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David’s first two solo albums, 1978’s ‘David Gilmour’ and 1984’s ‘About Face’, are re-released this week. Digitally re-mastered by Doug Sax and James Guthrie, the sound promises to be the best possible.

Across Europe, both albums are out today and they’ll be available across North America, Australia and New Zealand tomorrow.

Which is your favourite of the two? Which tracks particularly stand out? How do these albums compare with ‘On An Island’ (which is considered by David to be superior to anything he’s done)?

We have a new poll for you and it’s about your favourite track from ‘David Gilmour’. Do cast your vote and let us know what you think. We’ll do the same for ‘About Face’ next week.

Not surprisingly, ‘Echoes’ ran away with the last poll. 52% of you voted it the best surprise of the tour. ‘Arnold Layne’ and ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ polled 12% and 11% respectively.

Thanks to all who voted.

Author: FEd

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  1. I prefer the first one from 1978, because it was during a very interesting and creative period for all the PF members.

    I think David started setting up the Astoria houseboat just during that time, am I correct FEd?

    Richard Wright’s “Wet Dream” is from the same period and is amazing, and extremely rare to find on cd.

    Most PF fans will agree though that these works don’t reach the same level of the band albums at that time, and, yes, definitely, On An Island is N.1 !

    [I’m not sure about Astoria. I believe that entered the equation a few years later. ‘David Gilmour’ was recorded in just a few weeks at Super Bear Studios in France. The ‘Comfortably Numb’ demo comes from this time, too. – Features Editor]

  2. Hello to all that attended the Austria show(s). Please allow me to say that I am extremely jealous, given the surroundings of beautiful Austria, and the music of David and the band…WOW!! I saw David in Chicago and New York, and still remember his performance every day.

    FeD, I was curious on a possible release date for the DVD. I haven’t ready any posts lately re: this and needed something to look forward to.

    Thanks for everything!! This site is wonderful.

    Shine on,
    Billy (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

    [There’s no release date pencilled anywhere just yet. If you see one, it’s a lie. – Features Editor]

  3. ED: Just wondering if the packaging has changed from the first issue cd and vinyl as I have both.

    POLL: Although a cover I voted for ” There’s no way out of here ” because David makes this song his own .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I don’t think there are any significant changes, Geoff. I haven’t seen them yet. – Features Editor]

  4. Wow, awesome question on every level!

    I’d have to say that my first foray into solo Gilmour territory – the self titled album (1978) – is hands down my favorite of the three. (I owe a debt of gratitude to my fellow dj Mike Sciortino, of Potsdam State, for literally shoving this lp into my hands, exclaiming “listen to this… NOW!”)

    Mihalis is easily my favorite, followed by There’s No Way Out of Here and I Can’t Breath Anymore. There’s a certain brooding nature to these songs, as well as an impeccable stylistic range and depth to this album, as if Dave had something to get off his chest (which he did, from the sounds of it!). Having followed the frustrating Animals recording sessions, he truly had volumes to say!

    However, I can’t slight About Face. Different album (you can hear it immediately in the mix, as well as the song writing direction) but wrought from similar circumstances (frustration as to the mounting pressures from Waters/The Final Cut sessions). I love the Townshend penned songs (Love on the Air and All Lovers Are Deranged for obvious Who fan reasons)! Regretfully, I missed out 4 times (at last count) on seeing Mr Gilmour’s About Face tour as I was without a car in college, and usually at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I think that both albums are light-years away from this latest classic (On an Island) in mind set and musicianship. As an artist, David has grown on so many levels (arrangements, playing, word play, production). Furthermore, given that this album was some 22 years in the making since About Face, his life has taken him into a totally different direction; family matters more, bands (including Pink Floyd) matter to a lesser extent.

    What seems to be the common denominator in all three albums is a then current commitment to form; expertise in writing, playing, and his soulful and careful skillcraft in creating each and every masterpiece at different phases of his life. Its THAT one thing that endears Mr Gilmour to me as a musician and artist, like none other.

    Nuff said,

    [Great post, mate. – Features Editor]

  5. Excellent news. I’ve been waiting for these discs to reappear in the stores. I enjoyed “David Gilmour”, but have never heard “About Face”…

    FEd: You previously pointed us toward the new photos in the gallery section. I refer you to the following image (click my name).

    Do I spy a sneaky cameraman lurking around the back of the stage? A hint toward potential bonus footage, perhaps? 😉

    [You never know. Anything’s possible on Planet Gilmour. – Features Editor]

  6. I vote for the new poll but…as seems, my vote wasn’t so much original!!! But I have to admit that choose “There’s No Way Out Of Here” wasn’t easy. I think the other blogger had the same doubts! In fact, there are other songs that I love too. “Raise My Rent”, for example! I like it a lot…and it would have been a more original answer. Can I vote again, FEd?

    See you


    [One vote only, I’m afraid. It’s hard, I know… – Features Editor]

  7. YAAAY! Great topic FEd! I’m a major flag-waving t-shirt wearing lover of David’s first solo album, “DG”. I’m sooo glad for the opportunity to spraff about some of David’s most under-listened high quality material.

    I’d better say a quick word about “About Face” – personally I don’t like it, but that’s totally okay because it was an 80s album – and EVERYONE has some dodgy 80s skeletons in their musical closets. And to be fair, David’s is a lot less bad than a lot of his contemporaries! For me it just doesn’t press any of the Gilmour buttons.

    However, “David Gilmour” is an entirely different animal imho. My absolute favourite tracks are “There’s No Way Out of Here”, “No Way” and “Mihalis”:

    TNWOOH: This is pure Gilmour imho. It’s bluesy, bittersweet and builds in all kinds of beautiful ways. I love the keys, I love the way it changes from soft to hard, I love everything about it. For me one of David’s top 5 tunes, and that’s including all his solo and PF work.

    No Way: “I’m hanging on, for a little while” will hang in your head for days. The melodies, the groove and again the keys, produce such a sweet sound as the context for really interesting lyrics. More on this in a mo…

    Mihalis: I’m boring and predictable when I say how much I enjoy David’s instrumental work (told you!), and Mihalis is another of example of feelings that David can produce without vocals. It’s like the absence of lyrics focuses the listener’s mind on the feel…and because David is all feel it makes for a different (but fantastic) listening experience.

    In a perfect world I would have loved David to have thrown in TNWOOH or No Way into the setlist of the recent shows. I know that you can’t please everyone, that there are many phases of David’s long career, but the solo albums were imho conspicuously absent (and I’d have been upset if he had chosen an About Face tune rather than a David Gilmour one!). I have often wondered why…perhaps they were written at a difficult time for David, and lyrically they mean things to him that he would rather not revisit? Or maybe he just doesn’t like them as much as other songs. Whatever the reason, they are amazing tunes that deserve listening to.

    I envy any DG/PF fan that hasn’t listened to “David Gilmour” because you’re about to discover new material that you didn’t think you were going to get!!

    “I won’t go down easy, that’s not my style” – who could leave that gem buried??! 🙂


  8. I bought ‘David Gilmour’ on vinyl when it came out in 1978 and it still sounds as good today, if not better, than it did then. I like all the tracks but ‘Raise My Rent’ and ‘There’s No Way Out of Here’ are my favourites.

    ‘About Face’ doesn’t have quite the same appeal. It suffers from too much af an 80s feel for my taste, that said I really like ‘Murder’ and ‘Near the End’.

    I’m not sure I could choose a favourite between ‘On an Island’ and ‘David Gilmour’. They’re very different but I love them both.

  9. It will be great to hear the remastered versions of the two albums. Its a shame that David chose not to include any material from either of them on his tour this year. They are both great.

    Deciding which one I like better is a tough call. I’ve gone back and forth on this at different times over the years depending on my moods.

    On the one hand, you have the first album, which always sounded to me like a solo album – meaning an album from a guy who has a full time job in another band who was just stepping out for a bit. The songs are great, but it doesn’t seem to have been given a full-on approach. However, this is actually part of its charm. Its an album by a great guitarist doing his thing with a few friends. My favorite tracks on this one:

    Short and Sweet
    There’s No Way Out of Here

    On the other hand you have About Face. Again, great songs but a different approach. This time the album seems to have been recorded by a solo artist as opposed to being a solo album. There seems to have been a more thoughtful approach to the song style, songwriting, production and even the sleeve. It has a more complete feel to it, but ironically that sometimes comes across as its weakness to me.

    It seems like there was too much of an attempt to “launch David” with this record, which may have caused him to get away from just “doing his thing.” For example, Blue Light is a great track. It was one of the highlights of the About Face Tour, but I cringe when I think of the video with David in the white suit – that is not the image I ever had of him, nor did I think it served him well. In fact, all of the songs came across great in live performance (which is why I push for the re-release of this concert on DVD – sorry F*ed).

    My favorite tracks:

    Near the End
    Until We Sleep

    I guess right now I’m more partial to David Gilmour. I just like hearing straight guitar playing at the moment. About Face seems a little too 1980s right now. But ask me again tomorrow.


    Mike from Connecticut

  10. david gilmour is my favorite of the two. it’s more raw, less polished, and more fun i think. it may have a lot to do with the time and what was happening in his life, but we’ve been listening to this for years. i love there’s no way out of here, mihalis, raise my rent, and there’s no way.

    on about face, i really like murder, cruise, and near the end.

    i think on an island is a superior record, but it’s different from the other two. different time, different life, new experiences and such. can’t wait to hear the remastered records.


  11. O, I will be out of town tomorrow when these hit the shelves in the U.S. But I am going to still try to pick them up. I love the David Gilmour release and I have not heard About Face in a very long time. Can’t wait to get these.

    Are these better than OAI? I think each one is different and each has its pluses. Kinda like the whole PF catalogue, I can’t seem to just pick one to be my favorite – each one is my favorite at different times.


    [Coward! – Features Editor]

  12. i believe david gilmour to be a very good album. not sure which is better between it and OAI. too close to call in my opinion.

  13. I usually rate “David Gilmour” slightly higher than “About Face” just because of the fact that it has “There’s No Way Out Of Here” (that Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet covered on their last album and said something like “the last fantastic track that the Floyd did”)… On the other hand “About Face” has “Murder” and “Cruise”.. Hmm… Tricky one!

    All in all I agree with the fact that “On An Island” is David’s best solo album!


