Meet-up: Florence & Venice


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Location confirmed! (Monday 31 July, 11:20AM)

Fans are meeting at The William pub (via A. Magliabechi 7/9/11) near the Square from 7PM before the Florence concert. Be on the look-out for Pink Floyd T-shirts and proceed with caution.

There are three more shows in Italy for you to look forward to and we want to hear from you if you are lucky enough to have a ticket to any one of them.

Again, we hope to help fans who may wish to meet with others before the concerts in Florence and Venice by offering this space to arrange a suitable place to meet.

Please note that no e-mail addresses or links to fansites will be published. We will only list suitable recognised venues and a time to meet.

As there are two shows in Venice, please be clear about which night you will be attending.

We’ll do the same for Gdańsk a little closer to the concert.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

202 thoughts on “Meet-up: Florence & Venice”

  1. me me me!! I’m going (incase you didn’t notice with all the gloating) yahoooo

    Sat 5th waaaay at the back 🙁

    but who cares, I’m going and thats the main thing!

    I’ll be the guy in a pf dsotm t-shirt with a very embarrassed girlfriend! Oh and no black eye … touch wood

  2. Very well again, I will be be in Venezia, attending the Friday concert.

  3. Caption “Eureka!”

    or “I have an Idea (lets play Brazil already :p )”

    or “David stood dangerously close to the ferris wheel”

  4. Can’t wait for Venice (am I the only one who feels like a 7 year old on Chrismas Eve?!). If it is anything like the RAH I’ll be completely blown away! Thank you David.

    A local has told me that drinks on the Terrace Bar at the Monoco Hotel would be a great pre-show meet. Hope to see you there…….

  5. Ciao,

    Finally the meet-up blog for my country!!! Well I will be in firenze, piazza santa croce.

    Hey folks, the stage will have the back to the church. So the crowd will see DG, the lasers and the beautiful Italian square all together.

    Sometimes I think I am so lucky to live in such a beautful coutnry, and to have the possibility, every spring and summer, to attend to beautiful events under a marvellous Italian sky, sorrounded by stones that tell history. Sorry for this but sometimes also Italians are proud!!

    Ah, Michelina: you make me red, I get all passionate….(I am deeply Italian, after all)…are you “free”? (fed, what? no I am not intruding in her life, I am not trying to….ok, ok…) Hihihihihi.

    So I will drive my car, alone..”like a dog without a bone, an actor all alone”(that’s another band, isn’t it?). And It will take me three hours to get there, but it will be fun. So I don’t know if I will ever get on time in a bar.

    How can we meet? suggestions? Does anyone know the name of a bar close to the square?

    Ciao 😉

    P.S. the amounts of records Pink floyd sell today is still amazing to me. Now it is like classical music:it will sell forever.

    Post too long? sorry…

  6. Hello!

    I repeat. I will be in Florence but I’ll stay there just the time of the shows, because I have to drive a lot to arrive and a lot to came home. So I can’t give you an appointment, but if you see a no very young girl, tall enough, with strange short hair and, above all, (the girl I live with says this is my distinctive feature!) with the skin white like a ghost, TRY TO CALL ME!


  7. *flashback* – when i read your first line Fed.

    Ahhh…wish i could see good ol Dave again…tho, this time Austria would be much closer.

    Have fun all of you lucky buggers that will have the privilege to attend one of Davids gigs.


  8. Damn, these blog entries are coming fast.. are we polluting them with our OT babble for the people that are looking for a meet-up place?

    As I said, my balcony is still free for any meet-up, but you will have to give me a lift to the concert *grin*

    I finished Polly’s book of stories last night. Maybe that is why I couldn’t sleep. The images just stick to your brain. (Is that English? *lol* You know what I mean, right?) Lucia, did you read it?

    Hugs, Bianca

  9. Just wishing everyone who will be attending the upcoming gigs a splendid time.

    To David and the band I’d say “play the roof off as you did in the RAH” but considering the open-air venues, that would be rather silly. I’ll just stick to “Knock ’em dead, guys”

    Have a wonderful time everyone.

    Best regards,

  10. Good morning to all.

    Fed, Are you getting any posts from me??
    I have’nt seen the last 2. They did’nt contain anything important except me wishing everyone a safe trip to and from concert. Enjoy.

    I am so upset that I’m not going. My mind and energy will be there with you guys and the band. Well maybe not all of my mind, I do not think my patients would appreciate that.

    Fed, if I overlooked my posts I am embarrassed and deserve criticism.


    [Anything that has been received has been published. I see that one is with the previous entry, timed at 12:32am today. – Features Editor]

  11. I’ll be attending both nights in Venice.

    I can barely forecast the feelings and atmosphere in San Marco square with David’s celestial music all around…can’t wait!

    Just a thought to the after concert: It might be very difficult to leave Venice at night, unless they have arranged something special with transport. I hope there won’t be the problems and critics left in 89.

    Fed, are you going to attend the shows?

    [Sadly, no. – Features Editor]

  12. Ciao a tutti

    I’d like to meet up in Firenze on Wed but I really don’t know any bar there, maybe we can meet in Piazza Della Signoria?

    PF Animals black t-shirt and long hair of course…

    Piergiorgio, Lucia, Roberto, come on guys, where are you?

    A presto

  13. Happy Tuesday,

    Slightly unrelated as unfortunately I will not be going to a show in europe (but good wishes to those who are) but my eldest daughter had her 1st year university exam results at the weekend. (Proud Dad moment – she passed the lot and can now progress to her 2nd year). However, not that it is any of my business but it did have me wondering how David’s son did with his exams. If you remember the tour took a break earlier in the year so that David could be at home.

    Any idea Fed ?

    Pete – Coventry

    [No news on that front, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  14. Ah, Firenze…

    This Sunday will be our 12 wedding anniversary, and we honeymooned in Firenze and Venezia…..

    We’ve been to Firenze twice now and want to go back again someday. I wish we were there to meet with you guys. Have a blast!!! Boy, RCMH seems like so long ago now…? Was Heartland Brewery in NYC the first of blogger meetings, or were there some in Europe before April?

    And, I’m ready to go for the Barn Band, but it looks like I’ll have to bring along a fair amount of psychotropic medication for the band…..

    Rock-n-Roll is the legitmate child of the Blues. I’d be happy covering everything Floyd/Floydian….

    “The path you tread is narrow, and the drop is sheer and very high…..”

  15. GianLuca,

    How about meeting in front of the copy Statue of David in the Piazza Della Signoria?

    Now, how funny would that blogger picture be with you guys in front of the statue that has a super-imposed picture of OUR David on top! LOL!

    If memory serves, there are a few places to have drinks in that Piazza, and it’s a short walk to Santa Croce….

    (First time I had real pizza was in that piazza….ah, Firenze…..)

  16. I’ll be thinking to those happy few/many in Florence or Venice.

    I wanted to see again the concert in Venice but we live in the heel of Italy and son said: “mamma non esagerare!” The truth is I don’t like open air venues, I save my money for next RHA concert. Hope it wont take long.

    I thought Lucia was invented by Fed… she is too witty.

    A wonderfull time to you all!


  17. ciao,

    hmmm, left my long hair back in the nineties (damn). My problem is that I am making a long trip and cannot assure when I will be in Firenze. so I cannot ask people to wait for me gianluca. I have found a pub “the william” very close to the square (Fed, I think I put the link in the message, I never did …don’t know if I did right). Could be a suitable place? Sometime around 7 or 8?

    ciao 🙂

  18. Sadly, I won’t be going to any of these concerts=(

    I know all who do are in for quite a treat. Can’t wait to hear ALL about it guys.

    I’m leaving for Las Vegas in a few hours. Tomorrow we’re seeing Elton John. I haven’t seen him live, but everyone tells me he puts on quite a show, so we’ll see. In any case, it’s no David Gilmour.

    If I fare well enough in Vegas, I’ll pay for all my “irregulars” way to the Barn Band Party and to Greece whichsome of us have planned for later next year or early 2008. (Fed & David, you’ll be getting invites soon)


    You didn’t think I’d write that without some “small print” did you . . . .

    Your status as an “Irregular” is at my discretion. And faring well enough would have to mean . . .yeah, a lot of money. Roughly the same as how many copies of the PULSE DVD have sold worldwide. =)

    Remember all . .it’s the thought that counts!

  19. Ah Fed,

    don’t forget to tell David that in Milan he didn’t play Arnold Layne or Coming Back to life….the band could do those in Firenze, no?

    ciao 🙂

  20. To all those attending the Europrean shows…have a great time. You are definitely in for a treat.


  21. ..the band is just fantastic…..

    I’m really counting down the days…I’ll be in Venice on 5th Saturday together a friend of mine ( high school classmate, fan like me)

    Very good to see the seats planning….

    Non vedo l’ora di esserci !! Ciao a tutti

  22. Piergiorrrrrrgio, you should know all the women are free (at least in France), but I will never be your…”bone” !

    I know, it was not your question, but it’s my reply !…

    Michelina or Michèle ? you have to guess…

  23. Hi everyone, Hi Italian blogger, ciao a tutti

    I‘ll not be in Florence or Venice but I have a good reason 🙁

    In a couple of days my little daughter will be born, maybe tomorrow 🙂 so I will too busy with nappies and baby bottles….double lucky you!!!…hehehe I’m joking.

    I’ll introduce her to you as soon as possible; she could be the youngest blogger, couldn’t she?

    I wish I could be there and I’d like to meet you all before a show. I promise that while there will be the shows I’ll rock my baby with David Gilmour’s music, she already likes it.

    I’m waiting for your reports, don’t forget them.

    Beati voi!!!!!

    Ciao ciao

    P.S. Mike from Michigan, congratulations for the birth of little David.

  24. Hey Fed, I just wanted to know if any of the other band members ever post anything on Davids web site. I know Guy does,But I have been a faithful fan of David’s web site and really don’t remember seeing anyone else. I must be getting old and sorry to bother you. Please let me know.


    [Richard posted once, as did Jon and Steve. – Features Editor]

  25. I think topazia43 is my mother! She’s too kind! Thanks! Hope you can have soon a new fantastic David’s show!


  26. Phew! The desire to meet you is growing in me…it seems so funny….so boring I can’t arrive early…but I’ll try…so, please, write your final meet point in CAPITAL LETTERS, so I can understand it better….


  27. CAPTION: David thought he had a good idea then someone lassoo’d it…then he had another idea & that one was better.

  28. Hi there,

    just had a thought, what you didn’t hear the cogs??

    is Mr Brickman adding his talents to the open air shows or will it be too bright?

    [I believe there will be lights and lasers. – Features Editor]

  29. Unfortunately I won’t be at any of the Italian shows, but I hope that everyone who will be there has a great time and tells us all about it. I wonder if the setlist will change much.

  30. Italy is a little out of my price range, for a guy flippin burgers. I know tons of great bars here in Nova Scotia, its what we do best ‘eh. If yas wanna make a pit stop then round ‘o beers on me! G’luck to Dave and the crew… (how i wish, how i wish i was there)

    Peace, Love and Happiness

  31. Dear Fed- I missed the posts by Richard, Jon and Steve (I have been less frequently reading lately, I admit). Can you telll me where I can find their posts and I’ll go back and read them?


    [I remember that Jon posted a message expressing his sadness at Syd’s passing (so 11 July) and Steve was replying to the messages that were left for him (so 20 June). Off the top of my head, I couldn’t say when Richard wrote. – Features Editor]

  32. CONGRATULATION TO ROBERTO and MIKE from Michigan! And above all, great congratulation to your wives! Just a bit of female solidarity! And, of course, a great kiss to the new babies! It’s wonderful!


