A week from now, David will perform for the very first time in Poland for some 100,000 people at the request of Poland’s former President, Lech Walesa, and the Major of Gdańsk, Pawel Adamowicz.

It will mark the 26th anniversary of the founding of Solidarity, the trade union which inspired millions to challenge communism in Eastern Europe.

A movement started by Gdańsk shipyard workers and led by Lech Walesa, Solidarity peacefully fought against oppression and injustice. Martial law was declared in Poland, Solidarity was made illegal and most of its leaders were imprisoned.

Still, they persevered and, in 1989, formed a coalition government which ended the Soviet hold that had existed in Poland since 1947.

They proved that you can bring about regime change by way of negotiation, without the use of force.

They inspired others to follow their lead.

This time next week, with a 40-piece orchestra conducted by famed Polish composer, Zbigniew Preisner, David and his band will honour Solidarity with what promises to be an extraordinary concert.

We hope that it will mean as much to you as it does to everybody involved.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Brilliant! That show will deserve its own DVD given the significance and production value….IMHO…


    American PF Fan: “Hey, Jerry, what about a large caricature of President Walesa lightsaber-fighting a hammer and sickle?”

    Mr. Scarfe: –under his breath– “…amateurs…”

  2. I will be also in poland for this major event

    I hope David will give us the best show ever made

    Olivier From Brussels Belgium

  3. [We hope that it will mean as much to you as it does to everybody involved.]

    You can be god damn sure about it that it means anything to me!! Wish I’d be there!!

    See you…

  4. To all our Polish friends..

    Na zdrowie.Vivat

    Enjoy this historic event!

  5. Looks to be an event to remember. I hope it’s captured on film or some type of media.

    Have a great time to all who attend and are involved. Ć;^]>

  6. This will be an awesome concert, and I can’t wait to be there. A great moment for David and Poland.

    I heard the stage is going to be massive. It will sound very special with a 40 piece orchestra, and I only hope he includes some other classic songs in the set list.

    Poland is a beautiful country. After going to the Venice gig and talking to many fans who are making the trip to Poland, this night will be very special indeed. I hope he plays ‘Great gig in the sky’ and ‘Sorrow’ in addition to the current set list.

  7. Oh great!!! Sure it will be a great concert!!! Unfortunately I can’t be there… 🙁

    I’m curious to know what will perform Uncle Dave… Will it be only OAI with the orchestra or even the other “old stuff”? If it’ll be the 2nd version… oh God!!! Oh God please no!

    I can’t immagine the greatness of Echoes and a Symphony Orchestra…

    Oh God!!!

  8. Will this concert be broadcasted on any tv channel ?

    [Not to my knowledge, but I’ll try to find out. – Features Editor]

  9. Me thinks another song from The Wall would be in order for Poland, how about “Hey You”. There seems to be a mystery about this tune for a reason I can’t fathom. Still hope Let’s Get Metaphysical gets played, never seen that live ever anywhere. I’ll get my raincoat!!

  10. I really want to thank you for putting the Solidarity web site on the blog. After watching it, I really never new what they really went through. Plus what an honor to be able to play there. This really will be a first for David and the band to play with a orchestra. That is one concert that I would love to be at.

    I was wondering if you will be there, Fed. For this last Saturday was a bad day for you. I really hated to see them lose.


    [I’m delighted to say that I will be. I have a very kind boss. – Features Editor]

  11. F’ed! –the national history, the strife, the victory, the meaning, the President’s invitation, the music, the orchestra, …AND the tour’s final performance — this ALL gives me chills up my spine!

    ….and will do so for some time to come…..

    (thank you for sharing this!)


  12. Forgive me if this question has already asked. Will this show in Gdansk be filmed even partially for a dvd? It would be lovely to see Davids’ show performed with an orchestra.

    [It seems that just about everything is being filmed, and it can’t all be included on the DVD, but there will be some fantastic extras. That’s all I can say for now, sorry. – Features Editor]

  13. Hello FED, hello fans, a warm greeting!

    I would like to write something about the next concert of David in Gdansk.

