Meet-up: Vienne


As was the case yesterday, we have a dedicated entry for anyone who will be going to Vienne next Monday to arrange a suitable place to meet with other fans before the concert.

Please note that e-mail addresses and links to fansites will not be published. We will only publish a recognised venue and an approximate time.

If you know a good place to meet for a drink before the show, send us your suggestions.

We’ll do the same tomorrow for Florence and Venice.

Even if you don’t want to meet with other fans, if you’ll be at the Vienne gig, do let us know how you’re feeling just a week away from the event.

If you’ll be there or not, no matter where in the world you are, we’d also love to know which is your favourite vocal on the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ concert. That’s our latest poll, so do cast your vote if you haven’t already done so.

Not surprisingly, ‘Comfortably Numb’ polled 56% of the vote to win the Best Guitar Solo poll.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

115 thoughts on “Meet-up: Vienne”

  1. I won’t be there, sniff. I’d love to be.

    Have a great time if you will be there and the best of luck to the band. Outdoor shows are a treat.

  2. I’ll be there, I’ll be there ! 🙂

    (well, I hope so. Having to wait half an hour before the gig to withdrawn the tickets is a bit frightening when you travel hundreds of kilometers to see the show.)

  3. Just a thought for Pedro but how did Great Gig get to be excluded from the vocals poll ? – it’s the mother of all vocal performances. Period.

    [That would be a question for me, as I’m to blame for the polls. A great vocal performance indeed, but not by David. Besides, I’m only listing a maximum of ten choices per poll, so something has to be excluded. – Features Editor]

  4. Very well, I will be in Vienne all Monday. I’ll be staying at Hotel Central.

  5. David Gilmour,

    I`m brazilian fan, I need see you. I love your voice, please come to Brazil.

  6. I’ve just done the Poll on P.U.L.S.E vocal and wanted to make a comment.

    My choice was a toss up between Shine On…. and Wish You Were Here because whenever I hear either of these songs I think of Syd. By his absence he became such a prominant figure in all of our lives and now that he’s with us in spirit these 2 songs will always be a reminder of him.

  7. i’m not going to vienne, but i wish i was going.

    i just voted for the best vocal performance of the ‘p.u.l.s.e’ dvd and if anyone’s interested, i voted for ‘comfortably numb’. ‘shine on’ is winning at the mo.

    thanks for the polls, ed. it’s a bit of fun. bet you do a lot on the site and don’t get the credit for it.

  8. How about meeting up in my back-yard (oh wait I have no back yard.. ) I mean on my balcony?

    What do you mean ‘I am in Holland’? I know I am.

    Too far away? Well yes, that is the whole point isn’t it?

    Well, if we meet up here, you can all give me a lift to France and I can come too!

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN, NO? *sulk*

    Hugs Bianca

    Have fun you lucky buggers! Hope the weather is okay by then (still a bit hot here)

  9. The best vocal performance on P.U.L.S.E is clearly “The Great Gig in The Sky”. Even David couldn’t argue that. As far as David’s vocals are concerned, I would vote, “Coming Back To Life” everytime…


  10. Hi, we hesitate for the moment for the day in Vienne, the ones who will arrive early enough plan to picnic in a park, we’re also talking to meet at the station…

    Vienne is a small town and accomadation could be difficult if you don’t have wheels….

    J’arrive en début d’après midi, pose mon sac à l’hôtel de la poste et ensuite suis prête à rencontrer ceux qui veulent rencontrer des gens !

  11. I’ll be there!

    Can’t think of any easy way to meet up or identify other bloggers though. Going to grab a hotel now, so will post it later on…


  12. I will go to the concert. I was at the olympia in paris and I enjoyed so much that i couldn’t resist to see him again…

    I love it.

  13. By the way, do you know if Mr Crosby and Mr Nash will be there ?

    [I’m afraid I couldn’t say. – Features Editor]

  14. I’m going to keep voting for Sorrow. It’s not my favorite PF song on any of the lists by a long shot, but they nailed that song on the DVD in every way, shape, and form so much that it deserves to win something.

    [You can only vote once, sorry. – Features Editor]

  15. Great pic today.Good Luck gang. Just watched part 2 of Pulse yesterday. Excellent, especially Run Like Hell. I would like to see more inside videos on the next DVD, clips along the tour. Let’s hope so.

  16. I think CN should be excluded from the guitar poll because it is too obvious. I would like to see how the vote would look if it wasn’t a choice.


    [We are a picky lot, aren’t we? Nothing’s ever good enough… – Features Editor]

  17. Righty ho – car/flight/hotel all sorted. We’re staying at the Radisson SAS in Lyon, but flying into Grenoble (good ole Ryan Air) and driving to Lyon (and on to Vienne).

    It’s a 4 door car, but only two of us, so if anyone needs a lift from Grenoble to Lyon/Vienne, give me a shout.

    Any ideas on how/where to meet up?


  18. Dear Brothers and Sisters of the blog.

    Sorry to be so late posting but I needed a couple of days for my head to return to it’s normal size so I could reach the keyboard..

    Thank you so much for all your kind words, I’ve been stupid busy with Roxy Music (I only tour with bands Phil M is in these days..) and have used up my 2 days off doing my standup show.

    We head out again tomorrow and I’ll try to keep you posted about the next leg.

    Much love

  19. Chaps… Buffs…

    I’m back on-line and thank you for your comments over the past few days…

    I’ve moved house and my home office will be fully functional soon…

    So, apologies if I mention stuff that’s already been mentioned but I only had last weekend to sit down properly and watch PULSE in all of it’s 5.1 glory…and all I can say is…. ****ing awesome! (In the true sense of the word :-))

    Note perfect, the band smiling away, the lights, the editing, the sound mix… I’ve already convinced three other people to get out and buy it!