  33. Caption Competition

    DG was proud of his herd of 10 foot high cows and one playfully walked in front of him as he had his picture taken…

  34. CAPTION As David is outdoors enjoying the last of the good weather he hears the delicate sound of thunder and overhead Polly hands him his Rain coat from the MLOR tour complete with Lightbulbs.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  35. * waaaay off topic * But I’m listening (for the first time) to “Dark Globe” by Syd…


    Now I know why Bowie was so moved by his passing. It sounds exactly like something off of “The Man Who Sold The World” or “Hunky Dory”.

    So now we not only have Syd to thank for our dear Floyd but for Bowie’s entire career as well…


  36. Hi!!

    I’m longing for monday ’cause David’s on an island tour sets in France, in my country!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure it will be great. Actually, it will be the best concert of my entire life.

    David, u’re the best, pink floyd is the best band.U’ve changed Music. I LOVE listening to you, it is perfect, far much better than all what’s done nowadays… Yet, I’m 20, i would have liked to live at my father’s time…

    My last words go to Syd, shine on u crazy diamond, be in peace, we’ll never forget u.

    Here’s to the crazy diamond, to Pink floyd, to Roger, Nick, Richard. Here’s to David, u’re the best.

  37. In front of the ‘Fake David’ in the Piazza Della Signoria sounds to me a great idea – grazie Angelo – and Happy Anniversary.

    So we can walk a little bit around in the wonderful centre of Florence before the concert.

    I’ve found this link, have a look if you’re not familiar with Michelangelo…:)

    Piergiorgio you take the final decision and write it in capital letters please otherwise Lucia gets upset…;)

    A presto

  38. Lucia, fantastic! Keep harnessing that power!

    Erin, Thanks! And Happy Anniversary to you too!

    Mike, congrats on the baby!

  39. “DG was proud of his herd of 10 foot high cows and one playfully walked in front of him”

    Rudders, thats udderly ridiculous… 😉

  40. Ok, thanks Feat. Ed. Not sure where my head was at that I didn’t see it, when it first came around.

    To all those going to David’s concerts have the greatest time possible for all of us who can’t go but do be respectful. Remember we want David to enjoy playing to us as much as we enjoy seeing him play. So that he’ll want to keep going.

    Thank you very much indeed, Good night to you

  41. Dai fioi ‘ndove se trovemo? (venetian slang)

    translation: Hey guys where will we meet ?


  42. Hye all, i will be in venice from the 3rd to the 6th, katrina my partner and i are really looking forward to the 4th great seats. Kat says are we going on a gondila or what ever they are called dont care. may buy a cornetto though, but leave the singing to david.Staying at the Antico panada very close to marco square.

  43. [And, I’m ready to go for the Barn Band, but it looks like I’ll have to bring along a fair amount of psychotropic medication for the band…..]

    Like I need any..

    Hugs, Bianca – psycho by nature *grin*

  44. Another Barn Party idea:

    We can publish a book of Rudders Captions, what do you think? (of course they may be a lot less funny without Polly’s accompanying photo’s.. *grin*)

    Hugs, Bianca

  45. [Off the top of my head, I couldn’t say when Richard wrote. – Features Editor]

    Here’s Richard’s post from the June 3rd Glassman page:

    Had a wonderful time playing with rock’s finest guitar player again

    Love Richard. Guy is pretty good also.

    Posted by: Richard Wright at June 3, 2006 09:54 PM

    [Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  46. Just started a new job 4 weeks ago and won’t be going to any concerts this time round 8(

    However, just finished watching P.U.L.S.E. and will confidently bet that it will be the biggest selling DVD of all time. By a long way. Thank you for capturing the essence of Pink Floyd for us in such life changing way.

    See you sometime, next time you’re touring perhaps. Enjoy the concert all!

  47. Fed, I have a great idea. How about David and the band letting us know how they feel about performing in front of us. That way we can know how they really feel about us. I know you can’t really ask them to do this, But it would be fun to know if they would. I do remember Jon , Steve. Plus Guy(the one man show),But I really don’t remember Richard either. But getting old and your mind starts to forget things, Anything is possible.

    I hope that everyone who is going to see David in concert has a great time.


  48. Ciao ragazzi allora,dove ci si vede a Firenze per bere qualcosa assieme prima dello show?

    Hi Fed,how are you? Last week was a sad week for you too,don’t you?

    I’ve got a letter published on the ‘Gazzetta del Sud’ three days ago. It was my response on an article on Roger Keith ‘Syd’ Barrett,an article in some way offensive.

    On 11th July I I’ve looked for Syd’s death articles,and found words on these like ‘Vegetable’,’insane’,and something wrong about his life and work.In my letter I’ve tryed to equilibrate the truth(for what I know) of an young man that did’nt love the show-business,and one day went away,disappearing from all that he did’nt loved to see and do.

    Another thing:in ‘tv sorrisi e canzoni’,this week in the article on Syd’s death was shown a Richard Wright’s photo!

    Noooo! Should I write to them,too?

    I’ll wait until ‘The blue’,at Florence,then I’ll realize all.


    [Hi there. It certainly was a sad week last week. Thank you for writing your letter and well done on getting it published. Too many people write rubbish and it’s good to set them straight every once in a while. Good for you, mate. – Features Editor]

  49. Sorry I can’t make it to Venice and Florence, The Lear jet still has a flat tyre (‘tire’ to us N. Americans) but please offer my best to all the bloggers who meet up for a drink or two at the pre show! And by the way………oh damn it,I’m just to depressed that all us old Pink Fossils (and you know who you are!)can’t be there to see this great show of Davids.

    Bob in Victoria, BC, Canada

  50. Does Sir David Gilmour know that there’s a place in the earth called ‘South America’ where he has TOO MANY fans waiting for a show?

    Roger Waters does. I saw his show in my country (Chile).

  51. Today’s caption:

    I rather be playing football… And be the star of the Italian Team. Wayda go Italy!

  52. Ciao a tutti,

    well, it seems we have not decided a place yet (it’s typical italian way to arrange things, Fed, there is a lot of confusion but at the end we make everything happen). So I will repeat my proposal: PUB “THE WILLIAM” in Firenze. Get the link above (up above…some posts before this) and there will be a map. Actually I don’t know if will be open so early but at least is a place where we can wait each other if we want. We are just three or four? I don’t know…

    Roberto: Complimenti per il tuo bambino!!

    Lucia (you know it’s my mother’s name?) and Michela(today I feel like translating it): you don’t know what you miss…Really I am gifted with..OOH, yes Fed, I get it..I should not, ever, talk like that here…sorry (hahaha, sorry girls I felt like joking). But your “refuse” is just lighting up my “passione”…..hihihihi

    ciao 🙂

  53. [DG was proud of his herd of 10 foot high cows and one playfully walked in front of him as he had his picture taken… – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto]

    Nice one Rudders.. or is that Udders!!!


    You can find Richard Wright’s post on the “Glassman” blog 03/06 @ 09:54 PM

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]


    Is it possible to know if there will be the soundchek or something like it in the afternoon? what time?

    Any surprise for Venice? 🙂

    I don’t know… maybe One of these days??? Marooned? or something still more “mystic” like A saucerful of secrets or Atom heart??? with these I’m sure you’ll pass in the history!!! 🙂

    don’t forget the megalaser!

    [You’ll just have to wait and see. As for the soundcheck, then we wouldn’t dream of announcing such details. We certainly don’t want another episode like the one at JFK airport. – Features Editor]

  56. anorak alert!

    I have noticed a ‘bug’ with the pulse dvd!

    well for starters the menu system is too advanced for my crap telly dvd combi so it just cuts straight to the concert and I can’t seem to access the extras on either of the dvds.

    But theres a bug in the packaging…

    one of these days is listed as the first track of part 2, and I assume that part 2 means disk 2.
    But it’s on disk 1. Now whats my prize? ;p

    [I don’t know, but feel free to ask Pink Floyd’s management. – Features Editor]

  57. [Dai fioi ‘ndove se trovemo? (venetian slang) translation: Hey guys where will we meet ? – Posted by: Salin Alberto at July 25, 2006 07:38 PM]

    preparty: San Marco
    postparty: Campo Santa Marghe

    Ghe femo bevar un Spritz a Gilmour… te vedare dopo come che’l sona! 🙂

    translation: We’ll offer a Spritz to Mr. Gilmour, he will enjoy it! (It’s a typical Venetian drink… try it!)

  58. [I pray it won’t start to rain]

    Don’t worry, even if it rains; in Verona in June it was raining, but the show goes on and you enjoy it the same. How is it? “I don’t know it’s a miracle!”

    We are all crossing fingers for you.


  59. Tim, F.Ed!

    Mr Wright posted a message on June 3rd, topic was Glassman….

    To all of you going to the shows, enjoy yourselves! It will be worth the wait! Wish I could be there!



    [Thank you, JT. – Features Editor]

  60. For those of FIRENZE either tell me if my idea is right or suggest some other place. The square is too much confusing to me, but we choose together.


  61. Piergiorgio,

    I didn’t know Lucia is your mother’s name…you shouldn’t have told me….now I wonder if you have some Edipo complex! 😉

    Does your grandmother call Michèle? However, I didn’t refuse anything, because you didn’t aim any offer! ….but about your allusions, I think you should be less wild and more gallant…where is champagne, music, sunsets and poems? Ok! This is too much, maybe! But I can image what your mother could say if she read your last post!!!! REMEMBER! You have a mission, damn! You have to rapresent the italian man!


  62. Ok to me in Firenze PUB “THE WILLIAM” VIA A. MAGLIABECHI 7/9/11

    I hope to be there by 7

  63. GianLuca, have you a deal with that pub and the people you take to eat there?!!! The others are speaking about Piazza della Signoria and David Statue…….I fear that, at the end, each one will be in a different place!


  64. Ciao,

    ok Gianluca is ok for “THE WILLIAM” pub. Roberto, Lucia, and you? someone else?


  65. GianLuca,

    Prego! It looks like you’ve found yourself a nice pub to go to, anyway….but you guys think about that picture.. I think it would be funny!

    …and Rudders, welcome back dude….. those Captions were sorely missed…

  66. OK i wasn’t at all bothered, (bothered, do i look bothered) seeing all these messages regarding meeting up for the latest concerts are starting to make me jealous now.

    To all that are going, have a great time

  67. F*ed-

    Can we please have a Richard Wright day sometime soon? He contributions are such an integral and essential part of both the early and “classic” Floyd sound. I’d like to be able to send him off a thread of love and thanks so he can “Remember A Day” when we all posted our admiration…


    [Yes, there will be one very soon. – Features Editor]

  68. “THE WILLIAM”…capital letters…fantastic! Even if I have a lot of doubt I will the at 7 o’clock…but I’ll try….but should I enter in the pub shouting your names? Oh my god! I’ll seem a mad! DAVID! How many crazy things in your name…more or less! Dont’ worry, I won’t use your name while I’ll shout around Florence!


  69. Wow! The pole for best song was difficult. It was like trying to pick which flavor of ice cream you want. I want em all. Greedy Americans. No offense brothers and sisters, I am American I can say this.

    Melissa *_*

  70. Bonjour Sylvie de Québec!Jai grandi a Québec et j y retourne régulièrement, ma famille est presque toute la encore. Je suis bien contente de prendre contact avec toi.Je regrette juste que nous nous soyons manqué a Toronto!

