Best Music Blog?

At the risk of selling out, I hereby announce that ‘we’ve’ (well, it was nothing to do with me) today entered the blog so that it belatedly stands a chance of winning the BT Digital Music Awards’ People’s Choice Award for Best Music Blog.

As you’ve probably already noticed over on the Latest News page, is also competing for the title of Best Music Site.

To vote for either, or both, all you need to do is click the snazzy button (the one above if you want to cast your vote for Best Music Blog, the one on the homepage if you want to nominate for the Best Music Site award) and enter your name and e-mail address.

Do let us know how you rate our chances of winning. Even more interestingly, let us know what you think of the decision to forward ourselves for consideration.


  1. Tomasz

    Hi all,

    Another pair of votes today.

    off topic

    Any rules about Polly pictures choice, are allowed to submit one vote or more, unfortunatelly none of mine 15 is nominated, but still I would like to vote, Have not seen results, but I’m going to make decision soon.

    Thank you


  2. Andrew

    I suggest we have a competition on October 4th called:

    “How old is FE’d now??”

    Everyone who guesses wrong buys FE’d a beer.


    [That could work… Then again, I could just keep lying until you’ve used up all the feasible numbers. How drunk would I be then, eh? – Features Editor]

  3. GianLuca

    Ok FEd… the 4th of October… but which year? we need to know the year…. :)

    [I’ll be taking that one to my grave (in more ways than one), sorry. – Features Editor]

  4. Lucia

    [I really hope AOL release this material sometime as a download in high definition because its fantastic! – Ripper]

    I agree completely…it is a great pleasure, any time. And High Hopes solo is extraordinary! I couldn’t believe David could invent a solo as wonderful as the original. In my opinion High Hopes is one of the most extraordinary guitar solo someone has never played. Fantastic! I like it very much. But really very very very very very much!!! And the live version, with the last classic guitar, is magnificent! I want On An Island Dvd!!!!! Now!!!!!!


  5. Lucia

    Now I’m listening Mother…oh, I love so much also this solo…and the The Wall movie version, with the first part play just by the piano, and the guitar solo is fantastic, as David voice…and Bob Geldof is a perfect Pink…ok! If I start doing this story with all the David’s solos I like, i can become really boring…I feel only a lot of sellotape can make me stay quiet! Or the paste in the keyboard…ok!

    bye! and have a fantastic weekend!


  6. Elisabetta Corsi-S.Giorgio di N. Italy

    Dear F.Ed.,

    I’m voting every day both site and blog from every pc / user available on my work-site (12)

    I hope you win, you deserves

    Just a little question: I remember to have read somewhere in the site about the Blog-purposes, the following words: .. ‘twixt Weetabix and Horlicks ..” maybe they are ancient populations? or what?

    Have a nice week-end, then

    ciao Elisabetta

    [It just means that people read the blog at some point between their breakfast (Weetabix is a breakfast cereal) and bedtime (Horlicks is a hot malt drink which aids sleep). – Features Editor]

  7. Peter

    Hey Fed,

    You share the same birthday as Buster Keaton and Ann Widdecombe.

    Bet you feel all the better for knowing that.

    Pete – Coventrry

    [Much better, thank you. – Features Editor]

  8. Lucia

    Marcus Buick,

    have you listened that new about the Warner and the next album of our 5 from Oxford? hmmmmm…..but this is a topic for the chatroom! One of these days we should call Tim and talk about that…


  9. Geoff Duffy

    had a great time in the chatroom today to one and all. thanks.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  10. Beppo the Mime

    Well FEd, it just goes to show you how much of a home away from home this wonderful site is for me (and, dare I say, for a LOT of the contributors here), but then again I’d probably say thats because Mr Gilmour’s music embodies that sort of empathy that people gravitate towards. So, its only natural for others to feel the same way.

    I’d say with such heartfelt conviction that this site will have one helluva good showing at this Best Music Blog competition. I can only warn others that this can often turn into a kind of “my pop is bigger than your pop” vote-a-thon, but I think we have more members, more conviction, and a lot more pointier sticks than most.. so THERE!

