Night 30: Venice



We can confirm with deep regret that, unfortunately, both concerts at the Piazza San Marco have had to be called off.

A structural defect was discovered in the scaffolding just before the sound check this evening, which has rendered the whole stage structure unsafe.

Our most sincere apologies to all those who were supposed to attend these shows this weekend.

There is a possibility that these concerts will be re-scheduled, so, if you are a ticket holder, please be patient. Discussions are ongoing and further details will follow just as soon as we have them.

Venice’s most famous square welcomes David and his band later today – as well as fans from all over the world, by the sounds of it.

The centre of Venetian social life for many a century, the Piazza San Marco is stunningly beautiful and fringed with myriad architectural treasures, the most notable of which is the famous Basilica, on which the story of St Mark the Evangelist is told in paintings.

St Mark became Venice’s patron saint in 828. His remains were initially buried in a chapel in the nearby Doge’s Palace – Palazzo Ducale – but, in 829, a church was built that was to be his perpetual resting place.

The elements were not kind to it and it suffered great damage from fire, hence it was rebuilt and modified many times over the 11th century, resulting in what we see today: elegant arcades, bulbous domes, Gothic arches and breath-taking mosaics.

The interior is decorated throughout with such mosaics, the floor made up of many shades and varieties of marble and glass.

Famous for the four gilded bronze horses of Lysippos, known as the Quadriga, St Mark’s Basilica is also well known for the Pala d’Oro, a Venetian-Byzantine gold relief which is arguably the richest and most precious altarpiece in the world. It is made up of some 250 gold panels and covered with more than 3,000 precious gemstones.

Although the piazza seems enormous, it is only 175 metres long. The white-striped pavement, designed by Andrea Tirali in 1723, creates the impression of a much greater space.

It is bordered by historic buildings, such as the Gothic Palazzo Ducale, with its paintings depicting Venice’s violent past, and the iconic Clock Tower, on which two bronze figures – the Moors – strike the hour against a huge bell.

There is also the 100-metre-tall brick bell tower – the Campanile – constructed in 912 and fortified after it collapsed in 1902. You can climb to the top for a stunning view across Venice.

There are also the 18th century cafés which help attract an estimated 25 million visitors a year.

If you will be in the romantic city of Venice looking for David and the band to sweep you off your feet tonight or tomorrow night, do let us know. We hope you have a terrific time.

The winner of yesterday’s competition will be announced later today, so stay tuned. Please see yesterday’s entry for all the details.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

186 thoughts on “Night 30: Venice”

  1. This is going to be a stupid question – but is the Venue that David is playing in at Venice the same place that Indiana Jones was running around in during the Last Crusade?

    [Pass. Anyone? – Features Editor]

  2. I was looking at the latest poll and you know David is one of the best guitarest ever.For David has his own mark on the way he plays.

    I was listening to a song that Bryan Ferry did and it sounded like David was playing, So I looked it up and sure enough it was David. David style will always be GREAT.

    Plus Thank you Fed, For I found the song David did with Elton John and it is really good.

    I really hope everyone who goes to the show tonite will have a great time.


    [Glad you like it. Have you tried Dream Academy? Some great tracks there. – Features Editor]

  3. What, can’t sleep Fed?



    [I was hard at work on the site’s new addition. I just couldn’t help myself. I feel like a zombie today, though. – Features Editor]

  4. What a beautiful place…wish I was there.

    Of course you realize that Venetians only come from two places. Venice and Venus.

    I guess I should get my coat now.

    I hope all enjoy the shows.


  5. 17 years ago i think … Pink Floyd played in Venice

    I was 14 years old … the impact was cosmic…

    My dad brought Delicate Sound of Thunder and we listened with the Volume to the maximum. My dad brought me a classic guitar for me to learn.

    A great experience for a kid. Today hes not in this planet anymore, like Syd 🙂 Peace for them …. They will shine on in my heart.

    But the music is … and the good moments are in my Heart too …

    In that period, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Mike Oldfield were my diet and today they are my inspiration with Camel ( the band )… maybe a everyday lesson … Your generation are the greatest.

    I had a band, i have Fender Stratocaster Red and White like David’s. And YES “Wish you were here” was my first song, the first i learned to play. A month ago i played to the girl i love, and … what an experience … very emotional.

    Once again …
    More than words …
    Thank you David

    Thank you Rick
    Thank you Roger
    Thank you Syd
    Thank you Nick

    Thank you for THE PINK FLOYD SOUND

  6. O, by the way, on my way home tonight the DJ on Q104.3 in NY gave a plug for David and his OAI tour. He actually talked about the wine glass performance and how David is wrapping up his tour.

    Of course he mentioned the Radio City shows and how great they were. He ended his commentary with how he hopes that David will tour again. And then he played a Pink Floyd song. (Of course it would have been more appropriate to play an OAI song.)

    In any case, it was really nice. It also seemed like he is a blog reader because of the details he gave in his story. Maybe, who knows?? Well, FEd might know.

    Just wanted to share that.


    [Anything’s possible. Speaking of which, did anyone notice the press amateurs who took my words about Syd and passed them off as being a direct quote from David? – Features Editor]


    Roadie 1: Okay, we’ll pull the trucks in over here and… oh, hell…

    Roadie 2: What?

    Roadie 1: We forgot the portable toilets…

    (Long Pause)

    Roadie 2: …..not again…..



    We the somme with you on the other side in Canada

    As I envy you, you go to live one of the most BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE of your life.

    Live completely there, burst you, to prepare you for big feelings love that only David in the power to give us.

    God blesses you all
    Sylvie from Québec

  9. Bonjour à tous

    To give you my opinion on the site, I find him very well made, I like visiting photos in gallery, her one of the journeaux in Press, day short story when I go on the site, later I hurry to go to the blog which I find super nice, really I raise you my beautiful hat work. I vote “excellent”.

    I wish that this blog remains alive after August 26. Maybe that it will be him just a little more, because David or Polly will have time maybe to give us their opinions on this blog? I would be it very happy.

    Good continuance!

    Sylvie from Quebec

  10. It would be amazing to see these venues, I hope David gives us his personal tour on the next DVD. Europe is a great place to be right now. Good Luck in Venice to all. You too Fed and Sned. LOL.

  11. Good morning all 🙂

    I’m heading off to the airport in just under an hour – this time I’m heading off to Zurich for the weekend with Deb.

    To everyone going to the Venice concert tonight, have an absolute blast. I hope David manages to sneak one of his acoustic guitars onto a gondola to serenade Polly with ‘Smile’ 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone,


  12. Hi!

    I’ll be leaving this afternoon for Venice, this time with my girlfriend. I’ve been tempted to give away the ticket to someone else, specially after she said after Roger Waters concert in Magny Cours: “Err, sorry, but I do like more Roger than your David Gilmour”. After such a blasphemy, what can I do? Well, I let her try the Gilmour experience in Venice and will let you know.

    It seems that there’s still no place to meet over there other than Monocco hotel (is that its name?). I’ll try to be there Saturday’s afternoon before the concert. Anyway, if you see me wandering around the city (1.90m, thin, dark haired, sun tanned), probably with the PF 1994 tour metal heads shirt, just give me a shout!

    Enjoy the concert today!


    [Have a great time, César. If that girlfriend of yours says anything similarly outrageous in Venice, you can always threaten to push her in the water. – Features Editor]

  13. I’ll be there tomorrow, fed. I am quite exited!
    Venice and David…unbelievable, just 1 year ago!

    By the way, the sound in Florence was perfect, not too high, but absolutely clear.

    (always the same problems with the audience, moving, recording, taking pictures, talking, phoning…i hate that!!!!!!!)

    And….Can you avoid pedlers from selling Coke and bier during the concert?

    Anyway…the band and David are in a very special form….incredible, he is becoming younger or his improving while getting older…(even the voice)….

    [I hope you have a wonderful time. – Features Editor]

  14. ‘Morning FEd!

    Sorry, but I can’t send you the review by the newspaper…and also the one by ANSA press agency…the only thing I can do is write them as a post here…this is be ANSA…I can see it on the screen but I can’t send you the link…just copy and paste the text…let me know if you want I type with my sweet, little hands the other review by La Repubblica.


    [Please don’t go to all that trouble, mate. There’s no need for it. Thanks again for the other articles, all of which are in the Press section. – Features Editor]

  15. I am curious. The other venues on the summer tour are obviously used regularly for concerts and events. Is this true also of St Marks square or is this a “special” event (as well as being a SPECIAL event of course). And how much of the square is taken up by the show. And what about the pigeons!

