syd01_blog.jpgI’m very sad to say that Roger Keith Barrett – Syd – has passed away.

Do find time today to play some of Syd’s songs and to remember him as the Madcap genius who made us all smile with his wonderfully eccentric songs about bikes, gnomes and scarecrows.

His career was painfully short, yet he touched more people than he could ever know.

If you’re one of those people, and would like to leave your thoughts, please feel free to do so.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I know I don’t play the guitar very well, but the “Shine On” I played this evening was for you, Syd.

  2. I gasped out loud when I read the headline on a news site today. He will be gone but not forgotten. Amazing how short his career was but how huge his influence was.

    I pray that Syd now has the peace & contentment that he never found here on earth. Shine on….

  3. I would just like to say Im sorry to hear of syd’s passing,

    he did some wonderful things. Going through adolsence was very tought for me and having such imaginative songs about gnomes and bikes made my life so much brighter beacuse it enabled me to escape into a little technocolour world full of syds wonedrful charactors.

    My thoughts are with Syd family and friends.

  4. Mr. Barrett, I felt a very strong connection with you even though i was born 30 years too late and I listened mostly to 70’s Floyd, and I just want to say thank you, for if it werent for you, THere would be no Pink Floyd, no On An Island, no Wall, no David Gilmour, no Dark Side of the Moon.

    Mr. Gilmour, I feel your sadness. I read an interview in which you said you wanted to see him before it was too late…

    Shine On

  5. Hi Fed

    I was very sad to hear of Syd’s death. He was an amazing writer, even though he was often writing of his own pain, and although he is no longer with us, he has left us some incredible songs.

    My condolences to his family and to Nick, Rick, Roger and David.


  6. Sorry to hear the sad news, as a Cambridge lass myself I’m proud to say I share a birthplace with Roger.

    I offer my sincere condolences to his family & friends.

    Rest easy Roger, peace at last old chap.

  7. Syd created Pink Floyd and their 60’s psychedelic sound. When he left he took alot of the vocals and lyrical thrust with him. This left the rest of the band to free form more thus creating Pink Floyd’s signature long solo ( guitars, keyboards ) sound. Roger never got over Syd’s abduction from hallucinogenics and the rest of the band was haunted as well. Rick Wright’s homage to Syd at the very end of the Wish You Were Here album was Nick Mason’s favorite part of the record. The last few notes you can hear are the melody line from Syd’s “See Emily Play”

    “Bike” became a family sing-a-long song on a car trip home from rafting in PA last year. I will always remember my children’s sun burned but smiling faces as they all sang along. They particularly liked “Gerald” the mouse 🙂

    Thanks Syd, for that very warm memory…

    Shine On Syd

    Your Fan,

  8. now you are really free!I’ll miss you my dear friend and we’ll see again.Never forget.


    From Rome italy

  9. A man who left the stage to live with his family, clearly understood sooner than each of us, the real sense of life.

    Go in peace, Syd.

    Thanks a lot.

    Alexandre Martins (Belém-Pa-Brazil)

  10. I was shocked today to hear the sad news of Syd, all I can say is love to all his family and Keep on Shining…

  11. Syd’s influence on music will never be appropriately measured, and I am extremely sad and shocked to hear the news earlier today. May he finally find peace and continue to touch many lives as his memory will always live on through his music.

    My heartfelt condolences to the Barrett family, friends, fans, and of course to David, Nick, Rick, and Roger.

  12. Hi:

    Today the “Wish you were Here” hope, becomes a new reality. In this music desert, Syd was one of the most relevant oasis.

    Sad, very sad….


  13. Thank you for all the beautiful music you have given us…… in peace, you crazy Diamond……

  14. Heard it on Radio 2 on way home today, they were playing “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”; never was that song more apt.

    Rest In Peace Syd.

  15. I was saddened by the news. Of course I’ve never met the man, but his influence on me, especially during my teenage years, many years ago, will never be forgotten.

    Shine On, you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!


  16. The day that PULSE is released in canada is the day that Syd passed away.Please F.é. give my sinceres condoleances to his family and to all the members of pink floyd who worked with him. I just heard that bad news a couple minutes away on the television news channel. I am deeply sad but i know that David has such respect to his school friend, he must be on shock at that time.Give my support to all the closest friend of Syd. Bisous. kiss and hugs. I think of you…

    sylvie de montréal

  17. It’s really sad… He was a great genius…

    David may be really sad too. I hope he will play Arnold Layne and/or Dominoes all the next concerts.

    To the great Syd…

  18. Roger ‘Syd’ Barrett was a genius, visionary and beautiful person who sweetened the world that little bit for those who cared to take notice. I hope now that Syd has found some peace and is no longer tortured by the demons that haunted him for the most of his adult life. It is our responsibility to make sure the legacy never fades.

    Shine On Syd, we will miss you but most of all we hope you have found peace.

  19. Thanks David and Richard for having played Syd tracks on a regular basis. It means a lot… he was a sad story…

  20. I’m crying while writing,listening to ‘No good trying’.

    Syd,you will be forever in my soul,in my music,go in peace.

    And when you’ll see God,please sing for Him and for us all,one more time,one more time.

