Night 31: Venice


Last night’s show proved another triumph, and we thank you all for your comments.

It happens all over again tonight, so if you have a ticket, do tell.

If you don’t wish to know which tracks the band performed, don’t read the fan comments below. The setlist is always revealed here – and now on the Calendar as well – even if you do have to look for it.

So have a good night, and do tell us all about it when you get home.

We’ll be waiting.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

122 thoughts on “Night 31: Venice”

  1. This is what the band will be playing tonight:

    First half: Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Arnold Layne, Fat Old Sun, On The Turning Away, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  2. Sounds wonderful, I can just see the barriers and the seats being laid out on the webcam!

    Have a great time on both sides of the monitors!

  3. to everyone going you will have the time of your life its worth what ever you had to do to go. I went to NYC to see him it was great and i know he puts his all into it they all do. Have a wonderful time and yell a few times for me i wish i was there.

  4. Great photo today. Guy, On the Turning Away, hope you remembered it. LOL. Good Luck tonight!

  5. Caption: During a performance of “Castellorizon”, there is an awkward pause as the band begins to look downward because they cannot cast•their•eyes•on their effects pedals (They haven’t the foggiest notion).

    The setlist looks absolutely scrumptious. Guests are in for a real treat. Bon appétit. ÷^{D»

  6. [This is what the band will be playing tonight:]

    Unless he changes his mind again during the show.. As per the comment from Guy re: On The Turning Away

  7. Just back from my little fishing trip looks like Dave did his king canute even the elements could not stop this genius from playing to and pleasing his adoring fans. On the turning away one of my favorite numbers,I tried to catch the gig on the venice web cam but it was pointing over the crowd still i was there in spirit. fed i hope your nerves are a little more settelled im nearly over my blues from missing david i just have to get through tonite now.

  8. I love that picture you selected for this entry. It is one of my favorites from the recent gallery.

    I also love this set list. But honestly, based on Guy’s last post, how do you know that David doesn’t change his mind and start into some other tune???


    [Good point. We’ll just have to wait and see. – Features Editor]

  9. I am about to get comfortably numb with a bottle of Rose. I’m not at all jealous of all you fans in Venice, where I was last week. I hate Venice…and Gilmour…I wish I’d never gone. I’ll never go to a gig again…because I’ve decided I hate good music.

    I’m going to sit at home eating worms… and sulking…and drinking. I hope its awful. I didn’t want to hear Take a Breath…I AM NOT JEALOUS…don’t you dare say I’m jealous.

    And another thing…I’m going to burn my Pink Floyd/Gilmour collection, albums will be turned into plant pots, cds and dvds into coasters and mobiles for baby cots…not that babies should be exposed to Pink Floyd material…mind you I hate them too so why not…

    posters badges Tshirts will be burnt…the car will have to get a new rear end because I broke my nails trying to scrape the bumper sticker off so had to reverse it into the garage wall a few times to destroy it…glug glug, I do love wine…sob…he looked me right in the eye…wail…my hotel was just round the corner from his…I hate Venice and Gilmour…I’m not jealous…I may never get over this…gibber gibber…

    bitter and twisted, hic…

  10. It’s 19.54 in the UK and it looks like it’s P***ing down in Venice, I do hope it’s not too bad, and doesn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment – hopefully it’s a warm rain & not a Hard one. 🙂

  11. Well after todays show there will only be one more concert left. I know this may sound crazy, But I’m really sad to see it end.

    I have been a big fan since 1968. They were playing at the Shrine in L.A, Calif. and I was blown away by the way David played the guitar and richard played the organ. It really blended together and the people that were there watched in amazement. It was great.

    I have never seen David perform solo and It has always been my dream to see him play. But we are all getting older now. Plus he has a great family to take care of and this may be his last concert. So I just feel really sad.

    I hope that the web site will stay with us for a while and maybe one day I will look at the calender and see that David will be playing in Portland,Oregon.

    Take care, Fed


  12. another great setlist. thanks, ed. hope everyone’s enjoying themselves. like ash, i’m not jealous.

  13. Hey, just discovered a bootleg version of On the Turning Away on p.u.l.s.e. It’s showing up in funny places these days 8)

  14. So, the tour is almost at an end…..

    What a great ride it’s been to follow it all these months. I’m curious to read the last few reviews to come in.

    Hats off to us fans….those who’ve hung aroung, those who’ve just passed through, and those lurking in the wings….

    Good Night, Hysteron Proteron, wherever you are…. 🙂

  15. im very jealous,wish i could be there with you lucky people. fed hope you’re having a great weekend.

    [It’ll be better if Liverpool beat Chelsea tomorrow… Hope you’re enjoying yours. – Features Editor]

  16. Great gigs this week end in Venice!

    “On the turning away”, “Wot’s..”, Astronomy Domine”, “Arnold Layne”,”Fat old sun”, “Coming back to life”, “Echoes”… I hope a CD including all these wonderful songs will be realesed very soon. It’s so amazing being able to hear & re-discover these fabulous masterpieces.

    Thanx to all of you folks for the reports and comments about the end of this wonderful “On an island summer tour 2006”, one of the best moments of my life.

    And many thanks to you, Dear F.Ed., for the very good work and the fantastic space of communication this blog, and all the DG site are!

    Take care


  17. caption: El Magnifico’s brand new illuminated platform shoes worked perfectly 🙂


  18. Well I’m back in the UK once again. What a trip. what a concert. (night 1 of venice)

    fat old sun and on the turning away – my head almost exploded!

    i’m well knackered after that trip so i’ll post a very brief review…

    Weather held up, it was lovely…

    We has real bother and I was trying to get onto the net in advance to warn those going on saturday that the tickets for friday were only valid for friday and same for saturday. the really really nasty b**ch at the desk practically told us to f**k off. So we were snookered and had to buy a set of tickets for friday…right at the back. well we got in and marched straight up to a few empty seats about 10 rows from the front and noone came over to say move…so we were there all night :p

    sold the saturday tickets on the way home to some guy and his son who weren’t able to get in on the friday, which was nice….hope they enjoyed it!!

    On the turning away came on and i was so shocked my plastic cup of wine that was between my legs split and I was all wet from then on :p

    The only oopsie from the band was a bumble of the second verse of on the turning away, but that guitar work was outstanding!!

    the piaza was aglow with green lazer which was reaaaaly cool looking, hope there was a few pics of that…

    Stevie Di was on fire, really really good drumming, outstanding!

    David and Richard sang beautifully and the guitar solo at the end of time brought tears to my eyes especially in the light of the extra effort we went to for staying on to watch.

    David spoke a load of Italian – no clue what it was. He also mentioned a bit in english, band intro and spoke about a charity called emergency which was inspiring.

    gotta run. Hope the rain held off tonight…

  19. Guy, maybe you’ll get lucky and David will actually REHEARSE the surprise song for tonight. 😉 I mean, what if he busts out with “The Nile Song”? I can smell the panic in the band members as we speak.


  20. how many languages does david speak?

    [Several. I’m afraid I don’t know exactly how many. – Features Editor]

  21. looking at the live 8 dvd at the moment…. how i wish you were here and com. numb… all the 4 members of pf.. it is really pure chemistry(dont know if i say this in good english)

    hope it was all that magic in venice tonight..sure it was!!!!

    it just a pitty that they….

  22. Great gig!

    I’ve seen David and Rick many times with the Floyd but tonight I was very lucky: “Fat old sun” and “Echoes” probably the best songs of the show!

    Keep rockin’ Dave and Rick and thanks again for a wonderful night in Venice. Just like the three shows in Verona many years ago… 😉

    Luca, Verona

  23. I hope (was it?) Jonathon parsons was in attendance tonight, as he must have requested `on the turning away` at least a thousand times!

  24. Hurry someone post some more reviews.

    I feel like a little dog who waits at the masters feet for some crumbs to fall, gazing with long moist eyes. (@_@)


  25. We were all horrified when it started raining, but had to just go and get on with it. There’s actually a nice shared experience thing that happens with your audience when the world is inclement.

