Night 29: Florence


Florence has one of Europe’s most beautiful city centres and one which you can walk across with ease. Boasting many architectural wonders, the centre is said to possess more artistic treasures per square metre than any other city in the world.

Santa Croce is the most beautiful of the city’s main churches. With its stained glass windows, leafy cloisters and the tombs of various Italian notables, it truly is a masterpiece of Gothic art.

Construction began in 1294 on the site of an earlier, much smaller, Franciscan oratory by Arnolfo di Cambio in order to rival the huge Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella across the city.

The church wasn’t completed, and consecrated, until 1442. The marble façade and bell tower were built between 1853 and 1863. Subsequently, it now dominates the entire square.

The church contains 14th-century frescoes by Giotto, plus many tombstones and commemorative monuments. Here lie the tombs of Michelangelo (whose body was allegedly smuggled out of Rome in a packing case), Galileo Galilei, Vittorio Alfieri, Leonardo Bruni, Rossini and Macchiavelli, among others.

The huge rectangular space of Piazza Santa Croce has always been used for important civic and religious events because it is large enough to contain vast crowds of people. This is where Franciscan preachers addressed the population.

This is also where Carnival and May Day festivities were celebrated, where heretics were burned alive, where wild animals fought to provide local entertainment and where a variety of tournaments were hosted, especially during the Renaissance, for the indulgence of the younger members of the Florentine aristocracy.

A spectacular game of football in period costume – Calcio Storico – a tradition dating from the early 15th century, takes place here three times a year.

If you will be seeing David and the band here tonight, have a wonderful time, but please be wary of the little known disease, Stendhal’s Condition. Santa Croce has tended to overwhelm the visitor at times and is held responsible for afflicting up to 12 visitors a year with the disease, where one suffers a fainting fit brought on by witnessing such sheer beauty.

Please note that fans are meeting at The William pub (via A. Magliabechi 7/9/11) from 7PM should you wish to join them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

96 thoughts on “Night 29: Florence”

  1. Lets hope there will be less burining of heretics, wild animal fights and the like tonight (unless Mr. Brickman has added them to the already wonderful light show)!!!!

    Have fun all that are going
    x x x

  2. Heretics burned alive and the resting place of Macchiavelli eh!

    A charming spot indeed.

    Only kidding, I am envious as HELL. (But beware, last time I was there we had to buy an umbrella)

    P.S. Didn’t Macchiavelli say “You can’t make pasta without breaking eggs” ? Or did I dream this?

    [He was talking about tagliatelle, no doubt about it. – Features Editor]

  3. Combine the beauty of the venue with David and his band’s performances and I would expect to see that Stendhal’s Condition number rise sharply…

    Have a splendid time out there tonight,

  4. Hi y’all, just got back from 10 days peace & quiet…no pc, no work mobile phone calls, just food & drink & sunshine here in the UK.

    Seems like I’ve got a bit of catching up to do so without further ado a quick thanks for the previews/reviews of Klam, Munich and especially Vienne as that was the one I was thinking of trying to attend (cheers Nickstar, sounds like it was sensational).

    A belated happy birthday to Richard, hope you had a good one.

    And of course, a happy anniversary to David & Polly.

    So now it’s on to Florence eh? Have a great time everyone, I can’t help feeling a little jealous at the thought of listening to such fantastic music in such a setting.

    FEd, you do realise that at this rate the DVD is going to have to be at least 6 discs long to satisfy all of us?

    That’s all for now, glad you missed me and to the people going tonight…Hey, be careful out there.


    [I don’t know if six would be enough… – Features Editor]

  5. [Combine the beauty of the venue with David and his band’s performances and I would expect to see that Stendhal’s Condition number rise sharply… – Posted by: Ralph at August 2, 2006 12:01 PM]

    I’m with Ralph. Watch out for fainting people.

    I wish I could be there tonight. These venues are really something else.

  6. [Here lie the tombs of Michelangelo (whose body was allegedly smuggled out of Rome in a packing case)]

    Yes. And how many bootlegs of tonight’s performance will be smuggled out as well?? People just don’t get it that the quality of those bootlegs is so substandard compared to the wonderful DVD that I expect later this year.

    To all going tonigh. Enjoy the show, can’t wait to see the set list.


  7. CAPTION:” Mr Screen makes an appearence in Florence embedded in the church”

    [If you will be seeing David and the band here tonight, have a wonderful time, but please be wary of the little known disease, Stendhal’s Condition. Santa Croce has tended to overwhelm the visitor at times and is held responsible for afflicting up to 12 visitors a year with the disease, where one suffers a fainting fit brought on by witnessing such sheer beauty.]

    ED: Something tells me this might reach epidemic status this evening .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Green with envy, Dublin )

  8. What a beautiful venue. I’m sure the concert will be great (as well as the others of course).

    But tell me Dear F.ed, after having played Arnold Layne, Astronomy Domine, Dominoes, don’t you think it might be the occasion for Mr Gilmour and co to play “See Emily Play” live ?

    It’s probably the last time that we see Mr Gilmour on stage. I think, it’s now or never and from me to you, I wish I was there to hear that.

    The best to you.

    [You never know. As long as they don’t re-enact the promo video (a game of cricket with an imaginary ball)… I still think that ‘Dark Globe’ was the most perfect, fitting tribute to Syd. – Features Editor]

  9. caption:

    a bolt of lightning is going to strike the clock tower at precisely 10:04pm, next Saturday night! If we can somehow… *harness* this lightning… *channel* it… into the flux capacitor… it just might work. Next Saturday night, we’re sending you back to the future David!

    ok that was a bit naff

  10. well fed i hope you have gotten some sleep,we sure do appriciate your hard work. thanks for all you do. thanks to all bloggers for all their info,i wish i could be at them all.nickster i love reading yours.thanks again

    [Thanks, Tracy. These shows sound wonderful, don’t they? – Features Editor]

  11. If a huge wind storm erupts at the start of tonights show would it be considered a “Florence night and gale” ?

    [Boom boom! – Features Editor]

  12. I hope Stendhal’s Condition is superceded tonight by the condition known as Gilmourean Floydosis, also known as Acute Echovian Bliss or Island Fever.

