Rescheduled dates



We hope the following clarifies the confusion surrounding Venice tickets once and for all.

– Tickets for Friday 4 August are valid for Friday 11 August. You will sit in the seat which is printed on your Friday 4 August ticket.

– Tickets for Saturday 5 August are valid for Saturday 12 August. You will sit in the seat which is printed on your Saturday 5 August ticket.

– Any ticket holder for Friday 4 August can go to the Box Office on the night of Saturday 12 August and exchange his or her ticket for one for that night’s concert. It obviously cannot be the same seat as is printed on his or her original ticket, but it will be the best seat available at that time. You must do this by 8pm.

–  Any ticket holder for Saturday 5 August can go to the Box Office on the night of Friday 11 August and exchange his or her ticket for one for that night’s concert. Again, it cannot be the same seat as is printed on his or her original ticket, but it will be the best seat available at that time. You must do this by 8pm.


While a full refund is available if you cannot attend next weekend’s rescheduled dates, all ticket holders are now able to choose to attend either of the new dates (obviously you can only attend one concert).

So, if you had a ticket for Friday’s concert, then it is valid for Saturday 12 August as well as Friday 11 August. The same applies if you had a ticket for Saturday’s concert (you can attend on either Friday or Saturday with your original ticket – while seats are available – at no extra charge).

We hope this allows you to attend one of the two nights.

Just to clarify that the two Venice shows have been rescheduled. These concerts will now take place this coming weekend.

If you had a ticket for Friday’s concert, then it is valid for the new date on Friday 11 August. If you had a ticket for Saturday’s concert, then it is valid for the new date on Saturday 12 August.

If you are unable to attend your new date, then tickets can be refunded. Please contact your seller.

If that was TicketOne, then they will be offering refunds from tomorrow until 31 August. You can e-mail them at this address.

Refunded tickets will be put on sale, so if you missed out previously, you might have another chance. Good luck.

Both concerts at the Piazza San Marco unfortunately had to be called off when a structural defect was discovered in the scaffolding on Friday, rendering the whole stage structure unsafe.

Once again we offer our most sincere apologies to all those who are left disappointed and out-of-pocket.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. GREAT! Good luck and enjoy! I’ll pray for you! As we say, by latin, SURSUM CORDA! Maybe you say that too…


  2. What about another FREE concert in Venice, like the one with Nick Mason in july 1989. That was absolutely geat! I still dream about it…

  3. Hello, how fortunate are european peoples to attend your shows!

    May I suggest you to go and visit Asia, such as Taiwan where I live and where there is a lot of “western” foreigners (who surely enjoy your music) ?????

  4. Great work of Mr. Gilmour and the band to reschedule the Venice dates in such a short time. I´m sure they had also to change a lot of private plans.

    It won´t be the perfect solution for everyone but such a solution won´t be possible to find.

  5. Such SAD news for all the fans and David’s band and crew in Venice…Safety prevails……..Im sure the NEW rescheduled shows will now be VERY special indeed don’t you think Fed ??

    [Well, they’re always special, of course… – Features Editor]

  6. Hello,

    That’s good news for all the Italian fans.

    Hope it will be a extra ordinary great gig for them all.

    And to keep in the spirit of Lucia,

    Carpe Diem,

  7. Dear Mr. Gilmour, I’m sad to say I can’t be there next weekend to listen to your gig; I’ll give my ticket to a kind friend of mine. Hope there will be another chance in the future.

    Anyway, my best wishes for a wonderful experience in Venice… just a suggestion as I know Venice very well: Have dinner at “Il Nuovo Galeòn” Via Garibaldi close to Garibaldi Gardens. You can also look for ristorante “do Spade” close to “ponte dei giocattoli” more or less 80 mt. on the right, right after the bridge. Pretty small places run by nice people providing real fresh fish cooked in the old Venetian way. Those are my favorites … and you would not spend more that 50 or 30 €uros!!

    Sincerely yours

  8. Glad to see the shows were rescheduled and that David will perform.

    I guess too bad on the people who bought tickets from scalpers and can’t make the rescheduled dates.

    Hope this all works out.


  9. wow, just heard that heartbreaking news. It must have been a really tough decision to make. I hope everyone handles it well. Surely David has everyone’s safty at heart.

    I bet this week will be tough on you Fed….sorry mate.

    [It’s been alright for me, actually. I think that, after Syd’s death (and with the greatest respect to everyone who found themselves caught up in this weekend’s mayhem), everything else seems quite trivial in comparison. Either that or I’m just incredibly cool all of a sudden. I am gutted for those who spent a lot of money and have to miss out, though. – Features Editor]

  10. Hye fed ive just checked flights to venice for next friday and to be honest i doubt very much we could get back. im still praying for a miracle. as ive said im totally devastated by what happened though im not blaming anybody what so ever, i just know this would have probably been my last chance to see my music hero on stage probably for the next 2 or three years. also im 42 now and have commitments and i cannot keep swaning off round the world.

    I have to say if the concert had been rescheduled for sept it would have been a different story, there are not enough hours in a day.

    on a lighter note maybe dave has a lear jet or his mig fighter handy to pick katrina and i up from blackpool airport. oh look that really was a flying pig. or then again how about another date in the uk. well there we have it, another winge from me.

    reading the blog there is alot of people feeling the same it really feels like im in mourning i dont want to let go of my tickets its all i have left.

    good bye cruel world goodbye

    [Oh, I take back what I just said. I’m really sorry, mate. – Features Editor]

  11. Hi all, great news for us. We haven’t doubts that mr. Gilmour will replay these shows in Venice!!!


  12. Great news for fans who didn’t get to see the shows. Maybe David will start off his set with “The Show Must Go On”. Have a great time everyone. :^B

  13. Just a quick question: there has been a couple of references to a box office in San Marco. As far as I can tell, there is no such thing. Or have I missed it?

    [Apparently people were queuing outside a Box Office on Friday in search of refunds, but fans have since said that there wasn’t one. Had there been one, it’s doubtful that it was of much use to anyone, considering the prompt discussions for rescheduling the concerts. The usual method of obtaining a refund is applicable if you can’t make the new dates. – Features Editor]

  14. you should really come to New Zealand ! its a great country over here and david has many fans ! there are lots of beautiful opera houses and places all over that would be beautiful to play in. please? well no harm in asking aey? cool

    [No harm at all. I haven’t filled my weekly quota yet. – Features Editor]

  15. Hi everyone,

    I am very sorry for what happened in Venice and I can understand the disappointment of the people who were there for the shows, especially those who had a long trip and will not be able to attend to the rescheduled shows.

    In my opinion the quick reschedule of the shows just in a week is the best solution that could be found. Of course August is not an easy month, people go to holiday and Venice is very expensive, but is not possible to make everyone happy. It is sad but it happened, nobody can change it.

    I have also appreciated the availability of all the parties to solve the problem quickly and I disagree with those who think that now people are trying to take advantage from this situation, just because we are Italy. Try to be positive.

    Enjoy the new shows! I wish I could be there.

    Ciao ciao

    P.S. I have noted that I am not the only Roberto here. It is a very common name in Italy after all. So from now my signature will be different.

  16. I can imagine the pain that some people will feel after having read the news of the new dates. A lot of people coming out of different points of Europe will have to reschedule or will simply not be able to reschedule…

    What a disaster for those…

    Fed, our thoughts go out to Syd and family and friends also, but in this particular case to those people (as mentioned above) as well!

