Phil Manzanera


Another man for whom we should all be extremely grateful is Phil Manzanera.

As well as being Roxy Music’s lead guitarist and a critically-acclaimed producer (and somehow finding time to release almost an album a year since 1975), he is also the man who organised David’s vast collection of song ideas and helped structure what would ultimately become ‘On An Island’.

If you’d like to leave a message for El Magnifico, you’re very welcome to do so.

We’re also asking which song you think has been the best surprise of the tour. Do let us know via our latest poll.

Thanks to the 94% of you who felt that is either ‘excellent’ (61%), ‘very good’ (23%) or ‘quite good’ (10%).

Really, you’re too kind.

There have also been some great articles added to the Press section this weekend. Our thanks to everyone who has suggested, or sent in, something to add. We welcome articles from around the world, so please continue to let us know if you think we’re missing something.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

112 thoughts on “Phil Manzanera”

  1. El Magnifico, truly fits his name. Anyone that can get David to pound out an album is great in my book. Keep em at it, Phil!! Before Phil, I had never seen a see-through guitar. At first I thought he had a polka-dotted guitar =)

    Thanks Phil!


  2. El Magnifico,

    Thanks for your contributions to OAI as well as your own vast accomplishments.

    F.Ed, you are welcome for the positive response to the poll. You’ve earned it.

    Have a great day all,

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  3. The music world needs more people like Phil; It would be richer, kinder, and simply more professional. Thank you Phil for all you’ve done, both throughout your career, and especially so with David’s recent album and tour. It simply wouldn’t be the same without you!

  4. El Magnifico…

    As a big Floyd Fan and Gilmour Buff I’d like to say thank you for sorting DG out and getting him to work to a deadline…

    Well done 🙂

  5. El Magnifico indeed!

    It was great to Snr. Manzanera up on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall at David’s concert, especially since all his hard work on David’s On An Island album.

    One of my Top Ten All Time Favourites featuring the art of playing the electric guitar is the Roxy Music number Out Of The Blue, from their Country Life album.

    This is Phil Manzanera at his finest, and if you get the volume loud enough and the left/right balance spot on, towards the end of the track, the music goes through your head from one ear to the other. It never fails to produce a shiver down my spine.

    He’s one of the world’s finest musicians.

    Vince Carr

  6. Mr Manzanera,

    I was not familiar with you prior to your work with David on OAI. You added to the magic of the OAI show at the Gibson Amphitheater. I’m glad you are Davids’ neighbor and were instrumental in his realizing the OAI album. I can’t wait for the OAI DVD and hope you will continue to work with David to get him to start on his next opus (I believe you are quoted somewhere saying there was enough material for a double album!).

    By the way, I was very impressed with your performance of 6 am on the Strat Pack DVD!

    Great work!


  7. Phil, one great song that we have missed is ”One Slip’, which you co-written with David G. It would have been great to see you play it live.

    Greetings from Monterrey, MEXICO!

    God bless you all

  8. I’m sure this info has been posted somewhere, but does David have any plans on a U.S. tour (specifically Texas)?

    [I believe it’s been 2,364 times now… Sorry, but there are no plans for a return to the States. David was there in April. Please click your name below to see the calendar. – Features Editor]

  9. thanks for everything, phil. we really appreciate it.

    get big d to work on those other song ideas as soon as the tour ends, ok?

    just kidding, ed…

  10. I appreciate Mr Manzanera’s work on stage,his guitar is very good.I like his timing and some effect he uses.

    I’m also glad for Venice’s dates,I know that David wanted to play in Piazza San Marco and the fans are saved!

    Hey Fed,I’ve looked at the tour book and saw your ‘special thanks’,well done!


    [Thank you. All I did was write a few of the biographies. – Features Editor]

  11. Hmmm which song was the best surprise of the tour, a very difficult choice to make.

    For me there are three that stand out (well they all do, but you know what I mean…lol)

    Echoes – the fantastic light show.

    Arnold Layne with Richard on Vocals – storming

    Fat Old Sun – Watching David’s energetic performance on the stage – not bad for a 60 year old…(only kidding!!)

  12. Oh my Gosh Fed!!! I have tried to wait till this bad time was over but I can’t hold it in any longer…..

    Today is my BD and I have tickets to go to GDANSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Melissa (*_*)

    [Some good news! Congratulations, Melissa. I’m really happy for you. – Features Editor]

  13. Phil! I just wanted to say how I greatly appreciate your contribution to David’s album and tour.

    Now…being a friend and neighbor, do you think you could possibly beat another album out of our beloved guitar god BEFORE the year 2018???

    (By the way, I loved your performance of 6pm on the “Strat Pack” DVD)

  14. Mr Manzanera, you are a legend! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love your work with Roxy Music and am so glad that you’ve been keeping David on his toes on this project. I need a towel to wipe my chin when I think of the “vast collection of song ideas” that you guys have to play around with. Know that any time you fancy a play, we’ll listen!

    P.S. Happy birthday to Melissa. Have a great time in Gdansk.

  15. Hi Phil saw you first at the stratpack doing 3p.m. live at it blew me away.

    I always rated you very highly as a guitarist. Your mood and emotion plays right into David’s ball park and on this tour you has blended in seemlessly.

    Thank you Phill.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  16. Phil,

    You certainly are an integral part of the David Gilmour experience. Thanks for all you contributed to the music.