    This condition is known to affect lovers of David’s music of all ages. Whilst there is still much that is unknown about this condition, what is known is that exposure to live Gilmour can in susceptible people produce feelings of elation and euphoria. Exposure in an outdoor setting is also known to enhance this effect, with feelings of happiness and contentment lingering for weeks after the exposure.

    Most individuals experience Gilmourean Floydosis as an internal warmth leading to symptoms such as mouthing lyrics, acute and chronic smiling and in some cases tears of joy. Unlike Stendhal’s Condition, Floydosis does not cause the individual to lose consciousness at any point – in fact it causes the opposite effect of entrancing the individual for the length of the exposure. In acute and isolated cases Floydosis can mutate and manifest itself in flash photography, uncontrollable bansheeism and the horrible mid-song shout, although recent reports suggest that this mutated strain is extremely rare in continental Europe.

    There is no cure for Gilmourean Floydosis at this time because no one wants one 🙂

    Have an absolute blast in the square tonight all you lucky people! Maybe the Floydosis be with you 🙂


    [It certainly sounds better than Bird Flu. Someone should name their bootleg ‘Uncontrollable Bansheeism’. It has a lovely ring to it, don’t you think? – Features Editor]

  13. i agree f.e.d. i was pretty emotional when ween played it a couple weeks ago at a show in buffalo. it was too real and too sad, i’m sure david’s rendition was just as beautiful.

    [It’s a beautiful song. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi, I’m an Italian 15 boy! Now I’m in Piazza Santa Croce, connected to the web with a Wi-Fi connection. Soon I’ll go to the William Pub to meet other Gilmour’s fans.


    [Have a great time, Gianvito. If anyone asks, you were born in 1988, OK? – Features Editor]

  15. Happy Wednesday,

    Fed, another fact about Florence you never mentioned. She was a character in the Magic Roundabout. Not sure which one though.

    Pete – Coventry

    [I know the dog was called Dougal. Florence was the only ‘human’, wasn’t she? – Features Editor]

  16. Have fun all!! I’m expecting a detailed report soon.

    Nickster, Gilmourean Floydosis – I love it!! I’m a carrier for SURE!


  17. From now on can Wednesday be known as Fedsday?

    Just askin…

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  18. From now on can Wednesday be known as Fedsday?

    That could be dangerous, since we already have a nickname for Wednesdays here in the states as “humpday” Maybe Fed doesn’t mind. LOL

    There I go being evil again.


    [Maybe it’s not such a good idea, after all. – Features Editor]

  19. Gilmour!!!! Argentina te espera!! 🙁 pleaseeeeeeee!!

    bye bye!

    beatiful Florence

  20. [There is no cure for Gilmourean Floydosis at this time because no one wants one :)]

    I want to catch that! Please, please, please!!!
    Too bad Missouri doesn’t have the spectacular venues Europe has to offer, unless David has the time to go play in the “holler” one of these days. You lucky, lucky people!

    Peace, Julie

  21. Gianvito Fanelli,

    Keep us posted on your wi-fi connection….it helps with our Gilmourean Floydosis! 🙂

  22. *Inspired by todays headlines, apologies in advance to all around…*

    Remember when you liked rum
    Your nose shined like the sun
    Wine on You Crazy Diamond!
    Now there’s a look in your eye
    So bloodshot and so fried
    Wine on You Crazy Diamond!

    You were caught in the crossfire
    Of Happy Hour and pay day
    Rode on a mechanical bull
    C’mon you target, for cheap tarts and harlets
    C’mon you drinker, caught hook line and sinker from Wine!

  23. Hello, FED and all !! I have a serious question.
    Where will us fellow blogger /fans congregate in Venice ? I need to know ASAP as my flight to New York leaves @ 4:15, today. I have pinched myself a few times already this week to make sure that I am not dreaming.

    Take a breath,Ray,take a deep breath !

    [I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone has strongly suggested a meeting place for Venice yet. Claire said that the Terrace Bar at the Monoco Hotel would be a good place, but no one followed-up and on which night, no one knows. Michael Alexander says that he will be wearing a blue Maple Leafs jersey with “69” and “FloydianLeaf” on the back on the Saturday. Click your name and check through the ‘Meet-up: Florence & Venice’ entry just in case. Have a great time, mate. – Features Editor]

  24. “Wine – on ‘You Crazy Diamond'”

    LMAO too!!! That’s great!!! I needed that today 🙂

  25. FED ~

    Has the DVD’s venue already been selected and shot(RAH) or is there a chance that some other shows might make it onto the DVD?

    This European tour has such a majestic presence to it and I think the scenery of these historic venues would compliment the DVD quite nicely…

    Oh and Wednesday has already been voted Fedsday when you went to the privy…

    [I can’t say, sorry. – Features Editor]

  26. Gilmourean Floydosis – so that’s what I’ve got!! Now I understand.

    Hope everybody enjoys the concert tonight.

  27. Hello, F.Ed,

    Nickster, I think there is another strain of it in NYC that mutated and manifested itself into autograph hounding and stupid, selfish behavior. Drugs and alcohol are believed to have intensified the effects of the mutation.

    There also seems to be a strain of the disease called Watersanian Floydosis by Proxy that seems to have similar effects on people. Reports have both of these strains started as one in the same, but split apart and evolved independent of each other.

    A recent experiment was conducted where the 2 strains were re-introduced to each other. Even though they share many of the same elements, that the 2 different strains would not combine. Scientists believe that if they did, it would reach pandemic proportions not seen in over 20 years.

    F.Ed, we could combine Fed’nesday and Hump day and we could have… well, nevermind. I don’t think that would work too good.

    Have a good day, all.

  28. Matt you totally rock….I gave that to my brother who likes the drink a little to much…Everyone have fun at the concert. Someone drink a pint for me.

    Erin…..Happy Hump Day!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  29. HELLO FED, I believe that all has much luck, therefore can follow the wonderful guitarist, the wonderful musician that is DAVID GILMOUR, for who goes the presentation of today that it uses to advantage sufficiently, more I want to ask something stops: In Brazil it is said that to the end of this year DAVID, it can make presentations, exists some possibility of this to happen?



