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Polskie Radio is currently trying to determine the all-time Top 20 David Gilmour tracks in anticipation of David’s first ever concert in Poland.

If anyone would like to send in their definitive Top 20, please click here to send them an e-mail by Friday 18 August.

This list can include Pink Floyd tracks or work with other artists, as well as solo songs – whatever you like, just as long as it has the noticeable input of one D. Gilmour.

20 songs will be broadcast this Sunday at 8PM (UK time). You can listen online here (scroll to bottom of the page and click posluchaj) or here (select Trojka and then click one of the given servers).

They will also broadcast an exclusive interview with David from Monday to Thursday at 8:15AM (UK time).

Please bear in mind that this is one of most listened to programmes outside Poland and the servers will be extremely busy as a result, so do tune in early to avoid disappointment.

Many thanks to Tomasz for letting us know about this.

It goes without saying that we’d also be interested in your Top 20, so please don’t be shy.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. CAPTION: ” I told you once I told you a 1000 times, black t shirts only, this thing is blinding me ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. This was amazingly easy to do. The list might be a little different if you asked about Pink Floyd songs vs. David Gilmour songs. I would have included Astronomy Domine and a few other of Syd’s songs for sure.

    Wish You Were Here
    Shine On
    Comfortably Numb
    High Hopes
    One of These Days
    Us and Them
    Take a Breath
    On an Island
    The Blue
    Near the End
    A Pocketful Of Stones
    Until We Sleep
    Fat Old Sun
    Short and Sweet
    There’s No Way Out of Here
    Careful With That Axe Eugene
    Learning to Fly

  3. Hello FED and fellow bloggers,

    WOW! this is a very tough topic as so many songs are tremendous that David had a hand in.

    20. Wots…uh the deal
    19. Where we Start
    18. On the Turning Away
    17. Eclipse
    16. Fat Old Sun
    15. Astronomy Domine
    14. Fearless
    13. Dogs
    12. Sorrow
    11. Take it Back
    10. Marooned
    9. Money
    8. Coming Back to Life
    7. Smile
    6. Wish you were Here
    5. On an Island
    4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond
    3. Comfortably Numb
    2. Echoes
    1. High Hopes- for me this is an amazing with a mesh of sounds and talent.

    Sorry I was not more diverse with other songs he contributed to but all my favorites are either solo’s or Pink Floyd work. What a fun one though! I actually had to work from Number 1 to Number 20.

    Have a great day all!
    Matt in Maine

  4. Top 20….well! But, in order? I’m not able to put them in order! They all wonderful. So, without order. Or better, in order of time…

    1. Castellorizon
    2. What do you want from me
    3. Lost for words
    4. High hopes
    5. On the turning away
    6. Mother
    7. Hey you
    8. Comfortably numb
    9. Run like hell
    10. Dogs
    11. Pigs (Three different ones)
    12. Shine on you crazy diamond
    13. Wish you were here
    14. There’s no way out of here
    15. Breathe
    16. Time
    17. The great gig in the sky
    18. One of these days
    19. Echoes
    20. Atom heart mother
    21. Fat old sun

    Ops! TWENTYONE! Sorry! But I’d like to add so much more…damn limits!


    FEDDDDDDDD! There is some problem with the blog…I can’t post my message…or…are you dimissing me from the blog???? 😉

    NOOOOOOO! Please! Let me stay with you still a little time!

    [We’ve had some trouble with our server, sorry. – Features Editor]

  5. OK I’ll give this one a try. I’m a fan of the early Floyd stuff and there are songs that I’d love to hear David play again to hear what he’d do with them now:

    20. Until We Sleep
    19. All Lovers Are Deranged
    18. Childhood’s End
    17. Sheep
    16. There’s No Way Out of Here
    15. Main Theme From More
    14. You–The Game Part 3 (with Roy Harper & Kate Bush)
    13. Have A Cigar
    12. Shine On….(complete version extended)
    11. Obscured By Clouds/When You’re In
    10. Astronomy Domine (A favorite by Syd)
    9. Wish You Were Here
    8. A Saucerful Of Secrets (I miss David’s divebombing effects!!)
    7. On An Island
    6. Money (No one jams like Gilmour!!)
    5. Time
    4. No More Lonely Nights (guest shot with Paul McCartney & a nice guitar solo)
    3. Mudmen
    2. Fat Old Sun
    1. Echoes

  6. Keep Talking and This Heaven are my favorites!

    CAPTION: Damn, did I leave the coffee maker on before I left?

    Peace, Julie S.

  7. 1. Comfortably numb
    2. fat old sun
    3. Give Blood (w. Pete Townshend)
    4. running up that hill (w. Kate Bush)
    5. Windswept (w. Brian Ferry)
    6. On an Island
    7. run devil run (the whole CD w. Paul McCartney)
    8. theres no way out of here
    9. blue light
    10. high hopes
    11. terminal frost
    12. keep talking
    13. dogs
    14. we got married (w. Paul McCartney)
    15. shine on (all parts)
    16. wish you were here
    17. Slave to the rythm (w. Grace Jones)
    18. Not now john
    19. echoes
    20. fearless

  8. 1. Shine on
    2. Echoes
    3. Dogs
    4. Comfortably Numb
    5. Time
    6. Breathe
    7. High Hopes
    8. Atom heart mother
    9. Hey You
    10. The Great Gig in the Sky
    11. Fat old sun
    12. Wish you were here
    13. Marooned
    14. Brain Damage
    15. Us and Them
    16. Sheep
    17. Set the controls for the heart of the sun
    18. On an Island
    19. Fearless
    20. Welcome to the Machine

  9. Here are my 20 in no particular order:

    1. Embryo (live version, David’s guitar really rocks)
    2. Fat old sun
    3. A pillow of winds
    4. Echoes
    5. Wots uh the deal
    6. Burning bridges
    7. The Gold it’s in the…
    8. Breathe
    9. Time
    10. Shine on
    11. Dogs
    12. Mihalis
    13. Raise my rent
    14. Hey you
    15. Comfortably numb
    16. Sorrow
    17. What do you want from me
    18. Castellorizon
    19. On an Island
    20. A pocketful of stones

    There are so many more, but this is a good playlist to start with. Tomorrow the list would probably be different.


  10. A tough choice – and it looks like David might not have shaved for a day or two there.

    20. Castellorizon
    19. What Do You Want From Me?
    18. Near The End
    17. Where We Start
    16. Coming Back To Life
    15. Embryo (the live jam versions from the early 70’s, blistering work there)
    14. Any Colour You Like
    13. Not Now John
    12. Take A Breath
    11. Marooned
    10. There’s No Way Out of Here
    09. Obscured By Clouds
    08. Dogs
    07. Sorrow
    06. The Blue
    05. Comfortably Numb
    04. On An Island
    03. High Hopes
    02. Shine On
    01. Echoes

  11. Hi fellow bloggers! Happy Thursday (well its Thursday for ME! I’m off work Friday to hike Cottonwood Lakes near Mammoth Ca).

    So, top 20. Good topic. I will have to make mine in no particular order or I could be here all day (and I think my employer would not be happy).

    For those who have been upset in the past about saying no particular order and then numbering the choices, I do it to make sure I get just 20.

    Here we go:

    1. Shine On
    2. Marooned
    3. Coming Back To Life
    4. Poles Apart
    5. On The Turning Away
    6. Dogs
    7. On An Island
    8. Echos
    9. Comfortably Numb (PULSE version and Live 8 are pretty much a tie- both were amazing performances of this song).
    10. High Hopes
    11. Time
    12. Murder
    13. One Of These Days
    14. Welcome To The Machine
    15. Sorrow
    16. Theres No Way Out
    17. Hey You
    18. Wearing The Inside Out
    19. Wish You Were Here
    20. Signs Of Life

    Ok now I’m in the mood to HEAR all this great stuff. Ah well… have a great day all!