    And finally the news of Syd… I’ll never forget where I was and when I heard and how I felt… empty 🙁

  20. It sucks being trapped in the States! Whaaa!

    I voted for “Take it Back”, but anything from The Division Bell (which I am listening to at the moment) is awesome. David’s voice gets me everytime. So soulful, etherial, powerful…


  21. [We are a picky lot, aren’t we? Nothing’s ever good enough… – Features Editor]

    I didn’t say all that Fed! I was just giving an opinion. This place and all it does is plenty good enough for me. =)


  22. G’luck to Dave and the rest. Keep those roadies out of trouble, we know what they are capable of *cough* pulse *cough*… I hope that wasn’t too transparent (haha). Come back to Canada real soon ‘eh, we miss yas! 🙂

    Peace, Love and Happiness

  23. hello all, well its my first post here and im going outta the box right away on this latest poll – I know there is no option to vote for this, but i hafta go for sam brown’s vocal on ‘The Great GIg in the Sky’ -very very powerful! 🙂

    …+ i love hearing Rick Wright singing – he has a very lovely voice, in combination with David’s esp. on ‘Us and Them’…David’s vocals, well…wonderful as always, on everything 🙂

    I got my copy of PULSE in the post the other day….it was very exciting to relive the two nights that my brother and I went to see Floyd at BC place in Vancouver tha tour. …..Also- on ‘Bootlegging the Bootleggers’ – ‘Poles Apart” – incredibly beautiful film sequence for that tune…I LOVED seeing and hearing that one….

    and one question if answerable? why was ‘Astronomy Domine’ not included in the dvd? That was a real thrill to hear a very early tune played on that tour….. I was getting shivers all the way down to my toes watching it 🙂

    It was a great great tour.

    best rgrds.

  24. I’m really glad that Guy can time out to let us know how things are going and I was wondering if David or any of the band read this web site. I picked High Hopes for the best song David has ever sung. I was hoping what your song would be, Fed.


    [I don’t know about Best Song Ever, but of the ten possibilities with the current (Best ‘P.U.L.S.E’ vocal) poll, I went for ‘Coming Back To Life’. – Features Editor]

  25. I’ll be there too !

    Tout comme Geneviève, arrivée en début d’après midi, pose du sac à l’hôtel – et un petit bonjour à une amie de famille – et me voilà près à rencontrer du monde !

    About the poll : I would have voted for Comfortably Numb, as it is my favorite solo (the first one is so beautifull, so gracefull), but in fact, as I saw that it was already on the first place, I decided to vote for Sorrow.

    I would have liked the band to play it on the Vienne show, as an open area could be the right place for this song. The intro is so powerfull, especially the Pulse version, with the Strat’s feedback…

  26. I know this is off topic but speaking of guitar playing I am wondering if the results from that Canadain radio station poll. The top 40 most influential guitarst one. Well we got all the way from 40 to 10 but the last 10 hasn’t been around and I was wondering if the results ever came in, because of course David should be right up there at the top.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

    [They’ve been around about half a dozen times, Josh. Try the ‘Night 23: London’ entry of 29 May, when the Top Ten came in as breaking news, and, as is always the case, the two or three entries after that one for (delayed) reaction. – Features Editor]

  27. Dear Fed, and you all,

    I won’t be in Vienne. Because of work, of course… Allways work! Cry for me…!

    So, I wish you’ll have a fantastic show…( hey, Michèle, -je crois que vous y serez-, pensez à ceux qui n’y assisteront pas, juste une seconde, au moment où le concert commencera… comme cela, nous y serons aussi…)

    Ikkar, with love

  28. I’ll be in Vienne for the show–also staying in Lyon. I’ve never been to Vienne, but would love to meet up for a beverage before the show if anyone knows a spot.

  29. Hello,

    My wife and I – who I introduced to David Gilmour in Chicago at the Rosemont Theater in April and is now hooked – are going to be attending the Vienne Concert. It looks like a fantastic venue to see such a show and we are indeed excited about it! I’ve never been to Vienne, or the south of France for that matter (only Paris). We are flying to Barcelona for a few days – I’m in the airport in the US now awaiting my flight in fact – then taking a train to Montpellier, then we will make our way leisurely up to Vienne hopefully eating good food and drinking good wine on the way.

    As far as favorite vocal, can one vote for something from Bootlegging the Bootleggers? If so, Poles Apart is great. If not, Take It Back is my vote.

    [No, because there’s a real poll. You can click your selection and see the impact your vote has had instantly. Click your name for that. – Features Editor]

  30. Just coming back from Venice, wow !, Lucia, wonderful ! not only cultural things, romantic things, heat (so hot, too hot, indeed…), but also water everywhere, Murano, Burano, Torcello, I even prefered the islands than Venice…

    I couldn’t resist to try to imagine David’s concert on Piazza San Marco, difficult to imagine, so many people, so many pigeons ! I hope for David’s band and the audience a cooler weather in Vienne !


  31. -[can’t wait I’m off to pack. – Geoff Duffy]

    Please, what does it mean ? I need an english lesson…Fed, ça a un rapport avec “faire ses bagages”, peut-être ? ça voudrait dire que Geoff va à Vienne voir David ?

    – Ped, Pedro, … ????, not brave enough to read all the comments about that…it’s coming out of our Fed’s imagination ?

    – Ikkar, je suis ravie que vous soyez de retour, j’espère que vous avez passé de super vacances !
    Assisterez-vous au concert de Vienne ?


    [Oui, “to pack” est “faire les bagages” – Geoff est visiter la France pour voir David. – Features Editor]

  32. Wow, finally bought the P.U.L.S.E. DVD. Sat down after work to take a quick sneak peek at it as I only had a few minutes. An hour or so later I was still sitting there, headphones on, in awe. Dunno, can’t find words . . .

  33. I’m going to throw my vote towards Coming Back to life – I think this track is one of those that works better live. The Division Bell version is ok but the live version seems to knock it on the head. Strange how some tracks sound better cut live. I think i prefer the live in pompeii verion of echoes to the meddle version too. Something really nice about the rawness.

