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Well done to the following five people who will be going to see David and the band at Abbey Road: Simon Emery, Lorraine, Tomasz, Julie Gunn Davies and Chantelle.

You each win a pair of tickets. Remember you will need to take photographic ID with you and anything to prove that your address matches what we have on our guest list. If you’re late, you will be turned away, so aim to be there no later than 2:30pm, please.

Have a wonderful time.

We have another brilliant competition today.

It’s for an afternoon at the legendary Abbey Road studios next Tuesday (29 August) to witness the recording of David’s segment for Channel 4’s ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’.

Featuring David’s full live band, the programme is due to be broadcast on Channel 4 in late November.

Entries will be accepted until 9pm (UK time) tonight, after which time the blog will be completely shut down for the night. Five names will then be selected at random from a numbered list and the winners will be notified on Wednesday.

There’s no question to answer. All you need to do is send in your full name and address in the usual manner (your details will not be published, don’t worry). If selected, you will win a pair of tickets to Abbey Road Studios, 3 Abbey Road, London, NW8 0AY.

The recording starts at 3pm and ends no later than 6pm.

This competition is open to (almost) everyone, but you must be able to make it to London on time with no excuses.

As we like to reward our regulars for their contribution to the blog, you will need to have posted at least half a dozen times to be considered eligible for this prize.

Recording will take place at Studio One, which is the large studio where the orchestral recordings for ‘On An Island’ were made.

As yet, it seems that only three songs will be performed (‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘Smile’), each of which will be performed three times to get the best take. This is subject to change.

This will also be David’s final engagement of 2006.

The format of the recording allows for no audience applause, so if you think you can control yourself, can make it to North London by 3pm sharp on Tuesday 29 August (latecomers will be briskly turned away) with evidence of your address and photographic ID, let us know.

Good luck.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. […]

    [Sorry, you haven’t posted enough messages to be considered. – Features Editor]

  2. […]

    I hope I’m not considered greedy in wanting to win this comp as well 🙂

    Good luck everyone and whoever wins have a fantastic time, it should be an experience.


  3. […]

    Yes we can make it to the studio for 3pm!

    Its the day after bank holiday Monday so we can finish work at lunch time from the city.

    I will glue our hands together so no applause from us!

  4. As a nice consolation for my mega disappointment at missing David not once, but TWICE in Venice, I’d love to win this prize!


    I am sure I have contributed at least half a dozen times to the blog, but not sure which email I used!

    Fingers (and everything else) crossed. Jon.

    [You’re just about through, Jon. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  5. I dont know if its the way to take part in the Abbey Road ticket competition,but if yes, this is my address:



    [I’m sorry, but you need to have posted at least six times before to enter. – Features Editor]

  6. FEEEEEEEEED!!! I were 20 days still in a little town spending time sleeping and now you jump out with a prize to witness the recording of David’s at The Abbey Road for the 29th of august? THE DAY AFTER I START WORKING AGAIN, AFTER 20 DAYS OF FREE HOLIDAYS?!!!!!

    However, the prize is fantastic, so good luck to anyone whoìll try to win and to the lucky person who will see David in Abbey Road. ENJOY!!!

    FEd, I’m really a regular on the blog, so, if I won’t win anything from the start to the end of the blog’s experience, can you send me at least a postcard with the sheep from Wales? Consolation prize! 😉


    [Nice try. – Features Editor]

  7. Damn, back home in NZ next week to take the photos for my sisters wedding. Oh well, I’ll be on an island with a smile while the winners try to remember to take a breath at the end of each song…

    Good luck to all.


  8. Everyone from the UK or the world?

    I need to add that I’m intrigued with it if I’m allowed to enter. Checking planes availability in given time frame.