    But what I want to know is if people ever confuse you with a member of The Doors who has a slighly similiar last name??



  17. Phil, OAI is an outstanding cd!!! I may have to get another copy, its always spinning. Thank you for helping to make OAI the masterpiece that it is. Wouldn’t have changed a thing, rock on!!!

    FeD – Its well deserved buddy, keep it up 🙂

  18. Phil Manzanera is one of the most tasteful guitarists around. The pairing of him with David is an excellent match because both of them are great at soaring leads and melodic atmospheres too. I hope that this pairing continues for a long time to come as they are indeed well matched.

    I saw Phil at one gig that he may not want to remember too well. The first time that Roxy played NYC was in Nov. 1972 at Madison Square Garden opening for Jethro Tull and I had 17th Row Center for this gig. Roxy were excellent but NYC wasn’t ready for them and the crowd was , shall we say, less than kind.

    I’m so glad to see that Phil has recovered nicely from that dreadful night. He’s one of the best axemen out there!

  19. El Magnifico,

    Muy Bueno, you certainly are a genius. Thanks for being an intregal part of OAI.

    You rock!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  20. Phil

    Thanks for all your hard work in getting David to produce his new CD. Hopefully, you can pressure him to do another one soon!!

    I admire your work with Roxy Music; you are a great guitarist in your own right. Also, as I think Guy Pratt said in an interview “He is the nicest man in rock”.

  21. As I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog (in the Spring), I think Phil is fantastic. When I heard he was co-producing OAI with David I was thrilled. Then when it was announced he’d be touring too, I was doubly thrilled.

    Saw Roxy in Boston a few years back. Excellent show. Also, “801 Live” was always a fave of mine.

    Probably Echoes was the great surprise for me. Fat Old Sun too. And though it was a later addtition to the repertoire, Arnold Layne. Can’t wait to see that on the DVD. Both Richard’s and Bowie’s versions I hope’ll be on there.

    Glad to hear you Venice ticket holders are gonna have a show after all.

    Cheers you all.

  22. Hi Phil

    Any chance of levering David into making an instrumental album with that strat of his? The guy is a National treasure 8)

  23. Hola Phil, muy bueno tu trabajo 6 pm, a ver si haces más trabajos, gran guitarrista

  24. Thank you Mr. Manzanera for your superb work both on and off stage.

    You’re a living legend.

    With love,


    Great! I look forward to see Phil’s page! I knew Roxy Music in 1998, when I went to the cinema to watched “Velvet Goldmine”. And maybe because I have drunken very much, I remember the immense pleasure of all those colours and that FANTASTIC MUSIC! And a lot of the songs were by Roxy Music! WONDEFUL!

    Ladytron is one of my favourite songs…and I’m sure that also Phil loves the way Thom Yorke sang it for the movie soundtrack! But the original is also better!

    And then 2HB, Virginia Plain…GREAT! I really love the music you created with you originaly band and I really love what you did and what you are doing now with David and your “new” band!

    “Is your love strong enough” is a really great song! I love it very very very much! And Phil contribution to the shows and to On An Island album is known and no-replaceable!

    THANKS YOU PHIL! Very happy yo see you in tour with David. And good luck for the next shows…above all in Venice!



    FEd, I’ve not forgotten you! I’m ready to send you Venice’s shows aricles…even if you need…I don’t want to give to you more job than you already have…you seems very busy in this days! I hope you have energy enough! Take care and don’t make me worried! 😉

    Good night!

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  26. pm,

    is it 6 yet. or seven. not sure. you have done a great thing by helping david get it together, and you’ve done it extremely well. i’m a huge fan of yours, more recently than anything, but that’s ok i think. it was great to see you on the road with the best rock band around, and i’m particularly fond of those polka dot shirts, of which i’ve acquired three. they’re not quite as nice, but you get it. thanks for your hard work. call back on echoes…

  27. Phil,

    I had not had the priviledge of hearing you play live before the OAI tour. I enjoyed your sound very much and I think you are a great compliment to David’s guitar sound. I look forward to expanding my aquaintance with your work and I hope to see you and David performing live another day in the future.

    Best Wishes,
    –Tim B.

  28. I’ve forget to write about the poll.

    The rilecture of ‘Then I close my eyes’,with Dick Parry’s sax instead of Wyatt’s trumpet is very nice.
    I liked mr Pratt’s job on that Stratocaster,too!


  29. Thank you Phil! You are truly a great musician! Not only that you have helped Mr. Gilmour to create and produce a fine number 1 album!

    I have to admit, your huge personality goes with your height. I couldn`t belive how tall you are, I was standing no more than four feet away from you at the reception to the pulse screening. Or it might have been that I was a little `star struck` that night!

    Anyway cheers Phil!

    P.S. Happy Birthday Melissa.

  30. Phil is extraordinary–the perfect counterpart to David on guitar. Thank you so much for being so central to what is an incredible album, an amazing tour, and a “super-group” level of band.

    I was just at the show in Vienne–had actually traveled from America to France just to see the concert–which was without question the best musical experience of my life. Phil had, of course, some gorgeous spots on guitar.