  34. For the sounding the choice is difficult,I love them everybody,but I chose US AND THEM I find special,I have also one weak for WISH YOU WERE HERE,am sure that TIME is a leader of work.

    And not regrettably I would not be there. My spirit will be with you with a lot of love.

    Sylvie de Québec

  35. Hi,

    Can you tell me: is there any ghost of a chance to meet David or even have an autograph, when He will be in Gdansk, Poland?

    [There are no arranged autograph sessions as such, so it really is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. David and the other members of the band do sign autographs if fans are respectful. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  36. [You can only vote once, sorry. – Features Editor]

    I meant with each upcoming poll… not repeated votes on the same poll. Sorry if wasn’t clear on that.

    [My mistake. – Features Editor]

  37. I agree with Matt. “Coming back to life” was unreal! That man can sing! I don’t know, but if I were Polly I would cry my head off everytime he sang it. You know he has to be singing it straight to her.

    Can’t wait till someone helps me come back to life 🙁

    Every one please be safe and enjoy the show. Wish I was there.


  38. Hey Guy, we’ve missed you. PLaying with Roxy Music, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, (Excellent bass playing on the Pulse DVD by the way.} Married to Rick Wright’s daughter, Stand up comic. You lucky bastard, but we love you Guy.


  39. [Barn band concert – Bianca, can I be on the door checking that we only allow the right kind of people in?]

    If that is about what you and I talked about before, it may get a very small party… hehehe… unless you mean people have to be as least as mad as we are, then I can invite my ward-mates from the local mental hospital and it will be a blast!

    (at the mainentrance of the hospital that is, as I will need to find a way to get them all out at the same time.. anyone get some semtex I could ‘borrow’? *grin*)

    I also like the Igloo party idea with this heat but where will we get the ice? Anyone?

    hugs Bianca – Ice Cold Genius

  40. Oh now look who has suddenly turned up again.. our very own prodigal bassplayer… And just as we started talking about the Barn Band again. Coïncidence? I don’t think so..

    You want to try and take my Barn Band bassplayer-bandleader spot from me, don’t you? Well forget about it! That spot is mine, ALL MINE!! Muahahaha.

    And don’t think I can’t take you.. piece of cake, you are top-heavy anyway with that huge head right now.. I am sure just a nudge will do the trick. *evil grin*

    Besides, my blogger siblings prefer ME at that spot anyway.. Right? right? RIGHT? *eek*

    Hugs, Bianca – Official Escapee from the Dangerously Insane and Pathalogically Paranoid ward of the Local Mental Hospital 😉

    = disclaimer: I am kidding, guys.. honest..*grin* =

  41. Sorry, I don t mind about pulse dvd now. Still, i ve got no reason to fade my syd-pain away so quickly. That s my late tribute to the miracle man he was, surely,until the last day of his life.

    Never saw him, never looked into his eyes, never knew the colour they were.

    Never desired with such great intensity as now, to believe in a heaven, a place for him somewhere else. No way.

    I m a poet, but poetry is so powerless faced with his nature. There are no words for him, as there was no world for him, but himself.

    I loved him, that s all.

    I used to greet him every evening at the setting sun, waiting for it to overpass meridians and reach him, miles above, in cambridge.

    The sun still turns around every day, taking my thoughts nowhere, by now. Universe looks stupid, sometimes.

    Please, humans of everywhere, never forget. Be the most beautiful, you all, in memory of the wonderful one.

    Just love him, that s all.

  42. Hi F.Ed,

    I haven’t been visiting here in a few days, there is some catching up to do. My wife had a baby last week, it’s been hectic. (By the way, we named him David- wife thought he looked like a David, and it’s a great name, so we went with it).

    Guy, thanks for dropping in. It’s good to hear from you. Maybe you can talk your dear old Father-in-law to drop by again, too. Good luck on the next leg.

    I voted for Coming Back to Life for vocals. It sounds full and powerful. I do have to say that Comfortably Numb was pretty much a given for the guitar solo poll. Not that it didn’t deserve to win, but it’s in a class all it’s own. (Speaking of polls, will there be one for the song with the best ‘Collection of Great Dance Moves’ buy Guy?

    Welcome back, Rudders. Get some rest from your move.

    Take care, all,


    [Congratulations to you and your wife, Mike. – Features Editor]

  43. we want to see Pink Floyd LIVE in the United States! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Hi, Fed:

    My vote would be for SOYCD – obviously an even more poignant song now.

    Do you know what David is alluding to in his comment about the Polish concert when he references 1989? Does he mean the break-up of the USSR, or was he misquoted (i.e. 1979, closer to the beginning of Solidarity’s existence as a political movement)?

    Just wondering … thanks,

    @ Winnipeg

    [I assume Solidarity’s shock landslide victory over Poland’s communist rulers in the first free-ish elections. That was extraordinary. This was the first time that anyone was allowed to campaign in an election against the Soviet-controlled government, and Solidarity ended up with some 80 per cent of the vote, enabling them to form a coalition government. Don’t forget that Communists had ruled Poland since 1947 and Solidarity had been banned and its leaders imprisoned, so to see it re-legalised and in a position to compete in an election, never mind win it, truly was of huge historical importance. The Berlin Wall came down that year, too, so I presume that David was referring to the part Solidarity played in that stirring moment in time. – Features Editor]

  45. Thank you Guy Pratt for keeping us informed.

    We are very glad to see you again in Florence and Venice….and we are indeed,…whatever you are gonna play.

    We are expecting someting great to make our summer a dream. Thank to you, Dave, Rick and the band.

    See you.

  46. Bianca,

    Het kan toch niet zo zijn dat je je alleen voelt, omdat niemand op de site in het Nederlands tegen je praat?

    Nederlandse molens zijn lang niet het enige wat we hebben in Norfolk!