    [There are no plans for any extra shows after Gdansk, sorry. – Features Editor]

  30. Well Fed, Only three more shows left after tonight. I hope that the David’s Web Site be will still be active after the last show. For I would hate to miss your comments(HA HA),For when I get ready for work, I always take time to read only this web site. I can go to it and feel at home. I hope that everyone who is going to the show tonite has a great time.

    Thanks Fed,

    [Thanks, Thomas. That means a lot to me, especially tonight. – Features Editor]

  31. Ciao David, io sono un fiorentino che stasera ascolterà il tuo concerto a scrocco, senza pagare un euro.

    A tra poco.
    Ciao, tuo Mario Rossi.

  32. Fed,

    Is there a way that fellow posters could be notified when someone adds to a particular subject? The way it is set up now you have to keep checking in and with no set hours for posts (being given the go ahead and being posted) it becomes time consuming jumping back and forth to see…

    Just askin… 🙂

    [I’m as limited by the blog software as you are, mate. – Features Editor]

  33. Dear FED, first off, grazie !! Secondly, I just want to say one more thing before I leave for the airport.

    Throughout the history of this site and FanFare then The Blog, I just have to say you have done a commendable job on moderating the numerous posts that you must cull through. And during this time we have endured the loss of Roger Keith, Syd as we knew him or didn’t as the case maybe. We have been kept abreast of David’s tour and been given all sorts of treats along the way. We have been blessed to have such a wonderful person as you. ( Don’t let that get to yer head, mate ! j/k )

    Anyway, after my bout with the intestinal virus and coming very close to actually dying I have come to realize that no matter how so many people can harbor so much pettiness and meanness we are all still very human. For those of us Regulars, we know who we are, I will reiterate one thing : we all share the same air. For those who have been shallow, and you know who you are, take a word of wisdom from Mr. David Gilmour himself. ” Life is much more than money buys.”

    I count my blessings and I am very ecstatic that I am able to travel to see one of the world’s finest showmen in the world. It cost me my eternal soul to see David and Richard and the rest of the guys on what should be a wonderful weekend. ( I’m half-way to the stars !!! )

    I also wanted to extend my VERY belated birthday greetings to the man who helped inspire me to take up the piano in the first place, Richard Wright. ( if Richard gets to read this, Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. 88 Fingers !! )

    To all those catching the Florence show, ENJOY !!

    Thank God I can actually sleep on airplanes. And as always I love reading Lucia’s posts. Lucia, you must be another one of those Angels blessed enough to walk this earth. Of course, we are all in good company here, for the most part.

    I am looking forward to seeing the shows. Uh -oh, I better get a move on. It’s 2:55 EDT and I
    have that 4:15 flight !

    FED, do take care of yourself. I’ll be more than happy to light some candles in that church on that island for all of us !!

    Peace and Love to ALL !!!

    Cazart !

    [ Thank God, I only live fifteen minutes from the airport !! Ciao ! ]

    [Enjoy it, mate. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  34. F.Ed,

    I found a picture on the net purportedly from a sign in a place called The Anchor. It’s hard to read, but following is a transcript of what it says, and it is very interesting. (Granted, it’s probably more suited for a Rainy Day Blog, but it doesn’t appear to be too busy here today).

    “The Anchor was formerly known as the ‘Riverside Jazz Bar’, so called because of a local jazz band that played here regularly on Friday nights in the early ’60s. A charismatic young kid called Roger Keith Barrett and his friends would often slip into the pub after school, slouch quietly in the corner, and tap his foot to the beat of ‘The Jazzmen’. Noticing his admiration for Sid ‘The Beat’ Barrett, the resident jazz band’s drummer, the locals soon bestowed Roger with the nickname ‘Syd’, saspelling the pseudonym with a ‘y’ as a means of distinction. Syd and his friends went on to form the legendary Pink Floyd and secure their place in Rock history…”

    Provided this is true, alas! a mystery is solved. I thought it would be interesting to share that.

    Have a great day,


  35. Hey Fed,

    what’s the source of the excellent historical and cultural informations you are giving us about the venues David is playing? Sounds like you have an professional background in this field, too… Anyway: Very well done and always right on the spot!

    [Thank you, Georg. It’s just a little research. Hope it proves of interest to some. – Features Editor]

  36. Have fun tonight for those of you lucky mates attending the show. It seems as though it were only yesterday that I saw DG live at Radio City here in the States. I can only imagine what an outdoor venue would be like as this concert is truly inspiring.

    I have found since the concert I have been “taking things in more” within my life. My girlfriend asked if I was having a mid-life crisis but I have told her since seeing David I have taken a little more time to enjoy the gifts life gives me. I hope you all do the same as you are going to see a tremendous show and a musical legend.
    David and the band are tops in my book!

    By the way, Jon Carin looks much better with the short hair versus how it looks in “PULSE”- Sorry Jon!

    Matt in Maine

  37. [By the way, Jon Carin looks much better with the short hair versus how it looks in “PULSE”- Sorry Jon!]

    Whatta ya a woise guy? Nyuk,Nyuk,Nyuk..

  38. I somehow missed the blog entry from Richard Wright. Can anyone tell me when that was, and where I can find it?

    [See the ‘Glassman’ entry of 3 June, Dan. Richard’s post is timed at 9:54PM. – Features Editor]

  39. I’ve missed everyone for a couple of days. . .you people are on fire today!

    Gilmourean Floydosis. . .is that what it is?. . .I could have swore that the good doc told me it was Gilmouritis Floydosis. . .thank you for finally giving me the answer to what’s been afecting me my entire life. Oh, the good doc also said there is NO known cure!! For whatever that’s worth.

    I hope everyone involved has the absolute time of their life tonight (or are having it right now!) I have to go put on some tunes. . .

    I’m staying posted you crazy Italian bloggers!!

  40. Good Evening FEd & salutations,

    Any news on the Firenze setlist???

