Classic 21


Belgian radio station, Classic 21, will be broadcasting tracks recorded live at David’s Mermaid Theatre concert tomorrow at about this time.

So, if you’re mourning the end of the tour, this could be just the fix you need.

You can listen live online from 9PM local (Central European) time. Just click the banner to enter the site and then click >24k or >128k to open a media player.

To find out what 9PM CET means in terms of your local time, and to brush up on your geography skills while you’re at it, see here.

I hope you’ve seen the latest photos from Gdańsk over in the Galleries. There are some great ones, including the one above, so do have a butcher’s.

Many thanks to everyone who has popped into the chatroom over the last two days. Do continue to let me know what you think of it, and if you’ll ever consider going back for more.

The next chat will be tomorrow at 5PM UK time.

Please keep checking the calendar for details of the latest scheduled chat sessions.

That’s all for the weekend. Have a good one.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Today is Thursday isn’t it? 😉 have a great one F*ed

    [The same to you, Matt. – Features Editor]

  2. Toronto’s World Approved Translation Services…

    “so do have a butcher’s”

    For those of you not born within the sound of Bow Bells “have a butcher’s” means “have a look”.

    Butcher’s Hook = Look…

    [Just a bit of Cockney slang for you, there… – Features Editor]

  3. the chatroom would be cool if it’s open longer or earlier, unfortunately it’s only open during my work hours right now, so i can’t use it. i’m on pacific time.

    also off topic, i walked into Von’s (grocery store chain in the US) this morning and i heard “on an island”. Talk about being surprised!

    thanks for the new pix!!!!!!

    [It was open for eight hours on Wednesday and I’m still recovering. – Features Editor]

  4. Unfortunately the computers at my work won’t let me in the chatroom (silly blokes),and by the time I get home, it’s shut down. But hey the weekend is coming right? Anyway I can always access the blog from work.


  5. Will be listening tomorrow, I need my Gilmour fix. LOL


    PS – 2nd surgery is next Wednesday, keep me in your thought – Thx

  6. We had a nice chat but the time is always so few to be online during the day.

    OMG I hadn’t seen the picture on the terrace in Venice where David and Richard hug each other on that little bed, I can’t stop laughing please help me 😀

  7. Hi FEd and friends,

    Thanks for the new calendar set up … changing it up a bit every now and again to make it user-friendly no matter what the time zone is very considerate of you! I wonder how many of us will find ourselves up in the wee hours of the night getting connected regardless. Gilmour music junkies muttering to ourselves in the dark speed-typing to keep up with the conversation!

    Was Angelo on today? I think he and Rudders should go head-to-head one of these days — lightening banter, the rest of us could take a break from typing and just laugh out loud! I’ve decided that text-message shorthand-speak isn’t a good thing so I’ll be a rebel and spell out everything …

    I’ll be tuning in tomorrow at noon to catch the Mermaid gig — thanks for the time info. It’ll be good to close my eyes and just listen, pretend I’m right there. Ahhh!

    Washington State

    [Angelo was there for a while, yes. – Features Editor]

  8. really looking forward to the netcast! thanks for the link 🙂

    the chatroom was fun too, nice to get to say hello to people all over the world and the pix are fantastic. good work as always FEd, hope you get paid enough 😉


  9. Sorry I missed everybody in the chatroom. I’ll have to pop in on my lunch break tomorrow.

    Chow!..uh, I mean Ciao! ; ‘I

  10. Fed, I wanted to thank you for yesterday. It’s hard to monitor a chat session. I just hope that it doesn’t burn you out.

    I also want to say that it is great to be able to chat with Lynn, Matt, Rudders and the rest of the great family of David’s web site.

    Take Care,

  11. Does anyone know where to find an online “time zone” chart? I don’t have the foggiest idea what time 4pm UK time is in Phoenix. I have tried the chatroom many times, nobody home….. 🙁

    [Click your name below for a rather nice map, Stephen. You don’t read my blogs, do you? That’s like a dagger through my heart. First Alex, now you… – Features Editor]

  12. Hey Fed you have a good weekend to. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do LOL

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [I’ll be singing myself hoarse and wearing lots of red. You? – Features Editor]

  13. Hello Guys!

    Yeah it will be great to hear David Live again. I hope this radio will work for me.

    And FEd yes yes chat IDEA is piiiii great :):)

    I’m sure it will grow up! When it comes to me it is super duper thing:)

    best regards

  14. [It’s certainly looking very bleak… I could beef it up with all kinds of outrageous lies just to see who picks up a story and runs with it… – Features Editor]

    Well FEd,

    The advent of the chatroom has certainly made the calendar more meaningful now.

    It’s just a pity the current access times occur during my rota shifts.

    I have tried to enter but only getting… Sorry, the chatroom is now closed. Please try again later.

    BTW nice Polly pix from the Abbey Road session. Did she take any of the lucky Irregulars?

    [I don’t know. I wouldn’t have thought so. – Features Editor]

  15. Hi Fed,

    Yes, for a first go in the Chatroom it was great, but I guess it’s very much in its early stages. I found that there were so many people with questions all at the same time, that it was a challenge to keep up with it.

    I bet I’m no different to most David Gilmour ‘fans’ (Don’t like that word) in that I feel very close to part of his character through his music, and now through the Blog, I have come to understand some more.