    Als ik F’ed / Fedro zijn naam noem, denk je dat hij dan achterdochtig wordt en gaat proberen om dit te vertalen? *grijns*

    [You assume I trust any of you? Why do you think nothing is published until I approve it? It doesn’t matter what language it’s in, it all has to be checked. – Features Editor]

  47. Vienne…I’ve got my tickets for a so long time…and even not sure at all I will be there !because the concert takes place in the night of monday-tuesday and I (we) have to be at Brussels aeroport (Belgium) at 8.30 AM on tuesday to fly to Symi (greek island near Rhodos) and the distance by road between Vienne and Brussels # 1000km (don’t know how many miles that it means…)

    How can I persuade my husband it’s possible ? (“too is too” (?) he says !) I think myself it’s not reasonable, but I will “fight” (as would say Lucia ) for going to Vienne …

    Fed, my prize is not a jet ? it would be a solution …


    [Unfortunately, it’s not a jet. – Features Editor]

  48. Does anyone else think that Rudders is Guy Pratt’s alter ego?

    I mean nothing from either of them and then boom, 1 each back to back.

    welcome back Prudders!

  49. Hello my dears!

    This is an article from the most important italian press Agency and tells about the incredible success of Pink Floyd in italian, who in these days have 13 albums in the Fimi-Nielsen’s 100s poll. GREAT! I’m really proud of my Country!

    # 8 The dark side of the moon
    # 13 Wish you were here
    # 20 The Wall
    # 22 Atom heart mother
    # 26 Echoes – The best of Pink Floyd
    # 33 A momentary lapse of reason
    # 39 Animals
    # 47 Meddle
    # 52 The division bell
    # 55 The piper at the gates of down
    # 57 A saucerful of secrets
    # 62 The final cut
    # 76 Relics

    And DVD Poll too!

    # 1 Pulse
    # 3 The Wall
    # 4 Live at Pompeii


  50. [Dear Brothers and Sisters of the blog.]

    Respect to our “Brother”, Guy… what a Guy. Taking time-out to keep us up to speed.

    Hope you relish the next (Outdoor)leg….

    Lot’s of Barbie’s & Pyrotechnics then???

  51. I agree with you, FEd.

    I learnt something about Solidarity (I know it as “Solidarnosc”) because, for job’s reasons, I read a book of 1.800 pages about Pope John Paul II’s life (very interesting life and an extraordinary man..but 1800 page were reallly too much!) and Wojtyla was a great supporter of this movement..and if I remember well Solidarnosc was the first Country were a no-comunist party won election…and this was the start of the “revolutions” of other Country against the comunist regime (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovack…)….I don’t know which are David’s words, but I think that what you said could be right…


  52. Oh, damned english language ! or rather damned french ignorance (mine) ! : [too is too] is certainly not correct ! maybe “too much is too much” is better ? I don’t know…(en français, on dit couramment “trop, c’est trop !”.

    – Mike, I’m so happy for you and your wife ! Welcome to the lovely new “David” !


  53. …Het kan toch niet zo zijn dat je je alleen voelt, omdat niemand op de site in het Nederlands tegen je praat?…

    TIM AND BIANCA, which kind of language is that? You are excluding me and it isn’t nice! I can’t believe my best friends are doing that to me….are you starting to write in this new and understandable language? And no one will speak to me more…what a sad thing!

    Poi, mi dovete spiegare come fate a conoscete tutte queste lingue….tutte tranne l’italiano, chiaramente! Me lo fate apposta? Perché passi per il francese, ma mi spiegate in quale scuola della Gran Bretagna insegnano olandese e tedesco…ma non l’italiano? Non solo in questo momento mi sento molto ignorante, ma anche molto sola! E se cominciassi a scrivermi in italiano con Piergiorgio? Vi sembrerebbe carino da parte mia? Mi ribello! Dò inizio a una forma di protesta pacifica e oggi scrivo solo in italiano!

    Sorry FEd! I know this can be a problem for you…but you know french, you know german…you should know italian too! You can delete this post (and so don’t need to check it) just if you promise me you’ll start studying italian next year!

    L! (the unknowing and abandoned italian David’s fan)

  54. Oh now you just all want a ‘I Kissed Guy’s .. ‘ t-shirt don’t you? Pffft.. He is NOT getting my spot in the Barn Band.. forget it

    [Does anyone else think that Rudders is Guy Pratt’s alter ego?]

    No.. but on the other hand.. I AM at the Pathologically Paranoid ward and it IS a coïncidence isn’t it.. (and we at the PP ward do not believe in coïncidences.. DO WE?)

    They are BOTH trying to take my spot.. AAAAAAARCH :-p

    Paranoid hugs,
    B from the PP ward

    (Sorry Fedro, I had a serious insomnia attack again last ni..morning which made me even MORE silly.. *grin*)

  55. j’arrive avec mon oncle et un ami a 12h rendez vous avec tous les floydiens pour vivre un concert mythique !

    merci David, Rick et toute son équipe !

    j’ai sérré la main a david je compte bien le revoir cette fois -ci!

    un hommage a syd serais la moindre des choses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. TIM! Hoe heb je dat gedaan? Dat is PERFECT Nederlands… Spreek jij Nederlands? Heb je vrienden die het spreken? AAAAAAAAARCH *grijns*

    Knuffels, Bianca

  57. [You assume I trust any of you? Why do you think nothing is published until I approve it? It doesn’t matter what language it’s in, it all has to be checked. – Features Editor]

    All hail Fedro, universal linguist and scholar extraordinaire.

    Is this why we don’t see any posts in Japanese, Mandarin, or the mystical languanges of the bushpeople of Papua New Guinea i.e. you can’t figure out whether they are badmouthing you?

    Surely it can’t be because the blog’s influence has not spread to these regions yet?

    [Indeed. If I can’t get a translation, it ain’t published. – Features Editor]

  58. [Does anyone else think that Rudders is Guy Pratt’s alter ego? I mean nothing from either of them and then boom, 1 each back to back. welcome back Prudders!]

