'Comfortably Numb'


As you may have already seen over on the Latest News page, or from the posts of several fans who wrote in the previous entry to share the good news, David’s classic ‘Comfortably Numb’ solo has been voted the best guitar solo of all-time by listeners of UK radio station, Planet Rock.

It was up against some impressive competition, beating solos by the likes of Slash, Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page.

Congratulations to David on achieving yet another Number One.

Let us know whether or not you agree with the decision over on our latest poll. As always, feel free to share your thoughts here.

There was another great response to last week’s poll: Which is your favourite track from 1984’s ‘About Face’?

‘Murder’ polled 30% of the vote. Runners up were ‘Near The End’ (17%) and ‘Out Of The Blue’ (10%) with ‘Let’s Get Metaphysical’ and ‘Love On The Air’ each polling 8%.

I’d also love to hear from the lucky few who were at Abbey Road yesterday. I hope you had a great time.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

148 thoughts on “'Comfortably Numb'”

  1. Hello again FEd, fellow bloggers,

    How nice to hear that you had the occasion of attending and enjoying the Gdansk performance. Apparently, it’s been quite a gig and I am beginning to feel I should kick myself for not being there.

    Greetings also to Michèle. Hope you enjoyed Vienne and your holiday in Greece and weren’t too stressed by the rush back to Brussels Airport. That invitation to meet still holds.

    Quite naturally, that goes for anyone passing Brussels Airport or visiting Antwerp.

    Congratulations to David for winning the ‘Best Solo’ poll. As Kxx said, “We all knew it already ;-)”

    And a big thank you to David, Richard, Guy, Phil, Jon, Dick, Steve and everybody involved for making OAI happen.

    A big thank you to Polly, for the splendid photographs.

    And a big thank you to you FEd, for providing us with a means and the privilege of “being part of it”.

    I hope the blog remains active and warm long after 2006.

    Kind regards,

  2. The only thing that surprises me is that there were no other guitar solos of David’s in the running. The more I think about it, the more it surprises me. Now that PULSE is out there on DVD, perhaps a few of his other fabulous solos will get noticed.

    Excellent news.

  3. I think you could put a few of David’s guitar solo’s in front of the axe grinders mentioned. No one matches the sheer melodic class of the solo’s on Dogs, The Final Cut, Hey You, etc etc.

    Mind you, I am very biased.

  4. Yesterday was officially the greatest day of my life!

    We arrived extra early at around 1:30 and decided to go in and register, so I’m stood at reception and I turna round and nearly walk into Jon Carin! We smiled and exchanged pleasentries and he was followed by Dick Parry and Stevie D, I was in shock and awe already!

    Anyway obiously being far too early we left and got a coffee and wasted some time and came back at around 2. There we met the other bloggers outside except for Simon who only just about made it. As we arrived though it seemed that David had just arrived and so we missed his entry but that didn’t matter.

    Anyway we were met by Andy Murray, who was awfully nice and then excorted to the balcony over studio 1. Which believe me is a great place to be. Behind us was the lounge where the band came to get drinks or could hang out and so we were constantly being passed by Guy, Steve and Jon. Phil came up for a little while but then had to rush back down again.

    So they did On an island first and did 4 takes of that and then the blue which was 3/4 then Astronomy Domine 3 times and smile 2 times. They were going to do it a third but David got a wee bit frustrated wiht himself and so they left it at that. But Polly wasn’t happy with that being the way to finish the tour and she jokingly suggested doing echoes, to which David replied something like, ‘Well we can do if you really want’ and so they did the first acoustic echoes for about 10 mins which was amazing.

    In between songs when they were jamming and messing around was great too, Stevie did a great version of ‘come together’ and they did several others including ‘play that funky music’ which one of the security guys really loved.

    After the gig we told that it was time to go and we were heading out when suddenly appeared, Daivd!!!! then he very nicely stood for photos and autographs and shook my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All in all it was utterly fabulous and I thank everyone who made it happen and would just like to say how nice and friendly everyone was, especially Stevie who was waving and talking to us all the time.

    Thank you.

    I don’t think I left anything out but I’m sure the others will fill you in well.

    [So glad that you enjoyed it, Chantelle. – Features Editor]

  5. What I love about Comfortably Numb is that it has 2 solos…one is in D major, the other in B minor pentatonic. It displays Gilmour’s ability to harmoniously chime in with some major chords backed up by an orchestra and later, wail out some rock’n’blues.

    Compared to “Eruption,” it’s not as fast, and Gilmour’s always admitted that he’s not about speed.

  6. What can you say. It is truly worthy. There is something about the orchestration of that solo that leaves it with no equal.


  7. Well, I’m happy about this achievement of course, but I’m not sure I can agree.

    For sure it’s one of the most beautiful songs and guitar tracks ever, but if you ask me a question like that I can simply reply there’s no best guitar solo of all-time.

    There are different guitarists with different styles, different ideas, different inspirations. David is my mentor and the one who impressed and influenced me first, but respect needs to be paid to all the many others.

    On another note I’ve found n.46 (Mar/Apr 2005) of the recording magazine TapeOp with a splendid interview to Phil Taylor telling how the Astoria studio was built in 6 weeks while David was on holiday in Greece.

    Enjoy it. Ciao.

  8. POLL: The best song won in my opinion , On an album of gems it stands out . I also like Townsend’s lyrics on Love on the air.

    BEST SOLO: A strange list in my opinion apart from number one of course. Free Bird although great can’t be classed as a solo surely. Sweet Child intro is a riff and like freebird Hotel California is a duel more than solo.

    BEST ALBUM NOT TO MAKE NUMBER ONE: I see darkside got voted best album of all time not to make number one in a recent Radio2 poll and WYWH came fifth out of those that did. In my world the only album that can top Darkside is WYWH.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  9. Congratulations!

    Completely agree that it is the best guitar solo of all time and I love the fact that DG has said that he can’t play the version on the album because it was edited together from four different takes!

    Modesty personified! 🙂

  10. Happy Wednesday,

    I was a little indifferent to ‘The Wall’ when it was first released. In truth I dont think I got it straight away. It was only when I saw Pink Floyd playing it live at Earls Court that I began to enjoy it. The most endearing memory of that concert is Davids guitar work on Comfortably Numb perched right at the top of the wall with Earls Court in darkness except for the spotlights on him.

    Pete – Coventry

  11. Hi FEd

    I am still on cloud 9 at the moment and I have to admit that it is not easy being at work at the moment if you know what I mean. Yesterday was absolutely great and I feel privileged having attended Abbey Road witnessing Gilmour and Co at work.

    “The Blue” is going around and round my brain at the moment and I have to admit that the first take of the aforementioned track did caused tears to fall from my eyes. What a beautiful performance. What beautiful ethereal guitar work.

    I will give a detailed breakdown later when I have more time as the office is rather hectic at the moment and I would like to be able to give my full attention to my recollections of the fantastic event.

    I would like to sincerely thank you FEd, David Gilmour Management and or course Mr Gilmour and the band for enabling me and my fellow bloggers to attend the Abbey Road filming.

    I cannot believe that I had the privilege of meeting David and having my picture taken with him and my friend Sue. This is not the first time that I had my picture taken with Gilmour and I was rather frightened to discover that the last photo was taken over 17 years ago. EEEEkkkkk, where does the time go?!

    I was hoping to meet Polly as I had two questions for her. One of them was how does she manage to retain such a fantastic figure after having 4 children. She looked great. I cannot lose my stomach after having my baby so I wanted to know what her secret was! I also wanted to ask her if she was the lady photographed on the front cover of a A Momentary Lapse of Reason album along with the chap and all those beds.

    By the way, did I meet you yesterday FEd? I have a feeling I did. Your secret is safe with me.

    I will post later.

    Best regards.


    [I’m afraid we didn’t meet, but I’m glad that you had such a good time. – Features Editor]

  12. I really like Davids’ solo on High Hopes the best. For the reason that he goes from electric to acoustic guitar. The blends in so well done,That it makes it so great. What is your favorite solo, Fed.


    [I couldn’t argue with Planet Rock’s intelligent, cultured listeners. – Features Editor]

  13. I am a huge Pink Floyd fan and rushed to the shops to get my hands on PULSE a few weeks ago.

    I have most of the Pink Floyd DVD’s available but when I watched the solo on ‘Comfortably Numb’ I was BLOWN AWAY. Possibly David Gilmours finest hour. “Absolutely hypnotic” – according to one of my ‘Floyd Virgin’ friends. “A musical Epiphony” – said another.

    Congratulations David – your work inspires me, makes me cry, lifts me up, gets me down and takes me to new worlds.

    You’re a genius.

  14. – “Comfortably Numb”, best guitar solo of all-time ? yes, of course, who could disagree ?

    -[Oh, I’M GOING TO BE A REAL GRANDMA (all my current ‘grandchildren’ are four-legged)!! My daughter’s due date is March 4 … pretty close to anyother favorite person’s b-day! – Gabrielle]

    Wow, I’m not sure I understood very well, already four grandchildren, and soon the fifth ? total respect and congratulations, surely he/she will be a new David’s fan…


  15. Kinda a self-serving poll but OK. You know the results will be overwhelming with YES votes. Maybe a better poll would have been if you agree that Comfortably Numb is the best David Gilmour guitar solo of all time. So be it.

    Looking forward to hearing some more about the Abbey Road session from either those attending or anything else the FEd may be able to add.



    [It is a bit crap, isn’t it? More on Gdansk and Abbey Road if I ever get on top of this unforgiving backlog of posts… – Features Editor]

  16. I can’t wait to here from Tomasz and the other great fans from the Blog about it.

    Take Care,

  17. If you were at any of The Wall shows then you know why Comfortably Numb has “overshadowed” all competition. Even Mr. Gilmour would admit that it’s probably not “the greatest” solo in the history of rock music but just like David on top of that wall….it’s pretty high up there 😉

  18. There are no doubt that “COMFORTABLY NUMB” solo is the best one ever. And “Comfortably Numb” itself, as a song, is my all time favoutite, no matter which music genre or musicians we’re considering.

  19. Hi Fed,

    Been lurking here for a while. Of course Comfortably is the top and I just lurv the P*U*L*S*E DVD version with that rear shot of David rocking the audience with his axe; superb!

    So the 2006 Tour’s over, OAI is out and all else that could be re-released has been, so apart from the 2006 Tour DVD, what’s left?

    Well, I reckon the best is yet to come. If David hasn’t already started writing new material, then it’s not far away. After such a great tour there will be a hundred and one new musical ideas to weave together into new songs for the next album, and what an exciting time for David and Polly it must be.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, please raise your glasses for a toast to Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour, “Here’s to the future!”