    Of course I expect most of us would like to sit beside him on a sofa and join in a gentle and amusing conversation, over a cup of coffee/glass of wine etc.

    When you schedule Chatroom time, please don’t forget the Aussie fans, and perhaps do some sessions mid to late morning british Summer Time.

    I’d like to say a big thanks for the Chatroom, as well as the Blog, and may they go from strength to strength.

    Best wishes,

  16. CAPTION: CRASH BANG WALLOP SPLAT. From over his shoulder our hero hears the groans of pain and says ” I told that tightrope walker to use the ladder behind me and that the somersault landing would not work, now get off Rick and clean yourself up tut.”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  17. Thanks Michéle for the news and the link! Do you know if can we listen to it also in the next days?

    And, FEd, I didn’t undestand what is the chat’s calendar. Yesterday at 3 o’clock, today at 5 o’clock…is it really the timetable of the open chat’s window? Wow! An agenda of dates…like when you go to the dentist! You are really well organized!


    [I’m probably the most organised, efficient, diligent, conscientious (and modest) person you’ll ever know, Lucia. The times on the calendar are indeed the blog’s opening times. The chats last for about two hours – or until I get bored, of course. – Features Editor]

  18. Hi Fed, a good idea letting us know when we can all have a chat over the garden fence.

    It is a bit strange talking real time to people even when i recognise many names from the blog i feel like im eaves dropping on a conversation when i first go into the room.I think you have to sit & lurk for a while untill you get the jist of whats being discussed.

    I hope every one has a good weekend thank god its friday.

  19. Well, well, well… Lol… Maybe I’m the only belgian fan (already correcting the mistake about “Le Soir”, yeah !) who knows Mr Gilmour’s official website… I don’t know ! But, of course, I’m very pleased to know that Classic 21 will be broadcasting his songs tonight. In fact, I’ve got to admitt I know it from listening to that station because that’s simply my favourite one for a long time now, although I am 24. I can tell the “On an Island” album is regularly played on it, especially the title track and “The Blue”.

    Anyway, “No Way”, from Mr Gilmour’s first album is also regularly played (why does he never perfom those earlier songs ? It’s been one my favourite yet !). By now, I only have one regret : I’m just a bit sad to learn this computer is too weak to help me chatting on this blog… and, uh, as usual, not to see a live date in Belgium ever, sob ! So… Well, well, well… Lol…

    Take care, Mr Gilmour, we need you !


  20. Hi all,

    Just want to say that having the chat has been a damn good idea, so congratulations and a big thanks to whoever thought about it!

    Have all a great weekend and pray for nice weather in the Alps, I’ll be climbing somewhere up there!

  21. “I’ll be singing myself hoarse and wearing lots of red. You? – Features Editor”

    Part-time job at Butlins, Fedmeister?

    Arf, Arf 🙂

    [Don’t tell anyone, will you? – Features Editor]

  22. Ah-ha! Abbey Road pictures are up…. Thanks Polly! She caught one with us knuckleheads in the balcony….

  23. [CAPTION: “OH, for God sakes, RICHard! Was that YOU!!?” – Posted by: Angelo Ortiz at September 8, 2006 04:24 AM]

    That was the famous night when they dropped take a breathe from the setlist mind you echoes was extended

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  24. [I’ll be singing myself hoarse and wearing lots of red. You? – Features Editor]

    I’ll actually be wearing the rather fetching white and green strip hot off the press

    ” Toffee resistant I believe ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Walk On, comrade. – Features Editor]

  25. Hi Fed,

    just seen the pictures in the gallery from Abbey Road, is it the bloggers we can see on the balcony over looking the stage at the side on one of the pics? im really jealous of you guys & girls who won the competition, what a memory to cherish.

    [It sure is. What a motley crew, eh? – Features Editor]

  26. [Part-time job at Butlins, Fedmeister? – Rudders]

    have you heard their version of Comfortably numb?

    ” Hi Di HI ….. is there anybody in there ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  27. [I’m probably the most organised, efficient (and modest) person you’ll ever know, Lucia. The times on the calendar are indeed the blog’s opening times. The chats last for about two hours. – Features Editor]

    I’m sure you have a good personal assistant who does all that for you! But, a part you modest way to plug yourself, you didn’t anwer to the first question: David’s tracks on “Classic 21” will be avaible tomorrow too or only this night?

    Enjoy your weekend…maybe, if you enjoy yourself, on monday you will be less hard to please about the song from Tim! Otherwise…there is always the daisy chain!


    [Personal assistant?! Are you kidding me? If you want a job done properly, do it yourself. I don’t know about Classic 21, sorry. If I can find out, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  28. Wow ! wonderful pictures from the Abbey Road session !

    Lesley, Sylvie(s), Laurie, Lucia,… all those sentimental and weak women (me included !), have you seen that David has also nice black …SHIRTS and a so nice smile !

    Thanks to Polly .


  29. Geoff…

    We’re close to a new nickname for the Fedmeister… Gladys Pugh.

    “Helloo Bl o gg e rrs”


    [A good Welsh name… – Features Editor]

  30. Hmmm we already have a Polly and Geoffrey yes Rudders Gladys would slot in dandy.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  31. Hi FEd,

    Yet another weekend is upon us. I am looking forward to my week off next week as conveyancing is full solid hard work all the time.

