Night 27: Munich


Königsplatz is Munich’s striking neo-classical square, constructed in the style of ancient Greece.

There is the Glyptothek on its north side (shown above), Munich’s oldest museum, commissioned by the Bavarian King Ludwig I to house his collection of Greek and Roman sculpture from 1830. These sculptures date from the archaic age to Roman times.

Reminiscent of an antique temple, it has eight columns and its interior is structured with domical vaulting. It is Germany’s largest assemblage of classical art.

Opposite the Glyptothek is the Staatsantikensammlungen (State Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities), which houses a precious collection of ancient artefacts from Roman, Etruscan and Greek times – including one of the most renowned collections of Greek ceramics worldwide.

The Propyläen, commemorating the Greeks who fought Turkey for their independence between 1821 and 1832 (the Greek king Otto I was a son of King Ludwig I) and dominating Königsplatz, was the final building completed. It was finished in 1862, 14 years after the abdication of the king who had originally commissioned the scheme.

There is also the Lenbachhaus, originally built as a villa for the painter Franz von Lenbach and now an art museum.

The classicistic appearance of the monuments is attributable to architect Leo von Klenze, who designed most major buildings of his time in the Bavarian capital.

If you’ll be in this beautiful public square tonight, surrounded by such remarkable history and culture, please let us know.

As always, we will be the first to reveal the setlist, so if you don’t want to know what was played, don’t read the fan comments.

On behalf of everyone at, have a great time.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish David and Polly all the very best on their 12th wedding anniversary.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    I hope you’re going to have a romantic week end in Munich! As used to said, near a great man there’s always a great woman…at the same, near a great woman there’s always a great man!

    uhmmm…richard birthday, David and Polly’s anniversary…don’t make too many toasts, you have a show to do this nacht!


    (is “toast” the right word for drink to some special event? I didn’t want to speak about sandwiches!)


    [Yes, you’re absolutely right. – Features Editor]

  2. Congratulations for making it work for twelve years; I only made it through three years of marriage. It was rough. Happy Anniversary, David and Polly.


  3. Many wishes to Mr.Gilmour and Mrs.Polly of all the best for your wedding anniversary.

    “Where we start is where we end” for ever


  4. A word for Polly:

    I have been a good boy and I didnt took any pictures at the show 🙂

    However, I have few souvenirs to keep. If you have any more picture of the show in Toronto I would really like to have them!

    Furthermore, I think it would be great to put everything that have been pictured during the show in the gallery including some pictures that may have been taken during the road trip like Phil working on the guitars and stuff like that.

    Apparently the show in Toronto was filmed. What are you guys planning to do with it? Will some part of it could be put on the DVD? It would be cool to have a huge DVD pack with 4 discs containing the 3 last show in England, + as a bonus the complete show in toronto,+ as a second bonus the best parts of the outdoors show, + a few goodies all friendly priced. That would really be cool.

  5. A word for David:

    I was very pleased to be so lucky to see your show. You have been for many years the person in the world(either dead or living) I admired most.

    I am a Visual Art student and your music is very inspiring for me. I have done a painting two years ago inspired by the song “echoes”. Seing it live was very amasing!

    I like your new album. some parts of it remind me of “Wish you were here”. The sound quality is great to. It is the best sounding non-audiophile record I have. Few peoples seem to care about this but cd mastering is a very important part of the process. I like when a record feels warm and natural, like the PF albums from Mobile Fidelity for example. There are some peoples who really appreciate when an effort is made for sound quality. What have been done by Mobile Fidelity and by Steve Hoffman should be regarded as premium. However, big labels sometimes fails with this by using too much digital manipulation. I have heard some new SACD(like Eric Clapton Ocean blvd.) that sounded more synthetic than their 16-bit gold cd counterpart mastered in the late 80`s.

    However I must say that the work done on the Dark Side Of The Moon 30th anniversary is quite good. I think it would be great if the whole Pink Floyd library could be released in SACD and mastered with rebuild vintage equipment without the use of too much digital processing.

    Island Jam is quite good too! I would love if you could release a few more singles b-side like that.. it make a great adition to the album. I have put my “On an Island album” on my pc and I have burned myself a new copy with “Island Jam” placed rigth after “smile” with a 2 sec. pregap. It fit pretty well I think.

  6. David, Polly

    Best wishes for 12th wedding anniversary,

    Thanks Fed for letting us know,

    To all going to Munich (Munchen) gig have fun


  7. Congratulations David and Polly. I just had my 13th. In our society today, a 12 year marriage can be a challenge. It takes lots of patience and sacrifice. No room me, me, me attitudes.

    Well done mates. Keep up the good work.


  8. have a great time tonight. wish i was there with you. looks like a great place for a concert.

    it’s finally raining here, so i hope it stays dry in germany tonight for you.

    all the best to david and polly on their anniversary. you seem like such a lovely couple.

  9. Congratulations to David and Polly. Hope you have many more years together!! Have a great time.

    Hope David and the band have a good concert tonight.

  10. Just one question. It has nothing to do with this lovely venue.

    I finally got round to watching PULSE that wasnt on video! Finally the DVD version.

    But the thing is I swear David plays the opening to Coming Back to Life wrong. As a guitar player I learnt the pretty simple intro and I could of sworn it wasn’t like the album.

    He may just be improvising, but to change it quite a bit just seemed weird.

    Anyway have a good old english jolly good time there!

  11. Two days of celebrations in a row. Quite a weekend.

    Thank you for bringing that to our attention, FEd

    Congratulations to Polly and David. May you enjoy many more years together.

    My wife and I will be celebrating the same anniversary in October.

    Have a wonderful time everyone out there in Muenchen tonight.

    Best regards,

  12. please no profiteering on the dvd, I think it should be sold at cost dont you? David should make a example of his left wing socialist stand, the fans wouldnt want him to be seen as a hypocrite

    also, I think Polly’s photos should be taken off the site, someone might copy them and sell them for a profit!