    The Vienne show was so much more relaxed than the two shows that I saw at Radio City–but every bit as exceptional. The opening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond with the band on the wine glasses, David’s muted playing, Richard on keys, was the most beautiful, emotional, appropriate, and honest moment of musical performance that I’ve ever been witness to, and I found myself being struck by how much this tour is the product not just of a guitar God but also of an exceptional band. We all love David, but I’ve learned that Phil–like each member of this astonishing group–is a brilliant musician, too.

    Thank you, Phil. Your work is so appreciated.

    By the way, would the F.Ed. have a recommendation or two for albums to invest in as a pathway to begin the process of exploring Phil’s other work?

    [I like ‘Diamond Head’, myself. You might as well start at the beginning. – Features Editor]

  31. Hey there Phil, Pink Floyd and Roxy Music have always been my favourite bands. I was fortunate enough to see you with Roxy in Waterloo Ontario around 1975 the band did most of the Stranded album. Caught you again in Toronto with Roxy in the summer in 2003.

    Thank you for helping Mr Gilmour and I was lucky enough to catch the OAI show Aptil 9/06 at Massey Hall. It was the greatest concert I have ever seen. You and David together is ….well I don’t have words to describe it, please keep that friendship strong.

    6 p.m. is listened to by me at least once a week great album. Thanks Phil


  32. I remember when I first saw Phil playing with Roxy and I thought where did he get thoughs wild sun glasses. Phil is a very good guitarist and I have always loved his music. I’m glad to see the lounge lizards back again, Touring.

    Plus isn’t Guy touring with Roxy.

    Fed, Glad that you are back and everything is going well. Plus BB King was great.


    [Glad to hear that you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  33. Most magnificent Magnifico,

    As others have said, thank you so much for helping make OAI a reality – both as a producer and performer. The combination of you, Guy and Steve makes for a killer rhythm section and for me this has really contributed to the excellence of the tour, providing a perfect context for David’s music (as well as Richard and Jon).

    From Pooh and the Ostrich Feather to Arnold Layne and Astronomy Domine… the more things change, the more they stay the same eh? 🙂

    Thanks again,


    p.s. An album of Gilmourean instrumental aural adventures would be top of my wish list, if you chaps happen to find yourself bored at the end of the tour and anywhere near a soundboard – think extended Castellorizons and Red Sky at Nights crossed with the blog musical snippets. Go on, indulge yourselves… 🙂

  34. Sr. Manzanera,

    Thank you for all the wonderful music you have been a part of sharing with us. Be it your own music, songs co-written or songs produced. Your contributions with Mr. Gilmour in particular are appreciated by visitors to this website.

    Though I was not fortunate enough to see the shows when the tour came to North America, I was very pleased to hear you were part of the tour.

    Thanks again!

  35. I owned an album in the seventies called “801 live”, and I bought it because I liked the guitar neck on the cover. It turned out to be a good buy, with a great sound and a good line up of musicians. One of those musicians was Phil, who later on gave us some more great sounds with “Roxy Music”.

    The good music is the stuff you can put on the shelf for awhile but eventually just have to listen to again. Phil and David have that kind of a magic in the music they have produced, individualy and together.

    I found my way to this sight back in December, and was very happy to learn Phil and David were working together. I also thought it was a great story learning that David knew Phil’s older brother years ago, and that he introduced Phil to him.

    The Album is simply brilliant, and maybe it is my age now…but, that album messures up to anything David has done before. Phil’s contribution is very noticable, and a great touch at that, everything is so smooth and rich.

    I want to say thanks for a great show this year, your sound came out great. I hope you are still having a great time with it all, I just can’t imagine how great that really must be. All those fantastic places you guys have played, the best for the best!

    Well Mr.Fancy bright polka dot’s shirt, here’s to you, you killer guitar man.

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  36. Caption: “Yes, it is I, El Magnifico. I see that you are speechless and cannot contain your unbridled joy.”

    Lead guitarist, producer, an album a year, OAI. Bravo! He’s a busy guy. Olé, El Magnifico! ;{D>

  37. I believe it’s been 2,364 times now… Sorry, but there are no plans for a return to the States. David was there in April. Please click your name below to see the calendar. – Features Editor]

    Arent sorting filters great for these kinda questions 🙂

    Btw.. where is the tours’ “path of illumination” leading to Fed?


    [I wouldn’t know anything about that. – Features Editor]

  38. Hi Fed, remember me? Haven’t posted for awhile in a deliberate attempt to reduce your workload, Read your efforts all the time and am proud of way you are handling things. Thus will try to be concise, please edit as you see fit.

    I empathise with those that can’t make rescheduled concerts and my heart goes out to you. I was caught up in the collapsing seats at Earls Court all those years ago and I missed the re scheduled. It is something I regret even now all these years ago. I know how important it is.

    Everything is relative and life is subjective, so comparisons with other events are not valid. The best we can do for those we have lost is to let them go. Its what they would have wanted. Trust me I know.

    Phil, great support for David, keep up the good work for him, yourself and everyone. Long may the joint efforts continue.

    Time for light relief, so here’s my HRH story. HRH means His Royal Highness and in this case its Prince Charles. I entered some glass sculptures in local exhibition, one of which was based on “Glassman” design (see June 3rd blog entry for info on this.) Don’t panic Fed there will never be another one, but I used some techniques to make a glass guitar playing a man. This sold by the way on opening night!!

