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You’ve left your messages of thanks and appreciation for Steve DiStanislao, Jon Carin, Dick Parry and Guy Pratt, so today it’s the turn of Mr Richard Wright.

It’s also Richard’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Richard!

Anyone who was fortunate enough to attend one of David’s concerts will tell you that the ovation Richard received when introduced to the audience was extraordinary. So let us know what it meant to you to have Richard on the tour and, if there are a few short words you’d like to forward to Richard, please go ahead.

Who knows? The next time Richard is visiting Guy, he might just be tempted to leave another message for us. (There’s nothing like a little emotional blackmail, is there?)

Author: FEd

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  1. Dear Richard-

    Happiest of Birthdays !!!

    As a longtime fan of yours I just wanted to write and thank you for all the wonderful and legendary music that you have given to the entire world. Being an ivory tickler myself, you have always been my favorite member of Pink Floyd and my all time favorite keyboard player. I have been VERY fortunate to have been able to see you several times in concert including the “Animals” tour in 1977, “The Wall” tour in 1980, “The Momentary “Lapse of Reason” shows and more recently at Radio City Music Hall for the “On An Island” tour.

    The instrumentals are my favorite part of any Floyd record and your wondrously passionate keyboard work is the reason. “Any Colour You Like” and your hauntingly beautiful note selection on “Wish You Were Here” standout especially.

    Your brilliant solo release, “Wet Dream” is one of my favorite records and in constant rotation in my CD player. I have turned so many people on to this record Rick that there may be a royalty issue of some sorts ; ) .

    They all say the same thing, “Brilliant, Great, Fantastic, etc….. I believe it is currently out of print but you should really try to rectify that. On the Pink Floyd boards everyone requests it all the time. “Holiday” and “The Great Gig in The Sky” will be played at my funeral that is how important your work has been to me.

    Thank you sir, for the writing and contributing to some of the greatest music ever recorded and for providing me the glorious soundtrack of my youth.

    Your fan,
    Matt Parish

  2. Hello Richard,

    Congratulations to your birthday.

    Enjoy it.



    We can’t tell you enough times how we really enjoyed seeing you on the Gilmour tour. Your performance, especially at the RAH, was truly amazing! And thanks again for comming out to meet the few of us outside your hotel in Paris on the last evening there…..

    Hope you will do another album as both Wet Dream and Broken China are two of my absolute favorites…

    Hope you’ll enjoy your day! Remember we all love you!

    Best regards

  4. Hear hear god (matts pic)

    Mr Wright you are a total legend, simple as that.

    Many happy returns!

    Great gig, wearing the inside out, summer ’68 and holiday are all classic pieces of work from your good self.

    Can wait for the 5th of August, seeya in Venice! and remember not to cross the street (unless you have a rubber ring handy!!)

  5. I have to say the singing is on it’s way down but the keyboards are still increasing.

    Anyway I loved that Richard was in the band!

    Happy birthday “dude”…

  6. happy birthday, richard. have a lovely day.

    hope you enjoy the european tour. you’re visiting some gorgeous places.

  7. Hi Richard

    A very, very happy birthday to you! Hope you have a great day!! I hope the gang have got you a great big cake!

    I would like to say how I love your work. I think you have an affinity with David, and it shows in the work you do together. “Cluster”, “Marooned” “Echoes” and “Us and Them” are my absolute favourite Pink Floyd numbers. “Us and Them” is such a gorgeous piece of music, and I have been playing that track a lot lately.

    Thanks for all the wonderful music you have created down through the years and I hope you will continue to do so for many more.

    I hope you are enjoying the tour, and keep on rocking!

  8. Happy Birthday Richard. Thank you for all your years of hard work. Thank you for continuing on through tough times (just read back interviews through the “Broken China” era and man that had to be tough). Your work is much more greatly appreciated than I think you understand. After all what would “Time” be without your vocals. And “Summer 68′” is one of my favorite Floyd tunes of all time. And having rewatched (Again!!!) the “David Gilmour in concert” DVD, “Breakthrough” is breathtaking, even still. And we won’t even get into “Great Gig” and “Us and Them” those are just classics. Especially “Wearing the Inside Out” that particular tune strikes a chord with me.

    So Richard here is to a wonderful career. Thank you for all the great music and I hope you continue on for a while still.

    Thank you very much indeed, Good night to you

  9. Joyeux Anniversaire Mr Wright

    Thank you for all those years I spend with your and the band’s music

    Have a nice day and take care

  10. Happy Birthday Rick. I’m celabrating by buying tickerts to see Muse. Not quite David Gilmour et al but still very good.

    Anyhoos, have a great day and all that, don’t forget that you’re always welcome in sunny Huddersfield if you want to come and give me private piano tuition…No? Oh well, don’t blame you.

    x x x

  11. Very best wishes on your birthday, Richard….

    The recent RAH shows were such a showcase for your talents. You had me mesmerised with your keyboards for the entire show (but Arnold Layne and Echoes in particular) and showed what a fantastic artist you are. You absolutely nailed the vocal parts and blew EVERYONE’S mind with your hands.

    In the few interviews that I’ve heard you give, I love your candour. You’re a straight shooter, and seem to wear your heart on your sleeve – both of which I find admirable. “What a long strange trip its been” as another head once said – and you’ve been with PF since the beginning, helping steer the music to the place we all love.

    Once again, a very very happy birthday and thanks from me for everything…but especially the first ‘ping’ of Echoes 🙂



    p.s. If you do happen to post, please do let us all know what you and the rest of the band thought of David’s little Dark Sphere ‘excursion’ 🙂

  12. Happy birthday Richard!

    Some of my most favorite Pink Floyd music is when just you and David are playing together- parts of Shine On you Crazy Diamond, Cluster One, Echoes. It’s like listening to two people having a conversation.

    I wish I had been able to see the present OAI band when you were in the states and I am looking forward to the DVD. All that great music with you as the keyboard player is magic!!

    Have a wonderful, joyous and healthy birthday!

  13. Happy birthday, Richard, master of ivory and ebony!

    I wish you all the best, good health, and always the possibility and a lot of fun in making the music of your choice. Have a nice day with your familiy and friends!

  14. Happy Birthday Mr. Richard Wright,

    You do a really great job, I was very lucky to be able to see you on the first 2 RAH nights.
    I especially remember Wearing The Inside Out from 29 (something exceptional) as well as Arnold Layne from 30. On Polish Radio Programme 3 Your’s birthday was celebrated with 2 songs from Broken China and of course Wearing… from London 2006 concert. Something unforgetable.

    Looking forward to see You again in Gdansk at the end of August.

    Please accept all the best wishes and enjoy Your Birthday

    Tomasz, Poznan, Poland


    I hope you’ll have a wonderful day! I think touring with this fantastic band could be a good way to celebrate a birthday. For celebrate your birthday, I’ll make for you a lot of ovations during Florence’s show! I can remember how much applauses you had when, in Rome, David said your name! You deserve all of them! HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY! I wish you a lot of happiness!

    And I hope the others band’s members are going to celebrate you in a fantastic way! To say about what a great musician you are, I’ll wait for your “what you think about” page!

    At last, I hope you and the band enjoyed really much yestarday night. Good luck for the others tour’s dates!



  16. CAPTION: “Rick holds aloft that dark globe in tribute to a lost genius”

    RICK WRIGHT: The Pink Floyd sound has many different lairs to make it magical but none more so than David’s guitar and voice harmonised with Rick’s keyboards . To me that is the Pink Floyd sound. If anybody disagees please listen to the Final Cut.

    Rick you are a Legend.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  17. The same people that have put out ‘Dub Side of the Moon’ have also turned their hand to Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ (Radiodread). Am just listening to it now, and knowing that there are quite a few Radiohead fans here (DG, Lucia, FEd to name a few?), thought I’d point it out. Good fun and really well done. Enjoy 🙂


  18. So, FEd, I write again…how should we say? The show must go on! I hope my post for Richard was good enough for you! I hope it was what you was expecting from me! Should I image you didn’t agree about my suggestion? However, I’ll continue to support you in this blog and I’ll try to follow your rules…probably not with the same passion but with serenity…I’m just disappointed because I feel a lot a “customer”….but you have to do your job and you do it in a good way!

