Night 30: Venice (Take Two)


After last week’s unfortunate postponement, David and the band are delighted to be back in the beautiful city of Venice for the first of two concerts tonight.

As always, we will reveal the setlist during the course of the evening, so if you don’t want to know what was played, please don’t read on.

If you are looking for the setlist, please do read on. It will be here.

We hope you have a splendid time tonight and look forward to hearing all about it.

We also hope you’ll enjoy Polly’s photographs from Klam and Munich. The above picture is from the Königsplatz show and there are more to be found in the Galleries section.

Our thanks for the messages left for Phil Manzanera. His wife, Claire, says that he was most touched by your kind words, so thank you all very much for taking the time to write. 

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

99 thoughts on “Night 30: Venice (Take Two)”

  1. Great picture of David.

    Hope David and the band rock tonight and that the weather is good to them. To everybody who is going – enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Ed. It’s nice to know that Phil saw what we wrote him.

    “Take Two” indeed!

    Have a good time tonight in Venice, everyone. Let’s hope it goes to plan this time.

    Great pics, Polly. 🙂

  3. I just checked out the weather forecast for Venice on several sites. To sum it up, it’ll probably be cloudy… I hope everyone tonight (and tomorrow, since I’ll be there) has a great time. I’m leaving for Venice tomorrow morning, although this time around I’ll check the blog at 5 a.m. just before I’m about to leave 🙂 Should’ve done that last weekend 🙂

  4. Great photographs Polly! There are a few in the new set that for me really stand out; the shot of David from behind the drums (g19p15) and the shot of David’s ‘solo face’ set against the castle (g19p2). Also the wider perspectives of the stage are fantastic (g19p17/18/19) – great work! 🙂

    I’m sure that everyone going to the Venice shows this weekend will have such an amazing time that last weekend’s issues will be quickly forgotten and replaced with a healthy dose of musical rapture. In my experience, the italians are some of the most hardcore DG/PF fans I’ve ever met – it’ll be a wicked show and I wish I was there.

    UK people travelling to Venice may well have a problem in light of yesterday – I think both EasyJet and RyanAir have cancelled most flights today. Deb was at Heathrow yesterday to fly to Spain and it was as chaotic as the news pictures showed. She made it out, so there’s definitely hope – but it may well depend upon the airline you fly and from where. Travel as light as is humanly possible with no hand luggage and it might help make the experience a smidgeon more tolerable.

    Anyhow, good luck everyone. We’ll never let a dodgy stage or nutter terrorists to get in the way of our musical enjoyment 🙂


  5. To everyone out there in Venice tonight and tomorrow, have a wonderful time.

    Nice pictures, Polly 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend,

  6. CAPTION: David ponders , ” Hmmmmm I have not needed one so far but do I bring a SUPPORT act tonight”

    CAPTION: “Lets pack some old floyd inflatables just in case guys” Our hero takes no chances ………

    All going to the gig have a ball and tell us envious bloggers all about it.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  7. I wish a nice evening to everyone in the beautiful San Marco. I should have been there, alas, I left the city of canals yesterday.

  8. Let me add my best wishes to everyone attending the Venice gigs over the next couple of nights, fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly. It wouldn’t surprise me if David makes things a little extra special, just to make up for the disappointment of last week.

    I must say the latest photos from Polly are excellent, particularly one from Munich (Gallery 19/Pic 16). The composition is outstanding, taken as it is from the back of the stage looking out. Just the right depth of field to show the crowd (looks like it was about dusk), with the main subject highlighted by stage lights and a spot in the distance.

    Outstanding work, Polly


  9. Nice looking fellow in today’s blog photo! We needed some new pics. I especially like number five in gallery nineteen; David’s blue t-shirt goes well with those blue eyes. I think this might be my new desktop for the week…

    Good luck with the Venice show everyone.


  10. Piazza San Marco is looking rather moist this morning…

    I hope the weather picks up for everone fortunate enough to make tonight’s (and tomorrows) show.

    Such a shame that Venice should have rain on the day David plays in such enchanting surroundings.

    I suspect there may be changes to the setlist for these shows, as a way to compensate for the disruption to events last weekend, or is that just wishful thinking.

