Due to popular demand, today’s blog entry is a chance for you to let David’s wife, Polly, know that her contribution to David’s ‘On An Island’ album, tour – and not least, this website – has been so very much appreciated.

More people have written asking when we’ll devote a day to Polly than they did for any of the musicians, which is a testament to her huge influence.

Polly not only acted as lyricist on this album (as she did on Pink Floyd’s last, ‘The Division Bell’), but sang, played piano, took more tour photos than you could wave a big stick at (including the one above, from Venice) and, crucially, has kept David motivated from the start of the project right up to the present.

Indeed, Polly is a major reason why we have had this wonderful album and tour this year, so surely is deserved of our most sincere thanks.

A published novelist and writer of short stories, Polly has taken an active interest in this site since its inception, always keeping up to date on the blog and making suggestions for The Important Stuff.

Her greatest contribution to the site, however, is visually. You’ve been commenting on Polly’s photographs ever since our first Gallery. The Galleries section is now made up of some 475 pictures, almost all of them Polly’s.

On Monday, we’ll have a new poll where you can vote for your favourite photo. All pictures are numbered (the one shown above is the fourth in Gallery 22, for example), so please send us your choices. The ten most frequently mentioned photos will be included in our poll.

Polly, I know you’re incredibly modest and will find all this a bit silly. I just had to shut them up somehow…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

187 thoughts on “Polly”

  1. Polly- just wanted to say your encouragement of David has benefitted us all. Your contribution to the lyrics of TDB made it what I think is the best Pink Floyd album… “classic” PF lyrics, only fresh and positive. And OAI is just fantastic!

    And what can I say of your photos? Magnificent… I’m sure some will turn up on the DVD!

    All in all your contribution has been critical in the wonderful music we have been given. Thank you!

    And do give him a rest before you “gently prod” him (with a Big Pointy Stick???) to start the next project!


  2. Polly thank you for the imagery, both lyrical and visual. If you really are the engine that gets David making music, please have no consideration for him or his needs and keep that whip cracking!

    You two make a marvelous team.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. The explicit appearance of Mr Gilmour as an individual person is something I still have to get used to (43 now and hooked since my 14 or 15th). Imagine my surprise when I visited this site for the first time, and I read under the important stuff; “What David & Polly consider to be The Important Stuff”. Now he is bringing in the Mrs too I thought. Shortly after that I found out that she is actually Mrs Samson.

    It’s a she; I always assumed that the co-writer Samson was a guy. Knowing all that, it changes the perspective of the songs. In the sense that they become just that little less abstract. It made me digging in to the cd covers and booklets again, and one song is striking: Coming back to life. My cd booklet tells me “Gilmour” only… I don’t think so; I think these are Mrs Samson’s lines. Even if they are not, try to listen as if they were, it’s revealing.

    I think you gave and are giving us more than we know, working from behind these scenes. Thank you for that Mrs Samson.

    [David actually wrote that one for Polly, Ronny. – Features Editor]

  4. Great entry! I’m very happy to have the opportunity to write some lines to say what a great work Polly’s did and do behind the stage. To make David happy, first of all! And then lyrics, pictures…but I’d like to appreciate above all the Polly Samson writer.

    Polly, I have had the luck to read your books (thanks to the bloggers, who suggested me to read them) and I like them really much! Not only the stories, but in particolar your ability to describe human thoughts and feelings in a so real way, from the most scared though, to the simplest and sweetest. And I think is very difficult to speak about feeling without seems false or pathetic or without doing it in a confused way. But you did it in a perfect way! So, CONGRATULATIONS POLLY!

    And now, I’m waiting for the third book! So, now that the tour is finished, leave the camera and take the pen! …or the keybord…I presume she doesn’t write her books with the pen! Hey folks, read Polly’s book!


  5. “Now life devalues day by day
    As friends and neighbours turn away
    And there’s a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone”

    For this line alone you should be enshrined in the songwriters Hall of Fame and embraced by the fans of Bronte, Browning, Frost, Lord Byron, Poe, Shakespeare, Shelley, Wilde and of course, fans of David.

    Thanks for all your wonderful contributions, Polly.

  6. Dear Polly,

    It’s so hard to put into words how thankful I am to you for your influence. No doubt OAI wouldn’t exist without you and for that you have literally millions of grateful Gilmour fans!

    I have really loved your photos. What I particularly like are the open and candid nature of them – they’re touching and insightful and give fans like us insights that we wouldn’t normally get. I love G12#13 (David and Richard on the sunbed) exactly for that reason, as with many many more. They show the love/friendship/comraderie that exists between them and it rubs off on the viewer (not just DG and RW who have 30 years together, but the chemistry between all the band).

    Other real faves are:

    G19#17 (shot of David through blueish light)
    I just love this one…it’s all atmosphere with David as the focus, but not face on – a modest shot for a modest man doing incredible things.

    G6#10 (b&w shot of David looking down)
    This one I love for its simplicity and honesty. David’s hair isn’t perfect and he’s in the zone…

    G19#12 (David’s face/guitar at Clam)
    Again, honest and full-on – David proving that not only does he still have it, but that he has it more than anyone else. For me it’s one of those ‘not holding back’ shots.

    G7#2 (Richard silhouetted by spots)
    The master at work. Again a brilliantly simple shot that needs nothing more to convey Richard’s mastery. I love these black and white shots with interesting lighting – they’re perfect and convey a classic look.

    There are LOADS more but those are my stand-out favourites.

    Polly – you’re fab…thanks a million from me for it all.


    [G6#10… In the zone, doing the robot dance, you mean. – Features Editor]

  7. I think anyone who is familiar with On An Island and this web site will already be aware of Polly’s talent with words and images. However, having met Polly, briefly, at the Mermaid earlier this year all I can say is “Corrrr”. David is a lucky bastard!!! (In more ways than one).


  8. I would like to say thank you to this beautiful woman,surely the perfect inspiration for David’s work.

    For what I know you’re always at the gigs,it’s important to stay beside your man when he’s on tour,and I saw your shots,all great!

    I like your lyrics for David’s song,and for ‘Division bell’ too,the highlight for me is ‘The blue’.

    I think it’s a poem,not only a song,the way you talk to the sea is deep and simple at the same time(last night I wrote that in the chatroom…),is breath-taking for me.And the piano,too!good work of mesmerizing fingers…

    I wish all the best for you and David,keep on writing and let us dream.


  9. Happy Friday,

    I just wanted to say that I have always tended to think that Polly has given, and has continued to give, David great stability in what appeared to be a turbulent time for him up until the time that they met.

    Pete – Coventry

  10. i really enjoyed nickster’s post, as someone who appreciates taking time to look at a photo.

    favourites for me are the early black and white ones.

    g1#6 – the first one i remember seeing. ged lynch playing drums. great action-shot.

    g1#13 – david on saxophone. i knew he was learning, but to see him playing and then finding out through this blog that he’d be playing on the album and even on tour was great.

    g1#12 – david at abbey road with the orchestra. i’m perfectly straight, but i see the attraction.

    these pictures really psyched us up for the album and tour, didn’t they? thanks for that, polly. your pics worked great with the blog.

    another of my faves is g8#17. just how cool does dg look there?

    polly, for all that you’ve done, a big thank you. x

  11. Stunning, Beautiful, Enchanting…so are your pictures.

    *ducks away from David’s left cross*

  12. Thanks for this year, it’s been lovely having that sex god guitarist with the fleshy lips around again.

    [Dear me, you can tell it’s Friday, can’t you? – Features Editor]

  13. CAPTION: ” There’s that feckin pick, oh guy’s thunderbirds are go…..

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  14. Polly,

    Thank you for your influence and contributions to David’s work. I’ve really enjoyed your pictures on this site. They capture some great moments and treasures throughout the tour and album recording. (Not to mention they are great to put captions on :})

    Congrats, Polly on your accomplishments and thanks for sharing your talents with us.

    Caption- As the dry ice clears from the stage, Guy has yet to realize he is facing the wrong way…

    Have a good day,

  15. [Hope you can make it next time, Geoff (when we’ll be discussing a victory over Chelsea?). – Features Editor]

    Hmmmm something tells me we had that chat before ED ha ha ha

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I never learn… – Features Editor]

  16. i also wanted to say that, thanks to polly’s photos, we got to see how happy david seemed to be working on the album and later on tour. that a means a lot to a real fan.

    thanks polly.

  17. Its nice to know that both sides of the family let us “the punters” know more with infomation and pictures a lot more then say the record company who will only try to sell you a cd or dvd.

    Pete Townshend and his other half do the same on there blogs.


  18. Happy Friday,

    My 2nd ever caption competition…. (to be sung) ‘Rockin all over the world’

    Pete – Coventry

    [That reminds me… Did you see X Factor last week, Pete? It was the best (meaning worst) ever. Never did the corny term “side-splitting” ring so true. It was wonderfully dreadful. – Features Editor]

  19. As a lyricist myself I have to tell Polly I really appreciate her contributions. To be honest, I get really nervous when the wives start showing up in the band. I guess Yoko gave a taint to that concept and Linda M didn’t help matters much either.

    That said however….Polly is obviously a person with talent and some focus. Its great that she and David can create some beautiful things together and that they have shared it with all of us. So…thx…and please keep it going…..we never get tired of hearing more from David.

    P.S. I like the pics too.

    P.S.S I really, really like the home movies too.

    [Good point about the home movie from David’s 2002 DVD. You can see a snippet of that (from the ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ rehearsals) if you click below. – Features Editor]

  20. Loved Polly’s pictures, just wondered, from a fellow ‘snapper’ what kit she uses and what film and shutter speed as the pictures are so sharp.

    [All I can tell you is that it’s a Leica. – Features Editor]

  21. About time Fed,

    Well done Polly for the pictures apart from the blog/ i keep going back to the galleries to look at the fantastic pictures.

    One of favorites is the picture of the sunset outside the Royal Albert Hall because my missus were sat aproximately the same postion before we went in on the 29th before it got very windy any way. i cant seem to get into the galleries at the moment to tell you the number.(i wonder why!!)

    Enjoy being in the spotlight everybody enjoys a pat on the back from time to time & you deserve it.

    P.S. when you & David Go for a walk & he lights bonfires willy nilly do you ever get chased by irate farmers, & if you do who runs the fastest?

    best regards,

  22. Thank you Polly, for the wonderful pictures, the strong and moving lyrics, and for helping David and the others to keep bringing us new music. I truly appreciate your role in this magical, musical experience.


  23. [That reminds me… Did you see X Factor last week, Pete? It was the best (meaning worst) ever. Never did the corny term “side-splitting” ring so true. It was wonderfully dreadful. – Features Editor]

    Sorry Fed, missed it again. After football my brother in law and I went for beer and a curry.

    Thing is, it is getting close to the serious rounds (meaning crap) so not many more good bits to watch.

    Have a good weekend !!
    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Geoff (Dublin), did I ever mention that my lady is from Dublin…….Tolka Estate, Glasnevin.

    [You missed some absolute beauts. – Features Editor]

  24. Contratulations to Marcus! Last competion won an italian, today a fan of Radiohead…I feel so proud of my boys! GREAT!

    …FEd…too much “clique” in this post? Probably! Do what you want, I don’t mind if you delete it. HONESTLY!!!!

    Peace & Love again!


    [Don’t start with that old nonsense… It’s Friday! Give me a break. – Features Editor]

  25. Polly, thanks for all the wonderful photos. It got us all hyped up for concerts and gave us a glimpse at what we could expect. Along w/ this blog, it has really given us all a feeling of being closer to the band.