    Have a great day, my dear!


  19. Dear Mr. Wright,

    A very happy birthday and many returns to you.

    I have always greatly admired the sense of emotion and the ‘nuances’ in your play. The subtle changes in vibratoes and tremoloes. Simply splendid and unarguably an important part of Floyd’s catching atmosphere.

    My absolute favourites : “Great gig in the sky” and “Breakthrough” with Mr. Gilmour back in 2002. Spinal shivers and goosebumps. Every time. To me, that is what music is about.

    I truely hope you will continue to do that for another many years.

    I remember singing “Happy Birthday” to you with the audience in Chantilly twelve years ago. So Muenchen, Vienne, Firenze and Venice audiences, start rehearsing !

    My best regards,

    — Nice cheeky one on the emotional blackmail, FEd 😉

  20. Dear Fed,

    Just some words for our Richard (do we know others Richard?!), to tell him how he belongs to our lives, our dreams, our tears or our laughs, just like David, and to say happy birthday, it’s only the beginning…

    Take care..

    Ikkar, with love


    I always considered you as one of my favourite musicians ever. Your contribution to Pink Floyd music is fundamental and makes of you my favourite band member.

    I always loved your compositions as well as your masterful, subtle, playing. The sound of your keyboards along with David Gilmour’s unsurpassed guitar creates the sound we loved for all of these years.

    Your solo albums are also very special to me, and both Wet Dreams and the wonderful Broken China are amongst my favourite albums ever.

    I obviously heard the rumours about your new solo album, and I hope they are true and that you are indeed working on a new masterpiece: nothing would be better for me (aside a new album from Pink Floyd, that is ;-))

    I’m from Italy so I am going to see you and David perform in Venice, next friday and in the meantime I’m enjoying the Pulse DVD.

    So allow me to wish you again all the best for you, your family and your work. And THANK YOU, Richard, for everything you did so far and you’ll do in the future.

    Tanti cari auguri,

  22. Happy Birthday Richard!!!!!

    Just a note to say thank you for all the beautiful music you gave us over the years……

    Was just listening to “Summer ’68” and got the goosebumps again, just like everytime I hear “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, especially the beautiful beginning & the outro on part 9….., which to me is just perfect.

    You rightly deserved that tremedous applause in Glasgow when you were introduced…..

    Have a great day!!!!!!!!

  23. Ciao Richard,

    If you will here someone shouting “BRAVO RICHARD” in Florence it will be me.

    Your liquid keyboards were always great. We all know what you have done with Pink floyd, but you know that you made “the divison bell” a good album with “wearing the inside out”?. Sorry David, but that was the best track of the entire album.

    Happy brithday and….how many???


  24. Happy birthday, Mr. Richard Wright, the soul of Pink Floyd!

    I still remember those years in my teens, when I was crazily looking for your “Zee” album in the music stores all around Europe. And how happy I felt when I managed to get a digital copy of it!!! (I’m still trying to buy the original record)

    As a tribute for your birthday, I’ve been listening today to Zabriskie Point sessions. I recommend this record for all those who still can’t appreciate how much Mr. Wright has been essential for PF sound. His raw piano playing here, which was the seed for the later Us and Them, still thrills me.

    I was glad to see you enjoying playing at the RAH and I hope this will be a trigger for you to continue a loooong and fascinating solo career.

    I could write huge post just to express my admiration for you, but FEd will probably ban me 🙁

    All the best in this special day!!!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Rick!

    Your contribution to the music of Pink Floyd is really underrated. Syd gets the recognition for “Piper at the gates of dawn,” but it’s your vocals and solos that make the album for me (no offense intended to the inimitable Syd).

    Songs like See Saw and Summer 68 are very special to me, as are your music for “Great Gig in the Sky” and “Us and Them.” “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond” would not have been the same at all. Let’s not forget your work on “Division Bell” and, of course, “On An Island.”

    Thank you for 40 years of music, Richard Wright. Your music has touched my life in a big way.

    Happy Birthday to you.

  26. Happy birthday, Richard! I echo what’s already been said. No one’s mentioned ‘Paintbox’ though. I love that track. Your contribution to ‘Atom Heart Mother’ deseveres a mention, too.

    So have a good one and thank you for all that you’ve given us down the years. We appreciate it.

    As a huge fan of Syd’s, a special thank you for doing ‘Arnold Layne’ on this tour.

  27. Happy birthday Richard!

    Thank you for all your music. You and David complement each other perfectly both instrumentally and vocally. It was a great pleasure to see you perform at the RAH.

    Enjoy the rest of the tour.

  28. Dear Richard

    A happy birthday from germany, wish you all the best.

    And thank you so much for your music.

    Best regards

  29. Congratulations, Richard !!!

    Keep going strong, and best of luck !

    Greetings from Belgrade & Copenhagen.

    Nebojsa Lalatovic

  30. Dear Richard –

    Hopes For A Very Happy Birthday, Indeed!

    It seems so little for someone who’s given so much, but know that it comes from the heart. I’ve been a fan of yours, Davids and the Floyd for more years than I’d like to admit; and you have never failed to impress.

    I’m especially fond of many of your early works (Summer of 68, Remember a Day, Paintbox and It Would Be So Nice). Though my all time favourite song is probably Echoes, which you and David sang as beautifully on this most recent OAI tour as you two did in Pompeii. The rich harmonious blending of your voices has provided decades of pleasure! You two are truly the melodic half of the Pink Floyd.

    Finally, I would like to take a moment to complement you on your extraordinary musicianship. When some/most early works (Echoes included) long instrumentals built to a cacophonous crescendo, broke, then it was you at the piano or keyboard that brought it all back together for a melodic conclusion. So many songs simply couldn’t exist as we know them without you. The importance of your contribution to the Floyd simply cannot be overstated.

    So, Thank You for all the years of joy you’ve brought, and may this be a remarkable year for you… May all your wishes come true.

    (UK and L.A.)


    You are the most wonderful Hammond, Piano and Keyboard player I have ever heard! And I have heard quite a few, your playing has moved my emotions more times than I can remember.

    You are just one year shy of being twice my age Richard!! So that must mean you are at least twice as good as me at everything. And at least 10000, 00000 times better at playing keyboards than I am! As I don’t even know my black keys from my white ones! One black key has half the sound of one white one right?

    So if you play 2 black keys at the same time you get one whole white note.

    Who said 2 half black ones don’t make a white ;o)

    Errrm do you do lessons Richard? My guitar only has all silver strings on it!

    Thanks again for my prize FEd and SNed I am enjoying it immensely :o)

  32. Happy Birthday Richard, thank you very much for giving us your music.

    I’ll raise my glass to you tonight 😉

  33. Indeed, a very Happy Birthday Richard- you’ve long been an under-rated part of the Floyd’s musical history, I feel.

    And how good must David’s rendition of ‘Dark Globe’ have been?

    (Offers to sell own nuts into slavery to get this track included on the DVD!)

  34. Hi Rick! Or should I say Richard? Anyway: a very, very, very happy birthday to you! And thank you so much for your music! As someone wrote before, you created the soundtrack of my life. I have always been a Floyd fan and to me you ARE Pink Floyd.

    Just listened to the WYWH album and your keyboard parts blow me away every time I listen to it. I’ve seen you on David’s tour in Hamburg and Amsterdam and it was good to hear you singing ‘Wearing The Inside Out’, I love that song, your voice and your sound! Also loved your singing on ‘Arnold Layne’ at Jools Hollands show.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to a new solo-record!