    Where you are now,I’m sure you’ll shine forever in grace and peace.


    God rest your soul
    Emilio Sorridente

  21. He truly was an amazing artist that will live on through his gift of music to the world. I hope he finds the ultimate freedom of spirit, and the peacefulness he deserved in life in his passing.

    Thank you, Syd. Shine on, Roger Keith.

  22. Syd Barrett was my introduction to Pink Floyd back in the 70s. At the time, I was into early T-Rex known then as Tyrannosaurus Rex and I found something in A Nice Pair that seemed to harmonize with this interest. As I got to know Syd Barrett’s music I found myself immersed in his imagination. I know a lot of people have called his writing tripped out or even juvenile over the years but its rather missing the point; here was a man that celebrated art and the imagination.

    I am sorry for his family and his mates in the Floyd. He is missed.

  23. WOW. What can you say? We are all on this earth for a certain period of time – some longer, some shorter. It is what you make of that time that matters the most.

    With Syd, 60 is still young. But his efforts and impact with Pink Floyd cannot be underestimated. He made an impact with his time and it is just unfortunate the circumstances he put himself into.

    He will always be remembered as a founding member of one of the greatest bands ever – no one can take that away.

    Heartfelt condolences to the immediate family and the PF family (David, Roger, Richard, Nick and all supporting cast). Although I read in an interview that they have not talked with Syd in a long time, I’m sure this event still has a large impact to their own lives. Ironically, I lost my brother at this time last year and he was 60 as well. Although Syd was not a blood brother to them, I’m sure he was like a brother.

    All the best to all and Shine On You Crazy Diamond.


  24. I was going to watch PULSE tonight, but now I want to listen to Piper, followed by Wish You Were Here.

    I’ve been super busy today, but in the quiet periods I’ve had to wipe away tears. I’ve always had this dream that someday Syd and the rest of the gang could one day sit down together for a spot of tea and talk about old times, or maybe how the past 40 years have gone, or about their futures, or about the local football team… anything really.

    Has anybody seen that TV show clip the Floyd was on in ’67 (I can’t remember the name of it, but it was some classically trained musician complaining about how loud they were) when they played Astronomy Domine? Was that classic Syd or what? He was SUCH an amazing talent on stage before he fell apart, and such an amazing songwriter. I just hope his final days were happy ones.

  25. You will be missed. May God bless your family and friends in this time of sorrow.

  26. our thoughts are with you and your family and friends, rest in peace syd and thanks for the legacy you have left us with…

  27. Syd will always be in our hearts. His music has influenced folks here across the Atlantic in America, as well as, all over the entire world.

    I’ve always admired the way that the other members of Pink Floyd have acknowledged Syd, even though he had not played with any of them for years. For Example, David making sure that some Syd songs were put on the “Best of Pink Floyd” collection. Plus, last year at Live 8, before the guys played “Wish You Were Here” Roger said that “This is for everyone who’s not here, but especially for Syd” you could see Rick off to the side at his keyboards nodding with great approval.


  28. My condolences go out to Syd Barrett’s friends and family and band members. He influenced many and the world is now a little less illuminated by his bright artistry. It is a shame that he did not really get to enjoy the fruits of his labor (or labour for you folks on the continent) and slipped into the dark chasm of mental illness. I hope his family and friends find solace that people do appreciate his contributions to the art of Rock music. He will be missed – but there again, we have all missed Syd for a very long time. Here’s hoping he is in a place where there is not mental illness, and where he is free to sing. God Bless

  29. I havent posted here since I saw the chicago shows. Many things have happened to me since then, including being abused by the police down south. Its understandable that I havent written in a while, having pressing money and legal problems, but this day is a special day indeed.

    This is the day we morn the passing of someone who had more friends than he ever could have known. A man who since finding out of his passing has brought many tears to my eyes. I always prayed he would someday compose again, or that I may meet him if just to tell him how much he means to me and the world at large.. This ofcoarse is selfish, he is at peace now in the arms of creation, he is finaly free.

    We will always miss you as we always have, but I have no doubht that he is closer to us now than he ever was in life. Everyone go outside and take a deep breath, the spirits of our loved ones are out there ready to be recieved and made new…

    “Dreamers may leave, but their here ever after”..

  30. Syd had the courage and/or determination to live his life the way he wanted. Why is it so bizzare? He was contented or he would have chosen a different path. I would say that he made peace with himself and maybe with god a long time ago. I chose to belive that he has finally found what he was longing for all of his life. It’s beautiful.

    Goodbye Roger Keith Barrett and thank you for Pink Floyd and thank you for starting the chain of events that allowed David Gilmour to enter the picture and make Pink Floyd the awesome band it turned out to be.

  31. Shine On Syd and Rest In Peace…

    Condolences to his family, friends and his many many fans.


  32. I hope Syd has finally found peace of mind. He will truly be missed. Shine on Syd.

  33. thanks for all syd

    gracias por todo, tu legado llego muy lejos y vivira en nuestros corazones y en el de todos los fanaticos de tu musica por toda la eternidad……hasta el final de los tiempos.

    siempre te recordaremos

    descanza en paz


  34. Didn’t know you very well, Syd, but hope for you a better life in another world, wish you a great gig in the sky.


  35. WOW…………… what a sad time it is here in St. Louis Missouri. I heard of the news driving to work today.

    Syd you can rest easy now and shine. I will be playing some of your music tonight and know when i look up in the sky at the shinning star that it is you. Shine on my friend Shine on.

