'The Blue'



The winner is Roberto from Genoa. Congratulations! Please let us know where we should send your prize.

Here’s a very blue Steve DiStanislao-eye view of the action during the emotional rendition of Syd Barrett’s ‘Dark Globe’ at Munich.

It’s been a while since our last one, so today I’ve got our usual competition for you.

As before, the rules are very simple, but I’ve made a slight change.

This time, we want just four words relevant to ‘The Blue’, presented exactly as follows:


It doesn’t matter if your four words seem silly or obvious. All that matters is that they are individual words (no sentences are allowed) and that you submit no more than four words in acrostic-style, as above.

As was the case last time, the prize will go to the one person whose name is selected at random from a list, raffle-style. So, if you guess any of my four words, you will be entered into the draw. If you guess all four of my words, then you will be entered four times and obviously have an increased chance of winning.

If you guess my ‘U’ word, then you must have the same dictionary as me.

Good luck to all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

150 thoughts on “'The Blue'”

  1. BLUE:

    B ountyfull
    L avish
    U niversal
    E ternal greatness

    Fab song it is too.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. Good day to you FEd,

    Well, I was guessing that you were Andy Murray. It was something he said which made me think of something that you say sometimes. Oh well.

    Anyway my words are this:


    I am currently writing my recollections on the Abbey Road Sessions which I shall submit shortly. Do you have a word limit?

    Take care and kind regards.


    [Hi Julie. What can I say? I’m probably more like Andy Murray the tennis player… Our word limit doesn’t seem to be in place yet, so knock yourself out and write all you like while you still can. Angelo’s actual review is about as long as we’d like it to be, because we know that some people skip through the longer posts because they appear too challenging. This is why we’d rather a large chunk of text be broken down into several shorter posts. As a general guide, the length of Lorraine’s review is perfect (1,438 characters, if anyone’s interested). When the limit is in place, it will allow no more than 2,000 characters, which should be more than enough. – Features Editor]

  3. o.k. here are my 4 acrostics:

    B reeze
    L aid-back
    u nforgettable
    e cliptic

    Cheers, and welcome back F.ed!! Did you see Dirk Kuyt in action yet??

    [I did. I recorded Saturday’s game and he was fantastic. He came on as a substitute and the only thing he didn’t do was score. I’m very excited by what I’ve seen of him so far. – Features Editor]

  4. Bottomless

    [Are you cheating, Mr Rudders? – Features Editor]

  5. Bacchanalian

    [Now, come on. You know the rules. You only get one bite of the cherry. I’m only considering your first four. – Features Editor]

  6. Beatific

    Well that about sums up how I feel when I listen to it!

  7. Beyond

    [That’s just too clever, Knut. – Features Editor]

  8. Blue
    Lots of blue
    Ultra Violet
    Extra blue

    Did I win?

    [I’m afraid not. – Features Editor]

  9. Apologies Fedmeister…

    I read “and that you submit no more than four in acrostic-style” as four seperate submissions…

    I’m doomed never to win… doomed I tell you… agghhhh… sob…sob… 🙂

    [You might still win. – Features Editor]

  10. Fed…A DICTIONARY..Im taken aback…aghast even..!! that you hath been driven to do such a thing…Seriously I hope you have had a good time mate ..Where you at abbey road ??

    BLUE : as in Dear Syd’s ‘Bob Dylan Blues ‘to cheer us all up after the ‘Wouldn’t You Miss Me'(Dark globe )photo 🙁

    Uplifting….dictionary word…== ultramarine 😉

    Martin 🙂

    [It suddenly hit me that I just don’t know that many word beginning with ‘U’. It was terrible. Abbey Road was great and Gdansk was something else. By the way, your prize is finally on its way to you. Hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  11. Bountiful

    I miss the reports on the concerts and look forward to the DVD talks… Any word on the DVD Dearest FED???