    My girlfriend is Russian but now she lives in Italy, often she speaks to me about the past Soviet regime and she remembers a lot of things that for us (western citizens) are difficult to believe: to suffer for hunger; not freedom to dress with american clothes, not freedom to listen to western music……

    Now we can say that in Russia (like in Poland)the wind is changed and the freedom is winning.

    But the battle is long and we have to fight together to have freedom in every country.

    Katia (my girlfriend) didn’t know David’s music or Pink Floyd but now we see together 3 concerts of David in Italy (Milan and Venice) and she loves him (you don’t know how much!!), and often I see her cry listening “A great dat for freedom”….

    She has sent a lot of CD of David and the DVD of “David Gilmour in Concert” to her friends in Russia (David is loved in Russia) …The High Hopes of Katia now are: to have the possibilities to have a greeting from David , to see David plays in San Petersburg….(and for me and a lot of Russians too).

    Good Sunday, bye FED!

  14. I wish David and the band all the luck in the world for this wonderful concert – that rehearsals go well, all concerned stay fit and healthy, the weather is kind and everybody enjoys this once-in-a-lifetime event!!

  15. You probably mean “Poland’s former President, Lech Walesa”. Poland’s current president is called Lech Kaczyński. 🙂

    [Just testing you… – Features Editor]

  16. I wish they had waited and made the tour DVD of THIS show. Good luck to all of you going!!

  17. Can’t wait to see David in Gdansk!

    Isn’t this a great opportunity to play “A Great Day for Freedom” ?

  18. Thank you very much indeed for informing people of our peacful fight against comunism and Soviet Union supremacy over our Poland, I’m really moved and have tears in my eyes.

    I’m looking forward to this great concert. David’s music is really important part of my life.


  19. Fed,

    I read some interesting info on this webpage about the concert in Gdansk.

    I have no doubt this will be a lifelong memory for all who can be there. I am about to go nuts with anticipation.


    [Not all the information is correct, but there’s plenty to see there. – Features Editor]

  20. You should make a 2-disc on an island dvd,,,

    One disc from RAH and one disc from Poland with orchestra,,,that would be nice!

  21. all the best to all concerned in this amazing event. it’s going to be great.

    david, i’m really proud of you. enjoy it.

  22. Fantastic!

    This concert is not only a tribute to those who formed the Polish trade union in the early 80s in a country belonging to the Soviet bloc but it’s an awesome (correct usage here) way to climax what has been a tremendous and successful year for DG and the Boys…

    Marvellous! 🙂

  23. I’m so glad, FEd, that you are going to Gdansk!!

    [Thanks very much, Lesley. – Features Editor]

  24. [I wish David and the band all the luck in the world for this wonderful concert – that rehearsals go well, all concerned stay fit and healthy, the weather is kind …]

    …that the stage builders are competent… >:)

  25. Woohooo! Thank god for flight points – now I can go travel from Stockholm to Gdansk to see David & co for the 2nd time this year! I’m looking forward to the show guys!


  26. [Will this concert be broadcasted on any tv channel ?]

    I think that it won`t be broadcasted. I read that Fundacja Gdanska had an argue with TVP about money and stuff.

    I`m very happy that you`ve mentioned Solidarity on this Blog. I was born in `89 so I don`t know how the thing looked but my whole family was in Solidarity (even though my grandfather was a colonel of Polish Army). Hovewer, it`s quite sad that these days Lech Walesa is sometimes not respected in this country for what he has done.

    [To all our Polish friends.. Na zdrowie.Vivat]

    Dziekuje bardzo :D.

    P.S. The weather forecast expects rains in Poland through the whole week. I hope it won`t rain on Saturday.

  27. To all those going you are very privilliged and all the best for a great night.

    Having been to see the great man at the RAH on the 29th and 30th I know it will be a night to remember.

    Can’t wait for the DVD. I know its been said before many times but can’t you have a word Fed with the management and David for a live CD. I know I and others would see it as icing on the cake.

    Yours hopefully


  28. “It seems that just about everything is being filmed, and it can’t all be included on the DVD”

    It may be of interest to the number-crunchers in the DG team that (I strongly suspect) if you put out a second DVD with all the bits you couldn’t cram onto the first you would sell almost exactly twice as many units and we would have almost exactly twice as nice a time of it.

    Just a thought. For once we can have quantity AND quality!

