Night 28: Vienne


David and the band perform in France tonight at Vienne’s breathtaking Roman amphitheatre.

One of the largest in Roman France and built during the reign of Augustus (between 40 to 50 AD), the impressive Théâtre Antique overlooks the town of Vienne along the River Rhône.

Vienne is one of France’s most ancient cities, located between the Rhône and the surrounding hills. The Romans referred to it as ‘Vienne the Beautiful’.

The remains of the amphitheatre are found on Mont Pipet and its back seats offer spectacular views of the surrounding area.

2,000 years ago, some 13,000 spectators could be seated on its 46 lines of stone steps. The front seats, reserved for the most important, were wider than the others and were made of coloured marble. In its heyday, a 70 foot-long sculptured frieze of animals led by Dionysius, the patron deity of drama, ran across the front of the stage.

Restored in 1938, it is 130 metres in diameter and is now used for a variety of events, including the famous Vienne Jazz Festival, which has grown into one of Europe’s largest jazz events since its founding in 1981.

It also regularly hosts rock concerts, whilst welcoming all kinds of dance, orchestra and theatre.

If you’ll be at the Théâtre Antique tonight, do let us know. If you’ve visited before, please let those who perhaps have never visited previously know what they can expect from the venue. (We do know that a cushion is advisable!)

Whether you have a cushion or not, have a great time tonight and do feel free to share your thoughts with us both before, and after, the concert.

For those arriving early enough, some fans are meeting at the station and having a picnic in a nearby park. See the ‘Meet-up: Vienne’ blog entry for more details.

We also have a new poll and this time we want to know which is your favourite track from ‘On An Island’.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

127 thoughts on “Night 28: Vienne”

  1. I like polls very much…but am I too much confused (not your fault! just the last days of an hard year of work…) or there’s not a place to know the final results? Let me know, please…and take advantage from this time to WISH FANTASTIC HOLIDAYS TO MICHELE! Enjoy, my dear!


    [Each poll is live for three days and you can view the results at anytime by clicking the ‘View Stats’ link. When the poll changes, the old results are lost (except to us). – Features Editor]

  2. Looks like quite a nice venue. Have a great time out there tonight everyone.

    Michèle, come and tell me all about it tomorrow morning, veux-tu ? 😉

    Best regards,

  3. From my limited investigations here in Vienne it seems that a good place for a meet-up is Le Victor Hugo restaurant/bar on the corner of rue Victor Hugo and rue Henri Jacquier. Right behind the Roman ruins, close to the venue. I will be sitting there from around six. You can recognize me as the guy reading the blog on his mobile. Or having dinner. Wearing a mesh shirt and dark pants. See you!

  4. Just a last look to the blog before jumpin’ in my car and taking the road for Vienne. It will be a great evening, no doubt about it!

    Like some others, It would be great to meet you David, Guy and the band!!! Just follow the Man with the “blue live 8 T-Shirt” !

  5. looks like a wonderful place, but take something to sit on otherwise you’ll get a cold bum! i would dearly love to be there. i’m feeling quite depressed about it now. can’t choose my fave oai track.

  6. [Each poll is live for three days … – Features Editor]

    Ok. Thanks, FEd! Tim, I love your new names…they make me laugh! 🙂


    [Maybe we could do something with the data… – Features Editor]

  7. “Le Victor Hugo”…It’s ok…I hope to be in Vienne around Six (I’ll come from Paris). It would be cool meeting some others “On an Island Blogers” and David Gilmour’s Fans!

    Let’s take the road Now. See you all tonight !

  8. Had to pick then i close my eyes, 1% of the vote?!?!? come on!

    take a breath I was going to pick. There are too many good tracks on the album to pick a favourite one!

    getting sweaty palms with excitement now!

    Friday – Go to venice. Go to an open air bar next to piaza san marco and catch some freebie DG!

    Saturday – Go to piaza san marco and catch some classic DG in the flesh!

    Sunday – who cares? Hangover probably :p

  9. To everyone attending tonight’s show, have a fantastic time. I wish I could be there…

    Choosing one OAI song as my favourite turned out to be quite tough. However, I have decided on Where We Start. The melody is fantastic, vocals are fantastic, and David’s guitar is fantastic. At the risk of sounding repetitive, it’s a fantastic song.

    Anyway, off to work. Happy Monday everyone!

  10. Looks like a wonderful place.

    What with this AND THEN Firenze AND THEN St Marks square – places I have travelled to see even without the concert – if I was the envious kind I would be, well, very envious.

  11. I hear you, Tim. I agree completely.

    Have a grand time tonight, everyone. I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

  12. Coincidence of all coincidences… if I were to rank all ten tracks top to bottom they would rank in exactly the same order as they are ranking right now. Seeing as they are all great tracks that’s kind of amazing. To me anyway.

  13. My favourite is ‘Then I close my eyes’.

    I’m also glad for Pink Floyd’s return on the charts…six albums!six legends!

    I’m just breaking the cellophane of mine sixth Dark side…and still got emotions after all these years.Thank you.

    Firenze è vicina…


  14. It`s kind of a strange feeling that someone already got to see/is going to see David tonight, and I`ve got to wait another 27 days. Anyway have a great time at the show.

    A little question as I couldn`t find the answer anywhere. Are there any special tour t-shirts and stuff sold at any of the shows or will be sold in Gdansk? I`m asking because they sold J.M.Jarre shirts last year in Gdansk and I`d love to get a DG t-shirt.

    [You can see the current range of merchandise by clicking your name below. – Features Editor]

  15. See, now if David and company were true opportunists they would be selling On An Island cushions at the show tonight.

    I hope all attending the show tonight enjoy it and let us know your thoughts when you get back.


    [Damn, an opportunity missed… – Features Editor]

  16. So there I am, on stage with David, Rick and the boys as a supporting keyboard player. We are tearing through a rousing rendition of Echoes and the crowd is as crazy as my keyboard work. Dave and the band look on in awe as I work my ivory magic on them and the audience.


    Then my alarm goes off and I realize it’s Monday morning and I have to get ready for work…

    Have a great night guys…I’m there with ya in spirit at least!


  17. Hi Fed.

    When I first saw the picture for this venue when it was first announced I thought, what an amazing place to watch a concert. Now I’m just very jealous of all those that will witness the event, I just hope the rain holds off for everyone.

    I think this is the one, out of all the extra European dates, I wished I was going to.

    I look forward to reading how it went.

    [The word “Gutted” springs to mind sometimes, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

  18. “Gutted” indeed Fed.

    I hope Polly takes load of pics then that may help….or really rub it in!!

    [Probably a bit of both. – Features Editor]

  19. Matt, how funny! I had a dream last night about David too. I dreamed we were in some kind of living room. Him and I, and others, but I couldn’t make out who. We were just having random conversation while he was playing around a bit with the guitar.

    Wouldn’t that be nice?!


    Enjoy the show all!

  20. Can’t help but notice how close this outdoor venue is to a residential area.

    Residents living in behind there are in for a real treat they might not be aware of. I’d be interested in hearing some of their post concert comments.

    [How do you say “Bloody hell! Turn that racket down!” in French? – Features Editor]

  21. what a great place for a gig.the sound should be amazing.can’t wait for a british tour again.

  22. Any one going to the gig have a great time!!. I am not in the least bit jealous………

  23. I really enjoy listening to the whole album (On an Island). So this is a hard one to pick. So, as I’m listening to it again, I’ll have to say The Blue. It’s just a great song.

    I was wondering what your favorite tune is off the album, Fed.


    [Funnily enough, I also went for ‘The Blue’. – Features Editor]

  24. Tonight’s setlist is as follows:

    Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  25. Arnold Layne with Rick singing is the O~* (bomb!)

    Can’t wait for the DVD version of the classic…

  26. Favorite OAI track??? Can’t do it… didn’t vote. For me the first 3 tracks have to be played together… so that’s my fav… Castellorizon-On An Island-The Blue… all as one.


  27. And for those who can not be there (as myself, again…): let’s weep together 🙁

    The fact that I discovered Pink Floyd and all that has got to do with PF, only four years ago, results in the fact that I do not even know if I will ever see David Gilmour perform live: wouldn’t that be a missed opportunity in live??