    How I wish, wish I was there…

    To everyone that is, enjoy…

  11. to all those who are going tonight: have a good time.

    i hope there are no problems this weekend. bet you feel the same way, ed!

    love the new pics but also the new layout. the webmaster clearly works hard on the site. please thank him from us, ed.

    have a nice weekend,

  12. I saw a t’shirt which would suit DG… it was white with black lettering which said “All my black t’shirts are dirty”

    Ok… it was funny at the time 🙂

    Enjoy Venice tonight and tomorrow night, the pictures of the recent events show some truly superb locations which cry out for the “Not on an Island but On Tour part II” DVD…

    We can only wish… 🙂

  13. In the 5 decades that Pink Floyd have been around. There must have been hundreds of thousands of fans that have had to endure the most soul breaking hardships in order to catch a fleeting glimpse of the band.

    The most recent example i can think of right now is the people that hid in the trees overnight at live8 in order to catch some warmup time with the band. I can honestly say that I cannot call myself a true fan unless I could somehow make this situation turn around. No way in hell I was going to just give my tickets up and walk away. NO WAY IN HELL.

    After 5 days of pure pain, hell on earth that is customer service helplines. After 100+ euros of phone calls, I was quoted at £1400 sterling to make the change, then spending money and extra time at the hotel…all was lost…..

    at the 11th hour (actually 11:59:59) and looking at a missed flight….

    I MANAGED TO GET IT SORTED FOR TONIGHT, I’ll probably end up with crap(er) seats as my tickets are for saturday, but who cares!!!


  14. CAPTION:

    “Hey Dad, I’ll just be over here playing with this ratchet set on the stage left scaffolding…. What? I’m just KIDDING!….”

  15. To everyone going out to the shows in Venice this weekend, have a SPECTACULAR time (though you’ll hardly need my wishes for THAT!). I hope the weather is perfect, and if you’re traveling, please be safe. Give us a full report on Monday!

  16. [The above picture is from the Königsplatz show]


    Is this the sound King Kong made when he hit the pavement?

  17. Great new pics by Polly! Some of the best yet.

    Everyone in Venice have a great time tonight. Can’t wait to read your reviews

  18. FED, I was going to pre-order David’s two re-issues on amazon, but I see they have it released on their default date of Jan. 1,2010. The calender still has it at Aug. 15. Is this date still good?

    Thanks for all your efforts.It can’t be said enough what a special treat this site is for us fans. Hope your around for a long time.

    [Thanks for the compliments, Steve. There hasn’t been another delay in their release – at least, no one’s told me if there has been. They should be out next week as planned. – Features Editor]

  19. Wow, Polly is pretty darned good with that camera. Enjoy the show. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any shows in 2007.

  20. Hey-

    did the band stay in Venice the week of postponement? I mean, of all places to be “stuck” in, I’d take Venice any day!! 😀

    [They didn’t. I believe everyone returned home. – Features Editor]

  21. Hello to all of you, lucky Venetian folks!!!

    I wish you will have a very good time tonight. It’s very nice that the two could have been rescheduled so quickly: Venice is a so very nice venue.

    David, Rick, Jon, Dick, Guy, Phil & all the crew: An outdoor concert in Paris!!!! PLEEEEAAASE !!


    Thank you Polly for the beautiful new photographs in the gallery…Soon some Vienne show Photographs? 😉

    [We hope so. There are photos from every show on their way. – Features Editor]

  22. Why do I have a hankering for ANYTHING Parmesan?

    Have a nice pair of shows guys ; )


  23. Thanks for some great new pics, Polly! These seem to have more of an artistic touch to them, I like your style.

    Have a good weekend Fed. This is my “last hoorah” weekend. Tuesday, I’m having some major jaw surgery done. My jaw will be wired shut for 3 weeks after. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, if you will. I’m really starting to get scared now.

    Have a rockin time tonight and tomorrow to all you are going.


    [Bless you. Look after yourself. – Features Editor]

  24. Everyone have a GREAT time over the next two nights. With all that goes on in this world of ours, it’s nice to know an oasis can still be found!

    And those new pics by Polly are Fantastic! They really show how cool looking the outdoor venues are! Thanks for everything!

    [Thanks for spotting our deliberate mistake in the Gallery, Marcus. All fixed now. – Features Editor]

  25. Hey Fed,

    I noticed a particlar fansite is now having competition for prizes. Much of copycats!