    To Lucia; Sylvie de québec was inviting you to have a coffee with her, and i am inviting you too to have a glass of wine( i prefer…) if one day you come close to Montréal!!!

    Michèle, je veux bien partager ce verre de champagne que vous m offrez, j adore le champagne.Si je retourne un jour en France, je vous le fais savoir! Or one day, we make a nice meeting in the beautiful Québec city, les 2 Sylvie, Lucia and Michèle.

    Michèle, je vous déteste un peu puisque vous retournez voir David a Vienne!Quelle chanceuse vous etes!!!

    A bientot les filles, Ciao Lucia.
    Sylvie de Montréal bisous xxx

  71. planet rock radio station are inviting listeners to suggest their three favourite PINK FLOYD tracks to be played tomorrow 27th July.Just thought i would pass on that info.



    [Thanks for that, Graham. Click Graham’s name if you’re interested. – Features Editor]

  72. Angelo,

    I have not understood…do you come to the pub? I proposed a pub because I am coming from far away and don’t want to promise I’ll be in square and then arrive late. Moreover I don’t want to go to the square, after a long trip and lose myself among thousands of people!! Donìt you think a pub is a better idea? come on…


  73. Hi Fed!

    Will there be any chances of buying tickets for the Gdansk show through this website? Any news on the VIP-tickets?


    [No, there will be no tickets for sale here, sorry. – Features Editor]

  74. Michèle, je viens de lire les autres posts et je réalise que ce n est pas sure que vous alliez a Vienne. Je retire mes paroles humblement; je ne vous déteste pas un peu… en fait du fond du coeur je vous souhaite d y aller. Et bon voyage en Grèce( la ,je vous déteste beaucoup… je reve d y aller depuis longtemps!)

    Sylvie de Montréal

  75. In occasion of these exhibitions Pink Floyd dominate Italian top75 album charts last week:

    Dark Side 12 (prev 8)
    The Wall 20 (prev 13)
    Atom 35
    Echoes 36
    Animals 38
    A Momentary 45
    Piper 55
    Final Cut 58
    Division 61
    Meddle 79
    Saucerful 89
    Delicate 90
    Ummagumma 98

  76. July 27, 2006: AUSTRIA – NR. LINZ

    HEY! Tomorrow is the great day! GOOD LUCK TO DAVID AND ALL THE BAND! They will be fantastic! NO DOUBT! Enjoy to everyone will be there!


  77. Piergiorgio,

    Buena Sera! (is that right?)

    I actually won’t be there…I’ll be in the Bronx, NYC dreaming of being with you guys in the pub practicing what little Italian I know….

    I agree with you, a pub is a great place to meet and hang. We’ve done it here on this side of the Atlantic and it’s worked for us…and it sounds like it’s worked out well in the UK as well. Since I have visited Firenze twice I suggested the fake Statue of David which is easily recognisable (and a cool symbol considering who you’re going to see). The pub will work out just fine for you guys…

    Have fun! Throw back a pint for me, and take plenty of pictures of the meeting!!!

    And about the concert, all I can say is….’Echoes’…. 😀

  78. Hi Guys…

    Thanks for the comments… it’s good to be back 🙂

    It seems to me the blog has slowed down somewhat over the past weeks but I guess we couldn’t have maintained the velocity we were moving at… or maybe this is the lull before the storm of the next concerts… 🙂

    So how are you Fedmeister… ok?

    [Well, it’s starting to be more like our view of what a blog should be and less like a forum, although it’s still too much like a chatroom (albeit one with a delayed response due to the fact that it’s moderated). – Features Editor]


    Everyone just go there…. I don’t want you guys to miss out because some dude from the US who’s not even going got you all confused…

    I have enough weighing my conscious as it is…..

    Have a great time!!!!

  80. Happy Birthday Erin!!

    Mike congradulations my man!!

    Michele thanks for the link to Theatre Antique, that place looks absolutely magical!!

    Please, everyone who will be attending, for all of us who are not going to the ‘open air shows’, say hello to the band and give a big smile for all of us. We really do wish we were there.

    Rudders, you are classic man! 10 foot high cows. . .ROTFLMAO. . .

  81. Good Day, FED and All, it’s bloody hot here in Florida, but nothing like the rest of the country it seems.

    As I am making preparations for my trip next week, I am actually tickled pink. [ sorry ’bout the pun, couldn’t resist ] As I will be arriving in Rome early Thursday morning, I know that I’ll be fragged from the trip, but knowing that I’ll be seeing DG & Co. I shall have to have a couple of cups of espresso to endure the trip to Venezia. I’ll be staying @ the Hotel Flora during the time for the shows until Sunday afternoon, then I’ll be off to Greece.

    Until then tho’, I would very much like to hook up [meet] with anybody at a pre-determined location.

    P.U.L.S.E. is absolutely, deafinitely a part of my collection. I still am up in arms as to which is my favourite performance, plus ‘Marooned’ ? What a treat ! It’s really a treat to re-visit those wonderful memories of 12 years ago.

    FED, if you can indulge a semi-old codger, I’d like to relate an experience I’d had before TDB was released.

    Just 10 days prior to the release, ‘Keep Talking’ premiered on our local radio station here. I had a friend who happened to work at the station and he invited me down to the studio. He didn’t say why. I knew that the album was just around the corner of being released.

    When he invited me into the booth, he gestured for me to sit down. After a run of music played, he handed me a sheet of paper. After scanning it quickly I was all a’tingling. He told me to announce it on air, when the break finished, of course. This was only my fourth time being on the radio, so I was very anxious.

    So as the break ended, he cued me, opened my mike and I made the announcement without error ! I had done it perfectly !! [Alas ! My friend had sinced moved on to a different part of the country and we no longer keep in touch.]

    Thinking back on that single fantastic experience makes me a little nostalgic.

    It was magic. One of the few shining moments in my semi-boring life, but what an experience !

    Anyway, just to let you know, I am so stoked for these two fantastic shows. I’m also hoping in a weird way that there could be a light rain for the Saturday show. There’s just something about the way the laser show is just heightened ever so by the elements.

    Lastly, before I cut out of here, I AM going to the island that inspired this wonderful new CLASSIC from Mr. Gilmour and Polly and the rest of the boys. From Tuesday the 8th ’til Thursday the 10th. Boy, this little venture, sure is going to set me back financially for the rest of the year, BUT, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY !!! I’ll be sure to have some interesting stories to tell after this trip !!

    ( Yeah, it sure would be great to catch up with some of my Italian counterparts when I get there. )

    Peace and Love To All !!!!!

    Cazart !

  82. Hi,

    Yes, I will be at Davids concert in Venice Saterday 5 August.

    Also been to his concert in Amsterdam 20 March.

    Recently also been to two great Roger Waters shows in Holland. The Arrow rock festival and at Ahoy in Rotterdam.

    Rob Hoogenboom
    The Netherlands

  83. By reading through the posts it seems like our Italian friends are already having a party and David hasn’t even played a note yet.

    First you celebrate a World Cup win and now you get David for some shows. I guess it just can’t get any better than that.

    Enjoy the concerts and please do report back to us your experiences. Of course we also want to hear about Piergorgio and Lucia dancing in the fountains if that should happen.


  84. Salut Sylvie de Montréal

    Suis contente que tu sois de retour,j’aurais tant aimer être en Europe et suivre la tournée,mais demain nous serons là en pensées,tu sais qu’il y a six heure de décalage horaire alors demain à 14:00heure ici au Ca. pour eux là bas le show va commencer.Alors j’aimerais que tout les fans de David et la bande,nous y soyons à 14:00heure tous ensemble collectivement nous allons leurs envoyer nos pensées,je suis sûr qu’il vont sentir notre présence.

    Changement de propos j’ai cru voir que Roger Water sera au Centre Molson le 21 septembre 2006 en tournée avec le répertoire de Floyd comme show,je me renseigne et je te reviens avec ça.Au plaisir.

    Sylvie de Québec

  85. [Can we please have a Richard Wright day sometime soon? – Matt Parish]

    And isn’t it Rick’s birthday on 28th of july ?


    [It is. – Features Editor]

  86. Hey, Sylvie (de M.), d’abord vous me détestez un peu à cause de Vienne, puis vous me détestez beaucoup à cause de la Grèce, alors, si j’arrive à faire les deux, comment me détesterez vous ? alors que je vous offre le champagne ? ce n’estpas joli-joli ! je suis très déçue…

    Non, je blague et je ne suis pas rancunière, et je sais que j’ai beaucoup de chance…

    j’adore vous lire, les deux Sylvie, alors, toujours d’accord pour le café chez l’une, le vin chez l’autre et le champagne chez moi ? Et quoi chez vous, Fed?


    [Je déteste le café, mais j’aime un peu de vin et champagne parfois. – Features Editor]

  87. Hope you all have a wonderful time meeting up. We know you will be enjoying the concert of your lives. Enjoy, enjoy… especially On An Island.

    Wish I was there.

  88. Bonjour Michele!

    [John (not from Florida !, very important!), you,you made me blush – Posted by: Michèle at July 20, 2006 09:44 PM]

    You made me blush by saying I made you blush.

    Je suis seul…et vous? 🙂 …Je suis bilingue…(Francais et Anglais) Mon vrai nom est “Jean(Pas de Floride)”

  89. I just picked up PULSE today, and one of the things I really liked was “Bootlegging the Bootleggers.” I never realized “Marooned” was played live on the Division Bell tour. Any idea how many times that was played on that tour?

  90. Caption

    “Marc Brickman’s new lighting effects are stunning”, says David Gilmour, “No wonder we all think he’s a genius.”

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  91. i dont know about you, but i keep thinking about Syd. and it is strange, because i was not around when he was, and because we have never met. yet i keep thinking “Syd Barrett: The saddest story in the world.” the naked life, so clumsily exposed, just some cannot be saved, you want to grab them before they go, but really nothing can be done.

    perhaps i have been so moved by his death and life during the last few weeks because i have known somebody like him. bright and brilliant and intoxicating, you vanished, and tonight i cannot stop crying.

    for you two, i hope you keep each other company. crazy diamonds.


  92. [F*ed – Can we please have a Richard Wright day sometime soon?… Matt]

    [Yes, there will be one very soon. – Features Editor]

    Would that be tomorrow by any chance, FEd.(28/07/06 – Richard’s 63rd birthday)

    Happy Birthday, Richard…

    Hope you have a good one, back out on the road with David and the rest of the troupe. :0)

    [It might well be. – Features Editor]

  93. ciao

    io sarò al concerto di gilmour a venezia del 5 agosto e sarà un grande evento direi unico ciaoo

  94. Hello again FEd, Michèle, everyone

    To Michèle :

    I just read that you will be at Brussels Airport to fly out to Greece.

    It would be an occasion to meet, as I work there. I would be very happy to meet you and buy you coffee or something.

    If you would like to meet and say hi, please let me know, Michèle.

    Best regards to everyone,

  95. ciao a tutti,

    Yes Andrew, I will report my “feelings” (then I will disappear for holidays) even if I think I won’t be as “vivid” as I want.

    I ask a couple of things to FED. First, I think that now we have decided to meet in FIRENZE at “the william” pub, VIA A. MAGLIABECHI 7/9/11. I called and checked : will be open since 6 o’ clock. SO Anyone who wants to meet up can go there. I presume I will have an old Pink Floyd shirt. What I ask to you , Fed, is to (if it’s possible) to advertise this place in one of the next blog entries. (and also tell to Guy or anyone else in the band who wants to come undercover. HEHE).