    And F..ed, you’ve done a remarkable job developing the Blog through both calm and stormy waters (That’s waters with a small ‘w’), so let’s drink a toast to you as well.

    Bye for now,


    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  20. Congratulations to David on winning best solo of all time (of course I agree with the result), and on what seemed to be a trully magnificent performance in Poland. Wish I could have been there.

    Much love,



    I’m very happy, that i could be there. I’ve been listening Pink Floyd for 6 years and when i heard, that David will be in my country I made decision without long thinking – I must be there!

    Date 26.08.06 I will remembering for a very long time. Those 3 hours were something incredible. Especially “Echoes” which was great 20-minutes show, and “Comfortably Numb” – the greatest solo in history of music. Songs from “On An Island” album also resounded luxuriously.


  22. A little off topic, I just noticed that the pictures from the Venice shows are up in the gallery section (not quite sure about pg. 21 #13)

    Very cool venue indeed, too bad about the rain.

  23. “After the gig we told that it was time to go and we were heading out when suddenly appeared, Daivd!!!! then he very nicely stood for photos and autographs and shook my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    Please post your photos as soon as you can, OK?

    Congrats again, Once is a lifetime’s don’t happen very often…( that sounds like something Yogi Berra would say 🙂 )

  24. Well, it’s over. For now. I have the MOJO magazine and David says he’d like to go back in the studio. So maybe we can all play again in 2008.

    Congrats to all who got to go to the recording session, I can imagine how amazing that was.

    Sorry your sooooo backlogged Fed. Just remember: Slow and steady wins the race.


  25. “The best guitar solo of all-time” – now that’s even harder than the top three most influential guitarists of all time, for me just because it really really depends upon which mood I’m in. Also “best” is such a subjective term but now I’m being too much of a pedant.

    Of course I love the CN solos, but the solos on Dogs, Time and ABITWpt2 all give me goosebumps each time I hear them. Which one is best? And how do they compare to the likes of Sweet Child and Freebird?? For me CN beats most of that list (as do any of the other DG solos I mentioned). Page’s solo on Stairway is for me the one that is causing me the problem… I can’t decide between the two. CN is more satisfying but the Stairway solo reaches parts that other solos don’t.

    I think if push comes to shove I’d choose CN because it’s David’s solo – as much as I love Page’s style and sound, David’s solo in the context of the rest of that piece is just epic. Add to that David’s feel and tone, coupled with the way that it builds and resolves in such a cathartic way…yep, it’s the best guitar solo of all time 🙂 (there – I finally got off the fence…!)


  26. Michèle,

    A quick reply to you about your post from Gabrielle and grandchildren. She was actually saying that her only current “grandchildren” were either dogs/cats (‘four-legged’). Her daughter is expecting her first child and so this will be her first official grand child. OK?


  27. Dear Abbey Roaders,

    Wowee – sounds amazing! Getting to hear an impromptu acoustic Echoes was definitely a unique treat. OAI, The Blue, Smile and Astronomy – I’d have been secretly wishing for more takes just to have heard Astronomy a few more times 🙂

    So who was it that kicked off the Wild Cherry tune? I’m guessing that it was the funkmeister Guy who slapped out a few notes of the bassline followed by Stevie and then the rest…man, I wish I was there…

    Any chance we can see some of your photos?


  28. Everybody can learn to play fast on guitar, it’s not so impressive,,But playing with the emotion the David does can not be learned!!!!That’s why he is guitar-god!

    I think the “Delicate sound of Thunder” version of Comfortably numb is the best one!!

  29. DVD questions:

    [“You kinniggit! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry! Now if you do not go away, I will taunt you a SECOND time!” (must be said with OUTRAGOUS French accent)- Marcus Buick]

    Yes, I totally agree !…, and why not ” Fais-moi des vacances et lâche-moi” (must be said with OUTRAGOUS English accent) ?


    [That works, too. – Features Editor]

  30. Happy Wednesday (2),

    Off topic I know but my excuse being that I am still trawling through loads of past blogs….

    Highs and lows were mentioned. Well if I could add mine:

    Highs – was seeing David at the RAH during May (seems so long ago now). My other high was the Fed informing me that a blog I posted March/April ish that referred to the fact that Guy’s Dad had written ‘Little White Bull’ for Tommy Steele had in fact been picked up by David and forwarded to Polly. I really did feel like the dogs bollox that day.

    Lows – Syd, Arthur Lee, Elton Dean, Pip Pyle, Wilson Pickett, Desmond Decker…….it really has been a bad year.

    Pete – Coventry

  31. When it comes right down to it, it’s whatever moves you. I have never liked shredders!!

  32. No arguments from me as to the Planet Rock results. As it happened, it was quite a good show to have on in the background Monday afternoon when they announced the results. Listening to the quality of guitar work from such outstanding musicians was a pleasure and there are worse ways to spend a rainy Bank Holiday.

    Best man won, of course!

    Good to hear from Chantelle & Julie about the Abbey Road visit. Being one of the lucky ones to win the PULSE comp, I know exactly how you are feeling today.

    And nice to have you back FEd though it must be possible for you to take a break from us soon, surely?


    [Funnily enough, after spending almost every day since the middle of December on here, it feels odd not to sit in front of a computer and find out what you’re all thinking and getting up to. I was quite lost in Gdansk at times. Isn’t that sad? You really don’t have to answer that. – Features Editor]

  33. I became comfortably numb when i listened for the first time to the solo of this music. I know that it wasn’t easy for David, it was a mix of three solos but the result … beyond belief


  34. Totally agree with CN landing on first place for greatest guitar solo. True, the direct competitiors have made highly respectable work too, but let me help you to decide why CM finally is the best one:

    Live it has been performed in the Pulse tour whilst Mr Brickman was performing the greatest visual moment in the history of live rock shows. Grab your Pulse DVD’s and see how the circular truss starts coming down at the beginning of the 2nd solo part of CN, see how the consept of a mirrorball gets redefined all of a sudden, just to name two legendary moments. So, Mr Brickman gets the trophy as well.

    There is another prize pending for Mr Gilmour: Playing for 100.000 people on the probably ugliest stage built in 2006 (Oh dear, i am not going to make myself popular with this). The various cladding, the scaffolding and the building cranes gave me a “quick and dirty job” impression. Lucky audience with Mr Gilmour and Mr Brickman around to soon make you forget about this detail (darkness falling in and all).

  35. Hello Dear F.ed,

    It’s been a long time isn’t it ?

    Of course Confortably numb has a great solo. But what about Shine on you crazy Diamond ? I also believe that the one on Near the end is excellent as it is on Sorrow (live version).

    Have an idea, let me show you what would be my perfect concert with songs from Mr Gilmour and PF. Let’s say 23 like the usual shows.

    – Shine on you crazy diamond (Pt I to IX)
    – Castellorizon
    – On an Island
    – Learning to Fly
    – Until we sleep
    – What do you want from me ?
    – Red sky at night
    – Smile
    – Sorrow
    – Take a Breath
    – Near the end
    – Echoes
    – The Blue
    – Breathe
    – Time/breathe reprise
    – A pocketful of stones
    – The Great Gig in the Sky
    – Wearing the inside out
    – Another Brick in the Wall Pt II (Sorry I can’t resist)
    – High Hopes

    – Wish you were here
    – Where We Start
    – Confortably numb

    What do you think ?


    [My first thought: where can I get a ticket? My second thought: I really hope it’s being played somewhere in South America. Please God, let it be somewhere in South America. – Features Editor]

  36. congratulations!! although i’m a bit partial to the solos in fat old sun and wot’s…uh the deal…
    is there a bad david gilmour solo??

    don’t think so.


  37. It’s nice to hear Comfortably Numb was voted best solo. Comfortably Numb is a fabulous song and the guitar solo can’t be beat =)

    Congratulations David =)

  38. I really think “Money” has the all time great solo- also “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” and “Echoes”, not that Comfortably isn’t great…

  39. Do I agree? Well seeing as how Comfortably Numb is my favorite song. I would have to say that I agree whole heartedly. The song is really one of the greatest ever. I am so glad David wrote it.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

  40. Hi Fed well im on cloud nine still, although i only just made it parking the car at 2:25 pm i was sweating

    listen mate thankyou to all for what was the best day of my life 3/4 times for each song finished of by a semi accoustic ECHOES can you believe it

    well im at work will be back to chat later i cant believe i shook his hand and even an autograph i cant believe it

    see ya later and thanks so much

    [You’re more than welcome. I’m really pleased for you. – Features Editor]

  41. I’am very glad to be one first fan that yesterday announced the award for the best guitar solo for comfortably numb…..Honestly when I play pulse or delicate sound of thunder I’am used to begin from comfortably numb becouse the guitar of David is like a part of me and is the voice of my soul and my heart (is really difficult to explain….)

    I agree the best solo of all time is for comfortably numb (I prefer the “delicate sound of thunder” version and the incredible solo of the first concert in Venice of the on an island tour that gave me the creeps!!!- ) but…..How can we forget the solo of “On the turning away? and the solo of “High Hopes”? and “A great day for freedom”?

    David is like Ronaldinho or Kakà: a genius! Are you agree FED? or for you David is like Gerrard….?

    Bye FED and Fans!

    [He’s more a Kenny Dalglish for me, I think. – Features Editor]

  42. I was reading what Chantelle had to say about the Abbey Road Jam and I was wondering if Richard Wright was performing with them. I also wanted to know if you were there, Fed. Plus will this ever be aired in the U.S.A..


    [He was, I was and I think it will be, but don’t have any details just yet. – Features Editor]

  43. I was Julie’s guest at Abbey Road yesterday and I can’t thank her enough for inviting me.

    After catching all three Royal Albert Hall shows, yesterday was the icing on the cake.

    I’d like to thank everyone involved for the very warm welcome and for signing my On An Island CD, which I shall treasure. It will be framed and hung on the wall of my study.

    We were very well accommodated and looked after and it was great meeting Jon, Stevie, Guy, Phil and the great maestro himself, David. I now have a picture with David and one with Nick Mason, who I met just over 18 months ago.

    It was fascinating watching everyone at work and I loved it when Jon played a little bit of Astronomy Domine on that old keyboard he found lurking at the back of the room. I also wondered if David was a bit of a Stones fan … that little rendition of Play With Fire was excellent!

    FEd is David is a Stones fan?

    I was dying to wave to Richard as he has always been one of my favourite musician along with David, ever since 1973 when I first found Pink Floyd (nothing can’t beat that old Farfisa sound)…

    I was going to ask Guy to get his ‘old’ man up here (referring to the balcony and I know that Richard is Guy’s father-in-law), but then it was time to go. I could have sat on that balcony all night listening to those sweet sounds.