    All the best,

  35. Congratulations Richard!

    There’s a lot of people that really appreciate your work and your strong contribution to Pink Floyd. We are all looking forward to your solo album.

    Good luck to you.

    All the best,

  36. I am not able to use the right words for thanking Mr. Richard Wright. Let me just say you are a part of my life, your music, your words and your English way….

    Just a question: how much are you enjoying performing ECHOES? I do remember the “plin” in Milano…and Carin was throwing on your’s feet….

    Thank you for being there, for performing live, for sharing with the fans your life…

    I am seeing you in a few days, that’s fantastic..

    by the way, happy birthday, of course….

  37. Happy Birthday Richard!

    Thanks for the all the music and memories over the years!

    I hope there is more to come (perhaps a small US tour with your pending solo albulm?)

    More importantly, I hope the year finds you, Millie and everyone around you healthy and happy

    Best Regards!


  38. hi Mr. Wright!!! happy birthday!

    I just want to tell you that the synth part of Shine On You Crazy Diamond “PART IX” is absolutly incredible…………….

    will you ever play it in Venice? 🙂

  39. bit random, but click the link and answer a few questions to see which pink floyd member you are…

    apparently I am David Gilmour!!

    I’m off down the town to buy a strat.

    If I really was David Gilmour I’d probably never leave the house, just play play play aaaah. Shine on.

  40. M. Wright, I have waited for a long time for a blog entry dedicated to you !

    I very appreciate when you are playing with M Gilmour, I think you are both together the soul and the heart of PF.

    I enjoyed very much in 2002 in Paris when you sang and played ‘Breaktrough’ with David and this year in Paris again when you sang and played ‘Wearing the inside out’, I felt such a great complicity between you two !

    I will be so happy if I can see you on Monday too…

    I wish you a happy birthday, a wonderful day with your family.

    I’m waiting for your new album (I heard about it ) with impatience !


    – sorry, out off topic: I don’t like the new Lucia, too serious and too docile…

  41. Happy Birthday Richard,

    I’m sure this one IS one of your happiest, at least you seem to be really enjoying life at the moment, if your performances with David are anything to go by…

    Even though it may be a Summer Elegy, because of Syd’s passing, I trust you are having a Sweet July and that you enjoy your stay in the Blue Room In Venice.

    I “echo” the calls for you to re-release WET DREAM, it’s a really underrated album and sadly I don’t have it on CD :0(

    Has all this work with David inspired you to go into the recording studio…

    I know of some illustrious people you could cajole onto the road in 2007 (no I don’t mean the Barn Band either…) sorry Bianca, no offence intended ;0)

  42. Many happy returns to Richard Wright.

    Richard Wright is a magician. His music invokes images in the minds eye which are in direct accord with what his musical composition is all about.

    Take Sisyphus for example on Ummagumma. His music in this composition conjures up visions of Tartarus and one can envisage Sisyphus rolling his stone up the hill and hear it entering the door with the rivers of the Elysian Fields on the outside and just as Sisyphus is about to push the stone outside in his bid to freedom (Richard’s magic hand strikes the keyboard dramatically – ddduuuuuuuuuhhhhhh) and then the stone rolls back again down into Tartarus.

    He keyboard playing is very evocative on many Floyd compositions.

    Richard, you are a genius.

    Best regards.

  43. Happy Birthday Rick! I don’t know what to say other than thanks for all the great music over the years. Your music has moved me in more ways that I can say.

  44. Happy Birthday Richard,

    It was wonderful to see you perform in May.

    I love your piano playing and i’m really glad that you’ve rediscovered your love of perfoming.

    Looking forward to seeing you play again, and to the new album.

    Have a good day


  45. Happy birthday,Mr.Wright!!

    I think that you and David Gilmour are really the soul of the band for all these years.

    See you at Firenze( I’d like to listen to ‘Wearing the inside out’…)


  46. Richard, I’ve played piano since I could reach the keys at age two, and your style has certainly been an inspiration to me. If David is “the voice and guitar” of Pink Floyd, then you must be the creamy icing on the top. I loved hearing and seeing you at Radio City – it was a real dream come true. Wishing you a very wonderful birthday with much love.


  47. Richard, it was wonderful to see you at the Mermaid theatre so obviously enjoying your playing and providing that unique style and substance to David’s band.

    Take it easy and keep on rocking…in a mellowed out sort of way!

  48. have a great bd Richard. may you have many healthy more!

    it was great to see Richard w/ David this go around. a true musical artist.

    i hope to see more of all in the future.


  49. Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

    I was listening to something I recorded the other day and realizing how much your style has influenced me. Thanks for that, and thanks for the great time during this tour…I can’t tell you how much fun it was watching you spank those keys into submission and especially so during ‘Echoes’!!!!

    Your Dominican-American Fan from the Bronx, NY


  50. Happy Birthday Richard !

    Very happy to see you on David’s album and tour and hope to see you again soon.

  51. Joyeux Anniversaire Rick !

    I’m glad I’ll see you on Vienne next monday. I really appreciate your Wearing the Inside Out at the Olympia, Paris, on march.

    One of my deepest wish is to hear live on stage some songs like See Saw or Summer’68… Maybe, one day… J’espere !


  52. Richard, I hope you can enjoy your holiday while your are a guest here in beautiful Austria. All the best wishes!

    I liked the show yesterday a lot, it was great. Though I missed the song “Wearing the inside out” that was on the setlist at previous concerts. I was very much looking foreward to it, as I like the tune and the voice of “Mister Richard Wright, a legend” (as he was introduced by David yestarday ar Clam).

    Hope to see you again some day,

  53. Richard “Fingers” Wright

    Pen blwydd hapus!… Happy Birthday from a Welshman in Toronto…

  54. Happy Birthday Mr Wright!

    Pink Floyd has been a rollercoaster of emotions for you, and seeing that now the relationship with the band (after the 94 tour) and the captain (david and his solo tour) is brilliant, I hope you have energy enough for making yet another brilliant solo effort, and even a tour.

    A great deal of the Floyd sound is yours man, dont let anyone say the contrary 🙂

  55. Caption Competition

    No-one really knew why the Police Officers had to hold Richard at gunpoint as they arrested him…

  56. I would like to wish you a very happy birthday Richard. I’ve always thought you were fabulous; creating that typical, beautiful Floyd-sound together with David, but you made me cry with happiness in Amsterdam and London recently during Echoes. Thanks!

  57. Guitar Tab of “On An Island”.

    The Amazon Canada site has an entry for the Guitar Tab of On An Island, but its listed as currently unavailable.

    What’s the scoop?


    [There isn’t one. There will be a book coming out and when we have the official date, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  58. There are some nasty folks who say that you and Nick are interchangeable in Pink Floyd and not really essential…

    That is a pack of lies…

    I think you have defined soooo much of the PF sound over the much as David has. I really cannot imagine PF without you. They maybe able to try and imitate you but you are the ORIGINAL!!

    Happy Birthday Rick!

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Your Wet Dream CD is my fav solo PF work

  59. Happy Birthday MR Richard Wright!!!!

    Have a good one.You were absolutely fantastic at the Royal Albert Hall and you played wearing the inside out on my concert!!!

    You were also brilliant during Echoes!!!

    Thanks for your excellent contibution to Gilmour’s concerts.

  60. Happy Birthday Richard

    When i begun playing keyboards 10 years a go in a band. Me and my brother’s. I was the keyboard player of the band, i had to study because i liked very mutch the sound Hammond B3 and Rhodes sound. You where my primary inspiration, the Hammond B3 Rich Wright Trade Mark sound …

    I brought your “Broken China” album, really great. A bit of dark ambient music but there is “The Pink Floyd Sound” in there.

    Another thing i like you is your voice, we all know that you don’t feel to comfortable with it, but without it the music Echoes didn’t had that emotional impact that it has.

    Thank you for your music and Happy Birthday


    Rui Monteiro

  61. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Richard Wright!