    Hats off to you FEd, you deserve such an honor for all you’ve had to endure and put up with from us yobs! What with reading our posts, babysitting us at the chat (which I was at… errrm, one WHOLE time), and doing all you can to promulgate the correct information about David’s forthcoming DVD release.

    Shine on.. INDEED!

  11. damian cunningham

    Hye fed will your birthday cake hold all the candles or are you a pup? anyhows have a great day im saying it now as ill forget. If i cannot remember my mums birthday, what chance have you.

    [I suppose I should play safe and have a really big cake just to be on the safe side, Damian). – Features Editor]

  12. nickster

    Happy Friday all :)

    I know references to PF/DG tribute bands are banned in the Blog House Rules, but I’ve just heard clips from someone who is putting out lullaby versions of rock music (PF, Radiohead, Metallica to name a few). It sounds amazingly plinky plinky (nay even muzak) but I have to admit that if I had young children I’d definitely get them into the PF lullabies.

    Anyhow, have a lovely weekend everyone…


  13. Erin

    [I vote that the blog should close early at 4:00 PM GMT on October 3rd. The Post message page should disappear like when a contest closes and Fed isn’t accepting new posts. The Blog should reopen at FEd’s convenience on Oct. 5th. This way FEd doesnt have a huge backlog of posts to look at when he get’s back (and doesn’t have to think about how many posts are accumulating on his birthday.)- Echoesbob]

    I agree Fed, just shut the damn thing down for a day. Maybe you feel too loyal to the site, fans, etc.

    David & Polly, make Fed shut it down!! Our Fantastic Fed deserves it, even if s/he won’t admit it.

    I’ve been voting daily!


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  14. Tim C

    [If you think anyone would be interested, here’re Guitar One’s top 20 picks…]

    Thanks “Buffalo” I do like a good list and there are a few there I haven’t heard before.

  15. Paul Sexton

    My vote has been cast and i must say what a well run and up to date site this is.Mr Gilmour must be very proud of it.

    WELL DONE!!!!

  16. Georg Kunz

    [… whining like a little girl who stepped in a muddy puddle and got her pretty knee-high socks wet…]

    Hey, Fed, is this phrase a well known english idiom or is this your own creation? anyway … very baroque! Maybe we should compile an anthology of Fed’s most creative rants. Good to see that you are so humorous even when angry.

    … and of course there’s no other way than to vote for the blog and the website respectively.

    Have a nice and restful weekend everybody out there!

  17. Mike Powell

    A dull but potentially expensive question. Has anybody managed to get a refund out of Ticketone?

    I returned 2 of our 4 tickets on 18th August, using the International Signed For service (which seems to be useless by the way but that’s another story). Having had no refund I emailed them on 18th September. I had a reply saying the refunds had been paid on 7th September, please check your credit card. I emailed back saying; no refund received. The identical reply came back so this is obviously automated.

    I would be grateful for the opportunity to share any experiences (to direct email if you prefer to keep this out of the blog).

    Thanks in advance

    [It’s more than welcome for all to see, Mike. Let’s hear all about it and see what we can do to help. – Features Editor]

  18. claudio

    [Have you seen the Live band’s feed on AOL music? its still up and I have watched it twice today already!! Well worth a look (click my name below).]


    Good evening FED & BLOGGERS!

    Even if the Blog will not win the award in my heart we are the winners, this is not only a Blog for me but a daily point of refence.

    So the next 3 october is your birthday FED? I think that I’ll write a special dedication for you… deserve it because this year you has been my lighthouse!

    Good evening and a question: FED what is your opinion about Sheva? has he disappointed the Chelsea’s supporters?


    [Well, speaking as someone who certainly does not want to see Chelsea win a third successive league title, I’m delighted that it’s taking a while for him to settle into the Premiership, Claudio. I hope it takes a few more months before he starts scoring regularly. He’s a great player, though. – Features Editor]

  19. Matt

    You got my vote.