    Second thing. You wrote, this is getting similar to the idea of Blog you have. Could you please define BLOG, for me? in it’s official meaning and in your idea? it is just ignorance. I felt this way of communicating was cool but it seems we have different Ideas.

    Ciao 😉

    [Our idea was always that this would be a place where we could provide information and where fans could comment on that information if they felt inclined to. There wouldn’t be hundreds of random, off-topic comments and several private conversations per blog entry as you get with forums. It would simply be a place for anyone to comment as per our general direction should they wish to contribute something. Statistics show that we have many, many readers who don’t post; I suspect because they find the flow of the comments disorganised and disjointed, or because the sense of community causes suspicion. Moderating the blog obviously doesn’t allow free-flowing conversation, yet moderation is essential. I would like to find a middle way to hopefully get more people posting, bearing in mind that it is impossible to please everyone. My job is to try and appeal to those who aren’t posting at present, rather than constantly indulging a select few who post every day on any topic they choose to bring in to any blog entry they fancy. That’s said with the greatest respect, but I have to consider how other people perceive the blog and try to make it more inclusive. That the blog is apparently slowing down isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it means we’re getting quality rather than quantity. Everybody would have an opinion on whether we get more quality than quantity. I actually think we’re getting more quantity and want to address that. – Features Editor]

  96. Anch’io ce l’ho fatta a prendere i biglietti.

    I’ll be in Piazza S. Croce in Florence. I am so happy!!!!

    Much love


  97. Ciao a tutti,

    thanks for the explanation Fed. Now I have a better perspective over your idea. Actually you are right: too many entries of the same old and too little new. I would enjoy new people myself. Personally I think that a sense of community is good but obviously I feel open, I want NEW BLOGGERS!!!!!

    Italiani, scrivete!!!

    Unfortunately Italians are not so good with english (even the french but they don’t care and write french. ;-), so you need a couple of us forever to “translate” .hehe. ciao. And advertise our meeting in Florence.

    Good concert to everyone in Osterreich!!! TCHUSS


    [I think a sense of community is a wonderful thing, so please don’t misunderstand me. I just don’t want anyone to feel reluctant to post because they are worried about being accepted. That’s why I don’t want people to be attacked when they give their opinion. I want us to be more tolerant. I’ve tried to be accepting, but often that’s come at a cost and, to be honest, there are now far too many questions aimed at me personally. I don’t want to talk about myself. This is about David, the music, the new album, the live shows… I think the over-familiarity can be off-putting to potential newcomers and would like that to stop. Your opinions are the most interesting thing. I agree with everyone who has said that they don’t want to read the same old thing all the time. I don’t want anyone to be afraid of expressing their opinion. It will almost always be posted. – Features Editor]

  98. [My job is to try and appeal to those who aren’t posting at present – FEd] don’t really love us…you’re just pretending because this is you job…that’s so sad…..jokes a part, all you said is true, I understand…but how can I resist to speak about all if people in this blog is so nice, funny, clever…and I don’t believe that people don’t write because they find the flow of the comments disorganised and disjointed, or because the sense of community causes suspicion…That’s a wonderful blog! THE BEST! And you know at first, a lot of months ago, I had suspicion because I can’t speak english very well and I’ve never write on a blog…but really the nice people who write on and this sense of community convince me to write more…maybe also too much, I know….sorry…..but don’t make this blog too much serious….everyone thinks you do a great job…but if you must change the blog, because this is a staff decision, you should do it and we’ll to support you, of course…we’ll always support you…despite your music tastes and your argumentative nature!


    [Of course, it’s difficult trying to please everyone. You are right to say that a community is a good thing and part of me feels that, if people don’t want to join in, we should just leave them be (particularly at competition time, when those people can make the effort to post because there’s a prize at stake). At the same time, I think that seeing a select few posting all the time, particularly when what they post is off-topic and rather private, gives the impression that we have an impenetrable clique here. That will alienate some and bore others. – Features Editor]

  99. humm…are you angry, FEd? I think this is not a good day for you…you are not in harmony with the blog! and I already said enought silly things today…so I retire myself from the blog…because I don’t want to feed your anger! Have a great evening my dear! I hope tomorrow there will be more harmony in your day! 😉

    But I can’t resist to say you that I think that you’re very wise also when you’re angry…maybe this is the reason because I’m really sorry when you’re down or when we argue!…but maybe you’re not down and this is just my bad immagination! Anyway, have a really great evening!


    [I’m not angry, I just want people to realise the differences between a blog and a forum and to consider the points raised for the common good. – Features Editor]

  100. [there are now far too many questions aimed at me personally. I don’t want to talk about myself – FEd]

    Why you alway make feel guilty? 😉 The questions about you…phew FEd! Are only chat! And you can decide to not answer,,,but I’m talking with you for 8 months…is just genuine curiosity to know who I am talking with and how is your job! I’ve never ask you your address, your telephone number, or something about your family (dog a part!)…and you’re so funny when you let yourself go! I can’t promise I won’t joke with you again!


    [A fair point, to an extent, but I’m sure no one else wants to know the answers. – Features Editor]

  101. I have a question re the seating for the Venice gigs….I bought my tickets for 4 July the minute they went on sale, top price band.

    Now the seating plan has been published I see I’ve got seats in the back block (PLA11) … and the seats on sale today are in the blocks closer to the stage. This is bad news for me (I’m a bit miffed : I thought I was going to be at the front) but good news for anyone who hasnt got a ticket yet : there’s some great seats still out there.

    Can anyone confirm if the ticket agency is being perverse and selling tickets starting at the back and moving forwards ?

    [I’m afraid I have no idea, but this is something we have complained about. – Features Editor]

  102. F’ed

    If I may, and apologies in advance for what may be a lengthy post. Please excuse my timing – I’m several down the queue and a list of comments begins to look like bickering, which I’m not.

    Clearly I’m a person who you would like to modify his posting style. I’ve taken your comments on board and I will be doing so, although I don’t know if our “flights of fancy” do put off the silent majority or not – it’s hard to evidence.

    It does occur to me that much of the off-stream stuff occurs on posts of 1-2 days previous, which I imagine those not interested simply leave alone.

    Of course we are burdening you with the role of facilitating and moderating. We have no right to expect this of you and certainly if you take no pleasure in it it will take away much of the reason for doing it.

    It’s a tough balance to strike and I cannot be completely objective about it. The Blog without the Barn Band, the World Cup, without sympathetic and well meaning asides about language and personal circumstances would I think have been a less colourful place this last few months. It’s been a genuine pleasure reading the posts of Lucia and Bianca, Michele and Piergiorgio and many others (thanks guys). Unfortunately we have been found guilty of behaving like friends, which it feels like we have become. [Lucia I got it, Bianca I hope I didn’t offend]

    I’m not being petulant and suggesting that you would deny any of this. I am however a little unclear right now about where the line should be drawn but I guess we’ll see soon enough.

    Now we are back in concert season I’m sure the comments will revert to reviews and observations about performances and set-lists and relevant news etc.

    To re-iterate this is not an attempt to argue the toss – I fully respect your wish to re-direct the blog and your reasons – but your comments represent a junction and I feel the need to mark it accordingly.

    Love (and knuffels) to all

    [It’s hard getting the balance right. In trying to be more welcoming, if that’s the right word, to the lurkers who are hesitant to post, I offend the regulars who have kept the blog going when relevant news has been hard to come by and the assorted nonsense, which I have encouraged, has given us all a topic to loosely discuss. I don’t want to lose the silliness, I just want it kept in check at busy times so that it doesn’t swamp the things that many people want to see. We need to be informative from time-to-time, too. Take those who were hoping to arrange a meeting place for one of the European shows this week. They had to go through an awful lot of, what they might consider, complete nonsense before they found what they were looking for. A lot of the running themes are lost on them, so how is that going to encourage them to join in if they feel we have our own secret code? Above all, am I doing a good job in moderating the blog if they can’t find what they’re looking for? I have to ask myself that question and, this week, I have to say, I probably haven’t. – Features Editor]

  103. [I’m not angry, I just want people to realise the differences between a blog and a forum and to consider the points raised for the common good. – Features Editor]

    I think the important thing to remember is that Fed is the reason why the blog works. Every other Floyd related forum rapidly devolves into the never ending “Which One’s Pink?” debate, usually at the level of conversation one would overhear from teenagers.

    This blog requires one person to personally read every post. This is a tremendous amount of work, and it’s only a portion of his responsibiliities for the site. If anyone has a right to get his nose out of joint from time to time, it’s Fed.

    So Fed, you’re doing a great job. I’m really looking forward to hearing all about the Europe shows (and green with envy that I’m not going to any).

    Have a good evening.

    [Thanks, mate. The blog works because people care enough to leave a message, but there are times when the flow of messages is chaotic. For someone visiting, say, once a week to read the opinions of other fans, you have to admit, it must be quite a challenge at times. The comments are undeniably disjointed. The blog format doesn’t lend itself to what many of you seem to want from it and I’m hoping to address that. As I said, I don’t want to lose the fun or the banter, I just want it kept in check at busy times so that this place doesn’t turn into the type of forum that you mentioned. I need some help with that, otherwise I have to be really harsh and delete anything which is off-topic or is posted in the wrong place, for example (which has been suggested to me several times). Little things like that make such a difference. I want the daily pages to be as accessible as possible to all. If this is a community, then you should all play a part in keeping it tidy, right? – Features Editor]

  104. Hmmmm…as a regular poster to the blog I’d like to make a comment.

    I have to agree that there is a sense of community here but even as a regular blogger it does sometimes feel like you are left out looking in on some of the side comments. AND there were a few that I got involved with where I did feel like I was on the inside looking out.

    In any case, I can understand the dilemma. And sometimes you do get lost in the chain of entries as to what people are referring to. In those cases, I typically skip the entry and move on.

    I also think that in many cases there will always be more readers than posters. Some people are just more voyeuristic in nature (by the way, I don’t mean that in a negative way). But some would just rather read what is going on than participate and that should be OK. I don’t think they are intimidated because I have seen many times where someone states that it is their first time posting. And take a look at the Syd entry, that was amazing as to how many first time posters there was in that entry.

    It is a hard issue to deal with because there is a lot of fun that goes on in this blog. The dialogue and back-and-forth between fellow bloggers and bloggers and FEd can be very entertaining. And sometimes it does go a bit off the mark from David and the music but it also seems to always come back full circle. At the same time we certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from joining in as well.

    I do have to say that in some cases the conversations could go offline but there was also a decision a few months ago to not post personal e-mail and data. I can appreciate that decision but it does limit contact through any means other than this blog (except for the fortunate few who did make a connection prior to the policy change).

    I do have one suggestion that may stimulate some new bloggers. Why don’t you run a blog for new posters with someone winning a prize? Make it a random drawing from all qualified entries. Hey, the regulars have already had several opportunities to win something, let give the newbies a chance.

    Sorry for going on, I just wanted to make a few points. As always, thanks for indulging me.


  105. [I’m not angry, I just want people to realise the differences between a blog and a forum and to consider the points raised for the common good. – Features Editor]

    A suggestion would be to have a blog AND a forum on this site. But that could potentialy create more work for FEd.


    [It has been discussed. – Features Editor]

  106. disculpa por el idioma lo importante es que sin importar el color,religion, o pai somos todos seguidores por igual PINK FLOYD

  107. Hmm, Fed.. I am not sure what you want is possible. My experience with all kinds of forums, boards, blogs, LJ’s etc. is that there are always more people ‘lurking’ (reading but not posting) than actual participants.

