'On an Island'



The winner is… Martin D. Well done, Martin! Please let us know where we should send your prize.

The second track from David’s ‘On an Island’ album, and the second such competition.

The rules are still simple. All you need to do is list five words that you think of when you listen to the title-track (which, incidentally, came out on top in our Favourite track from ‘On an Island’ poll, just ahead of ‘Take a Breath’).

No sentences, just words and no more than five of them. For example, you might list something like harmony, nightfall, memories, sand and sea.

The last time, the prize went to the first person – and only the first person – to suggest the very word that I was thinking of. This time, the prize will go to the one person whose name is selected at random from a list, raffle-style.

If anyone guesses any of my five words, they will be entered into the draw with a number based on the order in which that word was received (all posts, as you know, are time-stamped).

If someone guesses more than one of my five words, then they will be entered into the draw more than once/given more than one number, thereby giving them a greater chance of winning.

The competition will run until midnight tonight (UK time). No further entries will be allowed after this time, so please don’t bother trying. A list of names will by then have been compiled and a random person will select the winning number tomorrow, when I will announce the winner and you can all return to being calm, sane, perhaps even dull individuals in anticipation of news from Venice.

Good luck.

Our new poll asks how you rate DavidGilmour.com (as a complete site, including this blog), so please let us know. You responses in no way influence the outcome of the competition, though, so you can be completely honest. We can take it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

120 thoughts on “'On an Island'”

  1. hey kids 🙂

    I am guessing the poll is to see if the site needs improvements or changes. Here’s my 2 cents worth. Unless I am blind as a bat ( or just a dumbass ), there is no link back to the main site from the blog posts page. Even as I write this, I feel FED frowning and i m surely awaiting a snappy comeback 🙂

    btw.. this is a very cozy website. I came to know about it rather late, but it seriously makes me feel that I am part of the floyd family in some way.

    [No frowning from me, I promise. Feedback is always very useful, but I don’t know what the other people who are involved in the site will have to say when they see our latest poll, so please speak your mind (and we won’t tell them if you think the site’s rubbish). There is a link to davidgilmour.com. The banner at the top serves as one. – Features Editor]

  2. [No frowning from me, I promise. Feedback is always very useful, but I don’t know what the other people who are involved in the site will have to say when they see our latest poll, so please speak your mind (and we won’t tell them if you think the site’s rubbish). There is a link to davidgilmour.com. The banner at the top serves as one. – Features Editor]

    in the ever wise words Homer simpsoms, DOHHHHH!

    [No, not at all. Perhaps it should be clearer. – Features Editor]

  3. 5 OAI words:

    – beauty
    – togetherness
    – unison
    – romance
    – timeless

    DG Website:

    The website as a whole is really well done. Usually I can’t stand sites that have music on by default on the homepage, but because it’s David’s music (and because it’s very ambient and instrumental) it enhances the experience rather than detracting from it. I also love the movement in the wireman which really helps to bring the front page alive.

    Rather than blub on about the good bits, there are only a couple of things that I think could be improved upon – and this might be more useful to you than just the positive.

    The main issue is the site navigation. The vast majority is perfect, but there are one or two ‘dead ends’ for navigation in there – where the user is taken into a subsection without an obvious means to return to the top level. I think the S&N section is one of these, although it might be that this is because it is spawned in its own new window (likewise the gallery). There may well be excellent reasons for it being this way currently, in which case just make the ‘David Gilmour’ logo linked to the DG.com top page. IMHO these sections (S&N, Gallery) could be integrated into the DG.com site a little better so that they feel a bit more integrated (with navigation in and out more seamless and with less windows).

    Also, I’d love to see the Gallery format changed so that each of Polly’s photographs are opened within the page itself, rather than new windows – with forward and back buttons to facilitate navigation.

    The site is wonderful though and I’m just nit-picking because improvement/criticism is always a good thing (and you asked for it!). The real positives are the breadth and depth of information, as well as the ‘life’ that can be felt within it (sound, motion)…I just think that a little navigational tweaking could tighten it up a touch.

    I’m an HCI (Human Computer Interaction) person, so this is what I do (usability, interface evaluations etc). The bottom line from me is that it’s 99% great already 🙂


    [Thanks for that, Nick (plus the bit I’ve deleted so as not to open the floodgates). You’re the first name on my list, by the way. – Features Editor]

  4. sublime

    My only comment on the site would be that some of the parts do seem to be a bit disparate… the gallery section doesn’t really fit in in layout terms compared to the main site, same with this blog actually. The colours and images are all fairly consistent but the layout changes around too much in different sections (which may lead to the small issues with navigation…I like my navigation constant on every page).

