Best Music Blog?

At the risk of selling out, I hereby announce that ‘we’ve’ (well, it was nothing to do with me) today entered the blog so that it belatedly stands a chance of winning the BT Digital Music Awards’ People’s Choice Award for Best Music Blog.

As you’ve probably already noticed over on the Latest News page, is also competing for the title of Best Music Site.

To vote for either, or both, all you need to do is click the snazzy button (the one above if you want to cast your vote for Best Music Blog, the one on the homepage if you want to nominate for the Best Music Site award) and enter your name and e-mail address.

Do let us know how you rate our chances of winning. Even more interestingly, let us know what you think of the decision to forward ourselves for consideration.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

150 thoughts on “Best Music Blog?”

  1. I dare the judges to find a more suitable home for that award than here. You have my vote my editorial friend.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

    [Thank you, Geoff. – Features Editor]

  2. you got my vote, ed. you don’t seem too happy about it, though.

    hope you win, even if you don’t want to!

    [Thanks. – Features Editor]

  3. CAPTION: ” For once ask not what this blog can do for you but what you can do for this blog”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin, on the campaign trail)

  4. My dear Fed… I’m pretty sure it was a good decision to include the blog on the contest. I hope we all vote to make this site the winner.

    I liked yesterday’s blog even though I didn’t comment on it. I don’t know enough of Mr. Wyatt to dare write something on him. Still, he helped on creating a nice version of Comfortably Numb.

    How’s life in England? I can tell you everything’s pretty calmed here in Mexico. Hurricane season’s on, however; up ’til now nothing bad has happened yet.

    Finally, since we’re running out of topics… Fed can you think of something for all we guitarists around David Gilmour? I don’t know… I’ve been waiting for something like that to pop on the blog one day… I guess if you don’t ask you don’t receive, right?

    Michèle j’adore tes commentaires en francais… c’est bien pour moi si tu continues avec eux. Qu’est-ce que tu penses Fed?

    Well, take care!

    Shine on bloggers!

    [Je pense que les commentaires appropriés sont toujours très bienvenue ici… dans tous les langues. – Features Editor]

  5. Done and Done

    [Your vote has been submitted. Read the latest DMA news and information about voting in the other categories.]

    If any site deserves this based on class alone it’s this site and it’s because of you F*Ed.

    Good Luck, I’m stuffing mailboxes on the way home!

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  6. Happily voted for this site as fast as my clumsy old fingers could go. Mine was also a vote that this site be around for a long long time.

    When you win, what will you win?

    Thanks FED and all!

  7. I was going to enter a caption, but Geoff’s takes the cake!!! Maybe I’ll think of one later….

    But you better believe that I’m voting for this site!!!! I’m on the road for a conference and internet is a luxury. Is there a time limitation…did I miss that?

    I’m glad you guys threw your collective hat in the ring. Hmmm, did you have any hand in this, Rudders?

    Who finally conviced you guys to do it?

    All the best!

    – Ang

    [You know, management-types never turn down a chance to get a pat on the back. – Features Editor]

  8. I voted for you, of course, but no matter if you win or not, your blog is for ever in our heart, be sure of that, it’s the main thing!


  9. Hey Fed,

    As you already know my last blog entry was nothing but praise for this site. I just wanted to say that you should be proud of your work here, don’t be so modest.

    I also have to ask if anyone else had trouble voting for both categories.

    I voted for best music site, no problem, when I tried to vote for the blog I got a message that I could only vote once a day. Does that mean we can cast a vote everyday?

    If so I’ll be on it. Unless you guys think it’s unfair.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [It is unfair, but aren’t all award polls/ceremonies the same? – Features Editor]

  10. I see this site being up for an award no different to buying a DG CD, DVD or a tour t’shirt… or voting in a Radio Station poll etc.

    It’s another opportunity for DG’s fans to recognise the man, his music and the way he has enabled us to interact with the tour.

    The only negative to this award is that you’ve had to put yourself forward as opposed to being recognised regardless but there have been many suggestions in the past that this site should be nominated so thank you for the opportunity to vote for DG’s website…

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  11. Hi FEd,

    Well, vote I did. Three guesses who received my vote?

    It’s obvious that I put this site forward because of the way the blog is run. I like the careful atttention you give to everyone who submits something to be posted on the blog.

    Participation is the key. Your comments are a nice touch too, FEd.

    Kind regards.

  12. Hmmmm…

    Now that I’ve had a quick look around the Awards site I completely disagree with the fact that there is a “Best Unofficial Music Site” which only goes to support the infringement of copyrights, illegal recordings and mis-information etc!

    Maybe not submitting yourself would have been better as an act of solidarity against the Unofficial Sites…

    [Good point. – Features Editor]

  13. I think it is a tremendous idea. Of all the sites I go onto to read info this is the best run and put together site of all.

    If I could give you more then one vote a day I would but the webiste will not allow it.

    Matt in Maine

  14. You got my first vote today and because its only allowed to vote once a day, tomorrow you´ll get the second one.

    I keep my fingers crossed for both awards.

  15. Consider it done,

    My vote was accepted a few minutes ago.

    About chances, I think the David Gilmour site is the best, I visited the others, and at DG web site has no competition in sense of professional staff, excellent stuff and of course unique community. But now less people come here, because of slow period of time. When voting took place during US/Canada leg or in early March I could bet it will win.

    But still hope for high place,

  16. Absolutely the blog and website should be entered! No question about it, in my mind!

    I really don’t see it as “selling out.” FEd, SNEd, and I’m sure others (not to mention David, Polly, and other band members) have put a lot of time and effort into making the blog and the website extra special. You all deserve to be recognized for your work and creativity. And FEd in particular has burned the midnight oil on several occasions (not to mention, a lot of weekend and holiday oil too) in order to keep things running smoothly. You guys deserve ALL the awards and as much recognition as possible!

    Crossing my fingers for you!

    [Thank you very much, Lynn. I work full-time on the blog and on several areas of the main site. We have a webmaster who makes the main site look groovy, as well as many other websites. A member of David’s management team (SNEd) dips in from time to time with news and chases up all the facts. David and Polly are fully involved. That’s it. There aren’t dozens of people working on it behind the scenes and it’s not a record company website. Its aim is to be informative, accurate and to give the fans a more rounded experience of both album and tour. That fans like it enough to regularly contribute means far more than any award to me, but that’s just my personal opinion. – Features Editor]

  17. I`ve voted Features ed, well for best blog anyway, I can`t see the link on the homepage to vote for best music site, but rest assured when I see it I`ll vote, as I think is the best site on the web, and I think our(as we all have a part to play I think?) chances of winning is quite good, I`ve no prob with putting the site into the campaign!