  12. Caption: “Consarn it all!!, This monochromatic look isn’t working!”

    My DG top 20 countdown:

    20) Any Colour You Like
    19) Mihalis
    18) Let’s Get Metaphysical
    17) Coming Back To Life
    16) Marooned
    15) Dogs
    14) The Narrow Way (parts 1&3)
    13) Fat Old Sun
    12) Childhood’s End
    11) Mudmen
    10) A Great Day For Freedom
    09) Comfortably Numb
    08) On An Island
    07) Island Jam
    06) Time
    05) Breathe
    04) Wish You Were Here
    03) A Pillow of Winds
    02) Echoes
    01) Wot’s…Uh, The Deal

    The choices weren’t easy, so I put a gun to my head. (ß^þ)

  13. Off-topic, but:

    I too have been unable to locate the remastered ‘About Face’ and ‘David Gilmour’ CDs in America, and not for lack of trying. Multiple Best Buy and Barnes & Noble stores claim there is no firm release date for the remasters and Tracks in Bloomington, Indiana were also unaware of their availability.

    Bitterly disappointing – my enthusiasm for David’s music (and my respect for his contribution to Pink Floyd) was kindled by hearing ‘About Face’ for the first time in 1989. I desperately wanted to buy one of my favorite ‘records’ on the day of its release, second time around. In fact, I was ready to buy ’em both.

    FEd, any idea what’s up? Has there been a USA distribution delay or something?

    John Oreovicz

    [As you’ve probably seen on the Latest News page (please click your name below for that), SonyBMG have encountered “a quality issue” and have therefore moved production to a different factory, hence the delay. As soon as we have a new date, we’ll let you know. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience. – Features Editor]

  14. 1 Run Like Hell
    2 Comfortably Numb
    3 Wish You Were Here
    4 High Hopes
    5 Echoes
    6 Time
    7 SOYCD
    8 Murder
    9 On An Island
    10 Sorrow
    11 Saucerful of Secrets
    12 One of These Days
    13 On The Turning Away
    14 Dogs
    15 Money
    16 Coming Back to Life
    17 Short and Sweet
    18 Marooned
    19 What DoYou Want From Me?
    20 Wotts… Uh the Deal

    I know I’m only judging from a couple entries on this post, but I’ve noticed this elsewhere too… when did “Run Like Hell” fall off the face of the earth? I mean try to name one guitar riff in rock and roll history better than that one. You can’t do it!

    Satisfaction? Whole Lotta Love? HA!!! They don’t come close!

  15. Wow, Top 20. Sure makes it a little easier than top 5

    1. Wish you were here
    2. Echoes
    3. Comfortably numb
    4. Murder
    5. On an Island
    6. Take a breath
    7. Terminal Frost
    8. Mihalis
    9. Marooned
    10. Coming back to life
    11. Time
    12. Wot’s uh the deal
    13. One Slip
    14. Short and Sweet
    15. What do you want from me?
    16 High Hopes
    17. Keep talking
    18. Take it back
    19. The Blue
    20. This Heaven

    These are the track that I tend to listen to. Hope you guys have a great day.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  16. thankyou so very much! my love of your soundcarrys my life in so many ways i am so proud to carry your flag.. again david thankyou.

  17. Good evening FED, Good evening to all the mates of the BLOG!

    Not easy choices for me but…. this is my list:

    1)Shine On you crazy diamond;
    2)Comfortably numb;
    3)Wish you were here;
    4)High hopes;
    6)One of these days;
    7)On turning away;
    8)Coming back to life;
    9)One of these days;
    10)The great gig in the sky;
    11)On an Island;
    15)Brain damage;
    16)Run like hell;
    18)A great day for freedom;
    19)Have a cigar;
    20)Where we start.

    Bye FED from Ravenna and remember (for David too): next year AC Milan will win the Champions League (if we win against Stella Rossa next week….)

    [Good luck to Milan. – Features Editor]

  18. Well all, I’m back at home. To make a long story short. I had to go to the worst hospital, with the worst nursing staff, I’ve ever seen.

    I’m in a ton of pain (2-3 points below childbirth, yes really!) and my face is soooo swollen I look like Quasimoto.

    Since writing is my only way to communicate for the next 3 weeks, I just want to drop a line and THANK YOU, DAVID!! If it wasn’t for your music these past few days (and for the next few weeks) I would have gone insane and probably would’ve killed a few people.

    I truly feel like I’m OAI. All by myself

    Thanks for all the reviews guys, they’ve taken my mind off things


    [Hope you’re feeling better soon, Erin. – Features Editor]

  19. Well I have been giving alot of thought and here the the songs that I thought are great, Because the lyrics or the music is by David Gilmour.

    No. 20- A pillow of winds, 19- Careful with the axe, Eugene, 18- Saucerful of secrets, 17- Short and sweet, 16- Coming back to life, 15- Smile, 14- Wots…uh the deal, 13- Murder, 12- Fat old sun, 11- Near the end, 10- Obscured by clouds, 09- This Heaven, 08- There’s no way out of hear, 07- Take it back, 06- I can’t breathe anymore, 05- Echoes, 04- On the turning away, 03- On an Island, 02- Childhood’s end, 01- HIGH HOPE’S.

    I think That High Hopes is the greatest song I have ever heard in my life and Being in my late 50’s, I’ve heard alot of songs and this song just hits hard every time it is played.

    Thanks David, Your music has really been a big part of my life.


  20. Hi F.Ed,

    So the dates get pushed back yet again…. Sometimes, one can’t win for losing. I guess we get to experience the joy through our European friends for now. Good things come to those who wait…and wait… and wait…

    Top 20 (This list is off the cuff, it would take days to listen to all his songs to refresh my memory, so this list is open to revision)

    20. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    19. Astronomy Domine
    18. Brick 2
    17. In the Flesh
    16. Mother
    15. Not Now John
    14. OAI
    13. One of these Days
    12. Castellorizon
    11. Signs of Life
    10. Terminal Frost
    9. Have a Cigar
    8. Money
    7. Sorrow
    6. Marooned
    5. The Blue
    4. SOYCD
    3. Dogs
    2. Comfortably Numb
    1. High Hopes

    Man, that was harder than I thought. It’s like picking my top 20 Ice Cream flavors. There is no ‘difinitive’ list for me, I am afraid.

    Anyways, have a great day all.


  21. Top 20 Gilmour tracks, eh? I’m not going to try and order them, after the first 5 or so it’d be too tough.

    Comfortably Numb- IMO, the greatest rock song of all time, and the greatest guitar solo in the history of rock and roll.

    Comfortably Numb (Pulse)- His solo here has brought me to tears.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond- Simply beautiful guitar work all throughout.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Meltdown DVD)- SOYCD with only an acoustic? I still can’t believe he pulled it off. Amazing.

    Hey You- I guarantee this song would not be popular without his guitar playing and vocals on here.

    Murder- IMO, his best solo song.

    Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Ummagumma)- Listen to the guitar at ~3:36 in the song. It’s simple, but I get chills every time. An he keeps bringing it for the rest of the track.

    Wish You Were Here- I love his vocal harmonizing with his guitar playing, and it is most prevalent in this song.


    On An Island- The solos here are easily the highlight of the album for me.

    Money- The guitar solo is what makes this most-overplayed-PF-song still listenable.

    Echoes- Do I even need to say anything here?

    One of These Days- This is the song that got me into the band at age 14. His guitar work here scared the s#!t out of me back then.

    Let’s Get Metaphysical

    Je Crois Entendre Encore (Meltdown)- His vocals are just stunning. Next to the solo SOYCD, this is the highlight of the Meltdown show for me.

    Marooned- Why, oh why, was this truncated on the best of? It only robbed the casual fans who bought this (and not The Division Bell) of some stellar playing.

    High Hopes

    Another Brick pt 2- Like Hey You, this song is nothing without David’s guitar work.