    Matt in Maine

    [Now that the tour is over, many people are hard at work on it and I eagerly await some news along with the rest of you. – Features Editor]

  12. [I did. I recorded Saturday’s game and he was fantastic. He came on as a substitute and the only thing he didn’t do was score. I’m very excited by what I’ve seen of him so far. – Features Editor]

    Well, dont worry, he played 33 games last season, in which he scored 22 times. He was voted player of the year last monday and recieved the golden award for it. However, i must sadly say…..his former club Feyenoord hasnt won since he left and is now ranked 16th…..what a loss for my fav club, ill become Liverpool fan now!!!

    [I hope he can do better than our strikers did last season. – Features Editor]

  13. Dear Fed,….some news about DVD cover idea ?…is it to late to send you a (the) very good one… 😉

    …listening David’s songs all day long …the idea came just now today… can we send you a picture ? (pdf file)…which presents our project ? if no…we have to improve our poor english to discribe it.

    Thanks by advance
    Félicien from Chantilly/France

    [I’ll happily link to it if you get it online. – Features Editor]

  14. B eer
    L overs
    U rinate
    E verywhere

    *apologies to all, but all this talk of water…*

  15. Dear F.Ed.

    Summer is nearly down: would you really let the Blog be “obscured by clouds”? (I understand your position )

    This last period it might be used for other purposes, I mean: every hit to web-site can send i.e. 1 penny/1 cent to Emergency or Red Cross or other, or an advertising space should invite to call a green phone number to send it an SMS having a value( 1 GBP/1Euro)

    Kind regards and keep well

  16. Matt…

    Good one 🙂

    How about…

    B ig
    L umpy
    U nderpant
    E ruption


  17. ‘Who’s Keeping Count’ ??? Hi Fed just for fun… in case you missed them.. here are SOME more of the other awards that David et al have been nominated for 🙂


    1.Most orig.and friendly web site on the PLANET……..davidgilmour.com OR…. “Aunt Winnies Goldfish ‘bubbles'” at mysplat.com. * i think we should be quietly confident on this one ???

    2.Best SAX solo by a player in his Rookie year for ‘Red sky at night’ Mr D.Gilmour OR Alf the ‘Wheezer’ for his abridged version of ‘baker street’outside the ‘Legless Duck ‘pub Fulham most lunchtimes. * Im still pretty confident …

    3. Best live guitar solo 2006 ..nominations are

    On An Island by Mr Gilmour
    SOYCD by Mr Gilmour
    Comfortably Numb by David umm ????

    OR…….that bloke at the bus stop playing ‘Streets of London ‘ !!!!!

    Wow the pressures on AND that last section is TOUGH !!! SO PLEASE Fed encourage every1 to help DG get ‘The FULL SET ‘

    Back to the BLUE now…
    🙂 martin D

  18. [Matt…Good one 🙂

    How about…

    B ig
    L umpy
    U nderpant
    E ruption


    One of our “rudders” is broke and

    B log
    L osing
    U unmistakable
    E loquence


  19. Hello there. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to visit the site, and I see that I’ve missed some tasty competitions. Ah well…

    It’s about damn time the Comfortably Numb solo was recognised as the greatest ever played. I’m sick of seeing Stairway’s uninspired plank spankery take the honour.

    Don’t have any more competitions without me, got it?


    [“Uninspired plank spankery” is just… beautiful. – Features Editor]

  20. Fed…I implore ye to let Rudders have a prize b4 the caffeine wears off !!!

    Thanks for the info though, Really appreciated….

    but if i allow you 2 mention Liverpool and Stevie Gerrard…could u supply some feelings ref Gdansk ???

    Ultimately 😉
    Eeeh.. that young gilmour can play a mean guitar

    Martin D

    [I don’t know what’s left to say about Gdansk. It was very special. If I think of something, I’ll add it to the suitable blog entry. – Features Editor]

  21. Brillant

    Too hard ! don’t want to win of course, just want to play, if ever I won, could you give the old stapler to Lucia ?


    [Only Sellotape will do for our dear Lucia… – Features Editor]

  22. B eautiful
    L anguid
    U ntroubled
    E verlasting

    had to do this in a hurry so these are off the top of my head.