  36. Sadness abounds here in Canada as I’m sure it will around the world.

    Good luck brother & shine on.


  37. I am sad and shocked to hear of the passing of Syd.My condolences go to Syd’s family,friends and all members of Pink Floyd.Syd may have had a short career with Pink Floyd , but he was a great song writer and guitar player. His physidelic feel to the music inspired the rest of the band to continue to write similar songs.My all time favorite Syd Barret songs are “See Emily play”,Astromony Dominie”Arnold layne and of course “Bike”. His lyrics were amasing aswell, and innocent. Rest in Peace.

  38. ‘Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky’

    Peace to you now Syd… you still live on thanks to the inspirational songs you left us…


  39. Aquellas primeras canciones de Pink Floyd fueron mi primer acercamiento a la música psicodélica. Todo gracias al loco Syd. El hombre ha muerto, su obra quedará por siempre.

  40. Silence that speaks so much louder than words, Syd we will miss you, be happy now. Rest in peace.

    My condolences to his family and David,Richard,Nick and Roger,

    Marianne Lourens

  41. I was stunned to hear the news about Syd Barrett. This was to be a great day because I just bought the PULSE DVD this morning. Now I’m just sad.

    My condolences to all who knew him. He will live on through his music.

    Now Shine On will seem even more poignant.

    Rest in Peace Syd.

  42. Thank you Syd

    You will be my crazy diamond…forever…I won’t forget you…I promise

    these tears that I’m crying are for you… this song that I’m listening is for you…and it’s my favourite song…it’s SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND


    we’ll love you forever..and ever…

  43. Thank You Syd… You will be forever with us!

    Shine on…

    Ciao Syd…

    Andrea e Francesca.

  44. There is little that I can think of now that is more appropriate than Mr Gilmour’s words “Dreamers may leave, but there here ever after”.

    Please, if you can Features Editor, pass my condolences to Mr. Barrett’s family and friends.

    Shine on.

  45. What can one say, that could possibly encompass all the emotions that Floyd fans feel about this man and his tragic passing.

    It sounds cliche’ but I do not care, for the best any of us can do is just to say

    SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND!!!!!!! You will be missed you miner for truth and dillusion you!

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you (If this is David’s sign off, it will be mine too. At least in the confines of this blog anyway.)

    Blessings to all

  46. i was woken by a text of R.I.P Syd Barrett and my heart sunk…Syd as well as Pink Floyd in general was a huge influence in my teenage years and i will never forget the magic one man can inspire….Syd i hope you can now feel at peace and cna enjoy seeing what you have done to millions of worldwide fans and i thank you David for allowing all of us to remember Syd and express our feelings of a man of mystery.

    peace my bro….

  47. It’s truly sad that Syd has passed on. All the best to his friends and his fans, and to his bandmates to continue to see that his memory will shine on.

  48. Peace to you ,Syd… maybe we will see Pink Floyd on memorial tour… concerts all over Europe

  49. I don’t know what to say. I’m so sad. He’s been gone for 36 years, but now he’s gone forever. I’m going to miss him. I loved him. Maybe he’ll be ‘Syd’ again in heaven and can make more wonderful music?

    My thoughts go out to his family and, of course, to David who must be hurting. You were a great friend to him, David. He knew that. If he didn’t know it, then he knows it now.

    Shine On.

  50. From Chile: We will always remember you Syd!!!

    Have a peaceful juorney back home…


  51. Thanks for and sorry to hear the news. Hope you’re all well through such times. Yeah he’ll be missed but I’m sure thought of well.

  52. I can’t really express what I felt when I heard the news this afternoon, mere words are inadequate.
    Thank you for the gift of your unique music Syd, and I hope that you have now found peace.

  53. I am absolutely shocked and gobsmacked.

    Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett may you rest in peace. May God reward you in heaven.

    I just don’t know what to say, type or whatnot. I don’t believe it. He was a lyrical genius. I loved his Englishness.

    My sincere condolences to his family. God bless you Syd.


  54. Very, very sad to hear the news.

    Condolences to Roger’s family, friends, and of course David, Roger, Rick and Nick.

    The music will continue to shine on.

    Rest in peace Roger. Namaste.

  55. I’m Italian From Rome, i was a Syd’s Fan since 1993 when i was 13 years old. I can’t believe Syd Is died…..he was and he is a font of ispiration of my music, for many years played his songs, for many years i try to find any albums bootleg of him because i didn’t accept he didn’t sing and play no more after his second album. With him a part of me is died…..a genius is now in heaven!

    Thank You Syd!

    Sorry for my horrible english

  56. I got to know you when I was 18. For 20 years, you have been there for me when no one else could understand or share my feelings, yet, you and your magic, you were always there.

    I never knew who you really are, but it always felt I have known you all my life.

    You did not say much, but what you said was more than most combined.

