'P.U.L.S.E' on VH1


VH1 in the US will be showing an hour of the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ concert on Friday night/Saturday morning at 1am. VH1 Classic did the same on Friday, so do let us know if you caught that and how you found the edit.

Thanks to everyone who has voted on the first of our ‘P.U.L.S.E’ polls. The results are intriguing and available for all to see. If you haven’t voted yet, do let us know how you rate it. You can find it, and any future polls, on the Stuff & Nonsense page. There’ll be a new one tomorrow.

If you’ve anything to add whilst we’re on the topic of the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD, then this is the place for it. We’d love to know what you think if it hasn’t been covered already.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

149 thoughts on “'P.U.L.S.E' on VH1”

  1. Just tossing in my two cents worth. The P.U.L.S.E. DVDs are excellent and the picture has never been clearer or sharper. The choice of sound mixes gives everyone a chance to adapt the mix to their own set up and the extras are excellent as well. I actually enjoyed the Roadies film that has some great informal footage of the band and even shows David horsing around with his children during some downtime. All in all this is a great package and well worth waiting for!

  2. As a Sam Brown fan, I loved her part in “The Great Gig In The Sky” and “Any Colour You Like” had me smilin’ right aling with Rick Wright as he seemed to be really enjoying jamming with the boys on this one…

  3. For all thoses record shops that stock the new dvd away in a corner may I say.

    P lease
    U tillise
    L ogically
    S how
    E verybody
    On big screens in your stores

    this deserves big big sales go go now do it do it.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. Dear FeD,

    Love the P.U.L.S.E. DVD.

    Must say the stand-out performance for me is Guy Pratt’s work on Run Like Hell. Great bass work and vocals. Come to think of it Guy really kicked ass on Money as well… somehow made that monolithic bass riff his own.

    Hats off Guy. Very nice.


  5. I don’t remember who pointed it out originally so apologies for that, but I’m another who would be very interested to know why the ‘Enigma’ was replaced with E=MC2.

    We can probably guess it’s as much to do with keeping PE locked away as much as anything else, but by making the change isn’t it more likely to create questions than if it had been left alone?

    (Nosy) CJD

    [Good point. – Features Editor]

  6. Honestly?

    I do have an HDTV, and while I love the re-edit, and the soundtrack is STELLAR, the brighter reds and yellows on my HDTV are terribly pixilated. I can see wher the work went into trying to bring the video tape up to 21st Century standards, but in truth the visuals are the weakest points.

    The extras are all very nice, and I have often wished that I had a DVD with ALL the screen films from throughout the band’s career on one disc, and this is a very good start.

    Booting the Boots of course is a concept we began in the early 1990’s when I was working with Rhino Records and co-producing beat The Boots for Frank Zappa, and it’s nice to see the concept still alive!

    I wish it had been shot on film, I wish it had been shot in wide screen, and I wish it had been shot with todays digital gear. It is a very good value at its price, but in terms of concert DVDs, there are better LOOKING ones out there. Roxy Music’s Live at The Apollo comes to mind.


  7. I picked up the DVD last week, it’s great stuff – the video is amazing, well worth the price alone, the fact you’ve been able to remaster from the video source and make it look better than half the sh*t out at the moment is top work.

    My only dissapointments is it would of been nice to see some of the videos of performances you can find on the CD – Astronomy Domine, Hey You and A Great Day For Freedom. But it’s awesome to see the Bootlegging the Bootleggers extra – that’s a great unique feature I’d love to see on more DVD’s.

    I do have a question related to the CD (I don’t know if that’s allowed, but if you it is, this is I figure the place to ask).

    On the “Hey You” performance, is that Jon Carin’s vocals playing Roger’s vocals at the end, or does David sing the entire song?

    Anyway, keep up the great work guys.

    [It certainly is Jon Carin. – Features Editor]

  8. Hello,

    thank you Fed for your expressions about our heart and past years…(what a sadness!!) and thank you “our” David for PULSE experience and DVD :it’s perfect,really.You can find heart,soul,brain,sound and a wonderful technique.

    I got my copy and in these not too happy days it’s so sweet..

    I love you all
    diana from Italy

  9. I really love the ‘goodbye to life as we know it bit’ on the extras. It wonderfuly brought back the atmosphere of the tour even though I was only a spectator at some shows. It captured the feeling of the whole thing, it was one of the most fun and exciting times in my life.

    Oh and the concert bit is AMAZING too :o)

    BTW FEd the suspense about what the prize is you are sending me is making me go doolaly! (or it could be this hot weather)

    Can it cool me down in this heat? oh yes I forgot you can’t tell me can you, Oh well back to melting then ;o)

    [I wouldn’t part with it if it could keep a person cool in this weather, mate. – Features Editor]

  10. About P.U.L.S.E. you have to know that it is the first in Italian sale’s poll this week. (source – Univideo)

    CONGRATULATION, PINK FLOYD! Congratulation to italian people too for the good taste!


  11. About PULSE

    When I heard the concert was coming out on DVD, I was estatic for one reason….Astronomy Domine. Then I found out it was the one song not on it…hummm…not thrilled

    Cheers, Howard

  12. Pity Poles apart was dropped from their live set!!! It was the very first track I put on

    I got my copy yesterday, and in a word, It rocks out!! it got an excellent vote from me. 🙂

    One of these days was also outstanding, and I love the live drumming on Learning to fly, I love the enthusiasm Gary Wallis has on the overhead drumkits!!

    I thought the sound was noticeably superior than the tv (channel 4?) version I had already seen. Picture was a little grainy though….

    And boy can you fit a lot of people into Earls Court!

  13. Hi Fed & all,

    i know the extras (end of life….) on the P.U.L.S.E DVD briefly showed this, but how on earth do you begin to put on a show like the pulse tour, where do you begin, how do you keep tabs on everything, then bring it all together to make the perfect show, it seems to me there are so many things that can go wrong, what stops it being a total balls up!

    David must have some great stories of when “It’ll be alright on the night” was not the case, it would be very entertaining reading.

  14. Hi all,

    been a while since I posted. On the PULSE DVD: I think it is a great DVD. It is different from the vhs version (hmmm… the jury is still out for me as to whether the changes in camera angles are for the better or not). I do think at times the camera stations change too fast.

    The picture is fantastic (especially considering the source of the original video) and the sound is as good as it gets.

    I’ve heard a lot of negatives about the extras and am inclined to agree, but I bought it for the concert alone and it is worth every penny I paid.

    Now I have to say- I’ve heard it compared to Delicate Sound of Thunder video (which I only recently saw for the first time ever when I obtained an old dog-eared VHS copy). I’ve heard it said DSoT is better than PULSE.

    I would say it is not better, just different. PULSE gives you a view of a very large stage set-up and a magnificent light show. It is not about intimacy, but the overall experience. DSoT IS about intimacy as well as artistic presentation of the video.

    I read a complaint about SOYCD only being the guitar intro. Personally I feel this worked extremely well with the fade in to Signs of Life.

    I love PULSE and have waited for it a long time. I’m quite happy with it. Now having seen DSoT I hope that will be on the radar for DVD release- personally I would say don’t re-edit it. I think it works well as it is. I think it fits wonderfully as an integral document of the evolution of the band (between Pompeii and PULSE). I don’t want to sound like the never happy fan always wanting more… I’m happy that PULSE is out. And I’m looking VERY forward to the DVD of Davids OAI tour!!! But I would like to replace my beat up DSoT tape with a DVD… as I’m sure many would.


  15. [Come to think of it Guy really kicked ass on Money as well…]

    Full ack. I also like Guy’s bass line on “Sorrow” and, of course, when we maltreats his bass on “One of these days”… 🙂

    Regarding “Money”, Guy does a nice bass solo on “Delicate Sound of Thunder” druing that song. (At least on the CD. Can’t check if it’s also on the VHS tape, as my VHS recorder dies away a while ago and was never replaced…still waiting for the DSOT DVD…)

    Will be great to see Guy on stage with David soon!

    Cheers, Corvus

  16. as i said before, i’m not all that impressed with the extras but the concert i love. i don’t know if it was worth waiting 12 years for. i was hoping for more interesting and rare extras. the roadie documentary is just embarrassing, sorry.

  17. Loved the dvd, and have watched it several times. I even had a Floyd day where I watched and listened to everything, which was awfully fun.

    I was particularly impressed by the vocals on run like hell and hey you aswell as the wonderful part in money, it is just marvellous!

    We should all boycott work and school and sit around and watch it, all day long.

  18. I must say, David J. Gilmour be raisin’ some HELL on the P.U.L.S.E “Sorrow” solo!! Whew. Not to mention his slide playing on “One of These Days.” Our boy is damn good.

    And isn’t it amazing how lightning flashes when Guy leaps into the air? 😀

    (Edwina, I must curtail my P.U.L.S.E activity for now; I’m off for a job interview this afternoon. Wish me luck.)


    [Good luck! – Features Editor]

  19. On David’s upcoming OAI DVD will the Bowie “Arnold Layne” performance be included? It would seem so poignant now that David Bowie has remarked that Syd had influenced him greatly in his remembrances of Mr. Barrett…

    ( hopeIhopeIhopeIhope )

    Thanks ~


  20. Have watched the DVD a couple of times now, here’s my 2p:

    The Good
    – concert footage looks excellent
    – “Things will never be the same again” crew video makes the DVDs worth it on it’s own. Brilliant and fun insight behind the scenes of the travelling circus.
    – Billy Corgan’s PF hall of fame speech – hadn’t heard it before and couldn’t have put it any better myself.