    Just trying to visualise …

    [There are a lot of pigeons… – Features Editor]

  16. Here’s an interesting webcam. Don’t know if the stage is already built but the seats are not (all) there yet…

    [Good thinking, Koen. – Features Editor]

  17. [Indeed. It would take me two hours to write that much in French and another two hours to pluck up the courage to post it for all to see. – Features Editor]

    Thanks but when I re-read what I wrote I find horrible mistakes. I write so fast that grammar, syntax never comes out well (there are always “s” here and there but always in the wrong place; “do” or “does” on a casual basis, words in the wrong order-the wrong order is because of the italian order I have in mind). About the courage, Fed you are right….sometimes it takes some bravery to post those Bulls**T of mine!!!! HAHAHHA.


    [English speakers who speak nothing but English make these mistakes often, so you have nothing to feel bad about. Keep sharing it with us. (You say you write fast, which makes it even more amazing. When I’m tripping over my fingers, trying to write something comprehensible in French, you see the tumbleweed rolling by in the background – I’m that slow.) – Features Editor]

  18. Good morning everybody, my name is Pierluigi and I live “On an Island” on the lagoon of Venice, Pellestrina.

    This is my first post here but I’m a fairly regular visitor, when work duties permit. I’m a real big fan of David’s work with Pink Floyd and as a solo artist…

    Well I should say that I’ve been of “ill” of Pink Floyd for 16 years now…I felt in love with PF just after Venice ’89.

    I’m “following the steps” of Pink Floyd galaxy from a year or so because I was in London for Live 8, in Rome for Ca Ira première, in Milan for David and Verona and Lucca for Roger.

    This is my first day of summer holydays and I want to christen with a special night…so I’m going to be in Piazza S.Marco early this afternoon to see if David will allow fans to assist to the soundcheck as he did in Firenze before the show.

    I’m sure the show will be a special one: there will be the City, Square, the History, the recent Past (17 years have passed but the memory remains…). The night will be fantastic in spite of weather..

    Oh..the weather, some news about the weather….the weather is bad, very bad, black clouds are up in the sky but the forecast is good for the evening,but……at the moment I’m watching in direction of Venice and the colour is a deep Blue…let’s hope.

    I would suggest my Island to David and family if he’s seeking some rest from tour duties, we have the sun (not now but He’ll return… :-)))), the Sea and good fish and wine. I could offer him a good “pranzo”!

    Thank you David and staff, See you in Piazza San Marco!

    Ciao da Pier

    [Have a lovely tme, Pier. – Features Editor]

  19. lush venue. have a good time if you’ll be there.

    yours in jealousy,

    p.s. i’m not really. i got to one of the rha shows, so can’t complain.

  20. [This is going to be a stupid question – but is the Venue that David is playing in at Venice the same place that Indiana Jones was running around in during the Last Crusade?]

    No, that was Piazza San Barnaba, if I can remember well….when he sneaks out from the manhole, right? GREAT question, Lennon!


  21. Hello again FEd, everyone,

    02:06 AM ? Trouble getting sleep Fed ?

    A friend of mine sent me a postcard from Venice a few years ago of Floyd’s floating stage.
    I remember watching that show on TV.

    Yet again, have a wonderful time out there tonight and tomorrow.

    Best regards,
    Belgium – in pouring rain 🙁

    [Hard at work on our soon-to-be new addition, Ralph. I didn’t realise the time. I hope you’ll all like it. – Features Editor]

  22. [Anything’s possible. Speaking of which, did anyone notice the press amateurs who took my words about Syd and passed them off as being a direct quote from David? – Features Editor]

    Yes, I did, but does the Press get anything right these days. Especially, some headline quotes, then when you actually read the article, it wasn’t actually what was said.

    I hope everybody who mails on the site to say they are going to the concerts, mails back with their opinions. I find it frustrating when people say they are going and then don’t post their thoughts afterwards.

    Anyway, everybody who is going – enjoy.

    [How embarrassing… – Features Editor]

  23. …what to say: I’m really counting down the hours…Let me say I’m proud to be italian by watching your beautiful photos and by reading the historical researches you ‘ve explained!

    I’ll be there tomorrow evening (we have ordered perfect weather, anyway it’s a little bit cold)
    Thank you for the nice hosting, and of course Mr.Gilmour & Friends know very well we all “old fans” still do love the “old stuff” …

    See you
    keep well all you
    ciao Elisabetta

  24. As it was said before, David will trully play “On an Island” on an island. I remember being in Venice a few years ago and Piazza San Marco was absolutely astonishing just as it was. And now that David and the band will be playing there, well…the place will be even twice as beautiful.

    As to Indiana Jones question – yep, that`s the place. “The Last Crusade” was filmed in Venice and in Piazza San Marco. A funny detail – the crew also got Canal Grande for 7 hours only for themselves to film all the scenes.

  25. Hello,

    Again a great place to perform.

    Something different; The Dutch Radio 2 wil broadcoast a live recording of 1969 (Amsterdam).

    Click my name, then click on HIER (underlined in the yellow field with the sleeping dog).

    And for all the people in Venice; have a great evening.


    [Thanks very much for that, Nick. – Features Editor]

  26. Quick question – was it the Piazza San Marco where Floyd played on the DSOT tour? I remember seeing a film of the gig there if so. Have always thought it was a wonderful place to hold a concert.

    Hope everyone who’s going has a smashing time, and a good weekend to all.


  27. [Speaking of which, did anyone notice the press amateurs who took my words about Syd and passed them off as being a direct quote from David? – Features Editor]

    yes, i certainly did, and i believe i may have mentioned it on here earlier, it made me smile, in the days just after Syd´s passing…..

    [Some people just don’t do their homework, do they? – Features Editor]


    When is the Live DVD coming out?

    [We hope the end of the year. If not, the beginning of next year. – Features Editor]

  29. [This is going to be a stupid question – but is the Venue that David is playing in at Venice the same place that Indiana Jones was running around in during the Last Crusade? – Posted by: Lennon at August 4, 2006 02:51 AM]

    the place to talk about is Campo San Barnaba

    [So that makes it 2-1 to San Barnaba… – Features Editor]

  30. CAPTION:” After much thought David’s only way of of clearing the bird problem from the square was a blinding tribute version of THE SCARECROW…”

    Sorry worst one yet.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  31. [Anything’s possible. Speaking of which, did anyone notice the press amateurs who took my words about Syd and passed them off as being a direct quote from David? – Features Editor]

    Blasphemous. And you didn’t sharpen your pointy stick for that one???


    [No, I just cringed with embarrassment. – Features Editor]

  32. Well I have to admit I`ve made a mistake. It`s true that the Indiana Jones scene was filmed in The Church of San Barnaba in Campo San Barnaba although in the movie it is presented as a Venetian church-turned-library. I was almost ready to go out and get a copy of the movie to make sure…guess it makes it 3-0 to San Barnaba.

  33. Happy Friday,

    I must confess that of all the recent venues this is the one I am most envious of everyone going to. I remember watching, and still have on video, the Pink Floyd concert from Venice. I really thought that that show was awesome.

    Have a great time everyone going and a great weekend to everyone who is not.

    Pete – Coventry

  34. ok.. so i’ve become a part time regular blogger here ( note the oxy here Fed ? ). Yes I am a big fan, a loyal fan! And heres a chance for you all to kick my rear end! I still have not heard the album except OAI and red sky..those too cuz of the official release here on the site. I will NOT buy a pirated album no matter how long I have to wait till I get me hands on an original piece. I will not compromise on this. A sad state of affairs aint it 🙁

    to get an idea how long I am willing to wait.. just a couple months back, i finally got some one to bring me DG in concert DVD! You do the math 🙂


    S 🙂

  35. “So that makes it 2-1 to San Barnaba”

    Maybe San Marco picked the wrong referee

    OOps, run for cover, bad taste, sorry my Italian friends

  36. Dear F.ed,

    You know what, A DVD of Venice would be fantastic. Because we still not have the 1989 Pink Floyd Venice Show which is a shame…!

    If you are here tonight, enjoy the show. Me I’m on holiday for the next three weeks. AAARRGGH !!!

    The best to you.

  37. I am on the train to Venezia, just come down from the Alps. Looking forward to a tasteful and cultured evening.

    I appreciate the historical details.

    [Have a good one, mate. – Features Editor]

  38. “guess it makes it 3-0 to San Barnaba”

    Oh it only gets worse!

    [Can San Marco turn it around, I wonder? – Features Editor]

  39. Numb question time…

    Is David playing historic places on purpose or are they really just the only venues overseas that are available for a show of this magnitude. It just seems like he has mapped out a truly wonderful “European Vacation” whilst touring. I mean I havent seen one venue with a name like “Rembrandt’s Roller Rink” if ya know what I mean…

    [As with the theatres, they’re nice places to play and that’s all that matters. – Features Editor]

  40. Yet another addition ?

    I guess you’ve made us all quite curious now, FEd.

    As for your request on comments about the site, I think it is quite good.