    Fed, you are just too cool. First, they take your words and say there David’s, now their stealing your ideas.

    Like my mom used to say “Copying is the biggest form of flattery”


    [Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll burn in Hell for that. – Features Editor]

  26. [WE’RE GONNA SEE DAVE and friends!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO – Posted by: ripper at August 11, 2006 01:40 PM]

    Way to go ripper! Sometimes ya gotta “spill the wine”

    Have a blast and feed your head…..

    Melissa (*_*)

  27. Those are some of the best fotos of the tour Polly has taken thus far. Very, Very cool indeed.

    Question, is that a photo of David playing the glass harmonica? Is this a backstage mucking around picture, or have they started using the instrument on stage? If so, on which tune (Shine on maybe?)?

    [You’re right about the tune. The band did this on stage in Vienne (see the 31 July entry), but the idea to do so originated in Münich. So it’s not so much a backstage-mucking-around picture, but more a Richard’s-birthday-party-mucking-around picture. – Features Editor]

  28. Very nice pictures in the gallery from Germany. Polly, keep up the great work. Your pictures are excellent.

    Everyone have a great time over the weekend. Wish I could be there.

  29. The pictures are fantastic, Excellent job Polly.

    Good luck to all going tonight. I hope you guys enjoy the concert.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, especially you Fed you deserve it more than anyone. Have a pint for me.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  30. I would have loved to muck around at Richard’s birthday party…I would have brought cannoli’s!

  31. I hope that all those travelling to Venice get their safely and that we all get to see a memorable concert. I’m travelling there from Belgium tomorrow morning (but not without checking the blog before leaving this time around…).

    Honestly I’m looking forward to it even more than was last week and guess I’ll be absorbing the concert even more than I would have done last week.

    (BTW, a webcast might have been something to soothe the pain for those unable to make it this weekend after last week’s mishap)

    Question after seeing those great pictures… are still cameras allowed at the concert?

    [We’ll say ‘no’, but we know that won’t stop anyone. – Features Editor]

  32. Caption : ” Hey, Guy, you missed your cue ! ”

    Dear Sweet Lord ! I am so exhausted, but in a matter of…[clocks ticking in background]. Sorry FED, but I have to say that getting here was a b***h !! Damn f’ing terrorists ! But hey, I made it in one piece, along with my laptop and my camera ! But once I mentioned why I was travelling back, the Garda, sorry that’s my Irishness showing through, politely smiled to me and told me to enjoy the shows.

    I really have to say that they are not having it easy, but they deserve big-time kudos.

    Lucky me, I was able to get back into the Flora. Lovely place. Weather couldn’t be better. Especially after sweating m’ass off another four pounds it seems. I wonder what treasure David & Co. are going to play this evening.

    BTW, I phoned home to S. Florida and a friend told me that PBS aired ‘Pulse’ last night over there. What a treat for Floyd fans that PBS aired it for free. I wonder what was cut from their airing of it.

    Oh, sweet bliss is coming, I better get going ! Man, I have been on a lot of islands lately ! : )

    Well, I am out the door ! I’ll give review after ears quit bleeding ! Ciao !

    Cazart !

  33. Hey there!

    I am one of those lucky ones to see Davids Venice show tomorrow.. I was just wondering – since the weather forecast doesn´t look pretty good for tomorrow (heavy showers predicted) – what happens if realy heavy rain does occur prior to or in the middle of the show – or in the worst case scenario – it rains heavily during the whole day and evening – will the show go on as planned or is there a possibilty of yet another cancelled show?

    Oh, must say that this site and this blog are just fantastic – my compliments!!

    Regards from Slovenija!

    [The show will go ahead, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  34. Just wanted to wish everybody well for the Venice shows! I’m jealous

    Enjoy and please if you were there lets know how it was..

    Praying for the sun to shine this weekend in Ireland, have a good one everybody.

  35. Polly, the picture above is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of David. Thank you for sharing them all with us.

  36. Any idea if David intends to tour in 2007? My son and I flew all the way from Gibraltar last weekend specifically for the show, with tickets in the fourth row, only to find it had been cancelled. We were gutted to say the least. We flew back in the knowledge that the shows were rescheduled for tonight and tommorrow. With work commitments etc I am unable to attend tommorrow so I hope to get a refund. Any chance of another tour soon?