    (Oh and F’ed, don’t be looking at the Premiership table yet will you?)

  29. “It seems that just about everything is being filmed, and it can’t all be included on the DVD”

    It may be of interest to the number-crunchers in the DG team that (I strongly suspect) if you put out a second DVD with all the bits you couldn’t cram onto the first you would sell almost exactly twice as many units and we would have almost exactly twice as nice a time of it.

    Just a thought. For once we can have quantity AND quality!

    (Oh and F’ed, don’t be looking at the Premiership table yet will you?)

  30. Hi! Why David never perform any solo show in Spain? Maybe you visit Barcelona during middle september? Please!

  31. Hello everyone,

    I just ran accross this article which I think is of current interest, perhaps mainly to PF fans, but we all know that DG fans are PF fans too!

    Click my name for those who like space. . .

  32. Excelent news for the people in Poland. I would like see this concert but now I’m in Chile.

    Good luck with the concert.

  33. Surely this show will be the highlight of David’s tour, for him and for the polish fans, I think both David and President Lech Kaczynski will be proud of that event, mainly for that it represents for liberty and democraty. What a symbol !

    I’m very happy you will attend and enjoy this show, Fed, specialy after all those bad days !don’t forget to give us your review !

    Here is a link to the french “Echos de Pologne”


    [Many thanks. – Features Editor]

  34. have a good night you all,

    dear david and wonderful band, Poland was a great idea for rock,OAI and PF art.

    A big kiss and a huge smile…as every day in the world during this tour.

    God bless you with so much love

  35. Glad to hear you are attending Fed. Where are you sitting? Kidding! Enjoy this show.

    Roofer, WHAT’S UP????

    [Thanks, Frank. – Features Editor]

  36. Maybe the 100,000 people gathered will remind Mr.Gilmour about the time he spent with Nick and Rich… 🙂 I just spent 6 hours wathcing the P.U.L.S.E DVD. I cried like a baby.. I always get the goosebumps every time the light show apears on “Learning To Fly”.

    Anyways, this must be a great event for all artists showing up, but David must mark the spot as he is the King!

    Best regards to all respecting PF fans from me here in Norway. Cheers.

    [Oh, I’m sure some of them will. – Features Editor]

  37. I would like to propose a petition – to convince David that this show in Gdansk is DEFINETLY worth filming (on a real film and NOT video) for a stand alone future (not in 12 years from now offcourse!!) release for millions of fans worldwide, who sadly can not participate in this amazing concert in the flesh..

    Of course a nice 5.1 surround sound mixed by James Guthrie should do the trick to make it a real must have for all floydianz arround the globe – but now im probably pushing it, am i? It would be so nice..

    P.S.: Hope the weather is better than it was in Venice on day two..

  38. Hello everyone,

    Very interesting topic, but I expected some memories from other fellow bloggers, especially from outside Poland. Did you pay any attention to that in early 80’s?

    From my perspective, I was a 9 year old boy in 1980, and I remember that there were very interesting European Football Championships in Italy only 8 teams, but what a matches.

    A few months later, it started in Gdansk, I wasn’t too much intrested in politics, but everyone could easily feel that something very important was hapenning. Of course highlights of that was when Mr. Lech Walesa jumped over the fence to join Shipyard workers, and then the moment of signing agreement when Mr. Walesa had very big ballpen with the Pope and Holy Mother Maria.

    These years were very interesting on the Polish music scene, many new bands apeared and what is very special many people went to concerts. People were more opened with each other, you could feel a real wind of change. And then 13 of December of 1981 was horrible. I couldn’t understand anything. My mother came to my bed on that Sunday morning and said that the war started. Poland have 2 TV channels, one was suspended and on the main TVP 1 was only broadcast of Gen Jaruzelski speech. Later in the day in the TV news tanks on the streets were shown.

    In following years were very hard times for Poles, most of the key products were sold only with special cards, food (nearly everything butter,meat,sugar,chocolate and I’m not sure, but even toilet paper (you won’t believe), cigarettes and alcohol. Really sad memories, in second half of 80’s it was better, and the next important year was 1989, when revolution started in other midle-European countries, with the most famous Berlin Wall was torn.