    I am normally not the blogging/forum-dwelling type of person but you have managed to create a real community here of which I feel part. I’ve had the privilege of getting hold of last-minute RAH tickets and meeting a number of fellow members of The Blog thanks to your tireless efforts.

    There’s a buzz here and I like it. A lot.

    Enjoy the weekend,

    [Thanks very much. Have a good weekend. – Features Editor]

  41. Another fine place for a concert…

    It’s nice to see that so many people from the blog are going tonight or tomorrow night. I hope you all have a brilliant time and tell us all about it. Enjoy it!!!

    Thanks for the history lesson, Ed.

    [You know you love it. – Features Editor]

  42. Come vi invidio (How I envy you),

    you , yes you….going to Venezia. Ok, I have been in Firenze, and Milano….but we never have enough of David.

    I appreciate we have another Piersomething here. quite a rarity.

    If I will not write again today, I say you hello for a couple of weeks (what are those smiles of relief?!?! you bast….hahaha). Maybe I will write from holiday. I will look at be careful. 😉

    and when the new thing on the blog, Fed?

    [I hope it will be soon, but it probably won’t be until next week. – Features Editor]

  43. [As with the theatres, they’re nice places to play and that’s all that matters. – Features Editor]

    I didnt mean any disrespect F*Ed, I just thought that access to these places would be somewhat restricted due to their historic heritage. If any artist deserves to play in class surroundings it’s David, Richard and Company!

    [Pardon me, Matt. I didn’t mean any with my answer. All that mattered in selecting these places was that they would be nice places, be they theatres or outdoor venues. – Features Editor]

  44. Hello everybody!

    I’m only to going to the concert tomorrow and I’m trembling already!:)

    It’s going to be the first time I’ll get to see the lads playing live. It’s actually something I’ve been waiting for “all my life”. Quite some time ago I swore that I would go to their concert no matter where, no matter how. Were it to be staged in Afghanistan and the only way to get there would be on foot, I would go.

    I hope the weather gets better though. According to the Italian weathermen, it should be partly sunny and warm on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

    To everybody going to the concert tonight-have a great time; to the ones going tomorrow-see ya!

  45. Due to general craziness in my life, I haven’t posted much lately. But here I am and I am about to break two of our blog rules.

    Transgression 1: A rather lengthy post.

    Maybe a little off topic, but as I sit jealously awaiting reports from the Venice show, I have to report that I have not yet had a chance to view the second disk of my PULSE DVD yet.

    I bought it the week it was released and it took another week before I had a chance to sit down and watch the first disk. Since then, I’ve been busy and then we’ve had a heat wave (high 90s, low 100s farenheit) in New England that has prevented me from watching disk 2.

    My TV with best sound system hook up is not in an Air-Conditioned part of the house, so I can’t bear to sit and watch anything. So here I am still anticipating my first viewing of the DSOTM part of the show.

    Now, here comes transgression 2:

    This is the real taboo part: I hate to say this but I must. While watching the first disk, my reaction was, “My God, what a great show. They have to get back together and tour again as Pink Floyd.”

    Now I know that is a forbidden topic, but I can’t help myself.

    I’m the first to admit that I’m contradicting myself here. Right after attending the Radio City Music Hall Show in NY, I refbuffed fellow bloggers calling for a reunion, stating that I didn’t want to trade the intimate setting for the stadium full of fans talking through High Hopes and screaming for Another Brick in the Wall. But after seeing just part one of Pulse, it revived my memories of the Divsion Bell tour (I saw the show at Yankee Stadium in NY). I realized what a one-of-a kind event a Pink Floyd show is. And how I’d love to share that experience with my now teenage children, who were babies dancing around the house to “Take It Back” in 1994 when the Division Bell was released. I feel it would be a crime not to give them this opportunity.

    Yes, I know I’m a greedy, selfish, rule-breaking fan. Do to me what you will dear F*ed, but I had to get this out.

    Cheers anyway!

    Mike from Connecticut

    [You greedy, selfish, rule-breaking fan, you! I think we can forgive you. You’re not alone. – Features Editor]

  46. [Can San Marco turn it around, I wonder? – Features Editor]

    I think it doesn`t have to. With all the respect to “The Last Crusade” – Indy running around Venice and San Barnaba has no chance winning with David playing at Piazza San Marco…well, maybe not until Sean “007 Bond” Connery gets in the way.

    [Good point. – Features Editor]

  47. [Speaking of which, did anyone notice the press amateurs who took my words about Syd and passed them off as being a direct quote from David? – Features Editor]

    Just like David is the “Voice of Pink Floyd” FEd is mistaken as the “Voice of David Gilmour”

    Lovely venue but I still really enjoyed the intmate setting at Massey Hall

  48. OK a bit of light relief for you all.

    The Pulse DVD is on my xmas list for when/if the kids ask me if there is anything I would like. I was then browsing ebay and won a copy for £7.99 plus p+p. What a bargain I thought……until it arrived. I should have guessed by the shape of the package but I had, in fact, bought a f***ing poster. My error, should have read the advertisment better. So Pulse is now back on my xmas list and I need to convince my wife that a pulse poster will look great in the bedroom.

    Pete – Coventry

  49. I find the universal and emotional impact of Pink Floyd’s music remarkable. It must be hard for David and Richard to truly understand their impact. I mean if I wrote a song that millions embraced I wouldn’t love it like I love Pink Floyds music. I would be too partial and close to it to have it affect me as deeply. David and Richard must feel the same way about their songs. A sense of pride sure, but no real “wonder” attached to them. I always wanted to know who their, “Pink Floyd” was. By actually being the band itself they could never experience their impact like we have had the priviledge to do.

  50. Dear Fed,

    for anyone interested there’s a web cam in Piazza San Marco’s Square.

    To all those lucky people going tonite have a great time!!

    Regards Steve

  51. [This is the real taboo part: I hate to say this but I must. While watching the first disk, my reaction was, “My God, what a great show. They have to get back together and tour again as Pink Floyd. – Posted by: Mike from Connecticut at August 4, 2006 02:05 PM]

    Glad you had the nerve to say it. I felt the same, but dared not utter the words aloud for fear of being burned as a heretic. LOL

    Maybe the purpose of the dvd was to raise our P*U*L*S*E.


  52. You are right, it was Cheisa di S. Barnaba, the interior filming must have taken place elsewhere as althought the church is quite lovely & tranquil, it is quite humble inside It is also collapsing quite badly due to the wooden pillars (logs) that underpin much of Venice giving way here


  53. That San Marco web cam is exciting !

    Maybe David should put one up at the concerts – We could have Gilmour Cam !


  54. [We hope the end of the year. If not, the beginning of next year. – Features Editor]

    Isn’t that what we heard with PULSE? 😉

    If I was in the marketing business, I’d say “It’s got to be the end of this year, having it available during a holiday season means $$$.”

    Luckily David is more concerned with quality then $$.

    Have a great show tonight everyone


    [No, with ‘P.U.L.S.E’ you had lots of people blabbing about a release date which was never likely to be met, a big hoo-hah in anticipation of that date and lots people getting their hopes dashed time and time again when each new date was announced. I’d rather we say that it might not be out until early next year, just to be on the safe side. – Features Editor]

  55. I remember sitting there from 10:00 AM in the morning in July 1989. And was it worth the wait!!! Wish I was there right now….

  56. Fed, tell me it is not true…. Are they cancel the concert??

    [I’m waiting for confirmation and will make an announcement as soon as we hear what’s happening. – Features Editor]

  57. [for anyone interested there’s a web cam in Piazza San Marco’s Square]

    Click my name to see.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for everything!

  58. I has been in Florence for concert, brilliant! Another amazing concert of our David!

    I’ve heard that tonight concert in Venice was cancelled due to a problem with stage (a part of it was collapsed!)….is it true?

    I’m very apologise for my italian friends.

  59. I wonder if they are planning to tour in 2007. Can I reach the management somehow?


    [This website is run by David’s management, Koen. There are no plans for any 2007 shows. Gdansk will be the last one. If anything is scheduled, we’ll be sure to let you know. – Features Editor]

  60. dear Dave,

    please don’t postpone the concert of tomorrow…

    by me and all the italian floyders


    Regarding the rumours about the cancellation of the Venice shows due to the stage collapsing…

    I can confirm that, regrettably, tonight’s show cannot go ahead.

    A structural defect was discovered in the scaffolding just before the sound check, which has rendered the whole structure unsafe.

    So I’m afraid that tonight’s show has been cancelled.

    As soon as we have more definitive news about tomorrow’s concert, we will of course let you know.

    Our sincere apologies for those who were supposed to be in Venice for the show tonight.

  62. Hey, this webcam is great! No sound though… It will probably be dark too… pitty me!!! But still it’s good to see all those people swarming in.

    Nothing like 1989; I guess at that time there were about 200.000 or so. Wish I was at the Piazza right now though… I miss Mr. Gilmour performing LIVE!!!!!

