So, how do you all like the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD? Was it worth the wait?

If you’re in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand or the US, then you have to wait one more day, unfortunately. But do let us know what you think of it if you got your copy today – approximately four hours after you’ve bought it, I would imagine.

Fans in Austria, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland have had all weekend to play it. What did you make of it?

Belgian radio station, Classic 21, is having a ‘P.U.L.S.E’ Day and you’re all welcome to listen online. (Merci, Michèle!) Just click on the banner to enter the site, then click either 24k or 128k to listen live. There’s a competition to win a copy of the DVD, too. Scroll down the homepage for the banner. You can’t miss those eyeballs.

The same applies to UK station, Planet Rock, where some DVDs will also be given away. Listen to Nicky Horne’s show from 8PM. He’ll also be talking to Pink Floyd, recorded at last week’s ‘P.U.L.S.E’ screening. (Thanks to CJD for letting us know about this.)

Details of the Gdańsk concert are expected later today. If we get the relevant information, it will be on the Latest News page for those of you who’d like to attend what promises to be an incredible concert.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

98 thoughts on “'P.U.L.S.E' DVD”

  1. Just going out to buy said DVD although I won’t be watching it until Wednesday, me and mother are having a marathon of watching the entire DVD, extras an’ all!!!!

    I think it’s seven hours of viewing but hey! I can’t think of a better way to spend my time!!

    Congrats to Lucia and all the other Italians on winning the World Cup.

    Anyhoos, the shop is calling…

    x x x

  2. Didn’t buy one yet. Does that mean I will be kicked of the blog now? *kidding*

    (I am hoping they will go down in price a little in a while. I am Dutch, you see.. ;-))

    Hugs, Bianca

    [I think we can forgive you. – Features Editor]

  3. I’d preferred more interesting extras…very,very good the chapter made by the technicians…we all wondered what’s all about in the rear of that big stage….but too short the intro with the studio images.

    I hope that DVD will push Mr.Brickman to repeat some of the amazing light stuff seen on 1994 on the incoming DG’s summer tour.


    I bought the tickets for the two Venice gigs. please provide some delays in the middle of the audience because i think that there is a Decibel limit to respetc on the S.Marco square (85 ?)

  4. Please FED i forgot to add this on the previous post. “We are the champions, my friends”

    Greetings from Italy !

    [Congratulations on the win. Enjoy the celebrations. – Features Editor]

  5. Have been watching it this weekend, IT IS GREAT!!

    Very nice extra features (especially liked the ‘bootlegging the bootleggers’ section with two of my fav songs, ‘marooned’ and ‘on the turning away’. Also the short documentary on disc 2 was very nice!) and of course the brilliant Earls Court concert! Great job video and sound!

    I have also been showing this DVD to many friends not really into Pink Floyd, some have changed their minds!

    It was well worth the wait if you ask me. I am going to watch marooned again, that song won’t let go of my mind.



  6. Dear F.Ed,

    I’m one of those who have had the possibility to watch the PULSE dvd for a while (but I wouldn’t comment on the dvd untill it was officially released), and I must say it’s a beauty. The sound production is incredible and sound on the “bootlegging the bootleggers” is over the top for bootleg recordings. Funny to watch Marooned from Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway as it is the only place it was performed (I was there both nights of course). Probably the only good thing that has come out of being a whale hunting country.




  7. From Australia. What can I say? Pulse is great! Well worth the wait. Sounds fantastic.

    I’ll keep enjoying it until the RAH DVD later this year. Let’s hope nothing gets in the way of that release. It’s quality is sure to surpass Pulse.

    Now every body leave David alone to spend time with his family, and work on that new album:)


  8. I pre-ordered my Pulse DVD set on-line from a UK source who ship worldwide, so it’s going to be with me sometime later this week. For being patient, I’m being rewarded with a price including postage and tax of no more than 14.00 GB Pounds.

    I’m sooooooooooooo looking forward to watching it though, and will blog my comments later.

    Vince Carr in London.

  9. A proud hello from Rome,

    Last Saturday I bought my copy of PULSE dvd,now I live together a huge nostalgy (…mates it’s July..do you remember?..)

    Thank you for all

  10. i hope i can say that i’m a bit disappointed with it. the extras could have been better. a chance missed to show some real rarities? you can find the ‘tour stuff’ elsewhere, same with the videos, gallery etc. ‘wish you were here’ with billy corgan has been seen before. ‘say goodbye to life as we know it’ soon got dull. i want to see the band dicking about, not some vain americans. some nice clips of the band included, but not enough.

    sorry to be negative. i can’t wait to watch the concert with a curry and some beers tonight. that’s the main thing, never mind the extras. i’m just more excited about david’s new dvd. i hope that doesn’t take 12 years to come out.

  11. p.u.l.s.e DVD delivered this morning. Had the old VHS fuzzy stereo version, but the DVD is just something else. Only had time to quickly flick through bits during my lunch break but it looks (and sounds)stunning. Pin sharp.

    Well pleased I bought my 40 inch LCD TV now and 5.1 surround sound headphones.

    Now if they could only do the same with the Wall live footage…….

  12. Arggg…it’s not here in the States until tomorrow. You lucky, lucky Europeans have had it for days now.

    Not to worry, I will pick up my copy tomorrow and then let you know my thoughts.

    Also, for our U.S. friends, I saw a promotion on VH1 that looks like they will be screening the PULSE video later this week. And they will be showing it many times. I think the first one will be at 9:00 Eastern Time this Friday.

    BUT, FEd must be very happy that the question of when the PULSE DVD will be released can now be officially retired.


    [Not until it’s out everywhere. Fans in Mexico have to wait until Friday and I still don’t know for sure when it’s out in Japan. Then there’s David’s DVD. Hopefully there’ll be a solid date and that will be the end of it, not like this ‘PULSE’ lark! – Features Editor]

  13. Hi

    Got my copy on Saturday thanks to an online shop came saturday morning wooo and i am well impressed with it the sound blew me away

    Sorrow is just brilliant i have an eargasm listening to it.

    The bootlegging the bootleggers is a highlight all ready very well put together and very watchable

    Marooned is a very powerful video and would make a good anti whale hunting video i think.