    Not Now John- Finally hearing his voice 40 minutes into The Final Cut is like a breath of fresh air.

    Lie For a Lie (on Mason & Fenn- Profiles)- It’s not a *great* song (still the best on the record, though), but his singing contribution to this track is what brings me back to this album every now and then.

  22. Comfortably Numb (live)
    Sorrow (live)
    On the Turning Away (live)
    Run Like Hell (live)
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond part 1
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond part 2
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond part 3
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond part 4
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond part 6
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond part 7
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond part 8
    Keep Talking
    One of These Days
    The Great Gig in the Sky
    On an Island
    Coming Back to Life

  23. I want to thank Tomasz for being a true fan of David Gilmour. There is alot of good people that write on David’s web site. Lucia, Matt,Julie, Stephen,Beppo,Geoff,Nickster and many others who I come to know by the letters that they write and they are true fans.

    I have been reading David’s web site since Dec. of 05 and Mr. editor(Fed)you also have been great. You always let us know the goings on with David and the band. Plus you edit the letters so that this site is always clean from junk, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    So I hope that one day we as fans can all meet at a David Gilmour concert and I would hope that Fed could be there to.For we all have something in common and that is we really enjoy david’s music. Plus the stories we would share.

    Take care

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  24. Comfortably Numb
    High Hopes
    Shine on
    Us and Them
    Wish you were here
    The Blue
    Coming Back to Life
    Learning to Fly
    Take it Back
    Poles Apart
    Where we Start
    Mother (great solo)
    Sings of Life
    Cluster One
    One of These Days
    No Way (great slide solo, love it, and a great song too)
    Sorrow (cherry on top)

  25. My favorite 20 in no particular order:

    Let’s Get Metaphysical
    No Way
    So Far Away
    Near The End
    Fat Old Sun
    Coming Back To Life
    Terminal Frost
    Yet Another Movie
    What Do You Want From Me
    Any Color You Like
    Comfortably Numb
    On An Island
    The Blue
    Pocket Full of Stones
    Where We Start
    Learning To Fly
    On The Turning Away

    Waaaay too many that I like! Can’t fit them on a list of only 20!! I need two lists and I’ll bet you won’t let me add ‘The Dimming of the Day’ which is almost my most favorite of all. I know it’s not Floyd, but it’s David Gilmour singing so beautifully and that guitar! How sweet it sounds

    I think it would be much easier to list which songs I DON’T like.

    [Of course it’s allowed here. I’m not sure about Polskie Radio, though. – Features Editor]

  26. Hmmm List of 20 will take a bit of thinking – so right off the top of my head

    1 Comfy
    2 Time
    3 Shine on ..
    4 Breathe in the air
    5 Dogs
    6 Echoes
    7 On an Island
    8 Marooned
    9 Learning to Fly
    10 Young lust
    11 Another brick in the wall part 11
    12 Smile
    13 One of these days
    14 Coming back to life
    15 Where we start
    16 Run like hell
    17 The Blue
    18 Terminal Frost
    19 High Hopes
    20 What do you want from me

  27. Hmmm List of 20 will take a bit of thinking – so right off the top of my head

    1 Comfy
    2 Time
    3 Shine on ..
    4 Breathe in the air
    5 Dogs
    6 Echoes
    7 On an Island
    8 Marooned
    9 Learning to Fly
    10 Young lust
    11 Another brick in the wall part 11
    12 Smile
    13 One of these days
    14 Coming back to life
    15 Where we start
    16 Run like hell
    17 The Blue
    18 Terminal Frost
    19 High Hopes
    20 What do you want from me

  28. What, only 20!!!

    Albums rather than tracks would have made the choice easier..

    Well, here goes, in no particular order :-

    1. Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise),
    2. On An Island
    3. Murder
    4. One Slip
    5. Sorrow
    6. This Heaven
    7. There’s No Way Out Of Here
    8. Smile
    9. Take A Breath
    10. A Pocketful Of Stones
    11. Where We Start
    12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    13. Wearing The Inside Out
    14. Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    15. On The Turning Away
    16. High Hopes
    17. A Great Day For Freedom < A MUST in Gdansk, next week me thinks
    18. Echoes
    19. Wish You Were Here
    20. Comfortably Numb

  29. OK, I’ll bite … and yes, these are in order.

    1. Comfortably Numb
    2. Wish You Were Here
    3. Coming Back To Life
    4. Wots … Uh The Deal
    5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    6. Run Like Hell
    7. Out Of The Blue
    8. Learning To Fly
    9. Murder
    10. Echoes
    11. Time
    12. On The Turning Away
    13. Take A Breath
    14. The Blue
    15. Take It Back
    16. There’s No Way Out Of Here
    17. Cruise
    18. Smile
    19. One Of These Days
    20. High Hopes

  30. Here you go –

    1. High Hopes (with the new acoustic end)
    2. Terminal Frost (a personal favorite)
    3. Comfortably Numb
    4. SOYCD – all Parts
    5. Near the End
    6. Time
    7. Wish you were Here
    8. Take a Breath
    9. One of these Days
    10. On the Turning Away
    11. Out of the Blue
    12. Run Like Hell
    13. Us and Them
    14. The Blue
    15. Learning to Fly
    16. This Heaven
    17. Until we Sleep
    18. Where we Start
    19. All Lovers are Deranged
    20. There’s no way out of Here


  31. I sent my 20 picks, I won’t post here. You’ll have enough on your plate Fed. Echoes would probably be number 1 though. Thanks.

  32. Hello again FEd, everyone,

    Just a quick “Hi from Lesbos” to everyone.

    At last it’s summer again. August has been worthless in Belgium.

    Hi to Michele. Good to hear you got to see David in Vienne AND got your flight.

    Will try to check in occasionally, but tend to stay away from computers on my holidays.

    Best regards,
    Greece (for a while)

  33. My top 20 Gilmour-involved tunes (in no particular order)

    Comfortably Numb
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wish You Were Here
    Any Colour You Like
    Wots…Uh, The Deal
    The Narrow Way
    Yet Another Movie (love that middle solo!)
    Childhood’s End
    Near The End (love that final solo)
    On An Island
    Breakthrough (from the 2002 concert, can I count that?)
    Run Like Hell
    One Of These Days
    Wearing The Inside Out
    Sonnet 18 (we miss you Michael!)
    High Hopes


    Brian (from upstate NY)

  34. This is my list.

    I’m very bound to the underestimated album Animals, it comes from a difficult period for David, but I still think his guitar solos and overdubbing there are simply amazing.
    And there are other songs that David never performed live since the old days…

    1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    2 Dogs
    3 Sheep
    4 Comfortably Numb
    5 Echoes
    6 Fat Old Sun
    7 Time
    8 Wish You Were Here
    9 Money
    10 On An Island
    11 Young Lust
    12 Take a Breath
    13 Another Brick In The Wall
    14 In The Flesh
    15 Mother
    16 Atom Heart Mother
    17 One Of These Days
    18 Wearing The Inside Out
    19 The Nile Song
    20 Not Now John

  35. My all time top 20 are:

    2.Wish you were here
    4.High Hopes
    5.One slip
    6.On an island
    9.Run like hell
    10.Hey you
    11.Wot’s uh the deal
    13.A saucerful of secrets
    14.Sonnet 18
    15.Fat old sun
    16.Lost for words
    17.Coming back to life
    19.Yet another movie
    20.I can’t breathe anymore

  36. Hey! Long Time FEd, I hope your summer is going well!

    Top 20:

    One Of These Days
    Great Gig In The Sky
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb
    Young Lust
    Run Like Hell
    Another Brick In The Wall
    On The Turning Away
    Coming Back To Life
    High Hopes
    There’s No Way Out Of Here
    Love On The Air
    On An Island
    This Heaven

    NY, USA

  37. Only 20? Haha too easy. Here’s mine.

    1. Echoes
    2. Dogs (guitar solos are fantastic)
    3. Time
    4. Any Color You Like
    5. High Hopes
    6. Comfy Numb
    7. Brick in the wall, pt 2
    8. SOYCD
    9. Sorrow
    10. Marooned
    11. Wish You Were Here
    12. On The Turning Away
    13. Take it Back
    14. One Slip
    15. Money
    16. Fat Old Sun
    17. Entire DSOTM

    As you may tell, my faves are heavy with David’s guitar.