    The Bad
    – disappointing packaging. Sorry chaps, but it just feels normal and not very special, unlike the original release. Very underwhelming.
    – the DVD menu – the interactive experience of the DVD seemed like an afterthought, and I’m sorry if this sounds harsh – but there are many parts of the DVD extras that feel like they have been thrown in, rather than integrated.

    Specifically I’m referring to the map and itinerary in the Extras stuff, which have no music or soundscape behind them at all. The silence is deafening and makes these sections feel very sterile and disconnected from the main body. Graphically the menus themselves feel a little soulless and without that PF touch.

    I beg you DG people, when it comes to the release of the Royal Albert Hall OAI DVD, please please make the packaging and the interactive experience as magical as the evening itself was. To put two DVDs into a plastic case with a nice photo on the cover just cannot convey the quality and magic of the performances within. Not asking for bells and whistles, or LEDs, just something in the same vein as the OAI CD packaging (i.e. special, different and high quality).

    Anyhow, that’s my 2p – the performances alone and the quality of the edit are fantastic, and the extras are lovely too – but just let down by not being tied together graphically or aurally.

    One more thing – I think David and co’s performances at the RAH recently eclipsed the Pulse tour by quite a way, which is why I’m really looking forward to the DVD. I know you’re not after ‘yes’ men, so I hope this constructive criticism is okay.



  21. I believe the best thing about the PULSE DVD is that (compared to the original BBC TV footage) you get to see more shots of Rick Wright and Nick Mason performing, rather than Gary Wallis and Jon Carin. Not that I dislike Messrs Wallis and Carin, but it’s just good to see Rick and Nick playing a lot of the prominent keyboard and drum parts. It goes without saying that David Gilmour’s guitar playing and vocals are superb on this video.

    My kids (aged 6 and 8) absolutely love the pigs during One of These Days and the ‘HEY TEACHER’ lighting during ABITW2. They want to see Pink Floyd live some day…..but, of course, I couldn’t promise them anything:-)

  22. According to VH1’s site it’ll be on VH1 Classic tonight at 8 and 11 PM ET in the US. I thought I saw a commercial saying it would be on regular VH1 in the US too, but I can’t find it on VH1’s site.

    That’s the absolute best version of Sorrow on that DVD. (You can tell by Jon’s head grooving.) It’ll be hard for David to ever top that one. And it’ll be hard for Guy to top that version of One of These Days.

    Both those songs are great examples of songs that sound better live than from the studio. For future DVD reference, most of On An Island was also better live.

  23. [When I heard the concert was coming out on DVD, I was estatic for one reason….Astronomy Domine. Then I found out it was the one song not on it…hummm…not thrilled – Howard]

    Hi Howard 🙂

    I’m sure F’Ed will correct me in the usual way if I’m wrong here, but I believe that the band played two different sets at Earls Court – depending on whether they were playing the whole of DSotM, and Astronomy Domine was not in the DSotM set…. With the DVD being filmed on one night only what you get is a complete record of that nights show whilst the CD set was taken from several nights.

  24. [Honestly? I do have an HDTV, and while I love the re-edit, and the soundtrack is STELLAR, the brighter reds and yellows on my HDTV are terribly pixilated. I can see wher the work went into trying to bring the video tape up to 21st Century standards, but in truth the visuals are the weakest points.]

    Whilst I am no audio/video phile I have to say that through my HDTV and DVD set up there is no such pixilation, the visuals are nothing short of stunning….maybe I’m just lucky?

  25. [We should all boycott work and school and sit around and watch it, all day long. — Posted by: chantelle at July 18, 2006 05:14 PM]

    Now that’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen on here in awhile. If it just wasn’t for those annoying bills that need paid…


  26. Re ‘P.U.L.S.E’

    I’ve not ploughed my way through the whole concert yet, but I do have a TV VHS version so I’m basically familiar. This probably accounts for a lack of wow factor.

    Enjoyed the extras, particularly the screen films – although I would have liked the “Marooned” Whale to be included. I particularly wanted to see the SOYCD film again as it made an impression on me back in 1994 when I was at Earls Court but my eyes were too busy trying to catch the whole show to get it all.

    Great to have the full DSOTM suite on film also.

    My overall impression though, like a few other bloggers, is that the whole thing looks a little dated from today’s perspective – there’s a sense of distance, although not alienation, between audience and band and I wholly agree with those who prefer the OAI style of presentation.

    It’s a great record of the gig (and a souvenir of sorts also) an undoubted spectacle etc but it doesn’t leave me wanting more – I’ll leave that to the (yet unnamed) DG DVD (which I am pant- wettingly excited about).

  27. The PULSE DVD is really great. The sound is truly like being at the concert. I really liked “One of These Days” and “Money” Besides the fact that Guy rocked the bass on these tunes, there seemed to be quite a feel of everything jelling nicely.


  28. I already own Echoes and all the PF albums but is there a singles compilation release with “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” available?

    Thanks ~


    [They’re both on the ‘Works’ compilation, Matt. There’s also a nice singles CD in the ‘Shine On’ box set. – Features Editor]

  29. I need to invent a time machine so I can go back in time and see the ’94 tour, having missed it 🙁
    (I’d also go tell David & friends to shoot PULSE on film instead of analog standard definition video)

    It is absolutely delightful to have PULSE on DVD at long last. Thank you to the band for putting the time make it as good as possible.

    Someone above mentioned Delicate Sound of Thunder – I hope if that is ever released on DVD that it is recut in the PULSE style. Having a cut or dissolve every 5 seconds makes my brain hurt and does not fit with the music being played

    Well, once again, thank you to the band. Thanks for preserving a part of your history so the rest of us can continue to experience it. Watching the DVD with a nice screen and surround sound is the closest I’ll get to having been there.

    Watching this again reminds me of a day in college where I brought over a bunch of friends to my place and we watched PULSE on Laserdisc and then Pompeii (also on Laserdisc). At the end, my friends who had never seen the Floyd before were stunned. One said “I hate David Gilmour, I bet he’s never *#$@ed up a solo in his whole life!”

    I had to laugh, since I’ve never heard him make any mistakes 🙂 A true legendary master of the guitar. My friends had to pick their jaws up off the floor after Comfortably Numb. Indeed I did the first day I saw PULSE playing in an electronics store. I had never seen the Floyd live or any footage of them. I watched the whole thing right there in the store on a huge TV.



  30. I watched my DVD as soon as I pulled it out of the mailbox on Friday. I think it’s incredible! I was hoping to see Astronomy Domine, though. Excellent rating anyway!

    Could “Poles Apart” be a little about ‘Ol Syd, too? That clip and “Wish You Were Here” made me a little tearyeyed.

    Peace everyone!
    Julie S.

  31. I pretty much knew this concert upside down and I loved to watch it again. Sound is great, video is alright. But I must say I was dissapointed by the extra features. I know, this was done in a pre-dvd era but I would’ve like to see a LOT more behind the scenes stuff (although I thoroughly enjoyed say goodbye to the world as we know it). Hopefully for the new DVD the guys will include a lot more stuff.

  32. I didn’t even know that the DVD was available until last Tuesday, only because I looked on the Gilmour site immediately after hearing the sad news on the radio that morning. So much football, so little time.

    Still quite sad and thinking of how upsetting it must be for those who did know Mr. Barrett, I did get the DVD on its release date but wasn’t very interested in watching it. Like the Features Editor has said, things like that just have not mattered in the past week, and most thoughts are with those who are coming to terms with such an impactful loss.

    Very late Tuesday night, I opened the DVD and put the first disc in the DVD player to see what it looked like, and played “One of These Days.” I love that song, and it was great to see Mr. Gilmour and Guy Pratt enjoying playing the song, at least they seemed to be having a good time.

    That’s the only part I’ve watched so far, but it’s really a fun song to listen to and the performance then was great.


  33. Fed,

    I just watched P.U.L.S.E. for the first time on DVD the other night, I like how they have a separate section where we can watch the screen projections. The thing I noticed, though, was that Tim Renwick doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time. Did this bruise his ego?


    [Poor Tim. That’s not fair. – Features Editor]

  34. Hello FEd and friends…

    I think the P.U.L.S.E. DVD(s) are very good. The quality of the picture is not a bad as some have said given the original equipment it was produced with. The technological advances since the footage was captured are great and the producers of the DVD(s) did a good job of trying to bridge the gap.

    One thing I have to say on a more personal note, How about that hair on Guy Pratt!

    I did not get to see the show live because the show in Las Vegas, Nevada (where I live) in 1994 was cancelled. (Does anyone know why? I have been aching to know why for years–) Had I known the show in Las Vegas wouldn’t happen, I would have gladly travelled to see one of the US shows.

    Thanks to PF for putting out this DVD. It’s the next best thing to actually being there and probably better in some ways because you get to see so much stuff you wouldn’t see in person.

    One other note, the only thing I would consider to be better about the DSOT video from P.U.L.S.E is Rachel Fury. What a great voice she has and not a bad site to see either. I am one that misses her.

    Take care my friends!

  35. I had ordered the pulse DVD from amazon back in early June without thinking that I might not receive it for a while after the July 11th release in the US. However they shipped it a few days before and I received it on July 11th. Those guys are pretty decent.

    As for the DVD I think it is very good. The VHS didn’t sound half as good, even 12 years ago when it was new. They also seemed to show Rick more often, which I thought was cool. It’s nice to see the extra footage also. I rather enjoyed watching Poles apart and Marooned. All in all well worth the money I paid.

    Just have to wait now for the OAI DVD.