    [We were going to make it UK only, because it’s only a few hours and a few songs after all. But if anyone in the world wants to attend, they’re welcome to enter. We do insist that you have posted at least six times previously. I know this seems harsh, but if you’re a regular, you’ll see that it’s fair. So send in your address if you want to, Tomasz. You’re more than welcome. – Features Editor]

  9. I wish I had a Lear jet to fly my ass to London and see David… Then again, I’m kind of unlucky when it comes to contests and prizes, so even if I had a jet, it would probably do me no good.

    Good luck to everyone competing.

  10. My God, I can be there just in time….don’t worry….I have posted a few times before….


    Good luck to everybody

    [Sorry, not enough times. This is only your second post. – Features Editor]

  11. Hmm, I simply have to try this one. I’m quite sure I can organise a day trip to London 🙂


  12. Is this where we enter the competion?


    [It sure is. I’ve got all your details, Mike. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  13. That tears it; I’m moving to the UK. You don’t know how badly I want to be at Abbey Road with David. 🙁


  14. My God, I can be there just in time….don’t worry. I will be there….


    I tried just 30 minutes ago….I saw David in hamburg and in Royal Al. Hall and I live in Denmark. I look at you great page everyday – don’t you really think I should have a chance. I was sad when you wrote that I only have written to you 1 time and then cant be in the competition…..Please. I feel I have done everything to be the biggest Gilmour fan in the world….11. march in Hamburg and the 30 may in RAH.

    [I’m sorry, those are the rules. Many people write everyday and have done since Day One. Each time there’s a competition, people who have never posted before enter. These people have won and never posted since. This is why we prefer to repay those who have made the blog successful by making it easier for them to win. I’m really sorry to disappoint you, but the rules are carved in stone as far as I’m concerned and I’m not about to break them for anybody. – Features Editor]

  15. [We were going to make it UK only, because it’s only a few hours and a few songs after all. But if anyone in the world wants to attend, they’re welcome to enter. We do insist that you have posted at least six times previously. I know this seems harsh, but if you’re a regular, you’ll see that it’s fair. So send in your address if you want to, Tomasz. You’re more than welcome. – Features Editor]

    I will give my luck a try. I don’t expect to have another possibility to visit legendary Abbey Road during recording session in my life. It would be great to be able to visit both Royal Albert Hall and Abbey Road in one year. If anybody told me this a year ago I would laugh for a quarter of an hour at least. I attended RAH in May, so may be it’s time for Abbey Road in August.



  16. Hi FEd,

    Here’s my details for the competition.


    Many thanks,

    Cheers, Jack

  17. Good luck and best wishes to all those entering (and winning) the Abbey Road competition. I’ll pass on this one as realise can’t have everything and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Incidentally watched “La Vallee” at weekend. Sure puts some intersting images to “Whats uh the Deal”. Slow film but worth seeking out

    Ian Pearson

  18. Hi Fed,

    I’m probably just about eligible to enter but I think that with possibility of flight delays it may be better if I don’t enter the comp on this occasion so as someone who can be there for sure has better odds.

    I’d love to be there and not applauding would not have presented too much of a problem.

    Best of luck to everybody entering..
    Regards from Ireland

    [The selflessness of some of you really puts a smile on my face. Good on you. – Features Editor]

  19. What a great idea…i’m not going to enter, because this is my first post, but this is very impressive!

    It’s amazing that David respects and rewards his fans so well!

    I really get the impression of respect from David to his fans, so thankyou for that, and I really hope the people that deserve it get the tickets!

  20. […]

    Wooo I’m entered! This would certainly make up for missing out on Gdansk! Excited now 🙂

  21. I’m not going to enter as I have a busy Bank Holiday and can’t be sure that I can make it on time. Sounds like a brill afternoon, though. Good luck to all.

    Hats off to all the good souls who are not putting their names forward. But I can’t believe the number of people entering who are not eligible. No offence, I know how much you want to go, but RULES ARE RULES! I think it’s great that the regulars get the goods here. Keep it up, Ed. Nice to see someone playing by the book.

    I haven’t been here since Day One, but I’m proud to consider myself an ‘Irregular’.