    I still can’t believe how lucky I was yesterday. It was a great honour … thank you everyone … and Stevie, I shall cherish that drumstick!

    PS … Now where can I get an autographed copy of Indentity Zee and when are the band going to tour again … I’m joking!

    [I’m sure he is, Sue. He seemed to know it rather well. Glad that you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  44. That last batch of photo’s is the best yet!!!!. Just keep taking the photo’s Polly!!!

    [There are plenty more to come. Expect some great ones from Abbey Road. – Features Editor]

    Can’t wait to see them…

    Chantelle & Julie, thanks for the reviews from Abbey Road.

    Come on Simon, Lorraine & Tomasz we’re eagerly awaiting for your versions of events…

  45. Comfortably Numb beats all hands down for me, but I reckon Thomas O’Connell has a point about High Hopes too. It took me a while to get into The Division Bell as an album, but it’s that track that eventually swung it for me. And the long outro David played on this tour took it to another level entirely…

    Congratulations to the competition winners who got to see DG & co. in action at Abbey Road yesterday!


  46. Dear Fed,

    this is the end, comme dit l’autre.

    The end of a very strange year, – hope, shows, life, music, smiles, tears, death,…

    Et le début du reste de notre vie. Because life can’t be the same. Must not be the same.

    Because we saw David. Et que plus rien ne peut nous arriver. He gave us his immortality…

    Thank you.

    And thank you, dear Fed, for your kindness, during these monthes, pour avoir été si proches de nous, toujours avec humour et patience.

    Ikkar, with love

    merci, Michèle, pour l’article sur les concerts de Paris.

    [C’est un temps triste, n’est pas? – Features Editor]

  47. Congratulations to all those that were able to go the Abbey Road sessions, I am sure it was quite something !

    As to Comfortably Numb, it doesn’t suprise me that much. There are other solos out there that are outstanding, but ‘CN’ just happens to have influenced so many.

    Wished I could’ve been there for the session. I’ll take the Venice shows any day, but for sheer intimacy I’m sure it was fun for all.

    FED, I’have good news / bad news. 80 % of the pictures I took came back finally. Most are great, but some turned out only okay. I wish to share some of them with you all. How do I do this ?

    Anyway, I just want to wish David and Polly the best. ‘OAI’ was treat as were the concerts. It’s been a great year ! Sorry I haven’t been on, I’ve had the flu the past several days, still feel like crud, but it makes me feel better knowing I’ve got the pics. Let me know how I can share them. Thanks !!!

    [As long as they aren’t of the actual concert, you can put them online and I’ll happily link to them one-at-a-time, Raymond. We won’t link to any fan photographs which were taken during the shows, as everyone agrees that the constant flashing is annoying and there’s already more than enough hypocrisy in the music business without me adding to it here. – Features Editor]

  48. I have to agree, the solo`s to comfortably numb are probably David`s finest, but there are so many of David`s solo`s to choose from, I think the majority of them are awesome (is this word allowed?)!

    You have to admire the competion in the poll aswell, as Joe Walsh and Don Felder do cut the mustard with `hotel california`.

    [I think it fits very well within the sentence, so please feel free. – Features Editor]

  49. good to have you back, fed. i kept away for a few days to give you one less post per day to publish. aren’t i nice?

    love ‘comfy numb’. best solo ever by a mile.

    looking forward to hearing more about gdansk and abbey road.

    [You’re very thoughtful, Victor. Thank you. You should see how many posts went to the ‘Meet-up: Gdansk’ entry. I can’t decide if I should go through them all or not. – Features Editor]

  50. I’d put CN under the 10 best guitar solos of all time but certainly not first. I think that accolade should go to the solo on All along the watch tower. While David’s solo is easy to play, Page’s solo might give you arthritis. Hendrix’s solo will definitely take you out. I’d say the Eagle’s solo on HC is definitely top 5 and a challenge to play.

    So if i voted on Planet Rock, I’d go for Hendrix – No 1, Page – No. 2, Eagles – No 3, David’s CN – 4 and David’s Time or Money Solo – 5. My two c’s

  51. Hi FEd and Irregulars!

    I love this community of friends that we have here!! Sorry to Michele for the confusion regarding my soon-to-be grandma status and thanks to Andrew for clarifying the matter!! Where else can you rely on your friends out there in cyberspace to help interpret your semi-articulate ramblings, I ask you????

    So FEd, you’ve actually missed us? That’s great to hear! Let’s see, the dvd is coming out early next year … yeah, we can definitely keep things interesting for a few more months. We’ll have to think up clever Gilmour-related polls, keep up the witty banter (Rudders and Angelo, get to work!), and, who knows, maybe David and Polly will fall under our spell and join the Irregulars too!

    I’m looking forward to more from the Abbey Road Five plus Friends! Oh how I hope we will be able to see it here in the states somehow. I’ve got to admit that being admitted to the behind-the-scenes taping and everything in between would have been a dream come true. And then shaking hands (those amazing hands!!) with David …

    Speaking of David’s hands, besides the Comfortably Numb solo, what about On The Turning Away and Sorrow?? I happen to think that Sorrow is one of the most fantastic performance songs ever … fantastic lyrics and incredible instrumentals! My two bits!

    Take care everyone!

    Washington State

  52. Well, all I can think of to say is that the truth wins out again.

    I just love the pic on this thread, btw.

    I’ve been putting together a playlist of PF/Gilmour instrumentals. The hard part will be putting them in order of preference. Perhaps shuffle is best…


  53. The title to today’s entry is very apropos to how I’ve been feeling the last 56 hours…..

    Thanks to Tomasz, I was at Abbey Road yesterday as his guest!!!! It’s been said that there are some great people here on the blog, but this takes the cake….

    Tomasz, I’d like to publicly thank you, man. I am so humbled that you actually thought of me when you couldn’t find anyone to go with you at the last minute…. Always know you’ve got a friend here in NYC!!!

    I need some time to figure out what time zone I’m in now that I’m back in the Bronx, but I’ll post more later. There was so much to take in that I’m still trying it together…

    ..oh, and Fed…I kept asking myself “Is that the Fed, everytime I searched aroud the studio at the lurkers in the shadows…… I had a feeling you would be there. I’m glad we were in each other’s presence at least….

    I’ll share the following email I sent this morning (London time) to my fellow “Fedmeister Surprize” co-conspirators…. then I gotta lay down!!!!

    You’ll never guess where I am everybody…LONDON!!! Tomasz, one of the Abbey Road winners, sought me out from the old Blog posts and asked me to be his guest yesterday!!!! That was an amazing gesture on his part!!!!

    IT WAS OUT OF THIS F*CKING WORLD!!!! I’m still jet-lagged (and broke) and was hoping they’d be a new entry on the blog or something, but let me give you all a quick synopsis….

    With the exception of the reclusive Rick Wright, we got to meet everyone in the band…including David himself!!! We (ten of us) were there watching them tape a four hour marathon in studio one…several songs were done multiple times…..some up to four separate times!….

    I’m still hazy, but I think the order was: On an Island, The Blue, Take a Breath, and Astronomy Domine (including one take they stopped right in the middle of the song when David busted a string), and Smile which he flubbed and had to start over again at least half a dozen times before abondoning the maligned third take all together–LOL!!!….

    What was the encore and the last song they did as a band on the 2006 Tour?

    …. an impromptu and unplugged version of Echoes (the last half of song after the break) with David on acoustic and Guy on fretless…..and David, Rick, and Jon joking around at the end making “ooooo-aaaaaa” sound effects.

    It was intimate, loose, corial, and we were quiet, like good little boys and girls…..

    David broke into an assortment of impromptu doodles and jams in between takes, including “Come Together” (sparked by Steve on drums), and “Play That Funky Music White Boy”….YES, I’m not kidding!!!

    More later, but you can imagine what a high I’m on right now……

    – Angelo “Sky High” Ortiz

    PS: …i now have a picture of me and David Gilmour….wow, what a year!…

    [I’m so glad that you enjoyed. Thank you for the gift you brought over from New York. – Features Editor]

  54. Just wanted all to know that this Planet Rock poll is being discussed quite a bit over here on NY radio stations. Some of the commentary:

    Amazement that DG got the #1 spot with CN. All agree it is a great solo but is it really worthy of #1?

    Amazement that Crossroads is so far down the list (#16).

    Amazement that Hendrix doesn’t show up on the list until #20.

    Amazement that such an obsure Deep Purple song snagged the #10 spot. (BTW – that song is never played on U.S. radio.)

    And to sum it up, they were wondering what the Brits are smoking?

    Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just passing on the commentary.

    But here are my couple of cents. This Top 40 Planet Rock list is very amusing. I love that song such as Thin Lizzy Emerald, Iron Maiden The Trooper and AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie get included in a list like this (let alone Frank Zappa). I applaud the diversity overall instead of the typical “safe” type of listing I usually see when U.S. fans vote for songs. In the U.S. the top three would typically be: Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven, Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird, Eagles Hotel California. Ho Hum. Geez they are all great songs but enough already. But I also kinda want to know how some of the songs on this top 40 made it such as Bon Jovi Dry Country and even the Zappa tune. Geez, you want obscure Zappa guitar solo, listen to Black Napkins on Zoot Allures.

    Any way, final word, one time I remember that Stairway didn’t get the top spot in a poll. It was back in the early/mid 1980s. The top song happened to be Comfortably Numb. Case closed.



  55. [My first thought: where can I get a ticket? My second thought: I really hope it’s being played somewhere in South America. Please God, let it be somewhere in South America. – Features Editor]

    FEd, I love your sense of humor.


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  56. By the way, did anyone notice the following two items on the Planet Rock page:

    Syd Barrett auction of his bicycles and possessions at the end of November by Cheffins.


    Another poll they are doing for “YOUR DEFINITIVE ALBUM.” Another poll they are conducting for the must have album which they will reveal the results in December.

    Hmmmmm….maybe we can get all three DG solo efforts on that list???


  57. Caption: David, in his glory upon hearing the news of his solo being voted number one, becomes elated and starts playing “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”.

    I agree with an earlier post that said “best” is a subjective term. It’s really boils down to favorites for me. I listen to so much music I couldn’t possibly have just one favorite. I’m sure I have a few dozen favorites. I have 4 or 5 favorites of David alone, Comfortably Numb being one of them.

    I think that the solo at the end of “Dogs’ ranks right up there with CN, although CN is over all a better song because of the emotional quality.