    Have a good rest of the day everyone.


  36. Such a good result in italian sales, that’s great, Italians are improving… hahaha… maybe I’ll decide to go back home one day… still far…

    Hey why is Lucia so obsessed by the barn? what’s the deal? did I miss something? If I understand well it’s a misterious barn located in Wales. I have a friend in Wales, he spends his days painting and cycling allover the region, he might well have seen it..

  37. i was reading an interview with David recently on the web where he states the more well off of us or celebs should do more for charity. i work for victim support we would love to have someone like david to be a patron. very sad to read him say that he will never get together with pink floyd again as the thought does not make him happy anymore.

  38. P.U.L.S.E it’s a really amazing document of what PF concerts were, very interesting for people who has never seen them live. Beautiful sound, nice to see the feeling among the musicians.

    But if a can make a remark, my reaction was that sometime the videos are not necessary, I prefere what I saw in Rome in March, lights and music without any video: it makes me think to whatever I like , I was simply and completely spellbound!

    During the last week I have been looking at Syd Story Definitive Edition . It was mooving to think how much has he paid for his creativity. I hope that what his siter says in the interview its true.It’s funny that I didn’t like at first his songs but when I read the lyrics and what was behind it and since I saw the photographs by Mick Rick I think we won’t easily forget him.

    The only unacceptable thing in DVD are the italian subtitles, I wonder who as done them. Please next time only english subtitles, they are much more useful!

    Sorry for not joining the choir, but its because I love you and I’d like everything perfect!

    Bye bye

  39. Ive also got an LCD HDTV.Any analogue to digital conversion seems to suffer some pixilation.LCD’s don’t do a good job anyway,with analogue or up-converted video.Had PULSE been filmed with digital video cameras,it would look incredible on HDTV.Still looks damn good,though,and Im psyched to finally have it on DVD and plan on buying a backup copy as well.Keep those goodies coming,David!

  40. I was able to catch the VH1 Classic showing of PULSE. As expected, it was a run through of all the hits. Although, if I remember correctly, they took all the videos from Disk 2 (not the entire disk of course) It was a good show I guess…for someone who hasn’t yet picked up the DVD.

    As for the DVD itself, I can’t keep it out of my player! Being a guitar player, it’s a real treat to get the up-close shots of David playing (so as to let me plagarize his licks when I jam along at home) The concert is amazing, the music is amazing….everything about it.

  41. I did watch P.U.L.S.E on VH1 and I had to turn it off. I’m spoiled with the dvd of P.U.L.S.E and can’t handle watching little portions of a concert with so many commericals. David did a great job with putting together the whole concept of the concert and the extra’s on the dvd. Now my vhs tape of P.U.L.S.E is going into my collection box and my dvd of P.U.L.S.E is now on display.

    I really hope that David’s new dvd will be out for the holidays. It will make a great gift for my relatives. I hope Fed that you really enjoyed P.U.L.S.E and thank you David for the great concert.


  42. Hi

    Pulse is cool I like it and im glad to of been able to see what Pink Floyd concerts were like as Im not old enought to remeber them .

    I agree with chantelle we should boycot school and work for a day to apprecaite bands music i think music is important this last week has shown that
    what about a national music day?

  43. Superb DVD, well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!

    Well said about the previous posts Fed,say what you mean, take no prisoners etc,etc

  44. [the roadie documentary is just embarrassing, sorry.]

    I thought it was great. Perhaps such things are the most honest reflections of life on tour…

  45. i loved pulse,its the best musical dvd that i ever seen,the concert its amazing and the extras are very good…but i have to say,there was too much talking about the extras..and i was a little bit dissapointed,but maybe because the expectations were too high…the additional tracks are amazing so its fair enough to name it one “hell” of a dvd

  46. Why is there a dot between P.U.L.S.E ?? Does anyone know?


    [There are two theories. One is that the dots are there because they look good. The other is that the word is an abbreviation and that P.U.L.S.E stands for – if I remember correctly – “Pink (Floyd) Ultimate Light and Sound Experience”. – Features Editor]

  47. Wow the P.U.L.S.E. DVD is one of the best I own. Along side David Gilmour’s Meltdown, and Water’s In the Flesh. Sorrow along with DSOTM just blew me away. Brickman’s lighting is mind boggling at times. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the damn thing even smells good. An experience for all the sense. Really I just had one toke and two beers.



  48. Overall an excellent DVD. Nice to see something like 18 screen films/promos on there as well. “Bootlegging the Bootleggers” is something that more releases should have. I wanted to watch a full concert like that!

    The screen films are presented ‘in the round’, which is a little odd as they must have been filmed in the square ratio and then cropped and some of the screen films are incomplete versions of the songs – were films made for only parts of the songs?

    Aside from that, the only real changes I would make, personally, are to bump most of the extras onto disc 2, and most of concert onto disc 1.

    But my word, an excellent package. Now, the inevitable tide of requests for “Delicate Sound Of Thunder” on DVD….

  49. I like the DVD for the concert itself–for the presentation of a beautiful sonic and visual performance (as has been echoed by my fellow blogger-mates). Am I happy with everything? No, and I imagine there is the same perception in the Pink Floyd camp that if they were to do this again (record a live performance), they would plan better for it in the future…

    Which is why my expectation is very high for OAI….

    That said, my new P.U.L.S.E. DVD will now replace my Star Wars DVD’s for regular viewing…

    …and if you ask my wife, that’s really saying something!!!


  50. The P.U.L.S.E DVD is very good. No Question about it’s potential.

    However, It’s just not good enough for me. It just doesn’t work.

    I mean, the band just isn’t the same without Roger Waters, he was the guy who wrote The Wall, Darkside of the Moon, and WIsh You Were Here, after he left the band Pink Floyd should’ve ended. Now I see Guy Pratt “replacing” Roger on bass guitar, stealing his thunder by singing his lyrics and I just dont look at Pink Floyd the same anymore without Roger.

    [You’re not here to cause trouble by any chance, are you? Some say that Guy is a far superior bassist. Besides, Roger has plenty of guitarists playing David’s music, doesn’t he? – Features Editor]

  51. I just love my copy of pulse! I find it great! The girls are beautifuls: the way they sing and the way they move. It is funny to see Jon and Guy; they look teenagers. Nick seems to enjoy and look so cool.Rick is as good as i saw him in Toronto. David is better than ever.

    I am so happy to see pulse at home because when i saw the show in Montréal at the Olympic stadium ,i had such bad ticket,i was sitting almost behind the stage so i missed a lot of the effects and lasers. Now i can enjoy it ever and ever and ever. That is what a dvd is for, i guess…

    sylvie de montréal (i had a beautiful gift last month, the story of pink floyd by Nick Mason,this huge book of 350 pages… so happy!)

  52. Just read the news about the “Dark Side” Strat. All I have to say is, oooh pretty, can I have it! And a nice picture of David on the Fender site with the strat.

  53. The DVD brings back memories of when I first purchased P•U•L•S•E on VHS. I love that I can just go to a certain song and play it. The extras are great too. I’ve always enjoyed Guy Pratt’s performance on “One Of These Days” (and the show stopping pigs). I had only hoped that maybe the performance of “Astronomy Domine” might of been included as an extra as was released on the CD (if it had even been filmed at all). I really enjoyed David’s guitar on that one. At any rate, the DVD is excellent. Cheers, mates! {|8^{D>

  54. Dearest FeD,

    On P.U.L.S.E. –

    I also wanted to mention that the editor(s) really did a first rate job capturing the special effects and the massive light show. It is difficult to pull off, all those wide shots of lasers, smoke and etc. without slowing down the presentation. It really worked and frankly blew me away.

    What an amazing ( often times frightening) light show!


  55. es increible volver a verlos juntos me gustaria tenerlos en chile para un recital inolvidable.ademas de invitarlos a tomar un cafe

  56. I love this DVD. I bought it last Tuesday and then was promptly greeted with the unfortunate news on Syd.

    In any case, that evening I went home and watched the DVD, both discs and then some of the special features. I don’t know what people are unhappy about. I think there is just the right type of balance of features.

    Being a guitar player, I love the close-up shots of David playing so you can see his hands and movements. I also like how the whole band was just having fun. You can see them interacting with each other and always smiling back and forth. You can see they were really into the performance and giving their best.

    I do have a question for Guy Pratt if he gets a moment to read and respond. It seemed like you really enjoyed performing One of These Days and Run Like Hell. One of These Days for the bass line and Run Like Hell for both the bass line and vocal part. Are they some of your favorite songs to perform? You sure as hell looked like it was fun to be up there and the “center of attention.”

    The one thing I didn’t like about the DVD was that David makes it look so darn easy to play those tunes. Damn I wish I was even half as good.

    So overall a great job and really looking forward to the re-release of his other solo CDs and the year-end DVD.



  57. I rated P.U.L.S.E.= “Excellent”

    For those of you that didn’t catch the actual show in 94″, and are wondering what everyone is talking about “Astronime Domine” for? Well, in Pontiac Michigain (Detroit) they opened the show with that song, and there was this fantastic film for that one as well. Yes that would have been good to see, and I haven’t seen all of it yet and am hoping there will be some footage of the Pink Floyd blimp. However, I am very happy with what I got, and say it was very intertaining, and if you don’t beleave me, you can ask me 83 year old mother in law, she liked it too. Matter of fact, she said “I like that guy playing guitar he’s cute” My wife and I started laughing.