    They should release an offical bootleg film of a concert all from audience shot bootleggers if its possible James Guthrie done a splendid job on the songs on the DVD so he could make a whole concert from bootleggers videos.

    The screenfilms is funny watching them feels odd not seeing them part of the concert.

    The documentry is ok funny in parts but i would of liked to see more of the band rehersing or live snippets from the sound desk.

    The cute bit on the documentry is the whole crew in front of the stage and one of Davids children is calling for David awwww.

    A great DVD i think worth the wait

    aaron burrows (slough)

  14. Got the PULSE DVD 9.00 am today. Watched it straightaway. In a word – fantastic! I know there are already some nit-pickers out there. What can I say, some people are REALLY hard to please?!!

  15. Ordered the Pulse DVD on Friday from Amazon and my wife has called me to say it has arrived at home today. Just got to come up with an excuse to get out of work early now!

  16. Hi all bloggers,

    First of all, congratulations to all Italians fans.

    PULSE: I was lucky to buy it on Saturday afternoon, and watched it on Saturday night and Sunday.

    Well, my impressions are mixed, a liked the concert (I never saw it before in any format), and liked it very much. Mr. Marc Brickman did a great job, but after watching it, I understood the words “small load”. I’m slightly disapointed with the extra’s waited for a serious documentary, but Say good bye… was a miss for me. I’m happy with the video of Learning to Fly, but it seemed strange to me that High Hopes was not included. The true highlight was The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame introduction ceremony and I remember David’ words that two more statues are needed for Roger and Syd. Well done David.

    Now I’m waiting for two first David’s albums and of course Gdansk Shipyard concert. I’m very happy that will be with orchestra, and in that context, I also hope for invitation for Leszek Mozdzer to perform Pocketful of Stones. I like his little jazzy piano and I assume it will be highligt of Gdansk concert.

    Have a great time,


  17. Happy Monday,

    I feel like an excommunication coming my way here.

    I like to buy albums when they come out. DVD’s I treat differently. Not being a great screen watcher I will get Pulse eventually but I will wait for Xmas.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Congratulations to Italy.

  18. [I know there are already some nit-pickers out there. What can I say, some people are REALLY hard to please?!! – Posted by: Lesley at July 10, 2006 03:09 PM]

    sorry, i just think 12 years?! all that matters is the concert and i will love that.

    don’t mean to nit-pick.

  19. Ciao,

    well a quick review. first of all I must say that I was waiting this dvd for ages so the judgement derives from that…..

    Concert: a beautiful memory of the tour I attended. a real concert film, no MTV like camera movements but shots of DG fingers, musicians, crowd, lasers,..very well directed. the image is a bit grainy at times but we all know that it doesn’t come from a film but from a magnetic tape. I think the best has been made to restore it. But the sound is divine. I must hear it in stereo (unfortunately) with my Hi-Fi. GREAT!!!!! simply a beautiful sound.

    Extras: hmmm..here are the bad news. Screen films are beautiful and I like them. botlegging the bootleggers is very very nice indeed with good sound (not as the concert obviously). the 15 minutes documentary is not good. It doesn’t fit with the class of the rest of the dvd. Why should I care listening to an american burping and destroying a hotel camera. Maybe it serves to demonstrate that we are speaking of Men , not of Gods. I would have omitted anyway.

    then photo gallery is good, Cd covers is good, but these are cheap things.

    what lacks? Well, exactly what I wanted: Interviews or good behind the scenes. But the DVD is far from disappointing. With that sound quality it will be played many times…..

    Actually I think: if pulse comes from tapes made 10 years ago and is that good what about the David gilmour DVD? Maybe I will feel like he is playing in my room……

    ciao. 😉

  20. Can someone identify the pedal steel guitar David is playing in the photo above. It looks different than the one I usually see him playing. This one looks more like a Hawaiian lap guitar. Thanks.


  21. Afternoon F Ed. Hope you’re having a good day.

    Do you know if there are plans afoot to broadcast the P*U*L*S*E edit that was shown at the premiere on TV?

    Don’t think David has got what it takes to become a fire-juggling street performer. Polly was bloody good though!

    I’m off to watch the concert for the first time. Yippy!

    [There are no such plans, I’m afraid. It’s a relief to see that David’s not brilliant at everything, isn’t it? That said, how many people can juggle flaming torches? Hats off to Polly. Hope you enjoy the concert. – Features Editor]

  22. [Can someone identify the pedal steel guitar David is playing in the photo above. It looks different than the one I usually see him playing. This one looks more like a Hawaiian lap guitar. Thanks. – Andrew]

    actually, it’s not a pedal steel, but a lap steel. it’s what they call a weissenborn. it’s an acoustic lap steel with a hollowed out neck. and yes it would be considered a hawaiian. hope that helps. :^)

  23. I won’t be able to see Pulse until after next week. A birthday gift from my wife. That is still an amazing concert, can’t wait to see the goodies too.

    Congratulations Italy.

  24. [… it seemed strange to me that High Hopes was not included.]

    I think the video is the same as the screen film included on the DVD, Tomasz.

    Got my copy on friday here in germany, and must say that this is another carfully made and thought through production, it has gained a lot in comparison to the old VHS-release, sound- and picture-wise, and the menues are easy to navigate; the only downer is, as was said before, the “documentary” “Say Goodbye…”, which is, IMHO apart from atmospherics, of litte value; Storm Thorgerson wrote in his last edition of “Mind over Matter” that they had planned a documentary consisting of behind-the scenes interviews with key persons of the 1994 tour production, like Marc Brickman, himself and others, for this DVD. Don’t know why this wasn’t realized, but it surely would have been a better try.

  25. I’m BAAAAAAAACK !!! Hello Fed and all !! After what seems an eternity I am finally able to check back on my favourite site in the world.

    Congratulations to Itlay on winning the World Cup !!! I’v been watching fanatically while visiting with friends and family over in Co. Armagh, N. Ireland. I am sure, Lucia that you must be pleased as peas. To all the Italians…congratulations.

