Musical cocktails


Following on from James and his eyePod, Nickster has a suggestion that might give you something to think about over the weekend (and if you consider yourself part of the so-called ‘iPod generation’, then this should appeal to you).

Name two songs that work well when played back-to-back (one must be a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd track) and name it accordingly. For example, ‘Hotel Smile’ (‘Hotel California’ and David’s ‘Smile’) or ‘Purple Numb’ (Purple Haze’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’).

If you think of the way David changed the order of the ‘On An Island’ material on tour, for example, or of Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’ retrospective, you’ll see how different songs segue into one another with varying degrees of success.

So we want to know which song you feel blends rather nicely into another without a break (and we don’t want long lists of these, please!). Perhaps you could give three examples (two of David’s solo songs, two Pink Floyd songs and a combination of songs, one of which must apply to David in some way)?

No prize for this one, it’s just for fun. There’ll be another competition next week.

Thank you all for the messages you left for Dick Parry. We’ll make sure that he sees them.

Enjoy what’s left of the World Cup – the best of luck to the four teams involved – and don’t forget that Pink Floyd’s ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD is out on Monday in Brazil, Israel, South Africa and all of Europe – except for Austria, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland, where it was released yesterday (the lucky sods).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

104 thoughts on “Musical cocktails”

  1. Hi gang,

    I have to confess, I was “sleeping with the enemy” last night – I drove up to Rotterdam to catch Roger Waters’ concert there. I was curious, since I’d never seen him live before, and I wanted to see what he would do. I have to admit, I went in a doubter and came out a believer. The man put on a brilliant show, right up there with the latter-day PF.

    And how would you compare it to DG at the RAH, you ask? The answer is, I wouldn’t, not at all. It was an utterly, totally different experience. The two of them are so far apart these days, in style, presentation, and even (with a few exceptions) the songs they play, it’s almost hard to believe they were part of the same band for 15 years.

    I think the main difference is that David is, first and foremost, about the music – his concert was a great musician playing great songs, with a minimum of frills and fuss. Roger wants to be a showman – he certainly behaves like one during the gig, marching back and forth across the stage and showing off to the audience.

    The conclusion? After last night, I am now totally convinced that PF is truly finished, rest in peace. And I think it’s the right thing. They’ve been there, done that, got the (black) T-shirt, there’s no more to say. Both David and Roger can put on a show that gives you what PF was all about, and they each showcase a different side of the band. For me, it was two great experiences where in the past there would only have been one. David gives you Syd stuff, Echoes, Division Bell, and of course OAI; Rogers gives you Set The Controls, Sheep, the Wall. Let it be.

    [Thanks for that, Don. It’s obviously been edited, as we don’t wish to encourage similar reviews, unfortunately. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  2. ‘one of these nights’ by the eagles goes nicely into ‘any colour you like’ from dsotm.

    i remember you picked ‘one of these nights’ as one of your faves, ed.

    [You’ve got a good memory. – Features Editor]

  3. i know im breaking the rules a bit but u can also ave set the controls to the heart of the current bun!

  4. I think I would say, Take a Breath and then mix right into Secret Journey from The Police.

    FED thanks for the update on the auction.

  5. Don,

    Spot on. The fact is we can have the best of both worlds. I do declare we’ve never had it so good.

    As previously noted, I am an ardent MP3 shuffler and I find that tracks work well together more often than not. I’ll be paying special attention this weekend to see what comes along….

  6. How about:Sorrow Mio, Shine On the Corner(CCR), Hey Jude(You), Heart of Blue(Neil) and Stairway On an Island. I could go on, it’s a fun topic. Have a great weekend.

  7. I always listen to David/PF records from beginning to end, not with other music. So I’m not really sure about this one.

    I love todays picture of David. I think we’ve seen it before, but it’s great . .very blissful.

    Have a great weekend all

  8. Heart Of Gold (Neil Young) / Wots Uh…The Deal… Nice combo for me.


  9. My combination song would be “Country Girl On an Island” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young/David Gilmour. It even flows in similar ways. I think I’ll go play them now.

    Good day everyone.

    (Go Italy)


  10. i found that poles of winds sounds nice. (poles apart/pillow of winds.)

    more to follow. no pun intended.

  11. Hmmm….

    “Wot’s….Uh, The Deal,” follwed by “Time,” to create “Wot’s…Uh, The Time.”

    “Breathe/Home Again” followed by “Take A Breath” to create “Breathe A Breath.”

    “Wish You Were Here,” followed by The Eagles’ hit “Take It Easy,” to create “Wish You Were Easy.”

    Happy Football, Everyone!

  12. Caption: During a lucid dream, David is in Stratocasterland where the Stratocastites have just crowned him king.

    You’ve just touched on a very interesting topic, Fed, which also happens to be a sort of hobby for me. I compile music from a vast collection and make thematic CD’s. I always try to find the right order for one song to segue into the other without a break or long silence. I just recently did a CD of 19 of my favorite classic rock ballads.

    On there I have Peaceful Easy Feeling right before Smile – Peaceful Easy Smile. Right after Smile I placed Your In My Heart (which segues better) – Smile In My Heart. I did a “time” CD where Styx’s ‘Too Much Time…’ segues into PF’s ‘Time’ (I edited the tick-tocks so the bells would connect) which in turn segues into Alan Parson’s ‘Time’. No conscious application to David. He seems to apportion his time correctly – family first, etc.