    Anyway hope to have a go in the chatroom next week.

    Have a great weekend and don’t yell too loud.


    p.s. Gallery is great but please ask Polly were those snapshots of the shoes are!

  32. [you didn’t anwer to the first question: David’s tracks on “Classic 21” will be avaible tomorrow too or only this night? – Lucia]

    Classic 21 has a ‘podcasting’ to hear later or when you want some broadcastings, so I just asked them for the M.Gilmour’s concert, but unfortunately, they answered me that ‘podcasting’ doesn’t work for ‘live music’, sorry to disappoint you, Lucia…

    For info, every friday they play a “live”, the previous week, it was Pink Floyd at the BBC session 1970 (not sure of the year), it was fantastic !


  33. I think that our national radio?s servers are going to be smoking tonight, after this announcement on the blog. This news is certain going to spread like a fire amongst the fans and fan sites.

    Lucky me not having to depend on any server tonight, and can rely on my radio set. Unlucky me living 50km from the UK shore, and not being able to receive Channel 4. You offered me an alternative TV-channel on the chat Fed, but things went a little too fast for me there, could you please repeat?

    Compatriots, read this carefully, she will not repeat this three times.

    Nicolas,you are not the only Belgian DG fan who visits this site. Struin maar wat door de blog, dan vindt je er nog een handvol.

    [I’m not completely sure, but it could be shown on More4 as well. – Features Editor]

  34. Caption Competition

    DG wasn’t impressed with Guy’s attempts to fart the intro to Shine On instead of using the wine glasses…

  35. Happy Friday all 🙂

    I’ve just sat down to do some work and put on WYWH in the background. I try to keep WYWH out of my regular playlist because it is just SO amazing that I don’t like to wear it out. It has been at least a month since I last listened to it and just listening to the first few minutes of SOYCD not only brings hairs up on my arms every time, but it reminds me of just how massive an album WYWH is. For me it’s my favourite PF of all time and I doubt that anything will/can ever come close.

    I don’t know why I’m blogging this (most probably procrastinating the work I’m about to do) but I just felt like telling the DG/PF world how much I’m in love with WYWH on this fine sunny Friday 🙂

    The new photos are incredible – I’ve never seen inside Abbey Road and it looked incredible. Were the bloggers sat up on that raised platformy bit? What a killer view! The Gdansk photos also looked great – but it was the italian shots in the piazza that really struck me. You lucky lucky italians (and Knut Arne Vedaa, who I think went to all of the euro shows?!). Were there any shots from the Vienne shows (or am I just missing them?)?

    Have set an alarm on my phone for 5pm so I don’t miss the chatroom today.


    [Hope to see you in there later, Nick. By the way, pictures from Vienne are on Page 20. Click your name if you want to save yourself a few mouse-clicks. – Features Editor]

  36. Caption:


    It’s those damn bloggers on the front row again…. Look away, just ignore them….They might just get bored & leave………

    Rick! Are they still there…..?

  37. Caption:

    Almost time for breakfast…… Uhm….Flakes….Uhm…..Marmelade!!!! Need a lot of Marmelade!!!!!

  38. RE Jake Shears’ tirade.

    Uh-oh. Temper, temper.

    Could’ve been cool, I suppose. Perhaps it’s too bad David cancelled the duet at the last minute. But such is, I imagine, the inherent unpredictability of the pop life.

    And such is the wrath of a spurned pop star.

    I guess David won’t be doing a “one-off” performance of Comfortably Numb with Jake any day soon?

  39. Been busy at work this week so I’ve not had a chance to look in…nice changes to the calendar and hopefully I’ll be able to pop into the chat room at some point in the near future. Like a lot of people I won’t be able to do it at work, so I’ll save myself for a more convenient time.

    Have a great weekend FEd, I’ll be watching the game in a pub in Newquay, Cornwall as I’m off there tonight for a week of sun & surf. Hope this fantastic weather holds!

    Keep safe everyone and sees ya’ll next Saturday.


  40. Nice captions guys, I was laughing all by myself. Angelo and Rudders you guys crack me up.

    By the way fed I will be partying tonight with a nice cold one and a cigar singing bad pop songs LOL.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Fantastic. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  41. Hi F’ed.

    Just left the chatroom for the first time. Awesome – love it.

    What a fantastic site this REALLY is!!! You ROCK!

    [Why, thank you very much! – Features Editor]

  42. lol! having to explain cockney ryhming slang is one thing… but are you gonna be able to get across who Alan Partridge is FEd????

    hope you got to see his episode of Saxondale? with the easystar all stars version of Time and handing out the kudos for the guy with the DSOTM gatefold! funny


    [I heard about the Floyd references on Saxondale, but I’m not a fan of his. – Features Editor]

  43. I’ve had so much fun in the chatroom, Gang! Just slipped away from work for another “butcher’s” but it was closed. But — next best thing, Nickster’s idea of playing WYWH on a sunny Friday afternoon. I’ll put the coffee on, crank up the tunes, maybe get some work done afterall….(or not!)

    Happy Weekend, Everyone!

  44. Hi everyone,

    two days ago I tried the Chatroom, the first time ever in a chatroom for me, and I had just few minutes. I was a little disoriented, it was like if you are with ten people that are all talking at the same time and you don’t know who to listen to or who to reply to.