  14. Personally I think that “David Gilmour” is the best of the 3 albums by a country mile. Standout tracks “There’s no way out of here”, “Cry from the street”, “No way” and “I can’t breathe anymore” eclipse much of the material on the later albums, with the possible exception of “Take a breath”. Not an opinion that will be popular on this site I expect…!

    [But that’s what makes life interesting. – Features Editor]

  15. Hello,

    Great news that there is no further delay in releases of David Gilmour and About Face.

    I agree with David about On An Island, but from the first 2 I personally more like David Gilmour. Best song is of course There’s No Way Out of Here which I voted for in the poll. And from time to time I have Raise my Rent in my head.

    I found very interesting interview with Leszek Mozdzer which can be found in Press section (Teraz Rock). It is in Polish, but I plan to translate this tommorow for everyboy here.

    Gdansk update

    It looks really big at this time, biggest stage ever build in Poland 18 m high, 36 tons of equipment 7 huge LCD screens Mr David Mallet and his 38 person team to shot the gig. Can’t wait…

    btw Fed are You coming to Gdansk? (I expect positive answer, of course)

    Best regards

    [Sorry to spoil the party, but David Mallet isn’t shooting it. There won’t be 38 cameras. These are incorrect rumours. As for Gdansk, then I hope to be there. I’m not sure yet. – Features Editor]

  16. I was really surprised to see David and his wife strolling through the streets of Venice last Thursday (10th August). I was with my wife on our honeymoon.

    I attended the first gig on Friday and was then fortunate to be able to hear all the Saturday night show from my hotel which was behind San Marco square just to the left of the stage.

    Both nights were fantastic and will never be forgotten.Thank you.

  17. I am ashamed to say that i have never heard the first “solo” David Gilmour…

    I want to participate to the new poll so I am going to buy the CD…..

    [You won’t be disappointed, I’m sure of that. – Features Editor]

  18. i love them both, but ‘david gilmour’ is just ahead for me. some great guitar work.

    i’m also with nicholas in saying that ‘on an island’ is the best of the three.

  19. Before you throw your pointy sticks on me, it’s not my fault, you asked: from the three solo albums, I slightly prefer the first one over the rest. Perhaps I’m being partial and I’m not taking into account only the music but also the moment I got into it.

    I bought David Gilmour in a small record shop in Paris in 1992. Neither internet nor the blog existed for me at that time, so I was not aware about the record. It was a cassette and I had to wait until the night to listen to it at home.

    Inbetween, I was in love with a girl and we made the “final approch” that day in Paris. I remember myself laying in bed that night, ecstatic, joyful, enjoying every note of the album; another special moment in my life linked to David’s music.

    From all the tracks, the one I love the most is “Short and sweet”. Actually, I can’t explain why, but everytime I listen to the live version sung by David together with Roy Harper, my eyes get wet. I must be getting older (and wiser…)

    Sorry for all my long posts today, but the blog makes me feel alive in this crappy job. Anyone willing to employ a telecom manager?

  20. By the posts so far, I guess I’m in the minority, but I prefer “About Face” to “David Gilmour.” It is more diverse, IMHO, and really shows off David’s WIDE range of talent. I’d have to agree with David though, OAI is certainly his best masterpiece thus far.

    My favorite tunes off of “David Gilmour” are “There’s No Way Out of Here” and “Raise my Rent”

    I LOVE the rift on “Cry from the Street”


    Tomorrow is the big day =(

    So I’ll talk to y’all*, hopefully around the end of the week. Will your little “project” be ready by then Fed?

    *REDNECK LESSON #1: Y’all – used when talking about a group of people. Like saying “you all”

    =) Sorry, couldn’t resist . . .

    [It’s on the back-burner for now, so it might turn out to be another prolonged ‘P.U.L.S.E’-type episode. All the best for tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  21. My favourite of the two is definitely ‘David Gilmour’. My favourite song on it is ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’, and it looks like a lot of people agree, by lookin at the poll! In fact, this song is my 2nd favourite Gilmour solo song of all time, after ‘On An Island’.

    One question, did David tour with this album? I know he did with About Face and have seen the documentary on it, but have yet to find anything on the earlier album, except the live studio versions.

    Peace, David.

    [I think the live studio versions are all that you’ll find. – Features Editor]

  22. Both albums have their strengths. In all honesty, David’s work in them is far superior to the contributions of the respective guest artists. My favorite track, out of all, would have to be, “Cruise”. The melody is deceptively soothing given the nature of the words. The lyrics show the wisedom of age. Not so much from an artistic point, but recognization of the loss of pragmatism in military politics.


  23. Is david doing any more shows in the UK at the end of the tour?

    For me On an Island is the best of all three albums and reading between the lines so dose David as he played none of his solo old material on this tour and focused upon OAI and PF material

    [David isn’t doing any shows after Gdansk. If that changes, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  24. About face is my favourite one…I like it beacuse it’s different from any pink floyd (like a solo album should be) “reminiscence”.I am really proud to hear again the superb drum playing by Jeff Porcaro.


  25. [One vote only, I’m afraid. It’s hard, I know… – Features Editor]

    Tyrant!!! However, the worse has still come: choose between “Murder” and “Cruise”!!!!


    FEd, great parties in the Barns around! But…where is the suprise on the blog? Even if, everyday is a surprise here! I’ll vote “Excellent” again, if I could vote again! Unfortunatly I ONE VOTE ONLY also for you and the blog!!!

    [It probably won’t be ready for a few weeks yet, sorry. – Features Editor]

  26. [Coward! – Features Editor]

    I’m the one getting on a plane tonight while many others have cancelled out due to what is going on.

    I’d like to say that I’m more diplomatic.


    [Fair enough. – Features Editor]

  27. Out of 10:

    On An Island: 9
    David Gilmour: 6
    About Face: 3 [Blue Light is just so awful]

  28. The late 70’s were an interesting and explosive time for both David and Rick W.

    With Roger at the helm of PF, I think there was a lot of creative frustration on both their parts which culminated in a need to show that they could stand out as individuals.

    As a result of this came the two best solo PF efforts period. Rick’s Wet Dream and David’s self titled debut.

    You can easily see both sides of PF’s music in each. Rick’s was the mellow kinda languid side and David’s was rockier with darker lyrics. Lyrics BTW very much in the vein of Roger’s.

    So which is my favourite solo David LP?

    As you could probably guess it is the first one by far. I love it to death. There is not a single dud track which is a real achievement for any artist. I love the edge on this both musically and lyrically which is missing on a lot of his work afterwards both PF and solo. This includes, I am afraid, OAI. I think he could have started his recent shows with Mihalis. What a barnburner beginning that would have been. I agree with an earlier comment about his instrumentals being so expressive.

    My other favourite track is I Can’t Breathe Anymore. I looove the vocals on this and the lyrics are some of the best he has ever written. The transition from dreamy first bit to slide guitar heaven is awesome.

    Cheers, Howard

  29. I have both of them in vinil. What I think is that pressure is not a good friend for DG, so I think he gives his best relaxed like in David Gilmour and On an Island. About face is not my favorite of course…I managed to forgive Blue Light just after On An Island and 2 live performances. One of those songs ( and I saw the video too…arghhhh) that makes you think “what was he thinking about?”. Apart from this I have to say that “Murder” stands alone not only like one of his best songs for me, but absolutely his best lyrics so far. No question about it.

    Two things. About “David Gilmour”.

    1) recording fast and “friends surrunded” it is good for him.

    2)”Raise My Rent” is the mother of “What do You Want From Me”. Anyone noticed? The live version of WDYWFM has the same guitar parts! I like it!

  30. Good topic. I was 12 when “David Gilmour” was released and I played it to death back then (and still listen to it quite often). It is a gorgeous record – so sincere and so gentle. It rocks with such subtlety – I think that is its strong point. I can never tire of it.

    “Raise My Rent”, “Short and Sweet”, “So Far Away”, and of course the Unicorn cover “There’s No Way Out of Here” (which I am happy to see a lot of folks citing as a favorite since I am such a Unicorn devotee) are probably my favorite tracks on that record.

    I think “About Face” was a lot more polished and perfected. I love “You Know I’m Right” – fantastic track (“we really seem to have a prob-lem here”)! “Near the End” is a favorite too as it is a lot looser (less production) and sounds like an outtake from the 1st LP. The acoustic guitar solo is also amazing on that. This album clearly was an ‘about face’ for David (despite claims to the contrary in interviews from the time – sorry, David!). Oh, and “Cruise” was a brilliant song as well.

    “On an Island” is just a five star record. It astounds me that after all the years David Gilmour’s talent is not only still there, but better than ever. Oddly, everyone keeps citing “Take a Breath” as a stand out, but for me it is the moodier tracks that knock me out like “Where we Start” “Red Sky at Night” and “The Blue”.

    All in all, I’d have to say that my favorite DG solo LP is the 1st one – although “On an Island” is a close second.

    I grew up with that first one. I have a lot of memories in that music. I used to listen to it in the backyard of my house daydreaming by the pool on hot afternoons a lot, speakers up to the windows…Plus it still sounds so fresh and not dated at all. Poor “About Face” is gonna have to take 3rd place but I still dig it. It’s just a different animal, that’s all.

  31. I love _About Face_. I was 14 years old when the record came out and I rushed to buy it – on sale for a kingly sum of $5.99 (those were the days, hein?). And, I couldn’t believe David Gilmour’s performance of ‘Comfortably Numb’ on that tour, which left my heart in my mouth.

    At the time, I should remember, Pink Floyd seemed to be in the past tense and the former bass player (um, what’s his name) had just put out a solo outing – and it was a momentous dud. By contrast, Gilmour’s LP sounded magnificent and passionate – very much ‘Pink Floyd’ itself.

    Honestly, I would have loved to have heard ‘Murder’ on this tour – especially with Rick Wright playing Hammond organ on it. What a beautiful song!

  32. fave track?? that has to be ‘(lets get) Metaphysical’

    I love the orchestration and the build up of this track, the funny thing is tho’ how much Davids guitar sound has really shaped up since then! back to basics with the effects to valves from transistors i suspect!

    I’d love to hear this piece played now, possibly with the London Philharmonic in the Albert Hall??????? (Come on David you know you want to!)


  33. OAI is obviously the best of the three, but of the other two I would give David Gilmour a slight edge. Though I think that ablum is better on the whole, About Face has Murder which I think is still his best solo song. But one song does not an album make. And anyway I absolutely love Short and Sweet as well, which I would rank as his #3 song, behind On An Island.