    I always thought David could of included Astronomy Domine to join set lists. He could end on ‘Take A Breath’ and begin on ‘Astronomy’ or vice versa (Astronomy Breath?) 8þ. The beggining chord structures are the same (would it be too obvioius?).

  13. Lets get…Marooned.

    Two mighty fine instrumentals which would merge nicely.



  14. Well in the country music world a good music segue
    would be the guys singing, “All my ex’s live in Texas”, and the women responding with, “Here’s a quarter call someone who cares”.

    And now for the question at hand.

    On the run this cat’s on a hot tin roof.

    (PF/Brian Setzer Orchestra)

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  15. Caption for the David picture.

    “Eeeee bye gum lad….I’m right chuffed today”.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  16. “One of these days” (PF) b/w “One of these nights” (Eagles). I like the combo of titles.

    Songs themselves? How about “Interstellar Overdrive” b/w Ringo Starr’s “Photograph.” I heard Camper Van Beethoven pay these songs together circa 1986, and the combo works amazingly well together.

    Come to think of it, David could make lots of people very happy by playing “Interstellar Overdrive” in concert. It’d be a great chance for him to improvise a bit.

  17. Caption; Polly in the background to the rest of the band.”He just loves the Village people,Y.M.C.A,you should see him at partys”.

    Fed;my only thoughts on the on the reformation thing.History throughout the ages has mentioned that spectacular events have taken place, and many millions of people have been moved by them.The Pharaohs no longer build pyramids, because they all died.The Roman Empire cashed,because of greed.Shakespeare found the Bottle.Eclipses happen, and so to natural disasters.Recorded Music is invented. Glen Millers plane crashed.Elvis disappeared.I could go on. with or without Roger,PF is much to big of a Mover, not a Machine! to simply just slope off into the sunset.With the team estabished, and the technolodgy available today,the chapter isnt written i am sure. All it needs is a pointy stick!

  18. Dear Fed

    you’ll have to guess where these come from…he he he…

    Rocket’s Smile
    Fat Old Farmer
    Rat Time (sounds like coming from Frank Zappa…)
    First Thing In The Narrow Way
    Blue Awakening
    Swimming On The Air

    Ok I’m a good boy so I’ll help you… the half-titles come from artists David collaborated with…

    [Use my brain on a weekend? Are you mad? I know the first one. Will have to think about the others. – Features Editor]

  19. What if we try something not just with the songs but with the name of records!


  20. Let’s roll another Smile;
    Lucifer in the sky with diamonds;
    I’d like to listen to ‘Let’s get…Marooned’,at Firenze…what a experience!


    [‘Let’s Get Marooned’ would be great. – Features Editor]

  21. Hi again FEd, blogging crew,

    Those of you able to tune in to the Belgian french-speaking channel “La Deux” may wish to set your recorders for Friday July 14, 22:35 – Highlights of Live 8.

    Click my name for details.

    Best regards and enjoy the weekend,

    [Thank you for that, Ralph. – Features Editor]

  22. Hey guys,

    I think “in the flesh” and “iron man” would be a sweet combo

    making “iron man in the flesh”

  23. Oy, I suppose I’ll play your meshugga game…. 😉

    “Tuesday Embryo” = Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues)/Embryo (Pink Floyd, duh)

    Bonus Song Combo: “So Lost” = So Far Away (Gilmour)/Lost Cause (Beck)

    (PS – cheers, Edwina)


  24. Oooh this is quite a tough one Fed!

    I can only think of 2 at the moment!

    Coming Back to heaven
    Coming Back To Life & This Heaven

    Take Back a Blue Day
    Take It Back Deep Blue Day (Brian Eno)

    Oh well I tried ;o)

  25. I really like this idea.

    How about King Crimson/The Court of the Crimson King, David Gilmour(Pink Floyd)The Narrow Way – The Court of the Narrow Way Pt.1, David Gilmour/On an Island,The Kinks/Kentucky moon – On an Moon, David Gilmour(Pink Floyd)/Take it Back, The Doors/Back Door Man- Take It Door Man.

    Well I hope every thing is going well.

  26. Here’s one for the those who inhabit the dark side

    Set the controls for the heart of the end (i.e. The end by the Doors)

    Listen to these in sequence in a darkened room at your peril, my children.

    Your possible pasts shares a vibe with working class hero by Lennon also = “Your possible class hero” I guess.

    My “eye-pod” is still thinking about it – but it has only a 3% chance of throwing up a PF/DG tune …

  27. You knew this was coming …

    Time surprises – “Time” (which frankly would fit almost anything) segues into “No surprises” from OK Computer very pleasingly – but then what wouldn’t!!

    Ah, and Portugal have lost 3-1. Oh dear. (not)

  28. Did I just spot Guy playing with Roxy Music here at TW Classic (Werchter, Belgium) ?

    [It’s quite possible. – Features Editor]

  29. Actually gave this some thought – yeah, I know, makes a change ::)

    ‘Pocketful Of Stones’ fading into ‘No Way’…try it, trust me, it works 😉

    Of course the Floyd themselves perfected this many moons ago when they used to run ‘Green Is The Colour’ into ‘Careful With That Axe, Eugene’ as showcased on the BBC show from July 1970 that gets the odd airing on the radio.