    [Fans, you mean? – Features Editor]

  13. David & Polly,

    Congratulations on your 12th Anniversary. From all of us out here, your union has touched us all in many a profaound way. As you know “all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”. You can rest assured that your lives have everlasting meaning to the world!

    Enjoy the night!

  14. Happy Anniversary, Mr & Mrs Gilmour. Quite clearly to we humble punters, you’ve been great for each other, both personally and artistically.

  15. Congrats on 13yrs David and Polly…..May you have many more.

    Have fun to all going tonight.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  16. Polly and David congrats, you both deserve to be happy, the love is evident in the music you guys have created. I have been fortunate enough to be with the same woman for 33 years, got married just when DSOTM came out and danced to Us and Them. Thanks for that David.

    Have a great show tonight. Thank you Fed for keeping us up to date with best damn blog on the planet. Have a great weekend everbody.


    [Thank you, George. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  17. Happy Anniversary David and Polly, we recently celebrated our 15th. Have a great show tonight, wish we were there. Have to wait for the DVD, looks like 3 of them so far.

  18. Happy Anniversary Polly and David,

    Wishing you both many more happy years together.



  19. Happy 12th wedding anniversary David and Polly! Here’s wishing you many more wonderful years together.

  20. i’m right now at the gig… posting this from my mobile. awesome show! what a night… thanks!

  21. Happy Anniversary David and Polly. There aren’t two nicer people in the world then the two of you. I wish you many more anniversaries to come.

    –Tim B.

  22. David & Polly, 12 years is awesome and I can truly say been there, done that since this year will be 18 for me and mine.

    As for Munich, I really enjoyed my time there 20 some years ago. It is a great city and I imagine a wonderful place to perform.

    Have a wonderful performance.


  23. Tonight’s setlist is as follows:

    Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Astronomy Domine, Dark Globe (Syd Barrett), Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  24. Happy 12th Anniversary David and Polly! Bless. I’m right behind you at 11 and it keeps getting better every year!

  25. David & Polly, It is great that you have been blessed to have found each other.For marriage takes two to work and you have made it twelve years. I’m very happy for you both and that there will be many more joys of life together.

    God Bless,

  26. I haven’t heard Dark Globe in a long time, so I just pulled it out again to have a listen. Wow, I would love to hear David do this as he did in the last two shows.

    Austria, Germany audiences have been very lucky and now I guess we’ll see if the luck continues to Italy.

    Has there been any thought in compiling each set list for each performance in its own area on the site (maybe under Stuff and Nonsense)? This would be better organized than having to scroll through all the blog entries.


    [No, we’re an evil lot. We like people to make an effort. – Features Editor]

  27. Well what a great place to be!

    Happy anniversary and I wish you well, though you don’t need it.

    Aren’t they the envy of everyone, so happy it’s so adorable anyway I’m getting off the point.

    Can’t wait for the dvd!

  28. Actually, wouldn’t it have been neat if David performed Terrapin tonight in honor of his and Polly’s anniversary??


  29. Congratulations,David and Polly.And many more happy years to you both,as well.Never took the plunge,myself…thought it was going to happen some 10 years ago,but alas,it was not to be.


    This iz wot hoppens wen my spillcheker goe5 douwn euw can all cee my tewibble dislexseeyer.

    Hav a nise weekned FROGed

  31. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have many more.

    Thanks for coming to the us to tour,it was my greatest dream come true.

  32. Happiest of times David & Polly. adolescent is this?…Thank you, David, for 30 years of inspiration, creativity, saving my sanity and general auditory pleasure. It has been my great good fortune to hhave known your work.

    Here’s wishing you both a magical lifetime together.

  33. to David and Polly, congratulations on your wedding anniversary. many more to come where better place to celebrate than when you are in Venice. Im counting down the hours, i only realised last week my passport had expired, i managed to get down to liverpool and fast tracked a new one through. Got it on the day waited 8 hours cost nearly hundred pounds worth every minute and every penny.

  34. Happy anniversary David and Polly!

    [But the thing is I swear David plays the opening to Coming Back to Life wrong. As a guitar player I learnt the pretty simple intro and I could of sworn it wasn’t like the album – Posted by: Jack Rodgers at July 29, 2006 04:34 PM]

    Hello Jack…

    Just because it’s not like the album doesn’t mean it’s wrong.That’s the beauty of live shows.The author has license to make any changes he or she wishes to.But I do appreciate your observation.Expecting to hear one thing, then hearing something else come out can confuse one somewhat..Cheers!

  35. Good look with the show! And congrats on the anniversary! Every year is better together!

    Tonya (NC)

  36. Congratulations to David and Polly. 🙂

    Hope you’ve all enjoyed your time in Munich tonight. Hoping to hear lots about it, seeing as the current poll shows that most visitors were going to tonight’s concert.

    Another good setlist. Glad to see ‘Dark Globe’ was performed again.

    Shine On, all.

  37. [Hello Jack… Just because it’s not like the album doesn’t mean it’s wrong.That’s the beauty of live shows.The author has license to make any changes he or she wishes to.But I do appreciate your observation.Expecting to hear one thing, then hearing something else come out can confuse one somewhat..Cheers! ]

    I totally know improvising is a good thing, but it just seemed a little weird to be imrpovising such a big part of the intro solo straight after the album has come out. You see Davids recent DVD’s and seeing him live and i’ve never seen him go so off course with the intro.

  38. Happy anniversary, dearest David and Polly!

    All the best for the both of you.

    With love,

  39. Congratulations David and Polly. 4,383 days is nothing to sneeze at these days. Have a happy 12th anniversary. The happiest days are yet to come.

  40. Congratulations to you, David and Polly… 12 years!

    Michèle, do you remember Chantilly, the day after…? 12 ans déjà… Time goes by…it was just yesterday…

    Enjoy the show in Vienne.

    Ikkar, with love

  41. estimado david:


  42. Congrads David and Polly!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy belated b-day for Rick !!!!

    I love the album and concert as well I saw in NY!!!