    I must mention also that my son Jack Gilmour Kavanagh is four today!

    [Thanks, Adrian, and a very happy birthday to little Jack. – Features Editor]

  18. First i want to thank fed for time info it great site. Yes i voted and will vote everyday i think its a great idea and if all our blogers will vote daily i think we will have a great chance of winning, i think it would be neat to see us win for our blog, and great for david to.

    Good luck fed hope we win.


  19. Let’s face it F’ed, we can’t lose.

    If we win, we win.

    If we don’t it’s only because the swine-like herds wouldn’t recognise a good blog / music-site and vote instead for ……… (insert low-brow site of choice here).

  20. well I’d already voted for a certain site, although it never dawned on me that you were not in for a shout, but I interupted my 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps to make sure I got my vote in 🙂

    you can only voted once aday though but Happy Gilmore tomorrow certainly looks worth interupting and I’ll vote for the blog then!

    here’s a thought FE’d… why dont we go P Diddy on the cyber public and thereaten to shoot ’em if they dont vote for you?


  21. I have voted for the best music blog.

    David is the best, this website is the best, the bloggers are the best and you FED are the king of the editors….I’am sorry for the others, the race is over.

    Claudio – Ravenna (Italy)

  22. Caption: Putting the camera away for a rest, Polly takes up paint ball art.

    You’ve got my vote.

    I’d be pretty surprised if the blog or site didn’t win or come close to winning. 8 ^D

  23. since you can only vote once a day, i’ll have to vote for the blog tomorrow, as i voted for the site overall already today.

    best of luck to you. i think it’s a shoe-in. not in the mouth even.


  24. Oh well, I voted for you lot just now, but then I’m drunk and may regret it tomorrow. Call it a momentary lapse of reason. Hmm, does that disqualify my vote I wonder? Must one be sober to cast one’s vote?

    (PS – hello David, wherever you are. I have forgiven you for giving me the stink eye on April 4th outside RCMH.)


  25. Make a spot on the shelf beside “The Glassman”

    I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving

  26. got my vote mate , ill be voting every day as its alowed you to vote once a day

    cheer up mate recognition is not a bad thing, you deserve it as a site , im on the campaign trail so all you lot of irregulars vote every day its not cheating its allowed , which other site has given more to its fans and which other Fed has shown more dediction, restraint and lets not forget freedom of speech

    cheers Fed its not the winning but the taking part (yeah right)at least thats what Benitez tells his players at Liverpool

    see ya mate

    [Cheeky! – Features Editor]

  27. You got my vote!! Without this blog and site, I wouldn’t have met so many cool fans, I wouldn’t have been updated on all the great tour info, I wouldn’t have been able to share my excitment with so many others…not to mention I would not have been able to stand a few feet away from David during his session at Leno!! It’s the best as far as I’m concerned.

    And there is certainly no shame in self promotion, especially when it’s been earned.

  28. This competition is a farce!,as there is only one obvious ROCKS,KICKS ASS and boasts the COOLEST,HIPPEST Irregulars in cyberland.And to top it off we’ve got our incomparable F.E. whom is very adept at diplomatically complimenting and telling us off all in one breath.Who could ask for more…

    Oh and there is more!..Every once in a while we get posts from band members!

    Love this site.It has become part of my daily routine.No sellout here F.E. and all involved in keeping this site going.You all deserve accolades and perhaps even some notoriety(in a good way) for making some of our lives interesting in some manner

  29. I am very impressed with this web site. How often it is updated, the beautiful pictures and the ability to post our admiration is outstanding!

  30. Hi all,

    This is the only artist/band blog that I read and post to so it’s difficult for me to make comparisons. I’ve seen countless whizzy flash sites but for me what sets apart from all others (besides personal music taste) is the life of the site. It starts with the wireman and fresh DG ambience, to the regularly updated news and galleries and then right down to the blog (and chatroom)…where the site for me seems most alive, buzzing with people that all share a common passion. It all creates this feeling of life/energy that separates it from the rest, imho.

    There can’t be many sites that have brought the artist and the fan so closely together so successfully. There have been lucky bloggers at all kinds of different DG events (Mermaid, Abbey Road, Pulse DVD launch to name a few), Guy’s posts and meeting up with bloggers pre-show and of course the mighty Glassman. Then there’s Polly’s amazing photographs that have delighted on a daily basis. I could go on, but I think the point is well made…this ain’t yer average artist site.

    The blog’s success is 100% down to FEd. Opening up a moderated public forum with PF’s history could have been a recipe for disaster but thanks to FEd’s editorial style and sheer hard work (and the occasional pointy stick) it is the thriving community it is today…where all opinions are heard and not just us devotees.

    I doubt any other artist that has the fanbase that David has, has ever come close to bridging the gap between artist and fan so well. That’s why deserves to win it for me.

    Is it selling out to put yourselves up for it? No – not selling out. Getting some recognition for outstanding work isn’t a bad thing. Personally I’d like to think that someone would have nominated the site/blog for you if you hadn’t.


    [Thanks for that, mate. Very kind of you. – Features Editor]

  31. I say “better late than never” inasfar as entering the contest late.

    I don’t think any of us have voted for anyone else already?? Of course we’ll win!!!

  32. For all your dedicated work on this blog, you should win. I have been waiting for something like this for a very long time!

    My vote is cast and good luck.

  33. I wished vote for you…but then I realized that Christina Aguilera has a wonderful site and a wonderful blog, so….

    Hey FEd, I have listened about some troubles in english football. All the world is a town, after all! I guess you know about troubles in italian football.

    Now I have to go…I need to tidy my kitchen, phew!

    Have a wonderful day


    [The same to you… and good luck with your kitchen. They can be trouble. – Features Editor]

  34. I’m having problems voting for the site after voting for the blog. It’s throwing up a – you can only vote once a day message. I’ll just have to vote again tomorrow then !

    Can we have a competition to find a suitable disguise for you when you go to collect the award…….pleeeeeeeeease.

    [If we did win – and don’t forget that we’ve entered very late – I’d insist on sending some persecuted member of society up there to make a political statement. And I’d promptly be ignored and some patsy with good teeth and a big smile would go instead. – Features Editor]

  35. After leaving his property for more than half a year, Mr Gilmour might be needing a helping hand to finally paint that front door, fix the letterbox and the lock on the doghouse, do a massive amount of work in that neglected garden, and the Astoria might do with a bit of paint as well (not to mention to fix that leak in the bow).