    Having said all that I do think the overall artistic style is lovely.

    Au revoir


    [Thanks, Brendon. Good point. – Features Editor]

  5. Ciao,

    the competitions make me crazy. this poor italian lad trying to find some english word he doesn’t have in his vocabulary. Never a chance to win. 🙁


    ciao 😉

    [You do have a chance. One of your words is on my list. – Features Editor]

  6. Feelings

    ciao Elisabetta

  7. beauty, eternity, passion, enchanting, awesome

    I suppose I could also use one of those words to describe the site to…your task Fed is to guess which one!

    It really is an awesome site i cannot flaw it except perhaps if the gallery was labelled better as currently you have to scroll through to find pictures from the venue you are looking for.

    Thanks 😀

    [I’d be happy with any one of them, Nick. – Features Editor]

  8. beyond
    the horizon

    Why wasn’t I born when all the most incredible music started to run? Just an impression 🙂

    Anyways, as far as the web is concerned: if you want to find an info, you will turn into a small spider and you will find it. All the important things are always beyond the …esthetics.

  9. Here comes my 5 OAI words:

    * Life
    * Sunbathing
    * Death
    * Friendship
    * Warmth

    I’d include in my list “Gilmouritis” but I don’t think words out of the dictionary are allowed, are they?

    I’ll go and check the poll and then come back with some feedback.

    BTW, I eagerly waiting to see Lucia’s comments about yesterday’s concert. Hey, Lucia, can you overtake Piergiorgio’s review?

    Have a nice day!

  10. Piergiorgio, did you enjoy the concert. I hope you did. You more than anyone needed harmony.

    Pete – Coventry

  11. 5 Words describing “On An Island”


    My comments about the website: From a content perspective, I don’t think the site could be better. I believe the website is made great by the commitment of the Features Editor to make it interactive and a “portal” of sorts for all things David Gilmour the Solo Artist related. I think from a content point of view, the sitemaster has done a great job striking the very delicate balance between David Gilmour the Solo Artist content and Pink Floyd-related content.

    With respect to the Blogs, I do think there are some basic technological enhancements that could be made that are pretty much standard in a lot of Blog Management Systems such as digests, or the ability for a user to receive a daily or weekly digest of all blog activity via e-mail. I also personally like those blog environments that are much more hospitable to mobile devices.

    The site layout is simple and clean, but some of the link names like “The Important Stuff” are counterintuitive and can confuse the user. I think a big step forward happened with the changing of the Blog link to “The Blog”.

    My least favorite thing on the whole site in my humble opinion is the use of the text area on the front page showing the latest news and the use of some sort of Javascript technique to turn the scrolling mechanism into an image. On mac browsers, when you mousedown on an image, the dialogue that most PC users see when they right click on an image pops up – it is an annoying and experience.

    One more point is I think the Blogs should be part of the David Gilmour website interface. Opening to a new window with a different top navigation yields confusion and more clicking.

    Nickster, while I am not an expert on the subject, I have read Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” many times as well as Cooper’s “About Fac 2.0 The Essentials of Interaction Design”. Any comments about those publications or recommendations for others for an aspiring Interface Developer?

  12. “this poor italian lad trying to find some english word he doesn’t have in his vocabulary”

    No dice, Pier. Judging by your Firenze review, your English is better than anyone else’s on this site.

  13. Heres my 5!


    As for website content here goes nothing. I am a huge DG fan, therefore having an official website is a treat. I thoroughly enjoy the news and the gallery as well as the press section.

    Now, regarding this ‘ere blog, with all due respect to Fed and my fellow posters, I feel has managed to stray away from its original purpose. More and more the blog seems to be about getting Fed’s attention, or being part of the Fed’s crew. What I am trying to get at is, this website is about David Gilmour and his music. Not about sucking up to the editor(s).

    I understand the need for a moderator on the boards, I appreciate the hard work put into it, and I see why he would choose to conceal his identity. Sadly I think this just managed to turn into the Fed blog, with everyone just looking for sympathy or attention as I mentioned above.