    I’ll never forget at the Leno gig, during OAI, I believe. David got this look in his eyes all of a sudden. I’m not the only one who saw/felt it. Angelo and I looked behind us to see what David was looking at . . and it was you.

    Keep writing, taking picture and most important, keep inspiring.


  26. It would be hard to imagine what sort of man Mr Gilmour would be without you Polly because I think your influence is a major factor in what shapes the man we see and love today.

    Everything that people have said is so very true and although convention isn’t really my thing I wish to say thank you too.

    Although we have never met you strike me as an awfully nice person.

    Enjoy your credit, it’s much deserved.

  27. Dear Polly,

    Excellent work on the album and the pictures. The pictures are great. When the blog first started the pictures were the things I most looked forward to. It brought anticipation to the album. Also being able to see David in a kind of behind the scenes. I don’t think there is really another musician that does this. (Correct me If I am wrong Fed)

    Thank You very much from the bottom of my heart.

    Fave Pics:

    – G2#2 David has a great smile on this one
    – G12#16 The Jay Leno show. I like this one because I was there I even caught a glimpse of you behind us in that tower. =]
    – G19#12 Shows a very unrehearsed moment I am sure
    and lastly
    – G19#11 I love that smile LOL

    I never write this much. But I know it is because it is dedicated to Polly. Thanks again

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  28. I won’t go on and on about how important Polly has been to the great work David has given us over the year. (I’d take up the blog space.. )

    But I would like to thank Polly for encouraging Guy to return to the bar the second night at Oakland sfter he missed us the first time. It was a great thrill to all of us there to meet and chat with Guy.

    So Polly, thanks for all you have done to make this such a memorable year.

  29. Sorry to not write words as sweet as my co-fellow blogers. I do not like the spotlight that is above Polly. I don’t like when the wife(or husband) of a musician hang on with the musician’s stuff. I’m against Yoko/Linda’s type of marriage. “Stay with your own game” they use to say in the NBA. Wise words.

    Yes, probably without Polly there would never be a “On an Island” and 2006 solo(?) tour. But i’m sure that without Polly there would be one or two Pink Floyd albums(and i’m not talking about Roger, i mean the Gilmour/Mason/Wright line up) and Tours.

    So, i’m sorry to say, i don’t have very much to thank to Polly. Not to mention that pics of the couple , hand in hand, on the album booklet and shots of her on the song videos are kitch, to say at least.

    Sorry but i do not believe on Polly’s ability to play Keys or sing. Don’t think it is necessary to her to do that on the album.

    Just wish that my post will be… post.for democratic reasons!


    [Although I should probably just delete your post because I feel it’s unfair, spiteful and incredibly ignorant (never mind the convenient “democratic reasons” that some of you profess to care about whenever you want free reign to be mean), I know I would get much greater pleasure from highlighting you as the bitter, Floyd-obsessed sourpuss you clearly are. There wouldn’t have been a studio album (‘The Division Bell’) in 1994, followed by a world tour, a live double album, a live triple LP, a live video or a live DVD (‘P.U.L.S.E’) if not for Polly. Many of the people writing here wouldn’t be fans of either Pink Floyd or David Gilmour today if not for Polly. With respect, I don’t see that Richard or Nick have brought very much to the Floyd table over the past 20 years and what they have brought is hardly enough to make “one or two Pink Floyd albums”. Dream on, pal. That’s said not to be smug, but it’s fact. Another fact is that Polly is a writer and writers do tend to write. Another is that both David and Polly are artists, so however they wish to create their art is entirely their business. However, the one fact that you really need to digest is that Pink Floyd is not a priority in David’s life right now, so please just accept it and stop looking for someone to blame just because you’re not getting endless nostalgia tours in big stadiums with lots of inflatable animals and pretty lasers. That’s pathetic. – Features Editor]

  30. Thank you Polly for sharing your photographs and for everything you do to support David.

    Please keep up the writing. I read ‘Out of the Picture’ a couple of months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

    Choosing favourite photographs is hard. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a bad photo of David!

    Some of my favourites are G3-18 (David scratching head), G19-11 (Munich), G19-18(David with crowd behind, Munich), G21-13 (David & Richard on sunbed)and G25-3 (Richard at Abbey Road)

  31. Polly from a humble Dubliner it’s seems you have brought love and tranquility into David’s life and long may it last , also your working partnership is very satisfying to listen to I can assure you .It seems you truly did make David come back to life and for that you are owed a big thank you from this man.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  32. [Don’t start with that old nonsense… It’s Friday! Give me a break. – Features Editor]

    It’s what I wanted to give you saying that you can delete any of my posts, if you think they are inapt! So, don’t start with this old nonsense about how much I worry about the rules. I’m not worried! And I don’t care if you post or delete my posts! I care only to give you trouble or if you start hating me…but this can’t happen because I’m too much sweet!

    For the third…or fourth…probably the last time, good week end!


    [You are too sweet by far. I hope you have a lovely weekend. – Features Editor]

  33. [PS: Geoff (Dublin), did I ever mention that my lady is from Dublin…….Tolka Estate, Glasnevin.]

    It’s about twenty minutes away from me I used to manage a bar in the area 15 years ago.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( dublin)

  34. i just managed to get & look at the Galleries & the picture i mentioned earlier was not taken by Polly!! im going as red as the sunset right now. Can i quote a certain Mr Whyatt right now?

    Of all the pictures i like, i have to specificly mention one not taken by Polly, maybe as it so difficult to choose….

    its no good is it Fed? im just digging the hole deeper for myself….i hope it made you smile anyway Polly & not offended.

    [I didn’t realise, so I’ll help you dig if you like. – Features Editor]

  35. I think Polly deserves alot of appreaction form all of us

    Thank you Polly for allowing your family to entertain us this year, im sure its hard to take a family on the road to tour like you and David have done this year, your lyrics, music and picture taking has been great, not to mention keeping up your own business,your books,and number one your children,you are a very strong and dedicated women good luck in everything you do.

    Young girls need a good role model these days an i believe you are a good one. Thank you again Polly for all of your dedication to David and the business hes in.

  36. Hye polly

    you must be an incredible person, as the saying goes. Behind every great man there has to be a great women. the happiness you give to david does definetly show through his music i wish you both all the happiness in the world the same you both give to us the fans.

  37. Tiago –

    In addition to FEd’s words – behind every great man is a great woman. Whether Polly is David’s muse, inspiration, co-writer, soulmate or companion makes no difference because ultimately it’s about David’s music. There are those who contribute to creative process, but I don’t hear you bitching at Richard or Phil (or anyone else) for their input. Any comparison with John and Yoko is misplaced imho.

    Artists are affected by all that surround them. They choose to create out of their experience. If you don’t appreciate that experience that’s fine, but you can’t have one without the other – i.e. if you like David Gilmour then this is where he is at artistically. I think in simple terms it’s known as happiness or contentment and I for one couldn’t be happier for him and Polly. That sense of happiness comes across in the music and I think that’s what everyone is raving about. If you want bittersweet and melancholic there’s YEARS of material out there. If you want beautiful and contemplative, thank Polly.


  38. I forgot one thing Polly your pictures are great im a professional photographer and would love to be in the position you have been for taking pictures , you would have to be a professional to really appreciate the pictures you have provided us with. Seeing your pictures puts us all backstage just as if we were there,THANK YOU.

  39. I’ve just read Tiago Freitas post. Poor FEd! What a hard job!

    But please, STOP posting all the silliness I’m telling you! My last post sounds so…flattering! And I don’t want be flattering! I thought you would have keep it for you! Or are you trying to spoil my reputation on the blog? 😉


    I want to see if you publish this one too!

    Bye…really, this time!

    [I’ll post anything, me. – Features Editor]


  41. My dear Tiago,

    There was really no need for that. If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.

    I imagine many of us were waiting for the predictable criticism of today’s blog entry, because it’s all so very nice and gushing. It’s not required to post unless you want to. Neither is it required to twist every little issue into a part of the wider (and tedious) Pink Floyd debate.

    Pink Floyd is no more.

    We’re thanking Polly for her undeniable contribution to the life and art of a man we respect. If you don’t like that, then why not ignore the blog for a few days?

    I myself do want to post.

    Thank you, Polly, for being a very important part in Pink Floyd’s history even if you didn’t intend to be so. Above all, thank you for making David happy. Unlike certain fans, David’s happiness is of more importance than my own, for David has already spread so much happiness.

  42. Lucia, Fed isn’t a dentist… Not that it stops him from straightening a few teeth now and then… All grist to the mill!!! He he he ha ha ha!!! ;^))

    Have fun over the weekend everyone!!! Jolly good show!!! Tally ho!!!

  43. Polly, I give you great praise in being not only a masterful co-writer and loving supporter of David’s musical endeavors, a keen photographer with a devastatingly sharp eye for physical drama, but more importantly a “muse” to his musical genius. This is nothing but praiseworthy and exhultory (contrary to that derogatory post a certain individual so carelessly posted above).

    Without such loving “muses” / partners / wives, we wouldn’t have the crucial inspiration for such classic masterpieces as “Jealous Guy”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Now and Then”, and of course “Coming Back to Life”

    ‘Nuff said,

  44. Ok! My reputation on the blog is gone! Now I have to change blog…uhm…..Radiohead’s blog is not bad, after all!

    I hate you!


    [You wouldn’t leave us… You know we’ve got you under our spell. – Features Editor]

  45. I want to hank Polly for the pictures, lyrics and inspiration she provides for David. May of the greatest artists throught the History of Time have had someone to inspire them, whether it was for reasons of good or bad. And the art that has been created from inspiration is the best out there, hands down.

    Just think of the countless artists, musicians, actors and everyday people who would be struggling in their daily lives without someone to inspire them. David is 60 years old and is still producing music for us to love, and Polly and her inspiration are a key part of this.

    I for one thank Polly for making me feel like I was visually at most of the shows. I have never seen many of these venues, and probably never will, but at least the photos she has taken and posted have allowed me to see places like Venice and Massey Hall and Abbey Studios.

    So thank you Polly and thank you FED. You are a great service to those of us who do not bring in a lot of income but can still feel connected to their inspirations!

    Have a great weekend,
    Matt in Maine

  46. I just can`t say with words how wonderfull are the songs written by you david and if were you who made him make those musics keep going hahaha

    I`m from Paraguay so excuse me for my ortography here there aren`t too many people who hear to david or pink floyd musics but I.. I`m a fan a can`t wake up without listen pink floyd and if is some because of you I really want to thank you…

    I know that is a dream but I hope that some day the band come to paraguay hahah it`s a nice dream wish you were here.. thank polly.. for all

  47. Thank you, Polly, for the huge contribution that you have made to the OAI project, and clearly, to David’s life.

    One thing that would be great, and would showcase your skill behind the camera lens, would be for a nice glossy book collecting together your wonderful photos from the recordings and the tour. The book could be sold to raise money for various charities, and after all, much of the hard work has of course been done already.

    I’m sure it’d fly off the shelves, and would be a great accompaniment to the tour DVD. 🙂

    Have a great weekend all.

  48. Dear Fed,

    you showed great restraint over Tiagos post. I hope everyone else will show such restraint and not respond as has been done in the past. The guy posted his feelings, which I think most of us disagree with. leave it at that and don’t qualify it with a bunch of reactionary posts.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  49. ‘Tiago Freitas’ anagrams to ‘A fair egotist.’

    That seems about right as most egotists think their opinion is always the correct one…

  50. Thank you Polly for all that you have contributed to the album, the tour and the Blog. I think that without you, we wouldn’t have had this wonderful year of excitement!