    Was Chianti used for SOYCD tonight…:0)

    [It’s coming, I’m told. – Features Editor]

  41. Oh good – now I’ve been diagnosed with Gilmourean Floydosis along with my chronic Truth Tourette’s.

    Edwina, I’m hitting the gin & tonic tonight, inconsolable over not getting to see David play in Florence. With what poison are you drowning your sorrows? Shall we cry on each other’s shoulders?


    [I’m very boring. I’m drinking mineral water. – Features Editor]

  42. david cuando estas por ARGENTINA!!!! aca te queremos. el dvd pulse una obra maestra

  43. Ok, ok…How about Wrightonian Floydosis? It has similar symptoms as the others with sudden outbreaks of Air-Piano Playing. It went into remission in the early ’80s, but soon returned to epidemic status and doesn’t show any signs of leaving anytime soon. 😉

  44. Starting to feel a little jealous reading about all these shows. How freakin lucky can these people be.

    My BD is next week(woo-hoo), so I have been throwing out a bunch of pitiful hints to my better half about going to Gdansk.(Pipe Dream)

    I would think it is very expensive to go. I know nothing about overseas travel. I have never really been out of the Appalachian Mountains. I take that back, I’ve been to the Smokey Mts.

    If anyone from the US is going, I would be greatful for your info on price, motels, flights and the sort.


    Fed, I hate to ask but, how can I link my e-mail address to this post? Can I do that?

    [I’m sorry, you can’t. But if you sit tight, I’m hoping that the next addition to won’t take much longer and that should be a great help to you. – Features Editor]

  45. The world needs one concert of Pink Floyd!!!
    The world needs one concert of Pink Floyd!!!
    The world needs one concert of Pink Floyd!!!
    The world needs one concert of Pink Floyd!!!
    The world needs one concert of Pink Floyd!!!

  46. setlist anyone? enquiring minds need to know 🙂


    [I’m waiting, too. Sorry. – Features Editor]

  47. i’ve just been there a couple of hours and it was amazing!

    thanx david for those nice emotions.

  48. Wow! This place has some history – “This is also where Carnival and May Day festivities were celebrated, where heretics were burned alive (lets hear it for those Franciscan preachers), where wild animals fought to provide local entertainment and where a variety of tournaments were hosted.”

    People didn’t have a whole hell of a lot to do back then, did they. If they were around today, they’d be able to listen to David (soothing the savage).

    Well, David can make a little history himself on a positive note (with musical notes). Enjoy a spectacular evening ladies and gents.

    Ó Ò
    ‘ ¿ ‘

  49. FEd ? FED ! Quick ! Wake-up ! Your forgot the setlist ! 😉

    [I know, I know… I’m still waiting for it, too. – Features Editor]

  50. Hi FEd, is everything ok? Even though the tour will be over in a couple of weeks, there’ll be plenty of questions and rumours about the DVD until it’s released to feed the blog, so I hope it will continue to exist… our friends are so bored of us speaking about a guy who formerly played guitar and now wine glasses that we definetely need this forum to feel that someone is listening to us.

    Anyway… I wish I’d been able to go to Vienne and Florence, hope that Venice show is at least as good as what Nickster posted about Vienne!

    Well, as in Venice the band can use some Murano glasses, I’ll bring some spanish wine to improve the performance!

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  51. Hey Fed,

    I suggest that if David plays any more Syd tunes on this tour they should put out a live cd called “Gilmour Plays Barrett”, or something like that. Brilliant, no?

    I’m not sure if David should try to cover “Birdie Hop” though……


  52. [I know the dog was called Dougal. Florence was the only ‘human’, wasn’t she? – Features Editor]

    Not forgetting Mr McHenry the Gardener and Mr Rusty the Roundabout operator.

    I also seem to remember a boy, who was a friend of Florence, who was in it only very occasionaly, but cannot remember his name.

    [All I know is that I can’t get the theme tune out of my head. – Features Editor]

  53. Finally, we have last night’s setlist. Apologies for the delay.

    First half: Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, Astronomy Domine, Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  54. My Mom’s first name is Florence, but if she finds finds out I told you, I’m dead. . .

  55. My lucky brother was there in second row last night and he loved it!

    I am an exhiliated florentine ( just like Dante, who has an empty place there in Santa Croce but is buried in Ravenna–i think ) and i couldnt be here. But I gave my brother Riccardo a ticket as birthday present, becouse “if David is in town one of the family has to go”.

    The texts I got from him were ” sublime” during the first half and “galactic!” during the second half…I think he loved it!

  56. [You never know. As long as they don’t re-enact the promo video (a game of cricket with an imaginary ball)… I still think that ‘Dark Globe’ was the most perfect, fitting tribute to Syd. – Features Editor]

    See what you mean. But a new version would have been so great.

    [It would have been interesting. Do you think Richard would have been the one to sing it, or David? – Features Editor]

  57. I was in piazza Santa Croce to Florence yesterday night. Still I must resume me from the drunk that you have given to me, David . I don’t know how you make to always render the concerts so fantastic, must be a fluid that you transmit. From adolescent I have seen the concerts of the Pink to Modena and Livorno and, sincerely, I wouldn’t have never thought you still moved to me like and perhaps most then.

    Thanks, thanks yet again, also for to have give us the night with Richard: everybody have listen very well he was present.

    But allow me a disappoint: you haven’t played anything of your olds album, like “There’s no way out of here” that I love and not only me: also my son of 8 months, when I put that album he is happy and calm and my wife and me can sleep.

    Thank you and come back soon in tuscany.


  58. What an awesome concert!!!

    David was feeling really great. It must have been the Toscana, or the Chianti… 😀

    Awesome!!! Really fantastic!!!

    Thanx David!!!


    Ciao fellow bloggers,

    God I am still sleepy. Because you all have to know that I did 300 KM to go to Firenze and the same to come back. I arrived home after 4 o’clock in the night and woke up before 8. So Now “It’s awfully considerate of you to think of me here and I’m much obliged to you for making it clear that I’m not here.”

    I left in the afternoon. In the middle of tuscany, on the mountains, between Bologna and Firenze I was caught in Storm. “Nooo” I thought ” It will rain tonight”. But as soon as I got close to firenze the Weather was fine.