  23. Boundless

    Dear FEd,

    I confess to backing down from challenges in the main, but the dictionary one got me, then I found this U and knew I had to send this.

    ash X

    [Wow. Imagine playing Scrabble and putting that down. – Features Editor]

  24. Hint to our dearest FEd : My stapler just broke 😉

    [They just don’t make them like they used to, do they? – Features Editor]

  25. Sorry, I don’t understand “Sellotape” for Lucia…


    [Sorry, it’s sticky tape. – Features Editor]

  26. B log
    L oves
    U nique
    E ditor

    [Flattery will get you everywhere, Matt. – Features Editor]

  27. “Sorry, it’s sticky tape. – Features Editor”

    Thank god we’re not getting into the Australian version of sticky tape called Durex… phew!

  28. Dear FEd,

    Sorry for posting this to the BLUE topic

    Did anyone else see a programme called Real Story on BBC 1 on Tuesday? I won’t go into what it was about but I noticed this haunting saxophone on the background music then realised it was our own David Gilmour playing Red Sky at Night.

    It seems like On An Island is still a very young album for programme makers to be lifting bits. They obviously have very good taste.

    (apologies to bloggers that don’t get British TV)

    ash X

  29. Ok here I go better late than not

    B aseball
    L oopy
    U nrequited ( did I spell that right?)
    E poxy

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca usa

  30. Am I BLUE Today? Why yes:


    And a Happy end of August–beginning of September to everyone!!

    Michael in Tennessee

  31. Michèle, you are an angel! FEd, you are bad!

    After all, sellotape is always useful, so…I accept! Thanks Michèle! And so…I’ll play and if I win you’ll send the prize to Michéle! It’s a nice deal!

    Let me think:

    Barn (!!!)

    HAVE I WIN?????????

    See you!


    [As Roy Walker used to say on Catchphrase: “It’s good, but it’s not right”. – Features Editor]

  32. Matt parish, you made me laugh out loud.

    that’s hard time for me, competition time…So, since I don’t think i’ll ever win..


    Peace and Love (what an hippy freak am I!?!?!)






  34. Bewitched


    Hey Fed,

    Don’t forget we still have to dedicate a day to Polly. She has done much for us to be thankful for.

  35. Beautiful

    It just came to me when I was reading the others….have already entered one, so this just for fun 🙂


  36. I like this competition. Just think if you used the same concept with a song like Castellorizon. You’d have to think up 13 words and you may have to go back to that dictionary for that ‘Z’ word. What do you think??

    In any case, here are my four:




  37. Beautiful

    Nice talking to you again my dear Fed.

    Shine on!

    [The same to you, Jorge. – Features Editor]

  38. Beautiful

    Next you do one of these, I’ll have to try and be as witty as everyone else. However, I just haven’t been awake that long yet =)

  39. B inaural
    L ucid
    U biquitous
    E rratic

    Wish me luck 🙂

    BTW: What is the prize? Did I miss something ? 🙂


    [We haven’t decided yet. Probably a T-shirt. Nothing too exciting, sorry. – Features Editor]

  40. Breathtaking

    Do we get extra credit for poetry?

    MattP deserves a prize for sheer genius. I was admonished by the conductor for laughing out loud on the train.

  41. many thank’s ! simple & good idea you have!

    just time to do it and put on line. we’ll give you the link.

    see you soon
    Félicien & Bruno

  42. Shame I didn’t meet you at Abbey road fed, it would have been nice. We could have exchanged pleasentries and other forms of embarrassing small talk, no seriously it would have been nice to meet you – I’m sure.

    I was reading through the comments about David’s last take of smile and I’m sure they were tired but I think it also had something to do with david hitting his guitar in a certain way with his pick, I think he kept hitting the pick up and couldn’t strum in a different way or something.

    That’s how I understood it but you know I could well have been wrong, it has been known.

    [I missed that bit. – Features Editor]

  43. Oh yes forgot to ask, when will the pictures from Abbey Road be up?

    Soon hopefully, mine were rather pathetic except for the one with David and I which was perfect, naturally.

    Do you or anyone have any idea what the taking pictures of the shoes was about?

    I’m very confused.