    [There aren’t any plans to, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  37. Hello All,

    I’m leaving tomorrow at 08:58 from Rome to Venice, hope you all have a wonderful show tonight and I hope I will have a wonderful show tomorrow!!!

    I won’t be able to post comments about the show immediately afterwards because I won’t be coming back to Rome on Sunday – I’ll spend a couple of days with some friends on the Adriatic coast.

    Anyway, love to all, kudos to our FED, this is the best music forum I have ever visited and I hope we will have some wonderful stories to tell at the end of this long-awaited weekend. I hope to meet some of you tomorrow even if I can’t figure out how we can recognize each other….

    Thanks to David for his music, each time I listen to “A pocketful of stones” and “Where we start” I am moved to tears and I am not exaggerating, it’s been a long time since a new record by any artist has caused me such a reaction. May be the consequence of the fact that I have been listening to Pink Floyd’s music for 31 years, I remember this huge, endless (in the good sense) piece of music my dad used to play when I was 3 yers old.. years later I discovered that it was “Shine on You crazy Diamond” !!!!!!

    All the best

    Giovanni “John” Savini
    Rome, Italy

    PS: FINGERS CROSSED FOR THE WEATHER!!! (Sorry for the capital letters…)

    [I think that’s one thing worth shouting about, mate. Have a wonderful time. – Features Editor]

  38. FE, I Have another question to test you on!

    Did Pink Floyd ever play in the beautiful country of Wales?

    I’m welsh, and I’d like to know.

    [Yes, they did. They’ve played in Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend, Pontypool, Haverfordwest – even Port Talbot – but not since about 1974. A Welsh tour is long overdue. – Features Editor]

  39. Hello David,

    I wish you a lot of fun in Venice tonight.

    I hope you will be back in Munich one of these days – it was a wonderfull show. Thank you very much for it.

    Best Greetings from Germany,

  40. To all those lucky enough to have tickets and lucky enough to actually make it to Venice- ENJOY! This Concert is tremendous and you will remember it for the rest of your existence. Hopefully you will all be writing in to rave about how tremendous a show it was.

    Amazing pictures from Polly-

    Shine On David, Jon, Guy, Steve, Richard, Guy, Phil, Polly and anyone else I am forgetting. You are amazing people who make our lives much better.

    Matt in Maine

  41. Must be a dream, being able to attend one of these shows.

    1. To everyone out there: enjoy!!
    2. To all those who can not be there or can not attend another Gilmour-show: let’s hope we will have another chance
    3. But my thoughts go out to those people who did have the chance to see David last week but regarding the known unwanted problems… Aaaucch!

    Best Regards to all and to Fed: never experienced a site where fans are treated so well… Chapeau!

  42. The wine glass harmonica was played in Florence as well (apparently the glasses were filled with Chianti!) It sounded fantastic, such a haunting sound.

    It’s good to see David so relaxed and ready to mix things up on this tour. With the freedom he is obviously feeling regarding the choice of venues, set list’s and arrangements it’s hardly surprising he is in no hurry to re-group Floyd. To be honest I think if David does do more in the future I personally would prefer more solo stuff.

    Going back the Florence gig (sorry I know this is a venice post, but haven’t had a chance to post before now) I’d just like to say it was a cracking night, the whole band was really on form and seemed to be having a great time. David’s guitar playing was better than ever – he was doing lot’s of improvisation around the solo’s.

    Despite the lights blowing for Echoes, it was fantastic, the ‘funky’ section went on for ages with David and Richard trading licks… sounded soooo good. Talking of the sound, that was great too, really loud but crystal clear, the bass notes just went straight through you.

    Anyway that’s enough gushing… starting to make myself feel slightly sick!

    Just to say I hope everyone has a great time tonight and tomorrow (I wish that webcam was pointing the other way!)

    Time for a beer.


  43. Hello Fed,

    in order to avoid misunterstandings I’d like to point out that the glass harmonica was also played live on stage in Munich (see the 29 July entry).

    But which song was it, where Dave is holding his Les Paul towards the sky? (in order to remember my location – so maybe I could find myself on the photo, though I think that I am covered by HIM…anyway I’d like to cover his music)

    [I’m afraid I have no idea, Andreas, but I will find out for you if I can. – Features Editor]

  44. very nice pictures. Does Polly really click them herself? They look really professional.