    [You don’t want to be there tonight, believe me… – Features Editor]

  63. Oh this is so terrible for the fans traveling but I’m so glad this defect was found before anyone got hurt. These riggings are extremely heavy and very dangerous if not supported properly.

    Kudo’s F*Ed on the heads up. Hope it reaches all affected in time.

    [Indeed. – Features Editor]

  64. Oh, yeah. Now I’m glad that I’m not there in contrary to 30 minutes ago. I hope the people will get a chance to watch the show on sunday or so… Oh wat a terrible thing to arrive in Venice from who knows where and then… United States, Australia? Oh yeah, people come from Australia sure! I’ve seen lots of Floyd shows and they travel half way around the world, and they’d do the same for Dave’s band.

    Will there be a solution for the people that bought tickets for tonight, Fed? I sure hope so. I pitty them deeply!

    [Me too. I’m sure something will be arranged. As soon as I get some details, they’ll be here. – Features Editor]

  65. Tomorrow’s concert is also called off, it was informed now…

    [We can’t confirm that. There are still discussions taking place as I type. – Features Editor]

  66. It’s off? Nightmare.

    Sorry for those who are there. How sad. We’ll be able to see the rioting on that webcam.

  67. Boy FEd this has been an eventful week. The blog goes down for the first time in how long. Show cancelled due to unsafe stage condition. I hope that nothing else goes wrong.

    I also have to comment to Pete – Coventry. I feel for your misfortune in purchase but I am also LMAO. I do hope that Santa brings you your copy of P.U.L.S.E. Do you think they should wrap it in a P.U.L.S.E poster??


  68. [Oh wat a terrible thing to arrive in Venice]

    Let’s keep our perspective here…

    There are worse places to arrive at. At least these folks will have a common bond, albeit a disappointing one and can comfort each other with wine, great food and stories of their dedication to David and The Floyd. If I were to be informed of a cancelled show I really can’t think of a better place to receive such news. 🙂

    Keep your spirits up and wine glasses full!

    [Well said. – Features Editor]

  69. People are a bit disappointed in San Marco right now, but taking it with a bit of humour, it seems. I guess the band is disappointed as well. But better safe than sorry…no, rather both safe and sorry 🙂

  70. [Sorry for those who are there. How sad. We’ll be able to see the rioting on that webcam.]

    Maybe a soccer game will break out… 🙂

    [Well, those thrice-yearly ones in period costume (in Florence) usually end in fights, so perhaps we should hope not… – Features Editor]

  71. So sorry for the fans in Venice now to see tonights show.

    Hope tomorrows show can go through.

  72. My sincere sympathies go out to those fans who were going to the concert tonight, particularly those who travelled far distances. I returned to the US from Europe late Wednesday and the Vienne Concert was definitely the focal point of the trip, so I can imagine it would have been heartbreaking if that show was scrubbed.

    At the same time, based on how much David and the band put into their performances, I am sure no one is more disappointed and sorry than they are.

    Deepest respect to the technical staff and crew for putting safety above all else.

  73. Is this can confirm this? Fed?

    “VENICE: GIG DELAYED…now also the Saturday’s gig…”

    [I’m afraid it’s true. – Features Editor]

  74. [Well, those thrice-yearly ones in period costume (in Florence) usually end in fights, so perhaps we should hope not… – Features Editor]

    Your right, sorry for the multiple posts, Me a ham…

    ( Mia Hamm get it? )

    Ok, I’m done…


    Unfortunately, tomorrow’s concert has also been called off.

    Full refunds will, of course, be given. Fans are visiting the Box Office in St Mark’s Square (you can see the queues in the webcam) for refunds, but please don’t rush there right now and exacerbate the problem. Alternative means of issuing refunds will be arranged and we’ll let you know all the details just as soon as they are confirmed.

    However, there will be discussions taking place about the possibility of re-scheduling these shows, so, if you are a ticket holder, please don’t panic.

    We will let you know of any new arrangements as soon as we can.

    On behalf of David, his band and management, we are so very sorry to disappoint the fans.

    As soon as we hear what will happen next, we’ll let you know.

  76. A total American response: THIS S*CKS!!!!!

    I truly feel for the fans who were going to the show. Especially the ones who travelled far to get there. Sure, it’s still a great place to take a holiday but still a bummer.

    Yeah, keep those wine glasses full and hope the band does an impromptu performance somewhere tonight. You can always hope for that…


  77. It`s a real shame. A double shame for Saturday`s show. Hope there will be some additional shows arranged. If not than you`ve got my kindest invitation to come to Gdansk show.

    Riots? I don`t think so. We`re talking about David Gilmour fans. They will be able to understand the whole situatuion. We`re not on a football game (no offence to football fans but I`m from Poland and the situation here`s not really comfortable during matches).

  78. While watching the webcam, I’m wondering what’s happening there. Is there maybe some DG music playing?

    [I don’t know about that, but I do know that they’re queuing for their money back. – Features Editor]

  79. Well, i have actually booked a room in Venice for tomorrow….and paid for, of course.

    So, tomorrow i will be there…..what a shape….

  80. It was a shame to hear about the problem with the stage and subsequent cancellation, as long as no one was hurt that’s the main thing, I was at Earls Court when the seating collapsed in 94 so I know the disappointment of being turned back when being all excited myself.

  81. F.Ed,

    I am sorry to hear of the concert demise. It is disappointing for all involved, I’m sure.

    Praise God that the defect was found, reported, and the appropriate action was taken. Although fans are disappointed, that is sure better than having fans or the band and crew injured or even killed. If memory serves, there was a Floyd concert on the DB/PULSE tour where a section of seating had collapsed and injured many people during the show. Hats off to everyone for doing the right thing.

    I hope David and crew get to enjoy some of the great scenery and sites over the next few days.

    Have a great weekend, all


  82. [This is my first post here but I’m a fairly regular visitor,Posted by: pier at August 4, 2006 10:42 AM]

    Greetings Pier. I’m glad you joined in.

    SOOOOO Sorry About the show getting canceled. Everyone must be crushed. I would say David and the band feel awful. I am Sorry for them as well.

    Melissa (no smile)

  83. I feel very sorry for all the fans in venice ! A lot of them had to travel a long way I know .

    I still hope they have a nice time there anyway ! I was there last week and it’s beautifull there .

    I’m just back in Holland from Firenze 1400 km . I was at the gig there and it was SUPER !! It was worth every inch of the trip !!

    My respect to the Italians they are a great audience all those people singing shine on and wish you were here .I’m lost for words .

    I’m sure mister Gilmour will be back in Italia one of these days !!

  84. Fed I feel sorry for you too.

    Don’t take no crap. Your sleep tank is running on fumes by now I’m sure.

    Melissa (still no smile)

    [I’ll sleep most of tomorrow away, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  85. I feel so sorry for all the fans there. Really a nightmare……but if there is no other way ….:-(

  86. I have a ticket for tomorrow in my hand, it seems I will not use it.

    Please David, try to manage another concert in Venice as soon as possible (or in Trieste, even better..)


  87. Boy oh boy. That’s a blow for all concerned – and I hope everyone remembers the band will be distraught about it as well.

    Massive expectations dashed – I really do feel for you guys. I suppose it does remind us what a massive undertaking these sort of shows are – so many things that could, but rarely do, go wrong.

    Another difficult night for you as well F’ed.

    [It’s just a shame for the people who have to miss out, especially after making long journeys. They must be very disappointed tonight. – Features Editor]

  88. Good grief. What a shame.

    On the other hand, good that the defect was discovered in time.

  89. Ahh Man!! That really sucks!! I would be so upset. At least they found out before the show and no one got hurt. It could have been a lot worse. I think this was gonna be a couple bloggers first show too. Ahh Man!

    Keep your chin up everyone =]


  90. Dear Fed,

    So sorry for all of you who were so excited about the show in Venice… But I’m sure David and the Band are disappointed too.

    And, remember Furiani..! It was surely the best (the only) thing to do. Imagine what could happen if…! No! Don’t imagine!!!

    Ikkar, with love

  91. 3 wishes (as I go to bed)

    I wish the band and crew a relaxed evening
    I wish the shows will be rescheduled in the next days
    And I wish there’d be peace in the Lebanon

  92. will be available other dates within the next few days???

    [Negotiations are taking place and we’ll have the details as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  93. Oh Oh Fed, Your work is cut out now !!! Now you’ll earn your sheckles.

    One cannot express the sympathies to all the people who will miss the shows.

    Fed, 6 months or so to get this right ! Not as if it hasn’t been done before !

    Don’t want to put pressure on but someone must be accountable for this !!! Would not like to be in their shoes or wellie boots !!!


    You can do it Fed !

    Drink for now is the only comfort !!!