    Ugh, I’m in the middle of moving. Do you suppose Dave would let me move into the Astoria if I promise not to touch any of his guitars?

    [It would be rude to turn someone away, especially if you showed up looking really dirty, hungry and needy. (By the way, if you don’t have a sense of humour, that was a joke.) – Features Editor]

  20. Melissa

    Awwww. I was bummed I couldn’t chat today. Just as I was getting warmed up every Doctor in the whole dang office wanted something. It was kind of stressful looking over my shoulder and trying to hide my screen.

    Fed, I have an idea *_*, maybe I can send you a nice expensive bottle of wine, and a big fat bone for “Floyd”, and you could open a special one off midnight blog for us poor saps here in the U.S.

    Sorry, I’m just kidding, I know you would much rather have a chocolate Yohoo. lol

    Hey another idea, let us take some of the burden of regulating the blog off your hands. You can put me in charge of telling off all the undesirables. Yea right, I don’t know half the nice words you use in such stinging ways.

    By the way this is a joke so please don’t sting me. I may cry, and I am pittiful when I cry.

    Everyone enjoy the weekend and get rested up.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [First Becky offers to answer the FAQs (remember them?) and now you’re offering to look after the chatroom. I’ll be out of a job at this rate! – Features Editor]

  21. Vicky

    The site has my vote, and tomorrow, when it allows me to vote again, the blog will have my vote too. Hope you win!



  22. Irene

    I think it was a nice idea. I have been enjoying this website for quite some time now, and I’m extremely greatful for that. I know I can trust this site for accurate info., and up to date news. You guys definitely deserve to win, and you definitely have my vote! Good Luck! (Irene)

  23. adrian kavanagh

    Nickster, well said mate, great post.

    I have to agree with Brian, I saw Extreme play live years ago, and I remember being blown away by Nuno betencort`s playing, very fast,articulate, etc. But as I`ve got older I`ve realised it`s not what you do with the guitar but the way you do it, and that is the hard part!

    To quote Mr. Hendrix, he said “music is easy to play, but hard to feel”

    Mr. Gilmour plays with `feel` throughout every number he plays! That is why he is my favourite guitar player, and more than deserves to be up there with the best of the best!

  24. Gabrielle Childers

    Hi FEd & friends!

    I am currently laughing my ass off … but I’m getting ahead of myself.

    As I’m reading down the posts I realize that nickster has articulated quite well some of the reasons we Irregulars are addicted to posting and/or reading others’ posts just about every day, come (mental) rain or shine, hell or high-water. Sooo, since I’m not feeling real sharp today, I thought I’d just say ‘hey FEd, nickster speaks for me too!’ But damned if Marcus (hey Marcus!) doesn’t beat me to it!!!

    I continue reading and I’m thinking ‘man, with the exception of a little irritability here and there (like any relationship), communication is flowing pretty well and it’s gotten so much more mellow over the months … not so many complete morons (too harsh?) bitching, moaning and generally being assholes (too graphic?)’. Then along comes crabby joe and your (FEd) ‘whining little girl with wet knee socks’ remark and I’m laughing my ass off (see first paragraph). Good one, FEd!! But no spoiled little brat can disrupt our Irregular Community, so off with his … whatever the hell passes for a head!

    Also, nice comments from Brian — reminds me of our early morning (for me) chat in the Barn (over dark beer/coffee/ribs) regarding so-called ‘pop’ music and just plain great music. Never liked the use of the word pop — makes me think of Britney Spears which then makes me feel ill!!

    Anyway FEd, here’s hoping you/the site win but, regardless of the outcome, we all know that you don’t need a statue on your mantle (with one notable exception, of course) to realize just how special this particular site is! I doubt that many (any?) sites make much of an effort to give immediate feedback from a real person, much less the opportunity for the development of real relationships to form among those in the b-word community!

    Take care everyone — it’s a strange world out there! By the way, nice gesture by Richard Branson, don’t you think?