    This afternoon I tried again and it was better, but the chat is too fast for me. I think that it could be a problem for a non English mother tongue.
    I prefer the blog by a long way, but I will try the chatroom again.

    Have a nice week end!


  45. Hey Fed, got into the chat room earlier but couldn’t type anything. Tried again just now but it was closed. My apologies if anyone thought I was being rude by leaving without saying anything. Was looking forward to saying hello too.


  46. Good stuff, but after hearing this registration on the radio of our Wallonian brothers, I’m hoping a little more for the registration of the last Venice concert to be included on the OAI DVD. Apart from being a magical evening, the sound, voice and music quality surpassed Dolby surround that night, it seemed as if the music was pouring out of our ears, coming from the center of our brain.

    Venice turned my wife in a Floydian/DG convertee and by default our eldest daughter (4 year…), since she’s now stuck with both parents continuously listening to PF/DG. P.U.L.S.E. is one of her favourite DVD’s now, hurray for thought control.

    Greetings to David Gaylor from Belgium, we met more often than we had initially foreseen.

  47. just checking in again . due to being almost 2 months without a computer and then setting up a new one and doing heaps of work etc i have’nt been around here in a while .

    looking forward to the chat which i will attend on tuesday if i can .

    hope thingas are going well with you fet ed . have a good weekend .


  48. Hi Bloggers, Hi Fed.

    I have about a month of blogs with which to catch up. I mean, wow, there’s now a chat room!

    I’ve been MIA because of a terrible death in our family. My cousin, only 30 yrs, a struggling alcoholic and staying with her parents getting ready to go back to rehab, desperately drank Windex to get a quick, easy high while they were gone one day. She quickly went into a coma.

    Apparently, drinking Windex turns your liver into formaldehyde and that caused the coma and eventually her death. This was absolutely shocking to the family and the saddest funeral I have ever attended. To see a 30 yr old in a coma, you don’t say to yourself “she lived a good, long life.” Even sadder, she left a 2 yr old son behind. He will never know his mother.

    I am finally in the spirits to return to the real world. I have enjoyed reading the latest contests, everyone’s opinions of David’s last shows, and seeing the new pictures. I was thrilled to read Guy’s post that David played “On the Turning Away” without the band’s prior knowledge.

    I actually saw Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young live at the original 1969 Woodstock site in NY the night Laura died. We decided to forget the world amidst the beautiful harmonies of CSNY before heading to her funeral. We only live a block away from Yasgur’s Farm. They were amazing: the highly political anti-Bush sentiments of the concert, the old familiar tunes of love and protest.

    This has been a memorable year in music, especially for me who absolutely needed the musical escapes after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, having 2 unrelated surgeries to correct a medical mistake made by my OB/GYN during my c-section, and then the terrible news of Laura’s passing. Indeed, if it weren’t for David’s release of OAI and being able to see him live again on April 5th, I don’t think I would have survived 2006.

    David, your timing was impeccable. Thanks for managing to make me smile in between some horrible events this year.

    And Fed, thanks for maintaining such a neat community of genuine DG/PF fans– I truly look forward to coming to this community to read what other everyone is saying and arguing about.


    [Bless you, Tara. – Features Editor]

  49. Damn, I missed the classic 21 broadcast. Will there be any repeats Fed?


    [I don’t think so. Please see Michèle’s post above. – Features Editor]

  50. Hoping to have a chance to try the chatroom for the fun of it. May have to sneak in there on my lunch hour.

    (FEd..thank you for the world clock! that is super. Sad to know I am six hours behind you. By the way Simon Cowell and co are in town here getting their ears abused by the local would be hopefuls. Not enveying them, but still wish I could be a fly on the wall.)

    Julie Gunn Davies and Thomasz..Thank you for the beautiful descriptive posting of your special time at the Abbey Road studio. What a fabulous oportunity. The details that you related made for great reading and some spots had me in tears. (loved reading that David opens the car door for Polly. You read so much junk these days about people not being kind to each other. Especially spouses//both sides. Does that make me very old fashioned or just prefering a kinder world?)

    Julie, your post made me feel (almost) like I was there.(darn) Thank you again for taking the time to be so thorough in your post.

    The sad part is I can’t begin to describe the unusual colors of green I have been knowing that you all had that lovely oportunity. Shook David Gilmour’s hand!!!! I’d probably a good thing I wasn’t there, my husband would be in a disgruntled state. (don’t tell him I told you, but he’s just a bit jealous of David and that guitar.)

    Time to meet the husband and start the weekend. Have a great one all.

  51. Evening FEd,

    I don’t know if your’e aware of this:-

    “Win yourself a BT Digital Music Award! The People’s Choice awards are your chance to enter your music website or blog into this year’s BT Digital Music Awards, and hopefully collect one of our fantastic trophies! This year, alongside the award for best music website, we’ve got a brand new category for for music blogs so now there’s even more chances to win!

    Please note, sites using music illegally are not eligible to register or enter for any of the categories in the BT Digital Music Awards.

    Best Music Site – This award is for anyone who runs an site for an artist, music product, service or event which is currently online.

    Best Unofficial Site – This award is for anyone who runs an unofficial or ‘fan’ site for an artist, music product, service or event which is currently online.

    Best Music Blog – This award is for anyone who has a blog currently online which focuses primarily on music or a specific artist or genre.”

