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I’ve been dedicating a blog entry to each of the musicians and main players in David’s touring party, and today it’s the turn of Robert Wyatt, founder member of Soft Machine.

Fans of David should be particularly grateful to Robert, for as curator of the 2001 Meltdown music festival, he coaxed David into performing at London’s Royal Festival Hall. The success of that critically-acclaimed semi-acoustic show spawned similar concerts in both London and Paris the following year. The tremendous success of these shows surely played a part in the ‘On An Island’ tour.

So please feel free to leave a message for Robert if you’d like to, or perhaps tell others a little about Robert’s music, if you’ve followed his career or seen him in concert.

Thanks to everyone who told us which of Polly’s photos are their favourites. You can vote on which you like best of all, from a shortlist of ten, with our latest poll (coming later today).

Thanks also to all who popped into the chatroom this morning. It was really nice chatting with you.

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Author: FEd

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70 thoughts on “Robert Wyatt”

  1. Mr. Wyatt,

    Thanks for including David in your concerts. I don’t know your music very well, but I must say your trumpet playing is excellent. You have a beautiful sound.


    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  2. Robert lit the fire that Polly and El Magnifico fanned into an inferno!

    For those of you who don’t know Robert’s background here are a few points:

    – He was the first drummer of the Soft Machine (SM)
    – SM made their first appearance in 1966 and played a lot of the same concerts as PF especially the UFO club
    – Robert sang lead vocals and performed on Nick Mason’s album “Fictitous Sports”
    – Robert played drums on some of the tracks on Syd’s “Madcap Laughs”
    – Robert has released 15 solo albums and four with SM

    Hope this gives some background to an incredubly talented man…

  3. Amassive thanks to Mr Wyatt for getting David back out there, through Davids Pink floyds music i found your Music ie:soft machine this also led to me watching a documentary on you

    you are a facinating man with vast musical talent and you are a massive influence to artists out there as i often see you getting a name check by newer bands artists

    thanks for the meltdown concerts in particular Davids version of Shine on….,one of the best me thinks

    lastly it was such a thrill to see you on stage at the RAH your friendship with David is obvious


  4. Thanks Robert for Meltdown and your contribution on Then I Close… Maybe you can convince David and crew for an encore somewhere. He’s taken too much time off. LOL.

  5. Hi Rob

    I didn’t know you or your music until meltdown, I watched your documentry on TV and again this world is not such a bad place with blessings from abstract thinkers and realist like yourself and also David

    Regards for the future, and hopfully more projects to come

  6. Robert,

    Glad to have ya aboard and thank you for all your legendary contributions to the music industry as well as to “On An Island”.

    Your pioneering and imaginative influence can be seen and heard in many bands that followed the inspirational and insightful path that you blazed.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…”I’m a believer” 🙂

    It’s an honor to be able to “speak” with you…


  7. hi

    i appreciate Robert Wyatt a lot. like u said, the last Dave dvd is wonderful and the Robert playing is awesome, he is a great artist, he can do much more than what we can see in these concerts, he is simply a amazing and so rare artist.

    By the way , we talk about the 1st dvd, there Michael Kamen was playing too. i think we could have a though for the artist that Michael was.

    Everything seems to be pink and great, but Michael and Syd miss us a lot.

    take care fed

  8. Robert Wyatt has been a great favorite since my friends and I discovered the music of the Soft Machine around 1970. So, many thanks to him for his unique contribution to music, on his own records (including the wonderful Rock Bottom) and those of others, including David Gilmour’s.

    It was interesting to read of the “rivalry” between Soft Machine and Pink Floyd in the early underground days. It is nice that the connection continues into the present day. I hope that Robert and David get a chance to make some more music together in the future.

  9. ROBERT:

    Thanks for being part of the shipbuilding process that saw the SS Gilmour set sail with a fine crew.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  10. CAPTION:

    Couch, Cough, spurt , cough swallow. ” Guys I found the guitar pick , gonna take awhile though ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  11. Since I am 48 years old and love living in the past could someone ( perhaps Robert himself ) let me know what album I should pick up by the Soft Machine that would show them in their finest light?