    It is the way they are. Just as I am the sort of person that jumps right in and sees where it ends.

    I therefore doubt that making this blog less of a community by discouraging OT and more personal posts is a good thing.

    I think it may get very boring in here. Remember all the posts from people saying: ‘pleeeease come play in my home town!’? That is all that will be left I fear.

    However this is your blog. You decide what it should look like. But if we cannot react to each other anymore or talk about the Barn Band and other silly subjects, but instead are supposed to talk about only the subject of that particular entry.. well.. that is not for me I am afraid.

    As much as I love PF’s and DG’s music and as nice a man I am sure he is, I don’t think I would like to talk about David every day. That is more for the obsessed I think.

    Anyway, I talked about the ‘very personal posts’ with other bloggers already. I am a very open person and this is how I am. But it does seem to have become some what of a contest in who has the saddest thing to tell sometimes and that is not good. So I already decided to stop doing that.

    And if you don’t like that people talk directly to you so much, I am afraid the only thing to do is not comment anymore. That would make it rather boring as well though.

    I have been thinking about and discussing these two things with others and I think both kind of posts may have something to do with people hoping that if they post sad stories or get close to you that they may get some kind of personal contact with David.

    It is stupid but I wouldn’t want to feed the amount of ‘fans’ that think it may work that way (Dutch saying). It is unfortunately a natural result of this kind of blog set-up (done and read by the artist himself).

    Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the subject. As I said it is your blog though and your decision. It would be sad to lose this community, but I have already felt like I have been hanging out here too long for my own good already.

    So whatever you decide I will respect.

    hugs, Bianca

    [You’re not going to lose the sense of community. But this isn’t a forum. It’s not a fansite. We don’t have to allow half of what is condoned, but we do because it’s very welcome. It’s everything you say it is and more. I’ve merely suggested that, at busy times, the silliness takes a back seat to the serious stuff. This is a polite and quite reasonable request, as opposed to simply deleting dozens of messages a day without explanation. – Features Editor]

  108. [I’m longing for monday ’cause David’s on an island tour sets in France, in my country!!!!!!!!!!!! – Lucie]

    I wish you a great night with David’s band in Vienne, Lucie, maybe I will be there too…


  109. [Bonjour Michele! Je suis seul…et vous? – John]

    Is that so important ? I don’t think so, John.

    [To Michèle :It would be an occasion to meet, as I work there. I would be very happy to meet you and buy you coffee or something. If you would like to meet and say hi, please let me know, Michèle. – Ralph]

    You work at Brussell airport, Ralph, so I understand now why you speak so well english ! I would have liked to meet you, but you know, we certainly will arrive very late there if ever we come from Vienne (???)…and don’t forget, the terrible Fed doesn’t want private messages anymore ! LOL !

    BTW, do you speak french? do you know the belgian radio station “Classic 21” ? very interesting (in my view), everyday PF (and not ABITW), everyday D.Gilmour with different tracks of ‘on an island’…classic and modern rock, very good…


    [The terrible Fed eats worms and pushes old people off moving buses, too… – Features Editor]

  110. [I’ve merely suggested that, at busy times, the silliness takes a back seat to the serious stuff. This is a polite and quite reasonable request, as opposed to simply deleting dozens of messages a day without explanation. – Features Editor]

    i hear what you’re saying, ed. fair play to you. you have been very tolerant with us lot for months now and some of us have stepped over the line with requests, questions and what not. you’ve got to keep us in check now and again and that’s all you’re doing here as far as i can tell. shows that you care. so people, stop being so cranky and remember that this place does get a bit crazy sometimes. the ed has to keep it all together and has every right to tell us to behave when we get silly. besides, david and polly read this. we don’t want them thinking we’re taking the p*ss.

    [I’m sure they don’t think that for one moment, but thanks for your support. – Features Editor]

  111. Tim ( Tim C at July 27, 2006 05:37 PM), I think I understood very well what you said and I totaly agree with you, I wouldn’t have been able to express that in this way in english, thank you very much.

    Fed, I didn’t understand very much you reply to Tim, too complicated words and sentences but I would like to say that I will respect you and your decisions to “re-direct” the blog, even if it will be difficult, because this blog has become like our second home, we had become spontaneous, comfortable, I don’t think it was a bad thing, and I don’t think that excluded people, on the contrary ! but maybe you can’t do as you would have liked to do…(oh ! je m’embrouille !) So, it’s Ok for me, I’ll try not to post too often and I will take care of what I say…but I am sad…


    [No, don’t be sad! Gosh, I’ll say nothing next time. I’ll just be ruthless and leave you all wondering why. – Features Editor]

  112. Hello Michèle

    I am going to write in English for step too much to mix(involve) Lucia, me serves me of a translator because my English is mauvai, then if it have not correct I can put fault on the translator. A little to put you on the map you and Lucia Québec is 265 kilometres from Montreal, about 2 hours of road.

    No do not worry, I do not hate you at all, I love you too much for that, but I envy you enormously and am very happy for you what participate in the exhibition.

    Here there is an expression which says ” ever two without three ” it will be the troixième time for you on Monday lucky person.

    And I I saw him twice in Toronto then I am to suppose to see him a third time, when I don’t know.

    In more for the champagne.
    Sylvie from Québec

  113. [The terrible Fed eats worms and pushes old people off moving buses, too… – Features Editor]

    Vous savez bien que je n’ai rien compris, à part manger des vers…?????? je ne peux même pas me défendre !


    [Je suis, vraiment, un monstre. – Features Editor]

  114. Fed, I just read Sylvie’s post (Sylvie at July 27, 2006 09:54 PM) and you would want to prevent us to send or to receive this kind of nice message ? impossible !!!


    [Oui, c’était bon. Je suis horrible… – Features Editor]

  115. FEd,

    But you have to admit that even the “time to be serious blogs” like where fans can meet have quite a bit of silliness going on with that topic. In other words, while they are trying to figure out where to meet, there is also a lot of OT discussion. That is what makes it fun.

    And I do generally think people know when to be serious, i.e. the Syd entry. Yes, there was some BS in there too (“let’s have a PF reunion for Syd…whoo, hooo”) which was totally inappropriate. But there were also a lot of sincere and touching entries.

    Maybe you can split the blog page into two columns. On the left all the serious comments, on the right all the silliness. But I imagine that sometimes it would be tough to decide which column it belongs in.

    I also have to say that I was on holiday for about a week or so and when I got back it was a bear to try and get through the blogs. It is definitely easier to keep with it on a daily basis.

    Bottom line is that you do a great job moderating this blog and when needed you DO put people into check. But it is apparent that many of the regulars are “scared” as to what will happen here. I think it is needless scare because I don’t think there is a plan to totally overhaul this blog to be a boring list of factual data. For one, you would be bored out of your mind if there wasn’t some occassional drivel.

    Thanks for indulging me again…


    [Of course, you are right and thanks very much for the compliment. It’s certainly a needless scare, because I wouldn’t have the heart to take to the community with a pick axe and smash things up. It would please me greatly to smash up many things, but I wouldn’t want to damage the blog. I’d like the rules to be adhered to more often and lots of the irritating stuff, like the regular plugging of fansites and bootlegs, to stop (one of these days…), but it’s such a source of frustration getting the right mix between being strict, fair, inclusive, etc. The blog is extremely limited. That’s all I can say. – Features Editor]

  116. As an occasional contributor, I have to agree with the Features Editor on this issue of quantity rather than quality. Things do descend into silliness quite often and I feel that this, combined with the ridiculously lengthy posts, would turn many away.

    Of course, those people can quite easily skip to the next post (as I do frequently) and, as the Features Editor noted, they do manage to overlook the silliness whenever they have a chance of getting something for free. I certainly don’t feel that the blog should change for them.

    As I’ve said before, the Features Editor must put up with quite a lot that we are unaware of. This is why I am very disappointed at the reaction to his perfectly fair comments about limiting the silliness when the entry is serious and, significantly, when there is a considerable increase in the number of posts which are in need of his close editing.

    We have ‘rainy day blogs’ for those who wish to be silly.

    It must have been most difficult to trawl through the bizarre to find details of meeting places for those attending the shows in Europe.

    I don’t envy the Features Editor, for it seems he can never win and clearly cares a lot, perhaps too much?

    [Thank you, Luis. I certainly do care. – Features Editor]

  117. you’re such a good f.e.d. mang. thanks for your tireless efforts and knucklebusting and brain power. i’m sure we’d all send you flowers and candy and mixed tapes, but you’ll have to settle for our mixed insanities and well wishes and metric tons of gratitude. you make it possible.

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  118. [The terrible Fed eats worms and pushes old people off moving buses, too… – Features Editor]

    No you don’t.

    [Je suis, vraiment, un monstre. – Features Editor]

    [Oui, c’était bon. Je suis horrible… – Features Editor]

    You are neither horrible or a monster! You are firm and we appreciate that! Thanks for staying up late to give us (especially on the left coast) our information fix.

    [I want to hear about ‘Dark Globe’ as much as the next person, mate. – Features Editor]

  119. Hello Lucia

    Thank you very much for the invitation, you are the welcome you also, I who like the coffee expresso, especially the good coffee of Europe, here in the That. It sends us the balance of the coffee which is moin check, then one has some coffee of shit ” excuse expression ” but that’s it.
    As I said to Michèle I use a translator because my English is bad.

    As it is pleasant to see so many people sharing the same passion, you visits show in Florence I am satisfied for you as I would like being there , but I am there in thought for quite the shows.

    It is funny I live in Quebec, but I came into the world in Montreal and am of Italian descent on the mother’s side, my grandfather comes from the North of Italy he names Capra he I knew him, I know that I have also of the family in the name of Ponti but them I have him know not.

    I like very much reading you you and Michèle you me made to laugh, I find that you have of the continuation(suite) in ideas and find you interesting and pleasant.

    In more.
    Sylvie de Québec

  120. [I don’t envy the Features Editor, for it seems he can never win and clearly cares a lot, perhaps too much? – Posted by: Luis G at July 27, 2006 10:54 PM]

    Well said, sir. I dread to think how some of you would react if FEd said something really bad.

  121. Ciao a tutti,

    you want to amend silliness. Gosh. silliness is my second namee. haha

    Tim C: thanks for the compliment I will try to be funny, international, and “arguing” as always

    Bianca: I like you being strong on your positon. I have that character too. Sure you are not free? I am used to deal with dutch girls….hihihi.

    Diego: Buenas dias amigo, Jo no habla espanol pero tienes che dirte che el pesnier es lo mismo che jo tengo. amigos de todo el mundo por la musica. Y escribe (?) todavia. In Ingles si tu puede.

    Luis G: I want to keep you(as anyone there) inside the group of usual contributors. You know, I want to defend here also the silly cotributors of everyday, like me, because this is a tough work too. We write everyday to keep this alive. And this is not bad,after all, the blog needs us. BUT I see your points. Write more, I read everything 🙂 Thanks.

    Ciao 😉

  122. [The terrible Fed eats worms and pushes old people off moving buses, too… – Features Editor].

    Fed, when you want you are terrific. That’s the sort of dark humor that makes me jump off the chair and laugh like hell. Uahahahaha. You see? sometimes you are silly too and that’s great.
    Anyway I prefer to smash old ladies over the zebra crossing: the older they are the higher the points…. uahahahaha

    Pier “the demented”

  123. Dear F. Ed.,

    here is my first blog, so i would like to say hallo and to thank everybody for the good job done.