    No one got at the pub, at least I saw no one (apart from a couple of English roadies with that typical English-drunken-roadie-friendly-face)……No comment.

    The stage was with his back to the Facade of the church. The square is sorrounded by fine buildings of the reinessance, inhabited , and those lucky ones (and rich) living there were enjoying the show from their living room with friends, with windows open!!.

    The setting was astonish and marvellous. Something that can happen only in Europe. While waiting for the show I was looking to the church. Look at the picture. There are three triangles on the top. Very symbolic ( dark side of the moon). In the meditations induced by illegal substances I imagined that during the show they would have shot a laser on one side of the triangle and another one on the other side to make the “dark side of the moon” cover. Nothing of that happened but as you will read we got the infamous ” DARK SIDE OF THE STAGE”.

    END of PART 1

  60. FIRENZE part 2

    Show began, air was fresh and warm, everyone ready. What will follow are what I feel more relevant to me.

    We started with Breath/time/breathe reprise. Very good to warm up.

    Then Castellorizon that falls in a beautiful version of On an Island. On an island gains a lot from the live experience. David was improvising much extending the last solo in his typical way. Very nice, this song is already a classic.

    Red sky at night: David is improving much with his saxophone, very relaxed and morbid.

    I was caught away on a star by Pocketful of stones, while take a breathe proved once again to be another instant classic….when David reprises at the end, wooooow.

    All in all “on an island” is expanded live in all those part that let the players free to jam, in particular David.

    The crowd was on fire for the second part. Everyone was waiting for this and no matter how on an island can be a good record, there are years of pink floyd inside us that makes every old note so special.

    End of Firenze part 2

  61. FIRENZE part 3

    The best moment of all the concert for me was the intro to shine on you crazy diamond. This time wine was chianti. The glasses produce a thin ethereal sound that imitates the keybord. And in this subtle atmosphere Rick and david played their notes. David on his part was as subtle as the crystal sound. My hearts bumped.

    Astronomy domine was something I never heard Live. A rock version, with no psychedelic improvisations from rick, but with a lot of guitar, very tight and strong. I time travelled for some minutes. Great.

    Fat Old sun and Coming Back to life were awesome. The final part of each of the songs is for David to fill with whatever note he wants in a long solo ( that’s what I like, loooong solos and jams). Fat Old Sun was simply perfect.

    And now Echoes. Gosh, my friends what should I say? It happened…..the light sistem broke up. Totally, completely. We got the dark side of the stage.

    Ok, wait. From a musical stand point it was incredible. Much better than in Milan. You can see that they played it so many times that they are natural and free and the music flows. But after the first two strokes in a moment when the song began to rock……..No lights. The band didn’t lose a note. And happened what I still don’t understand. For something like three minutes or more they played in total dark. TOTAL. I mean they could not even see the instruments, but they played. And HOW they played. It seemed they had to cover the lack of lights with more music and the jam flew (maybe I was just influenced ….).

    After these minutes three bulbs from far away lighted David, Rick and jon and the jam session continued. Really, the band was great. But I must admit I was disappointed after that. At half of the song everything came back to normal and the lasers at the end repaired somehow to the problem. (these lasers were covering the sky and flashing incredibly). Anyway a step beyond, musically, from what I heard in Milan. Italian crowd, polite as always, clapped hands and didn’t care about the lights……

    Wish you were here and comfortably numb two classics, what to say? Oh yes, Phil manzanera made two wrong chords at the begininng. Everyone heard that. Damn.

    But the final solo of comfortably numb make you forgive everything

    A very good experience (damn,the LIGHTS…..). Today I still think at the disappointment for the lights but as time passes the good feelings I felt, come up inside me.

    “when that fat old sun in the sky is falling, summer evenings birds are calling….” BUONE VACANZE (Happy Holidays)


    [Many thanks for that, Piergiorgio. Basically, the generator blew up last night. – Features Editor]

  62. and have I told how much I loved the slide guitar???? meravigliosa.(told you feelings come up slowly…)

    And compliments to “the Band”: Manzanera, Pratt, Di Stanislao(getting better and better), Rick, “Onemanband” Carin and Parry.


  63. Phew! Piergiorgio has already said all! So, seeing that you already know the main aspects of the show, I’ll say the secondary’s!

    First of all….WOW! WOW! WOW! I needed a new show… I’ve never seen Pink Floyd’s shows and I don’t know how they were…but I start thinking that the only thing which share David’s band from Pink Floyd is probably the history…because David’s band doesn’t have anything to envy to others bands as to ability of enchant the audience!

    I loved this show much more than Rome’s one, because if Rome’s was the first time I saw David (and the first time can’t be forgotten!), yesterday’s show was more exciting. The Auditorium in Rome, infact, is a little cold fo rme….while Piazza Santa Croce was a perfect, warm location.

    Florence and Piazza Santa Croce are striking places, and there something magic when you can listen to wonderful music and look the world around, smelt the fragrance of the night that is arriving, and the city and the buildings around that seem to listen to the music too…ok…it seems a frantic speech, but if you attend some concert in some cities of art you can understand how much important the set can be….I think David knows that, if he choose so beautiful places for his summer tour…

    And as wonderful as the location was the fact that the show seemed so different from the Rome’s one…even if the band repeated a lot of songs. But there were some difference (“Shine on you crzy diamone” was GREAT! The first party with my friends I’ll invite them to play glasses all together!) and, above all, I could listen David and the band play the same single song for days and days and days…the it would be always a fantastic emotion! And the lights….when the worked, it was a magic show! In Rome we hadn’t so many lights games.

    After this experience, I have just a doubt. HOW MUCH BETTER CAN BE THE NEXT SHOWS IN THE MAGNIFICENT VENICE?!!!!


    And enjoy the shows, mates who are going! Attend to the Florence’s show was a great experience…..but Venice has probably greater too! Even because Piazza Santa Croce is really beautiful, but Piazza San Marco is extraordinary!