    Thanks to everyone for being such good sports and enduring the weather, we really did feel for you, and certainly gave our best.

    We’ve had many a joke about what new song might be sprung on us tonight (I was desperately trying to convince Rick to break into “It would be so nice”) and funnily enough we all felt we played On the Turning away better the night before, even though we got it mostly right this time it didn’t have the frisson of “AAAARRGGHHH HOW DOES IT BLOODY GO AGAIN???????!!!!!!!!!” That helped it along last night.

    You were a wonderful audience and we all still feel incredibly priviledged and lucky to be on this bus.

    Much love to you all

  26. By the way, we had no idea David was going to sing Dark Globe, and his rendition was so moving I was close to tears, hearing sung the prophetic words of a man everyone likes to pontificate about except the one man who truly knew him as a friend and peer.

    I would like to go on record saying that in the 20 years I’ve known him David has only ever talked of Syd with the deepest love, admiration and respect, and hearing him sing his songs with the understanding that he obviously has of them convinces me he is the only person who should ever be allowed to perform Syd’s work. So there.

    Much love to you all

  27. With a perfect setlist like that, what a great show it must have been! It’s a shame that I will not be able to see David live…(Please ‘guitar god’ comeback to Canada!)

  28. Just catching that post from guy, that is hillarious. Nice one David, but his guitar work was outstanding so i guess he was practicing a bit on the fly!

  29. Just a small “wishful thinking” suggestion – would you guys ever consider providing some high quality images of some of the photos you have on the site/blog? Just some of them I’d love to get professionally printed and framed, that shot in particular would look great on the wall. 🙂

  30. Good morning FED this was the concert of yesterday evening:

    Breathe, Time, Breathe (reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Shine on you crazy diamond, Wot’ s..Uh the deal, Arnold Layne, Dark Globe, Fat Old Sun, On the turning away, High Hopes, Echoes (little black out), Wish you were here, Comfortably Numb.

    Incredible version of Shine on, like the first night, played together a Siberian artist (Igor Sklyarov) thas is famous for playing crystal glasses (the intro only with the sound of the glasses – I think Murano glasses :)! – and David with Guitar).

    Steve D. is very very very good drummer! Steve D. in Italy was criticized after the shows in Milan but I have to say that I don’t agree! Steve you are one of the best drummer of the world!

    FED remember to say to David about my plan to organize a concert in St Petesburg!!! Roger has played in Moscow so I think that would be perfect for David to play in St Petesburg (I know a lot of russian fans that would get mad for a concert!!!)

  31. Don’t know if this has been discussed before, but why is it that nothing from David’s two solo albums is included in the set list? Both contain terrific songs,IMHO, and some of them should, again IMHO, be performed at a David Gilmour concert! (Especially since both have been re-released recently…) But apart from that, every song in the set list is a treat of course.

  32. Hi,

    Does anybody can tell me, who played the wine glasses?

    Maybe I missed it somewhere in this great blog…


    [‘Who hasn’t had a go at playing the wine glasses?’ is probably easier to answer, Nick. Have a look at the latest Gallery for the proof. But in Venice, a real glass harmonica player called Igor Sklyarov played. David had spotted him busking in Venice last weekend and invited him to perform on stage. – Features Editor]

  33. Thanks to Dave and his fantastic band for the emotions that they gave us in this 2 venetians nights!

    Dave you are the GREATEST!

  34. Thank you again, David!

    Yesterday another great concert, despite of the rain!

    The sound of your guitar was even more magical than usual.

    And compliments to Rick in particular, very inspired and looking always younger every time..
    When will be next time in Italy? We hope soon and with…

    A presto, ciao!

  35. FED I know that David is an Arsenal supporter, isn’t he?

    I wish Thierry Henry played for AC Milan to replace andry shevchenko (but I Know that it’s not easy!)! Does David agree?

    Can David put a good word to make possible this transfer (we need immediately a forward) :)?

    [David would need his head read if he approved of that sale, Claudio! – Features Editor]

  36. Cold

    … David says…..”see you…one of these days”

    We hope soon !

    ciaoooooo !!

  37. [Guy, maybe you’ll get lucky and David will actually REHEARSE the surprise song for tonight. 😉 I mean, what if he busts out with “The Nile Song”? I can smell the panic in the band members as we speak.]

    Haha Deborah, I imagine your suggestion! And what about ‘A Spanish Piece’!!

    OK, still one concert to go…. Will it be the last??? Who knows….

  38. Arrived back in UK wet but very happy. I had gone last week so had to go back for this Saturday and despite security,delays and the weather the problems disappeared with the music.

    I spoke to Guy Pratt who was out doing some shopping in the afternoon and he comfirmed that the band were wondering if there were more “suprises” in the show that night but it turned out they were safe.

    i had already seen the band at the RAH but in my opinion the second half of the show in particular was outstanding, especially SOYCD, Fat Old Sun and Echoes. Added to by the location and the atmosphere. Cost a fortune with two visits to Venice in a week but worth every penny.

    At the end we heard the immortal words from David himself- hope to be back here one day- lets hope so. The last few months produced great shows at nice locations,terrific music and the band seemed to be enjoying every moment. I am sure we would all say dont leave it too long.

    Thanks to David, Rick,Guy,Steve,Jon and Phil they were all “magnifico”

  39. I found it really sad on Friday at 6pm to see a young italian couple being told by Ticketone that they could not swap their Saturday tickets for Friday. We could not bear it so swapped our tickets with theirs, the look on their faces as they realised they were going to the gig, and had far better tickets for no extra cost was a joy.

    Ticketone have more than a little to answer for.

  40. Hello everybody from an italian fan. Yesterday’s concert was fabulous. Three hours of pure delight. Thank you and the whole band for a marvellous evening.

    P.S. what a coincidence: I was lucky enough to discover that the house I would have slept in was 50 meters from the hotel where David was staying.

  41. hi,I’m italian, I’ve seen the concert on 12 friday!! fortunately the weather wasn’t rainy… the performance was great, marvellous!! I’ve spent a beautiful evening! the setlist was a fantastic surprise; at the start with breathe,until the end.

    thanks for this emotion! David’s sound on the guitar was magic,unique; he mades a melodie that arrive in the soul! (I hope you want remember this tour with a dvd),I wish that will arrive soon a new album!


  42. Hi FEd and everyone!

    Just a quick note — trying to catch up on messages in between a million other less pleasant things that require my attention these days.

    “On The Turning Away” — it makes perfect sense to me that David would choose this song for the ‘surprise’ addition to the setlist, given the sad events worldwide. I love this beautiful song, the fantastic guitar work by David, and the message it carries. I’d like to think that, at some point in our lifetime, it could lose it’s relevance as a statement of the current state of the world, and was only a reference to ‘times past’ that would keep us from repeating our mistakes in the future. I took my kids to see CSN&Y recently and it was surreal reliving in song the days of protest over Vietnam, civil rights, etc. And here we are STILL!!! When will we ever learn??

    I’m happy for all of you who were able to attend one or both of the last two tour shows, and I hope you all had your raincoats on!

    Nice to hear from Guy again … Did David truly add the song without telling any of you? Keeping you on your toes! But then you’re always on your toes dancing around the stage anyway, aren’t you Guy?

    Good luck to you, Erin! If your healing time passes as quickly as the last 9 months, it’ll be over in a flash!! It seems like only yesterday …

    Peace, love and understanding!
    Washington State

  43. Guy, as always, thanks for your insights… for me, they offer a human context to this unique musical experience…

    Oh, crap, I’m getting heavy again… must be the impending end of the tour….

  44. Hello, Hein! Yes, A Spanish Piece – that would have rang some alarms as well, wouldn’t it? Just think of the mischief David could cause!