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  44. Betrayal

    Dunno if I really got the game, anyway, these are mine


  45. Bonjour

    il y a un mois, nous étions mon épouse et moi à Vienne pour ce fabuleux concert. Juste un petit mot pour dire que l’on n’est pas prêt d’oublier.

    Encore BRAVO et MERCI !

    Philippe et Sylvie, Haute Savoie.

  46. Soap Box Issue!

    On the Canadian satellite TV system I was pleased to see “Pink Floyd In Concert” listed on the channel menu…

    The kids were sent off to bed in a timely manner and various refreshments prepared…and guess what happened next… a bunch of antipodean wannabees appear on stage!

    The TV was switched off and an Email was quickly despatched to the satellite TV company!

  47. Binary

    Just thought that some mathematical terms were needed… 🙂


  48. By the way, nowhere in your orginal post, dear Fed, it’s stated that it MUST be in English…

    I was tempted by Latin.


    [If you don’t want to be entered into our lottery, please feel free to write in Latin. That would be far too clever for me. – Features Editor]

  49. Hi F’ed!


    That’s my best guess…now to get ready to watch Andre tonight 🙂

    PS: I’m using a different computer then from home – I hope I am coming through as the same Rob P from CT …

  50. I just listen to the song and I’ll say B-Bottomless, L-Lost, U-Understanding, E- Emotional.

    I hope you have a great day,Fed.


  51. 4 things its not ( Since everything else is covered)


    I know,I broke the rules,sorry.

  52. hello, F.Ed.


    I went out of my way to find some of those words.

    For what it’s worth, The Blue is my favorite song from OAI, followed very close by Castellorizon.

    Have a good evening, F.Ed and all


  53. [Now, come on. You know the rules. You only get one bite of the cherry. I’m only considering your first four. – Features Editor]

    Posts or words…


    [I’ll only consider the first four words (so it’s one attempt per person). – Features Editor]

  54. Hye fed im just back from stratford and i still think oai would go well with one or 2 of wills plays – perhaps romeo and juliet. We were lucky to get to see a play acted in the church where the bard is buried the acoustics were exellent some thing for future ref if david tours again.

    ne ways hers my four.


    Please forgive my poor spelling

  55. B – Brave
    L – Love
    U – Unbounded
    E – Eternally

    My heartfelt thanks for being one of the rare public figures to honour an individual with a mental illness.

  56. Brick

    One question which has got nothing to do with this… I was a very fortunate person who got so see Mr Magnificent Digits Gilmour in Paris. It’s been a while now and with all these magnificents new shows that have been happening… I now have a stronge urge to go back and watch it again. Even thought thats impossible… I was wondering if there was any news on the DVD filmed at RAH in the last month or so. I know its too soon but… damn it I’m anxious!

    Thanx Very Much to David who’s music means the world to me… and congrats on Confortably Numb which is indeed… the hardest solo I ever had to learn! But its the BEST! THANX

    [No news yet, but hopefully we’ll have some for you soon. – Features Editor]

  57. Bittersweet

    (I never win but I’ll play along anyway!)


    [You might. – Features Editor]

  58. Caption…

    “I just love it here in my cave.The “echoes” are simply marvelous!”


    Sorry about those.Most of the good ones have already been chosen

  59. After a short vacation I have finally been able to get back to read David’s blog. I was nearly in a panic of what I might miss.

    Now I am reading and some comments are bothering me. All this talk of this site going away makes me feel very sad and makes me afraid of what I might miss going forward.

    David might find the interest and time to put together all those lovely bits and pieces of music he has. Will I know when it happens? And may I say, selfishly, that I do hope it happens. He may not believe in God, but he was given such a talent, and does not need to share, but we still all wish to hear and feel what only a David Gilmour can create. As there is only one.

    The other things that concerned me where the ramblings of some who always have such a cynical opinion of others. Yes, life can be sad, but mostly it is wonderful. And it is what you make of it.

    Thirdly, I am so jealous of the 10 who went to Abbey Road and actually watched the band and David play….and wonder of wonders..shook David’s hand. You lucky lucky people.

    Tomasz, you have done such a lovely thing.

    Happy to be back to read what you have to say, even if sad or negative.