    If I were you, dear management and editorial staff, I’d be very careful with loading myself with a lot of extra work by making yourselves even more popular as you are. Think of it, Fed’s doing night shifts already now that you’ve launched the chat.

  36. F.Ed – can’t think of a better website than this one to vote for so you have my vote without question.

    However, you can only vote once a day (as I found out when I tried to vote for both Best Music Site and Best Blog a few minutes ago). Not sure what’s up with that restriction since they are 2 different categories but will try again tomorrow to vote for Best Blog !!

    Fingers and toes crossed – when are the results announced ?


    [I think it’s 3 October. It’s my birthday the day after, too. – Features Editor]

  37. Of course I’m supporting this and I did vote.

    This site and blog gave us very much indeed. It’s fair, fun, moderate, balanced, relaxing, enjoying, pleasant, passionate, compassionate, stimulating, energizing…. someone stop me please…

    Good luck!

  38. Dear F.Ed.,


    I went, i saw, I won

    Why not David Gilmour too?


  39. My vote in.

    If you win, will you have to accept the award and expose yourself for the first time?

    Gary Hurley.

    p.s. I will ask my wife to vote tonight.

    [No, my privacy means more than any award from any telecommunications company. (What do they know about music, anyway?) – Features Editor]

  40. I’ve voted,I hope we’ll win!

    I don’t care so much about this awards(music is more than this…),but if you call,I’ll answer!


  41. I’m pleased to have the chance to show my appreciation in some small way for this great site and blog.

    Credit where it’s due.

  42. Dear Fed, of course, you’ve got my vote… even if I don’t really have the heart to (how do you say: avoir le coeur à?).

    It’s a strange time for me. Hospital for my mother (mais l’un de nos réconforts est que j’ai pu l’emmener voir David à l’Olympia, en mars…), and at the end of the week, 2 years ago, my love passed by…

    Yes, a very strange time…

    Excuse me, dear Fed, for being off topic…

    Ikkar, with love

    [Je suis désolé d’entendre que maintenant n’est pas un temps facile pour vous, Ikkar. C’est dommage. Je ne sais pas l’expression appropriée en français, ainsi je dois le dire en anglais: Keep your chin up, mate. – Features Editor]

  43. Alors, rien que pour faire plaisir à notre ami Jorge Rivera de Mexico :

    – Vous êtes trop gentil et bravo pour votre français! (= commentaire NON approprié)

    Et n’oubliez pas de voter pour le blog ! (= commentaire approprié)

    OK, Fed ?


    [Vous êtes ennui! Français est bienvenue ici, mais n’est pas dans le chatroom, parce que vous savez que mon petit cerveau est trop lent. – Features Editor]

  44. My vote for the blog met with the same message, I tried once again today morning and I also was refused. For sure I will try later in the evening.

    Polskie Radio 3 today was This Heaven, and once again great piece of music with excellent sound quality.

    BTW For those who missed first 2 songs try to join Polskie Radio today at midnight CET or 23:00 UK time, maybe it can be aired, but I do not know what restricted usage means (number of broadcasts, or time frames). The intrest for this broadcast in Poland is massive. Next chance will be on Sunday 21 CET or 20 UK

    Thank you

  45. [I voted for best music site, no problem, when I tried to vote for the blog I got a message that I could only vote once a day. Does that mean we can cast a vote everyday? – Posted by: Melissa at September 20, 2006 08:38 PM]

    Its a bug in their website. Delete your cookies and you can vote the other category, thats what enabled me to stumble on the fact that you can vote repeatedly if you clear cookies.

    (click start internet options -> delete cookies. Assuming you use IE)

  46. Hmmmm…I have to say that Blog wise this should be the winner.

    As for Best Music Site, although I would like to see this win (and I did vote for it), IMHO I think you’ll have quite a bit more competition for that. There are some music sites out there that are pretty snazzy and do quite a bit more.

    But good luck anyway.


  47. So much stuff out there….How could we keep up and find out otherwise?

    No problem in you letting us know about it FEd.


  48. Dang it! I must have looked at the calendar wrong. I thought there was a chat room open for today. Oh well, I might make it till the next one.

    There should be a disclaimer…

    Warning! This chat room/trips to “The Barn”, may be habit forming and cause you to become a slacker at work. We here at will not be held responsible if you lose your J.O.B.

    Melissa (*_*)

  49. [I think it’s 3 October. It’s my birthday the day after, too. – Features Editor)

    We will have to mark that on our calendars ( I see a busy blog day coming for you)


    [No, the idea is that there’ll be no posts that day… – Features Editor]

  50. I have a technical suggestion, on competive sites the logo of the Awards is visible at once, now after Polskie Radio news, you are not able to see it at once, only when you scroll down Latest News on the Home page. I wonder if it is a big problem to fix it on the front page till the end of voting.

    Managements like to win, so I hope this change can add some votes


    [We’re extremely passive at – Features Editor]

  51. …and if I vote again using other mail addresses? Or this means cheat and I should be ashamed of my bad thoughts? I could be ashamed but do it anyway! After all, I’m sure my conscience is strong enough to take it.


  52. [I think it’s 3 October. It’s my birthday the day after, too. – Features Editor)

    Well F.Ed – I hope you get to take a well deserved day off after celebrating the website win the previous night !!! Champagne and winning goes well together, imho 🙂


  53. (click start internet options -> delete cookies. Assuming you use IE)

    er i meant tools -> internet options ….

  54. “[No, the idea is that there’ll be no posts that day… – Features Editor]”

    None the day after either!?!

    It’s the same principle as having a babysitter! Along with the evening out I need one the following morning at 7am when the kids are jumping on me with a bad hangover!

  55. Well Fed I definetly voted for this blog….It is the best hands down. So I will keep my fingers crossed and light the appropriate candles =]

    Have great weekend Fed

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  56. Michèle: Alors, merci pour ton commentaire! Et il y a pas des mots sufficients pour te remercier au dire que mon Francais est comme-ci bon! Et sourtout… c’est toujours un plaisir de partager un peut de Francais avec toi!

    Fed: Je ne peux pas arreter de rire avec ton commentaire… mais alors… nous savons que ton cerveau n’est pas pètit… seulement il y a fois auquelles tu a beaucoup de choses en lui.

    My friends… it’s a new day… and I’m already hearing On an Island… It’s good to see all our beloved bloggers are doing ok…

    Éclatez diamants fous!


    PS. Je manque ma c avec cédille en cet ordinateur! hehe! :P!