    I really don’t know you, but you are always in my mind, my heart and my soul , where it is only me and “you are one of the few”


  57. On this very sad day, the true escape for our most beloved man, piper, painter, miner for truth and delusion. May peace surround you now while we’ll keep on celebrating your greatness and vision. Shine on you crazy diamond!!!

  58. Dear Fed..Please tell David personally from me, that people will never forget how much energy Floyd put into creating of such a sad Shine on…Sad, because it exactly shows the real spirit of Syd Barrett tragedy…Today all PF and Syd fans around the world will listen to his songs, to Piper, to Jugband blues, to PF early singles, to Syd’s works..and to Wish you were here in it’s entirety.I have no words…Shine on Syd…You will always be in our hearts and in hearts of your bandmates…

  59. Syd Barrett RIP (1946-2006)

    God bless you for starting floyd and leaving us some incredible music.

  60. David’s heart must be heavy. So sorry to hear this most sorrowful news.

    So much this year David’s tour, Roger’s tour Pulse then this sadness.

    I feel very sad..

    Shine On Syd! You are very much missed. 🙁

  61. i want to tell you a story
    about a little man, if i can…

    goodbye syd, goodbye…

  62. I know we will all miss Syd very very much. My thoughts go out to all his loved ones.

    It makes me realize that life’s too short to argue.

    May you rest in peace and for ever shine on!

  63. a very sad day, the amount of people throughout the world touched by Syds music and character and who are currently saddened by his death emphasises exactly how much magical qualities he produced in such a short brief of time.

    My thoughts go out to his family and friends, and of course to David, Nick, Roger and Rick – all of whom have lost an old dear friend that created the magic that they carried on for many many years.

    May you rest in peace Syd

  64. Whilst we all wish you were still here hopefully you have found a place of peace and contentment; rest assured your immense legacy will live forever.

    Thank you

  65. “Wouldn’t you miss me at all?”

    -Syd, ‘Dark Globe’

    Yes, very much so, Syd. Rest in peace.

  66. Chose to listen to ‘Gigolo Aunt’ in tribute- not everyone’s choice but to me, demonstrates that despite his illness, he was still capable of writing fantastic songs.

    Going to see Roger and Nick in France on Friday and ‘Shine On’ is unlikely to leave a dry eye in the house.

    I feel the deepest sympathy for his family, friends and fellow fans but perhaps we can console ourselves that he has finally attained an enduring peace and contentment…

  67. I don’t write often. I read daily, but only write when I really feel the need to. Today I need to say:

    Thank you, Syd. You didn’t take from this world a quarter of what you gave. I hope you know how loved you were – and always will be. It’s not an exaggeration to say that “you shone like the sun”.

    Keep shining.

  68. He’ll always be our crazy diamond. Hey friends, speak about him to you children, to your nieces, to your nephews…to the next generation. Artists live in memory who people who love their art and that diffuse this art to the younger. If anyone of us will speak about Syd to someone else, he’ll never die.

    Shine on, Syd


  69. Very sad news to hear of the passing of one of music’s true and great originals.

    There has never been anyone like Syd Barret, he was truly unique and his songs will enchant and delight the people who come across them for generations to come.

    The Pink Floyd sound that Syd Barret originated with the other members of Pink Floyd is also an everlasting testament to his genius.

    My sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends.

  70. Well. I’m 37 years old. Im shocked . Pink Floyd was my first choice when i was 14 , and Syd was like an icon of energy and art and magic. I cant describe my first listen of The Piper. I felt sad for his initial suffering but I think he is in a party now and guys like Jimi are with him to play and laugh. I always hoped for him to come back and speak.

    Such a sad day for the world !. Rest in Peace you Diamond !.

  71. S-hine On

    Hope your “Great Gig In the Sky” is everything you’ve ever wished for…

    Thanks for Pink Floyd and all the Madcap Laughs along the way…

  72. This is such sad news. He was too young to go. How sad David must be – another friend gone!!

  73. I was saddened to read the news this morning…

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and rhose who had the pleasure of knowing him….especially David, Rick, Nick, and Roger.

    Words fail me at moments like these, but actions are priceless. Perhaps there is a jesture we all can make….

  74. thankyou syd
    for all the great music and inspiration
    first heard 1991 when i was 17.
    all generations love your music syd!!
    and your place as an icon is assured
    lots of love from andy and loux

    thanks david for letting us all say what we all think of the one and only wonderful crazy diamond

  75. Loose the night and these winds prowl the fissures till dawn.Even now,bleeding sound and ancient stone,till the darkness at last is gone.I love you Syd…”Shine On You Crazy Diamond”.

  76. what a sad day, the passing of a true legend, scotland salutes you,Syd

  77. A tragically short time involved with the band was enough to reveal the mad genius lurking behind a complex personality.

    The Madcap will laugh again, we can be sure,
    Shine on Syd.

  78. Thank you for dedicating today’s posts to Syd. Means more to be able to say something here.

    Goodnight sweet and peaceful prince. Thank you for all that you have given us. You’re music will live on and on.

    To me the most appropriate song of his to post on a day like this, though certainly not his most beautiful, is the poignant:

    It’s awfully considerate of you to think of me here
    And I’m most obliged to you for making it clear
    That I’m not here.
    And I never knew the moon could be so big
    And I never knew the moon could be so blue
    And I’m grateful that you threw away my old shoes
    And brought me here instead dressed in red
    And I’m wondering who could be writing this song.