    In march, I was in Milan for both David’s gigs. Now, I am looking forward to hearing David in Venice.

    Is there any special session to ask for a song? Let me say I would like David to perform “Celestial Voices”!! It might be a very special moment indeed.

    In any case, be sure I will enjoy the show.

    Have a nice week end.

  124. [Posted by: Luis G at July 27, 2006 10:54 PM]

    Normally I would respond to this one… Should I?

    [Yeah, go on. – Features Editor]

  125. Luis,

    Your post poked a grumpy old bulldog right on the nose, but I’m a toothless grumpy old bulldog really. So if you would forgive a growl…

    YOU are disappointed!? Why? I don’t see anything other than honest query there. And let’s leave the judging out shall we?

    “We have ‘rainy day blogs’ for those who wish to be silly.” Yeah – hey. FUN to order. That’ll be really cool. Slice of Sanctimonious pie anybody?

    “I don’t envy the Features Editor, for it seems he can never win and clearly cares a lot, perhaps too much?”

    Now that is Silly. I envy F’ed. I think he has a great job. Care to swap F’ed? Thought not.

    Perhaps you are missing the point that others clearly care a lot also and that we are not talking about anything that is “really bad” here (JJ).

    Sorry. Nothing personal (of course), but saying what we think is what this site is about, I hope. I’ll be honest, I’m feeling pretty sore on this right now. But I’ll get over it and I’ll try to keep on contributing also – just occasionally I might even be funny or kind to someone.

    [The point you all seem to miss is that my job is to make decisions and my decision is final. I’ve asked for a little less silliness at busy times and fewer personal questions (because they run on and on). If you don’t like it, tough. How silly of me to think that a request like this would be more decent, respectful and fair than to just delete anything that gets in the way of the serious stuff… I’d love to know how many other (free, don’t forget) official blogs and forums take so much time and consideration into finding out what the fans want, or in trying to meet those needs. Our few rules aside, I think I’ve been extremely lenient with your opinions, have taken heed of your requests and have implemented many of your suggestions. Please, I don’t want or need your thanks – it’s been a pleasure – I just need you to realise that very clear point and to be reasonable. You don’t have any say in the way your daily newspaper is managed or presented. If you write a letter to its editor and it isn’t printed, you don’t get an explanation. Your follow-up complaint is immediately binned. I actually care enough to respond and to consider. Some of the responses have disappointed me because this kind of defensive attitude proves my very point about little cliques forming and how the blog is perceived by others. Please think about that before you tell me how think this blog should be run. And just to draw a line under this, if we’re going to leave the judging out, please don’t make assumptions about my job. This territorial nonsense is not a part that I enjoy and it just might be something that others find tedious as well, thus proving my point further. This is what ruined the official Pink Floyd forum and I won’t let it ruin this blog. There are no hard feelings on my part, I do fully appreciate what you’re all saying, but please take a simple request the way it was intended without getting stroppy about it. Keep the silliness, keep the banter, but when the blog is very busy and the tone of the day is serious, please keep it a bit shorter for the good of others who are put off by it. Surely I can’t be more reasonable than that. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  126. oh yeah I’ll be in Venice , 5th August!!!!!

    I’ll be the girl with a sonic youth t-shirt (Goo)


  127. Ciao sono Stefy

    Sono a chiedervi se in futuro farete un concerto qui in Italia? Possibilmente vicino a Venezia?

  128. [Perhaps you are missing the point that others clearly care a lot also and that we are not talking about anything that is “really bad” here (JJ). – Posted by: Tim C at July 28, 2006 12:33 PM]

    Sheesh! I was just saying, that’s all. If the Ed didn’t care, he’d just delete all the crap. I don’t think it’s crap. I love it. But if it’s getting too much and the Ed has to say that we should tone it down a bit, we should all respect that because the blog could be taken away just as quickly as it arrived.

    It’s not like the Ed hasn’t treated us with respect, so I don’t know why such disrespect is being shown towards him with sarcastic comments like “Hope that’s good enough for you” and “I would say something else, but it would probably annoy FEd”.

  129. Ciao Stefy, (sorry Fed, sorry bloggers this girl needs serious help)

    David Gilmour farà un concerto a Firenze il 2 agosto e due concerti a Venezia il 4 e 5 agosto.

    Dovrebbero esserci ancora bilgietti disponibili. Vai su per acquistarli. CORRI!!!



  130. Ciao again,

    To Tim C: come on, Luis was not bad..let’s all try to be nice to everyone. It is easy to have misunderstandings with written words. All opinions have the same right to be expressed. Luis, Tim C…let’s move on ok? I think you both said good things, why to discuss?


  131. Sorry, I’m not able to express myself seriously in english…

    Fed, je crois que je commence seulement à comprendre votre point de vue, parce que je me rends compte que de notre côté (utilisateurs du blog) nous n’apercevons que “la partie visible de l’iceberg” et que vous, responsable du blog, devez assumer “la partie cachée de l’iceberg”, c’est à dire la plus grande partie, la plus ingrate, notamment celle qui consiste à tout trier avant d’éditer.

    Si nous pensions que tout était bien sur ce blog, c’est parce que justement votre travail est exceptionnel et qu’il nous rend la vie très (trop) facile.

    Alors je commence à en prendre conscience et à vous comprendre.

    Je ne sais pas si vous m’avez comprise, j’espère, et de mon côté je vais faire beaucoup plus attention à ce que j’envoie, en essayant d’imaginer tout le travail que vous avez à faire derrière.

    Comme je dirais à David, à Richard, à Guy et aux autres, merci à vous d’exister et d’être ce que vous êtes.

    J’espère une très longue vie à ce blog.


    [Merci. J’espère que j’explique en termes plus clairs en français que anglais. Merci pour les expresssions “la partie visible de l’iceberg” et “la partie cachée de l’iceberg” – c’est vrai. Je comprendre et j’apprécie. Je ne veux offenser. J’adore les fous, les plaisanteries, l’esprit de la communauté et les langues. J’espère il peut continuer pour les longtemps. Mais, peut-être quand il est fou ici (fou avec les messages), nous pouvons avoir un certain espace pour la substance sérieuse. C’est tout. Il est ne pas trop mauvais, non? – Features Editor]

  132. TO MUCH FUNNY! Hey FEd! First you encourage Tim to reply Luis and than you reply Tim with a so hard comment! Fiendish! You make me laugh! I have pity for all of us, today! 😉


  133. F’ed – wires appear to be crossed.

    My comments were addressed to Luis, not to you.

    To express disappointment is to judge (which I don’t like from fellow bloggers), but this was not aimed at you. You can do as much judging as you like as far as I’m concerned – I just didn’t appreciate the swipes from the sidelines.

    So for the sake of clarity. I have not questioned the decision, I have commented on it. I intended to express some (genuine) surprise because there was no hint that offense was being caused – I would go so far as to say the contrary. Now I know. Job done.

    I don’t compare this to any other blog. I’ve never seen one. I don’t think I’ve ever told you how the blog should be run. (am I getting bullets on behalf of everybody?)

    I’ve no idea what I said that suggested “territorial nonsense”. (unless you mean a light-hearted remark – which I truly hope you would agree with – that I can imagine worse occupations)

    I feel we were 1 million miles away from any idea of “ruining” the Blog.

    I certainly didn’t want to enter any kind of running debate on the subject. I would prefer to leave it frankly but I would also like to clarify the above if there has been a misunderstanding.

    So , sorry that that post irked you – it really wasn’t intended to at all.

    [No hard feelings at all, mate. It was aimed at everyone, as is this, so I hope that can be the end of the matter. For the record, “territorial nonsense” was an observation at the number of people who seem to think that, if they can’t have it all their way, perhaps they’d rather not have it at all. If the blog won’t allow them to say whatever they want, whenever they want, then they’ll say nothing. This is obviously a shame, yet you have to admit that it somewhat proves my point about outsiders possibly seeing the blog as some sort of members-only club, which it isn’t. I don’t think such a club would be very inviting to potential newcomers. That was my point. That’s why I ask for a little less silliness when we need to be informative and serve the function that the blog was designed for. It’s not a forum. If we had a forum, the banter would flow far more naturally (no, we’re not having a forum because of what happened last time). Long may the silliness, the captions, the debate and the languages continue, but please, let’s not get too insular and private. Let’s not be defensive and start squabbling with one another. I see your point(s), so please try to see mine. I want the best of both here, but it’s not possible to achieve this without some help from you lot. – Features Editor]

  134. [Il est ne pas trop mauvais, non? – Features Editor]

    It’s perfect.


    [Merci. Il faut casser le noyau pour avoir l’amande, non? – Features Editor]

  135. Se vedemo a Venessia el 4 agosto.

    We’ll meet in Venice on friday the 4th august.

    Basi e strucchi!!!

  136. F’ed,

    I appreciate that.

    We’re as cool as a cucumber.

    JJ – didn’t mean to singe your whiskers
    Luis, wrong time, wrong place. No hard feelings I hope.
    Lucia. Thanks sweetie. “Am I just a dreamer?”

    Final confessional – I’ve got an achilles heel when it comes to feeling “misunderstood” I’m afraid – but I think we all understand each other just fine now.

    Bloody hell. If this page doesn’t put off our lurkers nothing will. Honestly folks, come on in the waters lovely. And what are you doing reading this when you could be paying tribute to the writer of the GREAT GIG IN THE SKY ?!!

    [Well said. The trouble with blogs, forums and the like is that it’s too damn easy to be misunderstood. – Features Editor]

  137. Tim, don’t want to jump in your and FEd dialogue, but I consider you one of my closest bloggers so I’d like to ask you an help…can I? I understand what you feel and I’ll miss all our silly speeches very much…but, are not tired to argue? I’m exhausted! So, my dear Tim C (fitter, happier, more productive…) – BRILLIANT! – why don’t we try to enjoy ourselves and help FEd to do his job! It could be funny the same! Who tells that the blog have necessary to become boring! You know I often don’t agree with FEd…but he probably know what he’s doing. Don’t you think? I hope that my words have a sense for you…I’m only tired to arguements…”which are not of consequence, at all”!

    I love your presence here…don’t leave me! 😉


  138. [Merci. Il faut casser le noyau pour avoir l’amande, non? – Features Editor]

    wow ! that sounds so beautiful and so poetic ! wish everyone could understand…


    [Is it right? Better than “fais-mois des vacances”? – Features Editor]

  139. Lucia,

    I will crave one last little indulgence from F’ed.

    Don’t worry. I’m not really being as argumentative as I sound. I’m not going anywhere and I’m still going to be having fun. And we will find subtle ways of “smiling” at each other in print also I hope. Maybe even F’ed will wink occasionally. After all, the “argument behind the argument” is to make this blog as much fun for as many people as possible (and to be serious and not mess about at the back of the class, of course). And do not underestimate your role in that.

    [You won’t be getting any winks from me, sorry. You’ll have to manage with words alone to judge my mood. I’m not the winking kind. – Features Editor]

  140. WOW! i’m going to Florence concert and I’m looking forward to that!|it’s a dream came true for me,because I’m only 21 and I have never had the opportunity to see some David or Pink floyd’s concert because I was too young,and now I can’t believe it!!I’m guitar player too and I really appreciate David as a musician!!!I’m waiting for Wednesday!!!!

  141. hé f.é., no news on this blog and no way to get some news from the bloggers for 2 days now… is it my computer or the website or f.é. who decided to get some vacation without telling us ( you have the right ,dear f.é….) BUT I MISS YOU EVERYBODY AND I HAVE NO OTHER WAY TO TELL YOU MY FEELING… o.k. come down sylvie de montréal, come down! i will try again in an hour bye bye!

