Meet-up: Klam & Munich


David and his ‘On An Island’ band get back on the road this week, with a visit to Austria on Thursday before a return to neighbouring Germany on Saturday, so we’d like to know who’s going to this beautiful part of Europe to catch the shows.

This blog entry is for anyone who is attending either concert in Klam or Munich to arrange a suitable place to meet with other fans.

Please note that no e-mail addresses will be published. As was the case with the London shows recently, a recognised venue and time proves most successful, so we welcome any suggestions.

We’ll do the same tomorrow for Vienne and, on Tuesday, for Florence and Venice.

We’ll also keep our fingers crossed that David will play ‘Comfortably Numb’ at these shows, as this track is currently leading the competition by a considerable way in our latest poll.

Thank you all for leaving your messages for Guy. There’ll be a chance to leave a message for the other band members in due course.

And David’s eye will be better by Thursday, don’t worry.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I love a lot the new idea of polls! Congratulation to the creator…SNEd or FEd? FEd, you don’t want take for you all the compliments, if the genius is SNEd. Don’t you? Even if…I have some doubt you and SNEd are not the same person…are you sure you’ve not some problem of personality and SNEd is not only the product of your imagination? In this case, don’t fight with him like Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in the “Fight club”, please! Try to ask some explanation to the Pink Rabbit who’s walking around your room and please, say to him to stop playing with Ian’s Glassman. He could shatter it!

    And if you and SNEd are two different person…say him/her that I prefer him/her than you. I’M JOKING! You have the same space in my heart! ’till I don’t find out that SNEd loves the music I love!

    Have a great evening!


    [I wouldn’t dream of taking credit for someone else’s work, mate. Trust me on that. I’ll take almost all the credit for the polls (our webmaster, who doesn’t have a catchy Ed-ending title, got us set up and very kindly found the polls a place on the Stuff & Nonsense page). I’m glad that you like them. We’ve got plenty more to come. (How does ‘Ped’ sound for our Creative Genius webmaster?) – Features Editor]

  2. We’ll be in Vienne ( France) in the antic theater.

    Hope it won’t be that warm, the weather here is so hot…anyway I think that will be a great show..They use to use it for a Jazz festival every year.

    Anyway I’ll let you know.

  3. HI BIANCA! I agree about the BARN BAND Reunion! I agree with all is far from job! It’s a working week end for me…horrible! Today I would agree with you even if you ask me to play acrobatic sports, or to catch the lions using only the hands, or to deform spoons with the power of the mind, or to teach to the sheep to do the “animal’s pyramid”, or…. I’ll think about some new idea for the party…tell you soon!



  4. Hi FEd & all,

    Not going to any of the shows, of course, but wanted to say that I hope the band has a fantastic time on the 26th. What an honor to be asked to participate in the anniversary of such an historic milestone!

    I’m going to see CSN&Y on Thursday, the 27th, so will be enjoying some great music here while you in Austria are still buzzed from David and Friends performance there. I’m fairly certain that Crosby and Nash won’t be making a guest appearance in Austria! Have fun everyone!

    Washington State

  5. What happened to Dave’s eye? (don’t let anything happen to them baby blues)… or perhaps its the PULSE making a haunting subtle appearance.

    I actually never made the connection that they were eyes, until i purchased the dvd. I just finished smoking a “funky” cigarette and had the dvd in my hand, ready to watch it for the first time. Puzzled by the image on it, I stared at it until it stared back. Shocked and a tad bit frightened, I turned to look at the case again and noticed 2 eyes on the cover. Surrounded by eyes, I laughed madly to myself thinking about all these eyes watching me. Then the brochure and postcard pops out of the sleeve onto the floor, another set of eyes I thought. Eventually, I popped in the dvd and enjoyed the show… More thanks to everyone who made it possible!

    Get well soon David,
    Peace, Love and Happiness


  6. I will be in Munich to watch David’s show. 12 years after my first and – unfortunately – last Pink Floyd live concert (also in Munich!) I’ll come to this city for another great gig. By the way: Nick Mason is on the photo, will he be there too? This would be a fine surprise.


    I’m very happy to see David and his band on saturday, can’t wait to hear “Comfortably numb” and “Echoes”.

