Night 32: Gdańsk


It’s the last show of the tour tonight, but the band are bowing out on a real high.

As many as 100,000 people could be in the famous Gdańsk shipyards to witness David’s first ever performance in Poland in celebration of Solidarity.

Let us know if you’ll be in this vast crowd. We’d love to hear from you.

Gdańsk is the sixth-largest city in Poland and the country’s maritime capital. The Gdańsk shipyard (Stocznia Gdańska) is one of Poland’s biggest and it is here that Solidarity was founded in September 1980, after strikes the previous month by shipyard workers – the first successful strike in the history of the USSR.

The strikes in August 1980 were triggered by the sacking of Anna Walentynowicz, a crane driver who had dared to demand better working conditions, including a warm meal for staff.

The protest gave rise to a wave of strikes over much of the country.

This led to the signing of the Gdańsk Agreement, which gave Polish workers the right to strike and to organise their own independent union and, therefore, the founding of the first free labour union in the eastern bloc: Solidarity.

This movement for fundamental freedoms led to the restoration of democracy in Poland and inspired many others to follow their lead in undermining communism.

In 1970, workers chose to strike at the Lenin shipyard, as it was then known. This time, peaceful demonstrators were shot down by tanks. This makes the events of 1980 all the more remarkable, as many of the same workers were involved a decade on.

Gdańsk’s motto – Fearlessly, but reasonably – is certainly very apt.

The above photo of the Gdańsk shipyards was taken by John Robertson, who we thank for his kind co-operation.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

214 thoughts on “Night 32: Gdańsk”

  1. Hi,

    Long time no post!

    Wish I could be there, I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic gig!

    For those of you attending – enjoy!

    Kind regards,


  2. CAPTION: After Venice Our hero hires some back up cranes for support

    CAPTION: David’s special guest tonight ” Ladies and Gentlmen It’s our friend THAT FAT OLD SUN.

    Everybody going have a good one

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin unfortunately )

  3. I find this unusual for David to play before 100,000. I thought he was limiting his venues to 5,000.

  4. Have a great final show of the tour David!

    I will always remember that wonderful night in Chicago on April 13th. Wish I could have gone to Poland for your show, but I don’t have a passport…damn.

    Have a great show! Looking forward to your remastered albums!


  5. Wishing the band Good Luck for this important show.

    Fed…Please tell me you got to go! A humble request…can you ask the fans or the officials of the band to post some pics of the show from Gdansk? It would be nice to get a glimpse of what we unfortunate ones have missed as its the last gig for now 🙂

    100k…now thats what i call a gathering.



  6. Well, I hope that you (Fed) will have a great time today and for all the Blogers who will be there. I really can’t wait to hear all about the concert in Poland. Please be safe and have a great time.

    Take care, Thomas.

    P.S. Tomasz, I’m also really glad to hear that you and the other true fans of David’s site will be able to attend the Abbey Rd. sessions with David.

  7. I can’t believe it’s nearly 3 months since I was at the gigs at RAH, the Time has just flown by. I’m sure it’s going to be a memorable event and hopefully we’ll get to see it ourselves, somehow, in the future.

    Have a great finale guys, thanks to everyone for making this tour and it’s accompanying multi-media experience possible. I hope to see you again in the not so distant future.

    CJD (who’ll still be blogging along here for some time yet)

  8. I can’t tell you how pleased I am about winning the competition. It’s the best news I’ve heard in a very long time, perhaps ever.

    [Congratulations, Chantelle. Enjoy it. – Features Editor]

  9. Spring/Summer 2006 has been truly memorably, mesmeric.

    Tonight being the climax with David’s historic performance in Gdansk.

    The “orchestration” of On An Island will really come to life this evening with Zbigniew Preisner and his ensemble present, it should be a wonderful experience for all 100,000 present.

    I wonder what final surprises David has in store?

    I sense some new additions to the setlist this evening to utilise the additional band members…

    Can I also add my congratulation to the 5 fortunate winners of the Abbey Road comp. Simon Emery, Lorraine, Tomasz, Julie Gunn Davies and Chantelle, what an experience that will be…

    Thanks for the offer Simon, but I sadly have other commitments.

    FEd, I hope you have a REAL BLAST tonight, you’ve certainly earned it…

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  10. No,im not going to be there but i wish i was. Hope the ones going have a safe and wonderful time.

    I cant believe its finally coming to a end.I only hope that this blog continues.Its my only way of keeping up with david and his band. ive really enjoyed coming home from work and checking everyones comments.David has alot of fans.Maybe one day he’ll tour again.Doesn’t hurt to dream,even if it is a crazy one.

    Thanks to you fed for putting up with all you have.I really appreciate you taking your time to read all my posts.


    [My pleasure. Thanks for giving me something to read. – Features Editor]

  11. Yesterday I wrote a message and it wasn’t post…and now I wonder again if I’m in troubles with my old friend FEd or if all is ok…I HOPE ALL IS OK…because I don’t like think you are angry with me…no one of my words were written to make you angry! Not my intention…IT’S MY BAD ENGLISH, of course! And I thought you were in Gdansk…do I wonder if you updated the blog from there…I hope so! I hope all is ok…in the contrary, let me know how I can cheer you up and I will do my best! 😉

    Have a wonderful week end…and concert too, I hope!


    [Thank you. We had a guest editor looking after the blog while I was swanning around doing nothing in Gdansk (the already over-worked webmaster was further burdened), so only posts relevant to meet-up places were published in the previous entry. – Features Editor]

  12. Tonight will be amazing – anyone that’s going, have an incredible time and tell us all when you get home 🙂

    Will be back later for the setlist 🙂


  13. To David and his band good luck with the concert tonight not that you will need it! What a great show to finish your tour!

    I wish I was there but alas Poland is a little far for me, but for everyone going have a great time.



  14. To all the lucky Gilmour fans who will be attending this remarkable occasion (and penultimate concert appearance by Mssr Gilmour and crew) I hope you have an amazing time. Lets hope they boys pull out all the stops on this one!

    A further congrats to all those who won the Abbey Road in studio mini-concert. The last live performance of this tour should be a real gem!

    Warmest regards to you all…have a blast for those of us who can’t be there!


  15. I am glad to see that this whole endeavour has been such a rousing success for David. The album is truly a work of great art, being accessible and personal on so many levels. I was not able to see any of the performances, but I have seen Pink Floyd so I can imagine just how great they were.

    Congratulations David.

  16. Good luck David. It seems that today you´re going to leave the island, and of course, that makes me feel quite sad. But, as you say, dreamers may leave, but they´re here ever after.

    Wish I was there, and hope this is not the end.


  17. Hello again Fed, everyone,

    Closing night of the tour… Tomorrow is closing night of our holidays.

    Undoubtedly, the Gdansk audience will be in for a real treat. Knock’em dead, David.

    Have a splendid time out there everyone. And please do tell us all about it when you get back home.

    Greetings from Lesbos,

  18. The G’Dansk concert seems to have just started on Polskie Radio, get the link from the previous blog entries. . .oh this is so cool!!!

  19. Ooops, nope, it’s not the G’Dansk concert, they were just playing live selections from DSOT. But they certainly are playing a lot of Floyd stuff!! Good Times!

    I hope everyone has an absolutely fantastic time tonight!! Please tell us all about it!

  20. Hi FEd, I’ve been gone for a while but I just wanted to wish David and his great band a wonderful grand finale to the tour. I just know you will have a wonderful time FEd :o)

    I cannot be there myself sadly :o( but I at least did get to see David a couple of times on this tour.

    Take it easy FEd and enjoy the concert for all the fans who can’t be there especially me ;o)

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  21. Tonight’s setlist is as follows:

    First half: Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s…Uh The Deal, Astronomy Domine, Fat Old Sun, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, A Great Day For Freedom, Comfortably Numb.

  22. David and Rick have a great Show ! and the other’s too … great musicians.

    And if Roger is in the audience … forget the past. Life is to short

    Thank you for this incredible Year

  23. Come on now, Edwina – don’t tease. Give us your concert review. The list of second set songs sounds seriously sensational (no charge for that alliteration).


    [It was very good. That David Gilmour will go far… – Features Editor]

  24. Just got back from the concert 😀 Wot I need to say is…that it was GREAT 😀

    The audience was really huge and when David with band played “wish u were here” those thousands were singing with him – it was awesome. Of course I was singing too :D:D:D

    I only feel pity I didn’t hear “another brick in the wall”. However hearing “high hopes” tonight repaid me that lost.

    Thanks alot for that great night David.

    P.S. Sorry for possible language errors :p

  25. I won’t be at the gig tonight but I would like to thank David and his great band for doing these tours of the US and the World this year. I know that it has been a difficult few months in light of Syd’s recent passing but thankfully David, Richard and this great band have been playing some of his music throughout the tour, keeping his memory and spirit very much alive.

    So let’s all of us raise a toast to these fine musicians.

    Thanks for the music and hopefully we’ll all hear some new sounds from you again very soon! We’ll be waiting…..

    [I think Syd would have approved of the terrific version of ‘Astronomy Domine’. – Features Editor]

  26. What an excellent choice to add A Great Day for Freedom as an encore. It’s a nice tribute.


  27. Caption:

    At the request of his ol’ buddy David, The Fat Old Sun makes a guest appearance at the show.

    Hope everbody has a wonderful evening at the show.

    Congradulations to the Abbey Road winners. ;v J

  28. C’mon Fed, do tell!

    [But there are loads of comments to get through… – Features Editor]

  29. Wish that I could have been there, it sounds like it was a fantastic gig…what else could it have been. My thoughts are with all those who attended, congratulations to David and the team. But please bring something to us downunder…

    Living in hope, Derek.

  30. On august 23, i post a very nice post(!!!) and i did not realise that this page was only for meet-up Gdansk. Should i have to remember my post or you erase it, dear f.é. (it was something really nice about you f.é.)

    Hope you enjoy your night in Gdansk.

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [Many thanks for that, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  31. Finally, I have myself settled in my new job in sunny Bournemouth after the big move down from the Highlands of Scotland. Now that I’m settled, I can plan for next year. Bring the gigs on!

    Looking forward to reading all the reports and seeing the pics. Travel home safely everyone!


  32. What a proud and fitting end to what is surely one of the most special tours in music history.

    Thanks to this site so many people throughout the world have been able to connect with this tour. Music and the internet have combined to unite a vast number of people for a substantial amount of time in an air of positivity and peace.

    I wonder if, in human history, this feeling has ever been transmitted on this scale before? I doubt it.

    What has happened goes way and beyond the call of duty for a “pop musician”.

    Solidarity indeed. Congratulations to all, and thank you 🙂


  33. It seems that yesterday night was trully fantastic! Lucky folks! I wish I was here !(“A great day for freedom” is one of my favorites!)

    I’m really sad to know that the “On an island tour” is finished 🙁

    The whole “on an island” project was an amazing experience for me: the album, the Vienne concert (shame on me! I missed the Paris concerts!!), the David Gilmour site and this blog…

    Many many many thanks to David and all the persons involved in this journey that was “On an island”! Hope to see you soon, on the forthcoming DVD of this tour, and for another great musical experience!

