Night 26: Klam


David resumes his tour in the aristocratic surroundings of Austria’s Clam Castle tonight, in the small market town of Klam.

Burg Clam, an 11th century fortress near the Danube, is one of largest castles in Austria.

Built in 1149 by Otto of Machland, the castle has been in the hands of the Clam-Martinic family since 1524. Descendants of the family still reside there during the summer months.

One of the few fully-intact fortresses in Austria, the main castle dates from the Middle Ages (from around 1300) with its circular tower, or turret, having been enlarged in around 1636.

It has a spacious, lavishly decorated courtyard with a three-storied pergola, which dates back to the year 1581, as well as both old and new chapels: the old with frescoes dating from the 14th century and the new with Gothic panel paintings, a museum decorated with antique furniture and extensive china and weaponry collections.

Never captured, the castle was besieged many times and has served as a refuge for local residents in their hour of need.

The estate, surrounded by forests, also includes several farmhouses, a riding school, a hydropower plant and a brewery. This is where concerts are held. Alice Cooper, for example, played here last July.

Interestingly, UK fans of reality TV may recall that Burg Clam is where ITV sent Kerry Katona to learn how to be an aristocrat in last year’s ‘My Fair Kerry’.

If you have tickets, then you must be full of excitement and anticipation at the prospect of experiencing the lights, lasers and sounds of ‘On An Island’ in such a enchanting, majestic setting.

As always, we want to hear from you if you’ll be there. Your thoughts make this blog what it is, so please don’t be shy.

The setlist will be revealed below, so if you don’t want to know what was played, don’t read on.

Have a fantastic night, everyone.

If you’re going to any of the European shows, let us know with our latest poll.

Following on from its runaway success in our Favourite solo poll, ‘Comfortably Numb’ has also proved your favourite vocal, with 22% of the vote. ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Coming Back To Life’ each polled 14%, just ahead of ‘High Hopes’ (13%) and ‘Wish You Were Here’ (11%). Thanks to all who voted.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

97 thoughts on “Night 26: Klam”

  1. Just wanted to wish David and the band good luck for tonight. All those who are attending – enjoy!!

  2. Wow! It looks very good for holidays too! I hope David, the band and the fans are going to enjoy very much! ‘Morning FEd!


  3. “Aristocratic surroundings” certainly fit David and the bands profile.

    Such a grand venue was wasted on Kerry Katona, “Iceland” is more her class…

  4. looks lovely. a good bit of research there, ed. appreciate it. wish i was going…

  5. Another day huh Fed.

    Hope everyone has a blast at “THE SHOW”. Think of us poor ones at home who will just have to watch our DG concert at home on DVD. Well at least we have that.

    Thanks for the hx lesson and the great pic Fed. It quite is beautiful. Maybe David will be inspired to create a new musical masterpiece.

    Melissa (*_*)

  6. FEd,

    Can I remind UK bloggists to watch BBC2 this evening…

    “A Tribute to Syd Barrett”
    Thu 27 Jul, 11:20 pm – 12:10 am 50mins

    Syd Barrett – Crazy Diamond: A moving account of Barrett’s disintegration and struggle with the demons in his head. Members of Pink Floyd describe how he still haunts their lives and music.

  7. I note that the list of places David and his band will play looks like the holiday travel schedule of someone with interest in history and culture: The Clam castle, the Königsplatz in Munich, the antique theatre in Vienne, Firenze and Venize. Please don’t get me wrong – that’s not meant to be cynical. David just does not need to prove any more that he and his music can fill large stadiums to the last place, he can just pick out these picturesque places he would like to play in. And that’s good. If he and his band will have a fine, relaxed time there, we (the audience) will have a great evening, too.

    Just six more hours… I’m so excited!


  8. Also noted that it’s the evening before Rick Wright’s birthday. Hopefully, someone will bring a birthday cake for him…?

    Seriously – all the best wishes to Rick, and I hope he will enjoy his birthday in the beautiful surroundings of Clam!



    As High hopes begins the castle door opens and from yonder a voice says ” YOU RANGGGG”

    It’s the bells you know…………
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  10. “Aristocratic surraundings” that’s good for features in a DVD ( no urinal #5 /3/or 2, please spare us!) May be I am of another age…

    Thanks to Lucia, I wish I had a daughter too!


