Meet-up: Florence & Venice


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Location confirmed! (Monday 31 July, 11:20AM)

Fans are meeting at The William pub (via A. Magliabechi 7/9/11) near the Square from 7PM before the Florence concert. Be on the look-out for Pink Floyd T-shirts and proceed with caution.

There are three more shows in Italy for you to look forward to and we want to hear from you if you are lucky enough to have a ticket to any one of them.

Again, we hope to help fans who may wish to meet with others before the concerts in Florence and Venice by offering this space to arrange a suitable place to meet.

Please note that no e-mail addresses or links to fansites will be published. We will only list suitable recognised venues and a time to meet.

As there are two shows in Venice, please be clear about which night you will be attending.

We’ll do the same for Gdańsk a little closer to the concert.


  1. Tim C (like a cat, in a bag ...)


    I appreciate that.

    We’re as cool as a cucumber.

    JJ – didn’t mean to singe your whiskers
    Luis, wrong time, wrong place. No hard feelings I hope.
    Lucia. Thanks sweetie. “Am I just a dreamer?”

    Final confessional – I’ve got an achilles heel when it comes to feeling “misunderstood” I’m afraid – but I think we all understand each other just fine now.

    Bloody hell. If this page doesn’t put off our lurkers nothing will. Honestly folks, come on in the waters lovely. And what are you doing reading this when you could be paying tribute to the writer of the GREAT GIG IN THE SKY ?!!

    [Well said. The trouble with blogs, forums and the like is that it’s too damn easy to be misunderstood. – Features Editor]

  2. Lucia

    Tim, don’t want to jump in your and FEd dialogue, but I consider you one of my closest bloggers so I’d like to ask you an help…can I? I understand what you feel and I’ll miss all our silly speeches very much…but, are not tired to argue? I’m exhausted! So, my dear Tim C (fitter, happier, more productive…) – BRILLIANT! – why don’t we try to enjoy ourselves and help FEd to do his job! It could be funny the same! Who tells that the blog have necessary to become boring! You know I often don’t agree with FEd…but he probably know what he’s doing. Don’t you think? I hope that my words have a sense for you…I’m only tired to arguements…”which are not of consequence, at all”!

    I love your presence here…don’t leave me! 😉


  3. Michèle

    [Merci. Il faut casser le noyau pour avoir l’amande, non? – Features Editor]

    wow ! that sounds so beautiful and so poetic ! wish everyone could understand…


    [Is it right? Better than “fais-mois des vacances”? – Features Editor]

  4. Tim C (insides turned out)


    I will crave one last little indulgence from F’ed.

    Don’t worry. I’m not really being as argumentative as I sound. I’m not going anywhere and I’m still going to be having fun. And we will find subtle ways of “smiling” at each other in print also I hope. Maybe even F’ed will wink occasionally. After all, the “argument behind the argument” is to make this blog as much fun for as many people as possible (and to be serious and not mess about at the back of the class, of course). And do not underestimate your role in that.

    [You won’t be getting any winks from me, sorry. You’ll have to manage with words alone to judge my mood. I’m not the winking kind. – Features Editor]

  5. paolo

    WOW! i’m going to Florence concert and I’m looking forward to that!|it’s a dream came true for me,because I’m only 21 and I have never had the opportunity to see some David or Pink floyd’s concert because I was too young,and now I can’t believe it!!I’m guitar player too and I really appreciate David as a musician!!!I’m waiting for Wednesday!!!!

  6. sylvie

    hé f.é., no news on this blog and no way to get some news from the bloggers for 2 days now… is it my computer or the website or f.é. who decided to get some vacation without telling us ( you have the right ,dear f.é….) BUT I MISS YOU EVERYBODY AND I HAVE NO OTHER WAY TO TELL YOU MY FEELING… o.k. come down sylvie de montréal, come down! i will try again in an hour bye bye!

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [You seem to be having trouble, Sylvie. There’s plenty going on here. – Features Editor]

  7. Emilio


    How are you? I will be at Florence the 2 of August and i’d like to meet someone

    Ragazzi per me possiamo vederci a piazza della Signoria vedete voi.