    [It’s all true… – Features Editor]

  94. i came online for the setlist to find this! wow. what sad news. sorry to everyone who missed out tonight and who will miss out tomorrow. that really is a kick in the teeth. i hope you get your money back or a new show arranged mighty soon. i’m sure david and the gang won’t let you down.

  95. 1500 km to see david….tickets concert are refoundable but not 100 euros of gasoline and 100 euros of street taxes!!!! and 200 for the hotel!!! In venice the hotels are the most expensive of all the italy!!!!!

    please try to do some other dates as soon as possible in the next weeks

  96. and remember…venice’s building stay up from many many centuries with poles made of woods pushed in to the mud of the laguna…you were not been able to fit out a stage on the FLOOR!!! of San Marco!!!!!!!

  97. Well of course it is a shame but I must say thank God the problem was found before something terrible happened and someone was professional enough to make the decision to cancel in light of a possible tragedy ocurring.

  98. I’m really sad. I’ve planned all my holidays around this show.

    On Sunday I’ll be in Croazia…no more Gilmour…and, maybe, no refund.

    A great day…for sadness.

    Fortunately, no one had been hurt.


    P.S.: I’m sorry for my bad english

  99. fed did you post anything about the contest yet? i feel bad for all those people who didnt get to see david. but im glad no one got hurt.hope things work out for everybody.

    [Yes, the winner has been announced. See the ‘On An Island’ entry of 3 August. – Features Editor]

  100. I come back from Venice and I want to tell you my incredible afternoon:

    I saw David and polly hand in hand this afternoon near San Marco square and I was the happiest man in the world…..I clapped and David and Polly smiled to me!!!!

    And after….the worst surprise in my life…no concert! I am lost for words I can’t sleep….FED can you help me?

    If David wants if there is justice there will be two new gigs in Venice or in another Italian city….I can’t believe that David wants to leave Italy in this way!

    FED put a good word for Italian people….I pray you! I am really destroyed! Good night!

  101. I would like to echo the comments above by Matt Parish and James.A and others. . .Thank God nobody was hurt. . .and Ikkar, one can’t help but imagine. . .

  102. Norman D, Me A Ham. . .

    Matt Parish you had me laughing out loud. . .thank you!

  103. SH*T,

    What bad news,i’d be GUTTED if i’d travelled a long way to see the Mighty Man himself in concert-truly gutted! I hope all those of u that have tickets do still get to see David & band play at some point in the near future,it’ll be worth the wait-i promise. (I saw him at the RAH & he certainly didn’t disappoint)!

    But,in the mean time,i’m thinking that the best thing u can do is get ‘Comfortably Numb’ !!!

    Laura, Devon.

  104. No Sh*t!!!!

    Thank God (or whatever universal laws you believe in) that it was caught in time!!!! Nobody was hurt, and that what matters most…..

    My heart also goes out to those who missed out (especially those who spent a wad of cash on travel).

    David’s management company has treated fans very well thus far, and I know youse guys over there are racking your brain on how to deal with this….

    And to David, his family, and the band….I’m glad you guys are safe. You can’t imagine our grief were anything to happen to any of you. That’s not meant to suck up, it’s genuine affection (as irrational as that may seem coming from virtual strangers)….

  105. The main issue is no one was harmed, the staff did the right thing. To the fans who were there from abroad, how do you rectify this situation? I don’t know. A return date will bring a few. I hope that cooler heads prevailed last night. In the long run, history was made. Let’s give David and staff TIME to sort out this situation at hand. Better safe than sorry.

  106. I really feel for the fans. Plus David and his band, Plus the crew that had to set everything up. I’m just really greatful that they found the problem before going on. The band and possibly alot of fans could of been injuried. I bet David and his band will be back.

    I hope that you can get some rest, Fed.


    PS Thanks for the tip about Dream Academy.

    [My pleasure. – Features Editor]

  107. So sorry to hear about the canceled shows in Venice, but can totally understand why !

    Disappointed fans, take heart…if there is one artist who truly cares about his fans, its David and I feel sure that this will be made up to you all somehow.

    Hope you’re hanging in there F.Ed – last couple of days must have been rough. Take care.


    [Bless you. And do let me know when that T-shirt finally reaches you. – Features Editor]

  108. …..oh no………….what a terrible new this morning…i was ready to leave…

    it was the dream of my life….

    can we hold the tickets valid for the next dated, if any?


    [As soon as we know what’s happening, we’ll let you all know. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to miss out. – Features Editor]


    Thank you for the organization (always in italy) !



  110. Mmmm…. Sounds like these Venice gigs are more trouble than they are worth. I remember the grief Floyd had back in ’89….

    Here’s a venue suggestion for the next tour – the Roman amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia. It’s in that neck of the woods & we me & my mate went there as teenagers we both thought it would be a cool venue for the right act…. David.

    … Just a thought guys.

  111. Good Morning everybody, this is Pier again from my Island. I’m very sad that yesterday’s show was cancelled. Very sad for the people from Sicily, England and USA that had come to Venice for this special evening. Many people have lost a lot of money and time to see their favourite musician in a so special environment. My thougths go to that people.

    Personally I was there at 3 pm and hope to see the soundcheck…and when the carabinieri told people to stay away from the area surronding the stage because they were afraid for people security…I said…oh noo again…pink floyd and venezia don’t go togheter well…

    Yesterday night, while I was sitting for the first time in my life on one of those (in)famous chairs of Caffè Florian (11 € for a grappa!) I saw Mr. Jon Carin walking through Piazza San Marco with his camere to document the “event”. I approached him he was very kind when he told me that it was a shame, that he had never seen a thing like that. He said that he was really very sorry for the people. He told me that David defitely wants to play those concert in Piazza San Marco and that he wants to re-organize them “in a week or so”.
    So..let’s hope and see.

    PS ah… I was sitting on one of those (in)famous chairs of Caffè Florian just because…it was closed and it was free! :-))

    [Discussions are ongoing, but we’ll let you know if the shows can be rescheduled as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  112. Good morning FED

    I haven’t sleep this night!

    I see the program of the next live shows and I see that the last one is in poland next august 26 so I am sure that is possible to make other concerts in italy I am sure that David will do a present to Italian people! we deserve it! we love you and Polly!

    David and Polly I Saw you yesterday (I’m the guy that clapped you near st. Marco square) and I will take your smile in my heart for the rest of my life!

    David I pray you don’t disappoint your Italian fans, make another concert …if you want you can!

    Bye FED!

  113. Please,


    It will be a real riot if you decide to make the show so soon… I really thing you shoul wait for the end of the month.

    And I think you should have done the show whitout lights!

  114. Hello,

    it’s not possible to delete two dates in Venice.

    I understand for the date of 4th August but not for today.We payed a lot of money, we payed fuel for the car, we payed hotel, we payed for parking the car. i do not understand why newspaper or internet sites (venice city,ticketone for ticket) radio, tell us nothing. I take a look of the official site and i’m surprised of this news.A lot surprise.

    Sorry but this events must be organized in a different way. I want to remember the price of ticket 138€,86€,57€ (without commision)…..

    More respect for fans…

  115. ARTHUR LEE R.I.P.

    Another crazy diamond leaves this earth to join the stars…

  116. hi fed.

    we drove 8 hours to see david playing here. which was quite a bit of drive.

    the we came to the marcus place and i have to see that the roof of stage isnt straight! and the concert is cancelld!

    they cant build a normal stage!! payed a lot of money for nothing. hopefully david will find the right words for the promoter and the organisers for this disaster!!

    full refund / at the boxoffice – good but i just was at the marcus place and there is no boxoffice!! no information at all here. just the italian newspapers which i cant read.



    [I’m very sorry about all this. As soon as we know what’s happening, we’ll let everyone know. If it is possible to re-schedule the shows, then they will be performed at a later date and we’ll give you all the details on how you can get your money back if you cannot attend the new date. Until then, I’m sorry, but we can’t say anything else. – Features Editor]

  117. Maybe Venice is the curse of David. I’m sorry to say that this is a shame, it’s not possible that in 2006 something like this can happen. I payed about 450€ for me and my family to see this show.

    And now the dream is over.

    A venetian

  118. I’d just arrived in Venice yesterday with my tickets in hand after 14 hours of car tripping, when I found out about the show’s cancellation.

    Emotional distress aside (and I’m talking more than I can say), this is an AWFUL lots of money I’d invested in this concert. Actually, more than half my monthly salary.

    For no one to formally take responsibility for this mishap,adds shame on part of the organization both Italian and the artist’s. Sorry to say that, but its hard to deny the evidence. It’s not a thunderstorm which happened here, folks: the stage roof almost collapsed!!!

    Faults, anyone? Engineers, technicians, whoever, this is such poor quality for such an expensive show and an important artist.

  119. [Don’t want to put pressure on but someone must be accountable for this !!!]

    Yes hang em’ flog em’, that’ll sort it. I understand that folks are dissapointed but at least nobody got hurt…or worse, some perspective needed.