    I am insanely looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of P.U.L.S.E. tomorrow a.m.. I am going to deafinitely invite a few of the people who went with me in ’87 and ’94 to see the DVD. Just revisiting some of the memories is giving me a chill.

    My girlfriend has not quite warmed up to the new OAI, but as we like to say, ” but she’s coming around “.I’ll just have to plant her in a chair with the headphones and just let her feel it.

    I go to bed with David jamming each night since I bought it.

    Still on for Venice and I’ll tell you it would be cool to bump into Lucia perhaps while ‘Red Sky At Night’ is playing. : ) No, I haven’t had time to listen to Italian Language CD and I’ve only a few weeks left. Help !! I might need a translator !! lol

    FED, I hope that all is well with you. And to the rest of the regulars. I keep telling my closest friends to check out the site and everything. I tell them about the “warmth and the laughter” on here. And the same old fears and tears and what all we deal with here in our community here. I’ve missed you guys and I bestow my feelings of well being to all of us this week here in the states and to our friends abroad who have been lucky enough to have gotten PULSE sooner. I am looking forward to it.

    More still, I am eagerly awaiting my 7:45 p.m. Wednesday,August 2nd departure to Rome. The clock is ticking. “Ticking away…the moments…” until Venice on the 4th and 5th.

    Must keep myself in good health. 🙂 I REFUSE to miss this opportunity. This will be the Crowning Achievement of The Year !! This OAI, the Regal theatre shows, Leno, the AOL Sessions and now PULSE ? And Venice ?!?! Surely, I have died and gone to Heaven !

    And just this past week my brother got the tix for RW and NM here in the states later this year. God ! Good things do happen to those who wait. But Damn ! What a wait. Waiting..waiting…

    Ciao FED ! Lucia, you and your countryfolk have a fantisimo week !! Congrats. And after waiting for so long ! Good show. And speaking of good shows…I’m out for now. Got to get on with my own show, if you catch my drift. Peace to all !! Love ya guys !!

    Cazart !

    [Hope you’re feeling better, mate. – Features Editor]

  26. Most indeed it was worth the wait for the PULSE DVD.

    I have only had ‘ Time ‘ to watch PULSE DVd Disc 1 , but what job Davids people did with this release.

    Thanks so much , I saw the Pulse Tour in 1994 at CNE Staduim in Toronto and this DVD surely brings back the memories for me and my brother.

    Keep up the good F’ed. I hope you caring for and admiring your DG Wire Sculpture daily or least weekly as time permits.


    [You know, I’ve just got a new dining table at home, so I’ve got my laptop on that. Now I can keep an eye on Glassman at all times. – Features Editor]

  27. What a load of whinger’s

    This DVD is well worth the wait.. Got mine on Saturday and can only say it’s FANTASTIC.

    Watched it 4 times so far and i am stunned!

    Well done all who had a hand in producing this masterpiece!!

  28. Has David ever played Marooned the way it is on the album? 🙁

    [He did a great version at the Strat Pack concert. – Features Editor]

  29. Hello, F.Ed

    Looking forward to PULSE. It was nice to see some insight from Rick and Nick, in the Press section.

    Victor, I understand what you mean. 12 years is quite awhile, especially in this day and age. As everything else with PF, you just have to be patient and enjoy what you get when you get it.

    Ok, F.Ed, with all due respect to the guidelines for questions, I have a burning question that comes from reviewing PULSE. I am curious as to why the first part of SOYCD has been left out for recent performances of the song. (From what I have read, Roger has dropped it, too.) Is there a specific reason?

    “Hopefully there’ll be a solid date and that will be the end of it, not like this ‘PULSE’ lark! – Features Editor”

    C’mon, F.Ed, it’s not that bad, is it? You could just tell people it should be out by Christmas. (Just don’t specify which year). All kidding aside, I feel bad for you having to field all the questions with no more information or answers than anybody else. We’ll get David’s DVD when we get it, and all of the b*tching and whining won’t make it any sooner.

    Have a good day, all,


    [Bless you, Mike. I’m as keen to get my hands on it as you lot are. I know how frustrating it is when the release date gets pushed back… Er, like the re-masters of David’s first two solo albums, as it happens. It’s enough to make you tear out your hair sometimes. Good things come to those who wait, as they say. I don’t know why ‘Shine On’ is shortened. Perhaps it’s just a case of time restrictions and wanting to fit more songs in. It’s interesting to know that Roger is also doing the same. – Features Editor]

  30. Pulse DVD brilliant!!!

    I am even more Comfortably Numb now.

    Looking forward to David Gilmour and friends at the Royal Albert Hall DVD. I have High Hopes that it will be released before I die, (we’ve all got to go sometime)!

  31. Im hoping our local Sainsbury is going to have PULSE on its shelves, it did have “on an island” on the day of its release so im hopefull.If not ill have to wait untill the week end.

    Is this the same concert the BBC showed late one night some years ago (probably about 10 years in fact)& i have kept a video copy for all these years but by now its not really watchable so i can wait to hear it again afresh, i came across it again when we moved house which was a few days after live8 so quite a spooky thing to find. Im looking forward to the extras on the DVD as well

    [Yes, it’s the same concert. Better than what went out on TV, of course. – Features Editor]

  32. Fed,

    I wonder what the odds are of this happening? Unbeknown to each other, my cousin Steve Carr in Australia and myself in London, wrote our Blogs at 1.21pm & 1.31pm respectively, and got listed consecutively.

    He was over here in the UK for the first time in May specifically for the Bank Holiday Monday RAH Concert.

    See how David’s music brings people together? It’s much nicer than all the World Cup tantrums from around Europe.

    Vince Carr in London.

  33. I’m so sad mine still hasn’t arrived I live in the ipod generation surrounded by technology and thus ordered it off the internet rather than walking to the shop and I’m still waiting, ah well I’m so very sure it’ll be worth the wait.

  34. I can’t wait for my DVD. I ordered off Amazon. Does anyone know how Amazon works? Will I get it on the release date, or do they mail it then? You guys are bumming me out about the extras. I was hoping for lots of stuff with the band =(

    Oh well, hopefully David will correct that issue on his DVD.

    Polly juggled flaming torches!? Wow, that should have been made an extra for sure.