    I am very intrigued by the whole late 60’s early 70’s psychedelic scene…thanks

  12. Robert we are in your debt.

    I found myself asking how Robert persuaded David to do the Meltdown show – well it was as simple as this apparently..

    “Robert Wyatt was the Meltdown Festival’s curator for 2001. He rang and invited me to play and my immediate answer was “yes”. While Robert was still on the phone, an idea came to me, God knows where from. I thought: just a double-bass, a cello and a small gospel choir. Then I put down the phone and started to panic…”

    No need to have panicked David, old chap.

    Marvellous things, ‘phones, don’t you think? I seem to remember one featured in the Live 8 thing as well.

  13. I’ve always loved Robert’s work as a song writer and vocalist. Songs like Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ are The Moon In June are two of my personal favorites and his version of Ship Building is simply beautiful.

    Also Robert Wyatt’s great vocals on Nick Mason’s Ficticious Sports are not to be ignored either.

    He is a unique and gifted musician who deserves to be heard and listened to repeatedly.

    Many thnks to Robert for his continued great work.

  14. first of all i have 3 different comments to make number 1 is for robert wayatt: thank you for getting our beloved guitar god back on stage . i only saw the concert on dvd and it rocked . i like your cornet playing on on an island too

    second comment for fet ed : thanks for the chat today it rocked . ( my chat name is island lady by the way ) i might see you tomrrow if i am not making a delivery of home brew into dublin city 🙂

    third is about a comment i read on the stuff and nonsense section of the site that was far from nonsense to me : “So the licence to wear whatever you like, get drunk in public, and indulge in an opinion (such as this one, for instance) on a public forum isn’t something handed out at will – it was won by a generation of activists with slightly loftier ideals struggling to break the hegemony and secrecy of repressive governments” how very true well said stuff and nonsense ed .


  15. This is so strange i am watching that dvd now an its strange because i put the dvd in before i cut the computer on wow!!

    Well Thank You Robert for talking David into doing this concert, i also watched the Dark Side Of The Moon dvd this morning its great everyone should have one it really gives alot of insite into there music, like to quote David Fricke its ( uplifting, compelling an bewitching ) great dvd.

    Another great dvd is the Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett story,great dvd to.

    Well back to David Gilmour in concert dvd robert done really well on comfortably numb. Also Dick Parry is a great sax player Wish You Were Here wouldnt be the same without that wonderful sax sound. Richard Wright had a new song at that time to that was really good to. Bob Geldof appearing to this is a great dvd if your a Pink Floyd fan this is a most have, an David is always great he can make that gituar sing, they all are truly great musicians.

    Thank You all for the great music over the last 40 years,we all wish it could continue wish Pink Floyd was playing in concert right now in my town but i know and understand why there not. They have give us music for a long time now its time for a rest bless all of you and i hope that you got everything you ever wanted from your time as a group playing and entertaining people like me i love you all and your music will live on forever in the hearts of alot of people an i means lots!!!!.

    This past year with David on tour was a dream come true i just knew that when i seen them in 1994 that would be my last time but bless David for doing this tour it was truly a blessing, I drove a long way and spent alot of Money but it was worth every cent,and i would do it agian if he would give us another chance but if not thats ok i

    Thank You for the time you have given us out of your life. You are truley a magicifent person your wife Polly as well

    Thank You for letting us all into your life in a way of speeking.

    THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!

  16. Hey FED this maybe a stupid question and i probably should know or could find out somewhere but 3pm UK time is what time is US easteren standard time if you dont mine me asking?

    Thank You
    clarice North Carolina

    [I do. Look it up. The link below should help. – Features Editor]

  17. M. Wyatt,

    I didn’t know you very much until the Meltdown concert in 2001 ( had just heard a few about ‘Rock bottom’ produced by N.Mason) and I have to confess that I bought your new release ‘Cuckooland’ in 2003 because I had heard that M.Gilmour played guitar on it…

    In fact, he plays guitar on only one single track (‘Forest’, I think), but I was very pleased to listen to your album because, although not easy to listen to, it seems to me so intriguing, so unique, a very fine work, which drives (?) us into another world with a so special athmosphere.