    I think you’ll find that’s my Japanese cousin 😉


  59. To our foreign friends (more particlarly english ones) who want informations about the “Théâtre antique de Vienne”, here is an interesting site in english language.

    Click “english”, then “virtual visit”, then “the Pipet monuments” or “the theatre”.

    I wish you a great concert.


  60. phew! You published my italian post…this means that you don’t want study my language…I’m so sad! But can you promise me that, if you won’t study italian, you won’t study neither russian and chinese?


    [Improving my French and German is hard enough, mate. – Features Editor]

  61. L! (the unknowing and abandoned italian David’s fan)


    Not abandoned at all !! – I just thought I should keep our favourite evil genius happy with a little taste of her homeland.

    But if it offends YOU, my dear, then I shall not do it again.

  62. [you published my italian post… – Lucia]

    [Improving my French and German is hard enough, mate. – Features Editor]

    – Lucia, shame on you ! I try to speak english for you, so you have to speak english for me, you know I like good deals and it’s a good deal, you can’t deny…

    – Fed, shame on you ! you don’t improve anything in anyway since you don’t anymore speak even in french, you have become too lazy…but I understand you, you need good holidays, you should come to France to see David & co, don’t forget, good cooking, good wines, champagne, nice people…

    – Bianca, shame on you !!! but, I’m curious, how do you say “they are mine, all mine!!!” in Dutch?


    [Oui, c’est vrai. Je suis paresseux. Je blâme le temps (il fait trop chaud et lourd, n’est pas?). Pardonnez-moi. J’allais visiter la France la semaine prochaine pour le concert dans Vienne, mais maintenant je ne peux pas. Ainsi les leçons français avec vous ne seront pas pratiqué avec les gens français. Une honte, non? (Ou peut-être une bonne chose pour moi!) Bon vin, champagne, gentilles personnes… Oui, j’ai visiter la France encore bientôt – à coup sûr. “Un de ces quatre matins” (une nouvelle expression pour moi – c’est correcte?) – Features Editor]

  63. Bianca,

    Thank you for your complement.

    I spent a long weekend in Amsterdam once – in one of those “coffee” shops and when I woke up (2 weeks later) I found I was fluent in Dutch. *grijns*

  64. Lucia,

    We could write in Italian but that’s too easy 😉

    and we could have this private conversation in Italian for other purposes than just make a strike against the foreigners (sorry folks)….I mean, we could just do it for the pleasure of doing it….and I like white skinned girls…what? NO Fed, no, it is not true…what does it mean I run after every skirt I see…noo, I was just…….Damn it…

    ciao 😉

  65. TIM, I’m not offended and you are always so incredibly nice….how can I feel abandoned! …I’m only curious (but not gossip!) and if you write in others language I can’t understand what you are saying! Btw, about curiosity…FEd, I wonder if you usually work at home or in an office with SNEd, Ped and others…becuase you used to post during all the hours of day and night…I presume the office should be closed during the night…and if you work in a office…WHO STAY WITH YOUR DOG?????


    [I work at home, so my beautiful dog has my company all day and night. – Features Editor]

  66. Oh no! Stop everybody.

    Now we are all fighting because I wrote a little Dutch to Bianca.

    This was an innocent gesture. I was worried that the Pathological Paranoid Patient was about to go completely crackers and I could prevent this by stretching a little Dutch hand across the North Sea.

    But instead I am now the “evil idiot” and we have as much harmony as an EU budget setting conference.

    No more – back to English and harmony please.

    (I like knuffels though). *grijns*

  67. [Lucia, shame on you ! – MICHELE]

    My dear, first of all, I’m glad you loved Venice and the places around! And I appreciate a lot that you write in english, because I love your posts very much! I had only a mad moment this morning ’cause…THIS BLOG IS BECOMING A BABEL’s TOWER! All these languages…but not italian…and I lost my nerves! Sorry mate! Just a moment of weakness! But then I started to write in English again..can you forgive me? 😉


    PIERGIORGIO: you are one of those who represent the italian man in the blog. So, you have to be gallant and charming. Run after every skirt is not good! And you don’t know how the others ladies and I look like…so…I’d use care if I was you! And now I decided I won’t meet you in Florence…so you’ll never know how I look like! Hi! hi! hi! Now you could say that italian girls are really really….censor! At the end, you know I’m just joking! HAVE A GREAT EVENING, MY DEAR!

  68. [I work at home, so my beautiful dog has my company all day and night. – Features Editor]

    You’re a lucky man, F’ed. Or maybe you make your own luck.

    Julie (she who shall be worshipped) and I would love a dog but we’re out of the house so much that it wouldn’t be kind.

    So we have to make do with our cat, Harry (bless him), who is perfectly happy when we are not there (in fact he seems to prefer this!)

  69. [I work at home, so my beautiful dog has my company all day and night. – Features Editor]

    I image you and your dog like Roger Radcliff and Pongo of “101 Dalmatians”…even if in Italy the man named Rudy,,,who knows why they changed his name…Do you use your dog to meet girls in Hyde Park too? 😉

    I could be…Cruella DeVil! …but maybe Bianca is better, because she is the real EVIL of this blog! 😉

    Have a great evening!


    [Oh yes, the likeness is uncanny. – Features Editor]

  70. [Oui, “to pack” est “faire les bagages” – Geoff est visiter la France pour voir David. – Features Editor]

    ED ” Mercy buckets ” . Sorry I studied spanish I can’t even say thank you

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [No problem. I appreciate the chance to practice. – Features Editor]

  71. [I had only a mad moment this morning – Lucia]

    Hi, lucia, …”a momentary lapse or reason” of course ! David really invades your mind…

    Ok, you’re forgiven, mais c’est bon pour une fois …


  72. “and the distance by road between Vienne and Brussels # 1000km (don’t know how many miles that it means…) How can I persuade my husband it’s possible ?”