  35. Considering that I’m (1) living in the good ol US of A and (2) been listening to On an Island/Delicate Sound of Thunder/Pulse and finally (3) NEVER purchased the video version of Pulse, I’m uber jonesing to get my monkey mitts on this new release!

    I’m sure I’ll be frothing at the mouth and raving about it like a mental patient as soon as the final credits have been saturated from my Pulse-less mind!

    Did anyone notice that Best Buy is giving away lithographs of the new PULSE cover? I had read somewhere that there will be 10 (yup, ONLY 10) given away to the first customers to purchase these releases here in the States? Gentlemen, start your engines!!! (keep in mind, however, that if you can’t get “pole” position to obtain one on site at your local Best Buy, order it online and get one – assured!


  36. having gone through this new masterpiece with a fine tooth comb I must say I can’t find one flaw at all. Having attended a few earl’s court shows in 94 I really thought the VHS version could not be topped but how wrong was I . The new angles are great and really show the audiences viewpoint a lot better than the VHS . The extras are fantastic and again Storm has pulled out all the stops with the packaging .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  37. Why Pink floyd is releasing P.u.l.s.e. the same time Roger is touring with his version of Dark side of the moon ?

    [Good question. You could also ask: Why is Roger performing ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ when ‘PULSE’ has just come out? To be fair, ‘PULSE’ has been coming out for years now. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. – Features Editor]

  38. The Pink Floyd website still has no mention of the DVD. I think you should send them your resume, FEd.

    [No, I’d much rather be here. – Features Editor]

  39. I’m really unhappy about this Dvd not being released in my country 1st, considering everything we have done for the world. And I’m even more disappointed that since my State has done more for music than any other we should have gotten an extra day’s jump ahead of the Nation. Also, when you consider that I am a bigger fan than everyone else here I should have the 1st one from the box. I hate it when all of you are so inconsiderate.

    Now, I have to wait another 24 hours. Rats…I may have to snear at a clerk tomorrow just to vent……..bastards.

  40. From México:

    The P*U*L*S*E experience its just awesome. And I was amazed last friday because of the earlier release of the DVD here in México City. First I thought it was a mistake but then i bought it, and feel the experience again. I went to the Concert here in México City in that beautiful and rainny 10th April 1994, I was only eleven years old. Congratulations to everybody its time to celebrate our brand new jewel.


    [So our dates are wrong… – Features Editor]

  41. [Can someone identify the pedal steel guitar David is playing in the photo above. It looks different than the one I usually see him playing. This one looks more like a Hawaiian lap guitar. Thanks.]


    You are right. It is a Hawaiian lap steel. Specifically, it is a 1920’s Weissenborn and is unique in the fact that the body extends through the “neck”. The body wood is Hawaiian koa. Beautiful instrument….


  42. I have to wait for the DVD because I´ll get it as a present in a few weeks. It´s hard but it will be a wonderful present 🙂

    Best wishes to all !

  43. Hello, F.Ed,

    You asked, “That said, how many people can juggle flaming torches?”

    Probably about as many that can juggle flaming bloggers.

    Does that help answer your question?


    [Yeah, I like that. – Features Editor]

  44. [Hope you enjoy the concert. – Features Editor]

    I realised at several points during the show that I was watching open-mouthed. I thought that only happened in cartoons and to bad actors. To watch David Gilmour play his guitar is to watch THE master.

  45. Had loads to do at work today……then Pulse dropped through the letter box and that was that! All of a sudden I had an awful lot of paperwork to do (I live on the sportsground where I work and my office is in the house!)

    This tour came at a really difficult time for us financially so we missed out – we’d been lucky enough to see them twice on the MLOR tour though. When I got the VHS tape I remember thinking what a mistake I’d made not mortgaging the house again!

    This DVD is stunning!! From the opening of ‘Shine On….’ I sat there wearing a stupid grin, just letting the sound wash over me. I too have recently invested in the a nice new telly and surround sound and the concert sound in 5.1 is awesome….errr….I mean, jolly good!

    Not looked at the extras yet – I would have bought the DVD for the concert alone so any extras are a pure bonus as far as I’m concerned.

    You forget the immense scale of a Floyd concert don’t you, after DG’s somewhat scaled down version. Does make you wish a little bit that they would do something again, but really, it’s best left alone now.

    One point, Davids voice is fantastic throughout…

  46. Juggling flaming torches?? For someone who’s talent and livelyhood depends for a great deal on his hands, I only have two questions:

    1. For how much are his hands insured?
    2. Were they having some financial problems at the time?

    KIDDING! *grin*

    Feeling better FEd, a friend took me to visit the grave of my parents today, which sounds sad, but it was actually really nice, because I hadn’t been there in a while. (They were totally okay with Mr. Parry adopting me by the way *grin*)

    We then went into the city of my childhood, to have some lovely dinner and I drank some wine (neither red nor white, we call it ‘rosé’, so you and Lucia can be happy.. :-D) and I got a little tipsy.

    And where life still seemed so dark and lonely this morning, it looks all nice and pretty this evening. How wonderous life can be sometimes.

    So I am doing my best to take care of myself and I made my friend drive this time (he prefers that too, *lol*) so no almost accidents today.

    Hugs, Bianca – still a little tipsy but kinda happy and enjoying it while it lasts 🙂

    [I’m glad to hear that, mate. – Features Editor]

  47. As it’s been invited, here’s my mini-review then;

    My first impression was a BIG let-down- the packaging looked great, but why the easily damaged, cardboard covered digipack? Those things suck!

    The menus- both the animation and the sound effects- are really excellent on both discs.

    Sadly, I found most of the extras content to be one-time-only deals- tour plans, photo gallery, stuff like that, all worth no more than a single quick viewing. The supposed ‘tour documentary’, which amounts to no more than 14 minutes of camcorder stuff taken mostly by one of the crew, and centering on him and his mates drinking lots of beer, was an immense disappointment, particularly when it started so promisingly with footage of the band at work on the Astoria. Sorry, but this is not funny, it’s just total rubbish.