  34. I think it’s important, in context, to remember how anonymous the members of Pink Floyd were in the 70s. We all had the records, but almost no one (it seemed) knew their names, much less what they looked like. It was part of the band’s mysterious appeal. When the 1st DG album came out in ’78 I was amazed. *This* was the guy who made that incredible sound! The voice! The trademark guitar! Who knew?

    “David Gilmour” is a great album for its simplicity and directness. I think of it as “pure” Dave, put out as a statement of his love for straight, blues-based guitar rock, and a platform for his moody, expressive singing – not as a calculated thing designed to launch him as a solo artist – which About Face and even OAI sound like to me.

    I wrote in here 3 or 4 months ago, inquiring about the rumored re-release of the 1st two David solo records. Tremendously pleased to see them out!!!

  35. [It probably won’t be ready for a few weeks yet, sorry. – Features Editor]

    I’m curious about what your and your collegues minds have thought! Some brilliant ideas or…are you teasing us????!!!

    Have a wonderful evening, mate


    [It’s just one thing, and it’s not exactly “brilliant”, but I think it could be good. – Features Editor]

  36. Sorry for being a bit off-topic, I understand that the poll is about the first two albums, but I must say that I *really* love David’s version of “Je Crois Entendre Encore” from the “Meltdown Concert” DVD.

    My parents are FANATIC about opera, I spent my entire youth following them to concerts and listening to operas, and I personally know many top-level singers and musicians.

    Believe me, David’s performance in a *very difficult* piece like that is UNBELIEVABLE. And beside the technical aspects, his personal rendition and interpretation of that “aria” is (in my opinion) artistically PHENOMENAL. Many classical musicians could learn a lot listening to it.

    If you want to make a test, please buy the opera, choosing whatever good orchestra and tenor you like, and compare it to David’s version. Musically, not also technically. Let me know!!! 🙂


  37. My picks are, Mihalis, and Murder. The guy who wrote Blue Light is awful is nuts. It is lively,and uptempo,with great background guitar.

  38. Of the 3 DG solo albums, it has to be On an Island…for (fairly) obvious reasons, yes? Considering the other two albums, I think they are quite different but near equal in my mind. Just depends what you’re in the mood for.

    Standout tracks from David Gilmour include (of course) the Floydian-sounding, There’s No Way Out of Here, Short and Sweet, So Far Away (interesting tune), among a few others. As for About Face, I like Murder (among his finest works), Near the End, Out of the Blue…

    Looking at all three albums one can clearly see the changes and evolution of David as a songwriter. Without a doubt, On an Island is the most personal and perhaps Pink Floyd-sounding.

    The production of each album is distinctly different as well. David Gilmour (from 1978) has a very 70’s ‘classic rock’ vibe – though almost a tired, and waning element – as if the decade (of the 70’s) has taken some sort of toll on him. About Face is sprightly in comparison and definitely portrays David as a very mainstream 80’s fixture.

    They’re all great…and all worthy of much discussion.


  39. I never heard either of the albums before. But ive been working for about 14 hours to save up to get these albums. As soon as I get them I will post my favourite one. Cannot wait to hear more excellent music from David.

  40. Hello, F.Ed,

    It sounds like the concerts were superb, that is great.

    David’s first 2 albums… I have About Face, but I must confess I have not heard David Gilmour. I am looking forward to it, though.

    Of the last 2 albums, in my opinion, OAI is a better work of art, and it’s a very solid and deep album musically. AF is a solid album as well, but it borders on a bit too ’80s pop for me. I like Lets Get Metaphysical probably the most from AF.

    Speaking of AF, I was totally surprised to hear Love on the Air played on some radio station while I was driving through the middle of Indiana corn fields awhile back.

    Without hearing DG, I would have to go with OAI as my favorite.

    To help answer Gian Luca’s question, the Astoria didn’t come into the picture until the mid 80’s. A Momentary Lapse of Reason was the first album to be made largely on the boat, as far as I know.

    Have a great day, all.

  41. I have to say I’m partial to ‘About Face’ myself. It’s the first album I bought after I woke up and realized there is Floyd beyond R.Waters. I love “Out of the Blue” which still gets singing time in the shower to this day….

    Actually, the “About Face” concert tour VHS is the first concert I ever bought.

    In regards to ‘David Gilmour’, I like “There’s No Way Out of Here” and “Short and Sweet”, but I’ve found myself listening to “Raise my Rent” quite a bit since discovering David apparently pulled this tune/lead melody off the rack for ‘The Division Bell’ to create “What Do Yo Want From Me”…

    That of course is my humble opinion and not rumor from somewhere, so no one go start asking for sources.

    Give a listen for yourself and see what you think?

  42. So Far Away, although There’s no way comes a close second from the first album and Out Of The Blue from About Face – it’s the most beautiful, honest and true song I’ve ever heard.

  43. I’m saving up the pennies to get “David Gilmour” on CD. Its definitly one of my all time favourite albums and I’ve only heard sample snippets of it on the internet since we moved onto a boat and I had to get rid of my vinyl.

    I suppose “There’s no way out of here” has to be my vote for best track but its a pretty close run thing.

    While I love the new album I’d put the first one level with it, it’s beautifully simple and straightforward as far as the arrangements go.

    I’m afraid I’ve never managed to listen to About Face all the way through, I was so looking forward to hearing it and it was as others have said an “80’s Mistake”, such a disappointment!

  44. I first got a cassette tape of About Face around 1995. My favorite song is Out of the Blue. I was kinda hopeing David would have done that one on the tour. I thought Caroline Dale would haver done wonderful on that track.

    I do prefer David Gilmour over About Face. I also like the song Near the End. Mihalis, and Theres No Way Out of Here.

    So the best of Davids song until On an Island are:

    Out of the Blue
    Near the End
    Theres no Way Out of Here

    On an Island is better than both of them, but they all kick total ass!!


  45. I’m excited to finally get David Gilmour since I’ve been looking for it for quite some time now. From the reviews and comments, it looks like it trully is a great album. I’ve seen video clips of “There’s No Way Out of Here” and “So Far Away” somewhere around the net and I really enjoyed both songs.
    So tomorrow, when it hits stores in the US, I’ll be first in line to get my copy.



  46. Hmmm….Voted Short and Sweet as my fave. David Gilmour is a far better album, overall, than About Face; however, that being said, I think About Face has some pretty good songs like Murder, Until We Sleep and Near The End.

    It is a bit over produced in that typical 80s style (someone else’s Radio Kaos suffers from the same thing). And Blue Light is bloody awful (sorry, but someone has to say it). And the lyrics on Cruise are a bit sophomoric (what is it you say in Britain…sixth-formish)?

  47. I’ll be picking up my copy of David Gilmour tomorrow. I’ve only owned it on cassette until now. Great way to start off my vacation. I hadn’t thought of purchasing About Face because I already have it on CD from a previous issue. But I noted in the news that About Face had some tape edits on its original master. Does that mean that some songs were cut down from their original length? If so, I might reconsider getting the better quality CD.

    I couldn’t choose which album I liked better. I like them equally for the same reasons.

    The poll was a harder choice. I picked Mihalis because of all the things I like about David. His music, the arrangements, the vocals, etc. Now Way Out of Here and Deafinately were close seconds. I really liked the searing guitar solos in those two.

    About Face was great. Murder, Blue Light, Out of the Blue and Let’s Get Metaphysical are favorites. I think musically some songs on there prefigured OAI. But OAI really stands out as David’s best work to date when you (I) compare the three.

    Does anybody remember the 1984/1985 VHS/video of David Gilmour in concert back then. I remember Roy Harper coming out to sing Short and Sweet with David and they complemented each other so well I thought that Roy had sung on the album, but apparently he didn’t. Nick Mason came out to play drums on Comfortably Numb, if I’m not mistaken. It would be nice to see that reissued on the DVD format in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see. 《;^ 自

  48. My favourite of David’s solo work is “Out of the blue” and “Let’s Get Metaphysical” from “About Face”. Apart from it I like his voice on that album more than on the others. So I give my vote to “About Face”.

    On this poll I voted for “There’s no way out of here”.

  49. I like all the albums. I think I will go out and by them. Maybe I will buy them for my sons birthday. HAHA!!

    Well hope everyone has a great week. With love from sunny and hot Fontana, Ca

    Erin good Luck tomorrow

    oh BTW my kids soccer season starts this week. Cool huh?

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  50. It is hard for me to choose a favorite because I find it hard to be critical of such perfect work. However, in fear of being labeled a coward, I will decide my favorite by placing them in sequential order listing from my absolute favorite, my second favorite, and my third favorite.

    On An Island, David Gilmour, About Face.

    Now let me clarify, everything on “David Gilmour” 1978 is astounding. The voice, the guitar, the lyrics. It all just comes together and flows through the perfect musician. I am at a loss for words at how David has transitioned from perfect to more perfect on “On An Island”. His voice quality is amazing and his guitar playing just blows me away.

    As for favorite tracks:

    Raise My Rent (DG)
    Near the End (About Face)
    The Complete OAI album

    I think the one thing that I really appreciate about David Gilmour as a musician is that he is not afraid of stepping beyond his normal sound. He is willing to face the comments “well, it just doesn’t sound like his normal stuff”. My response to that is let him do what he enjoys. Whatever he does musically is done to perfection.


  51. I’ll be trotting along to get ‘David Gilmour’ shortly! Thanks for the info on the release.

    After having built a few LP collections, then a few Cassette collections, it’s nice to see music settling down. Geez, must have bought over a dozen copies of DSOTM alone in varying formats. Wouldn’t like to count up how many PF LPs, Cassettes and CD’s I’ve bought in total. I sure hope music stays in its current format for a while now 8)

  52. What a great question!

    I love all three solo albums, I`m always playing them in my van as I go from job to job. But there are certain tracks when the volume gets raised a little, and they are in no particular order; far away
    2.there`s no way out of here
    4.out of the blue
    5.the whole of on an island

    My aprentice once commented on hearing Mihalis for the first time, that it sounded like backing music to a porn film. He did however sport a black eye for a day or two for that comment!

  53. About Face is a great album, i have the video (now transfered onto DVD) which is really good apart from the Bass players fairy boots.Long live Guy!!!!!!!

  54. I vote “No Way”, vocals and the slide guitar are fantastic, it could easily come from “On An Island”.
    “There’s No Way Out Of Here” is a cover from K. Baker of Unicorn, I love it but I wouldn’t vote it.