    (I was already very happy to see Roger Waters perform ‘Dark Side’ entirely almost two months ago but Gilmour with this setlist… Aaauuch)

    Hope this wish will come true

  28. Hi Fed and all,

    I just see the setlist… no Cymbaline… arg ! better luck next time… David if you hear me…


  29. Dear F.Ed!

    Love those polls! Hope there be more “word-competitions” soon also.

    Would very much love to be at the European shows, but I guess I’ve had my fair share… Wish everyone that have tickets a good time, enjoy!



    (Well F.Ed, I’m off for a short holiday in a few hours. Going to London for a few days, so if you’re in London and see me wandering around don’t be a stranger. Unfortunately there will not be any time to go to Wales this time…. But it will just be good to be back in the UK!)

    [Have a good time. There are more polls and word competitions to come, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  30. [How do you say “Bloody hell! Turn that racket down!” in French? – Features Editor]

    Ah..the French aren’t like that F.E.(wink wink.)But if they were, it would be something like “Fermez vos gueules maudit Anglais!”..I think Michele has already said this to me in so many words..Heehee…Just kidding Michele.Just threw that in for a joke.

  31. FEd, What are you doing??? Aren’t you supposed to be getting some sleep about now??? But of course we appreciate your dedication and devotion. I guess you just can’t stay away from this lot.


    [It’s true. – Features Editor]

  32. To everyone going, enjoy the concert! I wonder if gladiators “entertained” here before. Maybe David could play “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”. {|:^B

  33. Wow.What a beautiful amphitheatre.It’s torture being in the States right now.All these beautiful,exotic venues…hope everyone has a great show.

  34. I voted “Then I Close my Eyes.” It never fails, my infant always falls asleep to it, and I get to listen to such beautiful music while watching my beautiful boy drift off. It’s become a sweet little ritual for us.

    Tara (Catskills, NY)

  35. hola soy yo de nuevo, queria decir que amo el sonido de una Strato gracias al toque del señor David Gilmour, tambien decirles que mi sentido musical es un petalo de la inmensa flor que dejo Pink Floyd en mi cerebro y que como fue de mi padre y de mi hermano tambien es mio y sera de mi hijo algun dia, tengo 25 años y durante ese tiempo siempre escuche su musica, David te esperamos impacientes en Argentina …..

  36. Dave, you changed my life again …

    After the 15th March, the 31th July …

    You gave us the most beautiful and surrealist show we ever seen.

    There’s no word to explain what I felt during the show. I cried like a child, I was so happy to see you again.

    And you touched my heart with this new version of Shine on you crazy Diamond full of … Beaujolais ;-))

    Your old friend was probably somewhere in the sky above Vienne and he was probably very proud of you … Rest in Peace my dear Syd …

    I just want to tell you that you’re the best musician that Earth gave life … I hope you will read my short message…

    Thank you David to have visited France one more time. Please come back soon, we will be there !!


  37. One day I would like to press its hand and thus he would only rest in peace. because you it is optimum guitarrisata of the world. abraços of a fan! By Brazil

    Um dia eu gostaria de apertar a sua mão e só assim descansaria em paz. porque você é o melhor guitarrisata do mundo. abraços de um fã! By Brasil

  38. Seeing David and the band perform in the Vienne Roman Amphitheatre was surreal. The performance of Echoes was particularly enchanting, in fact, I found every number was played in perfection. The band was really enjoying themselves – they were all laughs and smiles throughout the entire performance. And the weather was outstanding – some rain had moved through a few hours prior to the concert to cool things off and drop the humidity. I can imagine David and the band were extremely pleased with their decision to perform at this venue and it must have been as great of an experience for them as it was the audience.

    I also have to comment that after attending David’s concerts in Chicago and Los Angeles, I was just dumbfounded at how courteous, respectful, and well behaved the audience was in attendance last night. Hardly anyone got up or moved during the entire concert. People only stood at just the most appropriate times. The gentleman next to me, seeing I didn’t speak French, was kind enough to translate David’s comments (that were in French) for me and my wife. In fact I have found the French people in general to be very helpful and friendly and undeserving of the reputation they have in the United States of being snobby and rude.

    I hate to say it but after comparing last night’s experience to those concert experiences from the U.S., I can understand why David and band may be reluctant to return to perform.

    The concert was the only perfect part of the day – driving in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language is a challenge at best and figuring things out in Vienne was sort of like solving a puzzle. I am spending one more day in Lyon then back to the hot and dry U.S. tomorrow. Au Revoir!

  39. Ciao,

    I am dreaming about Firenze… I wish: Astronomy Domine and Arnold Layne. Will my wishes be fulfilled? Who knows…?

  40. Just back home from Vienne, what can I say, even better than the RAH. I can’t say enough about the choice of venue, the Theatre Antique is without question the best place I’ve ever been to see a concert. Stone seating surrounding the stage and sloping back up towards a high stone wall with the chateau above it. An old fortress on the hill in the distance, lit up at nighttime. And since the show was slightly delayed, didn’t start until 9 PM, darkness fell quite early and we had the full power and majesty of Marc Brickman’s light show. Fabulous. Finally, the acoustics were great, the sound was perfect.

    I went with a couple of friends who were my hosts for the weekend, they didn’t like the OAI CD much (“too slow”) but were blown away seeing it played live. Take a Breath was the highlight of the OAI section, as usual, but This Heaven was great and Dave’s guitars in Castellorizon sounded fantastic. I also liked the fact that there were no “special guests” for this one; sorry, I didn’t need Crosby and Nash around, the core band handles the vocals just fine. More room for Guy to do his thing. 🙂

    Was sorry they dropped Astronomy Domine from the second set, but at least we had Arnold Layne again. Rick’s vocals on Time sounded a bit strained but he made a strong comeback on AL and Echoes, he matched Dave note for note. SOYCD part 1 was bizarre, to say the least – just Rick’s keyboards with everyone else playing – believe it or not – wine glasses! Yes, they set up a little table in the corner and everyone (including Dave) was standing there circling the rim of a wine glass with their finger. Interesting sound, sort of worked but not quite.

    The end of the concert – Echoes and Comfortably Numb sandwiching WYWH – was amazing, the band were on fire with Echoes and the light show came across superbly in the pitch dark.

    Overall, a great experience, I didn’t think anything could top the RAH concert I went to but here the setting was the icing on the cake. Hard to believe that’s it for now – Dave, Rick, and all the guys, thanks for some truly memorable music, I have my fingers double crossed that it’s not the last time we see y’all but if it is, the memories will last for a very long time.

    One last thing – didn’t get a chance to wish Rick happy birthday the other day – the extra loud hollering when you were introduced last night was me making up for it!! Waiting for your new solo album … 🙂

  41. Morning FEd, fellow bloggers,

    Things seem very quiet in the comments and review area about yesterday evening.

    Is everyone still out there partying or has David and his band left you all stunned and speechless ? Let me guess …

    Michèle, j’ espère que vous avez eu un bon vol et je vous souhaite de tres bonnes vacances en Grèce.

    Bientot, ce sera notre tour 🙂 (Lesbos)

    Desole que nous n’avons pas eu l’occasion de se rencontrer a l’aeroport.

    Best regards,

  42. coming back from vienne

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE :” BEETHOVEN IS BACK ! Sure i’ve meet him yesterday night in vienne.”

    What a show no sorry not a concert not an opera i’m sorry but i can’t explain exactly what, Only a magic moment . During the concert i’ve the same sensation when i’ve drive a Lamborghini , fly in hot air ballon drinking a chateau Yquem a magic moment and a strange sensation that you feel only sometimes during your life . Well Mrs Gilmour & Co thanks for the show it’s like a firework during 2 hours . Come back when you want you (you and all the staff) will be welcome.

    Thanks again : it’s only rock n roll but i like it .


    bye bye

  43. Wow! What a show.

    We drove down from Geneva and the GPS systems saved the day by rouing us directly into the Vienne town parking. The Theatre Antique is a truly amazing place and one is reminded of earlier Floyd concerts at Orange an Pompeii. The house sound system was fantastic and rattled everyone’s belly muscles with its bass. The mids and highs were clear and well defined. A great sounding concert. The lights too were incredible. Loads of movinge heads and lasers. Well run too.