    [It’s absolutely true. Polly is a dab hand with a camera. – Features Editor]

  45. Well, I’m really think Polly’s pictures are great. You can see the emotions of David and the band while they are performing on stage. Polly really has the touch when it comes to taking pictures. I can’t wait to see the one’s of the Venice show, Plus the surrounding area.

    Well Fed, I hope that you have a great weekend and that everyone who goes to the show tonight, Has a great time.

    God Bless,

  46. Evening FEd,

    Looks like the show has just finished, Judging by the activity on the webcam…

    Any news of tonight’s setlist yet?

    [It’s on its way… – Features Editor]

  47. Tonight’s setlist:

    First half: Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Astronomy Domine, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Fat Old Sun, On The Turning Away, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  48. [They’ve played in Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend, Pontypool, Haverfordwest – even Port Talbot – but not since about 1974. A Welsh tour is long overdue. – Features Editor]

    i’ll drink to that! i’d go to all of the gigs. wales is always overlooked, but david could sell out the millennium stadium if he wanted to. there are plenty of nice places for indoor or outdoor venues. we’ve got more castles than anywhere else. cardiff castle would be good.

    thanks for the setlist, ed. have a good night.

    [The same to you, mate. Cardiff does have a lovely castle. I went there a few weeks ago, funnily enough. (The steps to the Keep are a bit steep, aren’t they?) – Features Editor]

  49. Hope all are having a wonderful time in Venice.

    All this talk of concerts again has me reflecting on the concert in Chicago on April 13. It was so long awaited and over so fast! It was a superb concert and my first, to see David Gilmour. The experience was something I won’t ever forget.

    I listen at work to his music daily. This week my husband and I had to make a long drive for a funeral. Five hours each way, with every cd of David’s that I could pack into our cd player. What a great way to enjoy a long ride. Sunroof open (trip back was very late evening stars were out). Now I have to leave the cd’s in the car because my husband complains he doesn’t get to hear them.

    I have sort of taken over the music. He only had a few cd’s like Dark Side, The Wall and Animals. When I got hooked on the music, I bought as many cds as I could find and dvd’s. I’m now looking to acquire other cd’s that David is a session musician on, like Sam Browns’ April Moon. Not easy to find. (good thing all my cd’s did not fit in the car’s player, otherwise work would become dull without my David Gilmour’s to listen to)

    I loved Polly’s book, ‘Lying In Bed’, but have not finished ‘Out of the Picture’ yet. Her photos take me back to the concert. Lovely photo of David here. Thank you, Polly, for all you contribute to this tour and the music.

    I love this fantastic web site which helps keep the concert memories alive! Thanks to all of the Gilmour crew that work on it.

    Can anyone tell me what makes a sound like a bunch of people stamping their feet in time in Learning to Fly?(only way I can express the sound)

    Thank you so much for the tour and the beautiful new On An Island.

    These comments are probably rehash to some of you. But the experience of this concert and the way the music gets into your heart and mind must certainly be worth repeating.

  50. I thought David played “On the Turning Away” tonight??

    [You’re quite right. It replaced ‘Coming Back To Life’. – Features Editor]

  51. Thanks Angelo =)

    I know it’s a bummer, Lesley, that David isn’t touring next year. Lets look on the bright side, perhaps he’ll be back in the studio.

    I thought David might do something special for everyone for all the inconvenience. Then again, I guess he was just as inconvenienced as anyone.


  52. How about a show of hands from everybody who’s made the second picture of gallery 19 their desktop picture… (raises hand)

  53. What a show tonight must have been judging by the set list! I thought David and co would make up for last weeks disapointment.

    I only hope the fans who are flying to venice for this weeekend are not experiencing too many problems thanks to the idiots of this world!

    And I must say Polly`s pictures are superb, I can`t wait for the vienne ones, just to see what I missed!

    Have a great weekend all.

  54. With nothing on the calendar in the immediate near future why not pop south for a gig in NZ, David?

    We Kiwis could dash up a quick stage out of four-by-two, a coil of No.8, a few sheets of corrie iron, and a slab of DB. I reckon it’d survive a snowstorm, sweet as. No postponements due to structural failures.