    The ‘Bootlegging The Bootleggers’ section was MUCH better; mind you, I believe that ‘Poles Apart’ was only ever played on a handful of the earlier dates, and you can kinda see why…it just wasn’t that good live.

    The Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame induction thing was okay, with a nice-enough performance of WYWH.

    The screen films/videos are all very nice too, but again, there’s not much replay value there perhaps, and it’s odd that certain vids were left out.

    Still, what we’re here for is the actual concert; first up I must point out that I only play stuff here in a surround stereo, as I dislike modern things that were actually made in 5.1, let alone older material that was never in 5.1 originally, and which has no place being in 5.1 now. However, it still sounded AMAZING.

    Picture wise, I found that the image quality was extremely, staggeringly good when close up on the band, but showed a surprising amount of softness/grain on the wider, full stage shots, with a picture quality actually inferior to my own video recording of the BBC broadcast version! Again, disappointing.

    I’m not sure this release could EVER have fully lived up to the almost mythical hype that has built up around it in Floyd fandom, simply due to how long/often it’s been delayed, but to be honest, for me it’s turned out to be mildly disappointing overall.

    Bring on David’s new DVD please!!!

  48. Waiting…Patiently waiting here in the U.S.

    Oh, how my VHS tape will be relieved from the stress. That and I was beginning to worry that if my only VHS machine left broke down, I was screwed!

  49. Half way through watching Pulse with a curry and red wine. Obviously its great but who wouldnt say that. Yet to see disc 2 yet but later. Why oh why is the packaging designed that you cannot take out disc 2 without first removing disc one. I mean thats school days bad design, probably from the same people that want to redesign toilet seats without the hole! This is not nit picking or whatever, just realism. Seen the bootlegging bit but whats that all about, why and who done it and how? Is this seen as approval of bootlegers?

    Off to see DSoM and encore now. Its only 4 hours and seems like 4 minutes.

    Ian Pearson

  50. Hi everybody!

    Has somebody else already noticed the small difference between the vhs- and the dvd-version (and i do _not_ mean the quality of video or sound 😉 )

    So, let’s all have an eye on the backdrops shown during the end of disc one…

    ben, austria

    PS. can’t wait to see/hear David live at Burg Clam.

  51. Way Way down under – Tasmania, Australia (brrrrr – very very cold).

    Phone call yesterday from local music shop telling me my copy of Pulse was available. Bottle of red, open fire, sunset on a windy day with the view of the River in the background and Pulse on the Plasma with surround sound……

    Need I go on (well worth the years of constantly checking web sites for updates on release and disappointments when release dates were moved back).

    Fantastic Blog by the way Editor – please convince David and the crew to come down under – I might be convinced to open a vintage red if David wishes to pop in for a visit!


  52. Hi!

    I just couldn’t wait and right after work I went and bought the DVD. First surprise was to see the “On an island” postcard inside, just a gentle reminder for the lazy fans who might have forgotten about David solo album …

    Regarding the content, I went for the extras firstly. My initial emotion was nostalgia: for San Sebastian in 1994 when a dream came true and I saw PF live. And also for David’s concert at the RAH this year. I liked a lot the screen videos, but I am dissapointed by the fact that Money’s alien video is not complete, and I cannot remember how it finished in the concert, sxxt.

    My fabs until now, the bootlegs of Marooned (look at the audience’s faces during the song) and On the turning away.

    Question for everybody and our dear FEd: Whose are the silhouettes that can be seen reflected in the eyes’s pupils in the cover? I can barely see two or three man-shaped figures. Are they Rick, Nick and David?

    Any chance of getting a copy of “The Dick Parry Experience” T-shirt? It would by a nice present for the next contest, FEd…

    Have a nice PULSE-day!

    [I’ve no idea about the silhouettes. I hadn’t noticed them. – Features Editor]

  53. Loved the dvd.

    I thought ‘Say Goodbye to Life as we know it’ was GREAT. Very interesting and good to see the band when theyre just relaxing and not under the pressure.

    I have a question for Feat Ed, you might know this.

    Why does it say “shine on you crazy diamond (concert version)”? Is there another version hidden on the dvd somewhere? I did hear that there was a special edit shown at the pulse screening containing footage of the band backstage.

    Can you enlighten me?


    [I can’t, but I’m just as curious. – Features Editor]

  54. Well, what can I say – this will be a very personal reaction.. Bought the DVD on friday 7th, but no time to watch it at ease. So tonight I opened a bottle of wine, switched on the dvd and the tv and watched the entire. I’ve been to one of the concerts in Rotterdam back in 94 (and many more before that since 1970), but I had sort of forgotten how good it was both visually, musically and personal emotionally. This DVD was well worth waiting for, if only to remind me that there are good things and bad things in life and somewhere in between there’s Pink Floyd music that gets you through it all, as it did many times with mine.

    In other words, I loved it, even without all the extra’s that I haven’t seen yet and probably arent as important as the music anyway… (sorry to get so personal, but you asked for reactions to the dvd.. this is it..)

  55. To Piergiorgio: I agree on the dvd totally, nice to have, but some extra behind the scenes would have been cool. Anyway 10 years ago the master could have been digital already.

    To Andrew: looks to me the same pedal steel I saw in Amsterdam, but I was far in the hall, so I could be wrong. I strongly believe it’s custom made.

    Thanks everyone for the congrats, it’s reassuring, especially if you are Italian and live abroad.

    About the reprints of the previous DG solo albums, I would really like to see reprints of early Unicorn albums like Too Many Crooks or Blue Pine Trees, produced by DG, rare to find now.

  56. I was there!… On the stand that collapsed!… Went back the following week and saw a phenomenal concert-I’ve still got the special T Shirt and letter David wrote.

    12 years later and I am watching a simply stunning DVD. The sound is unbelievable just listen to “Great Gig in the sky” – awsome.

    I think I will be watching this DVD many times and simply cannot wait for David’s DVD of his own tour.

    Shame about the extras – What there is is good but it could have done with something like the BBC Omnibus programme which was shown in Nov 1994 at the time of the shows with extensive interviews. Still, I think I still have this on video.


  57. I think I`ll have to wait a few weeks until my birthday to see the DVD in full(I have dropped loads of hints!). But what I did see of the film last monday should keep me going!