  11. i will leave for david´d gig in about 2 hours!

    so…if there is some more inside info you can give us…please hurry..haha!;-)

    of course I will post here tomorrow …

    [I’m afraid not, but hope you enjoy the concert. – Features Editor]

  12. Sorry I mixed up my words so bad on last post, I had just crawled out of bed.

    Melissa (*_*)

    P.S. Can anyone tell me how many Pink Floyd and David Gilmour concert dvds are available?

    [No, but you can see the Discography page for all of David’s official releases. – Features Editor]

  13. I love the architecture and history of Europe. I can’t imagine what it must be like to hear David perform at some of these amazing European sites. Therefore I will have to live vicariously through the reviews that are posted on this blog from fellow blogers who attend. Enjoy it and looking forward to hearing about the show.


  14. I would love to be there. I hope you all enjoy yourselves tonight and look forward to hearing all about it.

    Ed, are you going to any of the shows?

    [Sadly, no. – Features Editor]

  15. Everyone have fun tonight.

    Wish I was going.

    Looking forward for tour reviews and setlist tomorrow.


  16. Maybe David will have a special version tonight for “Castleorizon” 🙂


  17. To David & fellow team members; also the lucky gits who are attending tonights show. I hope it’s as beautiful as it was at the RAH.

  18. “Aristocratic surroundings”

    Take it David likes his steak medium rare? well he is a Goodfella after all!

    (I promise to stay off the drugs from now on)

  19. A perfect setting for business and pleasure. Good Luck tonight and Happy Birthday Richard!

    P.S. I’d like to say, Poles Apart on P.U.L.S.E. is the first I have seen footage of. I hope it gets serious consideration on the tour also. Thanks David. Did You Know, Did You Know…?

  20. Tchuss Osterreich,

    Gutt Konzert fur alles heute nacht. Morgen schreib kritik (in english please!!! I don’t know German 🙂

    Pier Der Itelienisch Freund.

  21. Dave…Please…Why not Brazil in your tour??? Never??? You don’t have idea of the fans millions in Brazil…Ask to Mick jagger, Paul McCartney and others…I hope that you think about…Congratulations…

  22. Looking forward to this one.Is it filmed?

    A pity that I will never see him.Where I live(the most western city of Romania), Daivid isn’t putting any shows I mean near it like Hungary or I don’t know.

    Anyway Have a good time there you lucky guys.

  23. This is what the lucky people in Klam will be treated to tonight. The setlist is as follows:

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Astronomy Domine, Dark Globe (Syd Barrett), Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  24. My god, beauty… complete beauty. Dave, you truely are the “King of the Castle”… all hail King Dave!!! G’luck m’lord

    I recently purchased my first fender guitar (strat) and I’m relatively new to the guitar scene. I’m interested in purchasing some electronic goodies to give me a nice strong psychedelic/pink floyd/gilmour sound. Is there any equipment you’d recommend F’ed? or anyone else?

    P.S. I’m on a tight budget, work’n at McDonlads (stop laughing) 🙂

    Peace, Love and Happiness

  25. [I promise to stay off the drugs from now on) – Posted by: Ripper at July 27, 2006 04:20 PM]

    Hey Ripper, dude I just noticed that your message was posted at 4:20… (i think it might be a sign, i’ll share some of my mine with ya… we got some good stuff, man)

    Peace, Love and Happiness

  26. Re the set list –

    not surprisingly a nice and fitting tribute to Syd.

  27. David, you couldn’t have picked a better Syd Barrett song to perform tonight. I hoped you’d pick one. Thank you. That means such a lot.

    Bet you’re happy with that, Ed?

    [Very. – Features Editor]

  28. What an awesome set list.

    I have to say it is great to see that David does not keep to just one set list for the whole tour. It’s like it is something different every performance. That is really special about him.

    Makes you wish you could see every show.


  29. Hi fed 🙂

    This is a bit random but… you know the atmospheric versions of DG’s tracks on his website. Well hows about suggesting those versions for download for possible ringtones etc, all proceeds go to “chaaaarity mate”.

    Just a thought……..


  30. David and everyone:

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!

    With the changes, we just become more entralled!! I am so happy for everyone who was in attendance!! I’m going to put some Syd on now. . .

  31. Wow, what a trio! Shine on, Astronomy Domine, Dark Globe… I wish I’d been there and I wish they will keep at least Dark Globe in the setlist for Venice’s second night! I wonder how Mr. Gilmour’s voice sounds in such a personal song by Syd.

    Apart from the music itself, was it there a explicit reminder for Syd?

    Hope you all enjoyed the concert!

    Waiting for your comments!