  57. Fed,

    My vote is in, and will be in everyday until it ends. With all the time and efforts you put into this great site, it will be well worth winning. Keep up with great work!!


  58. Hye fed got my vote in yesterday best of luck to you and the crew and many thanks to dave for giving us this site.

  59. [No, the idea is that there’ll be no posts that day… – Features Editor]

    October 4th is “FEd Appreciation Day”, also known as “The Blog is Closed Day.”

    I vote that the blog should close early at 4:00 PM GMT on October 3rd. The Post message page should disappear like when a contest closes and Fed isn’t accepting new posts. The Blog should reopen at FEd’s convenience on Oct. 5th. This way FEd doesnt have a huge backlog of posts to look at when he get’s back (and doesn’t have to think about how many posts are accumulating on his birthday.)

    I think FEd deserves a quiet birthday without thinking about the blog. Imagine a whole day without questions on when the tour DVD is coming out.

    By the way, when is the tour DVD coming out? 😉

  60. Off to vote now!

    btw, F’ed, I’m now using 3 different plectrums (picks) and what a difference! Thanks for that. Only problem now is remembering which plec to use for which song lol. Ah well, no one ever said life would be easy.

  61. [It’s my birthday the day after, too. – Features Editor]

    Well there’s a tasty can of worms opened. So I guess if there will be no blog entries that day, then it will be the day before that we submit our best birthday wishes to our almighty FEd!

    I was driving down the freeway this morning and I heard an REM song followed by a Radiohead song and FEd you were on my mind (but only in the best of ways). . .

    Personally, I always celebrate my Birthweek as Birthmonths tend to drag on a bit.

    Thanks Ripper for the cookie tip, let the ballot box stuffing begin!!

    And I would like to say that Nickster said everything I wanted to say, so thank you Nickster! As I used to work for the Webbies, I wanted to submit for a Webby, but I thought I might have gotten a pointy stick from FEd, so I didn’t!! Maybe should I change my stance?

  62. Voted for DG website both times.

    I stumbled on the site back in February before the release of OAI and haven’t missed many days since.

    Not being able to attend any of David’s performances, this site has really made me feel a part of the tour and part of a top notch community.

    Thanks FED and David

  63. Though sadly work has kept me away from the blog a good many weeks, it’s still nice to jump in for a quick smile every now and again. You’ve certainly got my vote.

    Good luck to you, Fed. You’ve earned it.

  64. I have cast my vote, as well.

    What a wonderful site/blog to so effectively meld us all together! I still remember my excitement when I first found this site. I can’t think of any other site where the artist is so involved in the site…along with band members posting to the blog! I still get giddy when I think of the way this site has made a connection between Mr. Gilmour (and complany) and us, the fans.

    It is visually pleasing, informative, easy to navigate, and quite effectively managed. Thanks to all involved for making it a reality!

  65. Ikkar,

    je sais qu’on est toujours seul dans le malheur, mais ce site est un endroit privilégié pour partager ‘le pire et le meilleur’.

    ‘Keep your chin up’, = ‘tenez le coup’. C’est vrai…Le meilleur n’est jamais bien loin.

    Toutes mes amitiés.


  66. FEd,

    You FINALLY bit the bullett and took the hint…

    I pointed this site out to you on the “Classic 21” blog on September 8, 2006 11:44 PM

    What made you change yor mind?

    My intention was never a case of “back slapping”, as was your response at the time.

    The invitation was intended as a sincere attempt for OUR blog community to recognise David’s website & the Blog in particular, by allowing everybody the chance to vote for YOU.

    I only hope you haven’t left it too late…

    Having cast my vote, for “Best Music Site” & Best Music Blog”, I attempted to vote again and a pop-up box advised:- “Sorry: You are allowed to vote only once a day”

    So at least we can play catch-up by ALL voting EVERY DAY until the closing date. 11 days 21 hours to go…

    I trust Irregulars Guy, Richard and Phil will also be casting their votes ;o)

  67. We have several email addresses at home, so I tried to vote to-day for both contests (blog AND site) by using two different addresses, but even so, the second one was cancelled, it’s a shame ! it’s unfair!

    On the other hand, we could vote everyday !

    They are ridiculous, and they deserve no attention (yours or ours)

    No need to win that, David & Polly, you, everyone involved in this site, we, we all know it’s wonderful, unique, warm and priceless !


  68. [No, the idea is that there’ll be no posts that day… – Features Editor]

    You got it, but only one day out of the year

  69. To the BT Digital Music Awards People:

    Take a Breath & pick a proper winner out of this pocketful of blogs…. You know I’m right when I say that this blog is on an island!! Close your eyes & smile knowing that all the other blogs are deranged compared to this one. Leave them blue, because you know this one is heaven!

    So let’s get metaphysical & let cruise to the no1 spot!!!!

    Yes, You got my Vote!!!!


  70. FEdwina wrote: No, the idea is that there’ll be no posts that day…

    Dream on, mate. You’re in for it now (unless David lets you have your birfdave off).


  71. Hi Fed,

    I just picked up the latest issue of Guitar One where the editors have selected their choices for the 101 greatest guitar solos of all time. No small surprise that David’s transcendant playing on Comfortably Numb ranked at #2, just after Hendrix’s live version of Machine Gun from The Band of Gypsy’s album. If you think anyone would be interested, here’re Guitar One’s top 20 picks:

    20. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – Jimi Hendrix
    19. Cliffs of Dover – Eric Johnson
    18. Jump – Eddie Van Halen
    17. You Shook Me All Night Long – Angus Young
    16. Highway Star – Ritchie Blackmore
    15. Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) – Some guy
    14. November Rain – Slash
    13. For The Love Of God – Steve Vai
    12. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Jeff Beck
    11. Crossroads – Eric Clapton
    10. Hot For Teacher – Eddie Van Halen
    09. Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan
    08. Crazy Train – Randy Rhoads
    07. Hotel California – Don Felder & Joe Walsh
    06. Free Bird – Allen Collins & Gary Rossington
    05. All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
    04. Stairway To Heaven – Jimmy Page
    03. Sultans of Swing – Mark Knopfler
    02. Comfortably Numb – guess who??
    01. Machine Gun – Jimi Hendrix

    It should be noted that only a few of the greatest appeared more than once in the list – Hendrix and Page 4 times, while David sat alongside Beck and Van Halen with three showings (our boy also nabbed #70 for his killer solo in Time).

  72. Votes cast and fingers crossed. Good luck to all involved with site.

    Long shots sometimes go in F*Ed, Xabi! Also look at the Fulham result! Round 3 replay of the FA Cup semi final 2001? U got to admit F*Ed we were unlucky then!