    As David said in Vienne: “A un de ces jours!”


  34. So hopefully Dave will include this concert as a bonus disk on the upcoming DVD release of the tour 🙂

  35. I was listening to the radio whole evening and night and they transmited On An Island and a piece of Wish You Were Here it was great and I felt amazing, good I recorded as a memory.

    I wish I were there:)


    And David was great after concert, a radioman caught him and he said few things he would come back here again and he said “Dobranoc” (goodnight) in Polish to all radio listeners.

  36. It is now Sunday 27 Aug 06, one of the greatest tours in history has just concluded; yes, how ironic to have venues of 5-8 thousand and cap it all off with 100k, all I can say is thank you, thank you, for, for, letting, letting, me, me, hear, hear, echoes, echoes, echoes, again, again, after 34 years !!!

    Please Polly remind David that no Man is an Island, and that an Island is part of a chain of Islands and that the “On an Island Tour” deserves to be navigated in uncharted waters in 07, let one of these harbours be near a Pyramid that changes colors with the changing shodows of light, with Mountains in the Background in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand.

    Thanks for the great music and speechless memories. Please David, as you said in saying Goodbye to us at the Gibson Amphitheatre on your last date for the US Tour on 20 April 2006 ” Hope to See You Again ” All I can do know is hope and pray that you will extend the ” On an Island Tour for 2007 because after all, I truly believe that you are the Greatest Guitar player on this earth and the emotion that you evolve from your Strat leaves us all speechless and yearning for more.

    “What do you want from Me ” Yes, Mr. Gilmour another tour please !!!

    Oh by the way, you and your band are invited to drop by my house for a BBQ anytime !!!

    Sincerely Yours, Binson Echo Recorder (BinEchorec)

    PS. Maybe we can add “One of these Days” to the encore, especially in Vegas !!!!!

  37. just got up from bed 🙂

    what I’ve experienced last evening is beyond words… I was absolutely stunned by such a magnificent performance. “Astronomy Domine”, over thirty minutes of “Echoes”, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” sung with the audience, to name just a few.

    never in my life have I seen such an extraordinary show, it was a dream come true for a humble Pink Floyd and each of the artists fan like me 🙂

    I want to thank Mr. Gilmour and the rest of the performers for bringing magic to my senses… I’ll never forget that evening 🙂

    p.s. I hope a DVD will be released soon.

  38. Wow! That Was Amazing! I’ve been waiting for this show many years and at last I saw David Live in Gdańsk. That was something that I will never forget.

    Thank You David for coming to Poland and playing for All of us 🙂 Come here soon again.

  39. High Hopes…only….

    Hello!Im 23 yo fan of Pink Floyd who attended this concert.Im afraid it wasnt as great gig as we all expected to be,unfortunately.Despite some technic and logistic problem the show was just good.

    The start with Breathe and Time was just awesome(although lyrics mistake by Wright),then came the On An Island part,quite well played with the orchestra.The Pink Floyd songs part was ok but some passion, energy, engagement was missing, some songs became sort of jam session…

    With all my good will , I had a feeling that the band was already on vacation,sorry…

    [Were we at the same gig? – Features Editor]

  40. too bad that people that were far from scene did’t hear nothing – sound was shi4, like it was only for 5000 below the scene 🙁

  41. It’s just odd that Roger wasn’t there, since I believe he was still in the country (PL) at the time, and probably could have managed to appear with boys on stage. Just think of it. Well, yeah, it would be all over on news, but what the heck. What a pity.

  42. The concert was great! The orchestrations worked out really well – they were playing also on High Hopes, A Great Day for Freedom and Comfortably Numb.

    Leszek Mozdzer (Polish pianist, you can hear him on ‘On an Island’) was also present on ‘Smile’ and ‘A Pocketful of Stones’.

    The concert was recorded so let’s now wait for the release.

  43. what about the dvd?? a attended the concert yesterday and it was recorded so what is the tour dvd going to be like?? one concert only, a compilation or maybe more than one??

    [Well, if you asked nicely, perhaps we’d tell you. Then again, we probably wouldn’t, so it’s best not to ask. We’ll tell you when we’re ready. – Features Editor]

  44. What a great way to end the tour, Poland got the right band for their celebration. It’s nice to see other countries standing tall, while we here in America are falling down and can’t seem to get back up. However, I do think all this hate and anger over here will get old, and we will have our day of change.

    Music to me has always been a little more than just some wonderfull noise that made me feel good. It is a backdrop or a way of bringing across what is being said in the lyrics. Music like art is another means by which we all tend to inrich our lives. Music in it self can not change the world, but there are alot of great musicians who have been an inspiration to alot of great leaders.

    Fearlessly, but reasonably.

  45. Dearest Fed

    What a year this has been of highs and lows. The album, seeing David and the amazing band at The Kodak in LA, Syd Barrett’s passing away… and what a wonderful ending at Gdansk.

    Thank you Fed for everything you have done for us all these many magical months.


    [Thank you, John. It’s been an eventful year, hasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  46. Dearest Fed

    What a year this has been of highs and lows. The album, seeing David and the amazing band at The Kodak in LA, Syd Barrett’s passing away… and what a wonderful ending at Gdansk.

    Thank you Fed for everything you have done for us all these many magical months.


    [Thank you, John. It’s been an eventful year, hasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  47. Hello and au revoir!!….And so David’s tour ends….the delight he and his band have brought is almost unsurpassed for me…and perhaps likewise to his many MANY fans ???…Thank you for the ..great songs…great moments……and the AMAZING camaraderie that this site has generated…..YET AGAIN>>>>> The MUSIC TRIUMPHS…

    peace and respect
    Martin 🙂

  48. It sounds like it was a brilliant ending to a brilliant tour, and on my birthday aswell!

    Hope you enjoyed the show Features ed?

    [It was a pleasure to be there, Adrian. Belated birthday wishes to you. – Features Editor]

  49. David, thanx alot for the show. It was the best show I’ve evere seen and heard, no doubt about it! Spec thx for “Great Day for Freedom”.

    The whole show was just perfect. Hope it wasn’t the last one 😉

    With greets

  50. Hi everyone.

    Can’t believe that’s it, I think I’m actually in denial..

    Gdansk was a fitting and special last show, and I have to say I shall always look back fondly on what has been without a doubt the most enjoyable tour of my life. It’s been amazing on so many levels, the music, the musicians, the camaraderie, and of course the extra dimension of you lot, the bloggers. it’s been wonderful to have such a hands on relationship with the audience, and you’ve brought so much to the table. Thank you all, even the niggly annoying ones of you…

    I’ll pop back from time to time..

    Much love to you all

  51. wuoah, wonderful show!

    it is so amazing to hear the songs I listened to from old tapes when I was young…

    Very, very good setlist. The first one – very calm, the second – I can’t find the words.

    It was one of my dreams to listen to “High Hopes” live.

    I wait for release!

    good job, guys!:) ave!

  52. To bad this tour didn’t pass Belgium, I would love to have gotten the chance to see you perform live (would be my first). I hope this chance will come sooner or later though, so I guess I’ll have to be patient.

    Nevertheless I hope you had a great time touring. I wish you great luck for the future and for many more tours to come ;). Thanks for your great music…

    Best wishes and greetings from the small but cosy Belgium,

  53. A Great Day For Freedom — what an amazing and beautiful song … a perfect choice! This last show of the tour must have been an incredible experience for everyone in attendance, audience and band.

    David and Polly, thanks so much for your moving lyrics and music. Thank you for allowing all of us around the planet to tag along with you on this magical, musical journey! The ‘ripple effect’ that I’ve felt personally as a result of this whole experience has been one of shared joy and compassion, as well as the shared love of music and realizing how it can impact so many people on so many levels!!

    Richard, Guy, Jon and all, thanks for all the great musical memories … it was an honor to see, hear, and meet you. I hope all of you had as much fun as the rest of us did!

    FEd, we’ll all be waiting for your up-close-and-personal report on the last show. How great that you were able to attend. And now we’ll move into the next phase of the journey … the endless requests for information on the DVD, what’s going to be on it, when is it coming out, etc. I’ll bet you can hardly wait, right?

    Have fun all you lucky people going to Abbey Road for the taping! At least one of you will owe me a really detailed account of everything that goes on … hint, hint!!

    Washington State

    [I’m just waiting for the DVD questions to come flooding in, mate. I have been thinking of the various ways to say “Sorry, we’ll tell you when we can”, though. – Features Editor]

  54. It was my father, who showed me how to listen to Pink Floyd. We used to sit late nights listening old records and chatting. I was in primary school then and he was telling me stories about his childhood – how he first heard Pink Floyd, how he tried to get their albums (which was basicly impossible while comunism in Poland). Furthermore, I wasn’t the only one whom he ‘infected’ with Pink Floyd music and showed the beauty of their sound.

    In December 2004 my father passed away and sadly he never got to listen to “On an island” or to see such an icon live on stage. Therefore I am very happy and honoured to have made his wish come true as I went all the way across Poland to see David live in Gdansk:)

    It was an outstanding performance and very emotional experiance.

    Thank you David for coming to Poland with the rest of the guys and giving such an excellent concert. And also thank you for being part of creating something much more and beyond just sound and music.


    PS. Don’t hesitate to come back in the future 🙂

    [I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, Agnieszka. – Features Editor]

  55. I saw David in Amsterdam in March, and I really enjoyed the concert. I wish I could see him again some day.…

    I know you’ve been asked this same question 1.000.000 of times already, but just this evening I found a site where it states that Pink Floyd might perform in Paris in 2007. Can this be truth?

    [It could be. Then again, it could be fiction. I think it’s probably more like bullshit. – Features Editor]

  56. thx Dave

    MTIE 🙂

    Important moment and I hope you keep your promise intact

    Thank you in deed

  57. Well, in fact I was not in the concert, I was driving late at night from Swinoujscie to Poznan and the broadcasting in Trojka helped me not to get asleep behing the wheel. Fantastic night, fantastic music heard after a long break.

    The radioman mentioned by Bart 89 was Piotr Kaczkowski, the icon of polish musical journalist, who was always the first to present the floyd music in our radio.

    Good luck

  58. It was awesome.. I’ve been waiting for that moment for many years.. it was the greatest gig I’ve ever been to.

    Thank You David it was amazing, thank you for coming and playing for us.

  59. I wish this amazing show makes it to DVD in full as a standout show, and not just few songs from the concert featuring as bonus tracks on the Royal Albert Hall DVD – I for one wouldnt mind if it becomes the other way arround… or the best possible outcome – a double DVD – each disk containing one concert-))) Oh how i wish i was there…

  60. How sad it is that David Gilmour’s tour is complete. How lucky are those who were able to attend a show. How lucky are the rest of us, for we have a beautiful new album of original music to enjoy forever, AND we may still look forward to the upcoming DVD.

    It goes without saying that I hope David does something interesting in the next couple years. But even if he does not… even if David is content to live out his life without making new music, he should know that there are countless thousands of people across the globe who feel they have been touched by the music, the presence of David Gilmour. Even if he doesn’t give us anything new again, we still have been blessed by his life’s work.