  120. Hye fed, as you may be aware i travelled to venice especally to see david and the boys. katria and i got here on the 4th in the morning.

    katria is upset that the concert had been cancelled and to be honest im truley heart broken i know it sounds soft and im staying in such a beautiful city but when i found out my heart sank i was really choked

    sorry this is a long one but since the start of our trip things went wrong we set off to get here for the 3rd but missed our flight dont ask why fate i guess. so we booked into a marriot near liverpool airport and caught the next available flight in the morning the money is not really important but it has cost about a thousand pounds altogether.

    i am hoping we can come back when the show is rescheduled

    i was chatting to one of the crew who showed me the damage and explained it may go ahead next week so here i am in my hotel wishing for a miracle

    its nice to able to wrote this to you and pour my heart out thanks fed for listening

    ps going back to blighty in the morning.

    [I’m really sorry, mate. – Features Editor]

  121. Any news about concert? Or about new dates? 🙁

    [Not yet, sorry. – Features Editor]

  122. I’d like to express my total disappointment for what happened yesterday evening in Venice, and I’d take this blog as opportunity to launch a campaign in order to bring the concert organization (FRAN TOMASI) in front of the Court to be remboursed for all the costs (transport, for example…) arised to attend to the cancelled concerts…

    It’s not possible to justify such a behaviour, considering that this event has been advertised a lot as one of the main event during the summer in Italy. Is there some lawyer available?

    Anyway, I’m so sad: I saw David’s concert in Milan in February and I really wanted to live once again about 3 hours of total relaxing time. Hoping to be able to see David in the next future…Ciao.

    Alberto. Varese

  123. I’m very dissapointed. I and my friend travelled by car more than four hours from Graz to venice. We were looking forward to see david at a very special place. We saw the stage on San Marco could believe these lousy management that could check the safety of a stage in the very beginning (befor the tour starts). So we left venice at 11:00 pm and arrive at home at 07:00 am (because a 3 hours traffic jam).

    Again thank you to these lousy, f*cking management (I’m more than angry!!!)

  124. Is it possible to know some contacts (e-mail, address, telephone numbers) of the organization of Venice concerts (I think is FRAN TOMASI)? I tried to find something on Internet but I couldn’t find anything.

    Thanks and CIAO!


    [I’m afraid not. – Features Editor]

  125. Hi FEd, Hi everyone….

    I can’t believe about Venice…really sorry for the fans and for the band…Pink Floyd and Venice seem don’t get well. There were some problem in 1989 too…really sorry. As I can read, the storm and the rain triggered the problem. I hope fans were able to have a good night in the beautiful Venice anyway, and I hope David will be able to come back soon…David and Venice will have to win the bad luck and start get well!


    FEd, I put here some links about Venice which explain what happened…maybe you need them. Or discard them!

    [Thanks for those, mate. – Features Editor]

  126. Oh dear, if I’d scheduled a trip to see David in Venice I’d be crying myself into a big puddle right now. That’s a real heartbreaker. Glad no one was injured and the problem was caught in time.

    (Edwina, David never got back to me about the stable mucking job – dunno why; I have lots of experience dealing with shit – but thankfully I did get that other job I was shooting for. Hope you have a lovely stress-free weekend.)


    [Glad to hear about the job. The same to you for the weekend. – Features Editor]

  127. Every one …take a breath….take a deep breath. What a nightmare for everybody concerned, far better a cancelled show than a fatality, some one has had a bad day at the office me thinks.

  128. I discovered the news early this morning just as I was leaving Rome. Of course I stayed home, even if I had train & hotel booked. I just didn’t feel like spending the weekend alone in Venice being constantly reminded about the cancellation of the show.

    Also, if the shows will be rescheduled I won’t be able to attend them anywhere because I have finished my monthly quota of “entertainment-money”…

    I just can’t understand why a defect in the stage structure, discovered let’s say around mid-afternoon yesterday, couldn’t be fixed in time for tonight. I have seen over 250 concerts in my life and this is the first time that I see something like this happening.

    I think that the only happy people will be in Venice city council, considering how bad Pink Floyd were treated back in 1989 when they dared play in the city. Maybe there’s a curse about playing in Venice… may I suggest Piazza del Popolo in Rome?


  129. I just wanted to say my heart goes out to all of the fans who had tickets to the shows in Venice. I know I would be absolutely crushed to hear of a cancellation…especially the night of the performance. Of course we all know that the right thing was done under the circumstances. I do hope there might be a way to reschedule.

  130. I came all the way from Belgium to see what was going to be the greatest show of my life!

    I was there throughout the soundcheck (goosebumps during the Breathe Intro-Tape!), witnessed the peace and astonishment among all the fans, took loads of pictures… As a 17 year old, I almost felt what it must have been like to be at the great Pink Floyd shows back then!!

    Bitter disappointment all the way but heads up to David, Rick, the musicians and everyone involved! I just hope I’ll get to catch you guys some time…

    [I wish the same for you, Peter. Sorry you missed out. – Features Editor]

  131. Hi everyone,

    I can imagine everyone’s disappointment — BUT if this structural problem wasn’t found in time the result could have been much more than disappointment!! When you consider that, in addition to the band, there are so many others in and around the structure … if there had been a collapse we might be discussing lives ending, not just concerts.

    Please don’t use this forum to bash the band or make demands that can’t be met. I imagine that David & Co. are very disappointed as well and if anything can be done to remedy the situation they will see to it.

    I know a number of you out there traveled from far and wide … just try to keep your perspective. With all the tragedy and suffering and loss of life we’re bombarded with everyday, thankfully we won’t have to add David, Richard, Guy, Jon, Phil or Steve (or their family & crew members) to those we’ve lost!!!

    Washington State

  132. I am sorry for the fans going to Venezia, but am glad no one was hurt. That’s life I guess.


  133. I read from the Italian newspaper “il Gazzettino” that there are many possibilities that the 2 shows can be rescheduled in this month. There is an insurance problem for the new shows but this problem will be resolved.

    I am sure that in few days the magic David will shine on Venice!!!

    Bye Fed!

  134. Better late than never!!! Hopefully everyone will still be able to make it … an extended vacation sounds alright to me.

    Thanks FEd, by the way, for providing such great history and concise descriptions on these fantastic venues and cities. It’s been my lifelong desire to travel through Europe and, even at 55 years old & in debt to the gills, I’m still hoping to fulfill this dream someday.

    So for those who travelled from far and wide, make the most of the week if you can … I’m envious of your situation with or without the fabulous concert you’re now going to be able to experience!!!

    Anyway, like I said, thanks FEd for being the travel guide and historian … whet my appetite for future travels (hope, hope).

    Peace everyone!
    Washington State

    [Glad that you enjoyed reading about these wonderful places as much as I enjoyed writing about them, Gabrielle. We live in a beautiful world, don’t we? Such a shame that we seem hell-bent on destroying it. – Features Editor]

  135. From’s home page, dates *seems* re-scheduled August 11th and 12th.

    I’m angry and these dates makes me only more angry: how I can re-organize my holidays in only 7 days?

    I think than the only dates that can satisfy fans are in September, after holidays.

  136. What an absolute nightmare for everybody concerned. I am so sorry for those that can’t attend the rescheduled shows, but hope the majority will be able to!!

    Thank God nobody was hurt.

  137. We come from so far. We spent a lot. Tickets, hotel (you know Venice is not the cheapest place), food, etc. For nothing. More than 2000 Euros.

    The reschedule will be just a tricky and funny thing, but nobody (interested) will attend anymore. Like everyone said, peoples dont live for Gilmour, but they like him and his music. And they have families, work and holidays. And not unlimited money as someone else. So, they can’t come back after one week, or one month. The attending peoples were not from Venice of course. But from very far. Much far. They come just for that. So, at least the refund is mandatory.

    A full refund (but we are in Italy…). And some bad words must be sent to the stupid peoples building the stage. I attended thousand of concerts, never seen a so unprofessional guys building the stage. Believe me. They looked like children playing lego and sometimes asking mom how to do this and that. David, stay away from Italy…

  138. yesssssssssssssssssss! official date next 11 and 12 august in Venice!!!!

    I LOVE YOU FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [It had nothing to do with me, but I’m happy that you’re happy. – Features Editor]

  139. (ANSA) – VENEZIA, 5 AGO – Si terranno l’11 e il 12 agosto i concerti rimandati dell’ex chitarrista dei Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, a Venezia. Le date sono state annunciate dagli organizzatori dell’evento che hanno sottolineato che i biglietti venduti restano validi. Per chi non potra’ essere presente e’ previsto il totale rimborso nei luoghi dove e’ avvenuto l’acquisto. Le serate di oggi e domani erano state annullate per un problema al palco

  140. Yes! now it is official: the dates are rescheduled and the shows will be presented on 11 and 12 August. I’m happy again! Thanks David

  141. Glad to see arrangements for new shows have been made. In the grand scheme of things, I would say that’s not as easy as some may think.
    I’m sure more than David’s fans lost sleep over this last night.