    I had seen David also at the auditorium in Rome….FANTASTIC! I was in another world! The best concert i have seen!

  8. Melissa

    Fed and friends,

    (Very caaalm and mellow tone)

    Fed hit the nail on the head about the newbies. Very perceptive.

    I have only recently been posting to this blog. I did read for a while though, without comments. It appeared that there were private conversations going on and I didn’t have a dog in the race so I didn’t comment.

    On one of the contest days, I felt more comfortable to post. It was an easy way to slip in the back door. It wasn’t just “to get something for free”. I did not come here thinking I would meet David or “get closer to him”.

    I have a deep respect for Mr. Gilmour’s privacy as it is my understanding he is a private man. That is why I came to this blog. I knew it was his official website where I would be able to get the most reliable and up to date info. Info that he wants us to have.

    I appreciate the amount of time and energy he puts into creating the music we all have made part of our lives. It also gives us the opportunity to share common interests. We are all here for the same purpose I’m sure.

    Maybe we could keep on the lookout for new bloggers and make them welcome. Anyway to do that Fed?

    I enjoy the blog and hope we will always have it. Where would we go??


    [Thanks very much for that, Melissa. – Features Editor]

  9. Michèle

    [Is it right? Better than “fais-mois des vacances”? – Features Editor]

    yes, better, because “fais-moi des vacances” dosen’t exist in french and even if so, it sounds like ” give me a break” or “let go of me” and it’s not very pleasant to hear !

    To day, I prefer say to you ” Bénissez-vous”, doesn’t exist, but sounds very much appropriate to you, Fed…

    Tim, Lucia, Bianca, Ikkar, …I would like to tell you I always appraciated all your comments, funny or serious, spontaneous or more reflective, personal or not, because I know you are all very kind, tolerant, and respectful of everyone here, and this is, I think, what is the most important thing for this blog !

    I think now “tout est bien qui finit bien” ( don’t know how to say that in english…)

    Wow !, I finally will go to Vienne to attend David’s concert and come back to Brussels in the night, hoping not to miss the flight to Symi ( hummmm, a hard challenge !) and then holidays, so no more blog for a moment, I will miss it, but keep it alive, all my friends…

    I wish all of you a very nice week-end


    [Merci. Les mêmes à vous. We say “All’s well that ends well” here, which works rather well, I think. Have a great holiday. – Features Editor]

  10. victor

    [On one of the contest days, I felt more comfortable to post. It was an easy way to slip in the back door. It wasn’t just “to get something for free”. – Posted by: Melissa at July 29, 2006 04:40 AM]

    i don’t think ed was getting at you, melissa. you’ve posted many times. it’s just that some people post for the freebies only and don’t even stick around to see if their post makes it on to the blog. some newbies post, then they moan that they don’t see their post because they can’t remember where they put it.

    as a regular, i don’t even care if these demanding people post or not. sorry, ed. i know you’d like to get more people involved in the blog and all that. if they’re nice like melissa, then great, but the ones who want and demand and give their opinions but don’t bother to read anyone else’s should show some respect first.

    hard to please everyone, isn’t it?

    [Very. Maybe I’ll realise that it’s impossible one of these days. – Features Editor]

  11. JJ

    [JJ – didn’t mean to singe your whiskers – Posted by: Tim C at July 28, 2006 04:17 PM]

    No problem at all, mate. I’m not one to hold grudges. 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about this. The Ed has to consider everyone, even if it would be easier to just keep giving in to the regulars so that they stay happy and keep posting. I like the banter, so please don’t think I don’t and that I’m having a go at anyone. But I can imagine that others might not like it (tough luck to a degree, but our dear old Ed does have a job to do after all). The way I see it is that people come here for the news and might just stay for the banter.

    That’s why Melissa’s post is important because it shows that there are obviously others out there who might not feel brave enough to join in, or might not see what all this has to do with DG and turn away. Like Ed says, you can’t please everyone.