  58. Just wanted to congratulate Italy on their World Cup win. Wonderful games played by all who competed. Really enjoyed watching.

    Bianca….don’t want to make you sad, but just wondering how your friend is doing? Keeping him and you in my prayers.

    Wonderful new pictures of David and all. Can’t wait to buy my copy of Pulse (no matter how you spell it).

    Good night all…talk with you tomorrow.

    To the three lucky guys who went to the private screening, you had me in tears with the very moving descriptions. Thank you for posting, it was a wonderful read.

  59. Well thats disc 2 done and a great DVD of the most fantastice concert ever. My my doesn’t Guy look so young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deffinately a DVD to watch often and must be number one. Do they have DVD Charts?

    Ian Pearson

  60. Andrew

    It’s a Weissenborn Guitar, which is essentially an acoustic Hawaiian slide guitar made by a chap called, surprisingly, Weissenborn.

    I think it dates back to the 30’s, and David used it on Smile and When I close my eyes, which is what I’m going to do now.

    Night night.

  61. Greetings from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Been counting down the days for quite some time now, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve… I got my copy reserved; my “funky cigaretts”, the beers, and 20$ for a pizza later. I must say though, I was peeking in at “Comfortably Numb” as I had it downloaded months earlier.

    The first thing that separates PULSE from the studio original is the slowed tempo–this creates a swaying feeling… as though things really are coming through in waves that push the “numb” listener back and forth… a feeling that was very much lacking in the less expressive studio version. Also, the guitar throughout the whole song (not just the famous solo) is far more passionately played–and in the second solo, there is even a screaming noise that sounds as if it could be all of the agony that Pink held inside until then.

    Comfortably Numb is one of Dave’s best pieces of work, in his live DVD where he performs it with Robert they fade to Dave for his first line and at that moment you can feel the same electricity I felt through the ending solo of Numb in PULSE.

    No wonder it’s one of the “NUMBer 1” songs

    Can’t wait till tommorow morning to see what Santa gets me,


  62. Caption: While soloing on “Then I Close My Eyes” David’s lap guitar breaks a couple of strings (David: Oooohh bugger!!). He then makes a nice recovery and segues brilliantly into “The Show Must Go On”.

    RATS!!! I was somewhat geared up for finally getting my copy of “David Gilmour” next week (I still only own on cassette). >:( Hmph! But then I thought of David’s commitment to quality and thought – I’m not going to get a good CD, I’m going to get a great CD!! =Ð Also, I still look forward to picking up “Pulse” tomorrow._/_/_/_ It’s just more goodies to look forward to, which just heightens the anticipation and giddyness. Jooyyyyyyy!!!!

  63. Hi Fed / All,

    I’ve been catching up a bit on the site and I’m mortified that I missed planet rock tonight. I’ve been working 3-11 today, else I’d have seen it, bummr.

    Never mind, the thing is, I have a confession to make!

    I pride myself on being a bit Floydian, and latterly, a bit of a worshipper of the great DG. But I have a dark confession, I have never heard DG’s first album!! I know, it’s bad, real bad, but truth be told, I never knew it existed until one day I saw it in the music store and thought ‘wonder what that’s like’?

    But I never bought it. I think for fear that I might not like it, maybe because it just might not be as good as I want it to be, I don’t know. This is surely not the case, and as soon as it comes out on re-masters I am getting it, so I just wondered if anyone could give me a bit of a rundown on what it is like, say compared to about face, or OAI.

    I love OAI, and I’m not just saying it, it gives me more pleasure to listen to than anything I’ve bought in years, but just wondered what the early stuff is like if anyone can take the time. I’m babbling now so off I go, but for those who’ve not fell asleep yet, I’d love to know your take on the album as a little hors d’eurves before the release!

    (I’ve spelt that wrong haven’t I???) Ooo, wouldn’t want to offend anyone – just been reading the posts from Sunday, hey never knew you were Welsh Fed!. H’ors deurves?????

    Forgive me I’ve had a few Stellas since I got in, burp!

    Cheers all,


  64. still waiting for amazon to ship this thing… 🙁

    but hey, at least Italy won the world cup!! 🙂

  65. Andrew asked: Can someone identify the pedal steel guitar David is playing in the photo above. It looks different than the one I usually see him playing. This one looks more like a Hawaiian lap guitar. Thanks.

    That would be the Weissenborn acoustic slide guitar. It is very unusual. David used three different slide guitars on the tour, a Jedsen (red), a Fender (yellow), and the Weissenborn.

  66. Hi all

    I have been reading the blog since it started just havent posted.

    I saw david at RAH it was so cool. Im 19 so I was glad to of had the chance to see david as I thought Id never. I havent bought PULSE DVD yet planing on getting it this week though.

    Just wanted to say thank you david and the band and all the other people involved, thanks to you too FEd. its so good to hear you play

    I’m autistic and notice lots of people who are also autistic like David and PF anyone else noticed this?

    keep up the good work, will post again soon

  67. Well, I actually can juggle flaming torches. LOL

    Bob in Victoria, BC, Canada

  68. I (a US citizen) am proud to announce that today, July 10th – one day before PULSE is released in the US -, I obtained a copy.

    I was in my local Target (near San Antonio, Texas…a town called New Braunfels), and I was just curious to see if they had any promotions up for the PULSE release scheduled for tomorrow.

    Upon walking up to the Music on DVD section of the store, I noticed the familiar boxes of George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh and Rush Replay x3…both of which I bought a week ago. While skimming the variety of titles, I caught the image of what seemed to be a gift from Heaven…the PULSE box. There were only 2 or 3 copies there, so I grabbed one (a bit confused, as July 11th has been marked on my calendar for quite sometime now) and headed to the register, checking my cell phone to make sure it was the 10th and not the 11th.

    It rang up as $11.99, but I would have easily given my life savings for it. I just finished the first half of the show, and I’m planning on finishing it later tonight.