    Can’t wait for the dvd. I have most of the bootlegs of your shows, so that will have to hold me over til then 🙂

    I will be seeing your old buddy Rog as well as Jon soon!!


  43. To David & Polly:

    You must remember this,
    A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh
    The world is still embracing lovers
    As time goes by…

    As so the old classic movies lines go they still hold true today. So on your Anniversary–here’s lookin’ at you kids!

    Happy Anniversary from Michael & Hailing

  44. Happy 12th Anniversary, David and Polly!! I wish you many more and a lifetime of happiness.

    I’m back from my trip. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I had a great time. I was gonna share more about it, but after reading what’s been going on the past few days, I won’t. Maybe on a slow week, if it’s cool with you Fed.

    I have to say it feels like the whole mood of the blog has changed, it’s kind of sad to me. But if it’s what David wants . .well it’s his site.

    I knew there would be some good surprises on this leg of the tour. I would have loved to see the band’s expressions when David started Dark Globe. Priceless, I’m sure.


    [Blame me, not David. But please remember that the blog is about David – it most certainly is his site, not a fansite – and, at busy times, we would appreciate the focus to stay on David, the band, the live shows etc. for the good of those who want the blog to be more informative and less fan-focused. That’s not to say that we’re not interested – far from it – just that we prefer it at quieter times, as you say. Thanks and glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip. – Features Editor]

  45. Hey Jack…Ya I hear ya.I’m not necessarily happy when it happens also, but just try to take into consideration what the musician is thinking about at the is a great song isn’t it?That’s the point where P.u.l.s.e really starts taking off!


    Well, well, Mr. Gilmour…am I to understand you and Polly were married literaly the day before my wife and I were??!!! That’s fantastic! My best to you on what I’m sure has been twelve wonderful years of marriage!!!

    We’re here in cute little Mystic, Connecticut for our twelfth anniversary tomorrow on the 30th (hello to Mike and Rob from CT… did I forget anyone else?).

    Great locations for your gigs, by the way. Nice summer trip for your family too…

    All the best,

    “Oye, loco! Fuhggedaboutit!!!”

    [In that case, a very “Happy Anniversary!” to you and your wife, mate. – Features Editor]

  47. [In that case, a very “Happy Anniversary!” to you and your wife, mate. – Features Editor]

    The same from me, Angelo. Congrats to you both! 🙂

  48. Not many comments about the concert again? I’m dying to read about it!

    Just goes to show that it’s the Brits and Yanks who can’t shut up!

  49. Happy Anniversary David and Polly !!!

    … and Polly … Smile 🙂

    Hare Krishna

  50. Congratulations David On an Island captures all I love about your music .By the way I live on an island, it’s called AUSTRALIA!!!, so where the BLOODY hell are ya! Don’t we merit a tour?

  51. happy anniversary David an Polly, hope you have a blessed day , same goes out to all others with anniversarys.

  52. im sorry i almost forgot to say thanks to fed for giving us the information on the anniversary an giving us the chance to send our best wishes an greetings to david an polly again fed THANKS!!!

    [No problem. – Features Editor]

  53. Hey, BLUEZZZ@:

    What is your concern about David “profiteering” from the release of the PULSE DVD? I think there is a big difference between “profiteering” and getting paid when someone purchases your product. Artists like to be paid, just as the rest of us. Why, oh why, should David be different just because he is on the political “left?”

    Those of us who are on the left have our own concerns. We like a livable planet. We like to make sure people’s basic needs are met. We are concerned about the environment, about homelessness, about corrupt governments, about corporate greed, about the destruction of the natural world. I don’t understand what is wrong with these views.

    People on the left are concerned about war profiteers, corporate criminals and the like. We are not concerned that a music artist’s website might contain pictures that could be copied and sold. Certainly, we are not worried that a music artist recieves money for the music he has created.

    I will stop here, because I cannot continue to respond to you with any manner of politeness. Safe to say that anyone who doesn’t like David Gilmour should not post on his blog.

  54. The most effective way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget it once!!! He he he ha ha ha!!! ;^)) Tally ho!!!

  55. I’ve been reading the concert reports coming in, and after the RAH shows left such an indelible impression on me, I’ve been feeling kind of left out at the thought of David playing more shows and me not being there. I’m considering the possibility of throwing in my job and becoming the DG equivalent of a Deadhead, or one of those obsessed fans that follow Bob Dylan or the Rolling Stones from concert to concert. Actually, wasn’t the term “Gilmourauder” bandied about this blog at some stage? That’d fit, and now come to think of it, with the frequency at which David plays live, I could probably Gilmouraud without chucking in my day job – David would just need to check my annual holiday schedule before confirming his rare live appearances.

    On to another topic, this one concerning the latest band birthday. Depending on where one looks, I see the inestimable Mr Wright’s birthdate being given as either 1943 or 1945. Which is correct? FEd, can you confirm?

    1943 would make him the oldest Floyd would it not?

    [I can’t. – Features Editor]

  56. we all love david! kissskissskissskiss

    we all love richard! kisskisskisskiss

    pleeeeeeeease, please, baby lemonade!

  57. Happy Anniversary David and Polly!

    Just celebrated my 11th. this month and got a couple of rug rats that I’m teaching to play the guitar. They are big David Gilmour fans too. Wonder where they got their excellent taste in music from? Hmmmmmmm;-)

    Anyway you guys have a great one and many more! Cheers!

    ~Tomi Sue~

  58. It has been an incredible show again even it was not dark enough to enjoy the light show completely. I have seen David in Frankfurt but the open air has quite a different athmosphere… Astronomy Domine was very wet due to heavy rain showers. After 10 minutes the rain has stopped and the warm wind and a glass of wine helped us to get dry again. After the show there was a spectecular fireworks very close to Koenigsplatz – what an evening!

  59. Congratulations to David and Polly and to Richard.

    I visited the concert in Munich last night. It was fantastic. A big “Thank you” to the whole band. You did a great job. You made us forget the rain 🙂 I hope you had a nice time in Munich.