    With love


    [Bless you for that, Lucia. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  64. [It would have been interesting. Do you think Richard would have been the one to sing it, or David? – Features Editor]

    A duet between the two of them would have been perfect (of course, we are still talking about See emily play, are we ?).

    [Yes, we are. A duet could be interesting. – Features Editor]

  65. Some other things…but not about the show…

    #1 Features Editor, do you need reviews or you can find them by yourself? I don’t want send you usless stuff. Ah! I vote the new poll and I vote Excellent. Am I a good girl? 😉

    #2 Sorry to Piergiorgio and the fans was in William Pub. I arrived to Florence very late (I had worked in the afternoon..and now I’m still as excting as exhausted!) and so, no time for coming…I’m really sorry…we could say all together how bad FEd is! Ih! Ih! Ih! I’m joking FEd! A think your bad, but I don’t say that to others…I love keeping this thoughts inside, all for me!

    However, I have to say that you portraying of Florence is fantastic! Really really good! Who’s your teacher? Where did you copy? But you forgot the “Bonfire of the Vanities” during Savonarola period (in italian “Il Falò delle vanità”)…even if, maybe Piazza Santa Croce wasn’t the only “theatre” of the Falò della vanità.

    Hey! You forgot to mention the Dante’s statue too. Dear FEd, you are flunk! Are you “loosing your religion” in REM meaning? I hope you can still tollerate me!

    #3 [If you see Lucia, please buy her a big glass of wine for me. Send me a bill to…- TIM] TIM! You’re so kind…the best “big brother” I could wish! …thanks mate!

    #4 A special **GREETING** to the bloggers who I’m dropping in these days. I don’t spoke to you, but I think of you a lot!

    #5 Matt Parish, your compositions are fantastic! BRILLIANT!

    #6 Raymond McAteer, you’re words are really kind…but I fear I’m not an angel…I think is just the way I use my English language! A bad way but, as once someone said, “poetic”! And so I decided I won’t improve my english, so I’ll seem sweet forever!

    Ok. Now, I can really go…to search good words for on an island!

    Adios, amigos!

    [First, we always welcome reviews and press reports. I pass them on and someone else decides if they’re suitable or not. If it’s not too much trouble and you won’t be offended if whatever you submit is rejected, then please let us see what you’ve got. Secondly, I like history and am happy to research. I had to leave out some things (like Dante’s tomb being empty and the repeat requests from Florence to get his remains moved from Ravenna) because it’s already quite long and I can’t be too hypocritical about the length of posts if I write endlessly all the time! I didn’t know about the Bonfire of the Vanities, though. Oh, and you’re too kind with your vote. I voted ‘Quite Good’. – Features Editor]

  66. HEY! I voted “Excellent” but in this moment the blog doesn’t work! Are you saying that I have to vote rubbish now?!!!!

    However…reviews! ….there are others 2 in a newspaper and in a press agency too…but in this moments I have just the paper format and the agency press page that I can see only with the password I use for job. I’ll try to send you tomorrow in some way, ok? And I think that all are waiting for the biggest VENICE SHOW!

    Probably, next days the newspaper will be FULL of David’s reviews! And “Excellent” is not too much…even if I have not experience with musician’s official sites and blogs…so. my vote is not very important…! Anyway, I think this site is really wonderful and maybe there’s no way to manage it better…

    and you are very bad, but I have too admit that we are very bad too! 😉

    Ah! And my excellent is not only for you, is for SNEd, Ped (not PEd!) and all the others…arguments a part, when you closed, it will be very sad for us!


    [Great timing, eh? The day we get 58% of people saying that the site is excellent, the blog goes down. Typical. Anyway, thanks very much for the press. Please keep it coming. – Features Editor]

  67. Great reviews from Piergiorgio and Lucia. No more talk about bad English from now on, OK? 😉

    [Indeed. It would take me two hours to write that much in French and another two hours to pluck up the courage to post it for all to see. – Features Editor]

  68. Thanks for the great review Piergiorgio. No lights during the first 3 minutes of Echoes?! At that point, I’d say keep em off. It sounds truly magical.

    Lucia, when you use English, my guess is you think about it a bit before you type. There is no problem with that, more of us should do that.


  69. Thanks to David for the wonderful show! Piazza Santa Croce and its church seemed like a medieval spaceship ready to be sent to the dark side of the moon…

    People from 18 to 60 all enthousiast and delirious!

    I work in the biggest music store of Florence and today we were all, workers and customers, remembering this unique night!

  70. The lights going off were not a big deal, David and the band went on playing in the dark and that was fantastic.

    David was in a particular good mood and his improvisations on the guitar were at his best.

    We also appreciate his Italian speaking, really cute.

  71. Ciao Mr. David! Il sogno è stato realizzato:ho visto finalmente i Pink Floyd, quasi, al completo; tutto questo grazie a te. Ne è valsa la pena di tutto, del costo del biglietto, del viaggio da Napoli (Naples), della dormita in macchina!

    Grazie di cuore Mr. David!

  72. great show in Florence! Thank you so much, the highlight was a terrific version of Astronomy Domine!

  73. 2 days have passed, and I still can’t believe to what I saw and heard last Wednesday.

    I still think that I was dreaming…an amazing dream, that’s it.

    On Time, Shine and Echoes I had millions of shivers everywhere: overwhelming, heart-rending beauty.

    He truly is beyond everything.

    I tell you more: i.m.h.o., David Gilmour has the moral duty to hand down his Art to posterity

  74. It’s great to see David and his band constantly re-inventing things like the opening of Shine on ect, the ONLY! bad bit about it is that not all of us will get to hear all these different and wonderful versions of our favourite tracks,

    Oh well you can’t have it all as they say and some people won’t get to see David at all this time round, so I am counting my blessings ‘take it easy FEd’ :o)

  75. By the grace of God or sheer coincidence, my wife and I just happened to be in Florence on this wonderful evening. I remember Earls Court ’73 and Wembley ’75 and this concert was right up there – even if we (personally) had only a ‘restricted view’ from behind the stage! At least the wind wafted the sound from the monitors in our direction!

  76. Thank you.

    I’ll remember for the rest of my life this gig.