    David, if you are reading, I thank you for that.

  61. I bet you could hear a pin drop while David and co. performed `a great day for freedom`.

    I`m so glad those who were there enjoyed it! A very important concert indeed!

    [You could hear a pin drop at times. It was such a great crowd. The fans were quiet when you wanted them to be quiet, yet they sang their little hearts out. You heard the wine glass intro to ‘Shine On’ and the acoustic outro of ‘High Hopes’ perfectly. I don’t think I’ve ever stood among such respectful, passionate, happy people. It was such an honour to hear them and the chant of “David, David, David!” made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. They made it very special indeed. I take my hat off to you, Poland. I thought you were amazing. – Features Editor]

  62. I’m so happy that I could be there! it was the best concert I’ve ever seen… I won’t forget it. One of my dreams finally came true. Thank you David!

    Too bad that some people don’t know how to behave on concerts. Some drunk guys who were standing behind me got the tickets for free and of course they didn’t even know who is David and what music he plays. They were laughing and complaining all the time. Fortunately they left the concert during the brake.

    Greetings for the Teddy Bear :)(who was at the concert knows what I mean :D)

  63. Wow, what a way to end a fabulous tour. Thank you David, Phil, Guy, Steve, Richard, Dick, Jon, Marc, Polly and you Fed you’ve been a huge part of the quickest year and maybe one of the best years of my life. Please keep this site alive and keep us posted on the DVD. It sounds like they could make this a three or four disc package.

    Thanks to everyone that has and is particpating in this blog. I feel I know everyone personally just like David’s music. Later Friends.


  64. hi

    like i hoped in my last post, David decided finaly to film this event. Thx a lot. i am sure you will find the best way to edit it. I can give u my opinion :

    like u can see these last years, each movie is edited in lot of versions. I mean that u can buy the single dvd, with just the movie, the double-dvd version, with making of and movie, and sometimes the ultimate version, with the movie + making + directors’cut + more bonus, and sometimes another movie too. I am sure you can make such project, so different versions, with the RAH concert, the poland one, the AOL movies too, etc… Mermaid… Clips … I am sure that ALL your fans would be so so happy if you would dare to edit a musical dvd event after a so great musical event.


    [THNQ 4 THE GR8 IDEAS. – Features Editor]

  65. Sounds like it was a beautiful concert, as always.

    There have been so many surprises, so many treats, and so many contests for us bloggers:) What a ride this album release, and concert tour has been!!

    I can’t wait for the DVD…!!

  66. And now it’s over. Is anybody else as sad as I about this?

    Thank you very much indeed (Most especially to you David, Thank you), good night to you

  67. Gilmour !! Your new CD is great ! Congratulations !

    A have a question to you ! I am from Brazil and a hear, you go here to play a show. You have a lot fans here. Please come to Brazil, you dont repent.

    A wait a reply. Because my dream and my fathers dream is see you play alive here in Brazil.

    Happinesses and much accomplishment for you.

  68. Ciao,

    very quick…think polish friends got a great show. I hope to see it somehow, somewhere (DVD?).

    And about the question regardign the talk- box I made some day ago, yes you all were right: Pigs. I did to see how much I am an Id*ot. I heard the song for years, hundred times….and I claim myself a true pink floyd Fan!!! self imposed penalty: listen the backstreet boys for a week. AAAAARGH

    Ciao 😉

    [You’re too hard on yourself. – Features Editor]

  69. David,

    why did you leave us without “On the turning away”?Unfortunatelly we didn’t hear it in Hamburg during your show.

    Anyway thank you for “A great day…” and wine glasses in “Shine on…”. Amazing show. We hope see you soon at Royal Albert Hall with some more Pink Floyd members…

    P.S. Setlist should be: Fat old sun x1,5 🙂

  70. We came back home yesterday evening after looooong 12 hour drive [and those who knows Poland small roads will agree that this was not a joyride].

    Things I liked – Echoes: monumental song, very interesting lights, Astronomy Domine: even Richard could not spoile the power of it, Fat old sun: just perfect. Lights were amazing, sound was loud and clear.

    Having seen David and Roger in one summer, I have to say that David and his mates had too much errors 🙁 Forgotten solo notes, Richard’s singing off-beat just to name a few. The worst was that lights went almost completelly out during second solo on Comforably Numb.

    But anyway – I am glad that I saw David, he is still great guitar player.

  71. [(shame on me! I missed the Paris concerts!!),- Patoch’]

    Don’t worry, Patoch, I attended the three french shows in France and the Vienne one has been far better, at least far more exciting that the other ones (although they also were great !)

    What an unforgettable night !, something very special, unique to this night happened at the théâtre antique, even if I’m not able to explain what exactly it was or why, but sure it was…

    “A un de ces jours”, Patoch’, j’espère que vous n’avez pas eu “trop mal aux fesses” ce jour-là !


  72. I was there. It was first time for me to see David playing live

    I don’t have words (even in Polish language) to describe how great this concert was. Biggest suprises for me – Astronomy Domine, ECHOES, Fat Old Sun with amazing ending…

    I know I will never forget those 3 hours.

  73. A truly wonderful concert! Thanks David!!! Superb music and really great show. I stood there for 8 straight hours, can’t feel my legs but it was worth it.

    There were a lot of nice, funny and wonderful moments – David learned to say “dziekuje bardzo” (thank you very much) 🙂 and revealed that the drink that he’s drinking onstage was Polish vodka ;)).

    Peaceful and enjoyable songs from “On An Island” (with an energetic “Take A Breath” of course). Quiet and wistful beginning of the “Shine On…” with Guy, Dick and Phil playing wine glasses… “Astronomy Domine” with a “fluid” screen. Spacious “Echoes”. After the small slip-up in the beginning of the “Fat Old Sun” (that Jon Carin’s slide-guitar-thing lost the power or the connection to the console) in “take two” we got the unbelievably amazing rock solo from David… People singing “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb”. “High Hopes” and “Great Day For Freedom” performed with the orchestra.

    And the level of professionalism… it was said the concert will start at 9:00p.m. and it started at 9:00p.m. – no unnecessary talks or delays. It was supposed to be three hours long and it was three hours long – well, nobody would mind if it had been a little more (an hour or so) longer ;)).

    Again – fantastic experience!!! Thank you Mr. Gilmour for the decision to play here and many thanks to your band and all the people that worked hard to make it possible for us to see you in Poland.

    I was around 20 meters away from stage, took a few nice photos and enjoyed myself beyond belief :)) I hope the DVD will come out soon – for me to enjoy the show again and again, and for those who missed it to give more fantastic and perfectly played music from the band we admire and to see what the truly amazing show it was…

  74. For Fed., on another topic… I wanted to know more about some of David’s musicians, but the link to Caroline Dale’s homepage is broken.


    Martin A.

    [You’re quite right. Thanks for letting us know, Martin. – Features Editor]

  75. Congratulations on the conclusion of a successful tour to David. I’m sure that 2006 will be a year David is immensly proud of (tinged by some sadness, of course). And deservedly so…On an Island was brilliant, David’s shows were a wonderful experience (I attended May 30th at RAH), and PULSE has raised the bar for music DVDs.

    Now something else for him to be proud of, Comfortably Numb has just been voted the best guitar solo of all time! I guess those ‘slow little fingers’ have a magic that the speed-merchants don’t.

    Now the wait begins for David’s DVD, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

  76. The show was absolutely amazing. I`ve never seen anything as wounderful. Even Iron Maiden show in November 2003 (my personal favourite up to this moment, not any more of course) in Poland wasn`t as good as what I saw in Gdansk.

    First of all, thanks for the tour t-shirts with such great a great price (about 15 euro).I was standing in sector A1 with my brother when I heard a little double beat sound. In the first moment I thought that something fell down near me making such a noise but after a while I realised that it all was about to begin.

    “Breathe”…and in the first moment I thought it was very quite but as songs flew by it was getting better and better. Straight from Breathe they went into “Time” which was absolutely great even with a little misunderstanding on stage. “On An Island” played live was great and “Take A Breath” sounded twice as good as on the album with fantastic lights. Zbigniew Preisner did a great job with the orchestra.

    “Shine On…” played on wine glasses and then the silent guitar part when thousands of people sang with David = I have no words to describe this. It was too good.

    “Wot`s…Uh The Deal” was a little cool-down before “Astronomy Domine” which sounded perfect.

    Then a little suprise when David started playing “Fat Old Sun” and stoped after a while because of problems with Jon Carins slide guitar (“I was missing something”). “Alright, “Fat Old Sun”, take two” and this time it all worked just fine.

    A little sound of bell and it was time for “High Hopes” = absoultely amazing with the beautiful sound of orchestra. “Echoes” = once again I have no words to describe how good it was. It was the song I`ve waited for the most and I know I won`t forget it till the end of my life.

    And the rest was…once again no words to explain my feelings when the band played “Wish You Were Here”, “Great Day For Freedom” (absolutely fantastic, it was a huge suprise) and at the very end “Comfortably Numb” with a fantastic solo. And it was the end of (from this moment) the best show I`ve ever seen in my life.

    Thank you all VERY MUCH for coming to Poland and giving me a chance to see this absolutely fantastic show!!!

  77. What a sad day ! It’s the end of David’s tour…

    I have no words… Maybe it was the last time David played guitar for us.

  78. Hi everybody,

    As told before I took the train from Holland all the way up to Gdansk. The journey itself was exhausting but great experience for me. I met a lot of very nice Polish people in the train. We also spoke about what the celebration of Solidarity meant to the people of Poland. I found out that this has been a important moment in the history of Poland.

    The concert itself was very good. The best concert ever from Gilmour and his band for so far. The only thing was that the band lost their concentration during the song Time. They made a small mistake in the order of the chorus. No big problem, they were back on track short after.

    I noticed that not many people were singing during the performence. I was not used to this. I am curious if the band experienced this as well….

  79. I think of David Gilmour … Have a great night !!!

    David better Roger … 🙂

    [Unless you’re on Roger’s site, of course – in which case, Roger is far better. – Features Editor]

  80. Thank you David for your music and your most enjoyable 2006 tour. All the best to you and yours.

  81. The lack of backing vocals was noticeable in a few “pink floyd” songs, but on the other hand it was great experience to hear “tired and breaking” voice of David in “Shine on..”

  82. TOUR OVER: It may be over but by god will I have something to tell the grandkids ” The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime ”

    It’s come and gone so quick , I remember this site from it’s origin and it’s seems like only yesterday I was waiting on news about David’s new album nevermind the tour. It’s come and gone and for those of us that had the pleasure of seeing the great man and a fantastic band perform I say thank’s.

    ED : Your tireless work has kept us so well informed and excited I say a special thanks from the bottom of my heart, never before have I had the opportunity to converse with such well informed bloggers and meet new people at the gigs.

    A nice little family we have going here and long may it last.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Thank you, Geoff. That’s very kind of you. – Features Editor]

  83. It was an amazing show and everybody was in a great mood. A very quiet show considering there were 50.000 people there!