    The concert started with Breathe/Time/Breathe reprise. Then the band played the whole new album. It sounded wonderful, a little different in comparison to the indoor concerts.

    The second part of the show started with a “wine glass version” of “Shine on you crazy diamond” which was very interesting 🙂 This part of the show was filmed, so perhaps it can be seen on the dvd. I hope the sound wasn’t spoilt by the security guards who sent the people back to their seats.

    I cannot find the right words for last night’s performances of “High Hopes”, “Echoes”, “Comfortably Numb” etc…. The songs were simply superb. Thank you very much.

  60. My brother, who lives in Australia, was responsible for introducing me to Floyd some 15 years ago, when I was in high school.

    Alas, over the past 15 years he has drifted a wee bit from listening to Floyd, until this year when I insisted that he purchase David’s new album. He called it ‘best ever’, and has now also purchased P.U.L.S.E and loves that as well. I feel like I’ve returned the favour to him, and he’s insanely jealous that he wasn’t with me to see David at the RAH…he asks almost weekly “when is David’s DVD coming out again?”. This music is the ‘gift that keeps giving’.

    David must be inordinately proud of the cannon of work he is collectively responsible for. It is truely an enviable legacy.

    The sad passing of Syd, seeing David live, and watching the P.U.L.S.E DVD has, for me, brought into rather sharp focus just how much these guys (all of them) have achieved. From a purely selfish point of view, I hope there are one or two more chapters in the Pink Floyd story before the lights go up for the last time.

  61. Thanks for that great evening yesterday. It was really a wonderful concert, even with that rain after the break 😉

  62. Same setlist – I wonder if this time around the boys were ready for David’s ‘Dark Globe’ ?? 🙂

    It’s a sunny Sunday and tomorrow I’m off to Lyon (YAAAY!). Staying at Stansted Airport in a Holiday Inn Express tonight because we’ve got an early flight to Grenoble on Monday morning. All very exciting.

    See you in .fr 🙂


  63. All i can say is THANK YOU David + Band for this wonderful evening!!

    And also all the best wishes for Dave and Polly and Happy Anniversary!!!!

  64. Hi Folks,

    I was standing in front of the stage (I have to say I didn´t have a ticket, so I was standing outside, but I saw everything… far away but the sound and the lights made me feel just like I was in the middle of it).

    It was such a great show. I didn´t expect it. I am “only” 27 years old but I am a fan of Pink Floyd since the beginning of the 90ies. I saw Pink Floyd at the Olympic Stadium in 1995 and the show yesterday remind me of these times.

    I can´t believe he played SO long. 3 Hours. Awesome. Okay, he played the whole (!) new album first, in my opinion a little bit too much but after the break It was 100% perfect. “Shine On You”, “Echoes”, …what the hell is going on, I thought. It blowed me away!!!

    The lightshow was also extraordinary. Lasers, hundreds of spots. Many elements like on the “Pulse” tour. Perfect!

    Thanks David! The show was much better than the Roger Waters solo concert, I saw five years ago.

    And thanks to the fantastic audience in munich. I live here, but I never saw so many people from every age, peacefully standing side by side with “shining Diamonds” in their eyes.

    During “Shine On You” it started to rain slowly but after a few minutes the rain was heavy! But everyone didn´t give a damn about! Everyone wants to see and hear the show. Although we were standing outside.

    I am sorry, but I don´t have the money to pay a ticket at the moment 😉

    It was nevertheless one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen!


  65. I recently had surgery so I’ve missed a lot of blog days. Will catch up!

    Wishing Richard had a wonderful birthday!

    Happy Anniversary to Polly & David!


  66. I was there. Thank you very much indeed. It was an otherworldly show.

    Thank you.

  67. 1. Belated Happy Birthday to Richard Wright (sorry, but I sang for you yesterday in Munich)

    2. Happy Anniversary Polly + David and all the best for many additional wonderful years together.

    3. Thank you very much indeed for this great concert yesterday evening in Munich. The sound, the lights fantastic and also the German of Mr. Gilmour.

    Nice experiment with the glasses and one of the best Comfortably Numb solos I ever heard. The little big rain shower wasn´t really neccessary, but it was short and put some life into the audience 🙂

    Now I´m try again and very happy that I had the opportunity to visit this wonderful event.

    Have a nice weekend

  68. [Hey Jack…Ya I hear ya.I’m not necessarily happy when it happens also, but just try to take into consideration what the musician is thinking about at the is a great song isn’t it?That’s the point where P.u.l.s.e really starts taking off! – Posted by: John(not from Florida) at July 30, 2006 12:15 AM]

    It’s the best!!

    Happy Anniversary Big Dave and Polly.

    Who for the record was in the seat behind me at the Mermaid Theatre gig. *cough*

  69. The finale was fantastic, especially “Echoes” and “Comfortably Numb”.

    We had some rain during “Astronomy Domine” where we got the first chance to see some laser.

    David made some good statements, the audience appreciated it.

    The not so good things:

    -I think it’s not optimal to perform such good songs like “Time” during the daylight.
    -I didn’t like the performance of “Shine On…” very much.
    -“On an Island”

    Summary: I have seen better shows, for example Roger Waters at Arrow Rock, but “Echoes” yesterday has been the best sound/light-experience ever.

  70. [I totally know improvising is a good thing, but it just seemed a little weird to be imrpovising such a big part of the intro solo straight after the album has come out. You see Davids recent DVD’s and seeing him live and i’ve never seen him go so off course with the intro.]

    Hey, just giving my two cents about this:

    Has anyone EVER heard the slide guitar solo in High Hopes match the album? No way. And I think it is fantastic that it is a little different each time. I think sometimes after and album comes out and the band is on tour, they can discover little changes that sound better and play them in the shows. Case in point, the live version of On The Turning Away. The solo on Delicate Sound of Thunder has small differences from the album, but it sounds even better to me.