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

    [Thanks for that, mate. – Features Editor]

  25. George Maciver

    Even more interestingly, what do I think of your decision to enter the competitions? Cool. You must be getting old heh heh.

  26. Smokey Haze

    Duly noted and positively voted…there’s no place like home,there’s no place like home,theres no…..

  27. Ali

    Votes duly cast :)

    FEd, after Dan Agger winning the August goal of the month, I think we can look forward to September’s only consisting of Reds’ goals (with Dirk’s netbuster and John Arne’s rocket adding to Xabi’s gentle lob on Wednesday 😀 )

    As I can’t seem to add a comment to the Polly thread – can I just add my heartfelt thanks for the pleasure her work has given me (and btw has she got a twin sister? 😉 )


    [Hi Ali, how are you? Things are better when we’re winning, don’t you think? – Features Editor]

  28. Thomas O'Connell

    Well Fed, Today my wife gave me a great birthday gift. I have really been trying to get On an Island on vinyl since it’s release and just can’t find it. But to my surprise there sitting on top of my turntable was the lp of OAI wrapped.

    The album is great. There is nothing so sweet than the sound of vinly. Thanks David for releasing it in this format too.

    I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Now if only the U.S can make a come back on the Ryders cup.

    Fed, I looked at the calender to see when the chat room was to open and so far it looks as if it’s close for the week or maybe your just having a great week-end?

    Take Care,

    [I’ve actually spent most of it demolishing the kitchen, Thomas. I don’t know if “great” is quite the word for it, but there have been many words beginning with Fs and Bs used over the past 48 hours. A belated “Happy Birthday” to you. Hope you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  29. Cícero José

    O David Gilmour na apresentação de sua arte é como um poeta,sempre criando e recriando a realidade . Além disso, sua guitarra é como o voo do condor, suave e delicada mas,com uma limpidez que só ele sabe apresentar…ele mostra que a música faz um transceder da própria exisência. Atenciosamente, um fã.

  30. Melissa

    [communication is flowing pretty well and it’s gotten so much more mellow over the months … Gabrielle Childers at September 23, 2006 03:15 AM]

    I have felt the same way. I have only been posting for a few months, and I feel like things on the blog have been guided by the Fed, in a more positive direction, the way he/she and I’m sure David and Polly, want things to go. I also think the addition of the chat room has helped relax the atmosphere. It is easy to mistake the tone and meaning behind a comment on the blog sometimes. In the chat room you can quickly clarify your tone and any misunderstandings . I think this is helpful for learning personalities and sometimes motives for being here.

    Melissa (*_*)

  31. claudio

    FED, I have known today that the home of Syd is on sale.

    I think that it’s not a home but like a museum or better a floydan museum. So it would be terrible to see this a holy home transformed in some bedsits ore other.

    David, Richard and Nick I hope that you will intervene! Otherwise I propose to collect money from the bloggers and you FED will be the manager. I am really serious!

    Good evening bloggers and FED!

  32. Chris McNulty

    [Wonderful Musician, wonderful man. – Posted by: Guy Pratt at September 23, 2006 12:07 AM]

    Nice to see that Guy is still peeking in

  33. kingzorghh

    >>whining like a little girl who stepped in a muddy puddle and got her pretty knee-high socks wet

    heh,funnies is you. how long did you take to come up with that one?

    I cast my vote. Lots of folks talking about going back every day to vote. If you want to do the good deed all in one go, you can clear your browser cookies after every vote and it will let you vote again.

  34. Michèle

    [I’ve actually spent most of it demolishing the kitchen – Features Editor]

    What a strange idea to demolish the kitchen ! and where are you going to put champagne for your birthday if there is no more room for a fridge ?

    And the next week end, you demolish the bath room, too ?

    But, please, don’t demolish the office and above all the computer !!!


  35. frank par

    I hope the tap is still on so you can make your pasta Fed.

    What colour did you choose for the kitchen? White? lol.

    [I haven’t decided yet, but the taps still work… I think. – Features Editor]

  36. Carlos Wiesemann


    I will vote for you as many times as posible.