    I don’t feel competent enough to analyse it in a deeper way, sorry, but it’s an album far from any commercial production, and so it’s great.

    I even see a connection between the track ‘trickle down’ and David’s ‘then I closed my eyes’, not so surprising, I think…

    Je conclus en Français, sorry, je ne sais pas faire autrement pour dire que je pense M.Wyatt dans la mĂŞme ‘famille musicale’ et la mĂŞme inspiration par ex que Kate Bush avec son dernier opus ‘Aerial’ ou mĂŞme que R.Wright avec son ‘Broken China’, une ambiance si particulière, des oeuvres comme personne n’ose plus en faire, Ă  ne pas mettre entre les mains de n’importe qui…il faut savoir apprĂ©cier ces artistes rares et indĂ©pendants.

    Thank you, M.Wyatt, and of course, thank you M.Gilmour for having invited him in London in 2001 and 2006.

    Excuse me all of you, my bloggers friends and Fed, for the french language.


  18. I think Robert is a very undervalued part of the Gilmour regime, if you like.

    He is extremely talented not as just a musician but as a driving force behind SM.

    Fifteen solo albums….it says it all.

  19. Mr. Wyatt,

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your contributions to the art of making music.

    I know you must look back and feel a great sense of pride for all your acomplishments.

    Thank you as well for encouraging David get back out there and sing for us. He obviously has a great deal of respect for you and your professional opinions.

    Thank you for the role that you played in the OAI tour as well.

    Keep making beautiful music.
    Melissa (*_*)

  20. This is really great, For I was listening to Robert Wyatt and Soft Machine while waiting for the Chat room to open this morning.

    I really enjoy your music, Robert. But most of all I really thank you and your wife for keeping your land safe for the wild life to live on.

    I hope that you will keep writing and recording more great songs.

    Take Care, Thomas

  21. Caption: Taking a bet on whether or not he can play a triple high C, Robert blows as hard as he can but apparently no sound comes out. Meanwhile, all dogs within a 2 block radius go berserk.

    I have only had glimpses of Robert’s work (On OAI and David Gilmour In Concert). But from what I’ve seen and heard from these and the genuine praise on this blog (I’m sure Robert is not one to ‘blow his own horn’ so we’ll blow it for him) , I have to say that my interest has been perked.

    I always enjoy discovering “new” music from just about every genre. Not the usual fare relentlessly pummelling my eardrums to a finish on the air waves (I’m immune to my peers mindless conformity).

    I’m going to explore more of Mr. Wyatt’s work. Ăź ^] (sweeet).

  22. Mr. Wyatt,

    Thank you very much for all of your musical accomplishments. I am working my way to your music, but enjoy very much your work on On an Island and on Phil Manzanera’s “6 pm.”

  23. [FEd-that’s a description the main character in “out Of the Picture” uses. Should’ve used some of those “” things shouldn’t I? – Lorraine]

    [I spotted it, Lorraine. I can excuse you, but the others are clearly raging sex maniacs. – Features Editor]

    Eeeek. I see the mistake I made. Wrong book besides. Should have been “Out Of The Picture”. Boy is my face red…Sorry all.

    I will have to post for Mr. Wyatt properly later when can make sure I don’t mess it all up.

  24. Fine job on the history of Robert, Rudders. Robert an excellent job on Comfortably Numb on the Meltdown DVD, one of my all time favourite concert tracks.

    Speaking of tracks Robert also appears on Phil Manzanera’s 6pm album as does David.

    Thanks again Robert.


  25. I was taking another look at the pictures that Polly took(7-15,17,18). For some reason my nephews sent back some pictures taken while they were in Amsterdam. All they’re eye’s and smiles are alike.It must be that fresh air in Amsterdam. What do you think Fed.