  32. WOW! Just saw the set list you posted, FEd, and I’m blown away! Congrats to Dave and crew for changing the setlist and adding more Syd delectables! I’d pay handsomely to see Astronomy Domine live, especially with Mr Gilmour’s current band.

    Enjoy the show, all you punters. Wish I was there!


  33. Dear Fed

    I know, I know, it’s off topic, and I think it’s not the day to be off topic, but I promised you a postcard from my holydays (and you said you were OK, so…). Voilà. La Méditerranée, and the town were Georges Brassens, Paul Valéry and Jean Vilar were born…

    Et si vous avez le courage de lire quelques lignes en français, j’ai mis un court texte sur Syd … je sais, certains ne vont pas apprécier que ce soit en français…;-)

    Thanks , Dear Fed, for your great job
    Ikkar, with love

    [Merci beaucoup. C’est beau. – Features Editor]

  34. CAPTION:

    Roadie 1: Eight hundred years old, you’d think they’d clearly mark the loo in that time!?

    Roadie 2: That vase looks good…you first….

    Great job on song selection and order! I’d give my left n*t to see that…. (Andrew, place clever remark here… ) 🙂

    Now, back to compiling my earthworm recipie book for dear old FEddie….


    [I find that they make a delightful side salad with roast baby and potatoes. – Features Editor]

  35. One thing I do know about tonight’s surprise performance of ‘Dark Globe’ is that it turns out that it wasn’t just a surprise to the audience. David didn’t rehearse it or even give it a go at the soundcheck. He just went out and did it.

  36. Michele…

    [Bonjour Michele! Je suis seul…et vous? – John]
    Posted by John(not from Florida)

    [Is that so important ? I don’t think so, John.]
    Posted by Michele

    Oh Michele…I think you missed the point.I was just trying to playfully and innocently flirt with you.Guess I bombed…still luv ya though! Jean(Pas de Floride)

    Help me F.E. You seem to be a man of the world.Any advice?

    [I wouldn’t dream of it, sorry. – Features Editor]

  37. Angelo,

    Are you kidding me???? I’d give my right one to see it as well – and hence you have a perfect pair.


  38. No news from Klam? Anyone? I’m staying up late, too.

    Too busy partying the night away, I guess.

  39. Eating worms can be healthy for you.

    And I KNOW you meant roast baby beets and potatoes. . .

    Come on, come on. . .we want to hear more about tonight’s show!!

  40. Hi there, I just returned from the Clam show and all I can say is that it was a m*a*r*v*e*l*l*o*u*s show! Those who have tickets for the next few dates can look foreward to a great evening. Those who do not have tickets: Try to get some! And those who can’t get tickets: Try harder… 🙂

    Thanks to David and the lads from the band, it was a great evening!

    Hope to see you soon, Corvus

  41. [One thing I do know about tonight’s surprise performance of ‘Dark Globe’ is that it turns out that it wasn’t just a surprise to the audience. David didn’t rehearse it or even give it a go at the soundcheck. He just went out and did it. – Posted by: Features Editor at July 27, 2006 11:37 PM]

    That really is something. Wish I’d been there. Thanks, Ed.

  42. Just returned from the castle and I´m absolutely blown away by David and his band. After seeing the Frankfurt show in March it was highly interesting how things have developed. There were so many changes not only in the setlist but in the interpretation of songs. The only thing I missed was the experimental beginning of shine on. Astronomy domine and Dark Globe was outstanding. The sound was great – the audience a bit boring in my opinion.

  43. Any word as to whether David used a Zippo lighter during Astronomy Domine?

  44. Wow! David Gilmour playing at a castle. That is so appropriate. Ritchie Blackmore! You aint the only one! ha ha! I wish I were there, especially to see the surprise numbers added to the setlist (Astronomy Domine!).

    Hats off to Carl Philip Clam Martinic (No fair! He gets 4 names.) and all the other counts, dukes, earls and King Clams gone by. A man’s home is his castle. Seriously though, I really like castles.

    I posted an address for anybody who would like to see a photogallery of Clam Castle. Have a nice time at the concert everyone.