  30. “Island Jam” and “Where we start”

    Island Jam with more solo guitars could be a perfect song … or is another “Smile” to wait 4 years for the final cut of the song ?

    Thank you David for The Pink Floyd Sound

  31. Fearless & run like hell

    both from the floyd.. and a very nice pairing I might add

  32. Lynn,

    I love your humor and wit – very funny combos.

    Here is one that I think works musically. On Robert Plant’s latest effort there is a song called, “All The Kings Horses.” I think that would blend nicely with David’s OAI track “Then I Close My Eyes.” I don’t know what you would call it, maybe “All The Kings Close My Eyes?”

    I’ll have to think of another one.


  33. To David Gimour:

    Hello David.

    I hope you can read this comment.

    My name is Hector, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Mexico.

    As you will see while you’re reading this text, my english is not very well but I’m trying to do my best.

    I only want to tell you that I’ve been your fan since I was eight years old, believe it or not.

    I like playing the guitar. I didn’t like it but I only started to play it because I wanted to play your songs, specially all yous solos that you make in songs like “Comfortably Numb”, “Another Brick In The Wall Part II”, “Sorrow”, “Coming Back to Life”, and more (I learned how to play the guitar by myself).

    Actually one of my fantasy dreams always has been one day in which you and me play together in a concert (what a madness, isn’t it?).

    Of course I’m not as good a guitar player as you are, but let me tell you that every time I listen to your solos they make me exert myself in order to play the guitar better.


    Yours sincerelly, Héctor.

  34. I’ve mixed, by playing the songs on two players, Pink Floyd’s Cymbaline and Yes’ Long Distance Runaround. It’s really funny how they both sing, it really sounds well. But the combination that really kicks ass is The Great Gig In The Sky playing along with Marooned. It sounds great.

  35. “Any Brain You Like” – Any Colour You Like & If I Only Had A Brain. I like Jackson Browne’s version.

    As one of the lucky Irish sods, Pulse has been playing non-stop in my house for the last 12 hours 🙂 Janey mac, it sounds flippin fantastic! Goodbye crappy video tape as we knew it. All hail James Guthrie! (Oh and Pink Floyd too)

    But why has the word “Enigma” been replaced with “E=MC^2” during Another Brick II? Inquiring minds want to know.

    [Interesting. – Features Editor]

  36. [Thanks for that, Don. It’s obviously been edited, as we don’t wish to encourage similar reviews, unfortunately. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

    No problem with the edit FEd, I’m fully aware this is a DG blog, not PF. I just wanted to give my view on a (kind of) tricky subject, having seen both sides of the coin now. I was a bit afraid you would delete it altogether, thanks for being objective.

    [Not at all. I appreciate it. – Features Editor]

  37. Sorry, not exactly the topic but…

    I posted here before that I´m not sure if I will buy a ticket for the DG concert here in Austria because I think its very expensive. (you might remember the discussion). Anyway, I wanted to inform you that I bought tickets for the concert at Burg Clam on July 27.(and reading this blog was helpful for the decision)

    Really looking forward to it. If there´s any news on that gig, I want to hear/read it! 😉


    thanks Chris

    [Glad to hear it, Chris. Hope you have a good time. – Features Editor]

  38. Pulse?






    Are these all correct? I know this is possibly the most trivial question ever asked but please humour me.

    [It bothers me, too. Each time I write it, I wonder if I’m writing it the right way. I’m playing safe with ‘PULSE’. Surely there should be a full stop at the end of the ‘E’, which discounts the last two for me. – Features Editor]

  39. Thanks F. Ed – will wait to hear back from you.

    As far as musical cocktails go…

    Take a Breath With or Without You (DGU2..?)


  40. Hi Fed two songs….

    Magnificent Seven (The Clash) & Run like Hell (Pink Floyd).

    CAPTION: David looks smug as he suspects he manages to get away with an SBD (Silent But Deadly).

  41. OT-a note for Ian the wonderful glassblower. The new Who single is called Wire and Glass. I thought of you immediately and chuckled:)

  42. goodbye castellorizon..
    coming back to an island..
    shine on you voodoo child…

  43. Hello my friends!

    After days and days waiting, at last the daughter of two of my best friends was born. WELCOME VALERIA! My friends are two of the msot fantastic persons of the world and I’m sure they will be perfect parents!

    Then…there’s no a prize today? Phew! I don’t play only for playing. I PLAY FOR WINNING! Isnt’ true! But I fear I didn’t understand very well the rule…but I can say that, in my opinion, “On an island” and “Cruise” of David Gilmour is a good combination for my holiday!

    HAVE A GREAT DAY and….TAKE FOR ITALY TONIGHT!!!! Good luck Michèle! I hope we’ll watch a beautiful game and don’t matter who win…but if Italy will win we are ready for great celebrations, inclusive the bath in the spring in front of the City Hall! I hope you prepared good celebrations too for the possible France’s win! ENJOY!


    [Good luck, Lucia. Hope you enjoy the game. Congratulations to your friends on the birth of their daughter. – Features Editor]


    FORGET MY TIM! You already have FEd who writes you sweet words in french. YOU CAN’T HAVE SONGS FROM TIM TOO! You have to choose: or you ask FEd to learn italian and write sweet sentences in italian for me, or you keep FEd only for you and let Tim for me. You can’t have both!