    I think you’re doing a fine job of trying, Ed. You have been very accepting of opinions and don’t let things get out of hand. You’re firm when you need to be, but always fair. Remember: You can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs! A few people may have had their shells cracked this week, but you gotta do what you gotta do and we’re glad that you do it.

    [Thanks very much for that, JJ. I’m so glad that you get it. – Features Editor]

  12. Michael Alexander

    Hi guys, FloydianLeaf here. I travelled to London from Toronto with my #69 FloydianLeaf Maple Leafs jersey for the Strat Pack in 2004, went back to London from Toronto in 2005 for Live 8, travelled from my home in Grand Cayman in July 2006 for Roger’s show at Magny-Cours, and will now travel from Grand Cayman to Venice for David’s show there on August 5th.

    A fan you ask?

    You may say so.

    I always love meeting up with other Floyd fans and discussing the greatest band that has ever existed in the history of mankind and Mr. Gilmour who is the greatest guitarist alive and Rick Wright who is one of the planet’s most under-appreciated composers. I met David at the Strat Pack and was in such a state of shock all I could muster up to say to him was “can I shake your hand” and “thank you” after I shook it. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to meet him again and actually be coherent enough to have a few words with him. :o)

    Anyway, I digress.

    My wife and I will be staying on the island about a half km from the piazza. You won’t be able to miss me, I’ll be wearing a blue Maple Leafs jersey #69 with FloydianLeaf on the back and will most likely be carrying a Canadian flag. The same one you saw waving in the crowd at Live 8 and if anyone has seen footage of Magny-Cours, was waving there too.

    Come on over and say hello and if there is meeting up for drinks later, I am good to go!

    Shine on!

  13. claudio

    After the concert in Milan (arcimboldi’s theatre) last march, I’ll be in Venice next friday and next saturday, F.E.D.,are you going to come in Venice? Could be a good occasion for some people of the blog to meet you, are you agree or….. you are a ghost?.

    I have bought DVD PULSE and it is a masterpiece, F.E.D., what do you think about the on an island DVD in high definition images? it would be perfect for another masterpiece!

    thank you very much indeed for your answers

    [I’m not going to any of the concerts, sorry. I’m looking forward to the DVD, though. It sounds as though it’s going to be fantastic. – Features Editor]

  14. Lucia


    I agree with all you said. I’ve never thought that our Features Editor didn’t know what she/he was doing. I’ve always thought that there was a reason…even if I could be total agree…but we stay in two different position. I’m here to have fun, he/she is here to work! Some misunderstanding is normal, in these sense! I hope that “regulars” don’t decide to leave the blog, because the FEd could think that they were there just for “banter”…and this could make FEd feel very satisfy to had been right…and we don’t want FEd blow his/her peacock’s tail! HEY, FEd! I’m joking!…can I still joke with you? (Ah, sorry but I can’t understand “BANTER”…something to do with the barn? Anyway, I think to understand the meaning…).

    I’m sure we can have a lot of fun in the new blog style and I want to respect FEd decision…I think that the others and I have had just the feeling that, suddenly, FEd has builded an high wall from he/she and us (for using a Pink Floyd’s example!)…and we felt confused…and I already feel confused, in this sense…I hope you will be able to understand (even if you can share) what they I and probably the others felt…I think there were not bad intentions…

    However, I’m sure I can still have a lot of fun from the blog, have a lot of nice information about David…and, meanwhile…I HAVE TO DO MY REVIEW OF FLORENCE’S SHOW! I can’t leave the blog! I have a job to do!

    Have a great day, mates!


    P.S. Yesterday in my city was rainy…but a lot of rain! Now it’s sunny…but yesterday I was so frightned for Florence’s show! I have my hair painted…if it’s rainy…the colour flow away and finish on the clothes! I’ll pray for a big moon and a lot of stars!

    [Of course you can still joke, mate. ‘Banter’ is teasing, joking, being silly and having fun. I don’t want that to stop, I just don’t want it to swamp the serious stuff when that’s needed. I’m sure lots of people are looking forward to your review of the Florence concert. Enjoy it. – Features Editor]

  15. Federica

    Dear David,

    I’ll be on holiday from 2th to 9th august…

    … and I’ll be in Florence and in Venice for all the three shows! Good way to spend vacations, isn’t it?