  17. Photo Caption:

    Phil: “So youngster, have you ever worked with just three Spots. . .?”

    Guy: “Wow, is that what it was like in the old days?”

  18. “SURSUM CORDA” = let us lift up our hearts for those non-classical bloggers amongst us

    Thanks Lucia for raising the tone as always.

  19. Voilà,

    just booked a new flight and hotel room. We’re returning next saturday. I hope most of you can do so as well. Some people that were in our hotel last weekend, couldn’t make it next week.

    For those of you who can’t make it next weekend, do not despair. I’ve read in an Italian newspaper today, that due to the fact that about 15-20% of the revenue of the concerts would have gone to Emergency (a good cause) and because of the cancellation the revenue would logically be lower. To level that out, David will very, very likely be doing another concert in Venice somewhere September 2007.

    Anyway, Venice was worth the trip from Belgium. We might be broke by the end of this month, but we’ll need to worry about that later.

    [Oh, how we love paper talk… – Features Editor]

  20. The whole Gilmour crew and this includes you Fed are true Pros. You guys work very hard not to let your fans down. Fine job boys.


  21. Good things come to those who wait! Some, anyhow. The show will go on, great news. Would love to be there next weekend. What a week for you Fed, eh?

  22. This post is out of place here, but I went to the Syd thread and it’s been closed.

    Anyhow, if you get the chance, read the tribute in Mojo magazine regarding Syd. It’s by far the best that I have read. It offers a what sounds to me like the most reasonable and realistic portrayal about Syd, debunking much of the sensationalized mythology that has grown over the course of the past 30 years. It made me feel much better about the man. It’s worth the read.

  23. Hey Dave:

    I’m still holding you to the 1994 promise you gave the crazy teenager in the Russian tee shirt that chased you and the crew all over the states. (You agreed you’d be back. And remember what Carlos Castenada said…)

    Dig On An Island, thank you. Sweet, sweet melancholy and nobody does it better. But a couple of dates in L.A. that I found out about late doesn’t get me off your back.

    I’ll do better staying informed, and you come on back across the pond. Now I want my daughter to see you work your magic. Her middle name is Gilmour, by the way. (The next one will be a Hendrix – as part of my mom used to be hip plan.)

    Hope you have a couple of fantastic shows this weekend. I’ll see you again.

  24. I can only begin to imagine what it would be like to go all the way to Venice, thinking that it is only a matter of hours to go before seeing the legendary David Gilmour, only to discover that there is no concert after all… the disappointment must be really huge. My sympathies are with those who had tickets to the show and cannot attend the new dates.

    David and his team really showed their stuff by rescheduling so quickly. Just shows how dedicated they are. Kudos to them.

    This might be the best time for David to premiere his new song, “Better safe than sorry.”

  25. Due to the rescheduling will David and family fly home and come back later, or will they relax and enjoy the unexpected week’s holiday in Venice?

    How about the rest of the band? What are their plans now?

    A point for Roberto from Genoa to consider – what if all the other Robertos contributing to the Blog turn out to be from Genoa too? The confusion may not just continue, but get worse.

    [Everyone is flying home, then flying back to Venice. – Features Editor]

  26. I may have to save up my pennies on this one.

    David Gilmour should make music until the end of time!

  27. Shit happens… At least, new dates were found for these two concerts in Venice.

    But do not forget, for most of the people it is just impossible to travel again to Venice. Already to finance the first trip was not easy for me, but now I can not afford another weekend in Venice. And certainly there is no guarantee for a concert next week…

    [The shows will certainly take place this weekend. – Features Editor]

  28. Well, i spent a lot of money for going to Venice and for booking the Hotel room.

    Now i can’t see the show becouse i am going on Holiday this week……

    And no one will refound me, of course exept for the ticket price….

    The venue is amazing, hope to have the chance to see David again in venice…..

  29. Just a question: if i ask for a refound and i have got it….but I am going to the show with the cancelled ticket, which is still in my hands….how can they recognize me?

    [I don’t know what system is in place, sorry. Presumably you will have to send your ticket to TicketOne, or whoever, and you won’t see your refund until that ticket has been received and destroyed. – Features Editor]

  30. Sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land…

    Back at work, back from Venice. Our trip began last friday at Madrid airport, with some portuguese boy scouts playing “wish you were here” with the guitar. That’s a good sign, I thought.

    We had never been to Venice before, and I hardly can find words to describe the emotions I felt when I first saw the great channel just out of Santa Luzia Station. Then the vaporetto, St. Marco square… one artist playing some music with wine glasses on the street… Venezia is such an amazing city that I did not think of the concert until the evening. We were heading for la Piazza when I spotted one guy reading the newspapers, and I realised that they were saying something about David.

    I asked the guy and I was shocked when I read the news: concert cancelled! The guy had come from London and we spoke for a while about how we felt, but then he said something that cannot be more true: “At least we are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and even that all alone makes the trip worthy”. I was feeling dissapointed, deceived, I was about to burst into tears, but what the hell, I was there with my girlfried and we were really enjoying the voyage. We went for dinner and I tried to forget about the concert until today.

    Life is much more than money buys, that’s true. What shall I do now? Should I try to go to the concert next week, avoiding thinking of all the money spent? Should I just forget about it? I liked RAH’s concert so much that I wanted to repeat but never second time is as good as the first one… usually. Don’t know what to do, I cannot help feeling a bit stupid if I go to Venize again, all because of some magical music…

    What shall I do now? How shall I fill the empty spaces?

    Apologies for the long post, my gilmouritis is getting worse.

  31. Dear Mr.Gilmour,

    I (48 years old) and my husband (46) came to Venice from İstanbul,Turkey on Friday, 4 August. We were so happy while we are flying because it was our dream to see and listen to you in Venice. We spent a lot of money for tickets , taxis, hotel and e.t.c.. so we were crying when the concerts were cancelled because we can not come again to see you ; no money, no time…

    Today we are working so unhappy and disappointed. Maybe we never see you again but in the meantime we are happy because you and your friends are still alive; the stage could falled down when you were playing.


  32. “Dear Customer,

    We inform you that David Gilmour show scheduled on 05/08/2006 at Piazza San Marco in Venice has been postponed to 12/08/2006.

    Your tickets are still valid for the new gig.

    In case you were not able to join the newly scheduled gig, you will get refunded except for the booking and extra fees you paid at the moment of purchasing the tickets according to our terms and conditions.

    The refund will be done directly to your bank account. It take at least 20 working days to get the refund.

    In order to get the refund you are kindly invited to drop us a line at before 11/08/2006. If you already handle the tickets you should send them via recorded-delivery envelope with advice of receipt before 11/08/2006 to:

    c/o TicketOne Spa
    Viale Achille Papa 22
    20149 Milano
    Divisione Commercio Elettronico

    If we do not get back the tickets before the above mentioned date we won’t be able to complete your refund.”

    Fed, i received the attached e-mail!!!!!!!!!!

    How can that be possible. In order to do that, we MUST post the tickets TODAY, and even in that case, we are not sure they arrive by 11/08!!!.

    How can be possible we have 1 day for asking the refund? a lot people are leaving for thier holiday. that is not accaptable.

    Let me say, the Venice concerts are a total disaster! (not becoise of you or David, of course!) Just want to let you know!