  51. Fed Wrote-

    “…just because you’re not getting endless nostalgia tours in big stadiums with lots of inflatable animals and pretty lasers. That’s pathetic. – Features Editor]”

    Absolutely. Tiago, why do people like you come here and try to piss in everyone’s Cheerios? The blog asked for people to tell Polly how she’s appreciated, first of all. If you don’t have anything appreciative to say , then SHUT the F*CK UP and don’t post anything.

    “Stay with your own game” they use to say in the NBA. Wise words.”

    Tiago, follow your own advice. Don’t come here trying to blame Polly for PF not making any more music. She’s not Yoko or Linda. Stay in your own game and don’t come here spouting off pointless rhetoric. You’ve got a serious case of cranialrectal syndrome that needs treatment.

    Sorry, Fed. I know I don’t have to defend Polly, I’m just not in a mood to tolerate ignorance today.

    Have a good wekend,

  52. I’ve just read Tiago’s comment.

    Great FEd,that showed us how much a person can be ignorant and stupid.

    I’m a musician,I know how much’s important for our work to find a nice woman that can understand us(at every level)…and if she write words for our songs,it’s wonderful.I wish I’ll find one like Polly one day,and I wish you too.

    The love,Tiago,this love that you can’t understand between Polly and David is something beautiful and you can’t say things like that.

    Read better the story of John and Yoko…Polly never closed David in a home,keeping him far from the guitar,or from his friends.

    FEd please,erase that comment


  53. Polly

    Love the lyrics and photos.

    Thanks for getting Gilmour motivated.

    Loved yours and the kids reaction at the end of Live 8, brilliant, we were all doing the same at home!

    David Duquemin (Guernsey)

  54. Hmmmm…. where to begin, I guess I’ll just keep it simple.

    Polly, THANK YOU so much for inspiring, and motivating one of our all time favoirte (if not THE favorite) musicians.

    Thank you for your brilliant words from The Division Bell all the way to On An Island. May you and David find continued happiness in your lives together, and most importantly for me thank you from the bottom of my heart for not letting David seclude himself completely. I know, the man deserves a break from his long career but, he is beloved the world over and we were all so esctatic that he came out to play for a while, so thanks again for that!!!!

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

  55. Polly looks very nice person, beautiful and kind.

    High Hopes is my favourite song among her co-writing in Pink Floyd and On An Island is next one.

    The photographs she took are great and some of them look professional!

    Thank you, Polly 🙂

  56. Oi Fed, whatcha got against inflatable animals and lasers then? But honestly, mate, can’t you delete that stupid post? Sort of feels weird now trying to say nice things about Polly’s piccies 🙂

  57. Dear Polly,

    What a privilige to be writing something to you and to be able to thank you for the work you have given us, and for stimulating your husband and supporting him.

    For me it was a very big and pleasant surprise i was able to attend the show David gave in Amsterdam, it was marvelous, but what made it even more special is realising you were standing a few feet away from me taking pictures during the encores. A moment i will cherish forever.

    So thank you, Polly, for all you have done for us fans, and will continue to do for us.

    Thank you too Fed, for this dedication day. sorry for nagging about it, but i think it was something many of us felt necessary!

    Wishing you all a very happy weekend (ill be working :=(( and may all your football clubs win!! Including mine for a change…..

  58. First off, hats off to Polly for all her contributions to the album and tour. As a writer myself, her lyrics are amazing.

    Secondly, just saw David’s old bandmate Roger Waters at Madison Square Garden and it was incredible. John Carin must be really overdosing on the Floyd stuff, between his yeoman service on David’s Tour and now on Roger’s Tour.

    2006 was a banner year for music for me and I think alot of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters fans. I hope David continues to tour and release new material. Maybe Polly can continue to motivate him

  59. Polly!

    The power behind the throne… 🙂 My fellow bloggers have said it all and I agree with them.

    Amongst other things you have given us a spectacular record of events with candid pictures giving us a “behind the mask” view of the tour and rehearsals…

    The list is below and my favourite is Gallery 8 picture 13 which is a distillation of DG at work! Black Strat, live on stage, black t’shirt and “that” facial expression as he crafts another soaring lead guitar solo…

    G1P1 – A happy man at ease with the world
    G3P18 – A candid picture…
    G4P16 – Guy just looks so innocent!
    G6P3 – A glimpse of Dick Parry
    G8P13 – My favourite
    G11P18 – The profile which is undoubtedly DG
    G17P1 – Thoroughly deserved applause for Richard
    G18P11 – Almost my favourite but not a Strat
    G19P2 – He can still rock with the best of them
    G24P11 – And the man can sing!

    P.S. Congratulations Marcus…

  60. It’s clear that the chemistry between you & David is personal AND professional. Thanks so much for all you’ve done, musically & visually, to make this album and tour a reality.

  61. sorry fed i missed the chat room again, you must lead a very interesting life as you said it would only be open when your bored

    [The scheduled times are the only times that you’ll find the chatroom open, Damian. If ever I’m really bored, maybe I’ll open it if the mood ever takes me, but I’ll let you know both here and on the calendar. – Features Editor]

  62. Polly,

    You are making so many people happy – so you must be wonderful.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

  63. Hey, Polly! I know I’m being so boring but, please, ask David to do some concerts in South America, specially in Brazil!!!

    Hey, FEd, how you’re going?

    [I was feeling better before I read your post, actually. Is that the only thing you’d like to say to Polly? That just seems a bit rude to me. – Features Editor]

  64. Polly, here’s to wishing we ALL had a muse such as yourself. (not to take away from your contributions) David is an incredibly lucky man!

  65. Tiago,

    Your concern for democracy in this blog is so, so, appreciated. (dripping w/sarcasm)

    I don’t know what a Tiago is, but I’m sure you are tops as far as interpersonal relationships go, male for female.

    I’m sorry, what a waste to go even further with this…

  66. Thanks Fed for this opportunity to thank Polly for all the effort over the last year, the photos are top quality they have given me the best screen savers i have ever had

    screen savers aside i have been a life long floyd fan and with all the amazing classic albums made by the Floyd Division Bell is truelly a stand out album and i am forever grateful for the contribution you made to that album

    many Floyd fans old and new that i have talked to believe that, so you should be rightly proud

    thanks for motivating David this year, its been one of the best years of my life just to see him live , if i never see him play again either solo or with Floyd this year has been trully memorable, so thanks for that

    please if you read this tell david he has given vast years to the Floyd enjoy the rest of your time with your family. forget the calls to get Floyd back its family what counts and you clearly have an awesome family, my wife is 5 months pregnant so family is even more important to me than ever

    once again thanks Polly for your input into Davids life OAI was the greatest

    Just one Question Polly if you dont mind when at Abbey Road that day you where taking Pics of the bands feet, Why? and for suggesting they finish with Echoes thanks even if it was a joke

    sorry Fed for the long one but i needed to say all this , have a good life Gilmours, who knows what the future holds bye.

  67. Hi Polly,

    I don’t know if you will read this but just in case you do I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your photographs, you have a very artistic eye.

    I have read both your books and while I must admit they are not really my chosen genre (I like Stephen King!) I still enjoyed them, they were very well written.

    Finally I don’t know if you’ve seen Al Gore’s film ‘An inconvienient truth’ it’s right up your street, Al Gore gives an excellent presentation about global warming.

  68. So many things to say to you, Polly, but I’m not so comfortable with words…

    So, only, I have a DEEP respect for you and David, for what you did (and do) for him and with him.

    Have for ever a wonderful family life, I think i’s the true life !

    And,please, keep on smiling, you both have so wonderful smiles…


  69. WOW ! Fed ! would I dare to tell you that, this time, I was delighted with your “hard” words to M.Tiago ?

    Have a super relaxing week end !


    [Thank you. Sometimes it just has to be said. – Features Editor]

  70. sorry for the length…

    “Polly, I know you’re incredibly modest and will find all this a bit silly. I just had to shut them up somehow…”

    Polly, I see the F’ed is pandering to “boss” again..Is this an all too common event?

    Polly: Let me add my thanks to you and wish the family ongoing health and happiness. After watching every tour since the early 80’s, I’ve come to the following realizations:

    1. David is one heck of guitarist
    2. David is appears very content and grounded (I suspect you are the vital force in this ongoing effort and I hope his recipricol efforts are half as effective)
    3. I’m getting older myself

    Now to the Nominees:

    -Best ‘Rock God’ In A Daytime Show-G#19-Pix#2
    -Best ‘Rock God” In A Night Show-G#22-Pix#10
    -Most Dramatic Use of Shadows-G#8-Pix#3
    -Most Unique Wine Tasting Technique-G#19-Pix#14
    -Best Black and White-G#1-Pix#12
    -Bravest publicity image since the showing of the the film “Live at Pompeii”-G#3-Pix#19 and finally,
    -Picture I most wish I was there for-G#3-Pix#4


  71. Haven’t posted in quite a while due to home/work pressures, but I just have to say that Polly is the greatest!

    I don’t know why anyone would equate her to Yoko, it isn’t the same. Besides, how does anyone really know what sort of influence Yoko had on Lennon? Some people just like the easy answers or want someone to blame.

    Anyway, I just want to say thanks to Polly for her writing with David and for being so supportive of him.

  72. Hey F’ed sorry for the double post but I just read Tiago’s comments. How about keeping this one in the back of your head for an upcoming poll?

    “Top 3 bloggers who deserve to be flogged”

    Have a great weekend!

  73. Hi Polly,

    Your visual and poetical work has certainly influenced mine over the years! Your stewardship of these God-given gifts is greatly appreciated, and I just want to say ‘thank you’.

    Blessings to you and yours….

    1 Peter 4:10

  74. scary

    Can I swim ashore now please?

    Totally brilliant and a million miles away from the airhead cr*p the pervades the airwaves. You, Polly and the rest of the band are to be applauded for going with your hearts and heads.

    Many thanks.

  75. Just a thought but would/has Polly give/given consideration to publishing a book of her tour photos. Or even limited edition prints,perhaps based on the top 10 (pop pickers) photos poll.

    However, having just spent some time looking at her photos, picking a favourite would be extremly difficult.

    FEd, thanks for the chatroom info.


  76. Thank you, Polly, for graciously sharing your husband with us through the pictures, the album, and the tour. You are, indeed, a fortunate lady, as are we, the fans (I hate that word) to have come to know you.

    I look forward to the two of you colaborating again on future projects!

  77. Thank you FEd for letting us thank Polly Samson.

    I am so glad that David and Polly ‘found’ each other. Their talents complement each other.

    Polly your photos are wonderful and I especially like the ones you take of David when he looks directly into the camera. You can tell by the expression on his face he is looking happily at his lovely wife.

    I know we have all invaded your lives and privacy, but I thank you for letting us share all your beautiful photos. The concert sites are lovely and the pics of band members enjoying themselves is a joy. My only request (and it is certainly another intrusion, I know, with really no right to ask) would be a photo of you.

    Also, as with others, I have heard from this blog about your books. I have finished the short stories which I lent to others. We have all enjoyed them. Beautifully and insightfully written as are your lyrics. I am in the process of reading Lying In Bed and will look forward to another book by you, if you choose to do one.

    Mostly tho, I wish you both peace and happiness with your lives and your family.

    Thank you again for giving us such wonderful music.

  78. To “the woman behind that man”: Cheers for loading us up with lovely photos of your hubby. You know what we like.

    (and I’d write more, but “I just haven’t enough pens”…)


  79. Good evening FED and FANS

    Who is Polly Samson for David? Is enough listen to “coming back to life” the best love song for a woman

    who is Polly Samson for the Pink Floyd’s fans? is enough listen to the Division Bell; only for creating “High Hopes”,

    Polly, you are a genius.