    Except for the rain, it sounds like Venice #2 was a lovely show. Apparently you kept your feet dry, Guy – you’re here posting. 😀

    Guy wrote: “we had no idea David was going to sing Dark Globe, and his rendition was so moving I was close to tears”

    Really wish I could have heard it. I don’t know how David is able to sing Syd’s songs now without shedding a few tears. Maybe he does.


  45. Hello again FEd, everyone,

    When David and his band play in Gdansk, my family and I will be on holiday in Greece, on an island.

    So it’s a little early, but anyway, to everyone involved in or attending the Gdansk gig, have a wonderful time.

    I know David has no plans for the moment – and I’m not trying to push people around in any way – but if David would consider another tour, then he (or his management, I presume) may wish to consider the ‘Bourla’ theatre here in Antwerp. It is probably the most intimate venue of the country and bang in the centre of town.

    See you later,

  46. I just wanted to be there, the last show in Italy for who knows how long.

    Reading Guy’s comment was great, keep us posted You great Guy 🙂

    I imagine how David feels about his friend Syd and I agree he should be the only one performing his beautiful songs, there’s nobody else in the world who would do it with the same vibe.

  47. Oh!!! What astonished for the people from Venice… I feel so sad about that… I dream the day to see Gilmour’s show.

    I’m so very happy for all of you people, that you have or had the pleasure to see him on stage. I’m so happy to have internet as well because I can see all the pictures that some of my internet friends had taken. Also, I love Polly’s pics, they’re awesome pictures from David and Rick too.

    David you have two loving fans from here, Bogotá-Colombia South America, I know that you never are going to come here, I know… but it will be lovely. Here there is a lot of pink floyd fans still and they like a lot your independent work.

    I dream to travel of one of your concerts but its impossible for me right now.

    David you the greatest musician ever!!! I send you my big hug and my husband’s too.

    Awesome concerts that you have made!!! Really great ones!!!

    Angela Ramos
    South America

  48. I like the idea of Breathe being played first at some of these shows. Its my favorite song.

    A not so funny thing though, during a recent second operation the doc punctured both my lungs putting in a medi port but they only partially collapsed and I should be ok. I can breathe better now.

    So lets all “Breathe in the air, don’t be afraid to care”

    [Poor you. Glad you’re doing better now. – Features Editor]

  49. Hope everyone had a wonderful time yesterday evening. Unfortunately I hadn’t.

    As soon as the rain diminished an icy wind started blowing, I was completely wet even though I had an umbrella and.. I don’t know how it’s called, a “rain jacket??” – the wind freezed me so much I started shaking so, during “Take a breath”, I decided to go back to the hotel or I’d have fainted right there. A hot shower, cried all my tears until midnight, then I collapsed.

    I was too tired phisically, maybe. But this has been one of the worst weekends of my life instead of being one of the best. Of course I’m not blaming anyone but bad luck and bad weather. Now I hope the DVD will come out very soon so I will be able to cry a bit more seeing what I have missed.

    BTW I was going to spend a few days by the sea with some friends but I returned home because I was too.. worn out.

    All the best to everyone

    [Oh, that’s such a shame. I’m really sorry to hear it, Giovanni. – Features Editor]

  50. Another kinda funny thing about my stay in the hospital. When I would go to get my chest xrays the nurse always shouted out an ‘OAI’ song title “Take a Breath” but then she added “now hold it”

    I don’t think Dave and Polly had that sort of thing in mind when they wrote the song though!!

    I guess laughter is the best medicine.

  51. Fantastičen koncert za dušo, srce in še kaj. David in ekipa so bili fantastični.

    Podpiram tvoj Emergancy.

    Lepo bi bilo, če bi David z ekipo obiskal tudi Slovenijo, ker je že obe sosedi Avstrijo (Claim) in Italijo (Venezia).

    Še mnogo let tako naprej.

    Fantastic concert for my soul and my heart. David and the crew were fantastic.

    I support You in Your Emergancy effort.

    It will be nice, if David visit Slovenija someone in future, because Slovenija is the neighbour of Italy and Austria, so I think, that now we will be right place for next conert.

    Full steam ahead David…

  52. Glad everyone had a great time!!

    Now on to Poland. Wow is it almost there?!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  53. Awesome to hear from Guy and his perspective. It is refreshing to listen to an inside point of view.

    Thank you.


  54. Guy, I’m the guy under the stage with the camera and I have some good shots of you…

    if you want tell me

    Luca, Verona

  55. Want to thank everyone for a great time at Venice, we come from Portugal for the concert and as an opportunity to know this beautiful city and had to postpone our trip back, we apreciated all the effort in spreading the info FED 🙂

    We enjoyed the concert a lot, took a lot of fotos even filmed David and Polly claping Igor, the glasses player, we shared that moment with them, I was excited like a kid and took a candid shot of them and wish to send them a print

    hope to see these people again

    [Please check your e-mail, Antonio. – Features Editor]

  56. I hope we’ll get to see “On the Turning Away” and “Dark Globe” on the DVD and of course the look on all the guys faces when David sprung it on them.


  57. Fed,

    Sorry if you’ve already answered this question, but is the forthcoming DVD going to include any of the recent performances or just the RAH shows? I’m anxious to hear “Dark Globe” live. I support anybody over there who wants to put out a live cd of this tour at some point in the future.


    Great idea suggesting “It Would Be So Nice”, too bad it was a no go. Maybe he’d be up for “Paintbox” and “Remember a Day” if another leg of the tour is added?

    Matt in Chicago

    [The main concert footage will be from the Royal Albert Hall, but who knows what extras will be thrown in? – Features Editor]

  58. Glad to listen that the band and the fans enjoyed a lot, yesterday night. GUY, thanks for sharing all this with us. You’re so kind!

    And now, I hope David and the band can have fantastic rest before the show in Poland.



  59. I hear your Mighty Reds opened a can of whoop ass on Chelsea, Edwina. Perhaps I can take advantage of your good mood and see if I can get by with this question: does anyone out there have a glitch on their P*U*L*S*E DVD during “Comfortably Numb” when the mirror ball drops down, or is it just my bad luck?


    [It’s always very nice to beat Chelsea. Thanks for reminding me. – Features Editor]

  60. I went to Venice last week. Flew from London to see two magical nights in a city I know too well from having studied architecture there. Big disappointment…

    Couldn’t believe my bad luck when they changed the shows for this weekend, which I couldn’t possibly attend (trip back home to Portugal for a bit of sun and a million arrangements).

    Of course, it couldn’t have been different. I went on to change my world and twist it around, and bought another flight for this weekend. Just couldn’t miss it. What would I say to my possible offspring, if I missed it?! Business, money, had to rearrange my socks compartment?! Forget that!!

    Then, of course, the terrorist threat…

    I was beginning to suspect Murphy himself was doing his best to shove his law up my… anyway, got through airport security and landed on the Laguna! Oh yeah!… it was an amazing feeling to be filled with an out of control anxiety and emotion!

    These were my 5th and 6th (and last) shows of the tour, and for everything that they represented, and all the odds that we came across (structural problem, airport chaos, heavy rain) possibly the most special ones! I’ll sleep with a big smile today, cose we’ve made it! All of us, the fans, the band, St. Marks square; we all made it happen. This is where the true Floyd spirit lies. David came to spread his art and to communicate his feelings through his unique voice and strings, and we were there to listen and appreciate. David gives it shape. We give it meaning…

    (my special appreciation for Polly’s fantastic stage pictures. I saw her making those during the Venice sound check and I would like to ask you to please make some of these available. She has the Man Ray eye!)

    My best wishes to whoever runs this fantastic blog! Good job!

    Miguel Sousa

    [Thank you very much, Miguel. I’m glad you made it. – Features Editor]

  61. Sounds like quite the show to have been at. I find the deluge of rain to be an almost spiritual and dramatic act as it would happen during as beautiful an event as a David Gilmour show.