    TICKETONE is stealing our money. I told you since the beginning. Please don’t use ticketone anymore in the future!!!!!!!!!

    [It doesn’t leave much time, and you certainly don’t have until the 31 August as we were told, but to ensure that no one goes to the concerts and then asks for a refund, this seems the only possible way. We’re looking into this. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  33. Hello everyone.

    I’m in Venice right now, and to be honest I’m gutted beyond belief. Just spent the best part of 3 hours trying to change my flights and the only way it can be done is to fork out £700+ per person, unfortunately thats WAY out of my league.

    I woke on saturday morning and was standing at the waterbus stop when i noticed a news headline and there were 2 words i recognised: Gilmour and cancellado.

    At this point i felt a crack coming across my heart.

    We immediately went to the Piazza to see the disaster in person. After getting confirmation as to what had happened i felt like throwing up there and then.

    Its a sad sad day, and I really was wondering why not just ditch the stage etc, blah. I’d been happy with DG and an acoustic guitar. But anyways.

    Just as we were about to go to a pub and get very very drunk, I noticed a familiar face just 10 feet away from me… Panama hat, good looking dark haired woman by his side…I nearly shat myself!!

    Spent about 30 minutes pinching myself. He eventually made a swift exit and on the way out turned to the 50 or so fans and shrugged his shoulders, and off he went….

    Most of the fans started running after him, we followed at a safe distance and off he went into one of the narrow streets andaway…

    my connection is about to go but before I go BIG shout out to Floydian Leaf, without bumping into him to share the pain I think I would have dropped dead there and then..


  34. SURSUM CORDA…I don’t want to be pompous…sorry…in Italy is a common way to say for making courage to him/herself…but I should have added the translation…sorry! Thanks Tim…it’s fantastic! You walk after me and correct my mistakes! THANKS! What a perfect “big brother”! GREAT!


  35. [I think that, after Syd’s death (and with the greatest respect to everyone…]

    I appreciate the sentiments you expressed Fed…Listening to Madcap again the music is just CRYING out(on many sad levels..).. for ‘The Piper at the Gates’ treatment….I feel A Saucer….could have been EVEN stronger ??

    It is hard to express JUST….how crucial Syd’s impact was on 60s music….and why instead of the usual ‘dead rock star’ revisionist fodder….I would like to see a Syd Barrett Charity set up that offerred ..say Drugs advice + info for both ‘illegal drugs and prescription drugs*(this is SUCH a low funded..and information ‘dead zone’its SCARY..).

    IMHO this would be a positive memorial to a truly unique and ‘misdiagnosed’ man !!

    As per the Venice concerts Fed Im sure NO ONE took offence 2 your well intended comments…..Keep up the good work


    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  36. Hello, I must seen the concert on 4th augustus on piazza San Marco. What a sad evening!

    I’m home now, in Belgium! But be sure I’ll be on Venice on 11th augustus. 2 x 1100 kilometers with my car to see a concert; it’s the first time in my long life!

    If David wants to make me a pleasure, for these desagrements, he can come in my small “village-café” to sing and play a few songs. He’ll be welcome. (Why can I not dream ?)

  37. Re:Damian C ‘missing the show’

    Really feel for you mate…Hope u manage to get 2 get 2 the gig.


  38. Who had the brilliant idea of allowing ticket holders to choose which concert to attend????? What happens if people who cannot choose (I had a ticket for saturday 5th and MUST go saturday 12th because I’ll work until friday)find their seat occupied by somebody who has the same seat, but for the other show?????

    Remember the seats are numbered, or reserved, I don’t know the exact term. have I got to put myself in the queue at 15:00 in the afternoon? Do you have the faintest idea of the riots that can be caused by such a decision???? What does “while seats are available”? Please make sure mine is, or I’ll call the police!!!!

    [Oh, this isn’t the reaction I was expecting! I thought people would just be grateful of the choice. But, of course, I do see your point. If someone has a ticket and they want to return it for their money back, then that ticket will become void and the seat, free. If you have a ticket and you’re using it, then your seat will not be free and therefore no one else can occupy it. This is why we’ve said that there is a choice of nights only subject to availability and why letting the ticket sellers know of your plans as soon as possible is important to everybody concerned. We are chasing up TicketOne as I write with regards to Aleman’s post about returning tickets, so if there’s anything that’s troubling you, please let us know and we’ll do all that we can to help. My advice to you would be to contact your ticket seller and confirm that you will be attending on Saturday night, just to be on the safe side. – Features Editor]

  39. I’ve a ticket for saturday but i wanna go at the friday’s show but there’s a problem!!!!…….(you can attend on either Friday or Saturday with your original ticket – while seats are available – at no extra charge).At ticketone nobody know what’s happening !!!!! Wake up ticket one!!!! Wake up!!!! how can i do???? Help me!!!

    [Great… This is the plan, so they should know it. We’ll see what we can do, Salvatore. Please, be patient. I’m sorry for the worry this is causing you. – Features Editor]

  40. well rescheduling is one thing…but when you have 2 tickets right in front of the stage for next saturdays concert and want to change them into friday tickets (as good seats), there’s no one at ticketone (ticketoffice) who will answer your emails, no one speaking english and i doubt that you can choose the date… just imagine all the people who want to see the gig on friday evening…

  41. Warren Loveridge, it is not my intention to make confusion about my name. Of course there is a large possibility that others bloggers named Roberto are from Genoa, but I am confident that they are so nice to not use the same signature. Even if I write name and surname, it can also be used by someone else after all.

    Ciao ciao

  42. Dear all!!!

    Me and my wife went to Venice last friday to visit the city for the first time in our lives and to see David Gilmour gig at saturday… We landed very late at friday, so we didn’t know what did happen to the gig that night…

    Saturday, we saw Mr David Gilmour walking by… Incredible how I got excited!!! A kid in front of his hero!!! Few hours later, the notice: Show cancelled!!! Oh my god… I’m from Brazil and I’d love to see Mr. Gilmour with his guitars…

    Today we are so sad. Although you can make a gig in Brazil, we’ll never see you again… Thank god the stage didn’t hurt anybody.

    Now, we´re in Rome, waiting for our flight back home…

    Best Regards,
    Emilio Honorio de Melo

  43. Dear F.Ed.

    I’m lucky, because I live “only” 110 kms.east far from Venice so I’ve been there anyway just to see around how was going on there…as everything was planned for me my family …let me go (I’m 43 years old and I have 3 children)
    Saturday weather was perfect…

    I looked what a so special wiew Mr.Gilmour and the Band will have from the stage! It’s simply wonderful.(i have a photo…)

    I don’t know how you could re-arrange all in so a short time.

    I hope the will be not any misunderstand between tickets-holders as we will be able to choose to attend either the 11th or 12th

    I’ll will be there on Saturday and Ticket One agency where i bought the tickets said me my seats will be the same of last saturday. I HOPE SO!!!!!!

    Keep well
    bye and ciao Elisabetta

    [I am starting to worry about this, as no one needs unnecessary confusion, but I hope everything will work out in the end. Have a lovely time on Saturday, Elisabetta. – Features Editor]

  44. Hi Fed & everyone,

    im so glad the concerts could be rescheduled so quickly, im surprised they have not banned David from Venice after just reading about the Pink Floyd concert in Venice years ago & now last week ends troubles. Somebody somewhere must be smiling on him.(apart from us lot)

    any way, off topic, does anybody remember Telstar by the Tornado’s from the early sixties? i happened to hear it over the weekend (dont ask!) i think that David & the band could do a really good version, as a light hearted interlude & a bit of fun.