    [It’s a funny old game, as they say (far too often). – Features Editor]

  73. Hi Fed

    i was just sat flicking through the site and noticed you wanted us to tell u what we thought of the site entering

    personally it does’nt bother me , everyone deserves recognition if its deserved, & u and the team deserve it , i dont have alot to compere it with as i do not visit any other music site but i know that through the Album release and tour this site has been informative and you have gone out of your way to help the fans in anyway you can not just over the site but personally as well. ill never forget when u emailed me hotel details for London near RAH you did not have to but you did, thats going the extra mile

    thankyou mate you have enriched the year by making yourself available to us moaning irregulars, for that we are grateful, just wondering have you had many people saying your selling out etc, surely not

    one last thought i know you dont like personal praise but i and others would like the chance on the blog to say our thanks to you and the team for all you have done the band and more have had there day what about you lot , i know you prob will not go for it but i know some of us would like the chance to say thanks to you and the team

    see ya mate and goodnight

    [Bless you. Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  74. Quick question for features editor.

    You said above that this was not a record company site?

    Since when…and maybe you need to tell EMI that as well as the people in Dallas??

    And what about the illegal video and audio bootlegs on a site in your links?

    Can you clear up the confusion?

    Thanks…although I doubt you will allow this post.

    [I’ll allow it, if only to give everyone a very good example of how childish, petty and bitter the webmasters of fansites which we have not linked to can be. I believe that David and Polly chose the links. It’s nothing to do with me. Maybe they just don’t like the site you keep referring to? Try and get your facts straight before you waste my time with such dull petulance again. You’ve wasted more than enough of it in the past by whining like a little girl who stepped in a muddy puddle and got her pretty knee-high socks wet. Don’t be a bad loser all your life. – Features Editor]

  75. Well Fed, You have my vote.

    I never have been one to get interested in web sites or chat rooms, But Dec. 05 I started reading David’s Web site and found myself reading it everytime I turn on the computer. I really enjoy what the fans have to say and the little comments you(Fed) make. Plus the Gallery, News and etc..

    I hope that David, Polly and of course Fed(Who I feel has done the greatest job of keeping this site clean and interesting) WIN :)…


  76. Hey you!

    You have my vote since yesterday and it is to confirm and I shall vote for all days,

    Because this site is Unique in its kind, David is exceptional, we bloggers are extraordinary, and naturally this site would not be what it is without the work of an absolutely brilliant editor.

    I know that you are going to win.

    I would like apologizing to massacre your language when I am going to see you in the barn, but even though I do not a lot post I bind you and I learn a lot . THANK YOU for your patience with me.

    Due to you I have the desire to learn my English.

    Best of luck!

    Sylvie from Québec CA.

    [Merci beaucoup, Sylvie. Régulièrement je massacre votre langue (probablement maintenant), ainsi je pense nous sommes égaux! – Features Editor]

  77. Well if this is the most articulate blog site on the planet, what can stop the momemtum? I don’t honestly know other sites and don’t care. This is home.

    P.S. Since Oct. 4 is known, you do deserve accolades for yourself Fed,because you’ve allowed us to celebrate each and every member of the band. If it’s true by the way, Sned should be included. Brothers in arms?

    [Absolutely not. We’re not going to start patting ourselves on the back anymore than we have already done. We get more than enough praise every day, thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  78. [We’re extremely passive at]

    Makes the victory that much sweeter.

    Heres one “lurker” to vote for you.

    David should announce a new U.S. tour to boost the web traffic here back up to its heyday. I think he owes you that, eh F’Ed?

    Good luck to you guys.

  79. The biggest reward for this website is the fans that blog here, that come to read here. The biggest reward for the fans is that we get to talk to Fed, if not Dave. I for one, am just happy and content about the fact that i chat with some one who is close to, and knows david 🙂

    As for taking part in these “best of” things.. hey! we all like to receive recognition in some shape or form, so NO.. you are not selling out by participating, in fact you are making the site even more visible to all those who dont know what secrets lie with in the music and words of Dave 🙂



  80. There. Did it.

    It’s the least i can do for this blog…after all the good things that this blog and you Fed have done for me. Without you folks, and David’s management, i wouldnt have seen him live this year.

    Great job folks! I hope we’ll kick other blog’s asses!

  81. Hi! Is this site run by a gentleman named Ed? That’s what I see in the comments…Righteous site, sir! I voted for it and wish you the very best!

    I also just really wanted to put out there that Mr. Gilmour’s track, ‘On An Island’ is breathtakingly perfect in my humble opinion, like sooo much of his work, past and present, that has just….well, there’s simply no way of truly putting my admiration for David Gilmour and his music into words…

    I was watching the video and I’d remembered that Graham Nash and David Crosby are on the album. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Nash at the Bell In Hand Tavern in Boston where I was performing! I’m a singer/songwriter myself, but that’s a whole different story…

    David Gilmour, your music, your art….is timeless. I regard it as, quite easily, being among the greatest there ever was or ever will be. (And I could be as tough a critic as there could be!) I truly admire you. I haven’t been out and about on the lookout for CD’s in a while. I’m just not inspired to buy that ‘righteous’ album as often anymore.

    The best were collecting Pink Floyd albums, CSN, Beatles, Zeppelin…hands down, the most well balanced ‘art-pop’ music possible in my opinion. Art-pop meaning popular music which retains it’s artistic integrity, and no music retains greater integrity than that of Gilmour’s. At times, memorable in the pop sense of ‘hooks’ and such, yet not constrained by what the market at times wants, as to deprive the music of carnal emotion, the element of surprise, or the room to breathe fresh life and invent and pioneer.

    Often, his music is just art music too, and not pop at all! Sometimes it’s all over the charts, inventing new sounds, going off into neverland…those 20 some-odd plus minute dreamscapes…

    Anyway, I can’t think of any better musician than David Gilmour to represent what I’d define as perfect.

    So, I’m listening to ‘On An Island’. Id heard it many times already on the radio. I had to smile from ear to ear when I first ever heard it on the radio, because it was too cool! His voice sounds like vintage Gilmour! He’s still as unbelievable as ever! The song itself is as good as anything he’s ever done in my opinion.

    Finally, I’m honestly inspired to go to the store in search of a particular album again. Of course David Gimlour would be the one to get me to just HAVE to go…Haha!

    David, you ROCK my world, and you hold a special place in my heart reserved for less than a handful of my all-time heroes. Thank you, sir!