    Thank you to exist Polly; You and David give me every day new endless emotions.

    FED this year I don’t want that Chelsea wins again the premier legue, so find a way to make Sheva cry….

  80. To all concerned:

    Thank you for the website and the continuing flow of information, but most of all thanks to Mr. Gilmour and associates for all the music performed this year, including the concerts played out here in the wild lands of California. We do know something about psychedelic music in these parts, and there has never been anything better than Pink Floyd in that department (not that everything David Gilmour does has to be classified as “psychedelic”).

    However, it was annoying to read in yesterday’s New York Times in a review of a certain other person’s performance of “Dark Side of the Moon” about another musician’s “perfect imitation of David Gilmour.”

    I will take the real thing any day! And here is hoping for an early release of a DVD of this year’s concert tour by the real article.

  81. Polly, I just want to say that when David met you, He found a real gem. Your pictures are really great, Plus your musical talents are excellent. I’m just very happy for the both of you and that your happiness and love will keep growing for ever.

    God Bless,

    PS. Now that we finally got Fed to post this, Now maybe we can all work on finding out his true age. lol 🙂 Have a great weekend, Fed

    [Dream on, Thomas. There’s no chance of that. – Features Editor]

  82. Caption: While soloing, David has an ‘axe-ident’ during a power dive by breaking all the strings and pulling his hamstring and back muscles and subsequently cannot right himself, but soldiers on and finishes the concert. (Just kidding) B ^D.

    Congratulations Marcus Buick.

    At the very least, Tiago, you sound like every other Floyd-obsessed tweeker with a very cursory knowledge of the available facts. I’m glad Fed posts some of these rants. I get amused watching someone stumble over their own ignorance.

    Sorry Fed. I rarely get the urge to rebut, but this instance certainly warranted it. Just when you think you had your share of stupidity for the day, someone insists on being generous.

    Pollys contributions are numerous, in the writing especially. Division Bell and OAI are all the more richer for it and so am I (are we). I enjoy her singing in “Smile” and can’t imagine it without her voice.

    I look forward to Monday’s poll to vote on my favorite pic. I like the scenic and panoramic shots the best. Excellent job! I enjoy the use of effects on the performances as well (open shutter/time lapse). I got a kick out of David in photo #2 in gallery 19. What was he doing? Don’t imagine that to be posted on the blog for a caption contest. Oh, well.

    Peace, love, tranquility, prosperity and ………plenty of ale. :^B

  83. hi polly. i hope this is’nt too late to post 9 or too sycophantic !) . just want to say thanks for all the lyrics you helpped write . both on the division and on on an island . also for your photographs . as an irish person who was unable to get to see your husband play live you have shown we what it would have been like to have been at one of his gigs and i thank you for that also .

    take care of yourself and those that you love


  84. I think David’s life partner is perfect for him – Polly is quite fetching, obviously very talented, and loves her husband and family.

    Isn’t that what life’s about? Finding love?

    Thanks, Polly, for all you do!

  85. I just was reading what some REAL S**T H**D said about David’s Wife and that was really uncalled for. Some people just really don’t care about real love and feelings. PF is past tense . We all have to look at the future. What ever David and Polly do, It’s none of anyones business. I’m just really happy for them. Please Fed don’t let people like that S**T H##D ruin this great site. For tweets like him can ruin even chat sites with there stupidity.


  86. Polly, I would like to say a personal thank you for the input you have had into Pink Floyd and obviously David’s solo work too. True David Gilmour fans realise like I do, that you are a massive inspiration to him, and in turn have given us some wonderful material to both hear, and see. I just hope you can continue to support David so that he may feel the want to produce more material, I am sure you will. However, more importantly, is that your family continues it’s obvious happiness.

    Take care, and once again thank you,

  87. I hope you don’t mind, but I didn’t want to tag this on to Polly’s message. Just to say that when I read that post above from our ‘friend’ Tiago, I was ready to write a snotty reply.

    Having read your reply though F.Ed I quickly realised there was no more to say as you had put it so more elequently than I could have. Funny how some people get things like that into their head. I believe selfishness must come first!

    I also forgot this…

    Really really difficult to choose – some great pics but;

    1)Gallery 11 Picture 15. (magic)
    2)Gallery 24, pic 16 (togetherness)
    3)Gallery 3 pic 18 (dare I say theatre?)


  88. Polly,

    What an amazing lady you are, infinitely gifted.

    Able author.
    Blissfully beautiful.
    Consummate companion.
    Devoted to David.
    Eloquently enigmatic.
    Forever faithful.
    Glamourously graceful.
    Harmonious heroine.
    Infectiously inspirational.
    Judicious jewel.
    Kiss KenF(please)
    Knowledgeable kindler.
    Lucid lyricist.
    Magnanimous mother.
    Nurtures naturally.
    Omnipresent observant.
    Pretty Polly (Did I really say that, I’ll get me coat…)
    Perfect partnership.
    Quiet Quintessence.
    Radiant rambler.
    Samson salvation.
    Tremendously transcendental.
    Unassuming ubiquitous.
    Vibrantly versatile.
    Wordsmith wife.
    (e)Xcellence (e)xemplified.
    You yourself.
    Zeal zest.

    You and David were obviously made for each other.

    I marvel at your lyrics, on both OAI(especially This Heaven) & TDB.

    As Fed has said, “Indeed, Polly is a major reason why we have had this wonderful album and tour this year, so surely is deserved of our most sincere thanks.”

    I second that emotion.

    Long may your union continue to blossom and flourish…, as the old man says:-

    “We waltz in the moonlight and the embers glow
    So much behind us
    Still far to go…”

  89. Polly,

    Your Gazettering Gallery has continuously embellished David’s site from Day 1…

    Your photographic skills have provided an unprecedented insight into the whole OAI experience.

    I, along with the vast majority of people on here, am most grateful to you for sharing this visual montage with us.

    Some of my personal favourites are:-

    G1#2 – Phil, why did I let you get me back into a studio?
    It was Polly, David, she forced me into it!
    G3#18 – That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into, Polly.
    G5#9 – The stars come out to play.
    G6#15 – I could get used to playing with this Gilmour chap again.
    G6#18 – Happy birthday, David (Nice new T-shirt, almost as black as the Strat)
    G10&G11 – Marc Brickmans lighting, yeeeeessss.
    G17#1 – I “Sure” use the Wright deodorant.
    G19#2 – High pollen count today.
    G19#7 – Uber cool El Magnifico.
    G22#12 – Echoes.
    G23#5 – Giants amongst men.
    G24#19 – Well, that’s my tour out of the way. Now it’s your turn Richard (Steve says – Count me in)
    G25#17 – Where We Start, Is Where We End.

    There are also some fine contributions from:-

    Ross Halfin – Onboard Astoria
    Andy Watt – On Castellorizon

    Any chance of a book of the OAI trip…

  90. Dear Polly,

    I will start by saying please disreguard the idiot, aka, (TIAGO). I just received word that he is off his meds. Poor thing has no control over his brain. Hopefully, he will be captured soon, so he can get the help he deserves.

    >>>>>long sigh

    Music has the ability to bring all sorts of people together. The music we listen to holds our memories, emotions and dreams which are part of our lives. I have made Pink Floyd and David Gilmour a part of my life.

    I will tell you from my vantage point it is obvious that you have touched David’s life and work in many positive ways. OAI is clearly a direct result of the love that you and David have. He seems more proud of OAI than any of his previous work.

    I have always enjoyed David’s honest lyrics and dreamy music, but there was a definite change in the air when you came along. The lyrics grew deeper and more heartfelt.

    I traveled from the US to Gdansk to see David. I may never get that opportunity again for the rest of my life. With time, our minds eye can grow dim concerning details, which is why I am so greatful for your pictures. They help me remember what I saw, and how it felt to sit under the Baltic sky and hear my favorite artist sing and play for me.(+99,900 others)

    Thank you for being his inspiration and partner. I love reaping the benefits.

    Melissa (*_*)

  91. Hi, Polly! Thanks for all the smashing photographs…hope you keep ’em coming. And I enjoyed your books, especially the unexpected (but welcome) darkness in some of your stories.

    And, thank you for your work with David. Well done! How amazing that you can help him paint his profound aural pictures. It’s pretty damned wonderful of you to share David with us. I hope you two will continue to create music together; this has been an effin’ great year for all of us in Gilmourville. (The website and blog are a critical part of that. Thanks, FEd, SNEd, and any other Eds out there.)

    Seems to me, you and David both have sort of quiet but sparkley spirits. I like that.


  92. Hi Polly, most of us prior to this year were hopeing for something new from David. For me, it was more for his sake, I just felt like David had unfinished business. I knew you were playing a big role in album, and when I finally heard it….WOW, it was fantastic. My wife and I have spent alot of real good times together with this album. It is truely a wonderfull piece of work, we love it.

    I saw a film clip of you getting chills up your spine in the studio when david was screaching his guitar. You two compliment yourselves very well, and I personally want to thank you for great year.

    I will be haveing a splash of white tonight in your honor, here’s to you:

    For being beautifull from the inside out, Thank you very much for everything Polly, it is appreciated.

  93. Hey Polly, thank you for helping get the Man out there again, you have a George Martin kind of feel with this band, “Fine Job” Polly. I have never read any of your books I am waiting for them to come out as a movie. Thanks again Polly.

    Hey Fed, I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks in the spirit of keeping the tour alive, any news on the DVD front, I’ll have to learn to type faster and jump into the chatroom one of these days. Going to catch Waters this week, looking forward to see Jon as much as Roger.

    Later everyone.


  94. Polly you are so lucky to be with David because he is a fabulous man, but David you are so lucky too to have met your wonderful wife. She gave you, i think, the inspiration and the pushing that you needed the last past years.The result is a very nice mixt of you two.

    And the result is fantastic music, fantastic and unforgettable souvenirs of the tour for us, and a strange sensation ,with this blog ,that you are our friends…

    Thank you for what you share with us; it is so deeply appreciated.

    Hugs, kisses and bisous,bisous,bisous. xxx
    Sylvie de Montréal

  95. Cheers to all, esp. Ms. Samson and Mr. Gilmour, but most of all to you FEd for putting “Tiago” in his place. Regardless of the people in anyone’s life, it is the INDIVIDUAL’S choice to pursue or not pursue.

    I am humbled by experiencing the different “feels” in all of Gilmour’s works. He’s probably been inspired by many experiences and many people. I am particularly a fan of the “feel” from 1994 onwards (as well as the previous years), when Ms. Samson entered his life.

    I thank you, for your words, Ms. Samson, and for the inspiration you’ve provided to Mr. Gilmour.

    Cheers and peace,

  96. What would we do without photos, they have let all of us experince moments when we were there or not.

    I love the picture of the pyramid green triangle above David’s head and as mentioned previously,the Royal Albert Hall. That should be a cover shot for the London CD for sure.

    Polly, you seem to be a very shy individual. With David, you have brought forth your natural talents and artistry. And keeping up a household.

    Shine On Girl.

  97. Thank you Polly for your contributions to making OAI happen and for the many beautiful photographs.

    Over the past year and tour, many of your photo’s have given us a peek behind the scenes that made many of feel ‘part of it’.