  55. The eponymous album is by far my favorite. I like the feel of it and how it does not feel forced. I do not listen to it often anymore, but I always enjoy it when I do. I find it plays particularly well when I am a bit under the weather, as strange as that may seem. Grade: 8.

    I liked About Face when it came out, but don’t believe it has aged well. Grade: 6.

    Frankly, I have little use for On An Island. When I listen to it, I crave a tempo change that never seems to come. I like the songs individually, but together it puts me to sleep, and not in a good way. Grade: 5.

    Question: Was a snippet of Deafinately once used in a Ford advertisement in the US? I could swear it was, but I can not prove it. It would have been some time ago, like 15 years.

    [Good question. I don’t think so, but maybe. – Features Editor]

  56. FE, another question my friend!

    As Nick Mason stated, Roger was invited to play one song at the last night of the Royal Albert Hall gig. But, what song would David have chosen for them all to perform?

    I’ve always pondered on that. Lets hope the pondering doesnt go on.

  57. I read that Comfortably Numb was supposed to be a release on David’s first solo album, but Roger convinced him to put it on the Wall. It is interesting to wonder if it would have had the mass appeal it’s had had it been on his solo album.

  58. I’m afraid I’m also ignorant of David’s first two albums – I’ve heard a few tracks in isolation and been underwhelmed by them.

    OAI is clearly in a different league – clearly david has something to say instead of trying to think of something to play.

    I’m interested to see what my fellow bloggers like though – it might point out the ignorance of my ways…

  59. I’m afraid I’m also ignorant of David’s first two albums – I’ve heard a few tracks in isolation and been underwhelmed by them.

    OAI is clearly in a different league – clearly david has something to say instead of trying to think of something to play.

    I’m interested to see what my fellow bloggers like though – it might point out the ignorance of my ways…

  60. [Just wondering if the packaging has changed from the first issue cd and vinyl as I have both. Geoff Duffy at August 14, 2006 01:31 PM]


    The only visible difference seems to be with “David Gilmour”, which has some additional photos of David from circa ’78. There’s one in particular on the inside back cover of the booklet which is sure to get the ladies gushing…

    “About Face” looks very much like the original.

    The front of each CD has a black & silver image of David on them.

    Just listening now to DG, for the 1st time in yonks, bought that & About Face today.

    “No Way” sounds to me as though the back end of the track has been “tweaked” a bit from my recollection of the original, but I may be wrong.

    Does anybody else agree?? Answers on a postcard please… c/o FEd @

    Will have to give About Face a listen before I decide on the merits of how that & DG compare to OAI….

  61. I love David’s first solo album, but comparing it (and “About Face”) to “On An Island” is like apples and oranges (don’t say it!) and erm… blueberries. Yeah. That’s it.

    I’ve been watching David’s in-studio Super Bear performance of his first album (don’t come at me with that pointy stick, Edwina!), digging the vibe and the honestness of the music. “About Face” eventually grew on me (yes, I dance around to “Blue Light” now; so sue me) and has some great tunes on it, but as others have said, does sound a bit dated now and then. Nevertheless, David Gilmour solo = heaven.

    And just as an aside, if you pick up Guitar World’s Classic Rock Legends poster issue, there’s a cool poster of David in it. I was shopping for Nutella but put it back on the shelf and bought the mag instead. One must keep one’s priorities straight, mustn’t one?


    [Thanks for letting us know, Deborah. – Features Editor]

  62. Between the first two, I tend to favor the self titled. Not that About face is bad, however you can tell David was trying something different, and there is nothing wrong with that. It just shows how versatile he really is. On an Island is my favorite, but not by much.

    I’d have to say Raise my rent, Mihalis, and There’s no way out of here are my fave’s off that album.

    A while back I was watching The Weather channel’s local forecast and the backround music was Mihalis. I thought that was pretty cool.


  63. Well, having just given David Gilmour & About Face one play each (so far) to re-familiarise myself with each. I have to agree with Erin, I prefer About Face. Probably helped by the fact that I saw it peformed at the Hammersmith Odeon(I’ve still got the T-Shirt to prove it!!! No, I’m not a minger.)

    Despite the fact that it’s from the dreaded 80’s, there’s a really diverse collection of styles and moods, which were quite refreshing at that time. It proved David had the courage to strike out on his own, after “The Final Cut” had virtually rendered him a session musician. Even if some of the lyrics were rather venomous towards Roger (can’t really blame him though, things were a bit grim back then).

    David Gilmour is a fine effort for a 1st solo album and has some great tracks, Mihalis, TNWOOH, Short & Sweet, Deafinitely, but my vote goes to “No Way”, IMO it seems to encompass David’s acceptance that all is not well in the camp and that he has to consider charting his own destiny. DG certainly accomplishes that.

    However, both DG & AF are left standing by OAI.

    OK, so there’s 22-years worth of material to select from, but there’s no escaping the fact that the intervening period has only made for a more mature, discerning masterpiece.

    Or is it just that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Like a fine wine, David’s voice is now velvety smooth and rich. His guitar playing soars higher than ever, then dives deep into your soul. OAI has the power to transport you into a dreamworld of peaceful tranquility and leaves you begging for more…

    I only hope it’s not such a long wait until his next classic.

    Sometimes… when the inspiration strikes, I can get down with the best of them… BLUE LIGHT.

  64. I was flicking through the old blogs, and came across a five best songs from PF or David on December 28th I think. Bit late but here you are!

    1.Comfortably Numb
    2.Wish You Were Here
    3.Run Like Hell
    4.Another Brick In The Wall

    Better late than never!

  65. Hi Fed, i was talking with Sony/Bmg in Toronto, Canada today, as far as they are aware, these 2 remasters will not be in stores in Canada on Aug. 15. So this is Sad news. I will call tomorrow & read them your latest news update about the remasters. So if anybody buys them in the USA on Aug 15, please let me know.

    As for my pick, i prefer David’s 1st solo LP, but have i them both

    Thanks again, for all you do
    joe from Canada

    [Please let us all know! Thanks for that, Joe. A few fans expressed doubts about the release date last week, but we are assured that the dates haven’t changed. Let’s see. – Features Editor]

  66. I got to see David play the Beacon Theater in New York in 1984. I was in the tenth row, which means little when the theater had so many empty rows. I found the About Face album to be disappointing, and since he was playing to half-filled theaters I had to conclude that other people felt the same way about it at the time. Please, no pointy sticks.

    The opening band (called The Icicle Works) was dreadful, 80s British synth punk without the passion. David’s band, which included Raff Ravenscroff, were very good. There was no light show, just music including David taking turns on the piano. I found the musicianship (on the album and the during the concert) to show David at his best, but for me the songwriting is seriously lacking. This album simply doesn’t have much to say to me. Again, please don’t turn your pointy sticks towards me… I am simply stating a personal opinion.

    David’s self-titled first album is far better, in my opinion. It’s got a raw, emotional intensity and (of course) AMAZING guitar work. I was 12 when it was released, and so I did not see David play live at this time.

    I did see Floyd play The Wall in 1980, just after my 14th birthday. It was one of my first concerts, and I still consider it to be the best live performance of any kind I’ve ever seen. They literally built a wall between themselves and the audience during the show, and David played “Comfortably Numb” standing atop that wall. Lit with a spotlight from behind, David’s shadow was cast larger-than-life on the audience directly at the back of the arena, and it is this shadow that comes to mind whenever I hear “Comfortably Numb” on the radio. This is the work that my fond memories of David Gilmour are made of!

    This may have something to do with my disdain for the stripped-down “About Face” show I saw just four years later.

    Floyd, in 1987, blew me away when they played at Madison Square Garden. That was an impressive show, even if “Momentary Lapse” is not Floyd’s best effort.

    I wish I had been able to attend David’s show at Radio City in April of this year. I love “On an Island”, and it now holds a place in my heart above even some of the Floyd albums.

    David has certainly grown as an artist and as a musician in the years since About Face. Bearing this in mind, I know where David is coming from when he chooses not to play his earlier solo efforts in this 2006 tour. He wants to play the music that shows where he’s at now, not where he was in 1984 or 1978.

    As for classics like Echoes, well certainly David wants to showcase the finest music of his considerable career. He probably just doesn’t feel the need to play his previous solo work, which is not in the same league.

  67. I have to saw that I really like Davids first two albums, For I still have both of them on vinyl. But for the best song on the first album, I have to say I can’t Breathe anymore. Now I’m wondering which song off the first is your favorite Fed.


    [One vote per person is just so unfair, isn’t it? I voted for ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore’ yesterday, but I could easily have voted for any one of them. ‘No Way’ stands out. ‘Short And Sweet’ has such great lyrics. ‘Deafinitely’ is a trip… Yeah, one vote per person is absurd. – Features Editor]

  68. I haven’t written on the blog for a while but have been reading regularly.

    It’s great to see David get the solo recognition he deserves. Let’s face it he’s brilliant.

    All these tour dates, up to 30 now I think. I wonder (and hope) that he’s having enough fun to continue doing more shows for a while longer.


    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  69. I still own the original releases of Davids solo works on vinyl, and own cd’s of both releases. The cd release’s I have came from one of those music clubs and the packaging was pretty cheap, so I will probably go out and buy new copies.

    Well “On an Island” is the best, in many ways, lyrics, guitar work, musicians, theme, flow, art, and the mind set. However, I am fond of the first solo album, and have many memories of that time.

    Something that hasn’t been mentioned about that period was, that it was almost impossible find anything reguarding the band at that time. The Pink Floyd did not do to many interviews and there were no pictures of the band since the free poster in the Dark Side of the Moon album. So when David released his solo album, you got this great foldout like a double album, with alot of great pictures of him. That in it self seemed like a statement, and the music followed the same.

    The best track out of the first two albums would be “deafinately”…… And I am shocked! nobody has mentioned it……what a great track. Absolutly love that one, but I also enjoy the other song’s everyone else has mentioned.

    The second album has it’s moments, and I like the song “Murder” alot. But the lyrics are a little drastic and actually had me worrying about David’s mental being. I have a copies of the “Love on the Air” picture disc hanging in my Rock and Blues room.

    When’s the next album comming out?…(smile)

  70. Recently, while discussing music with an old friend of mine, we came around to the inevitable topic of The Great Guitarists. After a few minutes of debate my friend said something I found quite amusing: “Why does Eric Clapton get all the props, anyway? Old what’s-his-name from Pink Floyd is probably the best English rock guitarist ever!”