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  22. I will be there……wish me luck…

    Fed, I have to say to you its not fair to me. I have written to you some times and I cant remember if I ever have because of a competition. You must say that I have written to your page and give some stuff…?

    Please read:

    [I really respect your work Jon. I really enjoyed to see you playing both in Hamburg and Royal Albert Hall. I also saw you in Copenhagen in 1994 and in Earls Court in 1994 and yes, I always saw you as a real Floyd member Like Snowy in the early days… – Posted by: Thomas Larsen at June 28, 2006 10:19 AM]

    [That’s just one post. Sorry, it’s not enough. That was your first post and, if you keep nagging, it will be your last. It’s not fair that you expect to win ahead of many others who have given a lot to this blog community since the very beginning. I’m sorry, the rules are final. – Features Editor]

  23. Hi all,

    Sorry I’ve been away for so long – my best friend’s father passed away very suddenly (and out of the blue) at 61 early last week. I’ve been spending all my time at their home to be with them.

    Life is a lottery – enjoy each day and love the ones you’re with because no-one knows what tomorrow brings. If I’ve learned anything this past week, that’ll be it.

    So today is Tuesday, my first trip to WHL for our first home game of the season…and now a new compo?! I’m also wish I hadn’t missed out on the Polskie Top 20, as well as yesterday’s DG lyrics. Will probably do the Top 20 anyway because it’ll be fun to do.

    Remember, carpe diem! 🙂


    [Sorry to hear the bad news, mate. – Features Editor]

  24. I’m too busy to make it to London next week, so I won’t participate 🙁

    but good luck to everybody!!!

  25. Carpe Dien? Is that you Nina? btw you’re doing an extremely impressive job here F’ed. Much appreciated.

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  26. HMPF, I would have loved going to the legendary Studios and meet David in person.

    Good luck to everyone that is eligible to participate.

  27. I must agree with Tom B – I believe I would have a difficult time controlling my response to the band after each song! To be in Abbey Road Studios alone would be a great experience, but to also be in the presence of our DG would be over the top!

    Good luck to those who can arrange a trip to London!

  28. I think I’ve posted six times…and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it to the gig!


    [Just about, John. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  29. F*Ed~

    By Channel 4 do you mean NBC here in the States? If not, will this ever be available to us foreigners?


    [I’m afraid I don’t. I mean plain old Channel 4 in the UK. As soon as we know more about this programme, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  30. Just want to wish good luck to all the participants… I’m tempted to participate but I’m not sure if I could make it (in the unprobable case of winning). I’d better start saving some money for David’s upcoming new album and tour next year (dreaming costs nothing, doesn’t it?)

    You lucky ones please enjoy it and write good reports on the blog!!!

  31. [Nice try. – Features Editor]

    It wasn’t a try! Just a consolation prize…Bad Fed! How could you think the sweet Lucia was cheating! Joking a part, I really wasn’t trying…I thought about the connection only after I read your comment…but there wasn’t connection in my mind while I was writing it. This time I’m really innocent…at least this time! and I hope my previous post didn’t annoy you…even if now I wonder if you really wanted to insinuate that I was cheating or if I misunderstood your comment…OK! Stop misunderstanding! Forget the postcar and friends like before, ok? …’till the next cheat! 😉

    Human relations are always full of hidden dangers!

    Have a great afternoon, mate!


    [The same to you, mate. You always cheer me up. Thanks for that. Send me your address and maybe I’ll send you a postcard from Gdansk. – Features Editor]

  32. All my congratulations dear Fed, you’re so clever and full of ideas for the blog!

    I know David is always very professional in every way for job,music and organization and now is better and better with a renewed passion, and a new special happyness…I think it’s the same moment for Rick too and,believe me mate,it’s a pleasure…

    With all my heart,from Italy,at the moment.

  33. Hello to everybody

    Which magnificent competition. I would so much like participating but it is hard when one is in Canada.

    I wish good chance all.

    Please made another competition for us on the other side please.