    I own alot of Floyd films,including “The Commitee” which has a really great track to it. This DVD captured the feel of the show, and brought you right into the films. You get a great view behind the seens of a masive undertaking, and can really appreciate what goes into providing artistic entertainment at it’s best. The home movies were funny, I bet those guys are still on a quest for beer as you read this.

  58. P.U.L.S.E.

    Beautifully crafted DVD (but look and listen to the subject material, WOW)

    It’s like watching a master class in everything to do with a concert, the music, the musicians, the sound, the lighting, the set, the mood and most importantly, “the feeeeeel” of the one and only ………………Pink Floyd.

    Thanks for the DVD (finally!!)

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  59. Am waiting eagerly for my husband to get to India next week with the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ dvd…..from everything I’ve read thus far it sounds magnificent and I can’t wait to watch it. I was at the shows in Washington DC in 1994 and if the dvd is half as good as what I saw live, it’ll be a treat indeed.

    Have a great day all,


    [Nisha, did your T-shirt arrive? – Features Editor]

  60. I’m very pleased with PULSE, somewhat confused about the part where it shows the roadie’s getting sloshed and acting like complete pickle’s. The TV ad is trippy as balls and the concert is absolute eye candy (LOVE IT). I find that during the line “…I’m all right jack keep your hands off of my stack…” is played a little fast and David has to hurry up his singing to stay in sync with the song (does anyone else feel this way? or must I lay off the wacky tobaccy)…Also, during at the end of “Keep Talking” David uses a mouthpiece of some-kind, could somebody please identify it (I’m really curious, looks like fun).

    thank you very much indeed, 🙂


    [It’s a Heil Talk Box, Drew. They’re now manufactured by Dunlop. – Features Editor]

  61. I really like the version of wish you were here with billy corgan, I didn’t even know it existed!! I did feel that it was a little bit of a shame that he didn’t sing backing vocals for it, as he has got an amazing and unique voice.

  62. Hi Features Editor and everybody,

    I want to say we all love Pulse DVD, this is the best Pink Floyd DVD I think.

    But a question, please don’t delete it!

    Dear Features Editor, can you please tell us how David is now? I think he is very sad for Syd’s death, more than all of us who name ourselves fans!

    I’ve heard nothing from him since that bitter day, I get worried for him. I hope he didn’t read that awful message (by Dano). It’s not truth, no one think like that! Everybody knows he always supported his friends.

    Life is much more than money buys!

    [Don’t worry, Rosa. The news was a shock to everyone, but David has a very strong family and good friends. Of course, he also knows how much support he has from his fans. Thank you for your kind thoughts. – Features Editor]

  63. Ciao,

    Already commented the DVD. But have you noticed (once again) on “keep talking” the use David makes of this strange thing in his mouth? He makes guitar solos with the mouth and that shows that the extreme melodic quality of his solos are coming from his “mind” not from the “fingers” (I don’t succeed to express well this concept).

    what is the name of that instrument? First time I rememeber to have heard it was in slippery when wet by Bon Jovi. Remember? “owho..owo…owo”. But David uses this in an extremely better way.

    Ciao 🙂

    [Another good song featuring the Talk Box is Joe Walsh’s ‘Rocky Mountain Way’. Apparently the Talk Box was designed for him to play that song live. – Features Editor]

  64. By the way, F’ed, and for the avoidance of doubt, if indeed any was lurking.

    You are NOT, repeat NOT, yet ready for Thom’s “The Eraser”

    Think Kid A with additional “grating” (for those for whom grating applies)

    I hope you are keeping that Spaniel(ish), upon whom we all dote, stocked with nice fresh water and a cool shady spot in this heat.

    Lucia, have you caught up with it yet (the album not the Spaniel)?

    Your carefully phrased and coded thoughts would be interesting as always …

    [I shall avoid it like the plague, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  65. Hi FEd,

    After reading about David’s concerns regarding the picture quality of P.U.L.S.E, could you please enlighten us as to what medium the RAH concerts were shot on?

    I don’t recall seeing film reels on top of the cameras used those 3 nights. But then I wasn’t really paying them a lot of attention. Was HD digital video used?

    Another P.U.L.S.E.-related comment – it is a testimony to the utter professionalism of Guy that when the dead possum fell from the lighting rig and landed on his head (must have been right at the start of the concert – it should have been included as one of the extras), he never missed a beat, and played the whole show like nothing at all had happened.

    [David’s live material has all been shot in High Definition. – Features Editor]

  66. What a nice picture of David with the Nordoff Robbins Dark Side guitar it’s a really lovely looking guitar!.

    It reminded me of Nick Mason’s Dark side drum kit he is playing with Roger at the moment.

    Will this heat never end FEd! Now I know what a roast chicken feels like on a Sunday.

    No I don’t mean really tasty with a nice bit of meat on the breast, just the roasting bit :o)

    I have just been eating one of those Dark Side of the Moon rainbow coloured ice lollies nearly as cool as the album itself (see what’s happened my brain has melted)

    Keep cool ;o)

  67. hmm Delicate Sound of thunder is vhs only, I guess one of my christmas pressies was a bootleg copy over to dvd, explains it’s crapness…

    still mighty fine to watch, some cringeworthy mullets on the go there I can tell ya, especially the sax player.

    P.U.L.S.E. wins hands down, but it is still really good to watch.

  68. I loved ‘P.U.L.S.E’

    Absolutely entertaining. I am thrilled to have it. I will now be able to share some of the Pink Floyd visual with my son Kameron. I know he will love it as much as I do. Don’t we have some great technology. I hope this small(but huge) piece of Pink Floyd will always be with me.

    By the way Fed, on the front of the dvd jacket in the eyeballs there appear to be little symbols of some sort. Do you have any knowledge of this or have I just tricked my eyes by concentrating too much? If you look at the jacket straight on, the symbols appear between 7 and 8 o’clock. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Can ya see them?


    [I hadn’t noticed, but will have a look. – Features Editor]

  69. Sussed out I think the meaning of “P.U.L.S.E”

    It is a word with a pulse going through it. They are not intials nor full stops. The “dots” should be centralised and I for one can’t find that on my keyboard. So actually its better if it’s
    “P-U-L-S-E”. The pulse being sound or light or even emotions. It’ll be like “smoke” written in a foggy way. Easy really

    James A. asks about making a “Glasswoman” after “Glassman”. Good idea but I dont know what the difference would be – any clues? At moment I am working on a glass guitar standing upright playing a glass man, sort of reverse roles.

    Ian Pearson

  70. although I would have liked the “Marooned” Whale to be included

    Tim – Check out the Marooned version in bootlegging the bootleggers!!!

  71. Personally I am delighted with the P.U.L.S.E Dvd, well worth adding to your collection.

    If I remember rightly wasn’t Astronomie Dominie only played on the rescheduled night for those involved with the stand collapsing? Seem to remember DG saying they were playing it specially as we all had to come back another day, but I am getting old and my memory may be playing tricks on me.

    As for the pixellation of the reds on a HDTV, I had these but they disappeared as soon as I plugged in a HDMI cable instead of the SCART.

    F’Ed, agrre with your sentiments totally re the last week. It is a sad state of affairs when people have to force their own agenda to the front whilst riding on the coattails of misery ( if I am not mixing my metaphors too much there! :0) )

    On another topic, and apologies if I have missed an announcement, but we seem to have lost the link to the Main DG.co.uk page? Is this deliberate?

    Enjoy the weather folks, but not too much, it can hurt!

    [Well spotted. The banner at the top is now our link. – Features Editor]

  72. I loved the section “Say goodbye to life as we know it”. Although I find it a bit short it gives us an idea what is touring with PF like.

    I loved parts of my beautiful Lisbon being shown, which I can recongnize, although it was not mentioned (the tour staff that drink a lot of beer prefer to mention Prague and Barcelona).

    Some years ago PF, although they were my favourite band, I thought they were “closed” to fans. Now, with the web site, the blog, and videos like “Say Goobye…”, the band is more “open” to fans. I think that is a positive evolution, and I take the opportunity to complimment the web site staff! Keep up the good work and the “openess”!


    Pedro from Lisbon

  73. [I already own Echoes and all the PF albums but is there a singles compilation release with “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” available? – Matt]

    They are both on the ‘Relics’ album Matt….

  74. The P.U.L.S.E. DVD is a quality product in my opinion – only minor fault I can find is with the map of concert venues, which was a neat idea, but Clemson is in South Carolina, not California. Also on the photos section, it would have been nice if they would have included captions that mentioned the venues where the photo was taken.

    Hopefully David’s On An Island tour DVD will come out before 2018.

  75. [I already own Echoes and all the PF albums but is there a singles compilation release with “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” available? – Matt]

    Some further info, Matt: They’re on the Relics-compilation, too, together with some other B-Sides from the early singles; also, there was a Maxi-CD of the first three singles released here in Germany (and elsewhere??) in 1997; maybe you can get hold of a copy through some well known internet-auction-sites…

  76. Been waiting a long long time for this. Was it worth it ? Yes, but …

    The concert performance is simply brilliant, the quality of the sound is wonderful, the lighting effects superb and overall the extras are great as well.

    But unfortunately my enjoyment is dampened somewhat by the poor quality of the picture. It’s extremely grainy in places, especially long shots and the video quality although obviously improved just takes the edge of the overall enjoyment of the show.

    It’s without a doubt a must have, but if only, if only Pink Floyd had used film to record the show at the time …

  77. Sorry Tim, but is not a good day for me and I’m very angry…anything I’d write now could be sad, bad or whining…so, if I want you still love me, I think is better if today I only read!