    If I had a beautiful and intelligent French wife, my plan would be as follows:-

    1)Park as close to the concert as possible
    2)Run (like teenagers) to the car as soon as the concert finishes.
    3) There would be a red rose and some champagne on the passenger seat.
    4)I would drive through the night – let’s say 8 hours at 130km / hour = 1040km – whilst my wife enjoyed a little sleep to arrive refreshed for her trip (after a little champagne)
    5) I would sing “where we start” and “smile” to her during the journey.

    Now if your French husband is prepared to be “out-romanced” by a Englishman then shame on him!

    Second tactic – say if a woman can carry a child for 9 months, then is a 1000 km drive so diificult?

    Third tactic – he can sleep in the garden for the next 10 years.

    This should be enough.

    I am very envious of your trip – let us know ALL ABOUT IT (including the journey of course)

  73. – Lucia, don’t read, please, I don’t want to be killed because of my bad faith, but I do need to speak french to Fed…

    – Fed, c’est vraiment triste que vous ne puissiez pas venir en France pour voir le concert de David, il me semble bien que vous en aviez parlé ! pourquoi ? mais bien-sûr je ne veux pas être indiscrète ! Quand même, je ne comprends pas que vous ne vous arrêtiez jamais de travailler !

    “un de ces quatre matins” : excellent !
    Il y a beaucoup d’expressions françaises contenant le chiffre quatre:
    “la semaine des quatre jeudis” pour quelque chose qu’on espère mais qui n’arrivera jamais … (avant en France, les élèves n’avaient pas école le jeudi)
    “ne pas y aller par quatre chemins” = dire les choses directement sans tergiverser.
    “Laisser un enfant faire ses quatre volontés” = laisser un enfant faire tout ce qu’il veut.
    “monter un escalier quatre à quatre” = très vite.
    “couper les cheveux en quatre” = trop détailler, de façon trop compliquée.
    Ikkar, d’autres ex ?

    Really sorry, Lucia…


    [C’est regrettable, naturellement, mais il n’est pas le bout du monde (oui, une autre nouvelle expression pour moi). Je suis sensible. Mon argent d’autres besoins actuellement. Merci pour les expressions. Plus fiable que “Fais-mois des vacances”, non? “La semaine des quatre jeudis”… Je souhaite! Nous disons également “couper les cheveux en quatre” en anglais, aussi. – Features Editor]

  74. Yes, got tickets for Vienne. Can’t wait! Must be a great place to see any gig, let alone Mr Gilmour. Staying at the Ibis near the old town as the first part of a three-week drive through France!! The atmosphere should be special with it being a small town. See you there.

  75. [- Bianca, shame on you !!! but, I’m curious, how do you say “they are mine, all mine!!!” in Dutch?]

    How long have you known me?? I have no shame.. you should know that by now.. *grin*

    And your line would be: ZE ZIJN VAN MIJ! ALLEMAAL VAN MIJ!! *boosaardige grijns*

    Tim C, I like ‘knuffels’ too 🙂

    Lucia, stop being so curious, you don’t have to know everything.. *grin*. Besides, if Fedro can use Babelfish, than so can you.

    Be wary of seeing the word ‘Kerel’ spelled with a capital K in any of our Dutch banter though.. we may be talking about another blogger.. (I am guessing everyone is now running to Babelfish to see what that translates into.. *lol*)

    KNUFFELS, Bianca

  76. I vote Yiddish be the only accepted language on the blog (since I get the distinct feeling you pooh-pooh Elvish, Edwina). That’d put the brakes on a lot of posts, wouldn’t it? Hey, I’m kidding. I’m a kidder. Chill out – “People of the world, UNITE!”

    Oh, and to make this post David Gilmour-related, did you ever find out who’s playing piano on “Where We Start”? Still scratching my head over that. No one was credited on the album, but I distinctly hear “tinklies.”

    ~”Life. Don’t talk to me about life.” – Marvin~


    [It’s David. – Features Editor]

  77. Hey Michèle! If your husband uses Tim’s plan, I will very envious of your trip too! I fear mine won’t be so good…but anyway I could sing “where we start” and “smile” during the journey! Or…TIM, come on! Get Michèle and me and bring us to the show… following all the point of your plain!


  78. Thank you, Tim, that’s very kind of you, some good ideas…

    I keep the idea of champagne and a rose on the passenger seat, sure he would agree (at least for champagne), and the one of “where we start”, but sung by David himself…anyway, ‘on an island’CD is already always played in the car …

    As for the third tactic, no, definitely no, I don’t want him to sleep for the next ten years…

    BTW, I still wonder if I’m going to show him your post, maybe not, it could do more harm than good.

    I imagine him telling me: “This guy doesn’t know my ordeal (= calvaire ?) to live with such a woman, so disturbed by David Gilmour !” or ” Does your Tim know anything about the traffic jam in France on the first of August ?”

    No, that has to remain our “secret” and don’t worry, I’ll find a solution, I like challenges !



    I know yesterday I did a lot of noise about languages…but they aren’t a problem for me. Honestly! So, you can continue to speak in any language you want…I’m only sorry I can’t understand….and I don’t want to know everything (about maths, for example, I don’t want to know NOTHING! Sorry Michèle, I know you love maths but I hate it…but I have a lot of friends who studied it!), but I can’t stop being curious….what’s life without curiousity? 😉

    I love discovering things about the people I speak with…I could aim to all of you millions and millions of questions. About your cities, about your jobs, about your lives…..but I won’t use babelfish…I already look up too much english words in online dictionary! As FEd said, improving my english is hard enough, mates!


  80. [Tim, come on! get Michèle and me and bring us to the show… – Lucia]

    Definitely the best idea !!! but how could I keep the secret ?

    Fed, si je n’assiste pas au concert de Vienne, “ce n’est pas la fin du monde” (plutôt que “bout”) et comment dit-on alors, “couper les cheveux en quatre” ?