    Simple packaging was a nice touch- as it was so cheap for a 2 DVD set. The ‘On An Island’ postcard that came with it was a pleasant surprise also. The quality of this product is great. Although I am a bit confused on the early release in my local Target, I am very happy with my purchase and incourage everyone to buy a copy tomorrow. ..or today if you live in the countries it was released in, or in New Braunfels, Texas.

    Thanks for making my week.
    -Dylan De Pippo

  69. Was just listening to “It’s Deafinitely” at the gym earlier. It’s a kick-ass rock-n-blues song. You can truly catch David’s ability to bend the strings up 2 steps and flow up and down the pentatonic scale without sounding sloppy. He has got to be the “cleanest” guitarist who uses distortion.

    Anxiously awaiting PULSE!

    Great comments about Polly, FED!

  70. The DVD is amazing. Sound is stunning and video has been greatly improved. I’d liked more technical stuff about the tour in the extras as could be found on internet and press kits.

    My only real complaint is that i don’t like some of the new camera angles, specially in “Shine on you crazy diamond” intro. I like best the most static, wide, inmersive and mr screen focused footage as it was on VHS. Maybe because i watched many times the video and it’s always disturbing to see the perfection altered.

    No DTS stream, no great documentary, no widescreen and video quality is what it is despite the enhacements but those things are the aftermath of have been always above time and technology and not really a fault. Great job!

  71. aaaah. Pre ordered from amazon and it won’t be delivered till wednesday. No chance I’m waiting till then…I’ll pick up a copy tomorrow from best buy or someplace. Every room in the house shud have its own copy anyway :/

  72. How exciting is it when you come home to find something you weren’t expecting to find until tomorrow? Really Exciting. I got my copy of Pulse today, a day early. I don’t think I even bothered to check my other mail. I saw the box and tore it open and popped it in. Already watched. LOVED IT! Loved the clear picture, the perfect sound (like it was when I saw them here in San Diego), loved the features. The bootlegging the bootleggers not so much but nice to see. All I can really say is, Thank you and it’s about time because I ordered it in October last year!!

  73. I’m very happy for this dvd but i don’t understand why the sound isn’t in DTS !

  74. Hi folks

    Well as usual my copy has not arrived yet! I will wait for the postman with bated breath and have to make do with my dvd i transferred from vhs.

    Good luck to all those going to see David in Europe over the summer.

    I did go to Hyde Park but i will only say that i must have been spoilt at RAH!


  75. The P.U.L.S.E. DVD has had a cursory listen for me, a quick look at some of the main feature (which sounds absolutely brilliant…even though my system doesn’t support the higher bitrate), a look at some of the ‘bootlegging’, which is also very well put together, and then the documentary ‘say goodbye’, which was an interesting and rare glimpse of the massive effort that goes on behind the main event.

    All in all a very worthy addition to the collection.

    More comments when I’ve watched it cover to cover.

  76. Due to a rather hectic office life at the moment I haven’t been able to just pop to the shop to obtain the said DVD yet. I still have the old fashioned format in VHS so that will have to suffice for now.

    Still as soon as the weekend arrives the first thing I will do is go and buy the long awaited DVD. I am certain that it will be worth the wait. I am particularly looking forward to the goodies contained within.

    As stated above, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    Best regards.


  77. Just for info

    Pulse banner spotted at De Standaard forwarding to EMI Music Belgium.

    I have a visit to the shop on the list for today.

    Best regards,

  78. I’ve got my Pulse yesterday, I only had time to watch the first dvd, I enjoyed very much the bootlegging the bootleggers, wow ! I even heard David telling the audience some words in french (sorry, can’t get rid of that ugly nationalism…)

    Do you know this link to listen to some extracts of the Pulse dvd ?


  79. “Can someone identify the pedal steel guitar David is playing in the photo above. It looks different than the one I usually see him playing. This one looks more like a Hawaiian lap guitar. Thanks.”

    Sorry to sound nit picky but for those who dont know David doesnt play pedal steels, he plays lap steels. They are quite similar but they are different. David plays a blonde fender champ lap steel with folding legs and (I believe) 2 jensen lap steels. However to answer your question the lap steel above is an acoustic made by a company called Weissenborn (you will find them on the net). Hope this helps.

    P.U.L.S.E is just fantastic, im so glad it has been made available in such brilliant quality.


  80. Wow, that is a very beautiful but really sad bit of music on the mainpage of the website today..

    hugs, Bianca

  81. Hi everybody,

    I’ve been away from few days, very busy, but a great weekend. We are the Champions!!! :-))

    2006 seems to be a lucky year for Italy, six Gilmour’s gigs and a world cup. If David is our lucky charm, please a new album and a new tour in 2010 hehehe.

    About Pulse dvd, I have been waiting for it since the day I bought my first dvd player, and it has been a worth waiting. My old pulse video tape is so worn down that I’ve not watched it for a long time and now I realize how much I missed it.

    I like the dvd very much, the quality of the video and the sound is great, and I appreciate all the extras.

    Thanks for all.

    ciao ciao

  82. I got my copy yesterday morning, well done to Amazon for getting it to me on the day of release (for a change).

    My first impressions of the DVD packaging weren’t great; Pink Floyd releases are usually a bit special in this regard (particularly the original PULSE CD) but this one seems rather ordinary. Storm’s images are beautiful as always but perhaps more could have been done with them. Never mind, I didn’t buy the DVD for the packaging.

    The actual concert footage is superb and the sound is even better. It really has scrubbed up well and seems very contemporary; it’s hard to believe that it was shot 12 years ago.

    Having been lucky enough to attend one of the Earls Court shows in ’94, the DVD brought back lots of great memories and captures the atmosphere very well. The whole light show was truly spectacular but one very special moment for me (and most of the audience I think) was the glitter ball during Comfortably Numb. Although it’s not quite the same as being there, the DVD did still manage to raise the hairs on the back of my neck. Basically, a big thumbs up for the main feature.

    I haven’t worked my way through all of the extras yet, just those on disc 2. I’d share some of the gripes other people have mentioned; “Say Goodbye to life as we know it” perhaps could have been edited to 5 minutes instead of 15, the photo galleries, CD artwork stage plans etc aren’t particularly exciting either but you have to remember that they are extras. I bought the DVD for the main concert so extras are, as the name suggest just extras.