    With the exception of Giovanni’s unfortunate concert experience (I am truly sorry that all befell you, G), reading the responses to this show it certainly sounds like the one to be at (especially the way Guy made it sound – kudos to you Guy for “soldiering on” — wasn’t there a show in Texas for the Division Bell tour where the same thing happened, but at that time you pulled the plug on the show? A lesser band would have turned tail and run, but a true class of musician sticks it out to weather the storm and deliver the goods. Again, wonderful commitment!

    On the Turning Away. Nice! Dave’s voice has all the fine qualities to carry off a sincere recreation of the late Syd’s songs. Keeping the flame alight!

    David Gilmour. Class act. Nuff said!


  62. Really hope that Dave is still recording (and filming) these “extra” show.

    I’m sure that it would make their way as great bonuses on the DVD.

    I’d like to be able to listen again both version of SOYCD and discover how On The Turning Away circa 2006 sounds.

  63. It’s really great to hear from Guy and how they felt for the fans standing in the rain. I did look at the web cam posted and it looked really wet.

    Now that the concerts are coming to an end, I hope that David and the rest of the band could maybe take time out and write a note on the Blog and tell us how they felt about playing for the fans. That would really be something.

    Guy again thank you for taking time out to send a message to us, The fans.


  64. Thank You Guy, your blog reminds me long ago of our lead singer throwing out a song from out of the blue to keep us on our toes. It worked. Scary though.

    Good Luck to you and the band in Poland. Sincerely! Thanks Fed and Sned, keep well.

  65. Thank you Guy Pratt

    With a big recpect,I agree profoundly,that you are right about David for Syd.

    With many love.
    Sylvie from Québec

  66. blimey,

    i’m so surprised you could pull it off. hahahahahahha. you could do anything without warning i’m sure. keep it going, and come visit.

  67. CAPTION: They played ” Smoke on the water I see ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  68. thanks David and the creaw for the beautiful night! the best moments in my life!

    i hope that this is not last concert around here!

    i think that you sould play more songs like Arnold layne. When you were play this song and echoes i thought that i am on another planet! and one more time it was great, just a little too short 🙂

  69. Hi all, this is my review of Saturday’s concert. It’s quite long, so I cut it into several parts. Even Guy is so compliant with FEd’s bloghouse rules that he divides his posts…


    Yes, I finally was there on Saturday! I had slept only three hours and I accidentaly met a former girlfriend on my flight to Lyon, what a weird beginning for this second trip to Venice.

    I had plenty of time before the concert, so I just wandered around Venice, with the vain hope to meet any of the members of the band.

    I ended up at the hotel where the concert crew stayed and I managed to see the great Dick Parry. He was really charming and some fans even took a photo with him.

    The sun had shone all day and I could not imagine what was going to happen later. A bit dissapointed as there was no sound check, I sat in my place and waited for the concert to begin. The sky turned black and my deepest fear became true. Firstly, it began raining and suddenly, I found myself ridiculously sitting there, getting damper and damper, and I ran to get some shelter under the archways.


    People began to get impatient and when the heartbeat of the dark side began, there was a roar in la Piazza. The first part of the concert was ok, but the sound was attenuated by the rain and I really missed some extra watts. On an island is great for smaller venues, but here people hardly reacted on the music. I loved this first part at the RAH, but in Venice with all the rain and the chilling wind, it left me a bit cold.

    It was not until Take a breath that I began to heaten. When the band was playing the first notes of Take a breath, David suddenly stopped and played the first notes of the guitar riff of Another Brick in the Wall (part one). Then he took back the tune, to the astonishment of all the present. Guy did the bunny-hop dance and even David jumped. Rick’s, Dick’s and David’s soloes during the middle part of Then i close my eyes were amazing. David’s voice in Pocketful of stones made me tremble again, although I was already shaking with cold by that time.

    The first set ended and there were almost no applause. People seemed to be more worried about their cameras and video recorders than about the music. Even the Carabinieri were taking pictures!


    During the intermission it began showering again and I was feeling miserable. My hands were numb and I jumped and moved trying to forget about the cold. I can perfectly understand the fan in the blog that went home. Then David appeared and asked for silence, as he introduced the wine-glass player. To my surprise, as the first notes of Shine on invaded la Piazza, stars began to shine on the sky too. I thought of Syd up there and suddenly the cold went away and a different concert started.

    Shine on was stunning and What’s… the deal rendition was extremely beautiful. And then, Arnold Layne! Rick sang it much better than David Bowie at the RAH. I thought that there was going to be no surprises in the setlist, but then David played Dark Globe. It was a soulful and emotional performance, just David and his guitar. He dedicated both songs to Syd, as he said: “An old good friend of Rick, an old good friend of me”.

    The concert could have finished after that and I would have not complained, but no, Fat old sun! The end of the sung part, with Phil, Guy and Jon’s chorus slowly fading away before the guitar solo began was marvellous.


    The band was about to begin the next song, when David stopped them all and spoke again. He introduced Emergency work and said they were going to play On the turning away. The crowd went crazy.

    It was very emotional to hear this song again, specially Guy’s bass solo notes in the middle of the song. David forgot some words and it was funny how he looked at Jon Carin, who ended elegantly the line. High Hopes was as good as ever but I could not help being a bit dissapointed with people that began clapping before the last beautiful and startling acoustic solo ended.

    Extasis. Ping… ping… this second time in a year that I’ve listened to Echoes live was stunning. The vocal part was great, and I was surprised to see Jon helping David and Rick with the vocals. It sounded great. Then it came the blackout but this only seemed to help them all to play like angels… well, or demons! Rick and David rivalled with their instruments and I felt like melting away with the music. I thought that Echoes at the RAH had been good but god, this time was excellent!

    A special mention to Steve D. drumming during this song: it was powerful but at the same time colourful, shame on all who say that they don’t like him!


    I sang with the crowd during WYWH and I calmed down to witness Comfortably numb solo. Wow, probably the best end solo for this song that I remember. It was electric, majestic. I woke up when David cheered the people (we all had rushed towards the stage by that time) three times and he waved goodbye saying: “Hope to see ya again… one of these days”

    And that’s what I thought, hope to see you all again. I came back to Madrid with a memory that I will treasure for many years. Thanks much David, Rick, Phil, Guy, Steve, Jon, Dick and FEd (yes, without the blog i would have never made it) for making it happen.

    [Thank you, César. That was great. – Features Editor]

  73. One last comment, thanks Guy for your insight. I cannot imagine how you all must have felt when David decided to play one song that you have not played in the last how many… 12 years? And what about Steve D. and Phil? Did they know the song?

  74. Just returned from Venice…

    The show was GREAT, much better then the one in Milan, in my opinion.

    Echoes was simply fantastic, I just don’t have the words to describe it.

    Arnold Layne was better than fantastic, it was amazing, the bass guitar on this song was really shocking me, i think it was the best performance i have ever listened to.

    I just want to say thank you to all the band, to all the audience, to Venice… it was one of my best night, ever.

    The weather…. ok don’t talk about the weather… i’m still wet! 🙂


  76. Good morning FED I’m very happy for Liverpool (Now I hate Shevchenko!!!) I’m a Milan supporter but in England I like Arsenal and Liverpool (I’m trying to forget Istanbul!!!)

    I Want to thank David (I repeat, Holy immediately!!!!), Rick (you are fantastic I can’t live without you, Rick!) , Phil (You are THE ARTIST!), Guy (YOU MAKE ME FORGET ROGER….IS IT ENOUGH?), Steve (the best drummer that I have ever listen), Jon (You PULSE every day in my heart), Dick (Your saxophone is incredible I can’t understand how can you play in this way!!!) and you FEd that are the point of reference for the fans (your information are eesential)

    Thank you again and now we all want a new tour for the next year (DAVID YOU HAVE SEEN THAT WE LOVE YOU AND WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!! I PRAY YOU DAVID, PLAN ANOTHER TOUR FOR THE NEXT YEAR!!!)

    BYE FED!!!