    Now I need to mention the role of the Polish Pope John Paul II who was elected as a Pope in 1978. A year later he visited Poland as Pope for the first time, and this visit is treated as a basement/foundation for Solidarity (sign to rise).

    On the other hand Solidarity was not the first attempt to rise against the communists. We need to remember about Poznan 1956, students try in 1968, Gdansk 1970 and Radom 1976 in Poland.

    In other countries the most significant were Budapest/Hungary 1956 (Russian troops entered the Hungary), Czechslovakia 1968 and I think that one more try took place in Eastern Germany, but I’m not sure. /it was written during Echoes on Sunday night with David Gilmour In Polskie Radio Program 3, wasn’t it strange?

    I would like to thank you Mr Lech Walesa, I hope that next generations of Polish people will be even more grateful.

    I would be grateful for your memories if you have considering early 80′ and your reactions to Solidarity

    Thanks in advance

  39. Re:Will this concert be broadcasted on any tv channel ?

    – No, Polish Public TV wants to show Summer ski jump GP with Adam Malysz…

    And Solidarity and major of Gdansk (from Platforma Obywatelska party) are not welcome in Public TV (owned by Pis)

  40. Wow, I have my ticket to the Gdansk concert and I can’t wait no more :o)

    You know it’s not only special event because of Solidarity. It’s the first possibility to hear Dave in Poland!

    As I was teenager I was dreaming to hear “Hey You” and “A great Day For Freedom” in this country. It’d be really the best gift for polish people and everyone from East Europe. FED, is it feasible? Can you do something to make it possible? I’m sure you can! ;o)

    I’m from Poland but I study in Germany now. And I saw Dave’s concert in Hamburg this year. Soon I have my last exam so there’s much to do [:( But you know, it’s just impossible not to be in Gdansk for me. I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous concert!

    Do zobaczenia w Gdansku!
    See you…

    [Enjoy it, Jacek, and good luck with your final exam. – Features Editor]

  41. Roger going to be there? I’d like to hear something extra off The Wall for David’s concert as well. Is this going to be an event to the same scale like Roger Waters’ Berlin show?

    [We’ll have to wait and see. – Features Editor]

  42. re: the upcoming show in Gdansk: It will be a very memorable day for David and the band. What a beautiful reason to be asked to play your music – to commemorate the fact that we can change the world peacefully.

    Wish we could all be there with you, David.

    “We can change, yes we can change the World.” – Graham Nash


  43. Please,please please make a dvd from the concert. have mercy with all who cant go to the concert! We want to see the concert also, please David! It will be so special with the orchestra. Please

  44. David e waters together in Gdansk show…

    ça ira and on island… two fantastic days…

  45. Hopefully, somewhen in our summer here in Chile, David Gilmour will perform for the first time ever in south america. There are over 2800 Pink Floyd fans that can’t wait to hear David’s On An Island album live and, of course, the second half, which includes part of David’s career with Pink Floyd.

    The enthusiasm is so big that we even made a homage concert to Syd, and included Castellorizon, On An Island and Take a Breath in the setlist.

    We all have our highest hopes on David coming to Chile!


  46. SOLIDARITY WORKS -Together we stand, divided we fall, I am you and what I see is me…

    I know, for I was a union organizer for three years in the coffee industry. I can imagine the courage displayed by those leaders who took action and risked there lives for the sake of the dignity of their fellow man. May DG pierce the heavens with his guitar and from which let freedom pour and fill the hearts and minds of all who came to hear.

    Lech Walesa – (PART of) The Nobel Peace Prize 1983 Acceptance Speech:

    “We desire peace – and that is why we have never resorted to physical force. We crave for justice – and that is why we are so persistent in the struggle for our rights, we seek freedom of convictions – and that is why we have never attempted to enslave man’s conscience nor shall we ever attempt to do so. We are fighting for the right of the working people to association and for the dignity of human labour. We respect the dignity and the rights of every man and every nation. The path to a brighter future of the world leads through honest reconciliation of the conflicting interests and not through hatred and bloodshed. To follow that path means to enhance the moral power of the all-embracing idea of human solidarity.”

    “A downtrodden class … will never be able to make an effective protest until it achieves solidarity” (H.G. Wells).