    I don’t care if the sun don’t shine
    And I don’t care if nothing is mine
    And I don’t care if I’m nervous with you
    I’ll do my loving in the winter.

    And the sea isn’t green
    And I love the queen
    And what exactly is a dream?
    And what exactly is a joke?

    Rest in peace Roger Barrett.

  79. Sad about Syd, Grateful for his legacy, Thankful for still having the four other Diamonds…

  80. I was shocked and in tears when I read the news in the early afternoon on the internet. I had just been strumming “Baby Limonade” and “Terrapin” on my guitar this morning.

    Half a year ago I persuaded a friend to join me in september this year to go to London and Cambridge, for visiting some Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett places (no, not stalking him or his house). It will be so much different now, just knowing that he isn’t in this world anymore.

    I think, although Roger was absend to almost all but a few members of his family for the last 25 years, he still was always strongly present whenever there was something Pink Floyd related. Now he has passed away, this presence is suddenly gone.

    So everytime I play a PF record, it will be different now, and it will remind me what a special person he was.

    We will all miss you 🙁

  81. Walked out of the record store smiling and happy early this morning with a copy of PULSE in my hands, only to return to my office and receive the news about Syd.

    Syd, though you had only briefly provided us your magical music, it was imprinted deeply in us and those that carried it on…No doubt, it will live on forever…Shine on Syd.

    My condolences to Syd’s family, friends, fans and fellow bandmates. It is truly a very sad day.

  82. A truley sad day for all Floyd fans. This only proves that the music of Pink Floyd is greater than any bickering that has gone on between band members. Pink floyd is not Roger Waters. Is not Dave Gilmour. Is not Nick Mason or Rick Wright. It is all of them together folowing the thoughts, the ideas and the inspirations of one man. Syd Barrett. I have just read the autobiography of Syd’s life and realise that there was so much more to his life than a lot of people care to know.

    There will now be countless stories of Syd. His use of drugs. His state of mind. The years spent living as he chose to, but let us not forget. He was a visionary whose visions changed peoples lives forever. He was a creative genius that, only now, will people begin to realise. His music will live on forever.

    Shine on in heaven Syd.

  83. Listening to the wish you were here album will have a new and deeper meaning for us all.

    Goodbye Syd and may you find the peace that life denied you


  84. My exitement over getting the Pulse dvd and Lithograph was brief. After returning fron Best Buy, my girlfriend gave me the sad news.

    I send my condolences to Syd’s family,and to David and family. I will watch Pulse tomorrow, today I listen to Syd’s work.

    The Fat Old Sun has fallen.

  85. I read the news today, oh boy…. Early this morning actually, and instantly put on Piper….Godspeed Syd.

  86. My condolences to Syd’s family & friends!

    Midnight-moon shines for you…

  87. As I sit here typing and the dark clouds outside rumble with thunderous noise I can only reflect that The Piper is upstairs playing his guitar with George Harrison, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia. God is on the drums!

    Shine On Syd as you will be missed.

    Bob CT, USA

  88. I can’t even believe it is true. “Shine on you crazy diamond” is being played on repeat for you today.

  89. I am very sorry to hear of Syd’s passing. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

  90. Everything that has been said…and more.

    A True genius.

    Today is a very sad day.

    Andy (Whizzyfingers)

  91. Still shocked after I read the news today.

    My condolences to his family, friends and of course to David, Rick, Roger and Nick. When someone passes away the hardest part is for those who stay alive and suffer the loss.

    “I really love you, and I mean you
    The sky above you, cristal blue…”

    I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon, Syd. Au revoir.

  92. I read the blog today like every morning . . .I thought it was weird that there was no where to post in the middle of the week, but didn’t really think twice about it. I figured Fed was busy working on a new topic. I go to a PF fan site and I now understand why there was no where to post. I read that Syd died. My heart dropped . . .can it be true? Maybe this is just another fan site rumor . .however I feel it in my heart, and know it to be true. Thank you Syd for all that you gave us. I’m really dumbstruck, I don’t know what to say . .

    I would imagine you’re in for a long few days, Fed. My prayers and thoughts are with you and all who are involved with PF (past and present), especially, of course, David, Roger, Nick and Rick.

    You will always Shine On Syd


  93. A very sad day…..

    I am sure that flowers will be left outside his home and that there will be respect and celebrations for this amazingly talented man.

    All I hope is that there is a Pink Floyd concert in Cambridge (on the common) so that people can say their farewells and respects.

    Pink Floyd need to reform and organise a celebration of Roger in Cambridge while the weather is good ASAP!


  94. A sad day indeed. My thoughts and prayers go to everyone connected to Syd, his family and friends.

    May your God be with you tonight.


  95. Every Tuesday there is an open mic near my home. For a few weeks now I have working up the nerve to go play. The songs I have been working on the most recently have been Wish You Were Here and Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Songs about Syd.

    Every week I have chickened out.

    After hearing the news, I have decided that it is time. I intend to make my first performance a tribute and farewell to a musician that continues to inspire me and help found the band who’s influence I will never be without.