    Then there are the solos in Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Island Jam, Echoes, Astronomy Domine (live – from Ummagumma and Pulse) to name a few.

    I couldn’t possibly have one absolute favorite because I’m hopeless. β^ כ

  58. Any solo of David’s wins my smile and heart….

    Comfortably Numb has been cherished by me ever since I first heard him play it…. Never stop creating….You’ve added such a sweet spot for so-o many people to come to….

    Enjoy your moments – Nance

  59. Well…. here goes another debate.

    Ok, Comfortably Numb is a delightful tune without a shadow of a doubt. Very nice, however there is a few lick’s of Davids that are better than Comfort to me.

    Then there are a lot of killer guitar player’s out there to contend with, not to take anything away from David. He is still my personal favorite guitar player, but are we just trying to paint a wishfull picture here. Ater all….. best ever…..hmmmm…..well, what does David think the top ten are? I just think there are alot people here who love David and are not even really going to think about it.

    Does this mean I’m not going to get some “Thank you mate” from the Fed? Well probably, but I can only say this; go out and buy some of David’s other album’s. Preferably the new one….and if you already have it, go listen to it again.

  60. Isn’t asking us whether CN has the best solo kind of like asking everybody who goes to church regularly if they believe in God? We are the choir here.

    If we want a more lively discussion we should be asking which of David’s solos should have beaten out Sweet Child for the #2 spot. My choice is kind of an obscure one. It’s from the studio version of Echoes, how do I explain it… it’s the section after “No one flies around the sun” but right before the back and forth David and Rick jam. I think it’s one or more slide guitars and it’s not the loudest of guitar solos, and he does not duplicate it on stage, but it sets my hair on end every time I hear it.

    That narrowly edges out part 2 of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, during which David packs more soul into those first four notes than Slash and Eddie Van Halen packed into their entire careers. Oh, and the first solo in On An Island is #4, proving the old man’s still got it.

  61. Hello Fed

    Obviously that David is the winning number one.

    If you want to hear a version special of Confortably Numb to listen to the version of the live 8 she is incredible it is my preferred.

    Félicitation David

    Sylvie from Québec

  62. CN in my mind is my favourite by far. David’s solos always grow and change througout the years, always another layer. It’s also been a song that I’ve played since the Wall. Echoes is rated right there too.

    A thought, is there a possibility the band may insert a Blooper Section from the tour? Call it “Faux Pas”, perhaps?

    [That would be good. – Features Editor]

  63. I just have to say, FEd, you really make my laugh. Your combacks just lately are classic!!

    [You’re all far too easily pleased, but thanks. – Features Editor]

  64. – To Andrew (Gabrielle and grandchildren):

    Oh, thank you very much, Andrew, you are the only one who took care to explain me my mistake ! ( Fed, je vous en veux ! vous m’avez laissé passer pour une idiote !)

    Andrew, I was in fact thinking of a (french) riddle: What is first four-legged, then two-legged, finally three-legged ?

    Answer: the Man (baby, adult and finally with a stick…) hmmm, …surely again incomphehensible and ridiculous…if only I could be fluent in english as well as David is in french…

    – Ikkar, Ralph, glad you’re back again !

    – Bianca, Lucia, were are you ?


    [Pardonnez-moi, Michèle. J’était pressé pour temps et j’oublié. – Features Editor]

  65. Congratulations to all of you who went to see the Abbey road sessions!!!

    I am quite sure that these are once in a lifetime events and yes of course….wish i was there too!!….but….i can’t really complain. I was lucky enough i could go to one of the Milan concerts. Something which most certainly i will never forget. And who knows maybe…… 🙂 sorry FEd! 🙂

    comfortably numb – yes of course stunning solo and deserves to be number 1. i’m giving the division bell cd quite a hard time lately and even the solo in coming back to life ain’t bad at all 🙂 at least personally i like it a lot.

    Thank you David!

    …and thanks to you too FEd! I really hope the blog remains active.

    Kevin – MALTA (yeah im on an island 🙂

  66. Happy Friday,

    [And you have to be a Lord of the Rings Fan to get his one…]

    Rudders, right in one. I didnt get it.

    [The X Factor auditions do the trick, too. – Features Editor]

    You have to admit Fed, some of those auditions are funny and set your Saturday night up. Can you imagine someone coming on and doing one of Davids tunes or a something by Pink Floyd.

    [documentary on BBC1 called real story, there was this soulful sax background music, and i thought. hmm I know this…was red sky at night.]

    I caught that as well Ripper.

    Enjoy the weekend
    Pete – Coventry

    [I don’t think there’s anything funnier on TV at the moment than the X Factor auditions. I just can’t believe some of the people who are willing to make complete tits of themselves for the sake of a music career. Don’t they have families and friends to tell them that, actually, they’re rubbish? It’s hilarious. – Features Editor]

  67. Ciao,

    I am a bit out of words in these days. I don’t know, maybe post-holiday-depression.

    I agree with gianluca about solos: to me “best solo of all time” doesn’t make much sense but comfortably numb is one of the best, obviously. It’s david’s blog , I won’t mention other bands.

    I have the feeling that the blog is getting finally the shape that Fed wanted. And I miss a lot the “relationship” among people here. It seems to me that a month or two ago we were talking at each other more. Now the blog as more order, is more readable etc. etc. But some people don’t post much (Lucia?) other abandoned (Bianca?). New people came and that’ s beautiful but….I don’t know…something’s been lost…It’s a feeling.

    What about that promised add to the site? Changed plans?

    I miss the old silliness……

    Ciao a tutti. 🙂

    [Yes, I’m still waiting for that, too. – Features Editor]

  68. Ciao,

    it is of these days the news about an auction of Syd properties (bicycles among the others). Isn’t this sad? I never understood these things. It is an offence to the memory of this man. A stupid bike. someone of the family has given this to get money, someone will sell this to make money, and someone will buy to “possess” a part of the myth. the man himself? who cares….

    People don’t have moral values. Money is everything, everything…..


    Che mondo di merda!! = What a sh*t world!



  69. Hi folk! And so…CONGRATULATION TO DAVID FOR THE WIN! He deserves it, of course! But I have some doubt about my vote in the last poll of the Stuff and Nosense page…

    Really! Is Comfortably numb the best guitar solo of all-time?hmmmmm…I’m not sure! …and if the best was Mother’s solo? Or High Hopes’ solo? Or Shine on’ (Parts VI-IX) solo? I like a lot these solos too… I DON’T KNOW!!! I’m listening all this tracks for 1 hour and I’m still wavering!!! Which is the best? I have no idea! I’m only a absolute certainty: any solo was the best, certainly IT IS A DAVID GILMOUR SOLO!!! And not only guitar solos. Lyrics, David’s voice, piano, drums, object sounds and audio effects…Pink Floyd are great! That’s all!


    [Well, that’s the point of the blog. Discuss these things and vote “Not sure”. – Features Editor]

  70. I had the honour of being at Abbey Road on Tuesday with my daughter. It was great !

    We met up with the other bloggers at the front gate after we had done the zebra crossing thing – you can’t go to Abbey Road and not do the zebra crossing thing.

    Then at 2.30 we went in and met Andy who looked after us (very well – what a nice man) while we were there. We were then taken to studio one where we were seated on a balcony overlooking the studio and there they were (if you go to the Abbey Road web site there is a picture of that very balcony). It was at this point I figured out that I was in an audience of 10 watching David Gilmour and the band performing live from just a few feet away and trust me that’s a difficult one to get your head round.

    There was a great atmosphere and the band were brilliant as was all the music. Come Together was fab as was Echoes on acoustic guitar (thanks Polly – hope the shoe pictures turned out well!).

    I think this was possibly the quickest three and a half hours of my life, so it was time to go jacket on, turn to lift handbag and David Gilmour was standing there (it’s at this point you expect the alarm clock to go off because it’s time to get the kids ready for school) so we got to meet him, which was the icing on the cake of a very special day.

    I think what I’ll always remember most about it is what a very, very nice group of people I met.

    Thanks everyone.

    from a very happy Lorraine

    [I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed yourself, Lorraine. – Features Editor]

  71. [I couldn’t argue with Planet Rock’s intelligent, cultured listeners. – Features Editor]

    All 3 of them!

    [Lows – Syd, Arthur Lee, Elton Dean, Pip Pyle, Wilson Pickett, Desmond Decker…….it really has been a bad year]

    Not forgetting Gene Pitney, Freddy Garrity and the author David Gemmell 🙁

  72. Congratulations to all you lucky LUCKY people who were lucky enough to see David & co @ Abbey Rd, i’m very VERY green eyed!

    Also, a big congrats to David for winning the best guitar solo with Comfortably numb!

    And thanks to fed for providing us with the blog-keep up the good work mate.


  73. Hey, “Sky High” Angelo, so glad you got the chance to go to Abbey Road and see David (by the way, I guessed you had)! I’m curious to know why David couldn’t get “Smile” right.

    I would just like to say what a nice person you seem, Tomasz, and a true fan of David’s. I’ve been meaning to say it for some time, but the right moment has not arisen. Hope you read this.

  74. Piergiorgio

    Afterall, this is David’s site (paid for by him) and, if people have abandoned the site because they can’t email their off-topic “silly” posts, one wonders whether they were fans in the first place.

    I expect I’ll get slated for saying that!!

    [I should hope not, Lesley. It’s perfectly fair of you to say so. Now that the tour is over, let the silliness resume, but there has to be a time and a place for it. I fail to see how that is unreasonable to some. – Features Editor]

  75. [Well, that’s the point of the blog. Discuss these things and vote “Not sure”. – Features Editor]

    Are you doing me the preaching about my wrong style in the previous months?!!! You are worst than my parents!!! I’ll forgive you just because I know you’ll let me win the prize in the next page! 😉

    Sorry! Too much silliness all together!!!


    [Not at all. You can say that Planet Rock’s poll is absurd; that “best” is such an indistinct, blurred term to describe anything that it’s hardly worth the effort in getting involved in the debate and that our poll is a nonsense. That’s fine. – Features Editor]

  76. [it is of these days the news about an auction of Syd properties (bicycles among the others). Isn’t this sad? I never understood these things. It is an offence to the memory of this man.]

    It might have been what he wanted though, besides I think it’s up to his nearest and dearest what happens to his stuff.

  77. – Angelo Ortiz, what a wonderful story happened to you ! a true fairytale ! I’m so happy for you…

    -[I miss the old silliness……-Pier]

    -[Yes, I’m still waiting for that, too. – Features Editor]

    Fed, vous vous moquez de nous !!!