  38. I’ll have a go, but it would change from day to day and I’m sure I’ve left out loads:

    01. Comfortably Numb
    02. High Hopes
    03. On An Island
    04. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    05. Wish You Were Here
    06. Time
    07. Take A Breath
    08. The Blue
    09. Echoes
    10. Murder
    11. No Way
    12. Sorrow
    13. Us and Them
    14. Take It Back
    15. On the Turning Away
    16. This Heaven
    17. Deafinitely
    18. There’s No Way Out Of Here
    19. Near The End
    20. A Pocketful Of Stones

  39. Hey Fed,

    again something amusing for you privately … (no need to put it on the blog, because that would be blunt advertisement for this strange company – or you may put it there if you think its too funny or of general interest…)

    Anyway – click my name and then on to the link “albums” … you’ll find something quite interesting Pink Floyd-related there (complete with sound samples!)

    For the sound samples just click on the album cover

    Have a nice day

    [Thanks for that, Georg. That’s really funny. There’s probably more punch to the lullaby renditions of Coldplay than the original tunes, I think. – Features Editor]

  40. Apologies to all for the last two days. The blog hasn’t been right since Wednesday, but some technical changes have been made and we’re hopeful that things will be plain sailing from now on.

    So we look forward to plenty more of your comments and hope this message finds you well.

  41. welcome back, fed. we missed you. i still couldn’t think of 20 songs for you, though.

  42. On a seperate note fED. Any idea when the Gilmour tour DVD will be out?

    [I have an idea, but no precise date as such. Probably early 2007. – Features Editor]

  43. 20 songs? it’s difficult but i will try…

    2.shine on
    3.on an island
    4.high hopes
    5.on the turning away
    6.fat old sun
    7.take a breath
    9.comfortably numb
    10.whot’s…uh the deal
    11.one of these days
    12.run like hell
    13.one slip
    14.where we start
    17.let’s get metaphysical
    18.arnold layne
    19.astronomy domine
    20.dark globe

  44. I must be hallucinating. There are people here who did not put Echoes on their top twenty list! How can that be???


  45. My top 20:

    1. Comfortably Numb
    2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    3. Echoes
    4. Dogs
    5. Time
    6. Run Like Hell
    7. No Way
    8. Money
    9. On An Island
    10. Raise My Rent
    11. Young Lust
    12. On The Turning Away
    13. Hey You
    14. Sorrow
    15. Marooned
    16. Childhood’s End
    17. Poles Apart
    18. Coming Back To Life
    19. A Pocketful Of Stones
    20. Blue Light

    Ciao ciao

  46. Thanks Georg Kunz, FUNNY!!! And what a great idea! If I had children, I would wish lullabies like these…the others are often so boring… While these, a pleasure for the kids and for the parents’ ears too! Good compromise!


  47. This is hard. My top 3 are fairly static but the rest varies depending on my mood.

    1. Shine On
    2. Echoes
    3. Wish You Were Here
    4. Marooned
    5. Raise My Rent
    6. Time
    7. High Hopes
    8. Comfortably Numb
    9. Near the End
    10. Childhood’s End
    11. Fat Old Sun
    12. Castellorizon
    13. Smile
    14. What Do You Want From Me
    15. Breathe
    16. Island Jam
    17. Take a Breath
    18. There’s No way Out of Here
    19. Money
    20. Murder

  48. no particular order

    the thin ice
    shine on
    on the turning away
    high hopes
    on an island
    wish you were here
    comfortably numb
    us and them
    hey you
    wots uh the deal
    young lust
    fat old sun
    atom heart mother

  49. I rattled my list off yesterday, but then I thought of so many great songs, that I think we need to include about 50 songs in David’s top 20.

    Some of the things I saw on other people’s lists sparked my thinking and reminded me:

    – I forgot how much I love Dogs from Animals
    – The guitar on Empty Spaces goes right through me
    – How about the Gold’s in the…?
    – How about Country Song from Zabriskie Point?
    – The live version of Embryo kicks ass (along with the live version of Green is the Color that goes right into Careful, with that Axe Eugene – these tapes should be made into an official release!)
    – A Saucerful of Secrets live blows me away
    – Run Devil Run (McCartney) Boys and Girls (Ferry) and Deep End Live (Townsend) are my favorite guest spots – almost forgot Brother Where You Bound – oh yeah and Dream Academy.

    Uh Oh… I better quit this before I get carried away and list David’s entire discography.


  50. Here are my 20 favourite songs (it was really hard work):

    1.Comfortably Numb
    3.Wearing The Inside Out
    4.Coming Back To Life
    6.A Great Day For Freedom
    7.Young Lust
    8.Keep Talking
    11.Hey You
    12.Yet Another Movie
    13.On The Turning Away
    14.Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    16.Lost For Words
    17.On An Island
    18.Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
    19.One Of These Days
    20.Us And Them

    I can’t wait for the Gdansk concert, only 8 days left. I also hope “A Great Day For Freedom” will be included in the setlist.

    Kind regards

  51. Happy Friday FEd

    My top 20 songs which I would love to witness live by Mr Gilmour are as follows:

    1. On an Island
    2. Mihalis
    3. Poles Apart
    4. The Blue
    5. Let’s Get Metaphysical
    6. High Hopes
    7. Fat Old Sun
    8. Raise My Rent
    9. The Narrow Way
    10. Cymbaline
    11. Mudmen
    12. Out of the Blue
    13. Wot’s … uh, the Deal?
    14. Grantchester Meadows
    15. On the Turning Away
    16. Green is the Colour
    17. Childhood’s End
    18. Take a Breath
    19. Julia Dream
    20. Echoes

    If I learned that the above were being performed then I would definitely consider hiring a babysitter to look after my baby girl.

    Have a good weekend whatever it is you that decide to do.


    [The same to you, Julie. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  52. Georg,

    That’s great! I got a kick out of that! The album artwork is pretty funny too…you kow I’d consider getting that whenever we have another kid…

    And Erin, so sorry…feel better soon! now, don’t you feel proud of our healthcare system!


  53. CAPTION:

    All were left scratching their heads as David broke into an impromptu version of ZZ Top’s “She’s Got Legs”……

  54. [Thanks Georg Kunz, FUNNY!!! And what a great idea! If I had children, I would wish lullabies like these …


    on the other side, I hope they bought the copyrights for all this songs, otherwise it would’nt be so funny at all!!

  55. [Of course it’s allowed here. I’m not sure about Polskie Radio, though. – Features Editor]

    It was put this way: Choose whatever you like with noticeable input of David Gilmour

    [Only 20? I would not know where to start or how to end, I’ll pass on this one.]

    Only 20 will be broadcast on Sunday, list will be much longer.

    I hope that we still be able to hear something from David’s exclusive interview, but schedule for its broadcast had been changed a bit. It will be broadcast from this Monday to Thursday at 8.15 a.m. (uk time) 9.15 a.m. most of continental Europe at the same links.

    It is probably due to your voting, in which you chose only long pieces. Just kidding.

    Probably the reason is that Polskie Radio is official media partner of the Gdansk concert, and they prefer to build the proper atmosphere (which is already great) to atract attention of even more people to come to Gdansk on 26th of August, and also give away some tickets.