    I feel a rainy blog on the way, are there any other old classics that David might like to try do you think Fed?

    [I don’t know about that, but never mind a bit of rain. I think it’s going to p*ss down with confusion over Venice tickets all week. – Features Editor]

  45. [I don’t know about that, but never mind a bit of rain. I think it’s going to p*ss down with confusion over Venice tickets all week. – Features Editor]

    these ticket sellers sure now how to complicate things, don’t they?

    [No comment. – Features Editor]

  46. [The stage for the Venice concerts was constructed by a reputable third party company]

    Ducka Tapea Brothers Construction

  47. Very funny Matt, I liked that.

    [Whaddya expect, Venice is known for it’s “Gone-Dough-Laws.]


  48. to Maz thankyou for your kind words im still in hope of getting there. It all boils down to the price of the flights £400 that stings if i dont get there then someone on this site is in for a real treat 2 top tickets row a and the price i paid for em no, no, no, that does NOT bear thinking about. Sorry if that sounds selfish but i am when it comes to DG LIVE IN VENICE.

    Dear fed your right about syds passing and what his family are still going through and all who new and loved him. Once again my deepest sympathy to all concerned.

  49. Dear Fed, sorry for the bad words, but I’m sure you will understand that the events of the last weekend have caused a bit of confusion in people’s minds. I have my ticket in hand, bought in Rome from an authorized seller and fortunately I don’t have to collect it at the venue so I think I shouldn’t have any problems. I surely will be in Venice early on the day of the show so I will be in the Piazza early to ensure a “safe entrance”.

    So why worry, I think you should say? Because I am afraid that the main “exchange” will be Friday for Saturday – if I can explain myself better, I think it’s possible that a few people that have a ticket for saturday will change it for friday, while many more others will do the opposite, because maybe more people are free in the weekend. So I am not sure that the exchange between the two days will be balanced and that could cause some tension.

    And finally, although I have criticized a guy that the other day made some comments about Italians’ professionalism, I must admit that TicketOne is not the most reliable of online ticket sellers… meaning that they’re very very slow in providing information and many people, especially out of Venice but most of all out of Italy, may be running out of time.

    Anyway, I promise to not attend any concert for the next six months if I can make it August 12th!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the best

    [There’s no need to apologise at all, Giovanni. You are absolutely right and I would be just as concerned as you are (and probably using far stronger language). I am assured that everyone will get in on both nights. I shill be livid if that turns out to be false. – Features Editor]

  50. Yes i reckon your right about the tickets Fed, ill keep me daft posts to a minimum till this dies down a bit just a bit of light hearted banter….do you need a stress reliever off some sort Fed?

    [I’ve got two of them, actually. One’s a football (thanks again to Bianca for the goodies) and the other is a ballot box (a freebie picked up somewhere). – Features Editor]

  51. FEd,

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to chime in here for a second on your behalf if I could.

    I believe this is one of those times where you would appreciate the blog to be a bit more of a serious nature. Seems like there is quite a bit of confusion regarding the reschedule of the show, ticket refunds, dates to use the tickets, TicketOne ineptness, etc., etc., etc. Plus we’ve got pissed off fans due to all this confusion.

    May I recommend that the silliness go on the back burner for a bit?? Tell me if I am wrong.


    [I think that would be fair enough, Andrew. I don’t think there has really been any, so thanks to everyone for appreciating that this is one of the busy times that we spoke of the week before last. – Features Editor]

  52. I’m sure the “grate rig in the sky” disappointed many last week but the fact that the only thing that got injured last week was a few wallets is what we should be focusing on here…

  53. I’ve been keeping on the sidelines on this one because I don’t have tickets and I’m nowhere near the region and the last thing you guys right now is to have to put up with comments from the peanut gallery.

    But I have to say, for a situation that REALLY reeks, I can’t see anything that can be done that isn’t being done. This is a no-win situation, and I completely sympathize with those who are losing money due to travel expenses, and I imagine that since David has limited his tour due to reasons already discussed at length that there are more people who had the need to travel than ever before.

    But everything that can be done to minimize the losses incurred is being done. So give my props to everybody who is dealing with the aftermath of this crisis. I’m sure a kind word or two will help them deal with the many unkind words they’ve had to deal with already.

    And though I know David and the band are just as much a victim as everyone else, I’m sure it would go over quite well with the fans if they did something a little extra special, like perhaps playing a song or two they already haven’t on this tour. But that’s just a suggestion.

    [Good post, mate. Well said. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  54. [May I recommend that the silliness go on the back burner for a bit??]

    Andrew, apologies if my posts seemed insensitive. I was just trying to lighten up things as we ( as a family of David fans ) progress through this situation.

    F*Ed and crew have done a fan-tastic job updating us at the speed of sound about breaking news.

    Left me leave you with a few inspirational quotes…

    There are no problems only solutions ~ John Lennon
    This too shall pass ~ My urologist

    [You make me laugh, Matt. – Features Editor]

  55. God, I hope the night switching nightmare won’t happen. I initially paid up for the ‘VIP-package’ with a hotel night included. The ideal weekend was shaping out.

    We wouldn’t want to miss the concert in any way. So got new plane tickets and a cheaper hotel… so please, I hope we can at least keep our ‘good’ seats, instead of having to fight over them.

    TicketOne doesn’t seem to understand me if I specifically mention that we want to confirm the seats… they keep telling that the hotel overnight isn’t going to be refunded.

    Anyway, let’s hope for the best. I’m already happy that it got rescheduled to the only weekend that we could make it in the months to come.

    (Current weather forecast for saturday: Cloudy with thunderstorms)

  56. Ducka tape Const. Good one! Had to laugh at that.

    Good luck to all next weekend, it’ll be a sight for sure.

  57. Good evening to everyone.

    FED,I’m sorry to say that my ticket seller doesn’t know absolutely nothing about the possibility to change the data concert, I am afraid that there will be a big confusion (in italian word “big casino”).

    I told him that you advice to confirm my plan but he answered with a strange smile!

    How can I be sure to have my seats (2) free next friday?

    I think that if my seats are engaged I can come back saturday, or not?

    [If your tickets are for Friday 4 August, then our understanding is that the two seats shown on your tickets will definitely be yours on Friday 11 August. No one can sit there but you. If your tickets are for Saturday 5 August, then I can’t say where you will be sitting on Friday, but we have been promised that all ticket-holders will be allowed in. We hope to have more on this tomorrow. I’m sorry I can’t say anything official until we hear more from Italy. – Features Editor]

  58. Hi FEd and all,

    It’s testament to David’s management and the authorities in Venice that they were able to get the concerts rescheduled at such short notice. It seems quite rare for a gig to be rescheduled at all after a cancellation, never mind for the following week!

    It’s obviously a terrible shame that some ticket holders are unable to go. But I hope majority of people can make the new dates, and have a great time.

    Kudos to David, his management and FEd for sorting this out so swiftly. It’s because of these sorts of things that we think so highly of the band and this site.


  59. Hi, I agree the silliness should be set aside until we’ve got some definitive answers to the important questions.

    I’ve just got home to the UK (Monday night) after 5 days in Venice : I took the whole family along for the Friday show. It was great to see the stage being built up from the Wednesday and a big disappointment when the Friday gig was cancelled. Information at the venue was sparse and confused : we had to call home and get someone to read out the news section from this site to find out what was really happening.