    BIANCA! I love you too! But my mother is very catholic and she wouldn’t approve our match! I fear our love will continue to be only a dream…but you will be the best dream of all my dreams! Have a great sunday!


  45. [War Pigs (Three Different Ones) – Posted by: Darren at July 9, 2006 04:40 AM]

    love it.

    still with the eagles (for you, ed) how about ‘take it easy’ and ‘the blue’? the last note on ‘take it easy’ really works and if you haven’t paid attention to glen frey by the time the song ends, you will take it easy when you hear david’s lazy voice and sense the sea gently bobbing you on the waves.

    [It works for me. You’d better call it ‘Easy Blue’ as ‘Take It Blue’ sounds like a porn film. – Features Editor]

  46. me again, ed. seeing as you like bob dylan so much, how about ‘all along the watchtower’ and ‘there’s no way out of here’? ‘there’s no way out of the watchtower’ sounds like a horror film.

    [Or switch ‘All Along The Watchtower’ with ‘Maggie’s Farm’ to make ‘There’s No Way Out Of Maggie’s Farm’. Then again, that could also be a porn title. – Features Editor]

  47. last one, ed.

    ‘like a rolling stone’ (dylan) and ‘on the turning away’ (floyd) – ‘like a turning stone’

    ‘masters of war’ (dylan) and ‘dogs of war’ (floyd) – ‘master of war dogs’

    and the obvious one: ‘what do you want from me’ (floyd) and ‘raise my rent’ (dg) – ‘what do you want from me, landlord? raise my rent? are you having a laugh?’

    i could go on all day but for your sake, ed, i won’t.

    enjoy the football. good luck to both italy and france and well done to germany for yesterday. you deserved third place.

    [Very good. – Features Editor]

  48. [Or switch ‘All Along The Watchtower’ with ‘Maggie’s Farm’ to make ‘There’s No Way Out Of Maggie’s Farm’. Then again, that could also be a porn title. – Features Editor]

    Hey F’Ed, I’ve got this great idea for a rainy day…. 😉

    [Careful. – Features Editor]

  49. hello DG people

    heres my tracks that i think really contrast and build upon each other, what ya think?

    D Gilmour – Murder > Pink Floyd – Fat Old Sun

    just tried it out with a live version of Fat old Sun from Davids latest tour (sorry), Beautiful

  50. Graham – loved your caption, that is totally a smug look that you would give after a SPD LMAO!!

    Fed, you are too much! Too much porn film talk. Mixing porn film talk on a DG site could be dangerous. You know us better then that. Talk about getting the girls going.

    Just for fun (now that you got me started)

    **Breathe Heavy (Breathe & Heavy Metal)
    **Great Gig in the Black Hole(GGITS & Black Hole Sun)
    **All Lovers Are Blue (All Lovers Are Deranged & The Blue)

    Alright, alright . . I’m done

    (These songs may or may not segue into each other well)

    I’ve seen men with that smile before isn’t it called “afterglow?”

    Ok . .I’m really done now =)


  51. Just coming back from a wonderful sunny week end…

    [Michelle, ma belle sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble… – Tim C]

    Wow !!! Tim the 100% charming gentleman !!! Please, still more ! and if your mp3 is not big enough, think using James’ eye-pod…


  52. Ah! Just a curiousity! I thought this last years, during the Live 8, but yesterday I watched a movie and I remind that…at 60 Y.o. Roger Water is really similar to Richard Gere! Do you agree? Really funny! Maybe, when I will be 50 y.o. I will be as Sharon Stone! IH IH!

    Bye Bye!


  53. [FORGET MY TIM!]

    Sorry, Lucia, too late !…

    [You already have FEd who writes to you sweet words in french…you have to choose]

    If I was Bianca, I would tell you ” I want both, They are mine !!! all mine!!!” Luckily for you, Lucia, there is only ONE Bianca…


  54. – U2- DG: “Two hearts beat as one on an island” (whom am I thinking of ?)

    – J.Lennon- DG:”Imagine I can’t breathe anymore”

    Oh, no, David, no ! I can’t imagine…


  55. Apologies in advance for not being able to compete with the many amusing song titles but here goes.

    George Harrison’s/Beatle’s Something with Brain Damage. Damage Something.

    Neil Young’s Like a Hurricane (especially the live version) coupled with Take a Breath. Take a Hurricane.

    Bryan Ferry’s Is Your Love Strong Enough (if nothing else I have been able to promote what I consider to be Mr Ferry’s most under-rated single, which includes some rather masterful guitar playing by a rather fine musician) added to On An Island. Is Your Love On An Island?


    [A great third choice, Jeremy. Criminally under-rated, I reckon. – Features Editor]

  56. May I interrupt for a moment to say that the picture above is now my new favorite.

  57. Okay, I innocently make my daily cyber hike over to David’s “house” and what do I find? our very own Ed/Edwina carefully pointing out each and every one of the “musical cocktails” that sound like porn film titles!! I can’t believe it. Shocking.

    (hey, anyone ever see “There’s No Way Out of Her” advertised on eBay? Hahaha! Oh, sorry.)