    I hope to meet someone of the bloggers.

    Bye, Federica

    (sorry for my english, it’s very “basic”; in italiano ou en français ça va mieux 🙂 )

  16. Greg


    Hi all of you

    I can’t wait the day that David will begin to play his songs in Florence!!

    I hope to see all of you at the bar in Borgo dei Greci 7/R, near Santa Croce Square !!

    Meet there at 18 o’clock… RSVP

    Hope to see you soon

  17. sylvie

    O.K. SNIF,SNIF,f.é. doesn t want to hear about us this week, dear bloggers. I give you a chance f.é. if you don t give us any news before tomorrow…i…i…try again tomorrow.So i miss you a lot dear bloggers, and i see you one day.

    [If you are not seeing the new posts and blog entries, you clearly have a problem with your computer, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  18. Lucia

    [If you are not seeing the new posts and blog entries, you clearly have a problem with your computer, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

    Maybe Sylvie’s computer is offended! What had you told it, FEd? We know how much your words can wound! Sorry! Just a silly joke…you know I can’t resist!


    P.S. Before I forget. Some days ago I wrote a post to fellow Stefania…you didn’t post it and I don’t worried about that (I stop worring about a lot of things, at all!) but I’d like to explain that I wrote her in italian just because she said she are not able to use english…I’m only trying to let her feel comfrotable and help you with my language…

    [If it’s not already published, then I’m afraid it seems we didn’t receive it. – Features Editor]

  19. Lucia

    [If it’s not already published, then I’m afraid it seems we didn’t receive it. – Features Editor]

    No problem…I wrote you just to be clear…I love being clear, understand and make me understand….however, I have written to Stefania in italian and translated the post in english to help you to check…and it’s clear that I’m not going to write the same post again! But if Stefania needs some italian/english help, she can count on my little and modest help…I could say the same thing to you, but you’ll never trust me so much to let me write something without translate by yourself! And it’s right! I’d do the same with you! 😉


    [That’s good to know. You just can’t trust anyone these days, can you? – Features Editor]

  20. Lucia

    [That’s good to know. You just can’t trust anyone these days, can you? – Features Editor]

    Oh yeah! A little sad but a good way to think! It let you avoid a lot of expectations and then a lot of disappointments and misunderstanding…so you can pass over the events without resentment! Right? But..after all…..a little sad! At the other hand..what do you want to do, in these bad days! Have a great evening!


    [Well, I’m not being completely fair. We trust many of you. Maybe we’ll prove it soon. – Features Editor]

  21. Lucia

    [Well, I’m not being completely fair. – Features Editor]

    You (and David, and the band, and Sned…everyone) were always nice with us. REALLY ABSOLUTELY NICE! …and everyday I’m nice with a lot of people I meet…but I don’t trust them! And I don’t think David trust me! he shouldn’t! It’s not wise trust in unknown person!!!! All the moms say this! However, I appreciate a lot all your nice words….always better then bad and impolite’! uhmmmm…but I’m not sure the kind of “prove” you speak about can convince me to trust you or you to trust me! A t-shirt and some nice word is not a demonstration of trust…is a demonstration of politeness and kindness! I didn’t think you’d have confused this different words! ….but, at the end, is this so important?!!! No! I don’t have to lend you my home or let you got married my son or daugther! The important is that is time for me to leave the office!

    See you soon and don’t loose your sleep thinking about “trust”!



    [There’s no confusion on my part. What I’m thinking of would show that we have trust in you lot, but we need to work on it first. You’ll see soon enough and I hope you’ll like it. – Features Editor]

  22. Erin

    Fed, you got me curious . . .

    However, you and the crew have never let me down before, so I’m sure whatever you have in store will be wonderful. I hope I’m included in the “lot” you are speaking of =)

    Trust can be a beautiful thing!