    Words honestly fail me when I try to describe the music in that place with its sound and light. I have been a Floyd fan since the mid-sixties and have seen them once before. David stood out as a giant musician and performer. His guitar technique and his voice were without parellel last night. The band including Richard were truly phenomenal. At 60 years of age I have seen and heard them all. This concert rated IMHO as the best overall that I have ever seen. I even managed to gain access to the sound booth during the interval. There is no praise too high for this band and its music.

  44. [I can’t say enough about the choice of venue, the Theatre Antique is without question the best place I’ve ever been to see a concert. Stone seating surrounding the stage and sloping back up towards a high stone wall with the chateau above it. An old fortress on the hill in the distance, lit up at nighttime. And since the show was slightly delayed, didn’t start until 9 PM, darkness fell quite early and we had the full power and majesty of Marc Brickman’s light show. Fabulous. Finally, the acoustics were great, the sound was perfect. – Posted by: Don at August 1, 2006 08:20 AM]

    God, I wish I’d been there. 🙁

  45. It was just like a dream… A perfect performance in timeless surroundings. The Gods from the Ancient Roman Empire must have been writhing with pleasure at the powerful sound of David’s guitare, the rawness of its vocals. Thank you for delivering such a complete sensorial experience. I’ll remember ’till the day I die.

  46. Hello,

    I attended the Vienne concert last night and I wanted to thank David and the band for this wonderful show (3 hours long with 20 min of break between the two parts).

    On A Island album is very well fitted for stage performance – the first part is incredible. David is able to play his guitar so beautifully. Jon Carin was playing a lot of lapsteel parts.

    Second part was exploding and refreshing with less known PF tunes (with Rick Wright singing) and going to climax: ECHOES (full length rock experimental savaage Pompei version) !!!! UN PUR REGAL !!!!!

    For the fun: the Shine on You intro was played with cristal glasses filled with Beaujolais !! (as explained by David in a very good French)

    In conclusion, I hope I won’t wait another 12 years to hear Gilmour and Pink Floyd live….

    This is one of the best concert I have ever heard !! (the sound quality was perfect)

    Hey David!! Please come back in France and particularly in Marseille (concert au Frioul)

    See U

  47. Good morning all!!

    How relaxing to have the AM java and read about each persons experience at the show. With such details given, I can really get a sense of what it was like to be there.

    From the reviews I’d say well done David and Band. You should be very proud.

    Have a peace filled day friends.

  48. Hi FED, hi everyone

    here I am again, after a week, the busiest week of my life but the best too. My beautiful daughter was born last Thursday and her name is Emily Grace. She is so sweet.

    Actually there is a short story about the first name. It was proposed by my wife who had no idea about the PF song at that time. Could I refuse? 🙂 Of course not and she was very surprised of my easy agreement. hehehe

    Sorry Fed, I know this is not related to David Gilmour but I’d like to share with you all my happiness.

    Coming back to music, the summer ending of the tour looks fantastic. The tribute to Syd Barrett with Dark Globe has been moving.

    Now the Italian gigs are coming, so Lucia, Piergiorgio, GianLuca and all Italian friends, please cheer for me for David and the band.

    ciao ciao
    Now I can See Emily Play 🙂


    [Congratulations, Roberto! – Features Editor]

  49. I Don’t have the words…

    After driving all night from Vienne to my home town near Paris, and a little few hours of sleep, I’m still dreaming…It’s impossible for me, at the moment, to qualify what happened last night in the Roman Amphitheater of Vienne.

    This place is a fantastic venue, overlooking the old town and the Valley of Rhône.

    David and the band made me dreaming like 12 years ago in Bordeaux, during the “Division Bell Tour 94”. I saw a David Gilmour honoring music and giving to the audience one of his best show. I didn’t saw the shows in Paris or London, but I know from the top of my heart to the bottom of my soul that David was yesterday night at the top of his art!! No doubt about it!

    The Set List was incredible, from the totality of the “On an Island” album to the choice of the classics, there was no mistake…Oh, in fact, yes…only one mistake…MORE SONGS OR ANOTHER DATE IN VIENNE Mister GILMOUR PLEEEEEEEAAAAASE !!!!!!

    For me, the climax of this show is the interpretation of “Echoes”..inbelievable..I’m 29 years old, I wasn’t born when the song was written. It’s just one of my favorites and I never thought I could hear it played live by Pink Floyd or some of his members one day…what a thrill !!!! It was difficult, enjoying this particular moment in Vienne, in this Antic Theater, and not thinking about Pompéi, 35 years ago…(isn’t it ?).

    The light show was fabulous too, giving all his power, originality and majesty as the darkness took the venue litle by little…

    And of course, last but not least..the wonderful & powerful COMFORTABLY NUMB (the song why I bought an electric guitar and I learnt to play it!) closing this show…My favorite definitely.

    Thanks to you David, Richard, Dick, Guy, Jon and all the band and crew of this “On an island Tour 2006”. It was one of the best moment of my life yesterday.

    I don’t know if we (& I) will have another opportunity to see you live on stage, with new songs, or reunite with the Roger & Nick for a new Pink Floyd album and Tour (It would be great for all of us I think). I hope so !

    Thank you very much and God bless you David…
    See you soon!


    P.S. Are a DVD & a CD of this tour, planed for the end of the year “dear Features Editor” ?

    [There will definitely be a DVD, and we hope it will be ready by the end of the year, but you know how these things tend to drag along. – Features Editor]

  50. “And since the show was slightly delayed, didn’t start until 9 PM”

    Oh dear, I hope Michele’s “mad dash” to Brussels airport was not held up too badly …

  51. [SOYCD part 1 was bizarre, to say the least – just Rick’s keyboards with everyone else playing -wine glasses! Yes, they set up a little table in the corner and everyone (including Dave) was standing there circling the rim of a wine glass with their finger. Interesting sound, sort of worked but not quite.]

    WOW…I can definately see this working as both a musical statement as well as homage to Floyd’s past. Pink Floyd were to (several times) release an album of music made entirely from household goods. This is genius David!

  52. Grandiose !!!

    Now I know the sense of the life !! David Gilmour, a guitar and everything become limpid.

    Thank you boys !! (But why did not you Play Astronomy domine ?)

  53. Thank you Don for your concert review, it was like living again the experience in Rome. I regret I didn’t leave for Vienne too,and RHA above all, and Florence, and Venice , but I should be able to fly!

    I wonder if we are not in a collective kind of fanaticism, and to ascertain it is not, I ‘m listening to early documentaries of Rolling Stones or other stars of the sixties: I can’t find one that gives me half – a quarter – of the pleasure I feel when I listen to Mr Gilmour and Mr Wright music and performances. (All PF, of course)

    I’m leaving, see you next month


  54. Back from Vienne, for me its was the fith show of this tour, after Paris and London it was magic.
    The others shows were very good, but something spécial last night…the venue, the audience, I don’t know but after few hours sleep and 800 km I’m still there in Vienne….

    At the end of the show, David said something like “A un de ces jours”.. ( We’ll meet again…) and we just wanted to ask WHEN ?….

  55. Ciao,

    i miei complimenti a Roberto per la sua bambina!!!!!!! She has a nice English name but an Italian surname. Make her proud of that surname for all of us. 🙂

    I miei migliori auguri.


  56. congratulations to roberto on the birth of his little girl!

    thanks to everyone for sharing some great reviews with us. sounds like one hell of a show with a respectful audience for a change. the setlist seems a bit short, though.

  57. FEd, Any chance of putting up a Polly picture of the “wine glass performance” from the concert? It would be interesting to see for those of us not fortunate enough to be there. And of course, we hope that it worked well enough to be considered for the DVD release so that we can hear it as well.

    Thank you.


    [I’m sure that there will be one soon. – Features Editor]

  58. Dear all,

    I have just got home from Lyon. So, what was last night like on the nickster scale?

    It was F****** AMAZING!!!! OFF THE SCALE!! I genuinely didn’t think that the Wednesday night Royal Albert Hall show could be bettered – in all honesty I went to Lyon because it was so evocative of Pompeii and a genuinely cool/beautiful/different venue. The bar had been set SO high that Wednesday night at the RAH that I didn’t think that anything that good could be bettered.