    My favourites :
    – G1.14, G5.9, Richard and David
    – G6.3, Dick and David
    – G7.17, Phil and Guy
    – G14.7, Richard and bear
    – G18.19, Goodbye @ RAH 31/5, my seat was at most a metre or so away from where you took that one
    – G19.1, we have FedMeister and now Clam Castle Meister

    May you and David enjoy each other’s company for many years to come.

    And, if you please, do keep enticing David to come out with a new album every now and then.

    Have a nice weekend,

  98. CAPTION 1:
    Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Gilmour Kind”…coming soon to a theater near you…

    CAPTION 2:
    Despite his many talents, Guy’s Human Fog Machine proved unpopular early on…

    CAPTION 3:
    Guy was shocked and troubled to find Angelo hiding in Steve’s bass drum. “What? I got tickets….”

  99. My favourite PF album is “The Division Bell”. The music is beautiful. The lyrics is surpreme. At first I didn’t know who this “Samson” was. My knowledge of PF was quite limited then. I thought this “Samson” must be a member of PF.

    Now I would say “Samson” is more than a member of PF. Polly Samson is the heart and soul behind the music we love so much.

    Thank you so much, Polly.

    Brian C from Melbourne

  100. Fed – that’s a description the main character in Out Of The Picture uses. Should’ve used some of those “” things shouldn’t I ? 🙂

    [I spotted it, Lorraine. I can excuse you, but the others are clearly raging sex maniacs. – Features Editor]

  101. ***Re-Tiago Freitas***

    Being very Democratic myself I would say that you should be voted off The Island! You ARE The Weakest Link–GOOD BYE!

    That being said, Polly I want to thank you for everything you have contributed to David’s life. Keeping that Great Man’s fire stoked is good enough for all of us!

    Definition of Stoke- to poke, stir up, and feed (a fire).

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the pics and all contrubutions that you have made to this site as well. You are one talented lady!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  102. On reading Tiagos radically unfair post about Polly i immediately wrote a strong response but then changed my mind and did not post it.If i reacted strongly it might have seemed that he had touched a nerve and i do not belive such an unfounded attack warrants or needs a response and that in fact by giving one I would be making out that his argument had credibility. So though i am sure many of you are also angry at his message i suggest that we do not dwell on Tiagos post as i belive that his purpose in writing it was to cause a stir.

    On a happier note i would like to sincerely thank Polly for all her contribution to David and his music. She has helped david write some of his best songs and i believe she is the inspiration to alot more.

    Imagine a world without Polly, no Division Bell as we know it and no On An Island! Could you imagine! Some people are never content but i would like to publicly thank Polly for all contribution to Davids music and also for bringing happiness to them both which after all is the most important thing!


  103. Re that Tia whatever his name his

    the comparison with John and Yoko is stupid (am i the only one that actually thought some of Lennons solo stuff was excellant) as Fed said all your looking for is a reason to blame someone for the end of Floyd,well grow up mate,i bet you enjoy your family so isnt it fair to let David enjoy his you moron

    Saturday morning i dont need winding up like this im off now

  104. Polly, thanks for the inspirations and the huge contribution to David’s music, your support to davidgilmour.com and thanks for the wonderful photos.

    My favourites are:


    Fed, the prize has arrived, thank you very much indeed

    Michèle, the stapler is very nice, you should be jealous 🙂

    ciao a tutti

    [I’m pleased to hear it, Roberto. You’ll even find that stapling cardboard is a possibility now. – Features Editor]

  105. FED, can I have answer about Polly; do you know if is possible to find in Italy (in italian language) some Polly’s books?

    Thanks and good week end at all.

    [I don’t think they’re available in Italian, Claudio. – Features Editor]

  106. [You’re such a daring lot… – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Melissa at September 15, 2006 03:12 PM

    What did you mean by this Fed? Was it wrong of me to post that? What I mean is, did you view it as the posts asking for reunions and such? I hope not. I sure didn’t mean it that way. I just thought it would be cool to have his favs all together.

    I’ll be good.
    Melissa (*_*)

    [I seem to recall that you wrote “I dare say” in your post, so I simply observed that you’re daring. After the mood ring quip and several people passing comment/sticking their oar in (mark as you see fit) on the latest chatroom episode, I just thought I’d add a little quip of my own. By the way, I like it when you’re good. – Features Editor]

  107. Havent posted in awhile…been on tour with CSN&Y…just barely crawling back to reality…I saw Rog too,both nights at MSG…no where near as good as David’s shows(still good,though).

    Polly,thanks for motivating the old boy! And it would be great if you could motivate him again next Spring/Summer,hehehe.Peace!

  108. well they say behind every great man is a great woman, and I think the reality is that we’d all live happier lives if we all had a human being like Polly in our own!

    plus I’ve been lazy in getting one of Polly’s books, as much like the music of David and Pink Floyd, I feel resonations in her work that relate to me on many different levels, when I read the cover notes at her site it immediately struck me that my search for answers in my life, past, present and future could be found in her work! 🙂

    there’s certainly been more than several occasions so far

    she wouldnt have a sister by any chance? no? well who’d blame me for asking! lol ok my bad

    thanks to both David and Polly for all you’ve done and hopefully all that is to come

    sincerely yours

  109. it’s difficult to pick a favourite picture of Polly’s as she is in a position to take what we’d all want to have in our own private collections.

    her viewpoint is one of which most are jealous off, behind the scenes and behind the lens…

    come to think of it, what with camera equipment being so heavy nowadays and women being the weaker… er I mean fairer more delicate sex maybe she’d like an assistant to carry all that heavey equipment for her? 😉


    [I reckon those big guitarist hands of David’s could form a pretty decent fist, mate. Careful. – Features Editor]

  110. Lorraine! LMAO once again.

    And of course I second what she said. Shall I elaborate, FEdwina?

    Have a splendid weekend.


    [No need, thank you. – Features Editor]

  111. Polly, everything you have contributed over these past years is definitely a big positive. David is obviously very happy and it shows from his music and well being.

    Please ignore the ignorance of a certain person that posted above and accept a big thank you from myself and I’m sure many others. Your lyrics are fantastic, along with your photos and it brings us closer to David and the band.

    Thank you.

  112. Fed – difficult job.

    Tiago, personally I think your comments were ignorant and ill-informed.

    Fed – I agree not only with your comments but more importantly with your decision to publish it anyway. Everyone needs to be able to have their say whether we all agree with it or not.

    Polly, great photos, great support for David and good to see you were dry in venice (or were these taken the day before?)


    [Thanks. As I’ve said numerous times before, there really aren’t that many posts which are in need of immediate deletion, but I do like to publish the odd controversial one from time to time if only to remind everyone of the kind of nonsense that we’re up against. Indeed, if someone can take the time to write, surely we can all take the time to read. I can certainly take the time to write a stinging response, so we’re all winners. – Features Editor]

  113. Dear Fed & All,

    Firstly, Congratulations to Fed for speaking his mind on Tiago’s post. I believe Fed was speaking for for 99.99% of this community. The other 00.01% being Tiago!!!!!

    The most important thing about Polly is that she makes David happy. They seem to have a wonderful relationship & that is what really counts. This shines through in OAI & TDB. OAI is a very personal statement of David, propably the most of his whole career.

    Looking at Coming Back To Life, I think that is propably the most personal & touching & direct song of the Pink Floyd catalogue (along with Shine on & Wish You Were Here).Why? Because it’s about people that are very close to heart for the writer……

    The Lyrics on TDB are more uplifting & positive than on any other PF album, it’s also not so mechanical (if that would be the word). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE PF, but I can clearly see the difference that Polly brought with her (& it’s a good one).

    David is in a happy place, for which he can thank Polly (& So can we, because she is propably the main reason why we have OAI!).

    Somebody posted a few days ago, that PF OWE US to go out again with Roger. They DON’T!!!!!! The gave us so much already! We owe THEM!!!! If people still think that they owe us, well..they’ve done that with Live8 !!! That was a perfect, happy ending (for a good cause).

    PF is no more! It’s a stiff! It’s putting out the daisies! It’s joint the choir invisible! This is an EX-BAND!!

    Sorry for rumbling on about that, but It sometimes gets to me that people just won’t get over that.

    Polly, thank you for being an inspiration in many different ways…. For David, your beautiful pictures, your lyrics…. Thank you.

    If I should have to pick a favourite of your photos, I has to be Gallery 17 no1. You took that one in Glasgow , in the aisle next to me, after David forgot to introduce Rick, after which you shouted “You forgot RIIIIICHARD!!!” So it’s a personal one for me.

    Take Care & Peace!


  114. Polly

    I haven’t read any of your books yet (that’s something I intend to rectify in the near future) but I’m very impressed by all your wonderful photographs on the site. I’ve enjoyed coming back to the photo gallery again and again to see what’s new.

    Keep up the good work.

  115. Hello, FEd. I trust you’re having a pleasant weekend! Hope everyone else is as well.

    A few of my favorite photographs are 25-7 (the best…I love smiling David), 13-4 and 8-12. There are plenty of others but those are especially stunning.

    Thank you, Polly. (We’d love to see a coffee-table book of the 2006 tour.)


  116. Well Polly, I think your photography work is great and thank you ever so much for giving David the kick he needed in order to bring out the excellent album entitled ‘On an Island’. It is in a class of its own. Your contributions are wonderful. What can I say about ‘The Blue’ – the lyrics are beautiful.

    I enjoyed your book ‘Lying in Bed’ and did contemplate bringing it with me to Abbey Road to ask for you autograph etc in case I would have met you.

    I must say that your work on ‘The Division Bell’ was a breath of fresh air as the said album knocked the spots of ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’. Incidentally, is that you in the AMLoR artwork – the lady dressed in the French maid’s outfit? I have always wondered this as my songbook of the same name shows this lady in profile in an alternative photograph of the ‘River Beds’ photo and it looks like your profile.

    Anyway, take good care of David (I’m sure you will) as I am sure there are a lot of envious girls out there who would love to be in your shoes – what with a gorgeous, educated and talented husband like yours, who wouldn’t be full of admiration for you.

    Thanks for all you’ve done, Polly.

    Best regards.

  117. mrs. gilmour.

    thank you so much for all you have done. it is more important than we will ever really realize.

    thanks for keeping us smiling. your art and contributions are immeasurable. your motivation is spectacular. don’t let him retire just yet.

    it must be so nice to sit in the kitchen and listen to the man at work. even if he’s not working.

    we love you. a lot.

    great photos too.

  118. hi Polly

    i appreciate a lot ur contribution and ur work, but the most important for me is that Dave found in you a great person to love , to make children and to live with… it’s more important than everything. You must be a so great woman to make David so happy and a so great musician and man..

    ty for all.

  119. Thank you Polly for sharing all those beautifull pictures! …must have been a really nice tour!

    I was there in the first concert, but I did follow the tour thanks to you and this great site!

    …looking forward to the DVD and hopefully including some of Polly”s “homevideo’s”!!

    Take care!

  120. Polly,

    Thank you for the great photographs and a tremendous job on the new album. The lyrics to A Pocketful Of Stones are my favorite…just great!

  121. Sorry Polly’s post had to go on the defense.So I am saving my comments for another time, SO again, thanks Polly for your talent and sharing it with us.

    So in the Music and words of Eric Clapton – Let It Grow

    Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs
    To tell me which way I should go to find the answer,
    And all the time I know,
    Plant your love and let it grow.

    Let it grow, let it grow,
    Let it blossom, let it flow.
    In the sun, the rain, the snow,
    Love is lovely, let it grow.

    Looking for a reason to check out of my mind,
    Trying hard to get a friend that I can count on,
    But there’s nothing left to show,
    Plant your love and let it grow.