    [Could be, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  26. I love your playing on On an Island, Robert.

    I started out playing coronet,and later switched to guitar: My Ambuture,I hope I spelled that right, was not designed for the instrument. It sounds like you are playing Flugal horn. Very warm and long notes. Very relaxing and tranquil fellings are felt When I hear your tone. Excelent playing!!


  27. Robert, i’ve been trying to reach you so you can sing on one of my recordings 🙂 it actually would be a dream come true,though i’m in NJ USA, i still can’t get enough of your amazing talents..i love all of your work…your singing style is one of a kind,your instrument playing is superb, your songs are so unique…so glad you lit a small fire under David’tush so he could bring us his extrodinary talents both are amazing..thanks you so much for your constant efforts to bring the world such fantastic music…

    by the way Robert, when is your next album coming?

    cheers Alex

  28. Hi FEd and my Irregular family!

    I think that this photo of Robert is particularly nice, by the way.

    I must admit to having no knowledge of Robert Wyatt or his music prior to my acquiring the Meltdown dvd, but really do appreciate him, his energy, the musical contributions to David’s album, and thank him for providing the forum (Meltdown) that resulted in David’s return to performing! Getting to know more about Robert and his music is high on my list of things to do!

    I didn’t find the time to puruse the myriad wonderful photos in the Gallery, but it goes without saying that Polly is a talented photographer, not to mention that she has the good fortune to have so many people, places and colorful things to shoot! My personal favorite is the ‘Stan Laurel’ shot of David with that Cheshire-cat grin and that sparkle in his eyes … really nice.

    I found it very low-brow that some people found it necessary to bring up that ‘musician’s wife’ bullshit. Polly Samson was a great collaborator with David on Division Bell (pre Mrs. Gilmour), and has certainly proved to be a valuable contributor to On An Island.

    Both David and Polly appear to be extremely happy in their relationship with each other and their children. I would imagine that David is happy to be able to experience more of his younger children’s growing up after having spent so much time on the road when his first four children were young. I say ‘more power to them’!!

    That’s all for now. Everyone out there, take care!

    Washington State

  29. Mr. Wyatt

    Thank you for your contribution(s) to the music industry and foremost to the making of On an island with David & Polly along with the other multitalented artists.

  30. Thank you Robert for sparking it off at the Meltdown and for your contributions to OAI.

    Best regards,

  31. Sir,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    p.s. damn the time difference! I keep missing the chat sessions. Fed..cant you have yourself replicated??

    [No, one FEd is enough. – Features Editor]

  32. Happy Wednesday,

    Along with Pink Floyd, The Soft Machine remain as one of my favorite ever bands. I never get tired of listening to them. In particular the recent glut of live albums as each one brings something special.

    As a drummer Robert Wyatt, in particular on stage where he and the rest of SM could improvise, was awesome.

    Nowadays primarily as a writer you continue to turn out some beautifully crafted songs. Recent albums like ‘Dondestan’ and ‘Shleep’ bear testament to that.

    As a person you are inspirational. An example of this was when I read a quote of yours, at least 20 years ago, that has stayed with me ever since. It was:

    They say ‘noting rhymes with orange’. I say it rhymes with muffin.

    For me at least it really hit the spot.

    Finally I would like to share a true story.

    Soft Machine were due to play a ‘top gear’ session at the BBC for John Peel. One of the tunes on their set was ‘Moon in June’ from the album 3rd. While waiting for their slot Robert totally re-wrote the lyrics to this tune so that they fitted the occasion and then went on and performed it. The end result was astonishing.

    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  33. Robert Wyatt distinctive creations within Soft Machine changed the world in the 60’s, 70’s and continue to do it, together with Pink Floyd, Yes, King Krimson, Roxy Music, and all the others we know.

    Seeing him together with David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera is just a great emotion.

    There will be always so much to learn from You guys, it’s a never ending adventure.

  34. Mr Wyatt,

    Can’t help but see a bit of Grizzly Adams in you. But I’m sure Grizzly Adams couldn’t blow a horn like you.