    [“Ce n’est pas la fin du monde”… Merci pour la correction. Encore, c’est regrettable pour vous, mais c’est vrai: ce n’est pas la fin du monde. Nous pouvons être triste ici (en français ou anglais). Nous disons “It is not worth splitting hairs over it” quand on pense ou analyse dans trop de détail. Aussi – et plus approprié (?) pour les circonstances – on peut dire “There is no use in crying over spilt milk” (si quelque chose est impossible ou trop tard pour changer). Mais, c’est regrettable, certainement. – Features Editor]

  81. “I’ll find a solution, I like challenges”

    A good English phrase = “where there is a will, there is a way”

    Good luck and don’t forget our review.

  82. “where there is a will, there is a way” = ” Si on veut, on peut”



  83. [Tim, come on! get Michèle and me and bring us to the show… – Lucia]

    Any room for me in there? I’ll try not to be too evil on route.. *loveliest smile* 😉

    Knuffels, Bianca

  84. “where there is a will, there is a way” = “Si on veut, on peut” = “Volere è potere”

    …I’m not sure it is always true but…now we have a phrase we can anderstand in any languages! It’s wonderful! I…I could cry of happiness!!!!! How in Dutch?


  85. Dear Fed,
    Dear Michèle,

    d’autres expressions avec “quatre”?

    – être tiré à quatre épingles = être bien sapé, habillé comme un lord anglais (si si)
    Рse retrouver entre quatre planches = ̻tre mort
    – manger / boire comme quatre = un peu trop!
    – quatre pelé et un tondu = très peu de monde… tout le contraire de nous, gilmourauders…

    J’espère que vous pourrez aller à Vienne, Michèle… N’oubliez pas, je compte sur vous pour me représenter!!! lol

    Ikkar, with love

    [Merci. – Features Editor]

  86. [J’allais visiter la France la semaine prochaine pour le concert dans Vienne, mais maintenant je ne peux pas. – Features Editor]

    if i understand you right, you’re not going to the vienne show. i thought you were. i’m sorry for you, ed. i wish i was going to all of the shows, but just one would do.

    so i know how you must be feeling. don’t be down about it, mate.

    [Bless you. As Michèle and I have agreed, it’s not the end of the world. – Features Editor]

  87. “where there is a will, there is a way” = “Si on veut, on peut” = “Volere è potere” = “Waar een wil is, is een weg”

    hugs, Bianca

  88. [Any room for me in there? I’ll try not to be too evil on route.. – BIANCA]

    You can’t come with us….YOU MUST COME WITH US! But this barn band repertory? Have you choose the tracks for the show? And David? Has he decide what is going to cook us? I think Polly should write a book about the Barn Party…and a biography of the Barn Band, of course!


  89. “it’s not the end of the world”


    Of course it’s not the end of the World (if it was I would be a gonner as I shall not have got to any concerts this time around) – and sorry if my suggestion made it sound like it should be easy.

    I would still make sure I got the rose and champagne as consolation though.

  90. “where there is a will, there is a way” = “Si on veut, on peut” = “Volere è potere = “waar een wil is, is een weg”

    Ah I can still smell the aromatic smoke now – and from the corner of my eye an impish grijn from a cute little red haired Dutch girl – or did I dream this last bit?

  91. My friends, after “Volere è potere” I’d like to leave you, today, with another wise phrase. Once someone said “The job makes the man noble”…but he didn’t speak of woman! I think I should have been a groupie…it would be funny! What a pity I’m now too old…but if I born again….even because when I was younger the most loved band were Oasis and Take That…oh no! Even if…maybe Blur…I was partial for the sweet face of the young Damon Albarn!



  92. [Ah I can still smell the aromatic smoke now – and from the corner of my eye an impish grijn from a cute little red haired Dutch girl – or did I dream this last bit?]

    Aromatic smoke?? I don’t smoke at all Tim, and although it is legal in Holland, you are also considered a bit of a loser here when you still smoke pot after 30.. (if that is what you meant)

    oh and I am not little.. 5’8″.. even taller when I wear my high heeled cowboy boots.

    Now should I tell you how much the red in my hair has faded over the last few weeks (because it was all just dye on a natural blonde), or would that shatter your dreams completely?

    Aaaah, those Dutch women.. they just break your heart… right Piergiorgio? *grin*

    hugs, Bianca

  93. Hi, Ikkar and Fed, :

    Tomber “les quatre fers en l’air” = tomber sur le dos (2+2=4 ! Mathematics ! 2 jambes et 2 bras en l’air = 4 fers en l’air…référence au cheval, je suppose) so funny !

    Of course, Ikkar, if I can go to Vienne, I’ll think of you, and Fed, and “Sylvie the envious one”…and all our numerous friends…


  94. “where there is a will, there is a way” = “Si on veut, on peut” = “Volere è potere” = “Waar een wil is, is een weg” = in German ? = in Flemish ? = in ?…

    “it’s not the end of the world !” = “ce n’est pas la fin du monde !” = in italian ? = in dutch ? = in german ? = in flemish ? = in ? …


  95. [I assume Solidarity’s shock landslide victory over Poland’s communist rulers in the first free-ish elections… – Features Editor]

    Thanks, Fed. I appreciate your time in responding to my question about David’s quote. His Gdansk concert appears likely to be a landmark celebration of Poland’s democratic aspirations over the last quarter century.

    To everyone who will see the forthcoming European shows, I think I speak for many on this continent (NA) when I wish you all well, and hope the outdoor venues will enhance what is apparently an already amazing experience listening to David’s music in 2006.


  96. [Tomber “les quatre fers en l’air” = tomber sur le dos (2+2=4 ! Mathematics ! – MICHELE]

    Dear Michèle, I have not doubt about your maths ability…but you should know that 2+2 can also make up five! But this is just the devil’s way…Do you agree Tim? 😉

    If you don’t trust me, you can also ask George Orwell! But about Animals, ask to Pink Floyd…they know a lot of things about Dogs, Pigs and Sheep!