    The OAI songs sounded beautiful with the orchestra and I don’t think I’ve heard such a dramatic “Comfy Numb” as this one (just to mention a few of the songs featuring the orchestra).

    Other highlights (well, to me at least) – Richard forgetting the lyrics to the 2nd verse of “Time” and throwing the band into an improvised jam! Hehe! An amazing “Echoes”! The liquid light show of “Astronomy Domine” (finally maybe David can add this to the upcoming DVD and please the fans that didn’t find it on the Pulse-DVD?), Guy playing the Rapper’s Delight bassline during soundcheck… 😉

    All in all – wonderful! Thanks to a wonderful ending of a great tour!


  84. The final concert sounds like it has brought a roller-coaster year to a great conclusion…

    The highs of the album release, the touring and the lows of friends departed…

  85. What a wonderful night in Gdansk!!!

    I’ve been waiting for that moment for years and travelled whole Poland (12h) to be there but I don’t regret a single mile.

    The sound was perfect, argute, Dave’s guitar was just wow… impossible to describe. You felt your feet on the ground but your mind sky high.

    The setlist was great. Wonderful beginning with Speak to me/Breathe, I love that moment when the scream goes smoothly into music. Rick did a mistake in lyrics during Time but the band recovered well.:)

    OAI sounded superb, I must admit I was not big fan of this album but it was soooo great live in concert. What a solo in the title track and in Take a Breath. And the sight of Dave with banjo during Then I Close My Eyes. Orchestrations worked really good too.

    The Pink Floyd part was no worse. I was moved to the core hearing SOYCD. Then I saw Dave taking an acoustic and thought… come on it must be this song! And it was, “Wot’s Uh The Deal” which has always been one of my favourite ones.

    During Astronomy Domine we were presented with a light show of famous heated liquid from a projector (top impressions) as well as some lasers. Add this to wonderful music and you could only be delighted. Then Fat Old Sun with a great solo in the end came.

    High Hopes was as nostalgic as it usually is and I really liked the ending on acoustic guitar, different from the studio version.

    Then came what I think was the highest peak of the show… Echoes. Great performance of IMO one of masterpieces of rock music. How wonderful this suite sounds live in concert, whole band played on their top, but special credit for Rick for a great performance.

    The encores: Wish You Were Here was beautiful with everyone signing the verses. Then came a surpise which was A Great Day For Freedom. Very good idea to play this song on this special occasion because of its fitting lyrics. Top performance with Dave showing his voice is still there.

    Comfortably Numb finished on high what was an absolutely tremendous gig. The solo sent shivers down the spine and you wished it would last forever…

    Unfortunately it wouldn’t and it was the end. Wonderful, amazing night which will last in the memory forever. It’s been two days since Saturday and I still hear the music in my ears.

    Thank you Dave for coming and best regards to all Pink Floyd fans in the world!

  86. Just wanted to wish David and Co a great show and once again send along my thanks for this very special record. Many wonderful and personal things have come to fruition because of it. You create more than music David, always remember that. You create memories…

  87. I just heard this on Toronto’s Q107 Radio Station…

    They were talking about a poll the Guardian Newspaper in the UK ran (I think it was the Guardian) and DG came first with the second break in Comfortably Numb…

    [As if any other solo could beat it! Click your name for the story. – Features Editor]

  88. Beautiful, atmospheric concert which needed to be listening with concentration. I’m only really sorry that I wasn’t closer to the stage.

  89. I look back to November of 2005, when I fist found this site, and even though I lurk more than comment, I felt part of the Gilmour community created here. I remember looking at the calendar at March 6th…waiting and waiting. Then I got my tickets to RCMH for April, and I kept looking at the calendar again…waiting and waiting.

    The tour comes to an end this weekend, and I look back at the beautiful album, the beautiful show we saw, and I am so thankful I got to experience it all. So sorry it has come to a close…but there’s always the DVD and who knows what on the horizon,

    Thank you David, FEd, and all who are here for the love of the music.


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  90. Thank you David and all other people who were involved for this great concert! It was a pleasure to be in Gdansk and in particular being on this historical place.

    Thanks all the lovley people in the audiance for so much fun before, during and after the show!

    I have seen David in Hamburg, Munich and at least in Gdansk. Each Concert had its characteristics and in Gdansk despite many humans all were calmly and had together fun. Something like the spirit of the Solidarnosc lied over the place.

    The music was excellent although the lightshow. Some errors during the concert? So what, nobody is perfect and let David and all other musicians arising in a more sympatic way.

    It was a great day for freedom and mankind. Thank you all for this unforgetable event.

  91. “A Great Day For Freedom” contains one of my all time favorite lyric.

    “Now life devalues day by day
    As friends and neighbours turn away
    And there’s a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone”

    This is as powerful and as poignant as anything ever written…

  92. Dear F.Ed.,

    After another triumph the tour is now ended.After the next closest engagements, finally a little rest (or not?) On last March I followed Mr.Gilmour’s interview made on the m/n Astoria on the Italian national television (RAI) : after that time I have visited your web-site practically every day ( of course sometimes) therefore it became a personal tradition. It’s wonderful to know so many people all over the world have followed your news, music, the emotions, the problems sharing this passion that is old of so many years for everybody.

    Thanks for your magnificent music to all the Band
    Thanks for your passion and of all the memories you have evoked
    Thanks for patience…. Thanks for the nice photos
    Thanks for your lovely friendship



    [Thank you so much for that, Elisabetta. This place would be nothing without the many wondeful people who post regularly. Thank you all for making it a success and, more importantly, a joy. Polly wasn’t wrong when she asked why David’s fans are so nice. – Features Editor]

  93. Well Fed, I’d like to hear your experience. C’mon I know yo’re just gushing with juicy details.

    Well at least David 2006 tour ended at just the right time. FOOTBALL SEASON, am I right my fellow American?!


    [Still so many posts to get through… – Features Editor]

  94. Welcome again dear David,band,Fed and you all,

    Thank you for every day together!

    This multimedial experience is a key,an important key to stay and to remain in hearts and in brains. This is a community and it isn’t a club or a fanzine.

    We ‘re here with our everyday-lives,our jobs and our passions,we are TOGETHER tied by a great,warm love for the music, sound and art of David Gilmour.

    I hope we all “survive” after OAI and tour.

    This,”our” is the first rock-blog with a lot of international tributes grown up day by day like a story by Polly…


    [Stop, I’m going to cry! – Features Editor]

  95. My dear sweet Silklord,

    you are a great man. This is not a matter about a “pop musician”,it is about a MAN.

    Thank you “a un des ces jours”

  96. With all the incredible surprises throughout this tour and knowing that a lot of it was taped, it sounds like the DVD release could be a dozen discs.

    I hope that David’s management finds a way to share as much as possible of some of the wonderful moments of this tour. Of course this blog has been wonderful in sharing the details and it has whetted our appetite to see it.



  97. It’s my understanding that our UK friends are enjoying a holiday today….


    And congratulations to those who were able to make it to Gdansk! Looks like it was a wonderful end to a wonderful tour.

    These past eight months on the blog with the album and the tour build up/coverage have truly been a personally gratifying experience for me. I tip my hat to my fellow blogger-mates, the keepers of this site, the wonderful band, and to “The Man” himself for all the caring and sharing…..

    CAPTION COMPETITION: Overheard on headsets from the video trailer: “Cue tour slideshow; cue tracks ‘Let’s Get Metaphysical’ into ‘Where We Start’; and roll credits…..”

  98. Hi gang

    just to let you know Comfortably Numb has been voted best guitar solo of all time according to Yahoo

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  99. I have gone first to Poznan on August 25 for Roger Waters’ “Ca Ira” – it was a great night and a wonderful performance. The following night I was in Gdansk for an amazing night with David Gilmour.

    I was a die-hard fan of Pink Floyd and both nights have proven me right. David’s concert was a highlight of many years of various groups coming to play in Poland. Yes, that was not like listening to a studio record, but the very fact he came down here made me very proud and happy. He has played “Echoes” from the LP Meddle and that live version was fantastic.

    I wish all of you were here !!!!!!

  100. Hi!

    First, after a few days where it was impossible to post comments, I would like to thank ZZ very much for calling the university residence. Thanks to you, ZZ, I found a room and could attend the show – and what a show! If you ever have the weird idea of coming to Belgium, let me know, you’ll always be welcome at my place.

    Thank you Melissa as well for your advice, it’s nice to be part of the family 🙂

    And of course, many thanks to you, FEd, for allowing all this to happen!

    Vincent from Brussels

    [So glad to hear that you made it, mate. – Features Editor]

  101. I was there in Gdansk. It was simply fantastic!!!!

    By the way, Poland was NEVER part of the USSR!!!!
    The information about “the first succesful strike in the history of the USSR” might be a bit misleading, if not offensive…

    Kind regards.

  102. Fed,

    Hello! This is your problem child Melissa.

    Talk about PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES. Oh my gosh have I got a story for you.

    Part 1. Got my concert tickets via mail on 23Aug @ 11:30 est. Close call. My flight left at 2:00. Delay in Chicago caused a missed connection in Frankfurt 6 hours in the airport. Was supposed to arrive in Gdansk at 12:45 but did not arrive till 20:00. Awful Day.

    Part 2 later as I am now stuck in Warsaw (should already be home)but I am here paying 170USD for a hotel and 15,00 PLN/30 min for internet.

    Tomasz knows a little about my plight more to come. Oh and I will give my thoughts on the show. (Yes I actually made it)

    Keep me in your thoughts. My thoughts are quickly leaving thanks to some liquid comfort.

    Melissa (*_*) I still must smile

    [Well, I’m glad that you made it to the concert. Your six hours in Frankfurt beats my five hours in Copenhagen. How many times did you look at postcards? Have a safe journey home, anyway. We’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on the show. – Features Editor]

  103. With so much great material, how Dave will succeed to put out all that worth publishing. (maybe through a “deluxe edition” featuring multiple DVD’s/audio cd’s?).

    I mean there was really many magic moments on that tour, David incredible re-starting SOYCD at the Paris Olympia and the later part of the tour featuring great surprise each night after another that made me really regret not to be able to attend every extra shows. Rick was litteraly on fire during Echoes, the glass vine intro on SOYCD and so…

    Many thanks for all this great time.

  104. “Posted by Features Editor at 02:00 PM | Comments (33)”

    F*Ed, this post counter has jumped from 25 to 33 and yet nothing has been added. is the problem on my end or yours?


    [Sorry to say that it’s at your end. There should be 108 at this point. – Features Editor]

  105. My, it sounds like a bang-up ending in Gdansk. The 2006 tour may be officially over but it certainly is not over in my memory and heart.

    I have been mostly offline in way of posting of late but I have been reading all the exciting and informative news and posts. I loved the reviews of the mid-summer shows; it kept me connected to my own special night at RAH.

    All of which leads me to offer up a “from-my-soul” thank you to David and his band and family for the beauty, wonder and magic they provided to all of us in 2006. For me, it wasn’t about just the night of the concert; it was about the months of anticipation before the release of the cd and concert, coupled with the satiated but melancholy glow following the one night I was able to attend.