    But if management messed up and scheduled the concert on the same night as a Super 12 game there’d be little point in playing the gig because nobody’d turn up. So should the band have to stay over until the rugby hangovers faded and the locals could manage another late night, there’s room for at least a couple in my backyard sleepout, and I’ve got a mate with a decent-sized caravan out back that’d take the rest of the band as long as they don’t mind top-and-tailing.

    With the price of airfares these days you’ve got to think about costs you know.

  55. Caption: To warm up for the show, David begins strumming “All Lovers Are Deranged” as Polly snaps his pic and then sssloowly backs away (just kidding).

    David looks like he’s in a sneaky mood. Maybe he will surprise the audience with a zany PF tune like Corporal Clegg.

    Have an obscene ammount of (well-behaved) fun at the show everybody! Enjoy the rapture. Jooyyyyy! (ß^þ)

  56. To Mrs. Polly Samson;your pictures are just delighful. It is such a pleasure for us to see them; it is like we were on tour with you all together.We can figure all the situation and all the landscape.Merci de nous faire voyager avec vous. My favorites one are *3,*16.

    F.é. why not making votes on our favorite picture from Polly??? Si vous trouvez que c est une bonne idée bien sure! Je vous embrasse tous et merci encore Polly!(au fait lisez vous le français?)

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [Oui, peut-être après semaine. Merci pour l’idée. – Features Editor]

  57. David , thank you very very much to you and all the crew for the lovely show !!!

    We wait you here again soon

    Ciao !

  58. what a great setlist fed !!

    I love wots a deal it,s one of my favourite tracks david plays on this tour and Echoes!!! When I first heard it live unbelievable .

    I hope we see mr Gilmour soon again on tour in Holland maybe the ahoy in Rotterdam . whereever or whatever It will be great

    I was lucky to see him 7 times this year best time of my live I love this tour !!!

    Thanks a lot !!

  59. Home, Home again, I like to be here when I can… The show of my life. Never experienced anything like that. The light show was perfect for Piazza S.Marco.

    David and Rick were in perfect form. What a solo in “On an Island”! Echoes was the best version I’ve ever listened to. David and Richard did an incredible duet on that song, really.

    I can confirm that “On the turning away” was played (instead of “Coming Back to life”). The song was played after David’s explanation of Gino Strada’s work, so the lyrics fitted the situation. David forgot the words at a certain point but it was funny because he smiled and the audience clapped.

    Too sleepy now… Tomorrow other impressions. Goodnight!

  60. Astronomy, Wots, Fat… another lovely shuffle… bet it was amazing – tell all those that went!


  61. Love Polly’s photo today from Klam. Great SMILE. Thanks Polly for the gallery shots. It gives us outsiders an idea of how the shows carried on, ie. the Echoes photos stand out immensely. Perhaps we can vote for the best photos amongst us bloggers to be included in the upcoming CD.

    All I can say is WOW!!

  62. Good morning Fed

    yesterday evening I saw something of incredible, no words it’s impossible to explain….I saw the show in Milan in march but yesterday….astronomy domine and on the turning away !!!!!

    My girlfriend was lost for words and I saw a lot of people cry during on the turning away…

    This evening I’ll come back in Venice..Thank you very much indeed to exist David I would like to advice the pope to canonize you (Holy immediately in Italian words “Santo subito” like for the Pope John Paul II)

    Bye Fed!

  63. Hey FEd,

    I’m looking for some article about yesterday’s show to send you…but I can’t found anyone…really strange…I don’t know what to say…I’ll look for again…but some newspaper use to put the article on internet the day after…I hope to find something…for now…sorry!

    However, I hope David and fans had a great show. And I hope you’re ok too.



    [All’s well, thank you. Hope you are, too. – Features Editor]

  64. Hello!

    I went to Venice yesterday evening, it was a wonderful concert!! David and the band played perfectly, even if David’s voice had some problems. I confirm that they played “On the turning away” and not “Coming back to life”. It was during this song that David lost almost all his voice, missing some lines of the lyrics.

    Anyway the song was great, and it was certainly a kind thought from David to dedicate it to Gino Strada, the founder of Emergency.

    In a few words, great music and lots of emotions! The weather was luckily fine, too! Hope this isn’t the last chance to see David live in the future!