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [You seem to be having trouble, Sylvie. There’s plenty going on here. – Features Editor]


    How are you? I will be at Florence the 2 of August and i’d like to meet someone

    Ragazzi per me possiamo vederci a piazza della Signoria vedete voi.

    I had seen David also at the auditorium in Rome….FANTASTIC! I was in another world! The best concert i have seen!

  143. Fed and friends,

    (Very caaalm and mellow tone)

    Fed hit the nail on the head about the newbies. Very perceptive.

    I have only recently been posting to this blog. I did read for a while though, without comments. It appeared that there were private conversations going on and I didn’t have a dog in the race so I didn’t comment.

    On one of the contest days, I felt more comfortable to post. It was an easy way to slip in the back door. It wasn’t just “to get something for free”. I did not come here thinking I would meet David or “get closer to him”.

    I have a deep respect for Mr. Gilmour’s privacy as it is my understanding he is a private man. That is why I came to this blog. I knew it was his official website where I would be able to get the most reliable and up to date info. Info that he wants us to have.

    I appreciate the amount of time and energy he puts into creating the music we all have made part of our lives. It also gives us the opportunity to share common interests. We are all here for the same purpose I’m sure.

    Maybe we could keep on the lookout for new bloggers and make them welcome. Anyway to do that Fed?

    I enjoy the blog and hope we will always have it. Where would we go??


    [Thanks very much for that, Melissa. – Features Editor]

  144. [Is it right? Better than “fais-mois des vacances”? – Features Editor]

    yes, better, because “fais-moi des vacances” dosen’t exist in french and even if so, it sounds like ” give me a break” or “let go of me” and it’s not very pleasant to hear !

    To day, I prefer say to you ” Bénissez-vous”, doesn’t exist, but sounds very much appropriate to you, Fed…

    Tim, Lucia, Bianca, Ikkar, …I would like to tell you I always appraciated all your comments, funny or serious, spontaneous or more reflective, personal or not, because I know you are all very kind, tolerant, and respectful of everyone here, and this is, I think, what is the most important thing for this blog !

    I think now “tout est bien qui finit bien” ( don’t know how to say that in english…)

    Wow !, I finally will go to Vienne to attend David’s concert and come back to Brussels in the night, hoping not to miss the flight to Symi ( hummmm, a hard challenge !) and then holidays, so no more blog for a moment, I will miss it, but keep it alive, all my friends…

    I wish all of you a very nice week-end


    [Merci. Les mêmes à vous. We say “All’s well that ends well” here, which works rather well, I think. Have a great holiday. – Features Editor]

  145. [On one of the contest days, I felt more comfortable to post. It was an easy way to slip in the back door. It wasn’t just “to get something for free”. – Posted by: Melissa at July 29, 2006 04:40 AM]

    i don’t think ed was getting at you, melissa. you’ve posted many times. it’s just that some people post for the freebies only and don’t even stick around to see if their post makes it on to the blog. some newbies post, then they moan that they don’t see their post because they can’t remember where they put it.

    as a regular, i don’t even care if these demanding people post or not. sorry, ed. i know you’d like to get more people involved in the blog and all that. if they’re nice like melissa, then great, but the ones who want and demand and give their opinions but don’t bother to read anyone else’s should show some respect first.

    hard to please everyone, isn’t it?

    [Very. Maybe I’ll realise that it’s impossible one of these days. – Features Editor]

  146. [JJ – didn’t mean to singe your whiskers – Posted by: Tim C at July 28, 2006 04:17 PM]

    No problem at all, mate. I’m not one to hold grudges. 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about this. The Ed has to consider everyone, even if it would be easier to just keep giving in to the regulars so that they stay happy and keep posting. I like the banter, so please don’t think I don’t and that I’m having a go at anyone. But I can imagine that others might not like it (tough luck to a degree, but our dear old Ed does have a job to do after all). The way I see it is that people come here for the news and might just stay for the banter.

    That’s why Melissa’s post is important because it shows that there are obviously others out there who might not feel brave enough to join in, or might not see what all this has to do with DG and turn away. Like Ed says, you can’t please everyone.

    I think you’re doing a fine job of trying, Ed. You have been very accepting of opinions and don’t let things get out of hand. You’re firm when you need to be, but always fair. Remember: You can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs! A few people may have had their shells cracked this week, but you gotta do what you gotta do and we’re glad that you do it.

    [Thanks very much for that, JJ. I’m so glad that you get it. – Features Editor]

  147. Hi guys, FloydianLeaf here. I travelled to London from Toronto with my #69 FloydianLeaf Maple Leafs jersey for the Strat Pack in 2004, went back to London from Toronto in 2005 for Live 8, travelled from my home in Grand Cayman in July 2006 for Roger’s show at Magny-Cours, and will now travel from Grand Cayman to Venice for David’s show there on August 5th.

    A fan you ask?

    You may say so.

    I always love meeting up with other Floyd fans and discussing the greatest band that has ever existed in the history of mankind and Mr. Gilmour who is the greatest guitarist alive and Rick Wright who is one of the planet’s most under-appreciated composers. I met David at the Strat Pack and was in such a state of shock all I could muster up to say to him was “can I shake your hand” and “thank you” after I shook it. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to meet him again and actually be coherent enough to have a few words with him. :o)

    Anyway, I digress.

    My wife and I will be staying on the island about a half km from the piazza. You won’t be able to miss me, I’ll be wearing a blue Maple Leafs jersey #69 with FloydianLeaf on the back and will most likely be carrying a Canadian flag. The same one you saw waving in the crowd at Live 8 and if anyone has seen footage of Magny-Cours, was waving there too.

    Come on over and say hello and if there is meeting up for drinks later, I am good to go!

    Shine on!

  148. After the concert in Milan (arcimboldi’s theatre) last march, I’ll be in Venice next friday and next saturday, F.E.D.,are you going to come in Venice? Could be a good occasion for some people of the blog to meet you, are you agree or….. you are a ghost?.

    I have bought DVD PULSE and it is a masterpiece, F.E.D., what do you think about the on an island DVD in high definition images? it would be perfect for another masterpiece!

    thank you very much indeed for your answers

    [I’m not going to any of the concerts, sorry. I’m looking forward to the DVD, though. It sounds as though it’s going to be fantastic. – Features Editor]

  149. JJ,

    I agree with all you said. I’ve never thought that our Features Editor didn’t know what she/he was doing. I’ve always thought that there was a reason…even if I could be total agree…but we stay in two different position. I’m here to have fun, he/she is here to work! Some misunderstanding is normal, in these sense! I hope that “regulars” don’t decide to leave the blog, because the FEd could think that they were there just for “banter”…and this could make FEd feel very satisfy to had been right…and we don’t want FEd blow his/her peacock’s tail! HEY, FEd! I’m joking!…can I still joke with you? (Ah, sorry but I can’t understand “BANTER”…something to do with the barn? Anyway, I think to understand the meaning…).

    I’m sure we can have a lot of fun in the new blog style and I want to respect FEd decision…I think that the others and I have had just the feeling that, suddenly, FEd has builded an high wall from he/she and us (for using a Pink Floyd’s example!)…and we felt confused…and I already feel confused, in this sense…I hope you will be able to understand (even if you can share) what they I and probably the others felt…I think there were not bad intentions…

    However, I’m sure I can still have a lot of fun from the blog, have a lot of nice information about David…and, meanwhile…I HAVE TO DO MY REVIEW OF FLORENCE’S SHOW! I can’t leave the blog! I have a job to do!

    Have a great day, mates!


    P.S. Yesterday in my city was rainy…but a lot of rain! Now it’s sunny…but yesterday I was so frightned for Florence’s show! I have my hair painted…if it’s rainy…the colour flow away and finish on the clothes! I’ll pray for a big moon and a lot of stars!

    [Of course you can still joke, mate. ‘Banter’ is teasing, joking, being silly and having fun. I don’t want that to stop, I just don’t want it to swamp the serious stuff when that’s needed. I’m sure lots of people are looking forward to your review of the Florence concert. Enjoy it. – Features Editor]

  150. Dear David,

    I’ll be on holiday from 2th to 9th august…

    … and I’ll be in Florence and in Venice for all the three shows! Good way to spend vacations, isn’t it?

    I hope to meet someone of the bloggers.

    Bye, Federica

    (sorry for my english, it’s very “basic”; in italiano ou en français ça va mieux 🙂 )


    Hi all of you

    I can’t wait the day that David will begin to play his songs in Florence!!

    I hope to see all of you at the bar in Borgo dei Greci 7/R, near Santa Croce Square !!

    Meet there at 18 o’clock… RSVP

    Hope to see you soon

  152. O.K. SNIF,SNIF,f.é. doesn t want to hear about us this week, dear bloggers. I give you a chance f.é. if you don t give us any news before tomorrow…i…i…try again tomorrow.So i miss you a lot dear bloggers, and i see you one day.

    [If you are not seeing the new posts and blog entries, you clearly have a problem with your computer, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  153. [If you are not seeing the new posts and blog entries, you clearly have a problem with your computer, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

    Maybe Sylvie’s computer is offended! What had you told it, FEd? We know how much your words can wound! Sorry! Just a silly joke…you know I can’t resist!


    P.S. Before I forget. Some days ago I wrote a post to fellow Stefania…you didn’t post it and I don’t worried about that (I stop worring about a lot of things, at all!) but I’d like to explain that I wrote her in italian just because she said she are not able to use english…I’m only trying to let her feel comfrotable and help you with my language…

    [If it’s not already published, then I’m afraid it seems we didn’t receive it. – Features Editor]

  154. [If it’s not already published, then I’m afraid it seems we didn’t receive it. – Features Editor]

    No problem…I wrote you just to be clear…I love being clear, understand and make me understand….however, I have written to Stefania in italian and translated the post in english to help you to check…and it’s clear that I’m not going to write the same post again! But if Stefania needs some italian/english help, she can count on my little and modest help…I could say the same thing to you, but you’ll never trust me so much to let me write something without translate by yourself! And it’s right! I’d do the same with you! 😉


    [That’s good to know. You just can’t trust anyone these days, can you? – Features Editor]

  155. [That’s good to know. You just can’t trust anyone these days, can you? – Features Editor]

    Oh yeah! A little sad but a good way to think! It let you avoid a lot of expectations and then a lot of disappointments and misunderstanding…so you can pass over the events without resentment! Right? But..after all…..a little sad! At the other hand..what do you want to do, in these bad days! Have a great evening!


    [Well, I’m not being completely fair. We trust many of you. Maybe we’ll prove it soon. – Features Editor]

  156. [Well, I’m not being completely fair. – Features Editor]

    You (and David, and the band, and Sned…everyone) were always nice with us. REALLY ABSOLUTELY NICE! …and everyday I’m nice with a lot of people I meet…but I don’t trust them! And I don’t think David trust me! he shouldn’t! It’s not wise trust in unknown person!!!! All the moms say this! However, I appreciate a lot all your nice words….always better then bad and impolite’! uhmmmm…but I’m not sure the kind of “prove” you speak about can convince me to trust you or you to trust me! A t-shirt and some nice word is not a demonstration of trust…is a demonstration of politeness and kindness! I didn’t think you’d have confused this different words! ….but, at the end, is this so important?!!! No! I don’t have to lend you my home or let you got married my son or daugther! The important is that is time for me to leave the office!