    Now I’m listening “Green is the colour”and other nice songs, while I image to run through the green fields in Wales and get fresh at the river, and reap the flowers and play with the sweet animals: rabbit, squirrels, birds… (not only sheep in wales, I hope!). And slowy I feel more relaxed! So, please, wait for my answer ’till tomorrow, when I will be sweeter and nicer!

    GianLuca, about my obsession for the barn you aswer by youself: I want to became like your friend!

    Ah! The think I prefer about PULSE? Is that David smiles a lot and he has a so beautiful smile! You see him smiling and you start smiling too! And Guy was so young…he is still young, of course! But he was just a boy! A great boy, of course! But as I already said, I understand very well why David prefer little place, now…I think he’d like the barn in Wales too, instead of a apartment in a big, trouble city!

    Have a great day!


  78. The DVD is great. I particularly like Sorrow – David’s voice and guitar – brilliant. I also think that Guy likes this particular song. In an interview he gave during David’s tour it was one of the songs he would have liked to have been doing this time round.

    As for the audience – from my point of view, it looked to me that they were all so gobsmacked with what was going on with the visuals, they were spellbound (Eyes very much to the front). Right at the very end of the concert you can see a guy in a white shirt with his hands behind is head – like “Wow, did I really witness that?”

  79. [hey look what I stumbled upon!!!]

    Here we go, now we start with the business… yeah right was just found by coincidence… anything showing Syd becomes gold now for the broadcasters, you’ll find them digging in the deepest remote mouldy storage rooms.

    I know nobody can stop this but I don’t like it.

  80. “Now I see Guy Pratt “replacing” Roger on bass guitar, ”

    Mmmmm, but didn’t DG play a lot of the Bass lines that ‘Rog’ is famous for? In fact I am sure that I have read in some biography of the group somewhere that ‘Rog’ often thanked DG for awards he was awarded.

    Go fish somewhere else. I am sure not many of us are interested.

  81. “Tim – Check out the Marooned version in bootlegging the bootleggers!!!”

    Ripper old sport – I am dim witted but not yet gone completely. I meant it would be good to see it in the screen movie section – although the fact it seems to be a Greenpeace film may explain its absence.

  82. Hello FEd,

    just two little and no very important things.

    Yesterday I thought I posted a message about Polly’s book but I can’t found it and I don’t know if you delete it or if I make some mistake…and it’s very probable.

    The second thing is about Thom Yorke’s album. If you don’t want we write about it, you have to say to me and I won’t write nothing about it. No problem for me….I understand write about Thom is not completely correct in David’s blog, so I understand if you say you prefer we don’t named him…but if you don’t say a word I interpret your silence like an authorization to speak about him too…ok?

    I don’t want to give you any problems…and thanks again for all you do in this blog, that’s always wonderful! …I really hope you’re not one of David children…with all the silly things we say and all the bad things you delete, it would be really embarrassing!


    [Hi Lucia. I didn’t publish your comments about Polly’s novel because I didn’t want to spoil the end of the story for anyone who might be reading it. I will go back and mark it clearly as being one to avoid if you don’t want to know the ending and then I’ll add it, OK? If others could please do the same when replying, that would be very helpful. It’s fine to talk about other music – in small doses – and you know that David has always said nice things about Radiohead. Maybe he likes Thom Yorke’s album, too. Lastly, I’m not one of David’s children, so don’t worry about that! – Features Editor]

  83. Ciao,

    [hey look what I stumbled upon!!]

    Talked enough yesterday about this…. we all knew it. Syd has been forgotten as a man in life when needed help but now he becomes useful…..same old story.

    Michele, see why I am cynical?

    Ciao 🙁

    [You are right to be cynical, mate. – Features Editor]

  84. I understand perfectly…and I like to wait for Laurie too before speaking about Polly’s book…but she disappeared…who know where is Laurie?

    We could decide a deadline for Polly’s books reading…it is not nice…but there will be always someone who start reading them…by the way, I hope Polly’s thinking about a new book. I really like them!

    And thanks for the authorization to speak about Thom’s album too…I know is a great sacrifice for you…but that’s prove still another time that you have a great heart! Today I don’t feel like Wile E. Coyote!


    [That’s good to hear. It really is nice to know what music everyone likes. – Features Editor]

  85. I’m with Piergiorgio and GianLuca on this. It makes me sick. But we can do something about it. We can ignore the stories, refuse to read the interviews, refuse to buy the magazines, refuse to watch the documentaries, refuse to buy the reissued CDs and play Syd’s songs more often.

    As for the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD, I’m a bit disappointed by it. I guess, like others, I expected more from the extras. They were built up to be something really exciting and they just didn’t live up to my expectations. We waited a very long time for it, don’t forget. All those delays didn’t help.

    Like Victor, I also found the ‘Say Goodbye To Life As We Know It’ documentary embarrassing. Did they like they sound of their own voices, or did they like they sound of their own voices? If looking for booze is all they do all day, then let’s all quit our jobs and become roadies. I’m sure many of us would like to see what else they do instead of drink beer and push lamps over.

  86. Alas F.Ed, Sadly the T-Shirt has not arrived as yet. But don’t worry about it anymore, I appreciate the good intent behind it.

    [I’m very disappointed to hear that it still hasn’t reached you. Please do what you offered to do in the deleted part of this message and we’ll try again. – Features Editor]

  87. To Corvus, Fed, JT and those interested, I think that the three first songs of ” Bootlegging the bootleggers” (WDYWFM, OTTA, PA ) are taken from Chantilly in France on 31st of July, almost 100% sure about that since (sorry, Fed, don’t read…) I have the CDs and the VHS of this concert, they are the same shots, the same words in french, the same music, in the same order…I was there but I didn’t remember, I had to verify…

    Maintenant, j’ai peur du terrible SuperFed et de ses censures ! mais je pense quand même être pardonnée… c’est pour la bonne cause, Fed, et puis, even David is bootlegging, you know, he is my model (not sure of the word)

    Amicalement, Michèle

    [Terrible… – Features Editor]

  88. In response to Dano’s post:

    I agree with FEd in that there is no question Guy is a superior bassist. He can also sing quite well, something Roger was never great at and unfortunately his skills have declined over the years. But Roger’s style was unique. It was his own and it was an integral part of the Pink Floyd sound. David hit it on the mark when he said playing with the old band last year was like putting on an old shoe. It’s ugly and it stinks but it feels good and we love it anyway.

    That’s how I feel about Roger. He was a creative genius in the old band (though I refuse to call him THE creative genius) and for that I’ll always have a nostalgic wish for the band to get back together. But I completely understand why David would rather play with some more talented musicians he can get along with, even if that includes a member of the old band.

    My number one wish for the future is that David creates more great music. And I don’t see Roger and David making great music together anymore, though I do see David making great music with the group he’s got now.

  89. Dear Piergiorgio,

    I think you are not cynical…I think simply (and rightly!) you talk about how much cynical the others can be. YOU’RE NOT CYNICAL. YOU’RE DISTRUSTFUL! And it’s true that there are people who loved Syd and there are others who are really cynical and used and will use Syd for profit…but I still think this not Pink Floyd’s case…

    Btw, I’m listening Syd’s “Love song” again and I find it so nice…are David and Rick at the piano? It is so nice…

    Phew! I said I woulnd’t write today…I’m really a liar!


  90. Great to see the bbc are re showing the documentary from memory its pretty good, like you say its a shame he had to die first but thats the way the media works isnt it, i read a comment in the paper the other day(not that i believe all thats in our rags)that Syd wached it and enjoyed it but suposedly said it was to loud and fussy, make of that what you will

    also nordoff robbins is a great charity i have a friend whos child has benefitted greatly through this charity and continues to do so ,didnt floyd support them at knebworth in 1989

    memories-where does the time go, and dont i sound old

    you and the site have been a credit to the memory of Mr Barrett so please thank all who you work for , for opening up the gilmour forum for this man who we love, so now the diamond is laid to rest, and may he do just that-rest, lets remember he has a family who deserve our respect at this time , i pray God gives them the strength they need to carry on

    one famous site i looked at on the day syd died took over a week to even mention it, let alone comment on it you know which site you are you are supposed to be official come on we expect better if you want to see what standards you need to reach then log on here once in a while-sorry Fed i realise this may not get shown now but it has annoyed me

    see ya and thankyou Fed

    [I couldn’t agree more with that last bit, mate. It bugged me, too. – Features Editor]

  91. [Michele, see why I am cynical ? – Piergiorgio]

    I can understand, but I can’t agree, sorry Piergiogio, but don’t care about that, it’s not a problem for me.



  92. i’m glad to see that i’m not the only one who is disappointed by the dvd extras. i didn’t mean to sound ungrateful back there. i love the concert and that’s why i bought the dvd, never mind the extra stuff. i think jj says it best when he says that we waited a long time and our hopes were just too high.

    fair play to ed for letting us all be so critical and not just publishing the positive comments. i agree with piergiorgio in that we can all suck up to david, syd or pf and it does no one any good at all. i bet david hates that kind of thing. i think ed likes it that we tell it just as we see it and maybe even encourages it.

    i’d also like to say that the person who has been stirring up trouble here lately is clearly a trouble-maker. let’s all ignore him and maybe he’ll go away. but again, fair play to ed for letting him have his say even if it is bollocks.

  93. [I think that the three first songs of ” Bootlegging the bootleggers” are taken from Chantilly in France on 31st of July]

    merci beaucoup, Michèle!

    (T=-8 days for the Clam concert… 🙂 )

  94. Great DVD. I rated it excellent, even though the extras/menus could have been better. And what a missed opportunity not to have recorded it on film. Bummer.