    To all the people going to Venice today for the second show, have a great time!

    Best regards.

  65. Dear FED I have my girlfiend that is Russian (From St. Petersburg) and would like to listen to David in The Square of the palace in St. Petesburg (the square of the Ermitage Museum the old residence of the Zar- is the most beautifil square that I have ever seen – do you Know Fed?)

    I have visited St Petesburg many times and I think that would be an ideal place for a David show and there are a lot of russian fans that would be listen to David for one time in their lives)
    Is it a good idea in you opinion ?

    Bye Fed now I’am starting again for Venice!

    [It’s a great idea. That is a beautiful place. – Features Editor]

  66. Even if some troubles due to the postponed show of last week, yesterday evening I attended to a really exciting concert!!!

    Thanks David for all these good vibrations…I hope to see you soon once again!!!


  67. [But which song was it, where Dave is holding his Les Paul towards the sky? (in order to remember my location – so maybe I could find myself on the photo, though I think that I am covered by HIM…anyway I’d like to cover his music)]

    That would have to be “This Heaven” as David was playing his Goldtop Les Paul on this song only. BTW: I just found myself on that picture, sitting in row 15 at Königsplatz. What a great show.


  68. Afternoon all.

    Anyone interested “The Drug years” airs again tonight on VH1.5pm-9pm est. Excellent show.
    That is if you are not going to the show tonight.


  69. davey david! you played on the turning away! wicked! im well jealous! love you man!


  70. I love that song On the Turning Away, especially the DSOT version. Ah well, must go watch my PULSE show again.

    Have a great weekend everyone. You too Fed 8)

  71. We had no idea that David wanted to do On the turning away until he started singing it!! No rehearsals, nothing…Blimey..


  72. [We had no idea that David wanted to do On the turning away until he started singing it!! No rehearsals, nothing…Blimey.. – Guy]

    I knew that David would like to sing these days(yet another War!) these words:

    Just a World that we all must share,
    It’s not enough just to stand and stare!

    Thank you, David and the band!

  73. caption is great and pollys new photos are cool great work i owned an photography studio for 8 years i love taking pictures and doing dark room stuff so i know how she feels to do good work and get praise for it. give us more polly.

  74. Hi Guy,

    David’s keeping you all on your toes then…

    [We had no idea that David wanted to do On the turning away until he started singing it!! No rehearsals, nothing…Blimey..]

    I’m sure you all managed to drop straight into the groove.

  75. Guy,

    That must have been an interesting situation. Don’t you love the spontaneous nature. Guess you always need to be on your toes with David leading the band – you never know what he’ll start playing.


  76. [We had no idea that David wanted to do On the turning away until he started singing it!! No rehearsals, nothing…Blimey..]

    Hello Guy, just goes to show what many of us fans have thought for a long time about anything Floydian, its effin perfect every time. What wonderful quiet unassuming confidence, David knew he could do it and what’s more, he knew his band could do it. He obviously likes to surprise you lot too.

    Saw your show Guy, loved it.

    Err… not a fan anymore because I am in a jealous sulk…and drowning my sorrows…

    X’s ash

  77. Hmmm. . .

    Dark Globe, On the Turning Away. . .with no notice. . .it sounds like David is doing his own versions of Have You Got It Yet? Thanks for the interesting tidbit Guy!

  78. [We had no idea that David wanted to do On the turning away until he started singing it!! No rehearsals, nothing…Blimey.. – Posted by: Guy Pratt at August 12, 2006 06:36 PM]

    david is the man!

  79. Thank you David, Richard (“Riccardo Giusto”) and the band for the wonderful music!

    Ciao e arrivederci!


  80. arghhhh!!!! how i wish… how i wish i could be there in venice!!!!!!

    david you look so relaxed…how much pleasure it must be to be in venice

  81. Guy..

    HeeHee..Instances like that are what separates the men from the boys.I’m sure you all handled it well!..Would have loved to have been there.Definetly one of my fave P.F. songs.

  82. I am maybe a little bit late. I just want to say that show on Piazza San Marco 11.8. was awesome.

    Thanks for great music…

  83. No excuses Guy, you’ve been doing that song just as long as David. Besides I’m sure it went off without a hitch (ok, maybe one hitch).