    I just got off the phone wishing my mother a happy birthday and then opened the blog and wow it’s your b-day too! I am disappointed with myself that I didn’t know it was your b-day after all these years and memories.

    Thank you so very much for being an essential force in my memories. I know you are preparing to work on your next solo album, so drag David, Guy and the rest of the group out on the road with you. Trust me, this Floyd/Gilmour community will support you and make your tour a success as well!

    Stephen Rado
    NY, USA

  62. Happy Birthday to one of the finest keyboard players in music–Mr. Richard Wright.

    Your playing has always added the right colors and textures to Pink Floyd’s music and on your solo albums as well. Wether it was sparring with Syd Barrett on early gems like Interstellar Overdrive and See Emily Play or adding the right shades for David to play over on Mudmen, Wish You Were Here or the atmospheres on Poles Apart, you’ve always been the right guy for the job.

    Shine On Richard and may you be around to celebrate many, many more!

  63. Michèle, my dear! I’m here! Reading all your posts and enjoying myself doing that! I didn’t want to be too serious or too docile! I’m just ok! Should I be more aggressive? And make FEd angry? NO!!! I’m just reading and having pleasure from the blog! Probably I already have been too much argumentative and who am I to do it!

    HAVE A GREAT DAY AND ENJOY!!!! (I said that loud, so I wasn’t too much serious and docile!)


  64. Hi everyone! Happy birthday Mr. Wright. Many years to live…

    Has Dave any plan to come to Brazil??? Please come to Brazil just once… There are many many fans here…


    [No plans, sorry. – Features Editor]

  65. Ciao,

    RIPPER: I was Syd Barrett!! the result said I am moody…and even if it is just a joke, it is true!! hehehe

  66. Happy Birthday Richard!

    I just want to say what an inspiration you have been to me and millions of others. It was a dream come true to have seen you perform at the Royal Albert Hall in May, and it was great to be a part of the wonderful ovations you received.

    Thanks for everything!

    Peace, David.

  67. glorious,

    my computer is super slow, so i get to say happy birthday Rick Wright again, hurrah!!

    Happy birthday


  68. Richard:

    Happy Birthday to a cornerstone of the Pink Floyd sound! Hope that all is well with you and your family.

    Sadly, I don’t have any of your solo albums, I wish I did – I’m going to keep looking for them.

    Keep having fun on David’s tour. Loved your work at Massey Hall. Thanks for everything!

  69. Happy Birthday Richard !

    It was such a pleasure to see you play at the RAH, and to see you so enjoying playing. Two dreams came true – Great Gig, the greatest song ever, with you at the keys and that first ping of Echoes ! Electrifying.

    Hope to be able see you again.


  70. All good wishes to you, Richard, on your birthday! You are the best! Hope your day is a very happy one!

  71. Thanks so much for your fantastic evocative touch on Pink Floyd’s keyboards, Mr Wright. We have all dreamed with your sophisticated style in playing piano, hammond and synths in these 40 years of great music.

    Long life to you, have a nice time and Happy Birthday

  72. Richard,

    That I would just like to say it would be so nice if I could echo the above sentiments.

    But no one knows what I did today so against all the odds there can be no other way to remember a day.

    All the best on your birthday
    Pete – Coventry

    (I must stop this lunchtime drinking !)

  73. “Thought I’d something more to say…”

    Imagine these songs without the invaluable contributions from the original “Mr. Wright”

    The Great Gig in The Sky
    Ticking ( Every year is getting shorter…)
    Us and Them
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I–V and Parts VI–IX
    Nobody Home
    Any Colour You Like

    and so many, many more…

    If David is the voice, and Roger the brain then it could truly be argued that Richard is the heart of Pink Floyd…

    Thank you sir,

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  74. Dear Richard,I would like to thank you for your huge contribution to music.

    I am 16 years old and first came across you when i heard Wearing The Inside Out from The Division Bell album, how much that changed my C.D. collection. I now own Broken China, Identity and my personal favourite Wet Dream.

    I hope you enjoy today and take Time to pause, consider what you’ve done (its an awful alot)The wind is blowing, so go take a holiday! youve deserved it!:P

    Keep Composing!

    Happy Returns

  75. OK! My moment arrived!

    So, DEAR RICHARD! There are really words enough to say how much great is your contribution in music world, in Pink Floyd albums and in David Gilmour’s shows? The title of a song you know very well and play in a way that seems a daydreaming is the best way to explain what a fanastic musician you are: “The Great Gig In The Sky”. But the others are not less wonderful! I love piano and I love your piano!

    Have you ever think about a Richard Wright piano solo tour? I will be there! And, of course, if you’d add to the piano a bit of your sweet voice the result could be unforgettable! And David could be a wonderful guest star! You could do Echoes…at Rome it was simply incredible! Your presence in David tour was a fantastic gift for us! Thanks a lot! I wish you 100 of this days and…see you for the Richard Wright piano solo tour!

    With honest admiration
    Thanks for all!


    P.S. I was forgetting…thanks for posting here some months ago…it was incredible! You made us very happy!

  76. Richard,

    All of us around the world stand and cheer for you at the shows and also today on your birthday.

    Thank you for all of the great years, music and memories.


  77. Richard,

    All of us around the world stand and cheer for you at the shows and also today on your birthday.

    Thank you for all of the great years, music and memories.


  78. Happy Birthday Mr Wright.

    Thank you for it all.

    May it all be plain sailing from now on in.

  79. longue vie à vous david et richard.

    longue à vie à cet enchantement qu’est votre musique!

  80. Fed,any news on a new Richard Wright tour or album? As i am aware he did not ever do a Broken China tour…

    [No, sorry. We wouldn’t know, as we manage David only. – Features Editor]

  81. CAPTION: Richard decided to start a one man Mexican wave on his birthday.

    Happy birthday, have fun.

  82. Happy Birthday, and don’t take too long on the new solo album – the last two were great!

    (he is working on one right, I didn’t just dream that news did I?)

  83. Happy Birthday Mr. Wright

    Having just listened to “Wish You Were Here” again in Syds honour, just always marvel at the soul in your playing. That album just makes me cry everytime,(it’s a good cry though!)

    I will listen to “Wet Dream” in your honour today for sure! Have a Happy Birthday and come back to the States soon!

    Much Love and peace
    Joe Auger
    Rhode Island USA

  84. Richard,

    I hope you have a very happy birthday!

    Let’s get out the ole thesaurus to describe your contribution to music: indelible, lasting, permanent, memorable, beautiful, evocative (and hundreds of words more).

    The minute I heard the piano chords from ‘Us & Them’ and ‘Great Gig’ was the minute my auditory DNA was re-mapped. You could have stopped there in securing your lasting reputation as far I am concerned, but your sometimes overt and sometimes subtle contributions to the songs and compositions that came before and followed after are every bit as important. Thank You.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer and upcoming performances. I hope you are having a blast!


  85. Finally, the quiet genius in the corner gets his deserved praise. Richard you rock, it’s as simple as that you give something when you play that is uncomparable and well you’re just great.

    I may not be able to articulate in any other way but I’m sure the rest of the bloggers will, we love you and a very happy birthday.

  86. Best wishes and a very happy birthday to Mr Wright.
    Many more!

    I was SO happy to see you performing with David this year. Grateful for your talents and the opportunity for my son to be able to see a legend in our own time. I can’t stop talking about the show or stop listening to the music, and, I never will.

    Thank you.

  87. Happy Birthday to you, Mr Wright. Its been an amazing musical journey you’ve brought us along on. In addition to the your great work with Pink Floyd, I was immediately blown away by your Wet Dreams lp which is still one of my favorite solo works by a member of the Floyd. Here’s hoping the process of making your newest album is as glorious as your past recorded and onstage contributions!