    Prince Charles visited on a private tour and I set myself the objective to find out if Royalty are really in touch with their people by asking him if he has heard for David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. I wore my David pin badge and as I spoke to HRH pointed this in his direction asking him if he had heard of the Floyd and David’s music. Yes, he was familiar, said in such a way as that it should be obvious. So another fan signed up.

    HRH had heard I lost a dog and urged me to get another. I asked if he had any spare corgis. He said no but he knew of someone who did, (presume his mum!). He said not to have any as they snap! HRH was very relaxed and I was more nervous of meeting Guy at Glasgow than the future King!

    Signing off for a while but will read as always. More power to you Fed. Great site just keep find more useful bits of it. Stay cool, thanks and keep laughing.

    Ian Pearson

    [Great post, Ian. Good to have you back. – Features Editor]

  39. Happy Wednesday,

    I must confess that, after first hearing Virginia Plain on the radio, I bought and still have the first few Roxy LP’s. I then went to see Roxy live at Birmingham Town Hall 1973. The clothes you wore then may not have stood the test of time but I think the music has held up rather well.

    Pete – Coventry

  40. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for all what you’ve done to make “On an Island” (-tour & album) a great success.

    “6 pm” is an absolute master piece, a must have. “Vozero” & “50 minutes later” are pearls too.

    Keep on rockin’ and more important keep in love with Claire.


  41. Mr. Manzanera,

    Thank you kindly for your contributions to making OAI happen. It would not have been the same without you.

    Best regards,

  42. El Magnifico!

    Thanks for being a huge inspiration for so many years! Your guitar playing and studio wizardry are legendary. Ferry and Gilmour is lucky to have you by their side!

    All the best
    Bjorn, Norway

  43. Mr. Manzanera:

    This I offer in the spirit of humor. For years I thought your last name was “Marinara.” Then I had another look at the credits on my old Roxy Music albums and realized…

    You have been part of so much of the music I love: Roxy Music, latter-day Floyd, and now Gilmour. Your impact on this music must surely be huge.

    Thanks for the gift of music, the gift that has meant so much to me throughout my life.

  44. Too much english and french spoken in this blog, Phil’s entry is the perfect opportunity for some spanish:

    Saludos, Mr. Manzanera y enhorabuena por toda una carrera; especialmente por producir tan fantásticamente a innumerables artistas latinos. La producción de OAI es también fantástica y estoy deseando poder volver a verle junto con el resto de la banda en Venecia. Gracias también por el esfuerzo adicional al reprogramar estos dos últimos conciertos.

    FEd, can you speak spanish too? Maybe we can turn the blog into an on-line language school when the tour is over 😉

    [I don’t speak any Spanish, I’m afraid, but it’s more than welcome here. – Features Editor]

  45. Phil Manzanera

    You are the Man.

    We are all indebted to you for co-ercing, cajoling and co-producing with David, to transform his 10-year collection of soundscapes into On An Island.

    Your article in “Sound on Sound”(July’06) was a fascinating read.

    I hope that you are still “struggling with the intro to Wish You Were Here”,(a confession from the MOJO Awards). That being so, you will then have to get together again with David after Gdansk to receive more tuition, whilst at the same time knocking out another album.

    Especially as David seems to have enjoyed making OAI so much that he can’t wait to start fiddling around in his studio again. You have obviously been a good influence on him.

    Long may your partnership blossom and flourish.

  46. I have to say thanks to Phil for turning up in a great orange shirt and white trousers combination in Vienne!! Who says aging rock stars have to dress only in black? 🙂

    The “best surprise” song poll is interesting. I couldn’t really vote for Echoes because I knew it would be played beforehand, although it has been the highlight of both concerts I went to. I would have voted for “Wearing the Inside Out”, but it wasn’t played at either one (… expletive deleted …). So I settled for Arnold Layne, talk about a song that has a 60’s feel but still sounds great today.

    Syd’s star may have turned into a black hole far too soon, but it did shine brightly when it was there …

  47. FEd,

    Best surprise song of the tour is a difficult call…

    David has been playing some REAL GEMS from the Pink Floyd/Syd catalogue.

    All of the songs on the list would get my vote, but I can only vote once :0(

    It’s no great surprise to see Echoes way out in front on the poll.

    I was fortunate enough to SIX of the list played at RAH on 29/05/06 (1,2,5,7,9 & 10).

    Never ever thought I’d get to hear Wot’s Uh… The Deal, that was a REAL bonus for me, a great song from a very underrated album.

    However, my vote goes to Wearing The Inside Out.

    I was somewhat miffed when this song wasn’t played on the Pulse/Division Bell Tour, so to see/hear this was worth the intervening 12-year wait.

    Thanks to David, Rick, Phil, Guy, Jon, Steve & Dick for recreating Pink Floyd’s/Syd’s glorious past.

    Now then, what other rare tracks can we look forward to hearing on the next tour…. Mmmm…
    A Saucerful Of Secrets, Jugband Blues, Terminal Frost, One Slip, Stay… no, I’ll get me coat.

  48. El Magnifico has always been a great guitarist, musician, songwriter, witnessing some of the finest rock history with Roxy Music and many other collaborations.

    Seeing You with David has given me a chance to go back to all Your previous great solo albums and buy all those I missed!!!

    And Phil is the name of my boss too 🙂 a very nice chap.