    ~Brian, 29, Massachusettes

  82. Happy Friday,

    Right, sounds tricky, but I am going to attempt to lodge my votes.

    I must own up to looking at an awful lot of music related websites. There are many many bands I enjoy. However, this is the only one I blog to.

    Enjoy the weekend
    Pete – Coventry

  83. [I think it’s 3 October. It’s my birthday the day after, too. – Features Editor]

    I agree, the blog should be closed for FEd’s birthday…after all, FEd needs time to organize a big party and invite all of us!

    I’ll make you a frame of beads made with my sweet hands and a birthday card made with letters cutted from the newspaper. What a fantastic birthday!


    [You’re a sweetheart. – Features Editor]

  84. ~Brian, 29, Massachusettes

    Just a quick message to say hear hear Brian! David for me anyway is flying the flag of great music in the 21st century. Welcome to the Blog too!

    Have you seen the Live band’s feed on AOL music? its still up and I have watched it twice today already!! Well worth a look (click my name below).

    If it doesn’t automatically detect medium connection speed, I advise you set it to medium in the options menu (top right of the page) as this way it plays uninterrupted (its a live stream from the aol music website).

    I really hope AOL release this material sometime as a download in high definition because its fantastic!

  85. Happy Friday (again)

    Not only did I vote for the Blog, but I now also voted for this site.

    Happy weekend.

    FEd, enjoy your “footie” if you are watching this weekend.



    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  86. Hi all,

    Another pair of votes today.

    off topic

    Any rules about Polly pictures choice, are allowed to submit one vote or more, unfortunatelly none of mine 15 is nominated, but still I would like to vote, Have not seen results, but I’m going to make decision soon.

    Thank you


  87. I suggest we have a competition on October 4th called:

    “How old is FE’d now??”

    Everyone who guesses wrong buys FE’d a beer.


    [That could work… Then again, I could just keep lying until you’ve used up all the feasible numbers. How drunk would I be then, eh? – Features Editor]

  88. Ok FEd… the 4th of October… but which year? we need to know the year…. 🙂

    [I’ll be taking that one to my grave (in more ways than one), sorry. – Features Editor]

  89. [I really hope AOL release this material sometime as a download in high definition because its fantastic! – Ripper]

    I agree completely…it is a great pleasure, any time. And High Hopes solo is extraordinary! I couldn’t believe David could invent a solo as wonderful as the original. In my opinion High Hopes is one of the most extraordinary guitar solo someone has never played. Fantastic! I like it very much. But really very very very very very much!!! And the live version, with the last classic guitar, is magnificent! I want On An Island Dvd!!!!! Now!!!!!!


  90. Now I’m listening Mother…oh, I love so much also this solo…and the The Wall movie version, with the first part play just by the piano, and the guitar solo is fantastic, as David voice…and Bob Geldof is a perfect Pink…ok! If I start doing this story with all the David’s solos I like, i can become really boring…I feel only a lot of sellotape can make me stay quiet! Or the paste in the keyboard…ok!

    bye! and have a fantastic weekend!


  91. Dear F.Ed.,

    I’m voting every day both site and blog from every pc / user available on my work-site (12)

    I hope you win, you deserves

    Just a little question: I remember to have read somewhere in the site about the Blog-purposes, the following words: .. ‘twixt Weetabix and Horlicks ..” maybe they are ancient populations? or what?

    Have a nice week-end, then

    ciao Elisabetta

    [It just means that people read the blog at some point between their breakfast (Weetabix is a breakfast cereal) and bedtime (Horlicks is a hot malt drink which aids sleep). – Features Editor]

  92. Hey Fed,

    You share the same birthday as Buster Keaton and Ann Widdecombe.

    Bet you feel all the better for knowing that.

    Pete – Coventrry

    [Much better, thank you. – Features Editor]

  93. Marcus Buick,

    have you listened that new about the Warner and the next album of our 5 from Oxford? hmmmmm…..but this is a topic for the chatroom! One of these days we should call Tim and talk about that…


  94. Well FEd, it just goes to show you how much of a home away from home this wonderful site is for me (and, dare I say, for a LOT of the contributors here), but then again I’d probably say thats because Mr Gilmour’s music embodies that sort of empathy that people gravitate towards. So, its only natural for others to feel the same way.

    I’d say with such heartfelt conviction that this site will have one helluva good showing at this Best Music Blog competition. I can only warn others that this can often turn into a kind of “my pop is bigger than your pop” vote-a-thon, but I think we have more members, more conviction, and a lot more pointier sticks than most.. so THERE!

    Hats off to you FEd, you deserve such an honor for all you’ve had to endure and put up with from us yobs! What with reading our posts, babysitting us at the chat (which I was at… errrm, one WHOLE time), and doing all you can to promulgate the correct information about David’s forthcoming DVD release.

    Shine on.. INDEED!

  95. Hye fed will your birthday cake hold all the candles or are you a pup? anyhows have a great day im saying it now as ill forget. If i cannot remember my mums birthday, what chance have you.

    [I suppose I should play safe and have a really big cake just to be on the safe side, Damian). – Features Editor]

  96. Happy Friday all 🙂

    I know references to PF/DG tribute bands are banned in the Blog House Rules, but I’ve just heard clips from someone who is putting out lullaby versions of rock music (PF, Radiohead, Metallica to name a few). It sounds amazingly plinky plinky (nay even muzak) but I have to admit that if I had young children I’d definitely get them into the PF lullabies.

    Anyhow, have a lovely weekend everyone…


  97. [I vote that the blog should close early at 4:00 PM GMT on October 3rd. The Post message page should disappear like when a contest closes and Fed isn’t accepting new posts. The Blog should reopen at FEd’s convenience on Oct. 5th. This way FEd doesnt have a huge backlog of posts to look at when he get’s back (and doesn’t have to think about how many posts are accumulating on his birthday.)- Echoesbob]

    I agree Fed, just shut the damn thing down for a day. Maybe you feel too loyal to the site, fans, etc.

    David & Polly, make Fed shut it down!! Our Fantastic Fed deserves it, even if s/he won’t admit it.

    I’ve been voting daily!


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  98. [If you think anyone would be interested, here’re Guitar One’s top 20 picks…]

    Thanks “Buffalo” I do like a good list and there are a few there I haven’t heard before.

  99. My vote has been cast and i must say what a well run and up to date site this is.Mr Gilmour must be very proud of it.

    WELL DONE!!!!