  35. I have spent a lifetime listening to early Soft Machine, to the Barrett albums, to Fictitious Sports, and now I listen to ‘OAI’ quite a lot. None of this music would be the same without the impressive contribution of Robert Wyatt, who seems to always have a new instrument to play or a new place to sing.

    When I first read (in this blog) that he had recorded with David Gilmour, I was thrilled. As someone wrote above, it is good to see tha the relationship between these old buddies endures.

    Robert, if you are reading, thanks. Even though I am younger than you, your lifetime of making music has been my lifetime of appreciating that music.

  36. Yeah I remember Mr. Robert in Live Concert DVD , he sang C.N. ? Am I right?

    I missed the chat, becasue I’ve been to school , but I think I will be able to pop in today!


  37. Hi Robert,

    I agree with Simon Emery, i too noticed at the RAH just how much fondness & respect David has for you & thats good enough for me.

    I have to be honest i just did n’t get Soft Machine at the time, some of my mates had Soft Machine LP’s (those funny big black CD’s my son calls them) i tried to understand but i dont think i was ready.

    Am i really going crazy, but did Soft Machine appear on TV broadcast during a Prom concert in the early 70’s


  38. Mr Wyatt,

    I loved your playing at the RAH in May past, a definite highlight of the concert for me. Keep nudging Mr Gilmour in the right direction for us will you??

    I hope to see you two again soon, and hopefully on the same stage! (along with the rest of the gang ofc!)

    I haven’t really heard much of Soft Machine, I hope to put this right sometime soon!

  39. Caption: ‘This bong is broke i tell ya’


    ‘bah lazy elves, I have to do QC and deliver all the presents?!?!?’

  40. First time I heard Robert Wyatt was on Cristina DonĂ ’s song ‘Goccia’,he played trumpet and vocals,it still makes me dream.Listen if you can,FEd,is on the Nido album.

    Love Wyatt’s work on ‘Then I close my eyes’,love ‘Rock bottom’,what can I say? One of the best musicians I’ve ever heard!


  41. Mr Wyatt, I have been a long time fan of Soft Machine, courtesy of my brother who turned me on to the music that has been a staple in my life. I have to listen every week.

    I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work on ‘When I Close My Eyes’ just makes me want to cry. It is so sweet and yet a little melancholy, which is what it makes it soo sweet ! Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you soon again.

    On another note, FED, I’m sorry that I haven’t been on in quite awhile. I have missed my daily fix of being on here. I have been going through a break-up with my sweetheart of twenty plus years and I have been “down in the dumps”. However, I am still plugging David’s new work to other friends and even making new friends courtesy of a shared denominator, David Gilmour.

    I have ‘OAI’ committed to heart and mind. ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ has new meaning for me now , considering what I have been going through. Mr. Gilmour is my therapist and he’s been helping me through a difficult time. Thanks, David.

    Well, enough is enough, the day’s begun and I have things to do. Love to you, FED. And to all the others as well. Sometime, I will have the time to begin posting some of the pictures of my Tour of Italy and The Eastern Mediterranean.

    BTW, I can’t wait to check out the new addition to the family of treats here, the chatroom. Well, ‘Where We Start’ is wrapping up and so am I . I’ll try and get back before the end of the week. Love to all !

    Cazart !

    [Keep your chin up, mate. – Features Editor]

  42. I was lucky enough to attend the RFH concert which was a very unique event. Thank you Mr. Wyatt for your contribution. If I remember correctly you sang on Comfortably Numb I like the trumpet playing.

    How about a Meltdown 2007?

  43. Okay, so I’ve had a few drinks due to a depressing day of revelations with the woman I’ve like to have non depressing communcations with, but it’s time like these I like to think about the things I most love and appreciate in life.

    And thinking to myself, in my drunken introspective manner, one of those things was the music of Pink Floyd and in pariticular Mr. Gilmour.