    I know that everyone’s circumstances will not allow them to stay over, or even come back for the shows next week, but it was a terrible situation with no easy solution.

    I feel very bad for everyone involved.

    “Time and unforseen occurrence befall us all”

    Chins up(*_*)Melissa

  142. Wow!!

    Everyone involved. . .that was very quick!! I hope all the people who are there this weekend can stay one more week, but I know that is not possible for many. . .but at least the shows have been rescheduled within seven days. . .that is very fast in the entertainment industry!!

    Well done to those involved!!

  143. News about refunds yet? I won’t be able to attend the rescheduled dates and I have four first row seats for more than 500 euros total! Ticket one web site does NOT mention anything on its homepage, and is indeed very vague when info on DG is searched.

    Thanks FEd for the real time support.

    p.s. Veronica, I never used violence on anyone in my life let alone hang somebody: when something like this happens it is just fair and professional AND legal that the people who profit from the event communicate to customers who’s formally responsible. This is for simple refunds, but als in case I want to have recourse to the law in order to get a total expense refund, at least I should have all the info to be in a position to do so. That is what happens in liberal democracy. No offense taken, just a thought to those who see themselves in the position to patronize people on what the right perspective on life should be.

    [No news yet, but I hope to be able to tell you more tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  144. just back from venice , what a downer man , all down to a incompitent scaffy man IMO,went all the way there for nowt,flights and hotel,cost a bloody fortune,at least i got to see the show at Manc and RAH,there was some dissapointed people there from around the globe who hadn’t seen the show at all who wont be able to make the revised dates,David the band and his crew must feel terrible,ah well these things happen i suppose at least nobody got hurt that’s the main thing

  145. Bummer about the shows being cancelled. I feel for the fans who bought tickets and made travel plans and may not be able to make it to the rescheduled shows. But thank God no one was hurt.


  146. hi

    i dont know if someone noticed but the Poland concert of Dave falls the 26 august, and the 25 august Waters will be there for a concert too. ? Rumours run in Poland, that Dave will be guest in the Waters concert, and Roger will do the same in the Dave concert. Not a real reunion concert, but a guest friendship… Is this rumour is wrong, or there will be , maybe, such events ?

    [Roger has rescheduled the date of his Poznan show, so it couldn’t be closer to David’s if it wanted to be, but this has nothing to do with possible reunions or guest appearances. Sorry to nip it in the bud, but these rumours are completely false. – Features Editor]

  147. What a nightmare. Just returned from Venice to London, disheartened and gutted. Watched the soundcheck with my Brother in the square, sipping coffee in the sun, 4 hours later it felt like my world had fallen in. Someone needs to answer to this.

    The PR after the late annoucement was shocking, we waited a further 40 mins before further announcements (‘sitting rain on the flat stage roof’ was one of the explainations). We spent today roaming around this fantastic city, in a daze.

    The stage, with it’s sunken roof, a constant reminder for us of this utter cock up of management and safety checks. I feel sympathy for all fans we talked to. It would not have taken much for the band to make an appearance and apologise personally. Even Gilmour unplugged would have made up for some of the agony!

    Needless to say, and after spending considerable money we are planning to return next week.

    FEd – please advise, are tickets for the gig on the 4th August valid for the rescheduled date of the 11th August?

    Yours. Uncomfortable Numb and tired, however, glad no one got injured!

    [Yes, tickets for this weekend will be good for next weekend or you can request a refund. Details on how will follow shortly. – Features Editor]

  148. I truly believe that Venice has the worst organization in the world… but what do you except from people who able only to steel money from the tourist.

    Once again “Comune di Venezia” and “Fran Tomasi” showed us that they can’t organize more than school recital… no one to explain us that happened… they just did an announcement at 21 (the concert had to begin at that time) saying that the 2 concert were canceled.

    I still can not believe that they couldn’t fix the stage for the second date… they had more than 30 hours just to change a crappy peace of metal. But probably they prefered to take the money from the insurance.

    Only who was there can understand what a lousy organization was. No one to say us that happened, only a policeman from Rome took some time to explain us.

    I still have tickets for both dates but I’m not coming back to Venice next week-and.. probably I’m scheduling to see David in Poland at the end of August.

    I want to say thank you to “Comune di Venezia” and “Fran Tomasi” for the worst day of my life.

    And please David, they are so many beautiful places in Italy to play. For example via Dei Fori Imperiali in Rome in the front of the Colosseum, there’s much more history in there. Just forget Venice


  149. Well, I have some great news! There is a man we know who is a legend in the blues world. David has played with him and tomorrow is his 80th Birthday. BB King is this gentlemans’ name and I will be able to be there. What a great day. It would be greater if David could be here to jam with him.

    I’m really happy to here that David will be able to play in Venice after all.

    Have a great weekend, Fed.


    [Have a brilliant time, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  150. I am a little surprised at all the anger and accusations of David and the Management. Afterall sh*t happens and you can’t be prepared for everything. I understand that for this show it was a specially constructed stage and it is a little more complex than just rolling out the equipment onto an existing stage like at RAH or RCMH. Remember it is was also possible that the show could have been cancelled if the weather didn’t hold out as well.

    Yeah, it sucks that people spent money to get to the gigs, on hotels, gas, etc., etc. It would suck even more if the show went on and then some of the band got injured or even killed due to a faulty stage set-up. Let’s put this into perspective. Technically it is no different than if David got sick and couldn’t perform. These things have happened before and most of the time the band and the management does make it up to the fans.

    Of course there were a few exceptions, (like Axl Rose cancelling his whole Chinese Democracy tour the first time around). But I don’t think that David is out to screw over the fans. He didn’t plan on this.

    Let’s be fair here and have a little compassion and some patience.


  151. Venice shows looked to me as a fair deal: David gets glory, Venice gets tourists. Now, it seems like David gets bad PR and looses some money but Venice gets tourists times two. In Italy, everything is politics.

    I’ll be there next weekend too. One q. I have tickets for (canceled) Saturday, can they be used for next Friday?

    I have one free ticket, so if anybody whants to join from Croatia (Rijeka region) to Venice …


    [If you had a ticket for the concert on Friday 4 August, then it is only valid for the new date on Friday 11 August. If you had a ticket for the concert of Saturday 5 August, then it is only valid for the new date on Saturday 12 August. If you can’t attend the re-scheduled dates, then tickets can be refunded from the point of purchase. If that was TicketOne, then they will be offering refunds from tomorrow until 31 August. More on this tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  152. From TicketOne’s web site:

    I translated the ad into english and it sounds as follows:

    “David Gilmour’s Venice shows, which were to be held in Piazza San Marco on Friday August 4th and Saturday August 5th have been rescheduled for Friday August 11th and Saturday August 12th. Tickets for the August 4th concert will be valid for August 11th and tickets for the August 5th show will be valid for August 12th. From Monday August 7th until August 31th it will be possible to ask for refund of tickets, in the agencies where the tickets have been sold. Refunded Tickes will be put on sale.”

    I hope that this information will be useful and, what more can I say… see you on August 12!!!! (I have already reserved a new hotel room and I’m going to book the train… this is going to be a very “poor” August…. I must ask for a rise when I come back to work!!!!!)


    [Thanks for that, Giovanni. Please click Giovanni’s name below to visit TicketOne’s website. E-mail details to follow tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  153. Hi Dave, we met in Firenze at Piazza della Signoria and then at the train station. I’ve grown up listening, loving and playing your music, you wrote Keep talking, Lost for words… so why did you tell me to go away?

    I was very astonished of the cruel way you treated me!! I don’t know if I will listen you music again…

    Anyway great concert, with you and Rick terrific on Echoes.

    [As David doesn’t write replies here in self-defence, I’ll assume that some fans simply wouldn’t leave him alone – fact – and that he had no choice but to be blunt. I’m sure no offence was intended. – Features Editor]

  154. A message to Luke: I AM from Italy, and I have commented yesterday that I have never seen something like this and I have (un-politely, if such a word exists) hinted that maybe the local council was happy that the shows were not taking place, so I criticized the whole situation a lot myself but please, don’t start a thread about Italians being unprofessional and advising David to stay away from Italy. That’s childish.

    All the best,

  155. Sorry to all affected. 🙁

    I hope there’s a way for you to see the show next weekend.

  156. Too bad, as I am flying home on the 10th. Well in the least I am gonna spend some days on the Lido.

  157. Hello to everyone!

    I was one of those who were in Venezia two days ago for David’s concert…what a delusion!!!!

    I’m very lucky, I live near Venezia and I will be easily able to attend next Friday concert.