    My friend has never been a Floyd fan (shame on him) but he does have good musical ears. So just in case anyone was wondering, the inscrutable Pink Floyd Mystique is still alive and well out there….

    Anyway. I think “On an Island” is miles ahead of David’s previous two albums, and it’s easily up there with the best work he’s ever done.

    Choosing between “David Gilmour” and “About Face,” I’d have to go with “About Face.” Yes, it does have that big glossy 1980s sound (which I’m not fond of), but I’ve always felt the songs on “AF” are tighter and more cohesive than those on David’s first album. Better melodic hooks, a wider range of playing styles, and definitely a stronger vocal delivery.

    “Murder” and “Near the End” are still two of my personal favorites from David’s entire catalogue.

    Nearly everyone dumps on “Blue Light” but I think it’s a fun little song. (Just because David’s in Pink Floyd doesn’t mean that every song he records has to be epic, slow, and deadly serious, does it?)

    “David Gilmour” is a very enjoyable album as well: “There’s No Way Out of Here”; “Short and Sweet”; and “No Way” are all great tunes. But overall I have to give the nod to “About Face.” I think David had a lot more passion happening for “AF” and I can hear it in the performances.

    And by the way, I would also like to cast my vote for a DVD release of the “Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour” concert video from the Eighties. My old VHS copy is getting awfully creaky!

  71. The two new remasters are awesome! I have always regarded the first album to be some of David’s best work ever and the new remaster really gave it justice. There are details I’ve never heard and even some of the dull fadeouts have been fixed, making the songs slightly longer.

    A lot of fans will probably disagree, but in my oppinion David Gilmour is better than On an Island… with About Face in third.

  72. People always loved both of 2 albums…They are so different and there’s an ultimate energy coming out of them.I prefer: There’s no way out of here, So far away, I can’t breathe anymore, Until we sleep, You know I’m right & Near the end.

  73. Good Morning FED.

    Yesterday I bought the first solo David Gilmour and this is my opinion:

    “David Gilmour” mark 7 and the best track is “there is no where out here”
    “About face” mark 6 and the best track is “Murder”
    On an Island mark 9 1/2 all the tracks are fantastic!!! and in a live show OAI become a masterpiece!

    And why this difference? why OAI is a masterpiece? For me the answer is very easy…Polly Samson! Polly is the Muse of David and with her love David (From the Division bell tour) has become the best artist in the world! David holy immediately!

  74. David’s 1st solo album is just so “straight from the gut” featuring unchecked pure desire to just let off steam… in this testosterone driven and very natural… “exhale”!

    David second guesses himself on his second outing with a great updated sound, and individual performances. “Blue Light” still makes me wince. “Let’s Get Metaphysical” still makes me weep even when I’m trying not to.

    On An Island hits with unapologetic maturity, confidence, and finesse. The passion is still there, with the confidence to just be what he is.

    Can’t wait to hear the completion of the next set of home grown snippets. No true fan of David’s really should care if he “sleeps with the ex-wife” again (i.e. plays or records with Roger)

    O.K. David Gilmour & On An Island are tied for first, and About Face is a close second.

    (…didn’t want to be accused of cowardice)

    tom from san diego

  75. “David Gilmour” is a car driving album, it’s a Sunday afternoon album, it’s a late night album.
    It gets my vote. It is easily my favourite solo album of all the members (and former members) of PF.

    So satisfying. There is this smoothness to it, earthiness…there are more spaces in the sonic texture that lets one get comfortable with.

    And for me being a guitarist, it’s also a case of “ToneSpotting”. All hail the Electric Mistress!
    For the sheer wackiness of Deafinitely, soaring lead lines of Mihalis, the crunchy riff-o-rama intro of Cry From The Street, The “D” pedal tones of Short And Sweet (a precursor to RLH?) and many other shining moments make this album enjoyable.

    Plus, I think DG really stepped up his game and gave great vocal and guitar performances in The Wall recordings and, in a way, I think we can thank this 1978 solo album for it.

    Deafinitely picking up the Re-released 1978 solo album! 🙂

  76. No problem for Henry (David) and for Gerrard (FED) WE ARE GOING TO BUY RONALDINHO….!

    [Oh, he wouldn’t get in the Liverpool team anyway… – Features Editor]

  77. I was in venice saturday.Except for the rain and for some mistakes of the band such as guy pratt in “wish you where here”,or the intro of “time” with percussions totally out of time,not mentioning something about David

    well the show was wonderful also for piazza s.marco as stage

    saturday was the first time i listening david in a live concert.I was waiting for this moment about for 10 years.Saturday one of my dreams has been satsfied.i hope i’ll see again

  78. only one possible to know if is expected a dvd or a cd of this wonderful on an island live tour?? it’s the only way for have new versions of “fat old sun” or “arnold layne” and many other songs.the ’70 versions are too much old with a low quality of sound and performance

    I’m happy for new release of david gilmour and about a face,but i think that a live cd is more important than two old cd, because the last live cd of david is “pulse” 1994

    [There will certainly be a DVD, Andrea. We’ll let you know how it’s coming along over the next few months. – Features Editor]

  79. The older Albums are very good as well. My favourites are “there’ no way out of here” and “Blue Light”

    Does anyone remember the live performance of ” Blue Light” in 1984 (I think) Together with Pete Townshend and the “Deep End Band” in Montreux? Simon Phillips’ drum solo was absolutely great. “Kick Horns” absolutely perfect. One of the best Live Performances I’ve ever seen.

  80. I Love the “David Gilmour” album, which I’ve had on vinyl for a LONG time. Difficult to pick a favorite track, but I will say that the version of “Short & sweet” on this album is far superior to the Roy Harper version (can’t remember the album it’s on).

    Never really got into “About face”; It’s just not as cohesive & involving as the others. It’s not a bad album by any means, but “David Gilmour” & “On an island” are just so bloody good it can’t really compete next to them.

    [It’s from Roy Harper’s ‘Unknown Soldier’ if anyone’s wondering. – Features Editor]

  81. My favorite tracks on “David Gilmour” and “About Face” are:

    So Far Away
    No Way
    Cry From the Street
    There’s No Way Out of Here

    Near the End
    Out of the Blue
    Until We Sleep
    …and my guilty pleasure – Blue Light

    not to say I don’t enjoy the other tracks as well, but the above get played a wee bit more than the others.


  82. Hi FEd

    Long time, no post from me.

    You ask : “Which is your favourite of the two? Which tracks particularly stand out? How do these albums compare with ‘On An Island’ (which is considered by David to be superior to anything he’s done)?”

    Well, my favourite of the two solo albums has to be Gilmour’s debut album with my all time favourite guitar solo featured in ‘Raise My Rent’ closely followed by ‘Mihalis.

    About Face is completely different from the first album but it is, of course, still good. My favourite from this album is: ‘Let’s Get Metaphyscial’. The song: ‘You Know I’m Right’ is fun to play on the guitar.

    How do these compare to ‘On An Island’?, you ask. Well that is a hard one as the aforementioned albums are totally different. They are all so different in their own way.

    I must say there is just something about ‘The Blue’ though. It is great. As a matter of fact, ‘On An Island’ grows on me during every listen. ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ is McCartneyesque and us growing on me too.

    I think I might have mentioned before that ‘On An Island’ reminds me of my favourite era of Floyd which is the 68-72 era.

    However, if I was only allowed to pick “one” all time favourite from the above, it would have to be ‘Raise My Rent’ or would it be … !

    Have a good day.


  83. Outstanding!!

    Yes, Please go and get David Gilmour 1978. Words cannot describe how good this record is!

    I love a few tracks off about face too, but Self titled is superb from start to finish. Cry from the street got my vote because I think the solo at the end is phenomenal!

    I think Murder is the best track on about face. fantastic vocals here.

  84. “About Face” is one of my favourite Pink Floyd albums! 🙂

    It has always sounded to me like the obvious predecessor of Momentary Lapse. “Murder” is a standout and I would have loved to have heard it on David’s current tour.

    cheers, Ben.

  85. I voted for ‘Mihalis’. It’s one of three fantastic instrumentals. I can’t believe ‘Deafinitely’ only has 2% of the vote right now. As Ed says, it’s a trip.

    Like most people here, DG ranks just above AF for me. There is an 80s sound to parts of AF and the Kick Horns ruin ‘Blue Light’ for me. Imagine that song without the horns and it’s not a bad track at all. It’s not a bad track now, it’s just that David’s bar is set so high, it’s noticeable when something is slightly below par.

    I don’t think it deserves the stick it gets. ‘Radio KAOS’ is 80s all the way through.

  86. I think OAI is the best solo work David has done. He’s deafinitely not as stressed as he seemed to be during either of those two albums.

    David Gilmour – David Gilmour I think was the better of the first two solos. Musically and lyrically. But I really love About Face as much, musically its great with some wonderful lyrics thrown in as well.

    Favorite tracks on David Gilmour are: I love the entire album, but the ones that stand out the most, Mihalis and I Can’t Breathe Anymore, Cry From the Street, and the rest of ’em too.

    Fave. Tracks on About Face: Murder, LOTA, Blue Light (loved the video too ;), OOTB, Cruise, Let’s Get Metaphysical and Near the End.

  87. First of all, I hate to be critical about anyone’s hard work, but “On an Island” gets my vote for best solo album. It seems more complete, musically and lyrically. All of the best parts of David, in one spot.

    Each album is good in it’s own way. David’s “David Gilmour” was extremely overlooked which is probably due to the fact that the time period was flooded with stoner type music. Most people wanted to be taken away from reality not faced with it. I think all of Pink Floyd’s music was about reality, but it was presented in an elusive (smokey haze)kind of way. Thoes who listened but did not hear, didn’t get it.

    David took a different turn, he was trying to be real to himself. I would say some PF “fans” did not like the change. For me, I think it is a great piece of work. The one song I could honestly say I feel alienated from is “So Far Away”. (IRONIC) I am not sure why. I’ll have to ponder that for a spell.

    Melissa (*_*)

  88. Hell, I’m listening to ‘Until We Sleep’ right now !

    Just a little after five o’clock here, having a Peroni and just chilling in room today. Trying to recharge my batteries before I fly back to Boston.

    ‘Murder’ is great too. ‘Mihalis’, fantastic as well.

    Both are great albums.