    Now I have just finshed arranging to get everyone back to Venice for the Friday 11 show (I’m the one minus several arms and legs….) and am WORRIED about the absence of some clear statements on ticketing policy. Can someone guarantee there will be no-one else sitting in our seats ? Tickeone already have seats on sale for the Fri 11 show : are these purely returns ?

    Nervous rant over. San Marco looks the most fantastic venue for a Gilmour-special…can’t wait till Friday !

    [That’s my understanding. Presumably it doesn’t matter if two people each have a ticket with the same seat number on the front. If it’s Friday night, then the person whose ticket has ‘Friday 4 August’ printed on it will sit in that seat and the other person will sit wherever there is space. I’m sorry I can’t say that this is a cast iron guarantee of how this will work, because we don’t arrange the ticket sales, but it is common sense and I really hope that common sense will prevail for the sake of all fans hoping to attend one of the two shows next weekend. There has already been enough inconvenience for everyone. As soon as we get answers to all your questions, we’ll let you know. I know that’s a rubbish response, but it’s the best I can do for now, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  60. I just read todays news on a well known Polish info web site (discusses many different topics including music) that David has cancelled both of his shows in Venice and they haven`t mentioned that these dates have been rescheduled. I`d like to know where they take their information from…might make people confused. I sent an info that the shows are taking place.

    Big repect for all those who managed to reschedule these shows, arrange everything in such a short time, taking care of the fans and HUGE THANKS for FEd for informing everyone on what`s going on.

    [Thank you, ZZ. Can I say that most websites which purport to know anything at all about David are complete crap? That includes many well-respected newspapers and magazines, too. Have they got monkeys doing their research? Once again this week, things written by me on the blog have been taken and twisted into some kind of direct quote from David. Does anyone really think that David writes and moderates the blog? I always assumed he’d be a bit busy… – Features Editor]

  61. For those looking for someone to blame…There’s really nobody to point the finger at. I believe it’s just one of those Murphy’s Law kind of things. (although “Ducka Tapea Brothers” is pretty darn funny-Thanx Matt!)

    Sure, I would’ve been heartbroken, too. If I ever got to go to a concert it would probably be my one and only chance. Anyone who might say that David and his crew don’t care about the fans would be sadly mistaken. Why else would they pick such beautiful venues and try so hard to make everything just right? I was amazed with how fast alternate arrangements were made. How very generous! Good luck to everyone attending or not!

    Julie S.

  62. Por favor venham ao Brasil.

    Voces realizaram o sonho de muitas pessoas em poder poder ve-los tocando.

    Aguardo a visita de voces..

    e agradeço se me manterem informados…


    [There are no plans for David to perform any kind of concert anywhere in the world after the Venice and Gdansk shows, sorry. If plans are made, we’ll be the first to let you know. – Features Editor]

  63. Hye again fed. i have decided that kat and i cannot make venice this is really hard for me ive made some tough decisions lately important ones at that but to me this is the hardest one

    anyhow the tickets i have were for the 4/8 prima platea a15 seats 61 and 62 the total ticket price is 276 euros if anyone on this blog site wants them and you could help i am willing to post them 1st class recorded delivery and i will trust my fellow fans to post their payment after they have recieved the tickets just to make sure they get them in time. If not i will send them back for a refund.

    it would be better for some one from the uk to have them as they would get them in time. I hope fed i am doing the right thing and i am not abusing this site. i just want the tickets to get a good owner.

    I have decided to get some fishing in on the tyne. im a born again biker so it should be a great ride up to hexham.

    ps after all this fed if your a fisherman i can arrange for you to have a day or 2 on the tyne i have a few miles of very private and exclusive salmon and sea trout fishing let me know your more than welcome.

    pps have you ever seen a grown man cry thats me.

    [I’m sorry you’ve missed out, Damian. I’m gutted for you. After considering your request, we will try to help. If anyone is interested in the above, please reply and I will e-mail your details to Damian. Please note that we don’t want the trading floodgates to open. We stand by our previous stance on the trading of tickets. This is an exceptional circumstance and time is of the essence, so we’d like to do our small bit to help. – Features Editor]

  64. Hi Roberto from Genoa, it looks like you took me way more seriously than I intended! I was just kidding, concerned that we might end up with Large Roberto from Genoa, Small Roberto from Genoa, Slightly Smaller than Small Roberto from Genoa Roberto from Genoa…

  65. Hey Matt keep lightening things up. As my mom always said sometimes it is better to laugh than cry. Although laughing can lead to crying.

    Good luck to everyone in this situation. Hope the show goes off without a hitch.

    Great Job to all those involved

    Big Renee From 🙂
    Fontana, Ca USA

  66. Hi Fed and all

    well im back with you all as things in my life have now settled down and all recent commitments will now be attended to

    sorry to all involved you know who you are

    well what a weekend you have had mate and may i say well handled also just another way for David to show his commitment to his fans and there safety , sorry to all who travelled hope you can all make it back to one of the shows,

    well Fed its good to chat with you again my wife is now 4 months pregnant although there was a few complications early on all is now well and im looking forward to meeting my son Aaron luke floyd Emery (Aaron after Elvis Presley,middle name, Luke because i like it And Floyd well …. it took some talking round to my wife but she has agreed i have to put floyd in somewhere , although in the womb my son as already been to see David play and will be brought up on a diet of all things Floyd so he will be proud of his name and he WILL LIKE THEM

    bye for now Fed and all and well done Fed

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  67. My fingers are crossed. If any venues are to be added, it would keep everyone together for a little while more. Hopefully, until next Xmas. Full Circle indeed. Thank You Fed, you have played your role well. The staff too, whoever you are, THANKS.

  68. Whaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaa Whaaaa! We were sooooo looking forward to seeing David in Venice. We were stunned and speechless when we read the notice.

    We flew from Houston Texas to see David. We cancelled our trip to Sturgis and had to use 2 weeks of vacation to pull this off. We couldn’t stay another week due to work. Even if we could, we wouldn’t be able to afford to stay in Venice that long.

    These tickets cost me an extra $46.00 to to ship to me in the USA. Now TicketOne Emailed me and said if they don’t receive the tickets by Aug. 11th, I will not receive a refund. So I have to ship them overnight and that’s going to cost around $52.00. I really think that is unreasonable of them to demand the tickets be shipped that quick but what choice do I have?

    What about future Presales for us?

    PLEASE PLEASE come to the USA for more shows. The Red Rocks in Denver would be awesome. We saw Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young there recently and the acoustics were great.

    If you could offer presale tickets only to those who were unable to attend the rescheduled concert that would sure take some of the sting away.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

    Sooooo sad in Texas….

  69. I think it’s needless to say how disappointed my six friends and I were after coming to Venice on Saturday and hearing about what had happened the night before. Venice is a nasty place if you’re a poor student with little money, and if you come such a long way, having spent most of your savings on transport and tickets, and you hear that some incompetent fools hadn’t able to build a safe stage and that the concert is cancelled, you begin to hate the place even more.

    It was a little less than a nightmare for all of us. I can’t imagine how it was for the people who had to come by a plane and stay at those expensive hotels… Really, this shouldn’t have happened.