    [Of course! – Features Editor]

  23. Tim C

    [There’s no confusion on my part. What I’m thinking of would show that we have trust in you lot, but we need to work on it first. You’ll see soon enough and I hope you’ll like it. – Features Editor]

    Go on F’ed, you can tell us. Nobody else is listening…

    [No, I can’t. Not yet. We have to get it up and running first. – Features Editor]

  24. Erin

    Ohh goody!! C’mon Fed, your good at stringing us along . . .how bout another clue as to the upcoming surprise. Pretty Please 😉

    Hopefully it will bring back some of “irregulars” who now are living up to the name.


    [I think it could be good, but we need to look at a few alternatives first. – Features Editor]

  25. Tim C (bleeding heart and artist)


    (whispering so no one else hears us)

    Are you happy that the Blog is “back on track” for you just now? Not a personal enquiry you understand, but relevant to us all I think.

    We are trying to be good, well behaved bloggers (Well some of us). I think I have noticed that a few more different people are commenting…

    [Yes, I think so. You are being very good. I wish I had some gold and silver stars to give out, or something like that. Seriously, the reviews of the shows do seem a bit more accessible, but it will be nice to have a day or two of the usual silliness after the second Venice concert. – Features Editor]

  26. JJ

    Can I have a gold one please, Ed? I’ve been really good. 😉

    [Yeah, of course you can. You get two, in fact, for your “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs!” line. Anyone who quotes Jack Nicholson in ‘Batman’ is alright by me. – Features Editor]

  27. Tim C (bleeding heart and artist)

    [Yeah, of course you can. You get two, in fact, for your “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs!” line. Anyone who quotes Jack Nicholson in ‘Batman’ is alright by me]

    I always thought the quote was pertinent to the the question of the industrialisation of rural society in England in the nineteenth century but hey, I’ll climb back down out of my own a**e!!

  28. Michael Alexander

    On the Live dates section of David Gilmour’s website there is supposed to be a pdf of the seating chart for the Venice show. However, when I go there all I see is [PDF] where the pdf file should be and nowhere to click to access it.

    Do you have a direct link to it, or was it taken down for some reason? If so, where else can I get a seating chart. I finally got my confirmation email from TicketOne and now I want to see exactly where I’ll be sitting.

    Thanks in advance.

    [Funnily enough, I have the same problem and can’t see it either. Please paste the following into your browser for the PDF: – Features Editor]

  29. Andrew

    [Yes, I think so. You are being very good. I wish I had some gold and silver stars to give out, or something like that. Seriously, the reviews of the shows do seem a bit more accessible, but it will be nice to have a day or two of the usual silliness after the second Venice concert. – Features Editor]

    Sod the stars. I can’t wait to get back to some of the silliness.


  30. Michael Alexander

    Thanks I managed to get a copy.

    I will be sitting in SETTORE A 9 if anyone sitting near me wants to come and say hello.

    Looking at the chart it would seem I am 13 rows back of the stage and 10 rows to the right of center. I have to say I am pretty pleased with that. Looking forward to a great show!

    Shine on!

    PS: Tell David I have no problem with someone coming to me with a pass backstage so we can actually have a conversation this time. 🙂


    To everyone going, see you there!

  31. Piergiorgio

    ha haaaaa!!!! there you are.

    You are all here “underground” to plan some sort of revolution and share a good amount of silliness!!! so this is the place for the regulars? the “past entries” is the place where the old, drunk and “lunatic” join together.


  32. Tim C (keep in contact with old friends..)


    ’twas ever thus (but don’t tell, we have to be quiet like mice)

  33. Erin

    AHHH!! Piergiorgio found us!! Quick, retreat to the hills. LOL

    [I think it could be good, but we need to look at a few alternatives first. – Features Editor]

    Ah, Fed, you certainly know how to string me along. . . alternatives . . .hmmm


    [Lots of work went into it today, I can tell you. – Features Editor]

  34. JJ

    [ha haaaaa!!!! there you are. You are all here “underground” to plan some sort of revolution and share a good amount of silliness!!! so this is the place for the regulars? the “past entries” is the place where the old, drunk and “lunatic” join together. good!!! – Posted by: Piergiorgio at August 1, 2006 04:49 PM

    Yes, this is where the naughty ones play! 😉

  35. Erin

    [Lots of work went into it today, I can tell you. – Features Editor]

    Ohh . . .who’s idea was this little project? Yours? David’s?