    I would like to spend a few words of solidarity for all the people who will not be able to attend the rescheduled concerts. I feel very sorry for them, I know very well this was a very special occasion. And I know that a lot of people spent a lot of money and travelled from very far places. (Friday night there were two persons coming from London and another three coming from Siclia!)

    My words are nothing, but I woud like to say ‘smile’ anyway!

  158. Remember this:

    VENICE is the best place of the world for a Gilmour style concert!!!

    you can’t reorganize it in one week…

    I understand that in this way you spend less money… but there are thousands (yes, THOUSANDS!!! I was there that evening) fans that have waited and organized this moment from long time, and comes from everywere!


    It’s the more serious thing you can do in this irrealistic situation!

    need more money? rise the ticket price! add more seats…

    please, think about it… please, tell this to Mr. Gilmour!!!

  159. FEd – how true is this? On the radio this morning they were reviewing the newspapers, which were saying that the sound system caused lights to crack, cracks in walls and were concerned about foundations of buildings.

    [Pass. – Features Editor]

  160. I would be very upset myself, if I had bought tickets and travelled all the way to Venice. But I see that some people in their frustration are blaming David, blaming David’s management, even blaming the government of Italy.

    Obviously, none of these parties wanted this to happen. Not ony that, but David got the information out as best he could through this blog and the Website, and he quickly rescheduled the shows (which he was NOT obligated to do at all). So let’s stop blaming David and his team. They are responding to a situation, but they did not create the situation.

  161. FEd – I didn’t want to say this, but for those people who keep on about David reorganising the concerts for September, part of his band will be with the other half of Pink Floyd in September and for most of the rest of the year!!

  162. Hi – as luck would have it we are going to Venice on 11th to 14th August. Do you know how we can get hold of tickets?

    any help to let us see what is truly a great concert gratefully accepted


    Andy and Anneli James

    [Please see the Live Dates page for details. Click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  163. I don’t think someone is blaming David for what happened. It was not his fault. But the organization did more than 1 mistake.

    I just want to add what Giancarlo Galan, president of Veneto Region, said after the 2 concerts were cancelled. “The only satisfaction and hope is that this is bringing down the income going to Gino Strada” Gino Strada is the founder of Emergency.
    No comment about this!!!


  164. I wanna thank David for the new dates and you FED for your help online; FED I want to make you Know that you are very important for the fans!


    [I don’t know Ravenna, I’m sorry to say, but I do know that Dante’s remains are buried in your town. Thank you for the kind words, Claudio. I hope you have a great time in Venice next weekend. – Features Editor]

  165. Thomas – Have a blast at BB’s concert. I heard this is his last tour.

    [FEd – how true is this? On the radio this morning they were reviewing the newspapers, which were saying that the sound system caused lights to crack, cracks in walls and were concerned about foundations of buildings.]

    If it is true, Way to Go, Boys, Rock On! You’re too big for that place anyways.

    I can’t believe how fast you got the new dates. Great job, to all involved with that. Are they going to be playing at the same place Fed? Unfortunately, it will still be too late for some.


    [The same place, yes. – Features Editor]

  166. Hi Fed,

    just de-lurking to say I’m sorry to hear about the problems that have been occurring. You’re doing a sterling job sorting it all out.

    My sympathies go out to everyone who travelled to Venice to see David and who missed out. i hope you get another chance to see him. I guess we just have to be grateful that nobody got hurt.

    Keep smiling Fed


    [Cheers, Vicky. – Features Editor]

  167. Ok, here goes… just got back home from Venice. My girlfriend and I found out about cancellation on a damn info-screen on a highway leading to Venice. How cool is that? 🙂 And we were only like 5 km from Venice.

    To cut the long story short, we spent a weekend there (we booked the hotel a month ago, they would’ve charged us either way, if we decided to get back home yesterday). We’re from Pula, Croatia (hats off to Jon Dickens for suggesting the Roman Amphitheatre in our town for future Gilmour gigs :-), that’s like 300km from Venice.

    We won’t take the money back, we’re going to Italy again next Saturday. We were upset as anyone, mostly because this will end up being one of the priciest concerts we’ve attended… Although we’ve seen David back in March, in Milan, I don’t want to miss this.

    Andy and Anelli… check out TicketOne, I’m sure some people will want their money back, meaning ticketone will have certain amount of tickets available during this week. Good luck!

  168. [I am a little surprised at all the anger and accusations of David and the Management. Afterall sh*t happens and you can’t be prepared for everything. – Posted by: Andrew at August 6, 2006 05:51 AM]

    well said!

  169. We have just arrived back in UK from Venice. We watched the crew dismantle everything until about one am then we went back to our hotel too tired to watch. They work damn hard.A lot took time to talk to us and explained what went wrong, we were told that David was really upset and disappointed.People could have been killed so despite my huge disappointment, I’m glad it was cancelled.

    We cant go back next weekend. Big consolation though, on Saturday David came to the square to see for himself. I think I caught his eye and blew him a kiss.As he was leaving a few fans waved pen and paper, David refused to stop to sign autographs. I was six feet away, I called out that we had come from England to see him. He turned, smiled and shrugged and said sorry. I love him all the more. He could have been nasty.

    I would like to apologise to David in case he thought I was complaining about the show being cancelled, I was hoping to get an autograph. Of course now I’ve had time to think about it, he couldn’t have stopped to sign because he could have been mobbed.

    David, if you are reading, please come out to play again soon in Britain.Thank you for all the beautiful music over the years. Break a leg next weekend, absolutely amazing venue.

    Hello sound engineer and wife, who we ran into several times.

    X ash

  170. No matter if my incoming is 800 euro X month…. I just want to see gilmour play….

    No matter if I have to spend for the second time 100 euro of street taxes and 200 of gasoline (I came from Bari; 1000 km far from Venice) and i don’t know how much for the hotel… I just want to see gilmour play….

    I’m sure that David will surprise us with a great gig… THANKYOU

  171. I’ve just now read about the possibility of choosing one of the two new date…

    I have a ticket valid for sat 12.. could ever happed that I’ll find my seat occupied by somone with ticket valid for friday 11 that choose the day after to see the gig??

    can you explain something ’bout??

    [I wish I could, Luca. I’m sorry to be vague. We have been assured that every ticket-holder who wants to get in will get in. We can’t comment on which system will be used to facilitate this, but we are told that no one will miss out. This should mean – and this is my common sense speaking, rather than an official plan-of-action, don’t forget – that the seat that’s printed on your ticket will be yours and yours only on Saturday because you were always going to attend on Saturday. If someone who should attend on the Friday changes his mind and decides to go on the Saturday instead, then he will have to take whichever ticket is available (those tickets which have been returned by fans who are unable to attend, for example). It doesn’t matter what seat number is on his ticket. If you have that seat for Saturday, then it will yours on Saturday. His ticket will be exchanged for one of the empty seats. If that means his seat is further from the stage than the one he had for the Friday, then I’m afraid that’s his bad luck. To be frank, you will get the seat you paid for and those who change their plans will just have to be happy with the left-overs. Ideally, everyone will attend on the night they had planned to attend and provisions will be made for those who change to a different night. So please don’t worry, you will be fine. As soon as we can confirm anything, we will do so. – Features Editor]

  172. I’ll be back to Venice on Saturday. It will be the second time that I travel across Italy (I’m from the south) to see David. It would be so nice if he called me on the stage and gave me a big hug and a kiss (on my cheek at least). Do you think is it possible? What a stupid question. I know it’s IMPOSSIBLE. To hug him would be like trying to touch his music and all the emotions it gave me through the years. Great David.

    [I think Polly might have one or two things to say about that… – Features Editor]

  173. Luke,

    come back, stay away and live at your home sinking in your superiority.

    An Italian living in London.

    Sorry Fed.

    Enjoy the gig! I was in RAH…absolutely fantastic. Bravo David!!

  174. Thankyou very much dear FED…. see you on sat. in San Marco… ITALY LOVES GILMOUR!!!!!!!

    All the best to David and all his staff including who answers kindly to all this fans questions on the web!!!

    FED who you are??? Put you pic on the site!!! Have a good job…i Think you’ll be very busy during these days…

    Thankyou very much

    [Have fun this weekend, Luca. Enjoy it and tell us all about it. – Features Editor]

  175. I have tried to contact ticketone all week for a refund the ecomm address you advise will not display, so how con or should I say can I get a refund I certainly cannot afford the return trip fare, having saved hard for the last week visit.

    I see I now have until 11th august instead of 31st august as previously advised, can you clarify how I am able to acheive this. Fiasco from start to finnish eh. from the dark side of my moon, Jackie

    [The e-mail address displays fine, but it’s if you are still having trouble with it. If you read through the comments, you’ll find plenty of advice from other fans who have made contact with TicketOne with varying results. I can’t add anything to what has already been stated here, sorry. – Features Editor]

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