    With regards,

  88. [Some of my most favorite Pink Floyd music is when just you and David are playing together- parts of Shine On you Crazy Diamond, Cluster One, Echoes… It’s like listening to two people having a conversation]

    It’s exactly what I think – Great Music! and I like also your beeing so discreet as if you were afraid to impose yourself. I remember some of your interviews or when you enter into stage in Gilmour in Concert.

    I’m happy to have had the opportunity to see you in Rome, the ovation you received was moving.

    I whish you all the best (and for us many of your returns on stage).

    Happy birthday!


  89. Happy Birthday Rick !!

    One of the fondness memories of my life was meeting you back in the early 70’s. You were so kind. Did you know YOU were the cute one in the band, so say many of my friends. You still are very handsome.

    I hope you are still sailing. I’ve always had the dream of sailing on the ‘steel breeze’ someday.

    Good health and happiness to you!!

  90. HB RW!!!

    I don’t think the sentiment can get any shorter than that. Well, unless you take the “W” off.

    Thanks for all the great music you helped create over the years and to this day. It was great to see you back “on tour” and performing with David.

    Looking forward to a role reversal of a Richard Wright solo project with David Gilmour supporting. One can always dream…

    Enjoy the day.


  91. Dear Mr Wright,

    Many many many fond wishes on your birthday!

    I’ve always loved your musicianship and songwriting abilities, and I think your work on the Hammond organ is truly unique and inspiring. No one else plays that instrument quite like you – and it’s marvellous to hear your unique style grace the title track to David Gilmour’s new album. Very wonderful!

    On a personal note, I must confess that your musicianship has changed my life in two ways: first, it drew me to playing the keyboards when I was a teenager (I scrambled to get a little Hammond ‘M’ organ when I was fourteen); and second, your playing – with all those altered chords and passing tones – truly brought me to the world of jazz and blues. I don’t know how many musicians have told me that your playing turned them on to Miles Davis for the first time, and I am no exception!

    My best wishes and fondest regards. You are a truly unique musician and our modern contemporary music is so much richer for you being a part of it!

  92. Richard,

    Now here is a confession. I haven’t heard your solo work. Oh the shame of it – I shall remedy if you will re-issue!

    Although I’m drawn to the DG / PF sound essentially by the guitar, I also know that it is no coincidence that my favourite albums are those where you make a strong contribution also – I remember you saying that even though the Wall was not the “happiest days of our lives”, you thought you played well and the live album is a testament to that.

    I can see also that you are an important part of the “warmth” that has personified David’s recent outings and I had not until recently appreciated the importance of your vocal contributions either.

    Boy oh boy I can’t wait for the DVD to see for myself Echoes etc.

    But as crowning glories go, The Great Gig remains my absolute favourite piece of music. Is it Matt up the page who said it would be played at his funeral? Mine too. It’s just a shame I won’t be there to hear it!

  93. Happy Birthday Mr. Wright. I for one was so thrilled when I heard you were a part of David’s tour, and I was ecstatic when I heard Echoes was in the setlist. You are a talented musician and I am such a fan!

    I have been without electrical power for seven days, just got it back yesterday. Lots to catch up on!

    Its hot here in the midwest part of the U.S.

    Love ya,

  94. Happy Birthday Richard!!

    Thank you for all the wonderful music you have created and played!!!!

    Pink Floyd would NOT have been what it is without you!!!!!

    Just like David you have a very unique sound!!

  95. g R eat gig in the sky
    I t would be so nice
    C luster one
    w H at’s uh the deal
    A new machine
    b R eathe
    D ogs

    W earing the inside out
    R emember a day
    I n the flesh
    G reen is the colour
    H oliday
    T icking

  96. Hi Richard and Happy Birthday –

    I’ve been floored by your music for the past 30 years. I have heard that you are thinking of another solo album – that would be such a fantastic treat for us. I loved your previous solo outings. In particular, Wet Dream is just such a beautiful sounding record – I always go back to it. I’m at EMI in New York and I certainly hope that, unlike On an Island, that we have shot at working your solo album here in the States. I would do all I could to make that happen!

    Coincidentally, I am listening to the Zabriskie outtakes as I type this – your solo piano pieces are mesmerizing.

    I was in the audience at the XM David Gilmour taping and I was the one that asked the question about what it was like for him to be playing and singing with you again. He answered as I had hoped he would – that he was enjoying it very much and he agreed that you two sound so well together.

    There certainly is no denying it – I am thinking of the harmonies of course on “Echoes” – but also, if you recall, “Burning Bridges” from Obscured by Clouds. David sings a verse, then you do, then you harmonize together – it is pure heaven to listen to that piece. I was thrilled to have David include “Wots..” in the set list, “Burning Bridges” is another lost classic… as is “Stay” – it is a favorite LP of mine.

    Not to harp on the past, but it cracks me up when I hear you dismiss some of your earlier work. Certainly “Summer 68” is one of my favorite Floyd tracks, but I also love “See Saw”. It has a naive charm and melancholic way about it that is pure late 60’s English pastoral pop. “Paintbox” also is a CLASSIC. I love that track. I can go on and on…I hear your influence on a lot of the indie pop bands that I listen to believe it or not….I suppose I could go on and on…

    You currently sound and look better than ever – your keyboards have been fantastic on this tour, very inspired. thanks for the years I’ve spent enjoying your work.

    One last thing – Did you write “Two of a Kind”? I would guess that you did around the time that you wrote the Adam Mike and Tim B-Side. Oh, and do you recall Chimera?


  97. Dear Mr.Wright,

    happy birthday and have a nice day.

    Thank you for your masterpieces , i follow you all since the 70 s ….Your music is unforgettable
    The great Gig in the sky is always my best underground-music in my pc while I’m working

    it amazing to be able to see you and your Friends finally at the next event in Venice
    I waited so a long time!

    You all are a fundamental part of the history of Music

    Thanks again and have a great time

  98. Mr Wright,

    No words can express your genius. You Rock!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  99. Just done that quiz thing and I am also David Gilmour which is odd as I can neither sing nor play the guitar.

    Maybe we should make a film called “Being David Gilmour” where there’s a door in my flat that opens into David’s head OR even better, a door in my flat that opens and David Gilmour is behind it waiting to teach me guitar and have a cup of tea.

    Well gotta get back to the crazy people’s institute

    Again Happy Birthday Rick (I won’t go into my latest Idea for a film called “Being Richard Wright” as that stick is quite sharp)

    x x x

  100. Happy Birthday Rich,

    I was one of the thousands giving you a standing ovation April 9th. It brought so much happiness and joy to the building to see you perform with David, I felt a sence of completeness to see two members of Pink Floyd perform together. Thank you very much indeed. 🙂 *cheers*

    Peace, Love and Happiness



  102. Happy Birthday, Richard –

    I won’t go into detail about how much I love your work, both in and out of Floyd, or I’d be taking up the rest of the blog space.

    I’ve been watching Us and Them and Great Gig from PULSE alot lately. It just seems like you and David have a great time playing with each other. Of course the pair of you have been burning up the stage over the last six months.

    Have a happy birthday and relax after the tour is over. I hope that we will be seeing you again down the road.

  103. Hi Rick,

    many happy returns of the day – congratulations for your birthday. I am happy with you that you be a member of David’s band in this year. I like your music very much (even your solo albums) and I love your piano playing but especally your synthezizer parts on so many tracks. I have you seen on some Pink Floyd concerts during the years and together with David in Francfourt, March, 18th,. And I am looking foreward to see you again – I hope not for the last time!! – tomorrow in Munich.

    best regards, Klaus

  104. Happy Birthday Mr. Richard!!!

    Your sound is ONE…I’ll see you soon in Vienne.

    Turin Italy

  105. Caption Competition

    Richard shocked some of the band members when he chose to play the keyboard break on Wot’s… Uh The Deal whilst shouting “look no hands”

    Sorry…. sorry…. 🙂

  106. [To me that is the Pink Floyd sound. If anybody disagees please listen to the Final Cut. – Geoff Duffy]

    Right on! Geoff has it right. The Final Cut, although good, has Roger’s signature all over it. PF always sounded the best when all members gave input. See Dark Side and The Division Bell…It’s been a few months since I read it, but I remember Nick Mason mentioning in “Inside Out” that the music just didn’t sound right without Rick Wright at the organ.