    [Have a good day, mate. – Features Editor]

  77. I’ve again the rain the at falls on my bones…

    …rain as tears of joy. Unforgettable night.

  78. What a great pic!!! Polly again? WOW! I love the colours among dark and smoke. Even if I hope Polly is also working to her new book, a part joining David on tour and taking photos…poor Polly! She should really be “Wonder woman” to do all!!!

    So, is better saying that, after the tour, I hope Polly will work to her new book! It sounds nicer, doesn’t it? 😉


  79. I am 45, and saturday night, in Venice, before the concert began, I was thinking that Dave’s music, Pink Floyd’s music, has been a constant background for the major part of my life. You don’t know a person, but you realize that this person’s work as an artist shines behind many, many, many moments of your life, good moments and bad moments.

    So you can imagine my feelings when the concert actually began. I think it was great, what else can I say? As an amateur musician myself, I can add that (in my opinion) it was a very very good performance delivered by happy, skilled musicians clearly enjoing themselves together. “Echoes” was unbelievable.

    I was together with my wife, and we can only thank David for the usual reason when art is involved: delivering something meaningful for our souls.

    Being “veneti”, it was also unbelievably great for us to actually be in Venice. Before the concert we walked around, we had an aperitivo, we ate something at a “bacaro”, we did the things we love in Venice. During the concert, we looked around us and to see Piazza San Marco with David’s music in our ears and souls. Fantastico.

    Nicola e Alessandra

  80. hey Fed & Crew!

    Ya know, Me, Elaine, Luke & Julia were the mad 4 who drove from Bristol, setting off on Friday night, ferrying from Dover to Calais, driving to Venice to arrive in the Piazza Roma at about 8pm Saturday, got changed in a Car Park (thrilling the security no doubt) caught a Vaporetto to St Marks & then the heavens opened!!!! Big, Fat, Huge drops of the wettest rain i had ever felt. instantly plunging the temperature by about 6 – 8 degrees!

    It seems to us that someone was determined we shouldnt see the man play.

    we sat in our seats wearing our soaking clothes and some kind of ‘Netto bag’ or at least a cheap supermarket carrier bag, ‘shower’ cover, which the nice people at the Emergency stand had. (only they ripped to pieces when you put them on!) Cesar was right about how cold it got!!

    as the heartbeat started from the subs, i felt a rush of emotion that i was going to hear & see David Gilmour ‘In the flesh’ as it were! with a lump in my throat and tears mixed with rain water i sang along with a few Italians nearby, ‘Breathe, breathe in the air’….

    But, during the first half my wife Elaine and Lukes wife Julia were both shivering with cold, and each time the wind whiped round the piazza, the chills set in more… we were not enjoying it very much, and this is where we maybe differ from other opinions in that we felt that David wasnt enjoying it that much either. A lovely cock up on the intro to ‘Time’ and a sense of ‘lets get this done’ was present, which the fans seemed to pick up subconciously. ( some good ‘jazz’ notes too from David, complete with looks to Guy & Phil that said ‘Ooops!’. When i do that everyone says its ‘bum’ notes!) Then a very hasty introduction of the band with a lovely cheer for Rick and Phil.

    Our respective wives were looking unwell though and Luke and I both made the decision that, whilst this evening was the fulfilling of a dream, the health and well being of our loved ones was far more important.

    The set carried on to its half time break, and then as they left the stage, a little shrug of resignation to the crowd from David.

    I had been holding onto my wife and we were both shivering with the cold, and i actually turned to her and said,’ We should leave because i dont want you to get pnumonia or anything’

    We agreed to leave and got up to walk out but as we move the cold seemed to really kick in and Elaine broke down in tears, we walked out of the venue through the barriers at the back with Elaine crying almost hysterically as i helped her out towards the vaporetto stands on the canal. Then a lovely gesture from a Mexican guy who came to see if we were ok, and took his jacket off & put it around my wifes shoulders to warm her up a bit, then walked us to the vaporetto.

    Luke & Julia had the same idea and joined us at the vaporetto stand. As they were leaving the opening of ‘Shine on…’ started and Luke said he had a little cry then…(big girl)

    We boarded the boat and could hear the song from the dock.

    A sad end to an exiting adventure. You could’nt make it up!

    The blokes at the car park were total coeds and wouldnt let us all go up & collect the car so that we could get changed in it and so we had to get changed downstairs into some dry clothes.

    Having not eaten properly & then being soaked through we were out of energy but still had to drive to calais for a 6pm sunday night ferry.

    So, David Gilmour! we drove a 2058mile round trip to see you in venice and nearly got hypothermia and malnutrition! I think the least you could do is come to lukes fancy dress surprise birthday party! Only you have to come as ‘young David’ from the ‘dark side’ era. We dont want you to play or anything, we will play a set of Floyd covers for you, and you can play air guitar in the middle of the pond in my garden (on an island) with the garden hose on you for about 45mins, then we’ll switch on some cold air fans while we spin torches in your face and set off some smoke bombs to recreate the atmosphere again! I’ll get in touch with the blog when this is happening so that you’ll have plenty of time to fit us into your diary!

    Joking aside, thanks for the music David, we do still love you and i’ll make sure that the next time you play i’m front row, in an INDOOR gig! (the party invite isnt a joke tho!)

    Thanks Fed for all your sterling work, keep the site looking cool & take it easy man

    (shit, this is a flipping novel!)

  81. Brilliant! 12/08/06

    Apart from the rain, the night was superb. We saw the witnessed the rig bending on the 4th and went home empty. Now the bank balance is empty!, but the concert made up for that.

  82. What can I say!? Greatest single weekend of my entire life!

    I went to Venice to see David from Cayman which had me travel three legs and about 25 hours total to do it from my door to the hotel door. On Friday night (the night I got there) the concert was cancelled because of the stage instability.

    The next night it was confirmed that the shows would take place the following weekend. So instead of going home on Wednesday, out came the credit card and the trip was extended until Sunday so I could stay for the shows.

    I became friendly with David’s agent and one of the promoters and ended up getting David’s autograph and Richard’s autograph as a result of their generosity of spirit. I also met Jon and Dick Parry and asked them to sign as well. I saw you too Guy, you walked past me while I was in front of my hotel but I didn’t want to bother you as you were chatting with friends. I did say “Hi” to you though. 🙂

    On the day the agent got Dave to sign my jersey for me, a reporter was there as well as his photographer and they interviewed me and took my picture for the paper. The story is, effectively, about the concert and this crazed fan (lol) originally from Toronto who came to see him and has travelled to see him before and got his autograph etc. etc.

    After David signed for me and I was standing there clutching the jersey and tearing up like a 14 year old girl back in the Beatles’ heyday lol, the press came and interviewed me and then took a picture that appeared in the newspaper the next day!

    I was also filmed by David’s film crew and they asked for my permission to use the footage in the upcoming DVD.

    I’m blown away, that’s all I can say.

    Thanks to all for everything and when I retire from Public Relations and promotion of companies in about 2 years and move into the music industry, maybe our paths will cross again.

    Thank you for the brief glimpse you afforded me and for making this Pink Floyd fan of 27 years a very, very happy man!

    Thank you as well (obviously) for a great show, allowing me to see and hear ‘Echoes’ and such moving renditions of Syd’s songs played with obvious heart and respect to a great mind and man who was taken away from us too early.

    It was the greatest trip and experiences of my life!

    Michael Alexander

    [I’m glad that you had such a good time, Michael. I’ll add your other pictures with your next posts. – Features Editor]

  83. Guy…how lovely to read your comments about David singing Syd’s songs and his attitude about him being so deep and respectful. Warms the heart and reminds us you are all much more than musicians. As fans, we sometimes tend to forget you aren’t superhuman.

    Obviously from all the blog comments, you are an even better musician then suspected. Having an unrehearsed song sprung on you during a concert and being able to keep up is quite a feat that seems unimaginable to someone who can’t play a note. You are amazing.(Maybe you are superhuman!)