    Rather than blub for paragraphs, here’s the condensed(ish) highlights for me:

    – Echoes. Richard Wright – you are THE MAN! His adlibs on Echoes were again f****** brilliant. I’m struggling to be more eloquent with the hyperbole, but that’s the best way that expresses it! His confidence last night shone through in his playing and I was amazed/mesmerized by how conversational his jams were. Absolute brilliance – the old school “jazzer” in him flowing freely. I’ve never heard Echoes played so faithfully, but with such perfect variance. I’m still utterly utterly gobsmacked from it. That was about as close to new PF material as you can get, without being new…but pressing all those old buttons in a new way. I know I’m blubbing but that was epic. I wish there were cameras there to have recorded it because I want to see that again.

    – David: There was something so different about David tonight, and indeed all the boys – an amazingly positive energy, and so much of it. I don’t know whether it was just that everyone was on form/having a good day, whether the venue brought it out of them, maybe a lack of video or something to do with Syd. Whatever it was, the chemistry tonight was perfection itself. There were apparently some technical hiccups beforehand that delayed kickoff, but you would never have known it – either from the sound or from the performances. Actually, going to give “Sound” it’s own little para…

    – Sound: Whatever the hiccups were, I didn’t hear anything negative in the sound at all – in fact, that was some of the best concert audio ever. To my ears, and sitting dead centre in the ‘Carnet D’or’ seats (lowest sitting tier), the sound was crystal clear with brilliant definition throughout the range. No bounceback that I could hear, just the purest of sound to convey all that feel.

    – Comfortably Numb: David was on fire – as for Echoes, this was the best version of CN I’ve ever heard. It was THAT good. David’s adlibs were fantastic and each one fit in perfectly. Musicianship at its finest.

    – SOYCD, Wots, Fat Old Sun: WHAT A COMBO!! I was expecting to get either Fat Old or Wots on previous form, but both are favourites. At the RAH I was sure to see both because I covered all the nights, but in Vienne thought it would be a dice roll…but I got both! Thanks David 🙂 Also, that Fat Old Sun jam rocks my world! I’ve said it before, but that’s such a groovy end to a tune that I really never want it to end. I’d love it if you guys were to jam that out for another 5 mins…. we had an Island Jam, now howabout a Fat Old Sun Jam for a future ‘b’ side?

    – The Wine Glass SOYCD intro. Yeah baby!! Loved it.

    – Guy: With all that great energy on stage, it was almost like Guy was the antenna for it all. Guy is always one of the best visual treats to scan over to during the show because the groove just leaks out from every part of his body. Whereas Phil has the coolest stationary wiggle/strut to his groove, Guy is all over the shop. Watching Stevie and Guy’s eye contact was also great fun to follow along with, and at so many times Guy seemed like the conductor, and such an animated one. Loved it to bits… the upright, the upside down in Echoes, and the whacking it bits. I couldn’t quite make out what your t-shirt said though…but will scroll up and read to see if anyone else did…

    – OAI: OAI is always lovely and sitting outside in the warm Vienne air seemed really appropriate for such a natural album. The music always feels to me like a journey from the opening notes of Castellorizon to the end of Where We Start. The Vienne amphitheatre was a perfect place for David to perform that journey. “Pocketful of Stones” also seemed really apt sitting on a massive ancient stone structure. I was so mesmerised that the numb bum didn’t bother me too much 🙂

    Better stop there… between the Wednesday night RAH and Vienne, those are without doubt the two greatest concerts I have ever been to. Which one was better? Well, that’s the million dollar question and one of those high quality problems that I’ll enjoy thinking about.

    Thanks guys, that was truly special. That was my Echoes at Pompeii 🙂


  59. About the “strange” beginning of SOYCD : David explained that they would perform it THE WAY THEY RECORDED IT something about 30 years ago : wet fingers on glass filled with beaujolais.

    Now we know the secret…

  60. I love to see the international community chime in on David’s CD and tour. It’s really quite exceptional if you think about it. To have your music have such an impact on many who do not fully understand the language. That is indeed both a statement as well as a compliment for all involved with this record and tour.

    Truly amazing and well deserved…

  61. Hello guys! Reading your show’s reviews was a pleasure…in your words I live my past’ excitements (march’s show in Rome) and my future’ excitements (tomorrow show in Florence)! Really emotional reports, my compliments

    Roberto, your post is delicious and I’m sincerely happy for you and your wife. Emily Grace is a really nice name and…it’s true! Now you can see Emily Play!!!


  62. [- Echoes. Richard Wright – you are THE MAN! His adlibs on Echoes were again f****** brilliant. I’m struggling to be more eloquent with the hyperbole, but that’s the best way that expresses it! His confidence last night shone through in his playing and I was amazed/mesmerized by how conversational his jams were. Absolute brilliance – the old school “jazzer” in him flowing freely. I’ve never heard Echoes played so faithfully, but with such perfect variance. I’m still utterly utterly gobsmacked from it. That was about as close to new PF material as you can get, without being new…but pressing all those old buttons in a new way. I know I’m blubbing but that was epic. I wish there were cameras there to have recorded it because I want to see that again.]


  63. Great review,nickster! Thank you. Makes one practically salivate for the dvd.

    Hope they catch a taste of the outdoor theatres on the extras.

  64. Hello dear F.ed,

    Unfortunatly, I didn’t get to Vienne. And when I see the comments, it was terrific. But I have a question for you. After all, I had my concert at the Olympia in march.

    When the show is over, sometimes are you sleeping ? (I’m saying that because of the masses of posts).

    [Sometimes, but it has been quieter lately. – Features Editor]

  65. Amazing place, amazing show.. much better that the Olympia one.

    Echoes was an astonnished, wonderful version…
    Thanks for having played “Wot’s Uh The Deal”. You don’t know how much that song means to me…

    I wished we had Astronomy Dominé and a Syd’s song too, but “on peut pas gagner à tous les coups !”.

    Thanks again David, thanks again Rick.

    Come back any time !


  66. Thanks for the great review!! It sounds like the show was on fire!! You lucky dogs =)

    [Sometimes, but it has been quieter lately. – Features Editor]

    You scared some more people off, did yah Fed? 😉


    [It’s a combination of petulance and nervousness, I think… But there are plenty of reviews of the shows, which is the main thing. – Features Editor]

  67. Although he has a few more shows left, David’s tour is nearly complete. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. So I have taken the liberty to write some uh “lyrics” I guess to celebrate the tour. Hope you all enjoy them

    Feat. Ed. I hope this is not too long.

    “As we watch our hero go”

    The time is over and it was fun
    Our hero reamerged under the sun
    He came and he led us all by the hand
    And as we followed, we all felt like we were going to the promised land
    But now he is tired and weary
    He has given everything and he is leary
    Now it is time to watch our hero go

    As we watch our hero go, we all feel the pain
    As we watch our hero go, we will stand in the rain
    As we watch our hero go, We feel the sadness burn
    As we watch our hero go, we make a vow to wait, loyally for his triumphet return
    As we watch our here go, We hope and we pray, that he comes back again someday

    And now we sit back and marvel on such a thing
    That our hero can make a dead thing sing
    And our eyes grow very moist
    When we hear the whispers of his angelic voice
    And though we are sad that he has retreated like in the past
    We are filled with glee, with the memories that will forever last

    As we watch our hero go, we all feel the pain
    As we watch our hero go, we will stand in the rain
    As we watch our hero go, We feel the sadness burn
    As we watch our hero go, we make a vow to wait, loyally for his triumphet return
    As we watch our here go, We hope and we pray, that he comes back again someday

    To: David thank you for everything you have done

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

  68. Nickster,

    No, you THE MAN.

    Thanks for that great review. Made me feel like I was right there.


  69. Bonjour

    Le concert de vienne ce 31 juillet fut vraiment du pur bonheur un tres grand moment d’emotions

    Merci beaucoup

  70. Wow, the concert sounds like it was fantastic! Wish I was there.

    Thanks for the great review Nickster, but I am disappointed that there aren’t more reviews here.
    Perhaps we’ll have to wait for concert-goers to arrive home.