    The best act? Echoes.For twelve minutes I saw a rock band playing whitout special effects or smoke,like in a garage,Rick looked at David,David smiled and the lasers go to dawn,for the best piece of music I’ve ever heard.

    I’ve seen the notice of Venice,I hope well for the fans ‘couse it’s a wonderful show to see.

    p.s. Thanks for ‘Wearing the inside out’!!!

    ciao Fed

  77. Ciao David, ho ancora negli occhi e nelle orecchie il concerto di Firenze, l’emozione di ascoltare dal vivo la musica dei Pink.

    Ho avuto anche il piacere di poter vedere ancor più da vicino tutta la band mentre cenava al Savoy.Siete dei grandi professionisti e gente semplice e seria.

    Grazie per le emozioni che ci avete regalato che rimarranno per sempre nella mia mente.Ai miei figli che mi hanno seguito ho detto : adesso potete dire ai vostri figli- io c’ero!- quando leggeranno la storia della musica del 1900.Grazie e saluti a tutta la band.


  78. Went to Venice spent £1000 to get there hotels food car hire etc went to get my seat £300 for two and nobody turned up apparently there was a hole in the roof nobody spoke english I was told to go away and come back next week when hole would be fixed Can anyone help with cost and how sure are we that the Italian stage builders wont forget a leg or something


  79. Este mensaje es para David y todos los integrantes de Pink Floyd.

    Creo que Syd merece tener un concierto de despedida de Pink Floyd, si lo hicieron en el live 8 también deberían hacerlo por syd.

    Espero que así sea.

  80. Saved up and took my husband for his 60th birthday to see David in Venice as knew it would be a wonderful setting and we are devoted fans. Got phone number of ticket office from David’s website and booked tickets for 4 August. The rest is history of course and we fully understood the reason for postponing the concerts. However tried to phone ticket office today for refund as suggested on the website (ten times!)as there is no way unfortunately that we can go back next weekend and whenever I mentioned the magic word “refund” I was cut off. Has anyone else had this problem?


    [We’d also love to know. So sorry to hear of your ordeal, Sue. Don’t give up. – Features Editor]

  81. Dear David,

    ho speso quasi 300 euro per venire a vederti.
    Questo tra biglietto, treno, vitto e alloggio.

    E come sai venezia non è una città economica.
    — Il rimborso di Ticket one mi rifonderà SOLO
    DEL COSTO DEL BIGLIETTO !!! La prevendita, il
    vitto e l’alloggio saranno per me persi.

    Capisco che un incidente possa capitare, ma
    al tuo pubblico DEVE essere garantito il rimborso

    di TUTTE le spese.

    Tutto questo visto che i soldi li abbiamo anche versati con molto anticipo.

    Lo so, per te 300 euro non sono niente, ma per me si.

    E’ per questo che sono profondamente disgustato.

  82. Please tour again as Pink Floyd. The world needs to see you one more time. No one has been to a real concert until they have seen Pink Floyd play live. The Division Bell tour was my chance to experience a once in a life time event.

    I love what I have heard of David’s new album. I have not heard it all but I’m sure if it is like the two songs I am hearing on the radio here in the U.S. it will be another masterpiece that David has created.

    David, you are the key voice in Pink Floyd. I fell in love with Pink Floyd because of your voice. I’m sure I will love the rest of this new album of yours as well. Of course not to downplay Nick, Richard, Syd and of course Roger who are all very important pieces to the Pink Floyd puzzle.

    All of these composers magnificiantly added influences of jazz, blues and rock with a psychadelic touch that made me feel the passion behing each song.

    I am 30 years old. I discovered Pink Floyd at 15. I was then considered the new, young generation that Pink Floyd touched. I can only hope that Pink Floyd’s legend lives on and the new, young generation of music lovers will discover the magic, passion and inspiration that Pink Floyd geniously creates.

    This is a sincere request for Pink Floyd to come together one more time to give us all a gift of a live concert tour.

    David, you are awesome; thanks for your new album which keeps hope alive in me that you will tour again with Pink Floyd. It is not over!

  83. First off I like to say I don’t blame anybody and they did what they had to do. Safey first of course! But I would have been happy…no THRILLED if David would have just blown off the stage pulled up a stool and played acoustic all night.

    When we got our tickets we knew we would be witnessing the most unforgetable concert ever and nothing as long as we live would ever top it. Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay another week to see the rescheduled show.

    Here’s a suggestion. How about letting us unfortunate souls who traveled half way around the world to see David have first grabs for tickets for future shows? Presale notice or something? You think this is a possibility?

    I know many other fans would appreciate this. I had pretty decent seats and I am willing to pay top dollar again for decent seats. Problem is sometimes even the fastest fingers don’t cut it and the seats get sold out so fast.

    Please make this suggestion to David or promoters or to whom it may may concern!!

    Lolly & William

    PS I don’t think I will be able to bare reading next weeks comments about how great the show was…. I just would go into deeper depression than I already am in.

  84. I still find it very difficult to put into words my whole experience of this day. What started as a simple trip to Florence turned into an adventure I’ll never forget.

    To get there everything that could go wrong for us did actually go wrong, until an hour before the concert. We made our way into the square and looked for our seats and at this point our luck changed completely.

    We were in total shock when we realised our seats where dead on centre three rows back from the stage. At the time the finishing touches where being carried out to the lighting on stage and this for me was a first time opportunity to take a real life look at the stage setup with the endless amounts of equipment on view.

    The setting for this could not have been better for it was a nice day outside and this combined with the beautiful city of Florence made it very special.

    The show started with the stage being engulfed in fog and the infamous sound of the heartbeat from “The dark side of the moon”. When the first chord of “Breath” was heard and the band members became visible through the fog, My partner immediately began to cry. The emotion for us at this point was totally undescripeable. I had hairs standing up on my neck at this moment and throughout the entire concert.

    I simply have to point out that the quality of the sound was the best I have ever heard, every instrument and vocal sound was amazingly clear and powerful. The sound of David’s guitar playing was breathtaking with a completely unique voice of it’s own.