    I know the songs well, and for my part, I can’t think of a better way to say ‘farewell and thank you Syd’

    Shine on……

  96. Here, At the very south of this world…we keep silence for you Syd…our souls will always remember the one who makes phsicodellia a way of life… Shine on you Crazy Diamond!!

    you are more than alive today…You’re a Legend…

    Delaihla Alatariël
    from Chile with love…

  97. I am truly saddened to be reading this news. I have such fond memories of discovering Syd Barrett when I was 14 (1980). I was so fascinated by his poetry and imagery.

    I was moved by his mystical muse and the manner in which he seemed to expose his fragility and foretell of his own demise. He was a true shooting star. A flash of real brilliance. An incredible artist.

    I had always intended to share his childlike genious with my children. Caught up in day to day life I was disconnected with this thought until David Gilmour released OAI. Since that record came out I have dusted off my Pink Floyd (and related) collection, to the inclusion of Syd Barrett.

    In March, I burned a collection of Syd songs for my children with such gems like “The Effervescing Elephant”, “The Gnome”, “Bike”, etc. My kids are in love with it. We have sung them on the drive to Grandmoms house. They used it for musical chairs at my sons birthday party. My son had never sung a song in 7 years. My wife and I were amazed when he started walking about the house singing the words to “Bike”. My daughter felt priviledged knowing none of her schoolmates have heard these magical songs.


    “Wouldn’t you miss me, wouldn’t you miss me at all…”

    We will miss you,

    The Orzek Family

  98. I can not begin to express the weirdness of waiting in line to buy PULSE at the same time knowing Syd died.

    Here in the US, there is a small but very passionate mass of Syd fans. I am one. I simply can not say anything more. I am truly heartbroken.

  99. “Wish you were here” prend un tout autre sens aujourd’hui.

    Syd a créé le plus fabuleux groupe rock de l’histoire: PINK FLOYD.

    Syd restera encore longtemps dans ma mémoire.

  100. To the Diamond and a Genius who was trapped in his own head; who is now free to shine on.

    I shed a tear for you this day, because you were my inspiration. RIP Roger 🙁


  101. Well where do i start, what aloss he will never know the input he had into peoples lifes, he enriched so so many people with his personal and original way, some believe he could have had the potential to become one of the greatest songwriters, well in my opinion even in his short time he already merits his status as a genius and he is someone that helped to make all this Pink Floyd thing happen, I believe he set the standard that David, Roger, Nick and Rick had to follow, he is the Pink Floyd sound he is and was the very beggining of it all, Syd Rest in piece i for one am forever grateful for what you started, i hope your life was not as bad as people made it out to be, you will be forever remembered as a genius and not what ever the Papers try and say over the next few days to all of us you are a shining star, a crazy diamond……..

    we love you , all my thoughts go to Syds family


    What aloss….

  102. sad, way too sad, the whole story really,… but knowing he passed away peacefully is reassuring!
    Shine on sir!

  103. Wow. Just, wow. I wouldn’t be who I am today without Syd’s music, nor that of any of the members of Pink Floyd. Thank you all, and Syd, well, we’ll miss you a bit more now. Thank you all.

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

  104. Even up here in canada we mourn the loss of such a great artist and person. Thank you Roger “Syd” Barrett for the memories and songs. Tonight will be a quiet fire in my backyard along with a cold pint and the Wish You Were Here album loud enough as my tribute to you. On to the great gig in the sky.

    “Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    Pile on many more layers and I’ll be joining you there.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.
    And we’ll bask in the shadow of yesterday’s triumph,
    sail on the steel breeze.
    Come on you boy child, you winner and loser,
    come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine!”


  105. I heard “Shine On” more then once today without knowing the bad news yet. May he rest in peace.

  106. I think the rest of Floyd need to do a one off show in Hyde park, play Piper from start to finish, then Rog, Nick, Rick and Dave play their favorite Syd songs for the rest of the show. With all procedes of the show going to Diabetes Research.

    To me this would be a fitting tribute. One show to pay respects for Syd, one show to let the world hear how great syd’s music was and one show to help cure the disease that killed Syd and thousands of people each year.

    Syd touched us all in so many ways, I hope the band can find a way to properly celebrate his life and show respect to one of the greatest musical artists of our time.

  107. A very sad day.

    But he will shine on in our hearts and memories through his music.

  108. Hoy es un día triste, me desperte con una amarga noticia, Syd a dejado de existir, mi fuente de inspiración a se a ido corporalmente, hace un rato estaba tranquilo pero ahora se a dado vuelta el sentimiento, viejo mio se que estás bién en algun lugar especial, miro el cielo y eso es lo que me dices, Syd Barrett nunca morirá estará vigente hasta el día de mi Fín, Gracias por todo tu legado, Gracias por deleitarme los oidos a la de edad de 6 años, gracias por mostrarme que el camino de la música era el que debía seguir, Padre te debo mucho, que descanses en paz y esperame algún día con los brazos abiertos y la Guitarra en mano, ahora solo me queda homenajearte… sad day.