    Time is getting shorter and there’s much for you to do.
    Only ask and you will get what you are needing,
    The rest is up to you.
    Plant your love and let it grow.

  122. hello! david. here who to you, is their (fan).

    to know the pink an you in 1994, my brother-in-law to give one cd, act of calling- the wall, the since then to follow of trajectory.to fave only 24 year,the short that sound powerful. my home is of the (BRASIL-FOZ DO IGUAÇU-CATARATAS)

    DAVID,to ask with very humbleness, the day that you to come in BRASIL to remain happy himself ticket, for their great show. you to come one day? in BRASIL. Please to me to give when to come ok? to have one dog whose name is “pink” to know because? hehehe!.

    I am sorry! by being so face of stick.

    a work everything that with help of one dictionary, alone phallus portuguese.

  123. My favourite photos from the gallery, in chronological order:

    – G6#8 , G6#9 : Wow ! Lucky Polly…
    – G7#11 : the nylon guitar after the lap-steel on High Hopes, great !
    – G14#12 , G16#8 : wow !
    – G17#1 : never seen Rick in that position of a winner !
    – G18#19 : the only one with everybody smiling.
    – G20#12 : but, where was Polly while taking this photo ?
    – G20#18 : wow ! a rock star in white T-shirt, but who is he ?
    – G21#11 : David rocking !
    – G21#13 : so funny !
    – G22#8 : in the shadow or in the light ? but with such a determination!
    – G23#15 : the smile !!!
    – G24#19 : because of the complicity and happiness between David and Rick.
    – G25#4 : nothing to say, I just love it.

    Too many photos ? only 15 ! and 15/475 = 3,2%…not so many…

    And thank you, Polly !

    And thank you, Fed ! You will have so much work by selecting all our photos…


  124. Polly,

    I grew up listening to your husbands music. My mom took me to see him play for my first concert on October 22,1987.

    Since then its become somewhat a family thing we do. We attended 2 shows in 1988, two in 1994, and most recently, I was able to take my daughter to see her first concerts, both nights at the Rosemont Theater (i also returned the favor to my mom and paid her way also).

    Im Happy to see that the tour was a family affair for you all, it will give your children priceless memories like the ones i share with my mom.

    Your inspiration along with the love your family shares has provided your husband the means to create music that has and will continue to inspire and make fond memories for me and many others for lifetimes to come. For this, I THANK YOU.

    My best wishes to you and your family.


  125. Well, I went through all the pics and these are my favorite.



  126. Sharing a life together with someone, when the chemistry is right, can be an experience rivaled by no other. The kind of communion/sharing possible occurs at many levels and is particularly unique.

    Normally, the product of such a union yields the usual results of children/family, home, and everything that goes with them. What you, Polly, have achieved with David is well beyond the scope of “usual”. As “silly” as it may seem to recognize you, your contribution to that relationship has brought joy and comfort to countless throngs of Gilmour faithful, and that is before you consider your philanthropic impact…

    This album, tour, and all the goodies involved may not mean much in the global shadow of poverty, strife, and ecologic destruction, but they sure as hell mean a great deal to us rabble muddling through it….

    Needless to say but….Thanks!

    And to those who find fault with artist-spouse collaborations, who ever said being in a band was unlike being in a marriage? It’s all about relationships and the products of collaboration….

    …though I couldn’t imagine sleeping with Roger Waters….

  127. Polly’s precious contribution to David’s projects has been well recognized.

    And “Out Of The Picture” is a rare touching writing, it gave us a lot.

    We are all looking forward to seeing a movie from it.

  128. Polly,

    Thank you for being such an excellent writer.

    Thanks for all of the lyrics, but thanks especially for the comma that comes between “still” and “marooned” in The Blue.

    Thanks for knowing what to say and how to say it.

    Thanks for the excellent fiction–for the precision which forms the unity between beginning and end in “Turkish Carpets,” and the generosity which shapes the core character of “Subterfuge.”

    Thanks for what is between you and David that is private and none of my damn business but which has resulted in great music–and thanks also for the weirdly happy community of this site, including the great photos.


  129. I hope I am not too late but finally a place in the blog that I feel somewhat at ease writing into again.

    Polly i have made mention of you and your works with writing, music, singing, beauty and sheer admiration for you since day one and even prior to this official website.

    You are a great source of inspiration to me and no doubt, unquestionably to David and fans.

    Your sense of wit and your impressive resume is beyond definition. You are a wonderful photographer and I personally thank you deeply for all the wonderful photos of David and the band making the On an Island CD & of course the Tour!

    I have always asked or inquired about you and your endless energy. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a gifted, creative genius and your inner beauty as well as obviously your outer beauty is beyond my use of the English language.

    I have read both of your books back in 2001 and have re-read them. You are an inspiration to me as a female. Your sense of style and amazing accomplishments are impressive to say the very least.

    Polly, I wish to thank you for just being you and the joy and love you have shown for this site and also for the impact that you have had on Mr. David Gilmour both personally and professionally. You are truly amazing. It is about time that this site finally recognizes you ( I have requested this from the birth of this site)….

    Polly you gave me the inspiration to start writing my own short stories, using you as my inspiration i have lost already 80lbs, started to write down some of my thoughts that turned into published bits in the local paper here in Western New York and have kept me working every single day at my job as a nurse in acute care setting for mental illness and the trauma unit as well as with crisis services where i go out almost 3 times per week to help the homeless here in my state.

    You and David have made me SMILE in so many ways it is very difficult for me to express this to you. Thank you just does not seem appropriate enough for me.

    I stopped writing in this blog a while back for various reasons but everyday i would look to see if you were mentioned and all of your photos.

    Thanks to you as my ‘role model’ I am achieving some of my goals and maybe dreams one day—you have given me inspiration and hope along with courage and willpower. Maybe one day there will be a section in this website that is for photos of both you and with David and your family and friends. I made numerous mentions of this back in December and then came a word from the feature editor not to bring up ” David’s family, children and specifics.”

    I have always stated how much of a fan i am of yours before David and now. You are truly, truly a beautiful woman and indeed very ‘LUCKY’—-NOT TOO forget extremely talented in every area of the arts from writing to singing to playing the piano, taking photos and taking care of your children that are still at a very young age..How do you do it?

    When anyone ask me who is my “role model” I always have said you. You and Mr. Gilmour have effected my life both personally and professionally and though i am not gifted with the “jokes” of the blog at times i am at least sincere enough to say that finally i am somewhat at ease in taking the chance and writing this in the blog today —-as i have mentioned earlier i stopped writing into the blog a long while back but never ever lost any interest in you and David and your family.

    Sounds a little crazy right now but forgive me i have just worked a double shift and then i am off to the local homeless shelter for battered women to volunteer my professional services and time to those that are so much less fortunate than myself.

    The pulse DVD is amazing and thank goodness i bought 2 of them because i wore out the first DVD. Also I just purchased the 2 re-mastered versions of David’s solo cd’s —About Face and David Gilmour now for me that makes 3 copies of each and 3 copies of On an island cd.

    Keep up the great work Polly—


  130. Hello David, Polly and friends.

    I just wanted to let you know I attended the first Rosemont show, and later highlighted your music in our wedding ceremony on June 24th, 2006! Nothing complimented our dimly lit Texas Church wedding than the beautiful music of David Gilmour’s On An Island as we walked down the aisle.

    Yes, Polly, the pictures are great! However, I MUST ask, where can I find pictures of the Rosemont show??? It is skipped in the gallery. Were pictures not taken those nights, or will they eventually be added?

    [Good point, Casey. – Features Editor]

  131. HI Polly,

    Nice pics. You use a leica or something? The b&w were really good.

    So, you write lyrics and books, take pictures, publicist, mother of four. Wow, renaissance woman. Good for you.


  132. Polly’s photos are just as amazing as her writing. What talent she’s got! You get a sense that Polly is someone you’d like to get to know, sit down to a good meal and just chat.

    I have not yet had time to read any of her writing aside from the lyrics from Division Bell and On An Island, but it’s on my list of things to fetch from the library. In December, when my studies are complete and I’ve got my degree in hand, I’ll get the chance to read Polly’s work. It is something I look forward to.

  133. TIAGO,

    “On An Island” is a David Gilmour “solo” album. It is not a “Pink Floyd” album. Quit living in the past. David certainly has! Pink Floyd was a great thing, but let David and his best friend, his soulmate live true. David’s album is something he produced and provided emotions on and that creativity comes from a present time which includes his wife Polly.

    My entire family has very much enjoyed what has been produced. Quite frankly, you sound somewhat like a woman hater and you’re discounting a very important part of David Gilmour’s life.

    I love it when my wife takes pictures of me!

    ~ Steel

  134. Thank You to Polly and all you do. I am sure you had fun touring with your husband, his buddies and meeting lots of fans and friends along the way.

  135. Polly,

    I think it’s wonderful that you have taken life by the reigns. You are a fantabulous photographer, lyricist, author, etc…

    I have never had the opportunity to see David or PF in concert, much to my eternal regret. I would love to coax you guys into coming to the Houston, Texas area!!!


  136. Heyyyaaahh!

    Yeah FeD, that is good you wrote a note about Polly, but You definitly didn’t shut us up :D, because Polly is worth even more and more!!!

    All I can say to Polly is : THANK YOU for everything and All I wish is to inspire David to record another album soon:)

    Keep on writing, Dear Polly and David

  137. …She’s just a woman, just a real woman but she’s the key of a resurrection..

    Thank you Polly,

    this is a matter of women: thanks to be a part of DG soul and heart,thanks to have been and to be so strong and so smiling,every day,to be a lover and a sister,thanks to be a mother and to become a mother,sometimes.Thanks to start again day after day, with a new hope or a new idea and to stay with joy by your young guys and by “our” old,dear guys.

    All my tender,sister-friendly love

  138. Favorite photos:

    gallery 2, #10
    gallery 3, #13 & 18
    gallery 6, #9
    gallery 19, #4 & 11
    gallery 21, #13 (David and Rick on the chaise – perfect)
    gallery 23, #15
    gallery 25, #2 (nice one of Guy) & #10 (our very handsome smiley David)


  139. Well i once again made the “assumption” that the entry i placed regarding my heart felt thank you and sheer admiration for Polly would be posted on this blog.

    This morning when i woke up i eagerly looked to see if my entry was posted and more importantly if Polly and David do at all read any of this that mine certainly would have been posted. Instead the feature ed chooses as “he has the control” to post Tiago Freitas entry instead of mine.

    I find this not only very bothersome but confusing..You wanted the Polly fans to express their gratitude and my gratitude is above and beyond that to Mrs. Gilmour (Polly Samson)—-my entry was overflowing with praises and heartfelt thank you(s) to Polly and instead you post this Freitas b—s–t!

    Do not fret. I know what i like and what makes me and my clients happy and in all actuality i do not need it to be posted on the blog. Instead Mr. Fed Ed keep posting comments as hateful as Mr. Freitas not the drooling of some idiot fan of Polly and of David’s. After all it is not ” exciting enough”

    —Lucia keep up the great entries all several of them…the staff must really look forward to hearing from you and your sense of wit…No Lucia no sarcasm here and definitely no jealousy–Just the facts. I am deeply disappointed in the editor for posting Freitas’s entry i thought you had more “power and professionalism than that”….?

    As with anything else, a person now a days can not give anyone a deep sense of gratitude or thanks without it being misunderstood. However I totally got the message from the ‘bitter’ Tiago Freitas and you chose to post it…For the first time since the introduction of this site i am really hoping that Polly and David do not read the entries such of Mr. Freitas..because Polly you are your own woman and extremely talented and gifted as well as beautiful and intelligent.