    [SOYCD part 1 was bizarre, to say the least – just Rick’s keyboards with everyone else playing -wine glasses! Yes, they set up a little table in the corner and everyone (including Dave) was standing there circling the rim of a wine glass with their finger. Interesting sound…]

    This is it! I have finally found the musical instrument that I can play! (I actually have had extensive hands-on experience with wine glasses AND beaujolais). Thank-you for the idea, David. I’m going to start practicing tonight! 😉

  71. I would have been thrilled to hear them play on wineglasses, kazoos and anything else they wanted if only they’d have come to my city , haha.

  72. Thanks for the great review, nickster.

    I feel an urge to kick myself for not being in Vienne yesterday …

    Congratulations with the birth of Emily Grace, Roberto.

  73. Magnificent!

    We’ve seen Pink Floyd in Lyon on december 10th 1972 and we saw David Gilmour again on july 31st 2006 in Vienne.

    Thirty four years later the magic band was always there

    We surprised ourselves being the same in our heart and in our emotions.

    It is certainly a sign that David Gilmour with his perfect music and his simplicity has found the way to our heart and we saw that this feeling was shared by many people in the respectfull audience.

    Yesterday we were eighteen forever…

    Thank you David Gilmour and all the crew

  74. Looks like i am back.F.é. i think i am the only one stuck on my computer; i am stuck on meet up Florence and Vienne. For a week i try to communicate with you and there were no possibility. Now i have to click main if i want to read all the bloggers for the end of july. I am stuck on the july 25th! Anyway i have a way to communicate that is the most important!

    Lucia, have a nice show! Michèle j espère que vous avez aimé votre show a Vienne, je suis contente pour vous et bonnes vacances!F.é. i am happy to be back althought i don t understand what happens with the blog only for me.


    Sylvie de Montréal

    [Very strange, but welcome back. – Features Editor]

  75. it is me again .F.é. on the Florence and Venice page where i am stuck , there is 86 comments. When i click main i go on the same page there is 183 comments and i only can read 86 comments…

    Lucia, Michèle and Sylvie de Québec, i cannot read you on this page if you talked to me after my invitation to drink a glass of wine. Sorry girls i…i…(j ai perdu le fil de cette conversation a cause de problèmes techniques)

    F.é. help me, please!

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [I don’t know what’s wrong, I’m afraid. I trust you’ve refreshed the page? Cleared your browser’s cache? – Features Editor]

  76. Just arrived back in Antwerp (Belgium) after seeing the show in Vienne. A truly wonderful experience that won’t be forgotten soon, spending one day before and one day after the show in this beautiful place which indeed reminded me of Pompeï.

    A few hours before the show we climbed the mountain behind the theater (Tour Pipet)and witnessed a relaxed Mr. Gilmour checking his guitars.Just before the show a Dutch guy told us what to expect (something I’d rather NOT know, I prefer not to go through setlists before attending a show) and I liked the fact that he got it all wrong since Gilmour started with “Breathe” and not the entire On An Island.

    Echoes blew my mind! “The Beaujolais treatment” of Shine On You Crazy Diamond was breaking my heart.

    Overall the sound was just perfect, lights were sober but precise and the setting….well…quiet an experience.

    Looking forward to buy the dvd (hopefully including some songs/images of this show)!

    Thank you for this evening!


    ps:syd R.I.P

  77. Nickster,

    What a great review mate, unfortunatley I had tickets but I couldn`t go due to problems at home.

    I`m so glad you enjoyed it mate and by the sounds of it the show lived up to my expectation!

    Cheers mate,

    [Sorry to hear that, mate. – Features Editor]

  78. Now I really wish I’d been there! I’m weeping with you, Bert…

    Some great reviews. Thanks for sharing. That ‘Shine On’ sounds like something else.

    I can’t wait for the DVD!!!

    Congratulations to Roberto and best wishes to little Emily Grace!

  79. Great, great fantastic show at vienne

    we drived 550 kms but it worth it. wonderful stage and exceptional show. Playing the first pat of SOYCD with wine glasses it was amazing. No words to explain what we felt. The best showed i ever seen but i still hope that it was not the last time i ve seen M. Gilmour and M. Wright playing. If you can tell M. Manzanera that his orange suit and white trouser and shoes were superb.

    Laurent WATTRE

  80. Nickster and other reviewers,

    Thanks for the great revues from Vienne…

    And I thought the RAH was special…

    However, to have seen David and the boys playing at these wonderous outdoor venues must have been a truly awesome experience.

    I’m kicking myself now for not getting tickets for Venice, they promise to be mesmeric events, being On An Island and all…

    Shows like these don’t come around everyday.

    These are the days of our lives… Savour them.

  81. Wow great reviews, it brings April in Toronto all back again. What a talented group of artists.

    Rick, a belated happy birthday Sir Richard. Your keyboard work helped shape the sound of PF, just like Tony Banks did with Genesis, probably two of the all time great keyboardist at least in my opinion anyway.

    David please keep this thing you have helped create going, it makes us forget the rest of the shit going on out there.


  82. Ici Québec,Montréal vous me recever?

    Salut Sylvie de Montréal, enfin tu a retrouvé l’image,suis contente que tu sois là.

    Pour te mettre un peu à jour, je te disais que même si on s’est manquer à Toronto on peut se reprendre au show de Roger Water il est au Centre Molson le 21 sept.Je te reviens avec ca un autre jour.

    Et aussi combien j’aurais aimé être en Europe pour voir les derniers shows de David,et que même si on était ici,notre esprit était là-bas avec eux pendant que David et la bande donnent un de leurs dernièrs shows. Je suis certaine que je ne suis pas la seul, mais quand je pense que David achève sa tournée je suis terriblement triste,car je me demande si je vais avoir le privilège de le revoir un jour,je le souhaite tellement de tout mon coeur.

    S.V.P. ne rit pas de mon anglais,quelque fois pour faire plaisir au rédacteur j’écrit en anglais,mais avec un traducteur,alors ca dois faire curieux? “C’est une blague” cela est pour faire plaisir à Lucia pour quelle essaye de me comprendre.

    À Bientôt
    Sylvie de Québec

    [Je ne rirai de votre anglais, ainsi n’inquiétez pas. Vous voyez les erreurs dans mon français! Mais, nous essayons d’apprendre et il prend le courage ici – dont je vous remercie. – Features Editor]


    I loved a lot, it is very beautiful and very true!

    Sylvie from Québec

  84. Nice job Josh on your poem, sums it up well, let’s hope David and the band have an ace up their sleeve for all of us. Peace.

  85. Got back last night and all I can say is the Mrs still loves me , she loved it . When I said France she thought Paris but the gig trully made up for that .

    Thank you so much .
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  86. No page for Firenze?? waiting…..

    [Blimey, give me a chance! I’m rarely awake at 07:47. It’s coming, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  87. “It’s a combination of petulance and nervousness”

    or maybe just doing what we’ve been asked?

    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  88. Greetings from Zermatt, where I am continuing my summer holiday.

    Monday was indeed a nice evening in Vienne. Cozy and spectacular.A lot of details seemed refined from the RAH shows, both musically and light-wise. The venue was very beautiful. I cannot really imagine a better place for this kind of concert. I sort of doubt Venezia will top it, but I will be going there still, so we will see. 🙂

  89. Monday I was in Vienne…Today I’m back to work…There’s something wrong!!!


  90. First you promise us wonderful surprises and gold and silver stars…than you call us petulant and nervous…I’m confused FEd! And I think you are confused too!!! And in my opinion you’re confusing too much words, in these last days! Maybe, instead of saying silliness, after Venice show’s is better if you have some day of holidays! If you’re tired, say silliness could make worse your poise! And I don’t want to have you health on my conscience!

    with love!


    [That sounds like a plan. – Features Editor]

  91. I was in Vienne…

    I think I was in fact on the “shiny” side of the moon…

    My loving wife on my side, I thought about Polly taking pictures of David, Richard, the band and all of us… I doubt the photos will translate correctly the emotions, the feelings we have had…

    Thank you Mister Gilmour for the pure happiness you generated.

    Thank you David, this was just perfect music… end one of my best moments in my life (after my wedding & my children’s birth!)…

    If you want to have a break & a glass of wine in a little house in the Alps, you’re welcome at home 🙂

    I really hope to see you back soon.