    [Yes, this is where the naughty ones play! ;)- JJ]

    Only the naughtest, JJ, LOL


    [Mine, so you have to like it, otherwise I’ll be really sad. – Features Editor]

  36. KenF

    To Lucia, Piergiorgio, GianLuca & all our Italian brothers and sisters of the blog

    I hope you all enjoy the rapturous evenings in Firenze & Venezia.

    I’m ashamed to say the only “Italian” language I know is found on a Pizza menu :o( So I can’t pass on my wishes in your native tongue.

    I’m sure David won’t have the same problems as me, he’s a multi-lingual maestro.


  37. Erin

    What?! Fed have feelings!? From what I hear you’re a mean ole bastard that is just here for a paycheck and benes.

    You know I love yah Fed, I’m sure whatever you have planned will be great. Can we expect it anytime soon?

    It’s kinda of fun talking over here . . .I feel a bit sneaky and evil. Oh wait, that’s because I am.


    [Who told you that? I trust they’re not too big for a good beating with a pointy stick. Cheeky buggers… – Features Editor]

  38. Andrew

    All the comments on this entry over the last few days just shows that old entries never die (until FEd shuts them down that is) they just get more interesting and silly.


  39. Erin

    I came back from my trip Fed and all that talk about bringing in new people and such. Well, a lot of us keep in touch via email too, and I know at least a few “irregulars” felt like it was time to move on. That you were breaking up the sense of community, and it was time to just “exit the ride.”

    Sometimes you can be soo sweet, and sometimes a real dick, oh my, you must be human. Don’t worry, I still love yah. It takes a lot more then that to get rid of me 😉

    You’d have to have David come to my house personally and ask me, or I guess you could just delete all my entries.

    I’m sure it’s nothing your pointy stick couldn’t take care of.


    [Is that right? That’s a shame, but fair enough. With the greatest respect, this little area doesn’t exist merely to indulge one or two individuals who want to talk among themselves – about a whole range of unrelated (and often wholly inappropriate) issues – whilst many others read on, completely clueless. It doesn’t work that way. That may well be a sense of community to some, but it isn’t all-inclusive and it actually has a detrimental impact upon our wider readership, because many people feel put off by what they consider impenetrable cliques sharing private jokes. We don’t want new people to replace the old. We just want to create the conditions that will allow our many lurkers to leave a message if they want to and to respect that, at busy times, the silliness can be a burden. As I’m frequently told, there are plenty of other places where people can engage in everyday chit-chat should they wish to do so. It’s just not happening here. It’s not my job to compete with those places nor to try and appease the dissatisfied. The blog doesn’t lend itself to the type of free-flowing conversation you get with a forum and, to be frank, I don’t see why there should be such a strong sense of entitlement. I used the old expression “quality, not quantity” and meant it. Often, less is more. 50 posts about the concerts is of far more relevance here than 150 about an array of topics. There have to be rules, there have to be no-go areas of discussion because this is an official website, and when you’ve exhausted all the relevant topics and perhaps don’t have the patience to just listen whilst someone else has a turn at expressing their view, then maybe it is best to take a break. Things do tend to get very boring after a while. If I’m a dick for following our rules and for taking the time to explain them instead of just disregarding your thoughts with a single mouse-click, then that’s fine. Perhaps I’m actually a dick for not hitting the ‘Delete’ button often enough and for letting people have a say to the point where they are quite rude. – Features Editor]

  40. damian cunningham

    Hye fed ive just finished packing my bag for venice, well half of it anyway. i hope the weather holds out for friday nite. katrina is really looking forward to venice, she has me looking in a book on venice for places to visit, i just looked for directions to the square ha ha See you all there, and hope to catch up in a bar for a few pre dg drinks havent felt this good since manchester.