    To sum up the PULSE DVD is excellent. Yes, it could have been better in some regards but it’s still a great memento for anybody lucky enough to have been at Earls Court in ’94. If you weren’t there then this is as close as you’re going to get.

  83. Something I noticed in my brief first look at PULSE…the ending to Great Gig has been cut a little shorter than the original PULSE release. Not that I mind hugely, it’s still wonderful.

    Anyone notice any other songs that have been cut down (or added to) on this version?

  84. What about the Delicate Sound of Thunder concert – will it make it as DVD-version like PULSE?

  85. As usual, The Floyd deliver another sonic masterpiece. My only gripe, I would have preferred to see Bootlegging the bootleggers filmed as per the Pulse concert & not on a shaky hand held recorder. I would have liked to have seen Astronomy Domine & the other songs played on the tour but not included at the Earls Court Pulse show in the package.

    Sorry about that; everything else is what I expected.

  86. Waiting impatiently for 18:30

    My wife just called me at work to tell me she brought the DVD home at noon.

    Time appears to grind to halt when you are waiting…


  87. Ciao,

    football championship is definitely finished and, unlike all other italians, I will watch football in another 2 years, in the European Cup. I am not football fan, that’s why I was so NationProud in these days.

    But Piergiorgio the “democratic citizen of the world” is back(after all Italians are all quite relaxed about nationalism).

    slighlty off topic I have a question. Because of a special offer we have in italy I bought a new copy of Dark side of the moon. I had a CD version released by capitol in the later eighties, not remastered. So I expected to hear a crystal clear sound and good work done on that and….HORROR….PAIN….I heard strange things on the disc…!!! the disc is bumping like hell…BUM BUM BUM…heartbeat all along on the run and Time, very loud and annoying.

    Was it concieved this way? I prefer my old version with the original mix by Alan parsons. question is? Do you think it was a good remastering? do you think I am just deaf and the heartbeat along the disc was already there? do you think that the remaster is Dark side of the moon? Am I going mad? Bah….this remaster is not faithful. I heard once and was horrified.

    I need some opinions.

    ciao 😉

  88. Funny, I read Mike Bull’s review on another fansite. The reviews are not identical; in fact, he is rather harsher here than on the other site. The last few words are “but it is still an absolute must-have DVD”. I wonder why he has changed his last words to “turned out to be mildly disappointing”?

  89. Lucia!… you in the fountain… like La Dolce Vita.. oh la la!!! Your mother better change religions, because you are mine.. ALL MINE!! 😉

    (See, Michèle understands me completely. Merci, ma bonne amie!)

    I remember what that post was that got lost because I forgot to click the post-button sunday night: It was about us trying to fool your mother into believing I am a man. So I asked FEd if he/she knew any good fake-beard-stores. FEd? *grin*

    hugs, Bianca – La Dolce Blogger (What’s Evil Genius in Italian? ;-))

  90. I won’t be able to pick a copy untill the weekend I’m afraid :o( but I did manage to see some of it round a friends house yesterday :o)

    Actualy I bought my first dvd player back in 1999 in anticipation that pulse would be out soon ahem! I’m on my 4th player now!

    I never felt the VHS video captured what I saw 5 times at Earls Court as well as I would have liked.

    BUT NOW WHAT AN AMAZING JOB!!!! Worth waiting for? I would have waited until the end of time to get this dvd! luckily I didn’t have to (well almost)

    What I have seen of the dvd takes me back to Earls Court in a way I didn’t think I would experience again. I can’t think of any higher praise than that.

    A tick and a gold star to James Guthrie and everyone who worked on it (not forgetting pink floyd of course). You have made a thirty something PF fan very, very happy.

    P.S I can’t think what prize you are sending me Fed? I am quite excited! can I eat it? is it inflateable? can it do two things at once? can I sit on it?

    OK I’ll be patient then.

    [I can’t say. It will be with you soon, though. Promise. – Features Editor]

  91. [It rang up as $11.99]

    $11,99???????????????? It is priced at 33 euro’s here! That is closer to $40,-.. Unless you meant to use the pound sign? That would still be only 21 euro’s and not 33..

    So for me it is still to expensive to buy, but when I hear about it all the time, that only makes me want to see it.. so can you all stop talking about it now! *grin*

    Oh well…

    Hugs, Bianca

  92. [Well, I actually can juggle flaming torches. LOL – Bob in Victoria, BC, Canada]

    you are hereby booked for The Barn Party. But just in case you are not as good as you may claim, we will put you in the hay-free corner with the doobie smokers. *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

  93. Ladies, ladies

    I have been busy a couple of days and I find that there is fighting.

    I am torn between a lovely Italian lady and a lovely French lady and also lucky to be with a lovely English lady – but don’t worry, now I have my official “100% gentleman” status restored, there are enough kind words for everyone.

    I’ll keep off football (as requested) but Michele just so that you know I share your pain – my complicated financial arrangements (we have a competition at the office) meant that If France had won the penalties I would have earned £290 – but I got zero!

  94. Pulse is on the way from Amazon at the moment and I am a busy boy, so no review yet.

    It is sharing an envelope with Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser” – so maybe I’ll give that a “tortured screeching” rating for you as well, F’ed.

    Hope your dog is well and getting plenty of walks … and you’re being especially nice to him/her after Ian’s sad news.

  95. [Why did Roger put a tour on the same time as David? – Posted by: Lesley at July 11, 2006 12:45 PM]

    well said. also roger’s poland show couldn’t have been moved closer to david’s, could it? some of us spot these things, you know.

  96. [Bianca….don’t want to make you sad, but just wondering how your friend is doing? Keeping him and you in my prayers.]

    How sweet of you to ask Jan. You are not making me sad by asking, because he is in my mind 24/7 anyway.

    He is not doing very well. His pain got a lot worse in a matter of two weeks and he has crossed that line where he has to start using morphine and it really feels to him like he already lost one battle. But then we already know he can’t win this battle anyway.

    I email with him daily. Try to give him as much love as I can. I try to enjoy life while I can and I cry for him whenever I have to. It’s all I can do.

    Hugs, Bianca

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