    Rarely has something so anticipated satisfied so completely.

    Kudos also to Fed for nailing completely the balance between warm, funny inclusive and supportive with boundary-defining, ethic-demanding, and painfully honest editing. Without this singular voice representing the vision, approach and perspective of David’s site, I doubt many of us would have continued to contribute as often as we have.

    I hope that David and his family (of course that includes the band and crew) enjoy a well-earned rest and re-entry into normalcy. Whatever that “next plan” is, I sure hope it includes a few more opportunities to see David share – dare I say strut – his incomparable stuff.

    Karima from DC

    [Cheers, mate. I really appreciate that. – Features Editor]

  106. wow. sounds like quite an event. sorry i couldn’t be there. i was however at the sadies rock show, in rochester ny. as a usual part of their set list, they played astronomy domine, as a tribute to roger. it was done so well it made me tear up a little, and david and company would have been proud. just wanted to let you know. lucifer sam appears on their new live disc as well.


  107. It would be so nice to actually be able to read these posts being added today… 🙂

  108. Ahhhhhhhhhhhthisisdrivingmenuts… Where are these comments being “posted”?

    [They’re here, trust me. For the first time in about a fortnight, the blog is being quite obedient. (Now that I’ve put that in writing, expect another fortnight of mischief…) – Features Editor]

  109. Good evening FED and Fans

    I read this morning that there is another prize for David; the best guitar solo of the history for comfortably numb.

    It’s not a big surprise for me but I’m very happy for David “The Genius”.

    FED now I hope that you don’t want to leave us….there is a lot of work to do…forever and ever…..

    [How much money do you think it would take to get me to leave this blog for a…? Never mind. I was just thinking out loud. The blog’s going nowhere for the time being. – Features Editor]

  110. What a night!!!

    It all started during the afternoon, there was definitely some electricity in the atmosphere in Gdansk. Then standing in the venue, squeezed by 100,000 fans, was already an experience in itself 🙂

    Then, at 21:00 exactly, that famous heartbeat…

    The band was at the same time extremely relaxed and in outstanding shape! They visibly had just as good a time as the audience did.

    Compared to the Paris show (comparaison n’est pas raison, as we say in French, but still…) the band improved their playing a lot. Astronomy Domine was absolutely mind-blowing, not to speak about Rick’s improvisations on Echoes. And during SOYCD’s a capella part, it seemed like Syd’s soul sang through David’s deeply moving voice. All in all, each song of the show was a highlight.

    Also, the sound was crystal-clear, which is an achievement in such a large venue, and made right to the Philarmonic orchestra.

    I’ve seen many bands in my (admittedly short) life, but the quality of David and his musicians’ playing is far beyond all I’ve seen so far. Genuine professionnals, with real respect for the audience.

    For all this and for this wonderful year 2006, thank you David, Rick, Guy, Phil, Steve, Jon, Dick, and FEd of course.

    Vincent from Brussels

  111. Boy, all these people who keep asking David to come and play in their country haven’t quite figured it out yet have they? All they need to do is to have the leader of their county petition David like it was done for the Gdansk show.

    Imagine for a minute bloggers sending requests to their leaders asking David Gilmour to play in their country. That could be quite humorous.

    I can be so cruel at times. No???


    [As long as they don’t all write here asking us to pass the messages on! That said, certain dear leaders don’t appear to listen when we write to them about ending illegal war and addressing needless famine, so I don’t think they’d be interested somehow. – Features Editor]

  112. [Unless you’re on Roger’s site, of course – in which case, Roger is far better. – Features Editor]


    Ego’s one way, ego’s the other way…

    You can say “what could have been” about alot of partnerships over the ages but what you have to remember is what went on between any two people is their business, not yours. And remember, whatever the cause, the effect helped to fuel their individual career’s and you wouldn’t have alot of “other” music had things gone differently..

  113. Hello F’Ed and fellow bloggers,

    It’s been long since I’ve written. Oddly enough, it seems I’d lost my enthusiasm to post since Syd Barret died. It’s not as though my life revolves around that sort of thing, but when I visit the Blog, it always seems prescient.

    I’ve kept up on peoples comments on the wonderful shows in Europe (F’Ed, I’m pleased to hear they threw you a bone in Gdansk, it was amazing I’m sure). What a year, huh F’Ed?! I hope Gilmour, Inc. keeps you in employ beyond the tour. Too much fun in here!

    What of the Barn Band?? Is there still a future? I’m in need of an outlet to be sure.

    Hope all have enjoyed the summer (I’m sure much of my silence was due to making the most of mine here on the Jersey Shore. And a fine summer it was…)


    [Michael, it was the kind of bone you’d still frantically chase if it was thrown towards the end of a very short pier. Welcome back. – Features Editor]

  114. David- what an amazing ride it has been!!!

    Everything- the new album, the tour, this web site/blog- has contributed so much joy and fun over the last several months! Many thanks for your hard work. I hope you find the next several months refreshing as you slow down and enjoy your family and life again.


  115. Ok, I’m back to normal (post count wise), Thanks F*ed.

    When you get a chance to collect your thoughts I would love to hear your personal recollections of what sounded like a truly remarkable evening…

    [I’ll have to get my thesaurus out and choose a few alternatives to ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’ first, Matt. – Features Editor]

  116. Press Association
    Monday August 28, 2006
    The Guardian

    “Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb has the best guitar solo of all time, according to a new poll. It was chosen ahead of the opening riff from Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. Third was Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, while Eruption by Van Halen was fourth and Guns N’ Roses’ November Rain fifth. Led Zeppelin classic Stairway to Heaven was in sixth place.

    The radio station Planet Rock asked listeners to come up with a top 40. The rest of the top 10 featured Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits, Aqualung by Jethro Tull, Hotel California by the Eagles and Child In Time by Deep Purple.”

    JUST thought id send you this poll i was reading thought it would interest you

    well i cant wait for tomorrow abbey road here i come i cant believe i won i never win anything

    [Thanks for that – and also the bits I haven’t published. Please check your e-mail for more on that and have a great time tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a brilliant afternoon. – Features Editor]

  117. The blog’s going nowhere for the time being Fed

    im worried by your last comment tell me the blog is not nearly over

    [You can read that both ways. I meant that it’s here for a while yet – there are no plans to kill it off now that the tour is over – but I suppose some would agree with the other way, too. Shame on them. – Features Editor]

  118. Sorry, Fed, to be so selfish, but I’m delighted that you are coming back, we missed you…

    I’m glad you enjoyed your well deserved trip to Poland, I’m glad our polish friends enjoyed their well deserved David’s show !

    As you one day said “all’s is well that ends well” (j’ai bien retenu ? si oui, c’est parce que apprendre l’anglais avec vous sur ce site, c’est plus facile et agréable qu’à l’école, n’est-ce pas ?


    [C’est vrai, mon ami. You are too kind. – Features Editor]

  119. hEY, NO SURPRISE ABOUT COMFY NUMB’S GUITAR SOLO WINNING. The runner-ups were good, too, but nothin’ compares to DG’s work on CN. Simply the best guitar-work ever is what it is. Those solos speak to so many people in so many ways. I need a new rippin’ solo, DG. My husband plays OAI constantly, but I prefer the more rockin’ tunes personally. My soul needs to soar like it does to CN. Of course, I still love and adore DG. Congrats to you DG!!!!


  120. Fedmeister

    In an effort to head off the DVD questions can I throw out some suggestions…

    How about, in the spirit of “Sports Personality of the Year” have…

    1. A review of the year, highs and lows
    2. Best captions… I still smirk at DG doing the robot!
    3. Blog personalities with varying categories?

    Just a thought…

    [Yes, please keep throwing. I’m glad you’ve mentioned highs and lows, because I have a ‘best and worst’ blog entry already prepared (the idea being that we’d all send in our suggestions, then whittle the most popular into a list and run a poll for each). Anyway, please don’t send any responses to the above just yet. We’ll use them in the next week or two. By the way, I still smirk at the robot caption, too. We need to grow up. – Features Editor]

  121. Fedmeister

    In an effort to head off the DVD questions can I throw out some suggestions…

    How about, in the spirit of “Sports Personality of the Year” have…

    1. A review of the year, highs and lows
    2. Best captions… I still smirk at DG doing the robot!
    3. Blog personalities with varying categories?

    Just a thought…

    [Yes, please keep throwing. I’m glad you’ve mentioned highs and lows, because I have a ‘best and worst’ blog entry already prepared (the idea being that we’d all send in our suggestions, then whittle the most popular into a list and run a poll for each). Anyway, please don’t send any responses to the above just yet. We’ll use them in the next week or two. By the way, I still smirk at the robot caption, too. We need to grow up. – Features Editor]

  122. [That said, certain dear leaders don’t appear to listen when we write to them about ending illegal war and addressing needless famine, so I don’t think they’d be interested somehow. – Features Editor]

    Click my name.

  123. David,

    Thank you so much for that GREAT show in my home city Gdansk. I always wanted to see you/Pink Floyd playing life, but I never even dreamed of seeing you playing live here.

    I could not believe my ears when you started Echoes – it sounded so well on that shipyard ground – I almost wasn’t able to focus on the following songs. Good job there was a little break after that.

    Thanks also for Astronomy Domine and of course for all other tracks I heard that night.

    Now I have a new dream – to see you live for the second time.

    All the best for you and all other musicians and fans

  124. Great comment Guy!

    And let’s not forget the part you and the other members of the band have played as well by posting here now and again and you in particular for helping the “Irregulars” out with Fed’s surprise…

    Thanks again and get your a**e over to Toronto with your show 🙂

  125. Great comment Guy!

    And let’s not forget the part you and the other members of the band have played as well by posting here now and again and you in particular for helping the “Irregulars” out with Fed’s surprise…

    Thanks again and get your a**e over to Toronto with your show 🙂

  126. Fedmeister wrote : “I’ll have to get my thesaurus out and choose a few alternatives to ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’ first, Matt.”

    Finally we can use the correct definition of “awesome” eh!

    [Oh, only if I really have to… – Features Editor]

  127. Fedmeister wrote : “I’ll have to get my thesaurus out and choose a few alternatives to ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’ first, Matt.”

    Finally we can use the correct definition of “awesome” eh!

    [Oh, only if I really have to… – Features Editor]

  128. Help, Fed, I need an “out off topic” authorization !!!

    It’s because I have received my prize ! and I want to thank you, and a wonderful prize ! “à rendre verts de jalousie” (?) all our competitors (?), because it’s unique and not on sale elsewhere… and I confirm, it’s not an old stapler, do you remember ?

    Thanks again.


    [I’m glad you finally received it. The next person will get the stapler… – Features Editor]

  129. [Thank you all, even the niggly annoying ones of you…- Guy Pratt]

    Oh, our favourite bass player, there can’t be those kind of people amongst us, I never noticed…excuse me, only bad french humour difficultly translated in english…

    Thank you very much for giving us such happiness along this wonderful tour.


  130. Thanks for the posts everyone who was there. The essence of the atmosphere and the music flows through your words, and in a small way I actually feel I was a part of it now.