  45. Dark Globe! Great song and a great tribute to Syd. And Astronomy Domine is my favorite song from Syd’s Floyd.

    David really knows how to pick ’em (and play ’em)


  46. An excellent Syd tribute devoting much of the 2nd set to him. I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t heard David do “Dark Globe” before – very exciting! Hope it makes it to the DVD later on…

    Just read FEd’s comment about David apparently going for it on Dark Globe…. brilliant stuff David!! 🙂 That’s exactly the sort of behaviour I approve of…

    Wow, now I’m really excited for the Vienne show. Seems like a break from the road and some strong emotions in recent weeks have brought something out in David. Bring on France!! 🙂


  47. Hello together!

    It was a absolute great performance in Clam – Thanx to David an his Team !!!

    everyone who wasn´t there – really missed “a great gig in clam”


  48. Dearest FEd

    David doing “Dark Globe” I got chills reading it ….

    As always, thanks for including us all by passing on the news. You and all my fellow Bloggers really make it feel like family.


  49. Dearest FEd

    David doing “Dark Globe” I got chills reading it ….

    As always, thanks for including us all by passing on the news. You and all my fellow Bloggers really make it feel like family.


  50. I wish I could’ve been there in front of one of the very few ET samples still on existence upon earth. You guys have created music which has inspired any sensitive soul and has also already gone above and far beyond human comprehension. Along with Wolfang Amadeus and Led Zeppelin you’re (and will forever be) on top of music history. Congratulations and endless thanks for so many moments of happiness !!!

  51. Must feel surreal to play at an old castle. Considering the visuals and the sounds of DG, the experience must realllllly be out of this world. An idea just hit me Fed. Where is the closest place to Pakistan where DG will be playing? Maybe I could fly out to Dubai or Singapore to see him. Yeah I am getting desperate cuz I realize now that I probably wont get many more chance to see the guys.



    [See where and when David’s playing on the Live Dates page. Click your name for that. – Features Editor]

  52. astronomy domine and dark globe, eh? i sort of had a feeling that there would be more syd stuff at this show… great setlist! still, i’d like to see “wearing the inside out” added back in, if only for the sake of those in attendance. i surely appreciated it at the first chicago show. any chance of maybe adding “poles apart” or “lost for words”? i know… i know… poles apart would be somewhat inappropriate now, but it’s one of my favorite pink floyd songs. anyhow, i can hardly wait for the dvd to come out! anyone heard when the dvd for this tour is expected to be released?

    [The end of the year. – Features Editor]

  53. Happy Friday,

    Hope everyone enjoyed the show last night. 1 or 2 surprises to the setlist.

    Watched the BBC2 documentary repeat last night. You cant help but feel sad watching it and the word ‘martyr’ did spring to mind.

    Happy birthday Richard.

    Pete – Coventry

  54. FEEEEED!!!!

    What? Astronomy domine…ohhh my…I am falling. that’s superb. Listen, listen…ok for Florence no coming back to life (who cares) but Astronomy domine and arnold layne, yes ..yes..That’s what I would like. David, Guy are you there?!?! play those!!!! you all know I don’t rememeber Dark globe?!? So it’s good. (sorry!!!)


  55. [Oh Michele…I think you missed the point.I was just trying to playfully and innocently flirt with you.- John(not from Florida)]

    Yes of course, I had understood !

    but I’m now so afraid of Fed that I can’t no more accept any kidding (maybe not the right word ?).
    Don’t forget, he said he eats worms, he is horrible, he is a monster, he pushes…buses(rien compris…). Oh… so sad and so afraid !

    But maybe he wil keep his sense of humour …


    [It was elderly people. I push elderly people from buses when they are moving, just for fun. – Features Editor]

  56. An amazing night it seems in such surroundings at such a time, I wish I could have heard dark globe, it’s always been a favourite. Hopefully the dvd will have it on but I’m sure it was breath taking.

  57. Hello to all “gilmourians”!

    It was magic night! I arrived with bus and 20 other fans from Slovenia. It is pitty that none invites David in Slovenia. But that’s the other story…

    David’s gig at Burg Clam was great! He missed only two tunes during his High Hopes steel pedal solo. But eniter band as an unity works tighter, far better tuned up, comparing to what I experienced from the same show at Milan (25.03.2006, Teatro di Arcimboldi). Also a great surprises were Dark Globe (form Barrett) and cult classic Astronomy Domine. Band was fantastic, Dave vocals were in great shape, all backings too.

    To start a show with Breathe, Time, breathe reprise, was a smart idea, ’cause it fired up the crowd very well.

    From my conting ’twas arropund 5000 people who enjoyed an evening with this great band. Experience was unforgettable…

    Thanx for everything Mr. Gilmour, see you soon again

    Take care

  58. Comments about the show aside for a moment or two, I was watching the Arena Syd Barrett documentary last night and a few issues crossed my mind in relation to what happened with Syd – would anyone provide a contact address for his family through this site – there are a few things I want to ask them about his more recent years?