  92. [That sounds like a plan. – Features Editor]

    No plan, but if you want, I can organize a journey’s plan for you! Tell me where you’d like to go…if it can work for stop being called “petulant and nervous”! I’m really good to organize travel: flight, rent car, hotels and b&b, tours…and I still haven’t organize my holiday, so I could recycle your plan for my holidays too! In different days, of course! You go from the 10th to the 18th and I go from the 19th to the 26th. Is it a good plan for you?


    [I’ll have to think about it. – Features Editor]

  93. Bonjour

    Encore Merci et Bravo pour ce grand concert. Heureusement, nous avons eu l’orage l’aprés midi.

    Site splendide qui fait penser au Live at Pompei. David,vous qui aimez les lieux magiques, je vous conseille les Arènes de Fréjus ( VAR ).

    Serait il possible d’avoir la liste (dans l’ordre) des morceaux interprétés lors du concert de Vienne.

    Encore merci pour cette spendide soirée que vous nous avez offert.

    Philippe et Sylvie, Haute Savoie.

  94. [Maybe. – Features Editor]

    To quote one of the Blog’s favourite bands, “Definitely maybe”.

  95. ciao,

    well, in 45 minutes I’ll leave my workplace. then I’ll leave to Firenze. I am sorry I haven’t seen the Firenze Page yet.

    So I will tell here to all the Italians: Ragazzi io passerò al pub THE WILLIAM.

    And to foreigners: see you at the pub if you want.

    a Pink Floyd shirt with a pig and a bed is ME.

  96. Pier,

    If you see Lucia, please buy her a big glass of wine for me.

    Send me a bill to

    Tim C
    “The Funny farm”

    It will find me OK.

  97. Have you seen how close the poll results are? ‘On An Island’ is winning with ‘Take A Breath’ not far behind. Interesting stuff.

  98. So the burning question regarding the introduction to Shine On at the last few shows is:

    Does it have to be beaujolais?? Can it be a cabernet or a merlot? And can our white wine bloggers use a chablis? O, and the glass, was it Baccarat?

    These are the kind of things we need to know.


  99. bonjour…

    deux jours aprés le concert, je n’arrive pas a m’en remettre… tellement beau et intence!

    merci a tout le monde et surtout a toi david. il n’y pas de mot pour expliquer ce que tu nous a fais vivre!

    merci merci et merci

    on espere te revoir bientot

  100. “Have you seen how close the poll results are? ‘On An Island’ is winning with ‘Take A Breath’ not far behind. Interesting stuff.”

    Take a Breath would have been a fabulous Floyd song (it’s a fabulous Gilmour song, haha), it has all the hallmarks-great swaggering energy, intriguing music, great lyrics with that unmistakable voice; that’s why everyone responds to it so much.

    I was listening to the lyric: “If I’m the one to throw you overboard At least I showed you how to swim for shore” and it reminded me of: “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.” Has that same feel:)

  101. Quel concert fabuleux dans cette enceinte magique du théatre antique de Vienne.

    Un grand merci à David Gilmour.

    A quand le CD et le DVD ?

    [Nous espérons la fin de l’année pour le DVD, ou peut-être le début de l’année prochaine. – Features Editor]

  102. Serait il possible d’avoir la liste (dans l’ordre) des morceaux interprétés lors du concert de Vienne.

    Merci , le concert était superbe!

    [Pardonnez-moi pour mon français, mais vous voulez la liste de chansons pour Vienne? Si oui, les chansons encore: Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes, Wish You Were Here et Comfortably Numb. – Features Editor]



  104. Merci beaucoup pour la réponse.

    J espère que David va bientôt revenir dans la région.
    Un concert comme ça marque un homme à vie.
    Encore BRAVO !

    philippe (Taninges Haute Savoie)

  105. re bonjour,

    j ai la chance de posséder “Masters Of Rock” , disque ou l’on trouve ” Arnold Layne “, Dave a
    t’ il choisi cette chanson pour rendre hommage à son ami Syd?

    Bonne journée et merci pour ce bon forum.

    [Merci. David a joué ‘Arnold Layne’ avant la mort de Syd (la première fois était en Amérique, je pense), mais c’est certainement un hommage pour un ami – juste comme les autres chansons de Syd, comme ‘Dominoes’, ‘Arnold Layne’ et ‘Dark Globe’.

  106. Just got back from Vienne last night having travelled by boat and train from Ireland for the gig. Quite simply the best concert I’ve ever been at – an added bonus is that the Missus is now a dedicated P/F and David fan.

    Thanks David for the sheer joy you’ve brought to us all.

  107. Echoes was thrilling… By far the best moment of the gig.

    This is the second time i saw DG (last time it was in 94 PF in Bordeaux), and it was a perfect venue in these ruins… much better than crowdy stadiums, screens, lightshow and all of that…

    I arrived in Vienne about 4:30 pm and the band did start soundchecks. Funny noone thought about getting on the top of the city, where there’s a statue and a little church (5 mn walking from the entrance) from where you can view all of the scene and the city. I got there, we were 4 people up there, and we saw and heard perfectly all of the soundchecks (including a couple of entire songs). It was like a private concert for the 4 of us…

    Then someone came and told us to get down but the soundcheck ended a few seconds later, so almost nothing was missed.

  108. Enjoy the show tonite whoever is going….You lucky people!!!

    Anyways I’m here in Vancouver Canada so I’m very very far away from the show!! Infact the show has already started as it is 9:30pm in Italy and 12:30pm here!!

    Please Dave put out a DVD of one of your performances so I can enjoy the show in my livingroom. Also On An Island is a great CD I enjoy all the songs, and your guitar playing is increadible!!!

    Take care

  109. Dear all,

    For those who haven’t been lucky enough to attend the Vienne show in France, here is a little review of the concert. I hope I will be able to find the appropriate words to describe the best evening I have ever spent in my entire life, especially since English is not my mother tongue.

    On April 12th, I drove alone from Kansas City, MO where I am an exchange student to attend the first Chicago show which was the most tremendous gig I had ever been to… yet. It was the first concert that literally made my body shake and my stomach felt full of butterflies.

    I was really happy to see how dedicated to the audience the band was. Guy Pratt kept on smiling at looking to the audience, and it is hard to describe how it felt when the eyes of David Gilmour, Guy Pratt and the others met my eyes for even a second or two during the show. I so wanted to tell them how I felt…

    After the show I waited behind the venue with my DG-20 equipped Stratocaster hoping that David Gilmour would kindly sign it but I knew the chances were very weak. On the way back home, “On an Island” was the only record that I played in my car; I felt blessed and enchanted.

    During my summer holidays back home in Aix-en-Provence in France, I found out that it had been announced that David Gilmour was extending his tour in Europe. Trembling with excitement and anxiety, I prayed that the show in Vienne wasn’t sold out already and ran to my computer to buy three tickets. You can’t imagine how relieved I felt when I received the booking confirmation!

    After a short three-hour drive to Vienne, my friends and I walked to the Roman Theatre (it would probably be more appropriate to say “ran to the Roman Theatre” as our excitement seemed to make us walk at least twice as fast as we usually do). The clouds above us looked like they wanted to tease us but hopefully they gave way to a bluer sky which felt relieving while still bringing some cool air. There was a massive queue and the quite disagreeable smell of burnt sausages and kebab that we had to inhale in the tiny narrow street that led to the venue seemed to make us even more anxious to get in!

    As soon as we saw the venue, I couldn’t help but notice the sheer resemblance to the Amphitheatre in Pompeii. Apart from the fact that the Vienne Theatre is a half-circle rather than a full one like the Pompeii one, it actually looked quite similar. Now that we were there, standing 10 meters from the stage right in the middle and right in front of David Gilmour’s mike, each minutes that passed felt like an hour.

    Hopefully, I met other Pink Floyd fans so I tried to ease my impatience by talking lasers, guitars, On an Island, P.U.L.S.E. and all these things you talk about when you’re a Pink Floyd superfan.

    As I was waiting, I couldn’t help but trying to see if Polly Samson was somewhere in the audience, preparing to take her always wonderful pictures. As always, the best way to hide is in the Sun so after browsing the audience, I looked up to the “control booth” (is that how you call the place where light and sound is controlled?!) and even in the distance, I recognized her long dark hair.