    FED…? What are you trying to do break up the camp and divide us into divisions here ?

    But between you and me, FED, while it IS a difficult call since both albums are very good, I will have to say that David Gilmour’s eponymous album is the benchmark that David had set for himself, which then lead to the development of ‘About Face’. What with David being out there on the scene and guesting with other musicians. David Gilmour is truly THE Journeyman for our times. He has worked so much. Where was the time for relaxation ?

    David seems tireless, but of course he’s but just one man beneath the stars and he’s a humbling person to be around with I believe. Sure, I’ve wanted for David Gilmour to come out with new material. But, I’ll tell you while it took 22 years since his last solo ‘About Face’, ‘On An Island’ is definitely the culmination of his excellent chops.

    His first solo album is the winner.

    ‘On An Island’ seems to be the destination (for now). ‘About Face’ was the bridge, Meltdown…I could go on…what matters is that He’s out there working and living. And raising a family too, let’s not forget.

    BTW, FED, I would like to be able to post some of the photos I want to share next week. I fly back tomorrow a.m.. It will be nice to have my own bed again.

    Best track on ‘DG’: ‘Short & Sweet’
    Best Track on ‘AF’: ‘Near The End’
    Best Track on ‘OAI’: ‘A Pocketful of Stones’

    God, I am going to be so needing a vacation just to recover from this one !

    Cazart !

  89. Yay!!! Now I can get my hands on those first solo albums.

    I’m a late comer to the whole Floyd phenomenon. I was still listening to teeny bopper stuff in high school (10 yrs ago, man I missed out!). I gradually introduced myself to Floyd a couple of years ago, but even then all that I knew existed was The Wall.

    My first two PF Cds were MLoR and Wish You Were Here (unfortunately some jerk stole them). Since then I have found my only true addiction.

    This site gave me access to some of the best music I’ve ever heard. Of all of the PF music I have experienced so far, David’s work is by far my favorite.

    I am working on a collection of PF and solo albums as I get the money. I have been pacifying myself with copies of my brother’s CDs. Sorry, but this is how you get access to good music when you’re poor (at least he’s my own flesh and blood). OAI was the first of this new collection. I was so excited when that box came in the mail on March 6th. I hugged Nick Mason’s book when it arrived a couple weeks later (who does that?! :-D) Oh, don’t let me get started on PULSE!

    Hey FED! Whoever apologized for the lateness of David’s re-releases shouldn’t have to be sorry for putting quality and care into a much anticipated project. Maybe that’s English courtesy. We’re not very good about that over here. Anyway, thank you for keeping us posted.

    Thank David, Polly and everyone else on the team for all of their amazing work!!

    [Bless you, Julie. – Features Editor]

  90. Wouldn’t it be sweet to hear Let’s Get Metaphysical in Poland, the orchestra is there, why not give it a go David? What an inspirational song, the build up and climax with the strings. Definitely a classic.

  91. Dear Feature Editor

    My sincere apologies.

    While I was killing time at the airport, I had been looking over some old blogs and I stumbled across your entry from April regarding the very logical and sensible site rules.

    I unintentionally violated said rules last week by submitting a URL for your review along with my real e-mail address – and you have my sincerest apologies.

    The rules you established are just good sense for a professional and credibile web community.

    Take care,
    Flying Pig

    [Don’t worry about it, mate. We do want your real e-mail addresses, but we don’t want them on the blog, so to speak (posted in the Comments field for all to see). Many people submit fake e-mail addresses each time they post, which isn’t a good idea because we may need to get in touch with you should you win one of our competitions, for example. For the record, we wouldn’t dream of using your e-mail addresses, so they’re perfectly safe. – Features Editor]

  92. Hello,

    I’m an old fan and I saw you at the two concerts OAI in Paris. Wonderful.

    During a long time, I listened “David Gilmour” and “About Face” on LP vinyl (jaquet signed by David, but I don’t know if really authentic. (I hope yes)

    Last year, I found them on CD, on Ebay from Canada.

    I prefer:

    David Gilmour
    -There’s no way out of there
    -No way
    -Raise my rent (nice solo guitar)

    About Face
    -Out of the blue

    But I think On An Island is the better. I listened it much times than the two others !

    Cheers all

    Gilles, Paris

  93. I am on a roll here Features Editor – by apologizing for violating the Site’s rules – it becomes obvious I am violating them again:

    “No adding comments relevant only to old blog entries to the current entry (please put them where they belong).”

    I seem to be in an infinite loop here! 🙂

    So that I don’t re-break the rules by apologizing for apologizing, I’ll go ahead and post a follow-up post to this topic.

    I have not really spent any time listening to “David Gilmour”, but “About Face” is a great album and seems to represent a transitionary point in his career musically between the Wall Period and Momentary Lapse of Reason period.

    I look forward to next week’s poll where I’ll be better qualified to participate.

    [I’ll forgive you. – Features Editor]

  94. My personal favourite is the ‘David Gilmour’ album. I’ve not heard ‘About Face’ for quite some time, but I seem to remember there were two quite outstanding tracks on it.

    Still a little disappointed that David didn’t play one or two of the songs from these albums on the OAI tour….sounds like a good enough reason to re-release the About Face tour video on DVD (but after the OAI DVD release, please!)

  95. I am gonna pull out my pointy sticks for Dan, but only because he dissed The Icicle Works at the Beacon Theatre show in ’84.

    I was also at one of the Beacon shows then and I happened to be a fan of the poor Icicle Works who were pretty much booed by the majority of the audience. I felt so bad for them. Ian McNabb is a great songwriter and Dan, you should give them a re-listen. Some of their tracks (their b-sides were better than their commercial-appeal-attempting a-sides) were sublime.

    People screamed at them to get off the stage and kept yelping “Gilmourrrr!!” – I was embarrassed (as I was at the recent RCMH gigs) to be in among that crowd that night. Ian from the band finally told the folks in the crowd, “Look kiddies, David won’t be out for another hour so why don’t you all F on up to the bar”. I am sure of my memory of this as I have a tape of that show.

    David probably chose the band which is more reason to show them some respect.

    The drummer’s dad passed away during that tour and they had to cancel some of the remaining dates that summer. When I saw the show in Holmdel, NJ in July, David opted to go without an opener and stretched some of the solos out. It was a nice and looser version of the About Face tracks.

    Prior to Icicle Works – indie groundbreakers The Television Personalities opened a few shows for DG. I met them once and asked the leader of that band about the experience. He said that David “didn’t like having the piss taken”…in reality they were giving out Syd Barrett’s address to members in the audience who asked after they performed their Rough Trade single “I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives”. They shouldn’t have done that…speaking of Syd, in the UK Mojo, Uncut, Record Collector, and NME have all had cover tributes. In the US David Fricke wrote a nice piece for Rolling Stone.

    Anyway, it is release day today for “DG” and “AF” so I’m off to the record store now….

  96. Since you asked FED, I went to two different places this morning to try and buy both cd’s. No luck. I’ve just ordered them from Sigh, I so wanted them today. Oh well.

    Silly question about the new pictures in the gallery. Where was Polly for some of them, in the rafters? 🙂 Great shot as always, Polly!

    [It seems that way, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

  97. I am acquiring the British imports(I ordered them from an indy record store here in Florida) as Sony BMG in the US and Canada did delay the release of the remastered Gilmour discs AGAIN! As Yosemite Sam would call them, “NO GOOD BUSHWHACKING BARRACUDAS”

    I love both solo albums but I first acquired David Gilmour self-titled and it is FANTASTIC!
    My favorite song is So Far Away, the song is superb. I also love There’s No Way Out of Here and Mihalis.

    About Face was great too. All Lovers Are Deranged is a great rocker. Murder and Near the End are also my favorites.

    I first got the DG albums on cassette in 1988 and they were fantastic.

    The original Columbia CDs in the United States had most of the original vinyl artwork although some pictures from gatefold of self-titled were removed to have the credits written. About Face was missing two pictures from original vinyl sleeve.

  98. [Oh, he wouldn’t get in the Liverpool team anyway… – Features Editor]

    Yeah, not with Peter Crouch up front

    [Exactly. – Features Editor]

  99. [Oh, he wouldn’t get in the Liverpool team anyway… – Features Editor]

    Yeah, not with Peter Crouch up front

    [Exactly. – Features Editor]

  100. Feat. Ed. got a ? for you. Were the albums not supposed to be re-released today? I went to a couple places and was told at both places that it was pushed back to an unavailable at the time date. Do you know anything about this? Did this just happen to me? 🙁

    [It seems it’s happened to many. There were a few fan comments on Friday about the albums not being available this week, but we were assured that they would be out as planned – albeit later than they should have been. I’m terribly sorry if I’ve personally passed on yet more false information as a result of someone clearly not knowing their arse from their elbow. – Features Editor]

  101. Definitely David Gilmour…There’s No Way Out Of Here and I Can’t Breathe Any More stand out for me, but the whole piece is pretty perfect. Not just my favourite DG album, one of my favourite albums full-stop. Might just have to have a quick listen right now, in fact…


  102. The first solo effort by David 1978 “David Gilmour is Ausome. There are some very good songs on this album.Dave still gave us the Pink floyd feel on this album, but added some of his own feel to it to.

    About Face is OK. I think at the time of this album, was a very difficult time as the crisis between Dave and Roger was at its peek.I mean lets face it this was put out the next year after the “Final Cut”.Murder is a great track however.

    “On an Island” is Daves best work however it shows how mature and how good of a writer Dave realy is. The guitar playing is fantasic.The second ending solo on the title track is very sweet to listen to….simply amazing!!

  103. Hello campers,

    it would seem that we in the U.S. are in an indefinite hold pattern for the remasters. I’ve called 3 superstore chains (and visited one music shop) and found that both CDs are not in the bins, nor are they expected to be for the unforseeable future. What this means? anyones guess.

    How is Canada fairing with this release? anyone?


  104. Hye fed

    i though i would add my little opinion on Davids solo work and say OAI is davids greatest solo work. This goes without saying hope i dont sound like im an unbalanced fan but OAI is a masterpiece you also have to take into account the 28 years or so of experience which has passed this truly shows OAI.

  105. Was going to wait and give my opinion on the two earlier solo albums after a fresh listen to the re-masters, but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Anybody in the U.S. having any better luck?