    You are the best. You must win, you will win!!


  37. Mike Hesten

    It’s been a while since my last post here, but that’s not to say I don’t still enjoy taking time out to read the latest Blog entries. This has to be the most informative and helpful Blog site out there.

    You’ve got my vote Fed.

  38. Luis Malheiro

    Good morning,

    I would vote for the tour at anytime, but my vote is indeed for the site itself and how it did develop in much less than one year (I recall that one year ago I was still surfing on the waves of Live8 stunning performance by Pink Floyd and Roger Waters and looking forward to find information about the release to be of David Gilmour’s new album).

    Congratulations for the site, for its contents and its life, indeed it is worth of regular visiting.

    One question: I believe I read in the news, some months ago, that there’ll be a “high resolution” (SACD 5.1?) edition of On an Island. Is this still being planned?


    [I’m not sure, Luis. If I ever get an answer, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  39. ripper

    [I want On An Island Dvd!!!!! Now!!!!!! – Posted by: Lucia at September 22, 2006 02:29 PM]

    HEAR HEAR!! I’m itching for it. High hopes extended version is going to be great. The AOL one brings tears to my eyes every time!

    Monday’s should be scrapped!

  40. Graham Knight

    Hi Fed, off topic meandering alert

    I have voted by the way…

    I keep getting this odd thought, i was listening to Radio2 early saturday morning while driving around the M25 & M1 (i could have thought of more pleasarable things to be doing) Johnny Walker was playing the sounds of the sixties & i kept thinking i wonder how David would cover of a number of the songs i heard, i know its living in that past but i could really imagine him having some fun doing them. Stange what contraflows on motorways can do to you.

    My guitar playing is coming along, slowly, i am never going to be anything special but occasionally i manage to play something that someone else in the house recognises, as i said before i can play all the notes of any song……but not necessarily in the right order. Mabe some times i do get some in the right order (reminds me of the monkeys/typewriter & works of Shakespeare story)

  41. Graham Knight

    Another off topic

    What lovely weather on saturday afternoon i drove back home with the sunroof down fantastic early autumn sunshine shafting through the leafy lanes of surrey on my way back home.

    I was awkened early sunday by the most horrendous downpour an incredible amount of rainfalling lashing against the window, followed by a claps of thunder any way i looked out of the window at the rain bouncing off the road & happened to glance at my car.

    OH sh*t, Bugger, bugger, bugger

    yes i had left the sunroof wide open.

    does any body know a good way of getting a car into a tumble dryer?

    the seat was still wet this morning & i got out of my car to arrive at work looking like i had had an accident.

    what Gilmour/Floyd song would be appropriate to play in this situation?

    [It has to be ‘The Blue’, Graham. – Features Editor]

  42. Russian Max

    I voted already today, and answer to me is “Sorry: You are allowed to vote only once a day”

    But tomorrow I’ll be there, no doubt.

    David’s blog – the best!!!

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  43. Elisabetta Corsi

    Dear Bloggers and F.Ed.,

    to vote every day pay attention to the hour you vote: i experienced that the system keeps 24 hours starting from your last vote , otherwise you can read “you allowed to vote only once a day” after that time you can vote.

    Ciao Elisabetta

    [You’re all cheating?! Surely not. I’m shocked. – Features Editor]

  44. Elisabetta Corsi-S.Giorgio di N. Italy

    Dear F.Ed.

    no, don’t worry: it’s regular! It’s simply scientifically proved by me every day on many computers: You know computers are stupid machines!. There is a sort of deadline of time for which you must vote AT LEAST 24 hours later than the same hour you ‘ve voted the day before.(i.e. today I voted at 10.30 hrs, tomorrow I must vote at least at 10.35 hrs local time, not before, and I can vote)

    I want you to win! It is important all the people are aware about it!

    Ciao Elisabetta

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  45. Melissa

    [You’re all cheating?! Surely not. I’m shocked. – Features Editor]

    I sure hope our names don’t print out on some sort of list when they tally the votes.

    Melissa (*_*)