    I had seen the concert in Milan and decided to go come to Venice for more, because the music of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd is one of the most inspiring things that exist on this old rock we call Earth. I wanted to experience it in the open air as well, and decided to go to Piazza San Marco (obviously a mistake).

    Although I am thoroughly disappointed and nearly broke, I am coming on the 12th and I sincerely hope (and almost don’t doubt) that he and his fantastic band will not let us down. If they play Learning to Fly this time, my biggest dream will come true. And On an Island is a great album, sounds even better when performed live (especially Take a Breath and Where We Start).

    I admire Mr. Gilmour for still having the energy and will to play and share his wonderful talent with people who appreciate his incredible music. And for not having told the organisers to go **** themselves. He could have been killed, for god’s sake!

    I’m glad nothing happened to any of the musicians and crewmembers. This is very bad publicity for Italy and Venice, in any case. As the kind shopkeeper who translated the tragic newspaper article for us said – something like this can happen “only in Italy”. Really, a person begins to wonder how come they were able to build such magnificent buildings as the Coliseum but failed to build something as simple as a stage…

    But why should I waste angry words, I’ll rather go and listen to the music that calms me down and makes me happy. See you on the 12th.

  70. As there are some serious fans of Dave’s work here in Australia, does anybody know if there is an Australian tour planned at all, or are we just TO damn small.

    [There are no plans for any shows after Gdansk, sorry. – Features Editor]

  71. 5-9-77 – Dogs on oakland …. this is my dream… best performance from david and floyd

  72. [Once again this week, things written by me on the blog have been taken and twisted into some kind of direct quote from David. Does anyone really think that David writes and moderates the blog? I always assumed he’d be a bit busy… – Features Editor]

    Dude..let them fantacize 🙂 Those who know the truth come here! Others…screw em eh!



  73. bonjour

    je reviens de venise cette nuit ….quelle grande deception….j’etais aller de FRANCE (nord ) a venise avec ma fille pour a la fois lui faire connaitre la ville et surtout moi vieux fan de pink floyd assister au ”concert de l’année” pour moi….quelle tristessequand on m’a annonce que les concerts n’auraient pas lieu….pas possible evidemment d’y retourner le 12!!!!!

    bon concert … ne pourrais helas y etre

  74. i’ll be there!!!

    David during the sound check or at the end of concert you must sign my strato’s pickguard…please it’s important for me..

    thanks a lot


  75. Urgent details about refunds – this site says apply by 31st August, and so does the ticketone website – but the email from ticketone says this:

    “If you already handle the tickets you should send them via recorded-delivery envelope with advice of receipt before 11/08/2006… If we do not get back the tickets before the above mentioned date we won’t be able to complete your refund.”

    Looks like they plan to resell anything not refunded by this Friday, which quite frankly is what I would expect. Not easy to achieve this for anybody not in Italy I would think. Maybe an enquiry is needed?

  76. Finally I made up my mind and I’m going back to Venezia on Saturday, carpe-diem, as Lucia said. I already booked a not-so-expensive flight and a cheap hotel and I will not be able to help being a bit scared about the ticket until I’ve got it on my hands. I bought two tickets through ticketone and I’ve written them in order to cancel and get the refund just for one… no answer yet!

    Anyway, we’ll see, for now I just want to express my gratitude to the site and to you FEd for keeping us updated of all the changes. Maybe most of you don’t know, but you can access the site from your mobile: open your WAP browser, go to and make a search for “gilmour blog”. This will give you the link for the WAP adapted address of this blog.


    [Thanks for that, César. Enjoy the concert and do tell us all about it. – Features Editor]

  77. Hello again FEd,

    I assume that it have been quite a hectic few days, given last Friday’s hick-up and all the commotion, the comments, the questions, the confusion and the communication around it.

    Given the speedy rescheduling and the flexibility of the ticket validity, I find a word of appreciation to everybody involved very appropriate.

    And to everyone attending the upcoming Venice shows, just enjoy them twice as much.

    Best regards,

  78. sorry but i don’t understand..if i have a ticket for friday 4th august,and i came to venice the 11th august,is it possible that i not found my place?And that someone has the same ticket?

    [The seat that’s printed on your ticket will be for your backside only, mate. If someone has a ticket for Saturday 5 August with the same seat number as yours printed on it, then he or she will have to sit wherever there is space. Ideally, people with tickets for last Friday will attend this Friday and people with tickets for last Saturday will attend this Saturday. These people are not complicating matters, so their seats are perfectly safe. It’s only complicated for people who are changing dates. – Features Editor]

  79. Great, really great! I have spent 180 € for two tickets, second sector for last Friday’s concert and now there’s the risk that next Friday someone else will have my seats! The only thing to say is: great compliments to the organizer of the concerts!

    Please, don’t tell me that there’s nothing to do about that. This is a very bad behaviour, no respect for people who bought tickets months ago.

    If I find someone else in my seats, what should I do? Maybe say to them: hey, Mr. Gilmour’s official site said that those seats are mine because I have the right tickets?!

    Sorry for my anger, but whan I read about all this additional confusion ( last Friday’s one wasn’t enough, I guess) I couldn’t believe it.

  80. Nice nice!Slovenian people will come! cant wait. I hope that the wetter will be good to!

  81. Hi David and Crew!

    I came with my wife and 4 friends to see you on Saturday 5th, flying out from Bristol on the Friday night. Not being great at Italian it wasnt until the saturday afternoon that we realised it was cancelled. As lifelong fans of your music, as all the people who have emailed this site are, myself and my friends were gutted/devastated/inconsolable (delete as applicable)It was for Len’s 50th birthday too! We cant get back next week and so i shall miss seeing the most amazing ‘sonic sound painter’ in the world 🙁

    [Just so you know, I haven’t ignored the rest of this message, Gareth. – Features Editor]

  82. Fed, hi, this is a translation of the only official comunication given by ticket one in italy for the rescheduled concerts. there is a contradiction with what written in the blog.

    Apparently it is not possible to exchange the tickets to either new night.

    The guys in Italy are freaking out and we need to clarify this, do u have any fresher info?

    As communicated by Ticket One:

    “The David Gilmour concerts due in the San Marco Square in Venice are now postponed to friday 11th and saturday 12th of august 2006.

    The tickets valid for the 4th are now valid for the 11th, those valid for the 5 fth are now valid for the 12th of august.

    Those who can’t attend the concerts in the new dates scheduled can eventually ask for a refund of the tickets from the same selling point where the ticket has been purchased from the 7th until the 31st of august 2006.

    The refunded tickets will be put on sale again.

    Those who purchased the tickets on internet will receive the refund directly as a credit on their credit card bill. This process will take at least 15 working days.

    In order to let Ticket One refund the tickets a “AR raccomandata” with the tickets needs to be sent to the following address by the 11th of august 2006.

    TicketOne S.p.a.
    Viale Achille Papa 22
    20149 Milano
    C.a. Divisione Commercio Elettronico

    If the tickets are sent to the address after the 11th of august 2006 no refund will be possible.
    All those who required to collect the tickets before at the concert venue and that currently have not collected them, can send an e-mail to and wait for the process and times as described above for the completion of the operations.”