    Adding to the above I would also like to say that it would be great to see David being involved in the website at least once in a while. I know he is a busy person and all. But at least to me (and trust me I am a huge fan) it seems like he doesnt care much about us his fans. I stood outside Massey Hall in Toronto for hours on end, 2 days in a row in freezing cold weather. Both days I and many others saw David get there, and leave. I understand he cant stop and sign stuff, or shake hands, or go out to dinner with us but not even a glance or a wave?

    I certainly think this blog would be a nice, safe way of interacting with us which he hasnt cared much about. I am not saying he should live and die for his fans no, but some nice appreciation this way would be kind and I guess many of you will agree.

    On the other hand, theres Guy Pratt who is simply the most down to earth amicable person out there breaking the barriers of rockstardom. Live he is amazing and his taking time to get involved here and going out drinking with fans makes him a life lesson to everyone in entertainment.

    I’ve felt like this for some time now and I hope it’s not taken to offence but rather as constructive criticism. Still Im pretty sure I’m going to get bashed so fire away :). (ANd I sure do hope I got one of the words and am still in for the draw!)

    [Not at all, mate. Thanks for that. You do have one of my words, by the way. – Features Editor]

  14. Five words that come to my mind are:


    As for the site this is well managed and very well constructed. I think you have done a fabulous thing by bringing us closer to the man who inspires us, and by doing that you make our lives a better place. Through this site I feel as though I can visualize the other concerts and BBC shows I do not have access to see. You do a tremendous job and you get an “Excellent” from me and Mr. Burns!!!

    Are you having, a, nice time (GOOD TIME)!!! What is that line from? Anyone?

    Matt in Maine

    [I’ll pass, but I’ll thank you – and Mr Burns – for the compliments first. – Features Editor]

  15. Im always up for a competition F.ed, heres my 5 words.


  16. First time I enter a competition.. Anyway, here are my five words:


    The website is fantastic. I couldn’t ask for more…
    Okay, actually, I could ask for more pictures, pretty please? 😀

    Thank you everyone involved for doing a great job at keeping us, David’s fans, happy.

    And a special thanks to Mr. FEd, for allowing us to express our thought and feelings here.



    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  17. [I’d be happy with any one of them, Nick. – Features Editor]

    “Eternity” eh F’ed. Be careful what you wish for …

    [Oh yeah, I take that back. – Features Editor]

  18. Skipper
    Mary Ann

    ( I’m gonna run this into the ground F*Ed )

    [Be my guest. I’m still laughing. Actually, I still chuckle about the robot dance caption. – Features Editor]

  19. Contentment, Dreamy, Relaxing, Timeless and Yearning

    Sod all wrong with the site really FEd, but how are you going to fill it after Aug 26th ?

    [“With great difficulty” is probably the answer. There’s no news on that other (deleted) thing that you mentioned, by the way. – Features Editor]

  20. Dionysian

    [Far too clever for me… – Features Editor]

  21. D-reamy

    [It’s a gold star for you, Matt. – Features Editor]

  22. Hi everyone…”this poor italian lad trying to find some english word he doesn’t have in his vocabulary”…..lovely comment…..but lets be honest finding words to describe David Gilmour’s OAI….isnt even necessary……it is ….beautiful..thoughtful and BEYOND WORDS (even those of the Italian language which is so melodic and expressive..)

    So now in total futility are my 5 :




  23. Ciao Paul,

    something about your post. Someone here would say that we are of the same breed…..

    1) “What I am trying to get at is, this website is about David Gilmour and his music. Not about sucking up to the editor(s)”.

    Could be. So the best is to address people with names as I am doing to you, tell stories, get a face through your words. does calling you by name takes you in? 😉

    2)”But at least to me (and trust me I am a huge fan) it seems like he doesnt care much about us his fans”.

    If as Oscar Wilde said “art’s for art sake”, we should not care about the man that produces art but only on the piece of art itself. Do you think you could have a great conversation with Van “the madman” Gogh? Do we judge the Monna Lisa on Leonardo’s personality?. Nowadays we want myths. But DG is a man with all is good part and bad part.

    A suggestion? Do like I try to do. Don’t expect anything from the man. I mean, I think that (have I already told before?) I would kick Roger Waters in the teeth if I would be drinking a beer with him, but this doesn’t change my opinion on his music with PF (GREAT). about david gilmour………..think other bloggers can tell


  24. my five words are: divine, soft, harmonies, breeze and cool.

    fair play to you for allowing us to have our say on the site, ed. my only comment is that some pages don’t take you back to the main page, as has already been said.

    i especially love some of the backgrounds, like the ‘faqs’ and ‘live dates’ page.