    Beautiful music! Have a fantastic Birthday!

    Peace, Julie

  107. A Very Happy Birthday to You, Mr. Richard Wright!

    The rare ability to produce such organic sounds from electronic instruments (particularly the old Farfisa organ in those early days), the brilliant playing and singing, and knowing how to play with time and space like Miles Davis, B.B. King, Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, among very few others, makes you a Supreme Musician in my book! If you keep playing music, I’ll keep listening. Cheers!

    Bill C.

  108. Happy Birthday to Richard Wright!

    I first saw Pink Floyd play in 1970, at a short-lived venue near San Francisco called Pepperland.

    The concert was an incredible experience for me and my friends. We were all 18 at the time and Pink Floyd was still a distinctly minority taste in California at the time. We all came away convinced that this (Pink Floyd) was the real deal: psychedelic music (and more) that was beautiful, interesting, experimental and…extremely well played.

    Mr. Wright made an enormous impression, as did the other members of the group. And as the unfortunate trend of so-call prog rock took off with keyboardists wearing capes and performing rather mindless arpeggios merely to show how fast their fingers could fly across the keys, Richard Wright’s achievement in the context of Pink Floyd seemed all the more remarkable.

    Last April, the same friends and I had a chance to see David Gilmour play and one of the highlights for all of us was the perfomance of Echoes. Not only did David Gilmour shine (and all credit to him as well for all his music through the years and for caring about Syd Barrett in a compassionate way), but so did Richard Wright.


  109. Mr. Wright! It is a great privilege and an honor to be able to slip you a quick message. I can’t possibly thank you enough for your vital contributions to the Pink Floyd sound over these many years. Your unmistakable talent and musical tastes have helped forge the identity of THE greatest band on the planet.

    There are a million highpoints I’d love to mention, but being limited in space I’ll select a slightly obscure one: your segments on the Making of The Dark Side Of The Moon DVD. I thought what was shown of ‘The Violent Sequence’ (along with the scenes in the movie you played to) was probably the most poignant marriage of music and image I can recall. And there have been TONS with Pink Floyd! It was stunningly good!

    Along those same lines, your passion for music was perfectly displayed in a comment made on a particular chord found on Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue’ album. To ME, that said it all.

    As usual I’m yammering on too much, so…Happy Birthday Rick. Here’s wishing you many many more years of health and happiness.

  110. WOW,, Astronomy Domine!!

    Since they cut it from the Pulse dvd, can you guys include it on David’s dvd!!!! Please!!!!

  111. Happy birthday, Mr. Richard Wright!

    I had the incredible opportunity to see you alongside Mr. Gilmour last April in Toronto, and all I want to say is thank you. Thank you for the music. It’s an inspiration and a wonderful gift you have given to so many of us.

    Many happy returns!

    With love,


    P.S. Good luck with the rest of the European tour! Hope you and the rest of the band have a wonderful time!

  112. Mr.Wright, happy birthday! I was in RAH in the Gilmour’s shows and I can said: Thank you Wright for all, with Pink Floyd and without Pink Floyd. Thank you again.

  113. F*Ed ~

    Just wanted, as always, to tip my hat to you and thank you for obviously working overtime to make sure as many birthday posts get through today.

    I’m sure Richard appreciates your dedication as well.

    Cheers mate!


    [It’s a pleasure, but thank you. – Features Editor]

  114. Happy it fulfills? genius of the keyboards! and that you fulfill them many but and that you pass it excellent in your day. Greetings friend..


    Apostoles(Misiones – Argentina)

  115. A very happy birthday indeed to Richard.

    He provides an ethereal quality to Pink Floyd’s music.

  116. happy birthday, señor Richard William Wright, feliz cumpleaños, from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a fan of PF and you, you are a great “musico” señor Wright. Le deseo felicidades a usted y tambien al señor David Gilmour. Goodbye “señor” Wright

    You are truly one of the greats when it comes to writing music and making it mesh with David, Roger, Nick and Syd (may God rest his soul).

    “Great Gig in the Sky” in my eyes is right up there with the works of Beethoven, Mozart and others alike. It is truly a breathtaking piece of music, as well as “Marooned”, “Us and Them” and numerous others.

    So thank you for making my World, and the World of many others, a more enjoyable place. You have brought emotions and feelings into my life like no other artist ever has and for that I am truly grateful for eternity.

    Thank you and enjoy your day!
    Matt in Maine

  118. Have a bitchin’ birthday, Richard!

    Best wishes from Atlanta (Decatur, to be exact),


  119. Happy Birthday Richard!


    Thanks for being one of a kind and thanks for influencing us all. Our life wouldn’t be the same without you.

    I’ve been playing my copy of Wet Dream on vinyl all morning long and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!

    Pier I’m a Syd too (thanks Ripper), and Matt Parish, that was a sweet piece of cake!

  120. Happy Birthday, Richard.

    You are one of finest keyboard players on the planet, and have contributed to the greatest songs on the planet!

    My hat is off to you sir!

  121. P.S. You did get a signed copy of your son-in-law’s exercise tape (for your Birthday), didn’t you?

  122. mr. wright,

    many happy returns, and happy happy birthdays to you. i was surprised and honored to see you perform with the best rock band in the world this spring. the ovation you received would have made me cry.

    it’s so good to see you back, singing and writing and playing. your contribution to the band was essential and classic. especially echoes. what a catty sound you made of that organ.

    sorry to hear about your friend. we were all saddened. thanks for your tributes.

    good luck. say hi to guy when he yachts with you again. come back and visit.

  123. Well, what to say? How nice to see Rick out and about again, playing with Dave. I especially enjoyed the vocals he did on “Arnold Layne” on Jool’s Holland. Wow. Full of surprises!

    I have to say I was watching the making of DSOTM dvd the other night, and during the Us and Them segment Rick was discussing how he came up with various chords, and started just playing around making a comment like “and that’s all music really is” which to me sounded like an interesting insight. Even better is that it seemed so unscripted, off the cuff.

    Thanks for many years of enjoyable music and here’s to many more!

  124. Happy Birth Day Richard!

    Unfortuately I was unable to attend any of David Gilmours shows as he did not come here to Vancouver,Canada. However you are my favorite keyboard and piano player. Your sound is original and very distinctive. You and Dave gave Pink Floyd a very personal touch that no other can duplicate.TDSOTM and Wish you were here and earlier albums made your playing heard loud and clear, the way it is ment to be.

    Enjoy the rest of the tour and hope to see you in Vancouver one day!

  125. Happy Birthday Mr Wright:) I’ve got Your solo album Broken China at last.

  126. Dear Mr. Wright,

    Happy Birthday to YOU, sir! Thank you for all the wonderful contibutions you made on stage at the Paramount in Oakland last April. I will never forget it.

    From a left-handed guy named Guy who happens to play bass.

    Regards, Guy R

  127. Happy Birthday Richard, many happy returns of the day!

    hopefully david wont forget you today

  128. Rick is a vital part of the PF synergy. Take away Rick and where is your double-tracked lead vocal on Echoes? Where is your meandering keyboard intro to Shine On? Where is the Great Gig theme?

  129. Hey, Mr. Wright!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Thank you for all the great tunes you gave us through the years, starting with Piper at the gates…And thank you also for your solo-albums!Though you might dislike some of them, they are all very appreciated by fans.


    your playing was fabulous I was pleased to hear you sing on the first night at RAH!!

    Thank you for your wonderful contribution to music

  131. Dear Richard Wright,

    Happy birthday!

    I was watching the new PULSE DVD yesterday and I was impressed by your enthusiasm and talent after all these years! Seriously though I came to see five of the Earls Court PF performances and I was impressed then as I was impressed with your vocals and playing with David in Glasgow recently.