  49. Great post Ian… My you do mix in high circles.

    I LOL at you being more nervous meeting Guy than HRH.

    I was also at the “collapsing seats at Earls Court”, but was fortunate enough to make it to the re-scheduled night.

    Like you Ian, I empathise with all those people who can’t make it back out to Venice this weekend.

    FEd, I guess your “Features Ed Survival Kit” has taken some stick over the last few days, with all the (mer)Chanting of Venice!!!

    [It’s a real box of goodies. Things to eat, drink, burn, smell, squeeze… A lovely cup and saucer (which, apparently, I am allowed to throw against a wall should the need arise), a little stress ball (that my dog will try to claim, no doubt), my very own Fedmeister mask, eye drops, handkerchiefs… It’s fantastic. – Features Editor, June 2, 2006 12:32 PM]

    I hope your cup and saucer are still intact…

    [It hasn’t been thrown against a wall as yet. The stress ball has been thrown at just about everything, though. – Features Editor

  50. Off topic I know but on a sadder note we lost Arthur Lee of ‘Love’ last week. Along with Syd, another genius of his generation.

    I never realised till recently that apparently ‘Love’ had been a band Syd had been into.

    Ironic then we should lose both within a short space of each other.

    Pete – Coventry

  51. Ian,

    How great to meet the Prince – and to find out whether he was into David’s music. What a giggle to think of him and Camilla kicking back and listening to OAI – I wonder if The Blue takes on a wholly different meaning to the aristocracy? (“the blue….so blue….”) 🙂


  52. I too am sorry to say that I wasn’t familiar with Mr. Manzanera’s work before OAI, but from what I’ve seen, I’m truly impressed. He seems like a really nice guy too. Glad to see him working with David. I shall look into his work with Roxy Music.

    For me Echoes was a big surprise, because I have always wanted to here it live in person and never believed I would have had the chance. Thanks to David and Co. last April it happened. Wots uh the deal and Fat old sun were a big bonus.


  53. [What a giggle to think of him and Camilla kicking back and listening to OAI – I wonder if The Blue takes on a wholly different meaning to the aristocracy? (“the blue….so blue….”) :)]


    Hmmmm….imagine them kicking back with a copy of DSOTM and smoking some funny tobacco.

    But then politically speaking many of us do wonder what some are smoking.


  54. Phil ~

    Funny that “Avalon” with it’s meaning, “an island paradise in the western seas” is my favorite Roxy Music record and now you appear on David’s shore to add that same touch of inspired and passionate playing. Thanks for that as well as all your wonderful contributions throughout your legendary career.

    Your fan,

  55. Thanks to Phil for working with David to pull On an Island together. I enjoyed his work with Roxy Music, but have never listened to any of his solo material.

    Can anyone recommend a good place to start?


    Mike from Connecticut

  56. Ian, Good one, I enjoyed that post.

    Not met many famous people myself although I did meet Dick Emery one time.

    Remember him.

    Pete – Coventry

  57. [We’re also asking which song you think has been the best surprise of the tour. Do let us know via our latest poll.]

    Seems as if my vote has been “Echoed” in the overwhelming results but I also wanted to tip my hat to David for inclusion of “Wot’s…Uh The Deal” on this tour…

    A classic revisited for sure 🙂

  58. Phil, man, you’ve added to your already legendary status: The Roxy Music who pushed David Gilmour to get his creative juices going again.

    Thanks for your prolific career and for helping David jump start his…

    And Ian, that was a nice story… I won’t see HRH the same way again…

  59. Bravo, El Magnifico! I enjoy all of your music and appreciate your contributions to OAI so much. Very best wishes to you!

    Ian — that’s a fabulous story! I love it!

    Hmm…the best surprise poll was very tough to answer. I suppose “Arnold Layne” was a terrific surprise, but I had to vote for “Fat Old Sun” because it reduced me to tears. The ending of it was like nothing I had ever heard before. I’m so looking forward to the DVD.

  60. [An album of Gilmourean instrumental aural adventures would be top of my wish list, if you chaps happen to find yourself bored at the end of the tour and anywhere near a soundboard – think extended Castellorizons and Red Sky at Nights crossed with the blog musical snippets. Go on, indulge yourselves… – nickster]

    I 2nd that my friend!! That would be great!!


  61. El Magnifico,

    We really enjoyed seeing you contribute to the Massey Hall show in Toronto April 10th and thanks for helping David get his ‘ arse ‘ in gear in making the On An Island CD. We love the OAI.


  62. [I won’t see HRH the same way again]

    Perhaps HRF for “His Royal Fly-ness”? *perhaps not*

  63. Photo Caption:

    “I, El Magnifico, the Count of Marinara, have eyes that hypnotize, just look into my eyes. . . ”

  64. El Magnifico, que pasa?

    Thanks for the wonderful contributions to On An Island, from both sides of the mixing board! A hearty thank you for making my dream come true by getting Dave’s album started (and finished!) and for gracing the aged and dusty planks at Massey Hall on April 9th.

    I hope to see you and that Gilmour guy around these parts soon enough. I miss you already!


  65. [” El Magnifico, the Count of Marinara “]

    That’s perfect and tie’s in nicely with my latest dish in honor of our beloved moderator, “F*Ed-ttucini Alfredo”

  66. Phil –

    In addition to your vast body of work with Roxy and as a solo artist, your production of OAI is superb. Although I am by no means an accomplised guitarist, one of my great joys in life is sitting around and playing guitar with a friend. I’m glad that David has such a great friend in you.