  25. Soaring

    I think this website is wonderful. Everything a David Gilmour fan could ask for, and more! And of course the Features Editor is one cool geezer, who I remain eternally grateful to for the Mermaid Competition…

    Peace, David.

    [Bless you. “Dick” and “Geezer” in the space of a day. It’s a mad world. – Features Editor]

  26. I think it’s going to be difficult finding different words for the rest of the songs !



  27. I think this site is brilliant and you F*Ed are certainly one of it’s selling points. You keep things crisp, clear and fair for all. My only suggestion would be a feature that would notify fellow posters that a new entry has been posted. This way we wouldn’t have to keep “checking in” to see any new additions. Timing is everything in this world ( well, that and cold beer ) so if critical info is being posted someone might miss it without that notification. Aside from that I love it here, on an island of friends passionate about David and his music…

    [Thanks for that, Matt. That would be useful (as would numbering the posts), but wouldn’t you find yourself swamped with e-mails at busy times? Or did you mean that the blog itself should highlight where there has been recent activity, as forums do frequently, instead of receiving e-mail notification? – Features Editor]

  28. Flying Pig –

    Two seminal books on HCI that are definitely worth a read are “The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum” by Alan Gibson, which gives a great overview/rationale for solid HCI, and “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman. Both are excellent/quintessential reading for an overview of the area.

    As for application specific HCI stuff, I’m a massive fan of heuristics. Check out both Nielsen and Schneidermann’s heuristic sets – imho using heuristics is the easiest and most effective way to apply HCI principles, and also a great way to start to ‘look’ at development from an HCI perspective.

    Feel free to e-mail me directly if you want to chat this over some more (nick at my nickname dot com, type thing….)


  29. [Or did you mean that the blog itself should highlight where there has been recent activity, as forums do frequently, instead of receiving e-mail notification? – Features Editor]

    Dude, do I hate getting dozens of notification e-mails or what? It would be good if all the blog entries could show the number of unread comments since your last visit. I’ve never seen this on a blog, though. It’s more a forum kinda thing.

    I can’t win an argument, but I’ll have a go with: relaxing, mellow, waves, stars and glow.

    A lovely song. Deserved to top that poll. I voted for it.

  30. [Or did you mean that the blog itself should highlight where there has been recent activity, as forums do frequently, instead of receiving e-mail notification? – Features Editor]

    Hmmm, didn’t think of that one, I think I like your idea better.

  31. Cruise

    In that order…it kinda tells a story…

  32. Friends

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Don’t change a thing FeEd

  33. About the Blog. Glad to see the gremlins are gone.

    I think the Fed does a nice job screening the posts. I would hate to come here and read a bunch of crap comments about David and his band. “We don’t need no bad vibrations”. Even though we sometimes disagree, things never get out of hand. Good editing or good boys and girls? Maybe there’s not much negative stuff posted.

    It’s nice to be able to come here and read about each person’s experience at the show. I think only a true fan could relate the sights, sounds and feelings of the show in such an expressive way. Taking the time and effort to do it shows a true appreciation for David and the rest of us

    I would like to see an easier way to navigate through the photo gallery.(Back and forth arrows)
    Oh yea, here in the states we need Fed to work the hoot owl shift so our blogs get posted sooner. Just kidding Fed.

    I guess I just like the web site cause I keep coming back.


    [Thank you for that, Melissa. – Features Editor]

  34. F.Ed,

    5 words


    Opinion on the site:

    Overall, I like the site very well. I don’t think anyone would argue that the Blog is more or less the cornerstone of activity. Some other areas seem to get dusty, like the gallery, when updates are few and far between.

    The layout is nice, and easy for me to navigate. One thing that would be welcome is some kind of notification that things have been added, for example, to the Press page. It would be helpful for those 5 or 10 minute windows every so often that some of us have that we can drop by and see what’s new without searching the entire site.

    The Blog is the best part, because it has the most interaction. F.Ed does an excellent job of moderating. (risking being accused of ‘sucking up to the editor[s]’ here, but it’s worth it). The Blog has turned into an online community of fans, which has grown and evolved in the last 9-10 months.

    The primary reason, in my opinion, for this positive growth has been due in no small part to the F.Ed’s balancing act of letting people express themselves and their opinions against letting tantrum-throwing tyrants muscle their way around. (That’s not too much *ss kissing, is it?)