    For Coming Back to Life on PULSE, I like his intro better then the album.

  71. I just came back from Munich. It was a wonderful evening (except the heavy rain during “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and Astronomy Domine”). When introducing his band, David started singing “Happy birthday” for Richard, who celebrated his birthday on Friday. The audience joined in. I think, Rick was very impressed.

    This gig was the highlight of the year for me. For the first time I had the chance to see and hear “Echoes” live on stage, and it was incredible, including the light show.

    Congratulations to Polly and David. He addicted “Coming Back To Life” to Polly.

    Most people said that David was communicative this evening, and he spoke some German phrases.

    Hopefully there will be shows in the next years too. I would like to see more gigs of these wonderful musicians.

  72. Happy Anniversary,Polly and David!

    I’m next to leave for Firenze.Echoes,Dark globe,Astronomy domine? Do you want to kill me?


  73. Congrats to David and Polly, as well as Richard’s Birthday. Was away on holiday and trying to catch up on the blog.

    Fed any winners on the 5 word comp? Sorry way behind, still nursing the jet lag.. : )

    [Yes, but there will be another one soon. – Features Editor]

  74. [The second part of the show started with a “wine glass version” of “Shine on you crazy diamond” which was very interesting]

    Excuse my ignorance but do you mean the song was played on wine glasses – like rubbing a finger around the ring?

    How extraordinary is that! And who played it? And who emptied the wine glasses after etc etc?

  75. David & Polly,

    Hope you have a lovely day. Good luck tonight.

    Ciaran, Lisa, James & Joseph.

  76. Let me repeat what Carsten said about yesterday evening: It was fantastic (even of the rain) and all of the band did a great work.

    I like the new songs, but prefer the “old Pink Floyd” atmosphere.

    Waiting for the next gig ……………

  77. Gilmour, Gilmour, Gilmour

    I saw your Concert in Frankfurt, London and last in Munich.

    Frankfurt was amazing. London amazing too. Munich was excellent (expect that short hard rain)

    David tell me you favorite song must be Comfortably Numb i always like to watch your face when play that solo it seems that you can’t wait to play this one. Your face looked full of desire when you always play that Solo. I like to see that. David not many musican have that feeling that you have.


  78. BLUEZZZ,(July 29 04:55pm)

    It may not be such a good idea to try and guide another man’s conscience. David’s reputation speaks for itself as to what kind of man he is. Don’t you agree?

    I feel good about that.


  79. Well, that’s solved the problem of what to call the kittens our cat had last night !

    [One of them has to be ‘Ludwig’… – Features Editor]

  80. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! To both David and Polly congrats on all the continued love in your marriage and being successful at maintaining what is obviously a beautiful and loving relationship. Thank you both for the incredible music (David) and the wonderful words (Polly/David). Here is to MANY more years of your relationship together and happy times and collaborations.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

  81. Was at the Munich concert last night. David was absolutely in his element – the accoustics and laser show were fantastic. With Richard Wright on the keyboards and David singing Syd’s stuff, it was almost like the old days again. I hope you will be back to Munich soon again David – I think you saw what the crowd here think of your music.

    Next time, we’ll order better weather!

    Bloke from Brum.

  82. We came from southern austria to see the concert, it was great and an evening with a magic touch. It was very fantastic to hear and see this performance of comfortably numb, and echoes was wonderful. The audience & the atmosphere were great, and there were so many fans of all ages and all countries – fantastic! Only the rain was a little bit hard, but we went through. We hope, there´ll be shows of david gilmour in near future in the middle of europe, we will be there….

  83. Hye fed just thought you would like to know katrina and i are going on a tour of the world next year for six or nine months. I have been reading a rough guide book called first time around the world and on page 43 pink floyd are mentioned, thought you may be interested to know that, it just shows pink floyd are a real global phenomenon never could spell.

    [Interesting. Thanks, Damian. – Features Editor]

  84. what an evening … so many years passed by, as i was listening to all that good stuff from ‘on an island’ and all that better stuff (so david says) from some of the old pink floyd albums. even if the weather was for about 20 minutes not as good as it should be, it was one of these days, i won’t forget. travelling more than 600 km to see this show … you have to do this.

  85. [Excuse my ignorance but do you mean the song was played on wine glasses – like rubbing a finger around the ring? How extraordinary is that! And who played it? And who emptied the wine glasses after etc etc]

    Yes, it was like that.

    Phil Manzanera did it together with … Guy Pratt I think and someone who I don’t remember now.

    It was a little bit silent of course, but nice to see they care about giving the audience something special, though I prefer the original way.

    I was too far away to see what happened with the wine.

    Maybe Mr. Pratt can tell us more about that?

  86. What a concert! Echoes live! Wow! “On an island” complete – wonderful!

    The rain during “Shine on” and “Astronomy Domine” seemed like a greeting from Syd Barret to me.

    I also liked the experiments, the not so perfect sound, the not so gigantic lightshow – feeled like travelling back in time and watching Pink Floyd in the 70ths…

    Sometimes less is more and the way it was it was perfect!

  87. David and Polly,

    Wish you both a very happy Anniversary.


  88. Congratulations! Shine on you and smile!

    My wife and I travelled almost 800km from Belgium to stay in Munich for a weekend, just because of David’s concert. We enjoyed the concert very much despite some rain.

    I am impressed by the whole show and was very happy to hear “Echoes” one of my most favourite Pink Floyd songs. The sound of David’s playing guitar is pure and heavenly like his youth is still there and never would fade away. David proves great creativity and it ‘s a pity that we don’t see much of this being put into the releases of new CD’s. “On a Island” came only 22 years after “About Face” released in 1984. I hope there is more to come soon.

  89. ciao a tutti,

    first of all I am very bored. Maybe because It is monday. Second, I am a bit annoyed. It’s still monday.