    Thank you for taking the time to post to your fans. You endear yourself to us all.

  84. Another drenched couple checking in 🙂

    My girlfriend and I spent yet another weekend in Venice, got completely soaked during the first set but nonetheless had a great, great time.

    It was miraculous… Echoes brought me to tears, as Castellorizon did back in March in Milan.

    What can I say… although this costed a considerable amount of money (spending two weekends in Venice) I am absolutely thrilled that I had this chance to see David. I’d probably have a few complaints regarding organization, but that would be nitpicking.

    I’ve been a fan since 1994… 12 years later I got to see David twice and Roger once (so far!). I really can’t complain.

    A big, *BIG* praise goes to everyone involved with David’s web-site, especially our beloved “Fed” for all the valuable info found here. Hands down, this has to be one of the best artist sites with regard to keeping the fans up to date on all related band info.


    [Thanks very much, Sasha. – Features Editor]

  85. To Ben .. who swapped tickets with an Italian couple so they could see the concert…What a wonderful thing to do! A toast to your selflessess and kindness. There’s an attitude we could use lots of. Bless you

  86. Good Evening FED and All, it’s just a little after 11:30 here at the Hotel Flora. I am working on an especially oaken Bordeaux at the moment and I am replaying the past several days in my mind’s eye and all in all I would give my Tour of Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea excursion a 10 + star rating. One hand typing the other with the wine, listening to OAI at this exact moment and me with these fantastic memories.

    I’ll be remembering the last few days for the rest of my life with fondness.

    I’ve met so many people covering the diverse cultures that make up the Mediterranean nations, their diverse , but common cultures. All very eye-opening, let me tell you I’ve never cut through a swath of cultures such as I’ve never done in the past twelve days. I want to come back here, next year and spend three months. I love it !!!

    Oh, the shows, you ask ? What can I say they were excellent !!! ***** star review !! Two thumbs up !! Oh, yeah and the biggest s**t eating grin on my face. I am still all aglow with the after-effects of these awesome shows.

    Friday evening. Brain exploded.

    When they started up with Breathe, Time and the Breathe reprise I knew it would be a magical night. The crowds were expectant, hungry just eating right out of David Gilmour’s hand. Especially after the previous weeks cancellations. People wanted this, mostly David though I believe, really wanted this and it showed.

    When Castellorizon began that “calling” in the beginning I just about had tears welling up. After actually being there ( can’t wait to develop this film !! ) and listening to him cut through the piece, tore right into me.

    On An Island developed a strange new meaning for me. I cannot listen to the album the same way anymore ! I thought over the next half hour that Rick and David and Phil, Guy, Jon and Steve just clicked. Everything was flawless to me. ( it didn’t hurt that I had a good buzz on and was just grooving right along. From my vantage I had a clear view of everything and the show was just absolutely stunning. And ‘Red Sky At Night’ just really touched a nerve and man, I could not tell you how many wet eyes I saw that night. And the smiles !

    ‘This Heaven’ live is just something I’ll treasure. ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ I just love.’Smile’ made me long for my girl.

    David was on ! Guy was just that great spark of rythym and Steve D. God, I’ve a new appreciation for him ! Phil was amazing.

    ‘Take a Breath’, awesome energy !! ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ stikes me as being my new thematic like favoutite for years to come. And ‘Where We Start’ I just think I’ll have to forever dedicate that song to my lady.

    When they started into the second set I knew I was in the right place at the right time. That Igor Sklyarov fellow ! Whoa !! ‘Shine On’ made me miss my fiance and actually got a little melanchloy that she couldn’t be with me right there, holding hands and listening to our favourite guitarist.

    ‘Astronomy Domine’, !!!!! ‘Wot’s…Uh, The Deal’ !!!!!! ‘Fat Old Sun’ !!!!!!!!

    I reached critical mass when David broke into ‘On The Turning Away’ I could tell parts of me were flying in all sorts of directions. My ego here. My rational somewhere on the dark side of the moon. My id over there ! And I thought there looked like a moment between them all when David did this. Sneaky…sneaky. David smiled and so it seemes as if God had smiled at the same time. Priceless !

    ‘High Hopes’, just one of the great pieces from The Division Bell. Loved it all. I ate it all up !!

    ping…oh, every hair on my arms and neck just stood at attention as if heeding the call of the true master calling. Gilmour. ‘Echoes’ live is like Beluga caviar and Champagne together. ‘Echoes’ is like Courvoisier. Warm. Sensual. Man, what can I say I was in Heaven.

    And yes,’Wish You Were Here’, broke open the floodgates for me. And then ‘Comfortably Numb’ just crushed me. I was floored. Yes, I had to reattach my jaw as it fell off repeatedly !

    Saturday Night’s Show !! My God, man !!! It never fails, FED, I have to have rain whenever I see Floyd or David., now it seems. The Orange Bowl, Miami, FL ’87 Show. It rained lightly and steady for the whole show. Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami , Fl ’94 Show ? Yeah, it rained. So, here in Venice I have come to the conclusion that David Gilmour is a Rain Maker. When I left the hotel I just had to laugh. Light rain with a slight chill to it too.

    Saturday Night just seemed to me like a wonderful wet ritual. And no, dear readers, it’s not me that brings the rain I swear. Again, my rational went one way, my id the other way, and my head up to the stars and my smile was turned up.

    If there is one band that understands the nuances of weather it is Pink Floyd and of course, David. Mr. Brickman’s fantastical light show both nights was just …ON. Blew me away !!!!

    You know I actually prayed David would be spontaneous again and he didn’t disappoint. After ‘Wot’s…Uh, The Deal’ they performed ‘Arnold Layne’ !!! But when David sang ‘Dark Globe’ I just buckled and I just stood there and cried. David did it again ! For just a briefest second I could have sworn that David made eye contact with me. I was all of four rows back, but it was just that barest flicker you sometimes feel if you make eye contact with someone, you just feel it. Like across a crowded room.

    Then they went into ‘Fat Old Sun’, did ‘On The Turning Away’, ‘High Hope’ ansd another stirring ‘Echoes’, even though there was just a moment when this little black out occured. What the hell happened ? But with the aplomb of a true master David kept the show going. He is truly a man’s man as far as guitarists go. And these Venice shows were great and I am in awe of how Mr. Gilmour approaches Life. His easy-going smile invites you to come along and enjoy the water or whatever it is…he is enticing us all along to enjoy the moment.

    FED, I am in serious Violation of The Code of Conduct of unbecomingly cumbersome lengthy posts, so be it. I can hardly wait to share some of the photos. I know I have a few good ‘Keepers’.

    So all in all, a wonderful magical trip. I will be heading back state-side after mid-week. I hope I don’t have too much trouble getting back into Boston. I hope to be sharing some of the pictures by this time next week.

    The people. The food. The Wines, The languages. The richness of these wonderful memories that I’ll treasure and share with my kids. Whenever that may be.

    I need to take a breath, FED…as usual you’ve done a fantastic job here and we love you for that. Without you and of course, Mr. Gilmour, this wouldn’t be possible.

    Well, time to rein in this beast. I am knackered. It’s twenty after one here now so it’s time for to go to bed.

    It’s time…

    Cazart !

  87. Second time Venice within one week. The most expensive event so far, with another 2 flights ex Germany. But it was worth all money, your outstanding,exceptional performance heals our souls, clears our minds, focussed on real fortune of live etc.

    Both of us left some tears at the beginning of the concert, when all the pressure left our hearts. It was a great place, a fantastic concert, too. What a unique guitar sound, eh?!

    We went nearly crazy on Monday 06Aug in order to find a solution to fly again and to keep our little daughter save into others hands again..but we did it…and it was the best decision heading lovely Venice again.

    Thanks to my beloved wife for joining the same direction in having some extras. What happened is a more than EXTRA and we’ll never forget the lucky smile in the faces of the muscicians – and ours, too!

    Thanks for that intensive passage of time, you were great!