    I think you need to register for the 1st & 3rd categories and then rally the Irregulars to vote for you in their thousands…

    The clock is counting down (home page – 24days 19hours at the time of this post)so don’t delay, every second counts…

    Come on FEd get signed up, then we can all vote YOU the Best Music Blog/Best Music Site.


    [That’s really kind of you, mate, but I don’t think so. There’s enough back-slapping going on as it is without looking for more. – Features Editor]

  52. Fedmeister

    Here’s a suggestion for a competition prize…

    20 minutes in a password protected chatroom with “someone” (Guy, DG?!? if they have the time of course)

    – Limit the number… say 3.
    – Vet the pre-prepared questions max 3 each.
    – You facilitate

    and away we go…

    [But what would Guy, David, or whoever else you have in mind, get (besides bloodshot eyes and a splitting headache)? Free therapy for a year? I don’t remember saying anything about more competitions. I thought we’d dished out some pretty good prizes already… – Features Editor]

  53. Good to see the chat doin well. Hope to see everyone when the time is right. Good Luck, thanks for keeping this site alive Fed. And David/Polly of course.

  54. FED, what do you think about a new tour (next year) in the countries not included in this tour (except Italy obviously…:))?

    What do the FANS think about this idea?

    Bye FED and FANS!
    Claudio from Ravenna.

    [I’m sure the fans think it’s a great idea. – Features Editor]

  55. Darn it… getting chatroom withdrawl symptoms. Just went over there hoping to find an unscheduled chinwag going on! 😉

    Can’t make Monday lunchtime’s chat, but hope to be popping in on Tuesday’s…

  56. Hello!!

    I wanted to post a comment sooner but I couldn’t because i did not have access to the internet…

    I just wanted to say that i’ve seen David in Vienne on july 31st and i’ll never forget this moment. It has been the best concert of my entire life. David speaks French very well but i was not surprised when i heard him speak my language.

    I almost cried when the show began with speak to me/Breathe exactly like at the live8… I was very excited…

    The first part of the show was as great as the second one. I enjoyed myself, i sang… Great. Coming back to life, echoes, comfortably numb etc, I was so moved that i shook during all the show…

    So, David, i want u to know that my father, my sister Anaïs(age 16) my sister Margaux (age 7) and I, we all thank you for this great event, this very particular moment that you,Richard, Dick and all your band made us live. It was an extraordinary experience.

    We all hope to see u soon in France…
    Lucie from Valence, France.

  57. [You don’t read my blogs, do you? That’s like a dagger through my heart. First Alex, now you… – Features Editor]

    Oh shit….hey Fed, look I’m sorry, don’t think anything of it…….I haven’t been getting much sleep. My inlaws our in town playing tug of war with my mother in law that lives with us. She has medical conditions that prevent her from flying, but they don’t care, they want her to get on a plain anyway and go back there with them.

    The fact of the matter is, I did read your blog…I probably didn’t comprehend it, with my mind in this zone.

    I would like to add that your grammer, puncuation, spelling, and your keen sence of articulation are unmatched and appreciateated greatly by myself…~snicker~

    [Alright, I’ll let you off on this occasion, since you flatter me so much. – Features Editor]

  58. I have learned over the past month that pain mediation (and believe me, I’ve had some of the BEST) only relieves so much.

    Thanks David for all your great music, especally with these surgeries it has helped relieve some pain. More importantly it has soothe my mind and brought me some peace, something no pain medication can do.

    I read in MOJO magazine that you can’t wait to fiddle around in the studio again. I hope that you do. You truly are best! I hope one day, I can tell you that in person.

    Thanks Again

  59. Caption..

    David is still frustratingly searching for the pick he dropped and had everyone searching for in the previous photo.(As noted by Geoff)

  60. [I’ll be singing myself hoarse and wearing lots of red. You? – Features Editor]

    And by now feeling rather blue?

    [Yes. – Features Editor]

  61. I can only say: the Classic 21-broadcast proves again that David should’ve come 2 Belgium…

    Maybe David Gilmour can quote as one of my other idols did at their gig in Belgium, Sportpaleis on August, 30th, after their first concert in Belgium (and even playing a piece of a PF-song!!): “See you next year, I promise”

    For David: I’d be there if you would

    For PJ: I WILL be there

  62. Doubt this will be posted in time as it is the middle of the weekend!

    I follow this site pretty regularly and if it was posted I failed to catch it, but I just turned on MPT (Maryland Public Television) and find a Pink Floyd concert on. I know you have given listings for some BBC broadcasts and some in New York but for all of you fans further South, turn on your public televsion station.

    Of course my faithful VCR of 10 years (the only one in the house that I know how to program) has taken this opportunity to crap out on me but I’ll retire to the couch now to enjoy it.

    FedEd, any news on a re-air?

    [I didn’t know anything about it, sorry. – Features Editor]

  63. Hi, features Ed, what a wonderful weekend! Well except if you are a liverpool fan… 😛 … though i cant talk my team being held by the ‘mighty middelsborough?’