    About meeting in Firenze…a certain Greg proposed a different pub from “the William”. Are these the kind of new bloggers we want? able to write, not to read? Was it so difficult to read rapidly the messages written before and stick to what planned? I (and other bloggers)spent time to find a pub and “out of the blue” we have this one saying that he is in another pub. I like reading this blog as long as I have the feeling that what I write is read and vice versa. Bah….. Please Fed, if you care, advertise the William pub as agreed or our effort will be useless.

    And then another comment, one of those that Michéle hates. First my compliments to David and Polly but….was it necessary to tell here? Can I frankly say that I am annoyed at all these people making David an Idol and making compliments everytime for everything? I mean my parents have been together 50 years, who cares? Are we here to speak about the music of david gilmour or what? First the David Gilmour entourage want to take his family out of focus. Everyone wants to defend his privacy. But when we want to get public adoration then family affairs get public? I really don’t get it.

    I spent my life appreciating a band where the privacy of their memebers was very important. Just as to say: listen to the music, don’t look the man. And now we have all these people, making them idols….. bah. I don’t like the tendency where this blog is going. Other anniversaries on the calendar?

    Sorry Fed but you wanted opinions, and this is one.


    [Perfectly fair, mate. I wished Polly and David a happy anniversary on behalf of everyone involved in the site, which includes the fans. I didn’t ask anyone to do likewise, but I wouldn’t delete their messages. It’s no different to the previous blog about Richard in that respect. As for people not reading, welcome to my world! It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I will make it quite clear that fans are meeting at The William pub and hope it helps. – Features Editor]

  90. I thoroughly enjoyed DG’s performance in Munich on the 29th – using the wine glasses to kick off “Shine On” (as, I understand, was done on the original recording) was interesting, and the occasional exchange of witticisms (some in German, no less!) was entertaining.

    I saw that there was someone filming part of the performance on stage – I suppose there’s no chance that the public will ever get to see that, is there (the wine glass episode would be of particular interest, since many people missed it)?

    [Most of the shows have actually been filmed, Will. We’ll just have to wait and see what makes it onto the DVD. – Features Editor]

  91. We travelled from Holland to see the show in Munchen. It was utterly fantastic, even the sudden torrential rain shower couldn’t spoil the brilliant atmosphere.

    By the way, thank god for the new DVD release of Pulse. My VHS version has been steadily deteriorating. Any chance of a rerelease of the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour on DVD?


    [You’re better off asking Pink Floyd’s management about that, sorry. – Features Editor]

  92. It’s been a long way from the 15 year old sitting in his friend’s older brother’s room listening to “Wish you were here” and Munich last Saturday, as a 41 year old. I never had the chance to see a live concert so far and last Saturday was one of those magic moments in life you cannot express with words: standing there in a huge crowd of all nations and having tears in the eyes from the moment the first bass chord hits your stomach. Simply overwhelming

    As to “On an Island”: it’s completely different of course, but as I heard it, I thought “This is what you feel sitting on a Greek island”. It was only yesterday night, when I read about Kastellorizo. Honest! What elso do you need as a performer. Knowing you can make your point “simply” with some songs.

    On our way to the hotel my partner just mumbled “I heard “Echoes” live, I cannot believe it, I must call my brother”. And then: “Where to we go to in some ten years’ time? There won’t be anything worth listening.”

    Thank you, Mr. Gilmour and all other involved, good luck for Gdansk. It will be an incredible show and a thankful audience.

    P.S. It wasn’t the rain, it was Syd crying from above.


  93. [Excuse my ignorance but do you mean the song was played on wine glasses – like rubbing a finger around the ring? How extraordinary is that! And who played it? And who emptied the wine glasses after etc etc]

    “Yes, it was like that.” – Andreas

    Thanks for that Andreas.

    Well I never. There’s hope for “Alan’s Psychadelic breakfast” yet.

    If there is ever another rainy day, (wait for it, stay relevant campers) what other songs could be performed on items of tableware. Perhaps the intro to “Time” on the spoons?

  94. What a great show that was in München! Very much different from the indoor shows in March (which were as great, but the atmosphere was totally different).

    During the short rain shower I was rather pissed by the rain but later it struck me how very fitting it was! The rain started during Shine On (a song about Syd Barrett) and lasted for two songs which were written by him (Astronomy Domine and Dark Globe) as if this was done on purpose to weep for his recent passing away…

    The glass harp (wine glasses played by Phil Manzanera, Dick Parry and Guy Pratt) version of Shine On was beautiful, Echoes was the magnificent masterpiece. Words cannot describe it.

    After the show David said something like “We’ll see you again, one of these days, you never know”. I really do hope so.

  95. ciao,

    Thanks to everyone who posted their opinion and feelings about the concert.

    Sorry for being so heavy today (it’s not you Fed, it’s not you….you know that). Richard Wright birthday was another story, in my opinion, these are two different occasions. I have the feeling that too many people say what you say..and that’s all. you speak for all of us and what you say once it’s said (that’s for me obviously). But it seems that a lot of people have learnt by mind the song “sheep”: “Meek and obedient you follow the leader Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel”.

    If you criticize the “cretin” (famous and infamous), everyone follow you…if you say happy birthday..everyone says. Boring, don’t you think? I would make compliments to myself to see what people would say….

    Hope to be nicer throughout the week. 🙂

    [I do understand what you’re saying. Have a look at the ‘Meet-up: Florence & Venice’ blog entry. Better? – Features Editor]

  96. Ciao,

    Thanks Fed…YEAH, feel better!! I hope we will be a lot in Firenze’s pub..Who’s coming, fellow bloggers?!?! Nice… hehehe :-)))))

    [Hope you all have a great time. – Features Editor]

  97. Piergiorgio…do you really think we all said what the Features Editor said?!!!! I think I have agreed with her/him only 1 or 2 times! If today is Richard birthday and I say him “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” it doens’t mean follow the Features Editor’s voice…I’m not one of the child of the magic piper! It means just being nice and polite with a man who celebrates his birthday! I think. And if I go to see david’s show is because I love david’s music…and if the intro is not perfect or he sings in a bad way one or two notes (and I think it is normal in a live show, isn’t it?) I don’t worry about that, because great music and musicans are albe to be fantastic even when they’re not perfect. This is just my modest opinion, of course, and I hope you know I respect your that, in some case, could be holy truth!