    Have a great weekend everybody,

    [The same to you, Tomasz, and thanks again for your contribution to this blog. – Features Editor]

  56. [I want to thank Tomasz for being a true fan of David Gilmour. There is alot of good people that write on David’s web site. Lucia, Matt,Julie, Stephen,Beppo,Geoff,Nickster and many others who I come to know by the letters that they write and they are true fans. – Thomas]

    Thank you Thomas , it’s nice to be called a fan for my Mrs says I’m an obsessed stalker…hey what can one do when they like the finer things in life.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( bush on the left beside Astoria, copy of Darkside vinyl and one black marker waiting always waiting…. sorry I mean Dublin )

  57. Wow!, I come back again, and I have to enter twenty tracks !!! Oh, Fed, how is it possible that you allow that ! j’y crois pas! Je ne reconnais plus notre Fed… joke, of course, I’m delighted to comply (?)

    In no particular order: (mais peut-être, si, quand même…)

    – The blue
    – When we start
    – take a breath
    – so far away
    – There is no way out of here
    – Near the end
    – Out of the blue
    – Let’s get metaphysical
    – Echoes
    – Je crois entendre encore (DG in concert)
    – Don’t (idem)
    – Fat old sun
    – Marooned
    – High hopes
    – Wearing the inside out
    – On the turning away
    – Comfortably numb
    – The narrow way
    – Childhood’s end
    – WYWH
    – Shine on…
    – Young lust
    – Forest ( with Robert Wyatt, I think)
    – Sorrow

    Oh, I don’t know how many songs I put on my list, surely too many, but I’m not going to count, no mathematics on holiday… Do you agree, Fed?

    Tim, Lucia, Ikkar, glad to read you again.

    Ralph, have a great time in Lesbos, I spent holidays there a few years ago, it was wonderful… Ah!!! Greek Islands…….

    Lesley, I always agree with you about David…


    [As someone who hates maths, I couldn’t agree more. – Features Editor]

  58. A toughie but here goes!!

    20. On An Island
    19. Any Colour You Like
    18. Castellorizon
    17. Great Gig In The Sky
    16. Mother
    15. Sorrow (Pulse)
    14. Take It Back (PULSE)
    13. Take a Breath
    12. Breathe (PULSE)
    11. Money (Live 8)
    10. Run Like Hell (PULSE)
    9. Eclipse
    8. Us and Them
    7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pulse)
    6. Learning To Fly (PULSE)
    5. Time (Live at PULSE)
    4. Wish You Were Here (PULSE)
    3. Another Brick In The Wall (Live at Pulse)
    2. High Hopes (Pulse)
    1. Comfortably Numb (Live at PULSE)

  59. Well, with the remastered albums coming next month, you have something to put on the calendar. LOL

    To listen to the interview, do you go to the same place to listen as you go hear the songs?

    And you guys are 8 hrs ahead of us on the West Coast right?

    Thanks Fed!!


    It’s amazing the difference a morphine patch can do. AHHH, relief!!

    [The same links, yes. – Features Editor]

  60. Good evening FED, Good evening fans!

    I have a question: The DVD of on an island will be in high definition images? and the sound will be in sorround or (as I hope) in THX sound (george Lucas system)?

    Pink Floyd and David have always been the topo in technologies and I think taht on an island has not to be a “normal” DVD!

    And now FED, a big new: Juventus football club is confirmed in the Italian Second league! What big new!

    Good weekend FED!

    [It certainly will be High Definition. I don’t know about the sound, but it boils down to how much you can get on the disc. Higher resolution (both audio and visual) obviously uses up more bits. More on this when we’re allowed to reveal more. – Features Editor]

  61. [alors coment tu l a trouver ce concert michèle ???? – Posted by: florence at August 5, 2006 03:19 PM]

    Sais pas trop qui tu es, florence, mais ce concert, géant !!!jamais vu David en si grande forme ainsi que ses potes… et le théâtre antique, quelle merveille, ça correspond si bien à sa musique… et toi, tu y étais ?

    Wild Thing (!!!) – Stanus – Sophie – Flying pig – Patoch – Timothée – Geneviève – Frédéric – and so on, I don’t remember everyone, I hope you all enjoyed this fantastic night ! It’s so good to read you on this blog…

    Fed, wish you could be there …


  62. Quite a tough one but “here we go” :

    1. Shine On (all parts)
    2. Comfortably Numb (pulse)
    3. Sorrow (pulse dvd)
    4. One of these days (pulse dvd)
    5. Dogs
    6. Sheep
    7. Echoes
    8. On an island
    9. Mihalis
    10. Poles Apart
    11. Breathe-Time-Breathe (reprise)
    12. Have a cigar
    13. A pillow of winds
    14. A pocket full of stones
    15. Wearing the inside out
    16. Wish you were here
    17. Je crois entendre encore
    18. Money
    19. Any colour you like
    20. High Hopes

    took me 35mn and I am still not sure…

    I wish David and the guys a great show in Poland and I expect wonderful pictures (as usual) from the lovely Polly.

    LD from France

  63. [I can’t wait for the Gdansk concert, only 8 days left. I also hope “A Great Day For Freedom” will be included in the setlist. – Luke]

    I’m sure David will be adding this track to the Gdansk setlist, I can’t think of a more appropriate song for the show, although he probably won’t tell the rest of the band until about 10-seconds beforehand :0)

  64. My top 20 in no particular order. I love them all and a lot more:

    Comfortably Numb
    Let there be more light
    Take a breath
    Hey you
    Green is the colour
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    Sonnet 18
    High Hopes
    Wish you were here
    Waiting for the worms
    On an island
    On the turning away
    The Nile song
    Coming back to life

    Nice weekend !

  65. People are complaining about only getting to name 20 great songs by one person? If that’s not a sign of greatness I don’t know what is. I doubt I could name that many by more than 6 or 7 other artists.

  66. Top 20:(in no particular order)

    Comfortably Numb
    Childhood’s End
    Shine On
    High Hopes
    On An Island
    Let’s Get Metaphysical
    Raise My Rent
    Cry From the Street
    Take a Breath
    Where We Start
    Coming Back to Life
    Wearing the Inside Out
    Cluster One
    Have a Cigar
    One of These Days
    Near the End
    The Thin Ice
    A Pocketful of Stones

  67. Listening to “A great day for freedom”,(The Division Bell) what can I say David, wearing the inside out, I just want to learn to fly.

    Thank you so much mate (and the band) for these treasures you’re sharing with us. Love you!, cheers!

  68. well, ordering those tracks seems to be almost impossible… i’ll try, at least.

    my personal favourites would be:

    01. Time – i’m sure about that one. i’ts simply my favourite floyd tune.

    02. Comfortably Numb – pretty close, the second one. no comments necessary, i suppose. what a guitar…

    03. Shine On You Crazy Diamond – amazing composition. the whole thing is just like unreal. awesome.

    04. Breathe – i still like this one a lot. great to sing-along.

    05. Money – a timeless classic. the intro drives me crazy. i adore this song.

    06. Echoes – strong song indeed. pretty long, too. a live performance by david is more than an unforgettable experience, i tell you.

    07. Wish You Were Here – of course, i included this one. simply fantastic. lyrics and music.

    08. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) – i had to add this one. can’t get enough of it.

    09. High Hopes – marvellous, probably one of the most interesting songs of all time.

    10. Learning To Fly – for some reason, i started to really like this track.

    11. Coming Back To Life – beautiful song, especially gilmour’s singing is noteable.

    12. On An Island – no doubt. this is my favourite from the new album.

    13. Take A Breath – it rocks.

    15. This Heaven – another favourite from “On An Island”

    15. The Great Gig In The Sky – i especially think of the P.U.L.S.E. version now. and i realize that it frequently amazes me.

    16. Us And Them – yes, i’m a huge fan of the “Dark Side Of The Moon” album, i guess =)

    17. Brain Damage – that was still left for me. i just have to include almost everything from that particular album. the whole thing is an experience, indeed.