    The interaction between Bloggers and F.Ed makes the site more personable and friendly. It has also led to some action for some fans that was above and beyond the call of duty to right some wrongs. (which goes to show how much David cares about his fans)

    Finally, it would be nice to see something from David on occasion. Nothing elaborate, just a statement here or there, for example. That would make the site more authentic. Without it, the site feels more like a third party fan site to some degree.

    (One other thing, would it be possible to try some different color contrasts for the Blog? the light gray writing on the white background strains the eyes after awhile.)

    There is my input, thanks for letting me offer it.

    Great day all,

    [Cheers, Mike. – Features Editor]

  35. “How to find inner peace”

    “The way to find inner peace is to finish all the things you have started.” So I looked around the house to see all the things I started and hadn’t finished

    ….and before leaving the house this morning I finished a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, the Bailey’s, Kahlua and Crown Royal, the Prozac, some valium, some cheescake and a box of chocolates.

    You have no idea how freakin good I feel….

    Author unknown (I think they died)

  36. Sweeping, melodious, breezy, peaceful, tranquility

    I was just thinking about the website design this morning. Funny…I rated it as excellent. I find more surprizes everytime I visit (oh, about 4-5 times a day). I love the radio interviews. Today I finally took a look at the links page; Guy and Polly have lovely sites, too. Great job!


  37. [Today I finally took a look at the links page…]

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. For a few weeks I thought that was exclusively about sausages…

  38. Melancholy

    This site is excellant. It’s really nice to be able to unwind here on the blog also. Fed, you have and also continue to do a great job. Props to you.

    Have a good evening everyone.

  39. HELLO!!! My problems are finished. Don t know what happened but it seems to be o.k. I am up to date ; after a week of bug with the computer and 3 days without electricity after a huge storm in north of Montréal(i live in the mountains 45 minutes north of Montréal), NOW i can read you and respond! I have alot of late reading to do but i am so happy. I talk to you later.

    Sylvie de montréal

    [Good to have you back, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  40. My words:


    [Finally, it would be nice to see something from David on occasion. Nothing elaborate, just a statement here or there, for example.]

    I agree with this statement, but I can also see the problem with it. David couldn’t say enough, and countless people would be bugging Fed for more. But if you could figure out a way to do it, it sure would be nice.


  41. harmonious

    the song really rocks it out. while sending that message of loss, and hope. i can’t believe the generator blew up. what a dazzling visual effect.
    hope everyone’s allright.


  42. flowing

    five from me, on my birthday, hopefully itll be my lucky day, with all my family off on holiday so no presents etc………

    excellent site btw!!!

    [Hope you have a happy birthday, Emiel! – Features Editor]

  43. Just watched the picture again, is Mr. Gilmour wearing glasses? didnt know that…..just for reading??

    xx miel

    [Yes, I believe so. – Features Editor]

  44. What means to me “On an island”:


    To all the Band, the OAI Tour Crew, the audience
    & FEd: have some nice evenings in Venice & Gdansk !!!! Vienne was G*R*E*A*T !!!




    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  46. friendship

    The site is more than good, and the blog is so lovely.

    the only thing I dont like are those fliying birds that appear from time to time. Sorry, but I can hardly find them any shape.

    Have a nice summer fed and rest!

  47. My words are


    Do we have any update for pre-meet in Venice, a location, as I am off there in the morning for the shows?

    [I don’t think so, David. Hope you still enjoy. – Features Editor]

  48. 1. Tranquility
    2. Friends
    3. Warmth
    4. Mellifluous
    5. Rememberance

    [Mellifluous… Great word, that. – Features Editor]

  49. Hi F.Ed,

    This is my first post on this site even though I visit it at least 2-3 times everyday (morning, noon and night).

    Really love this site, though I would really love to know one thing….Who are you??

    Fremont, Bay Area

    [Just a fan. No one famous or interesting, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  50. Ciao Piergiorgio,

    I too am an artist, a musician to be more precise. I too have my good side and my bad side. My passion for DG’s and PF’s music, as for music in general is in no way affected by its creators behaviour, gender, sexual orientation, smell, clothing, receeding hairline or thickening waist. What I tried to say was said best by Albert Schweitzer:

    “To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.”

    The above, I believe, could, and probablly should work both ways.


  51. [A Venetian Bind]

    [inevitably to be known henceforth as the ‘merch Ant’ of Venice.]