    Have a nice week.

    [Sorry, we won’t link to fansites, but you are more than welcome to include some of the details here if you wish. – Features Editor]

  7. [How does ‘Ped’ sound for our Creative Genius webmaster?]

    Ped? hmm… Does that means Sned and your dog are the same.. ehm.. person? *kidding!*

    Oh and by the way, there is only one room for one genius here; creative, evil or otherwise… so Ped.. choose your weapon!

    [to teach to the sheep to do the “animal’s pyramid”]

    BRILLIANT!!! Make sure you make them build it while wearing a straight jacket and that a beam of light is fractured through the pyramid and you are definitely booked for the party!!

    Hey hang on.. how did I suddenly go from unchallenged (ehrm..) Barn Band leader to party act booker? Aaaaah, must be my untameable drive for world dominance..


    seriously though, we need more ideas for Barn Aid, we can’t let Lucia do all the acts herself. (Although the money is going to her, so on the other hand…)

    Hey FEd, if we should end up with a negative profit after Barn Aid, does that mean we can make Lucia pay for it? *grin*

    (damn, I am evil today. Just kidding Luce, I love to bits, honest ;-))

    Evil hugs, Bianca

  8. (How does ‘Ped’ sound for our Creative Genius webmaster?) – Features Editor]


    I’m sure after taking a bit of a break, the guys will have some wonderful surprises with this round of shows. All you lucky people going to the shows this week have a brew for me. It’s my birthday . . .

    PS – Another cute picture!!

  9. F.é., with that picture, is there any chance that David plays with Nick, comfortably numb, in those future shows…(i have read almost half of this huge book by Nick).What David is hidden behind this close eye ( je veux dire derrière ce clin d oeil, ce coquin!!!)

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [We’ll have to wait and see. – Features Editor]

  10. Guy Pratt looks like a man who is happy. I have always enjoyed him on the Floyd shows I have seen, and when I see him on the PULSE DVD and the DSoT tour he looks like at any minute he will make somebody laugh! I have been on stage with people like this and it’s always great fun, they bring a certain energy to the audience that is infectious. Not to mention Guy Pratt is one bitchin good musician and bass player!

    BTW Guy….if you are ever in this part of the world come and see me and I will buy you a beer!

    Cheers from Bob Mitchell, in Victoria, BC, Canada.

  11. BTW….I was watching the British Open and during one of the commercial breaks I saw an ad for the P.U.L.S.E. DVD……….brilliant bit of marketing. Millions of every day Pink Floyd fans (not like us slightly fanatic bloggers!) all over the world will be buying like crazy!

  12. Fed, I really like what was done on stuff & nonsense. This is getting to be a great web site.

    Plus what song did you pick out of the pole for the P.U.L.S.E guitar solo or can’t you say.


    [Thanks, Thomas. I picked ‘Comfortably Numb’. – Features Editor]

  13. what is up with davids eye? Is he winking at the camera or does he have pink eye?

    [He’s winking. – Features Editor]

  14. Welcome back Rudders

    Barn band concert – Bianca, can I be on the door checking that we only allow the right kind of people in?

    If its too hot how about a “igloo” party

    Ice to see you, to see you ice!

    Ian Pearson

  15. Hi, I will be in Munich on Saterday. I already saw the show in Frankfurt (it was wonderful) but this time I will be with my son who is becoming more and more a David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fan.

    I hope that Echoes will remain in the setlist because in Frankfurt this was for me the most beautiful song and I want that my son will also have this experience.

    Thanks! Wolfgang

  16. HEY HEY HEY!

    I realize just now that this the great week: the “Under a blue stellar sky ” tour is begining! So, FEd, what can you say about our favourite band? How are they? Is David ready to delight the squares with is great, deep voice? And Rick, Guy, Phil, Jon, Steve, Dick? HAVE A GREAT TOUR and ENJOY as you did till now! See you in Florence!


    P.S. Am I…impolite to call David and the band by name? I know I did it for all the past months…but now I have some doubt!