    Do you know we just wisely and quietly were waiting for your “feu vert” (= green light ?)?…


    [Quietly? – Features Editor]

  78. Dear Lesley,

    everyday people have some silliness to say…but not everyday people have something to say about David Gilmour. I think is normal…I know we have played too much on this site…but it was so funny and people so nice, that I, personally, couldn’t resist!!! A little sin of wish to enjoy!

    I’m sure no one who left the blog blame FEd or David (no one who I know, at least!). Probably someone have other things to do in this moment…and even if they left because they were hurted about the rules of the blog, this doesn’t mean they are not REAL fan! Probably this means just that they are too much sensitive and were hurted because they felt dismissed…or other reasons that we can’t judge.

    I think a lot of time is I stay here above all for my egocentricity (and for not let Fed win!!!)…maybe! Can’t an egocentric be a David’s fan too! What about you, Lesley? What do you think about this possibility?

    However, for the fans of the Barn Band, the Barn Band will never die!!! We are tryining the new songs and waiting for news from David…he said we could be the band of support of his next tour!!!

    Bye Bye!


  79. I’m still wondering why only one of David’s solos was considered for this poll. Without sounding flippant (I even woke up a 5 am this morning thinking about this!) there should be at least 4 or 5 of his solos featured in the Top 20 all time best guitar solos.

    Perhaps we should have our own poll on this. Might be handy if David did a guitar instrumental album to help us all decide…

  80. I have not a musical’s knoweledge deep enough to say if the best guitarist is David, or Hendrix, or Page…I just know that when I listen Pink Floyd and David’s guitar I feel more pleasure that when I listen the other…and also that I love one or two songs by Led Zep, Hendrix ect., while I love all the songs Pink Floyd have created.

    So, David Gilmour’s win is good for me…but I’m not sure that Comfortably numb solo gives me more pleasure than Mother or High Hopes solos…so, I didn’t vote in the new poll…also because I have a doubt: “Not sure” means not sure about Comfortably numb or about David Gilmour? There is a huge difference! It said “Do you agree that ‘Comfortably Numb’ has the best guitar solo of all-time?” so it refers to the song…but I want to be sure! I don’t want vote against David!!!


    [The poll refers to the song and it isn’t a slur against David in any way, shape or form if you say that ‘Comfortably Numb’ isn’t the “best” solo of all-time, as the listeners of Planet Rock have decreed. If you simply don’t know, that’s fine. It’s just for fun. I’m sure most people don’t even care for the results. – Features Editor]

  81. Happy Friday (2),

    As envious as I am of those who went to Abbey Road studios (just going there would have been something else let alone seeing David and the band play there) that story of Angelo’s is wonderful.

    Pete – Coventry

  82. Lesley,

    I was just expressing a feeling. that’s all. By silliness I intended all the off topics that create a dialogue among people and make you want to come back everyday to this place. funny off topic subjects. Anyway today I am not at my best, maybe tomorrow will be more positive 🙂

    [Afterall, this is David’s site (paid for by him) and, if people have abandoned the site because they can’t email their off-topic “silly” posts, one wonders whether they were fans in the first place].

    this sentence doesn’t make much sense to me.


  83. [By the way, did anyone notice the following two items on the Planet Rock page: Syd Barrett auction of his bicycles and possessions at the end of November by Cheffins.]

    Not wishing to be cynical but I wonder which hard rock cafe will be displaying them.

    Pete – Coventry

  84. [It might have been what he wanted though, besides I think it’s up to his nearest and dearest what happens to his stuff.]

    that’s the point: the nearest and dearest. I don’t think he really cared about selling his stuff while living. I don’t sell my father stuff. It has a value that is much more than the money I can make of it, or no value at all. This desire of trading things, belongings of “myths” it is B******t.

  85. [I don’t think there’s anything funnier on TV at the moment than the X Factor auditions. I just can’t believe some of the people who are willing to make complete tits of themselves for the sake of a music career. Don’t they have families and friends to tell them that, actually, they’re rubbish? It’s hilarious. – Features Editor]

    Fed: Totally agree. However I kind of think that some of the people are there just to take the p**s. I cant believe for a minute that they are serious…………maybe I am wrong.

    Either way, until it gets to the serious stage of the series I look forward to it.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Absolutely. Glad to see I’m not the only twisted one here, Pete. Keep laughing maniacally as Simon Cowell crushes their dreams one by one… Did you see the first week’s, when he told three girls that they have the personality of three pencils? Now that, my friend, is a put-down. – Features Editor]

  86. i just don’t know why we have to continue with this whining about the rules. the tour is over, fed’s clearly had loads to do and indulging the minority isn’t what the blog is all about or what fed gets paid for. as lesley says, it’s about david and not barn bands. that was funny for a while, but some of us want to hear about the shows.

    i’m sure that now the tour is over and there are some quiet times ahead, the silliness can return.

  87. Lucia

    I think you misunderstand me (it seems most people do). I was replying to Piergiorgio’s comments as to why I thought some people had stopped emailing. I’m not getting at you, you have still continued to post.

    What I was trying to say (proabably badly) is that when FEd said something, a few people just stopped emailing who had been mailing at least six or seven times a day. It was quite obvious to me that a few had taken the huff. I’m not saying that everybody should be talking about David all the time, but there were (and are) subjects on the blog that they could (can) take part in and would normally have done so, for example, Richard’s birthday, Phil’s entry, etc, that didn’t have anything to do with David as such.

    I personally don’t see why David should have to pay for a general discussion forum – I think that’s asking too much.

    This is my feeling, nobody else’s. I don’t wish to offend anybody. I’ll stop now, I’m probably digging a deeper hole for myself!!

    [I’ll always dig you out, mate, because you understand perfectly. – Features Editor]

  88. Hi Piergiorgio!

    How are you? I was thinking about the story of Syd and his bike…it would be a shame if it was foor greed…but I want to be optimist! Maybe the money will be use for some generous goals or good action, like help homeless as David already did with Crisis selling his homes…Am I just a dreamer?

    Buona serata!


  89. Fed,

    I keep telling my kids that one day I am going to audition on the X-factor.

    Do you remember the disco song ‘oops upside your head’ well I would love to walk into an audition, sit down, ask the panel to join me and go into that song doing the actions.

    Maybe you are to young to remember that song but I think it would be a great laugh.

    Pete – Coventry

    [I can just imagine it. You’d better start saving for a good child psychologist now, though. – Features Editor]

  90. Hi Dave, I’ve got to say that as I’m a guitar player myself, I love you for your taste, mind-tripping, but also for your technique: I mean we always hear about your not fast-playing, but technique is not only speed – that makes the notes all equal and often boring.

    In fact what makes The Wall soloes great is rhythmic difficulty: on another brick in the wall p.2 and confortably numb you make contrast among notes and phrases down and other up – very dramatic – then you have great hand and mechanical vibrato, you make typical 70’s percussive chords and notes, you play long phrases with the accent on the first (sestine, nonine) and, not least, you have great bending.

    Anyway my list:

    1) another brick in the wall p.2
    2) confortably numb
    3) money
    4) shine on you crazy diamond
    5) dogs
    6) echoes
    7) marooned
    8) on the turning away (live)
    9) wearing the inside out
    10) on an island
    11) young lust
    12) raise my rent

    Bye Fed

  91. [This is my feeling, nobody else’s. I don’t wish to offend anybody. I’ll stop now, I’m probably digging a deeper hole for myself!!]

    this is what I usually think of my posts, Lesley!!! I am flesh and Blood and tend to express my “feelings” too much. u don’t offend me. 🙂


  92. [Am I just a dreamer?]

    Ciao Lucia, I am afraid I think you are. I also am a dreamer, in hoping there’s still to worry about “values” any kind of…… 🙂


  93. All my best congratulations to Mr.Gilmour for the further important prize to his brilliant career in a so special year 2006.

    Your sublime guitars play the poetry of today’s music.

    As we say in Italy “Dietro ad un grande uomo c’è sempre una grande donna”

    That means : “behind a great Man there is always a great Woman”

    Many congratulations to Mrs.Polly too , then, for all she represents.

    Kindest regards and keep well to everyone

  94. August 31, 2006 12:39 PM : [Quietly? – Features Editor]

    August 22, 2006 11:02 AM : [Think about that. I’m happy to publish your post because it makes you look like a c*nt. Don’t bother posting again. – Features Editor]

    Quietly said ? LOL !!! just a joke, since we’re allowed to have some fun…

    BTW, what does “quietly” exactly mean in french?


    [You are quite right. I was very rude that day. “Quietly” can mean “patiently” and sometimes I don’t feel that people are patient enough – myself included. – Features Editor]

  95. Lesley, dear, I didn’t feel offended! You need really more to offend me!!! Don’t worry! Maybe my post’ style was too strict, sorry!

    I’m the first to said we use the blog too much for our private speeches…but it was funny, so I ask sorry but I’m not remorseful!

    I’m just disappointed to listen people say that who leaves the blog do that for egocentrism and was not a real David’s fan. Maybe someone, of course! But for someone else could be a lot of other reasons…I’m not leading any battle to defende silliness (Victor!) and I’m sure we used the blog too much for silliness, in this I agree with you…and in fact I trying to stop…and it works better than with the cigarettes!!!

    But we have not the elements to judge why people leave the blog. So, if your reason can be right (in some case of course), we should also said that other people could have good reasons (job’s problem, illness…) or simply be too much sensitive but not bad or pretender! And I love to be the laywer of the lost cases!

    And, Lesley, I can’t understand “huff”…maybe it is the only word which can offend me! Who knows! 😉

    See you!



    With 12 hours of sleep I finally feel human again….

    Hi Lesley! You asked me why David couldn’t get through ‘Smile’, and the answer is simple…They were tired, and now I can see what separates the boys from men…

    I, with Tomasz, elected to stand the whole time and enjoy ourselves. David and the band hardly sat with the exception of a couple of breaks. I’m not even sure David sat at all!!!

    My hats of to these guys, it takes a real professionals to do take after take after take of the same song and still keep it fresh…not to mention creating an excellent guitar solo.

    By the time they got to Smile, my sense is that they were wiped. It was interesting watching David practise plucking the right note over and over again only to flub on the actual take. He (or was it someone else) finally said you really can’t do that more than a couple of times. Guy said he was falling asleep…the song is very lullaby-ish too….

    By the way Lesley, how did you guess I was going? Did I give it away?

  97. Ciao,

    so the on an island project is taking some rest while technicians, artists etc. etc. take care of preparing the DVD.(which could be a stunning DVD if you take care of the comments made here to the PULSE DVD). David Gilmour will be out of the lights for some time. But I do have the feeling that MR. Gilmour and all the Ex floyd will do something (probably separatedly) in the near future.