    SYLVIE FROM Quebec

  34. Dear visitors of the Blog,

    Just a couple of minutes ago I booked a train ticket from the Netherlands to Gdansk in order to see the band playing on the 26th. I hope it will be worth traveling all the way up to Poland. Are there any other visitors outside Poland who expect to come over to see the concert?

    I hope see you there….(are you with us Fed?)

    [I’m very happy to be with you, mate. Have a brilliant time. – Features Editor]

  35. Just come back from France and what a lovely welcome back with such a great competition.

    It’s good to be home.

  36. OMG My wife would die if I got to tell her we were going to London to see David @ Abbey Road Studios!!

    If I’m lucky enough to get picked, I WILL BE THERE!!!!

    May the Gods bless me and my wife!!!

    And if they don’t, to the lucky few who get to go… you will have the greatest time in your life! It’s a life changing event

    [I’m really sorry to disappoint you, but I’m afraid you’re not eligible to enter this competition. You need to have posted at least half-a-dozen messages to be considered. Sorry! Hope you didn’t tell the wife… – Features Editor]

  37. CAPTION:

    DG: “…and here’s a kiss for a dear fan back in the states and a regular on my Blog, Deborah. *smooch* Wish you were here, mate…”

  38. Wish me luck. Nothing would interrupt this. With fingers crossed.

    [Not giving us your address might interrupt things a bit… – Features Editor]

  39. […]

    Sorry i haven’t been blogging for a while but been away recently but couldn’t resist entering the compo. Best of luck to all who have entered.

  40. Now that is a very very briliant prize to win. What can Gilmour fans whish more? How lucky can one get? Wait I know, add: Drinks and light refreshments served by Nigella Lawson.

    Jokes aside, i just like to express my deepest respect for the way Mr Gilmour is treating his fans in Grand style.

    Strange, the BBC news website quotes about the recording sessions: “There will be neither an audience nor a presenter “. I guess that five people are not really an audience, right?

    Well i whish you lucky winners lots of thrills and selfcontroll.

    Oh yes, as i have posted before, if any of you lucky ones should encounter Mrs Samson, making pictures of your lucky faces, then kindly ask her if you may use her camera to make a portrait of her, so that it can be posted in the gallery.


  41. Was this the big surprise you were talking about a couple of weeks ago, Fed?

    This is an amazing opportunity for two lucky souls to not only witness the man in action, but to do so at Abbey Road! Think of its history – “Piper”, “Dark Side”, to name just two, and another fairly well-known English band who named an album after the studio! Wish I could go, but whoever wins absolutely must report all details! Best of luck to all who enter.


    Bill C.

    [This isn’t what I mentioned a few weeks back. This is much better. – Features Editor]

  42. Another great opportunity but I will not waste my time entering cause I know there is no way I would make it.

    But, can you tell us anything regarding this Channel 4 broadcast. Is this a UK station or show? Are the Abbey Road Sessions a charity thing? Will this be shown somewhere worldwide? Any other info would be interesting. Sorry for the questions, just curious.



    [All I can tell you at this time is that it’s a programme on Channel 4 in the UK called ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’, which will feature three artists performing three songs per episode. We don’t yet know which artists David will be teamed up with. The UK broadcast for David’s segment is either 25 or 26 November, but that’s still to be confirmed. More when we get it. – Features Editor]

  43. Good Luck to you guys in the comp. Wish I could make it. Everyone who wins better give us details. Love you guys. You too Fed….I wish I had your patience and tolerance…Re: Thomas and Christian.. LOL

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA (Blast!)

    [You’re too kind. – Features Editor]

  44. […]

    And you might not believe this, but next tuesday is my 20th birthday.

    I thought you wouldnt believe it.

  45. Thomas Larsen – you obviously haven’t been here that long, or you would know that Fed doesn’t bend and doesn’t like to be harped on. Quit bugging him, geez you’re acting like a child. As I tell my 4 yr old “No means NO!” Give Fed a break, or you’ll be running from a large group with pointy sticks. Don’t forget you got your “delete” button Fed.