    I noticed something, though, when I play the dvd on my computer. The dvd’s are named “DEFAULTNTSC_SCN” (instead of “PULSE”) in windows explorer. No biggie, but still …

    I saw them in Toronto in ’94 at the CNE (outdoor stadium, too!) Truly one of the happiest momemts of my life.

    All the best.

  95. (T=-8 days for the Clam concert…)

    and T=-12 days for the Vienne concert, Corvus, waow !!!



  96. Melissa,

    the “symbols” on the eye look like gears. If you look at the cover of the PULSE CD you see there are gears, bicycles and other objects through-out the picture. I think these are a carry-over from the CD version artwork.


  97. Hi F’ed,

    I’ve read several posts by people who like the concert part of the .P.U.L.S.E. DVD set, but feel that the ‘Extras’ are a bit naff.

    I suppose it depends on whatever people’s expectations are, but I found some of it quite good, even the engineering drawings and sketches of the stage, and the screen films. It’s easy to forget that what comes across on stage is the product of a great deal of technical and physical effort by an army of well qualified people, to present David & Floyd’s music to an audience.

    If we move onto the future, rather than dwelling on the past, what are DG Bloggers’ expectations of extras on the forthcoming DVD set of DG’s 2006 Tour? That is not to say that this is to try and impose a set of demands, but to express opinions which could be taken into account when the DVD set is being produced. Since those who choose to post messages here take a keen interest in both David’s and Floyd’s work, useful deductions could be made which could help make an excellent DVD even better.

    In the background there is a very important story to be told on the design, planning and logistics of putting a tour together, and keeping it on track. This involves people at the very top of their crafts. The footage from The Astoria sessions would be good to see again and any other interviews that are available.

    I guess I’m just thinking out loud really,

    Vince Carr.

  98. Melissa, I totally see the symbols you are talking about!! However, I have no idea what they are either.

    Pedro, I agree with what you said. PF did always seem closed off. Never having pictures on the albums. . . stages and shows so large, you couldn’t see any details of the guys playing. Now with David playing smaller venues, & having this website, I feel like there is more of a connection that just makes the music that much better.


  99. Dear F*ed ~

    “A Collection of Great Gdansk Songs” ?

    You should be boiled in oil as well as highly admired for that one!

    Nice one…

    [Nothing to do with me, Matt. – Features Editor]

  100. Vince Carr – Great idea for a rainy day blog perhaps?

    well I was thinking almost immediately that the extras could include ‘outtakes’ from the mermaid concert i am sure i remember a few posting that a few songs were redone….

    And i’ll bet there are some from the AOL music sessions too…

    perhaps a video diary from polly’s camcorder?

    I bet there are lots of good ideas among everyone…

  101. i think “Breathe” has been retitled “Breathe (In The Air)” to distinguish it from the song of the same name that Roger put on The ‘Body’ soundtrack three years earlier. I think. I seem to remember an official songbook did the same many years ago.

    As for extras on David’s concert DVD, I think the OAI press kit, the DG.com video footage for each song, the OAI promo video, and any songs that might have been filmed but were not played over the three nights in London would be a good start. Oh, and since it was the start of the tour – why not the Mermaid show?

    One can but hope.

  102. P.U.L.S.E. plays pretty much nonstop on my laptop. I could watch Us and Them through BD/Eclipse continually and not get bored.

    What I enjoy most about the performance is the looks between David and Rick and the rest of the band. They are obviously enjoying themselves and the music. There are a couple of times during Great Gig when David is sitting at his Jensen slide and Rick is sitting at the piano. The looks they exchange add the needed human element to entire performance.

    Hats off to the direction, as many of the camera angles used show multiple performers so you can feel the connection between the musicians. It makes the biggest rock stage show seem like an intimate club performance.

    And speaking of Great Gig, Sam Brown is just amazing.

    I really enjoyed the Life as we Know It bit as well. I did sound and lighting for bands in college, and was easy to imagine myself in the middle of the mayhem. Of course Brickman sets the standard for stage production. There a few points in the show where the back of the dome looks like an abstract painting.

    I’ve heard P.U.L.S.E described as too exact a performance. But what stands out for me is the strength of the vocals across the board. I love the shots of Jon and Guy belting out the harmony on BD/Eclipse.

    Fed – Do you know if David has ever taken any vocal training? Or does he just naturally have such a strong voice? I think that’s what makes him unique amongst the elite guitarists.

    [I think he just naturally has a strong voice. – Features Editor]

  103. The DVD is a big improvement on my Laser Disc version in terms of picture but especially sound quality. Obviously a lot of hard work went into its production, thank you to all involved.

    Aside from the technical aspects of the DVD I would like to add I have been lucky enough to see Floyd in concert many times, both with and without Roger Waters and I was there on the 20th October when P.U.L.S.E was filmed. Watching the DVD as a concert experience again it reminded me of of something I felt whenever I saw Floyd without Roger. Guy is an excellent bass player (I play bass aswell and I can tell you he really is good) however during the DSOT and P.U.L.S.E tours I thought he over played a lot of the older material that either Roger (or David) played bass on and that detracted from the Pink Floyd sound, the space between the notes. It was not only Guy’s bass playing but also the inclusion of a percussionist that detracted from the space that Nick so skillfully allows (and this is one of the most difficult things to do musically). We were all given a breif reminder of this at Live 8 where the Pink Floyd sound was heard once more.

    Now where am I going with this? Well I have now moved to the USA and saw David and his merry men at the Gibson in LA. The difference in Guy’s bass playing was amazing. He now gives the music the space it needs (and Steve on drums did a great job too) but he also combines that with his superior technical ability. The band as a whole could just jam! Wait for the Albert Hall DVD and listen to Echoes or Fat Old Sun and you will see what I mean. Guy Your bass playing has matured and we have the Pink Floyd sound back!! That concert was the best I have ever attended (even better than the Wall)

    So while I am enjoying the P.U.L.S.E DVD (and it does have THE best version of Sorrow on it) I can’t wait for David’s DVD when I can again listen to the best guitarist in the world bending and holding onto those stomach twisting notes without all the spaces being filled in between. Just letting it all hang.

  104. FEd, sorry for a second post so quick but I thought people would like to know the reason why P.U.L.S.E and other “modern” concerts are/were shot in video rather than film is due to the fast lighting effects now in use.

    Film cannot capture the lighting effects as well as video. Concerts tend to be typically in a dark environment with sudden bright flashes of light. If the correct film was used to get a grain free background it would wash out on the lights. If a faster film is used to capture the lighting then the dark detail would be lost. If you look at DSOT video then you will see a ll the laser/lighting shots of the stage are done with time lapse photography in an attempt to overcome this.

    The best way to film a concert like P.U.L.S.E would be video it’s just a shame that High Def video did not exist at that time.

  105. I think ‘P.U.L.S.E.’ dvd is great, I love it and have been watching it every night. But I don´t think it can be compared as seeing the show live.

    I remember when I saw the show in Lisbon on July 22, 23, 1994 (two magical days), the sound was so strong that it seemed like we (the audience) were going to leave the ground, specially that entrance with “Astronomy Domine”!

    I also remember some details, some sounds (like the Gary Wallis solo on the final of learning to fly) that I can’t hear them on the cd or dvd. You can only hear them when in a concert environment.

    The dvd is great, but there is nothing that compares to that brillant, spectacular, and unique show performed live.

    Another thing, the imagens on the screen videos are excellent, so rich artistically and well done!

    Erin, I haven´t had a chance to see DG live unfortunately, but it seems more intimate.


    Pedro from Lisbon

  106. Hello everyone,

    David set very high standard with In Concert DVD Extra’s, and what I hope for OAI extra’s: OAI EPK, AOL Session – this is normal level of expectations.

    Positive surprise would be: Mermaid concert and I think it is somewhat realistic because it was edited for US screening in May, by Mr. David Mallet

    Another positive surprise would be Great Gig in the Sky from Paris if it is filmed, and I count for some material from Gdansk to be included. I do not know if any TV broadcast of this is planned or no, but I think that that orchestra will create a new value to the gig. ( btw FED may be You know orchestra in Gdansk will be only for On An Island tracks or for others as well)

    Another interesting point is what about concert itself will it be the best night of those 3 or it will be the mix of those nights. I was lucky to be see 29 and 30 of May, and I liked the first night more, but it is natural to expect that no matter which strategy will be employed other guest apearances and all other songs will be included in extra’s.

    So many questions and another waiting period….

    best regards,


    PS. last sunday I heard CN from 29 of May RAH night. Awesome

    [We’re all going to have to wait and see how the orchestra is used in Gdansk, Tomasz, but it should be a great surprise for everyone. – Features Editor]

  107. Just got back from our mini vacation. My brother called yesterday and watched P.U.L.S.E. He was so excited that he didn’t know whether to cry or scream like crazy. If it wasn’t for him giving his ticket to me in 1973, who knows how things would have been. I will definetely watch my copy tonight. Let you know later Fed.

  108. Where did this Dano character come from?

    You hit the nail head on when you said Roger WROTE those albums. But who do you think he needed for all that material to take form? That’s correct, those 3 gentlemen on the PULSE DVD. And yes, Guy is BY FAR a superior bassist (he also does an admirable job doing Roger’s part on Run Like Hell) To those who compare it to a Jagger-less Rolling Stones or a Plant-less Zeppelin, you couldn’t be more way off if you tried.