    [I’m so sorry to give another rubbish response, Enrico, but we’re waiting for an answer to the many questions about refunds and the deadline for returning tickets. Keep them coming and maybe someone will care enough to give an answer if there are enough of them (although, by then, it might be too late for everyone who is looking to get their money back). I’m really sorry about this, but that’s all I can say for now. – Features Editor]

  83. A few words just to say that Ticketone told me this morning that tickets for Friday 4 August are valid only for Friday 11 August and tickets for Saturday 5 August are valid only for Saturday 12 August. They told me there isn’t the possibility to attend next Friday’s show with Saturday’s 5 tickets and next Saturday’s show with Friday’s 4 tickets.

    This is what they said: what a mess!!!

    [They are wrong. We’ll make them realise this, don’t worry about that. I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience that this blatant incompetence is causing you. Please try again later and they will give you a different answer. – Features Editor]

  84. That email sent out by TicketOne about having to return the ticket within 11/08 is preposterous, as I told them in my reply. (Those bastards even managed to put their entire customer list in the To: field…:))

    It is of course in the best interest of everyone that tickets are returned as fast as possible so there won’t be empty seats and money lost on the new dates, but TicketOne might get some very angry customers if they stay on the policy of not giving refunds after 11/08.

  85. One thing stilll seems unclear: do we just jump in on next Friday with Saturday tickets or we have to change tickets previously ? If yes, then when and where?

    I stil have one free ticket, if somebody wants it, let me know (at purchase price, ofcourse; I have no intentions of profiting here)


    [Again, if anyone is interested, please let me know and your details will be passed on to Dinko immediately. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  86. Having been dedicated fans of Pink Floyd/David Gilmour for more years that I care to mention, imagine our total delight and disbelief to find that he would be playing in out favourite city – the ultimate concert without a doubt. We managed to get tickets – now, having just returned, one word springs to mind – devasted.

    Like many, many other devoted fans, we just cannot get back to Venice with less than a week’s notice. I really hope that David gets his wish to play at this fantastic venue and all the best to those who manage to return, but please, please spare a thought for all the poor devoted fans who spent a great deal of resource organising this trip only to be desperately disappointed – we have really lost out big time!

    I hope David does take the opportunity to see how his fans feel by reading these comments – we all cherish his music. I would like to ask (make that beg and plead) him to consider an additional date or two later in the year to give those of us who missed out a chance to see the show at least once.

    Sorry to rant FEd, but I cannot remember being more disappointed…

    [That’s alright, Ruth. Rant away. I know I would. – Features Editor]

  87. Fedmeister…

    I’ve been reading and not posting for a while as I took on board your re-focussing of the Blog…

    I must say though you and the backroom elfs are doing a stirling job in getting the information out there in a timely fashion…

    Looking at September’s calendar it must seem a bit scary having nothing planned… or have you? 🙂

    [September? I’ll be behind bars by then if this ticket shambles isn’t sorted soon. (Multiple murder with a pointy stick, if you’re wondering.) – Features Editor]

  88. Hi all,

    Sadness and sympathy for those who will miss the Venice shows because of the stage problem.

    I must say I agree with those who see that David and company are doing everything they can to make good on a bad situation. I’m sure there’s a lot of red tape to schedule an event in a venue like this… so to reschedule so quickly in the middle of an established tour is indeed going above and beyond.

    Now on another note… I just voted on the best surprise of the tour. Although it was initially a huge surprise to hear that Echoes was in the set-list, by the time I saw David I had known about it for some time. It was amazing!

    But for me the biggest surprise was not the inclusion of a song, but the treatment of it. I have never been particularly fond of Fat Old Sun (especially the album version). But David really worked it up on this tour so that it became one of my favorite performances of the show. For me, THAT is the biggest surprise. I hope it is included on the DVD!!!


    [Thanks for that, Tim. – Features Editor]

  89. [Oh, this isn’t the reaction I was expecting! I thought people would just be grateful of the choice. – Features Editor]

    Not that I have tickets, but I think this is a great idea and I would be happy. I can see where problems would arise and it looks like that’s been taken care of too. WTG to all parties involved for fixing this so soon.

    Take it easy, Fed. I’m sure this is and will continue to be a long week.


    [Thanks, Erin. They’re absolutely right to freak out when you think about it. There is the obvious assumption that they could get to their seat to find someone else sitting there. I hope that part is clear now (no one will be in your seat if you’re there on the correct night), but the refund side of things is far from clear and that’s just not good enough. – Features Editor]

  90. New from ticketone… (click my name)

    I’ll post a translation as soon as I can, in this moment I’m in a bit of a hurry

    Anyway, the deadline for the refunds has been extended to September 7th… and they don’t mention the possibility of attending either concerts.

    [So we’re getting there. Slowly. Thanks, Giovanni. – Features Editor]

  91. Dear FEd, just to tell you that Ticketone still says what I wrote on my post at 11:22 am.

    I will go to next Friday’s concert with the ticket bought for Friday’s 4 show, so I hope not to have problems!

    For all the people who want to change the date of their show: be very careful because Ticketone is showing a total incompetence in this situation! I hope nobody will have problems with their tickets!

    [You and me both, mate. You shouldn’t have any problems. The only ones who could have difficulties – if not a mild stroke or nervous breakdown of some sort – are those who want to switch from one night to the other, but we are assured that everyone who wants to get in will get in (even if they aren’t too happy with where they’re sitting). You should be able to sit in the seat that’s printed on your ticket without any hassle at all. I hope you can put all this nonsense behind you and enjoy the night. Do tell us all about it. – Features Editor]

  92. [The only ones who could have difficulties – if not a mild stroke or nervous breakdown of some sort – are those who want to switch from one night to the other… – Features Editor]

    LOL! You’re not impressed with all this Ed, are you? 😉

    [Is it that obvious? I don’t know why, but I can’t get that phrase about piss-ups and breweries out of my mind. It’s driving me mad. – Features Editor]

  93. Thanx to David and everyone at the entourage of his show!!!

    I would thanks everybody one by one…but here in Italy i want to smash everyone at ticketone!

    I think that the show will be fantastic and all those wrong thing will be forget in few day!!!

    Sorry for my English, but i hope you understand me!!

    Ciao ciao a tutti!

    Per i fan di David: Siete grandi non mollate mai davanti alle avversità!!

    For David’s fans: you’re great, hold on beneath bad lucky!

    The same thing for David, Rick, Guy, Jhon, Phil, Steve, everyone at On an Island Tour

  94. Sorry for the useless post, but I have been suddenly “hit” by a downpour of sadness which I have to share with others….

    I keep monitoring the weather forecast and it seems that it will rain for the whole day on sat. 12th… I know it’s VERY useless to ask, but do you think that the show will go ahead even if it will rain during the performance?

    I remember seeing J.Page and R.Plant 11 years ago under torrential rain… well we were standing and the music invited to a little more dancing but it’s an experience I’d rather not repeat…

    Sorry again for the pessimistic rant but today I had a little more time to think and I guess my brain decided to play a few tricks on me. See you on Saturday.


    [It will still go ahead, I’m sure. The weather forecasters get it wrong sometimes, so keep your fingers crossed. – Features Editor]

  95. Blimey Charlie!

    Do you remember the film ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’? Well, our attempts to get back to Venice for this weekend are turning into a remake of the film!!!

    It looks as though we are gonna be hiring a 7 seater in Bristol on Friday, driving to Dover, ferry to Calais, drive through the nite to Venice, Kip for a bit, Enjoy the concert on Saturday (a ‘Hello’ from David would be nice!) then quick kip and back on the road again to Calais, to catch a 6pm ferry back to the UK & drive back to Bristol, and work in the morning! total cost around £750.00(gbp)

    If only the shows were re-scheduled for september 9 + 10th, i’m in Lake Garda then & could’ve driven to Venice easily!! Bum’oles!