    Congratz on the Comfortably Numb solo being voted best guitar solo of all time. Goes without saying.

  131. Sounds like the Gdansk gig was a fitting end to a wonderful tour…good to hear everyone (well, nearly everyone!) had such a great time.

    And congratulations to David for winning the Best Solo poll. Of course, we all knew it already ;->


  132. Sounds like an exceptional end to a great tour. Truly an invigorating musical experience that I hope will come around again someday. Thank you David and everybody involved with the tour, and website for a marvelous job. You all are heroes for common people like myself. That DVD is going to be sweet.

    Until next time,

  133. Thanks for the great reviews on the final show gang…now what will we all do? Time to get back to work I suppose!

    F’ed: Could you post a .zip file of all the great pictures in the gallery? I want to use them as a screen saver but am too lazy to save each one…


    [Dream on, Craig. Sorry. – Features Editor]

  134. Did Polly really ask why David’s fans are so nice?? This is really cute. Well we are nice (thanks) because David is nice, he is the nicest gentleman rocker on the planet.

    We are here because David’s music is our favourite, is our life’s soundtrack, and this blog gives us the opportunity to share our feelings about the music (and other..).

    Fed, I hope we’ll meet soon one day. Go on doing this magnific job to keep this place a beautiful spot to stop by.

    And thanks to all the crew that made the tour possible.

  135. Hi again FEd and Irregulars!

    I wanted to thank Guy for his post! It’s so nice to receive feedback from one of the many people whom you’ve admired and enjoyed throughout this tour. You were so very friendly and approachable — being lucky enough to meet and talk to you made me feel a more personal connection to the entire experience. It’s great to know that you also have such fond memories of the tour … another shared experience with us folk out here!

    I’d love to hear from David and Polly one of these days, of course!!!

    While trying to listen to the interview with David on Polish radio, I caught some mention of there being quite a bit of material that didn’t make it onto the OAI album … maybe enough to record later, hopefully.

    Lastly, I’m still wondering what song(s) were favorites of band members from a performance standpoint. I’ve been re-watching both p.u.l.s.e. / Delicate Sound of Thunder and must say that Sorrow really seems like it fully involves every musician on the stage! Love that song!! If I were to choose for them, I’d go with Sorrow (past) and Echoes (present), so how ’bout that!

    Oh, I’M GOING TO BE A REAL GRANDMA (all my current ‘grandchildren’ are four-legged)!! My daughter’s due date is March 4 … pretty close to anyother favorite person’s b-day!

    Take care everyone. Now we can all look forward to the dvd together while slowly driving FEd a little insane!!

    Washington State

    [Congratulations, Gabrielle. – Features Editor]

  136. Guy wrote: “Thank you all, even the niggly annoying ones of you”

    You’re quite welcome, dear (from one of the Annoying Ones, and proud of it)! And thank you for giving us a view from inside all these months. We really love you for it.

    “That David Gilmour will go far.” – pfffttt! Some review, Edwina. Don’t make me come over there with this big pointy stick! And I have a question for you (or anyone else who attended the Gdansk show): did the orchestra play during “Echoes”? I’m trying to imagine it in my mind.

    PS – Angelo, thanks for the previous caption; I needed that. By the way, I thought you had a plane to catch? Don’t forget to bring back my “goody.” I’ll say no more.


    [I think they did. Sorry, I can’t remember. – Features Editor]

  137. Great final gig for a great tour…I’m sad ‘couse after Florence I hoped to see it but I was at work.

    I wish the best to David,Polly and all the crew-surely to Fed,too-and hope they can relax after all this work.

    I’ve seen the victory of ‘Comfortably numb’ it was nearly obvious,I think.

    But for me the best piece of(or for) guitar of all the times will ever be ‘Marooned’.


  138. Back again!!

    I must have had too much coffee today or ?

    Three wishes:

    1) Rudders’ clever wit
    2) Karima’s ability to articulate her (my) feelings
    3) To be the holder of Simon Emery’s extra pass to Abbey Road tomorrow!!!!!

    Have a fabulous, great, amazing, totally awesome (dude), wonderful, f*cking A fantastic time all you lucky Irregulars who are going to tomorrow’s taping! I’m hoping that there is some chance of us in the u.s. to see the show. I’m sure you’ll let us know if that’s possible, won’t you FEd?

    Hello to Erin, Angelo, Susan, etc. I hope things are going well for you all (y’all right Erin?). Stay well!

    Washington State

  139. That’s it then, no more shows to look forward to….what on earth am I going to do now?? I’ve not been able to get on the blog much over the last 3 or 4 weeks…..which is why I’m sitting here bleary eyed as I’ve just been catching up! (Didn’t want to make the error of posting a question that had already been answered and being verbally thrashed by your good self F’Ed 😉 )

    Just wanted to add my – further – thanks to all concerned: David and the band, all the team at the website and my fellow irregulars – it’s been a great ride! Biggest thanks of course to your good self F’Ed, without whom so many good things would not have happened. You gave me the chance to see someone I have so much admiration for in the intimate setting of the Mermaid Theatre, a night I will never forget. But you have worked tirelessly to ensure that many, many others have had some wonderful opportunities as the tour progressed in a totally selfless and evenhanded manner….. F’Ed, you’re a star!

    Also great to see Guy posting again but I should point out to Rudders that he’s going nowhere near Canada until he’s checked out the Leatherhead Theatre, right Guy? Just ‘cos you’ve got a bubbly bath, don’t you think that’s going to twist his arm matey! 😉

    Right, when’s that DVD due……

    [Thank you, that’s really kind of you. – Features Editor]

  140. FEd, Good to see you back on form after seeing David and the band Polish off the last show in Gdansk.

    While you were away I could have sworn some more of Polly’s pics made a temporary appearance in the Gallery, but then they disappeared just as quickly??? Or have I been dreaming again.

    There was one shot in particular which was very amusing, with Richard schmoozing with David on a sunbed, I presume on their hotel roof, whilst in Venice.

    I trust they will be back again soon.

    Can we expect your review from Gdansk soon, or have you still got a backlog of blogs to get through…

    Is there any chance that Parts II, III & IV of the Polskie Radio interview in the Press section being translated, as Part I was… I and many others would gratefully appreciate it.

    Can you oblige FEd ;O)

    [I hope so. The blog software has, once again, caused some annoyance, so there is a backlog of posts to get through before even thinking of anything else. But if anyone can help with those translations, it would be much appreciated. Those pictures are now back, by the way. – Features Editor]

  141. Well, what can I say that anyone else has not said. Sounds like a fantastic ending to the greatest tour of 2006.

    It has been a real great pleasure visiting this site almost every day, (and I will continue) even though I don’t post very often.

    The concert that I seen in April, the memories are still vivid. I traveled many miles to see the best damn guitarist that I know or will ever be in my opinion.

    Can’t wait for the DVD (hopefully Santa will bring it). Hopefully all the band will remember the greatest joy that they have brought to the David Gilmour fans of this world. Hopefully, someday I will be able to see him play again.

    Hats off to you Fed for the fine job you do on this site.

    [Thank you so much, Wendy. – Features Editor]

  142. [j’espère que vous n’avez pas eu “trop mal aux fesses” ce jour-là ! – Michèle]

    No, I didn’t have the time to think about it! 😉


  143. “It was my father, who showed me how to listen to Pink Floyd. We used to sit late nights listening old records and chatting. I was in primary school then and he was telling me stories about his childhood – how he first heard Pink Floyd, how he tried to get their albums (which was basically impossible while Communism in Poland).”

    This blog entry put things into perspective for me. Too often we take freedom for granted.

    A great evening, a great occasion with great artists. Bravo to all.

  144. [It’s nice to see other countries standing tall, while we here in America are falling down and can’t seem to get back up. However, I do think all this hate and anger over here will get old, and we will have our day of change. Music in it self can not change the world, but there are alot of great musicians who have been an inspiration to alot of great leaders. – Posted by: Stephen Barnhart at August 27, 2006 05:10 PM]

    [. . .certain dear leaders don’t appear to listen when we write to them about ending illegal war and addressing needless famine, so I don’t think they’d be interested somehow. – Features Editor]

    Reminds me of what one gets when you Google the word ‘failure’.

    FEd I thought of a proper minded retort if anyone asks about DVD’s in the future:

    “You kinniggit! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry! Now if you do not go away, I will taunt you a SECOND time!” (must be said with OUTRAGOUS French accent)

    And remember, to those going to Abby Road tomorrow, NO CLAPPING!! And, have an absolutely amazing time, we want to hear all about it!

    [I’ll add it to my list, Marcus. I do a decent French accent. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  145. Fed, I have posted on the blog twice now and it hasn’t posted. I posted once late last night and once early afternoon today(Pacific Time). I did notice the same as Matt as to the matter that while online it jump from 125 to 136 and nothing came up. Sorry to bother you.

    Take Care,

    [Sorry about that. The blog hasn’t been the most reliable as of late and there is a backlog to trawl through as a consequence of spending a few days away. So if you don’t see your post, all I can say at the moment is that, if it came through, the chances are that it will be published soon. – Features Editor]

  146. Well said Gian Luca – couldn’t have put it any better myself.

    Sounds like Gdansk was amazing (as if it would be anything but). Can’t wait to see the photos/footage.

    We ought to have a mini competition to brainstorm ways that FEd can respond to the daily (nay, hourly) question of “when’s the DVD out?”. Or maybe some kind of sweepstake guess for charity – how many times does the acronym ‘DVD’ appear in posts to date (that aren’t related to Pulse) 🙂


  147. A Collection of Great Dance Songs…

    or Fed’s quotes of the day…

    1. [It could be. Then again, it could be fiction. I think it’s probably more like bullshit. – Features Editor]
    2. [THNQ 4 THE GR8 IDEAS. – Features Editor]
    3. [Unless you’re on Roger’s site, of course – in which case, Roger is far better. – Features Editor]
    4. [Michael, it was the kind of bone you’d still frantically chase if it was thrown towards the end of a very short pier. Welcome back. – Features Editor]
    5. [I’ll have to get my thesaurus out and choose a few alternatives to ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’ first, Matt. – Features Editor]
    6. [Dream on, Craig. Sorry. – Features Editor]

    Fed, you have been missed. My wife thought I was going crazy because I’ve been laughing so hard catching up on the blog tonight.

    I’m glad you had such a great time in Poland.

    [Bless you. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  148. I want to thank Gian Luca for summing up so very eloquently what I’m sure the rest of us bloggers feel. I know that I haven’t blogged nearly as much as the rest of you. But I read and thoroughly enjoy this site daily. Once you have seen a performance by David and the band it stays with you. Long live the Blog! (I hope).

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  149. [I’m just waiting for the DVD questions to come flooding in, mate. I have been thinking of the various ways to say “Sorry, we’ll tell you when we can”, though. – Features Editor]

    Since you hate Maths, how will you do to count how many times the three letters d-v-d will be appearing on your blog, Fed ?

    Maybe you could tell them “fais-moi des vacances!” ?