    Do you think is going to rain in Florence? I’m so frightened!

    BYE BYE!


  98. Did Piergiorgio see Roger in concert? “Listen to the music, don’t look at the man”. From what I can tell that’s all you can do as he prances about on stage. Also, if David makes any mistakes at the concert, Piergiorgio will be quick to pick them out will he, but won’t compliment if he does a good concert – heaven forbid, that might be idolising?!!


    Thank you to give us so much happiness

    long life has you two.


    Sylvie from Québec

  100. Ciao,

    I like this. I always pay for having my opinions clearly expressed. But you all know, I don’t get upset with you.

    Lucia: we all know you are a very deep fan. You are sincere and that’s ok. anyone can express opinions and , thanks to Fed, I can express mine. Lucia, the last thing I want to do is to argue with you!! But all that cheesy compliments, all that “sugar”, all that…and JUST that, sometimes makes me sick.

    I don’t know if it will rain in Florence but I do hope not. and even if it will rain will be so hot that we won’t even feel that. and come to the pub so we finally meet 🙂

    Lesley: hey Lesley, are you talking to me? so use first person, not third. Don’t really get the fun in what you say. I haven’t seen Roger because I couldn’t and I think I said something about his music before. Nothwithstanding all the crap against Roger Music and his concerts I will go to see him as soon as he will be back in Italy.

    [Also, if David makes any mistakes at the concert, Piergiorgio will be quick to pick them out will he, but won’t compliment if he does a good concert – heaven forbid, that might be idolising?!!]

    Lesley, are you trying to argue with me? You don’t find in me a good enemy, I am sorry. I will pass over it.


    Help Fed.

    I assume it was cool for you to post David and Polly’s anniversary date, right? Did we(the bloggers) revert to idol worship? I don’t think so. It is customary where I come from, to offer congratulations.

    I would congratulate any stranger I met, if I knew it was their BD or Anniversary.

    This delicate balance of the blog contents will be needing some more time to achieve. However I don’t think the intention was for it to be so up tight and rigid as some seem to think. Oh well. Good luck to us all.

    Off to Dollywood to die in the blistering heat for the sake of a child.


    Can’t wait to hear about The Show later. Enjoy all.

  102. Happy Monday,

    Piergiorgio you do make me laugh. This statement you made [I spent my life appreciating a band where the privacy of their memebers was very important. Just as to say: listen to the music, don’t look the man.] I agree and have had similar thoughts.

    I grew up with that same Pink Floyd. But that was a long long time ago and things change.

    I dont idolise David, I love his music, but if people do then fine there is no harm. There is a lot more going on in this world thats worth moaning about.

    As my kids say to me, Chill out a bit and take life a little easier. Enjoy a beer or 3 tonight.

    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  103. Things have been crazy busy on my end and have not been able to check the blog as much as I would have liked to lately. (I am moving this week; my neighborhood has become too hip to live in, and my apartment complex was bought out to become an expensive condo…sigh..)

    Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Richard!

    Wishing David and Polly another 12+ many happy years together!


  104. Piergiorgio

    You can’t expect to make comments like you do and people not respond to them, which is what I was doing.

    [Yes, but let’s not argue about it. – Features Editor]

  105. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmour. The first concert my wife and I saw as newlyweds was the opening show of the Division Bell tour in Miami. I wish you all the best.

    [After the show David said something like “We’ll see you again, one of these days, you never know”. I really do hope so.]

    Sounds like David has rediscovered his love for performance on this tour. Let’s all remember that these shows are as much for his enjoyment as ours. If he keeps having fun, then we’ll all get to do it again sometime. But he doesn’t owe us anything and I’m grateful he came out of retirement for this tour.

  106. I’m still struck with the look on David’s face from 15 feet away from the stage at the Leno Show taping from April 20th….that of pure contentment before his performance there – which to me meant that the tour, the new album, the players, the performances, his marriage, the song selection…everything was coming together just as he planned, and as he needed it to be…at age age 60 …with a brand new album &…..sigh……it was all so perfect!!!

    I am still so grateful for all that this tour and album has meant to me on a very personal level. Rock on David, and Happy Anniversary to you and Polly!

    tom from san diego

  107. Happy anniversary David and Polly.

    Our last anniversary (28 years) I took my wife to Seattle WA to see a Pink Floyd “Show” (no names here) and we had a great time. Flew out of Victoria BC’s inner harbour and dropped right into Seattle’s harbour it was stunning. A great show and a couple of nights away. Have had a lifetime love with Pink Floyd music and thankfully my wife humours me with it! LOL But seriously David and Polly by the look of your pictures together…..I’d say you two are set for life!

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  108. [As my kids say to me, Chill out a bit and take life a little easier. Enjoy a beer or 3 tonight.]

    Pete, I think you right.

  109. Many thanks David, Richard and Polly for a brilliant gig in Munich this weekend..

    Congrats David and Polly on making it 12 years… Happy Birthday Richard..Hope you managed a few bevvies of the local beer – excellent!

    Live 8 Hyde Park was amazing, appreciate this is a year late – I was there.. it meant a lot.. thank you thank you thank you everyone concerned.

    best wishes anne (the idiots who shouted over the fence, “bloody brillant gig David!”)

    Ps: Romany stole the show for me!

  110. I was very pleased to see your gig!

    David, thank you for playing Comfortably Numb! Thank you for Echoes!

    Thank you to give me so much happiness!

    … waiting for the next show!

  111. Dear Polly and David, you are an inspiration, like a couple, for a lot of us. I personnally admire you very much both of you and wish you the best( the best is to come !)Happy 12 th anniversary!!!

    love Sylvie de Montréal xxx

  112. Happy Anniversary Polly and David !!!

    What shall I say ? It was a fantastic evening and the best birthday present of all times because the 31th (two days after the concert) was my 18th birthday.