    [I hope that was some sort of strange joke. – Features Editor]

  59. Ikkar,

    Je voulais juste vous dire: Très beaux, très émouvants vos textes sur Syd, j’ai toujours été impressionnée par votre sensibilité notamment artistique.

    To come back “in topic” (?), I am very pleased that David added a new song as a tribute to Syd, “Dark globe”, I looked for it in my CDs but didn’t find it… I don’t know the CD where this song comes from …


    [It’s on ‘The Madcap Laughs’, Michèle. – Features Editor]

  60. [would anyone provide a contact address for his family through this site – there are a few things I want to ask them about his more recent years? – Steve Woodward]

    [I hope that was some sort of strange joke. – Features Editor]

    so do i. as if syd’s family want to be bothered now, or ever. dream on, mate.

  61. “Dark globe”…I have to go back and hear it again then, if it is on Madcap Laughs. I don’t hear that album much, not even after Syd’s gone. I preferred Piper. That was a young guy at his best, completely there…

  62. [would anyone provide a contact address for his family through this site – there are a few things I want to ask them about his more recent years]

    *stiffles laugh* honestly you are not serious are you?

  63. [I find that they make a delightful side salad with roast baby and potatoes. – Features Editor]

    and with roast eldery people who were run over because you pushed them from buses, … and with ‘foie gras’ of course.

    Ok, I stop there…


  64. Michèle,

    merci pour votre indulgence… Hé, yé fais cé qué yé peux…

    en tout cas, je me vois mal, aujourd’hui, dessiner un portrait de Syd comme je l’avais fait l’an dernier… alors, je me contente des mots… one day, maybe, I will do another one…

    Ikkar, with love

  65. [roast baby and potatoes-Fed]

    Good one Fed. I Don’t mean to poke fun at you.

    You make us feel so much better about ourselves when you make mistakes too. We love it.

    Melissa (*_*)

    [That’s good to know, but that wasn’t a mistake. – Features Editor]

  66. [would anyone provide a contact address for his family through this site – there are a few things I want to ask them about his more recent years? – Steve Woodward]

    I’m not going to freak out, but let me just say that I’m livid at the very suggestion.

    Some people have got a real nerve.

  67. I forgot to add that I’m still chuffed that David did ‘Dark Globe’ last night.

    Thanks for that, David.

  68. Clever Fed

    Thought you were like us lowly ones.


    [It was a bad attempt at humour. – Features Editor]

  69. [roast baby and potatoes-Fed]

    are you the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells from blackadder 2??

    you should try a little mustard with that, yum!

  70. [would anyone provide a contact address for his family through this site – there are a few things I want to ask them about his more recent years]

    😉 optimistic arent we ?



    p.s. i am getting my website ready for a blog and other stuff.. and have decided to have a subdomain dedicated to PF and Honor to Syd. Fed, is it ok if I can link my site to this site? and would I be allowed to post my http link here?

    [I’m afraid we don’t advertise any fansites on the blog. – Features Editor]

  71. Fed, somebody says the audio system was not enough for the open venue. Do you have any news on that? I am sure david staff will improve it, if necessary.

    (I actually don’t like to hear my seat-neighbour singing “Wish you were here”….David voice is enough to me, isn’t it…:-))

    [Absolutely. I haven’t heard any comments on the sound last night. If there was a problem, I have every faith in the team putting it right. – Features Editor]

  72. What an amazing night! The scenery really makes the difference!

    I saw the Frankfurt show in March at the Opera House, which was brilliant and had this “concert” seriosity. And yesterday, in front of this beautiful castle setting, a huge stage compared to the quite small “auditorium field”, the concert character changed.

    I saw Pink Floyd in 1988 in Hockenheim along with 70 000 others, and compared to that the Open Air yesterday was kind of “private” and had a relaxed atmosphere.

    Great setlist, I just would have loved to hear “Run like hell” now that the lasers are back, that was my show favourite years ago. The “Barret Experience” was great, too.

    Coming all the way from Kaiserslautern Germany I had a funny moment when I met a musician pal from two villages away who was standing just behind me… Now I`m looking forward to the DVD.


  73. Hey Fed, its July 28th!

    So I think today should be ‘Happy Birthday Richard Wright’ day ??? So best wishes to a great musician.