    “I believe in the essential unity of all people and for that matter of all lives. Therefore, I believe that if one person gains spiritually, the whole world gains, and if one person falls, the whole world falls to that extent” (Mohandas Gandhi).

    “I now understand that my welfare is only possible if I acknowledge my unity with all the people of the world without exception” (Leo Tolstoy).

    “The strongest bond of human sympathy outside the family relation should be one uniting working people of all nations and tongues and kindreds” (Abraham Lincoln).

    “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee” (John Donne).

    Have a great time!

  47. Ciao,

    I’m Back!!

    After a couple of weeks of holidays. I am finally back to the Blog. I have looked quickly sometimes and saw that Fed was full of work for the mess in Venice, someone got crazy over here because of that and some new friends have been acquired.

    Now, things were anyway fairly too quiet. I am back to mess things up a bit…hihihihi.

    To all polish people: enjoy your concert. I am sure you will be delighted.


    [Welcome back, mate. – Features Editor]

  48. [I hope David will give us the best show ever made, Olivier]

    For sure David will rock the cradle of Solidarity


  49. Ive heard that David will have 20 bodyguards and don’t see any chance of give an autograph. And if sbd will please for an autograph they won’t play

    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  50. Hello!

    As I can’t go to this concert ,’cause it is 600 kms away from my city in southern Poland (mum doesn’t want to let me go there alone) and there will be no transmition (crryyinng) I decided to collect all the materials connected with Mr. Gilmour arriving to Poland.

    Today morning I have recorded this interview on polish radio ,which you were writing about.



    PS IF u cant hear what David is talking I can translate!

    [Many thanks for that, Bart. It will be on the site shortly. Click your name below. – Features Editor]

  51. As this will be the tour’s final performance, i assume that Mrs Samson will be there, using a photocamera occasionally. Would somebody please kindly ask her to use the camera, in order to take a picture of her, and add it to the gallery of this site. Mr Gilmour will probably be the best man around to do this, he might be busy though.

    Maybe You can arrange something with your kind boss Mr Fed. After all Mrs Samson is a team member of the band, and nowhere a picture of her can be found in this lovely site.

    Thank You, and enjoy the show.

  52. I can’t wait to see David in Gdansk! I love him 😉

    Still, it’s like a dream for me, to have an opportunity of seeing him in my country in such a special place like Gdansk Shipyard. I’m sure it’ll be the time of my life.

    Too bad that polish TV won’t be broadcasting the event (I think that our damn political situation may play a role in it ;-/).

    I really hope that a DVD from Gdansk will be released.

    See you in Gdansk! 🙂

  53. [Melissa, Have You received your ticket, please update on that. – Posted by: Tomasz at August 21, 2006 08:23 AM]

    No Tomasz, I have not.

    I’m not quite sure what to do. I have sent 3 e-mails with no response. I have called Poland 2 times @($3.95/min). The young man I spoke with was very polite, but he could not help because I can’t speak his language , and he could only speak some broken English. My plane leaves on Wed. and I have no idea what to do.


    [Please check your e-mail, Melissa. – Features Editor]

  54. Melissa,

    First of all don’t worry, and come to Poland, I will try to contact TicketPro to explain your case, but I will need your reservation number or something like that.

    If it fails I got an extra ticket, which I won for sending Top 20, I offered this one to my family members and close friends, but they cannot attend, so I will give you one, because I bought mine earlier.


    [You’re a sweetheart, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  55. HEY FED! I’m glad to read you’re going to Poland!

    You deserve it, man…..

    [Thanks, mate. It’s very kind of you to say so. – Features Editor]

  56. Melissa,

    Just talked to TicketPro, You just should receive an answer on your email. Your ticket was sent to you on 8th of August by priority register mail you should have received it. You will be asked to visit your post office to check. If it fails You will get another ticket, when you come to Poland. Simply a ticket which was sent to You will be canceled and You get a new one.

    I hope everything will be ok.