    Will we be able to watch the performance in November here in the US, Fed?

    Good luck to the winner, lucky dog.


    [I do hope so. We’re trying to find out more details. – Features Editor]

  46. I will Be In Gdansk,the 26th
    I’m back in Brussels the 27th

    London is only 3 hours away from brussels with Eurostar !

    live is spend in dreaming,
    Dreams are lost in becoming !


    [Sorry, but I’m afraid you haven’t posted enough messages to be eligible to enter. This is only your second post. Please re-read the rules. – Features Editor]

  47. The devil made me look at the blog today because the evil bastard delights in showing me what I cant have.

    I dont qualify to enter but I think this is a fantastic prize and wish everyone good luck. Again, I’m not jealous…

    ash X

  48. […]

    [Again, I’m sorry, but you haven’t posted enough messages to be eligible. You must have posted at least six times previously to enter this competition. – Features Editor]

  49. Boy, I wish I could attend. Maybe have the boss send me over to our office in High Wycombe? Fed, how far is that away from London? No chance of coming though. It really makes it hard living on the other side of the pond. Good luck to all.

    Hi Angelo – from the Brewery


  50. Hi FEd

    Would LOVE to be there! Don’t worry – will sit on my hands to ensure no clapping…


    Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. Hello FEd,

    Here are my details for the competition:


    Many thanks & Best Wishes,

    [Sorry, but you need to have posted at least six times previously. Please re-read the rules. – Features Editor]

  52. Evening FEd,

    DG @ ABBEY ROAD, Yes pleeeeeeease,

    Throw me into the hat too…


    Hope you enjoy your weekend in Gdansk, look forward to your review…

  53. Hi Fed,

    It´s a good idea to prefer a bit the people with more posts in the competitions. This keeps the blog alive and I like to read here.

    I´m also not a every day blogger, it´s not so easy in a foreign language, but I try to do it from time to time.

    I would love to take part in this comp but it´s not possible, so good luck to ALL considered eligible

    [Stephanie, you are eligible. You have posted many times before – certainly more than six times. If you’d like to send your address, please do. – Features Editor]

  54. [By Channel 4 do you mean NBC here in the States? If not, will this ever be available to us foreigners?]

    It couldn’t hurt to pay attention to BBC America or the local PBS stations. Perhaps the program may show up one day on one of these stations.

    What a great competition. As much as I’d like to enter, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it. Whoever goes, please let us know how it was.

    –Tim B.

  55. Even if I could get a flight from San Francisco, there’s no way I could restrain myself from making any noise during the session.

    Good luck to all of our more refined bloggers.

  56. So I mentioned the contest to my wife, and she said if I won, she’d make sure I got a flight. I guess I married well.


  57. It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses…

    Hit it!

  58. “Even if I could get a flight from San Francisco, there’s no way I could restrain myself from making any noise during the session.”

    EchoesBob, your honesty should be applau…oh damn.

  59. I would love to see David Play, but I live in Oregon and the price of a play ticket is out of reach for me.

    I do want to thank you,Fed. I read want that person wrote about David yesterday and I really enjoyed what you had to say. For this is Davids’ site if they don’t like it go some where else. We all love David and his music and I really fill that this site has been really informative about concerts, releases, pictures and how you help the fans with what we need to Know.

    Thanks Fed.

  60. Oh yes, this would be sooo great! ABBEY ROAD & David Gilmour!!!

    I am a very silence person, almost invisible…

    I was in Dortmund (first concert) and David didn’t hear me, you can ask him!


    P.S. In the past I did use 147 different E-mail adresses and various names posting comments to the Blog. in fact I posted most of the comments… just kidding 🙂

    Ernest Peske

    P.S. In the past I did use 147 different E-mail adresses and various names posting comments to the Blog. in fact I posted most of the comments… just kidding 🙂

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