    Let me think….Roger Waters will probably tour also on 2007 (if so, I’ll be there). And Rick Wright? he was working on a new album, wasn’t he? Nick Mason? touring with Roger? and David Gilmour? Oh, if we want another record it won’t be before at least three years. He likes, as he say, let the next project come slowly to him.

    Well David, I hope that being on stage has given you more and more desire to do so…..so you can leave your family, from time to time, to satisfy this greedy fans who should get a life instead of waiting for you to pull the strings….ah, without new “floyd related” material I will get sick. When I began to forget about all this PF music, DG makes a stunning solo album and the fanatic inside rises. Anyone has a cure for this kinda disease? hahahaha 🙂


  98. Angelo

    Thanks for explaining about how tired the band were. It makes you wonder how they get through three hours of playing in front of an audience, doesn’t it? Oh how they deserve a rest now.

    How did I guess? You put your name forward for entering the competition after Tomasz asked could he enter. In another post a couple of days later, Deborah asked you hadn’t you got a plane to catch, so I put two-and-two together!!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  99. About the silliness and people dropping off….

    I agree that people got a little sensitive and dropped off. I’m sure some get tired or get busy…I’ve been crazy this summer and hardly had time for this Blog, my own, or anything else for that matter.

    Where’s Hysteron Proteron? Are you out there reading this? Maybe I should post some comment about the state of the world to get you riled up?

    Where’s Bianca? Maybe I should provide a quote from Nigel Powers about the Dutch to get you incensed enough to post?

    Or just say Whish You Were Here….

    No, too schmaltzy…

    Just get back to that barn for heaven’s sake! My keyboard’s are getting dusty!

  100. [Anyone has a cure for this kinda disease? hahahaha :-)]

    Piergiorgio, I think we gave this disease a name a while back but the name escapes me… I think we all suffer it to one degree or another. There is no cure; only painful withdrawl or continuing fixes…

    I think I need a serious stint in detox and rehab……

  101. Piergiorgio,

    Regard Syd’s bikes and possessions. From a legal perspective his belongings are part of his estate. As an adult he probably had obligations that need to be settled.

    It is possible that the sale is not done for greed but to settle his estate. We don’t know what kind of last will and testament was left behind nor do we know the value of his estate. But upon his passing “his stuff” has to go somewhere or to someone. The individual receiving the stuff would have to pay taxes or a levy on the items. It may be easier to sell off the stuff to pay the taxes and then just hold onto whatever money is left over. It is a little trickier with wealthy people than it is with every day common folk.

    Look, it is also possible that he left these items to a charity. Realistically, what is a charity going to do with a bunch of bikes. If they can convert these items to cash, they’ll be able to help accomplish their charitable missions.

    I’m just trying to show another perspective on the topic so that people don’t always jump to the conclusion that things are done for money and greed.

    FEd, thanks for indulging me in trying to show another point-of-view on this topic.


  102. “i just don’t know why we have to continue with this whining about the rules”

    Victor, did I miss anything. I don’t hear anybody whining about “the rules”.

    This experience has been about opinions and shared sympathies and (excuse me) FUN. Some of the spontaneity may have appealed to some more than others but I hope it was, and will continue to be, in the spirit of shared community and fully consistent with this being first and foremost a David Gilmour site.

    So let’s keep it sweet, can we?

  103. Did I just hear my name? What is that then? Are you missing the Egocentric Genius of The Barn Band?

    Sorry, she is unavailable right now. But she still has her spies checking the blog to see if her name is being mentioned… Egocentric, huh? *grin*

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I didn’t leave because I was pissed about the new blog rules – you see, I don’t believe in spite or revenge, that just makes everyone miserable – but I left because of personal reasons. When Fed came with his/her request it just seemed like a good moment to finally take some distance.

    Before I left, I have told FEd that it wasn’t because of him/her and I have told my personal blog friends as well. I just didn’t put it on the blog.

    But I still love all of my blog friends very much and I miss my dear sweet FEd terribly, since he/she is the only one of them I am obviously no longer in contact with.

    Did you miss me too FEd? I told you many times already that I don’t envy you for your job and I try to send positive vibes your way everytime I hear from my spies that there is some sh*t happening on the blog again. Did you feel them?

    About being a David-fan: I am nobodies ‘fan’. I hate that word. Admirer? Sure! And I love being part of communities like this one, and sharing a common interest seems like a good way to start. But after a while my interests shift somewhere else and then I also want to talk about other things. And sometimes that means you have to go to other places to do that.

    So, am I ‘A Real David-Fan’? Guess not… If I ever have a fanclub, it will be for me! Does that make me egocentric? Let’s hope so! A little ego goes a long way! *grin*

    So carry on, be nice to FEd, and if you want to be silly: be silly! You don’t need me for that..
    Just stop mentioning my name, because than I keep having to come back, and I was doing such a good job staying away already.. 😉

    Biiiiig huuuuugs for everybody (whether they love me or not, hahaha)!

    Bianca, the Egocentric Barn Band Genius who is starting her own fanclub 😉

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  104. OK, I voted. “Yes”, of course… 🙂

    In my opinion, the “On an island” solo is also one of the best.

    Fed, I would like to ask a couple of questions. I don’t know if this is the right place, sorry for being a bit Off-Topic.

    First (easy): is there a Music Sheet Book of the Meltdown Concert?

    Second: being a “hobbyst musician”, I would be VERY interested in knowing what the *real* musicians think about their live performances. For example, what David and his band think about their performances during the tour: the best ones, interesting technical details, their gear, and so on.

    I don’t know if I am the only one interested, or if it’s doable, it’s just a thought.



    [I’m sure everyone would be very interested, I just don’t think anyone in the band could answer sufficiently without writing at great length. That’s as difficult (and perhaps as pointless) as us asking you to repeatedly limit your thoughts or participate in our polls. It’s all so subjective and incomplete, at the end of the day, and it seems that people rarely want to commit themselves to a certain song or solo, because it means leaving out many others, which is extremely tortuous for the busy brains of some. That said, the option is always available should any member of the band or crew wish to say something. I’m just not prepared to nag them about it. Sorry, Nicola. By the way, I don’t believe that there’s any sheet music for Meltdown. – Features Editor]

  105. Know something? If I died and my family were dealing with my stuff, and folks were discussing what my family were doing with my stuff, I’d be wondering what business it was of theirs.

    Then I’d understand that folks perhaps feel like they are part of the Pink Floyd family through their music. So I guess I would turn over in my grave with a grunt and go to sleep, touched that so many people cared.

    Death is an enemy, for sure.

  106. Andrew,

    thanks for the opinion. It could be as you say. So now I would like to know the truth. I would like to know if it is done for charity or for money. I don’t believe it is done for charity, 100% but I would be happy if I am wrong. anyone who knows could tell us…..


  107. [Victor, did I miss anything. I don’t hear anybody whining about “the rules”. – Posted by: Tim C (culture vulture) at August 31, 2006 06:37 PM]

    actually tim, there have been many sly digs since the ed asked some of you to tone it down. it’s been quite pathetic imo. i agree with lesley who said that some people seem to have abandoned the blog because they couldn’t email their off-topic “silly” posts anymore. lesley wondered whether they were ever really fans in the first place. i wondered how old they are to behave like that.

  108. Piergiorgio, I don’t mean to sound rude but really it is none of yours, mine or for that matter anyone else’s business what happens to Roger’s belongings. I couldn’t care less what happens to the money if it goes to his family, so what, I really don’t see the problem.

  109. I can’t understand where is the real problem! Half of the people who said silliness left the blog, the other half stop said silliness…why do you feel the necessity to attack us for our past behaviour? If you are happy it is finished, stop to say things of make me feel the necessity to reply and go off topic!!! Also because, in this way, YOU ARE OFF TOPIC TOO!!!!

    I’m joking, but I think that Piergiorgio and Michèle (they mentioned “silliness”, if I remember well) were only tryining to be nice with some old friend’s of blog…and it should have finish thereif you didn’t underline that we were “ugly”, “bad” and “boring” (are too strong words, but I’m just a poor italian and but I hope you understand what I mean to say).

    So, I wonder why some of you were not able to let Piergiorgio and Michèle be simply nice. Some other, in past, have told they miss silliness and no one of the old “silly people” started to break “rules” again…and I can’t understand which is the problem now!

    I think we shouldn’t continue to “offend” (also this is a strong word, but I don’t know one lighter, sorry!) each other about what we did and what you don’t did 6 months ago. I could say that you, that don’t say silinness are all boring, but it would be impolite, stupid and not necessay. So why I should tell you something similar? So, I think we should GO ON, simply!

    Who wants to stay on the blog knows this is David Gilmour’s blog and who prefered left, should be left to do his/her life in peace. I think! I hope it has sense for you too!

    Great week end to everyone


    Sorry Michèle if I haven’t won for you, yesterday! The next time, maybe!

    [Yes, please, let it drop. For God’s sake, you’re boring me to tears with this. The rules are there and if you don’t like them, go away. I don’t care. It’s that simple. Just try and have some more respect for the opinions of others, because that’s the most interesting thing we have. – Features Editor]

  110. [I’m sure everyone would be very interested, I just don’t think anyone in the band could answer sufficiently without writing at great length. ………………….. That said, the option is always available should any member of the band or crew wish to say something. I’m just not prepared to nag them about it. Sorry, Nicola. By the way, I don’t believe that there’s any sheet music for Meltdown. – Features Editor]

    Thanks a lot for your answers Fed, I understand.

    Sad about the Meltdown sheet music. I own many Pink Floyd music books, it would be great to also have something dedicated to those David’s versions of the songs. By the way, I bought Bizet’s “Je crois entendre encore” music sheet, and man! it’s beautiful and difficult!

    Thanks again, ciao!


    [There’s a book of sheet music for ‘On An Island’. I don’t know if it’s out yet. – Features Editor]

  111. Ciao,

    listen Fellas, you know that sometimes it is difficult to stay here? Sometimes it is difficult to lose patience.

    Read this [i wondered how old they are to behave like that]

    And this: [it is none of yours, mine or for that matter anyone else’s business what happens to Roger’s belongings.]

    to all of you: this place will be boring if the only attitude accepted by you RABID FANS is only devotion. I am used to express opinions without offending anybody, and I am used to rise subjects and talk about that. You don’t think the same as I do? Be polite, for God’s sake.

    It is not our business to comment about anything? Are we only allowed here (I ask this to you not to Fed, he is democratic)to applaude to anything from the “band”? Are we in the f*cking “In the flesh” song???