    High hopes for a forthcoming PINK FLOYD reunion. DO IT! it would be a healing for a future music history when the division bell became a delicate sound of thunder again and end up as a perfect circle. Don’t give up trying!


  88. Okay Fed. I didn’t realize you linked the photo to my name. I’ll keep posting then, tough as it is for me to find stuff to say. 😉

    Make the picture of me with the jersey or me in the paper the next one. Those are my favourites.

    Man oh man did that trip ever make me happy. I am still grinning from ear to ear!

  89. Great new pictures of Venice, but I’m intrigued …

    In the picture of the wine glasses in Venice, one glass has water in it. Why is that and what are the notes next to the glasses?

    [Beats me, sorry. – Features Editor]

  90. HaHa that’s my favourite one! That and the finished jersey with all of Richard, David, Jon and Dick on it.

    That guy I am with in that picture is named Miguel. He is a serious Floyd fan from Portugal. I can tell by the way he talks about the band that he is almost as obsessed as I am. LOL!

    Great guy.

  91. Congratulations, Michael!!! That’s a great thing that happened!!! We’ll look for you on the DVD!

  92. Hi everybody from Poland!!!

    Come to Gdansk for a memerable concert in the place where Solidarity was born. I’ve already prepared my T-shirt from ’89 PF Hamburg concert!!! Could you imagine the day before David’s show in Gdansk – R.Waters is to show his event of Ca Ira in my country???

    I wonder if they are going to meet each other here…for a solidarity project???

  93. Both nights were amazing. Great sets in such an atmospheric setting.

    Thanks, it made a beautiful weekend in Venice perfect.

  94. I hope I don’t make anyone angry here. I see people asking for a Pink Floyd reunion again. For myself, I don’t want to see a reunion. The music is fantastic, but I really prefer David’s style of music and would only want to see his tour again. Sorry if I have offended anyone.

  95. Jan – I totally agree with you about no Pink Floyd reunion. Having heard lots of things about Roger’s tour and seeing Live 8, I just don’t know what he could bring to the table now, unless you want to see a 62-year-old man trying to act like he’s in a boy band, being a showman but not so much interested in the music, IMHO. That was never what Pink Floyd was about, was it?

  96. I don’t understand the anti Roger sentiment.

    He wrote pretty much every lyric we love to sing. Yes, musically David and Richard are superior, but without Roger the music would have been long on notes and short on words and it is the marriage of both that make Pink Floyd great.

    Outside of MAYBE John Lennon, Roger Waters is the greatest lyricist popular music has ever seen and the man deserves better than to be trashed on David Gilmour’s blog.


  97. You aren’t censoring me are you? I truly hope you’re not allowing the two posts that pretty much slag Roger to go on and not the one that defends him? I will have posted my last if that’s the case. That kind of double standard is not something that will sit well with me.

    If you just haven’t posted it yet, accept my apology.

    [Apology accepted. We’ve been having trouble with our server, so no posts have been visible, never mind published, since Wednesday morning. However, I disagree with you. We welcome opinions, but will not allow anything disrespectful. There have been plenty of varied comments about potential Pink Floyd reunions and the quality of the solo albums of past and present members of Pink Floyd, all of which are as fair as the recent constructive criticism of ‘Blue Light’, to give just one example. I think most people here would agree with that. But, ultimately, it is my decision and I stand by that regardless of who takes offence or how they choose to pass comment. – Features Editor]

  98. [Wasn’t there a show in Texas for the Division Bell tour where the same thing happened, but at that time you pulled the plug on the show? – Beppo the Mime]

    Hi, Beppo. I believe that would have been Houston’s Rice Stadium show. Apparently a rather torrential rain storm truncated their performance.

    I attended the prior San Antonio’s Alamodome show, the second show of the U.S. leg, which was in my view not only a success, but to add —

    Artistically and technologically the P.U.L.S.E Tour is literally THE absolute epitome of concert staging of THE CENTURY ! I have little to no faith that the industry will EVER see or touch that caliber again; at least not in our generation’s lifetime. I am just humbly grateful to have been birthed into this time and place to have participated in its history.

    Cheers, Beppo, Fed, and all…

    (–really moved by these concert reviews; my heart goes out to all of you who’ve suffered to attend……..and thank you SO much, F’ed for keeping this Venice edition of the blog alive for alittle while longer! Please keep the reviews –and therapy!– coming…..)


  99. Beautiful show and fantastic set list!

    Thank you David, Rick, and all of the crew (it was great to see Dick as well – after 12 years) and yeah, see you one of these days…

    Greetings from Zagreb

  100. For several years I’ve been participating in online Pink Floyd related discussions and have seen the sort of argument that Jen made come up alot. There are, after all, very enthusiastic fans who are all entitled to their opinion.

    Some people are Roger Waters Fans. Some people are David Gilmour Fans. Some people are Richard Wright Fans, or Nick Mason Fans, Syd fans, or whatever. Presumably we all love Pink Floyd’s music at one time or another. Why not leave it at that.

    Right now we have an opportunity that I never thought possible. For me, by the end of the year I will have seen two fantastic nights of David Gilmour and Richard Wright, and undoubtedly three fantastic nights of Roger Waters and Nick Mason.

    For me, as far as I’m concerned, I will have seen Pink Floyd this year. If there is another reunion of the “classic lineup” my credit cards are ready – for where ever it is in the world. If Roger tours near here I’ll be there. If David tours near here, I’ll be there, etc.

    Let’s leave the childish put-downs of one member of the band over the other in the past, and all be happy that we get to hear music from our favorite musicians at all, and that David, Rick, Nick and Roger have all taken the time to give us more of their extraordinary talents.


  101. I bought a ticket for Dave in Venice on 5th august as a 50th birthday present for my Dad. A group of 8 of us spent the weekend in Venice and of course were hugely disappointed when the gig was cancelled. The quick rescheduling mean’t that my Dad was unable to attend on the 11th or 12th. My 2 friends, my Husband and me drove from Bristol on Friday 11th and made it to Venice in time for the start of the show.

    Unfortunately the downpour was too much and after freezing for the first part of the gig we decided that we would not be able to make it through.

    It was heartbreaking to be leaving to the sound of Shine on you crazy diamond. We then had to start driving again as we had to get the ferry back on Sunday evening. We – especially my Dad! (and I’m sure many other fans) are now hoping that Dave will put on some more shows in the UK so that the nightmare of Venice can be forgotten.

  102. Dear F.Ed.

    Just back on my p.c.for a couple of minutes as I’m on holidays….but I must tell you about Venice Saturday’s show:

    U N F O R G E T T A B L E

    A show that has been worth seeing although the heavy rain (It was raining “cats and dogs”!) (Venice is a city to be always forgiven…..)

    I don’t know how many Artists there are in the world who played for a so long time with the rain and the public can stay there without any complaint!

    I felt a deep emotion to see them all , I’ve been touched and I ‘m not ashamed to confess to have left there many tears…..

    They performed wonders during the long 3 hours of amazing music: the new beautiful sounds and songs and the always loved old ones (every song a memory!) …the glasses filled by water…the sax ,the PERFECT VOICE , His dreaming guitars…and the fantastic keyboards…the all very famous Bandmates, what so magnificient and special laser lights!

    Please don’t let us wait too much for the next work!

    Thank you very much indeed, Mr.Gilmour, Mr.Wright and all the Band!

    Elisabetta -Italy

  103. FloydianLeaf

    I think you misunderstand me (if it’s my comments you are referring to). I think Roger is a great lyricist, but, if we are talking about being on a stage together for a reunion, I stand by what I said, I don’t think it would work. I think Roger just wants to be a showman with a backing band (sorry that’s how I feel).

    My comments are nothing compared to what is said by Roger’s fans about David, by the way.

  104. Sorry fed, I accept my lumps for jumping to the conclusion you were not allowing my post.


    Lesley and Jan, I’m sorry but my opinion is that anyone who says they can’t see a Pink Floyd reunion as having any merit due to Roger “not bringing anything to the table”, shouldn’t even be calling themselves a Pink Floyd fan.