    These are truly punderful…

  52. Oh, I think I know what one of the words is…

    Is it “flowing?”

    And by the way, numbering the entries would be very helpful but sending emails everytime the blog is updated sounds like a rather tedious job… Then again, if the blog itself highlights recent activity, we would still have to check frequently to see if there are any new highlights… We don’t mind though, do we? 😀


  53. Bewitching

    An Excellent rating from me… Which Numpty said rubbish!!!

  54. Well, here is the five, peaceful, romance, wine,beautiful and togetherness.


  55. Hopefully not too late to submit. Here are my five words:




    [Don’t worry, you’re not too late. The blog has been naughty today, so I’ll add an extra hour on, anyway. – Features Editor]

  56. I would like to make one comment about the web site. You have made it a place where we can come to as fans and feel as if we are a part of David and Polly’s life. You give us all the details of concerts, Great pictures from David’s wife(Polly), A place where we can write in and get replies from Fed. Plus much more. I really enjoy David’s web site. Please just keep it open for us fans who love to read how things are going on.


    [Thank you so much for that, Thomas. It’s much appreciated. – Features Editor]

  57. My five words are night, warmth, romance, classic, dreamy.

    On a side note, “Three men and a boat” was repeated last night on BBC2 and included, I am told, a visit to David’s boat on the Thames – I am kicking myself for missing it (again).

  58. Breathtaking

    Those are my five words. Excellent Job Fed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  59. love,peace,happiness,soothing,tranquilty.

    i think that this website is fine the way it is.fed you’re doing a great job,you dont need no extra work.

  60. 5 words


    as for this site, i love coming to the site everyday however my only complaint is with certain contests in the past were you could only win if you posted on a consistent basis, my argument with that is that just because somebody dont post consistantly, doesnt mean they dont come to the site everyday….. other than that i love this site

  61. Well, Darn it.

    I got home a little after 4pm my time, read the blog, and realized I was too late to enter. Oh well. At least the polls stay up for three days (thanks FEd).

    Pier, thanks for the review of yesterday’s show! I’m sorry you didn’t see anyone at The William, but I was having a beer here in sunny California thinking of you, knowing what fun you were having.

    Again, in the words of Homer Simpson, “Stupid Generator. . .”

  62. I`ve put my vote in on the latest poll and said this site is excellent, even if my idea for Davids best guitar solo was pinched!!!

    Sorry, Features Ed, you know my Thursday night for me is spent in the pub with my Dad, Gordon, and I do feel brave when I`ve had a pint, but I am only teasing!

    All the best.

    P.S. I can`t belive I missed the competition!

  63. Hello! Here are my 5 words


    Thank you
    Sylvie from Quebec

  64. Hello Fed, I have said this at least five times, this is the best website I have ever followed. It’s just like the music, flowing, truthful, family, friends, artistic (there are my five words).

    I am not really a computer kind of guy, but this is without a doubt very user friendly site, hey it probably could be improved but why bother, OAI Tour could be improved too, I mean the band could come to Waterloo Ontario and do a show in my back yard. I wouldn’t change a thing. Later.


  65. Grace, Peace of mind, Slide, Love, Complicity…

    Sorry, some words are translated from french, so, it may have not the exact same sense as in my language. But in my mind, all these words are positives words.

  66. I know the copmetition has closed, but I thought I`d give you my words to describe OAI;
    conentment,happiness,reflection,love and isolation.

    I used to sing the words to my then three month old daughter, Emily Marie, from a snipet that was given to us from this site(before the album was released), and it used to setle her. Now she is ten months old and I`m more familiar with the song, she loves it, better more my four year old son, Jack Gilmour sings with me, and says “I like this song Ade”. He calls me Ade cause my two step kids do!

    Point being that It is obvious where my childrens names came from, but the fact they can tune in to our type of music must be priceless! And I`ll encourage it.

  67. I couldn’t log on earlier yesterday and missed this. Here goes. Passion, love, extensualism, sea, and isolation.Thanks Fed, hope it got through.

    [The blog decided to crash yesterday, as it would simply have to do, seeing as we’d just asked fans to rate the site… Apologies for any inconvenience. – Features Editor]

  68. Piergiorgio, Paul,

    You do both have similar views and I do hear what you are saying.

    However, and I repeat myself from an earlier blog, I remember Pink Floyd from the days when you basically knew nothing about the individuals. You just bought the music.