  106. [Sorry to spoil the party, but David Mallet isn’t shooting it. There won’t be 38 cameras. These are incorrect rumours. As for Gdansk, then I hope to be there. I’m not sure yet. – Features Editor]

    Not mine at all, I’m easy with filming, if it will be Ok if not no problem at all.I only wanted to stress media coverage of the gig.

    Fed I will keep my fingers crossed for you to be in Gdansk


    [Thank you. We hope to be able to reveal more about the Gdansk show soon. – Features Editor]

  107. Well… it’s been a while… I’ve been missing the blog on my new job… though my new job is really interesting… and time consuming… my dear Cesar, I’m a telecomms guy too, and trust me… sometimes it gets really fun… I liked your post btw!

    Regarding “David Gilmour”… I must say… it’s an album I really liked… I’m 23 years old and it presented to me some very new approaches musically and I must say specially from David’s artistic ways. I spent a lot of time listening to DG and AF before OAI’s release hoping to get in the mood for the concert and OAI… however; I was totally impressed by the huge difference there’s between each album. I was surprised on the poll because it seems everyone likes better “There’s no Way out of Here” as I do. When I heard it, I didn’t have a reference… it was enlighting to know we all DG fans have a similar musical taste… and that I can have a good opinion without being biased by the media 😛

    My dear Fed… how’s your life? I loved your [Coward!] answer btw… it really made me laugh…

    Shine on you crazy bloggers!

    [I’ve had better days, mate. I do hate being given incorrect information and made to look like an idiot, not to mention wasting the time of so many fans who went out especially to buy albums which weren’t even on sale. Again, I’m very sorry to everyone who has been messed around. – Features Editor]

  108. I consider ‘on an island’ to be Davids best solo album to date. Unfortunatly I have to respectfully disagree with David when he says that OAI is far superior to anything he has ever done (unless David was referring only to his solo work, in which case I most certainly agree).

    Between ‘David Gilmour’ and ‘About Face’ I think ‘David Gilmour’ is stronger overall.

    About Face IMO is more an album of high and low points.’Near the End’ for example is one of my all time favourites. Very very good song.

    I had hoped this song would be revived for the tour (it also scored pretty high in one of the first blog entries), of course I am not complaining since David has given us extraordinary surprises (Echoes for example) for which I am very greatful.

    More importantly I got the chance to see David play. I think David (and band) is brilliant in live settings. Little and tasteful variation in songs and overall quality is something rare nowadays. Rock on David.


    [Clemens! Where have you been hiding? – Features Editor]

  109. FEd,

    Your Calendar is looking rather empty after 26/08. You don’t seem to have pencilled in a date for the OAI DVD release date yet.

    Or a reminder to self during December, to dispatch Christmas cards to all your bloggers… ;-P

    [It’s terribly dull, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  110. I have to agree with you Fed, It is hard to pick a single song off the first album by David. But we have to play by the rules, When voting. For I really enjoy No Way & Short and Sweet to. I can’t wait to see what song the fans like from the 2nd solo album. This would be a great way to have a contest, Find out from David what is his all time favorite song that he has written from the Beginning to now. Then see which one of us can pick it.


  111. KenF wrote: There’s one [photo] in particular on the inside back cover of the booklet which is sure to get the ladies gushing…

    Damn! Some marketing ploy: target us poor lovesick women. Okay, I see I’ll still have to put that Nutella on hold once more and buy the album as soon as payday arrives.


  112. HELP!!!

    Fed or anyone,

    Can you give me an idea of how long it takes to receive tickets from Ticket-One? I paid for my Gdansk tickets on Aug.4th. I’m not sure if I should panic just yet, but I shot them an E-mail yesterday and have received no response yet. I do feel a little anxiety creeping in.


    If I don’t get my tickets……

    [Has anyone purchased tickets for Gdansk from TicketOne? If so, please let us know. – Features Editor]

  113. [If you want to make a test, please buy the opera, choosing whatever good orchestra and tenor you like, and compare it to David’s version. Musically, not also technically. Let me know!!! – Nicola]

    I absolutely agree, I was lucky to be able to listen to Enrico Caruso (new transfer from vinyl,digitally cleared version) of Je Crois…. which was followed by David’s In Concert version in Polish Radio few months ago. David can be really proud of his interpretation. There is a contest for Top 20 David Gilmour tracks (with noticeble David input, no further instructions were given) and I decided to place that one on 18th spot.

    If anybody is interested this is my 20, which I sent last Monday:(it was not easy to decide, but everyone is forced to make decissions)

    1 Comfortably Numb
    2 Echoes
    3 Dogs
    4 Sorrow
    5 Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    6 High Hopes
    7 There’s No Way Out Of Here
    8 On the Turning Away
    9 Wish You Were Here
    10 Don’t
    11 Time
    12 On An Island
    13 Marooned
    14 One of These Days
    15 Raise My Rent
    16 Cruise
    17 Fat Old Sun
    18 Je Crois Entendre Encore
    19 Murder
    20 Wot’s…the Deal


    [Thanks for that, Tomasz. You’ll soon see that the rest of your post makes up the next blog entry (and I’m thinking of a better place for your translation, which we thank you for). – Features Editor]

  114. on David Gilmour my favorites are:

    So Far Away
    I Can’t Breathe Anymore
    There’s No Way Out of Here

    And on About Face :

    Let’s Get Metaphysical
    Near the End
    Out of the Blue

    (actually I like them all, but these are my favorites)

  115. Stopped at three music stores on the way home today – none had the remasters! (OK, so it’s not a HUGE deal; I’ve had the original CDs and the LPs for years, but still….) Just got done ordering them at Best Buy’s website, which also says “Backorder”. What’s up with that?

    By the way, I way playing Unicorn’s version of “There’s No Way Out Of Here” while I was driving. It’s a great track all around, and David’s version is definitely my favorite track on his first album.

    On “About Face”, I’d have to say my favorite track is “Near The End”. I could play it a million times and it’d still blow me away like the first time I heard it.

  116. FEd,

    Now seems like a good time to refer people to the “News” section, with the advent of David Gilmour & About Face re-issues…

    It’s a pity it doesn’t stretch back as far a ’78 though…

  117. Just noticed some more excellent piccies by Polly From Vienne & Florence…

    Which member of the band has taken to injecting “Wino’s Delight”? (Gallery 20/Pic 4)

  118. The first David Gilmour record has been for many years one of my favorite albums. I was introduced to it by my freshman roommate in college, and it continues to blow me away–the power of the guitar, the clean melodies, the energy of genius removed from clutter…I particularly love “Raise My Rent.”

    About Face is also magnificent. “Near the End” is dark and quietly gorgeous. And On An Island is certainly a masterpiece. I didn’t understand just how magnificent it was until I saw it live, and I think that when the new DVD eventually comes out it will be hands down David’s best work.

    What strikes me in re-listening to each album is the significance of Polly’s lyrical contributions to On An Island. Polly is an extraordinary writer, and I think her presence on On An Island makes the album feel whole…maybe more whole than the previous two albums, both of which are excellent.

    F.Ed. Not to be a pain, but could we have a day where we say thanks to Polly, as we’ve done for each member of the band?

    [Of course we can. I think that would be fitting. – Features Editor]

  119. Fed, I have been looking forward to these in a major way.

    Apparently, Sony BMG in the US and Canada apparently have delayed the release of the David Gilmour remasters for a reason I cannot gather why.

    I have been looking forward to these and what is wrong with Sony BMG. You know what is up with Sony BMG USA and Canada’s delay is?

    [I’m sorry, I wish I did. – Features Editor]

  120. [The only visible difference seems to be with “David Gilmour”, which has some additional photos of David from circa ’78. There’s one in particular on the inside back cover of the booklet which is sure to get the ladies gushing… “About Face” looks very much like the original. The front of each CD has a black & silver image of David on them. – KenF]

    Thanks Ken,

    No doubt I shall buy both and add them to the pile .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  121. Heelo Fed and other bloggers, can you help me out and let me know from which record/year is the song Dark Globe. Have to admit I do not know all records ever released, so…but do love the first solo LP of David. Bought it when it came out and since then was fascinated by the great mans’ guitar play

    cheerio, Robert

    [It’s from Syd Barrett’s ‘The Madcap Laughs’ (1970) album, Robert. You can also find a version of it on the ‘Opel’ outtakes/alternate takes compilation. – Features Editor]

  122. Hi, FEd

    Just wondering this morning… just in the same way as you did for OAI, would it be possible that you uploaded in any promo videos, soundclips or whatever is available from the time DG and About Face were released? I think it would be an interesting add-on for the fans and of course another mean to promote the sells of the albums…

    Have a nice day!!!

    [Good point. I don’t think there are any plans to. – Features Editor]

  123. Hi FEd, and all,

    I went yesterday to my local Bestbuy store, in Miami, Florida, to buy the album David Gilmour (since I already own a copy of About Face) and to my huge disappointment, it wasn’t there. I asked someone for help and he did a search on the store’s database and found out that Bestbuy will not carry either one of David’s re-mastered albums… BAH!

    I checked online and has it but it ships in 4 to 7 weeks! How come? T_T

    I’ll go to one of the FYE stores near my area later today. I really hope they have the albums there. If not, I will order it from amazon and will have to wait at least a month before it gets here. Booooooo 🙁

    Has anyone been able to find these albums at stores in the US? Please let me know where, if you have… Thanks.


  124. Hello,

    Just coming back to my favourite site, because of wonderful holiday in Symi (wow, looks very like Castellorizon, I think !) and because of technical connexion problems to internet !!! but now all is OK. I missed the blog, I missed you, I missed Fed,…What did I do before this blog ???

    Out off topic, of course, but I would like to say that David’s concert in Vienne was amazing, incredible, very special, I can’t say exactly why, I did enjoy it far better than previously at Paris, David and friends in great shape, very relaxed, David laughing at us (the audience) by telling us : ” j’espère que vous n’aurez pas trop mal aux fesses !” (can’t translate that in english ) since we were sitting on the ancient old stoned steps…, David telling us about his love and use of “Beaujolais” wine ( while starting Shine on …). The Beaujolais wine comes from a region close to Lyon…

    And the magic of the venue !!! I’ll never forget this night ! and the weather, very stormy, but without rain, so, perfect for the atmosphere…

    But, what a pity, I had to leave before the encore, because of the flight in Brussell…, I couldn’t miss it !