    I’m sorry to say, but without Roger there wouldn’t even be a Pink Floyd.

    Have some respect for the man for God’s sake.

    I’m done with this, it is David’s blog and is for talking about David. I just wanted to make sure that Mr Floyd was given his fair and quite frankly quite earned, due.

    Shine on.

    [Maybe you can stop slagging me off on other forums now, eh? Just one person moderates this blog and if the server’s down, I can’t do anything about it. I couldn’t see the posts, let alone publish them (and for the record, it’s more like 10% deleted/edited as opposed to 10% published). I take pride in that rough statistic. Go back and read about the boring new album, the limited tour dates, the over-priced merchandise, the shambolic ticket sales, the incompetent management… It’s all there and I want it there because I’d deservedly get even more of a slating from fans like you if I only published the good stuff, which is incredibly boring all the time. I happen to agree with much of the criticism. We have to have rules, even if they do seem harsh, but for an official artist’s website, they’re absolutely necessary. I personally don’t give a toss about record sales or chart positions. I care that the music is good and that people like it. I don’t want the blog to be sickly-sweet (although when I have the gall to suggest what the blog should perhaps be, certain people throw their toys out of the pram because it clashes with their own ideas), yet neither do I want it to descend into the petty, squabbling nonsense that ruined the official Pink Floyd forum. You can say whatever you like on an unofficial forum, but we have to behave with a bit more restraint. That said, for every perceived attack, I like to see a defensive retort to keep a sense of balance. Fortunately, that’s always happened and it certainly happened with your post. Isn’t that what makes life interesting? If we want to spice up the blog a bit, how can we do so without allowing certain ‘controversial’ opinions every once in a while? The same day that I allowed the two allegedly anti-Waters posts, I also allowed many more posts knocking ‘About Face’. If I simply delete anything I happen to disagree with, then the blog is dull and bland and I’m rightly criticised for being a tool. I don’t believe that the comments you were offended by were all that harsh when compared with some of the rubbish that I read every day, which has to be deleted – the kind of stuff that unofficial forums are chock-a-block with. I do sincerely apologise that it so enraged you but, like I said, please feel free to trawl back through some of the other posts and you’ll see that there are worse remarks. No hard feelings on my part, but please accept that all of the above is perfectly reasonable. I can’t be fairer than that. – Features Editor]

  105. FloydianLeaf

    This is my last post to you. Please don’t include Jan in the comment that I made about “not bringing anything to the table”. That’s not fair.

    All my comments relate to the “here and now”, not in the past. I am not denigrating Roger’s part in Pink Floyd. By the way, I don’t think I ever said I was a Pink Floyd fan, I said I was a David Gilmour fan.

    Your comment “Without Roger there wouldn’t even be a Pink Floyd”, I think, sums up where you are really coming from!

    Sorry FEd, I respect your wish not to post this.

  106. FED, you’re a good man and like I said I apologize.

    I am a very passionate Pink Floyd fan and although my father always taught me it was religion and politics that should be avoided, I can’t do it. Why? Because Pink Floyd is my religion and the split between David and Roger and the two camps of David/Rick and Roger/Nick and the fans who seem polarized by it as well, is my politics. lol

    You see, I am not a David fan, Rick fan, Roger fan or Nick fan, I’m a Pink Floyd fan and love them all.

    I am one of those who has never understood the back biting and the division that exists between David and Roger and the us and them that make up their fans.

    This is why when I hear someone slag any member of the band I freak.

    Nick and Rick with their incredible sense of composition and ability to add dynamic to the melodies and their sense of timing, David’s voice and guitar and Rogers’ words, passion and animated gestures live is what makes up the band. Take any piece away and it just doesn’t have “it”.

    I know there are a million opinions on a million different sites and that there are diamonds and there is garbage among them all. I also understand fully (I moderated a very busy Maple Leafs forum for several years) that your job is a hard and thankless one.

    Especially in light of that I want to once again apologize to you publicly and hope that there are no hard feelings.

    As for David or any other band members who may be lurking here, I love you all and have for 27 years and I for one would love nothing more than to see each of you bring your gifts to the table and give your fans one last fleeting glimpse.

    One of these days indeed David, one of these days…


  107. “Your comment “Without Roger there wouldn’t even be a Pink Floyd”, I think, sums up where you are really coming from!”

    Yeah, reality.

    Whatever, this isn’t getting us anywhere. Believe what you want and don’t let Roger Waters’ name all over the writing credits on the Pink Floyd albums keep you from believing what you believe.


    [And that can be the end of it, thank you. – Features Editor]

  108. So getting back to David and Richard after all that…I can see you smiling FED. 😉

    I was very impressed at the length of the show. I don’t know if it’s because he gave a little something extra in light of the week long postponement or if this is the set he is doing tour wide, but holy smokes! Playing until after midnight and throwing those nuggets like Arnold Layne and On The Turning Away was mind blowing!

    Very nice guys and very appreciated…even if the concert did end 5 hours before I had to catch my water taxi to the airport. 🙂


  109. [Maybe you can stop slagging me off on other forums now, eh? – Features Editor]

    Hey F.E…Do you have a bit of Canadian in you?..I ask this because “eh?” at the end of a sentence is usually identified with us.

    [Funnily enough, I do have family in Canada. – Features Editor]

  110. ciao david, im cinthia from venice italy.

    i wanted to send you a msg to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful concert you had in my city.i know there were trials and tribulations but in the end you gave us a brilliant night worth waiting for.i was so happy to be lucky enough to be part of it listening to the fabulous music and for your generosity in giving part of the proceeds to emergency organisation.

    thank you so much for such amazing night, i cannot express my gratitude enough nor tell you how much your music means to me.grazie mille.cinthia

    please give my best regards to gino strada, he is a wonderful man!

    thanks again, Cinthia
    venice, italia

  111. I don’t want to be “out off topic”, so I post here, but I think it’s too late to be read…

    I have just finished to read all the ” Venice entries and problems”, I just wanted to say

    – that I was delighted that so many people enjoyed the concerts. so happy for them…

    – that I do understand those who were turned down (?) by the cancellation of the two previous shows, how desappointed they must have been !!!

    – I don’t know how I would have reacted myself, but I think there are sometimes and rather often shows that are cancelled without any explanation and there is no site and nobody to take care of the poor fans, so I don’t understand people who were so aggressive; in their misfortune, they had at least someone who took care of them


  112. One day I will see David or the Floyd in my country again. USA. It’s been since 94. Remember the fans here who helped make and love them.

    [With respect, you had the chance to see David in April. – Features Editor]

  113. I`m going to David`s gig on saturday in Gdansk! and I am sure I`ll love it!

    I can`t wait for echoes , shine on and fat old sun!!!

    I also hope to hear some tribute to the legend of SYD (not only in Shine on).

    It was only one time in Poland where a PF member played – it was R.Waters in Warsaw few years ago (I really loved the show-espacially Set The Controls and Perfect sense), and now – WITHIN only 2 days we got Roger in Poznan with CA IRA and David in Gdansk!!!

    I cannot afford to be in both gigs, but if I had to choose – NO DOUBT – David would be the man I wanted to see!!! If anyone of you still dont have tickets (I dont know if they are still in sell, but they cost 35 and 40 EURO) and want to see the gig – believe me – there are some places (hills) in Gdansk (I work there) where you may see and hear the music very well even outside the shipyard where the concert will take place. SO, LETS ALL FUNS FROM EASTERN EUROPE JOIN US AND THEM ON SATURDAY IN GDANSK, in the place where the fall of the communism began in 1980 by the hands of the workers who destroyed “The WALL” only few months after the record was made!!!

    Przemek,Gdynia, POLAND

  114. jan

    Thank you for your kind words, It was a win win situation! And in the context of the charitable nature of the gig of very little consequence


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