    [Oh, come on, it was all very innocent. – Features Editor]

  58. You are the winner, Lucia, congratulations !


    [“Congratulazioni!” to Lucia, Piergiorgio, GianLuca, ALEMAN and anyone else I’ve forgotten who is from Italy and celebrating tonight. I don’t speak any Italian, sorry, but well done to you. Great penalties. Michèle, je suis désolé. Je suis étonné avec Zidane. Il était fou! Il était un choc et une finale triste pour la carrière de Zizou. Les pénalités sont cruelles mais vous êtes aimable dans la défaite. Bénissez-vous (même si personne ne dit “Bénissez-vous” en France). – Features Editor]

  59. i kind of like waiting for the sun to smile (pm’s waiting for the sun to shine and the obvious…)

    and i think then i close my mollusk is good, a nice nautical theme and all.



  60. congrats to Lucia and our other Italian bloggers, well done!


  61. *Oh, come on, it was all very innocent. – Features Editor*

    You stick to that story. 😀

    CONGRATULAZIONE SQUADRA ITALIA! says Marvin…and I’m glad it’s over. It is over, isn’t it?


    (PS – The link below is to my photo of the north shore of the Tennessee River, where I was born many many MANY years ago. Wish Ya’ll Were Here.)

    [It’s all over now, sadly. Lovely picture. – Features Editor]

  62. Congradulations to all our Italian friends! A fun and wonderful game for all the Italians who live here in the U.S. Now if only our leaders could do what your futbol team has done, wouldn’t that be something!

  63. I`ve finally got one, how about the eagles `life in the fast lane` with DG`s `the blue`

    called `life in the blue`, for some reason, every time I hear `the blue` it reminds me of holiday`s at the beach. And as I`ve worked six day`s a week for g-d knows how long, a holiday is what I need!

    P.S I`m still laughing about your last comment Features Ed, about me being `handsome`, I know I`m not, but a little friendly fun doesn`t hurt, does it?

    [Not at all, mate. – Features Editor]

  64. ‘Sup Fed?

    Haven’t posted in a while. Family stuff. So I am glad the blog is still going strong. You are doing an excellent job. Thanks for keeping this going.

    So here is my idea for a back to back song…..The Blue and February Stars by Foo Fighters so it would be called Blue Stars.

    Congrats to Italy, I am sure Lucia is very happy, no? And all the other Italians, Congrats. Muy Bueno. Oops that is spanish. Oh well. Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope everyone has an equally great week. Love to all from scorching hot Fontana, Ca USA

    Renee B.

    [Good to have you back, mate. – Features Editor]

  65. Fedmeister…

    On a different subject…

    Pink Floyd won Toronto’s Q107 “World Cup of Rock” last week beating The Beatles in the final…

    [That’s good to know. I trust there were no headbuts? – Features Editor]

  66. Italy won!!!!grazie azzurri(excuse me Fed,but I’m too glad for this Cup,wait it for 24 years…)


  67. Saucerful of Helter Skelte

    Grandchester Meadow Wild Mountain Honey
    PF/Steve MIller Band

    It Stoned Me On an Island
    Van Morrison/DG:)

  68. Fed, you seem to be in quite a mood today. Once again you posted something I didn’t think you would. Which lead me to think up a cool DVD extra. If you had a file of the comments you didn’t post, you could put it on the DVD. It could be one of those “hidden tracks” things were you have to have a password or something to find it. You could put all the comments that were too inapproprate for the blog. I would imagine there are some pretty good ones that you just can’t put here because there offensive. I think most of us, especally my fellow “irregulars” could handle it though and would get quite a kick out of it.

    Congrats to all the Italian bloggers.


    [The complaints would still find their way to me, though. They’re not deleted because I don’t have a sense of humour. – Features Editor]

  69. SORRY Fed If this is a duplicate.

    Sgt Pepper’s Jug Band Blues
    Beatles / Pf

    No way out of Strawberry Fields Forever
    DG:) / Beatles

  70. This night, I decided to forget football…

    So my last words about it are about a deal with you, Lucia:

    – You keep the world cup for at least four years, you keep F.Totti with his thumb in his mouth as a nice souvenir.
    – I keep Fed and Tim, I keep Zinedine with all his yellow and red cards and his “coup de boule” as a bad souvenir (actually not so bad !).

    It’s a good deal, isn’t it ?

    Oh, I forgot, you can also keep Johnny Depp, but I keep David ! (G, not B)…

    Ciao ! (Wow, I’m feeling myself a great loser !)


  71. [je suis étonné avec Zidane. Il était fou ! – Features Editor]
    Yes, his behaviour has been unforgivable, no problem !!!

    But, two last questions, promised:

    – What did Materazzi said to Zidane ?
    – Why was the video suddenly used against Zidane while it has always been refused before by all the referees ?


    [Two very good points. Materazzi clearly said something to make him snap. – Features Editor]

  72. CIAO,

    and now please let’s stop for a moment with the “fair of good feelings”.

    It’s the last shot…..Grosso shoots and….SIIII!!! CAMPIONI DEL MONDO, CAMPIONI DEL MONDO, CAMPIONI DEL MONDO, CAMPIONI DEL MONDO!!! Four times champions(1934, 1938, 1982, 2006) and let me say, such a satisfaction to win with the french!! Everyone during this championship insulting italians, pouring their superiority over us in a way that goes much beyond football, and now this is our revenge, without the same arrogance, but on the football yard.