    After another twenty minutes of waiting announced, the Dark Side of the Moon heartbeat started to resonate in the Theatre and my heart seemed to follow its pace. As the first part in Chicago was only the On an Island songs, I was quite surprised to hear the pulse followed by one of the most beautiful and peaceful songs of all time; Breathe. The audience went nuts when David started to play his slide guitar but soon went dead quiet to listen to the calm guitar whining.

    I knew this concert was going to be a once in a lifetime experience when the first note of Time seemed to fall from above and seemed to pound my heart with a “comfortably numbing” power. I looked at my friends speechless and without any words spoken we understood each other very well. The time has gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say… and then the Breathe tune was back.

    After a few words to welcome us in French (which showed how courteous he seems to be), David Gilmour said “J’espère que vous n’aurez pas trop mal aux fesses” which means “I hope that your buttocks won’t feel sore” which made everybody laugh and then introduced his solo album.

    After the first couple minutes of Castellorizon, David’s guitar petrified my body and it was hard to believe how the acoustics sounded in this theater. The Romans’ most brilliant architects and David’s gifted musical talent seemed to be the ideal combination in terms of acoustical perfection; somehow there was a much better sound than in Chicago’s Rosemont Theater.

    I already felt like the concert was going to be finished too soon. How could it not?! I was glad to hear the On an Island solo in its entirety again because I had been disappointed when American television’s commercial necessity (!!!) made the greatest guest on Leno in a long time shorten both of his solos. The Blue had a different introduction part, well it was the same as in the album but Rick Wright held a strings chord for about 20 seconds while David Gilmour was adjusting a few things on his racks.

    Then Steve DiStanislao played the two soft drums hits (sorry I am not very familiar with drums vocabulary!) and The Blue started. This song gives me feelings I cannot quite explain, I guess when I close my eyes, I feel like I am soaring over the ocean. And when the whammy solo begins, I feel like I am surfing on enormous waves in slow motion.

    I won’t be the first one to say it, but Red Sky at Night shows how musical talent is universal to all kinds of instrument. Over the years, David Gilmour had impressed me with many kinds of instruments like the guitar of course, the piano in Live at Hammersmith Odeon or on July 31st on the saxophone. I didn’t know that one could play a note and get to the other note by –it seems– blowing harder, kind of like a bend in guitar playing.

    After a jazzy This Heaven, David Gilmour and his band played one of the only songs that have managed to make me cry. Then I Close My Eyes (“Et après je ferme mes yeux” as David Gilmour kindly translated to the audience) featured a solo from the great Dick Parry (who was impressively applauded and cheered by the audience even before the show began when he strolled on the stage to place David’s saxophone), a solo from Richard Wright and Phil Manzanera while Guy Pratt played the background melody on the guitar.

    During Smile, I noticed that many couples in the audience were cuddling eachother; it was very cute, but right after this song, Take a Breath left everyone breathless ;). The light and smoke show seriously began with this song, the power of this song was mind-boggling. I don’t know why but the two first chord of this song remind me of Astronomy Domine…

    The first part of the show ended with two of my favourite songs: Pocketful of Stones and Where We Start. I knew it was the last song of the first part but even though my back was horribly sore, my ears didn’t want to have a break.

    After refueling my stomach with a pint of beer and a cheeseburger, I rushed back to the front of the stage to make sure that I still had a good spot. The band reappeared and Shine On You Crazy Diamond (One of my Top 5 Pink Floyd song by the way) started with a surprising beginning; Guy, Dick and Phil had, I guess, nine crystal glasses of “Beaujolais” as David said and by rubbing wet fingers on top of the glasses, it created a flute/bell-like melody. It was quite amazing but it was a good thing that the show was in Vienne rather than in a fishing village because as the sailers say in French “Chaque verre qui tinte est un marin qui meurt” which means that every glass that rings is a sailer that dies!

    When David started playing Wot’s… uh the Deal, half of the audience seemed to feel very pleased that he played an Obsured by Clouds song and the other half seemed to wonder what the heck this song was and everybody was asking one-another if they knew this song. However, everybody looked like they agreed it was a beautiful song.

    One of the climax of the show was the Atom Heart Mother songs Fat Old Sun. While the original song is rather slow, the Vienne version was so energetic and fabulously moving that everybody got up and started dancing. Along with a great rock bass line from Guy and his famous energy on stage, David delivered the perfect rock ‘n roll solo that no one in the audience wanted to see ending.

    After that song, it was amazing how everybody smiled and the hubbub before Arnold Layne was amazing; I was hearing thousands of people saying “Wasn’t that the best solo?!” and these sorts of things all around me. I was so happy to hear Arnold Layne because I hadn’t had the chance to see this song performed in Chicago. It must have been quite hard for David to play this song after the tragic events of July. I wonder if he felt happy to play it or if it brought back unpleasant memories… It is one of those things I will never know. Anyway, I was pleased to see how everybody sang along.

    Another song I hadn’t had the opportunity to witness live was Coming Back to Life, one of the few songs that make me feel happy whatever the situation. The rainbow colors lights above David were absolutely marvelous. I wonder how these colors were created because the light coming from the spot was white (kind of like the cover of Dark Side; a white light that goes through a prism and decomposes the light in all the rainbow colors). Anyway, it was one of those things that made the whole experience astounding.

    High Hopes was next. When the bell started to ring, my heart stopped. I was still hard to believe I was there, witnessing my one and only musical hero play one of the greatest songs that has ever been composed. The song was magnificent but that’s no surprise although I have to say that I preferred the P.U.L.S.E. version of the lap steel guitar solo which is in my opinion utterly flawless and above perfection. Then I Close my Eyes, Echoes, and High Hopes are the three only songs that have ever managed to make me cry, it is hard to explain how it feels but I am sure there are plenty of other fans that understand what I am talking about.

    As I had already seen a concert in Chicago, I knew that Echoes (my #1 song) was going to be played. You would have to get into my brain to understand how crazy this song makes me feel. I could literally feel streams of electricity-like sensations going from my shoulders to the tips of my fingers… Rick’s leslie note is just so mysterious and soothing yet intriguing and frightening. People must have written that already but this song was definitely the climax of the light show.

    Just before the total change of tempo where David and Rick seem to be having an instrumental conversation, the lights were all over the place and the smoky stage was on fire. The part where it feels like you’re strolling through haunted woods was amazing. I really wish I knew how this mysterious animal sound was created. Nick Mason briefly explained that it was the result of plugging a wah pedal back to front in his nook but I can still not understand the physics of this sound.

    THE climax was the part where (Oh God it is so hard to explain!) David plays the most beautiful delayed guitar part in the song. It is hard to understand how the lighting engineer managed to create this effect: green lasers going absolutely nuts all of a sudden accompanied by a purple, red, yellow and white layer of smoke from the knees down. The round of applause and cheering were almost higher in volume than the music. People were enthralled.

    I remember back in April in Chicago, when it was a total surprise, my brain didn’t order my body to stand up but I did inadvertently and sat down again two seconds later as I didn’t want to spoil the show for the people behind me.

    If you haven’t been to one of the gigs yet, whatever the price of the tickets are (concert, plane, train, boat, car, whatever) you have to go to one of the three or four shows that are left in the tour. If I had the money, I would go to each and every concert. I really wish David Gilmour is not going to wait another ten years to go on another tour because now that I have seen him twice, I will never be able to find a gig that is going to be worth five percent of one of his shows.

    After a superb slow ending, the band left the stage while the “spaceship taking off” sound slowly disappeared from Jon Carin’s keyboards (I hope I am right and that it is not a recorded sound! I seemed like it was Jon Carin playing the sound with a tremendously long “echo” to it).
    I have seriously never heard an audience so excited. People sang the famous “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh” that people sing in football stadiums and I practically lost my voice cheering for David.

    Of course, the two encores were Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb. As usual, literally everybody down in front of the stage sang along with David on Wish You Were Here. As the first bass and drums note in Comfortably Numb rang, almost everybody in the audience got up and the ones that didn’t did at some point during the solo. The solo was powerful and outstanding as everybody will agree with. There was a colossal shade of David Gilmour’s silhouette in the theatre as only one extremely strong white light was illuminating him from behind; just like in P.U.L.S.E. before the giant facet ball (again, is that how you call this thing in English?!) goes down.