    I have had no time to read the blog, I’ll try to do it later because I have to leave again for some days…

    “un petit coucou” to Ikkar, Tim, Lucia, les deux Sylvie, Ralph, … and of course to you, Fed, A bientôt, dès que je peux, je reviens, promis, j’en ai très envie…

    Fed, excuse me, but you remember my prize ??? I haven’t yet received it …maybe it’s because I live on France ? Don’t forget me, please…


    [I’m very sorry, Michèle. I thought it would have been sent out by now. – Features Editor]

  125. Oh mates, “David Gilmour”…we were in 1978 ,in the70s,…my golden years ( I was about 18.. )
    I think 1978 was a good,not excellent, period for the band.

    A lot of creativity,but very low wish to stay and write “together”.

    I prefer a little bit “About face” because the sound is not too far from OAI and the blue-concept is a presence already. Anyway, the guitar has the same sound of the Heaven we know so well!

    Have a great day you all

  126. Morning.

    I think the blog gremlins were out last pm. I couldn’t open it (gloom and despair).

    Fed, thoes new pics in the gallery(20-21), they are even better than the last. I especially loved #2&3 on pg 21. If you look at the top stage light for a minute, it starts to look like David’s back gets closer and closer to the screen. Or at least it did to me last night *_*

    Don’t know about anyone else but,it appears to me like David is the “crazy diamond”. I have always felt this way, hope you guys understand what I mean. Pic #3, let me just say the caption should read “THE MAN”. That is such a humble photo. I think it may suite David very well.

    Polly girl, what would life be like without your beautiful pics. Big round of applause everyone…….


    [The blog gremlins were out in force yesterday, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  127. what a result…… just got the two reissues for 10 pounds for both cds.

    what a bargain.

  128. [How do you say “Bloody hell! Turn that racket down!” in French? – Features Editor]

    [Ah..the French aren’t like that F.E.(wink wink.)But if they were, it would be something like “Fermez vos gueules maudit Anglais!”..I think Michele has already said this to me in so many words..Heehee…Just kidding Michele.Just threw that in for a joke. John]

    Oh, yes, John, also the french are like that…

    “fermez vos gueules…” wow !, how do you do to read in my thoughts, John ? waf, waf, waf…just kidding, I missed that during my holidays…çà fait du bien de revenir…

    Sorry, Fed…


  129. Hi everyone,

    I voted for “No way”, this is one of my favourite ever. In second position, but very close, I would choose “Raise My Rent”.

    It’s hard to choose if I prefer “David Gilmour” or “About a Face” because they are so different and I like both, but thinking which of them I listen to more frequently, well the first album wins.

    ciao ciao


    Welcome back, my dear! I missed you! I hope you enjoyed on holiday…glad to hear from you again!


  131. I’m really surprised that no one likes the song Murder off the About Face album. I heard it on VH1 classic, and its awesome. The Blue Light music video is tastefully 80’s.

    I think David’s first album is the better of the two between that and OAI. Can’t compare it to About Face, because all the music stores here in the states say its on backorder.

  132. FED

    Regarding us in N.America not finding the re-masters…

    Chin up. No one’s blaming you!

    [Thanks, mate. I know that, but we shouldn’t give out false information. – Features Editor]

  133. “un petit coucou” to Ikkar, Tim, Lucia, les deux Sylvie, Ralph

    et tu, Michelle. Glad you made the flight

  134. Overall, I prefer the 1978 album – the production on “About Face” is now rather dated. But “Let’s Get Metaphysical” is one of the best things David’s ever written. And “Near The End”.

    But “David Gilmour” works better as an overall selection of songs I reckon. I don’t really know why. It’s great to have them on CD – I’ve worn my vinyl crackly.

  135. Having read the news on the delayed release outside the UK I guess you should know that down here in the good old land of OZ the albums are slated for release in late September. Not only that they have been listed at the full price of AUD$30. Luckily mine are winging their way from the motherland as i hit the keystokes.

  136. [Damn! Some marketing ploy: target us poor lovesick women. Okay, I see I’ll still have to put that Nutella on hold once more and buy the album as soon as payday arrives. xo Deborah]

    Nutella is no substitute for David, Deborah.

    I’ve got a spare jar of Marmite though, if that helps… ;-D

    [Thanks Ken, No doubt I shall buy both and add them to the pile .]

    My pleasure Geoff, glad to oblige…

  137. Hi Fed, well i rec’d a email today from Sony/Bmg regarding the David Gilmour remasters & this is what my contact stated > ” Columbia is still waiting for approval on the masters from James Guthrie so there is no release date for N. America (Canada & USA) yet” So i would not blame Sony/Bmg

    As I write this post i’m listening to the 1st Gilmour CD which sounds pretty good. Luckily, I have the 2 Gilmour CD’s when they first came out.

    So, if people are impatient (do you blame them?)you could order them directly from the UK, which i did myself yesterday.

    If i receive a official date of release i will pass it along

    Hopes this helps our fellow US/Canada bloggers

    thanks, joe from Canada

    [There are a lot of stories, aren’t there? – Features Editor]

  138. OK. So based on the home page there is a delay in the release of the prior solo albums outside of Europe. And if I am reading it correctly, it is due to a quality control issue. Does that mean that the ones that were released in Europe are inferior in quality?


    [No, they sound pretty good to me. – Features Editor]

  139. Fed,

    I made a mistake. I did not purchase my tickets to Gdansk from TicketOne. It was TicketPro.

    Still don’t have them.


  140. When I listen the first solo album song no.6 “Raise my Rent” then the first guitar solo sounds like “What do you want from” from The Division Bell.

  141. I would choose the first David Gilmour album. It’s long been a favourite of mine,having bought it when it was released.

    Difficult to choose a favourite track from such a consistent album. I’ll only end up changing my mind!

    However,I’d like speak up for the excellent (and maybe under-rated?) ‘So far away’. A superb piece of songwriting,beautifully crafted.

    For those who find it difficult to choose one album over the others,imagine introducing a newcomer to the definitive Gilmour sound:

    Now which one would you pick?!

  142. more CDs to pick up and add to the collection! 🙂

    dont know if you ever get the chance to read this Mr Gilmour, hope you do…

    just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done, meant a lot to me as a 13 year old kid and more as a 40 year old kid, you and the others helped out so much when I needed it the most back then so thank you!

    I hope to get to see you, in what ever form you and the guys decide, at some point before I’m too old! 🙂

    how I wish I was there

  143. FED, I just saw on that the David Gilmour remasters were now pushed to September 12 here in the US and Canada.

    Please assure me FED that it is the final release date as those dudes have toyed with my brain for the last few months.

    [Let’s hope so. – Features Editor]

  144. [We’ve had some trouble with our server, sorry. – Features Editor]

    Don’t need to say “sorry” FEd! I was just worried for you! Because I’m a sweet heart and London is a city full of temptations! 😉

    Hope the server starts working again soon.

    Take care!


    [Absolutely. I’m glad I don’t live there. – Features Editor]

  145. [Absolutely. I’m glad I don’t live there. – Features Editor]

    YOU ARE A GREAT TEMPTER!!! You know I have the instict to do questions…and if you write “I’m glad I don’t live there” I have the instinct to ask “And where do you live?”…but I won’t ask you that!

    I just want to underline that today we discover, after all these months, that the problem about “private questions” was not my fault, but your, my dear tempter Features Editor!

    And so, I’m acquit!!! I can listen also the hammer of the judge which beat the dock! 😉

    Take care again!


    [The same to you. Have a lovely weekend. – Features Editor]

  146. Thanks for intercepting our please FEd!

    Guess we, fans from outside Europe, are gonna have to patiently wait for the remastered issues to reach us.

    In the meantime, I’m going to listen to About Face and OAI.

    Have an eventful (or not, depending on your preference) weekend.


  147. [OK. So based on the home page there is a delay in the release of the prior solo albums outside of Europe. And if I am reading it correctly, it is due to a quality control issue. Does that mean that the ones that were released in Europe are inferior in quality? – Posted by: Andrew at August 17, 2006 02:11 PM]

    Andrew, I hope this answer helps:

    “We do try to work closely with all the factories around the world so that the pressings from both Sony and EMI are to the highest standards achievable via commercial pressings.

    Mastering does audibly change the sound on the disc, but most individuals can’t tell any further change in sound quality imparted by the CD pressing process. However, James Guthrie is able to analyse differences, so we take his input very seriously, in pursuit of the best possible quality.

    Sony pressed up a test CD at their own plant, which James didn’t feel able to approve. Now that they’ve moved production to a third-party plant with a different specification, we should be able to achieve optimum quality via the commercial pressing process”.

  148. [No, they sound pretty good to me. – Features Editor]

    You lucky, lucky FEd who gets to listen to these re-released gems now. Good on you.

    I also appreciate your formal answer to my question which you posted. I can always appreciate a commitment to quality. If James felt it was inferior, then I’m more than happy to wait for the best possible product.

    Thank you.


    [No problem. I don’t always get answers, but when I do, they are added here. – Features Editor]

  149. Well even though I didn’t have the solo releases to enjoy last night, I did have a PF reunion concert. Well sort of. I put on the P.U.L.S.E dvd and shared the experience with my daughter. She knows some of the songs but I think she also got more of an appreciation on why dad is such a nut about David and all of his music.

    On a separate note, I had another idea for a rainy day blog that would be perfect for when things slow down just a bit.


    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  150. Wow, I feel so fortunate to have both, no all three solo works – We bought the Albums of David Gilmour and About Face, as we didn’t have cd players yet. Of course the cd’s were added once available.

    David’s writing, imo, is deeply reflective of his current emotional state, often revealing both painful wounds and deep inner strength. It is part of what makes his songs so appealing to me.

    Both David Gilmour and About Face can be little more than catchy or pleasant if heard at a most superficial level, but also offer poetic depth for those who chose to listen more intently to his powerful lyrics… and he plays guitar very nicely, too :¬}

    Choosing a favourite song on David Gilmour is difficult because the entire album is a real work of art – naming one song is like saying I like the use of Monet’s use of green in paintings his garden… but if pressed-Short and Sweet, was my vote for favourite song (today).

    Visually, I like watching his behaviour on the So Far Away video – not that you asked… but there is a moment when he looks toward the girls, or maybe Matthew, and appears to be taken aback that others are watching him – It’s a right charming, shy smile!

    Cheers – jo

  151. I like the DG album better as to me it feels more personal, more gloomy and I’m all about the gloom…

  152. Grumble, I just wish a well known -river like- mail order firm would actually deliver my albums. I want to comment also. (whine)

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