    I know this blog entry is dedicated to Mr. Wyatt, and I’ve love to give a shout out to him for motiviating a brilliant artist like Mr. Gilmour – and that I’ve briefly explored the backgrounds of Mr. Wyatt and loved what I’ve heard and at some point intend to delve deeper.

    But I also want to thank Mr Gilmour for providing and continuing to provide beautiful and motivating music. On An Island was one of the most beautiful and inspiring releases I’ve heard all year. While it did sadden me you weren’t able to visit the land downunder for whatever reason, i still feel that in a way i’ve been able to follow your recent journey and it’s been inspiring, and I want to thank you for being able to do this when many others would of given up. Kudos!

    Sorry if the drunk ramblings make no sense, but at least you know i’m not bullshittin.

  44. dear robert,

    you have done some great things in your career. not only with the soft machine, and helping out our friend roger barrett, but by coaxing mr. gilmour out of “retirement” and into action by inviting him to perform at your meltdown show. your contributions to on an island are stellar. then i close my eyes in one of my favorite tracks. keep it going mang. thank you.

  45. Ah I never checked the calander , I thought today was chat free and the next one was tomorrow at 13:oo gmt. Thats what I get for going straight to the blog tut tut.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [The next one’s Friday at 2PM (UK time). – Features Editor]

  46. Someone played me Echoes when I was 14 which made want to play guitar and start a band, the drummer of that band was an out and out Robert Wyatt fan and so I was introduced to Soft Machine, Matching Mole and Roberts solo albums and so became a fan myself.

    It was very exciting to hear David playing on Cuckooland and then hear Robert return the favour on OAI.

    Thank you Mr wyatt Sir! You are an inspiration and a reminder in a sometimes cruel world of how wonderful humans can be.


  47. Strange but true – just after I posted about Robert I got a text from the brother of that drummer who introduced me to Soft Machine saying that he’d just found an old box of tapes and was listening to Old Rottenhat and wasn’t it brilliant!

  48. I have never looked at pic 21:13. But after looking at the picture, I have to say it’s my # 1 pick. David and Richard are one of the best musicians that ever played music together. For there music is great. They are brothers in the music field and I hope that there friendship will last forever.

    Thanks Polly for a great picture.


  49. Hello everyone,

    I was late to post on Polly blog entry, but at least I’m happy that one of my 15 favorite Polly’s photos is on current blog.

    I wanted to say thank you Polly for all.

    I’ve just finished watching In Concert DVD. I always like this one very much and I would like to say thank you Robert.

    I also like yours trumpet on Then I Close My Eyes and it was even bigger privilege to be able to see you performing it in London at the end of May. And I missed you in Gdansk, I wasn’t prepared that the trumpet can be replaced saxophone.

    Off topic:

    David’s interview (the same as in Press, but longer) was broadcast in Polskie Radio with some David’s songs last Sunday. The show was ended with On An Island from Gdansk. What’s more important another 3 songs from Gdansk will be aired this week. It was not said which ones, but they are to last about 6 min each. They are scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:50 am CET or 7:50 UK time. (one song per day as far as I understand). If anyone interested go to Polskie Radio blog entry, where the internet links can be found.

    Thank you


    [Thanks for letting us know, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  50. Dear mr Wyatt,

    we all are lucky enough to enjoy your art and music.

    Many thanks for all contributions: today with David,just yesterday with your band and Syd too (do you remember the days of recording …?)and for tomorrow…many thanks for your bravery and wonderful,positive obstinacy.

    Rock on

  51. Happy Wednesday, (At least I have the correct day today)

    Went to see a singer/songwriter/guitarist called Terry Reid last night (anyone remember him?) and heard this great little story.

    Prior to his set he was mingling with the audience and this guy mentioned to him that he had seen him play in 1969 as support to Pink Floyd. Terry responded by saying that he remembered those times and how he loved the Pink Floyd and that he would pack his equipment up as quickly as possible so that he could join the audience and watch them.