    I am sure many PF fans feel that Roger did you a great diservice after The Wall and I for one was really pleased to see you back where you belonged with the Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason.

    Have a great birthday and thank you for all the pleasure that you have given over the last too many years to mention. Long may they continue.

    Simon Gair

  132. Dear Richard,

    You won’t get this till the day after now as I am always late for everything, but Many happy returns. I was fortunate enough to get tickets for the Bridgewater Hall gig and it was a pleasure to see you with David and the group. There is not much I want to say except that as with the other 3 guys, witout you, the Floyd certainly wouldn’t have been the same.

    One last thing, I want to thank you for giving us ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’. I think it is the most amazing and emotional piece of non-scrip (apart for the beginning & end parts) music I have ever heard.

    Take care and have a good ‘un,

  133. Happy birthday Mr. Wright!

    Funny – I was actually planning to write something here concerning your work because you are in Mr. Gilmour’s band and therefore it shouldn’t be very off-topic. But this weblog got there first with this request.

    I would like to say how much I still enjoy your most recent solo album Broken China (which I bought on the day of release). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have read several times it didn’t sell that well (for PF standards probably) and I think that’s a shame. It is brilliantly executed, with great improvisation-based (I think) music, emotional vocals, an intriguing theme and a nice flow. I’m sure this would have been a big seller should the PF name have been on it.

    I also read at the time of release that you’d like to release another album or engage in soundtrack work. Unfortunately no album has emerged since then… maybe the sales figures are to blame here after all? I hope not. Wet Dream is also one of my favourites. And in my humble opinion, I think you’re selling the Identity album short by calling it an ‘experimental mistake’. Granted, for me it comes last in your solo ‘oeuvre’, but every now and then I listen to it (although I have to use my trusty old record player again…).

    But Broken China – I think it’s one of the best works in the PF canon. I sincerely hope you have another album in you.

    Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your work with Mr. Gilmour (whose album is also excellent of course – also bought on the day of release!) and I hope you have a great birthday.

    Best wishes, Sytze from the Netherlands.

  134. Sorry F.ed, but can I be greedy here, I didn’t want to attach this to Richards Blog?

    Just watched the omnibus on Syd Barrett I taped last night. I have to say it caught my throat a little. I knew the significance of Shine on, but not so much ‘Wish you Were Here’ and also the character in The Wall. I think I have some new listening to do if you know what I mean. I think I’ll start by buying Syd’s last album, ‘Dominos’ sounds great, and also watching The Wall – I’m ashamed to say I have never watched it.

    I’m glad it didn’t show any pictures of Syd in his latter years or in the state described by Floyd members as I think we should remember him in his ‘better’ years, if that’s a fair statement.

    It’s nice to see David and the band’s tributes to Syd ongoing, as is Roger when he gigs. His memory will definitely Shine on.


    Thankyou for going on the road with David makes the concerts that little bit more special, my brother and i saw you in manchester,i will catch up with you dave and the boys in venice. we did meet once back in 94 earls court we sat and chatted for a while, you made me feel at ease and you had no airs or graces a true legend.

  136. H – A – P – P – Y B – I – R – T – H – D – A – Y

    May each day of this year bring you more happiness and smiley surprises than the day before – Hope you enjoyed the nostalgic photo’s I gave you in NYC- I can’t believe it’s been 38 years!

    With lots of silly grins and happy memories I end with saying “thank you” to you and the boys,


  137. Rick, start working on that solo album! I would love to hear some new stuff from you.

    I have been playing keyboards for 6 years now, thanks to Rick, who inspired me to start playing.

  138. Rick:

    You were Floyd’s sound and an excellent musician as well. Your special feeling and technique are unique for me. You have always gave me presents through your music, so now is the time to say:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rick!!! You’re the best piano & keyboard player in the world!

    If God creates music certainly you’re one of his inspirations.

  139. Another year for a genious like you. You’re one of the best musicians I’ve known and I thank you for all the good moments in my life that I’ve loived through your music. Thanks Richard.

  140. This is an absolutely essential day to post. Richard Wright is a genius, a brilliant keyboard player and an extraordinary man. I have both solo albums and of course all of his work with the Floyd. In short, Richard Wright is an equal of the other brilliant men who have formed this greatest band…

    I was fortunate to see you in 1994, Richard, and again for both nights of your shows with David at Radio City. Each of these experiences was among the best of my life. (Even your brief entry in the blog a few weeks ago at the conclusion of the North American leg of the tour was a pleasure as well. You have so much class.)

    Thank you for your brilliance, but thanks also for putting the work in necessary to make your brilliance available to the public. We are all grateful, and I, for one offer you a heartfelt THANK YOU!!!

  141. Richard, when you are “wright”, you can’t be wrong! I know, no pointy sticks please. I just want to say that it was a pleasure watching you perform in Chicago. Happy Birthday!

  142. Richard, Happy BirthDay and I just want to say that your music has met alot to me since 1968. I hope that you will never give up. I’m really waiting for your next solo album to be finished.

    God Bless,

  143. Richard-

    I won’t say much as I can’t add anything new to what everyone else has written. All I will say is that I love your work, I appreciate your work. I love your solo albums, and your work with Pink Floyd. I am glad you made it back to the Floyd, and you’ve continued to make great music in both the band, with Dave, and your solo albums.

    Very much looking foward to your new album!

    Thanks for all you’ve done, and have a fantastic birthday!


  144. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the beautiful music you’ve given us, in and out of the Floyd.

  145. Happy birthday Rick. For so many others happy days & happy nights.

    Would it be too much to ask if you could sort of intercede in between Dave and Roger so that you all guys could line-up again on stage and give humanity another chance of witnessing the greatest band ever rolling over ???????????? No music like yours has ever been created !!!!!!!! Just imagine how Syd would feel about that. The diamond would shine, wouldn’t it ???? So come on, you all can do it !!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers and all the best.


    [Ever the opportunist, eh? – Features Editor]

  146. Ohhh, neat – my birthday was the 26th!

    Happy birthday Richard!

    It’s funny, I’ve listened to the solo albums, and they are amazing, of course, but I find that I can’t imagine there would have been a Pink Floyd without Richard Wright… he was such an integral essential part that it would not have been, without him. And everything that evolved from that, even the OAI album….

    Probably has been said before, but if david is the voice, richard is the soul. two sides of the same coin, both beyond compare at what they do, and both so obviously enjoying it. When you combine two perfect things, can it get any better? You have answered that with a resounding YES.

    Thanks for everything, hope you had a wonderful day…still tickled to finally find another July birthday 🙂


  147. I too would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday Richard!!!

    I have been lucky enough to have seen you live 5 times in my life – 4x on the Momentary Lapse tour and in April at Radio City.

    I’m glad you made the tour with David as hearing anyone else up there would not be the same. I remember the first time I watched live at Pompeii back in the early 80’s – Echoes…I was blown away. Then being able to hear it again earlier this year was a true highlight.

    Without your contributions Pink Floyd would not have the complete sound that it has. Also, my mom is a big fan of yours since watching the Royal Festival Hall DVD…

    In short – everytime I listen to your music I kick myself for forgetting all of those years of piano lessons when I was younger…

    Happy Birthday – and I hope that you come back to the New York (Connecticut would be better) area so that I can see you again…this time I’ll bring my kids since they’ve become fans as well. My four and a half year old not only knows the whole Dark Side album, but can pick out Astronomy Domine in the first few bars 🙂

    I wish you continued health, success and happiness!

  148. A word from a fan who traveled from Montreal to Toronto to see the show:

    Happy birthday Rick!

    I was at the show in Toronto on both nigths and it was just the best show I ever saw!

    It was great to see some legends in such a small venue and sound quality was great. I think it is important to use quality equipment to provide the audiance with a nice audio experience. Those HIWATT amps were louds AND they sounded very good. I liked the parts were you did “Wearing The Inside Out” it was nice to hear you as the main voice for a song.