    I know roger is an arsenal fan too would that make david a spurs fan?…

    [No, David supports the Arsenal as well. That said, there’s a new rule for this week: No mention of football allowed. – Features Editor]

  64. great chatroom, fed. it was all a bit fast for me but i enjoyed and will try again soon.

    i wanted to apologise to you and all reading for not letting the ‘silliness’ thing lie. i know that you have rules and i respect them, it just bothers me when others don’t seem to respect them or they keep having digs all the time.

    i just wanted to say that to everyone who is reading. i don’t want to offend anyone but i really don’t want to annoy the ed after all he’s done here – especially in giving us a new chatroom as well as this great blog.

    i hope others can agree that sometimes us fans take things too personally and too far. we forget that this blog could easily be taken away from us. as fed says, we had the official pf forum and that was taken away from us because we just wanted to argue all the time. i don’t want the same thing to happen here, so i ask that we all have more tolerance for other opinions. i know i will try to.

    my apologies to all.

    thanks, fed.

    [Thanks for that, Victor. That’s very decent of you. – Features Editor]

  65. no football, why is that? bitterness or has there been to much talk of football recently, or do you just feel like a change?

    Great chatroom by the way a really great addition!

    [Bitterness, sorrow, regret, disappointment… I’ll be feeling better on Tuesday night, I hope. – Features Editor]

  66. Yey! the pictures are on and remind me of such and amazing day.

    You can just about make me out in my red jacket and my grandadd in his ever so stripy shirt, I think it’s the giant grins of content that give us away though.

    Liking the chatroom, I’ll just have to be around at more social hours, I enjoy being antisocial usually but perhaps in this case it’ll be nice to make an exception. The awful thing is though is that I’m supposed to be a great whizz kid text talk sort of person but you’ll soon see that I can’t bear not to use grammar and such, who am I? What sort of 15 year old can’t use text talk?

    Anyway, happy sundays people.

  67. Have been looking through the Galleries and it strikes me how often people in the pictures are smiling! Of course no-one is going to publish pictures of the band looking glum but……

    What a joy it’s been to experience the tour and the incredibly positive atmosphere surrounding it and the music in general.

    Maybe I am feeling a little old and mellow (bottle of Viognier always helps) but it seems that David has set a standard for people acting in harmony and having fun.

    Yours with a huge smile on my face!!


  68. To-morrow: September,11… and five years ago…

    I would like to send all the american bloggers my deep and friendly thoughts on this sad day, I want to express my true sympathy to you, your friends and your compatriots.
    If only we could change the world ! but I don’t think so…


  69. Yeah,don’t speak about football…not this year. Juventus is in B,better I don’t think.

    I tried to enter the chatroom 8 times in these three days,and I found it close every time.

    I’m wrong with the time,or what? I’ll try again,surely.Is really a good place for keep in contact,faster than the blog,and keeps away from me the sadness about tour’s end.

    When we’ll see David again? He’s a special part of my life again,after all these years I’m still here listening this old boy which plays the guitar and sing,and gives me a way to prove myself and ispires me(I’m a musician,too).

    Thanks for all,I’ll try to enter the chatroom tomorrow,Hope you’ll be there,mate.


  70. I must make a huge apology to Nickster, Rudders and Angelo who greeted me when I logged into the chat room on Friday. I`m sorry guys I wasn`t being rude it`s just that I`ve never been in a chatroom before and I didn`t know what to do,but have it sorted now!

  71. oops, I meant to say as well, Hope you had a nice weekend away Features Ed?

    [It was so-so, thanks. – Features Editor]

  72. Man, Tara, I thought I was having a bad year. My prayers are w/ you. Take care, and keep in touch. This crazy bunch here has quite a way of keeping your spirits up.


  73. Gah can’t get near the comp at home at the mo. It’s being hogged by family members. 🙁

    On a slightly different note, Scissor Sisters, Radio City. Someone has taken a major pointy at our hero. lol. They were lucky to get to cover Comfy Numb in the first place imo.

  74. [No, David supports the Arsenal as well. That said, there’s a new rule for this week: No mention of football allowed. – Features Editor]

    In the words of smokey robinson ” I second that emotion ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  75. [” Toffee resistant I believe ” More like chocolate fireguard I fear etc etc – Posted by: Tim C (Mancfully) at September 9, 2006 11:57 PM]

    Boy is my face red, Tim

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  76. Good morning FED and FANS today I’am a little sick so I skip the office and I can write in the Blog!

    I’am listening comfortably numb and, as I would like to learn English in the best way, I have a question, may be that is for you, FED, a strange question.

    “the child is grown the dream is gone” sounds for me like a grammatical mistake. “the child is grown the dream has gone” is correct for me.

    And if it was a mistake I don’t understand why has been used “the dream is gone” (may be a poetic licence?…) But really I am not sure…can you help me dear FEDMASTER?

    Thanks a lot!

    [That’s a nasty one… Rudders? I suppose in that sense it should be “the child has grown”, too. Looking at the story of the song, it’s a fact that the child is grown, as opposed to still being young/small/innocent etc., so the dream is also gone (as a consequence of growing up). I wouldn’t say that the sentence is grammatically incorrect. The English language is slightly insane at times, so I’m just grateful that I didn’t have to learn it as a second language. – Features Editor]

  77. Fed no football banter this week?

    not any thing to do with those “toffee” nosed people across Stanley Park at all?

    i dont mind the rule this week either, i keep getting e:mails from Boro fans. My fault, as i sent one of them a can of 7up after our 7-0 victory last season.What goes around comes around.