    After a flawless performance of “Breath” and “Time” were played, I was then again amazed to find that David played his entire new album live. The so many different styles of these songs really did display the great talents of David and the band. The playing of the guitar solo from “On an Island” was amazing. You could clearly see just how personal this music is and it showed that he really enjoyed performing it.

    After a 15min break we was then presented with a very unusual but astounding performance of “Shine on you crazy diamond”. The sound of the opening string chords to this were created entirely from the rim of several wine glasses containing the precise amounts of wine to make the chords. Richard played the opening keyboard solo to this and it was really moving to see and participate in how the crowed showed so much appreciation for his performance. The song then continued with a flawless performance by Dave in his own style and the amazing Dick Parry put forward a fantastic performance at the end on the saxophone.

    “Wearing the inside out” was played next and again it was a fantastic performance by Richard with which great appreciation was shown by everyone followed by brilliant performances of “Astronomy domine” and “Fat old sun”.

    For the next song I heard the opening chord from Richard’s keyboard, could it really be that he was going to play “Coming back to life”. The first few notes from the guitar proved it was, and this was an unforgettable performance. This song means a lot to me on so many levels and to hear it played live was something else altogether for this song first inspired me to learn to play the guitar more than 11 years ago. I always love the way Dave ad-lib’s on this every time he plays it. The second solo, Dave managed to blast out one his best pieces of playing I’ve ever heard for this song, I can still hear it now.

    It was great to hear “High hopes” played next, the performance was fantastic yet again. This was followed by a performance of “Echoes” that was just truly amazing.

    After great applause the they came back on for a timeless performance of “Wish you were here” that everyone song along to, the atmosphere was great. I was hoping so much that “Comfortably numb” would be next and it was. I have always wanted to hear this live and it was well worth the wait of so many years. I felt completely overwhelmed with tears in my eyes all the way through.

    I’ve been to many gigs but this was not just live music, it was so much more. This for me was life changing. It sounds crazy but It’s made me realise how much music is important to me. After contacting an old friend of mine (who is a great keyboardist) shortly after the concert and explaining my whole experience to him, he was so inspired he proposed that we get it together to pursue our music and see just where it might lead to.

    To sum it all up, a very moving experience.


  85. Hello all,I hope you are going to be brave as i have a slight critiscism to make, sorry its a bit late also.

    Twas our third visit to Mr Gilmour and Co shows,Le Grand Rex and RAH the others visited on this tour.The shows have all been without equal,superb playing, with vigour and emotion, great song selection with a superb light show to boot,for all this and the many years of pleasure i have had listening to what only can be described as the pinnacle of musical and lyrical achievment, i will be eternally gratefull!

    Anyway, thats the brown-tongueing done with. Have you ever been told that it is best not to meet people that you admire from a distance or say, drive that dream car that was always just a dream, because it may not live up to what you thought it would be,

    well on the 2nd August my partner and i happened to be walking past the Savoy in Florence and caught site of Mr Gilmour having lunch with Mike Rutherford(of Genesis)and there respective wifes.Not wishing to be rude and interrupt them whilst having dinner we had a coffee in a cafe opposite(Cafe Gilli),where we met Roberto,the manager,(A BIG THANKYOU for your hospitality)who, with Pulse DVD and tickets in hand, was also hoping to meet Mr Gilmour.

    When we saw them all stand up ready to go, the 3 of us nervously made our way over and my partner asked, “excuse me David, would it be possible to have a photo,please?”, to which we received a swift and stern, “NO PHOTOGRAPHS”, without so much as a smile and duly made tracks inside the Savoy with security following.

    Not really the reply we bargained for, but one we must accept.It was an opportunity too good to miss, you must all agree?,travelled to Florence to see concert then meet the man himself,come on!, which took a fair ammount of courage on our part.

    My question is, was we asking too much?

    Hopefully you will put my comments up as i had posted something similar to a fansite which was asking for reviews, only for it not to be used, just wanted to see what others thought.

    Thanks for(hopefully) reading this.

    P.S Roberto did not manage to get his DVD or tickets autographed either.

    [I’ll put your comments up, mate. Obviously you have to take my response with a pinch of salt to allow for the obvious bias, but David is approached with similar requests all the time and I think most people would react sternly at least some of the time. That’s not to say that you were wrong, but perhaps it just wasn’t appropriate at that time. I wouldn’t personally want to pose for photographs after lunching with friends. I’d be prepared to oblige a few times – as David would be – but you could have been the tenth person to have asked him for a photo in the last hour or two. Besides, David really isn’t one for playing the celebrity. He doesn’t like a fuss. I’d also add that there are a lot of posts here from people saying that they met David, that he was extremely courteous, etc. It really is a case of being in the right place at the right time – or the wrong place at the wrong time, as the case appears to be here. I’m sorry that you were disappointed and hope it hasn’t upset what sounds like a great night too much. – Features Editor]

  86. Why is it FEd, some people only manage to find their way to this blog when they want to make a criticism? It must really p..s you off sometimes. You have a thicker skin than I!!

    [I have my moments. – Features Editor]

  87. As an very old P.F. fan seeing the “band” at Star-Club” in 1967 with the passed away singer/guitarist,standing alone at the right of the scene with his “Mirrors”,disconnected to the “other four”

    I have to say i never heard a concert at that decibell level other than maybe Jimi Hendrix (tinnitus for 3 days”) ,,But I saw even then that the real player was GILMOUR!!!! who was hiding in the rhythm-section firing his guitar.So i saw the five piece-Floyds.

    Hope Gilmour take notice of “No more excuces” another time and does a last concert/s with Mr. Waters so we all sees that it is not only Mr. Bill Gates who can fix it.

    Sincerely Doc. S, Haschenbusch M.D.

  88. Mr. Gilmour:

    When I saw your DVD – DG in concert, here in Brazil, I’ve made a decision: I will be in your next concert, doesn’t matter when and where.

    In august, 1, me and my wife, arrived in Italy, to be in Firenze in the day of your concert.

    Your concert was the very best moment of our trip in Europe. Now I returned to my place, sure that I ‘ll never forget those 3 hours.


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