    [No, that’s fine. – Features Editor]

  17. [(How does ‘Ped’ sound for our Creative Genius webmaster?) – Features Editor]

    PEd…it sounds as nice as FEd and SNEd…he is the Polls Editor…he have to be PEd! WELCOME PEd!

    I love very much these nickname…if one day we’ll meet face to face…can I continue to call you FEd?


    [Well, he’s not the Polls Editor, so that’s not the reason for it. He’s not an Editor at all. He’s the Master. ‘Ped’ works, but ‘PEd’ doesn’t. – Features Editor]

  18. i wish i was going. 🙁

    have a great time everyone who is. i am extremely jealous.

  19. [Well, he’s not the Polls Editor, so that’s not the reason for it. He’s not an Editor at all. He’s the Master. ‘Ped’ works, but ‘PEd’ doesn’t. – Features Editor]

    I can’t understand…which is the reason for Ped! You can call him “Ped” but…I’m sure she/he’d turn his face even if called her/him “PEd”! Or WeM from Web Master…or…WeSter…which name does she/he prefer?


    [You want to know every little thing, don’t you? I was thinking of ‘Pedro’ to fit with the ‘Ed’ theme that we have going on here. – Features Editor]

  20. [Well, he’s not the Polls Editor, so that’s not the reason for it. He’s not an Editor at all. He’s the Master. ‘Ped’ works, but ‘PEd’ doesn’t. – Features Editor]

    HEY! That’s incredible! We know that the Web Master is a HE! Is that not against the rules? Too much information, FEd! 😉


  21. Me and some friends are going to the show at the Clam castle. There is a tavern in the castle, but unfortunately, the tavern appears to be closed on evenings with concerts (probably because the staff is busy offering snacks and drinks to the audience). The castle also has it’s own brewery with beer garden. Hope this is not closed, too, as it would make a fine meeting venue for all fans (and band member, of course ;^) ).

    (Just three days left!)

  22. ciao,

    Fed why you do that? Now I will think that there is a 1% possibility that nick mason is playing ONE song in Firenze.. Naah..impossible….

    And for those Italian who want to meet…Someone has to name a bar close to the square or we’ll never meet!!!

    ciao 🙂


  23. Cool pic of David and the gang!!

    why not set up a poll for the name of P’ed. Seems to make sense.

    1. P’ed – poll editor
    2. W’ed – webmaster editor
    3. Z’ed – maniac from police adademy

    can it really be the 24th july already!! Hope the band practice is doing well!!

    btw Guy Pratt rocks!!! (didn’t get a chance to post in the last blog!! am really lookin’ forward to Take A Breath in venice)

    [It’s ‘Ped’. End of. – Features Editor]

  24. I will be in Munic on saturday, yeah! As I was too late for getting a ticket for the show in Hamburg in April, so munic is a must for me.

    It will be the first time for me to see David live, so I’m very excited 🙂

    Comfortably numb… I never are in doubt that David will play this great song on a big open-air show as in Munic. Would be very suprised If he decided not to play.

    Would really love to hear Coming Back To Life, Echoes and Wot’s…Uh The Deal and Sorrow and Shine On (Meltdown version) and… ah, so much other great songs 🙂 Just like the suprise and will have a great concert!

    Have fun everybody!

  25. Hello

    after Frankfurt and the second show in London , I go to München and Vienne

    I hope you will play fat old sun and of course echoes


  26. Hi everyone.

    well im from austria – and of course i will be in clam and also munich. i cant wait to see him again and rick and guy and steve and phil and and and ….. and The Blue and On An island and Take a Breath and ECHOES!!!! and the black fender guitar!!!!!!!!

    still cant believe that he plays in austria!!!!!!

    The Wall Album is in the austrian Top 40 aagin – Nr. 11!!!!!! Pulse DVD of course number 1!!!!!

    david and his crew will arrive very soon here in austria. there was some infos about his stage in the newspapers. it will be 14 meter high, 14 meter deep and 30 meters large. 15 trucks carry the equipment – i think he had 3 trucks in springtime driving around europe. 150 people are working on the stagebuliding.

    there still some tickets for clam available – which is a shame really – it should be a sold out already!!

    bob geldof is playing in klagenfurt on the 26th – and david is informed about it – maybe we get a guestappearence of sir Bob!?

    for all fans who are in clam – meeting at the burgschenke is the best place!