    And FEd, I laughed out loud at the Simon Cowell three pencils remark. Thats the best part of American Idol. (or the worst, if you prefer)

    [He’s great. Simon Cowell, I mean, although David’s not bad. – Features Editor]

  60. Geez, I just realized that I used two of the words that were in FEd’s example. But they fit so well.

  61. Amazing, so far, not one person has suggested Ummagumma for the U.

    What dictionary do you think that would be in??


    [The Cambridge Dictionary of Naughty Words. – Features Editor]

  62. B eatitude
    L ove
    U biquity
    E uphoria

    Thanks for everything FEd.

    Nagaraj Kashyap.

  63. Bend,liberate,ubiquitous,existence.

    And for laughs, how bout Bath Lovers Undress Entry.

    Thanks Angelo, good synopsis. Thanks Fed, welcome home.

    [Thank you. – Features Editor]

  64. Photo Caption:

    ‘As Polly peers through her night vision googles, she spies her man. . .’

    No wonder David had a cold, wearing a short sleeved shirt in all that rain. . .

  65. Just a quickie. Trying to contact Simon of Abbey Road winner fame. Can you e mail me please Simon about out agreement some months ago. Ta


    Ian Pearson

    Have a good weekend everyone

  66. Very nice BLUE, in here, quite a nice competition, here’s an awful one:


    Awful as a Britney Spears song eh?

    Anyway, just wanted to know what does the feauture hold for Gilmour& Co?

    [If there are any fortune-tellers reading, please send details of your visions to… – Features Editor]

  67. Hey hey,

    When will we hear news of David’s new Royal Albert Hall DVD?

    [When we’re able to tell you. – Features Editor]

  68. Hi Fed,

    It’s quietened down a lot at work so I can come out to play again.


    So what do you think of the Hammers getting Tevez and Mascherano? That’s completely taken me by surprise!! Still not sure how they pulled that one off. Unfortunately, Man U couldnt get their man so Carrick will have to work extra hard in midfield this season.

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Gdansk, you deserved the treat.


    [Hi Vicky. I just heard. That’s quite a double-signing, isn’t it? Good luck to them. I think it’s going to be another fantastic season. – Features Editor]

  69. Hi Fed,David & All

    Haven’t been here for a while I’ve been up to my neck with studies and went away for a while well I’ve just been reading a bit and catching up.


    ALSO FED,can you or anyone else please tell me in their copy of pulse dvd in the song take it back does yours have ring a ring a rosie in the back ground I thought I was hearing things so I played it over & over and yep it has it in the back ground can you please tell me WHY! THANX
    BYE 4 NOW Eclipse MWA X

    [It’s always been there. It’s on ‘The Division Bell’, too. The nursery rhyme is arguably about the bubonic plague and ‘Take It Back’ is, of course, about man’s shameful abuse of Earth. If you’ve seen the promo video, you’ll appreciate the varying ways in which Mother Nature could “take it back someday”. So, if the rhyme really is about the plague, then it’s highly appropriate. – Features Editor]

  70. Good morning Fed…Prize gratefully received :0)superb..ripped off my vintage Kevin Keegan shirt and ran outside to celebrate ( as you do ? ) !!

    However(dark clouds on the horizon..).. WAS there ALSO a SURPRISE element???…I had an envelope with a Photogragh Do Not Bend etc which looked rather enticing..umm umm..which on opening had NOTHING inside ;( ho hum..hmmm.. methinks ‘a slice of fed’s humour here ‘

    Was this my punishment for going AWOL from the BLOG….???? Or am I just a poor deluded BUT eternal OPTIMIST ???

    cheers FeD…

    Martin D o:-)

    [It’s just the way things seemed to be overly-packaged in the management office, sadly. Sorry to get your hopes up. I hope you put that Keegan shirt in a safe place. – Features Editor]

  71. Congratulations to Roberto from Genoa. You are our latest winner.

    Please let us know where we should send your prize by leaving your full name and address at any blog entry (don’t worry, it won’t be published).

    For the record, my words were: Bobbing, Lovely, Undulating and Easy.

    Anyone who guessed Undulate(s) was also included.

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