    I will always be a fan of David and Polly’s and i appreciate everything that Polly has done to bring about the On an island cd and her musical taste and lyrics. I appreciate all the wonderful photos and just how thoughtful you really are.

    Polly thank you again for EVERYTHING that you have done and will be doing in the future.


    [What I find both bothersome and confusing is how you continue to waste my time with these extremely impatient and wholly unreasonable posts, Linda. Did you not notice that no new posts had been published since Friday evening? The last post published on Friday was timed at 5:45PM (UK time). Forgive me for only working six days a week and for taking the Saturday off. Your comment is published above – all 747 words/3998 characters of it (minus the unsuitable bit at the end, that is). For the record, the only time your posts have ever been edited is when they have overstepped the mark. This is the same for everyone. Not being exciting or funny enough is ridiculous, not to mention an insult to myself and the people who contribute to this part of David’s site. The blog is for opinions and many people, David and Polly included, would rather read opinions than endless praise. If I publish nothing but lengthy, repetitive (and, some would say, sycophantic) comments, people would have every right to criticise me. I would find this as mind-numbingly boring as the next person. I’m sorry that, yet again, you seem to have missed this point entirely. – Features Editor]

  140. Hey

    I found picture with the female shape close to the male in the “galleries” remarkably amazing. Even though we can’t see their faces, by the proximity of the two characters one can deduce they are partners and friends. Besides, they are both looking the same way, meaning they have the same goals to achieve in life. I liked it very much, and if you follow their gaze with your own eyes you can see the pictures which show how that partnership works in real life.

    I think it has taken the fans a long while to recognise Polly’s work with David as a perfect-fitting piece in a puzzle. So, Polly, excuse us for the delay, congratulations on your writings and photograps thank you for sharing them with us!

    Greetings from the tropical lands across the Atlantic!

  141. I’d simply like to say “thank you” to Polly. OAI is such an expression of love, family and partnership that it could never have existed without her. A beautiful lady on many levels.

  142. poor fed. you really can’t win. even when you publish the longest post in the world, with all it’s ott love and praise, you get slated for not publishing it quick enough.

    i think i speak for many people here when i say that long posts are a drag and gushy posts probably contribute less than tiago’s – even though tiago clearly is a muppet.

    btw, another great photo is gallery 18 #17 if i’m allowed to suggest another one.

  143. [After the mood ring quip and several people passing comment/sticking their oar in (mark as you see fit) on the latest chatroom episode, I just thought I’d add a little quip of my own. By the way, I like it when you’re good. – Features Editor]

    I like it when everyone is good. We don’t like it when you have a bad day because of us. I don’t know why, but I worry you will get “Fed” up and throw in the towel. Please don’t, we like it so much here.

    Forgot Fav Pics


    David smiled alot in Gdansk photos.

    Thanks For you Fed.
    Melissa (*_*)

  144. [Michèle, the stapler is very nice, you should be jealous :-)- Roberto]

    Certainly not, Roberto, when I won, I got the box of staples…So, great ! I need you and you need me !!! Ciao !

    Oh, Fed…you know it’s not true !


  145. Polly, I just want to say thank you for all the photos you have shared with us, and the man you have shared with us.

    Now, for the hard part. my favorite pics.

    g20-#12 (I still want to know where Polly was!)
    g23-#15 & 16
    g25-#2 & 10

    That was hard. Rather silly question. Who is the man playing the piano in g23 #10?

    [It’s Leszek Mozdzer. – Features Editor]

  146. Just a quick thank you to Polly for providing us all with such a plethora of pictures – my personal favourite is from Gallery 14 Number 10. To quote the DIY ad, that pic does exactly what it says on the tin!!!

  147. Angelo wrote: …though I couldn’t imagine sleeping with Roger Waters….

    Oh Angelo, you mean you can’t imagine lying there in the dark, listening to Rog going on and on and on and on about his father dying in the war and the effect it’s had on his psyche? Just close your eyes and think of it….


  148. No offense to Polly. I thought about the last blog and included a spoof of the song. If you can finish or add to it, please do.

    Here is my spoof for “Take a Breath”

    Take a Bath

    Take a bath
    Take a deep scrub now
    Take a bath
    Take a deep scrub now
    Take a bath

    When you smell is where you find an end
    And when your soiled there’s nothing else.
    If you’re smelly you’ll need to clean yourself
    Then you’ll find out that you’ll have no friends.

    A bubble bath is something you can do
    Taps full blast and hot water too.
    Your every scrub turns the water brown
    And soon you’ll be without a frown

    Take a bath
    Take a deep scrub now
    Take a bath
    Take a deep scrub now
    Take a bath

    This kind of soap is so hard to find
    It will clean you and people will be kind
    If I’m the one to throw your soap away.
    You’ll have to clean up some other way.

    Take a bath
    Take a deep scrub now
    Take a bath
    Take a deep scrub now
    Take a bath

  149. Blimey, I’m going to be classed as a part-time member here at this rate. (Now, there’s one for you Rudders, does ‘part-time’ have that hyphen or not?).

    Anyway, Polly. Well, quite clearly David and Polly are about as happy as happy people can get – contentment doesn’t even begin to describe it! Thanks for all the support you have given David over the years, it really is appreciated by us all…well most of us anyway ::)…..aren’t there some daft buggers in the world F’Ed?

    Wherever you go from here, whatever path you choose, thanks for everything Polly x

  150. Polly,

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution, not only to the division bell, but for David`s latest of `plying his trade`.Your help in producing OAI is every much there as Phil and the other great musicians, to make a number 1 album!

    Not only are you a talented person in your own right, but a brilliant photographer as well, and the gallery shots are superb!

    P.S I appreciate you are a modest person, I am as well. But please ignore one or two idiots on the blog that try to upset you, belive me, these are the minority, and don`t reflect what the rest of us `irregulars` are thinking!

    All the best.
    Adrian(from the blog)

  151. I would like to say, as a musician now retired, that my last band, my wife missed only one show in 4 years. On the night of our last show, she tumbled and fell, chipping a tooth and compacted another. She still went to the final show, the next night I fractured my left foot at home. Freak accident. That is to me, dedication. I think that is all I have to say.

    Thanks Polly. More Pics okay? Please!!

  152. You must’ve had a great weekend eh Fed??? My hat is definetly off to you.

    I would love to have your patience. Maybe you can bottle it and sell it?

    Love ya!!

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [I’m really not very patient at all, Renee. If someone else could bottle theirs, I’d consider putting in a bid for it. – Features Editor]

  153. Hello again my friends,

    I was very surprised about all the reactions to my post. Apart from the insults i respect others opinions, but i think there is some misinterpretation here. Some of you call me Pink Floyd obssessed person.Humm, i think you’re right, but unfortunatly i thought i was among peers here, since it is a David Gilmour Blog. Otherwise why you come here? because you like AC/DC music? Or are you trying to tell me that you dislike Pink Floyd music but are obssessed by the first 2 Gilmour’s solo album(that he unfortunatly forgot on is tour)?

    I really Don’t care about the name , but i think david works and write better with his (former) bandmates. Division Bell is a fab album for some reason. If Gilmour wants to play on stage with Rick, if he play his(Rick) songs, why not writing stuff together(calling themselfs “Pink Floyd”, “Gilmour & Wright”, “We hate Bananas” or whatever.

    As for inflatable animals, i didn’t pay FEd. 100 pounds last May(just for the ticket, adding more 1000 pounds for the air travel, hotel, etc, make it double for my girl)to see Pigs on RAH. If they(the pigs) were there i didn’t notice.thankfuly. What i saw were the «pretty lasers» you mentioned! Or Am i too much on drugs?

    As for Rick haven’t done much the last 20 years,well Fed, it is not nice to beat on a person that was on tour with your boss,this year! And he done one of the best Floyd(related)albums ever, with ‘Broken China’. Your boss is a fan of this album, if you don’t knew it.

    As for David(my idol) being far away from the Floyd… let me make a Question(or 2):Who Is Rick Wright? and Dick Parry? With who played Guy Pratt for the last 20 years(not to mention parental in law connections)? and Jon Carin, for what Band and solo artist he use to play? And the set List? How many solo songs apart From the last album David Plays? and How Many Floyd songs he did?

    Just to Finish, ’cause i know you’re all bored at this time, and reading the next post, i would like to talk about my incapacity to undearstand Love: Well, i’m in love with my Girl for 14 years a month and 12 days, i love her as much as in the first minute. But all this love doesn’t mean she mess with my work or i mess with her work. I can share some of her feelings AT HOME, always making clear that it is her business and she knows better than me what to do. She is a Doctor, i’m a journalist. Surely We’re both Ignorants!


    [You can have the final word on this, just as long as it stops you from posting such conveniently-twisted rubbish ever again. I still think your argument is bullshit and I’ve already wasted enough time on you to point out the latest blatant inaccuracies in the above. As long as you enjoyed flaunting your democratic rights, that’s the main thing. – Features Editor]

  154. Happy Monday,

    Tiago and others. I have made little effort to disguise the fact that I love the ‘Ummagumma’ period. When I was young I was a massive Pink Floyd fan. I was so upset at the time of the break up. The Live 8 reunion had me in tears.

    Your blog had me thinking and I asked my self a question yesterday.

    ‘If it were possible would you swap OAI, Amused to Death, Island Jam, Radio Kaos etc in exchange for the chance to go back in time and reset history so that Pink Floyd never broke up but had indeed carried on.’

    Because, my friend, that is exactly what you are saying. Dont go pretending that you would have still had those albums. Life dont work like that.

    With hindsight I can say I would not have swapped all that incredible music.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Fed, X-factor (Simon Cowell) classic from Saturday ‘like a lot of teenagers they seem to be bred in a laboratory nowadays’

    [Cowell was on form. How many times have you wished that someone, somewhere, would say such a thing to a clear airhead? Thank the Lord that there’s another programme of auditions next week… and let’s hope that there are many more hilarious put-downs. I particularly liked his reaction to the boy from Llanelli. – Features Editor]

  155. Polly, I am so grateful to you for motivating David to get back into the studio and make more magical music. Please, please, please try and persuade him not to leave it too long next time!

    As someone who wasn’t able to see any of the tour, I was particularly thankful for your wonderful photos, which really gave me an insight of what it was like to be present. There are so many excellent photos of the band and stage performances, and I particularly love the photo of David and Rick on the sunbed, but, from a female point of view, my absolute favourite is G25, photo 13. David in a black/navy? shirt with that wonderful smile – the best!

    I think with you behind the camera, we have caught a glimpse of David’s personality. The thing that I find fantastic is all the moods you have managed to capture of David – relaxed; happy; playful; thoughtful; contemplative; serious…!!

    You obviously make the man very happy and that must be a bonus for everyone. As David said in his acceptance speech for the Mojo Lifetime Achievement Award, when he was thanking people “ …. and, of course, to my lovely wife, Polly, without whom I don’t know where I’d be”.

    Polly – Thank you very much indeed!

    I’m not a very articulate person, but I hope you realise that this is heartfelt.

  156. Dear Polly !

    It is really important that you contribute so much in the music of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd.

    What I would like to stress is that you encourage David to write lyrics more. Try to explain him that he can write good lyrics like the ones for the Sorrow, that he has to let his feeling from himself more about anything he encounters.

    When we confront our “fears”, we suddenly discover that we have taken out the beauty from ourselves we keep it locked, again in ourselves. Guitar playing of David Gilmour expresses how much he has to say in himself. He can describe with words what this sounds are all about. In this site we have the opportunities to hear his musical expressions that are far more deep than the ones he presented in his album On an Island which is great otherwise.