    Here’s a happy day to remember: From Phil’s site, a picture of from his wedding. In attendance Polly and David as well as Robert Wyatt. Click my name.

    FEd –

    Great job keeping everyone posted over the crazy weekend. Try to relax some this week and take care of yourself.

    [Thanks. Have a good one yourself. – Features Editor]

  67. hi Fed!

    Random question, ever thought of creating more of Ian’s Glassmen to sell to fans as a reminder of this amazing tour? I would definitely take one!

    Have a great friday!
    tonya (nc)

    [I wouldn’t dream of it. Glassman’s unique! You’ll have to ask Ian. – Features Editor]

  68. This On an Island Tour is the tour of love (David And Polly), calm and serenity (On An Island album), friendship, (Musicians and David), generosity towards us. (The Setlist ! with Echoes…, a new DVD).

    And you Phil who I was lucky to meet in Paris near Olympia, you are at the origin of all that.

    Thank you all !

    Dominique GOUBY

  69. “Not met many famous people myself although I did meet Dick Emery one time.”

    Have not had the pleasure of meeting anyone in this band but did go to Phila. College of Art same time as Todd Rundgren and went to high school with Reggie Jackson (Yankees baseball player for non yanks) and Bejamin Netanyahu (sp?) when his folks were consuls living in the Philly suburbs.

    Sorry FEd,

    I know this has nothing to do with Phil or David but I would like to thank Phil for getting David organized and productive as David’s time reference seems to be similar to dog years (12 yrs for the Pulse DVD? :))

  70. El Magnifico has that rare combination of style and substance in abundance. He possesses some of the most distinctively innovative guitar licks of the last 35 years and shares Mr Gilmour’s ability to make it look and sound effortless.

    As a member of probably the coolest group of all time in the shape of the mighty Roxy Music the only thing that looks sharper than Phil (or Bryan) on stage is his guitars which have to be the nattiest collection this side of the Atlantic.

    And of course we must all be grateful that Phil was a major catalyst behind David’s come-back. Thank you.

    Just imagine being this man; a brilliant guitarist, a member of one the most important British groups of all time, a highly rated producer and then recording and playing with David Gilmour.

    For anyone out there who dosn’t own any of Mr Manzanera’s work with Roxy, don’t hesitate buy “The Thrill Of It All”. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a box set; you will not be disappointed. Every Dream Home should have one.


  71. Phil, Phil, Phil

    Your style and abilities helped make My two shows in Hollywood CA., Two of the best ever in my life. That includes Garcia, Houser, Clapton performances. You give David the most solid support on some of the coolest songs ECHOES and The Blue were my two favs and Whats Uh..the deal.

    Anyway thank you for your hard work and practice it Shines thruogh when you are up on that stage with that group of elite musicians….Rock On ( I Know You Know How too)

    Dan Simpson

  72. [Thanks to Phil for working with David to pull On an Island together. I enjoyed his work with Roxy Music, but have never listened to any of his solo material. Can anyone recommend a good place to start? – Mike from Connecticut]

    Hi Mike, just go directly to 6 P.M. it is an outstanding album, actually all of Phil’s solo material is really good, but the second half of 6 P.M. has a real early Pink Floyd feel to it and it should David Gilmour plays on a couple of those tracks. Take care Mike.


    [Don’t forget Phil’s website. Click George’s name below for that. – Features Editor]

  73. Thank you,Phil,for getting it done and getting David back out on the road where he belongs! It was a magical tour indeed and the two shows I managed to see were among the most memorable of shows Ive ever attended. Outstanding spiritual vibe through out the whole tour!

    Most surprising song of the tour,for me,would have to be “Echoes”…never did I believe I would get to see that live,and with Rick,as well. Also was surprised and elated to hear “Wots…Uh The Deal”.

    Though,with all the old gems being dusted off and performed to exquisite perfection,it left me wanting to hear “The Atom Heart Mother”…maybe next tour.

  74. your taste in shirts is fabulous.

    and, of course, an excellent guitarist and musician.

  75. Hi F.ed,

    Just wanted to let you know that the package finally arrived. Thanks so much for taking care of this. Really do appreciate it.


    [I’m so glad to hear it. Thanks for letting us know. There’ll be another competition soon. – Features Editor]

  76. Good Morning FEd,

    I trust you are well and that you are not throwing your stress ball too much.

    Well, there’s just 36-hours to the 1st re-scheduled show in St Marks Square.

    I’ve been checking on the webcam view kindly provided by Koen on August 4, 2006 10:09 AM

    There doesn’t seem to be much activity going on rigging the stage, etc. or is it out of shot? I assume the stage will be bottom left, yes?

    Can you arrange to have it moved so we can all see the shows, with your mercurial powers, it shouldn’t be too much trouble, oh yes and by the way can we have real time, rather than a mere one frame every 11 seconds, stereo sound wouldn’t go amiss either…;-P

    If you can’t oblige can you pass on my request to Jimmy Saville to “Fix It” for me, many thanks…

    [Jimmy’s working on it as I type. – Features Editor]

  77. Hey Guys!

    Will the problems with the airports in the uk affect David & the crew returning to Venice for this week end?