  109. Goodbye SYD

    I’ve often wondered why everytime someone mentioned the name Syd Barrett, it also entailed description of madman,crazy person, acid freak, nutcase but yet no one really considered how his music spoke highly and ambitious about the true man. It certainly was way more than drug casualty stories etc etc….The core of who he really was before he was diagnosed with mental illness and before he walked away from his future….and yes literally walked out of London back to his mothers house in Cambridge ….He was the ideal RockStar of glamour and decadence ..but somehow he also decided to leave it all behind him and reduce his life to simplicity in his garden…

    His Ideas reflected like no others…When I think of the enormous influence of the Pink Floyd and the timeless direction of their music…I think of Syd and how his impact of writing and storytelling resonated thru the happening scene that was the swinging 60’s and the psychedelic era….I think of what he could have accomplished if he could have continued…I think of the first time hearing him when I was a teenager and being completely blown away by what I was listening to…it was incredible and highly original….i thought to myself, I have never heard anyone write/play music like this guy during those early years..i could see why so many people were turned on by his vision…his influence ran deep inside that generation…and it still continues to inspire artists who are open minded to reach out for his music and the influence of the Pink Floyd today…..

    and so today I get the sad news that Syd is gone, and their certainly won’t ever be anyone like him…someone who basically didn’t realize anymore how much of an impact he gave the music world and how the future of music can always look back and recall his name…..his reclusive years were just dealing with his mental illness and not wanting to be surrounded by those people who pressured him to make music and put himself under a spotlight…it was no longer his ambition….he dealt with other issues that even today, we are complicated by….His struggle became a completely lost medical issue that just made it hard to communicate with his friends…yes, sure drug use didn’t help the matter but as a young man you never know what to expect in your youth when you experiment with psychedelics and your young adulthood is kicking in high gear…we’ve all been there…..anyway,it’s not easy to try and explain mental illness…but I can certainly say that before all the madness, there certainly was beauty that will continue to resonate thru our future lives, especially with the impact that the PINK FLOYD has created in Rock Music History…..

    All I can say is Thank you Syd Barrett for changing my life and giving me some sense of direction with music, inspiring the way I approach music….accepting the facts that you could no longer come back to us but yet you will always be here amongst all artists and creativity…You will always shine like the sun…I believe there is a great gig in the sky waiting for you……shine on!!

  110. desde Chile un abrazo afectuoso de los miles de floydianos por el mundo Grande Syd te llevo en el corazon maestro de maestros brilla tu luz desde el mas alla.!!!!!

  111. I’m still in shock. I simply cannot believe it. But I feel in my heart that he is at peace, at last. When I heard, I put on Piper, immediately followed by Wish You Were Here, for him. Here ever after, Syd. You will be missed but never forgotten.

  112. Shine on, Roger. May you find the contentment in the next life that eluded you in this one.

  113. Shine on Syd, you touched so many lives in such a short time.

    My condolences to the Barrett family, to David, Roger, Nick & Richard and to all who knew him.

  114. Syd ha sido para mi una luz brillando mas alla del oceano de tiempo y espacio…, creo que Syd es la mayor inspiracion que puede tener alguien que haya perdido la inspiracion, en lo personal Syd me enseño a perder el miedo, entrar al bosque encontrar la imaginacion y jugar con ella libremente hasta mayo…

    Brilla¡ diamante loco….

  115. Syd’s innocent, spellbinding-beautiful music will live on in my heart forever. He’s been away, but still with us closely. I did not know him, but I will miss him indeed.


  116. Thanks Syd, you brought me music.

    I will always remember your tunes.

    Shine on you true diamond among diamonds…

    V-M, Finland

  117. Alone in the clouds all blue
    Lying on an eiderdown, yippee
    You can’t see me but I can you.

    thank you Syd

  118. Good evening F.ed,

    today is just a sad day. and there is nothing else that we can say.

    My Deep condoleances to his family and the band.


  119. Grande Syd…sigue brillando diamante loco….

    Grande Sir David Gilmour…

    Q.E.P.D Syd Barrett

  120. Although Syd was the inspiration for many of Pink Floyd’s songs, the musical talent and poetic words are from the brilliant minds of those who remain.I also feel that David G and the other members would have had successful careers anyway. Just look at what DG has achieved far away from the image of Syd. In my opinion David was the driving force behind Pink Floyd’s progressive music.

    I don’t mean to minimize Syd’s talent or his contribution to Pink Floyd he gave birth to the band. The music was born from another force.

    I have a great appreciation for Syd’s work he was a musical talent to be respected and remembered. He will be missed by all.

    I especially want to say to Syd’s family, David and the other members of Pink Floyd that I am very sorry for your loss.

    Fed I hope this is not viewed as too controversial to post I mean no disrespect to Mr.Barrett’s memory or his fans.

    “A diamond is a lump of coal that completed its job”

  121. Thanks for all the great music and forming the fantastic band.

    Shine forever on !!

  122. The cadence of time marches on. The sun is the same in a relative way, but we’re older.

    Thank you Syd for touching our lives.


  123. Just got home to the sad news…my thoughts are with family, friends, all those around the Floyd.

    Shine on Syd.