    Really dear Polly consider this as very important, as your husband who is great musician, has really a lot a lot to say, a lot more than he even present us in formal edition of his newest album. I can sense this also when I hear him and other members of Pink Floyd playing older songs from the band. Echoes for example that David Gilmour played with Rick Wright (that was the case on the concert in Clam Austria I attended) or when I was seeing the performance of One of These Days in Pulse DVD, when I saw David and Nick Mason in last bit of the “song” in such an emotional response (when Nick holds up the stick at the very end of piece and David’s expression on his face) as they complited the journey to the world that is much more deeper than the casual, every day one. They transformed in completely other persons when they played these pieces. This is a rediscovery of emotion that we don’t pay attention in every day. Obviously as human beings we have much and much in ourselves that we have yet to discover by ourselves.

    If you will read this Polly take this as a hint to influence David even more to just let go and organize his deepest feelings in himself and try to describe them on the paper. What great songs this could be written out of this discoveries.

    I must say also that I liked the choice of two pieces: Keep Talking followed by Another Brick in the Wall on the PULSE DVD. I find this very intelligent, great transition. “Keep talking” states that is important to communicate with each other. It is important to see its message in the context that we consciously understand what means to exchange the ideas today, especially with internet. With use of this technology we not only exchange the ideas, but the emotions too.

    So if I return, it is really important to communicate (Keep Talking) and also to question and to critique (Another Brick in the Wall. Great transition. Try to communictate and then also question, critique !!! Really great, powerfull expressed with concert film, when quation of Einstein is erased ha ha.

    This is not an anti-intelectualism, it can be interpreted as a celebration of free thought from what has not been really understod, not been really experienced and not been really reflected. School really make impossible to reflect, to understand in reallity something, also the equation of the famous man, because of its narrow wiew of education. This transition actually tells how very progressive in mind Pink Floyd are still as a band. Real avantgarde. I would recommend that this rage of emotions that found in cold war between two members of this still today very important artistic group find its creative way one day.

    If it is possible dear Polly I think, only you (and of course Nick Mason) can bring David Gilmour and Roger Waters together again. They with Rick Wright and Nick Mason must create again together. They must develop at least one album, at least one great work together, because they still have to say a lot to today’s world. They have the things in themselves that are really powerful and still not realised in a way as they should be.

    Commercial aspects are totally unimportant in this regard. “Momentary Lapse of Reason” of current affairs in the world proves this. We need the comments and reflecitions on philosophy and politics of life with the use of great music and performances from people like David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright who are the real ambasadors of global understanding between the people and humanity today. What do you think about all this?

    Have a great day Polly


  157. Greetings Polly,

    They say a man is only as good as his woman.I dont know much about you and you’re influence on david , but on an Island tells me that you two are very much in love . The album has touched me in ways that I can go on and on.

    Please keep Sir David motivated as some of the other bloggers has suggested.I can only hope that there will be more beautiful music from david In the future, and thank you David for mjaking a s difference In my life.

    Redding California

  158. Thank you Polly,

    You and David make a great team and I do hope you both get all creative again very soon ;o)

    I don’t want to seem greedy and I know you have only just finished OAI, but yours and David’s work is so great I just want to hear more and more.

    As you can probably tell we all hold David in great affection around here and you make him so very happy so if anyone suggests any different they don’t know very much about David do they! (eh Tiago?)

    Thanks again for looking after the greatest guitarist who has ever lived supporting his creativity and writing songs with him.

    I must admit I do love a lot of David’s work with Roger but you are much prettier than Roger (sorry Rog) I’m sure David agrees with me there! And although you’re song writing is very different from Rogers it goes with David’s style just as well in my opinion.

    Thanks Polly

    P.S I’ve been so busy lately Fed I haven’t had had enough time to visit the chatroom :o( the last time I did it was 5 minutes before closing so I could only say hello/goodbye! possibly the shortest chat I ever had LOL.

    Take it easy Fed.

    [You too, mate. Hope to see you in there again soon. – Features Editor]

  159. Polly in 5 words:

    Snappy. (as in cameras)

    I personally have Polly down as the 7th member of the Floyd (rado being the 6th).

    So whoever that dude was that I think doesn’t deserve me looking up through posts to discover his/her name, get a grip buddy, just get a grip.

    TDB ROCKS! So does On an island so there.

    Boy I hate mondays….

  160. no offence meant F’Ed!

    was just offering to help… and maybe get behind the scene so to speak!

    it was a cunning plan, and I’d have gotten away with it if it wasnt for those pesky kids… etc etc

    and I wouldnt want to cause offence as most of the sane floyd fans seem to be here, rather than at some other sites I wont mention 🙁


    (FEdwina??? how’d they get away with that? 🙂

    [None taken, mate. You lot really make me laugh sometimes. – Features Editor]

  161. Tiago seems so stuck on the Pink Floyd name that he’s totally oblivious to a nice little album called On An Island. He is also so stuck on his own theory about wives’participation in their husband’s music that it blinds him to the fact that ‘Division Bell,’ a FLOYD album, would not have existed in the same form without Polly.

    Floyd is in the past. We all hate that fact, but it is what it is. David Gilmour is making music again, which should be reason to celebrate. It should not be reason to post hateful blogs.

    Tiago, it’s about the music, not about who makes it. Music is good if you like it, not so good if you don’t. Period. To say that David’s music has somehow suffered because his wife is part of it, or that Floyd broke up because of her, well, that sounds like mysogeny to me. And there is no place for that in a blog for Polly.

    Go someplace else to be mean. This is a site for people who love good music and appreciate great photographs.

  162. [Forgive me for only working six days a week and for taking the Saturday off.]

    Luxury! When I were young we used to get up before we went to bed, work 48 hours a day and sleep in rolled up newspaper in middle of t’ road!

    [I mustn’t grumble… – Features Editor]

  163. [Oh Angelo, you mean you can’t imagine lying there in the dark, listening to Rog going on and on and on and on about his father dying in the war and the effect it’s had on his psyche? Just close your eyes and think of it….]


    Oh, Deborah, you slay me…..

  164. NO!!! I was trying again that chatroom but now it is closed! What a pity! I was thinking that I have been coward to give up so early and so I took A DEEP BREATH and I was ready to try again…but the destiny is what it is! Ok, it will be for the next time! Anyway, even if my english (or my cowardliness!) won’t allowed me to join to the chatroom as I would like, it seems really a nice place and full of kind people. Good idea!


    [I’m sure that, when the inspiration strikes, you can get down with the best of them. – Features Editor]

  165. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    First off, a really big thank you to Polly for all she’s done. I do believe we scarcely have any idea of what she’s responsible for, so Polly, thank you.

    Wow. . .that’s so cool of y’all! I won! It feels like Christmas in September! I wonder what it is. . .

    It’s a stapler!!. . .David touched it, right? I mean FEd you CAN get David to touch the stapler once, right? Staplers are cool. . .

    Perhaps it’s a pair of limited edition OAI boxer shorts. . .who was it who got the other pair (briefs?), Angelo was that you or was it Steven R. . .? Boxer shorts are cool. . .

    A cellotape Glassman handmade by FEd would be SO cool. . .

    I know. . .it’s a cellotape Glassman (made by FEd) in a Lego frame, right? If the competition prize is that, I could put it in my Legoland and people would ask ‘what the hell is that?’, then I would have a great story! Great stories are really cool. . .

    O.K., O.K.,. . .I think I’ve got it figured. . .It’s the pinbadge that was NOT available at either Oakland show, and because Anthill is NOT making it available in the North American store, the pinbadge is the prize, right? A pinbadge would be super cool. . .

    Obviously it’s a DG plectrum, because everyone is OWED one, right? Oh to be picky. . .is not really. . .cool. . .

    Nope, It’s clear to me now. . .the prize is better than any and all of the above because David, davidgilmour.com (everyone involved), and FEd are the coolest. . .

    [We’ll get some bright pink Post-it notes to you soon, Marcus. Hope you find them as amusing, not to mention as practical, as I do. – Features Editor]

  166. Just a quickie. Polly thanks for photos of glass at Glasgow and giving me an autograph outside Mermaid.

    Its all been said before here but, Fed just love your responses to certain mails. Thinking of just reading them and not actual messages. You have made my day!

    Ian Pearson

    [I’m not just watching X Factor for fun, you know. I’m learning from the master. – Features Editor]

  167. Oh good, you havn’t posted the new poll yet, as I wanted to let you know which Polly pics were my favorites:

    23-9; Amazing picture of Richard!
    19-2; David in Guitarist heaven!
    4-1; You can never have too many pictures of David smiling!
    5-14; There’s something timeless about a good B&W!
    13-7; A wonderful pic of Jon!

    And also a special thanks to Ross Halfin, Todd Kaplan, Anna Wloch, Finn O’Hara, and especially Andy Watt for their contributions to the Galleries. I just wanted to let you know that your fantastic work has not gone unnoticed!

    And thanks to Victor, Lucia, Joseph, and Rudders for the congratulatory notes. . .it means a lot mates. . .cheers!

  168. [Michèle, the stapler is very nice, you should be jealous :-)- Roberto]

    Certainly not, Roberto, when I won, I got the box of staples – Michèle]

    Damn the stapler’s gone AND the staples. . .that’s O.K., you should see what I can do with just one paper clip!

  169. Bah… Linda, listen to ‘On an island’, and sure it’s the end of the problems, whatever they are or seem to be…

    Life is – or could be – so beautiful !


  170. Hi Fed,

    Hope chat went well. I would have liked to participate, but 4AM local time is a little too early for me.

    Favorite pics-

    G6 #14 the Band at David’s b- day party
    G14 #7- Rick with the Teddy Bear
    G18 #19- RAH with the band, including Nick

    Polly, your pics really help people like me who couldn’t make it to a show to experience some of the wonder and excitement of it all. Thanks again.

    Fed, I would gladly give you some of my patience, but my wife and 4 kids ensure that I don’t have any to spare. Sorry.

    Have a great day, all.


    [I appreciate the thought, anyway. – Features Editor]

  171. Mrs.Polly:

    A woman, (same age of me) and a mother, first of all.

    I think she is really as she appears in the Gdansk’s video: the modesty is a constancy of the couple Gilmour/Samson.

    Her photos are very beautiful: I prefer the very first sets also in white/black taken during the recording of “As an island” on Astoria and in the studios :they show an atmosphere of intimacy among of the musicians very noticeable. All the sets have a journalistic cut and in the meantime they tell us her love for the Artist and the Man.

    I understand from her lyrics a deep autobiographical meaning: for P.F. in the work “The Division bell” (.. “we reach the dizzy heights of that dreamed of world” – this song is the best for me) and for D.Gilmour and herself in “On an island”(So much behind us, so far to go)

    Unfortunately I do no know her as a novelist, but after so many good impressions by so many blog friends I hope to be able to find out in Italy some of her books.

    Thank you Polly

    Kind regards

  172. Polly needs to poke David with a stick more often than she has in recent years. Everytime she does poke David’s butt off the couch, something brilliant happens. A new solo album. The Division Bell. How about after David is done riding this wave that is “On An Island”, she kicks him in the junk again, and a new Pink Floyd album (with or without Waters–preferably with) will get released. I think it would be a great way to put the Pink Floyd monster to sleep if the four of them would quit bickering like children long enough to do one more album and world tour together. Does anyone agree?

    [You know that many will agree, Daniel. We all want more. We’re greedy bastards by nature. – Features Editor]

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