    Good luck…


    [I think it works, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  150. Hi Fed,

    I hope all the band & families & of course you Fed manage to have a well deserved break after this afternoons recordings at Abbey road.Im only slightly green with envy at those lucky s*ds who won the competition.

    What a lot of water has passed under the bridge since the BBC2 recordings back in March

    David’s 60th,
    My 50th
    Liverpool winning FA cup
    Arsenal Losing champions league final
    RAH 29th May
    Cole Going to Chelsea,
    Rooney limping,
    Cole still going to Chelea,
    Ronaldo winking,
    Rooney walking
    Cole still going to chelsea (please go)


    [Liverpool winning the FA Cup… It’s been quite an eventful year, hasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  151. Happy Tuesday,

    Hope everyone is ok. Am currently catching up on two and a half weeks of blog so apologies in advance if anything is off subject.

    So it seems as though that is that for now. Maybe for good, who knows. Whatever happens in the future I would just like to add my thanks to David, the band and all his back up team for a memorable adventure over the last ten months or so. Thanks also to the bloggers whose comments more often than not always had me smiling.

    I get the impression that the Gdansk show was pretty special.

    The recent competition was a good one. I would have been well up for that. To the winners: enjoy your afternoon, today I think, and take in every second.

    Pete – Coventry

  152. I’m after the party. Half about fans are screaming ” LOUDER, LOUDER”. Voice technician sux. David plays well as He can, but I don’t hear so much… I’ll go again and stand 1m. beside of speaker… High hopes…:)

  153. It`s really nice to hear that you found a place to stay and made it to the show Vincent. I just thought it would me much easier to contact the place and speak in Polish and then pass it on to you. And a little question – you came by bus, train or car? I saw a car from Belgium or the Netherlands (I can`t remember…) and was wandering if it was your car.

    Thank you very much for your kind invitation to Belguim. Maybe in the future – no one knows, maybe for another DG show?

  154. Home again, after seeing Ca Ira in Pozna and Gilmour in Gdansk. I must say first, off-topically, that Ca Ira was absolutely amazing.

    Now back to topic and the Gdansk show. The band seemed a little tense in the beginning (except for the always cool Mr. Pratt that is) – whether this was due do the scale of the event (after all, they’d played only small venues on this tour), the presence of the orchestra or the six large screens suspended above the stage showing each musician in close-up is hard to say.

    Said screens revealed every small detail though. When Rick messed up the lyrics on the second chorus of Time and they ended up re-singing the first chorus and then not quite agreeing on where to go next, you could see from his “oh, bummer”-expression and frantic gesticulation with Jon Carin that he felt he had fucked it up really bad, but in hindsight the incident was only charming – it is good to see that our gods do have feets of clay and can make mistakes.

    And at the start of Castellorizon, when David thought he was standing in complete darkness, you could see him drinking some water, gurgling and then coughing – to which someone behind me commented, “ah, Polish spirit!”

    After the initial tension, the band got into shape with a blistering On An Island solo, and the solo in The Blue was simply sublime – literally, much better than in London.

    As usual, my favorite in the first half was Then I Close My Eyes – there is just something magical about the sharing of solo parts among the band members. This time there was an added piano solo, I could not quite see who was playing it, but it might have been the Polish pianist whose name I am forgetting.

    The orchestra was present on most of the songs, but I cannot really tell how successful that was as it was a bit low in the mix – I felt it ended up being a bit anonymous. Overall, the first half was slightly uneven and not quite as good as in Vienne.

    Throuhgout the show it seemed that seeing that this was the last show on the tour, David wanted to give as much as possible and this reflected in his guitar playing. Astronomy Domine was terrific with very cool lasers, and the jam section of Echoes seemed slightly extended. The inclusion of A Great Day For Freedom was a nice surprise, with the solo here again being, well for lack of a better word (I have to buy a better dictionary), sublime.

    To sum it up: amazing shows by Roger in Poznan and David in Gdansk – what a triumph for Pink Floyd.

    [Leszek Mozdzer was indeed there, Knut. Glad you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  155. Just back from lovely Gdansk.

    Saturday was my eighth concert of this tour and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Unlike some artists, David never cuts corners in areas such as sound quality and lighting; this is why he’s quite simply the best live artist around.

    Many thanks to all involved with the tour and see you soon I hope! All the best, David.

  156. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    The Gdansk concert was fabulous, although the sound in sectors B and C was terrible. Not loud enough and very directional.

    Our dream now is to know if David will decide to issue DVD or CD. We all can wait than loooooong time if necessary. What’s the chance?????

    All the best,Piotr (Gdynia based Polish Peter)

    [There is a DVD of the tour on its way, Peter. It will be out early next year. – Features Editor]

  157. After seeing David at the Royal Albert Hall this year, my girlfriend and I promised ourselves we would see him again playing in her home-country…And we did!!

    We had a couple of days to explore Gdansk (well worth a visit, everyone, btw!), but really what we were waiting for was the concert….

    Looks like I don’t need to describe the concert any more than it already has been by other bloggers, but I will add a couple of things :

    – the 6 massive screens suspended by cranes over the stage were a great idea! Not only for the benefit of people further back, but even where we were (section A1) it gave a whole new intimacy to the proceedings. You could see their expressions as if they were standing next to you! We also had a good laugh during the wait before the concert, when the cameramen zoomed-in to people’s mobile phone screens for everyone to see (must have been the most-ever-watched game of Super Mario Bros!!).

    – Quite frankly, we found the couple of little mishaps during the show more amusing than anything else, and seeing David and Rick’s smiling reactions up-close really did show just how much they were enjoying themselves, and it of course reminds you that they are only human (yep, even they are!).

    – In spite of David’s joke about his mug being full of Polish vodka, does anyone have an idea what he was really drinking??? Courtesy of the big screens, we spied some steam wafting up from it, so we’re guessing that it was nothing less British than a good steaming cuppa tea!

    – The only negative thing of the evening happened at the shipyard gates (the famous gates, where the shipyard workers used to confront the riot police during the 1980’s strikes), when we had to get through security. Were they using the same restrictions that airlines are using at the moment?! No-one was allowed to bring plastic bottles of water in with them! That’s what I call mean, especially as it wasn’t written anywhere to inform people beforehand. I’m not even going to comment on what we thought of our umbrella being confiscated either…

    Anyway, that soon got forgotten about once the music go underway, and in no way reflects what the audience was like – i.e. the friendliest and best mannered crowd I’ve ever had the pleasure to be part of!

    The effect the concert had on me? Since Saturday night I have been waking up every morning with the music still in my head…and it’s not going away !

    Hope this gives everyone a bit of an alternative angle on the concert.

    Cheers David, Richard, Guy, Phil, Jon, Steve, and also Zbigniew for a brilliant night in Gdansk!!!!!

    [Hi Paolo. David arrived in Poland with a rotten cold, so maybe it was some hot lemon concoction. – Features Editor]

  158. Busy weekend, just found time to read all the posts. Looks like it was a good concert, I must admit some people don’t appear to have been at the same event!! I am glad, FEd, you enjoyed yourself.

    Congratulations to David for winning “Comfortably Numb” solo, wholeheartedly deserved, IMO. Although I like Led Zeppelin, I have never understood why “Stairway to Heaven” always seemed to win. I am not a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses, but I must admit I wished “November Rain” had come second, it’s spine-tingling, I love Axl’s voice, and Slash’s solo is as close to a David Gilmour solo you will find. Tone not quite the same, but it is so emotive, I could see David playing it.

    Hope this blog continues for a long time!!

    [Thank you, Lesley. – Features Editor]

  159. Hi, Thanks for all the work you’ve done on the blog. I’ve posted only a few times, but read it daily.

    I was thinking about an idea and wanted to pass it on to you.

    Since the DVD is still being created, would it be possible to have a blog topic of “DVD ideas/submissions/requests” from us, the fans, on what we’d like to see on there related to the tour? It could be a very structured topic, and each person could be limited to one idea/suggestion that they would like. Then hopefully our faithful Features Editor could pass that list on to the powers that be.

    Just an idea… Thanks again for all you do.


    [Yeah, why not? Please hold onto your thoughts for the time being and we’ll see what you’ve got in a week or two. – Features Editor]

  160. It took me a few days to be able to share my feelings upon David’s concert in Gdansk, couse it was really marvelous expierience to be there and to be a small part of that Great Event.

    David said during his interview in Gdanski that he propbably did not deserve to play on such occasion as Solidarity founding commemoration and I as well can say that probably I did not deserve to have a ticket to His concert and stay eight meters from the stage, to have the ability to see the whole band playing so beautifully for us and giving us so much.

    I’ve dreamt about it for sixteen years and for me it was more dream than reality to be There!

    Sorry David that we sometimes behave inappropriate and sing aloud during your performance but we can’t help but do so and a lot of us really have tears in our eyes, both younger and older of your fans.

    This was really The Best Gig in The Sky from the start point up to the end. I didn’t feel I had got legs becouse I was soaring few meters above the on the tunes of Your music, really – neurologist should take that phemomenon into their account ;-)).

    I don’t wanna be a concert reviewer, I don’t wanna describe the set the bend have performed, I only want to say that I’m greatfull for you to the end of my life for your music and for that concert.

    During my way back home from Gdansk in the train I met very nice girl Justyna and we said unisono one thing, at the same moment,”What a noble person is David and His music!!” THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!!!!

    p.S. The whole Band was amazing. Best reagrds for Guy Pratt who can so easy build the bridges between him and audience.

  161. three days have passed and I still remember the feelings I had that day, there in Gdansk.. and coming back home (“I like to be there when i can…”), driving serpend narrow roads along with thousands of cars going back to their places at 2-3 am.. I look at the photos I made there every single hour 🙂 It helps me to survive another day in this place, another day closer (hope!) to the new David’s relase or/and show.

    Thanks to the whole crew, again, and for keeping this place so alive. It’s amazing how small the world is, when I read and write here..

  162. Hi F.Ed,

    It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of August already. It seems like last week we were wishing David a happy birthday and yesterday wondering how to fill the empty spaces between the Europe and N.Amerian legs of the tour.

    Thanks to Guy for being a part of us Irregulars. in the day and age of artists only saying anything to anyone through their PR firm, it’s refreshing to have someone genuinely talk to their fans.

    Seeing how much this community has grown in the last 9 or so months is resounding, also. There are some real characters here, and it’s a great feeling to be a small part of this experience with so many wonderful and crazy people 🙂

    To Gian Luca’s question of Polly asking why David’s bloggers are so nice, look back through the posts of the last few months, and keep an eye out for posts about donations, Glassman, and covert operations by Guy and a handful of Bloggers. That should get you the whole story.

    Everyone have a great day,


  163. Happy Tuesday (2),

    As I may have mentioned in my previous note I am catching up on two and a half weeks worth of blogs.

    I have just come across Christians note which wasnt worth the ether it was written on. However, I nearly fell off my seat laughing at your reply F’ed.

    I now have this mental vision of you at Anfield. The score is 0-0 and the referee has just given Mau Utd a penalty in the 93rd minute for what was an obvious dive.