    So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH DAVID for this brilliant gig in Munich.

    Unfortunately, it rained during the second part but I didn’t care a pap for it, the only thing I realised was the great music you played and everything else was forgotten.

    To conclude, I wish you a great further tour, David, and a wonderful time with your family.

    Hope to see you on another gig
    love Franzi

  113. Happy Anniversary to David and Polly. Sorry it’s late, but I’m still trying to catch up from vacation.

    I sure did get amused today from some of the blog entries of night 27.

    Boy do I wish I was in Firenze tonight.


  114. Pier… as usual you stir up the pot. You are never boring.

    Chill, as Pete says, don’t let this bother you so much. It is just human nature and kindness to wish to congratulate someone on a birthday, anniversary or birth of child.

    As Pete pointed out, people idolizing David Gilmour is not the worst thing in the world. Can’t we have our idols?

    I, also, want to wish Polly and David a happy anniversary. Champagne for all! In today’s world twelve years is a milestone. May your marriage last as long as Piergiorgio’s mom and dad’s!(which is amazing!) Pour on the compliments, even sugary ones!

    I don’t feel anniversary wishes are as intrusive as questions about their children.

    Have lots of fun at the William and a great time at the concert. Can’t wait to see what you post about the concert. I expect it will be unique as you are.

  115. Belated happy birthday to Richard on 28th (My wife was 40 that day), happy Anniversary to David and Polly on 29th.

    As I have a collection of over 250 floyd / gilmour / waters teeshirts which I have worn almost every day for the last 10 years, it was great from me to get an opportunity to see at least half of the group live at Konigsplatz.

    Excellent concert in Munich, loved it all, just missed the rain because I went to the beer tent just at the right time.

  116. Although a bit late I also want to say that this was an absolutely fantastic evening. Great, thank you very much Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wright and all the band!

  117. Klänge aus einer anderen Welt

    David Gilmours Solokonzert auf dem Münchner Königsplatz lässt Pink Floyd auferstehen

    von Ralf Kestel

    Pink Floyd lebt – aber nur zur Hälfte. Mit großen Erwartungen und Hoffnungen (High hopes) war die Anhängerschar der Kultband am Samstag aus ganz Deutschland nach München geeilt, wo sich Gitarrist David Gilmour auf Solopfaden und dem Königsplatz angesagt hatte. Gebannt starrten die Fans auf die riesige Bühne: Rund 40 Gitarren hingen da mit ihren Saiten an der Seite und eine riesige Glocke im Hintergrund. Die rund 8000 mochten es kaum glauben, sollte sie tatsächlich erklingen? Die Totenglocke das am Boden liegende Gesamtwerk der Band zum Leben erwecken?

    Pink Floyd – das war der Lebensinhalt vieler Gymnasiasten-Generationen. War? Nein, der Kult dauert an. In Scharen haben die sichtbar gealterten Fans die T-Shirts früherer Tourneen aus dem Wäschekorb geholt – Reminiszenzen bis in die Meddle-Ära.

    Was würde David Gilmour, der mittlerweile 60-jährige Gitarrist, der im März ein brillantes Solowerk vorgelegt hat, das deutlich macht, welche Teile er zur Floyd-Erfolgsgeschichte beigesteuert hat, auftischen? Es folgte eine dreistündige Zeitreise durch fast 40 Jahre anspruchsvoller Rockmusik.

    Doch erst einmal tief durchatmen: Pünktlich um 19.30 Uhr startet die Show mit „Breathe“ vom Album „Dark side of the moon“. Dann hängt Gilmour sämtliche Songs des aktuellen Solo-Albums „On an island“ an. Gitarren-Soli aus einer anderen Welt. Der Professorensohn hat sicherlich nicht die flinksten Finger der Zunft, aber er hat einen Stil geprägt, der unverwechselbar ist. Dazu gehört auch die Masse an Effekt- und Echogeräten, die locker ein ganzes Musikstudio füllen würden und einen einfachen Saitenanschlag zu einem Erdbeben gedeihen lassen. Über eine Stunde dauert dieser Solo-Ausflug, danach waren einige „better known songs“ vom Meister selbst angesagt.

    Dem musikalischen Inferno folgt ein Wolkenbruch, doch die Fans spüren die Niederschläge nicht mehr, sie sind der Welt entrückt – „comfortably numb“: „Shine on you crazy diamond“, „Astronome domine“ (1967 veröffentlicht!), „Echoes“, „Time“, „Coming back to life“, „High Hopes“ heißen die Aufputschmittel, die die Nässe vergessen machen. Quer durch alle Bewusstseinszustände und Alben von Pink Floyd rast das Programm, mit einer fulminanten Lightshow grandios in Szene gesetzt. Der Sound ist laut, aber glasklar.

    Die Altliga der Psychodelic-Rocker läuft zur Bestform auf: Behilflich sind Gilmour dabei das Floyd-Gründungsmitglied Richard Wright (61) an den Keyboards und Saiten-Zauberer Phil Manzanera (von Roxy Music) als Begleitgitarrist (!). Selbst Oldie Dick Parry hat sich und sein Saxophon vom Floyd-Zauber noch einmal einfangen lassen.

    Für den Sommerteil seiner Welttournee hatte sich David Gilmour einige historische Plätze in Europa ausgesucht. Neben Danzig, Linz, Venedig und Florenz war München die einzige Station in Deutschland. Auf dem Königsplatz stieg der 60-Jährige zum Kaiser empor. Durch seinen Streit mit dem Bandkollegen Rogers Waters und der folgenden Trennung war Gilmour oft als Totengräber von Pink Floyd gegeißelt worden, er bare ist der (Lebens-)Retter.

  118. Dear David,

    I hope you are having great during your european tour. However I would like to ask you:

    What are you waiting to come to Argentina?

    There are many many many fans over here !!!!who would really appreciate your visit !

    ..And watching for pigs on the wing.

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