  97. 2+2=4…narrow-minded view of Mathematics…

    2+2=5… of course, Lucia, but having the right to say something doesn’t mean it the truth…

    See the Orwell link…


  98. Oh yeah, Michèle! Of course…infact I underlined that it is the devil’s way…in Orwell’s book…but if I forgive for a moment the “Thought Police” and think about barn party, rides on the thames or tea at the ceiling…I have to admit that for some point of view is so beautiful thinking that 2+2 could be 5! Luckily we don’t live in 1984! Unluckly we don’t live in the wonderland! Even if reading Carrol – or watching Disney’ movie (one of my favourite books and one of my favourite movie) the life in the wonderland didn’t look so easy too!

    Ok! I’m being delirious..maybe Bianca is really countagious!

    2006 is good enough for me…who had 2 David’s shows and the World Cup! And for you too: one show and the prize! …do you think I’m going to speak Dutch tomorrow…..HAVE A GREAT DAY, my dear!


  99. And…sorry Michèle, but I hate maths as much as FEd hates Radiohead! I have a lot of friends who studied maths and they waste a lot of time explain me maths…but they lost! I’ll never believe that a pen, that is a straight line, is formed by infinite points. A pen is a pen. its length starts and it finish…and if it starts and finish…how can it is formed bu infinite points? I’m sorry, but my 6-7 friends aren’t able to convince me…I’m not sure you could be able to do in english…or french! But I love my friends even if they are mathematics…so I can love you too even if you are a mathematics!

    ….which the third person for finish?


  100. – I’m on holidays, Lucia, I don’t want to speak about Mathematics, sorry, and I think Fed would say that Mathematics have nothing to do with David …

    – To our friends who want to see a link to the ‘théâtre de Vienne’ web page which is dedicated to David .


  101. I’ll be in Vienne with my wife and two girls, aged 8 and 5, for their first ever concert….what a way to start eh ? I thought it was important for their education ! They love watching the Meltdown DVD. I just hope they’ll be able to see.

    We’re having a long weekend in the area…time to pack…flying tomorrow morning. I can’t wait.

  102. sorry, michèle. i’m with lucia on this one. i also hate maths. it’s too difficult for my small brain to handle. respect to anyone who’s good at maths. is david good at maths, ed?

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  103. [i also hate maths – victor]

    no problem with that, no maths on holidays of course !


  104. vivement ce concert !!! çà vas etre top comme d habitude david, on t aime !!!

  105. [vivement ce concert !!! çà vas etre top comme d habitude david, on t aime !!! – florence]

    Et comment !!!!!!!


  106. bonsoir à tous

    je serai demain a vienne .je n’ai pas tout compris ce qui concerne une rencontre ????????

    [Si vous voulez rencontrer avec d’autres fans, on peut indiquer un place et un temps pour réunir avant le concert ici. – Features Editor]

  107. bonjour, moi et mon épouse seront au concert de Vienne demain Lundi.

    Nous allons passer une superbe soirée.

    Bravo d’avance David. Ce serait super de pouvoir vous rencontrer .

    my phone is […]

    [Désolé, mais il n’est pas possible pour fournir l’information telle que le nombre de votre téléphone. Si vous dites un place et un temps pour réunir… Merci. – Features Editor]

  108. Bonsoir à tous,

    J’ai moi aussi mon billet pour Vienne..Celà fait des mois que je visite le site mais c’est la première fois que je me lance sur le blog!

    Il me tarde demain soir. Ce sera une grande soirée. J’arrive vers 17h30/18h à Vienne, mais je ne connais pas du tout la ville. Où pourrions nous nous rencontrer entre fans ?

    A demain soir tous les Floydiens et Gilmouriens !


    Thanx for taking time to involve in this blog. The last time I saw you (I don’t talk about the Pulse DVD on my TV set last evening ;-)!)It was during the “Bell Tour 94” in Bordeaux…How a thrill was this show !! Since this concert I have learn to play guitar & bass guitar!!

    See you tomorrow night Guy !! Thanx to You, David, Richard, Phil M. & all the band for giving us such great moments of music & making us dreamin’ again & again & again…

    P.S. Please tell David that without him, I wouldn’t be playing guitar and music wouldn’t be so important in my life!

    ..and sorry for my english !

  109. Does the band plan to do a U.S tour?

    [They already did one, Steve. Click your name below to see the calendar. – Features Editor]

  110. Estuve en el concierto de Vienne, ha sido lo más maravilloso que me ha pasado en la vida, he visto lo que hace tanto tiempo que había soñado.

    Viva David Gilmour, viva Pink floyd!!!

    Y juntaron de nuevo por favor….


  111. To the Concerts Responsible Organiser…..

    hi thnx for DG music and the tours, is there any chance to see him in Malta, so that i do not need to travel far away from home…

    Cheers Pink fan from Malta

    [I’m sorry, there are no plans for extra shows after Gdansk. – Features Editor]

  112. Hello everybody!!! I was at the gig and I say “WWOOWW”!!! It was really good! I will remember this all my life long!

    But, even if I’m a Pink Floyd’s fan, there was 3songs that I didn’t know. I heard that the band wanted to sing some of Syd’s so that he also could be on stage. And I wonder if someone knows the playlist of this gig…?

    Big Kiss to all Pink Floyd’s fans and to the band!!! 😉 I love PF!

    [The seltist is included in each concert entry, Sophie. Click your name below for the ‘Night 28: Vienne’ entry and you’ll find the setlist among the comments (timed at 8:23PM). – Features Editor]

  113. We were at Vienne this night. Thank you very much for this concert. I loved Echoes that I never heard in live.

    I hope you will come back in Vienne …. as at Pompei in 1972 :-)) … with perhaps Atom heart mother, another master piece !

    Please how could I get the piano score for Cluster one (division bell) ?

    Thank you in advance
    Two French fan

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