    We are driving there on Friday nite from calais! & I might be able to fit a guitar or two in for David or Phil, if they are having problems!!!

    I dont want to arrive there & find that the guys wont be able to perform again!!!



    [They will be there, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  78. “I wouldn’t dream of it. Glassman’s unique! You’ll have to ask Ian”

    How about a glass “F’ed” with pointy stick, Ian. I reckon you’d shift a few of those. It might be a little fragile though(!)

    [Actually, I think it would probably hurt the owner before it got damaged. – Features Editor]

  79. You Rock Phil, love your work on David’s tour but also your work with Roxy Music, nice composition One Slip.

  80. [How about a glass “F’ed” with pointy stick, Ian. I reckon you’d shift a few of those. It might be a little fragile though(!) – Posted by: Tim C (still running like hell) at August 10, 2006 11:05 AM]

    I think someone still has a cob on about the silliness cull…

  81. “I think someone still has a cob on about the silliness cull…”

    JJ. Nope, I’m cool.

    Sounding like a miserable bastard is obviously just my normal style.

  82. I have always been impressed by Phil’s genuine love of music and it’s obvious from interviews that he is still very much a fan at heart. He seems an excellent choice for a collaborator, level headed, enthusiastic and little need to impress in any kind of flash way.

    Well done Phil!

  83. Hey Phil (Manzanera)

    Why is so difficult for you play Wish you were here??? (referring Milan and Florence shows)

  84. El Magnifico – never aiming for the limelight but so instrumental in the overall sound and production.

    Just voted on the best surprise of the tour poll. Glad to see I’m not alone in my choice – a clear winner me thinks!

  85. ‘Echoes’ leading the pack as the surprise song of the tour?

    I’d say ‘Arnold Layne’ was a bigger “surprise”…. I like ‘Echoes’ better as a song/performance, but ‘Arnold Layne’ was a bigger surprise…

    Whoever expected in a million years that pre-Gilmour Floyd tune would come out the closet…very few, me thinks…

    Forgive this self-indulgent comment, but this world has become a very scary place to live these days. Hug your children, live for today, don’t put off for tomorrow…

  86. hello fed.

    please dont let david or polly or any other members of the band fly anytime soon, please everyone be careful the terrorist attacks are geting worst take a boat. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the uk please be careful.

  87. Hi Fed.

    its fantastic to get the chance to see such guitarist like Phil Manzanera. And david lets him as lot of space as possible. I liked the “new” dominoes Version where Phil played the mainguitar!!

    Also wanted to thanx you FED for your Venice Informations – wouldnt know where we would get Infos without this Homepage …

    Will be back in Venice very soon ….. cant wait to see and hear the notes! ive got my ticket confirmation printed – and hopefully everything works with the Pick Up at the Marcus Square … if not something very serious will happen …

    Hopefully David and the band is already there – because i read that there are some major problems at the english airports?!


  88. Hye Fed i just wanted to say thankyou for passing on the information re my tickets being available i have only recieved one email and no further interest which is understandable as they are quite expensive, no worrys as i have reurned them for a refund

    have a great night to all going for the rescheduled dates. And my thoughts and best wishes go out to the band the crew and all involved who must have worked through a nightmare of a week to get this re-organised, i do hope to see david again sooner rather than later.

    Im off for a bit of fishing Ruck sack on my back and the wind behind me. If i had been a little younger and less commitments i would have ridden accross europe on my bike to get to venice.

  89. FE, I have a question.

    In the backing music to the Gilmour site, a classical piece of music plays. What track is this from, on On An Island (I’m guessing)

    I am about to pick up OAI, and was wondering?

    [It’s actually one of the many sound snippets we play on the site from time to time, courtesy of David. It’s not found on ‘On An Island’, but if you like it, you won’t be disappointed by the album. – Features Editor]

  90. Well Fed, I really have to say that David’s Web Site is one of the greatest sites to go to and receive a responds. I checked out a few other musicians web sites that have been posted and either there out dated or just really plain. But David’s web site is the best.

    You always have everything we fans can see and use. Like the Calender, The Blog, News and much more. If there is any rumors out there, I can read the news on this web site to find out what is going on like when P.U.L.S.E was being released. Your staff is great and I really enjoy the Pictures that David’s Wife (Polly) takes during David’s concerts. Plus Polly is a Fantastic writer.

    So my hats off to this web site.

    Plus Fed, You have been to David’s concert. What is you favorite song from the concert.


    [That’s really kind of you, Thomas. Thank you very much. 52% can’t be wrong and ‘Echoes’ is rather special, but I can’t remember the last concert I attended where an album was played in its entirety and I do have a soft spot for ‘High Hopes’, for the Syd Barrett songs… I really can’t say, sorry. – Features Editor]

  91. I’m taking note of the wording of the current poll says “best surprise”, not “biggest surprise”. I agree with the results so far, that Echoes is the best surprise, though I’d put FOS second.

    But I would say Wots… is the biggest surprise. I put that ahead of Arnold Layne because I have heard that on the last Floyd tour that Layne was used in soundchecks. And Dark Globe wasn’t a huge surprise given the circumstances, though it was a welcome one.

  92. Thanks for that FE.

    It’s a darn shame that classical music only goes on for 10 bars.

    I’m not one for classical music but I could listen to that tiny snippet all day long.