    18. Fat Old Sun – i don’t know why i didn’t mention this one earlier. it’s a great song, isn’t it?

    19. Run Like Hell – it’s a nice tune, a cool live song as well.

    20. Where We Start – it fits at the end, i think. i listen to it right now. and i think of gilmour’s clam castle-concert. wonderful memories. thank you so much, david.

    well, i wanted to include barrett songs as well… and the rest of the “Dark Side Of The Moon” album, because the WHOLE thing is the masterpiece…

  69. Wots ..uh the deal
    Out of the blue
    Shine on
    There’s no way out of hear
    So far away
    Run like hell
    Comfotrably numb
    Careful with that axe Eugine
    Hushabye mountain
    Us and them
    What do you want from me
    Childhoods end
    Take a breath
    Wish you were here
    On an island
    The blue

    ……….and just about everything else he’s done, in my completely unbiased opinion.

  70. Aw, crap- I forgot about about Gilmour’s contributions to Run Devil Run. I’d have put ‘No Other Baby’ on my list. Such a great song.

  71. Hi FEd….greetings from the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland.

    What a great topic for my first-ever post…here goes my list:

    1. On the Turning Away
    2. High Hopes
    3. There’s No Way Out of Here
    4. Poles Apart
    5. Marooned
    6. On an Island
    7. Young Lust
    8. Learning to Fly
    9. Murder
    10. The Blue
    11. Time
    12. One of These Days
    13. What Do You Want From Me?
    14. Echoes
    15. Wish You Were Here
    16. Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
    17. Sorrow
    18. Mother
    19. A Great Day for Freedom
    20. Comfortably Numb

    And just to echo the sentiments of many others FEd, a thank you for all of the hard work you do to maintain this blog and keep the fans of David constantly informed. It’s always appreciated!

    [Thank you very much, Dave. – Features Editor]

  72. Hi all and FEd…

    Apparently I sound waaay too serious with my comments. Probably because I don’t wish to make a complete fool of myself, even from a long distance and no hope of ever meeting any of you.

    [Of course it’s allowed here. I’m not sure about Polskie Radio, though. – FEd]


    “It was put this way: Choose whatever you like with noticeable input of David Gilmour”..Tomasz

    Thank you much for the comments. I did however, use my comment to sneek one more Gilmour into my list of 20. Pretty much knowing that this site is always quite flexible and understanding unless one is really taking advantage of everyone and everything.

    George Kunz…I think I need those Lullaby records. Not only was that funny, but they may just be the thing for adults who can’t sleep!! Just think soothing Pink Floyd music to lull you to sleep.

    This was a fun list, because some songs were listed I have never heard of befor and now need to find to hear.

    To AndySlash…really enjoyed your explanation of ‘why’ you picked each song. Sounds like you know something about playing a guitar.

    Still wishing someone could tell me the rythmic sound in ‘Learning to Fly’. I can not identify what is being used. At my ‘advanced’ age, I don’t think I have time to learn what I want to about playing the guitar, muchless taking lessons. My husband would laugh himself silly at me.

    A bit of a long post, but I, also, wanted to mention that we are having a public television drive to raise funds right now and the big enticement is the ‘Australian Pink Floyd’. My husband and I signed up again this year especially because at one level you get tickets to see them. They can’t sing their way out of a paper bag, but the musicianship is pretty darn good.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Can’t wait to see next weeks photos and what the blog will have in store.

  73. Caption…

    “Hmm..I’ll have to get Guy to have a TShirt made up for me that says: Don’t I look cool!!!”

    My top 20:

    Sonnet 18
    Coming Back To Life
    On The Turning Away(personally, I rank the ending guitar solo to be as good or better as Numb’s solo)
    Comfortably Numb
    Have A Cigar
    Take A Breath
    Wish You Were Here
    Don’t(Elvis Presley cover)
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Take It Back
    Run Like Hell
    Learning To Fly
    The Dogs Of War
    One Of These Days
    One Slip
    On An Island

    If I may add a 21th..”Brother Where You Bound”(A wonderful Supertramp song that David adds his touch to)..Wonder if he remembers that?

  74. Here’s my compilation of David Gilmour’s Top 20, even if nobody will read it.

    I have to add that there are almost 20 top songs on The Wall alone, where David contributes noticeably.

    1. Shine On
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Echoes
    4. High Hopes
    5. One of These Days
    6. On the Turning Away
    7. Sheep
    8. Lost for Words (my “Wish You Were Here” – beautiful)
    9. Dogs
    10.Hey You
    11.Any Colour You Like
    15.In the Flesh
    16.One of my Tunes
    17.Another Brick in The Wall
    18.Run Like Hell
    19.Out of the Blue
    20.Young Lust

    main reasons:
    mythical, divine: 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,13
    beautiful: 8,10,12,19
    driving,groovy: 18,20,
    guitarwork: 7,9,15,16,17,

    Broken-hearted I had to sort out many great songs from “Division Bell”(like “Keep Talking”…), “Final Cut”, early stuff (like “When You’re In”) and from his solo work (like “Let’s Get Metaphysical”)…

  75. Hey there,

    posting such Top20 is rather difficult, to my opinion (too much choice):

    first crossing my mind are Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part I-V and Part VI-IX), Echoes, the entire Dark Side (sorry, one genious and inseparable part for me), Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb and Hey You, when it comes to Pink Floyd.

    David’s own numbers: like very much: Take a Breath, On an Island and the Island Jam…

    Hope to see you once performing these masterpieces dear David…

  76. By the way,

    when was the last time that ‘Hey You’ was performed live?? Is there a particular reason? (Or did I miss something?)

    [It was one of the encores throughout the ‘Division Bell’ tour and is included on the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ CD with some fine Jon Carin vocals. The last time it was played on this tour appears to be 27 October 1994. – Features Editor]

  77. Hi Fed back again how are you

    ive just read an interesting article about Mr Gilmour and it said something strange about the way his equipment is prepared. it says that all his cables get frozen for a better sound. am i reading this right. can you find out if there is any truth to this. i find it hard to believe but you never know stranger things can happen although this does sound abit out there. they also list as well as david a number of other guitar players

    anyway cheers mate hope your ok and everyone out there. sorry i have been away a bit but i have kept in touch

    anyway mate see what you can do

    [It’s an interesting one, but it’s one for the FAQs page rather than my limited knowledge, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  78. This is for David DiSanzo, who responded to my comment about The Icicle Works, the band that opened for David Gilmour at New York’s Beacon Theater in 1984. It was in the previous blog.

    I really did not like The Icicle Works, but I completely agree with you that the audience was far too rude to them. I remember the band saying “David’s not going on for at least an hour,” and like you, I felt really bad for them. I’m an actor, and I’d hate it if an audience tried to boo me off the stage in favor of somebody more famous. It’s uncalled for.

    Rudeness does not look good on anyone, and a rude audience is going to be percieved as a reflection of the artist they’re supposedly fans of. Even though I didn’t like The Icicle Works, I listened politely. It’s called keeping an open mind. I think that David DiSanzo and I may have been the only ones in that audience who were actually listening to the music.

    This is why Floyd, and now David Gilmour, don’t use opening bands when they play. It’s hard to know what your audience will have respect for, and this can totally destroy the mood you are trying to create. Besides, an opening band cannot help but be compared to the inimitable David Gilmour, which is not fair in the least. An opening band will never win that comparison.

  79. I`ll try and give this one a go!

    1.comfortably numb
    3.wots uh the deal
    4.so far away
    7.the blue
    8.out of the blue
    10.what do you want from me
    11.on an island
    12.there`s no way out of here(far superior to the unicorn`s version, I must say!)
    14.learning to fly
    15.I can`t breathe anymore
    16.poles apart
    17.one of these days

    I think this list is quite a nice one but, if you asked me again tommorrow for my top twenty, my list would be completely different. There is just so much to choose from, and all of them are winners in my book!!

    Have a great weekend all.