    Sometimes you got on my nerves. I repeat: I miss the old dialogues; I miss people talking out of the chorus (as we say in Italy). And I am disgusted by people that insist in not answering TO an opinion, but attack the one who HAS an opinon telling him he shouldn’t have!!!!

    Sorry Fed, and sorry to all the Fellas out there who “argued” frankly and politely to me.


  112. [There’s a book of sheet music for ‘On An Island’. I don’t know if it’s out yet. – Features Editor]

    It is available and most likely if you have a musical instruments shop near you it will be available there too. 🙂

    Hope that helps


    [Thank you, Veronica. You saved me from looking. – Features Editor]

  113. [ It is available and most likely if you have a musical instruments shop near you it will be available there too. 🙂 ]

    Thanks a lot Veronica!!! I noticed it on many on-line shops, so I ordered it at my local shop.

    Maybe, following the huge success of “On an island”, somebody will decide to publish also the “Meltdown” book. As a fan and amatuer musician, I am very interested in it, being the songs acoustic-guitar-oriented. Expecially the acoustic version of “Shine on…” would be great to have on book! I already (try to) play it, but having it written would be different!

    By the way, has anyone seen that “Dark Side of the Moon” DVD where David explains the guitar and VCS3 parts? It’s ***GREAT***!!!


  114. “it’s been quite pathetic imo.”


    Thank you for sharing.

    I don’t understand where your negativity comes from but I wish you well with it.

    Maybe Bianca’s post above will enlighten you a little.

    Keep smiling, eh.

    [Can we grow up a bit, please? This constant sniping is a tad tedious. – Features Editor]

  115. [By the way, has anyone seen that “Dark Side of the Moon” DVD where David explains the guitar and VCS3 parts? It’s ***GREAT***!!! – Posted by: Nicola De Bello at September 1, 2006 03:43 PM]

    yes. it was great


  116. Hello everyone,

    The Afternoon at Abbey Road

    Last Tuesday I was lucky to be able to participate in unforgettable event for rest of my life.

    First of all I would like to congratulate for the idea of such competition. The award can’t be compared with a concert or rehearsal anything like that. I would like to say Thank You to Fed for letting me enter the competition as well to Mr. Andy Murray, who assisted me and for sure other bloggers first with emails and then was first to welcome us at Abbey Road and he lead us to a balcony at Studio 1.

    All the band members were already there and in just few minutes, they started to play On An Island as warm up. Then the proper session started, and what was interesting was the passion and willingness to play music by all David’s band members.

    I was impressed with the sound of the drum kit and Steve’s approach. I will always remember Come together and every take of Take a Breath, precision of drumming was unbelievable. Steve got great support from Guy. I think that they both form together one of the best rhythm section worldwide nowadays.

    Now it’s Mr. Richard Wright turn, he was perfectly in front of us. He was very calm during the breaks, but when they started to play he gave it’s best. Especially liked On An Island, Blue, Astronomy Domine and of course Echoes.

    Jon was in very positive mood that day, and he was first who came to us to talk just a little bit as well to sign some records and tour programmes. He did great on the lap steel guitar on On An Island as well as on Smile.

    Phil Manzanera was the closest musician to us, so we were able to see his every move very well. And of course I would like to share some personal impressions about David.

    I had read or heard in several interviews in Polish as well as international media about relations with Ms Polly Samson. And I had a chance judge for myself when they had come to Abbey Road David first got out car, and moved to opened doors to his wife. Also took her bag and they went into the studios buildings.

    Then I had an impression that David did his best to give us best treat. Culmination point was when he came upstairs to join us for a few minutes to sign some records. It was very kind of him that he allowed us to take a picture, which I would like to thank you for.

    I need to add that Mr. Dick Parry was also present although he didn’t have a chance to play sax. He assisted on keyboards during the Blue.

    Another important person was Phil Taylor, who was able to present his abilities after David broke a string on Astronomy Domine and then just before 6 decision was made to play also Smile, which meant that Hawaiian guitar should be prepared. He was perfect, quick and precise.

    What can I say more, unforgettable afternoon,
    And once again Thank You very much


    [I’m so glad that you had such a good time, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  117. Hi FEd,

    I am submitting the first part of my recollections in connection to the Abbey Road Sessions. I have heeded your advice and decided to post them in parts. So herewith follows part one (p.s. I hope it is not too boring)


    I was still pinching myself as I boarded the train at New Street Station, Birmingham. When I arrived at Euston Station I hopped onto the tube and met up with Sue at Baker Street. We had to catch a bus to St John’s Wood as the Jubilee line was temporarily closed.

    Upon arrival at Abbey Road, Sue and I took it in turns to take the obligatory photograph of us crossing the famous zebra crossing. About five minutes later I spotted a lovely convertible classic Mercedes pulling up at the studios in which I said to Sue: “It’s Mr Gilmour and Polly in that car”. They promptly turned into the studios.

    Sue and I met up with the other lucky bloggers; we all introduced ourselves and took group photographs. We even gave a wave to big brother or rather the webcam outside the studios.

    We were then greeted by Andy Murray who took us into the reception area where we duly confirmed our names and were each given a pass with our names on. We were then taken to the balcony of Studio 1 where we were to witness a marvellous sequence of events for the next 3.5 hours.

    The band where walking around below and getting into their positions in readiness for the first song. As the band started playing ‘On An Island’ it was interesting to watch the camera crew in action and Polly taking photos from various angles. I felt so privileged at having been given the opportunity to witness the band from a “behind the scenes” perspective.

    The second take of ‘On An Island’ was particularly good in that the band sounded a lot tighter and Gilmour’s vocals were silky smooth and strong. His soloing was note for note perfect as per his album. After four takes of the aforementioned song the band took a break.

    Steve DiStanislao and Jon Carin came up the stairs to the balcony and were very approachable. They signed autographs for Sue. I asked Steve if he thought that it had been a long year and he concurred that it had indeed been a long year but he was also sad that it was the end of the tour. He obviously enjoyed the tour.

    I must admit that it was a joy conversing with Steve as he was very pleasant and easy going. I later made mention to Jon about his busy schedule and asked him when he would be commencing his next tour workload with, uh, umm, Roger. He confirmed that he would be touring shortly. I also asked him if he was going to be doing ‘Dogs’ again and he said no. It is a pity as Jon did a mighty fine rendition of that song. Jon and Steve then promptly went back downstairs for the next song.

    The first few notes of ‘The Blue’ were played and that was when I had my first bout of the goose-bumps. By the time that David broke into the most beautiful guitar solo tears welled in my eyes and then the uncontrollably fell down my face and my lip was quivering. My God! What is it about this particular song that touches me in this way? The guitar solo on this first take was note for note perfect; even down to that high not, or rather, series of high notes. All and all ‘The Blue’ was performed three times on this occasion.

    Part II shall follow shortly if you are still interested in reading more.

    Best regards.

    [Keep it coming, Julie! – Features Editor]

  118. Thank you to Julie Gunn Davies, Tomasz and all the others who were in Abbey Road for sharing their stories. It was great and your posts make me feel…green of envy!!! 😉

    I’m happy you enjoyed and thanks for tell us, unlucky bloggers not there, all this interesting, funny, kind details which confirm not only how much fantastic the band was to play music, but also what gentle people they all are.

    Have a great week end


  119. AH! Congratulation to Roberto for winning the competition! GREAT! I think he is the fist italian who wins…ROBERTO, ITALY IS PROUD OF YOU!!! Go on, boy! The paternity help you to became also more intelligent and lucky!

    Piergiorgio, GianLuca and the others. You and I need to apply ourself more and more…I was thinking to start studing the English dictionary!

    See you soon!!!!


  120. Great reviews Tomasz and Julie… Looking forward to your next instalment.

    What’s happened to Simon coming back with his version of events…

  121. Hi FEd,

    I attach herewith part two of my recollections about Abbey Road. Hope you enjoy.

    29.08.06 Cont’d…..

    During the filming sessions of ‘The Blue’ I did notice Dick Parry playing a keyboard in the background. I did wonder at the time if he was going to grace us with some of his saxophone work at some stage as I was not sure what songs where going to be played that day. It all added to the mystery and the magic.

    During the next break Steve D played drums whilst singing ‘Play that Funky Music White Boy’. The band seemed to be having enormous fun. Jon then started playing something familiar on his keyboards. The song he was playing in particular was The Beatles ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ and I could just imagine Ringo Starr coming up to the microphone singing: ‘I listen for your footsteps, coming up the drive…’ As a matter of fact Jon’s keyboards in this instance sounded very much like the keyboards on the aforementioned track from ‘The White Album’.

    Then David started playing the Rolling Stones song entitled ‘Play with Fire’ which was a wonderful instrumental rendition. A thought did occur in my mind at the time in that I wondered if David played that particular song because the said lyrics make mention to a block in St John’s Wood that an heiress owns. You know, Abbey Road is in St John’s Wood? Oh, forget it, I digress! Ha, ha.

    Guy Pratt came up the stairs to the balcony on this occasion and he was sporting that ‘Didn’t They Do Well’ tee-shirt. He kindly autographed Sue’s book and was jovial whilst signing too.

    ‘Take A Breath’ was the next song that was played after the break. I think on this occasion Guy came in a bit late and the song had to be started again. I was so caught up in the atmosphere of this event that I cannot remember all the very fine details. However, I am doing my best to convey my recollections as best that I can.

    I must point out that it was fascinating to watch the band members laughing and having a wonderful time whilst playing. They were all spontaneous and us bloggers could have watched them all day long. David did actually look up to the balcony and asked if we were all “comfy and if we were bored yet?” Of course we were not bored as you can imagine.

    Oh, yes and you would not believe how hard it was not to clap after every take. That was the hardest thing of all and I’m sure that the other bloggers would agree with me here. I had to make do with ‘the sound of one hand clapping’ instead. I think ‘Take A Breath’ was performed 4 times.

    David’s guitar technician, Phil Taylor, then put a lovely honey blond Telecaster onto David’s guitar stand in readiness for the next song, Astronomy Domine. This song was performed 3 times and was a great rendition. It reminded me of the Ummagumma version and Steve’s drumming was absolutely fantastic.

    However, during one take of this song David broke a string on his Telecaster. The band were laughing and someone – either Jon or Richard – said “David never breaks a string!” Phil promptly took the guitar away to put a new string on whilst the band were walking around having a chat and a laugh.

    Polly was getting artistic in her photography work in that she was taking pictures of David’s and Steve’s shoes. She took a group photograph and ensured that Dick Parry – who was still sat way over the other side of the room – was included.