  27. [Barn Aid, we can’t let Lucia do all the acts herself. (Although the money is going to her, so on the other hand…) – Bianca]

    Oh, no! I don’t want money…I already have free rent for the Barn…is it still right FEd? And I’ll earn selling necklaces to the sheep…but I’m thinking of enlarge the trade to the pigs of Norkflok too! We should give the money of the party in charity…and we should invite Bob Geldof, of course!

    I’d like to teach to the sheep to make the chorus…if Pink Floyd could have a dog-singer, we should have the sheep’s chorus!

    This morning, while I’m driving, I sang “When the music is over” by the Doors and I think it is great…can we add it to the Barn Band repertory?

    HEY FED! Have you problems with the Doors too? 😉

    I love you all!


    [I’ve no problem whatsoever with the Doors, mate. – Features Editor]

  28. [You want to know every little thing, don’t you? I was thinking of ‘Pedro’ to fit with the ‘Ed’ theme that we have going on here. – Features Editor]

    I like knowing every little thing…but it’s really a pity that I’m not clever enough to understand all!!!! Sorry! You are a little welsh genius, but I’m only a poor italian girl! So, Pedro is his real name or you want to call him “Pedro” just ’cause it fit with the “Ed” theme? Ok! Not important! I leave my “PEd” and choose your “Ped” because I love doing everything that can make you happy! Heil to your dog too!


    [You always make me laugh. – Features Editor]

  29. [I’ve no problem whatsoever with the Doors, mate. – Features Editor]

    Hey FEd! You’re running down! Why don’t you want argue with me again? Do you want agree with me from now ’till the end of the blog? ….humm…this worried me! ….I don’t know if I should be happy or offended….I feel just worried…what happened to my old FEd?!!!!!


    [I’m not being argumentative, just honest. The Doors are alright. Be happy. – Features Editor]

  30. “but I’m thinking of enlarge the trade to the pigs of Norkflok too”

    The pigs would be very pleased to buy your necklaces but they would only eat them – they just can’t help themselves.

    How about sunhats ? I think they need sunhats at the moment – with holes so their ears could poke through – made from fine Italian straw.

    No, on second thoughts they would eat them too.

    They would definitely sing though – I think we could train them to squeel at the right moment for our encore of Paranoid Android – but only if they can wear Gucci hats!!

  31. [for all fans who are in clam – meeting at the burgschenke is the best place!]

    I checked the web site of the Burgschenke (tavern) and it says “Der Gastgarten sowie das Lokal sind bei derartigen Grossveranstaltungen geschlossen !” (“The beer garden as well as the restaurant are closed during such large events !”) 🙁

    Hopefully, the brewery is open…

    See you

  32. [I’ve no problem whatsoever with the Doors, mate. – Features Editor]

    I do.. these meds they give me at the mental hospital make me walk into them all the time..

    And they are also what keep me in there, although right now I am still on weekend leave.. it is still sunday right? RIGHT?

    I like Pedro. And THAT is the end of it. *stick tongue out at Fedro*


    Hugs Biandro

    [I’m not making any comments about mental hospitals, or our blog community consisting of mentalists, after last time. – Features Editor]

  33. I happened to be driving past Saunton Sands in Devon last weekend and remembered that it was the location for the Momentary Lapse of Reason cover photo and the WWII footage in The Wall film. Is Saunton Sands also the location of the eyeballs on the beach shot from the Pulse DVD?

    [Pass. – Features Editor]

  34. [I think we could train them to squeel at the right moment for our encore of Paranoid Android – but only if they can wear Gucci hats!! – TIM C (male)]

    You’re great!


  35. I’d love to be, but I won’t be at either show.

    I hope that those who are lucky enough to have tickets will have a great time.

    It is a beautiful part of Europe, Ed. I’ve never been to Austria, but Germany is beautiful.

    Good luck to the band and have fun!