  80. when did “Run Like Hell” fall off the face of the earth?

    I’m with you, Michael

  81. when did “Run Like Hell” fall off the face of the earth?

    I’m with you, Michael

  82. I just cant choose favorite David tracks; i love all them!!! Soi i won t do it. I cant get bored of watching pulse dvd; it fits so well with me, you cant imagine!

    Guy, i was deeply moving with your post; you are right, David has such respect for his old friend that he is the only ONE who sing well Syds song.And Guy the way you talk about this old and deep friendship touched me… I respected you and now i respect you more and more. Thank you Mr. Pratt for sharing such nice thoughts with us…

    I agree with a friend blogger (i don t remember who, thought…) that once in a while ( de temps en temps) if David posts a few words for us would be a real punch and a surprise (indescriptible, extraordinaire, touchante, fantastique, surprenante, bref je ne trouve plus les mots pour décrire comme ce serait irréel pour nous pauvres mortels… bon je m égare ) well, what i am trying to tell is… i really would appreciate only HI, from David.

    O.K. have a nice week end everybody and f.é. what David is gonna do now that the shows are almost finished? Vacation,nothing, an other album, retiring for a moment, making an album with Paul McCartney…

    That is enough for me now… Good night.
    Sylvie de Montréal( i am missing Michele s post…)

    [Bringing up his children is David’s priority, so I think everything else might – quite rightly – take a back seat to family life for a while after Gdansk. There’s also the small matter of this DVD, of course. – Features Editor]

  83. Hi.

    The Pink floyd or David Gilmour have Tour in Brazil?

    Please, remember-me.


    by Wanderson (Floydiano_BR)

    [As we always say, unfortunately there are no plans for extra shows anywhere in the world at this time. If plans are made, we’ll tell you all about them when the time is right. – Features Editor]

  84. I’m sure Polskie Radio are swamped and loving it as well. Like we all do, Shine On David and Crew, yes , you too Fed and Sned.

  85. Here’s my list:

    1. Comfortably Numb
    2. Time
    3. Wot’s Uh the Deal
    4. Echoes
    5. The Narrow Way, part III
    6. Another Brick in the Wall, part II
    7. On the Turning Away
    8. Then I Close My Eyes
    9. Fat Old Sun
    10. Mother
    11. Dogs
    12. Murder
    13. The Blue
    14. High Hopes
    15. Take a Breath
    16. Poles Apart
    17. Julia Dream
    18. Cruise
    19. Near the End
    20. Raise my Rent

  86. How would you like to have your child trying to go to sleep listening to Black Sabath lullaby? I can’t sleep Mommy. There’s a man eating a bat head in the bedroom.

    Joking aside, What does David have in store after the concert in Poland is over. Plus now that the concerts are coming to a end,Fed. What are your plans and will you still keep on with David’s web site.


    PS, I hope you all have a great weekend.

    [Thanks, Thomas. The same to you. The weekend would have been better for me had Liverpool played like they were wearing boots, not flippers, on their feet this afternoon, but that’s a rant for another place. Both blog and site are going to be around for a while longer yet, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  87. Hi Fed,

    what a crazy cool idea, these lullabye songs. I know other strange works (bluegrass, string quartett, orchestra a.o.).

    What you think about a poll about the craziest cover versions of DG and PF songs?


    [Feel free to let us know. – Features Editor]

  88. Caption- My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!

    Well I checked my list once, and I checked it twice but they’re All very nice! It was definitly a toughie to keep it at 20 so here it goes:-)

    01. On An Island
    02. The Blue
    03. Take A Breath
    04. A Pocketful Of Stones
    05. Time
    06. Pigs
    07. There’s No Way Out Of Here
    08. Run Like Hell
    09. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    10. Mihalis
    11. Echoes
    12. Money
    13. Comfortably Numb
    14. Poles Apart
    15. Sorrow
    16. Keep Talking
    17. On The Turning Away
    18. Wish You Were Here
    19. Raise My Rent
    20. High Hopes

    Thank you David for all the GREAT music!

    ~Tomi Sue~

  89. Thank you Georg Kunz for that link.

    I didn’t get past the first 8 Bars of “Time” before I fell of my chair!

    ~Tomi Sue~

  90. Angelo,

    I actually had a similiar caption in mind.

    David confused the band when he decided to rip into a rendition of Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top.


  91. I missed the Top 20 voting (I came back from Slovakia yesterday and was too tired to do anything), but I`ll be listening to it tonight. I hope it will take more than a few hours because I`ll be waiting until 3:10 am to watch an interviev with David (on Polish TV 4, if anyone wants to see it).

    I have to admit it will be quite an interesting week (not counting the show) – Top 20 on radio, interview on TV and Polish TVP 1 will be showing “The Wall” on Wednesday (11:00 pm).

    The invitation to Gdansk show is absolutely brilliant. I saw it on the Gdansk show web site.

  92. [I agree with a friend blogger (i don t remember who, thought…) that once in a while ( de temps en temps) if David posts a few words for us would be a real punch and a surprise i really would appreciate only HI, from David. – Sylvie de Montréal]

    Oh, yes, Sylvie, it would be a dream, but when a dream becomes reality, maybe it’s no more a dream… On se console comme on peut…


  93. Dear Georg Kunz,

    That was great. Now it would be nice to hear Twinkle twinkle little star/bat played in the style of David Gilmour or Pink Floyd. Or how about Baa Baa black Sheep (and pigs on the wing), or How much is that DOGgy in the (Ummagumma) window. (yes I know it was a horse). Little boy (the)Blue, featuring Dick Parry on horn.

    They already did Ring a ring of roses, and quite frankly, I think they murdered it. Hands up every one who thinks they (or David anyway) should do it again.

    ash (running away before you all start throwing stones)

  94. [It was one of the encores throughout the ‘Division Bell’ tour and is included on the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ CD with some fine Jon Carin vocals. The last time it was played on this tour appears to be 27 October 1994. – Features Editor]

    Dear Fed,

    thanks for the research!! Is there any reason why the song is not played live for the last 12 years?
    (Regarding all top 20’s, I presume this song is one of the most wanted PF songs?)

    Please advise

    Kind Regards to all of you

    [I’ve no idea. It’s a lovely song in my opinion. – Features Editor]

  95. Ok, here’s my list… Can you guess which song is first on it? Well, I use it for my irc nick as well…

    1. Mihalis
    2. Yet Another Movie
    3. Comfortably Numb
    4. Sorrow
    5. Fat Old Sun
    6. Echoes
    7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    8. Let’s Get Metaphysical
    9. Marooned
    10. Castellorizon
    11. Cry From The Street
    12. Raise My Rent
    13. Take A Breath
    14. On The Turning Away
    15. Poles Apart
    16. Coming Back To Life
    17. Run Like Hell
    18. The Narrow Way, part III
    19. Green Is The Colour (I miss this one…)
    20. Lost For Words

  96. I was glad to see a couple of votes for Terminal Frost. The sax solo gives me chills every time!

    I couldn’t think of 20 favorites on my first go round, there really are so many good songs. Something about work drains my brain power and patience. Hmm, I’ll have another try…

    Cluster One
    What do You Want From Me
    Poles Apart
    A Great Day For Freedom
    Wearing the Inside Out
    Take it Back
    Coming Back to Life (Oh, that soaring voice!)
    Keep Talking
    Lost for Words
    High Hopes

    Ok, What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Division Bell! Now for the rest of the list.

    On the Turning Away
    Learning to Fly (My daughter loves the video.)
    Wish You Were Here
    One of these Days
    Terminal Frost
    One Slip
    Welcome to the Machine
    This Heaven

    Well, I haven’t listened to everything yet, but I’m trying! 🙂

    Peace, Julie S.