    And you french lost the world cup when Zidane used that violence over Materazzi…AAAH!! big mistake!! he got out of the camp, with his back turned to the cup…that image was destiny?

    And now please, you europeans, stop being arrogant for a while with our country, stop all that crap about waiters, pizzaioli and all that. We never had to insult our opponent. We have the patience of the wise. This is fairplay, and tell to Zidane.

    And come this summer to Italy, again as always. We will welcome you as we always did, even if you will feel that superior (do you all have a complex?).

    sorry , sorry for this but so much we were waiting for this, and so much nationalistic arrogance has been heard by my ears. We are simply I CAMPIONI DEL MONDO (hear how it sounds nice in our beautiful round,soft melodic language?!?!). and now everyone go in pizzeria, enjoy it…..I’ll pay.

    The songs, well…obviously “Interstellar Overdrive” and “we are the champions”


    and don’t EDIT THIS please.

    CIAO 😉

    [With respect, I’ll edit whatever I like. You’ve insulted the French, the Germans and the English recently (not published), as well as accusing me of being racist (again, this was not published). I can take a joke – as can many of the people reading – but please, don’t be a hypocrite and don’t tell me what I can and cannot edit. I’m sorry that you feel Italy has been mocked or patronised during this World Cup. I’m Welsh. Do you not think I understand how tired, old stereotypes irritate and offend? If I felt that anything bordering on racism had occurred here, it would have been removed at once, so I cannot see the need for you to repeatedly attack other nationalities in the name of football (supposedly The Beautiful Game). It’s not nice to gloat and goad, particularly when we have fans from France here. Congratulations to Italy. You played some good football, held your nerve and dispatched your penalties with great precision. That’s the end of it. I don’t wish to discuss or debate this post further, so any comments referring to it will instantly be deleted. This is posted to draw a thick line under this ongoing episode and to let everyone know what will, and will not, be tolerated. If you don’t like it, don’t post, because I don’t care. I’m not here to be anyone’s friend. Now let’s just get on with posting in the usual manner without all this self-satisfied, smug rubbish (which you’ve used to criticise the self-satisfied smugness of others, thereby proving that further discussion is entirely pointless). – Features Editor]

  73. Hi There FEd,

    I realise that this may not be the place to ask this question, but I cannot find any contact links on the website to send this question to.

    Does anyone know when “Smile” will be available for download via the Australian iTunes music store?

    I already have the CD version, that I had to buy at import price, but I would love to buy the demo version available from the UK and US music stores.

    Any help would be appreciated


    [I don’t know, but I can certainly try and find out for you. – Features Editor]

  74. I may be a little late to the party here but I’ll give it a shot.

    I think U2’s ‘Bad’ links nicely into ‘Take A Breath’, giving us…

    ‘Bad Breath’


  75. There is a “Pulse-day” on a belgian radio (french speaking)

    See the link, go down the homepage to the banner “Pulse pink floyd”

    Classic 21 plays all the days different tracks of David’s on an island album. It’s a very interesting “classic and modern rock radio…


    [Thanks for letting us know, Michèle. – Features Editor]

  76. Hey FEd, I am sure I did a post last night between 11 pm and 12 pm. But I can’t find it. I don’t think it was shocking in any way…

    I was very tired, so did I maybe forget to click ‘post’? I have been looking in other threads but can’t find it there either.

    Hugs, Bianca – very confused today

    [Sorry, but the last one we received from you was on Saturday morning and is published in the ‘John Martyn DVD’ entry (timed at 11:07am). – Features Editor]

  77. [Two very good points. Materazzi clearly said something to make him snap. – Features Editor]

    While I am also interested in what was said, and while I necessarily don’t excuse Materazzi for saying whatever he said, nothing he could have said can excuse Zidane’s action. In fact now you can bet there will be more insults thrown around on the field in hopes of drawing a similar reaction to the world’s greatest players.

    Now that red card did not ultimately decide the outcome of the penalties (the guy who missed would probably have shot one anyway), so the head butt in my estimation did nothing but hurt Zidane’s reputation. But could you have imagined the world reaction had he NOT been red carded? And the damage it would have done to the sport? I think that must have entered the ref’s mind when the video evidence was shown, which is probably why he felt he had no choice but to dispense the proper justice.

    (I admit I was pulling for Italy, but I’d say the same thing had it been an Italian doing the butting.)

    Anyway congrats to everyone.

    [Indeed. Such a sad way to bow out of international football. – Features Editor]

  78. [Sorry, but the last one we received from you was on Saturday morning and is published in the ‘John Martyn DVD’ entry (timed at 11:07am). – Features Editor]

    Thanks FEd, must have been my mistake then. Probably forgot to push the ‘post’ button. (I am having a bit of a rough time, and I always end up doing weird stuff like that: Forgetting my bag with wallet at work. Locking myself out. Leaving the keys on the outside of the frontdoor all night.. It is even a miracle that I am here today as I almost caused an accident on the highway driving home last night. That was scary..)

    hugs, Bianca

    (ps: I will see if I can find the post back in the browser memory maybe.. I think it was funny)

    [Please do. More importantly, take care of yourself! – Features Editor]

  79. Hi all!

    Dear Fed, I was wondering if you know if there are any hidden tracks on the PULSE dvd? It is absolutely breathtaking i must say. If you havent got it yet, it is worth every penny, euro, dollar, yen, or whatever…….well worth the wait!

    cheers, Emiel (the barnband drummer, aka Miel Mason…..when do rehearsals start? I have to get my coat if they do!)