    [Have a lovely time. – Features Editor]

  41. Andrew


    I have to ask you this. Do you feel like you are constantly hitting your head against a copy of The Wall?

    I had to keep a David reference in there. Sorry.


    [Beautifully done. Yes, I feel like I’ve broken my nose and haven’t given it time to properly heal before I’m at it again. – Features Editor]

  42. Tim C

    Actually Fe’d I think you’re doing just fine

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  43. Erin

    I can appreciate what you are trying to do, Fed. I like to think that we can still have a sense of community without the little cliques. I’ve never been a fan of cliques, anyways. I tend just to bypass the inside jokes, (except for the ones I’m in, yes, I know I’m a bit guilty). However, I know you don’t get that privilage.

    After all, some of us come here daily, met for concerts, email each other outside of this, I’ve said it before, I talk to some people here more then some of my family.

    It seems like there should be plenty of time for fun and games soon since the shows are wrapping up.

    It’s a delicate balance, and a fine line. I’m glad I don’t have to do it =)

    Keep up the great work, Fed. Now how bout another clue as to the surprise?


    [Thanks for that. I do know what you’re saying and believe me, I’m extremely frustrated that the blog isn’t serving that purpose. As for the surprise, then I hope it will be here soon as it will allow much more interaction between fans and should be a bit of fun. – Features Editor]

  44. Erin

    Did you finally get us a barn Fed? LOL


    [I’m still working on it. – Features Editor]

  45. Michael Alexander

    Well, here I am in Venice. Over $5000.00 spent, 24 hours of travel from Grand Cayman, me taking a week off from my business and my wife taking a week off work, we get to the square to look at the stage and to try and pick up our tickets from will call and I see something I don’t like.

    Officials that look like fire brigade or something (heavy coats with yellow X’s on the back) all over the stage. This is when my heart did its first flip. I then see the sign about the show being cancelled, that was the second. I was told Saturday night was 5050 at best and now my heart was sinking…I go back later that night and the stage is being torn down and I’m informed it’s officially cancelled.

    This is when my heart sank.

    When I was 14 my brother serving in the Navy was killed. I have not felt the way I did then since…until now.

    Completely gutted.

    Thanks Venice, I am sure this is your fault because I don’t believe for a second in the stage is unsafe story and think there is something more to this story.

    I was unable to see the North American shows because they were on when we were making the move from Canada to Cayman and now I miss it again because of this. Brilliant.

    To David and the band, perhaps this isn’t the end for you and our paths will get a chance to cross once again.

    I guess that is all I can hope for now.

  46. Michael Alexander

    What a difference a day makes!

    Walking around yesterday I felt like crap. I then meet up with a fellow Floyd fan and blogger and his amazing girlfriend and we head out on the town for beers at McDonalds LOL! and to share in our misery and try to forget.

    We go back to the square later on to find out that it is 90% back on next weekend and then later it was 100%

    I am sure if anyone saw the looks on our faces and heard us rejoicing they would surely think we were nutters.

    Thank you David and the association for making this happen. See you next Saturday. Now I have a week in Venice to spend, so time to make the most of it.

    Shine on everyone!

  47. FloydianLeaf

    Where the heck is everyone?

    The show is back on, the stage is being rebuilt as we speak with a back being put on to offer the roof further support and show number 1 is a mere 3 days away.

    Let’s get it going!

  48. FloydianLeaf

    Stage update!

    It is 6:30 PM in Venice and in San Marco the roof is back up, the chairs are being set up and the buzz is back in the air.

    About 50 hours to go now before David is set to go on stage…

  49. FloydianLeaf

    I am feeling a bit alone right now in all of this. Has everyone left? 😮


    The latest:

    The entire shell is now built (back, sides and roof), the amps are hanging on either side, the lights are up in the roof, the mirrors for the lasers are positioned and the chairs are now almost all set back up again.

    28.5 hours to showtime and counting…

  50. Michael Alexander

    It’s now Monday morning, I am back home in Cayman and I have a heck of a story to tell. I’ll post it in the tour room.

    Cheers to everyone I met. What a great show and a terrific location to see it in, even with the rain in the first half!