    There was an extremely long applause and cheer from the crowd after Comfortably Numb and I recall David saying “Vous être trop gentils” (you are too kind) but that was probably during the show rather that at the end.

    My plane back to the U.S. was taking off at 6:50am from Marseille and I hadn’t packed yet so I really had to hurry. My back and my freshly operated knee felt not so comfortably numb, it was hurting like the devil but it had been more than worth it. This was THE best time I had in my life. As the plane took off at dawn and went through the clouds, I could hear the voice of Clare Tory in my head and “In the Sky” I still couldn’t realize how blessed I had been to have witnessed such a “Great Gig”.

    I hope some of you will have found the courage to read the whole review. My body still felt weird writing about it.

    A very big thanks to Mr. David Gilmour who has been my greatest source of inspiration, who has brought the most beautiful music ever to my life and to the life of others, who is an example of simplicity and modesty, who is the person that I would the most like to meet and talk to, whose voice and guitar comes out of my speakers every single day, whose music I wish I had discovered earlier, who made me spend the best evening of my life in Vienne and who will remain my hero until my dying day. Thank you so much.

    I would also like to thank Pink Floyd and all the people working for Pink Floyd for the superb re-mastered P.U.L.S.E. DVD that they made. Thank you for the bonuses and the change of some video takes during the concert (especially the closer images of David Gilmour’s guitar and Dick Parry masterfully changing saxophones in Shine On You Crazy Diamond). Cannot wait for the Royal Albert Hall DVD. Is that even the one that has been recorded?

    Olivier – from Aix-en-Provence

    PS: Feat. Ed., I hope the length of my review will not cause too many problems… Thank you for the amazing job you are doing on the blog. By the way, I know this is probably none of my business but could you tell me what is going to happen with the video recording and audience sound recording that we noticed in Vienne? Is it for private archives? Thanks again.

    [That was a great read, Olivier. Thank you very much. The DVD will mostly feature footage from the Albert Hall, but many of the concerts have been recorded, so we just might see snippets of some of the other shows as well. – Features Editor]

  110. brilliant review, olivier. thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    vienne is the show i really wanted to go to. sounds like it was wonderful.

  111. Thank you to David and the band and crew for a fantastic evening in Vienne, and thank you to all those who have contributed to this website.

    I went to Vienne alone, but wasn’t alone for long because of the brilliant crowd of people who follow David. I first noticed the ‘Gilmour type’ at RAH in May: before the show, during the break, and at the end, I’ve never talked with so many people who all immediately felt like old friends.

    At Vienne it was just the same, except different accents! We could meet up anywhere in the world, couldn’t we, and it would feel just the same.

    Returning home, there was this sense of separation and anticlimax and not having anyone to talk about the performance with – then I discovered your site and it was like reliving Vienne all over again. I feel like part of an amazing community and it’s so special.

    I’m just so grateful to David for making this possible, it makes life feel so much more so. Thank you!

    [Thank you very much, Anne. Good to have you onboard, so to speak. – Features Editor]

  112. We lost our luggage in Lyon airport.It was well worth it as we met David Gilmour in the flesh.I found David a very polite,dignified and kind person.He did seem a little shy but friendly at the same time.He shook my hand warmly and I shall never forget that.

    The concert in Vienne the next day was superb.The sound system and the lighting was excellent.I also thought the atmosphere was terrific!

  113. I know what you mean Anne. David has a great group of followers, doesn’t he.


  114. It was the first time I saw a Pink Floyd’s gig and I’m always dreaming about! I’m young and the band is over so I thought I could never see any gig… and now I have saw one!

    Pink Floyd is a legend to me. Feelings which go trought the music and the lyrics save me when I was 10. Since I’m addicted!

    So thankx for coming to Vienne and to exist!!! Live would be dark without Pink Floyd!

  115. 1000km driving from home, to visit a concert. Some think i`m crazy. But everybody who visit the concert knows i`m not.

    The concert was everything, but not the same as on the cd and dvd from OAI. (only BETTER!!!)

    Echoes was better then before! it must be recorded on cd. It will blown all number 1 hits from now away.

    Thanks everybody who worked on the show for a wonderfull evening!!!

    A much more bigger fan than before.

  116. Merci

    Encore un gros merci, pour cette tres bonne soirée, un vrai bonheur, et un rêve pour moi petit guitariste amateur d’avoir vu sur scene un grand monsieur le la guitare.

    Merci pour tout, Thank you Mr Gilmour

  117. Bonjour

    Après avoir vu Roger et Nick à Magny-Cours pour la tournée The dark side of the moon, le hasard a vraiment bien fait les choses. Voir quelques jour après David, Richard ainsi que Dick au saxo a vraiment été une grande joie et un grand moment de musique te de prestation scénique.

    Je pense que nous sommes nombreux à avoir assister à ces 2 concerts. On se dit si les uns et les autres pouvaient mettre de côté leurs divergences et nous proposer un concert tous ensemble: J’ose immaginer le moment. Que du bonheur en perspective.

    Merci pour cet excellent forum.

    Pardon pour nos amis anglais de m’exprimer dans la langue de Molière, car je ne maitrise plus tout à fait la langue de Shakespeare

  118. ….et presque 15 jours plus tard on y repense encore et l’on vient reprendre un bain d’emotions sur le forum la magie plane encore…

  119. Bonjour

    Je pensai voir les photos du concert de Vienne et decu je vois que la galerie n’est a jour qu’a la date du 29 juillet, juste deux jours avant.

    Dommage je patiente, mais cette soirée est tellement encore dans ma tête, que je serai tres heureux de voir ces images.

    Encore un gros merci pour ce passage a Vienne!!

    [Ils seront ici bientôt, n’inquiétez pas. – Features Editor]

  120. quel spectacle! Que d’émotions, d’images, de musiques associées… C’était magique!

    Et que David Gilmour se rassure, nous n’avons pas eu mal aux fesses….

    Je crois que je garderais longtemps en mémoire les sons irréels des verres de beaujolais, les amateurs me comprendront …

    Encore mille mercis pour ces instants inoubliables!

    Martine l’abeille

  121. Same as some of you. We travelled from Turkey to experience the wonder. Still shaken. Tens of thousands in utter anticipation for the least of chances of seeing David in Turkey. Wish to God Jon told David about Istanbul.


  122. Trop tard, je sais, mais pour Fed et tous ceux qui ont assisté au concert à Vienne:

    Je viens juste de lire cette nuit tous les commentaires sur cette merveilleuse nuit, que de belles choses vous avez écrites ! Merci à tous, ce fut un régal de vous lire…

    Alors, c’est vrai, cette nuit a eu quelque chose d’exceptionnel, d’unique, voire d’indescriptible, que je n’avais jamais connu auparavant, même à Paris.

    David semblait fait pour ce théâtre antique et ses occupants, comme le théâtre antique semblait fait pour lui.

    Tant de respect de part et d’autre, tant d’enthousiasme de part et d’autre, tant d’émotion de part et d’autre, tant de talent (oserais-je dire “de part et d’autre”, ça sonne prétencieux pour nous, public français, mais on peut être un peu chauvin ?)

    David, le maître des lieux et ses hôtes !!! quelle osmose …

    Donc, je suis fière, pour lui bien-sûr, mais aussi, pour la France…

    Le rêve serait de savoir ce que lui a pensé de ce concert? On ne saura jamais, mais il avait l’air si heureux…

    Nuit, endroit, concert magiques donc, mais aussi ce blog et vous, Fed, endroit magique et unique, je ne connais aucun autre endroit en ce monde de brutes, où règnent le”paraître” et le “superficiel”, où on peut s’exprimer de façon sincère et passionnée comme le font nos amis, sans avoir peur d’être ridicule… Merci pour tout ça, Fed, c’est grâce à vous, vous aviez raison, c’set beaucoup plus intéressant de lire ce genre de commentaire que des perpétuelles “conneries” à l’intérêt très réduit… Merci de nous l’avoir fait comprendre.

    Enfin, je suis partagée, j’espère pour vous très bientôt de longues vacances bien méritées, mais en même temps, je les redoute…

    SVP, restez tous ce que vous êtes, David and friends, Fed, tous nos bloggers…

    Un très bon week end, Fed, et je vais maintenant lire les commentaires sur Florence et Venise.


    [Merci beaucoup. – Features Editor]

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