    One man may be an important part of the team, but one man does not constitute an entire team. Roger left the team, and the team continued on. Plain and simple. As we say in the sporting world, there is no “I” in team (which Roger obviously thought there was)

    On to David’s upcoming DVD. I would still buy his DVD even if it were just the performance of Echoes. That song alone would be worth the price of the DVD, the rest is just icing on the cake. The song I can’t wait to see is Wearing The Inside Out. It’s easily one of my favorites from The Division Bell.

  109. I finally found one for 25 euro’s instead of 34.

    So I have it now. (They even gave me a keyhanger with it for some reason. *lol*)

    I wasn’t overly impressed with the specials. I guess that is what you get when your expectations just get bigger and bigger the longer you have to wait for it.

    In the Round Up blog entry Graham Knight wrote:

    [“The end of life as we know it” had some interesting snippets, (…) but generally it was like watching teenagers on a drunken friday night being let loose with a Camcorder.]

    Those were my thoughts exactly..

    But it is still nice to have the show on DVD. It is all from so long ago though. I hardly even recognized some of the band members with all that hair and all.. *grin*

    I still like David’s Meltdown DVD better (specials too). Sorry.

    Hugs, Bianca

  110. I can`t comment on the DVD just yet, as I`m waiting for my birthday next month to get it!(I`ve droped lots of hints!)

    Any way my thoughts are on that darkside strat, what a guitar to own. Fair play to the lucky bugger who had thirty three grand lying around to buy it! I suppose it is for a good cause so I wont get too jealous!

  111. Erin and Tim,

    Thanks for the response. I wondered if I was making something out of nothing. I just received my copy of P.U.L.S.E yesterday and the first thing I did was inspect the cover looking for something hidden. I found it >> I found it 🙂

    I don’t have a copy of the cd so I was slow on the draw Tim. I wonder if there are other things.

    I guess everyone has already seen the people in the black holes where the pupils were?

    Any way it is interesting and fits the Band to a T.

    I have nothing else to offer.


  112. Can’t watch the DVD right now, but I think these are the gear-wheels that appear in the screen film for “Time”.

    (T=-7 days, and counting…)

  113. Hello again FEd, everyone,

    The belgian magazine ‘Humo’, issue 3437, has published a six-page article on Floyd in the aftermath of Syd’s passing away. Apparently the author was present at the Pulse premiere in London and is reporting about his interview or conversation with David, Nick and Richard.

    In addition to a dedicated Syd article, there is also a suggested “best of Floyd/Syd” iPod playlist.

    I have a scanned copy which I will gladly send over if you like, assuming the e-mail address that I used for the last Humo article is still valid.

    They also mention a BBC2 programme – Omnibus – about Syd on July 27, 00:20 (belgian time that is), so those of us who can tune in, may wish to set your recorders.

    Best regards to everyone,

    [Please do, Ralph. Thanks very much. I don’t think we’ll be adding any press about Syd, but the piece about ‘P.U.L.S.E’ could be considered. If it’s not too much trouble – and you won’t be offended should it be rejected – then please send it in. Thanks again. – Features Editor]

  114. FEd,

    It’s no trouble at all. One article scan coming up.


    [Many thanks, Ralph. – Features Editor]

  115. For info: the last edition of the french magazine “Rock&Folk” contains a great big “dossier” (= in english ?)about PF, DG, SB ( he was still alive, I think) (36 pages).

    It’s very interesting for once as it shows very well and strongly David’s desire not to reunite PF.
    It also includes what they call ” the children of Floyd” ( Radiohead, Archive, Muse ….) and a review about Pulse.

    – Waf, Waf, Waf, Can’t resist to edit what they (for example) say about RW: “l’abominable ‘ça ira’ de 2005, um pompeux oratorio sur la Révolution française à donner raison à la noblesse….Waters fait moins de dégâts lorsqu’il chasse sur ses terres du milieu d’Albion, ou golfe avec Alice Cooper en Amérique où il réside aujourd’hui.”… LOL!!

    Have you understood, Fed, I hope so, I can’t translate…

    – As for David Gilmour, they for ex say: ” On connaît l’Astoria, magnifique endroit, et le maître des lieux. On n’ignore pas que David est capable de parler sans rien dire, de donner un sens au silence avec son regard clair. On sait aussi qu’il ne se trompe jamais dans ce qu’il avance.” Wow ! ça fait plaisir…

    – Leur conclusion: “Le choc des photos du Live 8. Le Live 8? Quoi, le Live 8? Roger Waters a effectivement eu beau laisser planer un doûte sur les conséquences de cette réunion d’un soir, amplement médiatisée mais presque trop belle pour avoir vraiment eu lieu, David Gilmour a toujours déclaré qu’elle resterait sans suite. Et cet homme de peu de mots pése toujours ceux qu’il consent à lâcher.

    J’espère que ça vous a fait plaisir autant qu’à moi ! Fed, Sorry for our friends who didn’t understand…


    [Très intéressant. Merci. – Features Editor]

  116. Dear F.Ed!

    Just like to inform that the P.U.L.S.E DVD went straight into the no.1 spot on the Norwegian official music DVD chart. It is the fastest selling music DVD ever in Norway and looks like it’s going to be the best selling also.

    It also got a 6 out of 6 in a review in one of the major newspapers…

    (I do find all this natural of course)

    Best regards


    [Thanks for letting us know. It seems to be doing well all over the world. – Features Editor]

  117. I read online (PR Newswire) that P.U.L.S.E had one of the top 3 best first week’s sales in the United States of any music DVD in history.

    And we helped. 😀


    [Pats on the back all round, I say. – Features Editor]

  118. P.U.L.S.E DVD..

    For me it’s all about the concert.When I go to a live show I’m not there for any “Extras”. If I “need to know” tidbits and trivia about the band there’s always internet search engines.

    This presentation captures the next best feeling to actually “being there”…Love it!

  119. Loved the dvds, nice to retire the VHS. Missing Astronomy Domine and Hey You, but very, very enjoyable nonetheless.

    Thanks to the producers for all of the attention to details in adding the extra items, which are very appreciated. Here’s to more like it in the future!

  120. Bianca, your so cheap . .you remind me of my Jewish Grandmother. And I LOVE HER TOO =)

    You always brighten my day. Even though I’m half way around the world, I think I’ll have to come your way at some point. Meeting you in person would, no doubt, be worth it.


  121. Vince Carr- great idea for a topic- even if Fed didn’t say if it was a go, I’ll bite! I hope to see the camera shots keep pace with the music. OAI is for the most part a slow paced album…

    I’d like to see fewer camera station changes- have longer shots in one spot to stay with the pace of the music. When the music picks up, have more frequent changes (to a limit- I find it hard to watch music DVDs where the camera angle changes so fast you hardly have time to see whats in the picture before it changes.

    As far as what’s included, I’d like to see the best of the 3 days performance at RAH (pick and choose performances rather than a single performance). Some purists want a complete show- I just want to see the best performances of the individual tracks. I don’t think the Mermaid gig should be included-it was great to see it on the big screen but there is so much good material from this tour that to include everything would be a 10 DVD set (which I would certainly buy, but I doubt if they would do that).

    I’d like to see extras consist of some of the special moments from the whole tour, and tho it hasn’t happened yet, I’d like to see some performances from Gdansk with orchestra.

    I think an intersting extra would be to see pictures or video of the venues where David performed- he played some amazing places from the photos I saw on the blog of some of the venues.

    I could go on, but there are rules of brevity and I’ve probably already surpassed my allotment!


  122. I must say that I found the performance of Dark Side of the Moon on PULSE to be very moving.

  123. Someone mentioned Nordoff-Robbins charity. I am a Pink Floyd fan who has a form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome. What Pink Floyd’s music has done for me over the years is nothing short of amazing.

    The PULSE DVD is great(though I am irked that High Hopes, some of greetings and Comfortably Numb were still edited as opposed to the 1994 PPV version which I still have on VHS)

    Fed, thanks for letting me know status on David Gilmour remasters(I’ll take your word on August 15 release date over some other sites that are saying they are now cancelled. Sony Music Store USA don’t have them listed in upcoming releases.

    [Oh dear. 15 August is the latest for North America as far as we’re concerned, Terrence, and I do hope that’s not going to change again. An announcement will be here if there is another delay. – Features Editor]

  124. Hey Erik..You voiced it better and more diplomatically than I have.(my post is directly above yours.)

    It may seem ambiguous but I also do like and appreciate the Extras.I was just trying to address the comments dissing the entire DVD because some are not happy with the bonous material.

  125. I’ve been sitting here all afternoon watching and listening to my P.U.L.S.E. DVD I bought yesterday … amazing!! I love it!

    I loved PF as a little girl listening to all my brothers play their albums endlessly as they strummed alongside them.

    When they’d go out I’d sneak into their rooms and listen to them myself. Got caught once after I’d fallen asleep on one of their beds after having listened to Wish You Were Here three times. They thought it was cute PHEW! LOL

    I’ve loved Pink Floyd ever since and own all the albums and many CD versions and DVD’s. If they’re out there I’ll buy them.

    [Any way my thoughts are on that darkside strat, what a guitar to own. Fair play to the lucky bugger who had thirty three grand lying around to buy it! I suppose it is for a good cause so I wont get too jealous! – Posted by: adrian kavanagh]

    I feel exactly the same Adrian! I was so envious of the person that had the ability to buy the Strat. It’s a beautiful piece of work!