    TicketPro is considered a good company


    [I hope you don’t mind me publishing this message, Tomasz. I just want everyone to see how kind you’ve been. Bless you for that. That’s extremely kind. – Features Editor]

  57. [Melissa, Just talked to TicketPro, You just should receive an answer on your email. Your ticket was sent to you on 8th of August by priority register mail you should have received it. You will be asked to visit your post office to check. If it fails You will get another ticket, when you come to Poland. Simply a ticket which was sent to You will be canceled and You get a new one. I hope everything will be ok. – Tomasz]

    [I hope you don’t mind me publishing this message, Tomasz. I just want everyone to see how kind you’ve been. Bless you for that. That’s extremely kind. – Features Editor]

    I am here at work with a huge lump in my throat, I am not an emotional person but……….. I am deeply touched that you would be that thoughtful, Tomasz. You are very kind.

    And Fed thank you for your help too. I can’t express how much this means to me. I can only hope to meet you guys and buy you a drink.

    Oh God I can’t cry my mascarra will run…………

    THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of my little pea pickin heart.


    David has a good thing going on here, don’t you agree?

    [Glad we could get to the bottom of it, Melissa. – Features Editor]

  58. you’re a top man, tomasz.

    thanks for letting us all see what a good guy we have here, fed. that really was a kind thing to do.

    and thanks to bart for the interview. looking forward to hearing it later.

    [It certainly was a kind thing to do. We’ve also had a speedy reply from TicketPro, so Melissa can now take plenty of encouragement from today’s developments (and will have plenty of e-mails to read through). – Features Editor]

  59. I think I’ll watch p.u.l.s.e this weekend. Hope the DVD isn’t far away. Enjoy the show everyone 8)

  60. Tomasz, you are a top bloke, nice one mate!!

    Glad to hear your going too features ed, you certainly deserve it for all your devotion and hard work. It must be nice to have a kind boss (although I do have a kind boss myself), and I think I speak for all here when I say that we like your boss not only for being kind, but for being extremely talented as well!!

    Cheers all.

    [He’s not a bad bloke… – Features Editor]

  61. 25.08 Poznan (POLAND) -“Ça Ira” Roger Waters
    26.08 Gdansk (POLAND) -David Gilmour in concert

    what next?

    maybe Crcovia (POLAND) – Pink Floyd ???? (:


  62. Dave, please take Roger with you:) He’ll be performing his “Ca Ira” in Poznan the on Friday.

  63. Hi all!

    I have a huge favour to ask. Is there a nice PF/DG fan living in or near Gdansk that could host me Saturday night? All Gdansk hotels seem to be booked (wonder why ;-)) next weekend.

    I’m ready to sleep on the ground or in the cellar but I just have to see that concert.

    I never attended a PF concert (I’m 31), I missed them when they last came in Belgium in 1994, and I think this is the closest PF experience I can ever get – with huge crowd, full laser show etc. (although I saw DG in Paris-Grand Rex, which was awesome but was a small-scale concert).

    If this doesn’t work and I can’t make it to the concert, I’m happy to give my ticket to another fan (I don’t want to prevent anyone from attending a DG gig).

    Thanks very much in advance everybody!

    Vincent from Brussels

    P.S.: I’ll bring plenty Belgian chocolates to the kind person who will host me 😉

  64. Vincent.

    I`m not from Gdansk but I`m staying at a dorm of Gdansk University. I`ve just called there and they told me that they still have free single rooms. If you`re interested, it`s on Ul.Wyspiańskiego 9 (about 15 minutes walk, or maybe less form Stocznia Gdanska) and the telephone number is 0-58-347-26-16 . Wish you luck in finding a place to stay.


  65. Real life has taken hold of me recently so I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but I do always try to read and keep up to date with all things DG.

    I did actually get very close to booking a trip to Gdansk myself, once I realised there was a direct service from Luton, but a combination of work and slightly tightened purse strings kept me back. I’m wishing I’d taken the plunge now.

    I can’t wait to hear how the combination of the full DG band along with the orchestra works. Let me be another to politely request we see this on DVD at some point in time. That must take us upto 8 or 9 DVD’s now for the official release, doesn’t it FEd?

    Dziękuję bardzo


    [We must be in double-figures by now, surely. – Features Editor]

  66. Vincent,

    Have you tried Willa Lubicz Hotel?

    It is in Gdynia approx 12 miles from Gdansk. Phone # +48 58 668 47 40

    I found a room there when everyone else was booked.

    PS. staff was extremely pleasant on the phone (Caroline was her name)

    Good Luck Friend.

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