    See you soon and don’t loose your sleep thinking about “trust”!



    [There’s no confusion on my part. What I’m thinking of would show that we have trust in you lot, but we need to work on it first. You’ll see soon enough and I hope you’ll like it. – Features Editor]

  157. Fed, you got me curious . . .

    However, you and the crew have never let me down before, so I’m sure whatever you have in store will be wonderful. I hope I’m included in the “lot” you are speaking of =)

    Trust can be a beautiful thing!


    [Of course! – Features Editor]

  158. [There’s no confusion on my part. What I’m thinking of would show that we have trust in you lot, but we need to work on it first. You’ll see soon enough and I hope you’ll like it. – Features Editor]

    Go on F’ed, you can tell us. Nobody else is listening…

    [No, I can’t. Not yet. We have to get it up and running first. – Features Editor]

  159. Ohh goody!! C’mon Fed, your good at stringing us along . . .how bout another clue as to the upcoming surprise. Pretty Please 😉

    Hopefully it will bring back some of “irregulars” who now are living up to the name.


    [I think it could be good, but we need to look at a few alternatives first. – Features Editor]

  160. F’ed

    (whispering so no one else hears us)

    Are you happy that the Blog is “back on track” for you just now? Not a personal enquiry you understand, but relevant to us all I think.

    We are trying to be good, well behaved bloggers (Well some of us). I think I have noticed that a few more different people are commenting…

    [Yes, I think so. You are being very good. I wish I had some gold and silver stars to give out, or something like that. Seriously, the reviews of the shows do seem a bit more accessible, but it will be nice to have a day or two of the usual silliness after the second Venice concert. – Features Editor]

  161. Can I have a gold one please, Ed? I’ve been really good. 😉

    [Yeah, of course you can. You get two, in fact, for your “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs!” line. Anyone who quotes Jack Nicholson in ‘Batman’ is alright by me. – Features Editor]

  162. [Yeah, of course you can. You get two, in fact, for your “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs!” line. Anyone who quotes Jack Nicholson in ‘Batman’ is alright by me]

    I always thought the quote was pertinent to the the question of the industrialisation of rural society in England in the nineteenth century but hey, I’ll climb back down out of my own a**e!!

  163. On the Live dates section of David Gilmour’s website there is supposed to be a pdf of the seating chart for the Venice show. However, when I go there all I see is [PDF] where the pdf file should be and nowhere to click to access it.

    Do you have a direct link to it, or was it taken down for some reason? If so, where else can I get a seating chart. I finally got my confirmation email from TicketOne and now I want to see exactly where I’ll be sitting.

    Thanks in advance.

    [Funnily enough, I have the same problem and can’t see it either. Please paste the following into your browser for the PDF: – Features Editor]

  164. [Yes, I think so. You are being very good. I wish I had some gold and silver stars to give out, or something like that. Seriously, the reviews of the shows do seem a bit more accessible, but it will be nice to have a day or two of the usual silliness after the second Venice concert. – Features Editor]

    Sod the stars. I can’t wait to get back to some of the silliness.


  165. Thanks I managed to get a copy.

    I will be sitting in SETTORE A 9 if anyone sitting near me wants to come and say hello.

    Looking at the chart it would seem I am 13 rows back of the stage and 10 rows to the right of center. I have to say I am pretty pleased with that. Looking forward to a great show!

    Shine on!

    PS: Tell David I have no problem with someone coming to me with a pass backstage so we can actually have a conversation this time. 🙂


    To everyone going, see you there!

  166. ha haaaaa!!!! there you are.

    You are all here “underground” to plan some sort of revolution and share a good amount of silliness!!! so this is the place for the regulars? the “past entries” is the place where the old, drunk and “lunatic” join together.


  167. Pier,

    ’twas ever thus (but don’t tell, we have to be quiet like mice)

  168. AHHH!! Piergiorgio found us!! Quick, retreat to the hills. LOL

    [I think it could be good, but we need to look at a few alternatives first. – Features Editor]

    Ah, Fed, you certainly know how to string me along. . . alternatives . . .hmmm


    [Lots of work went into it today, I can tell you. – Features Editor]

  169. [ha haaaaa!!!! there you are. You are all here “underground” to plan some sort of revolution and share a good amount of silliness!!! so this is the place for the regulars? the “past entries” is the place where the old, drunk and “lunatic” join together. good!!! – Posted by: Piergiorgio at August 1, 2006 04:49 PM

    Yes, this is where the naughty ones play! 😉

  170. [Lots of work went into it today, I can tell you. – Features Editor]

    Ohh . . .who’s idea was this little project? Yours? David’s?

    [Yes, this is where the naughty ones play! ;)- JJ]

    Only the naughtest, JJ, LOL


    [Mine, so you have to like it, otherwise I’ll be really sad. – Features Editor]

  171. To Lucia, Piergiorgio, GianLuca & all our Italian brothers and sisters of the blog

    I hope you all enjoy the rapturous evenings in Firenze & Venezia.

    I’m ashamed to say the only “Italian” language I know is found on a Pizza menu :o( So I can’t pass on my wishes in your native tongue.

    I’m sure David won’t have the same problems as me, he’s a multi-lingual maestro.


  172. What?! Fed have feelings!? From what I hear you’re a mean ole bastard that is just here for a paycheck and benes.

    You know I love yah Fed, I’m sure whatever you have planned will be great. Can we expect it anytime soon?

    It’s kinda of fun talking over here . . .I feel a bit sneaky and evil. Oh wait, that’s because I am.


    [Who told you that? I trust they’re not too big for a good beating with a pointy stick. Cheeky buggers… – Features Editor]

  173. All the comments on this entry over the last few days just shows that old entries never die (until FEd shuts them down that is) they just get more interesting and silly.


  174. I came back from my trip Fed and all that talk about bringing in new people and such. Well, a lot of us keep in touch via email too, and I know at least a few “irregulars” felt like it was time to move on. That you were breaking up the sense of community, and it was time to just “exit the ride.”

    Sometimes you can be soo sweet, and sometimes a real dick, oh my, you must be human. Don’t worry, I still love yah. It takes a lot more then that to get rid of me 😉

    You’d have to have David come to my house personally and ask me, or I guess you could just delete all my entries.

    I’m sure it’s nothing your pointy stick couldn’t take care of.


    [Is that right? That’s a shame, but fair enough. With the greatest respect, this little area doesn’t exist merely to indulge one or two individuals who want to talk among themselves – about a whole range of unrelated (and often wholly inappropriate) issues – whilst many others read on, completely clueless. It doesn’t work that way. That may well be a sense of community to some, but it isn’t all-inclusive and it actually has a detrimental impact upon our wider readership, because many people feel put off by what they consider impenetrable cliques sharing private jokes. We don’t want new people to replace the old. We just want to create the conditions that will allow our many lurkers to leave a message if they want to and to respect that, at busy times, the silliness can be a burden. As I’m frequently told, there are plenty of other places where people can engage in everyday chit-chat should they wish to do so. It’s just not happening here. It’s not my job to compete with those places nor to try and appease the dissatisfied. The blog doesn’t lend itself to the type of free-flowing conversation you get with a forum and, to be frank, I don’t see why there should be such a strong sense of entitlement. I used the old expression “quality, not quantity” and meant it. Often, less is more. 50 posts about the concerts is of far more relevance here than 150 about an array of topics. There have to be rules, there have to be no-go areas of discussion because this is an official website, and when you’ve exhausted all the relevant topics and perhaps don’t have the patience to just listen whilst someone else has a turn at expressing their view, then maybe it is best to take a break. Things do tend to get very boring after a while. If I’m a dick for following our rules and for taking the time to explain them instead of just disregarding your thoughts with a single mouse-click, then that’s fine. Perhaps I’m actually a dick for not hitting the ‘Delete’ button often enough and for letting people have a say to the point where they are quite rude. – Features Editor]

  175. Hye fed ive just finished packing my bag for venice, well half of it anyway. i hope the weather holds out for friday nite. katrina is really looking forward to venice, she has me looking in a book on venice for places to visit, i just looked for directions to the square ha ha See you all there, and hope to catch up in a bar for a few pre dg drinks havent felt this good since manchester.

    [Have a lovely time. – Features Editor]

  176. FEd,

    I have to ask you this. Do you feel like you are constantly hitting your head against a copy of The Wall?

    I had to keep a David reference in there. Sorry.


    [Beautifully done. Yes, I feel like I’ve broken my nose and haven’t given it time to properly heal before I’m at it again. – Features Editor]

  177. Actually Fe’d I think you’re doing just fine

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  178. I can appreciate what you are trying to do, Fed. I like to think that we can still have a sense of community without the little cliques. I’ve never been a fan of cliques, anyways. I tend just to bypass the inside jokes, (except for the ones I’m in, yes, I know I’m a bit guilty). However, I know you don’t get that privilage.

    After all, some of us come here daily, met for concerts, email each other outside of this, I’ve said it before, I talk to some people here more then some of my family.

    It seems like there should be plenty of time for fun and games soon since the shows are wrapping up.

    It’s a delicate balance, and a fine line. I’m glad I don’t have to do it =)

    Keep up the great work, Fed. Now how bout another clue as to the surprise?


    [Thanks for that. I do know what you’re saying and believe me, I’m extremely frustrated that the blog isn’t serving that purpose. As for the surprise, then I hope it will be here soon as it will allow much more interaction between fans and should be a bit of fun. – Features Editor]

  179. Did you finally get us a barn Fed? LOL


    [I’m still working on it. – Features Editor]

  180. Well, here I am in Venice. Over $5000.00 spent, 24 hours of travel from Grand Cayman, me taking a week off from my business and my wife taking a week off work, we get to the square to look at the stage and to try and pick up our tickets from will call and I see something I don’t like.

    Officials that look like fire brigade or something (heavy coats with yellow X’s on the back) all over the stage. This is when my heart did its first flip. I then see the sign about the show being cancelled, that was the second. I was told Saturday night was 5050 at best and now my heart was sinking…I go back later that night and the stage is being torn down and I’m informed it’s officially cancelled.

    This is when my heart sank.

    When I was 14 my brother serving in the Navy was killed. I have not felt the way I did then since…until now.

    Completely gutted.

    Thanks Venice, I am sure this is your fault because I don’t believe for a second in the stage is unsafe story and think there is something more to this story.

    I was unable to see the North American shows because they were on when we were making the move from Canada to Cayman and now I miss it again because of this. Brilliant.

    To David and the band, perhaps this isn’t the end for you and our paths will get a chance to cross once again.

    I guess that is all I can hope for now.

  181. What a difference a day makes!

    Walking around yesterday I felt like crap. I then meet up with a fellow Floyd fan and blogger and his amazing girlfriend and we head out on the town for beers at McDonalds LOL! and to share in our misery and try to forget.

    We go back to the square later on to find out that it is 90% back on next weekend and then later it was 100%

    I am sure if anyone saw the looks on our faces and heard us rejoicing they would surely think we were nutters.

    Thank you David and the association for making this happen. See you next Saturday. Now I have a week in Venice to spend, so time to make the most of it.

    Shine on everyone!

  182. Where the heck is everyone?

    The show is back on, the stage is being rebuilt as we speak with a back being put on to offer the roof further support and show number 1 is a mere 3 days away.

    Let’s get it going!

  183. Stage update!

    It is 6:30 PM in Venice and in San Marco the roof is back up, the chairs are being set up and the buzz is back in the air.

    About 50 hours to go now before David is set to go on stage…

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