    So Fed, I was gone a day and it looks like the blog font is different. Is it true, or do I need to yell at my hubby for screwing with my PC?


    [Yell at your hubby. Nothing’s changed. – Features Editor]

  84. Made the repeat journey from the UK to Venice for the second time in a week – just don’t mention security! Watched the sound check and couldn’t wait for the show. Great set but disappointed not hear Money especially after the teaser in the sound check. Couldn’t get a tee shirt and out of stock on the website. Will the Merch Ant be getting more stock? Then my digi cam packed in so my pics aren’t so good. Sorry that the rains came for Saturday night.

    [I’m sure they’ll have more stock in soon, Chris. – Features Editor]

  85. I was in Venice Satuday night and it was really magic, but how much rain in the first half! Than David played Shine On You Crazy Diamond and just like a miracle the rain stopped, we see stars above us and our souls were wormed by a magnificent music: On the turning away, Arnold Layne, High hopes, Whish you were here and in the end tears of joy on my face singing Comfortably Numb.

    Great great great Night!!

  86. [We had no idea that David wanted to do On the turning away until he started singing it!! No rehearsals, nothing…Blimey..]

    Very funny how you called for another bass (a fretless?) instead the one you were wearing.

    And when you suggested chords to Phil and Dave breaks to drummer. Anyway, You guys can play.

  87. Thanks for the beatiful night in Venice.

    Giorgio and my wife Bruna say thank you Dave, Rick and the rest of the band.

    Ciao and we love you all, thank you for your music.

    Love forever

    Excuse me for my english!

  88. Hello all,

    I want to share the experience of the 3 concerts I had the chance to attend recently with my wife, the first in München and the 2 in Venice. I think the rain only made it better. After it rained in München all the people got excited and some started singing and dancing. This feeling of people becoming one mind and heart is fantastic! and something sometimes I miss from Mexico (where I was born) where the crowd simply goes crazy (I’m sure David remembers the 2 Pink Floyd concerts in Mexico… was there ever a better audience???).

    More or less the same happened in Venice. The first night, without rain, everybody behaved. On one side, one was able to enjoy the music in this way. But on the second night, as it rained, the same like in München, there was much more ambient… one could easily see that David enjoyed more, not only because of what he said in the end but also his face and the way he played.

    I want to say also that the lasers reflecting on the walls and the tower in the Piazza San Marco were so beautiful. I have too good friends who introduced me to Pink Floyd and therefore David Gilmour, I guess they are now very jealous because of the pictures that I sent them! Well, they shouldn’t be really, one saw the Division Bell tour 17 times and the other flew to NY to see David play a few weeks ago.

    I also wanted to add something. I’ve been reading some of the comments and it was a little bit sad to see so much space used to critizice other persons’s thoughts. In this case not only from other fans (or let me say, users) but also the editors.

    I think that if you open something like this forum, that gives the opportunity for everybody to write, the only acceptable thing would be to block offensive language and things like that. But something you cannot do is tell people what they should write or how they should feel or enjoy art and how to express. Not even question if the people are really appreciating the art behind the music or just love to see a nice light show. Because everybody is different, with different backgrounds, levels of education.

    If they want to use the opportunity to tell David what they think he should do or not, it’s their problem and their right. Whether David will just not care or be interested in such a comment, it’s his problem too. The thing to remember is that as long as the space is provided, people will use it in any way they think it’s right. Tolerance must be very high. Because humanity is everything but perfect…

    If this is not the case, well, maybe it’s better to close the thing…

    [Where have I told anyone what they should write, how they should feel or how they should enjoy art? We asked for the cameras to be left at home because they annoy both band and audience. We asked for off-topic posts to take a back seat at busy times (the blog is about David, his album and his tour after all) and our rules are very clear. I don’t know exactly what you are criticising, but if it’s related to the entry about Syd and how so many people used it as an excuse to tell David that he should reunite with Roger, tour in Syd’s memory, donate large sums of money to a specific charity or play such-and-such a track at his next show, then I disagree with you entirely. No one has the right to visit a website which David pays for and takes great interest in to tell him what he should do and when/where he should do it. I will always disagree with that. – Features Editor]

  89. It was a great night, I hope that there will be another tour in the future. Very enjoyable. B

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