    Still, it could’ve been worse, death by lighting rig is not a tremendous prospect is it?!!

    if i cant make it I got two tickets for Saturday available at the price paid + any postage costs, but be quick cos i’ll need to send em on thursday, recorded delivery.

    Fed, thanks for all your hard work, please ask David if he can do some dates in the Uk after his well earned rest following this tour! I’m sure there’s life in the old dog yet!!!

    Ciao Venezia, if i cant get back!


  96. Some “useful” information that I just received from ticketone, it may be of interest for those who have bought more than one ticket and don’t plan to use all of them:

    “We inform you that we could make the refund only when we receive back the ticket that you haven’t use from the Promoter so it’s important that you leave the ticket that you won’t use at Box Office or If you pick up the two tickets will be necessary that you send to us one, what it has not been used neither torn to the income”

    Hope it helps…


  97. [David during the sound check or at the end of concert you must sign my strato’s pickguard…please it’s important for me..Posted by: DB at August 8, 2006 08:17 AM]

    DB, This is rather pompous. Consider yourself lucky if you even get to say hi to the man.

    I am glad to see that it looks like the Venice situation seems to be working its way out…at least it appears there is a “moment of clarity.”


  98. Is there any information about how returned tickets can be purchased? On Ticketone’s site, both online and call center reservation are shown as unavailable. I am writing from Hungary; we would like to attend friday’s show with some friends, but only two of us have tickets from last week. Is our only option to travel to Venice on friday and hope to be lucky?

    Last friday seemed so perfect in the beginning (even after 17 hours of travel by train with severe delays!), only to turn to disaster in the evening. 🙁

    I hope we can be there on friday, and replace this experience with a much better one.

    Anyway, thanks for doing your best to help fans in this situation.

    [I’m sorry, Daniel. It’s quite likely that the tickets were quickly snapped up. – Features Editor]

  99. I won`t be there, but I have family in Venezia, staying for another week to attend to the consert.

    May be a stupid question, but will David and all the musiciens be covered IF the rain will not stop falling? Maybe somone has already asked?

    [I should think there’ll be a certain amount of cover on stage to keep everyone – and, perhaps more importantly, everything – dry. – Features Editor]

  100. Holy crap…I go away on vacation for a week and all hell breaks loose!..I recall a couple of years ago,the David Bowie concert that I had tickets for was postponed because he had the flu.Had to wait four months for that reschedule.Seems like a stirling effort to me to make this one up so quickly..Class act for sure!

  101. Thought I should mention this, but latest news is that due to a planned a plane attack which was halted, there are severe delays on all outbound and inbound flights from the UK, which no doubt will cause me and other fans travelling from the UK to rescheduled gigs this weekend in venice. Please check local flights and websites.

  102. Just heard the news about the chaos at Heathrow Airport – this comes from

    Apart from any consideration about the problem itself, which makes me think we all should consider migrating to Mars, will the shows be affected in any way? Are the band and crew in Italy yet?

    Well, to say that I’m speechless would be an understatement.

    All the best

    [It’ll be alright this time, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  103. Dear F.Ed.

    I’ve just heard the bad news from U.K.: I hope you all are well : are Mr.Gilmour, Mr.Wright, the Band and the crew safety leaving?

    I try to understand this kind of mankind but I cannot do it.

    I suppose you are very busy and worried since the last days……Keep well, God bless you all: I’m praying for U.K.

    ciao Elisabetta

    [They will all be in Italy for tomorrow’s concert, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  104. In Venice last weekend and got tickets at 5pm last Friday only for the concert to be cancelled.

    Managed to get new flights out from the UK (at great expense I may add) for tomorrow night and now there’s all this UK airport chaos. Is someone trying to tell me something?

    We’ll be there as long as our flight from Liverpool isn’t cancelled and I hope the rain stays away.

  105. Unable to contact ticketone tried all ways can you advise how to get refund

    [Please read the comments above. If you have the tickets in your possession, the address you need to send them to is stated on this page more than once. The e-mail address is also very clear. We can’t do more than that, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  106. Good night Fed tomorrow is the day….. I am a bit nervous and I can’t sleep.

    I’ll tell you all about the concert, I hope that the show of saturday will not be the last of David in Italy….I don’t want to wait for ten years…..

    Bye Fed!

    [Enjoy it, Claudio. Have a great time. – Features Editor]

  107. Dear FED,

    On a serious note, I don’t know what possessed me to hold on to my tickets, but I am fortunate that I did. [In my best Darth Vader voice,” Your Jedi intuition serves you well.”] lol

    Megiste was an experience !! I did not spend nearly enough time there. Next summer I am going back ! It is a shame that the local population has dwindled to a scant few left, but the richness of their individuality of their culture left me with memories I’ll always treasure.

    As an American travelling abroad on numerous other occasions I had already experienced some anti- American sentiments over the years. But when I travel alone I find myself assimilating into a local culture very easily.

    I took with me my old beat-up, trusty Nikon and I can hardly wait when I get back home to share some of the wonderful pictures I had taken with you all.

    What fantastic bit of good fortune that David’s management company was able to arrange the re-scheduled shows. I’ll be arriving back in Venice tomorrow a.m. and I’ll be able to see Gilmour !! Yay !!!!!!!!!!

    Last Friday, when they had announced that Friday night’s show was to be cancelled I was crestfallen. But when the announcement came about Saturday night’s show was to be cancelled I was heartbroken. I almost went to the queue lines to get my refund, but for whatever reason I hadn’t. Now I am ecstatic again. When I got into my hotel here in Athens I set-up my laptop to check up on the site, you can imagine, I let out a big whoop of excitement !

    Let me tell you all, until you actually visit Kastelorizo,( Megiste ) and then listen to OAI, it’s like…..well, words can not entirely express how I feel. Contentment, yes. Loss, definitely. Tranquility. Serenity. Well, when David gets up on stage tonight I’ll be experiencing all those emotions with tears in my eyes.

    God, I love you FED !!! Thanks for the up to date information!! I was so sure that I’d be not seeing David and Rick and Co.. I have taken a breath and it’s one of wonder and love of David’s latest endeavour. With my travelling and love for this album, 2006 will go down as one fantastic year.

    Oh, and BTW, Phil is one talented and great musician, looking forward to give a rallying cry later tonight. ” DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVID !!!!!!!!”

    Cazart !

    [I hope you have a brilliant time, mate. I’m pleased that you could make it. – Features Editor]

  108. It’s a humid, stormy night here in Tennessee…. Just reading the blog before bed as I always do. Thinking about every one of you across the pond sound asleep. I was thinking of a possible rainy day blog…

    Just think as you are reading this, I am somewhere in the mountains, tucked away in my cloudy bed, dreaming of better times, better places and friends just out of reach of my Two empty arms.


    [I like your idea. Thanks, Melissa. Take care. – Features Editor]

  109. I’m very lucky because last night I enjoyed the Venice show in the first seats and I felt one of the most beautiful sensations I felt in all of my life.Mr Gilmour’s music is the passion of my life since I was a little child,now I’m 22 and David’s music is always better.

    Congratulations David for your last album and for your wonderful career.Grazie


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