    I hope this does n’t constitute a break of the rules, i am agreeing with it(for this week any way 😉

    [The joys of football, eh? – Features Editor]

  78. Hi great Fed and you all,

    I know I’m not very original but..working,feeding an adolescent daughter, husband and dog,listening music (you can imagine..),and many, many other matters …I love this blog it’s a sweet moment to write and read stories,impressions,programs and dreams of “our” people,please remain..thank you.The chat moment is a brilliant idea but it’s a little bit to heavy to find brain,time and computer together.

    A big kiss

  79. My first visit to the chat room !!! Absolutely loved it.

    F.Ed, Just had to just say thanks again for providing such a great forum for the fans to interact in.


  80. Wow, I tried to enter the chatroom to day, and I finally succeeded, (merci à vous, Fed pour vos encouragements) I very enjoyed it, thank you to Rudders, Nickster and Lynn for their patience and friendly words (sorry if I have forgotten someone, it was so fast…)


  81. Island Jam

    Over the weekend I revisited the 1970’s in my mind. Anyone remember it? Cheesecloth shirts, bell bottom jeans and 4 inch stacked heels; I’m a mere 6ft 6in without the heels!

    So, first a few PF tracks like Welcome to the Machine and Have a Cigar, then a full run through of Dark Side of the Moon etc., and to round it off nicely, Island Jam from the OAI single Smile. Island Jam is pure ’70’s retro and a delight to behold.

    Ah well, let’s get in me Ford Cortina and drive down to the pub for a pint of Watney’s Red Barrel and listen to me 8 Track stereo on the way, and into the Barbers’ shop: “Something for the weekend Sir?”

    Dream on laddie, those days have gorn forever!


  82. FEd,

    Calendar still shows that the Gilmour solo re-releases in the U.S. were in August. We know they were delayed for quality reasons and I believe are suppose to be released in the U.S. tomorrow (9/12). Can you confirm if that is still correct since it doesn’t show on the calendar?

    BTW, seems my work access to chat is blocked. So I guess someday I’ll be able to work my way in there from home. We’ll see.



    [You’re absolutely right. They will be out in the US tomorrow. My apologies for not updating the calendar. Please see the new entry for more. – Features Editor]

  83. have to say the barn was great fun today nice to have conversed in a relaxed way with my fellow irregulars and our overseer person ED, really enjoyed it.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( world wide web )

  84. it was the first time for me in a chat and I think that the DG chat is very exciting, the only problem for me is that you speak too fast!!!:)) but is wonderful to be all so close, from U.S.A. to Wales from Germany to Italy….all together.

    Tomorrow I’ll stay at home again(I think that I’ll be sick again)I’am sorry for my company but the chat is too beautiful!


  85. Ripper…

    “Scissor Sisters, Radio City. Someone has taken a major pointy stick at our hero.”

    I’d say more like something the size of a tooth-pick for the bother it would cause… 🙂

  86. Claudio

    Fed’s correct… and the english language must be female! one minute it means this then it means that!

    Don’t worry… I’ve updated the List Fedmeister!

    Sorry ladies but you know I’m right 😉

  87. Vince

    Don’t forget the Afghan Coat and the tie-dyed t’shirt with the flared sleeves….

  88. [Bitterness, sorrow, regret, disappointment… I’ll be feeling better on Tuesday night, I hope. – Features Editor]

    hard luck, fed. you were well beaten.

    [Thank you for reminding me. – Features Editor]

  89. Rudders I understand your thought about the english language but I want you to know that in this period in my home there are:

    1)my girlifriend (Russian and obviously female)
    2)my future mother in law (Russian/female)
    3)a russian cat (female)

    you can understand that if I have problem with a female language too (English) is the end for me….

    do svidania (see you tomorrow)
    Claudio da Ravenna (Italy)

  90. Victor,

    If that is an olive branch, consider it grasped, planted and a little white dove sitting on it.

    (Shouldn’t have mentioned the football, mind)

  91. [Sorry ladies but you know I’m right 😉 Posted by: Rudders]

    No complaints here. We do tend to be a bit mooder then our male halves. I once heard a male comedian say something along the lines of . . . Whenever us men come close to getting it right, you women change it again.

    What’s the name of that book? Men are from Mars, women are from Venus?

    Lemme know how you guys feel after bleed out for a week every month for some 30 odd years.

    Love yah still =)


    [Thanks for being so graphic, Erin. – Features Editor]

  92. [Sorry ladies but you know I’m right 😉 – Posted by: Rudders]

    [No complaints here. We do tend to be a bit mooder then our male halves. I once heard a male comedian say something along the lines of . . . Whenever us men come close to getting it right, you women change it again. – Posted by: Erin]

    Oh no, Erin! Don’t give away our trade secrets! ha! ha! It sure is fun chatting with you all. I’ve been humming the old Robert Palmer tune to myself, but changing the words: “Gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to chat…”

    Michele — Merci beaucoup pour les bonnes mots. You write beautifully and I wish my French was better.

    Vince — you’re a mind reader! I had meant to ask the UK folks in the chatroom if they still made Watney’s? Used to be able to find it here in the US, but not anymore, it seems.

    Take care, everybody!