    [I don’t. I haven’t yet played with the DVD. – Features Editor]

  80. Dear Fed and all of you,

    I hope have the right for a reply.

    I asked please not to Edit because when I write I put my name under it. In this case, and in this case only I asked not to edit, and I thank you to have respected that request, because I wanted to express my frustration for what is usually told to people of my country. We are human beings, aren’t we?

    I take responsibility for what I told, and in this case, reading all the nice posts, from the fellow bloggers, wherever they come from, Germany, France England, Usa and all the other places, and you also…well…I feel my joy has been expressed a bit too much “out of the mouth”( is this the way you also say ?) and made me an Italianmaniac.

    But you accused me of having insulted French, Germans,english and you.and this makes me suffer much. Fed, you edited me just once, maybe you are making confusion. And that time was all a funny joke about british people, directed to you for sure, about something told by lucia…. that probably didn’t come out the way it was intended (I also wrote it was a joke and supposed that my sense of humour, which is always there, was clearly intended). The other times I was just expressing with a certain “vitality” my satisfaction, I presume. Never thought to insult anyone. I hear and read foreign papers, frankly treating Italians in an unfair way. Today I was a bit excited.

    I would ask to other bloggers: who else felt insulted by me?. I am passionate but never forgot to thank PERSONALLY ANYONE who named me.

    you say you are no one’s friend here and that’s a pity as many people here want to see you as a virtual friend. I am adult enough not to put this in a personal fashion, you do your job, and reading hundreds of mail a day can be very boring and annoying. Maybe my humour is too hard, but really I like this melting pot we have here. I read what you write; I’ll take notice, and reflect. But I think that this time you made confusion with the wrong person. I am a good soul. and I ask other bloggers, am I that bad? I ask in order learn something from all of you, as I learnt something from Fed.

    ciao 😉

    [No problem, mate. No hard feelings. I do understand. British newspapers are terrible for making cheap digs at other countries and it disgusts me. I’m sorry that you’ve been offended by such tacky journalism and hope you haven’t experienced such a thing here. Now let’s just move on and forget about it. – Features Editor]

  81. “Stairway To The Great Gig In The Sky”

    I like the way the title flows 🙂


  82. So Italy has the World Cup. But where does the trophy go? Is it something that stays in the hands of one person or is it displayed in a museum. For example, the Stanley Cup in hockey is shared by the team for the summer and then returned to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Can anyone shed any light on this?


    [Good question. I never thought about that. – Features Editor]

  83. [July 10, 2006 08:51 AM]

    Oh, Fed, j’ai tant de choses à dire… Mais me comprendrez-vous si je cite le proverbe ” le silence est d’or” ? Merci.


    [Je comprends parfaitement. – Features Editor]

  84. ciao,

    to answer Andrew, these are interesting information from Wikipedia about the cup(and my italy makes me proud once more):

    The replacemnt trophy (to the Rimet cup) was first presented at the 1974 World Cup to Germany’s captain Franz Beckenbauer. Designed by Silvio Gazzaniga and produced by Bertoni, Milano, it stands 36.5 centimetres (14.4 in) tall and is made of 5 kilograms (11 lb) of 18 carat (75%) solid gold with a base (13 centimetres [5.1 in] in diameter) containing two layers of malachite. The trophy, which weighs 6.175 kilograms in total, depicts two human figures holding up the Earth.

    FIFA World Cup Trophy on a German StampThe trophy has the visible engravement “FIFA World Cup” (outpouring letters) in its base.

    The name of the country whose national team wins the tournament is engraved, additionally, in the bottom side of the trophy, and therefore is not visible when put up normally. The text runs like “— 1966England”, i.e. in English. At the moment nine winners have been engraved. It is not known whether FIFA will retire the trophy after all of the name plaques at the base are filled in; this will not occur until after the 2038 World Cup.

    FIFA’s regulations now state that the trophy, unlike its predecessor, cannot be won outright: the winners of the tournament receive it on loan for four years and receive a replica (gold plated rather than solid gold) to keep.

    Ciao 😉

  85. Piergiorgio,

    Thanks for the info. But as a fan, where would one go to see the trophy?

    I can tell you that as a fan of hockey, I have actually seen The Stanley Cup a few times (and even got to touch it). I also got to see the World Series Trophy at a New York Yankees event.

    And I imagine they would do the same thing with the ring on the World Cup once it is all filled up like they do with the Stanley Cup. Once a ring is filled up, it is removed and becomes part of the collection at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Then a new ring is added.


  86. Caption Competition:

    Must be said with the Austin Powers Fat Bastard Accent. . .