    Nina in Canada, originally a UK gal

  126. Hey Erin,

    I am not cheap, I am frugal.. it’s a Dutch thing and we are proud of it *grin*

    I am glad to hear I can still brighten someones day even when mine seem a bit dark from time to time. You guys and girls sure brighten my day when I need it. 🙂

    It would be a blast to meet you. I think I already saw a photo of you wearing a really cool bloggers top. And judging from that photo I think a certain blogger who’s name we will not mention was trying to look down it as well..sound familiar? *grin*

    Hey FEd, do you still love me? You haven’t spoken to me in daaaaays :-p

    Hugs Bianca

    [Silly… You know we all love you. – Features Editor]

  127. Hey hang on…

    Did I miss something? Why are we kissing Guy’s butt so much FEd? Is there a T-shirt to be won that I don’t know about? (Or will that just say ‘I Kissed Guy’s Butt’? In that case.. never mind *grin*)

    Hugs, Bianca – feeling sillier by the minute in this heat

  128. Just bought the dvd, and I can’t believe that nobody has commented on the crappy picture quality! I have never seen a more compressed dvd, and let’s face it, with PF stage show, you’d like some clear pictures.

    At times it’s like watching a streamed vid on the net.

    I appreciate the “high quality” sound track (although 640 kbps isn’t *that* great either…), but if you’re so crammed for space at least put all the extras on a separate disc. I don’t know what they recorded on (BetaCam?), but I’m sure it didn’t look as bad as it does now.

    Truly a shame, considering how great the concert and the band is.

    (sorry if this comment is on the wrong post, I couldn’t comment on the earlier dvd-post for some reason)

  129. My opinion of the recent P.U.L.S.E Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) release is;

    The packaging isn’t carbon neutral, which I realize is a PF management decision. I do, however, like Storm’s package design (except for having to remove disc 1 to replace disc 2 in the new folder). And what’s the point of having the lower disc access slots (on the disc tray) being blocked so you can’t access the disc? This is a very strange design.

    The reflection of the photographers in the eye retina’s (for the cover art) doesn’t seem symmetrical with regards to the photo taken. . .no offence intended. . .well done is what I mean. . .

    The planet/sphere positioned slightly off the retina is not Earth. . .what identity does this planet/sphere represent?

    Marc Brickman is to be heralded!; His ability as a lighting professional is uncanny. Marc Brickman is as much an artist as any musician that has ever lived.

    I would like to add, this is the first DVD I’ve seen with a Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy Warning. . .that is completely something else and tells you just how intense his light shows are!

    Thank you Marc Brickman (and everyone involved technically and behind the scenes); It takes a huge (and talented) team to pull off this type of production. Which reminds me, why no camera operator credits? Surely they were important in making this recording. . .

    While the DVD soundtrack differs from the P.U.L.S.E CD release, and because I’m disappointed that Astronomie Domine and Hey You are not represented, there are eggs right?? Has anyone found one yet?

    I now understand where Guy received some of his bouncing influence; Gary Wallis is a maniac. . .and I mean that nicely.

    Since I don’t have the P.U.L.S.E VHS release, I don’t know how to compare it (with the DVD release); Therefore I am voting in the P.U.L.S.E poll “Not Sure” because my limited comparative acumen prevents me from being acute. . .Sorry. . .(never mind, the poll was taken down before I could vote anyways).

    SNEd can the new polls be left up for five days instead of three? Some of us don’t get a chance to sit down and spend time with our friends here on a daily basis, and all of a sudden, before we know it, the DVD is #1 the world over, the first poll closed, haunting wins, and there’s still 300 emails to read. . .I really do like the increased activity though. . .I almost thought SNEd was stuck OAI. . .speaking of which. . .

    Where is Rudders? Vacation right? Doing very well I hope!

    [Just to confuse everyone, I’m responsible for the polls. Five days, eh? – Features Editor]

  130. [Another good song featuring the Talk Box is Joe Walsh’s ‘Rocky Mountain Way’. Apparently the Talk Box was designed for him to play that song live. – Features Editor]

    Also used by Peter Frampton & Ritchie Sambora, if I’m not mistaken.

  131. [I saw them in Toronto in ’94 at the CNE (outdoor stadium, too!) Truly one of the happiest momemts of my life. – Posted by: Jason at July 19, 2006 03:35 PM]

    I also saw them there on July 6/94. I sat in the seats along the old(as the CNE stadium no longer exists) first base-line grandstand side & the sound just echoed & bounced off of the cement structure of the grandstand. Fantastic light show & overall concert but outdoor venues never do justice to any live band sound-wise(sic).

  132. The P.U.L.S.E. DVD is fabulous!

    Re: “Bootlegging the bootleggers”. I just spent 1-1/2 hours reading this blog & found no mention of the bootleg videos edited together with the actual DVD footage. All the close-ups on the bootlegs are obviously not from bootlegged tapes. Is that what “Bootlegging the bootleggers” means or am I missing something here?

  133. ” the children of Floyd” ( Radiohead, Archive, Muse ….)


    I presume you subscribe to the Victorian ideal that children should be seen and not heard!

    New Muse album is a good listen by the way (although I imagine that’s another voice that offends sensitive F’ed-like ears?)

    [I think we could learn a lot from the Victorians. I’m not too fond of Muse. – Features Editor]

  134. “I think we could learn a lot from the Victorians”

    Yes – the English traditions of hypocrisy, Imperialism and sexual repression should be in the core curriculum

    [But some of the language that they used was wonderful. Top hats, watches on chains, horse-drawn carriages… We could do with bringing back some of the morals, too. – Features Editor]

  135. [the children of Floyd…the Victorian ideal..]

    Tim, we all know we haven’t to trust all these news-papers…

    They don’t even know that David has eight children, Rick two, Nick…LOL…


  136. [Silly… You know we all love you. – Features Editor]

    Aaaaw, now I am on top of the world again! *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca 😉

  137. Just wanted to pass on a cute story. I was watching PULSE on VH1 with my best friend and her husband when their two-year old daughter started dancing along to Money and singing along to Time.

    Muwahhaha…my work is done =)

    [Fine work, Comrade. – Features Editor]

  138. P.U.L.S.E is my favorite Pink Floyd experience ever. Great work team. I love this tour and set list. The only thing that could make it complete is Roger Waters.

    Nevermind the classic days or legendary historic Pink Floyd shows of the 1960’s or 1970’s–Pink floyd with Gilmour at the helm was about sheer PERFECTION and SONICS that mirror the albums and many times surpass the sonics of the albums in terms of musicianship which I feel that lacked during the early days. P.U.L.S.E demonstrates true craft after years and documents it on the span of an amazing and climatic 2 DVD SET!


  139. The bonus features of the DVD is why I got PULSE! Bootlegging the Bootleggers was the best. The documentary was great, especially the film footage of the Division Bell sessions. My favorite was DG smiling as he was playing Cluster One on The Astoria.

    I now have three different versions of PULSE. I still have the original 1994 US Pay Per View VHS(before edits), the CD version(with blinking light intact and the version of Sorrow and Astronomy Domine on the CD make it a must own) and the DVD(I love the extras).

  140. Finally, the pulse on dvd! At last the chance to re-experience the great gig I saw in Belgium on that october night, 1994. That, and a absolutely beautiful “On An Island” has made my year!!! No new tour? I have some High Hopes.

  141. [I would like to add, this is the first DVD I’ve seen with a Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy Warning. . .that is completely something else and tells you just how intense his light shows are! ]

    Wow Marcus you noticed a lot of detail. Unfortunately the above you stated is the only thing I hadn’t read on the casing.

    I have a sensitivity to lighting for a couple of health reasons, bad eyes (sensitive to light) and Meniere’s which sends me into spins (not epilepsy) and yes some scenes I could not look at at all.

    It’s great that they have the warning, just wish it was a little bigger.

    Although I was surprised to see the ‘handle with care DVD is fragile on the discs. I’ve never seen that before.

    [Also used by Peter Frampton & Ritchie Sambora, if I’m not mistaken.]

    Yes Greg thank you, I meant to mention that yesterday. Peter Frampton was one of if not the first to use it. “Do You Feel Like I Do” and more.

    I was going to mention something else but it slipt my mind LOL

    Nina “:c)

  142. [While the DVD soundtrack differs from the P.U.L.S.E CD release, and because I’m disappointed that Astronomie Domine and Hey You are not represented, there are eggs right?? Has anyone found one yet? – Posted by: Marcus Buick at July 21, 2006 03:45 AM]

    No not yet! Any hints or clues about where or how to find them FEd?

    Is Marcus on to something here?

    [Beats me. – Features Editor]

  143. I just wanted to add to my other comments on the DVD. Dark Side is really fantastic. “Money” I like very much, but the true highlight of Dark Side, for me, is “Us and Them”. Dick Parry’s sax-playing is spine-tingling, the song just builds and builds, but the vocal harmonising of David and Rick is truly wonderful. That song shouldn’t be sung by anybody else but them (IMHO)!!

  144. I can’t imagine anyone complaining about Pulse or the quality, for a 12yr old concert the restoration is superb. I’ve seen a lot of people mention DSOT being released on DVD but I reckon it would be a good time to put out some classic 70’s footage such as Brighton Dome ’72.

    PS-Never did manage to get a new battery in to the Pulse CD box !

    John Golby

  145. Deseo pongan este sitio en español- Gracias

    I wish this site in spanish thank you.

    Cuantas alegrias Gilmour me has dado

  146. Also, huge relief having PULSE on DVD. Always worried I’d wear out the VCR version. Nice but need to give it many good viewings. Still trying to come up with something on the spheres/eyeballs realizing the topic’s long gone. Many thanks!

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