  100. [… whining like a little girl who stepped in a muddy puddle and got her pretty knee-high socks wet…]

    Hey, Fed, is this phrase a well known english idiom or is this your own creation? anyway … very baroque! Maybe we should compile an anthology of Fed’s most creative rants. Good to see that you are so humorous even when angry.

    … and of course there’s no other way than to vote for the blog and the website respectively.

    Have a nice and restful weekend everybody out there!

  101. A dull but potentially expensive question. Has anybody managed to get a refund out of Ticketone?

    I returned 2 of our 4 tickets on 18th August, using the International Signed For service (which seems to be useless by the way but that’s another story). Having had no refund I emailed them on 18th September. I had a reply saying the refunds had been paid on 7th September, please check your credit card. I emailed back saying; no refund received. The identical reply came back so this is obviously automated.

    I would be grateful for the opportunity to share any experiences (to direct email if you prefer to keep this out of the blog).

    Thanks in advance

    [It’s more than welcome for all to see, Mike. Let’s hear all about it and see what we can do to help. – Features Editor]

  102. [Have you seen the Live band’s feed on AOL music? its still up and I have watched it twice today already!! Well worth a look (click my name below).]


    Good evening FED & BLOGGERS!

    Even if the Blog will not win the award in my heart we are the winners, this is not only a Blog for me but a daily point of refence.

    So the next 3 october is your birthday FED? I think that I’ll write a special dedication for you… deserve it because this year you has been my lighthouse!

    Good evening and a question: FED what is your opinion about Sheva? has he disappointed the Chelsea’s supporters?


    [Well, speaking as someone who certainly does not want to see Chelsea win a third successive league title, I’m delighted that it’s taking a while for him to settle into the Premiership, Claudio. I hope it takes a few more months before he starts scoring regularly. He’s a great player, though. – Features Editor]

  103. You got my vote.

    Ugh, I’m in the middle of moving. Do you suppose Dave would let me move into the Astoria if I promise not to touch any of his guitars?

    [It would be rude to turn someone away, especially if you showed up looking really dirty, hungry and needy. (By the way, if you don’t have a sense of humour, that was a joke.) – Features Editor]

  104. Awwww. I was bummed I couldn’t chat today. Just as I was getting warmed up every Doctor in the whole dang office wanted something. It was kind of stressful looking over my shoulder and trying to hide my screen.

    Fed, I have an idea *_*, maybe I can send you a nice expensive bottle of wine, and a big fat bone for “Floyd”, and you could open a special one off midnight blog for us poor saps here in the U.S.

    Sorry, I’m just kidding, I know you would much rather have a chocolate Yohoo. lol

    Hey another idea, let us take some of the burden of regulating the blog off your hands. You can put me in charge of telling off all the undesirables. Yea right, I don’t know half the nice words you use in such stinging ways.

    By the way this is a joke so please don’t sting me. I may cry, and I am pittiful when I cry.

    Everyone enjoy the weekend and get rested up.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [First Becky offers to answer the FAQs (remember them?) and now you’re offering to look after the chatroom. I’ll be out of a job at this rate! – Features Editor]

  105. The site has my vote, and tomorrow, when it allows me to vote again, the blog will have my vote too. Hope you win!



  106. I think it was a nice idea. I have been enjoying this website for quite some time now, and I’m extremely greatful for that. I know I can trust this site for accurate info., and up to date news. You guys definitely deserve to win, and you definitely have my vote! Good Luck! (Irene)

  107. Nickster, well said mate, great post.

    I have to agree with Brian, I saw Extreme play live years ago, and I remember being blown away by Nuno betencort`s playing, very fast,articulate, etc. But as I`ve got older I`ve realised it`s not what you do with the guitar but the way you do it, and that is the hard part!

    To quote Mr. Hendrix, he said “music is easy to play, but hard to feel”

    Mr. Gilmour plays with `feel` throughout every number he plays! That is why he is my favourite guitar player, and more than deserves to be up there with the best of the best!

  108. Hi FEd & friends!

    I am currently laughing my ass off … but I’m getting ahead of myself.

    As I’m reading down the posts I realize that nickster has articulated quite well some of the reasons we Irregulars are addicted to posting and/or reading others’ posts just about every day, come (mental) rain or shine, hell or high-water. Sooo, since I’m not feeling real sharp today, I thought I’d just say ‘hey FEd, nickster speaks for me too!’ But damned if Marcus (hey Marcus!) doesn’t beat me to it!!!

    I continue reading and I’m thinking ‘man, with the exception of a little irritability here and there (like any relationship), communication is flowing pretty well and it’s gotten so much more mellow over the months … not so many complete morons (too harsh?) bitching, moaning and generally being assholes (too graphic?)’. Then along comes crabby joe and your (FEd) ‘whining little girl with wet knee socks’ remark and I’m laughing my ass off (see first paragraph). Good one, FEd!! But no spoiled little brat can disrupt our Irregular Community, so off with his … whatever the hell passes for a head!

    Also, nice comments from Brian — reminds me of our early morning (for me) chat in the Barn (over dark beer/coffee/ribs) regarding so-called ‘pop’ music and just plain great music. Never liked the use of the word pop — makes me think of Britney Spears which then makes me feel ill!!

    Anyway FEd, here’s hoping you/the site win but, regardless of the outcome, we all know that you don’t need a statue on your mantle (with one notable exception, of course) to realize just how special this particular site is! I doubt that many (any?) sites make much of an effort to give immediate feedback from a real person, much less the opportunity for the development of real relationships to form among those in the b-word community!

    Take care everyone — it’s a strange world out there! By the way, nice gesture by Richard Branson, don’t you think?

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

    [Thanks for that, mate. – Features Editor]

  109. Even more interestingly, what do I think of your decision to enter the competitions? Cool. You must be getting old heh heh.

  110. Duly noted and positively voted…there’s no place like home,there’s no place like home,theres no…..

  111. Votes duly cast 🙂

    FEd, after Dan Agger winning the August goal of the month, I think we can look forward to September’s only consisting of Reds’ goals (with Dirk’s netbuster and John Arne’s rocket adding to Xabi’s gentle lob on Wednesday 😀 )

    As I can’t seem to add a comment to the Polly thread – can I just add my heartfelt thanks for the pleasure her work has given me (and btw has she got a twin sister? 😉 )


    [Hi Ali, how are you? Things are better when we’re winning, don’t you think? – Features Editor]

  112. Well Fed, Today my wife gave me a great birthday gift. I have really been trying to get On an Island on vinyl since it’s release and just can’t find it. But to my surprise there sitting on top of my turntable was the lp of OAI wrapped.