    And really, up until this site started, you rarely heard anything. Certainly over the last 12 years what news did we have. Nothing, only hope.

    Yes, I agree that this site and blog area has changed during its 10 months or so but I know that I would rather have this than what we had before.

    Pete – Coventry

  69. 5 words that the track make me think of:

    * effervescence
    * tranquility
    * enrapture
    * peaceful
    * love

    martin in London

  70. The list of names is complete.

    The first person to say a number between one and 39 will select our winner.

    For the record, my five words were: ‘dreamy’, ‘friendship’, ‘romance’, ‘unison’ and ‘water’.

    As I’m such a nice person (dick?!), I’ve also allowed words which I consider close enough, such as ‘dreams’, ‘friends’ and ‘unity’.

  71. “a number between one and 39”

    I’m such a wise guy.

    How about 17.


    [Thank you. In that case, the winner is Martin D, who was spot-on with ‘dreamy’. Well done, Martin. Please let us know where we should send your prize. – Features Editor]

  72. Part of me wished it would have been me and part of me is so happy I didn’t pick myself.

    Hey, Martin D. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your prize.


  73. [As I’m such a nice person (dick?!), I’ve also allowed words which I consider close enough, such as ‘dreams’, ‘friends’ and ‘unity’]

    Fed, Fed, Fed, such language 😉 I’m really walking a line here . . .but when am I not. I think I can speak for the all the straight women when I say, There’s nothing wrong with a good dick.

    Take it easy


    [I’m sure you speak for lots of people in saying that. Beautifully put… No, please don’t comment on that last line. – Features Editor]

  74. Hello Dear F.ed,

    Here are My 5 words,

    Calm, Sea, Wind, Stars, Silence and Time

    I’m on holiday from now on. But I’ll back !

    See you in three weeks.

    The best to you.

    [Have a lovely time, Antoine. – Features Editor]

  75. [The winner is Martin D. Well done, Martin! Please let us know where we should send your prize.]

    Congrats Martin!

    Quick question…

    Is your brother Norman from France? ; )

  76. Regarding the site poll, I had to vote average.

    One thing I have noticed about the so-called contests is that they are designed to be awarded the FIRST person(s) to respond to a fun and nebulous series of questions. Problem is as an American (and God knows that ALONE is enough of a problem) and the difference in our time zones, as well as the fact that each post is held for moderation, us Yanks don’t get a fair chance! I’ve woken SOME morning to learn that you have already ‘awarded’ the prize before I had the chance to read the question and post a response!

    Fairness please for your pals here in the colonies…

    As ALWAYS thanks for reading!

  77. [One thing I have noticed about the so-called contests is that they are designed to be awarded the FIRST person(s) to respond to a fun and nebulous series of questions. Problem is as an American (and God knows that ALONE is enough of a problem) and the difference in our time zones, as well as the fact that each post is held for moderation, us Yanks don’t get a fair chance! I’ve woken SOME morning to learn that you have already ‘awarded’ the prize before I had the chance to read the question and post a response! – Posted by: Tom at August 5, 2006 06:58 PM]

    no offence, but did you even read the rules for this competition? it started at 8:30am and went on until 1am. plenty of north americans managed to get their words in. it was a raffle, so everyone had as much chance of winning as everyone else. last time the first person won the prize, but seeing as all you have to do is guess a word, you can’t really complain about missing out on a chance to get something for nothing. i think it’s nice that the regulars get the goods and was happy for michele.

  78. Tom,

    I think this one was fair as FEd did state the contest would end midnight U.K. time. That would be 7 PM on the East coast and 4 PM on the West Coast.

    I know the prior contest was not as fair.

    I guess he could run them an entire 24 hours but I’m sure someone would still find something to complain about.


    [Someone will always find something to complain about, that’s for sure. During the US shows, I woke with the lark just to get North American comments online at a time that was good for North Americans. I’m afraid I’m not doing the same for a good-natured contest which is designed to run for a day because there is a concert the following day which, obviously, takes priority. Perhaps the next such contest will run for two days, but please don’t complain that your chances of winning are reduced! – Features Editor]

  79. FEd,

    Hmmm…if Martin D doesn’t raise his hand to claim his prize, I pick number 29 as a back-up.


    [I was thinking of that. – Features Editor]

  80. Hello to everybody.Regards from Barcelona.

    These are my five words that define on an island song: breeze,dream,hope,chilhood and calm.

    If i have made some mistake,please forgive.Goodbye.

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