really decent of you all. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  54. Wow! I was visiting the gallery and the photos from Gdansk are great! The huge screens have been a wonderful idea. I like them a lot…but the photos from Venice are the most incredible, because Piazza San Marco is an unconquerable location. Do you know someone important (I can’t remember who) have called it “the parlour of the world”? A perfect definition!


  55. [uhmm..I feel really lucky! – Lucia]

    Me, too…

    Hi, Hello, Ciao, Au revoir,….Lucia !

    Cheers, Fed !


  56. If someone wanted to suggest bringing a popular moderator, very quickly to a discussion on the afterlife what would they say?

    Take a F*Ed, take a deep F*Ed now…

    [Very good, but since when have I been popular? – Features Editor]

  57. dave

    it’s one of the best songs i’ve heard in years.

    btw fed, you are very popular. you know we love you.

    [Oh, bless you. – Features Editor]

  58. I really like this one Fed!


    I don’t think there’s a way to explain a song with these three words… it’s a great song… even better live!

    Shine on my friends!

  59. stomping (like Guy Pratt playing the bassline)
    wailing (like DGs guitar in the end break)
    Blinding (like the lights on the tour)

    Without doubt my favorite off the album.

  60. Fedmeister…

    Remember what Oscar Wilde said about popularity… “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”

    He also said “Everything popular is wrong” which is a contradiction in my view…

    [I never could agree with that first one, but it has a nice ring to it. – Features Editor]

  61. I know I had my go but hey what the heck.


    1. comes
    2. alive
    3. live

    Probably the best example of a solo piece David has done that transforms when played live . It’s breathtaking to pardon the pun when played live.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  62. Hi FEd and all friends,

    I’ve already put in my three words for Take A Breath, but I’d like to give you three words that I feel are appropriate on another issue —


    Peace, Love and Understanding!
    Washington State

  63. Sundry responses

    Looking at my 3 words compared to everyone elses there is no danger of me entering the competition to win!! Talk about a lone voice.

    Lucia, would it have been Napoleon who called St Marks the “Parlour of the World”

    And F’ed – YOU ARE MR POPULAR (well here at least) – so don’t be glum.

    By the way I’m currently in Haute Provence on a few days break but the wonders of wi-fi triumph again.

    (crappy weather though)

  64. track

    this is my best track on the album, if Mr Mason was on drums it would be PINK FLOYD

  65. Is it just me or is anyone else suffering from Post Gilmour Syndrome?

    Since returing from Venice (twice) and Gdansk, I can barely get through the days. I realised I had a problem when during a visit to the gents at work, I found myself in a cubicle, playing an air-slide guitar version of High Hopes. Basically, I was left so mesmerised by the solo at the end of Numb in Poland, that I have yet to recover and may have to seek professional help.

    I have also found it impossible to decorate my flat, which consists of just 4 rooms, in the weeks since returning from the tour and find myself roaming B&Q looking for skirting board to double up as a Fender Strat (mind the splinters!)

    Am I the only one???

    For the love of God, please confirm that a Live CD will be released alongside the DVD!!


    ps – Joe Rivas’ blog very touching. Hope the dream comes true Joe

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