    When the band were playing Astronomy Domine again, I was marvelling at the sight of the camera crew hard at work. One of the camera’s was attached to a giant robotic arm which was swivelling to and fro and back and forth etc etc.

    I think the best thing about this filming was how remarkably normal everything was. Quite simply, people were just doing their jobs.

    The make up artist was busy too. She went about her business applying powder to David and Jon. I did, however, notice that Richard never had any make up applied. I figured that this was probably due to the fact that he was nice and relaxed and laid-back whilst applying his usual graceful stokes to his keyboard! He certainly looked happy.

    The third and final part will follow shortly.


  122. Special thanks to the Abbey Road bloggers! I’ve really enjoyed your posts.

    Yes, Julie, absolutely….we’d love to read more! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  123. Julie,

    Your reviews have provided a fascinating insight of the session at Abbey Road.

    I am eagerly looking forward to your 3rd instalment.


  124. Ciao,

    Julie: thank you very much for your effort in making this detailed log of that day (and many thanks to the others that did before).

    I must admit that this Blog and the people who run it (Fed among the others) have a certain class in offering this kind of prize. this is truly an experience, a memory that will stay in the heart of a fan forever. I am very envious, as Lucia is. But after all I attended two DG concerts this year. someone else had nothing of it, so I must be content with what I have.

    But If I could have had a photo with DG and RW, and an autographed copy of my “on an Island” CD. and the “behind” the scenes of the band….

    Good Job, Fed, well done. beautiful prize. You are great.

    [Thanks, mate. It’s a real pleasure to be able to award such prizes to you lot. – Features Editor]

  125. There are many great guitar solo’s in this world, personally I never consider one to be the best of those.

    A solo can only be good when it’s played with emotion and passion and when it fits into the song iet’s in. For me, the comfortably numb solo is one of the best I’ve ever heared. Though if I had to chose I’d pick the one in Shine on you crazy diamond, because it contributes imensely to this massive song.

    To end this comment like it begun, there are many great guitar solo’s and I don’t consider it to be important which one is the best. Nevertheless I think it’s a good decision, comfortably numb is a good song, played by fantastic musicians with a huge guitar solo. Congratz for another great achievement, it’s really deserved.

    Allthough I’ve listened to the song for about 5 times the last 10 days, I’m in the mood to listen to it again because of this blog, thank you 😛

    Greets from Belgium,

  126. I’d agree with Julie on how relaxed the filming was, there was not one ego in that studio. It was all done with good humor and everyone looked as if they were enjoying themselves.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the programme in December.

  127. HI FEd,

    Here is the final part of my recollections. I hope you enjoy.

    29.08.06 Cont’d …

    It was Phil Manzanera who came up the stairs this time during the break and Sue managed to obtain his autograph in her ever growing collection. He was so kind and approachable too. Whilst he was signing Sue’s copy of On An Island, I asked him if Primitive Guitars had been released on CD as I used to have the album on vinyl and haven’t managed to replace it yet. He confirmed that it could be obtained via his website. So surfing I shall go in a bid to find his website and purchase the aforementioned CD. Phil then went back downstairs to prepare for the next song by putting on his acoustic guitar.

    The next song that was performed was Smile. Guy was playing an upright fretless electric bass. The first take was spot on. The director did however opt for another take. There appeared to be a lighting problem. The lights that were shining on the acoustic slide guitar that David was playing during the solo seemed to be too bright. The lighting engineers were using pieces of blue film in order to dim the lights down a bit. It seem to take a few minutes to get the lighting just right on this occasion.

    When the band played again, it was David’s turn to be a bit late coming in. Everyone laughed and they took if from the top again. They all played halfway through and then David’s voice faltered ever so slightly and the song was started again. Again the song was played halfway through up to the first solo and then stopped. So everyone just carried on from the top again, played halfway through then all of a sudden …

    …David started playing that signature arpeggio – I think it is called an arpeggio anyway – on his acoustic. At first I thought he was playing the end of Shine On, then I heard the bass rumbling slightly on Guy’s fretless and then I thought the beginning of Sheep was being played. By the time I realised what was being played David and Richard started singing in harmony ‘Cloudless everyday you fall upon my waking eyes, inviting and inciting me to rise…’

    I was floored. My whole body was taken over by goose-bumps on top of my goose-bumps and I could feel every single hair on my body standing on end. The goose-bumps were so bad that my skin on my cheeks stuck to my cheek bones and I wanted to cry like a baby. Again the tears fell uncontrollably out of my eyes. It was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. By the time Richard was playing the beautiful keyboard which was mimicking his grand piano, I thought I was standing in the old amphitheatre at Pompeii watching the band. It was that precise.

    Now I did not attend any of David’s concerts and I must admit I was rather envious of people who were fortunate enough to witness Echoes being played live. So even though it was the last part of the greatest song on the planet being played, I got to hear some of it and believe me it was brilliant. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. When the song was finished we bloggers could not contain ourselves any longer and we clapped. David duly took a bow.

    Then it was over, well so I thought. Andy came to meet us and was just about to show us out of the studio when I spotted David coming up the stairs. He smiled and greeted everyone and shook our hands. When he shook my hand I thought, I am at last meeting one of my ‘teachers’ properly. His hand shake was warm and firm. It was not one of those usual empty handshakes like one receives from business men, nor was it one of those over the top bone-crushing handshakes.

    I did say to David that I did meet him before and I kicked myself saying to myself what did I go and say that for. But what does one say when they meet someone they have admired for years and years and years. Okay, after all David is only a person right? Anyway I digress again, sorry. David was signing people’s tour programmes and Sue’s CD.

    Now I was really green as I did not have anything for David to sign as I acted in accordance to Andy’s rules in that we were not supposed to ask for autographs. Still not all is lost, David agreed to have his picture taken with Sue and I and the other bloggers also had their pictures taken with him. Steve also came back up the stairs and handed out his drumsticks which was a very nice gesture indeed. I shall certainly treasure my drumstick. As a matter of fact I shall treasure this whole experience.

    Whoever thought of this brilliant competition which enabled a few lucky fans to watch the filming of the Abbey Road Sessions, we salute you.

    Best regards.

  128. Hi FEd!

    I know it is out of topic…but I know you love Bob Dylan very much and that, in these days, is out the new Dylan’s album…so; I’d like to wish you a good and relaxing listen! I hope (and I’m sure) it will be able to cheer you up more then “your bloggers” could do!

    Have a great day


    [Thank you. You have to worry when listening to Bob Dylan cheers you up… – Features Editor]

  129. [You have to worry when listening to Bob Dylan cheers you up… – Features Editor]

    Is Dylan depressing? I thought you hate depressing music! Or does it work just when this is useful to you? 😉

    So…I don’t know what I should wish you now…enjoy your listening is not appropriate, I image….TAKE CARE is enough?



    [You worry too much, my friend. It must be all that Radiohead… – Features Editor]

  130. Julie,

    The reviews you gave of Abbey Road are fantastic! I really did feel as if I was there (almost). Thank you very much.

    Angelo, I believe you were going to write us some words also? Please, Please, Please!!

  131. I just reading the Blog and realized that we haven’t heard from you since the 1st of Sept.. I hope your OKAY.

    It’s really hard to look at the calender and seeing it blank for this month. I hope David and his Family are well and maybe we will here from you soon.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [It’s going to be a quiet month or two, I’m afraid. However, there’s something nice planned for tomorrow, which I hope you’ll like. – Features Editor]

  132. La rentrée et le sentiment de vide et de manque engendré par la fin de la tournée de M. Gilmour sont difficiles à supporter. Etrange sentiment d’absence, a sort of ‘comfortably numb’state but without any solo to enlighten it.

    ‘Love, pain and sorrow’, je pense que c’est un titre sur lequel M. Gilmour a joué une superbe partie de guitare, mais je ne suis pas sûre…

    Triste pour nous, mais sûrement un bonheur pour M. Gilmour qui peut retrouver sa vie de famille, et c’est en fait la ‘vraie’ vie…


  133. Now that the tour has come to rest are there any plans to release a DVD for all those poor souls that couldn’t get to see David live?

    [Yes. – Features Editor]

  134. Wow Julie, That’s a really great story.

    It’s only on reading it that I realise just what a great gesture that was from the team to give a few people such an opportunity to see and hear the band at such close and intimate quarters.

    You description of the whole process was really interesting and eye-opening for someone who has no real knowledge of how these things work.

    Boy what memories you will have.

    Congratulations to all involved. I feel all warm and glowing for you.

  135. Julie,

    Many thanks for your 3rd instalment. You’ve articulated the “session” really well.

    Thanks also to Sue & Angelo for their accounts of their day as guests of Lorraine & Tomasz.

    I’m now truly miffed that I couldn’t take up Simon’s invitation to have been his guest.

    What’s happened to Simon’s review??

  136. Photo Caption: David, merely with his smile, is able to focus happiness in any direction

  137. Hey FEd,

    As the calendar is looking a bit thin, apart from the forthcoming Abbey Road session on 03/12/06 and DG’s birtday in March, how’s about these for a couple of entries :-

    07/12/06 – 1st anniversary of Official Web Site for David Gilmour Launched.
    22/12/06 – 1st anniversary of 1st Blog.

    Any plans in mind to beef it up a bit?

    How about all the bloggers submitting their birthdays. Then you would know when to send each of us a DG birthday card…

    [It’s certainly looking very bleak… I could beef it up with all kinds of outrageous lies just to see who picks up a story and runs with it… – Features Editor]

  138. Hi FEd,

    I would like to thank everyone for their kind words as regards my report. I hope the band read it.

    Where do I stand on the intellectual property front? Would I be allowed to post that report on another site, or would I infringe copyright laws?

    Enjoy your day.



    [I’m more concerned about the photos, myself. – Features Editor]

  139. [It’s going to be a quiet month or two, I’m afraid. However, there’s something nice planned for tomorrow, which I hope you’ll like. – Features Editor]

    ‘a quiet month…’ I hope for you it will be true holiday for you, Fed ! six months without having any vacation ! this David Gilmour is very lucky to have you !


    [I think I’m luckier, mate. – Features Editor]

  140. Relax FeEd, somewhere between Abbey Road and home we managed to wipe the memory on the camera – never mind, it’ll be on the telly, only eleven weeks and three days to go!

    [That’s such a shame, Lorraine. I’m sorry to hear that. – Features Editor]

  141. [I’m more concerned about the photos, myself. – Features Editor]

    No worries there. I do not fancy pasting a picture of my face on the internet anyway! My photo with David is my personal memory of the event.



    [Thank you, Julie. – Features Editor]

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