    Great to be back
    Pete – Coventry

    [That is a horrible, horrible mental vision, Pete. My advice to you is to go and watch ‘Bambi’ or something sweet immediately. The X Factor auditions do the trick, too. – Features Editor]

  164. Dear you all,

    sms on my mob:UK Radio Planet Rock Chart 1° solo guitar riff is “Comfortably numb”…do you remember the hand?


  165. [… certain dear leaders don’t appear to listen when we write to them about ending illegal war and addressing needless famine, so I don’t think they’d be interested somehow. – Features Editor]

    Hmmmm…and I thought you would love the opportunity to banter with some world leaders. Can you imagine if Tony Blair, George W. Bush or Fidel Castro decided to post here about David and his music or extending the tour??? We would all look forward to our FEd’s witty commentary. “Read my lips – no more touring.”


    [What a thought… Now that’s a mental vision, Pete. Please take note. – Features Editor]

  166. Reading all the messages, it seems to me that the final show was great.

    I was in Venice, and it has been really great. I already put on the wall four frames with some pictures I took during the concert, the cover of the brochure and our tickets.

    I would like to thank again David, all the musicians and all the crew for an unforgettable event.

    Beside that, I would like to add that I started using the Internet in the 80s, way before the Web, when we had only NewsGroups and text e-mail. So, in the last 25 years I joined and followed many Forums, Groups ect.: music, music instruments, surf, rugby, computers, hi-tech stuff, and so on.

    I must say, dear Fed, that I’ve rarely found a virtual place nicer that this one, and never found a better moderator than yourself. Thanks a lot for your great work.



    [You’re too kind. Thank you very much, Nicola. – Features Editor]

  167. I’m not here to comment anything. Just to ask David and Rick to come meet the south america and if they want they can do a gig in Brazil.

    We are very excited wanting your tour. Roger already came, now it’s your turn…..

  168. Guy- thanks for the post! It’s always great to see your involvement with us! And thanks for your hard work on the tour. I think it will always stand out for us fans as well. Enjoy your break! And then consider doing your solo tour in the states… San diego would be nice! And October in San diego is amazing… if your free!


  169. The tour is over, thought I’d something more to say 🙂

    So, the tour is over (although I like to think of it as in-between tours…we just don’t know when the next one will be yet….).

    In the words of one of my favourite musicians, “what a long strange trip it’s been”. I caught the RAH shows and Vienne and all four nights were magical and two are still vying for my favourite show ever.

    The amount of interest in David’s work must have gone through the roof as a result of OAI and the supporting tour and I’m really really happy that David’s solo work is now getting the full attention that it deserves (and not just a cog in the PF machine as some might have thought).

    More than anything I’ve loved the sound that the band produces as a whole, not just David’s legendary guitar and voice. I think we’ve all refrained from referring to ‘the boys’ as The David Gilmour Band, but whatever you want to call them they were amazing. They represented OAI beautifully and breathed all kinds of life into some of the classics (the Fat Old Sun jam stands out for me and of course Echoes). When people click musically the magic happens and there’s a real chemistry between band members. I hope that this chemistry has brought David plenty of ideas and options for new material 🙂

    An amazing tour for an amazing album. Thanks again to everyone, band, production crew, management, back office people, website people and of course our own sisyphean master, FEd.



    [You’re so right about David getting some credit as a solo artist at long last. It’s about bloody time! – Features Editor]

  170. Thanks to David and everyone for a wonderful tour. It seems a long time from 4/20 at the Gibson and the Jay Leno Show. But I had a great time, I even met some fellow bloggers, Tim and his wife, Angelo and Erin and others. We had a blast. Remember the Hot Dogs or garlic fries?

    Anywhoo this has been great. A special thanks to you fed. Without you I wouldn’t have met all these great fellow fans. Thanks.

    Mr Gilmour, hopefully this isn’t the end. Congrats on Gdansk. It sounded like it was the bomb. Oh yeah, Hey Erin FOOTBALL is here….GO PACKERS!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say. – Features Editor]

  171. Than you very much for touring this year!!!!!!

    I got to see you 3 nights at RAH and 2 in Venice and it was the best live music experience in my life!!!!!

    Every person on stage did a standout performance!! Thank you David,Richard,Phil, Steve,Guy,Dick,Jon and Polly for beautiful lyrics!
    I hope you guys had as fun as me!!

    I just hope there won’t be a new tour to soon,,all out of money now…

    And thank you F.Ed for this fantastic site! You have made it easy beeing a Gilmour fan 🙂

  172. Pete Townsends solo recordings were all reissued today in the States. One of his late 80s early 90s live recordings is call “Deep End Live” which he does his takes on Who classics and some covers. The concert has a great band behind him with David on lead guitar. A truely great recording with some very good songs and great work by David. A must have for any fan.

    [Hear, hear! Best acoustic version of ‘Pinball Wizard’ ever. – Features Editor]

  173. An open letter to David Gilmour…


    Firstly a big thank you for the music and memories you have given us all. Music and memories from your own band and your days with that well known beat-combo, Pink Floyd.

    You are a very lucky and talented man, the harder you work the luckier you get is my personal mantra.

    Lucky that you have found true love and happiness and are able to enjoy your family life to its fullest. Lucky as well that you have such good friends both in the band and in the team that support you.

    Talented… well it would be impossible to list your awards and rewards for the music and words you have written and co-written needless to say you thoroughly deserve them and you have given us buffs many a happy memory and good tune to listen to for many a year…

    Having this forum has allowed us to feel part of your tour and, in my opinion, is unprecendented so from a long time fan of your music and concerts a big thank you and may you enjoy continuing success both personally and professionally.

    Whatever you do in the future do it because you want to do it… I’m sure you will 🙂


  174. First of all I would like to thank you, dear FEd and other bloggers for your kind words. I’m very happy to see that not only Poles were enjoying the show in Gdansk.

    So it happened. It really did…

    Not so long time ago I could only dream about attending concert like this. When I heard news about Mr. Gilmour’s show in Poland in May, I just coulndn’t believe. I was waiting for 3 months, bought ticket for the best sector and had to struggle with many difficulties but finally I was able to get there from southern Poland.

    I’m only 19, nevertheless I will never be able to see anything so beautiful… touching… simply perfect…

    I have no words to explain what I felt there, in the first row, right in front of Mr. Richard, just 10 metres from Mr. Gilmour.

    On An Island played live is unbelievable. Zbigniew Preisner and Leszek Mozdzer did very well in the first part of the concert. In the second part I was so astonished that I couldn’t even clap anymore. Music paralysed me totally. High Hopes, Echoes, even my most beloved song – Wish You Were Here among great encore with orchestration. Could this be any better?

    A Great Day For Freedom was a perfect choice to celebrate the founding of Solidarnosc. I’m sure that most of people around me, shouting ‘David! David!’ and singing with him were deeply touched.

    And the last Comfortably Numb of this tour… When it ended and the band left scene, we were still standing, shouting, clapping or just staring and waiting. But noone came to cheer us up. It was the end. The concert of my life was over.

    When I was leaving the shipyards, the only souvenirs I got were: orange armband, ticket and tears in my eyes. I even couldn’t buy an OAI t-shirt because I was waiting at the entrance few hours before the show.

    And there was one more thing. The one, which will stay with me forever.

    The great memory of the greatest gig in the sky…

    Best regards
    Michal Bigaj

  175. That last batch of photo’s is the best yet!!!!. Just keep taking the photo’s Polly!!!

    [There are plenty more to come. Expect some great ones from Abbey Road. – Features Editor]

  176. F*Ed

    Thank You….just thank you.

    You have been such an integral and personal element in this aural open house that it clearly wouldn’t have been the same without you. You have touched many people (I have obtained copies of the DNA reports to prove this) and made this place feel like a home away from home for Gilmourians all over the universe.

    Thanks bro,

    [Thanks for that, Matt. Now, if you’d like to send me those DNA reports…- Features Editor]

  177. To those who are curious and can read french (our two Sylvie(s) from Canada ?), I know, out off topic and out off time (?), but I just found this wonderful review of previous shows in France:


    [Merci beaucoup, Michèle. – Features Editor]

  178. Caption Competition…

    And you have to be a Lord of the Rings Fan to get his one…

    Sauron was well chuffed that Mordor was so close to the Gdansk shipyard enabling him to get a great view of the concert…

  179. Hello to everybody

    Special thanking to David and the Band for this extraordinary tour as much for them, as for us I am sure of it.

    Since March all the Gilmourienne community in the happiness of resources every day of the news of David, Polly, and the Band, as one is going to miss, I enormously.

    I have just read the current blog with my box of paper tissue, I am very sad I do not want that this blog leaves us, please editor to stay with us, to give we the time to get loose from you, (David and fed naturally) I joke, Thank you for your remarkable work.

    I not oublirais ever my two exhibition in Toronto it was sublime, one of my the most beautiful experience in my life, it due to you and your music David, because for me you not made not that of the music, you made with ” the �magie ” it is for ca that one loves you so much you are the best. David you have the right to have a deserved well rest, but you have no right to abandon us, you were born for that. Excuser-I to be so hard but I so love you.


    Sylvie from Québec

  180. AGDFF, what a closer, bet that rocked out!

    Was watching bbc one last night and there was a documentary on called real story, there was this soulful sax background music, and i thought. hmm I know this…was red sky at night. Documentary was a real hard hitter about child abuse, just thought i’d drop by to let ya’s know.

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  181. Sounds like Gdansk was a wonderful show. Infact this whole year has been somewhat amazing.

    Thanks so much F.Ed, SNed, and crew who have kept the magic of the music alive for all of us through this site. Hope you enjoyed the show.

    The post tour blues seem to have crept over me….sniff….:-(

    Looking forward to the next installment of fun and games.


  182. Great performance, powerful solos, wonderful version of ‘Echoes’ and a little suprise at the end of the show. Do we need anything more ? 🙂

    Hope to see you live again (with Rick of course !) 😀

  183. Deborah, as far as I could tell, the orchestra did not play on Echoes. In the second half they played on High Hopes, A Great Day For Freedom and Comfortably Numb.

  184. [Caption Competition… And you have to be a Lord of the Rings Fan to get his one… Sauron was well chuffed that Mordor was so close to the Gdansk shipyard enabling him to get a great view of the concert… – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at August 29, 2006 09:27 PM]

    ABOUT FACE : Speaking of Lord of the rings , I think the hobbits were Floyd fans themselves.
    Darkside holds the all time record on the BILBO ard charts . ” Sorry terrible I read that in a news Gollum somewhere ” Sorry Sorry”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublinshire )

  185. I really like this one alot for some reason.

    Just a working man heading home with his “tools” to his loving family…

    Nice job Polly

  186. Speechless. This has been the greatest month ever. First RAH, then Venice, then Poland. I feel gutted this tour is over. Will David ever tour again? I seriously hope so. It has been a great ride!

  187. [The score is 0-0 and the referee has just given Mau Utd a penalty in the 93rd minute for what was an obvious dive.]

    No you’ve got it wrong. That would be Chelsea.

    F’eds horrific vision re Man U at Anfield is of Dudek dropping another ricket!

    [A dagger through my heart… – Features Editor]

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