  36. ciao,

    Bianca, there is a reason why I still remember some dutch word. I also rememebr some food like “een freit speciaal”, “frikandel”….AAh that’s an old story…and where you come from? Do you know a village called Didam (close to Zevenaar I presume, in the area of Arnhem).

    ciao 🙂

  37. I have a doubt: but at the Barn Party, who plays Pink Floyd’s songs? The Barn Band, while David is cooking for us and the others band’s members set the tables (I’m sure that Guy and Steve can do great origami job with the napkins!) or David and the band while we listen to them enchanted? (I fear I will not able do move a finger if David and the band play for us! But I promise I’ll wash the plates just they’ll stop playing!)


  38. DANGEROUS!!!!!

    There’s a “Blues barn band” on this earth….I dont’ want to change our band’s name so…we are constrained to DESTROY them! Or we cannot play blues and be only the BARN BAND! And I’m sure we are most beautiful and cooler of those four nerds from Cambridge…sorry David! I think Cambridge is a wonderful city…but you have to understand my momentary lack of niceness! THE BARN BAND HAS AN ENEMY!


  39. CAPTION: A blue whale donated those eyes really did they? You can’t fool me.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  40. [Bianca, there is a reason why I still remember some dutch word. I also rememebr some food like “een freit speciaal”, “frikandel”….AAh that’s an old story…and where you come from? Do you know a village called Didam (close to Zevenaar I presume, in the area of Arnhem)]

    Friet speciaal with a frikandel is my favorite fast food! luckily I can’t eat much fast food.. lol. What about kroket? Most people remember that from the Dutch fast food menu..

    Didam is a very small place but I just happened to have been there for dinner about two weeks ago! It is not that far from where I live, what a coïncidence! Did you used to live in Didam?

    Hugs, Bianca

  41. Hey Lucia,

    No David and band on stage! That stage is for the Barn Band only and I will tolerate no competition there! They can be in the kitchen! Playing on pots and pans.. hehehe

    [I’m sure that Guy and Steve can do great origami job with the napkins!]

    I like that idea, I just worry a bit about what they will origami them into..

    Hugs, Bianca


    Don’t worry Lucia, that is just a left over from my past. I seem to leave split up bands that go on under the same name all over the place these days. They know me well enough to stay out of my way. The reason they are now in Cambridge is because their initial barn burned down. It wasn’t an accident but they were never able to prove who did it.. muahahahaha

    I like your DESTROY idea though.. sounds familair.. Do you think my madness may be contagious?

    Fedro, how about you? Are you showing any symptoms yet? *grin*

    hugs, Bianca

    [I’m beyond help now, sadly. – Features Editor]

  43. My mother and I will be attending the Munich concert on Saturday. Are there any fans meeting before the concert?

    This is the first time I going to see one person from Pink Floyd live! My mother was lucky and went to the Pulse concert in Prague (unfortunately I was too young then and not a fan)

    After seeing the incredible guitar solo on the PULSE VHS concert I would love to see comfortably numb as well.

    Best regards,


  44. Ciao,

    Bianca: no I didn’t live there but I have been there some times… (no one cares but) I had a dutch girlfriend. I was very in love.It is a long story to tell…She broke my heart. But now it’s ok….after all, nothing lasts forever.

    ciao 😉

  45. Well we’re gonna have to take care of this “Blues barn band” Lucia, I’m afraid there is no other way. We can’t NOT play the blues!! It is one of the basic components in rock!


  46. Hopefully some day soon we might see a blog on meeting in Belfast,Dublin,Cork,Ahoghill!!!……

  47. Regret not to be there


    BE HAPPY-GOOD SHOW (excuse my english make big effort to improve me)

    Sylvie de Québec

  48. I’m from Switzerland and my english is not perfect. sorry….

    I drive next thursday more than 700km (one way) for visiting the show in Klam. And two days later I’ll be in Munich too! It’s my biggest personal gift since more then 10 years. why? I’m a fan from David since 1976. then I was just 11 years old.

    David, you are playing in my soul. Last week I was in Locarno, Switzerland on a Roger Waters concert. He was ok, he played just 3 hours Floyd. But he was alone. there was no spirit. You – you are Pink Floyd. on an island is one of the best album since 30 years.

    I’m so happy that you are on the road again!