  97. Top twenty – not so easy!!!

    No particular order

    Childhood’s End
    Young Lust
    Biding My Time

  98. The second installment!!

    NO WAY
    Obscured by Clouds
    Comfortably Numb
    Love, Pain and Sorrow (Snowy White)


  99. Hey Fed,

    any thoughts on your Liverpool’s newest addition? Our very own Dirk Kuyt, who comes from my fav club Feyenoord? They lost 3-0 without him today!!

    [Sorry to hear than, Emiel. I’m looking forward to seeing him. I wish he’d played on Saturday. Maybe he’d have scored the winner. – Features Editor]

  100. I just have a question about the interviews on Polskie Radio. Are they going to be availabe on this site later, too? Since I live in the States, 9:15 am Polish time means 3:15 am US time. Can I listen to the interviews after they have been broadcasted?

    I, myself, am from Gdansk and absolutely love my city, but can’t be there now (I envy David and everybody who are going to see him there). Too bad the concert wasn’t in June when I was visiting there. Oh, well, that’s life for you…

    Hope you all have a wonderful time and I hope to hear all about it and see some nice pictures and possibly a Dvd 🙂

    Lidia from Gdansk 🙂

    [I don’t know if it’s possible, Lidia. We’ll look into it. – Features Editor]

  101. hi

    i know that everyone have this demand on the lips, and dont dare to ask … Why dave doesn’t decide to film the poland concert ? Such event can’t stay without recorded memory… There will be bootlegers from far in the audience, and we will have only this poor movie to see…

    The next Dave dvd can be a double or a triple, u could be sure that everyone will buy it, in all prices… It’s maybe the last Dave tour, and the last concert, the nicest of all the concerts… So take the decision please … lot of guitarists already made concerts with philarmonic, like Knopfler, Malmtseen, Vai , Scorpions, Metallica … even Clapton did it in 1990. All these concerts were always so so great.

    Please dave, don’t disappoint us . We are with you from the beginning of your incredible career, now it’s time to make a gift to all the milions of fans who can’t see your concerts alive.

    thx a lot. i am sure you will take the right and kind decision.

  102. Here is Polskie Radio Program 3 Minimax listeners David Gilmour Top 20

    20. Castellorizon
    19. Smile
    18. Run Like Hell
    17. Don’t
    16. Take a Breath
    15. The Narrow Way part 3
    14. Je Crois Entendre Encore
    13. Time
    12. What Do You Want From Me
    11. Learning to Fly
    10. Fearless (Fed You must be glad for sure, for obvious reason)
    9. Dogs
    8. Sorrow
    7. On the Turning Away
    6. On An Island
    5. High Hopes
    4. Wish You Were Here
    3. Echoes
    2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    1. Comfortably Numb

    Hope You all enjoyed the show, and as I expected we were able to listen something from David (simply an interview is quite long). Remember about interviews in coming days.


    [Thanks for that, Tomasz. There are some interesting choices there. – Features Editor]

  103. [Bringing up his children is David’s priority, so I think everything else might – quite rightly – take a back seat to family life for a while after Gdansk. There’s also the small matter of this DVD, of course. – Features Editor]

    I’m not doubting that one bit, let’s not forget, school is back in session. At least here in the US. My son went back Aug.11. and so did my husband and I. LOL

    I’m sure all other things will most certainly have take a back seat for David and Polly. Having children in school changes everything. If I remember correctly, Polly goes to all his shows, so who would get the kiddies off in the mornings?

    I sure don’t think I could squeeze in a tour during the school year. Homework and the such, ya know.

    Such is life.

  104. i missed the radio show. would love it if you could get it on the site, fed.

    thanks for adding the list, tomasz. 🙂

    really interesting choices, or what?! i’d take out ‘fearless’, ‘learning to fly’, ‘je crois entendre encore’ and ‘don’t’ and replace them with ‘the blue’, ‘take it back’, ‘yet another movie’ and ‘coming back to life’. there. that was easier than picking 20 for myself!

    i bet david’s surprised to see ‘the narrow way’ in there. he never cared much for it, did he?

  105. [I don’t know if it’s possible, Lidia. We’ll look into it. – Features Editor]

    I’m sorry, but there is no listen again feature, but I will to drop a few words abot that.

    For Lidia próbuj słuchać Minimaxu, w każdą niedzielę od 21 (polski czas) oraz w czwartek od polnocy do 2 rano. Caly wywiad nie będzie i tak wyemitowany, a pan red. Piotr Kaczkowski powiedział, że on nie zginie i fani mają się nie martwić.

    In today’s instalment was about Mr. Zbigniew Preisner , how they met, and how they worked. David talked about Polly and his first visit to Poland, where they lived in a small hotel which they liked a lot. They felt they it would be great to play a concert in Poland, although they did not think about Gdansk Shipyard at that time. Also David talked about Solidarity and how other countries fought with communist regime. At the end A Great Day for Freedom was broadcast.


  106. Here is my top 20 list, in groups of five

    Early stuff:

    A Pillow of Winds
    A Saucerful of Secrets*
    Astronomy Domine*

    *specifically for the live performances

    Peak period:

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Have a Cigar
    Short and Sweet

    The Wall:

    Comfortably Numb
    Another Brick In the Wall Part II
    Run Like Hell
    Young Lust
    The Thin Ice

    Post Floyd Breakup:

    On The Turning Away
    High Hopes
    Until We Sleep
    On An Island
    Learning To Fly*

    * this is a copout since I love the whole album, every track, start to finish, and can not really isolate a second track

  107. Hey, Tomasz. Thanks a lot for your advice (in Polish:) ). And for the summary of today’s interview. I really enjoyed listening to the list yesterday and not only because I absolutely love David’s music, but also because it was in Polish.

    Tomasz, keep us posted on what’s going on in Gdansk. I bet you’re going to be there. What city are you from?

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie i zycze super przezycia w stoczni w sobote 🙂 I pozwol ze razem z toba przesle pozdrowienia dla calego Gdanska i samego David’a 🙂

    Say hi to my city and David for me 🙂


  108. [I bet you’re going to be there. What city are you from? Lidia]

    For sure I will be there, I live in Poznan.

    In next topic You can find link to today’s interview, or it is on the main page at Live Dates, scroll to the bottom, and you will find link to oficial invitation and today’s interview installment.
    I also say hello to Gdansk, and will try to David, but I doubt he would hear my voice.

    Have a nice day


  109. Hello,

    In 22.08 installment of David interview was about Polly, her writing lyrics for David songs. David stressed that he is able to write lyrics by himself, but it takes him much more time. He said that Polly has a uniqe ability to understand Davids music and quickly transfer it to proper lyrics.

    Another topic was On An Island album, and questions were mostly about unreleased material. David said that quite a lot of material left.

    Before interview Man The Voice (interviewer) was kindly asked not to mention Pink Floyd related issue. But he kindly asked David during the interview if he can ask about Pink Floyd, because his all time best records, are some Pink Floyd ones. David answered if He had to.

    David said that he is very proud of Pink Floyd achievements, all band members had a great time, but David is more focused on future, than on Pink Floyd nostalgia. He stressed that he prefers to work solo.

    Then he added that relations with Roger are ok. They met with each other few times after Live 8.

    Next was about possibility of 3 person Pink Floyd return. The answer was no, but David added if he would feel the need for new Pink Floyd record in distant future, it would rather be with Roger.

    Sorry for long post, but I think it’s interesting.


    [Very interesting. Thank you, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  110. Tomasz – I heard this interview this morning. Of course, translation was going on over David’s voice, but I heard this comment.

    I reckon David has opened a whole can of worms. It will be interesting to see how the media react to this statement. I felt it was rather ambigious, I’m not sure but I think he meant IF Pink Floyd got together again it would be with Roger as well – but who knows what he really meant!!

  111. Hey Tomasz,

    Those are some interesting comments David made in that interview. It’s weird…I can’t describe it, but it actually gives me some closure?

    Thanks for that. I just hope that doesn’t open the pandora’s box here with a million more reunion requests….

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