  93. [Bitterness, sorrow, regret, disappointment… I’ll be feeling better on Tuesday night, I hope. – Features Editor]

    I say lets go dutch 1 all should suffice

    Rgds Geoff Duffy( Dublin )

  94. [“Lemme know how you guys feel after bleed out for a week every month for some 30 odd years..~Erin”]

    Dear God No… let’s not get into this..It’s a no win situation for either side…but how about dragging a blade of steel across your face every day for the last forty years!(pits and legs don’t count as it’s only occasional)..Luv YOU still and forever always..Vive La Difference!!!

    (heehee…feel free not to post this F.E. Huge can of worms you might want to put the lid on, but just had to comment)

  95. Good day FEd,

    Hope you did not sing yourself too hoarse and hope you had a nice weekend regardless. After all, life is too short to be sad.

    Jan says: [Julie, your post made me feel (almost) like I was there.(darn) Thank you again for taking the time to be so thorough in your post.]

    I have tried to describe the event as best that I could in order to help people envisage it in their mind’s eye. It was so good, I just had to share it with everyone here. I am so glad that it made you feel like you were there. I also had to make a record of the sessions as I am so busy nowadays, I don’t get time to reflect on anything so I guess you can liken it to a diary entry.

    By the way FEd, I have decided not to submit my report to any other website. It rightfully belongs here only.

    If I get a chance I will have a bash at the chatroom sometime this week.

    Best regards.

    [That’s what we like to hear, Julie. The fansites pinch enough from our pages as it is, sometimes not even bothering to disguise the fact. – Features Editor]

  96. [Fed’s correct… and the english language must be female! one minute it means this then it means that! Sorry ladies but you know I’m right 😉 – Rudders]

    Surely, you’re right, maybe you could even change ‘minute’ into ‘second’, no problem, would you like to live with a too constant and boring wife ?

    Anyway, ladies will always have the last word, since “l’Homme propose et la Femme dispose” (from Alphonse Allais, écrivain et humouriste français )

    hmmm… ‘proposer’ = to suggest
    ‘disposer’ = to decide

    Don’t you agree ?


  97. [Dear God No… let’s not get into this..It’s a no win situation for either side…but how about dragging a blade of steel across your face every day for the last forty years!(pits and legs don’t count as it’s only occasional)..Luv YOU still and forever always..Vive La Difference!!! – Posted by: John(not from Florida) at September 12, 2006 04:13 AM]

    I am chomping at the bit on this one Fed, but I will pass in perfect lady like fashion. (NOT)

    It is no secret that men love women, so no matter what you say or think about us you love us. That’s why we are so difficult and hard to please……because we got the goods.

    Boy I really sound like a “b” with an itch. I’m really not.

    Just for fun.
    Melissa (*_*)

  98. I went to pick up the new re-releases of David’s 1st two solo cd’s(which they still haven’t received)and they were playing a song from John Martyn cd. While it was playing, I noticed the guitar solo sound like David Gilmour. So I looked at the cd and sure enough it’s David playing the solo(It was great) and it turns out he plays almost on the whole cd. I was wondering if you could help me find other cd’s where David is playing on most of the album.

    Thank you,

    [Paul McCartney’s ‘Run Devil Run’ is one. Dream Academy’s ‘A Different Kind Of Weather’ is another. – Features Editor]

  99. [It is no secret that men love women, so no matter what you say or think about us you love us. That’s why we are so difficult and hard to please……because we got the goods.Just for fun.Melissa (*_*)]

    Touche Melissa…however,the reason why overpopulation exists is that we both have “goods”…Also for fun…By the way my phone # is….Oh men! so impossible!!!

  100. Happy Wednesday,

    By the way, for those who have not yet got David’s solo re-releases I saw them for £6.99 each in ‘Borders’. Not sure how the price compares.

    Pete – Coventry

  101. [Touche Melissa…however,the reason why overpopulation exists is that we both have “goods”…Also for fun…By the way my phone # is….Oh men! so impossible!!! – Posted by: John(not from Florida) at September 13, 2006 12:06 AM]

    Happy Wednesday,

    I will not argue with you there. I almost believe in some forms of forced birth control. Touchy subject. But just look at some of the people we coexist with.

    Melissa (*_*)

  102. Well Fed, I went out and picked up Paul’s Run Devil Run and The Dream Academy’s A Different Kind of Weather. But while I was talking with the mate who sold the cd’s, He was saying that Davids brother was in the group. Maybe so,But I have to say that the music is good.

    Thanks FEd,

    PS. I hope things get a little Bit better with the Blog, Because I can really tell that your at wits end and really upset and I really don’t blame you. You have rules and if we don’t listen to you after you have already warn us again. I wouldn’t blame you if you shut down the Chat Room.

    Well I better go, But if you can think of any other albums that David had played on. (Even if he only plays the Triangle on it):} Maybe you can let me know on the chat line, If you have time.

    [David’s brother, Mark, was in a band called The Act with Nick Laird-Clowes before Nick formed Dream Academy. I don’t think Mark was ever in Dream Academy, though. Glad you like them. If you can get Liona Boyd’s ‘Persona’ – assuming that you like instrumentals – then that’s worth tracking down. David plays guitars on the title track and two others (‘L’Enfant’ and ‘Sorceress’). Although I don’t think David plays on it, he produced parts of Kate Bush’s debut, ‘The Kick Inside’, which is another great album… – Features Editor]

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