    I suppose the team are all out in austia having a big knees up!?!?


    [Check out today’s blog entry, Adam, and you’ll find that it is ‘Happy Birthday Richard Wright’ day. – Features Editor]

  74. Fed,

    Bad attempts at humor? We like it, we love it, we want some more of it. Sometimes we can be a syc bunch. Maybe I should only speak for myself. Others may not feel the same.

    Melissa (*_*)

  75. Can somebody post the setlist please?

    [Can somebody look before asking for the setlist, please? – Features Editor]

  76. Servus David (u. Fe’d)!

    Ich denke dass wir brauchen jetzt ein bisschen (schlechtes) Oesterreiches Deutsch.

    Ich habe fast zu dieser Konzert gegangen, aber leider ich koennte es nicht schaffen. Vor zehn Jahren habe ich bei der Johannes Kepler Uni-Linz fuer ein Jahr studiert…mit vier Kinder in der zwischenzeit die impulsiv sachen (ein Flug von Die Staaten) geht nicht mehr so einfach 🙂

    So eine fantastische Konsert…komplett mit Syd Barrett Lieder…haette ich nocheimal leben kann, werde ich dieser Konzert anschowen. Gut das ich war in Radio City, NY dabei!

    Alles Gutte – da bin ich noch,
    Bertl aus Muhtviertel

    PS: ein Brost zu die ganze Linze Krew – Stefan, Klaus, Lasi, Clemans u. Tommi…you know who you are!

    Thanks F’ed – just had to add that in 😉

  77. 27.7.2006 Setlist

    On An Island
    The Blue
    Red Sky At Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take A Breath
    A Pocketful Of Stones
    Where We Start

    Break ( 20 min. )

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond ( part 1 )
    Astronomy Domine
    Special Song For Syd
    Fat Old Sun
    Coming Back To Life
    High Hopes

    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb

  78. I was waiting for the moment to see this musical legends for over 10 years. Under the tower of Clam Castle me and my friends have found something transcendental – indescribable. I just wanna say BIG THANKS to David Gilmour, Richard Wright and others who stand on the stage in that evening and night. For me this is not music only, it is a metamusic – something that is catching everyone.

    so “take a deep breath now”

    Wonderful moments..


  79. ah well,

    thank you, i`m still up there with Echoes spiraling around my body and brain. what a wonderful trip this has been…….

    and then i close my eyes…..and can hear you again….

  80. Thank you David & Band

    The Clam-concert was more then wonderfull. better then the concert in munich last night. the difference wasn’t the rain in germany. it was the location. so peacefull – a real dream. in germany it was in a big town on a big place. never the same ambiance.

    I’m back home now, after 1300km, satisfied, happy, comfortably numb – echoes in my ears.


  81. I came all the way from Belgium to see David Gilmour and band in Burg Clam and it was worthwile driving approx. 1000 km. The concert was great which includes the light show.

    I had a great time and the location in the background was beautiful.

    Thanks for the evening. And hopefully you and your band will come to Belgium.

  82. Big thanks to David Gilmour, Richard Wright and all the other outstanding musicians for such a wonderful evening in Austria on the 27th of July.

    It’s difficult describing in words what made this Thursday night so special: deep blue sky, peaceful and excited audience, an impressive light show(simple + effective) and above all the powerful music.(the best version of “ECHOES” I’ve ever heard)

    Thank you for this combination!

  83. Michael, you come from Kaiserslautern? I love it there, my uncle and aunt live there I spent last summer there it was great.

    Glad you had fun, isn’t it a great atmosphere?

  84. Dear David!

    Thx for this wonderful concert in Burg Klam. I´m lovin your music since I´m 15 years old. First time I had possibility to see you live in concert. Once again I say thank you for your music, for visualisation, for location, for weather, but of cause it had to be like it was. You had your family and god by your side.

    I wish you, go on in this way. And please always remember Austria, and come back soon.

  85. [Following on from its runaway success in our Favourite solo poll, ‘Comfortably Numb’ has also proved your favourite vocal, with 22% of the vote. – Posted by Features Editor at July 27, 2006 12:12 PM]

    Just goes to show that ‘Comfy Numb’ is the best song ever.

  86. It was a wonderful concert in Clam Castle in Austria! The atmosphere was just perfect and the weather was gorgeous.

    The mood of the crowd couldn’t have been better. I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as we did.

    Thanks a lot
    Katharina (Austria)



    Dziekuje SOLIDARITY.

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