    Pete – Coventry

  52. Robert,

    I was not familiar with you or your work until I saw the meltdown concert with David. Thank you for getting him involved in that project and for re-starting his interest in recording and performing. And thanks for your contributions to the OAI album and tour. great work!


  53. Simon…

    I know of a job opportunity that has recently opened up!

    Mr Blackwell has suddenly departed so get in there 🙂

  54. Re: People’s Choice Award

    Great idea Fed. I am so glad we can do this. You and everyone else here at, have made this a great place for his true fans. Thank you for helping make it possible. I know we give you lip service when we don’t get our way sometimes, but I think we all would agree that without the rules this site would be trash.

    Along those same lines, the other day I was checking out the website of another guitar favorite of mine, every time I clicked on something it sent me to “The Store” where there was tons of merchandise. I was really turned off so I didn’t even bother to look at the blog. I was surprised at how much I disaproved. David’s website has much more “CLASS” and it is clearly not about money.

    Thanks again to everyone who makes this site what it is.

    Oh yea the Barn was rockin Tuesday, we had lots of laughs, thanks for that too.


    [Many thanks for that, Melissa. I have to say that it wasn’t my idea to enter, but I’m sure that certain people will see this message and will subsequently swell with pride/self-satisfaction/smugness/whatever you want to call it. – Features Editor]

  55. Ciao FED! Ciao bloggers!

    Robert has been essential for psichedelic music, I would like to find some CD of Robert (like “Rock Bottom” that one of my friend told me that is a masterpiece) but I think that it is not easy in Italy.

    Good evening FED and friends (can you help me? I have a big problem….too much work…!)

    [Well, we’re closer to this coming weekend than we are the last, if that helps. – Features Editor]

  56. [Thanks for letting us know, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

    On Wednesday was Wish You Were Here. I’m was impressed by the quality of sound, can’t wait for Thursday

    BTW Dirk did a grest job FED a few minutes ago, I hope you were able to see it.


    [Yes, I did. It was nice to see them win for a change! – Features Editor]

  57. I`ve been listening to Robert`s music the past couple of nights, as I`ve never heard any of his music before. I have to admit listening to some tracks from `shleep`, it`s quite addictive. Maybe another fan in the making!

    I`m also starting to see why Robert is an important contributer to David`s work.

    Phil`s guitar on `Alien` is superb!

  58. [Good evening FED and friends (can you help me? I have a big problem….too much work…!]

    Yes, Claudio, I am glad to help and have made a detailed assessment of your problem. I can offer 3 solutions.

    A)Quit. Life’s too short.
    B)Work harder.
    C)Delegate and visit the blog.

    There you go. My invoice is in the post.

  59. Thanks Robert for getting David to do your MELTDOWN show and for your contribution to the new album.

    I’m digging deep here, but I happened to save a copy of the August 1992 MUSICIAN magazine. David was the cover story (this was the same interview they used in the SHINE ON boxset). In this magazine there is also a long and very interesting interview with Robert. I have no idea if it’s possible to dig that up somehow for those who might be interested.

  60. CAPTION:

    News Anchor 2: …., but Secretary Rice’s office could not be reached for further comment.

    News Anchor 1: And finally in the news this evening, Robert Wyatt’s heart-warming rendition of “Kumbaya” was voted ‘Best Music Blog Theme Song’ by the Academy of Random Accolades. Oddly, there was no acceptance speech from the mortified looking gentleman in Groucho Marx glasses receiving the honor…..

  61. Brilliant music from a brilliant and talented man!!! More!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard!!!” Enjoy!!!

  62. Dear Robert Wyatt,

    when I was young, I already felt that Soft Machine (in particular “III”)would have become a constant of my live. I have wide-ranging music interests, am open-minded to today’s music development (exchanging all sort of music with my 23 years old daughter), but SM III fully confirmed to be a time-resistant masterpiece. Likewise I appreciate your many other muscical creations, from Matching Mole to Cuckooland.

    Let’s have a “spritz” together when you come to Venice.

    Thank you for your outstanding music.

    Best wishes,
    Rolf Petri

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