    “Everybody luvs the smell of their own brand”

  87. day late and dollar short dept:

    Castellorizon sequeing into Lets Get Metaphysical sequeing into Marooned sequeing into Mihalis


  88. ” David Gilmour is not a God, David Gilmour is human, and it’s why we so love him…”

    How many times have I read that on this blog ? and I agreed of course…

    So, I would like to say to some fellow bloggers:
    ” Zinédine Zidane is not a God, Zinédine Zidane is human, and it’s why I (we) so love him…”

    I think there are similitaries between these two men : both talented, both famous, both succesful both shy, both generous ( didn’t you know that for Zinédine ?), both handsome, both artists each in his own way, both without any arrogance…but they are not gods, they cannot be ever perfect, they make mistakes (that they have of course to pay for), they are both human…

    Zinédine Zidane has ( once more !) got out of control, he has of course been punished, but it’s all over now, and for me he remains and for ever one of the greatest football player in world as David, whatever he could do, will remain one of the best musician-artist in the world.

    Michèle from France ( hope I have not been too “arrogant” ?)

    [I don’t think so. I think that’s very fair. – Features Editor]

  89. A rather obvious combination (Bob Ezrin would agree): Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2) and Alice Cooper’s Schools Out, “Walls Out”.

    My sons school has just broken up for the summer and I was reminded of the Alice Cooper (band) classic because it was always played in my old schools assembly, at the end of the summer term as the choice of the leaving fifth formers. Another track played in assembly on a more frequent basis (because the Deputy Head liked it) was Time. I hope today’s school kids are as musically educated by the system as my peers were.


  90. Hello my friends!

    I’m sorry I couldn’t talk with you, today, but I work very hard and slept…just a bit! Yeah, because the celebrations for Italy win was really long! And the bath in the fontain in front of the City Hall was FANTASTIC! I felt like Anita Ekberg in “The sweet life” of Federico Fellini movie! Do you know?

    And Rome is still now full of flags and people who are celebrating…crazy people! Really beautiful to see them!

    I want to please Michèle (in particular) and the others for the congratulation. I think that in the first part of the game both the teams were really good. In the second part France played better than Italy, but Italy was undaunted…CANNAVARO was great, the same some other italian players …while very bad was Zidane’s headbutt. I dont’ know what Materazzi said, but I played volley a lot of years and one of the things that the misters use to repeat was “you mustn’t react to the taunts”..and I think is the same for the other sport, at all the levels…anythings Materazzi said, Zidane is a great champion and he should have had self control…I’m sorry for that event, but I can’t agree with Zidane…sorry Michèle…however, I think France was very good (poor trezeguet. Honestly!), Italy was good too…and, at the end, football is a strange game. You can win or loose just in a minute.

    I don’t know a lot of thing about football, but I know that italian is good people and that the boys of Italian team are nice guys. So I’m happy for them, for me and for Italy. Michèle, I hope we are still friends and I’m sure we are!

    At the end, starting from tomorrow, NO MORE FOOTBALL, please! Because I enjoy the World Cup but I don’t enjoy speaking about football. So, I JOIN TO DEBORAH! NO MORE FOOTBALL!



  91. MICHELE!!!

    I don’t like your deal!

    The World Cup is finished and I don’t think about it now. So I don’t want the World cup and Totti’s souvenir.

    You have no one change I leave to you David, FEd and Tim. But you can keep Zinedine!

    I’m italian, my friends! Maybe I won’t always played better than you with your sweet french words to FEd, but like an italian, I’ll fight till the end for David, FEd and Tim…and I’m italian…you know I can win…sorry! naughty joke! and I’ll fight for Bianca, of course! Did you want her too? At most, I can’t leave you FEd…I already have someone who pulls in my legs! 😉 While we haven’t to fight for Johnny Depp, because you didn’t want him, so he is already mine. Right?
    Jokes a part, SWEET DREAMS, my dear Michèle!


    P.S. Hey FEd! Don’t worry! I’m going to fight for you too, but I said her that she can keep you because in this way Michèle lower the attention and I can win easier! But you should learn italian for me! Damn! You speak french, you speak German…and congratulation! You’re a great student! But why don’t you speak italian too? I feel not much loved! I’m going to comfort myself with the song that TIM DEDICATED TO ME AND ONLY TO ME! Thanks Tim!

    [I’m sorry, my school didn’t offer Italian. You should teach me some phrases. – Features Editor]

  92. The Blue Marooned… the title is good and the songs could flow one into another(i think this was the meaning of FED “game”).

    My Only love (Roxy Music – Live)/ Great Gig In The Sky(Live) – My Only Sky , Great guitar playing a solo vocals!!

  93. [nothing he (Materazzi) could have said can excuse Zidane’s action – Michael Kelly]

    I totally agree with you, but to try to understand (not to excuse !):

    Every day, we, teachers, try to teach our pupils that “la violence verbale est aussi grave (même aux yeux de la loi ) que la violence physique et est même plus pernicieuse.”

    I cannot translate this whole sentence with its complete meaning…it’s something like “the violence of the words is even more serious than the violence of the acts.”

    I can’t translate the word “pernicieuse”, maybe “hidden and harmful”, Fed, can you help?

    Our kids generally don’t want to understand that, but adults ?…


    [‘Pernicieuse’ translates as ‘pernicious’, so ‘harmful’ is correct. – Features Editor]

  94. Luckily, Lucia, you are back ! I began to feel sadly alone with my french defeat and my Zidane’s headbutt…

    But you, you are very nice and I will leave you….your illusions of keeping who you want !
    No, seriously, I want to share with you all what you love, and you are right, don’t let us live in the past, let us enjoy the future, holidays for example, or our both David’s concerts: Firenze (wow, I speak italian for you !in french: Florence) and Vienne…

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