    Beat from Switzerland

  49. I’m very looking forward to the concert on saturday in Munich.

    My first time to see my favourite guitarist live on stage. And if there would be a chance I would take my guitar with me to get an autograph on it (and maybe I play a little better in the future 🙂

  50. I saw David in Hamburg and now I’ll see him München. I think it will be a great show further more, this time open air.

    Thank you David for this great music.

  51. […after all, nothing lasts forever – Piergiorgio]

    Hi, hi,…”incorrigible Piergiorrrrrrrgio”…

    Miche…lina, only for Pier…

  52. I will be in Munich with my almost-all-life friend:) I’m looking forward to being there like a little child:) I hope it won’t rain…

    I attended Waters’s concert in Berlin (in first line! – greetings to Timo – sorry, that I haven’t written yet, I will, I promise:), Chris, Mike – you didn’t write me back, why?, do I have correct email? – and Guy – thanks for fotos:)) and it was outstandig and breathtaking experience! I’ve been to some concerts before (other bands, Roger’s In The Flesh, too), but this one was the best show I’ve ever been to:)

    So David, try hard to top this!:) I’m sure you can:)

    And next time, come to Czech Republic please (same plea for Roger:), it’s expensive to travel abroad to catch you!:)

    See there,
    J-dro (Honza J.)

  53. Ped,

    What is thy bidding, my Mater….

    (in my best James Earl Jones impression)

  54. As I told you…I´ll be there at the Clam Castle to watch and listen. Really looking forward to it.

    It was really hot here (Austria) in the last two weeks and warm nights, so if it stays that way (and it looks like) …it will be a great night. Hope David will like the location and he and the band will have fun.

    And…yeah, please play “Comfortably Numb” with a extra long guitar solo! Yeah!

    Clam, here I come!!!


  55. I wish so bad that there was a show in Detroit! I went to the Division Bell Concert in ’92 & just *loved* it!

    I also love the picture of you three up there!(Rick, Dave & Nick)

    I’ll see you in my echoes…

  56. I’m going to see the Munich show on satuday. Can anyone tell me if there are any pubs or bars near the concert that are likely to play Floyd after the show?

  57. I’m going to munich too. Cannot wait for it. I’ve been in Frankfurt in the first row (Maybe David remembers a really tall guy standing there with tears in his eyes).

    The weather forecast for munich is not very good, supposed to be a bit rain. And there is an open air cinema held the day before the concert, so the roadies must do a very good job.

    Flyodianslip: I dont know any bars around the Königsplatz that supposed to play Floyd after the gig. There are a few bavarian ones but no clubs, You can go to the P1 (if they let you get in).
    Gonna see you in Munich.

    PS: It would be nice to start a bit later, at 19.30 theres much too much light at the moment, its getting darker around

  58. Will be at the Munich concert on Saturday with my two sons (age 25 & 21), who missed due to their youth any original Pink Floyd show (except Aussie Floyd).

    We also visited Roger at Lucca (IT) a few weeks ago and what can I say: Nick joined Roger for the second half of the concert (Dark Side of the Moon). So my boys will complete PF with David and Richard, even divided into two concerts 😉

    David, go for Comfortably Numb!

    One comment: I’m not happy with 7.30pm to start the concert, it’s too bright at this time.

  59. good point, helmut. ed, will there still be lights and lasers if it’s light out?

    [Yes, I believe so. – Features Editor]

  60. Hi everybody,

    the weather report for Munich tomorrow is getting worse… Hope it won´t be too bad and the concert will not be cancelled! Will it take place in case of a thunderstorm?

    Hope to c u all there,

  61. Although you passed away…Syd…your sound will be forever in my heart & soul…it enhanced my existence…it become my best companion…I send all my love…from my beautiful country…colombia…to you all…pink floyd…fans

  62. I am on the way to Munich – hope that the weather will at least be stable!!!!

    After the concert in Frankfurt this is the second concert of David that I will in 2006 after 12 years waiting…

    I believe that this will be a great evening again!

  63. hello!

    David…. how can I say to which point I like his music? really, I love! David you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!

    I play guitar and I want to be like you because you’re my favourite guitar player in the world!!!

    I like Pink Floyd and of course your last record!

    Well… Goodbye David!

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