    The sound of your Hammond was awesome too, especially in echoes, it really sounded like a trip back in time, something that even younger fans like me can really enjoy. I heard that song so many times on my Mofi album but seeing it live in such a small place with vintage gear revealed some musical nuances that I didnt even dreamed of. It was a real gift. Thank You.

    I also really liked the part when Dick Parry played on “Shine on”. It sounded just like the album and the switching of the saxs were too cool.

    I would also like to say that every musicians at the show were outstanding. It was great to see them all sing together at the end of “Where we start”. The lasers in echoes were also mind blowing! I was on the center of the balcony on row A. At the end of “echoes” I had lasers on top of me, under me, besides me and there were ligths and fogs coming from behind the stage. I just cant find the words to describe the sensation but it was like riding a rollercoaster. The ligths were in fact quite strong for such a small venue. Amazing!!

  149. I second everything above, I have enjoyed seeing you live in 4 different decades, and still have my “Wet Dream” album.

    I dont even know where to start really, I’ve seen the original release of the “Pompei” in the theaters, saw an Animation film festival in the seventies with the floyds music. Listened to early floyd music while playing in the canal systems way out in the Arizona desert years ago. I have been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and saw all the great Floyd contrabutions. I am one of millions, who have enjoyed your music for the soundtrack of there lives.

    I am a person who just simply loves music, and knows the good stuff when I hear it. I don’t really know how you came up with that great stuff of yours, it is truly the best. You are an outstanding musician, one who’s greatness is topped by none. Your contributions to the art’s, will impact many generations to come, in a inspirational way, as it has mine.

    Well, here’s to you, birthday boy….”Thank you very, very, much”. We love you.

  150. Happy belated birthday Richard!

    Richard’s always been my favorite member of the Floyd. His keyboard playing as much as David’s guitar work is what drew me to Floyd. His intro for Shine On is breathtaking.

    I love both of his solo albums. The music on Wet Dream makes me want to sit back, close my eyes, and imagine where the voyage is going.

    Personally I’d love to see David and the band breakout Along the Shoreline from Broken China. I think it’d sound awesome live.

    I hope Richard’s next album is as good as the last two.

  151. Nice cake, Matt….

    CAPTION: Fans were infuriated by the unexpected US Homeland Security illegal alien sweep during Rick Wright’s 2008 World Tour…


    Richard Wright ‘shook it all around’ during David Gilmour’s impromptu ‘Hokey Pokey’ ballad in Firenze…. 🙂

  152. A very happy B’day Mr.Wright.

    Thank you and everyone for all the wonderful music.

    Best Regards,
    Nagaraj Kashyap.

  153. Happy 50th 😉 Richard. You David and the Gang were truly amazing April 10th at Massey Hall in Toronto.

    Thanks for the best show I have seen in 30 years.


  154. Hi Richard!

    It’s still your birthday on my side of the world — at least for another hour — so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Now I hope that son-in-law of yours did a little stand-up and gave you a proper roast, I mean toast!

    I’d like to thank you for your fantastic musical contributions over these many years, but in particular “Remember A Day” (when I listen to that song I clearly remember the day I heard it for the first time) and “Us and Them” which is, hands down, one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I’m feeling especially inarticulate (duh …) tonight, so I’ll leave it to those more gifted to fully express just how profound and sadly true “Us and Them” was and still is today.

    Thank you so very much Richard and many happy returns! On that note … ROCK ON!!

    Peace! Ya know, like “what’s so crazy ’bout peace, love and understanding?”
    Washington State of mind

  155. Happy birthday Richard,

    thank you for your music and thank for this great year.

    See You and David in Venezia.

    Ciao from Milano.

  156. Happiest of Birthdays to my favorite Floyd. I know you tend to dismiss your earlier work but… Remember A Day changed my life. Great seeing you guys in April in New York. I hope to see you in Big Sky soon. Would love to ski a run with you and Guy. My best, ~ rw

  157. Yes, Lucia, you’re right, excuse me, it was for the fun…

    I wish you a wonderful night on Wednesday in Firenze, wish me please the same for monday in Vienne, because I will go !!!

    I will think of you when David will introduce Richard and when Richard will be acclaimed by the audience…the same for you ?





  159. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the amazing music from over the years. Shine On wouldn’t be the same without you. Can’t wait to hear more from you in the future.

  160. A belated happy birthday to Sir Richard who with David are the PF sound.

    Best wishes, Ciaran, Lisa, James & Joseph

  161. Happy Birthday Richard!

    I have been enjoying your music for many years and hope to hear more over the years.

    Pink Floyd has been my favorite band since I was 12 years old. Now my children are teenagers and they are enjoying your music as well.

    By the way, I thought Broken China was the best solo album by a member of Pink Floyd until On an Island came along! The concept, though sad, is ultimately optimistic in the end. The music is great. The instrumentals are so moving. I enjoy it immensely.

    I’m sure us greedy fans would love to hear a new solo album and/or tour.

    Thanks for all the years of great entertainment.


    Mike from Connecticut

  162. Good Luck tonight David, For you and the band will be playing (07/29/06). I wish I could see the show for everyone who has seen your concert this year says it is the best concert of the year and I really can believe it.

    Plus I really want to thank the Editor of your web site for letting us Post our best wishes and Happy BirthDay to Richard Wright. For you and Richard seem to be the best of friends and I hope that your friend ship will last for ever.

    Plus I hope that Polly and you(David) will also have the perfect Marriage for ever. For My Wife and I have been married Twenty five great years now.

    God Bless,

  163. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Your a genius pianist Richard
    and great vocalist too

    Hope you have many more to come

    Can’t wait to hear your next work – love all the others

  164. Here’s wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Rick! You’re the best….

    (I’d love to comment on the On An Island tour, but you guys didn’t quite make it to Phoenix, this time….I’m still crushed about it…)

    All the best-

  165. Best wishes richard,thanks for being on this tour. hope you are enjoying it as much as we have.

    Saw you in glasgow,we knew who you were,even if david had brain fade.

    have a great birthday,and enjoy the rest of the tour.

  166. Happy birthday. Geez, has it really been that long since I first heard Dark Side of the Moon? Geez, how can you listen to the same music for so many years and still love it?

  167. Happy Birthday Richard!

    From your extended family across the pond. I do hope you had a great day! Best wishes to you and all the “Floyd” family. Enjoy living your life as you have made it and doing what you love. I wish we were all so lucky!

    Your music and soul it epitomizes will live forever.

    Happy Birthday from a life long fan.

    Any Colour you Like?

  168. Happy Birthday Richard,

    I’ve seen you in Hanover 1994, long time ago. You are essential to Pink Floyd’s music and escpecially David’s Guitar. Hope, I’ll see you again anytime (no tickets left for Hamburg, when I tried to buy Tickets 🙁 ).

    I love your music!

  169. Rick

    If you come back to Atlanta, I’ll buy you a birthday dinner on me.


  170. Happy Birthday, Richard!

    I was happy to see you in Milan! Waiting for your new album very much!

  171. A belated Happy Birthday to Mr Wright.

    The man who’s musical style seems to parallel his demeanour; cool, calm, relaxed and very stylish. Nothing pretenious just “less is more” sophistication. How about the soothing properties of the Great Gig in the Sky, a song so beautiful it has the ability to cure pain. I like to think of him as one of us, yet appreciating he has a special talent that brings out the best in those around him.

    A thoroughly decent fellow. Cheers!


  172. Dear Richard

    a very happy birthday to you,born under the sign of Leo you will enjoy yourself and summer….
    thank you for being…..Pink…..for me throughour…err ? 25 years now. well, it`s the keyboard that represent PF`s heart. so that is you i travelled for to Clam two nights ago….thank you for you being there, for singing and playing on and not only in my memories….


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