  124. I am so, so saddend by this news. I just can’t believe it.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

    Nobody knows where you are
    How near or how far
    Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

  125. He died on Friday night – I was watching Roger Waters in concert on Friday night. Was it the very moment they played Shine On? The thought gives me goosebumps …

    Rest in peace, and thanks for some of the most loud, bizarre, fascinating, truly amazing music I have ever heard.

  126. Syd was the seed from which all of the Floyd stuff grew.

    We all owe him our heartfelt thanks and I pray for him.

    Thank you Mr Barrett.


  127. Oh Syd, I hope you rest in peace.

    I woke up to the news of your passing and this day I can’t do anything without thinking about it. I’m one of those desperate fans that still pines for a Floyd reunion, but with your death I take the time to realize and respect everything that has come from you and the band. Floyd is my favorite band and I appreciate your influence that impacted the music. Long live Syd Barrett. Wish you were here.

    Your fan,


  128. A true madcap. Without him there would be no Pink Floyd.

    His light will shine forever…

    x x x

  129. I’ll never listen to Wish you were here the same way again.

    So long Syd.

  130. “Why’d ‘ya have to leave me there
    Hanging in my infant air
    You only have to read the lines
    They’re scribbly black and everything shines”

    good luck Syd

  131. ….Moon Shine, Washing Line…..

    Bye Syd, and thanks!

    Vince Carr in London

  132. Im in shock at this news have been all day a sad sad day for music.

    Syds legacy will live on in music forever Shine On and Wish you Were Here really sink in now.

    My thoughts go to Syds family and friends and to David of course they were close friends i believe.

    Shine On everyone long live Syd

    aaron burrows (slough)

  133. I was waiting for this subject to come up, I’ve read earlier this day.


    Shine on, you crazy diamond.

  134. Syd, you will be missed my friend. This is a sad day for us Floydians.

    We’ll miss you and your memory and legacy will “SHINE ON” forever.






  136. Though I can’t eulogize Syd as well as others on this blog, I personally feel a sense of loss on the heels of this sad news. I truly believe that somewhere Syd is at peace surrounded by loved ones who have passed before him.

    Sadly the stories were the first thing to define the man – a sinful rite of passage into becoming a Floyd fan; it would seem that his departure from the public eye did more for Syd personally than it did for his mystique publicly. Delving further into his music was when I started to understand more about Syd personally than a handful of “melting face” stories from my friends.

    Immediately recognizable about Syd’s music was that it was so emotionally direct and unflinching, more than his words could ever convey. The accompanying music only reitterated what Syd’s voice delivered. I personally feel his two lps were masterpieces in their own right, in retrospect his farewell to the public he sought to avoid in his later years.

    Up to a week ago, I had been listening to A Saucerful of Secrets, and though you could still feel the influential grasp on the band, the defining and starkly desperate moment comes at the end of the CD with the haunting Jugband Blues. Man, does that song ever chill me to the bone, as much as it did the first time I ever heard it. Eerie pathos.

    I wish him and his surviving loved ones eternal peace and comfort, with resolution that Syd’s worst days are behind him.


  137. I was shocked when I read the news online today.

    His diamond light is gone but he’ll always be remembered.

    We are all sharing the pain, with His family, His friends, especially David, who was His greatest friend.

    Like I wrote when Syd turned 60, it’s because of Him that our lives soundtrack has always been Pink Floyd.

    Riposa in pace Syd.

  138. Poor Syd. I hope David got a chance to say goodbye.

    “All I ever wanted to do as a kid was play guitar and jump around, but too many people got in the way.” — Syd Barrett

    xo :`(

  139. I am so sorry for the passing of Mr. Barrett. I know that you tried to stay in contact with him, but his health both mentally and physically was a deterrant.

    I will miss him sorely. I also hope that Mr. Waters now completely feels what Syd was for him.

    My heart goes out to you and to his family. His loss is greater than the music world really knows at this point.

    Bless you for keeping his spirit alive. You have always been a musical inspiration for me, and you will continue to be so.

    Thank you David.

  140. Gone from this earth but you will live on for ever. Now a star in the sky- shine on.

  141. I’ll miss you Syd, you have been a great influence to my guitar playing.

    You will always be remembered for the creative genious you were.

    Shine on Syd.

  142. I hope he knew how many of us he touched, even generations on from his records…

    He left his mark and will be forever remembered.

    floating down the sound resounds around the icy water underground…

  143. I was shocked when I heard this horrible news. I then put on Piper followed by Wish You Were Here.

    His words and music will live forever. Luckily he will feel no more pain which he had for most of his life.

    His family and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  144. Like so many people, I never knew him. Just wish I had. I am new to Pink Floyd but love it all just the same.

    David, Roger, Rick and Nick sory for your pain.

    Do us all a favour lads and do it all again one last time. If not for Syd then for everybody who loves you and craves your music.

    Syd is gone but you are not. We need you.

  145. My heart sank when I read the news today.

    I know it would be difficult logistically timewise F.E given the international nature of this blog but perhaps somehow a 30 second silent period could be arranged so us bloggers could collectively honour Syd all at the same time.

  146. A new breath, a new stage, reborn unto a new life. You will be well received and suspect you will start a new style and movement within your new circle.

    You will live long in our hearts, minds and ears.
    Peace be with you…..

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