    David Gilmour – What a musical genius.

    [If you haven’t already heard David’s homage to Georges Bizet, click your name below for some clips from his 2003 DVD. ‘Je Crois Entendre Encore’ is simply gorgeous. – Features Editor]

  93. [please dont let david or polly or any other members of the band fly anytime soon, please everyone be careful the terrorist attacks are geting worst take a boat. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the uk please be careful. – Posted by: claricehickman at August 10, 2006 02:48 PM]

    Clarice, I understand your fears, but if you think about it, now is when security will be back on track. Over time I think everyone had relaxed somewhat. Now that the threat level has been raised, I think security will be tightened back up. This could be a good thing for thoes of us who may need to travel in the following weeks. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. So smile (*_*) while time allows.

    Don’t let em get ya down.

    We truly do live in a world that is “departed”.


    [Just to let you know that everyone has arrived in Italy safe and well. – Features Editor]

  94. Just to say that Phil is not a musician I know a lot about, but he certainly played a cracking part in the gig I watched in Manchester. An album a year almost since 1975, I wonder how many chord combinations he came up with in that time……scary to think!

    Well done Phil and thanks for sounding so good in David’s band, long may it continue.

  95. I was extremely impressed with Phil’s guitar work at the NYC concert I saw opening day of the North America tour. He is fantastic.

    Happy Birthday to me! Great to be 21– again. Ok, 34 isn’t that bad, I guess.

    Been in Boston for sales meetings. Glad to check into the blog again after a week. Sorry to hear about all the chaos with the Italy set-up (or break down).


    [Happy birthday, Tara. Hope you had a good day. – Features Editor]

  96. What can you do when you get so down that not even can cheer you up?

    Any ideas, please let me know, as the darkness is closing in on me.

    Elizabeth, feeling very hopeless

    [Sorry to hear that, Elizabeth. Perhaps some of the joy from those lucky enough to be in Venice this weekend will rub off on you? – Features Editor]

  97. hé,everybody in London . I hope you will make it safely to Italy tomorrow. In the air and on the stage my thoughts are with you…

    Take care. Sylvie de Montréal

  98. (My condolences for Syd)

    Hi, I’m the youngest “real” fan EVER and I’ve never had the opportunity to see David Gilmour live or Pink Floyd. It’s definately my one dream in life, besides winning the lottery 🙂

    Please, can he come to the south in the US?!?!?!?! I was going to go to Illinois in March to see him but I got sick and stayed that way until last month.

    David touches my heart in every way, his singing, his picking, the way he barely moves and makes everything look so easy. I learned how to play Wish You Were here, even the solo parts and it was the hardest most rewarding thing I ever did. It took me 6 months.

    I watch Live in Pompei at least once every couple months. I know all the words to so many songs. I had ties with a local band and I practiced all the songs to sing backup for them for Run, Shine On, WUWH, ABITW part2, What Do You Want From Me, and other artists too.

    I have not been to a concert in 15 years, since I was 15 years old. I don’t like the huge crowds that much, but I DREAM of seeing and hearing David or Pink Floyd live. The music has always been in my life and been an integral part of my life. I would give almost anything. I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck but I would give a whole month’s pay to see David play from 30 feet away. I would drive anywhere in the southeast of the US if he could just come here one more time. I live in Georgia. I’d take a plane to New York if I had to. Please please please, I wish he was here.

    (PS. I really loved watching everyone do WUWH for the Typhoon victims in Asia. Roger almost couldn’t sing because he teared up, and David looked at him with a smirky but loving smile. Beautiful. I just want a chance at the experience before it’s too late. If I never got to see David, I would regret it to my grave and I would think of it on occasion with sadness, like someone might have been sad to never hear MLK or John Lennon speak.)

    PS, sorry for being off topic. I didn’t know where to post and this is my first time posting a comment here. :/

    [That’s OK, Rebecca. I’m glad you’re feeling better now. – Features Editor]

  99. 11st of August…is today the first Venice shows, right?

    GOOD LUCK! I hope the band and the fans can have a so fantastic show than make them forget the disappointments of the days before!



  100. I thought Phil was great at the show I saw in Chicago. Especially liked his work on Dominoes.

    Phil, thanks for your efforts on OAI.

  101. Great night in Venice 12 August, thank you Rick, Dave and the rest of the band. I love you all!

    Ciao friends.

  102. Must be interesting too with these approaches, the solo albums-exploring in ways. But however it goes have fun with that stuff.

  103. I made a post that was not published I hope it was not my reference to Primitive Guitars, it was not a slur -insult not musical technique- to El Magnifico merely a reference to his 1982 album of that name.

    Fed, I don’t know if this has been done. How about a list of the guitars used on stage by Mr Manzanera, and the panama-hatted, very English Mr Gilmour?

    [Hi Ben. I don’t recall that post. I don’t think we received it, sorry. It certainly hasn’t been deleted. As for the list of guitars, I’d have to do a lot of nagging to get all the details. – Features Editor]

  104. In which case I will not nag you, it would probably be a pretty long post judging by the changes in the gig.

    It must take David and Phil ages to lug all their amps on stage and tune the guitars themselves, suprising they have the energy to do the show. In humour B.

    [If we can find out anything relevant, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  105. Thanks Fed I have just seen ‘ask phil’ -different Phil- in the faq, that answers a few questions.

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