    The album is great. There is nothing so sweet than the sound of vinly. Thanks David for releasing it in this format too.

    I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Now if only the U.S can make a come back on the Ryders cup.

    Fed, I looked at the calender to see when the chat room was to open and so far it looks as if it’s close for the week or maybe your just having a great week-end?

    Take Care,

    [I’ve actually spent most of it demolishing the kitchen, Thomas. I don’t know if “great” is quite the word for it, but there have been many words beginning with Fs and Bs used over the past 48 hours. A belated “Happy Birthday” to you. Hope you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  113. O David Gilmour na apresentação de sua arte é como um poeta,sempre criando e recriando a realidade . Além disso, sua guitarra é como o voo do condor, suave e delicada mas,com uma limpidez que só ele sabe apresentar…ele mostra que a música faz um transceder da própria exisência. Atenciosamente, um fã.

  114. [communication is flowing pretty well and it’s gotten so much more mellow over the months … Gabrielle Childers at September 23, 2006 03:15 AM]

    I have felt the same way. I have only been posting for a few months, and I feel like things on the blog have been guided by the Fed, in a more positive direction, the way he/she and I’m sure David and Polly, want things to go. I also think the addition of the chat room has helped relax the atmosphere. It is easy to mistake the tone and meaning behind a comment on the blog sometimes. In the chat room you can quickly clarify your tone and any misunderstandings . I think this is helpful for learning personalities and sometimes motives for being here.

    Melissa (*_*)

  115. FED, I have known today that the home of Syd is on sale.

    I think that it’s not a home but like a museum or better a floydan museum. So it would be terrible to see this a holy home transformed in some bedsits ore other.

    David, Richard and Nick I hope that you will intervene! Otherwise I propose to collect money from the bloggers and you FED will be the manager. I am really serious!

    Good evening bloggers and FED!

  116. [Wonderful Musician, wonderful man. – Posted by: Guy Pratt at September 23, 2006 12:07 AM]

    Nice to see that Guy is still peeking in

  117. >>whining like a little girl who stepped in a muddy puddle and got her pretty knee-high socks wet

    heh,funnies is you. how long did you take to come up with that one?

    I cast my vote. Lots of folks talking about going back every day to vote. If you want to do the good deed all in one go, you can clear your browser cookies after every vote and it will let you vote again.

  118. [I’ve actually spent most of it demolishing the kitchen – Features Editor]

    What a strange idea to demolish the kitchen ! and where are you going to put champagne for your birthday if there is no more room for a fridge ?

    And the next week end, you demolish the bath room, too ?

    But, please, don’t demolish the office and above all the computer !!!


  119. I hope the tap is still on so you can make your pasta Fed.

    What colour did you choose for the kitchen? White? lol.

    [I haven’t decided yet, but the taps still work… I think. – Features Editor]

  120. Fed,

    I will vote for you as many times as posible.

    You are the best. You must win, you will win!!


  121. It’s been a while since my last post here, but that’s not to say I don’t still enjoy taking time out to read the latest Blog entries. This has to be the most informative and helpful Blog site out there.

    You’ve got my vote Fed.

  122. Good morning,

    I would vote for the tour at anytime, but my vote is indeed for the site itself and how it did develop in much less than one year (I recall that one year ago I was still surfing on the waves of Live8 stunning performance by Pink Floyd and Roger Waters and looking forward to find information about the release to be of David Gilmour’s new album).

    Congratulations for the site, for its contents and its life, indeed it is worth of regular visiting.

    One question: I believe I read in the news, some months ago, that there’ll be a “high resolution” (SACD 5.1?) edition of On an Island. Is this still being planned?


    [I’m not sure, Luis. If I ever get an answer, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  123. [I want On An Island Dvd!!!!! Now!!!!!! – Posted by: Lucia at September 22, 2006 02:29 PM]

    HEAR HEAR!! I’m itching for it. High hopes extended version is going to be great. The AOL one brings tears to my eyes every time!

    Monday’s should be scrapped!

  124. Hi Fed, off topic meandering alert

    I have voted by the way…

    I keep getting this odd thought, i was listening to Radio2 early saturday morning while driving around the M25 & M1 (i could have thought of more pleasarable things to be doing) Johnny Walker was playing the sounds of the sixties & i kept thinking i wonder how David would cover of a number of the songs i heard, i know its living in that past but i could really imagine him having some fun doing them. Stange what contraflows on motorways can do to you.

    My guitar playing is coming along, slowly, i am never going to be anything special but occasionally i manage to play something that someone else in the house recognises, as i said before i can play all the notes of any song……but not necessarily in the right order. Mabe some times i do get some in the right order (reminds me of the monkeys/typewriter & works of Shakespeare story)

  125. Another off topic

    What lovely weather on saturday afternoon i drove back home with the sunroof down fantastic early autumn sunshine shafting through the leafy lanes of surrey on my way back home.

    I was awkened early sunday by the most horrendous downpour an incredible amount of rainfalling lashing against the window, followed by a claps of thunder any way i looked out of the window at the rain bouncing off the road & happened to glance at my car.

    OH sh*t, Bugger, bugger, bugger

    yes i had left the sunroof wide open.

    does any body know a good way of getting a car into a tumble dryer?

    the seat was still wet this morning & i got out of my car to arrive at work looking like i had had an accident.

    what Gilmour/Floyd song would be appropriate to play in this situation?

    [It has to be ‘The Blue’, Graham. – Features Editor]

  126. I voted already today, and answer to me is “Sorry: You are allowed to vote only once a day”

    But tomorrow I’ll be there, no doubt.

    David’s blog – the best!!!

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  127. Dear Bloggers and F.Ed.,

    to vote every day pay attention to the hour you vote: i experienced that the system keeps 24 hours starting from your last vote , otherwise you can read “you allowed to vote only once a day” after that time you can vote.

    Ciao Elisabetta

    [You’re all cheating?! Surely not. I’m shocked. – Features Editor]

  128. Dear F.Ed.

    no, don’t worry: it’s regular! It’s simply scientifically proved by me every day on many computers: You know computers are stupid machines!. There is a sort of deadline of time for which you must vote AT LEAST 24 hours later than the same hour you ‘ve voted the day before.(i.e. today I voted at 10.30 hrs, tomorrow I must vote at least at 10.35 hrs local time, not before, and I can vote)

    I want you to win! It is important all the people are aware about it!

    Ciao Elisabetta

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  129. [You’re all cheating?! Surely not. I’m shocked. – Features Editor]

    I sure hope our names don’t print out on some sort of list when they tally the votes.

    Melissa (*_*)

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